To Kill a Priest (1988) Movie Script

My father said it won't last long.
He said we'll take care of them.
Sit down!
TO KILL A PRIES The year 1981, for Poland,
was the year of Solidarity.
A free popular movement was born,
and it carried the hopes of millions of Poles.
The growth of Solidarity was so overwhelming,
people felt that nothing
could ever stand in its path.
WARSAW, December 12th 1981.
They're after Solidarity!
It's the militia!
They're arresting Solidarity!
Looks like they're gonna shoot us.
- Murderers!
- Get back.
- What's going on?
- This is a state of war!
Hands off me!
Bastards! Leave me alone!
Get on. You're under arrest.
You hit me with some of that
and I'll have your ass!
Get them in the truck
and leave the guards here.
- Yes, sir.
- Good job.
Good night, sir.
Ready to go.
Take me home.
- Stefan?
- Yes.
I'm freezing.
What is this?
What are you doing awake?
Don't want to miss too many cartoons.
Do you know what this is for?
Mom's afraid.
Of what?
- That they'll come.
- Who?
The Solidarity people.
No one's going to come.
And, you can sleep late in the morning,
because there won't be any cartoons on TV.
They'll have something
more important to talk about.
That's it, come on, right,
good, good, keep coming!
That's it! Give me more of that swing!
And remember your right.
Josef! Show him
how to keep up his guard.
Good... Come on, come on...
What are you doing?
What's this, what's this?
Watch your right,
keep up your guard!
That's it?
I'm really sorry, father.
I didn't even recognize you.
That's ok.
We met during the strike?
Are you Anna's husband?
She didn't want to get married in church.
- She's been arrested.
- When?
The first night.
She drove right into a militia raid.
With a bunch of Christmas trees.
Well, what are you doing here?
I wanted to see what it was like
to be punched in the face.
Well, now you know.
Let's go!
Feliks, please, let's go.
I caught you.
Stop talking about your boyfriends,
we've got a job to do.
St. Martin's church.
You live nearby.
- Do they know you over there?
- No.
They're collecting
medical supplies and clothes
for the people
who've been ... arrested.
Maybe you should bring a sweater
or an old jacket, something to give away.
- Can I have a car?
- Why?
You want to impress
your mother-in-law again?
Vizitki church.
- A lot of young students there.
- How do you know?
Well, I checked it out, I thought
you might give me this one.
Did you go there with your
Solidarity friends?
That you could get involved
with these people...
Well, there are a lot of pretty boys in Solidarity.
St. Sebastian's church.
This one ... I take care of myself.
That's the one with the young priest.
Father Alek.
Hey, Feliks, he's a good-looking man...
That's it.
On the night of December 12th,
the government imposed the state of war.
They arrested thousands of people.
Some died. Others are in hiding,
hunted like common criminals.
A government by brute force
is not a government.
It is tyranny, a deception,
and a blasphemy.
They have forced silence upon us.
But that silence is going to speak
for our brothers and sisters in prison.
That silence is going to speak
for our sense of decency.
That silence is going to speak
for our freedom of speech.
Let us pray.
- Holy mother of the imprisoned.
- Pray for us!
- Holy mother of the deceived.
- Pray for us!
- Holy mother of the betrayed.
- Pray for us!
- Holy mother of the captured at night.
- Pray for us!
Holy mother of the miners who were shot.
Pray for us!
Mother of suffering Poland.
Mother of independent Poland.
Mother of ever-faithful Poland.
Pray for us!
How's the video?
Drove me mad yesterday,
but today it works like a charm.
I hate crowds.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
- I want you to baptize me.
- Did they beat you?
These demonstrations always start
in a church, and end in a church.
What exactly is your function, captain?
I head the fourth department.
We're responsible for monitoring
religious activities, comrade colonel.
Yes, of course, I spoke to the minister.
He's not entirely happy with your efforts.
These priests are inciting
thousands of people to rebellion.
What do you do about it, captain?
Nothing, captain?
Is that you?
I had to...
I was in the midst of...
You have to pray and cross yourself... you know.
Show me how you cross yourself.
Come on...
- In the name of the father...
- In the name of the father...
- Right hand.
- Right hand.
- Even if you're left-handed.
- Yes.
- In the name of the father...
- In the name of the father...
- The son...
- The son...
- And the holy ghost...
- And the holy ghost...
- Amen.
- That's correct.
He's a very dangerous man.
