To Hell and Back (1955) Movie Script

Armies, for the most part,
are made up of men drawn from
simple and peaceful lives.
In time of war, they
suddenly find themselves...
living under conditions
of violence,
requiring new rules of conduct
that are in direct contrast...
to the conditions they
lived under as civilians.
They learn to accept this and to
perform their duties as fighting men.
But some begin to perform, as
military language puts it,
"at the risk of life, above
and beyond the call of duty."
Military histories
are filled with
incredible examples of
individual courage...
that are only made more incredible by the
fact that they were everyday events.
As Senior Staff Officer at Supreme
Headquarters in Worid War Il,
it was my privilege to know
the records of many such men.
The story you are about
to see is theirs:
The true story of
the foot soldier,
as seen through the eyes of
one of them, Audie L. Murphy.
He received every decoration for
valor that his country could award,
and he became the most decorated
soldier for combat action...
in the military history
of the United States.
In 1937, in northeast
Texas, at the age of 12,
Murphy was already
a fair rifleman.
I don't suppose you giris have had time
to fill the wood box. Uh-uh, Audie.
Hey, Audie, look at me!
Get off that woodpile, Preston.
Do you want to break a leg?
Did you get another
rabbit today, Audie?
Yeah. Now you come with me.
You sit down right over there.
You watch that until I
get back, okay? Okay.
It'll keep you off the woodpile.
Now, you watch it.
Hi, Mom. Audie.
I saw Mr. Huston today. He said
he'd get the window fixed.
- That's good of him.
- He was askin' about Pa.
No word today.
But we'll be hearing
from him real soon.
Hi, Mr. Brooks! Hi!
Any mail for us
today, Mr. Brooks?
Nothing today, Mrs.
Murphy. Sorry.
Thank you. Maybe tomorrow. Bye.
Why does Mom get so worried
when no mail comes?
Because we got no money.
Here, take these to the house.
Where are you goin'?
I just made my mind
up about something.
When he makes up his mind, he sure
does it sudden. Where is he goin'?
Hi, Mr. Huston. Hello, Audie.
That was a first-rate job you did on
that chicken coop the other day. Thanks.
Hi, Mrs. Huston. Hello, Audie.
Sir, I know you don't hire any
steady help except at picking time,
but could you give
me a full-time job?
A full-time job?
I wouldn't want much
money, and you could
keep half until we pay
back what we owe you.
What does your ma say to that? I wanted to
talk to you before I said anything to her.
It's not right. Why, you'd
have to quit school.
Yes, ma'am, but I
need the money.
What about your sister in Farmersville?
Can't she help? Edna.
Corinne's helped all she
can, but, well, she's
got a family of her
own to take care of.
A boy your age! You can't do it, Ben.
This is man's talk.
Will you please go to the
house, and let me run the farm?
Seems like she's forgot, Audie,
I never finished school neither.
A couple years older
than you, I quit to go
in the Marines when we
was in the big war.
Sometimes I wish I'd stayed in.
Probably be retired by now on more
money than I make out of the farm.
Now about that job...
I guess the best thing to
do is leave it to your ma.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Huston.
Ma, I got a full-time job!
I'm gonna
work for Mr. Huston
in the morning.
But you've got to go to school.
I don't care for school.
I don't like it anymore.
You can't stop your
education now.
I'll learn, Ma. I'll read books.
We can't go on without money.
We can manage a little longer.
Your daddy's doing the best
he can, and we can wait...
We can't keep waitin'
for some old
letter that maybe
won't ever get here.
- What's the matter, Mom?
- Nothing, dear.
Audie and I were just
talking things over.
Something bad? Of course not.
We just decided who the
head of the family is.
It's your turn. I
did them yesterday!
You did not! Gene
keeps saying...
Shh! Gene keeps saying it's my
turn to do the dishes today.
Who did them yesterday?
I forget.
Beatrice and I did
them, and he knows it.
Then you do them today, and
you won't forget tomorrow.
Besides, your hands could use
a little soap and water.
Smarty. I told you so.
Time for breakfast, Mom.
Oh, thank you.
All the kids are home
from Sunday school.
They can do everything that
needs to be done today,
so don't you try to get up.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna take a run over to Mr. Huston's.
But this is Sunday.
This is not about work. Jim, their
nephew, is on leave from the Marines,
I haven't seen him since he went in.
Oh, I see.
You try to eat. I won't be long.
All right.
The Japanese bombers
swept over the island...
Come in, Audie. At 7:55 this
morning, Honolulu time.
Pearl Harbor has been attacked.
The attack was without warning,
and launched from aircraft
carriers standing off Hawaii.
Casualties among naval personnel
will run into the thousands.
At Hickam Field, the barracks
sustained a direct hit.
Details are at a minimum, but we will
continue to interrupt broadcasts...
as more information reaches us.
Ben, we're really at war.
We sure are. How does
this affect you, Jim?
I'll probably be ordered
back to base right away.
It'll be an honor to
serve, and don't you ever
forget it.! You've got
the best training!
I've had a lot of it, anyway.
Why, you leathernecks...
will have this war
won in two months.
Just wish I was young
enough to help you do it.
Biggest mistake I
made was gettin' out.
Why, I might have been a
general by this time.
I'll bet you... Never mind, General.
War or no war,
you boys are gonna eat
the doughnuts I fixed.
I'll get a pitcher of milk.
I was too optimistic, Audie,
but so was a lot of folks.
War is gonna last longer than
most of us figured. How aboutJim?
You heard from him lately? He's doin'
real good. Up to sergeant now.
You gotta come home! It's Ma!
All of a sudden Ma got worse!
How about Doc Snyder?
Is he with her? I called him.
He should be by now.
Doc, is she...
She went peacefully.
I should have been with her.
She didn't know, Audie.
She was happy and proud of you and
her family, right up till the end.
I'll telephone Corinne...
and make all the
necessary arrangements.
If you don't let the children
come into the church orphanage,
Social Welfare will place them
in some public institution.
I took care of'em for a long time.
I can take care of'em now.
He's right, Audie.
All right... if that's
the way it has to be.
