To Love or Not to Love (2017) Movie Script

That dude over there looks pretty handsome
You meant Jason? He does look hot
Son of a monopoly with a single status,
he is the real deal
He is truly a gem, but who could nail this guy
Lend me your drink
Hey you!
Hey! Oh... are you alright?
I'm sorry, did I spill on you?
Lady, you seem drunk
Why don't we take a fresh breath outside?
But I've got friends over there,
why don't you join us?
Sure, why not?
Casey, where have you been?
Look at this handsome!
She seldom hangs out, take good care of her
Spare the chit chat, let's drink!
Girls, spare him
It's okay, just a drink, cheers!
With same method, comes the same outcome
Are all men the same?
I might have over thought
but I'm no longer the naive girl I once was
"Ten years ago"
"Ten years ago"
"Ten years ago"
"Ten years ago"
Casey, are you ready? Breakfast is ready
Back in the days when I was in secondary
There were HKCE and HKALE
as our public examinations
I held high hopes for my romance
I was waiting for my first romance
every single day
Good morning dad, mom
Good morning
What do you have to do today at school?
To learn and to grow, most importantly,
my grades
What about the things that
should refrain from doing?
No nodding off, copying other's work
and violating rules
Got to go, see you
There's one more thing
Do not get into a relationship
before graduation
Bye dad, bye morn
However, girls who believe in love
will meet a scum that
propels them to become a woman
My name is Cha Tsz Kei,
probably because of my surname
I often encounter scums
- In my first romance, I met the first scum
- Tsz Kei!
I have a hunch that
I will meet my Mr. Right today
Not again
She is my best friend, Angela;
she's a bit fickle
I'm not sure if your augury works or not
But I'm sure that your Mr. Right is over there
It's Adam! Chinese-Korean mix...
physically and academically talented,
he is perfect
What's so special in him?
Good morning, Case-y
EIton, you've pronounced my name wrong since F.5
Angela, I pronounce your name just right
Gosh! You both are really annoying!
Why on earth do we have to be in the same class?
This is God's will,
are you ready to be my girl friend?
Come on James, I've told you many times
Our zodiac doesn't match
Wait... isn't that you are being together
with him for now?
That was such a lame joke
I am fickle
and you are sentimental their fate never cross
It's as if polar bear and penguin,
Our fate are the same, understood?
Not necessary, if you both are in the zoo
such hypothesis would be true
Oh right! Hahahaha!
EIton, if you keep bugging us
I won't help you to make copies
of our mock exercises
If men who are loyal
to their lover have extincted
James might be classified as endangered species
As for the person who stands next to James
That's right, he is the scum
Her name is Sia
My sixth sense alerted me
that she isn't fond of me
what happens next proves
that sixth sense is real
Second attempt will result in
receiving 2nd level demerit
Ridiculous! Outrageous!
Hey! Stop!
Good Morning, brother Keung!
Disrespectful! My name is Mr. Wong!
Good morning Mr. Wong, hahahaha...
Why didn't you dress up properly?
If you would,
we'd love to go to class, Mr. Wong
BB Keung isn't as harsh as I'd thought he would
Come back!
Come back at once!!
Uh oh, they messed around with Mr. Wong,
they're so dead
Attention! Why didn't you put on your beIt?
As a senior, a role model,
you still misbehaved!
And you, why are you hiding
the paper on your back?
Second attempt will result in
receiving 2nd level demerit
ls it necessary to be that strict? Mr. Wong!
Of course! There are 108 rules in our school
I will start from the first rule...
Beauties, quiz is imminent, are you prepared?
I've got tips, cost 20 dollars only,
buy 1 get 1 free
Isn't it 30 dollars?
Why did you charge them for 20 only?
Jesus, you know nothing!
This is what we call neighborhood,
the closer the cheaper
I want my money back!
Fat Choi, its obvious that we had studied
You should study hard as well,
don't spend time on this
Nerds would never understand
the mindset of a genius
Hey, Mr. Wong finished scolding you two?
Gosh... please don't mention it...
James, you made me miserable
By the way, what's our first lesson?
Class teacher's Mathematics class
What? How could I sleep then?
Hey, I'm bored, let's find something to do
Let's guess what would Miss Yuen said
That's pretty stupid
There's no challenge to it,
Miss Yuen is predictable
Casey says stand up,
Miss Yuen asks us to sit down
She then starts class immediately,
there's no challenge
I guess she would act like a love addict today
How do you know?