He's very charismatic.
The more the people listen to him, they believe him.
They're ready to follow him.
They're stupid and backward.
- You're ready to follow him?
- You're joking.
Of course.
Son of a bitch.
Let them be afraid...
Let them be afraid.
You see...
They draw gallows on our door.
Even the cops couldn't put up with her.
I bet she gave them a hard time.
- What are you doing?
- The creche.
This is not a creche!
This is not Christ's creche!
You have no right to put
a whole parrish in danger.
Help me take this away.
It'd be a sacrilege to step on baby Jesus.
There's no reason to laugh.
They've come for you.
They're waiting for you
outside the church.
- Where are you taking him?
- We can't tell you.
I'm sorry, father.
Father, we've brought you here
for a confession.
I've nothing to confess.
- A soldier's confession.
- In the middle of the night?
He'll be executed at dawn.
- He asked for you specifically.
- I will pray for you.
You can't talk about any of this.
What happened?
Disobeyed orders?
- The order to shoot.
- I did shoot.
At my commanding officer. I missed.
Because of my hands.
We should thank God for not letting you kill.
They ordered us to shoot factory workers!
If everyone had done the same as me,
we would have won.
Winning is not important. What's important
is that we're in the right.
It's easy for you to say.
I'm the one that's going to die.
All you know how to do is pray.
That's right.
You know, father, that's just for cowards!
You knew we couldn't win!
You betrayed us!
To be right is not enough.
Bless me, father, for I have sinned.
What are you sins?
The sin of impurity.
- Is that bad?
- No, no. Of course not.
I stole...
Two bags of cement, from work.
My dad was building a house and...
You have to go now.
Good dog. You thought I deserted you?
Spike! Come on!
Goddamned animal!
- What are you doing here?
- Mom's upset.
She went to find you.
What for?
I'm waiting for you.
- You want me to stay with you?
- Tell me a story.
Once upon a time there was
a young man named Mirek.
- One day, his father decided to get him a dog.
- Really?
Yes. Really.
- We'll call him...
- Buck!
A boy in my class has got a dog,
he says, "I've got a Buck."
Let's call him Pope.
Come Pope, lay down!
Pope, go get the paper!
Dad's going to buy me a dog, you know
what we're going to call him?
Let me talk to your mom.
Halina, open the door!
- Go back wherever you came from.
- I was at work - You liar!
I went to your office
and they told me you were off duty.
Who did you spend the night with last night?
I was at work!
You left the kid by himself,
now open the goddamn door!
You disgust me! We don't need you!
We're better off without you!
I was working. You understand working?
- Where were you?
- I can't tell you that.
I'm terrified that they're going to kill you.
Why can't you just lock them up?
Deport them, get rid of them!
Can't you do something?
- May I have a dog, mom...
- Shut up!
I'll get you a goddamn dog.
- Kid wants a dog.
- Why not.
You haven't even touched me
since this whole thing started.
Since what started?
What's that?
What's that?
- Does he fuck her?
- I wish. She'd like to fuck him.
That's her husband.
They're in the priest's apartment.
His aunt left it to him.
That's his dog.
Whenever there's a political trial,
he has to be there.
We're like the untouchables, aren't we?
If we had the FBI's money,
and the KGB's independence,
nobody could stop us.
- He's a boxer?
- He's learning.
It's not that funny,
pretty soon they'll learn to shoot.
Doesn't look like he could punch anybody.
In South America,
priests smuggle guns under their robes.
He only looks like an angel.
Son of a bitch.
This is the full plan of the church,
and the presbytery.
This is his apartment.
We should try to get you a job
at the UN mission in New York.
Really? Do you think they'd send me?
If I remember correctly, you tried to start
a Solidarity movement in the militia.
Somehow I don't think
they're going to forget that.
You stood up for me?
Maybe we can put your connections
to good use.
Pretty sure.
- You understand what I want to do?
- Yes.
- You with me?
- Yes.
Good. What do I want to do?
I think you said you understood
what I wanted to do.
So, what do I want to do?
I want to nail that son of a bitch!
He's got a big mouth.
He doesn't have the balls to stand up
for what he preaches.
Will you take the gun, please.
What the hell's going on?
Just deserted from ZOMO.
Take my hand.
I can't go into the streets.
Full of militia.
Will you turn off the light, please.
- It's the dog's name.
- Nice name for a dog.
- I guess you want help.
