To Let (2019) Movie Script

'During the first decade of the new millenium,
particularly in 2007, the arrival of the...'
'Mulitnational companies led to the boom in the I industry in Chennai city, South India.'
'This lead to the sudden and
disproportional rise in rents...'
'Due to the housing needs of the I personnel with fat pay cheques.'
'People working in other
sectors and particularly...'
'The working class
were hit the hardest.'
Run I say.
Thanks for taking me out.
I would be meeting someone
next week, I told you.
If all goes well , we can go abroad.
Daddy, power gone.
Wait, I'll come.
Daddy, dont you fear darkness?
Big Dinosaur?
You fear Mummy only.
Daddy, draw a sparrow?
Daddy its tickling..
It's tickling..
Uncle, my mummy calls aunty.
Amudhaa, house-owner wants to meet you.
What for, at this time?
Ok, take care of this dosai.
Water is not at all coming.
Also tell her about blockade in toilet.
Evening, my husband phoned.
But you didnt answer, it seems.
We were in the beach.
It was noisy there.
I have been thinking of telling you.
Daddy, I am the lion.
You are the mouse.
Now, run.
Hey mouse, lift me.
Shall we have mummy
also in the game?
Ok, we can include.
Where is your mummy?
Can't even prepare a dosai.
He has blackened it.
Whats the matter?
What happened?
It's you I am asking.
These days the woman
speaks nonsense.
If I ask her to switch on the
water-motor she dislikes it and frowns.
If I dry our clothes in the
terrace, all our clips go missing.
Raised the rent as usual?
Wants us to vacate.
Saying all too suddenly.
Of course, they will.
Are you keeping us in a palace?
Hey, mouse.
Why are you standing here?
The lion Is here.
Just run.
Shut up, or I will beat you.
Go somewhere.
At least three months notice to
be given to the tenant, you know.
Should drag them to court.
She stand right in the middle of
the street and shout, you know.
Straightaway she asked us to vacate.
And thats it.
Dont fuss Siddhu.
First, lets leave this locality.
We should vacate before
4th of May, she says.
Damn her, who is she to
give us a months time?
Lets find a new house
and go in a weeks time.
If we give two hundred rupees more..
We can get a house near to your school.
Listen to me.
"In good and bad times.."
"Let You be my loving mother"
Stone.. Paper.. Scissor.
Stone.. Paper.. Scissor.
Stone.. Paper.. Scissor.
Stone.. Paper.. Scissor.
Say bye to mom.
What is your name?
My name is Vivitha.
What is your father's name?
My father name is Boopathy.
I told you to prefix Mr when
you tell your fathers name.
What is your father's name?
My father name is..
Boopathy.. Mr.Boopathy.
My name is I Dot Siddharth.
I am studying in UKG.
What is your father?
My father is a father is a
My father is a..
I am going to the
spoken English class.
I will give the key
in the ground floor.
I'll be back by 12.30.
Am I her servant-maid?
Leave me.
Last night you didn't
care of what I spoke.
With who else can I share?
I cant be here even for a minute.
I feel ashamed.
Ma'am.. house for rent?
Hey man, show him the house.
Greetings, mister.
Rent, four thousand.
Forty thousand, advance.
Apart from that Rs.300 for cleaning
the front yard and drawing kolam.
Maintenance Rs.500.
Power charges.. Rs.6 per unit.
Agreement for 11 months only.
After that the rent would change.
Daily the water motor would
be on between 6 and 7 a.m.
Within that time you should
store the water you need.
Do you understand?
No screw and nail
business on the walls.
Your T.V volume should be low.
Hello, I am Ramthaayi speaking.
- Bachelor or family?
- Family.
How many of you?
Myself, my wife and son.
- Are you Muslim?
- No.
- What rent?
- Around 3500.
Ten months rent - advance.
One months as commission.
Common toilet?
For your rent, only this you get.
Amudhaa, how much we have now?
At the max, a rent of Rs. 5000.
Can we afford it?
At the max Rs.4500.
That itself is very hard.
Above that, there is current-bill.
No maintenance fee here.
An apartment means, that would
be additional expense.
- Hundred Rupees!
- Hundred Rupees!
Lets delete all numbers Shalini.
Let us part.
Enough of this game.
He came from this side and she
came from the other side.
Deleting the numbers?
Look at me and say.
Is this just a game to you?
Come, let us eat.
Feeling hungry.
Were you in love
with some Shalini?
It's the name of a
character in the movie.
I like the name.
Thats all.
If I had cheated by not marrying
you, what would you have done?
A scene before the intermission.
Always story for you, no?
