To Each His Own (1946) Movie Script

Film Company Paramount
Olivia De Havilland.
Mary Anderson Roland Culver
Phillip Terry Bill Goodwin
and etc.
For the first time on
the screen John Lund.
Scenario: Charles Brackett and Jacques Teri
According to the story of Charles Brackett.
Operator: Daniel Fapp Artists:
Hans Dreyer and Ronald Anderson.
Composer Victor Young.
Editing: Elma McRoyry
Costumes: Edith Head.
Produced by Charles Brackett.
Directed by Mitchell Laizen.
The most mysterious mystery is people...
and, in particular, those of them
that do not at all seem mysterious.
Take, for example, Miss Norris.
Here it is - an American middle-aged...
walking along London Street
on the eve of the New Year.
Put the damn lantern down!
- Sorry, mother.
- Mother!
Taxi! Area of Harcot.
This is my taxi.
"Give it to us, lady."
We're late for a New Year's party.
Sorry, but I'm also late.
I called this taxi first,
I'm on it and I'll go.
Keep yourself in hand. Do you think everything
is allowed to you? And us that, to go on foot.
And you think, no? Just because it's a
holiday? Keep your self in your hands!
And I do not need anyone here...
I'm going somewhere and I'll go there.
- Now get out of my taxi.
- Okay, your took.
Church of St. Andrews, Harcot Square.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
"We did not expect you at all, sir."
I replaced Miss Ellenby.
- Can I go now?
- Good luck.
- Holiday greetings.
- Holiday greetings.
"Mr. Grave must be on duty
tonight, and I have more to do."
You do not know whether
he will come, or not?
- No idea.
- This is bad.
- Maybe, what happened to him?
- Sorry if I'm late.
And here is our American. I thought
today was the duty of Mr. Grave.
I replace it.
Do you two know each other?
It seems that we already
were on duty together once.
May be.
Well, I ran. Holiday greetings.
Holiday greetings.
And you, too, with the Coming, sir.
I remembered where we had met before.
And where?
A year ago, at 12 o'clock I
said: "Happy New Year,"...
and you said: "Aha".
- Let's start from the roof.
- What do we start?
Inspection of our route.
Nonsense, I know this route.
Every volunteer on his route must
perform a full inspection...
check the equipment and everything else.
Do you think I'll climb the roof, which I
know just like the contents of my pockets?
I think that you must do the
work that you undertook.
Come along.
It's one thing to just watch, and climbing
the roofs - it's completely different.
The right way to move on the roof...
it's always hold on to the rope.
- Caution.
- I'll go here, and you go there.
- You dropped the flashlight last year.
- I never dropped a lantern.
If you want to wear it on a belt,
then at least tighten it better.
I do not want to be
reproached for incompetence.
I had to manage a military
plant with 150 employees.
- True? In America?
- Of course, why?
It was transformed from a cosmetic
plant by order of the government.
Your flashlight does not work at all.
Has earned.
An intolerable bore!
Where can I fall?
There's a roof edge somewhere.
I'll figure it out myself.
He wants to make me an idiot.
Who are you talking to?
Itself with itself.
I guess you never do that.
Only not on duty.
And I do not go further
than 3 feet from the rope.
Are you going to teach me?
No, the presence of women is
unacceptable on such routes.
There's only one dangerous place,
and next to him I'll take the rope.
It is better not to take chances.
Follow me, slowly.
It's just impossible!
I do not need any incidents
here that women necessarily...
- Can you resist?
- Get out of there! Call for help.
No time. You will not last long there.
- Call on the phone.
- Hold your tongue.
Try not to breathe. It
will be better this way.
- Are you okay?
- Soskazyvayu gradually.
- Get out of there.
- Shut up!
Put in your leg.
Stuck it.
Can you hook on the parapet?
[The clock strikes midnight]
Happy New Year!
You dropped the flashlight.
Come on, drink faster.
I'm fine.
You know this bike that
when a person drowns...
his whole life flies before him?
It's true, you know.
Today I understood this.
Have you seen your past?
It was a sad sight.
I realized that I lived my life in vain.
Are you proud of your life?
Yes... why do you ask?
You and I are berries of the same field.
Lonely people...
choosing to watch for the holidays,
because they have no one to celebrate.
Maybe it's YOU - lonely.
Where did you celebrate Christmas?
On the other roof.
And who will be informed about
the accident or your death?
To my lawyer.
I have the same.
Losers - that's who we are.
A couple of losers.
What nonsense!
After living a lifetime,
we did not have anybody...
who could take care of us,
except for a paid lawyer.
Do you mind if I ask you
to take off your hat?
I thought so. You are a beautiful woman.
- Prezhde was also sweet.
- And until now.
Strong features.
And beautiful.
I guess you never had a
serious relationship.
Are you serious?
I caught you.
We, single people of middle
age, are of two types:
The first who does not
care about anything...
and the second, the care
of which is too great.
And there are those who
agree to a compromise.
They are quite happy with the
second wife, the third husband...
who is fit.
And we are alone.
Sometimes, they leave us no choice.
How many closed doors before us.
Slammed tightly.
It's good that I have a job.
It's amazing how those who do not
have a job cope with loneliness.
I have not discussed this with anyone else.
You could not.
But I'm talking about this now.
But why?
Please continue.
If you do not mind.
During the last war I was in France.
I had a wife and a son.
But when I returned, they died.
Flu epidemic. Here and so.
I was told about this.
Thank you.
And your story?
She's not here.
Try it.
Come on...
This is not at all interesting.
I have to be alone.
Miss Norris, I hope you did not think that
I was going to interfere in your affairs.
Of course not. Forget it.
Let's forget... Let's go,
we'll start with fresh air.
- We will begin?
- New Year's Life.
Let's have dinner together.
- You're crazy.
- You are indecisive.
No. I just do not know where you'll
find a table on New Year's Eve.
I'll find a table. You will go?
I'm not going anywhere.
And I also did not want to go
to a restaurant full of people.
But if you go with me...
Okay. But I assure you my dear Mr...
Imagine, I do not even know your name.
- Desh.
- Desh.
Do you relate to the Deshome family?
I see... And where do you
find the table, Lord Deshem?
I'll call you where.
- Where's the phone?
- There, at the reception.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Miss Norris. Here the
gentleman wants to talk to you.
- With me?
- Major, here it is.
I was told that you are the lady who took the
Pearson Falls magazine in the reading room?
- Yes, I'll return it as soon as I finish reading it.
- You're Jodie Norris, right?
And you are Bill McNab. Sit down.
Wrong. Bill McNair.
You were the neighbor of the Pearson.
Wrong. I still live there. He came
back from there six weeks ago.
"And you, of course, saw the Pearson?"
Wrong. I saw Karina Pearson.
Alec is in Washington now.
And Gregory? Still flying over the Pacific?
Wrong. He has a new appointment.
At the station Huddersfield.
He arrives at Euston
Station at two o'clock.
Gregory will be in London? Today?
It's Lord Deshem. I want to talk to Marcel.
Call Marcel. I'll wait, of course.
Marcel speak? She has not
worked with us for 17 years.
I did not know it.
I would like a table for two...
and a bottle of wine
Cordon harvest in 1928.
Then in 1936.
Can you fry a pheasant?
- Lord Deshhem.
- I just order a table here.
- I can not go, but thanks, in any case.
- Let's go tomorrow.
And not tomorrow or another day.
Someone has arrived.
- It seems like you're throwing me.
- I really do not have time, sorry.
Miss Norris!
Damn it!
- From Huddersfield at two o'clock the train should arrive.
- In 2:12, but not today.
Train from Huddersfield?
Oh, hell, what's wrong.
- He is late.
- But how much? I have been waiting for him since the morning.
- Wait, wait. All the time to wait.
- He will come when he comes.
The platform is three.
Arrival is postponed.
Perhaps, it is.
- You are going to wait?
- Yes.
It can take all night. And
then the terrible cold.
I'll wait.
I, perhaps, I will wait inside.
Sorry if I was rude.
We've all become rude lately.
Nothing wrong.
You know, my boyfriend is a pilot.
You have no idea what it's like
to be in love with a pilot.
"You have no idea what it's like
to be in love with a pilot."
Can not I imagine?
Jody, it's time to finish the inventory...
- Hey!
- Yes, Dad?
Why do you listen?
To this snarling sound.
- Could this be an airplane?
- Airplane? Over Pearson Falls?
I do not hear anything at all.
A minute ago it was like an airplane.
I do not mind you talking
to your guys, Jody...
but there are already two
of them there, in the store.