- Who are you?
I founded a Solidarity movement.
In the militia.
Got demoted, transferred to ZOMO.
Took part in several actions,
but it demanded too much of me.
Josef, come here.
What are you doing?
Are you stupid?
I don't believe in converts.
- We've got to check him out.
- We should.
I'll get Staek.
Can't go out, there's still curfew.
He's coming.
Move away from your position.
Move away from your position!
Not this way, dammit, you'll scare him!
Get back to the street!
He's following you!
I thought you knew what you're doing!
He's right be...
Shit! Shit!
Get back to the street!
Get in the van!
Get in the fucking van!
I recognize him.
He was with the militia Solidarity boys
during the congress.
- You sure?
- Yes. Hello everybody!
Staek recognized him.
Solid gun. No question about it.
I'd like us to help him get across the border.
Come on, father,
we're not that powerful.
He can stay in my aunt's flat
for the time being.
- This is good for him.
- Who?
He can't go out in his uniform.
You need it more than he does.
Alek, I don't trust him.
You don't really believe him, do you?
I have no choice.
- I hate them all!
- Anna...
I meant to ask you...
Are you allowed to take communion
twice a day?
Don't you know that god hates exaggeration?
Don't get ??? with me.
- You're too saintly.
- Be careful.
Sometimes... sometimes...
- I feel like beating you up!
- Try!
I always forget about this.
I'll bring you some sheets tonight.
I could jump.
If I had to.
No one is going to look for you here.
Make yourself at home.
Why did you come to me?
All of Warsaw knows you'd help anyone.
Even someone like me...
That's going to get me into
many troubles some day.
No curtains.
- Is your husband home?
- Yes.
Let me show you something.
I lost my hair in the camp.
No vitamins. And the cold.
Aren't they lovely!
My husband wants to have them put asleep.
But maybe I can find someone
who'd take them.
My son wants a dog.
I knew it. I knew at least one of them
would get into good hands.
Come on.
I'm sorry to bother the colonel at this hour.
Come on in!
Could I have a word with you.
- We have no secrets here.
- It'll just take a minute.
Don't you look in my cards.
I think I found a way to deal with that priest.
Do you remember Feliks and his
- The one I wanted to get rid of.
- Yes.
Deserted last night.
On your feet!
Ok, take him downstairs.
5 years for harboring a deserter.
You understand?! 5 years.
5 years for possession of firearms.
And 5 years for possession of subversive propaganda.
That's 15 years of hard labor, father.
Be careful.
None of this belongs to me.
Oh, yes?
- Who does it belong to, then?
- You.
You put it there, don't you?
What do you think we are?
- Good job.
- Thank you.
The question being asked is of course:
What kind of religious activity
can this equipment be used for?"
- Where is the priest?
- First cell on the right. - Thank you.
He's scared. You can see
how scared he is.
- You're obsessed with that priest.
- I got him!
- Now you're going to have to let him go.
- What are you talking about?
The minister has just received a personal call
from the episcopate.
But it... You s...
You sons of bitches are playing politics!
There's going to be a general amnesty
in a couple of weeks!
They would have let him go anyway!
We'll get him another time.
- Bless me, my father, but I will not come.
- You will go.
Do you realize how hard it was
to get you released?
Hiding a deserter is a criminal offense.
They set me up.
But you thought he was a deserter.
The church must maintain
its relationship with the state.
We have to conduct
a long-term policy of compromise.
And your actions, and notably
your presence at political trials,
are inconsistent with that policy.
They were people from my parish.
I had to be with them.
They had broken the law.
It wasn't a just law!
Sit down.
Why do you think people come to me?
They come to me
because I'm on their side.
If I turn my back on them,
they will turn their back on the church.
The church is 2000 years old.
And has done very well without you so far.
If you want the glory of a guerilla priest,
go to Nicaragua.
God's will is to help my people.
Is it god's will that you use his church
to advance your petty personal ambitions?
I've never done that.
Is it god's will that you destroy
the church of Poland?
What do you want to do?
Hit me?
Please go.
This work you have undertaken
is unbalancing you.
And this is why I'm ordering
you to Rome, to study.
His holy father has expressed his joy
that you will be by his side.
Is that the compromise you've agreed?
They'll release me and
you send me out of the country?
If you refuse to go,
I'll send you to a rural parish
and you won't be allowed
to give any sermons.
You have no right to risk your life.