Next week, I should tell the story
So much concern for
those in the story.
Show at least a little of
it to those by your side..
This sounds great!
Say it once again!
Once more
Oh, please eat.
I dont like paying 1 month
rent as brokers commission.
If we try a little harder,
cant we find one?
Wait.. let me check.
People have come
to see the house.
Go, have a look.
How's it doing?
Whats this, dull-run
in the city also?
They said there is fight,
sentiment, comedy everything.
It was aimed at non elite people.
Damn it, spending crores and crores and
making a movie still, no returns at all.
See the evening collection
and then call me.
We will have big artistes
and make a grand movie.
Ok, Sir.
Contacted any hero?
No, Sir.
I will call him up.
Go and see.
After New Moon day.
Come and see me after 15th.
- Right?
- Ok, Sir.
- Bye.
- Thanks sir.
When you go out,
give the key to me.
Yesterday evening two
came to see the house.
How can I show it to someone
if you lock and go out.
Ilango, there is a bag at the back.
Take it.
There is a bottle inside.
This is the product.
Pickles, sir?
Yes, Maavadu of our soil.
Write three or four
concepts on it, will you?
Yes, sir..
Dont write the usual stuff.
Write an emotional story.
Big Agencies are competing.
Have this in mind and write..
Give the basket.
Has he slept?
He has won a prize in
drawing competition.
Kept awake to show it to you.
I scolded and made him go to
sleep as he has school tomorrow.
Next year this drawing will
come in his school diary.
Tomorrow our boys
school closes.
Should pay the fees.
You have it right?
Jewel loan interest
for this month?
Only recently you paid.
That was before six months.
Lets manage somehow..
Today I saw a lady in the park.
She spoke of some MLM.
We pay 1000 rupees initially and
get some more to join the scheme.
We will get ten
thousand every month.
I too want to try.
I am telling you., are you going from
door to door and beg?
If I say something, will you scold me?
Off it for a moment.
Tell, I can hear.
Your degree would fetch you
real good job abroad, they say.
Earning for two years there.
You can build a house of your own
and then turn to your cinema..
Wont you leave me in
peace for a moment?
Chatter box!
Please watch the movie.
That is much more important.
You spare me no time at all.
I have to keep awake waiting.
And you would return at twelve.
And watch movie..
- Ready sir.
- Ready!
Just give effects.. soon as he hit.
Make sure you are in sync.
Give it a lengthy voice over.
He should wail 'Aaaa'
with pain and fall. - Ok, sir.
Ready for the take?
Wait some more days Amudha.
I will come up in life.
Have I been with you all
these 6 years without faith.
Where-from you got
so much of money?
I am asking you.
Sir, tolet board is there.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is this TV ours?
Your vehicle?
- Mmm
- Mmm means? Tell me..
Then, why this house is not ours?
- Raasu, is this the house?
- Yes, sir.
You brought me to
the burial ground?
It is a lucky locality.
Two bodies would come daily.
Auspicious sign, no?
Why man, leading me into a cave?
No window at all.
See the house and tell, sir
Tall buildings
surround the area.
That's why. it has turned dark.
But rent as you asked,
just three thousand.
Current bill would be minimum 30,000.
What man, not at all
coming to office?
Siva sir, I have
come to see a house.
I will call in the evening.
What? Sri Lanka?
Ilango, sir.
I see.
Let it be.
Movie-making or anything else.
I don't care.
But, I should get the rent
on third of every month.
There is a tenant. See the
house if you wish to see.
If you like it, give advance.
In one week I will have
the house vacated for you.
- Do you worship God?
- Yes sir.
Why are you wearing black shirt?
Don't wear that colour.
What are you?
In movie industry...
He will promptly
pay the rent sir.
Nobody will come to see him.
No bad habits.
By 'movie industry'...
He implies
He is a writer.
He writes script for movies.
He writes story for
weekly magazines.
Be seated.
Your native place?
Sivagangai, near Madurai.
Well what group?
I see.
I enquire all these and then
only bring them to you, sir.
Rent 5000.
10 months advance.
Sir, our budget is 4500.
Brokers say that we
can demand 7000 rent.
For commission
they raise, sister.
Rent is something you decide on.
Now you both are
now kith and kin.
We can reduce the
advance by 5000 rupees.
- What do you say?
- Ok.
House is in next street.
Go and see.
Thanks, sir..
If rent alone is 5000...
how can we give current-bill,
maintenance and all?
What do you mean 'How'
somehow we have to.
School van comes
to the doorstep.
You remain at home
and complaining.