Maybe you will go out to them until
they have overflowed the whole store?
Oh, Dad!
My lads!
You already consider all of my guys.
They both ate ice-cream. Do
not make them wait long.
And then their love can turn into diabetes.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hi, Alec. Hello, Mack. When
did you arrive in the city?
This morning.
- Let it be you.
- No, you first.
What I want to say to Jody.
will take a long time.
You begin. I'm in no hurry.
As I.
Walk faster, Virgie! Boys, stop, stop.
Okay, so far you decide...
Hey, Miss Jody. Children want sweets.
I'm terribly embarrassed that I
can not help you in the hospital.
I have such small children
and I'm in a position...
I think that for your country you
are doing more than anyone else.
Children, without me do
not cross the street!
Virgie, wait. Virgi, Virgi, come here!
Where's Mack?
He went in to your father. And who is he?
He sells various groceries.
Jodi, I want to tell you something,
but it can embarrass you.
I plan to transfer to the Air Force.
Yes, Alec.
Is that all you can say?
There will be better than in the
barracks. "But it's not funny, Jodi."
- I might be the last Pearson in Pearson Falls.
- Yes, Alec.
It seems that you do not understand that
this is not all funny, but very serious.
May be...
maybe there will not be another
Pearson in Pearson Falls.
And my child will not be
destined to grow here...
- Do not try to pity me.
- And Karin Sturges was pissed.
We have discussed this in detail.
What do you say if I marry Karin?
Oh, Alec, that would be great!
And, as far as I know, her
father needs new ideas...
for his music factory.
In this case, I really...
Oh, Jodi, let's finish with these
subterfuges and say it all right.
Will you marry me? Will you leave?
You are welcome.
I already said "no," Alec.
Why are you so sure that
you do not love me?
Because I wanted this, and tried.
But I just can not...
It's just great. And if
you just remember...
- Following!
- Come on, Mac.
Well, the clothes!
Military uniform looks very good.
"What are you selling today, Mac?"
Excellent product.
- And what?
- Yourself.
Today's dinner at Lake House.
And after - dancing.
- What do you say?
- Sorry, Mack. Today we are conducting an inventory.
Why is it all necessary?
Your goods are too good for me, Mac.
I do not need to store
this product for myself.
Soft, like a five-year-old
brandy, and gentle as a sherry.
And still very modest.
Is it possible to be humble when all
the girls consider you handsome.
What's wrong with you, Jodi?
I don't know.
- You're not in love with that guy, are you?
- No.
And who are you in love with?
Not at anyone. And it scares me, Mac.
All the rest are already
in love with someone.
And, it seems, we will not be one of them.
You have some childhood ideas about love.
You expect too much.
In your opinion, everything should
be romantic: The blue sky and stuff?
That's right, and nothing else.
- What could it be...
- It's really an airplane.
- What it is?
- It seems like it's there, behind the houses.
Here he is! Here he is!
What a beauty!
Man and the truth can fly. What
a wonderful feeling it must be.
Look how it flies. This is
one of Liberty's planes.
No, it's Dee.Eych.
He can develop a speed
of 90 miles per hour.
No, about a hundred.
Look, it looks like he has problems.
He flew in the sky of France,
ladies and gentlemen.
Today a meeting with the pilot of this aircraft
will take place. He will sell military stock.
And I appeal to all of you...
remember that he flew over France...
face to face with death.
Take care of your throat, Bernard.
This concerns the interests of my country.
Tonight. At 20:30. Do not forget.
- And where will it land?
- He will land...
He will land on the golf
course, ladies and gentlemen!
Here is another day...
For you, maybe.
And for me, it's just beginning.
Stop complaining.
I slept two hours yesterday, too.
Get ready, now they will
tear you to pieces.
Women believe in me and will pray for me.
These guys will not do anything to me.
Captain Kasgrov? I'm Bernard Clinton.
- You gave us a great show.
- Thank you.
The townspeople want to meet with you.
- The reception will be held at the City Hall.
- Good.
There will be representatives
of the women's club.
These ladies will give you a couple of
tips on how to deal with the Germans.
And representatives of the city bank.
They want to talk to you, maybe...
Boy, take it away, please.
But it is better to save your vocal
chords for the sale of shares.
Six of our speakers have already
torn their voices here.
- Kora, this is Captain Kasgrov.
- Very nice.
Captain, sit on the back of the seat.
Like this.
- No no. On the back of the seat.
- It's too much.
But people want to see you.
Let's sit on the back, captain.
Like this. Thank you.
Come on, Cora!
Captain Kasgrov, can you tell us about how you
participated in the battles and about the danger...?
I'm fine.
Who's there?
It's me!
"Quick, lock the door."
- What?
If they find out that he's
here, everything is lost.
- Who?
- Pilot Captain Kasgrov.
- Is he here?
- There has been an accident.
- I'm so worried.
- What happened?
He hurt his eyes.
- Did he get hurt badly?
- Small scratch.
I applied a cold compress.
I did not see Mrs. Clinton
in greater shock...
since she broke my leg.
It will hurt a little.
I think it's all a trifle after
what you went through in France.
Compress, Jodi.
Here, in general, I'm all ..
Captain Kasgrov?
He lost consciousness
from internal bleeding.
- Captain Kasgrov?
- A?
You feel sick?
Looks like I fell asleep.
Pinch it to the eye.
- May I go to sleep?
- Sleep?
- We have an official reception...
- Spitting on the official reception.
Where can I sleep?
Come, lie down on my bed.
The pharmacy has already closed.
No one will bother you.
You can not do this to me.
First official reception...
then the women's club, then...
Listen... Over the past 3 days,
I've only slept for 4 hours.
I visited eight cities.
He was sorry for his hands, ate salads from
fat aunts, and answered stupid questions.
I will be there by the time
the share sale begins.
Until then, I will sleep.
What will I tell people? Will I give
them a greeting from a tired soldier?
Fuck off.
- Go home and get dinner, Jodi.
- Yes, Dad.
I can not just leave. I must...
Give the guy a good night's sleep.
"Are you absolutely sure about this, Jodi?"
About what?
- Why do not you marry me?
- Absolutely.
I came to say that I was
invited to dinner somewhere.
And I, damn, can not wait anymore. I have
only eight days left before departure.
I apologize.
I have to explain in three places...
- why did Captain Kasgrov decide to sleep here.
- True?
Oh, today, you know, it's hot.
- I need to talk to Captain Kasgrov, Jodi.
- You can not.
As you do not understand, he can
help me with my translation.
Ask him about it tonight.
There will be too crowded.
Will you see him again, Jodi?
I don't know.
Maybe you can talk to him about me, please?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Sorry to wake you up.
I, in general, did not sleep.
Who are you?
I'm Jodie Norris. And this
is my father's pharmacy.
It's now a quarter past seven.
The event is at 20:30 today.
You did not have dinner, and so I
brought you sandwiches and coffee.
Thank you.
- What is the name of this town?
- Pearson Falls.
Can I have a shave?
Here's Dad's razor.
I will warm up the water.
- Delicious.
- I am pleased.
Captain Kasgrov... I know that you have
already been tortured by this question...
Crowds have already torn me to pieces.
- How many years have you already flown?
- Two years... almost three.
This is the best of the combat arms, right?
Not at all.
Is it difficult to learn this?
Much has to be comprehended by yourself.
Six hours in the air -
that's the whole science.
But there are flight schools, right?
Yes... I've even been an instructor
in one of them for a while.
I just wanted to ask you for one of my
friends, who is called to the service...
- Nice dude?
- Yes.
- Do you know him long?
- All my life.
- Like?
- Very, if you can do something for him...
- OK, no problem.
- It is wonderful.
He's not far from here...
Do not worry. I'm not going to.
Let someone else pull your boy
into this meat grinder, not me.
Do not you like flying?
Of course I do. It's like a drug.
periodically comes sobering.
Sometimes I realize that
there is something else.
The girl comes to a quiet room and...
lights a lamp.
And for a second things become clear.
Let him serve better on earth, where
there are also dangers. Leave it there.
But he wants that much.
Listen... Teaching people
how to fly is like a joke.
It's at the level of instinct.
This is destiny.
This work...
Crazy work.
Six pilots sit down to lunch together.
And only two of them live to dinner.
They did not die in the
battle and were not shot.
Just a malfunction in the motor...
or jamming the control lever...
or an error in the choice of distance.
Believe me, this is not for your boyfriend.
This is for the madmen.
For those who have nothing to lose.
But you are a pilot.
Yes. And look at me now.