As soon as I can, I'm
gonna get them out.
I know this must seem like
the end of the worid, Audie,
after taking care of your
family all these years,
but look at it another way.
You've got no responsibilities
left now, except to yourself.
It's time you were thinking
about your future.
I have been. That's what
I wanted to tell you.
After all the talk you and I had about
it, I've decided to go into the service.
I was hoping you'd say that.
It'll be a great chance for you
to catch up on your education.
Yeah. The only thing is, I hate running out
on the kids. They've had enough of that.
You can do more for 'em with your service
pay than you can by staying here.
I guess I hadn't thought
of it that way.
Course, being under age, you'll
have to get a letter of permissin.
I'll get Corinne to
write one for me.
Good-bye, Mr. Huston. Thanks.
If I were you, Audie, I'd
think about it for a career.
You stay in 20 years, and you
can retire on good money.
Don't make the mistake that I made.
I might have been a general...
Yes, sir. I'll remember that.
It'll take more than a letter from your
guardian to get you in this outfit, sonny.
We separate the men from the boys, but
we like to have something to start with.
Why don't you try the Army?
I'm sorry. The Navy
makes men out of boys,
but you're too much
of a job for us.
Why don't you try the Army?
Attention! Attention, please!
This being our fourth day at
sea, it is now permissible...
to report our destination as
being French North Africa,
which we will reach in
approximately five more days.
According to the last communique
on the fighting in Tunisia,
the Axis forces are still
retreating toward the coast.
Their losses in men and equipment
are reported to be extremely high.
Further bulletins will be announced
as received. That is all.
Sure picked a beaut for acting
platoon sergeant, didn't they? Huh?
Murphy, here you are.
Baker Company.
Well, what do you know?
We're being reinforced.
Wonder what Boy Scout troop
they dug him out of.
Don't let them old
soldiers eat you alive.
Man, that's really
fresh meat, huh?
Sergeant? Hmm?
I'm supposed to report
to Captain Marks.
All officers and noncomms are at divisin
briefing. You're the replacement?
That's right. Let's
have your orders.
Hey, Sergeant, send
him over here.
I need somebody to help
carry my Purple Hearts.
At ease over there!
Fall in for inspection.
You go to 3rd Platoon.
Hey, wait a minute.
I see you were acting sergeant on
the trip across. Ain't that nice?
I think you should see the way some real
tough veterans handle their equipment.
You inspect the 3rd Platoon!
Acting Sergeants, take over
and inspect your platoons!
Platoon, attention.!
What's this man's
Army coming to?
Ayardbird replacement, already
he's taken over the platoon.
Open ranks.! Open ranks, march.!
Platoon, attention!
Open ranks, march!
Ready, hut!
How did you collect all those Purple
Hearts? Did your rifle blow up?
...promote the general welfare
and secure the blessing...
of liberty to ourselves
and our pster-ity...
Posterity. Ah,
that's what I said. ordain and establish
this Constitution...
for the United
States of America.
By George! I know that, all right!
That's pretty good.
Now, what date was it adopted?
Uh, 1774.
Oh.! Six.!
No, no, no. What was
signed in 1776?
Oh, the Declaration of Independence.
That other was 1774.
No, it wasn't.
Chief, he doesn't want to be an
American citizen. He isn't even trying.
Uh, 1780...
1787. That's right.
But don't just guess. Memorize it.
Yeah, I do that.
Hey, Chief, coffee ready.
You have some, huh?
- From Casablanca to Bombay So send me...
- Hey, Johnson!
What do you got this time?
Bonded date juice.
"Bonded date juice"? You're gonna go
blind drinking that native stuff.
I might as well with nothing
but you Joes to look at.
That reminds me of an
old gal I met in Omaha.
She was colorblind. Took her out to
buy her a red dress... Never mind.
We've all heard that one.
You and your dames.
It's the dyin' truth.
Here. Oh, no, not me. I wouldn't
touch that with a bayonet.
- What are you doing with my rifle?
- Now, drink!
Now hold it on me
so I can have one.
This stuff don't smell right.
You don't suppose that connivin'
first sergeant... He knew I had it.
Knock it off so a guy can
get some sleep, will you?
Mail call! Mail call!
Here we go for the
"DearJohn" roundup!
Stevens.! Right here.!
Arthur.! Yo.!
Jacobs.! Here.! You
know about mail call?
Casano.! Yep.! I don't
think my mail...
has caught up with me yet.
Oh, too bad.
Brooks.! Here.!
Cooper.! Yeah.
Gomez.! Here.
Eisenburg. Uh-huh.
Davis.! Oh, Brandon.
Dugan.! Yo.!
You dropped something. Everett.!
They were once.
Harper.! Roger.!
Sir, Private Murphy reports to the
company commander as ordered.
Lieutenant Harris, 3rd Platoon leader.
We've been looking
over your file.
"Spent the first week of basic
training in the hospital:
Reaction from inoculations."
Yes, sir. L-I'd never
had any shots before.
"Spent most of the trip
over in sick bay."
Yes, sir.
L- I'd never been on
the ocean before.
Well, there were a lot of
other guys in there with me.
"Requested transfer
to paratroops.
Denied due to physical
It was a mistake assigning
you to a rifle company,
and I'm going to see
that you're reassigned.
But, sir, I asked for a combat outfit.
I don't want anything else.
Well, except for the jumps, duty with us
is just as rugged as a paratrooper's.
The captain's trying
to do you a favor.
I know that, sir, but...
I don't want any favors.
I don't want to be transferred.
All right. I believe in
giving a man a chance.
Especially if he wants one as
bad as you do. That's all.
Feisty pup, isn't he?
Yeah, but he's got a good side to him.
Did you notice?
Practically all his pay goes for bonds
in the name of an older sister.
It looks like he signed
for every educational
course we've got
during training.
He's got the spirit,
but, in action,
it's gonna take two strong
men to take care of him.