God gave it to you.
It is a great sin.
He who gives himself, saves himself.
He who protects himself, loses himself.
Who do you think you are?!
A new Jesus Christ with dreams of martyrdom?!
Are you trying to prove yourself
better than anyone else?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Pope's dead. - What?
- They poisoned him.
You're joking?
They must have thrown something
through the window.
- You mean the dog Pope is dead?
- Yes.
Oh, shit...
He's going to be cold.
He doesn't feel anything anymore.
- Go away.
- Just want to watch.
Dad, don't...
Get the hell out of here!
- Why don't they want to play with me?
- Who, them?
Not just them. At school, no one wants
to play with me, or talk to me. Why?
It's because of you.
What's because of me?
What's because of me?
Look at me when I talk to you!
What's because of me?
What's because of me?!
You really think I'm so bad?
What do you want me to do?
- I want to make a cross for him.
- You don't put crosses on dogs.
The guys at school put crosses on the walls.
They say that they should be everywhere.
A cross for Pope? It sounds like
a story for the catholic weekly.
- I don't think it's so funny.
- You don't?
My son puts a cross on his dog's grave
because his school friends think
that crucifixes should be everywhere.
They won't play with him,
because of who his father is.
- That's the world you left us.
- We?
Yes, you. You could have
cleaned it all up under Stalin.
We did. With guns.
We eliminated the scum.
Now all you have to do
is get rid of a few priests.
You should have hung them all
when you had the chance.
The class struggle isn't over yet.
Read some Lenin!
What fucking right do you have
to tell me about Lenin?
Stefan, how could you?
Why is he so offended?
Why doesn't he try to explain
to his grandson and his daughter-in-law
why they can't stop being afraid.
This is terror, you understand?
They're drawing gallows on our front door.
Calm down, father's sick.
Well, he wasn't sick
when I was in summer camp
and the village boys were stoning us
and calling us Commies.
I've still got the scars.
See that?
See it?
Long life, long life, long life to our dear dad!
Once again, once again:
Long life to our dear dad!
- Long life to our dear dad!
- What is this?
It's your birthday.
And what am I supposed to do
with this, hang myself?
I told you we shouldn't do it.
Halina? You shouldn't.
He's your husband.
He hasn't been my husband for a long time.
We must get Alek out of here.
The bishop was right.
They won't touch him.
All of Poland knows him.
He's there.
- You should stay inside.
- Have you seen the dog?
He'll be back.
I don't hate them anymore.
They can beat me, kill me...
And I sincerely can pray for them.
Do you understand?
I'm free.
I'm really free.
Get out!
I can't...
You don't knock anymore?
- What is it?
- It's my resignation.
I just promoted you.
You're the youngest department
head in the ministry.
- You make good money.
- I get paid for doing nothing.
I spy, I video tape, I wire tap,
I drive around his apartment in circles...
It's just a game.
We catch the organizers, and then
they're all set free in a general amnesty.
You read the official communique?
You think an article in the newspaper
is going to scare them?
They're going to burn this
in the church while the
entire congregation
stands up and applauds.
You know, maybe...
Well, maybe...
Maybe I could go and take a shit
in front of an altar.
But the goddamned politicians
will probably ask me to clean it up!
I thought our job was to try to silence
these sons of bitches!
We are working on that.
Will you stop that?!
We have a plan to...
How to blow up a church?
How to blow up a plane with a bishop on it?
How to throw a priest off a train?
To see if they can fly.
All our plans've become top secret, they're
locked up somewhere, I've got a safe for them.
Please comrade, just accept my resignation.
- I'll think about it.
- Thank you.
- Your men still trailing that priest?
- Yes, you want us to tighten security?
Tell them if he leaves the city,
they're not to follow him.
Take these with you.
We fear pain.
We fear being deprived of liberty.
We fear for our lives.
We overcame fear when we accepted
suffering in the name of higher values.
In the name of truth.
And when we overcome our fears,
then we're truly free.
Christ told his disciples,
"Don't be afraid of those who kill the body."
"They can do nothing to you."
It's a historical fact that Christ
never existed, you know.
His mother never, ahem, never did it.
If he hadn't existed,
they wouldn't have had to kill him.
All we need is one machine gun
right there, and then...
That would be too easy.
Look, I understand your frustration.
I think I can help.
Do you play Bridge?
My place, Saturday evening.
- Slow it down.
- Why?
Just do it.