The exhausted consciousness, stretched
to the side of the aisle nerves.
How do you think we spend
time between flights?
With a bottle of cognac and
any accessible woman...
something is going on that
you can not even imagine.
Hug your boyfriend and make
him forget all this nonsense.
Completion of the recruiter's speech.
Thank you...
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
it's your turn to show courage.
Come and buy, buy, buy.
The queue from this side. Buy
as much as you can afford...
and even more.
Guys, let's clean the chairs
so that you can dance.
Jodi! Jodi! Did you see him?
- He is wonderful.
- Did you tell him about me?
- Yes.
- So what?
He said no.
You probably did not tell him that.
- Do not distract him.
- Stop.
He explained why he refused.
Please, we are selling
shares here, do you mind?
Did you tell him how much
I want to become a pilot?
- You're not the kind of person they need.
- What's wrong with me?
Nothing, you're a great guy.
But you're still a boy.
There do not get strangers, for
this you need to have a vocation.
What a stupid thing.
Maybe it's stupidity - to
loosen your nerves every day.
They dine with six, and
before dinner only two live.
And all this is waiting for you.
And you will have nothing left
in the future, and no one.
You tormented me, how does this
apply to me and my translation?
Have you forgotten that you should
not worry about anyone except me?
- Hello, Karina.
- Hi, Jodi.
"I suppose Alec told you about us already?"
- We're going to get married.
- Day after tomorrow.
It's great, Karina. I'm
so happy for both of you.
Let's dance, Karina.
Is this the guy?
But he dances with another girl.
Yes, they are engaged.
Why did not you tell me that
he was not your boyfriend?
But it would be so silly sounded.
A new tune, really.
Not really. I already heard it in Paris.
In English, the text will sound awful.
If you were worried about me.
And I could take care of you.
What would this world be like then?
A paradise for two...
Well, that's enough?
No, please continue.
Stop it, babe. We're dancing.
Captain Kasgrov!
Do not look! I hear nothing.
Captain Kasgrov!
Let's continue our dance on the balcony.
Captain Kasgrov!
Maybe not so fast. More precise movement.
Within and back -We do passes.
It's like rain, and it's like snow.
And the sun and the stars.
How kind of them to leave
us alone, is not it?
Did I say something?
Come out, I warned you.
Captain Kasgrov, I'm sorry to
interrupt you and Miss Norris.
But we have to finish
with the sale of shares.
And we promised that you
would leave an autograph...
on shares worth more than $ 1000.
I have a pen with me. You'd better
come here, where it's light.
Wait here.
Exactly at this place.
I will very soon return it to you.
What's going on with you, Jodie Norris?
What happened to you?
Such sales your Pearson
Falls has not yet seen.
I was just going to say goodbye to you.
I must go home.
- Are you joking.
- No truth, it's very late.
Good night.
And it's all?
I liked to dance.
Please, do not accompany me.
Of course, I was going to...
You are welcome.
Hey, Babe!
- The airplane is in order, nobody touched it. The keys are in my pocket.
- I thought so.
Give them here.
A girl? You will repeat your
focus with a shortage of fuel.
It's hard to imagine where I'll
end up when the fuel runs out.
Oh, how beautiful this silence is!
I just imagined the flight.
There is not much good here.
Jodi, I'm very stupid.
I did not check the fuel before the flight.
- We have no fuel?
- Yes.
But we are flying well.
We will be floating for a while...
And then...
Give me your hand, Jodi.
I did everything I could.
And you STILL undertake, I know.
But I can be mistaken when landing in
the dark and in an unfamiliar terrain.
I'm not afraid.
Why do not you jump off a parachute
and throw me to the dogs?
I've earned it all. It's my fault.
This is my fault. I WANTED to fly with you.
In such a situation, there
is only one advantage.
A guy can tell a girl what he would
never have dared say for no reason.
What to say?
Why do you think I forgot
to check the fuel?
Because I was thinking about you.
Why is my heart beating so hard
that I can hardly sit on the plane?
Because I'm looking at you.
Some kind of insanity
happens between me and you.
I realized this as soon
as we started to dance.
As soon as I hugged you.
And I realized this even earlier.
I guess I understood this when you were
chewing sandwiches with a sleepy face.
Understood what?
What happened? That I found you.
And even if I do not see you again, there
already exists someone whom I will always love.
Wait, Jodi.
Forget. Do not.
What happened? You have plenty of fuel.
Of course, it's full. I just
wanted to "pin" on you.
- What for?
- This is such a trick to get a kiss from a girl.
Come on... I'll take you home.
But I do not want...
- Do not you realize that I will not be here in three hours.
- I know it will not.
Do you understand everything clearly?
love, as you imagine it...,
it takes a long time.
And I do not have time.
Come on!
Today is a moonless night.
It's already three o'clock.
- Are you leaving at five?
- About.
- Stop crying.
- I'm not crying.
Do not look at me, please.
Do not, Jody, do not. Listen to me, please.
Why do you think I did it all?
Because I thought that there
could be something between us.
I know, and you thought so too.
And all I can say now...
I have nothing to say.
I'll take you home...
and say goodbye.
Because you just wanted to fool me?
- Because you were sure all this time...?
- Come on!
What do you think I was sure of?
I wanted to be fooled.
Somewhere in France. June 12, 1918.
My dear...
this morning during a
battle at low altitude...
I saw how you looked at me.
And the most expensive
in the whole world...
for me have your eyes and your
voice, screaming inside me:
"You must hold on." You
must return to me, my love.
How can you make medicine
pleasant for the patient?
And why should I take these
nasty medicines myself?
- Hey, Jodi.
- Hi Karina.
Hello, Mr. Norris.
I wanted to buy an ice
cream for today's lunch.
The refrigerator is in that direction, Mrs.
Pearson. I'll escort you.
- Is there news from Alec?
- Everything is very good.
"Red Cross" acquired eight pianos.
This is an entire industry.
- Papa believes that it will be possible to return Alex from the army.
- How amazing.
Very hot, I would like something to drink.
- Clubhouse, as always?
- No.
Do you have milk? Normal cold milk.
Of course.
Mr. Norris!
Do you have anything from burns?
Something serious?
These boys came up with a new game -
to shoot each other with firecrackers.
I'll take the medical kit. Why
did not you bring them here?
They would not have gone.
- Hey, Bell.
- Hey, Miss Jody.
Well, the heat!
Do you want something cold?
Can a cherry cocktail?
- Can I have milk, too?
- Of course.
Why does everyone want milk?
- Do not you like it?
- Absolutely not.
In my position you will drink it
with pleasure. Whole glasses.
All right.
Oh, I'm so glad.
Oh, Mrs. Pearson.
There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a
bunch of children around. Nothing more beautiful.
Mama! Mama! Go home quickly...
my brother is fighting. He is bad.
- Oh, Werdzhi!
- But it's bad. He swallowed my fireworks.
Oh my God. Can I leave you?
Mrs. Ingham, Mrs. Ingham!
It's me in five years. Bye, Jodi.
Bye, Karina.
"Now I must say goodbye, Mrs. Norris."
Goodbye, Doctor Potter.
- Thank you for your advice.
- Good.
Is there any doubt, Dr. Hunt?
What about your position? None.
Why then did you need this consultation?
You need to undergo an examination.
Come back tomorrow.
I did not intend to return to
New York for a few more months.
Until I could still work.
Come tomorrow with your husband.
He is now in France, Dr. Hunt.
In any case, you should know this.
Dr. Potter and I discovered circumstances
that required surgical intervention.
Yes, or you will be constantly
at risk of peritonitis.
And I'm warning you for this case.
Then I die?
That's why I and Dr. Potter believe that
we need to do this as soon as possible.
This is not a complicated operation. You will
only stay in the hospital for five days.
This is a very difficult situation.
I can tell you one thing for sure.
During the operation, you
will lose your child.
This is a very difficult problem
for you and your husband.
You do not need to babysit me.
It will be better in any case.
So, let's see.
When can I take you to the hospital?
But first I have to go home and
make the necessary preparations.
I did not say anything to my father
about this... And I will not tell.
Who is this Mrs. Cascat whom
you want to visit in New York?
- You do not know her.
- But you never told about her.
I met her at the cousin
Margie last summer...
and then I met her again the next day.
But you're going to her in New
York in the middle of summer!
This is some kind of absurdity. Crazy idea.
I will not be just a week.
Obesity, more likely!
I'm not going to faint. I just felt dizzy.
You're so impressionable, Bernard.
The city newspaper should
not publish such things.
But now there's a war, Bernard.
That time I spent most of
the day with this guy.
