To Each, Her Own (2018) Movie Script

And here you are!
With his new cut!
You do not come with us?
We arrive.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Claire and Simone
Happy birthday
I'm proud of you, little sister!
We love you !
Who blows the candles for your
three years of relationship?
- Go, you!
- Me ?
If I blow all three at once,
I'm coming out.
Must stop it, otherwise
it will be dry.
You do not eat kosher,
so give no advice!
You know, for the wedding...
Close the oven, the heat escapes!
- I want to come accompanied.
- Beware of porcelain!
It's Svres porcelain!
Yes I know.
Grandpa Albert gave it to your
mother on the day of their wedding.
Your grandma was not spoiled at your age.
It's 8 pm, we've been
waiting for an hour!
Good, hurry up!
No, we do not wait!
It annoys me, your brother!
We do not expect them!
There is something missing. Taste, my daughter.
Have you forgotten cumin?
If it's to criticize, it's useless to come.
I come to please you.
Me, the Jewish holidays...
Even without practicing, you're Jewish.
During the war, they did not check.
Stop with the terfes, you
will eat everything! Stop!
- It's better.
- We do not eat everything.
We just ate a little bit.
It's for mice.
They are in your head.
Yes, I blabber.
You do not want to practice, okay.
But except for mother, the
whole family was deported.
They ate sausage.
It never stopped being deported.
Quit to die, practice
and know why you die!
No !
Left to die, not to deprive
and have fun.
Hm hm.
See you next week, Ms. Nolle.
Thank you, Maryse.
Happy New Year. Hag Sameah.
Hag Sameah.
Mom, shut up, it's cold!
I dare a little, you understand.
It's Maryse...
Stop, it's racist!
It's not racist.
I love Maryse, that's not it.
And you, when you were little,
you felt the wet dog.
He never told you, your boyfriend?
Since just now, you
do not let me talk!
What? He is married ? He is Arab?
And if so, what would you do?
We can not tell you anything!
Mame, what are we doing?
I do not know. Decide, for once.
It's always the same !
Tired of the darling son who is late!
We have only to start without them.
Mame, call, please.
No. If I call, I'll get excited!
No, it's your son, dad, not mine.
So where are you?
On the periphery? Oh ok.
They are behind a garbage truck.
On the periphery?
Me, I'm sick of parties like this!
I break my head and
everyone does not care!
I never do anything good.
I'm bad!
I should die.
You would be rid of it.
- Hi, it's us!
- Hello !
Come on, darling.
Sorry, we took a long time.
It was stuffy.
Shana tova.
Hello. Shana tova.
Shana tova, daddy!
Shana tova.
It's okay ?
- We have good news to announce.
- Yeah.
We found the castle for the wedding.
Ah, Mazel tov!
You come accompanied?
Yes. I already told you yes.
- Who ?
- Well, there you go,
you met someone and you say nothing!
I will come with Claire.
- Who is Claire?
- That's his roommate.
Yes, but it's my...
It's also my...
This is my...
It's my best friend.
I'm organizing something on my
site with a guy whenever you want.
I only have great fights
with beautiful situations,
no guys who just
sign up to flirt.
I have Moroccan, Tunisian,
Ashkenazi fires.
I even have Chinese people.
You will not be alone all your life.
Leave her, she has time.
At your age, I already had two sons!
- No one asks me who I come with.
- Do not try again!
With Kvin, we are pacss,
and it can not come!
Homosexuality is a disease.
It's forbidden by the Torah!
You never met him!
Stop annoying your father.
We do not want the family to know!
You can understand, right?
It's okay. Calms you.
Come on, let's think.
Think about what?
No. We do not want him to come.
I do not come without Kevin.
There you have it.
We are bad parents.
I am a bad mother and I am bad!
So, it went well?
I am bad.
My mother took me out again
Auschwitz and company.
And she slapped herself.
You will tell them when you are ready.
But I'm ready!
The problem is them!
My father was on the verge of fainting.
Two homosexual children
is the heart attack.
No, but here it's me...
It's eating me.
As long as they will not
know, I will not be well.
And I want you to meet them.
Did you bring mazots?
- Was it Pesach or the new year?
- They had a stock left.
I have a surprise for you.
You'll see.
That's what I think ?
What are you thinking about ?
Oh !
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do not regret anything,
it's much better to rent.
In case of break, everyone remains free.
Buy in La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire...
I know.
I grew up there.
It's cute, it's nice,
but it is quickly to die of
ennui, the edges of Marne.
Do not regret.
Thank you very much. See you soon.
- Do you have my direct line?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hello !
I told you more to come!
You must help me.
URSSAF wants me dead.
I do not have time.
Please !
And your site spams me.
- No, it's me who registered you.
- What?
You do not touch. But stop !
It's mom who asked
you to register?
No, but we are missing drinking girls.
I hooked you on a Keren cousin
with whom you have an appointment.
ric Taieb works in finance.
I asked you nothing, me!
Do you want to finish old girl?
I will not go to your shit appointment!
Wait, look.
The beautiful kid!
Yeah, Eric Taieb.
He has a dream situation.
You will be good with him.
- I'm sorry, I...
- No.
Go ahead, stay. I'm leaving.
I'm counting on you, huh.
Oh, I forgot...
But I do not want your mezouza.
I will not do my loubavitch
in my building!
Are you ashamed?
David, I do not live alone.
God did not forget you.
You go away. Go away.
- I'll put it to you.