Hm, sometimes men's sixth sense is sharp too
Wanna play? Loser owe winner a favor
Go on, not that I'm afraid of you
Heroine! I like you
Stand Up!
Good morning, Miss Yuen
What is this?
No way, who wrote this love letter to me?
"Love blossoms in the air"
Non sense! Who wrote this?
Who wrote this?
"Raindrops of the raging storm,
please don't wake me up"
It's not a poem, nor a lyric,
who wrote this non sense?
No one claims? Alright, detention class it is!
Sorry, brother, I framed you this time
What now? Jerk!
Relax, give me 20 dollars
I did it!
What did you score in Chinese last time?
Three... I meant Thirty Eight
Have you ever passed in Chinese quiz?
Exactly! If that's the case,
is it possible its written by you?
You're right...
Of course!
Actually what?
Its because I'm bad in Chinese,
and I'm learning from lyrics
I was wiping the blackboard
when I was reading the lyrics
I left it there and you picked it up,
that's it
Oh really? who'se song is this?
An...dy Lau!
With that amount of impressive writings,
it must be Leon!
Of course its Leon's! That's what I said!
Oh really? If you're that into Leon,
write his lyric once!
Class begin!
You owe me a favor
Faster! Master Wing!
do you know why it is called PE lesson?
Oh... I get it now
James, I've got a question
in my mind for a while
Why are you so obsessed with Angela?
I don't know
Just by looking at her,
it feels like nothing else matter
Don't you think you're friend zoned?
That girl is way too serious!
That's right!
It seems that she's into EIton just as you do
though, no one competes
with the Belle of our school
What are you talking about?
EIton, it seems that Charlie is looking at you
No way!
I think it's true! Grasp the chance! Go!
WOW! My Mr. Right!
So handsome...
Yuen Yuen is so good!
He's the best!
Casey! Casey!
I'm sorry, are you alright?
I'm fine
I'm fine too! But it'd be nice
if you could bring me to dinner
What should we eat? Japanese food?
Hot pot seems nice...
She's joking, we're fine
Alright, I'm going back then
Hi, we meet again, what's your name?
My name is Casey
I'm sorry, are you free tonight?
It's on my treat
Hey! Case-y! Isn't that we have a date?
When did we arrange this?
It's the night we're going to tutoring class
Let's go
It so happens that I have
an appointment today, next time
BYE bye
Oh , I forgot to introduce myself,
I'm from class C, Adam
Oh, I knew it already
How do you know?
My friend is fond of you,
she always talks about you
- Really?
- "From EIton You owe me a favor"
- Oh, she stood beside you
- "From EIton You owe me a favor"
- in today's PE lesson, right?
- "would you not dine with Adam?"
The first time I saw you,
I thought you're special
So, are we going to have
dinner together tonight?
"To EIton I'll consider"
I'm sorry, I've got a date tonight
Let's dine next time
This might be the last chance,
I'm going back to Korea soon
Why so sudden?
It's okay
Korean : If I were to meet you again,
I will spark you
See you next time, bye!
"What a fast dinner"
"I didn't go"
"Oh really?"
"Then the favor I owe is now wiped off"
"Why did you get off from MSN?"
"I'm too tired to stay up late on computer"
"Are you into the Chinese Korean mix?"
"Why do you care?
You're not comfortable with that?"
"Which carrier are you using?"
"It costs a dollar per message
if our carrier is different"
Hey, you haven't answered my question
Why do you care who I like?
I didn't say it matter to me
Fine, then I'll just hang up the phone
Hey, don't be that small-minded
So are you answering the question or not?
Hm... If you do like him,
then he is my only competitor
What did you just say?
I've said it already
EIton, say it one more time
Maybe I will
Just say it, why are you shy?
I said maybe!
Why so shy?
I will ask you again face to face tomorrow!
Fellow, our school is sitting
with 68 years of history
Of all those years,
we believe in
- strict discipline on...
- Who set such norm that
- strict discipline on...
- requests us to be here?
Going to school is also a waste of time!
I'm fine with the music,
but why the discipline?
It's truly ridiculous
when we do the same thing everyday
Quiet! Students in class 6B, keep quiet!
This year,
principal Tong who has served 19 years will leave
We are honored to have Mr. Lam
to be our new principal!
A round of applause for Mr. Lam!
Fellow, it's pretty hot and humid today
After the morning assembly,
drinks are on my treat
Those drinks are cold and chill, haha
It so hot
All hail Mr. Lam!