He still stands before my eyes.
"Riddled with bullets, enveloped in fire."
This young pilot, who spoke in support
of the sale of military actions.
Tilt your head to your knees, Bernard.
How did you learn in the "Red Cross".
Drink this.
Maybe you want to lie down?
I think I'll go home, Cora.
Thank you very much, Jody.
Is there something wrong with him?
Why such a formality. You have not
called me that for several years.
You must know this... I will have a child.
This is the child of Bart Kasgrov.
He was wounded in France.
And they speak of him as if he were dead.
But he did not die.
No, while his child is still alive.
And he will live.
And it does not matter what the doctor said.
And it does not matter that I myself will die.
This child has the right to life.
Somebody's coming, Jodi.
Add the oil and fry until golden brown.
- Good afternoon, Daniel.
- Good afternoon.
As always, I need soda.
Here soda.
Anything else?
No, it's all. What are
you so serious about?
Excuse me.
Well well...
Do not say anything. I know what you feel.
You were always so proud
of me and trusted me.
And I betrayed everything
that you believed in.
Turn around, Jodi.
We should not judge each
other, not you and me.
We love each other.
Oh, Dad!
Temperature graph. Hospital
"Riverview." New York.
Hello, young man.
He likes being with me. Leave
it for a while longer.
- All children are born without hair?
- Yes.
I do not want my child to be without hair.
Do not you think that he
has a pretty manly face?
When the war is over, I hope that
we will have many such youngsters.
- Can I come in?
- Of course, doctor.
Are you spacious here?
Mrs. Farone is now giving birth.
His cry is heard even on the sixth floor.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I just watched the results of your X-ray.
So what?
You are doing very well. Do you want
to turn all the scientific postulates?
- Do you accept my apologies for this?
- Of course, I will.
I have good news for you...
This is my last visit.
- You're leaving tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
Do not you want to take
your little girl home?
Of course.
Thank you for my baby, Dr. Hunt.
I hope that he will become a
worthy person, like his mother.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Pharaoh gave birth to a girl. 10 pounds.
- Miss Gingrass?
- Yes.
The doctor said that I can leave tomorrow.
Do you know the place where I could
leave my child for a few weeks?
I live in another state, and
the weather is terrible now...
Who do you want to fool?
How did you find out?
It's very simple when a girl like
you comes to the hospital...
no visitors, no flowers, no
received letters, no telegrams.
Over time, I learned to
determine this at first sight.
And everyone knows about this?
No, I did not tell anyone.
If you are self-indulgent, you
will regret it all your life.
And I'm not going to be involved in this.
I can hold the baby at home.
Is it true, Miss Gingrass?
My name is Daisy.
And now, when we have figured out
everything, it's time for you to rest.
Not everything is decided yet. I need to somehow
explain the appearance of the baby at home.
It's very simple. You will say that his father
is at war. And his mom, your best friend, died.
You never lived in a small town.
When a child appears, they start
telling all kinds of stories...
Okay. In a couple of weeks
I'll take a day off...
and I take the young
mother to her very doorstep.
Do you think this will help?
Not in Pearson Falls.
The more I learn about small towns...
the more I like about the Bronx.
[New York area]
You know, Daisy, I've been thinking
about this for a long time...
and I developed a whole plan.
This child will turn out
to be like me by accident.
And everyone in the town will
know that it is by accident.
And how can this be arranged?
You really lead me to the doorstep...
only to someone else's doorstep.
What happened, what happened? Why have they
not yet reported the discovery of the child?
Stop worrying, the little one lies in the sun in
a solid basket and is well wrapped in blankets.
- Very soon it will be found.
- But he can untangle the blankets?
He will not go anywhere. As, for
example, the child of Mrs. Pearson...
- Has she already given birth?
- Previously. Cesarean section.
He is weak, but he must survive.
Children - this is such a hassle.
But it's so windy there...
- Good to see you, Jodi.
- Thank you, Miss Cloughlin.
Mr. Norris, I think I'm a little cold.
So cold.
- You're not selling me a bottle of whiskey?
- You see, it's really cold.
Nothing's cold, Jody. And Miss
Claflen did not get cold at all.
She just needs whiskey. But
I can not sell it to her...
I do not have a license.
Mr. Norris!
Miss Norris! We have a baby at home!
- This time there was no storks. He was found in the basket.
- The threshold. I found it.
Mom asked me to buy a bottle of milk.
Of course.
The baby on the threshold of mother Belle?
Who is looking for - he will find.
Do you want me to go and see what I can do?
Why not?
Come on, guys.
- Where's Dad?
- He already "sucked".
He always gets drunk when we have a child.
I can imagine what a smell there is now.
So what about a bottle of whiskey?
Hello, Bella.
Have you ever heard such a cry?
This time it's not my fault. I swear.
Here is my alibi!
I saw him first, Mom.
There's a note. He is an orphan,
and I can not afford to leave him.
They can not afford it.
Can not -What can we do?
- Call the police.
- Hold your tongue, Clarence.
Can not you Bell?
I already have a lot of children.
You know how I love them.
Listen, Bell, but if I
take him to my house?
But you do not know how she cares
about Miss Jody's children.
But I have a lot of room at
home and a lot of free time.
"Is it a good decision, Clarence?"
It's a bit late, my dear.
- Can I pick him up?
- Of course you can.
Of course, Miss Jody.
- Help me to move it.
- Wait, you need to prepare everything for the appearance of the baby in your house.
- Crib, creams, small bottles...
- And nappies, diapers, diapers.
I will prepare all this
and return immediately.
Billy, you have to take
off your hat in the room.
A dozen diapers... and more diapers...
oh, yeah, and even the ryazhonki.
It's enough? "Even the prince
could not have asked for more."
- And I'll take it.
- A little screw for the baby?
- Oh, Miss Norris...
- When he gets older...
Jodi? Miss Jody, I'm looking
everywhere for you.
Something remarkable happened.
But it's so terrible that you
can not imagine anything worse.
What, Bell? "Did you hear that Mrs.
Pearson had a baby?"
He lost this baby.
And when Mr. Pearson heard
about this finding...
Did you let them take it?
- They have a wonderful house. The best house in the city.
- Did you let them take it?
Miss Jody! Miss Jody!
- Missis Pierson, please.
- Missis Pierson is very weak.
Then Mr. Pearson, I'm about the baby.
Come in, please.
One minute. One minute please.
Miss Norris is here for you.
- You should not go upstairs.
- Come on, Jodi.
- Alek, I'm about a child...
- Yes, it's just a miracle.
- I should have taken this child.
- Yes, Mrs. Ingram was saying...
- and she gave it to ME.
- Listen...
- And I already bought the necessary things.
- I will be glad to pay everything that you bought.
- Things not to do - this is my child.
- John.
You do not know what we went through, Jodi.
I was not there when it happened.
Two hours ago I did not
know if Karina would die...
or lose his mind.
Come with me, I'll show you something.
Do not say anything, please.
- Alek?
- Yes darling?
Go look at him.
Bell Ingram came here...
I imagine how you feel.
I just will not leave it.
It's all for a while.
Not for long?
You do not think I'll
give it to him, right?
As soon as Karine gets better...
I'll take it back.
And what do you say to Karina, Jodi?
I'll tell her that he's mine. I
will tell everyone that he is mine.
- You will not tell anyone, Jody.
- You're worried about yourself.
Do not think about me. At my age,
this scandal does not matter.
If you're worried about my reputation...
You're already grown up. And I'm not
worried about you, but about this child.
- He is mine.
- I have to do with him, too.
He is my grandson, and he does not
have to pay for your mistakes.
This child should not be compromised.
If the townsfolk of this town
guess that it's yours...
this kid will not have life here.
- I can not refuse him.
- You must.
Imagine how they will whisper:
"This illegitimate kid."
"It's Miss Norris's baby." He
has no father, and never was."
Do not.
Jodi, honey, you do not have any choice.
And you know it.
If you do something...
it will only get worse.
Are you here, Jodi?
- Who's there?
- Alek!
Mr. Norris... Karina sent me.
When she found out that you gave her a
baby, she asked me to tell you something.
If you want to visit this baby - our
doors are open to you at any time.
Karina is very kind.
Poor Karina. You do not know what
it means to lose the first child.
I hope that you will never know it.
They named him Gregory Strez Pearson
in honor of Karina's father.
And I came up with an abbreviated name:
His birthdays and all Saturdays...
that's what I lived for.
When was his nanny's day off.
- You know what it is?
- Menuet Paderewski. [Ignacy Yan Paderewski - Polish composer]
I try to repeat the play
of Paderewski himself.