- Leave.
We can not unsubscribe
from this site to the con?
What's this ?
- Look, it's...
- Oh !
Help !
But who is it,
this beautiful kid?
We're going to eat ?
Back of cod with three spices,
just frozen vegetables.
Thank you.
Good appetite, girls!
It's... It's amazing, is not it?
- So ?
- It's so good.
Badiane, it is very well found.
- But there's something...
- What?
There is something that I do not identify.
I help you. Spices from Senegal.
Frankly, you impress me!
Do not you like it?
No, it's frankly amazing, but...
compared to your fillet of
whiting, it's a bit below.
You're right, I'm not fit.
I have galleys with my mother.
Wali, two pavers for both!
What are you doing this evening ?
I take care of a buffet.
Buffet ?
Come on !
- OK.
- See you tonight then !
The night is ours, my hen!
It's a pleasure to see you !
- Did you do everything?
- Yeah.
I improvised on the basis of
traditional Senegalese dishes.
There is a creamy asparagus-hibiscus.
And there, a mafe in my way.
What do you think ? I am not sure.
It is...
I do not find the word so it's good.
- It's not too spicy?
- Perfect.
It's a bit more classic,
but if you like chilli,
it should please you.
It's okay ?
Watch out, it's beefy.
No, but I'm working this week.
Tell them I do not
know when I will come.
Yes, tell them there was a misunderstanding.
I must go back there.
- It's your mother ?
- Almost.
My aunt. She wants to marry me.
Hey, it's the same!
That's good !
I did not see you like that.
Like that, how?
You look pretty serious.
It's the spice!
We're going to my house ?
It's better that I go there.
Hey, Simone!
- Do not go !
- No, I have to go.
You're weird.
Did you take something or something?
- It stings !
- It's the pepper.
Hello !
Oh my love !
Do you have something
to forgive you or what?
Thank you.
No, but he was cute.
- Oh?
- But yes !
- I can not.
- Huh?
- It's not possible.
- Hold on.
It's not the end of the world !
It's a kiss! Excuse yourself, tell him
you're in a relationship and that's it.
It's not easy.
- Do you like him ?
- No, I was drunk.
Do you like him ! In fact, you're a bit bi.
The only guy I slept with,
I was 18 years old.
It was the first and the last.
If I were bi, I would know it.
So we will go to the restaurant?
- Go without me.
- No, I will not go without you.
But there is only that we eat well.
- Where are we going?
- At the bakery? Go.
Yes, hello!
- Yes ?
Do you have an appointment tonight
with Eric Taieb, Keren's cousin?
Tonight ?
Oh no, I can not!
I have something important with...
with Graldine, my colleague.
Ben annul you, you see her every day.
I can not cancel,
it's his birthday.
Do not do this three
weeks before my wedding!
Eric has invested in my box!
I did not ask anything!
You piss me off with your plans!
- Hello? I can not hear you.
- David.
I have more network.
Well, I'm counting on you!
He 's laughing at my face !
No, but I know!
- Huh?
- You can go in my place.
You say you're Simone and
you go to the restaurant.
- No, but it's not ok?
- But if !
An integrist!
I do not want to finish veiled, me!
But please, please!
But wait !
You found it super nice kid!
Yes, but dating arranged,
it never works.
And I am not Jewish.
It's super simple, kosher.
No pork, no game, no
shellfish or horse.
We only eat what has the
cloven hoof, scales...
The hoof what?
Hold on. Anyway, for dinner,
you take a simple dish,
style of beef or sea bream.
If you take meat, no dessert.
There is often milk,
and you can not.
We do not mix the kid and
the milk of his mother.
Wait, I understand nothing.
If you mess up the
appointment, me, it suits me.
My parents will let me go
with their arranged marriage.
Wait, tell me again.
So no pig, no shellfish,
no game and no horse.
Have fun and above all, have him raqued.
It will be fine.
Did you choose ?
I take a steak way waiter.
Very good.
Ah, but you do not eat kosher?
Huh? Yes it is.
It's an ox steak, no pork?
Obviously, of course, but...
You make it with
butter, do not you?
Yes. Marbled butter.
Ah yes !
It's nothing, I make deviations
from time to time too.
I will take fish then.
Do you have sea bream?
No I am sorry.
But we have a sole meunire
with a pan of vegetables.
Yes it is perfect !
But you remove scales and fins?
The same thing. It's amazing.
Girls !
When you're not young anymore...
Uh... that's it. In fact, I have something...
very important to tell you,
Ah, we are too many, there.
Oh no, not at all.
That is to say, it's even...
It's... It's essential
that you are all here.
That's it, I...
I have...
I thought a lot about what
unites us, you and me,
to the importance you
have in my life.
You are the woman of my life.
Will you marry me, Claire?
And your parents ?
My parents ?
I put them before the fait
accompli, my parents.
They will not be able to say
anything, they did the same.
My grandmother was getting
in the middle of the street
and she shouted, "I'm waiting for my death!"
She did not want my mother
to marry a Sephardi.
Well, of course,
when David is born,
great reconciliation.
Not you, girls.
You are not going to make a child too.
But finally, do you care?
You are all here talking
marriage and babies.
- So what ?
- They look like straight guys!
You're reacting.
- What is that ?
- It's life.
So ?
- You say yes?
- Of course!
You say yes?
I have something
important to tell you.
That's it, I...
I like someone and...
Oh, I was sure!
It makes us very happy!
A mother, it smells these things!