I wouldn't give a bean
To be a fancy pants Marine
I'd rather be a dogface
soldier like I am
I wouldn't trade my old O.D. S
for all the Navy's dungarees
For I'm the walking
pride of Uncle Sam
On all the posters
that I read, it says
The Army builds men
So they're tearing me down
to build me over again
I'm just a dogface soldier
with a rifle on my shoulder
And I eat a Kraut for
breakfast every day
So feed me ammunition
Keep me in the 3rd Divisin
Your dogface soldier
boy's okay
Hey, that connivin' first
sergeant must have been here too!
Come on, honey, have
a slug of this stuff.
It won't hurt you a bit.
Honest. This is good
for you. It picks up
your whole attitude.
A toast to the one and
only 3rd Divisin.!
Turn on the radio so we can dance!
Can you jitterbug?
- Little Texas.!
- One day, I was drivin' along...
Hey, Little Texas,
where you been?
I went to Alaska on a vacation.
Hey, that's great.
You must need something
to warm you up.
Come on. I got just
the thing to do it.
Hey, Cleopatra! Come here!
Come here!
I want you to meet a friend from Alaska.
He owns a gold mine.
Would you like to dance with me?
I'm not very good at it. If Cleo
can't teach you, nobody can!
What's all the excitement about?
The Germans have surrendered in Tunisia!
Did I hear right?
Africa's all ours?
That's what she said!
Hey, talk about luck! With us
about to move into the line!
All that training for nothing!
We'll be goin' home!
"Goin' home," he says.
That's where we're goin'.
I just didn't know we had to
take Sicily to get there.
To hell and back, that's
where this outfit's goin'.
General Patton was just
tellin' me the other day,
"You boys think that Fedela
landin' was somethin',
"you just wait
till the next one.
It'll be so rough, they'll be haulin'
dog tags back by the truckload."
Shut up, Johnson. You're scarin' us
to death. It's the dyin' truth, son.
Hey, Murphy...
I'd unfasten that chin
strap if I were you. Why?
The first time a shell goes
off anywhere near you,
the concussin will blow your
helmet off, your head with it.
How do you keep it on?
Half the time, you don't.
One of us better stick with
him when we hit the beach.
The way I see it, after we take Sicily,
we'll hit the Italian mainland.
That's when this war gets
real personal with me...
because I'll be liberating
my ancestral home.
Home? Weren't you born in Flatbush?
Sure, I was.
But my mother was born in Naples. I
promised her I'd look up the family.
If I get there in one piece, I'll bet
they'll greet me like a conquering hero.
Sure, they'll put your statue
right next to Mussolini's.
I'm gonna fix you guys
spaghetti like you never
had before, with my
own Valentino sauce.
Hey, Kovak, will you
let me use your stove?
By George, you get your own.
Everybody think they're so smart
they throw their stoves away.
I keep mine. No, this
is for Chief and me.
All right, you guys, check
your gear and get ready.
Come on, Little Texas.
You stick with me.
How did you like the rough landing
Johnson was yellin' about?
He never got the right
dope in his life!
Murphy, you see how lucky you
were to land in the 3rd?
When theJerries heard this divisin
was comin', they headed for Berlin!
Yeah, I'll bet. I never thought
the first day would be this easy.
They got the lieutenant.!
Steiner, take three men and
see what we're up against.
Johnson, Brandon, Murphy.
Is it rough enough
for you yet, Murphy?
I figure there's only one
machine gun up there.
Right? Yeah.
I'll get word back to Klasky.
Keep 'em busy.
Where does he think he's going?
I'm supposed to
take care of him?
Hey, you think you
got a private war?
No, I think there's
enough to go around.
Keep low, Brandon!
Stay there!
This more the way you figured the
first day would be like, Murph?
Somewhat. Relax.
Get through the first three or
four days, you'll be just like us.
That's what it means to be a
veteran: You're scared all the time.
I didn't notice you
being too scared.
Just crazy, standing
up like that.
I had to take care
of you, didn't I?
War, to the foot soldier,
is a continual fight for
a few yards of dirt...
that always seem to
lie ahead of him,
to be taken from the enemy
or to be held at all costs.
Why? As often as not
he doesn't know...
in regard to the
overall campaign.
On Sicily, all he knew was that he
took the entire island in 38 days.
What he had accomplished
gave the Allies...
a giant base of operation close
to the Italian mainland.
Hey, you guys, you know what we've
been doing the last few weeks?
I want to forget. We've been
"advancing against light resistance...
and squeezing the last of the enemy
forces off Sicily." What do you know!
And our spirits are high! Speaking of high
spirits, you know what this jug cost?
In Tennessee, I could have gotten a
fifth of bourbon... 3rd Platoon.!
On your feet!
We got a new lieutenant. I hope
he's luckier than the last one.
As you were, men. I'm
Lieutenant Manning.
I've been told that
Sergeant Klasky here...
has been handling the platoon
for quite a while now.
He's been doing a good
job so there won't be
any changes, at least
for the time being.
Any news from up above, Lieutenant?
The 36th Divisin and the British
10th Corps has landed at Salerno.
They're having a rough go of it. Looks
like we're a cinch to be going across too.
Why us? We took enough beatin' already.
The 36th is a Texas outfit.
Somebody's gotta
give them a hand.
They were doing all right till
they started draftin' you Yankees.
At ease. I've got a
special order here.
One promotion.
Murphy to corporal.
I don't want any stripes.
I didn't hear anybody ask you
if you wanted them or not.
All right, that's all.
Why'd he pick on me?
You ought to get the promotions. You've
been in this outfit longer than I have.
When you've been in the
outfit as long as we have,
you learn how to avoid these things,
Corporal. Don't feel bad, Murph.
We recommended you, so you
could lead us on to victory.
Hey, you guys, welcome
to sunny Italy,
the beautiful home
of my ancestors!
How come there wasn't any brass
band to meet you back at the beach?
When we hit Naples, I'll
get the big greeting,
and you'll get your
spaghetti dinner.
How's it been going, Mac?
Been a bit sticky.
Glad to let you chaps
have a go at it.
Looks like Jerry's making his
stand at the Volturno River.
How do you know? The blokes
blew out the blasted bridges!
Have a good time.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
Sure looks peaceful, don't it?
That's what I don't
like about it.