We will study the interpretation of Mrs.
Exercise in every free moment.
This is Alec's idea.
Otherwise people can stop buying a piano...
Baby, that's my baby...
Like this.
He smiles, then he loves music.
Of course he does. After
all, he has a great taste.
He would not have been so happy with
the plastic from the gramophone.
Turn it over, turn it over.
Stop whirling, Grigzy Pearson.
Rinsed like a small trout.
Did you put the baby on this bed?
When I filled the tub.
- He swallowed the pin.
- No!
I secured her diaper, and now she's gone.
- Open or closed?
- Open.
We should not panic.
It's all your fault.
I love him more than anything in the world.
"But not as much as I do."
Yes, you love him very much.
I'll never allow you to come again.
Never, never, never!
Enough to chat!
He needs to take an X-ray.
- Hey, what's wrong?
- Gods allowed Grigzy to swallow a pin.
Is your car in place? We must
immediately take him to the hospital.
- Look at this kid more closely.
- He did not feel anything yet.
Listen, you overdo it. I myself
could not swallow a pin.
- But the baby can.
- Enough talking. Go.
There is no need to go to the doctor.
I myself can extract this pin.
- You?
- Do you have strong nerves? Come closer!
One two Three...
And it turned out!
Oh, Gregory Pearson. I
thought we would lose you.
Disperse, girls. Let me hold my son.
Come on, buddy. They say
you're all scared to death?
Do you want me to show him how he likes it?
Let's go, Grigzi. Oh,
Grigzy, dear, let's go.
Come on. Grigzy. Come on. Come on.
Here's the path...
- Can you, Karina?
- Of course.
Here on the path runs a girl,
yum, yum-yum, yum-yum...
But behind it runs a guy...
jabadi, jabadi-ja.
It's time for the baby to get dressed.
Yes, as soon as we finish running.
Let them play, Karina. It's so funny.
It seems you both know better
than me what's good for a baby?
It's time for him to get dressed and eat.
What is with Karina?
I'm too sensitive to her child.
I know that it is.
I'd like to apologize. Good-bye, Alec.
Didn't you stay for dinner?
Better not, not today.
Good night.
- Hi, Jodie Norris.
- My Tilton!
- Why are you working so hard?
- No over what.
- Let me have a look.
- No, you will not be interested...
You're too big a girl to keep a diary.
- I thought you left the business of a salesman?
- Exactly.
"Then what are you doing here?"
I'm coming back from Canada.
I was 40 miles from Pearson
Falls and decided to visit.
Very nice of you. But, all the same, why?
It's very simple - I
often thought about you.
Are you married? Is it beautiful,
as before? And are you still here?
Despite everything.
But this is just a crime.
- Is this Mac Tilton there?
- Yes.
- Pry it, that it looks good.
- He is sick?
Well, old man, you look great.
Can not be?
It feels like I was moved by a truck.
Are you talking about this guy who went
here and bought up vacuum cleaners?
No problem, I brought it here
and put it next to the door.
It's good. [Laughing]
You have to relax.
- Good to see you, Mac.
- Mutually.
What will you do when you're gone, Jodi?
I'll sell a store, pay off
my debts and look for a job.
In this hole?
I look forward to my friends Pearson,
they have a factory producing pianos.
Do not count on it. The piano
is no longer on track, Jodi.
The factory will close
in the next two years.
Go to New York, here's the place for you.
I do not know anyone there.
But this is not true... You are familiar
with a very influential person.
Oh, Mack!
Did you notice my "wheelbarrow"?
Come on.
Oh, Mack, how beautiful!
Yes, she's mine.
In the world, everything changes.
And you do not notice anything here.
Oh, Heaven, Mac. What do you do?
I'm a promoter type.
Probably, you advertise
something wonderful.
I call it "Lady Vivienne Cosmetics".
Elegant, yes?
- Are you the owner of the company?
- I'm Lady Vivienne.
Listen, little one. You're
coming to New York, are not you?
I'm not leaving here, Mac.
Come to New York, where
the money is spinning.
Money... You do not know how nice and
nice to have them in your pocket.
They warm the soul and make
other people "obedient".
Money. The waiters begin
to stretch out before you.
And in the theater you can
always find great places.
And even the suit in the cleaning
will be processed neatly.
Money. And I'll give you all this.
All I love is Pearson Falls, Mack.
You mean you have a boyfriend here?
- The one in the girl's diary?
- Yes.
You "got involved" in someone,
while I was not around.
And I created a romantic
world with blue skies.
So many miles passed for nothing.
And you marry him?
It would be a big surprise for me.
Problems, yes? It is perfectly.
- You want to tell Uncle Mac about everything?
- No.
Get rid of yourself these problems. You
thought that this guy in this town...
the only guy in the whole world.
- Leave and everything will pass.
- Never.
Well... the only answer
to this is: "Farewell."
Good-bye, Mac.
Goodbye, Jodi.
By the way...
maybe you paste this
in your girl's diary?
This is my card. See, I'm not
giving up without a fight.
Oh, Mack...
Miss Norris, come in.
- My condolences.
- Thank you, Ida.
Jody, it's good that you came again.
Hello, Jodi.
I wanted to thank you for your help.
Come in, sit down.
- I heard that you sold the pharmacy?
- Yes.
Have you decided anything already?
Alec, do you mind if I
talk privately to Karina?
Of course, I read in another room.
If the Indians could distinguish
a piano from a gramophone...
I do not know where we used to be now.
Oh, Alec.
Yes, Jodi.
I need a job, will you take
me as a nanny for Grigzy?
And that you live here?
I'd really like that, you
know how I love Griggs.
Yes I know. And so, it seems
to me that it will be wrong.
I will not spoil it, I promise.
I do not even want to discuss this, Jody.
It's impossible.
You do not understand.
And I think - I understand.
Look at this. Here is the
birth certificate of Grigzy.
He is my own child.
I thought so, for some time now.
- His father is a captain...
- No need tell me all this.
It does not change anything.
- How does that not change?
- He's just the same age as your baby.
But nothing more. I have
documents for adoption.
Have you adopted Grigzy?
You refused him. And now you
come and claim your rights.
- But I never refused it.
- Nothing to declare now.
The court gave it to me.
Karina... he is everything that
I have in the whole world.
You have everything - a house, a husband.
You will still have children.
But I no longer have a husband...
as before.
Now I know... Alec married me...
just because he could not marry YOU.
Oh, Karina... you're talking about school
nonsense, which was many years ago.
He never even looked at
me since he married you.
No? He never kissed me, never touched me...
not imagining that I am you.
We could not be happy.
It's you - sitting in my
armchair, sleeping in my bed...
- and poisoned everything here.
- You came up with everything.
And the only person who loves me
and needs me is my little boy.
I'll never return it to you.
Never, never, never!
Karina, wait! Wait!
Alec! Alec!
Karina has gone crazy and claims that you are
in love with me. Tell her it's not true.
I already tried, Jodi.
You must convince her.
This is true.
Karina, we've already discussed this.
And you could never admit it to me.
You were afraid.
- Stop lying.
- But this is not true.
Tell her the truth! Say it!
It's all useless, Jodi. She knows.
She knows, as if she sits in my head.
I do not want to lie anymore. I love
you, Jodi. And I've always loved.
Thank you, Alec.
You did not need the truth.
Then what did you want?
- Karina! Karina! Wait!
- It's useless to talk to her now.
- Karina!
- Listen, Jodi dear...
Do not touch me. Do not come to me.
Jodi! You hate me?
You stood between me and my child, Alec.
Grigzy is my... My dear.
So Karina was right.
What are you going to do?
I do not know... I'll leave.
Can I do something?
Yes you can.
Write to me about it... Send photos.
Products Lady Vivienne.
2nd floor.
Berry, stop playing with a knife.
Barry, listen to what your mother says.
Barry, stop playing with a knife.
I'll tell your father everything,
and he'll kick your ass.
Barry, listen to your mother, Barry.
OK OK. Cut and mold a new label.
Then again they ask questions
about "Lady Vivienne."
I told you it's rotten.
He's right. It is necessary to bring down.
You are Sykunas, where will
I get that much money?
- We do not care where you take them.
- Nevermind.
Are the police interested, or who else?
- This time it's a woman. She said her name is...
- Sh-sh-sh...
- You will get everything.
- What about the rest of the money?
Jodi, baby!
You were right, Mac. And
here I am in New York.
Do you have a job for me?
- Of course have.
- Thank you.
I thought about this work all the way.