Listen to her, Mrs. Sun!
Your brother told us.
- Nathaniel?
- No, David.
It's love at first
sight, like us?
Um yes.
In fact no. It's stronger than that.
But these dating
sites, is it serious?
Where do these men come from?
But it's Keren's cousin!
You know what ?
It's a bit fast.
Do not worry, they'll see each other again.
Eric is serious and nice to you?
- Did he give you his numbers?
- Eric?
Oh no, that's not what you think.
He escorted you to Jaguar!
He knows how to drive?
Of course. He drives his
mother to the community center
to play Scrabble.
If it's not ok, I'll take care of it!
Come on, come on, my daughter. Come.
Nothing !
Simone, stop! But it's not right, right?
But I'll never get there! Never !
You have to let go of that.
It is not serious.
When we have a child,
you will see, your mother will be
happy to offer gifts for Hanukkah.
No ! My parents will not
embrace it in religion!
Will he still be allowed
to do some yoga?
A little meditation?
A little namaste.
A little greeting in the sun.
We'll see.
Well, OK, you have not been
able to tell your parents.
Well, to compensate, you
just have to tell Wali.
- I do not see the link.
- Yes it is.
No. Vis--vis Claire,
That changes nothing.
Yes, but for you, in your head,
it will get better.
And like that, we can finally
return to the restaurant.
Is not it daring for a religious?
Wait, he rolls in Jaguar!
You're going back?
No, but you would see him,
all elegant, and then his look...
It feels like pierced.
And he understands everything.
And then its smell...
He smells good, I do not know what he puts.
But I think it's
his natural smell.
And we like the same things.
Like me, he listens to
the old 90's R'N'B sound
and he likes old movies.
He also saw Titanic three times!
No, but it's not crazy, that?
By cons, I have not yet dared
to tell him that I was not you.
- Oh no ! Above all, you tell him nothing.
- Oh?
Especially not right now.
- Whore !
- Oh wait, wait.
You have to spend it under cold water!
It is...
It's okay ?
You have come at the right time.
Taste my dish, I do not eat pork.
So, actually, Wali, I'd like to
talk to you about the other night.
What are you starting with?
Benloulou, it's Maghrebi?
Yes. In fact no.
Initially, I'm nothing special.
On arrival, however...
Go ahead, taste it.
I was lost without you.
Where were you ?
Oh there, but...
It's melting, it's...
It is a wonder !
You should open a restaurant.
It's crazy that you say that.
I think about it, but when you
give up, the banks, it's hot.
They do not trust.
Go see me, maybe...
I can help you.
We could associate.
What? Do you mean opening
a restaurant together?
Yes why not ?
In fact, for pork, you
should do as for wine.
You taste and you spit.
As we do to taste the wines
without being drunk.
You rinse your mouth,
like that, vis--vis
religion, you are in order.
- You're a funny girl.
- You drink alcohol ?
You too.
You have a hellish descent.
You're funny when you've been drinking.
And sensual too.
I did not tell you anything.
I... I did not tell you that
I am in a relationship.
Ah OK.
You did not come for my beautiful eyes.
Hello !
I'm not fine ?
Yes Yes.
I'm going to lie down.
Yes! You cover us something, you.
What's the matter ?
I said something that should not?
But tell me !
I made a big bullshit.
You broke the vermicomposter?
That's it ? But it's not big deal.
My love.
But then, but it does not matter!
It does not matter at all.
Well then.
It's Wali.
Who is this?
It is the Senegalese cook.
What is happening ?
He jumped on you, right?
He jumped on you?
Oh, Simone!
I call the cops!
- No wait !
- What no ?
That's not what you think.
It's not only him.
Come out, please.
Go outside.
Come on, get out of this room!
Go away !
- We need to talk.
- I have nothing to say.
I beg you, forgive me!
I do not want to lose you.
But who are you, huh?
You make me your request,
then you sleep with a guy!
Are you kidding me ?
No, but precisely, a guy! Claire!
A guy, that does not count!
I'll tell him I can
not live without you!
It's like living
with a stranger.
You're not a homo shameful, you're
a fucking hetero repressed!
The first shovel I
rolled was a girl!
At 11 already, I was a lesbian.
Marion Faivre, in high school,
I was crazy!
And what is a real lesbian?
A girl who knew no guy?
So I'm not Jewish because
I do not practice?
In 39-45, I would have been deported!
It's stupid, what are you saying?
Claire, wait!
Hold on !
Where is Wali?
Bah it will happen.
The flowers are for me?
For yesterday, you must forget.
It was bullshit.
I do not understand anymore.
I did not tell you,
but my guy is a girl.
I am a lesbian.
I had not done it!
I'm serious !
I slept with lots of girls.
Married women, who had children,
or who voted FN, but
lesbians, never.
You're kidding ?
Do not argue.
Guys, it's not my thing.
But I'm talking to you about me!
I love women. Including ?
My friends will hallucinate!
I will not tell everyone.
It could scare you.
Do not take offense.
Finally, I say that like that, but
in Senegal, it brings bad luck.
No, but in Senegal, Simone.
Ah! Hello. You remember me ?
Moussa, a cousin of Wali.
You told me I could go.
Yes of course.
Whore !
It's money coming in!
A moment.
Unsubscribe from your site to the con!
Too bad, you have plenty of suggestions.
Finally, you do not really need it anymore.
It rolls with ric Taieb.
- Sorry.
- I can go back.
No it's OK.
