To Catch a King (1984) Movie Script

I, Edward VIII
of Great Britain, Ireland,
and the British Dominions
beyond the seas
do hereby declare
my revocable determination
to renounce the throne.
But you must believe me
when I tell you
that I have found it
impossible to carry
the heavy burden
of responsibility,
and to discharge my duties
as King as I would wish to do
without the help and support
of the woman I love.
- The Duke is expecting me.
I am the British Ambassador.
Sir Walford Selby,
Your Royal Highness.
- Ah, Selby.
Your Royal Highness.
- I won't be a moment.
Give those to
Her Royal Highness, would you?
Now, Selby.
What is the news from home?
The government
want you and the Duchess
to come back home
as soon as possible.
Two flying boats
are in Lisbon Harbour now
at your disposal.
- What about my brother?
How does he feel
about us coming home?
The King
has been consulted, yes.
Tell me Selby,
if we do come home,
will my brother give the Duchess
and myself a private audience?
God knows we only need
quarter of an hour.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Ah, you must be English.
The world is falling apart
and you English continue
to chase the Trogonoptera
brookiana butterfly.
- You collect as well, then?
- Oh, no longer.
One must have the time.
A beautiful view from here.
I'm sure, sir,
that the Prime Minister
will find you
an appropriate person.
- I wish I had your confidence
after the way I've been treated
since I left home.
No proper war job,
and my wife not even allowed
the courtesy
of being called
"Her Royal Highness".
The Queen does not feel
that her...
Highness can be received
as a member of the Royal Family
at this time.
- It's unfortunate, isn't it?
That the Queen,
my brother's wife,
has forgotten that
the only reason she is queen
is because
I chose not to be king.
- Ah!
- Tell Churchill...
I shall return to England
on two conditions.
that I be assured a proper part
in the war effort
that goes with my station
and my experience.
And two,
that my wife be accorded
a quality of rank
with the wives of my brothers.
Now, until
these conditions are met,
I shall stay here in Portugal
and consider my options.
- Your options, sir?
- Yes, Selby. My options.
Oh, I'm...
I'm sorry I'm interrupting.
- Not at all Your... Uh...
Highness, I was about to leave.
Sir, I will transmit your wishes
to His Majesty's government.
- Will you stay for lunch?
- No thank you, Your...
Uh... If you will excuse me,
- Of course, Selby.
- Your Royal Highness.
- Such lovely flowers, David.
Well I'm glad you like them,
Oh, I do feel sorry
for poor Selby
the way he struggles
with my title.
"Your, uh... U-uh-ur Highness."
I must be the only - ur Highness
in English history.
- Darling, as an American,
all this fuss over titles
seems very foolish to me.
But the way I'm adressed
as your wife
reflects directly upon you.
And we mustn't permit
any disrespect to be shown.
Yes, I made that quite clear
to Selby.
We'll return
only under my condition,
and I did mention options.
Good evening, Your Excellency.
Everything satisfactory?
- Very nice. Thank you.
Are you enjoying
the food and the wine?
And the singing I hope.
- Oh yes.
- Good.
- Good evening, Colonel.
- Good evening, Vedras.
I want to see your boss.
- He is occupied. But...
- Tell him.
I'll tell him you're here.
Would you like a drink?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
It's Etruscan.
An original.
La Ragazza di Palestrina.
- It's Colonel da Cunha.
- Da Cunha?
- He wishes to speak with you.
- All right.
And send the Duke of Alba
a bottle of champagne
with my compliments.
It's his birthday.
- Bye, Joe.
- It's worth 25-30 thousand.
But I'll take much less.
Just enough to buy a visa.
My sister's in Chicago.
I have nothing else.
- Go see this man.
He'll buy it.
He'll try to cheat you.
But tell him I said
that if he doesn't give you
a good price,
I'll never give him
a table in here again.
Thank you, Joe.
You're a saint.
And wrap up in Chicago,
The wind really whips up
off that lake.
- Good evening, Baroness.
- Good evening.
Good night, Joe.
Good night, Baroness.
Give the Colonel a cognac.
- These refugees, so sad.
So many lives destroyed.
Know him?
Butterfly collector.
This town is filled
with butterfly collectors.
Making my business not to notice
who's collecting
what butterflies and for whom.
This collector
was killed in Estoril,
just above the house
of Ricardo Santo e Silva.
Do you know
who is in residence there?
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
Well they haven't
been in here yet.
- There are rumours circulating.
Although it sounds fantastic,
the Duke and Duchess
are impressed
by the story of an attack
against them
by British intelligence.
Also that the Duke is about
to go in with the Germans
and make an attempt
to regain the throne.
- I never listen to rumours.
- Hmm. Very wise.
I hope it's good news,
Your Highness.
- Thank you.
Such a wonderful place
you've created, Joe.
It's a tribute to your taste.
It would be a shame to lose it.
Now, as to these pictures...
- I'm sorry, Da Cunha.
- Just routine, Joe.
Just making my course.
Thanks for your time.
- Trouble, Joe?
- "Just routine".
That's how they bury you.
- Here is the Duke
with the British Ambassador
to Portugal, Selby.
According to
our photo interpreters,
the Duke is quite angry.
- How did we get these?
- The British Secret Service
are interested in the Duke
until he meets.
They were confiscated
from a British agent,
subsequently neutralized
by our people.
Anything else?
There's the film you ordered,
herr Grutenfuhrer.
- Well, let's see it.
These were taken
during the visit of the Duke
and Duchess to Germany
three years ago.
Didn't you meet them?
No, I was in charge
of their luggage.
I can proudly say that not one
of their 37 pieces went astray.
That's the end,
herr Grutenfuhrer.
- Very well, you may go.
So, what's the point
of this show, Reinhard?
- Von Ribbentrop is convinced
the Duke can be
of great value to us.
He proposes that the Duke
be brought to Germany now
either willingly,
or as a prisoner.
- Why would he come willingly?
The Duke was a friend
of Germany's before the war.
And at the moment,
he's furious with the treatment
he's receiving
from the British government.