I was thinking about Lady Vivien.
I have ideas about sales.
Ideas about production.
Your work will not be connected
with "Lady Vivienne"... in fact.
But why not, Mac? I will succeed.
Papa developed a formula for an
excellent cream and face lotion.
He wanted to sell this
formula, but nobody bought it.
Hold the horses, baby. I'll
explain everything to you now.
There is no "Lady Vivien".
It's just such a cover.
Why did you give me a card?
Why did you give false hope?
Not at all false, babe. I am a serious
person and I have a serious business.
Finally, I had a chance to
"cut down" the real "loot."
It's like the birth of
railroads, like gold in Alaska.
Only this time is a dry law.
Are you a bootlegger?!
All right.
And what will I do in this business?
Do you know the hotel "Savoy Carlton"? First, go
there and take yourself a great excellent suite.
Across the street there is a bank. Go in
there and get yourself a bank account.
And in half a quarter is the
world's largest fur store.
I always wanted to see
you in a mink fur coat.
- Oh, Mac!
- Excellent. Then it's decided.
This is silly.
I forgot to tell you.
Four blocks from here there is a
jewelry store called "Carriers".
We'll go there together
and buy wedding rings.
Oh, Mack!
You're the only girl in the
world to whom I say such words.
- Yes old-good Mack.
- So you agree?
No. I do not agree. All
I'm looking for is work.
Work and future.
And what's wrong with my future?
This is a big city and I have
foreseen all security issues.
I feel calm, I have
everywhere "lured" officials.
And it's almost... legal.
I'll be back in a minute.
Hey, captain!
Tilton? Search warrant.
- This is a cosmetics company.
- Where are you hiding your liquor?
One minute.
Forget it, if you do not want a whole
bunch of problems on your neck.
We found it, Captain.
More than 2000 bottles.
Excellent. Come on.
Come on, guys. Move.
Is that you, Andy?
It's me. You were released on bail.
Thank you for your care. But you should not get
involved with a guy like me in my position.
I'm here on business, Mac.
Are you kidding, or are you crazy?
I'm out of the game.
5000 $ deposit. $ 10000
of attorney services.
I have no money... Absolutely.
Yes, you lost your old business.
But I got another one.
Come here.
This thing works, if you know.
If you mix the necessary ingredients,
you can make a refreshing cream.
And this machine for packaging.
And then - the cream can be sold.
Who wants to sell a refreshing cream?
It is much more profitable to buy alcohol
at $ 2 per quart, and sell at $ 15.
You will receive a dollar at
a cost of a can of 4 cents.
No police, no pledges, no lawyers.
And where can I get money
to start a business?
- I only had $ 100 left.
- I have $ 200.
- Can you find another hundred?
- Yes.
Having a hundred dollars
you can release 2000 jars.
You are the best seller I know. You
can sell the whole lot in one day.
We can produce 30 thousand
or even 100 thousand jars.
I have a friend here Daisy
Gingrass, she will help us.
I already called the wholesalers,
they are ready to cooperate.
Here is a list of what we need. Get it.
And here are my $ 200.
Are we going to start right now?
The sooner we start, the faster
we will have what can be sold.
- Wait a minute. We after all need to eat something.
- Buy burgers.
Well, the mud is all around.
Come on, go. Move.
And I thought that I was the smartest.
Why are you doing it?
For the one I love, I need
to make money faster.
- Paren's in a girl's diary?
- Yes.
I would like to get to him
and punch him all the teeth.
It will not work, Mac. He
still has very small teeth.
He is only 16 months old.
This is my son.
A cool baby!
And where is his father?
He was killed.
Oh, you poor little thing.
Come for me, Jodi, please.
When you love strongly
and endlessly, Mac...
then love does not end
with someone's death.
Especially when this love is a child.
It's still the same love.
But you're young, Jodi.
Follow the materials, Mac. And
then everything will close.
So I leave you one on your
first night in New York.
8 ocloc'k. And "Lady Vivienne
Cosmetics" presents the program...
"Review for the past week" -
which is just as remarkable...
like the production of "Lady Vivienne."
The play of the week: "Variety show 1924."
The film of the week: "Golden Youth"
with inimitable Colleen Moore.
Fashionable chip of the week: A
dress in the shape of a pipe...
without shoulders, hips and waist.
This is amazing!
Song of the week: The quartet
"Lady Vivienne" sings.
- Small program.
- Of course honey.
- About 1500 $ per week.
- 1500 $ per week?
Since the first broadcast last week, our
sales have increased by 20 percent.
At 22%.
As I said before, you need
to think it all out...
before starting sales in England.
Imagine that we will launch
production in London!
Who agrees?
- I.
- Haved.
Are we done?
Wait... Commercial laws in England are different
from those to which we are accustomed.
Here are all the documents you need to study
before starting a business. Promise me...
that you honor them on the ship.
I swear. Now can I go?
And this "goat" from the cover of the
magazine still purrs you songs at night?
If only I come to her. She's
a completely different girl.
Go already, lecher.
You do not want to come visit me. I'll show
you the puppy, the dearest you've ever seen.
I'll stay here, still a lot of work.
Are not we rich enough now?
- Turn off the light, okay?
- Okay. Good night.
This kid is again somewhere nearby, right?
Comes tomorrow.
I can always pinpoint WHEN he comes.
On the eve you can not fall
asleep and work all night.
Alec sent me this.
Ticket for rodeo.
Next to Grigzy.
It will be of the type of an
unexpected meeting, I suppose.
We have to adjust everything. How, then, to
explain to Grigzy my appearance at their home?
He's so smart.
It would be better if they
moved to live in Kamchatka...
and never approached New York.
Do not say that, Daisy.
As soon as he appears in the vicinity,
you are completely out of business.
To keep our company afloat, I would
agree to isolate it from you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
But it gives meaning to my life.
Hello, man. Will you hold
a handkerchief for me?
Yes, sir.
Keep on weight. Thank you!
Let me embrace you and raise you higher.
Come on, I'm holding you.
I hold you, we are ready... Attention...
Raise it higher.
I held! I held!
You're good!
And where is your program, Grigzy?
- This yours?
- Yes. Thank you.
She's crying.
Need a handkerchief?
Thank you.
Cowboys never hurt.
It's just that it seems, but
it's not really like that.
But the cows have such big horns.
These are not cows, but bulls.
And they will not get here.
Are you sure? Will you protect
me if they get there?
I'll grab them by the horns
and knock them to the ground.
This is the first time
I've ever been to a rodeo.
Cowboy, the longest surviving in
the saddle, receives a reward.
They are so funny fooling around.
Balloons! For 10 cents!
He will come here now, Grigzi.
But they can already end with him.
One for you, one for a
brother and one for a baby.
But no baby yet.
Take three, because then it will be
very difficult to get the balloons.
Is he always so reasonable?
Almost always. You should see
all three children together.
Next time I'll bring them all three.
If only the next time will take place.
The piano business is dying out.
If I can not find money...
to maintain the factory, then I do not even know
what will happen next. That's why we came to the city.
To borrow money?
Tomorrow at 10.00 I go to the bank.
Cross fingers for me.
- Look, Dad!
- You chose this, but this.
- I wanted my dad to see them.
- Everything is fine.
Look, dad, look.
It's great.
This is Carol, the queen of cows.
No no. This is Carol,
the queen of the farm.
Is not she "super"? Look at her eyelashes.
- How much is?
- It's not for sale, it's for advertising.
Balloons, 10 cents...
- Do you want me to help you bring the balls home?
- Here you are.
Okay thank you.
- What kind they are.
- Do you want one?
- Thank you very much.
- All way.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm an engineer. Do you
want to buy some coal?
- Well, I...
- Hey!
- May I come in, Karina?
- Of course.
Collect your coal and
go play in the nursery.
I already collected it.
Maybe somebody needs coal on Maple Street.
Go, check it out.
And close the door.
As I understand, you now have
two children of your own.
Yes... The eldest is almost three,
and soon another one will be born.
And you, they say, became
a very successful person.
- I'm lucky.
- I am pleased.
Well? I know that you are very busy and
would not come here just like that.
You're absolutely right, Karina.
I need Grigzy.
We discussed all this 4 years ago.
Since then, nothing has changed.
Except for your financial situation.
So you heard about our problems.
You do not just have problems, Karina...
You're bankrupt.
Nonsense! We are going
to re-equip the factory.
And start producing radio.
- And Alec will get money.
- Yes, Alec is in the bank now.
And the bank is waiting for a response
from me before giving an answer to him.
From you?
And for some time I have
been buying up your assets.