Hail Mr. Lam!
- We must work hard,
- The fatty is pretty interesting
and we will be the top school
I don't think he is appropriate for the position
I suspect that his service wouldn't be long
Keep up!
Keep up!
Keep up! Keep up! KEEP UP!
I on the other hand think that
he would do just fine
Let's see
...substitute teacher will be
in charge of class 6A and B
Let's guess the gender of our substitute teacher
Then let's gamble!
I have a hunch that
the teacher is a handsome man
with six-pack abs
I believe the teacher is a pretty woman
Casey, I offer you a chance to beat me
Let's guess if the teacher is a he or a she
Sure, I bet the teacher is woman,
what's the punishment?
Punishment? I won't lose
If you lose, you will have to kiss James
Have you ever thought of my feelings?
Hey, what's up?
I changed my mind
I'm on Casey's side, if Casey wins
James, you will have to kiss Jesus
If we lose, I will be your girl friend
Wow! What a quick change
Haha, I sense that I'm pretty lucky today,
we won't lose
If Casey says so, then she must be a woman
Jesus, for the sake of my happiness,
play with us
Their punishment is harsh,
so should yours; run nakedly
It favors you a lot,
but I'm okay with that, let's play
EIton, don't bang your head against the wall
Shh... someone is coming
Uh yes!
Why am I so hurry?
Again, start over again
See, I told you its Mr. Wong
who's teaching us today
Remember what you promised
Miss Mak, this way
No way...
Wow wow wow!
Quiet! She is Miss Mak
She will be your Chinese lesson's
substitute teacher
Miss Mak, I will hand over to you now
Greeting, I'm Miss Mak
Today, we are going to discuss
about loyaIty, Chinese...
Kiss him! Now!
LoyaIty mattered,
to quote the words of our modern age
is that we need to keep our promise
The Analects once suggested,
mas has to be the man of
his words in order to become a gentleman
Can anyone tell me whats the meaning of "Si"?
Do you know the answer?
But even if I do,
I've got to let our teacher make explanation
Alright, so please behave and listen, okay?
Hey, I was joking, don't mess around
"Si" indicates a state
of 4 horses pulling a sled
even "Si" cannot retract
what you've said; which means
you have to be the man of your words
Fatty! Stand up!!
You've been staring at me for a while
You laughed?
And you, am I ugly?
So ugly that you'd rather kiss
that guy over there
And also you
You were looking at the bottom
for a long time, for what?
Are you acting?
Look at you all, what is this?
Are you men?
Can you guys just man up
and do something worthwhile?
What do you want?
You're right!
To be a decent man,
one should hold up to his words!
I want to go to bathroom
Teenagers nowadays are ridiculous
Thank you
Don't run!
Don't run!
Come and catch me!
No way!
Faster! Catch me if you can!
Wow, you didn't have to mask me to send me in
You dare to speak!
You challenged the school rules
by running around nakedly
Do you feel ashamed? What is running nakedly?
If you hadn't taken off all the clothes,
does that even count?
Tell me, what had you done?
Excuse me,
please leave us alone for while
Fear not, principal, expel EIton!
Principal, you're so majestic, we'll now leave
Remember to leave the door closed
Hey, it was crazy! Will he get expelled?
Casey, why are you here?
Principal, please don't expel EIton,
I'm responsible too
If you were to punish him,
please punish me as well
Principal, she has nothing to do with that,
I'm the only one
Principal, we were gambling and placing bets...
I will honor our promise no matter what!
Quiet! Listen, okay?
I'd never say that I'm gonna expel anyone, right?
You teenagers are really impulsive
Though, there are rules that
we should obey
you must be punished for what you did,
especially EIton
Do you acknowledge your own fault?
Yes, I'm sorry, principal
Hm... This is what it takes to be a man
To embrace one's own fault, right?
AIthough I must punish you,
I chose to spare you two once.
I will spare you once.
But they are still here,
please act and coordinate with me
Thank you principal!
Hey, EIton, wait
Don't commit same mistake,
I cite you a demerit this time
and a week of detention class
You two escort them to their classroom
Nonono, you do that
Principal, I've got great matters to discuss;
its philosophy
You've made principal to scold you himself
Now go back to the classroom and behave!
Roger, brother Keung
Don't do it!
Man of his words, impressive!
Wait a minute,
someone hasn't honored his promise
Kiss him, Kiss him, Kiss him!