So, while he's in this mood,
we invite him here to make
a few broadcasts from Berlin
which will help
shorten the war,
and after our victory,
be restored
to the British throne.
With the dog Duchess
at his side as queen.
Ah, he's madly in love
with the woman.
I think Von Ribbentrop
is drinking too much
of the champagne
he used to sell.
Himmler is considering
the proposal very seriously.
If he approves it,
I will order you
to undertake the mission.
I am to go to Lisbon
with his offer?
- Exactly.
And if the Duke
laughs in my face?
You will escort him
and the Duchess
across the border into Spain.
From Spain,
we will have no trouble
in bringing him to Berlin.
- Kidnap the Duke?
Having an ex-king
of England to play with
might create
some interesting opportunities.
Are you interested in
my opinion of this little plan?
- No.
Just draw up
a method of procedure
should Himmler decide
to approve it.
- Very well.
Reinhard, I may appear at times
sardonic, sarcastic, negative.
But you know me well enough
to be sure
that I would give my life
for the Third Reich.
If I didn't believe that,
you'd be dead by now.
I got a right
to sing the blues
I got a right
to feel low down
I got a right to hang around
Down around the river
A certain man
in this old town
Keeps draggin'
my poor heart around
All I see
I got a right
to sing the blues
I got a right
to moan and sigh
I got a right to sit and cry
Down around the river
I know the deep blue sea
Will soon be calling me
It must be love,
say what you choose
I got a right to sing
The blues
That Arty better pick it up
in the third eight.
I'm a mile ahead of him!
Where do they get
these drummers?
Oh no, not again.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Come in, it's all right.
- I didn't know.
Hannah, I would like you
to meet Irene Neumann.
Irene, this is my niece
from America.
Very talented singer.
- Oh, very happy to meet you.
Well, same here.
I'm sorry I rushed in like that.
I'll come back in a while.
- It's all right,
you can say anything
in front of Irene.
Well, actually
I just wanted some advice
about that
General what's his name.
- Schellenberg.
- Yeah, yeah, Schellenberg.
Well he sent me flowers again.
I mean they're great flowers
but this time there's a note,
"Would you do me the honour of
joining me for some champagne?"
I mean this is three nights
in a row.
Do I keep ignoring him or what?
- Schellenberg comes here?
- Hannah, uh...
Walter Schellenberg
is not just a general,
he's a top man
in the intelligence.
He's a very powerful man
in the Third Reich.
- Oh, well in that case
maybe I should have a drink
with him and, I mean,
thank him for the flowers.
Just for the good of the club,
of course.
If you find him attractive
there's no harm.
- Max!
- Better than ignoring him.
- Well, just for a minute.
I mean I'll thank him
for the flowers
and that'll be it.
- Yeah, good, good.
- Okay. See you later then.
Oh very nice to meet you,
Miss Neumann.
- Oh, same here.
- Huh.
Such irony,
Schellenberg and your niece.
- Yes.
We must find
another place then.
If Schellenberg sees me...
Of course,
of course, of course.
- Miss Winter, how kind of you.
- General Schellenberg.
I just wanted
to thank you personally
for the very beautiful flowers
that you sent me.
My pleasure. Would you
do me the honour of joining me?
Well, I guess so.
Just for a minute, I suppose.
Thank you.
You'll have some champagne?
- Uh... Yes.
Miss Winter, I must tell you,
when you sing,
you remind me very much
of the great Billie Holiday.
- Really.
I remind you of Billie Holiday?
Have you ever seen
Billie Holiday, General?
No but I've got
every one of her records.
- Oh. I see.
So you really like
jazz and blues, huh?
You're some funny kinda general,
aren't you?
You really are a general,
aren't you?
- In American terms, yes.
So General,
there's a war going on.
Why aren't you at the front?
Not all important battles
are waged at the front,
Miss Winter.
Yeah well everybody
asks me about the name Hannah
because it's so old-fashioned.
The thing is, when I was born
I was really ugly
and when they showed me
to my father,
he said,
"Holy Hannah, is she ugly!"
And so, I became Hannah.
I don't believe
you were an ugly baby.
- Well, it's true.
They tell me
I was a very beautiful baby.
Well I certainly
can believe that.
It's been a charming evening,
Miss Winter.
- Yes it has.
Thank you very much
for the flowers, all of them.
And thanks for the lift.
Perhaps you'd offer me
a drink?
- Oh, you mean come up? Uh...
No, I don't think so.
Not tonight.
- May I see you again?
Well I'm only
gonna be in Berlin
for three more days and...
But I'll be at the club
every night.
So until then,
good night.
- Good night, Miss Winter.
Yes, Reichsfuhrer.
Of course.
Right away,
I'm going to Reichsfuhrer
Himmler's office.
Make five copies of this report.
Usual distribution.
- Very well, General.
- I won't be long.
- Good morning, Frau Neumann.
- Good morning, Frau Gouba.
I need this right away,
five copies.
I'll put it in the machine
- Rushy rush the whole day.
Why don't you go
and have a cigarette?
And come back in ten minutes.
- Good idea. I will.
Where are
the pessimists now?
No one admits to a single doubt
about our victory.
Well I certainly wasn't
one of them, Reichsfuhrer.
There are some names
I could mention.
And I will at the proper time.
Ah, Schellenberg. Finally.
Sorry to keep you waiting,
Heydrich has informed you
of the details
of the Windsor Project?
- Yes, Reichsfuhrer.
And I have taken the liberty
of preparing memorandum
containing my thoughts
on the matter.
Save me some time,
Summarize your thoughts.
- Secrecy, of course, is vital.
- Naturally.
I would like to be given
written authority
to carry on this negotiation.
You will be,
signed by the Fuhrer himself.
- The Duke must be convinced
that he is acting in the best
interest of the British.
He's after all not a traitor.
- Of course.
And that's why
you've been chosen
to speak to him.
You have a reputation
for brilliance,
and your social background,
well, he will be at ease
with you.