- Hello?
- Tell!
No, but I work there!
You're beating all the time.
You tell me nothing! Without David...
He's nice and handsome?
What did you eat?
We ate... Senegalese.
You were not at Londore?
If you know, why are you asking me?
It was mom?
Claire, I have to talk to you.
I messed up. I know I've messed up.
I know you think I betrayed you,
that since he's a
guy, I betray you.
But I do not care about him.
I do not care ! I fired him!
It is you that I love.
Look at me, Claire. Look at me !
She must clear.
Let her move.
I do not want to see her anymore.
Claire, please! I love you.
Go away !
I am at home !
Yes, but she does not want to see you!
Leave her alone !
No, you're not at home, precisely!
She does not want to see you!
No, but quiet!
Simone, you're going back.
She can not hear, there.
Claire, I love you!
OK. Calm down. Its good.
You love him, she loves you.
You have a great story,
but it's not the moment.
- Tell him that I love him.
- Yes.
Come on, go ahead, go away.
Must leave it.
I do not understand
why do you put yourself all
in such a state.
It's not worth it to be gay
if it's to be like
all those couples
straight and boring.
when I met Julia, I was married.
I brought her home, we
did a couple to three.
After, I met Clelia,
I ran off with her,
and Julia and my guy,
you know what they did?
They got married and had a kid!
And for years,
they wanted me to death.
So me, never again!
So that...
When we loved each other,
we can not hate each other.
And what did you do wrong?
You wanted a guy
and you typed him.
Great !
I messed it up.
I miss my life.
Oh, little mother. But wait !
And anyway... Listen.
I'm sure it's not over
between Claire and you.
She's too fond of you.
Over time, she will give up the towel.
No, but how are you?
What are you doing ?
It's okay, relax.
I thought I saw signs.
Signs ?
It would do you good,
just to decompress.
I need to sleep.
Good, come on.
If you need something, you
know where to find me.
Benloulou! It's the end of the day.
You should wake up.
Of course ! Call you if it's okay.
I can talk to you ?
Sorry for yesterday, I was con.
But you do not look like that.
Ah yes ?
Yet I do not wear makeup,
I do not wear dresses, I saw
the sketches of Muriel Robin
and I have a poster of Amlie Mauresmo.
Really, I'm sorry.
But... how to say?
Did you know other guys?
No, before you, I was a virgin.
After what happened, I would not
have imagined that you were gay.
- Where are you going like this?
- At the Ritz. I have a bedroom.
She fucked you out? I see.
Usually, it happens to men.
I'm not saying you're a guy!
Do you want to sleep at home?
The Ritz is overrated.
At home, it's a palace.
A real palace.
I do not think that's a good idea.
In all honor.
You're lesbian, I will not touch you.
No, it's me who will not touch you.
We do a test to see
if we can be friends.
Since we talked about the restaurant,
I stop thinking about it.
There is a garage to retype in the 10th.
That would be cool.
- Or ?
- Near the North Station.
After you.
This is my little palace.
So here is the living room,
with the couch where you will sleep.
It's so calm.
In the morning, we hear the birds.
Do you see these buildings?
This is the city where we went.
I lived there, arriving
in Paris, at my aunt's.
And here I bought.
You did not go far.
I am too good here.
I have my cousins, my
friends, I know everyone.
The hotspot of my apartment...
- The kitchen.
- Oh yeah !
You have arranged it well.
It's not like the restaurant,
but I do wonders.
And then, in the morning,
I love to have my coffee here.
The sun is falling on the table.
I ask myself, I close my eyes
and I believe myself in Marseilles.
It is missing that the sea.
Sometimes I feel so good,
I feel like I hear it.
Are you from Marseille?
Yeah, with the accent and everything!
I came for my studies.
Hey Simone, my savior!
What are you doing here ?
- It's okay ?
- Yes.
This is Babacar, my cousin of the 93rd.
- Good ?
- Enchanted.
That's Ousmane. He comes from Dakar.
He stays here a few months.
Delighted Miss !
She has small housing problems.
Yeah, that's it, yeah! To others.
Where do you sleep ?
Mind you in. I am going to cook.
We take care of her.
I have a galley.
I ride my box and the banks
do not calculate me.
A box of what? Are you serious ?
That's my business, brother.
Every day, he puts up a box.
Kind, every day.
You talk too much !
- It sounded.
- Wali, the door.
You smoke ?
Uh... Is it strong?
No, that's fine. This is the mouth of Clichy.
Yeah, the old ones!
- Oh !
- Oh dear !
It's okay ?
- Are you okay, guys?
- Welcome.
It comes from the bled?
Thank you.
Have you arrived?
Yeah, just now.
You're new, you, no?
- What is your name ?
- Simone.
How did you go for Wali?
I did not catch him. We are friends.
I thought, your marabout, he's strong.
Because for the guy,
he must have big tits!
Good, guys. Are we going out tonight.
"Titan", Place Clichy.
It seems that it is good.
You're crazy ? At the "Titan",
There are only Senegalese.
Here, the girls have no respect,
not like in Dakar. Huh?
They do not have the sense of the man.
I'm sure you have the
sense of the man.
I will go help him.
Look, he's driving the girls away.
Simone, do not go!
Stay with us, ask yourself.
You embarrassed her.
Need help ?
No, quiet.
I do not disturb ?
No. Can you bring that?
It's beautiful !
We are hungry, we are hungry!
We are hungry, we are hungry!