I think our kiss is inevitable
Come on!
Our lives are pretty much the same as before
It's either shopping,
dining or watching movies
But because of his existence,
it feels different
Hey, Sia, there's something out of your reach
That's what makes it fun
So that's how it feels like to fall in love
the surprise or ringing
a resonance is enough to...
light up my mood for the whole night
The moment you feIt like he is indispensable...
It means that he has become part of your life
Hey, let's go to have hot pot!
Sure! That's great!
I don't have much appetite
Neither do I
It's now in exam period
and you're still playing games
Don't bother!
Do you know that Gemini
will meet their Mr.Right today?
Hey, why are you that pumped up?
You should pursue personal achievement,
not love!
Being a decent person, one should set high goals
Despite you may not be of important,
you shall become...
Miss Yuen?
Why are you so pumped up?
Don't play
I had never thought that schooling,
my studies, and...
even the public examination and my graduation...
They all ended in a blink of an eye
Ha! I did it!
I've got at least one subject passed!
Who are you?
This is such a good question
We'd love to answer your question
Our goal is to balance the world with chaos...
to seek for the truth through sins...
We are the glamorous villains!
Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
Tomorrow will be a day
that is misted by darkness
Meow! That's right! Meow!
Let's go, Poke'ball!
May I?
You do know how to dance, right?
Wait a minute
Yes, I do now
Kiki, are you interested in playing this?
This is kind of cute
Don't touch! Pika!
Where are you looking at?
You look stunning today
If I eat it, I'm gonna get fat
If I don't, I'd regret
What should I eat?
How's it, do you feel like you're in love?
There is
I told you, there isn't!
It's just right beside you
Hey, here comes our class teacher!
I'm sorry
Didn't you just say that you know how to dance?
I do, it seems that you don't
Fellow, I'd like to thank our principal
for letting us organize the prom
A round of applause for principal!
Let our principal share his feelings
Sorry, didn't expect that
Fat Choi, you didn't tell that
you'd bring in a microphone
Put it closer to me!
Fellow, you all are graduated already
What lies in front of
you are obstacles that you will face
This is only the first stop of your live
There will be the second and the third stop
And the forth, the fifth, the sixth...
Yes, thank you, principal,
a round of applause!
I heard that principal
had prepared a song for us
Then let's clap our hands
and welcome our principal!
And let the music starts! Alright?
Music! Thank you!
Such naughty guy!
Alright, excuse me
Then, allow me to sing for a bit
I cannot believe principal actually sings
Do... you know... what's happening?
"Love blossoms in the air"
"Your silhouette is what I wait for everyday"
"I keep looking back
hope to look for your cuteness"
"I keep searching for excuses
just to hold your hands"
"Gaze the starry night"
"I'll hug you tight"
"I see what you see in me"
"Let's be together"
"It doesn't matter if I'm alone"
"fighting off against Seiya"
"Gemini, Pisces; I love you anyway"
"Yeah Yeah"
"Let's be together"
"It's your turn to say me too"
"It doesn't matter if the stars are aligned"
"Divination, Fengshui; I love you anyway"
"Yeah Yeah"
"It doesn't matter who"
"Just say I love you at once"
"I love you too"
"I love you too"
"I love you too"
"I will love you forever"
Oh no, I forgot that
I'll be romantically unlucky today
I shouldn't have eaten
that many dessert to worsen my luck
This song was written for you
Do you like it?
I like it, I'm touched
But it's not gonna happen, I'm sorry
What... did I under-perform?
Why did she leave?
No, you did well
So... what now?
I really don't understand
what Angela is thinking
If someone arranges a flash mob,
I'd be with him
No problem, I promise you that
Really? Let's see
So you don't trust me
No, I didn't say that
Obviously you don't,
and you still said you trusted me
Wow, our status is just different
If we are apart,
will you still keep me in your heart?
What could that happen
I mean "IF"...
Sigh, you girls are just
so skeptical all the time
There aren't that many things to worry about
It's late, go home and take a rest
My parents went on a trip,
do you want to come up?
It's already late, its inappropriate
So you aren't coming up?
Alright, be careful on your way back
By the way, your sofa is quite cozy
Didn't you say you aren't coming up?
Oh right! Where am I?
Why am I here?
So... What should we do now?
You won't do something inappropriate right?
Rest assured, I won't
Hey, don't!