You have drawn up a plan
for the kidnapping
should persuasion fail?
It would have to be improvised
according to opportunities.
- I leave those details to you.
You understand
how important it is
that the Duke and Duchess
be brought to Berlin?
It could bring us
a very quick victory.
- I understand, Reichsfuhrer.
Should someone be assigned
to assist him in this matter?
Especially in case
the kidnapping
is to be undertaken?
- I have thought of that.
A member of the Gestapo,
a man who knows Lisbon,
will accompany you.
- Thank you, Reichsfuhrer.
Good. You will proceed
to Lisbon by train from Paris
as soon as all the arrangements
can be made.
- Very well, Reichsfuhrer.
- Boy, this stuff is really bad.
You think so? It's supposed to
inspire our youth.
Oh really?
Well it inspires me to puke.
I mean, it's mostly propaganda
isn't it?
- Isn't that always propaganda?
In one form or another.
Well that, General,
is one of those...
...seemingly profound
yet basically stupid
statements of...
- What about Goya?
- What about the Mona Lisa?
Good god,
we are arguing about art.
Well, it's worth
arguing about, isn't it?
- I agree completely.
But it's a subject
I don't discuss much anymore.
Oh. Well General, you brought
me here to see these sculptures,
you must've had
something in mind?
- I'm trying to impress you.
Oh, well... Keep trying.
Excuse me,
do you have the time?
- No.
I don't have a watch.
- Huh?
Crazy woman!
I was a very good
football player.
- Really? How much do you weigh?
- Why?
Never mind why,
how much do you weigh?
- 75 kilos?
- No, I mean in pounds.
- Oh, let me see... About 170.
- Oh, that's too small.
- Too small?
- Yeah.
Oh, you're thinking about
American football.
I am talking about
what you call "soccer".
I wanted to become professional
but I couldn't
because of my military career.
- Oh. Well, it's okay.
You know, there's nothing sadder
than an old athlete, they say.
Ah, I would have liked you
to have seen me play.
Oh, I'm sure you were
a sight to behold.
Well, I really should be going
you know, I have a show to do.
- Can I take you somewhere?
- No, no, I'll take a cab.
- Please allow me to do so.
No it's all right,
I'll get a cab.
It's okay I...
I like you very much.
Don't worry.
Where is everybody?
Hey, Arti?
Anybody around?
Oh, where is everyb-
- I tried to find you!
- Max, what's going on?
You must get the first train
out of Berlin
to Hamburg to Paris to anywhere,
and then you must go home!
Now Max, calm down and tell me
what the hell is going on here.
- It's nothing to do with you.
Max, I'm not leaving until
you tell me what's going on.
Hannah, it's no surprise
to you that I hate the Nazis,
everything they stand for.
So I...
I began to help one person here,
couple there.
Jews, liberals, whatever.
And I helped them get out
with false documents
and underground transportation.
I knew it was just...
just a question of time, but...
Two hours ago...
Irene Neumann was...
arrested by the Gestapo.
- Oh...
- She worked at the chancellery.
But today, she finds a plan
to kidnap
the Duke of Windsor
and bring him to Berlin.
If this succeeds,
it changes
the course of the whole war.
And it will be carried out
in Lisbon by your friend,
- Schellenberg.
- He leaves for Lisbon tomorrow.
And here,
I have a copy of the plan
and no way to warn the Duke.
There's a courier
coming later tonight but...
Well perhaps she'll get here
before the Gestapo does.
I could tell him
about the plan myself.
Of course there is
the passport the...
courier was to use.
- Why don't I use that one?
- If you get into trouble,
you throw away
the false passport, you hear me?
You show your American passport
and you go straight back to USA.
- Yes, I promise.
And this must be seen
by the Duke himself.
So how you're gonna do that
in Lisbon, I do not know.
- I'll figure something out.
Well, I know someone in Lisbon
who might help you.
He's an old friend
from the Spanish Civil War.
Joe Jackson, Joe Jackson.
- Okay.
- He's American. He...
He owns a restaurant in Lisbon
called O Fado, O Fado.
Joe Jackson, O Fado.
How do I get to Lisbon?
I made arrangements
for the courier
to go to Ludwig Strasse 79.
The Durrer brothers,
they take you to Paris by truck.
The courier was
to make her own arrangements
to get to Lisbon from there.
Durrer brothers to Paris,
and then I take the train
to Lisbon?
Don't worry, if I get scared
I'll just run home.
I mean, I'll tear up
these pieces of paper
and I'll flash
my American passport
and I'll just zip back
to Milwaukee, okay?
Look, I'm not gonna
give my life to this.
I'm gonna get this paper
to the Duke.
I promise you that, Max.
They're here.
Come on, come on.
Out through the cellar,
up into Krumme Strasse. Go.
- Max. Max, I love you.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
- Max Winter?
- Yes?
- Come.
- No.
I'm sorry.
- Get her.
- Oh!
- Yes?
- Max Winter sent me.
He said that you'd take me
to Paris.
Ah, sorry.
I don't know any Max Winter.
- I'm Rose La Noire.
- Oh, you are?
- Yes.
- You have some identification?
- Yes.
- Huh.
You have changed quite a bit
since this picture was taken.
- Yes I have.
Oh, the hair, nose, eyes.
Yes I have.
There's no question about that.
- She must be a right.
No Gestapo agent
would be so stupid.
Come on.
- Put your own picture in there.
The next person
who looks at your passport
may not be so friendly.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Come along.
- Well what, uh...
- In you go
- Uh...
You mean inside the, uh...
It's quite comfortable.
Very well padded.
All the way to Paris,
huh? How do I breathe?
There's a crack in the lid.
We have done it often.
Come on, it's late already.
You'll keep me informed,
of course.
- Of course.
There's very good
through the German Embassy.
- You will know my every move.
- If I don't, Himmler will.
- General Schellenberg.
- Yes.
- I'm agent Kleiber.
I've been assigned
by Reichsfuhrer Himmler
to assist you in your mission.
- Very kind of the Reichsfuhrer.