I wander in the scorching sun
I keep telling - no regular supply
of water... toilet gets blocked
We are not staying
here free of cost.
We pay rent every month.
Why did you break
the cellphone, dad?
- I will go and ask.
- Wait..
I said 'wait'.
What uncle?
Mummy and daddy have gone out.
Want to say anything, uncle?
Give it.
Let's give token advance now.
Let's ask for a week's
time for the advance.
Greetings, sir
Sir, we have seen the house.
they like it.
So, token advance.
But, it is rented.
Sir, you said
just a day before.
That's why, we saw the house. and
have come to pay a token advance.
An IT guy came.
- We have rented the house to him.
- Sir!
I tell you
It is no more available.
This is not fair, sir..
How dare you raise your voice?
I tell you that the
house is booked.
Bringing film people he speaks
on being fair and just.
I spoke with the hero.
He said he will
give dates for us.
Can you give the script?
Take your time to think over.
One thing.
Your name won't be
there as script-writer.
Instead, I'll give some money.
Maximum of 50,000 rupees.
This month you have
recharged the phone thrice.
Filled up fuel four times.
Need to pay the rent.
Day after tomorrow
Kavin's birthday.
My sister informed.
We should do something for that.
Interest for jewel loan
- 'How much we have' - I asked you.
Did I ask for accounts?
Why keep asking 'how much I have'?
Whatever is left is what I have.
Did you give me one lakh?
Do I spend anything for myself?
Growing age, but, the boy
looks horribly anemic.
No proper food.
As if I am spending everything..
What at all is right
in this house?
Not able to earn a penny.
Why do you people need a family?
I'm the one to blamed
for trusting you.
Why are you shouting now?
It is you shouting.
You don't like to
hear the truth. .
Hey, whats this?
Speaking word for word
I will do exactly...
- Leave me, I am going.
- Listen, Amudha.
- Leave me.
- Listen to me.
- Where are you going?
- It's not of your concern.
I cant be with you.
Leave me, I say.
Leave me.
Leave me, I say.
Let's settle it by talks.
Leave me.
I said, 'Don't go'.
Turn slightly left.
Hold it straight.
Cut cutglare comes
on the product.
Check it out.
- Yes, sir.
- Married how long? Six years?
Did you find a house?
If I say cinema, no one
is willing to give sir..
Yes Indeed, that problem
is always there.
They entrust the very state in the hands
of film-stars for the past 50 years.
What a contradiction?!
If you look for a house above 10,000
rent range, there won't be any problem.
But, there is the budget.
The same problem we
face in cinema also.
- Tried in 'classified'?
- No sir.
You have to.
Buy Saturday Hindu.
Free Ads and there are many more.
Paper will arrive
at 5 AM itself.
As soon as you see an ad,
talk to the person.
Is there any deadline?
We should vacate before May 4th.
If we don't vacate in time..
They would make life hell for us
I faced the same problem when
I was looking for a house.
But, I managed.
Excuse me,sir.
Director wants the script pad.
Did you work in an
I.T.Company for this, sir?
It's a script.
What to do?
Our intention is not
to cheat, Ilango.
After all, we are going to
give the same rent as they do.
What to do?
My cousin's company only.
If you face any trouble..
Only your name will
be changed in this..
Let it take ten years.
Just buy me one house.
That's enough.
In the front yard a little
space like balcony.
Siddhu would grow plants.
A swing in the hall.
A room for you to
write in peace.
A room for Siddhu.
Slightly bigger kitchen
will do for me.
Siddhu studies well.
He will go abroad and all.
Let him marry the girl he likes.
We shouldn't tell anything, ok?
Very much like our parents did.
Once he gets married...
He will forget us.
He wont, will he?
If I tell you one thing,
you shouldn't get angry.
Tell me.
Each day money is
spent like water.
No one to help.
Shall I go and request
that lady of the house.
Request what?
Increase the rent if you want.
Let us remain here for
some more time.
I don't like you going
and begging anybody..
I am of no help to you.
If you had married a girl
from a well- off family.
What are you talking?
Stand firm.
Shall we pin it up?
Go out!
Still searching for a house?
We did see. but..
But.. what?
You are not searching
for a house to buy.
Filled up the whole
house with things..
Papers stuck on all walls.
Why all these scribblings, boy?
Can anybody who comes to
see the house like it?
How many more I have
to show the house?
So dirty this house is.
What Amudha?
There is time till the 4th.
I am not speaking to you.
I too don't speak to you..
If you don't vacate by 4th..
I will show you who am I.
Excuse me.
One Hindu paper.
Siddharth, in which
class you are?
My grandson will
be like this one.
- No..