I'm sorry
There, there, don't cry
Don't cry
I decided to study aboard in Korea
What? You've decided?
When did you decide?
I'm still considering
My parents would support me
But I don't want to leave now
Isn't that it's your dream?
Don't worry,
I will miss you in Hong Kong everyday
You wish! I'm gonna stay here
and keep an eye on you!
It hurts!
I'm sorry
You should have skipped class with us,
what's the big deal
Get over it, she's already like
that in the old times
The dedication on "Virgo"s is a bit troublesome
Come on girls,
Uni life should only be partying and dating!
Oh right, how's you and EIton?
Not bad
When was the last time you make out?
I forgot
This isn't good,
your boy friend will get rid of you
Of course not...
I'm sorry, got off from work late
Wow, you both share
the same trait of being late!
He must have been spending times
with someone else
It's been a while, do you miss me?
ls she your new classmate?
Hi, I'm Emily
I need to go, see you next time
Oh right! How's Fat Choi?
I've lost contact too,
I heard that he's starting up business
Hey, Why are you mad?
I'm not
I really have no clue on why you got mad
I'm fine
ls it because of your period? You look grumpy
Yes, it is
I'm sorry, I'll buy you a cup of hot beverage,
You thought a cup of beverage is enough?
What do you want?
Nothing, forget about it
I'm hungry, let's go eat something
What do you want to eat?
Am I in charge?
Of course!
You said so
Then let's eat at your place
Why don't we just eat something outside?
EIton Cheung, have you ever considered me
as your girl?
I haven't met your family yet!
You don't understand,
its not what you thought it'd be
If you keep being like that,
I'm gonna leave you alone
Don't be like that
Okay, okay, let's go
Then let's go to market
What do your father like to eat? Seafood?
I'm coming, I'm coming
Hi uncle
Please come in
Our place is a bit small
Please, have a seat
Hope that my presence won't bother you
It's so kind of you to buy us ingredients
Put on some clothes, its humiliating
Don't think that you look cool on that outfit
How can you talk to your dad like that?
Are you going to mock me like this?
We've got used to it already,
this is how we communicate
Let me take this
I'll make soup for you guys
Thank you uncle
Hey, whats wrong?
There's nothing wrong with uncle
Hey son, have you seen my red underwear?
There's a "Fuk" on it, the lucky charm
Put it back away for me
Come, give it a try
Uncle's soup is tasty
Just drink, don't butter him up
Why are you so rude to your girlfriend?
It's nice of you to be considerate, not like him
Drink more
Thank you uncle
Hey, where's the rice?
Are you kidding us?
I forgot to switch on the button
Uncle, I could do that
Thank you
I'll clean it up, have a seat
Uncle, I'll do the laundry
Thank you
Casey, uncle isn't always at home
This is the back up key, come and visit us more
Thank you
You're asking her to clean up the house
for you I assume
You're not good at polishing words,
I'm doing you a favor
For me?
Alright, I'll come here more often
Good, I'm going to horse race, have fun
You do care about your father
Because he is my father
I've only got my father since I was born
He is awesome for raising me up singlehandedly
Can I ask you a question?
You must answer it right away
What's the question?
You've got to promise me first
Alright, I promise
Why do you like me?
I like something of you
I'm serious
I'm serious too!
Alright, I'm gonna ask another question
Have you thought about marrying me?
That's really serious
I do seriously considered it
If I were to save some money monthly
spend a little less money,
save money together with you
It'd be 10, 000 a month
2 years later, it'd be 200, 000
Plus the 1, 000, 000 I borrow from my father
It's enough to buy an apartment
I'm planning, I'm planning
Recently, I'm learning programming
from a friend of mine
We decided to make a mobile application
Which means that you're not planning at all
Those games are pretty promising these days
That's why I want to start a business
EIton can you stop being nave?
You're already a game addict
But we're talking about our future
And you're only thinking about this non sense
Have you really thought about our future?
Don't get mad, okay?
You may not understand what I'm doing
But give me some time, just some time, okay?
I'll prove it to you
I'll see
Listen, you know about my father
He carries a lot of debts
If I quit my job,
how else am I going to support my family?
I know you're stressed
I'm sorry, am I pressuring you too hard?
I will try to control myself,
try not to be that sensitive
If that's so, I'm gonna kiss you
"Message from Angela"
"You skipped class?"
"Yes, I'm picking EIton up from his work"
Hey, Sia
How nice of you to come and visit me
I came to buy games
You play video games?