- You know Lisbon, General?
- Before the war, Major.
- I've been there very recently.
I hope I can be
of great assistance to you.
Why don't you get on board,
I'll join you in a moment.
- Very good, General.
- A Doberman.
They always
look like Dobermans.
Be a little careful, Walter.
What you say, what you do.
There may come a time
when even I
cannot be of help to you.
But I don't have to eat
with the Doberman in Paris,
do I?
There's something
you should know.
A possible problem
concerning your friend,
the singer.
- I have a friend who sings?
There are no secrets
between us, Walter.
I'm talking about Hannah Winter.
Something unpleasant
happened last night.
Her uncle was killed
trying to escape
from the Gestapo.
- Max Winter?
Why did the Gestapo
want Max Winter?
A copy of your report
concerning the Windsor matter
was stolen from the chancellery
by a woman employee.
She was picked up by the Gestapo
and confessed she gave it
to Max Winter.
He was a contact point
for the Underground.
The niece... Are you interested
in what happened to the niece?
- Yes.
She was with the uncle
when the Gestapo arrived.
But she escaped,
killing a Gestapo man
in the process.
All quite bizarre, isn't it?
The most bizarre part is
the copy of the Windsor report
has disappeared with her.
Miss Winter is an American
with an American passport.
- She killed a Gestapo agent,
and she apparently has a secret
document in her possession.
Oh, come now, Walter.
We're not going into mourning
over a little piece
from the States, are we?
- Bye, Reinhard.
- Good luck, Walter.
- Open the back.
Oh. Just a dead body,
my friend.
- Open.
Take it out.
You have no
respect for the dead?
- Take it out.
Open it up.
- No.
- This is desecration.
- Open it up.
- Oh!
I'm being chased by a German.
- Stay close to us as we leave.
Continuons prier maintenant.
- Passport, please.
- Here you are at last.
You made the train.
I was afraid you'd miss it.
- Excuse me, sir.
We have some questions
for this lady.
I am General Schellenberg,
Special envoy of the Fuhrer.
This lady is my guest.
But General,
she fits the description-
- It must be a mistake.
Is there anything further?
No, sir.
Have a nice trip, General.
- What a pleasant surprise.
Where's your luggage?
Already on board?
- Uh...
- Good.
Major Kleiber,
would you get something
for my friend and me to eat?
And after that, find yourself
another compartment.
And a bottle of champagne.
There must be champagne
on the train. Please.
Make yourself comfortable.
Sit down.
- Thank you.
I'm sure
it was a misunderstanding.
- Yes, uh...
- With this war.
There are so many
So, where are you going? Madrid?
- Lisbon.
- Lisbon?
I too.
Singing there,
are you?
- Yes, I'm singing.
How about you?
- Not singing.
I feel like a glutton
eating alone like this.
- I'm not hungry.
Hannah, I'm sorry
about your uncle.
You know, when Mozart's friend
Barisani died...
Please don't tell me
a Mozart story.
- You don't like Mozart?
- I'm crazy about Mozart.
It's just that every German
when he wants to show
how refined he is,
he tells a Mozart story.
Okay, go on.
When Mozart's friend
and physician Barisani died,
Mozart wrote in his diary,
"Today I was so unfortunate
to lose by death a noble man.
He's at rest.
But I shall never be
at rest again
until I have the felicity
of seeing him again
in a better world,
and nevermore to part."
- Mozart's friend, Barisani,
he wasn't shot down
in cold blood
by a bunch of thugs, was he?
- I once told you
that not all battles
are fought at the front.
- This man that I shot.
Did he die?
- Yes.
Worst thing I ever did before
in my whole life
was to kick the back-up singer
in the shins in Detroit.
- We're all capable.
- Of anything.
- To survive.
- I don't believe that.
What's your excuse?
Don't blame it on anybody else.
My Uncle Max
could have survived.
Just kept his mouth shut.
Book Dixieland.
- Let's not fight over politics.
- We're not fighting.
- Excuse me.
I'll make sure
that we're not disturbed tonight
by the border inspectors,
if you'll give me your passport.
Any passport.
Doesn't matter, I'll see to it.
Quite comfortable, Kleiber?
That woman, she's the one
wanted by the Gestapo.
- Brilliant.
Why didn't you allow her
to be arrested?
Isn't it better to know
whom she meets in Lisbon?
Know the enemy, Kleiber.
- It's very risky.
She has the stolen document.
- And we shall make sure
that it is never seen
by His Royal Highness.
Won't we, Kleiber?
- I for one will do my duty.
- How did I get here?
- You were talking.
Suddenly you fell over
and went to sleep.
Well why didn't you
wake me up?
- I'm a gentleman.
Also I enjoyed it.
- Well.
Well did I talk?
Or snore? Or anything?
No, you were so quiet
I was afraid you were dead.
- Where are we?
- Approaching Lisbon.
Last night when I said
I was sorry about your uncle,
I'm even more sorry
because it hurt someone
about whom I care.
- Yes, I understood that.
I think I'll go freshen up.
I'll be right back.
I'll see you back here.
Excuse me.
Oh! So sorry. May I get through?
Please, please.
- Out of the way.
Out of the way!
- Go after her.
Bring her back.
- Hey, excuse me.
Do you know where's O Fado Club?
- It's to the top...
- Okay.
Ah, I'm looking
for a Joe Jackson.
- I'm sorry, he's busy.
I gotta talk to him,
I'm an American.
Oh, is he here?
Are you Joe Jackson?!
I gotta talk to you.
I'm an American.
Is that him?
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey. My uncle, uh, Max Winter?
He said you could help me out.
I'm an American.
There's a Gestapo chasing me,
this is the guy.
Can you help me?
- You. You come with me.
- Stay where you are.
She's a criminal.
She must come with me.
Isn't that really
up to the lady?
Please help me.
- I suggest you leave.
Wait a minute.
Keep your hands off.
Now just leave.
- I'll be back.
Vedras, will you see
that we're not disturbed
while I take Miss, um...
- Hannah.