What did you think of
the official communique?
Excellent, for once.
You think that we can't stop
the counter-revolution with a pen?
I think what we need is action.
Would you like it?
It's exactly what I need.
Low reds are still stronger than high blacks.
You play very well.
I like your style.
Thank you.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
- Good evening.
- Good night.
- How's the puppy doing?
- He's dead. - No!
It must have been terrible for your daughter.
For my son it was.
He likes you. You can handle it
any way you want.
This is going to be the beginning
of a new life for you.
- How far can I go?
- We trust you.
- He's got a weak heart?
- His heart is his problem.
It's here...
Apartment 38, third floor.
A militia captain lives across the hall.
Couldn't they hide somewhere else?
- They're less likely to be detected.
- Well...
I'll be here...
- Oh, I'm sorry...
- You frightened me.
I'm sorry...
Thank you.
- Which floor?
- Third.
I'm going to the fourth.
Who is this?
I've brought... I've brought you
the medicine you ordered from doctor Borek.
It's confirmed. He's giving
a ceremony, in Kutno, tomorrow.
- Are we going to follow him there?
- Of course.
What's the plan?
The bosses have finally realized
that the counter-revolution
can't be stopped with a pen.
Have we got clearance?
- Did you get the uniforms?
- Yes, I got them on the free market.
I took the caps from the locker room.
Nobody saw me.
Is everything ready?
Yeah, I got the sack of ropes
for rocks all locked in the safe.
- The vodka?
- Yeah, I got the vodka.
If we're going to leave the city,
we'll need a... pass.
That's valid all over the country.
You know who signs stuff like that?
Everything's ready, dad.
They know what I look like.
What happens if they recognize me?
They won't have time.
Bogdan, take this ring as a sign
of my love and my faithfulness.
In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy ghost.
Eva, take this ring as a sign
of my love and my faithfulness.
In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy ghost.
- What took so long?
- It was a double wedding.
After the militia came, I started counting.
I said, "If he's not out by 100,
he's been arrested."
You got out at 132!
Do you want me to drive?
Don't go to Kutno tomorrow.
I'll be back by the time you count to 1000.
You're right.
It would be better if Josef
didn't come with me tomorrow.
It was not Josef I was thinking about.
Thank you, Anna.
Kiss me...
Just once.
I'm not that strong.
I don't want compassion!
Why are you still up?
I can't finish my sermon.
I've the feeling I've said everything.
They haven't heard you yet in Kutno.
I'm sorry...
Now what?
I should be writing my will.
That's not funny.
- Father Alek?
- Yes.
Are you still going to Kutno tomorrow?
Don't go.
They're out to get you.
- How do you know?
- I work for them.
Well, are you going or not?
I don't know.
I'll decide tomorrow. Thank you.
Don't try to be a fucking hero!
Don't go.
- Are you sure this is the church?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Where are the crowds?
Maybe he's not coming.
Stay here.
Nice sweater.
It's French.
The trial of Christ is still in progress.
Its actors are still among us.
Only the names have changed.
All those who hate,
all those who use violence,
all those who cause the suffering
of their brothers and sisters,
all those whe take away their freedom,
participate in the trial of Christ.
- This is a private mass, for the seminarists.
- I'm sorry.
We ask you, oh Lord, to have pity on those
who use force against our brothers and sisters.
Listen, oh Lord, to what your people pray.
- Wake up.
- What?
Wake up, goddammit!
Start the car. Start the car!
- Goddammit, start the fucking car!
- Pull the choke.
Start the fucking car or I will fucking kill you!
Start the car, goddammit!
- Oh no.
- Shit, shit!
Get out, let's go!
Push! Push!
Would you get off the goddamn break?
- Somebody get in the car for Christ's sake!
- I'll get in the driving seat.
- Push! - I have it.
- Push! Harder!
The one about the two militiamen and logic.
Two militiamen meet, one's got a book.
The other one says:
What's the book?
- Logic.
- What's logic?
- Well, I'm going to tell you.
Have you got an acquarium? - Yes.
- That means you like fish? - Yes.
That means you like animals? - Yes.
That means you like people? - Yes, I do.
So that means you like women? - Yes.
So that means you're not a faggot.
This is logic, you see.
Now hold on, that's not it.
Now what does this joker do?
I can't see a thing.
Ok, so, the second militiaman
was so impressed with this
he rushes into a bookstore,
and buys the book, on logic.