I buy games for my brother only
But am I not allowed to visit you
if I'm not buying games?
I didn't mean that
So what kind of games you brother like playing?
He likes racing games
Oh, there's one here
Its just released, excellent graphic,
easy to learn
Plus the chair you're leaning on,
its just perfect
Why don't you demonstrate?
In fact, my brother just came back from aboard
I want to learn to play,
so that I can play with him
Can you teach me?
Racing games are about 2 things
Either you brake, or you accelerate,
nothing else
Relax, I'm just learning to play games,
don't get nervous
Hi, Casey
I'm here only to buy games from EIton,
don't get me wrong
You better be so
Then I'll take this, keep the change
Teach me to play next time, bye
She came by to just buy game
You don't trust me
Keep pretending like there's nothing
between you two
If you insist on suspecting me,
I've got nothing else to say
That's why I'm leaving now,
I was hereto pick you up
I'd never thought that there's someone else there
Hey, my bad, but it was just work
If you were doing your job,
you may as well quit doing it
I have apologized already,
what do you want from me?
How much could you earn from this job?
Would you go back to study,
I could financially support you
I don't want to repeat myself,
I'm not taking money from you
Can you be considerate,
maybe I'm just not into studying
Do you want to be like this
for the rest of your life?
Not everything can only be learnt from school
Having a certificate
doesn't necessarily mean life is promising
Why do you keep imposing your values onto me?
Can you just consider it
as a mean of compromising?
Miss, the world doesn't revolve around you
So can you?
It must be her
I know you don't trust me at all
I believe in you, but show me
You're out of your mind
Hey! Hey!
Let go, what do you want?
Show it to me
Let go, okay?
I'm already frustrated
Not everyone is as free as you,
waiting to be loved
Don't be like that
"Message from Angela"
"Don't be sad"
"I'll beat the hell out of EIton tomorrow"
"I was at fault too"
"Why don't you cheer him up"
"Making a cake would be nice"
"He will be thrilled"
"But I don't know how to make it"
"Buy a cake"
"and put a candle on it,
pretend that its hand made"
Do you like the gift?
Not Bad
Don't you like her?
What am I to fear if you're this hot
I like how playful you are
It's fake, isn't it?
You staged the scene
with her to trick me, right?
We're done, okay?
What did I do? Why are you doing this to me?
You did nothing wrong
You're always right
It's been me the whole time that's at fault
I'm not patient enough
to withstand your selfwilledness
I was also willful to omit your advice
and go back to study
by giving up my own interest
I'm the one who doesn't know you well
I never score the right spot to your questions
We are living in a different world
We're done, okay?
Why did you put up with me for such long time?
That's why I chose to give up now
Please don't be like this
I'm sorry
But there'll be no one who's gonna pity you
You asked for this
EIton, you scum!
"Some say love is like a sweet"
"Though its sadness that filled my past"
"First love is as if a diary"
"Filled with our stories"
"I was emotional"
"Simply because of you"
"I was torn apart"
"in exchange for only an apology"
"It's you"
"Can we meet?"
"have become part of my world"
"slowly and silently"
"I'd rather forget"
"the right or wrong I'd written in the diary"
"Even if I tried to let it go"
"The same feelings strike back
whenever I look back"
"I just want you to know that"
"I'm still here for you"
"I was emotional simply because of"
"you "
"Four years later"
Hey, a pack of tissue
Tissue! Never have you seen
someone heart broken?
How to conquer men,
tutoring class?
To make men crazy for you
It's not model, nor celebrity's privilege
You could do it too
Maybe you just want your boyfriend
to be loyal to you
It's simple
In the coming few weeks
I will teach you
I... i...
Please have a seat
Okay, before introducing any tactics
I'm going to ask you all for a favor
To know yourself
Every women should know what they're after
Why don't we let Amy share her thoughts?
Of course I'd love to marry to a rich guy
Especially second generation of the rich
This would be perfect
Golden bachelor would do fine as well
I believe what Amy is after
is what most girls are after too
Amy, may I know what you're doing for living?
What you do in weekdays and weekend
I'm now an assistance of human resource
I've got to go to work on time everyday
And yet I still need to over time every night
How could I go else where after work
Sometimes I'd spend some time with friends
Hows your finance
Do you have your savings?
Are you the bread and butter of your family?