Hannah Winter.
...Miss Winter back
for some coffee.
- Yeah, uh...
Look, I have this document
I have to get to the...
Duke of Windsor.
It's a plan to kidnap him
and take him to Germany,
and Max said
it was very important.
- Where's Max now?
- They came to pick him up
and he was in the Underground
so they killed him.
- What were you doing in Berlin?
I was singing.
I'm a singer
and Uncle Max asked me
to come and sing in his club
and I'd never been
to Europe before and...
I hadn't really ever
seen that much of Uncle Max.
I mean he came to Milwaukee
a couple of times
and I always liked him
very much.
So, when he asked me to... come, I did,
even though there was a war on
and everything
and I didn't have any idea
that he was in the Underground.
Max wasn't one
to stay out of a fight.
- You knew him well.
- I knew him well.
- Yes...
Well, uh...
We were booked for four weeks
and everything was going
just great, you know?
I mean the drummer
had a beat problem
but the place was packed
and then two days ago
I came in there
and Max said that they were
gonna come and pick him up
and that he had to get
some information
to the Duke of Windsor
in Lisbon.
And I didn't have any idea
of what he was talking about.
He really didn't want me
to get involved, you know?
But there wasn't any other way.
And then the police came
or the Gestapo or the SS
or whoever they are and...
And I got away.
There were some shots and...
Max was on the floor
So you'll help me?
- The first thing I'm gonna do
is to take you some place
where you can get some rest.
That's safe.
She should have been arrested
in Paris.
You should have caught her
before she got to this...
Now this Joe Jackson.
What about him?
- An American.
- Walter.
- Ah, Hans.
Nice to see you again.
- Welcome to Lisbon.
Thank you.
Do you know Major Kleiber?
Yes, we've worked together
many times.
We all know about your mission.
You understand, of course,
that the Embassy
can't be involved officially.
I will be your contact.
Provide communication
with Berlin,
any logistical support
you may need.
- So you're a singer?
- Yeah.
- What kind?
Jazz, blues.
Big bands now and then.
Well, once.
- Have you ever heard Fado?
- Fado? No. What's that?
It's the Portuguese
folk music.
Melancholy, sad,
and it means fate.
- Fate.
- From the Latin.
- Oh.
Fate. That's funny.
- Hello, boys.
Good dogs.
- Oh. Are those dogs okay?
- Oh yes, they won't hurt you.
No government
in their right mind
would go ahead
with a thing like this.
Who says they're in
their right mind?
They're going ahead with it.
- How do you know?
Because that document
is signed
by a General Schellenberg.
And that General Schellenberg
is here in Lisbon,
I came in on the train with him
this morning.
You came in with this, uh,
In his compartment.
He helped me out of Paris.
I mean
I was about to be arrested
because I think they knew
that I had this document.
And I...
killed a Gestapo man
in Berlin.
It was an accident.
I was trying to get away and,
he grabbed me in the cellar
in the club.
Then his gun went off,
and it was an accident.
When I got to Paris,
he kept me from being arrested
at the train station.
I knew him from before.
He used to come and hear me sing
in my uncle's club.
He likes blues.
He helped me out.
Does Schellenberg know
that you've got that document?
- I don't know, I'm not sure.
And he just let you
get off the train?
- I jumped off the train.
- Pretty careless of him.
- Look, if you don't believe me,
why don't you just tell me
where the Duke lives
and let it go at that, huh?
And you'll just
walk over there
with your little piece of paper
and say, "Hi, I'm Hannah Winter
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
I'd like to talk
to the Duke for a sec,
it's about a kidnapping plot."
- Yes. Something like that, yes.
- The Duke is in Estoril.
That's about ten miles
down the coast.
But his villa is crawling
with secret police and agents
from both sides.
And agents from some sides
I've never even heard of.
So get the idea out of your head
that you're gonna do it alone.
- Well I'm gonna do it.
Whether I do it by myself
or with you,
I'm gonna do it.
- And get killed like Max?
This isn't our fight.
Every 20 years or so,
countries get together
and kill off their young
and wait for a new crop.
It's a disease.
is that what you believe?
Joe, there's good and bad,
there's a difference.
- Those are just words.
Well my Uncle Max
died for those words.
- You wait here.
I have to have time
to think about that.
- You can't think about it.
This whole thing's gonna happen
today or tomorrow
or the next day.
- All right. You stay here.
- Joe?
Lord Monckton to see
His Royal Highness.
- O que?
- Walter Monckton.
1st Viscount of Haycroft
to see by appointment
His Royal Highness,
the Duke of Windsor.
My dear Walter.
How good of you to come.
- How are you, sir?
I'm all the better
for seeing you.
Governor of the Bahamas.
- Governor of the Bahamas.
Now that's it?
I spoke to Churchill
and he advises you to take it.
Virtually sending David
and myself into exile.
- It's an important post.
Oh, come Walter,
I'm not a fool.
- Might as well be Siberia.
- Siberia isn't British.
Of course.
- Tell me, Walter,
has any member
of the Royal Family
anytime in history served as
Governor of the Bahamas?
- No, sir.
But I must make this
clear to you as an old friend.
The conditions
that you yourself laid down
for your return to England
will not be met.
Are my conditions
that outrageous?
After all, I am a former king.
And brother of the present one.
- I'm sorry, sir.
Oh, surely there must be
a post more suitable
than the Bahamas.
An American cargo ship
will be in Lisbon
on August the first.
The Embassy will arrange
suitable accommodations.
You will be taken to Bermuda
and a Canadian ship
will accompany you
directly to Nassau.
- Well then.
I must go to New York first.
Buy some new clothes and...
see my family.
Please Walter,
make one more effort.
I mean, what's wrong
with America?
We have so many friends there.
- If you wish. Certainly.
No one wishes to force
a decision upon you, sir.
But that's exactly what
they're doing, Walter/
It's their way or no way at all.
- Becker!
Come down or I'll set
the place on fire.
- Who is it?
- Be careful with that, Elric.
You'll lose some toes.