So, you found a way to get even with me?
I do not want to see you, Karina.
I want to help you.
I want to give you and Alec the money
needed to rebuild the factory.
But I also want to take Griggs.
Grigzy is not for sale.
You have your own children
to take care of, Karina.
Grigzy is not for sale.
And now, please, leave.
Very good. [With cruel irony]
Murray Hill, 8-500.
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the bank.
Security Trust of the Campaign?
Mr. Andeson, please.
I need to consult Alec
before making a decision.
I can call him to the phone.
But what do you say to Alec?
What do you want to deprive
him of his only chance?
And deprive your children of this chance?
You are monstrously cruel.
Come on, come on, Karina.
It is no longer between us.
Not between me and you.
Mr. Anderson? This is Miss Norris.
- About the loan for Pearson...
- Wait! Stop!
One minute please.
I need time.
I want to leave with Grigzy right now.
This morning?
What should I say?
What should I say?
I'll tell Grigzy.
One minute.
Mr. Anderson, draw up a loan.
As much as Mr. Pierson would require.
I do not want you to be alone with Griggs.
I do not trust you, you
can tell him anything.
You are rightly worried.
You will not succeed.
He loves us, and we love him.
For four years I could not sleep...
not imagining how he lies
in his crib next to mine.
My whole life was aimed
at waiting for this day.
I have so much love for this boy.
No, I'm not worried about Griggs.
Call him.
Where are you, old lady? Where should I go?
We were going to meet you
from the ship at six o'clock.
I arrived earlier.
- How's it in London?
- Everything is fine.
- I want to meet this baby.
- He's in the park with Daisy now, they'll be here in a minute.
About you, I do not even ask.
You're all shining.
- Maybe good that I was not here.
- Come with me.
What it is?
Carol is the queen of the farm.
This is a surprise for Grigzy.
I hunted for it for two months.
For me, you did not look
for balls in two months.
I'm starting to be jealous.
Here it comes.
Let's go to.
How I would not have been hit
when he was in your arms.
Hey, Daisy.
Mac Tilton!
- Glad to see you.
- And I'm glad. How do you?
Excellent. How was your trip?
- Hi dear.
- Hi.
- Let me help you.
- I can do it myself, thank you.
- How's the park today?
- All right.
Have you met anyone?
With one dog, like Mr. Jenkins.
- And who is Mr. Jenkins?
- This is my dog in the old house.
But this dog was not as funny as Mr.
Do I have a stained face, Aunt Jody?
Not really. And what?
But you did not look carefully.
I'm sorry.
You're always sorry.
And this is my friend - Mr. Tilton.
This is Mr. Grigzy Pearson.
- Hi, Admiral.
- Hello.
He thinks I'm stupid, and he's right.
Listen, Admiral... you are
in for some surprise!
- That you really like.
- You can buy him any expensive toy.
But it will not be such a surprise.
I've already seen it. She's just "super".
- Is the surprise a Lady?
- In the "cool" hat.
And when will I receive this
surprise, Aunt Jody? When?
How about right now?
You are welcome.
You're good at it, Mack.
Let's go to.
Close eyes.
Open it.
It's a balloon. [Frustrated]
Did you not like it?
What is it, Grigzy?
No, tell me.
I thought that my mother would be here.
He just misses the house.
- And it's natural that he's a little bored.
- Little?
Do not pay attention. Soon it will pass.
He calls you Aunt Jody. Did not you
tell him that you were his mother?
Not yet. I'm waiting for the right moment.
To take this happy news, a child
like Grigzi should not be scared.
Wait a second. He is an ordinary child,
there should not be any problems with him.
No... This is my problem.
Maybe he just was not used to this house.
- After two months?
- This will pass.
Maybe it will, or maybe it will not.
Do not say that. Do not talk about it.
He will get used gradually.
Listen, Jodi, I know what I'm talking
about. I remember myself at his age.
My mother was almost like a bomzhiha... And my
grandmother did not wait for me to grow up, and took me.
She was a cute old woman -...
pechenyushki, birthday cakes.
It's all in the same spirit.
But the child's consciousness
is not logical.
I still loved my useless mother.
Did I miss the house?
Okay, so you can be a little
bored around the house.
How long did it last?
Year. A year and a half.
That's it. I'm just talking about this and
explaining it. And you confirm everything.
Yes... and I turned into a boring old maid,
constantly standing up against everything in a row.
"Why do you say that?"
- In your case there were terrible circumstances. And this case is completely different.
How can you not see this?
Please excuse me for saying this.
See you soon, sweetheart.
See you later.
And one more thing.
Do you know what happened
to this my grandmother?
I hated her until she died.
I'll tell you something. Go into the room
and tell this baby that you are his mother.
Not now, Mac.
I do not want to make any decisions now.
It's time to go to sleep.
I must say now.
Do you think so, Mac?
Right now.
Come on.
Grigzy, dear?
Yes, Aunt Jody.
I want to tell you something. Come to me.
It is not easy. And I ask you to help me.
Yes, Aunt Jody.
Why, in your opinion, Karina -
your mother - let you live for me?
I suppose because you asked her.
Yes, Griggs... But why do I need you?
Because you are alone.
Yes, Grigzi. But why exactly you?
I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to explain.
You see, Karina and Alec
love you very much.
But you are an adopted child. Do you
understand what adoption means?
Yes I know. And I was constantly
called because of this.
My mother explained to me that she
loves me more than everyone else.
And you have no right
to talk to me about it.
Grigzy! Grigzy!
You did not tell him?
I'm not his mom... Not really.
And now I realized this.
Just having a baby is not
enough to become his mother.
The mother needs to be uninterrupted.
To be able to take care of a child when
he has smallpox, or his throat hurts...
and know the right
words when he's upset.
And that's all I missed.
Give long distance.
I need Pearson Falls, New York.
Number 162.
I want to talk to Mrs. Pearson.
Can I do anything?
Take me to London.
Find me a job so that I "sewn
up" for 14 hours a day.
Yes, I will wait "on the wire."
Is this the train from Huddersfield?
"That's right, ma'am."
- Just arrived?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Are you Lieutenant Pierson?
- No, ma'am.
- Leytenant Pierson?
- No, ma'am.
Lieutenant Pierson?
- Leytenant Pierson?
- No, ma'am.
Lieutenant Pierson?
Lieutenant Pierson?
- Leytenant Pierson?
- No, ma'am.
- Do you know him?
- No, ma'am.
Do you want me to call
it loud for you, ma'am?
No, do not... thanks.
You are Lieutenant Pearson, are not you?
Of course, it's me.
How do you know?
According to old photographs. I was familiar
with your parents in Pearson Falls.
I found out that you are coming
by this train. My name is Norris.
Have you all abandoned and come to meet me?
Major McNair did not say
where you were staying.
I still do not know myself yet.
I thought so. Everything is one to one.
If you have nowhere to
stay, I can help you.
It's very nice, but my
friend promised to help me.
- How long will your leave be?
- Now.
"Do you know London?"
Only from height.
I lived here almost 20 years. And if
suddenly you want to see the sights...
I will be happy to help you at any time.
I'm very grateful to you, but I'm
afraid I will not have time.
Then we go to the theater?
They give a piece of music...
under the title "Something around
us." They say it's awfully funny.
Grieg! Grigzy!
Grieg! Everything "broke off"!
I can not stay.
I have to go.
Well done! When are you leaving?
- Today at five in the evening.
- That means we have time to five.
That's not all. I could not find you a
room, although I went all over London.
This is Lisa Lorimer... Mrs. Norris.
Miss Norris.
- Hello.
- Hi. I heard everything.
I have a room, I would be
happy if you stayed in it.
- It is wonderful!
- Yes exactly.
And if Miss Lorimer leaves,
and you'll be bored...
then, maybe we go to this play?
Oh yeah. Of course of course.
I live at Richmond Coote,
next to Groenven Square.
Richmond Coote?
- Let's have breakfast?
- Come on, I'm dying of hunger.
- You'll come with us.
- Thank you, I already had breakfast.
You go, and I'll take your things home.
It's a reward for being from Pearson Falls.
- See you.
- Till.
Help me.
- Where can I put it?
- On the table.
Why all these towels, when
we turned off the water?
I got my best bed-clothes.
[maid, grumbling]
You might think that we will stop
himself Churchill. [Maid, grumbling]
And where to put the album?
He does not belong here, I'll hide it.
- You just all shine.
- Thank you, Dorra.
Help me. For four years of
not using lightning jammed.
And where did you put today's tickets?
On the phone table, in the hall.