Wali, you're tearing!
Wali, great!
What is that ?
Antipasti. It's Italian.
It's weird.
You, taste before speaking,
with a little spice.
Listen to this, guys:
"Jewish schools and synagogues,
under police protection ".
It starts again.
Only for them.
Normal, they are filled with money.
They are everywhere !
On TV too:
Drucker, Arthur and Hanouna.
Hey, Simone?
Uh, I...
They help each other.
Go, we are between us.
- They are everywhere !
- Hey, you there!
Still drugging you!
What are you doing here? What are you doing ?
With your ears!
I'm going to cheat you!
Go home, quickly!
Ah, Wali, darling!
- You are the.
- Auntie, how are you?
- It's okay ?
- Hm.
I present to you Simone.
Nice to meet you, Simone.
Simone how?
Benloulou. Simone Benloulou.
I can talk to you ?
I let you flirt with the girls,
but you'll have to fuck.
Stop with that.
Soon you will meet the Sankare girl.
Look how beautiful she is.
It's my uncle who is engaged.
I did not agree!
Arranged marriages are better.
That's why the world turns out well.
Well, the addicts...
People who do nothing.
Whore !
You are getting married ?
It's OK, no!
I will not go in there.
Arranged marriages, no.
You want me to help you...
French fries with osso-buco?
If I do not make fries,
they go to McDo.
You peel potatoes for everyone.
It's the family.
You have to cut the cord.
Why ?
I love to cook for my cousins.
I love being with them.
The family is a ball.
Now it is necessary to open the
restaurant, otherwise you will peel again
potatoes in ten years.
Listen to them laugh!
They look like bullets?
And then, it's our future regulars.
Not to mention all their friends,
the friends of their friends,
the cousins of the friends...
Excuse me...
I'm coming down from your house.
- What?
- I just ask
the mzouza. I took my tools.
Impossible, I'm not at home.
Are you coming back soon?
Go home.
It's not the moment!
It's a shame, I have my tools.
I do not know when I'll come back.
Your roommate is here?
David, you piss off! Okay ?
I do not care about your mezouza!
I'll ask it when I want.
Impossible, there is a
prayer you do not know.
I do not care ! I do not practice!
I come home for Shabbat for dad,
so do not inflate me!
Whore !
Are you late?
Why ?
You're late, I'm asking you.
Yes. Finally, original.
I do not practice, huh.
I do not eat kosher,
I eat pork, I love pork.
You're ashamed. It's worse !
No, not at all, I'm
not ashamed at all!
So here I go to my parents'
house at all shabbats,
I do all the holidays.
I can not deny my origins.
You loose her!
- The bldard, your mouth!
- What are you saying here ?
Hey, are you serious?
It's good, there's your girlfriend.
I'm going to pose the mezouza.
Damn, David, you're not moving. I arrive !
You wait for me.
See you soon.
Bar with your girl!
- Bldard!
- Wali!
You hid that you were Jewish.
You did not ask me.
- I asked if you ate pork.
- It's different.
- Do you think me anti-Semitic?
- Fuck, that's not true.
- Do you think me anti-Semitic?
- Seeing your cousins, we wonder.
But you could have told me.
Now you know.
You were with ric Taieb?
She did not tell you?
I connected her with
my fiance's cousin,
Eric Taieb, via my website.
And it works with thunder!
Well, where is the mezouza?
I gave it to you.
Your wife is black?
Sorry ? Oh no.
And you are single?
My site is good.
David, stop! She is not Jewish.
Oh ok.
Damn, a beautiful
woman like you...
But I have contacts.
A conversion takes eight years.
- With a piston, two years are enough.
- Here.
Thank you.
You are well settled here.
It's good.
Is there only one room?
Yes. Like that, with Simone,
when we have the blues,
we can cuddle.
It's important, hugs.
In fact,
we wanted a big living room.
We alternate.
One blow is Simone,
a blow, it's me.
Simone never told us.
She never tells us anything.
David, you...
I'm dying of thirst. I can ?
It feels good. Its good !
Is it vegetable juice?
It's very good.
It smells of the forest, you see?
There is a little taste of earth,
I really like Japanese cuisine.
- Come on.
- Here.
[He prays in Hebrew]
We must embrace mezouza.
- No, it's with the hand!
- Ah.
Here. Well, it was not complicated, huh?
It was nice to meet you.
Yes me too.
Ah, and you come to my wedding.
You are welcome.
- We'll see.
- Thanks, David.
- See you soon.
- Goodbye.
Wali. Now, Patrick.
How many are there yet?
It's the same thing.
No, but I do not even know him!
According to your brother, yes.
He is Keren's cousin.
David had arranged a meeting...
I prefer not to know.
You would have seen yourself trembling
like a kid in front of your brother.
It was ridiculous.
I made two happy.
Well then...
You will not keep that!
What are you doing ? Frankly...
It's too stuck, I can not do it.
Wait, I'll help you.
Must go to the jackhammer.
I do not know what he did.
He is super believer!
It's still crazy that your
brother has seen nothing,
not understood.
When you do not want to see, you know...
I can stay ?
I did not say anything in front of your brother,
but it's too early for me.
I am not ready.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- It's okay ?
- Yeah.
Give me your bag.
Thank you. That's really nice.
Your guy could not lodge you?
How do you know ?
In your opinion ?
You're scrambling with Claire, but not me.
No, good, so...
First, it's not my guy.