- You want some of this sausage?
- No, no. I can't believe you're still eating.
You have to overeat to show
how much you love them.
Dim your headlights,
you dummy, you!
I think he's doing it on purpose.
Let him pass.
So, the second militiaman
comes out of the bookstore,
meets a third miltiaman
who sees the book, says,
"What's the book?" He said, "Logic."
- "What's logic?"
He said, "I'm going to tell you."
"You got an aquarium?" He says, "No."
"Then that means you're a faggot."
Stop the car.
What? You're joking...
They're not cops.
They're wearing uniform.
Stop the car.
Stop the car!
- What's wrong?
- Get out of the car, please. - Why?
- Have you been drinking? - No.
- Give me the keys.
Come on out, alcohol test, come on.
You don't need to say anything,
do you? Do you?
Stick this in your mouth, that's good.
Just sit tight.
That's not too tight, is it?
Not too tight?
You sure? You're ok?
What's wrong?
Good evening, father.
Don't fucking move!
Don't fucking move.
Hey Feliks, which lever is the trunk?
The left one.
Hey asshole!
Don't fucking say my name.
Take off!
Let's get these uniforms off!
The buttons.
Wait, I'll help you.
Keep your hands on the wheel.
- You didn't tie him up?
- What for? He's not going anywhere.
Keep your hands on the wheel!
What about that car?
They're going to find it.
They won't find it for a while.
We'll be back in Warzaw by then,
don't worry.
Watch that kid!
- Stop the car!
- He's got to be dead. Keep going!
We can't let him go.
He knows who I am.
- He knows my name!
- Keep going!
Give it some gas.
Step on the clutch and give it some gas.
Oh Jesus Christ, that's all we need.
We can't go on like this. We've got to
let him go. A priest?
He's not moving anymore.
Slow down.
Turn left up here.
Right here. Up that dirt road.
Go check the fuel line.
Stop here.
Open the hood.
- Not that one, you asshole!
- Help! Help!
I told you not to come.
It's you?
Get the rope!
Hurry up!
Put it on!
You recognized me, you fuck!
- That's enough!
- He knows who I am!
- That's enough!
- He recognized me!
That's enough!
Let's go!
I thought you said he had a weak heart!
It seems pretty strong to me!
Did you get that fixed?
Mmm, I t-t-t-hink so...
Open up!
Open the door!
The priest...
They kidnapped him.
Father Alek!
They're going to kill him!
Where's the nearest phone?
What do you want?
Where's the phone?!
There, use the switch board...
We must call the nearest priest.
- Should I stop?
- Yes.
Shut up! Just stay quiet.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Papers, please.
- Feliks, did you pick up the pass?
- No, I don't have the pass, no.
- I know I've got it.
- Ok.
- Is there some problem, officer?
- Some priest got kidnapped.
Great. Okay. Good night.
- You're from Warsaw, aren't you?
- Yes.
My brother-in-law works in Praga precinct.
Jarek Glira. You know him?
- You guys know a Jarek Glira.
- No. - You sure?
- You never know. Good night!
- Good night.
Come on, let's get it over with.
It wasn't s-s-supposed to be like this.
It wasn't.
Give me the bag.
Get it down on him...
Get the stones.
Get the stones,
throw the stones over.
Everything's alright.
They'll never find him.
- C-c-couldn't possibly...
- Where's the vodka?
No-no-not sinking.
He's not sinking!
He's not... not sink...
I-I-It wasn't s-s-supposed to be l-l-like that...
- You've been drinking...
- Yes...
I thought you didn't love me anymore.
Heard the news?
I've been after this guy for months,
just when I'm about to get him...
He disappears.
He's waiting for you.
Send someone to Kutno
and get their licence plate numbers.
No, no, you'll report everything
back to me. Good.
Have you any idea who
kidnapped him?
Any suspicions?
No, I don't.
That is what I thought.
- Where is he? - Who?
- The priest!
- He's floating somewhere.
- Shit, shit, shit!
How could you let that bloody driver escape?
We're covered from the top, aren't we?
Aren't we?
Please let them through,
have a little respect.
When was the last time you saw your son?
Did the Interior Ministry try to contact you?
Who do you think is responsible for the kidnapping?
Have you seen the archbishop yet?
Did you expect anything like this to happen?
Do you know who is reponsible for the kidnapping?
Don't say anything.
I only pray that they won't harm him.