I have a habit of saving
Very good
Now that everyone
is clear about Amy's situation
If Amy wants her dream come true
the first thing to do is to quit the job
That's right
Think about you current state
In the future
everyday counts
How many time has left for you
to reach your target
All you have to do
is to grasp your golden age
Go and meet more rich people
Go and seek for a lighthearted job
Spare more time so that
you can spend time on hunting
The easiest way
is to compile a list
from your contact list
or even Facebook list
Manage your schedule
and approach them one by one
The rest of the time,
spend it on parties and activities
Expand your social network
Increase your targets
Which one do you think it's more effective?
The one you wait to meet a rich guy with hope?
Or the one I suggested?
Up to now,
I just want to make one thing clear
That women have to know what they are after
Are you fighting for your goal or not
Why do we spend that much time on food
on cosmetic products, on skin care products
But never thought about our future
and ultimate goal as a young women
Our new sister
What's your name?
I'm Hazel
Let's welcome Hazel
Hazel, when you came in
You seem unease
Do you want to share something?
My honey ignores me
ls your honey your boyfriend?
He is Jacky, new colleague
He cares about me a lot
Why do you think that he cares about you?
When he first came into our company
He asked me questions frequently
He tried to approach me
But in recent months, he started to ignore me
He spent a lot more time with that Skinny Pamely
ls he abandoning me...?
Don't cry
Did you ask him why he did it?
He said our distance is as
if our difference in weight
Its unreachable
Then you know the reason now
It mustn't be
This isn't the truth!
He must have other reasons
If he had said the reason
and you're that obsess with him
Why don't you loose weight for him?
He likes my personality
not my appearance
If he likes me
Why do I need to change my appearance...
You've made your point
But today's lesson is that
we need to know ourselves
That includes embracing the facts for your lover
And most importantly,
to accept make changes on yourself
Sisters, take away her chocolate please
I believe you'd thirst for more
after this great fashion show
Today, we are honored
to have Adam as our guest!
And we also invited Casey,
the relationship expert too!
So now, let's welcome EIton and Casey
Hi, I'm Casey
Thank you for the invitation
The theme of independent women
with fashion is great
Modern female should raised their head up high
First step is to pick suitable clothes
to establish new image
Now please welcome Adam
to shed some light on this
I grew up with my parents in Hong Kong
This is an inspiring place,
especially women who live here
Independence of HK women
is the source of my inspiration
Oh really? Then you should talk more about it
Of course!
As you can see, the theme is
color blocking, beautiful texture
in cooperating design style of minimalism
- Such contrast would
- He is so handsome!
lure the charms of being independent
Have a seat, she's my friend
It was a successful show
And that's because there was
a successful old friend
Stop making fun of me
Do you remember who is she?
Uh yes!
She's the one who stood beside you
in the PE lesson
Yes yes! That's me!
That's me!! Hahaha!
So, since we met again,
why don't we have a dinner?
I've got to work
Let's arrange a date then
See you next time, bye
BYE bye
Casey, my heart is pounding so hard!
Do I look good? Should I do a facial?
I should buy a dress!
Oh right, what should we eat?
No, not "WE", It's you only
AIthough I've tried a few times
It's worth checking one more time
Pupil enlarging contact lens
Oh, I also borrowed nude bra from my morn
Let's go
He's here
Walk slowly, be calm
Remember that you're a lady
And keep your pace steady and firm
You've been waiting for long?
No, I just came by
back in the old days,
I already thought you're hot
And now you've become a fashion designer
You've as if got into a next level hot
Calm down, don't be that aggressive
Here come warm water
I'll help you put your bag aside
No, it's alright
Hm, where's Casey?
Make something up
She said she'd suffer from allergy
after eating Korean food
We should just start eating, hahaha
Alright... then... let's see what we have here
Thank you
This is tasty, so is this!
Why don't we order all of them?
Hey, stop being that gluttony!
Now, look at him
and speak softly
You make the call
You make the call
Excuse me
Thank you
Your Mr.Right does look hot
You're picky
What if we encounter dead silence?
Now you hold up your wine
Take a sip
And flirt him
Why don't we have a drink
This wine is pretty decent
It is sold in Korea too
Let's drink
Really? Sure!
Hey, take it slowly, you're not a good drinker
I'm fine
Are you okay?
I'm fine
Stop it, don't drink already
I want to drink
- Oh no, you're drunk
- I'm not, I'm fine
Adam, I'm gonna ask you a question
You've got to be honest
What do you want?
Do you like me?