If Jerry's over there,
he's sure invisible.
He's over there, all right.
They've already blown
the bridge, Lieutenant.
Hey, Lieutenant.!
They want you for
battalion briefing.
After dark we'll move down
close to the river and dig in.
Gentlemen, our missin here
is a diversionary one.
We're to make the enemy think that the
main effort will take place here.
Actually, the 7 th Regiment
will be the attacking force.
They'll go across
upriver from us.
Captain Marks, Baker Company
will start things off.
River like this reminds me of an old
gal I knew in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
Had a pet seal. She was
a beautiful thing.
- The seal?
- No, the girl.
Sure is quiet.
Jerry must know we're over here.
Be more natural if he opened up.
Why open up tonight
and get ten of us...
when they can catch a hundred
in the middle of the river?
It's none of my business, but
you got something on your mind?
It's nothin'.
Thinkin' about home?
About my little
girl, my ex-wife.
Sometimes I think I got my
mind rid of her, but...
when it gets quiet like this,
she keeps coming back.
How come you busted up?
We were still in school
when we got married.
Then the baby came.
I had to give up school
and work full-time.
I began blamin' them for all the big things
that I'd planned that weren't pannin' out.
I just walked out on them.
"Walked out on them"?
A guy with your guts?
I sure did.
Did she get married again?
I don't know why,
but she hasn't yet.
Sounds like maybe you ought to try
patching things up when you get back home.
Maybe it's better
if I don't make it.
Oh, knock off that kind of talk.
I fouled up once.
Who can say I wouldn't foul up again
if she gave me another chance?
I'll say you wouldn't.
Thanks, Murph.
Say, what are your
postwar plans?
I think I'll let the Army
do my planning for me.
Think I'll stay in.
Hey, Murphy.!
The lieutenant wants to see you.
That Klasky... Learned
to whisper in a sawmill.
We gotta get a combat patrol
across the river and stir Jerry up.
Do you think that squad
of yours can cut it?
Give it a good try, sir.
All right.
Move out as soon
as you're ready.
What's goin' on?
Nothin' much. What do you
mean, "Nothin' much"?
Oh, I almost forgot. Klasky
wants to see you at the C.P.
What about? I don't know, but you
better get yourself up there.
Get that flare.!
Back out of here!
Open up!
Klasky didn't want me. How come you left
me behind? 'Cause I got sentimental?
No, 'cause you take too many chances.
"Too many chances"?
Look, you take care of you, and
I'll take care of me. Remember?
I ought to let you freeze to death.
I might anyway.
Sounds like the
patrol worked, Murph.
They're really moving
motorized stuff in.
At 0500 we'll open up
with small arms fire.
The 7 th will move
across at the same time.
I'm sure theJerries will throw
some entertainment our way too.
You can count on it, Lieutenant.
Just sitting here being a target
isn't my idea of how to start a day.
You ever think of resigning?
Who'd win the war if I did?
Baker Six, this is Baker Three.
Get Klasky.
He and Jones are both dead, sir.
Baker Three.! Baker Three.!
Baker Three, this is Baker Six.!
Baker Three! Corporal
Murphy speaking!
Isn't Manning down
there now, Murphy?
Lieutenant Manning's been hit pretty
bad, sir, and Sergeant Klasky's dead.
You'll have to take
charge of the platoon.
We're still taking a
pretty bad pounding, sir!
Shall we pull back?
Stay where you are.
Increase your fire if possible.
The 7 th is about ready to cross.
TheJerries have shifted the
artillery onto the 7 th.
However, they are across and
in good shape, so get moving!
Yes, sir!
The 7 th made it! Come on!
For the next couple of months,
the 3rd Divisin continually
engaged the enemy.
As usual, the foot soldier
wasn't concerned with why.
His greatest concerns were
a vicious German defense,
the fact that Italy was one
mountain after another...
and that weather conditions
were impossible.
These elements, combined, finally brought
the Allied advance to a stop at Cassino.
Hey, watch what you do!
Why don't you put a sign up?
I put a sign on your face!
All right, break it up, you two!
We got enough trouble
without this kind!
You clumsy fool.
Kick over my stove.
We better keep an eye on Kovak.
He's gettin' a little edgy.
He any different than the rest of us?
Who isn't?
Look who's here.
Lieutenant Manning.!
Hello, Lieutenant. It's good to see you.
We figured you'd be married
to a nurse by now.
Good to have you back, sir. Thanks, Murphy.
Nice to be back.
I've got some good
news for you men.
We're moving back to a
rest area near Naples.
Naples! I was beginning to
think we missed it for good.
Do they think we're
getting soft, Lieutenant?
We've only been in the
line two months solid.
I know. After medical inspections,
there'll be some passes.
What do they think
we got, mud sores?
A few weeks of
easy soldiering...
while we get replacements
and new equipment.
Then we're going to practice
up on amphibious tactics.
What you think this is?
I've got some more news for a
couple of you. Promotions.
Murphy to sergeant. Hey, Sarge!
Johnson to corporal. Did
you buck me into that?
I have a request, sir.
What is it? I'd like to
change to another squad.
With Johnson heading this
one, the war is lost.
Oh, yeah?
Forget the war. Imagine,
12 hours in bella Napoli.!
Oh, at the speed of one
woman per hour! Yow!
You guys can have the town.
I'm gonna stay in
camp and see what some
real sleep is like.
Would you like my
mashed potatoes?
There will be trucks leaving this corner
for camp tomorrow morning at 6:00.
If we're not here, don't wait for us, Mac.
We've got ground to cover.
I sure wish I could
do the town with you,
but I promised my mother
I'd look up her family.
You really got relatives here?
You don't think I'd give my extra G.I.
Shoes to anybody else, do you?
These are worth their weight in gold.
Take it easy.
I'll see you in the morning. Good
luck, Val. All right, let's move out.
Oh, pardon me! Sergeant
Murphy, CorporalJohnson.
I can see Valentino now.
Big family reunion.
Valentino kicks open the door,
tosses in the grenade...
and then counts ten before
he enters the old homestead.