Do you have a photograph of him with you?
Here he's with the pope.
He's a good son.
We are proud of him.
We know nothing!
Now you are really making my day, captain.
Listen to this.
Just play it.
- Hello!
- Father Alek? - Yes.
- Are you still going to Kutno tomorrow?
- Yes.
Don't go. They're out to get you.
How do you know?
Why do I get the impression
that this is your voice?
- Why would I do something like that?
- You tell me.
What is it?!
What the hell do you want?!
A call on the security line, sir.
Is that you, colonel?
- I... Yes, it's me.
The guilty must be found and punished.
Yes... I understand.
I'm not sure that you do understand.
From now on, you're on your own.
Do you understand that?
- Yes I do, but...
- There's a witness.
- Cou-Could I see you?
- No.
It will be better for all concerned
if I never see you again.
- That means I have to...
- That was not an order.
Just advice.
Good luck then. We're counting on you.
First and above all:
I am an officer of the security service!
- You're finished?
- Yes.
I said I went to Krakow.
Why Krakow?
Well, it's the same distance.
And I met a girl there...
Come on, Feliks. Who's going to
believe you and a girl?
You think you're so clever,
you do it.
I'm not a writer.
You do it.
I-I don't know what to write.
Well, say you were at home.
Your wive will cover for you.
M-m-my little boy was sick, you see,
so my mother-in-law was there, she...
doesn't like me...
You see...
You know, she doesn't like me.
Feliks, you said that the men at the top...
They didn't find the body.
Open the door!
Open the door,
we know you're there!
We're fine.
I-I-I had to tell them.
- What's wrong?
- Pack some clothes.
You have to move out immediately.
- Just take what you absolutely need.
- Where is Stefan?
They've all been arrested.
Stefan, Igor, Feliks, the colonel...
We better hurry!
All of you: Don't waste time!
Hand me that suitcase.
Get dressed.
Take your school books.
We have to go.
Dad killed that priest, didn't he?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that I did it, I'm sorry...
He did it for us.
To stop them drawing those gallows
on our front door.
It was dad who was drawing them,
I saw him.
We shouldn't tell anyone.
I love him, mama.
I love him.
Our Father
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us...
Have you seen all these people?
All Warsaw is here.
It's going to be an incredible funeral.
All we've got to do...
is go out, in the streets...
There are half a million people.
No one can stop us.
He was a saint.
But we aren't.
He could forgive.
But we can't.
We... have to fight.
Fight! Yes! Fight!
With our bare fists!
Because they took him away from us!
He's here with us.
Bullshit! He's not here!
And he's not coming back.
It's over.
Leave me alone!
I should have stayed with him!
You're ready?
Your honor...
During the investigation, I described
my attitude towards the late priest as...
as being professionally indifferent.
I was not telling the truth.
How could I remain indifferent, when the law
was being broken time and time again
by members of the Roman catholic clergy?
How could I remain indifferent,
when our children were being
incited to rebellion
by these men in black robes?
And what was I supposed to tell my men,
when a priest caught with tons of
anti-government leaflets,
weapons and ammunition, was released
because a bishop had pulled some strings?
Your honor, it was my professional
obligation to try to stop him.
I love my country.
I have dedicated my life
to the strengthening of socialist Poland.
We were on the brink of desaster,
and I felt that acting decisively
against that priest
was the lesser of two evils.
I'm responsible for the pain and the anguish of a
mother who will never see her son again,
but despite everything, I'm a normal man,
with normal instincts,
with normal reactions to evil.
Today I'm deprived of
my dignity and pride,
I've been sentenced to 25 years in prison,
my family is in hiding,
my wife and my son
have had to change their names.
I've been degraded and thrown out of the party!
I'm responsible for the downfall
of people who trusted me.
But if I had to do it all over again,
I know dozens of people in the ministry
would volunteer for the task!
What is important, is that my son
be brought up as a good Pole
and a good communist.
What is important is
that the future is on our side!
That's all.
We'll have a public trial,
open to the foreign press.
We'll turn this whole thing to our advantage.
Father, can you hear
the tolling of the bells
Echo a hundred thousand sons
who wish you well?
Tears will pour
from the Golden Eagle now
He watches as your soul departs
The fields and the sanctuaries
soon will overflow
With the solidarity of hearts
Into our lives you came
With us you will remain
You were given to the fight
To the terror of the night
And the many crimes of Cain