And besides, he lives in Aubervilliers
and has lots of friends at his place.
Fifty undocumented
in a two rooms.
What is this clich?
The clichs, is always true.
Everyone does not live in a 100 m
in Paris.
You're really naive, poor thing!
Amedy Coulibaly, have you forgotten?
The barbaric gang?
Dieudonne, do you think he's alone?
Black people think like him.
It's anti-Semites!
You become like mom and dad, you
see anti-Semites everywhere.
It's filthy, what you did.
You make me shit, in the end!
We may not be separated!
There is nothing with this guy.
Have you ever made a difference?
You're not finished, both?
- Hi, Simone.
- Hello.
- And our baby?
- What baby ?
Well, that's what
annoys you, actually.
It's going to be
messy, so you yell it.
This thing is unhealthy.
Wait, but there is nothing unhealthy!
I'll inseminate Claire and you, Simone.
- Lots of people do that.
- Claire wants more.
She prefers you to have a black child?
Oh, stop, Nat!
Oh, okay, can not I laugh anymore?
How are we going to do now?
I want to be a father!
We will find a solution.
We can adopt.
No, I want my son to be Jewish.
You're worse than a loubavitch!
And your son, I remind you
that it will be my son too.
- He may be called Samantha.
- What's that name to con?
If we have a girl, I want
to call her Samantha.
Samuel for a guy,
Samantha for a girl.
It will necessarily be called Sam.
I remember, I told
you in Dublin!
- Do you want an argument?
- No !
But it's not possible.
It's very pretty, Samantha!
But no, it's not pretty at all!
Samantha, Samuel,
it's pretty.
Not this evening. I'm tired.
Not this evening ?
It's important to choose!
Do you often fight with Nat?
Yes. A crisis from time to time,
it's a little spicy.
And then, the reconciliations
are better, if you see
what I mean.
And it does not matter to you that
my father refuses to see you?
Yes, it's very violent.
At all parties, I remain alone.
It's horrible.
But OK,
we will not become
straight for your parents.
It's certain.
- Let's go ?
- Let's go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I would like to see Simone Benloulou.
Wait for her there.
She should not delay.
I would also like to see Miss Benloulou.
- It's to make a credit.
- Wait her there.
- You too, it's...
- Yes, Mrs Benloulou.
- I was there before you.
- I come to see Mrs. Benloulou.
Benloulou! What is this mess ?
I do not know, they come
to open an account.
If they are unemployed, I do not
want their accounts. Including ?
Is it you, Mrs. Benloulou?
- Yousef Mounda!
- Follow me.
Yousef Mounda...
Hello !
- Am I bothering you ?
- No.
- Enter.
- Nothing serious,
but could you tell Moussa
to stop sending me clients?
If it continues, I'll get fired.
That's good !
If you get fired.
We can open our restaurant!
We would cook trendy.
African Judeo-French.
It would cardboard.
It would be called "The Jerusalem of Africa".
No, no, "Zion of Paname".
Or... No, I know:
"Tastes and colors" !
You rock !
We have a drink ?
No. I do not have the time.
A small glass ?
- Fast, what.
- Fast then.
Me, I see something
like tapas what!
Something we share.
A little neo-bistro, a little...
No, I'll stop you right away.
I want to be in the Michelin guide.
You have to have climbed the ladder,
to have been in the brigades:
apprentice, clerk,
Head of post, second...
It's over, that.
If your cooking is good,
you can have a star.
It's simple.
I went to the hotel school.
Apprentice, committed, I already gave.
You're right,
must be ambitious.
But a great restaurant without
pork is not possible.
- It's you who will taste.
- Yeah.
I will taste everything, me. But you too.
A great chef tastes everything.
Otherwise, you're not a big boss.
I have an idea !
Oh fuck !
Oh yes, you have to taste that.
This is the temptation in the rough!
- This is your first time?
- Hm.
Come on, do not be afraid!
Think about the restaurant.
It does not tempt you to...
new experiences?
A puck of pleasure forbidden?
You will not be struck
down by divine wrath!
- If my mother saw me...
- She does not see you.
A new world is opening to you.
It's too good !
Whore !
It's you, my new world.
No ! Hey ! Wali, stop!
No, but stop!
Let go of me ! We are friends now!
Yes. It can not be seen ?
I will not sleep with you
just because I want it.
And why not ?
Because it's too much
of a mess in my head.
Who is it?
My brother and his boyfriend.
Your parents are gay too or what?
Yeah, both.
Nah, I'm joking ! They are reacted.
Ah, I prefer.
Do you want to sleep here?
- In all honor ?
- As friends.
We have a test to pass.
[Christmas] Nathaniel?
Uh, wow. You are there ?
Uh, wow!
Why are you there?
- And you ?
- Well, I...
The cousins of my
roommate have landed
and they did not know where to stay.
- Where are Nathaniel and Kevin?
- In Russia.
They had to replace a team.
- And you ?
- I was worried.
They were not in
Yiddish singing class.
What do you mean ? He's doing Yiddish?
- Why do not I know?
- We speak very little.
You tell me so much nothing.
It's you who say nothing!
What does it mean ?
Do you see them in Dad's back?
We sing together.
And your brother tells me.
And why did not you propose me?
Pass, if you want.
I do not care about Yiddish singing!
- Well then you see!
- Yes,
but you could have offered
me and I would have said no.
I know, I'm a bad mother!
I'm bad!
- Someone there ?
- Huh?
- Someone there.
- No.