By George, he do that! That only way
he know how go in house anymore!
It should be right down the end of
this street and around the corner.
Hey, Joe, no papa, no mama.
Hey, Joe, you want a fried egg?
You want a beef steak?
No, thank you. Hey,
you got a cigarette?
You give me one cigarette?
You're too young to smoke.
For my papa. One
cigarette for my papa.
Hey, "no papa." Remember?
No cigarette? No cigarette.
How about this?
How about you? You
want a chocolate?
No grazia.
Boy, they sure picked a great
time to be born, didn't they?
By George, they no start
Hitler's war. Look!
Look what it does to them.!
Well, we didn't start it either.
Let's get rolling.
I don't want see this no more.
It makes me think of Poland.
I go back camp.
It'll do you good to blow off steam!
Come on, Kovak!
I know what I want do!
Got him pretty good, hasn't it?
Let's not let it spoil things.
Let's go!
You stick with me, Little Texas.
Man, I invented women!
Hey, what is this? These fly-boys
got a corner on all the livestock?
Oh, aye! They're stationed here.
And they got the
medals to charm 'em.
Maybe the infantry can tear
that charm down a little.
Hey, dogfaces!
Into the air, Junior Birdmen
Into the air Boy Scouts too
Into the air Junior Birdmen
And keep your nose
up in the blue
Up in the blue
- And when they make
that presentation
And hand out those
wings of tin
You, too, can be a
Junior Birdman
If you'll send
your box tops in
Break it up! Come on!
Break it up.! Come on.!
I said, "Break it up!"
What's the matter? Don't you guys
get enough fighting at the front?
All right, who started it?
He did.
He didn't like our singing.
All right, all right!
If he started it, how come you
were mixed up with the Air Corps?
"Mixed up with the Air Corps"?
Why, they're our pals! Yeah.
That's right. We've been
sittin' here drinking.
After he started the trouble, we
were so anxious to stay out of it,
we all headed for the door at the
same time and got tangled up.
Don't let it happen again.
Man, that's what I call
a real joint operation!
Drinks on the house!
I can't find my hat.!
Seven and three-quarters!
No, I don't think so.
Come here, baby.
He doesn't understand women.
She reminds me of an old
gal I knew back home.
She was a real beaut. Comes up to
me in a U.S.O. Club in Nashville.
Takes me ridin' in
a yellow roadster.
We hit a curve doin'
65 miles an hour...
and the cops take after us.
Says she, "Don't..."
"Don't say a word while I lay
the charm on these boys."
Hello there.
Can I have a shine, please?
All right.
I don't seem to have
any money, but, uh...
how about this, huh? Grazia.
My brother do not beg, soldier.
He wasn't begging. He did a
job for me, and I paid him.
I see what you call job.
You do not let him finish.
Oh, why don't you
let him have it?
Here, I have enough for
all the children. No.
Well, we tried anyway. Wait.
There is no begging here, but...
if you would like to share our food, then
the children can have your chocolate.
You don't have to do that.
If you are nice to the children, my
mother and I want to be nice to you.
- Please stay.
- All right.
It's a deal.
I sure wish I knew
what she was saying.
It was nothing. She was...
Come. You go with us. Oh, no.
I'm not spending my first
pass in some bomb shelter.
Please, you can't stay here.
You run along. As soon as the streets
clear, I'll head back for camp.
Oh, this is just what
I've been needing.
No, no, don't get
the wrong idea.
I've been looking for a long time
for somebody I could talk to,
and you are it...
because you can't
understand a word I say.
Si, si.
I want to talk about
my girl, the real one.
She's gonna be my
wife if I get home.
You see, I can't tell my
buddies about the real one.
They'd have to make cracks about her and
say things that I don't want to hear,
even if they are joking.
Naw, I gotta make up
some wild ones...
for the entertainment
of my buddies.
But you, I can
tell the truth to.
Can't I? Can't I?
You just keep it that way,
'cause I'm gonna talk about
my girl all night long.
I got an awful lot
to get off my chest.
Well, what do ya know, a rug.
I haven't rested my poor dogface
feet on a rug in two centuries.
Man, I gotta lay my
feet on that rug.
You sit down. I pour your wine.
I sure will.
Man, this is really livin'.
You are crazy to stay here.
How about you? Why
did you come back?
I do not know.
I'm sorry I could not
talk to you before,
but my mother does not like
for me to speak English.
The English have killed my
older brother in Africa.
Then she must have hated me too.
No, she do not hate.
But when she hear English, she think
of her son she love very much.
I'm sorry.
I'm not anymore.
What good is it?
One cannot feel sorry
for all who die.
It's too much.
My little brother, Vincenzo,
he like that sound.
He say he is going to shoot
big gun when he grow up.
I hope he doesn't have to.
Where is your father?
He went away when
bad times come.
He never come back.
Well, I guess we all
want to quit sometimes.
It's hard not to take the easy way out
when it's right there in front of you.
Why do we talk of bad things?
It is no good.
Are you afraid?
All the time. I, too, am afraid,
but I am glad I come back.
I am too.
It can be so lonesome
when the bombs fall.
When war is close, a woman
wants someone to hold.
The family wanted you guys
for the spaghetti dinner...
after we got back from the bomb
shelter, but I couldn't find you.
Hope we get you into camp before the M.P.
S spot you...
or you're gonna be in trouble.
Be in trouble?
Man, where do you
think I've been?
I was rolled by an expert. Takes an
expert to get old Kerrigan's shoes.
I told you they were worth
their weight in gold.
Hey, Johnson, how come you're not
bragging up that old gal you were with?
Lost my voice. Must
have been bad wine.
Hey, to keep you from talkin', I
wish I had a truckload of it.
You should have stuck
with me, Murph.
You've gotta just quit
being scared of women.
There wasn't much time
to think about women...
because, in a few weeks,
the combined force...
of British, Canadian and American
units was landed at Anzio...
to bypass and cut off Cassino
and open the road to Rome.
A beachhead only seven miles
in depth was consolidated.
It took everything, including naval
gunfire support, to hold it...
because five crack Nazi divisions
were thrown against it,:
Divisions that otherwise would have opposed
the impending invasin of Normandy.