- Get it.
We built a big house by getting loan so
that we can stay together as a family.
But, my son has gone abroad as
job is more important for him.
Now, we can't even pay the EMI.
My husband is a retired teacher.
Pension is not much.
We somehow manage with
the help of this rent
After advertising in the
Paper many come to see.
But, we should like
them, shouldn't we?
Four months rent as
advance is enough.
You can use both the rooms.
There is a terrace also..
Broker brings people for 10,000 rupees.
But you can give 7000.
That's enough.
Daddy, start going.
Now in Kaliyammankoil street.
We will be there by 10.30.
What happened?
We are supposed to
be there exactly at 10.30
"When I live hundred years in world"
"When I live hundred years in world"
Daddy, start the bike.
"I afford one day live
in your holy place"
"We have no life without you my Lord"
That house only!
You asked us to come at 10.30
- We got delayed.
- It's over.
We have let out the house.
This is the house.
They asked us to come at 10 AM.
But, not answering the phone.
Sir, house owner is there?
He is on the way.
We are also waiting.
Come here.
Why didn't you say
"I don't know"?
Why are you so naive?
What is wrong in telling?
What has come of you, Amudha?
So good you are. You're running
around for more than a month.
Has anyone given you a house?
Let me answer the call.
Greetings, sir.
- Regarding house Ad in Free Ads...
- Amudha?
- Yes sir, Amudha.
- Tell me.
- We are standing at your doorstep sir.
- We are yet to start.
- Can you come after two hours?
- Ok, sir.
Start the bike.
They are yet to come.
We will check another
house and come.
- Which floor, sir?
- Eighth floor.
You like elevator?
Will you be with me?
You can go in elevator
hundred times a day.
Will you be with him?
We saw an Ad regarding
house in Free Ads.
Rs.16,0000 for a 3BHK.
Can you afford?
We talked to sir regarding
a single bedroom
Greetings, sir.
Whats this? Didnt
come for 2 days?
Work is pending.
- When will you wind it up?
- In 2 days.
Speed it up.
Come inside.
Dad, lift me.
Hello kid!
Cute boy.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
Downstairs, it was
full of parking
We have turned it all
into a single portion.
Upstairs, both the
floors are ours only.
Where is your house-owner?
Right above our house.
We have been in the same
house since 5 years.
Great. Being in the
same house for so long?
This is a new house. Take
care of wall, floor and all.
- Maintenance is very important.
- I am a house-wife only sir.
I will take care of it as my own.
Your family has three
members only - right? - Yes.
There won't be many guests.
- Ok, this is your number?
- Yes.
I will call you by three.
- Moorthy.
- Sir.
- Finish the work soon please.
- Ok, sir.
Sir, token advance.
No problem.
I will give a call.
Sir, we have come first.
- Waiting for three hours.
- Ok madam.
Let me talk to my mother
and then call you.
Ok, sir.
Daddy, will you buy
this house itself?
Stop the bike.
If I say something, you
shouldn't scold me.
- What?
- Go to that street once again.
We are calling from JP properties.
Where you want the land..?
Did you share the number?
Low price it said.
Thats why I gave the number.
Its him.
- Sir.
- Good evening, sir.
Regarding the house..
You are a Hindu.
Yes, sir.
- Tamil?
- Yes, sir.
Veg or non-veg?
Damn this mobile..
Go out and speak.
Sir, line got cut.
We are non vegetarian.
I am now in my mother's house.
I will talk to her and call
you back in ten minutes.
Sir sir.
What happened?
Sait will give us house.
We are shifting to a new house.
I am thinking of giving the story.
Don't pledge.
Just sell it.
After all , we don't
have a daughter.
If we come up we can buy
hundreds like this.
As soon as we go
to the new house..
I will get a job.
Some receptionist job that can
fetch me 3000 or 4000- enough.
So far I was hesitating
for this ones sake.
Now, he has grown up.
If I leave the key next door..
Returning from school he would
manage being alone at home.
Or else we will buy
a computer on EMI.
We can manage somehow.
We came to this
city empty-handed.
Havent we come up this much?
Dont sell your story.
Just to take a two hour film..
How many hours we have
to wait in life, sir?
Keep waiting.
I can wait, sir.
But, why Amudha and Siddhu?
Stress and sense of guilt...
Are the raw-materials
for artistes.
Have you read
Chaplin's auto biography?
No pain will last long, Ilango.
Don't let go any minute.
See how you can turn
it all into a story.
Lets go.
Keep this.
This too.
Thanks, sir.
Surely I will repay it
in six months somehow.
Do the work Ilango,
we will manage.