- Schellenberg.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You're a General already.
At the age of 39.
Quite remarkable.
And you are still alive
and working.
That's quite remarkable too.
Well, my friend,
it seems we've won the war.
I'll be driving up to
Buckingham Palace any day now.
Shall we talk business?
- If you insist.
- I need a reliable contact
inside the Duke of Windsor's
villa in Estoril.
- That's not so easy.
- I can pay highly.
- Frankly, Schellenberg...
I've been thinking of getting
out of this line of work
for today.
You will do this for me,
You have been useful
to the Reich in small matters.
We also know that you have been
useful to the British.
- That's not true!
- We allow it to continue
because we feed you
false information for them.
As I suppose they do for us.
But should you
no longer be useful.
- Well.
Since you put it that way,
my friend.
The head of the security police
is a Colonel da Cunha.
But he's beyond bribes.
Probably a little pro-British.
There is an officer
stationed at the Duke's villa.
Captain Jose Mota.
A man with expensive tastes.
And no ideologies.
- Jose Mota?
Fine. Get him for me, Becker.
- We breed the bulls for courage
and for the length
of their horns.
The small, timid bulls
go directly
to the slaughterhouse.
Very similar
to the human condition.
You're quite
near the border here.
- Ten miles.
Smugglers pass by every day.
Would you like to see
the feeding pens?
Oh, no, no.
I'm afraid we haven't any time,
do we David.
No we, um...
We must get back to Estoril.
I hope you will
do me the honour
of attending
my annual festival next week.
We show the new bulls,
there's singing, dancing.
It's very gay.
- It's very kind your invitation
but we really don't know
where we'll be next week,
do we David.
- Ah, this war.
Every day I pray for peace.
No harder than we do,
I assure you.
We've had a lovely day,
Senhor de Oliveira.
It has been my honour,
Your Royal Highness.
Believe me,
you and His Royal Highness
are deeply loved by my country.
You wish to be escorted
directly back to the villa,
Your Royal Highness?
- Oh, yes please, Captain Mota.
And no stops.
Drive Tom, back to the house.
Very good,
Your Royal Highness.
- Last week you showed me
some pictures
of a butterfly collector.
What I want to know is,
any new collectors in town?
- I am flattered, Joe.
You never asked
for my advice before.
Do you know how I keep my job?
The secret
is not seeing too much.
There is a gentleman
at the bar
who wishes to speak with you.
His name is Schellenberg.
- I'll be right back.
- And not talking too much.
- Mr. Jackson?
I am Walter Schellenberg.
I understand you've been
of some help to Miss Winter.
- A man tried to grab her.
Apparently, he was your man.
I don't want to see
Miss Winter come to any harm.
You have a funny way
of showing it.
She has told you
why she is in Lisbon?
She's told me
why you're in Lisbon.
And now our cards
are on the table.
Face up.
There is no possible way
she can talk to the Duke.
To help her
would be very dangerous.
- Dangerous.
Is that some kind of a threat?
A statement of fact,
Mr. Jackson.
From what I've heard,
you seem to be a reasonable man.
You're an American.
This is not your fight.
You're beginning
to make it my fight.
Miss Winter
is very attractive.
Sometimes one is inclined
to do things
for an attractive woman
one might not ordinarily do.
- Yeah, Schellenberg.
That's a trap we all fall into.
It could be
very expensive for you.
Place like this?
The wrong move
and it could disappear.
And just for a pretty face?
- You know what I'm hearing?
I'm hearing a lot of warnings
and a lot of threats.
I don't like warnings,
and I don't like threats.
And I don't like you.
So you better get outta here
before I personally
throw you out.
- I've made myself clear then.
- Get out.
- It's all right?
You see that boat, Joe?
The US cargo ship Excalibur.
It sails for Bermuda
in three days.
They're tearing out bulkheads
to make a royal suite.
for the Duke and Duchess.
How can I get somebody in
to see the Duke?
- In person?
- In person. Alone.
- I couldn't do it.
It would be a violation
of trust.
I can tell you
who might be able
to make such an arrangement.
- That's good enough for me.
- Joe Jackson?
I want to see
the Duke of Windsor
and I've got dollars for you.
- American dollars?
They're all letting you down,
you know.
- Oh, darling.
Walter is an old friend
and I do trust him.
Don't you see?
You're completely isolated.
They treat you like a stranger
with a dreadful disease.
It's not as bad
as all that.
And we do have each other.
- I've ruined your life.
No. No, you've given me
something very precious.
Oh, David.
I feel so miserable
that we're being shipped off
into virtual exile.
- Not quite yet.
We still have a few days
to play a little poco.
with the foreign office.
- Joe!
Oh, boy did I sleep.
I tried to stay awake
till you got home
but the sound of the waves and,
Your friend Schellenberg
came into my place last night.
- He did?
God, I can't believe it.
- Well he did.
He said that you and I
better stay out of his way,
to try to see the Duke
would be dangerous.
- Oh, what'd you tell him?
Look, how well
do you know this man?
I told you.
He used to come into the club.
He loves jazz,
I had a couple of glasses
of champagne with him.
I went on a date with him once.
You didn't make a point
of meeting him?
As part of Max's
underground activities.
I didn't know
anything about that.
- And isn't it coincidental
that Schellenberg
signed the document
and he's the one
that helped you get to Lisbon.
I've been thinking,
you've really been
very great to me, I mean,
you've kept me from these people
and you gave me a place to stay
and you gave me something to eat
and you've really been very
nice. Now if you just
point me the direction
of the Duke's house,
I'll be happy to go
on my way, huh?
- Okay. Take it easy.
I made arrangements for you
to see the Duke.
- You'll see the Duke.
- Oh.
You'll tell him your story,
you'll show him the document,
and then you go back
to the US, right?
- Joe, you're wonderful.
When do I see him?
- Tonight.
Now it's 100 yards
from the shore, right?
- Right. This is your only shot.
There's a gazebo.
Do you know what a gazebo is?
Of course I know
what a gazebo is.