Hey, who's Sergeant Murphy?
I'm Murphy. We're
your replacements.
I'm Thompson. This is Saunders.
I'm Sanchez.
Well, you men picked a
good time to come up.
Find yourself some cover.
I'll be right with you.
They're blasting Johnson's squad
out of that house, Lieutenant.
And thoseJerries will
be right on his tail.
Bronson, bring that
gun up here with me!
You men over there, cover 'em!
Give 'em fire!
Let's get out of here!
We'll never get out of here!
Take it easy!
We'll never get out of here!
Take it easy!
Get down!
Jennings, huh?
Yeah. Didn't last long, did he?
That farmhouse cost us
five casualties already.
Who wants it anyway? Some general
lookin' for a place in the country?
Why don't you be
clever someplace else.
With Jerry holding all the high
ground, every company in the line...
fights for a two-story building for
observation purposes. Just asking.
Sergeant Murphy!
Thompson, Saunders and
Sanchez, Johnson.
Best I can do for your squad.
What difference does it make?
I'm not gonna be here
to watch over them.
Feel like I'm gonna walk into one
for sure this time. Knock it off.
Ten to one, we jump off again.
To hell and back, that's
where we're jumping off to.
We've been in that farmhouse
five times, got knocked out six.
The law of averages got to
catch up with you sometime.
This is Lieutenant Lee,
our new forward observer.
Just in from the beach. How
are things going there, sir?
It's under artillery fire and
dive-bombers all the time.
Men and equipment gettin'
to shore any better?
It's pretty rough. We've got to
hit that farmhouse again, Murph.
German tanks have been spotted
moving into the area.
Wouldn't take many to push us
right back into the ocean.
If we can take that house in one piece, we
might be able to keep those tanks off you.
We haven't had too much trouble with them.
They've been held to the road.
The fields have been too
muddy to support them.
If it starts to rain again, I'll feel
better. We'll get ready to go, sir.
I never thought I'd hear a
foot soldier ask for rain.
I make some coffee, then, by George,
I go back, I kill all Germans.
You better make it
good and strong.
All right, you guys, we got
to hit her again. Again?
What did I tell you? You new
men drop your packs here.
Oh, sure.
You all right? Yeah,
yeah, I'm fine.
When it cuts loose, stick with
us older men. "Older men"?
A couple of days, you'll
be as old as we are.
Okay, on your feet. Let's go.
Set your gun up behind that
wall over there. Yes, sir.
You men stick with
the first squad.
Keep working on that
second-story window.
Murph! Murph! I'm hit!
Where is it? My back! I'm
bleedin' to death. I can feel it!
You clown, get moving. Murph, you can't
leave a man! They shot my back clean off!
All they did was spoil your lunch.
Well, I'll be a dirty men.
Hey, give me back my
Thompson, will you?
All right, you guys over
there, get ready to go!
You stay here and make sure those
artillery people get up there all right.
Hey, wait a minute!
Cover us, Johnson!
We're going in!
All right, you men! Get moving!
Come on!
Man, that's the first time I ever saw
a Texan beat himself to the draw.
You say one word about this to the other
guys, and I'll turn this loose on you.
Don't you go blabbing either.
That machine gun's on the other
side of the house. Let's go get it!
Kovak, hurry up!
It's no use, Chief. You'll
get yourself killed too.
What's going on? He'll be all
right in a minute. Kovak.
Must be the same gun that got Lieutenant
Manning. We'd better get it, Murph.
Stay right where you are. Our orders
were to take this house and hold it.
Why did Manning have
to come back anyway?
He didn't have to come back.
I guess he figured the
platoon needed him.
Crank that thing up before
they blast us out of here!
Red nine! Red nine! Five tanks
attacking near eastern junction!
Coordinates: 4-1-8-6-0-3!
Situation urgent!
Fifty short, 200 right!
One hundred right!
That's good shootin',
With that tank blocking
the road, they can't
get to us, as long as
the field's muddy.
I sure wish it would rain.
Kovak was sure a good soldier.
You'd have thought he was fightin'
a holy war. Maybe he was.
Are you nuts? What
did he have to save?
Not even a citizen. His whole
family liquidated in Poland.
Then maybe he didn't mind dyin'.
Maybe that's what fightin'
for a cause means.
Something none of us
really understands.
Look what I found! A stove!
Now we can have some coffee!
Takes a new guy to take
care of you fellows.
Wait a minute!
Let him alone! You expect me
to take that kind of stuff?
What's the matter with him?
You'll find out... sometime.
Sarge, can you hear that
clanking noise out there?
Yes, sir, Jerry was sure nice to let us
borrow the house from him for the night.
Now tomorrow, if he wants
it back just a little bit,
he'll wake us up with some of that 88
millimeter stuff; you know, small caliber.
If he wants it back real bad,
he'll open up old Annie.
Rumor says its barrel is just short
of a quarter of a mile long,
can use old railroad cars for shells
and a pile driver for a ramrod.
Did you tell them about that bean
can that won you the Purple Heart?
Um, yeah, I was just
gettin' around to it.
Three machine guns
lined up on me...
You three guys just volunteered
to go fight a tank. What?
I heard them working on
that one that got hit.
If they get it off
that road, we're sunk.
Anything to get
away from this guy.
I better tag along so you won't
miss the ending. Oh, no, you don't.
Probably see that
the Jerries heard it too.
I'll go, Sarge. Me too.
We don't need you.
What's eating him? He was
friendly enough this morning.
Does he have to snap our heads off
just 'cause we offer to go with him?
He doesn't want you for friends.
That's why he did it.
You see, when you guys have been
in the line as long as we have,
you find out it's no
good to make friends.
Because when a friend gets
it, well, it's rough on you.
The buddies that come
with you, you're stuck
with, but you don't
make no new ones.
It's the dyin' truth.
They've got a machine
gun on the right.
You stay here and cover me.
Less chance of noise.
Hey... Shh.
As soon as I open up on those
tracks, let 'em have it.
Hey, you guys keep
your eyes open.