Stay calm, please. Can not you not move?
I'm sorry.
Can not close.
Excuse me. I did not pinch you?
The smile does not change with age.
Here and so.
Do not. I'll open. Bring cocktails.
- Oh, I thought...
- Norris?
- Yes.
- Contract.
I believe that this is
from a young American...
I'm just a postman. Give
me back my notebook.
Thank you.
Oh my God. I must give him a tip.
"Let's have lunch today, Desh."
I? Lunch?
Thank you, Lord Deshem.
- Do not.
- Yes, you will.
Hello, Miss Norris. Damn,
that's a nuisance!
We thought she was leaving
at 5, but in fact at 4:30.
Do not you understand, she deliberately
linger, just to be with me.
Look, I only have 12 minutes.
I'm terribly uncomfortable using your house
as a hotel. But you all understand, right?
It is very important. Do you
mind if I change and wash?
Of course not.
Your things are here. And
why all this turmoil?
- You can not go to the theater?
- No no. I can go.
- The bathroom over there.
- Thank you.
True, I meant something completely different. Listen, Miss
Norris, it's not convenient for me to ask for this...
"but you said you could get two tickets to the theater."
- This is true.
- But they are so hard to get.
- But I know one way.
I would not ask for myself, but
this is the only way to see Liz.
She was ordered to return to the base.
I thought you might see
this play some other time.
- Do you sell me these tickets?
- Of course, I'll give them to you.
- Pancake, Miss Norris, you know what?
- What?
You are very nice.
- I'll get you some soap.
- Do not leave. Let's talk.
And where is Miss Lisa now?
She collects things to sit
on the last train today.
Can we have lunch?
We'll have supper after the show.
We had a couple of drinks today.
I have a table reserved for two in Ransard.
You can go there.
- You have money?
- You speak directly like your mother.
I have plenty of money,
because I'm a pilot.
Oh, it was an eerie day.
We spent the whole day trying to get
married. In England, you can not just marry.
"Probationary period," they all say.
Thanks for all.
- 15 days, right?
- It seems so.
- Are you very disappointed?
- And what do you think?
But you look pretty cheerful.
I must be cheerful, because
Liz is very upset.
I must somehow amuse her tonight.
Your tickets to the theater should help.
How much do they cost?
I'll give them to you just like that.
But after all, I'm rich.
Give me a little pleasure.
You, as if, are not from this world.
- Should I have something else?
- What?
The opportunity to hug you.
Where are these tickets?
You will still see him.
[turns to herself]
He will stay here for a week.
The whole week.
Why did I come here?
I must have left them in my room.
I found them, Miss Norris.
So after all it's me when I was a child.
What is this album?
I started this album for
your mom a year ago.
But she never sent it to her.
I have forgotten that you are from my city.
- What is your name?
- Josephine.
So you are Aunt Jody from my childhood.
I'm afraid you did not
like your guess very much.
I'm just a little confused.
These are the completed papers for
marriage. And did not come in handy.
Okay, next time.
Good night. Breakfast will
be ready, as you wish.
- But I have a flight today, did not I say?
- Today?
We postponed the wedding
until the next leave.
I have 18 more flights to this day.
I was glad to meet you.
And I, too, was glad.
- OK, bye.
- Wait.
Take this for Liz.
How wonderful it is!
Thank you.
- What? Look where you're going.
- Okay. Excuse me.
I dropped a bottle of sherry,
if only it did not break.
It seems to be intact.
I'm looking for Miss Norris's room.
On the last floor where I just came from.
Hey, wait.
- Where did you get this flower?
- This is for my girl. "Cool", right?
- For your girlfriend, huh?
- That's it.
- Does Miss Norris live here?
- Are you invited, sir?
Take care of this.
I already completely forgot about you.
Listen, you can not save a person's life, and
then torment him. So things are not done.
I had to flee from work to find in London
an orchid and a bottle of sherry...
- I'm not going to any dinner.
- We will discuss this later.
- Who is the bully who attacked me?
- He's not a bully.
- You are crying.
- Yes, I'm crying.
- And all because of this guy?
- Yes.
- But it suits you as a son.
- He's my son.
But he does not even know about it...
and will never know.
So that's what you did
not want to talk about.
He's a great guy, you can be proud of him.
I dreamed of spending
just one week with him.
At least just next door...
And nothing happens?
He returns to the base.
And his girlfriend leaves,
she was recalled.
They filled a pile of papers for marriage.
These poor children have
been going all day today.
And I should pity them, not myself.
Do you want them to marry?
That's exactly what they want.
I would like to give them the
sun and the moon and the stars.
I wanted this from the very beginning.
I thought that at least this week
I could feel like a real mother.
Allowing him everything by indulging him.
But all he needs is his girlfriend.
In this I can not help them.
After 20 years, what can I give him?
Two tickets to the theater
and a table in Ronsard.
Excuse me.
You see, I'm not in a position
to go to dinner with you.
Then let's have dinner.
In Ronsard.
You can see it again.
We already said goodbye.
I can not go on this.
I agree, and we will have our own table.
- Just look at me.
- You are charming.
We meet in two hours.
Excellent... We'll wipe the noses with
all the dogs. I'll come back for you.
He sings as if the text meant something.
"They're spinning, they're
spinning." Idiocy of some kind.
Here they are.
[playing the wedding march]
Do you hear that they are playing?
It's so terrible for poor children.
Can you stop them?
After they finish playing.
It seems, is there someone
going to get married?
Something like that, sir.
Are not you upset, Officer Lorimer?
Of course not, Lieutenant.
It seems that everyone
here can get married.
Even if they do not have
documents with them.
A young man must be very proud...
that he was here with
his pretty girlfriend.
All the guys are proud of this.
Guys? I think I understand.
Is Officer Lorimer here now?
Already started trouble. She
was late for the train.
And what had to be done with it? To tie?
It's not funny at all.
I was given a leave!
Well done!
What does this all mean?
Her dismissal was extended. I agreed.
God bless you!
And now what?
Take your things.
What for?
Gather your things, come along.
Come on.
I'm sorry, sir. Could you and
Miss Lorimer come with me?
I think this table is too
good for the lieutenant.
Just follow me, sir.
I tell you, I do not like surprises.
I'm afraid you'll have to get used to them.
- Where are you leading us?
- You will understand now, miss.
Well done!
Are we going to get married now, you mean?
- We can not. We do not have any documents.
- Your documents are ready.
But only the Archbishop of
Canterbury is authorized to do so.
All right.
- What is all this?
- A gift from Miss Norris.
Gee... Well done!
The bride and groom put the signature
on the marriage certificate.
Listen, the date of my birth is incorrectly
indicated in the documents. I'm an adopted child.
It does not matter.
This is not a gift from Miss Norris...
this is a gift for Miss Norris.
And after the ceremony, there will be
another one. I'll tell this guy everything.
- No. No, you should not.
- I will.
No Please. You do not understand.
Are the witnesses ready?
We are ready.
Here's the ring, young man.
If you say: "Come on," I
will not give it to you.
I'll be as cold as a fish.
I took care of everything.
Oops! Wedding cake.
- Would you like a pie, sir?
- No, it's too late.
Nothing's too late.
Beloved children, we are gathered
here under the gaze of our Father...
to unite this man and this
woman in a sacred union.
Wedding cake.
Which one this time, sir? For the infantry?
For the Navy?
For the tankmen? Or pilots?
- For the pilots.
- Of course, for the pilots.
For pilots, for pilots.
- He's a handsome man.
- There's something missing.
Exactly, the pie itself.
Pilots very often marry during this war.
We have already used this
cake stand for the 79th time.
Yes, she's already worn out a little.
Put it down and open the door.
- Come on, bring the cake.
- Yes, sir.
[Mendelssohn's march plays]
- It's like a crazy dream.
- I left it all to remember later.
You do not have to tell him.
This is absolutely impossible.
He has one that he loves. He has a bride.
And now he likes me. He is grateful to me.
It's enough.
If you tell him, I will never forgive you.
I can not refrain from these words... Gee!
- How do we thank you?
- Why did you do all this for us?
It's strange, is not it? Maybe because
you're both Americans? That's not enough.
Both from one small town? It's not enough.
- Lord Deshem, let's dance?
- With pleasure.
If there are any guesses, let me know.
And they say that Santa
Claus does not exist.
What a wonderful Miss Norris!
She must have loved you
madly when you were little.
I saw how she looked at you
during our registration.
Everyone would have thought
that you were her own son.
I was her...
Excuse me, dear.
I think it's our dance, Mom.
Translation: Minyaev