If you are in need..
Don't hesitate to ask help.
Not at all a problem.
Sir, bag.
- Hello.
- Mm I've come. I am there only.
- Sir.
- Greetings.
Actually, I said on my own
that rent is 5500.
I discussed with mother.
Shall we have it roundly as six?
Let it be 5500 itself, sir.
- After one year you can..
- New house..
It would easily go for 6000
in that area, people say.
No change in the advance.
It's the same 40,000.
Ok sir, let it be.
Ten thousand is enough.
When we give the key, you
can pay the balance.
I will have the agreement typed.
Give your ID proof,
current address proof.
The Tamils here are new to us.
So our auditor wants it.
Just a formality.
Please don't mistake me.
Give the rent before
fifth, every month.
Thursday we perform
Ganapathi Pooja.
You and your wife should
attend without fail.
Agreement will
also be ready then
And I will give you
the key then itself.
Be a good boy.
Only then I'll get
you ice-cream.
We have got a house.
Fourth morning, I will
hand over the key.
It is not proper to ask you
to take it from the advance.
This is rent for this month.
Should give advance
to the new house.
Our advance with you..
We should check what all
are damaged in the house.
Everything is alright.
He will check and then tell.
Daddy, will you play with me?
Know what game?
I will tell you.
Daddy, go out.
Ring the bell.
Come sir.
Come in.
You too!
Stand here!
Elevator is moving.
Eighth floor!
'Please close the door'.
Please close the door.
This is the living room, sir.
- I will show you the kitchen, come.
- Yes, please.
This is kitchen.
- Should check the tap.
- I won't.
Do you have card sir?
Yes I have, sir.
Lets see the bedroom.
This is bedroom.
This is bedroom, sir.
- Do you like the house sir?
- Of course, sir.
How much is the rent, sir?
Rs. 100!
Catch him
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, sir.
I came here with mother
to a relative's house.
In Saligramam you
live in Tiruvallu
Thiruvalluvar street, sir.
My mother wants to see
you and your wife.
Sir, she can see us when we
attend the pooja tomorrow?
My mother wants to come and see for
herself how you maintain our house..
Sir, your voice keeps breaking.
Are you still scribbling?
All because of you.
See how you have kept the house?
You should wipe off everything.
Scribbling all over.
Do you own the house - to
scribble like this in the wall?
How can he know
own house or not?
- Where is he?
- Daddy.
What do they want now?
Some one coming to see the house?.
We mentioned about being in
the same house for five years.
I didn't tell.
You said.
Who asked you to mention
anything about number of years?
What can we do if they want
to meet the house owner
It's him.
I guess it's him.
Go check it out.
Hello, sir.
House owner sent me to ask you.
When are you vacating?
At what time, sir?
- Why?
- Please don't mistake me.
It is we who are
coming to this house.
We have given the
advance as well.
Day after tomorrow,
on Friday morning...
It's auspicious time. Within that
time we should boil the milk there.
We will vacate before
tomorrow evening.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sir.
I am asked to check whether
everything is alright.
- Hello!
- I am Chandhilal.
Your phone is unreachable.
Sorry, sir.
- No problem.
Mother and myself are planning to come and
see your house early tomorrow morning.
Come sir.
You are welcome.
Let him come if he wants to.
May I wear this sari tomorrow
morning, when they come?
Your shirts are all dirty.
If you say which shirt now
itself, I will wash it..
Daddy, it's tough to erase.
Siddhu dear.
Sorry for beating you.
Mm..I am sorry too.
In the new house I won't
scribble on the walls.
Good boy.
Come to your mother, my darling.
Come on..
I have not prepared anything.
Will you get something for us?
- Hello, sir.
- This is Chandhilal.
Tell me, sir.
Sir, I am at advocate office.
Your office - Orchit
Computers - number..- Yes, sir.
- 044 2817..
- One minute, sir.
- 9466, sir.
- Ok sir..I will call you later.
'Your balance is too low...'
Ilango.- Sir you gave me your
cousins office number..
- It's a original number, isn't it?
- I couldnt hear you.
I am in the theatre.
I will call you later.
Sir! - Yours is a private
concern - right?
- Sir.
- Hello.. there more days or
less days to school to reopen?
More days.
What is your dad doing?
Ilango sir!
How much time you want?
Switch off the light and come.
What a relief!
Tomorrow, by this time we
will be in our new house.
He has said that he
wouldn't give that house.
Says he will return the advance.
Don't want city at all Amudha.
Let's find a house
in the outskirts.
I have told Selva.
What about our boys school?
We are going to the new house.
After returning I will take you.