Those fields are really
drying up out there.
Captain. Nice work
last night, Murphy.
I'm recommending you
for a decoration.
Well, there were three
other men with me, sir.
Yes, I know. They
told me the story.
Coffee, Captain?
Hope you can take it black.
I've been talking
to Colonel Howe.
We want you to take a
battlefield commissin.
Oh, no, sir. I
couldn't do that, sir.
You couldn't?
No, sir. I'm not qualified.
What do you mean?
Education, for one thing. Another is
I'd have to transfer from the outfit.
That's the rule in this divisin, but
I still think you should take it.
I couldn't transfer, sir.
Why not?
It's a hard thing to answer. Murph,
they're moving up tanks and infantry!
They're trying to
use the fields!
Lousy break, those
fields drying out.
Pull back to the old positions.
I'll contact the other platoons.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Lee, we're
pulling out of here!
Come on! Get ready to go!
You did right turnin' down lieutenant.
Don't ever take it.
If you do, I hope you get your
can shot off! Thanks a lot!
Hey, Murph, looks like you'll
be up for retirement...
before we get off this beach.
Don't bank on it!
What's the matter with Johnson?
Don't this remind him of some
old gal he used to know?
Hey, what is wrong with you?
Just a scratch.
A silly, little scratch.
It's the dyin' truth.
For one lousy farmhouse.
The trouble is makin' friends,
learnin' to love guys
like Kovak and Johnson.
Well, isn't it?
I'm sure you'll all agree that
the four months here on Anzio...
have been the longest
of your lives.
The enemy has played
host with a vengeance.
Every time we've gotten a divisin
ashore, he's moved two in to face it.
But we've finally gained the
balance of power over him.
The 1 st Armored Divisin's been
landed, and we're going to break out.
We're going all the way to Rome.
We'll have strong air cover. We'll
mark our own position with red smoke.
H- Hour is 0500. Good
night, gentlemen.
Captain Marks?
You're still short a second lieutenant.
I'll see what I can do about it.
I'd rather not have
a new man, sir.
Murphy's one of the best
platoon leaders I've ever had.
Then why won't he
take a commissin?
Something about not wanting
to take responsibility.
He's mixed up because, instinctively,
he does take it all the time.
The main reason is he doesn't
want to be transferred.
Maybe we can do
something about that.
Good luck, Marks.
Thank you, sir.
Look what's coming!
Oh, you beautiful dolls.!
I'll lay you two to one, the
Chief traps one. You got a bet.
Hey, you guys, get
a load of this.
"Normandy beaches
fully consolidated.
Allied forces continue advance."
They're doing all right.
It figures we'd miss that landing.
Must have been a breeze.
I heard a couple of
officers talking.
With things going so
good in Normandy, we're
gonna stay right here
and garrison Rome.
No kiddin'? What's the
matter with going home?
Home? With all these Rome women?
Here comes Murph and
the new 90-day wonder.
Men, this is Lieutenant Burns.
You picked a good time to
join us, Lieutenant. Oh?
I got it from a good source,
we're gonna garrison Rome.
I've got it from
a better source,
we're on orders to move to the coast
tomorrow for amphibious training.
More of that? I feel like
I got webbed feet now.
I thought the Marines were
the amphibious experts.
They are, but we're the
only Marines in Italy.
Any idea where we're goin', sir?
Could be southern France.
It was southern France.
For the fourth time
in Worid War II,
the 3rd Divisin was about
to land on a hostile shore.
But this time the foot soldier
knew why he was there.
He knew the enemy, being closed
in on from two sides in France,
was now falling back
toward his own border.
He knew the sooner the enemy
was pushed into Germany,
the sooner the war
would be over.
And this was all he lived for.
How bad is he? He'll go home.
You got the million-dollar
wound, Chief.
Hey, you timed that just right.
You only had one left.
See what chance we have to
flank that hill. Yes, sir.
Take a radio so we can be in contact.
Yes, sir.
You three men right here, you with
the extra radio, come with me.
Brandon, this is Burns.
Over. Brandon!
I can't contact Brandon. Do you think
I ought to send up another patrol?
Why don't you give me about
ten minutes to check first?
All right. Go ahead.
Sure caught us cold, Murph.
See if you can get him
on down the hill.
Are you trying to win yourself a wooden
cross? I told you to get down the hill.
Thought you might need this. Think
you've got a corner on this real estate?
Come on. They can kill us, but they
can't eat us. That's against the law.
That did it!
Get down Brandon!
Why didn't you stay down?
Come on, Murph, before the rear
echelon catches up with us.
We're being pressured by
Divisin for being held up.
We've got to get that German artillery
off of us so we can push through.
They have an observation
post somewhere on Hill 481.
I can back you up with a
couple of pieces of armor.
Send a platoon out, and get rid of it.
Right, sir.
You sent for Murphy?
He's on his way, sir.
He can't turn it down this time.
Did you know he was turned down...
by the Navy, the Marines
and the paratroops?
It's not so funny, sir.
I tried to get him transferred
out of the company...
as being unfit for combat.
Sergeant Murphy's here, sir.
Sir, Sergeant Murphy reports to Battalion
Commander as ordered. At ease, Murphy.
- How would you like to go to West Point?
- West Point?
He means it. Quite a few men who have shown
special qualifications are being picked.
I talked it over at Regimental, and
we think you ought to be one of them.
You'll never find a
better break than this.
Sir, it's true I've decided
to stay in the Army, but...
West Point. I'm not
qualified for it, sir.
I didn't even finish grade school.
The courses you took...
and the coaching we can give
you will get you through.
After we move through the Colmar
area, we'll get things rolling.
In the meantime, you'll
take a commissin.
But, sir, how about... You
won't have to transfer.
With the replacement shortage being
what it is, the rule has been waived.
You are now a gentleman
by act of Congress.
Take a bath, shave...
Well, anyway, take a bath and
get back into the lines.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
Why is it always the 3rd
Divisin that takes the beating?
Yeah, and the closer we get to the German
border, the tougherJerry's gonna be.
You mean they can get tougher?
With somebody moving in on
the States, wouldn't you?