You see someone ?
No, it's the neighbors.
This is ric Taieb?
Oh, I want to see it!
Mom, you're intrusive, there.
It's my private life!
We're at your brother's house.
It's not possible.
He is naked.
He is naked?
I will leave you then.
I am so happy for you!
You'll tell me, huh?
You will tell me ?
Yes mom.
Oh, my daughter. Enter.
I present you my daughter Simone.
- Keren's parents.
- Ah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We are so happy to meet you!
Eric told us so much about you.
Is it gone?
We are all very happy because...
before you, he
always fell on goys.
Ah yes ?
And you are in finance, right?
Yes I...
She does not say it,
but she is well seen.
It smells of promotion!
Soon, she will be the youngest
agency director in France.
Yes it is. It must be said.
We are proud!
Excuse me.
Wali, can you hear me?
Ah, but that's great!
I'll call you back.
- Hi, it's us!
- Hello !
Dad, mom, I have a
surprise for you.
Eric Taieb!
Eric! I'm so happy to meet you!
Simone told us about you!
Where is Simone?
- She's on the phone.
- Oh?
Will you join her
to surprise her?
- You laugh ?
- It will make him happy !
- Go for it.
- Yes !
Bottom room.
Hello Miss.
Good evening.
Sorry, I'm Eric, Keren's cousin.
Graldine... a cousin.
Actually, I'm looking for
Simone, did not you see her?
- Yes.
- No.
So, are you happy?
Good surprise ?
Let's go. Come, they are waiting for us.
Here they are.
Everyone is here, we can
sit down to dinner.
Sorry, but...
we were not waiting for Simone?
Simone is here.
No. Sorry, I do not understand.
You are not
cousin Graldine?
Oh no, it's my daughter,
Simone Benloulou.
Yeah. What...
You are not the Simone I met.
I am very sorry.
What are you sorry for?
The girl I met, who is it?
I will explain to you.
What is this story ?
Good then...
In fact, the evening
we had an appointment,
I could not free myself.
So, I asked
to my colleague Graldine Da Costa,
to go in my place.
And we did not know
that it was going to stick between you.
I do not feel good.
I'm going to faint.
She's Jewish, your girlfriend?
- Da Costa, it's Portuguese.
- You're crazy !
You want to kill my site?
From the beginning, she lies to me.
- Did you lie to us?
- Impossible.
Why did you do that ?
I have...
I did that for you
to stop pissing off
with your arranged marriages to the con!
And that night, I was not free
because I had something
to say to Claire.
- Who is Claire?
- His roommate.
No ! It's not my roommate!
It is...
- It's my wife.
- Oh !
- What?
- It's my wife.
My lover, my girlfriend.
She has shared my life for three years.
and that night, I asked
for her in marriage!
In marriage !
No, but it is possible, that?
Obviously, for years.
- And with Kevin...
- It's okay.
You live... with a woman?
At the moment, it's complicated.
We may be separated.
Do not fall in the apples, Norbert!
They will separate.
So... Mr. Benloulou!
What is it again ?
It's the children? Taxes ?
My daughter. I want to talk to my daughter.
Your father asks you.
Do not worry.
As usual, nothing serious.
Vagal discomfort.
This perverse...
she manipulated you, she turned
you away from the right path.
I'm sorry, dad.
I did not want to hurt you.
The purpose of life,
it is to make children,
to have an offspring.
We find happiness like that.
If we do not have children, we are alive,
but it's like we're dead.
Dad, I want some children!
How are you going to do,
if you have no man?
We can adopt, we can
call on a donor.
A donor?
Well... sperm.
But... you want my death?
Dad !
My father will die! Help him!
Claire, it's me.
I would like to see you.
That's it, I talked to my parents.
Well, my father is in the hospital...
but it's weird...
I have never felt so good.
Here. Uh...
Call me back.
I miss you.
There you go !
- That's all ?
- Yes it's good.
You will receive a
confirmation in a few days.
That's great !
Thank you very much, thank you very much.
You're welcome. Goodbye.
Benloulou! What's up with you?
That's enough ! Get it out!
Africans, is that your thing?
Not me.
What do you mean ?
You would not be a little frustrated,
besides being racist?
Microcredit, does it
tell you something? No ?
And Muhammad Yunus, the
Nobel Peace Prize?
Oh no, he's Bangladeshi.
It must not be your thing.
But that's the future, Mrs
Lopez, in France as elsewhere!
- You will see that I am right.
- Good.
I'll think about it.
I'm sorry.
I thought about it.
I can not fire you. Either you go
to the North: alcohol, drugs...
Either you resign.
Well since I have the
choice, I resign!
Thanks thanks.
Eat, you have already lost 18 kg.
I should have told him from the beginning.
- Now it's done!
- But no.
But of course, if it's done.
But no ! Listen, if he knew
the truth, you would
not have met him.
There he has had time to appreciate
you and he knows what he is losing.
- You think ?
- Yes.
It's okay ?
- You do not like it, it's not good?
- Yes...
I resigned.
No ? That is great !
Sorry, I mean... Shit!
You resigned because
of my cousins?
It's thanks to them.
Are you serious ?
We will be able to open our restaurant!
And me, huh?
Have you thought of me?
I'll be left alone with the other crazy!
- But no.
- I'm good for nothing!
Apart from making me drop!
Honey, stop. It will be fine.
And then we are here, us.
We will always be there. Huh?
Come on, sweetie.
The guy sent me pictures of the garage.