We had a gazebo
at our summer place.
It was a great gazebo.
- Okay.
He'll be sitting there,
the Duke.
He goes there every night
at ten to smoke a cigar, right?
And no guards around.
- That's what I paid for.
It's time.
If you get into any trouble,
Can you scream?
I'm a singer, I can scream,
of course I can scream.
I wish you were coming
with me, Joe.
- Alone, that's the deal.
Do you want to call it off?
- Uh-uh.
- Better go.
- Okay.
- Hannah?
Be careful.
- Your Highness.
- Mm?
I'm Hannah Winter,
I have to talk to you.
- Good evening, Hannah.
Strange how we keep
meeting each other.
Now, if you'll just give me
the document
which was stolen from my office.
Give me the document.
Forget about seeing the Duke.
Be reasonable.
- I don't have any document.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
- Hannah.
- What.
I like you very much.
We are not enemies.
Certainly we have more in common
than you and Joe Jackson.
Well you don't understand
anything, do you?
- Ugh!
Take Miss Winter
back to the Embassy.
- I'm not finished yet! General!
- Hold her until I return.
Let me go!
Schellenberg was in the gazebo!
- Shh!
Come on, keep quiet!
- What happened Joe?!
- Come on.
I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch, Becker.
I'm gonna kill him!
Scotch is fine,
Your Royal Highness.
Still plenty of good whisky
in Lisbon.
All right, Captain Mota,
you can leave us now.
Very good,
Your Royal Highness.
- Captain Mota,
many thanks.
- Here you are.
Very reliable man, Mota.
So Schellenberg, you've...
You've just arrived in Lisbon,
is that it?
Oh. Please, please.
I've come
only to see you, sir.
To bring you the Fuhrer's
personal greetings.
He was very concerned
that in the defeat of France,
you and Her Royal Highness
might have suffered
some hardship.
- Well, we...
We did have
a few difficulties but
we managed.
- More important,
I am here to invite you
and Her Royal Highness
on behalf of the Fuhrer
to come to Germany.
- Schellenberg,
my country is at war
with Germany.
The war won't last
much longer, sir.
We want peace with England.
Only the Churchill clique
stands in the way of peace.
The Fuhrer proposes
that you come to Germany now.
And when peace is achieved,
help establish good relations
between our two countries
by again assuming the throne.
With Her Royal Highness
by your side as queen.
- I...
Are you suggesting
I betray my country?
- Absolutely not.
I'm suggesting you can save
hundreds of thousands of men
both English and German.
If the English people
could be assured by you,
that you and Her Royal Highness
would again assume the throne,
a just peace could be concluded
without invasion.
- Well, um...
I certainly would like to see
this bloody war ended.
- No more than the Fuhrer.
You know he has great admiration
for the English people.
- I must say,
I do find all of this
a bit startling.
We don't expect
an immediate answer.
You could come to Germany
Consider your future there.
Without the pressure
of your own foreign office.
Do you care to join me
in another whisky, Schellenberg?
With pleasure,
Your Royal Highness.
- You promised me you'd go home.
If I saw the Duke
is what I said.
You said if I helped you,
you'd take the next plane.
- So how have you helped me?!
I got to see Schellenberg again,
I didn't need you for that.
Look, I'll handle this
from now on.
You're out of it.
- Oh, leave it all to you right?
Give me the document,
you go home,
and I'll see
that the Duke gets it.
Forget it! I've come this far,
I'm not quitting now.
Wait a minute,
where are you going?
- Anywhere, away from you.
Don't you understand?
I'm worried about you.
- Well, don't worry about me.
Why do you worry about me?
- Because.
I do.
- That's a sweet little scar.
Where'd you get it?
- Oh.
Good morning.
Got it in the war
with Uncle max, right?
You don't like to talk
about yourself much, do you.
You don't trust anybody.
You don't trust me.
- Yes, I do.
- So how'd you get the scar?
I got the scar
in the Spanish Civil War.
Why were you fighting
in Spain?
I was teaching
at Upstate New York.
Comparative literature,
no big thing.
And this friend and I, um...
We kind of harvested
Some anti-facist groups.
This friend was a girl.
A woman.
We were very much in love.
And we felt strongly about
what was happening in Spain and
decided to take the plunge
and save the world
for something, I guess.
She came to Spain with me.
That's where I ran into Max.
He was a bigwig with the German
free people's battalion.
In the last days,
we were thrown together.
Max and I.
We were near Barcelona.
In a losing battle.
Max was one of the bravest
people I've ever known.
More than that, he believed.
And what about you, Joe?
Did you believe?
- The last days,
we ran for our lives.
Max went north to France
and I headed south.
And the woman...
She was killed.
So there wasn't much
to go home for
and I ran into Vedras
and we opened a place.
Small at first, and then...
Built it up.
Or something.
- I'm so sorry, Joe.
- Enough talk.
- Yeah.
Enough talk.
Well, at least my regiment
have let me have Fletcher back.
Now, what are the chances
of a stop over in New York?
- I'm sorry, sir.
The American elections
are about to take place
and it would be politically
But we have
so many friends there.
My wife wants to see her family.
Sir, the government wishes you
to go directly to Nassau
by way of Bermuda.
Arrangements have been
made for you
to leave on August the first.
- In two days time?
What do they think I am?
A wayward child?
- Frankly sir,
the government is eager
for you to leave promptly
because of the unhealthy
atmosphere here in Lisbon.
- Unhealthy atmosphere.
Do they think there's a plague
or something?
- I'm talking about the fact
that General Schellenberg
is here.
You met Schellenberg
last night.
- Well I...
I'm free to entertain
who I please.
You have a certain
public position to consider.
Well a position
that's been given
damn little consideration
by the present occupant
at number 10 Downing Street.
Sir, if you're flirting
with the Germans,
in order to wring concessions
out of our government,
it's a dangerous game.
- Don't be impertinent, Walter.
Tell Whitehall
that my wife and I
will leave Lisbon
on the first of August.
- Aboard the Excalibur.