You see what I see?
Well, what do ya know!
Well, congratulations. It's time
you took it, sir. Shavetail.
I still say you're gonna get
shot right in the... At ease.
Take your cotton-pickin'
hands off me.
From now on, there'll be a little more
respect shown second lieutenants.
Yes, sir. And another thing,
I want to thank you two
for all the buckin'
you've been doing for me
over the past two years.
Ah, don't mention it, Murph.
Ah, forget it, Murph.
Forget it? Just when I'm in
a position to repay you?
You take over the platoon,
Sergeant Kerrigan.
But I don't want the rank. I don't deserve
it. Give it to one of the other guys.
I didn't hear anyone
ask you, soldier.
All right.
That's what I like in
enlisted men: Spirit.
Sergeant Kerrigan.
What are you laughing
about, Corporal?
Huh? Oh, not me, Murph.
Get the platoon ready to move out.
Yes, sir.
I'm Murphy. Pierce.
They brief you back at headquarters?
Just generally.
That German observation post
that's breaking our back...
seems to be located along this
ridge about five miles up.
It's up to us to take
him out of there.
All right, you men, from here
on down, get on the first tank.
The rest of you take the second.
As Platoon Sergeant, I will assume my
proper position. Your hand, please.
Be my guest, Corporal Valentino.
Thank you, Sergeant Kerrigan.
Hey, Lieutenant, you tankers
have really got it soft.
This is the way to
travel, with a hundred
thousand dollars worth
of machinery under you.
If we run into German
Tigers, you won't think so.
This thing's only got about
four inches of armor. Oh, yeah?
Say, how thick do you think this G.I.
Shirt is?
Sergeant Kerrigan,
have the men dismount.
All right, you guys, bail out!
Valentino, get those men out of here!
Move out!
See what promotion does to you.
You lucky son of a gun.
Looks like somebody just
handed you a ticket home.
Who wants to go home? And I
was getting used to the rank.
Just to the right
of those trees!
Can you get a few
rounds in there?
Murphy. Lieutenant Black. I
brought him down to help you out.
Black. How are you?
You're gonna take
over the company.
Captain Marks, sir? His jeep hit a mine.
He's busted up pretty bad.
We're moving into the
Colmar area immediately.
The battalion objective
is this wooded area...
on the outskirts of Holtzwihr.
It's heavily defended because it's
Jerry's last foothold in France.
You can expect them to throw
everything they've got at you,
but it's got to be
taken at all costs.
When this city's reduced, there's nothing
between us and the German border.
Able Company will be on your right
flank, Charlie on your left.
Be in position here at 0600 and
ready to jump off. Yes, sir.
Good luck. Thank you, sir.
Colonel Howe? Sir, we're
on our objective,
but I haven't been able to contact
the companies on either flank.
Artillery's delayed
them temporarily.
Any change in orders? No,
you'll attack in ten minutes.
You'll get your support.
Yes, sir.
Get the men ready to jump off.
Yes, sir.
Should we dig in? Too
late for that now.
We'll never be able to
stay here with 30 men.
Pull back and tie in with "A" Company.
What about you?
I'm gonna see if I can get
some artillery working.
Better knock on it.
You two get out of here.
Artillery, I need a
round of smoke...
at coordinate 3-0-5-6-0-1!
What are you up against?
Five tanks that I can see...
and two reinforced
rifle companies.
Tell thoseJoes to
get the lead out!
One hundred short, 50
right, and fire for effect!
You're right on the nose!
Keep it coming!
Keep it coming! Keep it coming!
That's good shootin'! The
tanks are heading for cover!
Give me a correction! Let's
stay on those tanks!
Never mind the tanks! Let's
keep after that infantry!
Are we too close to you?
Keep firing for effect!
How close are they? Hold the
phone, I'll let you talk to them!
He's got more guts than sense!
That tank is loaded with gas and ammo!
It'll blow up!
Murph, get outta there! Murph!
Murphy, are you... Keep
'em rollin', Black!
Medic! Medic, over here!
I'm all right, Val. Get movin'.
You crazy Irishman,
you ought to be dead!
Well, I'm not, so get movin'!
Okay, I'll see you, Murph.
Take care of yourself.
And you still owe me
a spaghetti dinner!
Hey, Murph... uh, sir. You aren't
supposed to be in this ward.
I know, sir, but I've got
to see my old buddy.
You're liable to get into trouble.
Sir, if I have to,
I can prove I'm a
bird colonel from
Intelligence in disguise.
You shanty Irishman.
I figured you'd be on your
way back to the States.
No, not for a while yet.
Where'd you get it?
In the hip. Wha... But
where did it come out?
You know where it came out.
I told him where he was gonna get it.
Didn't I tell ya?
Sergeant, you'll have to leave.
Look, sir, he's a
friend of mine.
When he goes to West Point, I'm gonna
open a bar right across the street.
What's the matter?
What's wrong with a bar?
His wound's going to keep
him out of West Point.
It will probably put
him out of the Army.
Gee, I'm sorry to hear that, Murph.
It doesn't matter.
You're probably better off anyway. Let
'em bust you right back to civilian.
You'll be in big demand
back in the States.
You can pick off a man at
500 yards with an M-1,
You can toss a grenade further than
anybody in the neighborhood...
and you can bathe
in ditch water!
Sergeant, roll up your sleeve.
At least I can quiet you down so
my patients can get their rest.
Okay, sir. I was just leaving.
I'll be back and see you
later, Murph, uh, sir!
On August 9, 1945,
a little more than three years
after his enlistment...
and shortly after
his 19th birthday,
Lieutenant Audie L. Murphy had fought in
seven major campaigns of Worid War II.
He had been awarded three Purple
Hearts, a Bronze Star Medal,
a Bronze Star Medal with a
Bronze Service Arrowhead,
a Legion of Merit, two
Silver Star Medals,
the Distinguished Service Cross,:
And, from the French government,
two Croix de Guerre with Palm and
the Legion of Honor Chevalier.
On this memorable
day in his life,
he was awarded his country's
highest decoration,
the Congressional
Medal of Honor.