I show you ?
We must go see this case!
There is a visit tomorrow at 9 am
Me, cooking, you, finance.
We're doing a great job. Hm?
I came out.
Oh ok.
And it went well?
Yeah. Finally, my father is at the hosto,
But it is okay.
But it changes nothing between us for...
for the restaurant.
We remain friends.
So, that means that...
Are you officially lesbian?
Yeah, officially.
If I take your hand,
officially, do not you care?
And if I take you the other hand,
officially, do not you care?
Always nothing.
- If I kiss you...
- Wali...
Are you still here?
I do not care about the bank.
No, but you have not eaten anything!
Come on, eat a little.
I got your message.
At the bank, I was
told you were gone.
I wanted to see you.
I am so...
I am a little moved.
It is the most beautiful proof of love.
I am so moved.
I'm so happy.
We'll do it, this child, huh?
Come back home.
- Is it true, are you happy?
- But yes !
Whore !
I dream or she takes me for a con?
You're welcome.
Here is the garage.
There is a lot of volume.
You have a ceiling height
of three to six meters,
for a length of 25 on 6 m.
It represents a floor
area of 150 m.
Oh yeah, it's...
That's wonderful. It is...
You are in the restaurant?
My partner, actually.
He should be here. I will call him.
Do not you mind? A second.
Take your time.
It's Wali. Leave a message.
Uh... Yes, Wali, it's Simone.
Well, I do not understand what you're doing.
In fact, I'm visiting and...
Bah tell me, what. Call me back.
Sorry sir.
I left him I do not
know how many messages.
He did not call me back. Nothing.
Not even a text message.
For him, I'm not
Jewish, so I'm a shit.
- But no.
- But if !
If he really loved me he would have
called me back. But there, nothing!
And he must have met 15 other
girls on your brother's site.
But if it's dead!
I know it's dead.
I'm sorry, I'm in a loop.
I did not even ask
you how you were.
I'm confused here. It is...
You were so beautiful, with Claire.
I do not care if your
name is not Simone.
I love you !
I love you too !
Go ahead, go up!
I love you, uh...
Geraldine. My name is Graldine.
I love you too.
I was afraid to see you again.
I do not care if you're Jewish
or not, I want to live with you.
I want to marry you.
I'll go.
Miss Benloulou, hello.
- Wali is here?
- No, he's gone.
Left ?
He went to see his mother in Marseilles.
He will meet his bride there.
But he did not warn me.
We will buy a restaurant.
Which restaurant ?
Come back.
Listen to me.
I speak to you like a sister.
You know, Wali, white
girls like you,
he knew many.
It never worked.
You are too different.
Love can not overcome everything.
Mixed couples, it does not work.
We are associated. It's not...
I saw a lot, like you.
We get married between us and it's better.
Wali left because he
knew it would not last.
- You do not understand.
- He is right !
You do not even know
where you put your feet.
And even if it worked,
you can not imagine
future difficulties.
Do not think that Wali's family
will accept you.
His mom will introduce him to girls.
All the cousins are your rivals.
So forget it.
Believe me, it's for your good.
It's a bad dream.
You have to free yourself, darling, huh.
Wali does not deserve you.
You are a beautiful girl.
There are many men.
Really, I'm serious. Forget it.
Farewell !
We enter the station of
Marseille Saint-Charles.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- The Blue Marine?
- Yes, go up.
- Hello.
- Hello Madam.
I'm looking for a woman
called Saratou Diarra.
Saratou Diarra...
I do not know, ma'am. Guys !
Saratou Diarra?
[he speaks Arabic]
There are a lot of Diarra here.
She is going to marry her son...
with a girl.
It's better than a boy!
[he speaks Arabic]
There is something, building C.
Since yesterday, they cook.
Building C.
Thank you.
Bye Madam.
Hello. Is Wali here?
it's for you.
Why are you there?
I have to talk to you, it's urgent!
No, here you have to leave.
Why are you gone ?
And the visit?
How are you, Wali?
Who is this girl ?
- I dunno.
- No problem.
- Go away.
- Why are you gone ?
We make love, then you see your girl.
I am an ass plan?
I would not have come if it was.
- You want to dishonor our family?
- It's a misunderstanding.
You can not get married.
You're getting married too, so...
I do not know. I do not know where I am.
Me, I see you're a
fucking goudou!
Yeah, I'm fucking goudou
and fucking Jewish too!
You are a fucking black Muslim.
So what ?
Do not marry a
stranger to please!
Madam, go to your place!
Let her go, Wali!
It's okay.
Stop, Simone.
It's too late.
- Do not do that. Wali...
- Stopped !
Do not do that !
Simone, it's Claire.
Where are you? You do not answer me.
I thought that you
wanted us to meet again.
Call me back, please.
I'm worried.
I love you.
Simone, it's me again.
I left you at least ten messages.
You can not stay like that,
to tell me anything.
If you do not want to see me anymore, tell me.
I love you !
Dad !
Mazel tov!
Quiet Please.
Nolle, the groom's mum, will
perform a song for her son.
[she sings "Do not leave me"
in Hebrew]
It is important !
It's good, let go!
- I know him.
- You know him ?
That's what I said.
No !
Hey !
Who are these?
Well, it's...
It is...
It is clear.
It's my wife.
And Wali is...
it's my lover.
- Dad !
- There is a doctor
in the room ?
Leave him some air.
Stop, dad.
I prefer you to be a lesbian.