To Bermuda and then onto Nassau.
I've made my position
quite clear.
- Perhaps you have, sir.
Perhaps you have.
- All right, Becker.
I gave you 1000 American dollars
And you sold me out.
I'm talking to you, Becker.
- Somebody beat you to it, Joe.
He arranged a meeting for you
last night.
It didn't work out.
And I would've taken
my 1000 dollars back.
But killing is not my style.
- That's true.
Have any idea
who did this?
He would've double-crossed
his mother for a buck.
Too bad you got involved
in all this, Joe.
Where do I go from here,
Da Cunha?
Back to running
the best restaurant in Lisbon.
- That's all you got?
- That's all.
Joe, there is a fiesta tomorrow
at the De Oliveira ranch
near the border.
A showing of their young bulls.
Some distinguished people
will be there.
But I'm sure you can arrange
an invitation.
You know who killed Becker,
don't you.
I may be neutral,
I am not stupid.
Apparently your conversation
with the Duke last night
was fruitless.
We intercepted
a wireless message this morning
from the British legation
to London.
Monckton feels
the Duke will leave Lisbon
on the first of August
for the Bahamas.
I will try and arrange
one more conversation
with the Duke
as soon as possible.
No, no, it's too late
for that.
I informed Heydrich and Himmler
of the Duke's intentions.
This is the response.
- So...
I'll have to kidnap him.
this is neutral territory.
It must be done discretely.
- Well Kleiber,
any ideas how this kidnapping
should be carried out?
I am here to assist you,
Herr General,
in any action you propose.
- Very helpful, Kleiber.
Hans, I require two reliable men
who cannot be traced back to me,
to you, to the legation.
One must be an expert
- A sharpshooter?
We're not here
to assassinate the Duke.
I know why we're here,
And you by the way,
will have an important part
in this plan.
Maybe a little painful
but you are prepared to undergo
a little more pain
for the Fuhrer,
aren't you Kleiber?
- Even my life, Herr General?
- I hope we won't need that.
You may inform
Himmler and Heydrich
that within 24 hours
I'll have the Duke and Duchess
across the border into Spain.
In my custody.
- I'm so delighted...
Royal Highness.
Schellenberg you know, I think.
Quite a treat, all this,
eh General?
Quite a location,
Your Royal Highness.
Your Royal Highness.
- Nice to see you.
Tell you one thing
if the Duke is there today,
nothing's gonna stop me
from talking to him.
Well you won't have long
to wait.
They're here.
- Are you sure?
- That's the Duke's car.
- Oh.
- Is it all right
if we leave this here?
- Certainly sir,
I'll keep an eye on it for you.
- Thank you.
- You're a little late, Joe.
This entrance is reserved
for the Royal Party.
- All right.
- There they are.
- And Schellenberg too.
I can't believe
I'm this close to them
and I can't get to them.
He is a very skilled
and great horseman.
- Excuse me.
I seem to be leaking oil.
Would you have a look?
- What's your car?
The same as yours,
a few years older.
It's just through there.
- Yes all right, then.
- Very kind of you.
- Oil?
Has any
member of the Royal Family
at any time in history
served as Governor
of the Bahamas.
It might as well be Siberia.
It's their way
or no way at all.
Governor of the Bahamas.
Are my conditions
that outrageous?
After all, I am a former king.
And brother of the present one.
- These are the vulcados.
- Ho, ho, touro.
Wup! Whoa.
Tell Churchill
that my wife and I
will leave Lisbon
on the first of August.
the bull leaves the ring
where the banderillas
are removed.
But he is now too clever
to be allowed
to come into the ring again,
so he is put out in the fields.
- Okay, that's it.
- This lady has to see the Duke.
Hey, I'm a personal friend
of the Duchess.
Went to school with her
in Baltimore.
We must leave,
Your Highness. Immediately!
Mota, into the car, quickly!
For the Fuhrer, Kleiber.
- Yes, General.
Drive quickly.
You know the way.
- What happened?
- They switched chauffeurs.
They're headed for the border.
- David.
Oh, don't-don't be alarmed,
my dear,
there's nothing to worry about.
I think we're quite safe now,
Your Royal Highness.
Thank you,
General Schellenberg.
If they get to the main road,
we'll never catch them.
- Faster.
Your window.
- This isn't your driver.
No, no.
No this isn't my driver.
- Uh!
All right, come on.
Who do you work for?
Is there a problem,
Mr. Jackson?
- Problem? No.
Somebody stages a phony shooting
and then substitutes this man
for the Duke's chauffeur?
Oh, I'm sure
it's all a mistake.
- Yeah, yours. He's a phony.
I know, Joe.
We'll take care of him.
Your Highness, someone
knocked out your chauffeur.
He's quite all right now.
One of my men will drive you
back to Lisbon.
- What is happening?
Will someone tell me
what the hell is going on here.
Your Highness,
I think this document
will explain everything.
It is signed
by General Schellenberg.
- Thank you.
- Well, Mr. Jackson.
I'm sure we'll meet again.
Yeah, I think
that's going to happen.
Just something
that has to be done.
- Surprising, Hannah.
When I met you,
I never dreamed you might change
the course of history.
You know as Mozart said...
do yourself the favour.
Forget Mozart, huh?
Perhaps you would like to ride
back to Lisbon with me.
No, I'll go back and consider
the condition of my hate.
You're so close
to the border here.
You might consider
leaving Portugal for good.
It has crossed my mind,
- Well we did it.
Yeah, your Uncle Max
would have been proud of you.
Well he was a very good judge
of people.
I mean, he sent me to see you,
didn't he?
I've booked you on a plane
to leave for the States.
- Hey! What do you mean?
- I mean you're going home.
- Joe, I'm going to stay.
- You can't stay.
All hell is gonna
break loose soon.
The US is going to be in it.
And it's better you're not here.
- I'm staying, Joe.
- No.
- A little while longer.
- No.
- Two more days.
- No.
- One more day?
- No.
- One more day.
- All right.
One more day.
- Hmm.