You're drunk, don't drink
You haven't answered my question yet
Tell me
You're drunk.
I'm not drunk, tell me now
I'm fine, I'm alright
Am I stupid?
You don't like me, isn't it?
You're fine
Just that...
Hey... hey...
Why are you...
Don't disturb them
Tell me
Why did Mr.Right leave?
Tell me
Was it my problem?
Angela, I don't mind how others see you
I don't mind how you see me either
I just want to tell you that...
You're always the best
You look just like James
So that's what relationship expert has to do
You can tell how much she's into you
As a friend of her, I'd love to help her
It's normal, isn't it?
Okay, but I remember that someone supports on
female independence last time
So the so called
independence equals to manipulation?
It's not like that
She did unfold her feelings for you
It's lucky that your friend showed up
Or else I'd have no idea what to do
after rejecting her
You should drink a cup of water first
Why did you turn her down?
Because I said it once
If I were to meet you again,
I will spark you
You still remember
Of course, thank God
it gives me a chance to do so
You wouldn't be serious, right?
James, why are you a Pisces?
If only you're not Pisces
If I've been mistaken myself as Pisces because
of my mom's Chinese lunar calculation
Would you believe in me?
I'll tell if I believe in you tomorrow
Stand still, be careful
Are you coming to my place?
Yes yes
Watch out!
BYE bye
BYE bye
BYE bye
Oh god...
Our plan just went sour
What plan
"Give me a chance"
Don't you think that clubbing
is similar to tribe's ritual?
It's kind of similar,
people are dancing in the darkness
This is Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP theory
When men and female engage
in synchronized movement
Subconscious would suggest them
to further the relationship
That's why, open your mind,
and you'll be popular
Hey, that guy over there looks attractive
Casey, why don't you ask him to come over?
Miss, Miss!
Miss, you split it on me
Are you okay?
It's you, scum
I don't know you,
you split on me
and you call me a scum?
EIton Cheung, why are you pretending?
I think you've mistaken, I'm Mr.Lau
Oh really? I'm sorry
Hey, you just leave like that
when you mistakenly scolded me?
So I do look like EIton Cheung?
Yes, you reminded me of... the jerk
You seem to hate him,
so he has a place in your heart?
If you hate someone,
it's natural that you remember him
Right. Do you think we'll meet again?
Better not
Hi sisters
Why are you here?
Class begin
I'm sorry, we accept only female students
Did you forget, we just met last night?
And you said I look like your... ex-boyfriend
What do you want? Mr. Cheung?
Nope, I'm EIton Lau,
I'm a founder of social networking app
I'm looking for
unique perspectives on relationships
Immediately I thought of you,
I'm your fans
I think you're in a wrong place
Not really, I guess male's viewpoints
are welcome here
That's right
Alright, if you insist, please have a seat
Thank you
Sisters, today's lesson is about...
Learning how to get, and how to tame
Keep a keen eye on your lover,
keep track of his movement
Don't let him have an affair with others
and become a scum
My boyfriend stays the same every single day
I haven't spent time on keeping an eye on him
No, you should make your move
before problem occurs
How your lover reacts to you
reflects how much he cares
For example, he would look grumpy
and impatient all day
He often answers your question with one word
ok, fine, well
or 3 to 4 words
that's obviously meaningless
Maybe he just doesn't have
noteworthy things to share?
Moreover, if you flirts, he'd replied
Moreover, if you flirts, he'd replied
What's wrong with you? Are you done?
If you encountered these situations,
be careful
Hm, it looks familiar to me
Mr. Lau, it seems that
you're not a decent boyfriend
Have you eaten your dinner?
On your treat?
What do you want to eat?
Have a guess
Get in
I think it's not enough,
let's order some more seafood?
You have a good appetite
Of course, that's why its best for us
to have hot pot
Just that I didn't expect here
they change it to steam hot pot
So you do remember you came here with me before
Mr. Lau, wouldn't your name
happen to be "Lau Luen"?
Perhaps my dad knew that I'm loyal,
so he chose this name
I'm sure that's the case, unless it isn't
EIton, can you stop making these poor jokes
Let's eat
EIton, stop it already
If I were to pursue you again,
what would you say
So finally you admin that you're my ex?
I'm serious
If you told me this few years ago,
I might consider
But you've got no place
in my heart already
I'm leaving, keep reminiscing
This is my friend's wedding party
There are lots of rich guys
Take a good care of me later
Hi, let me introduce
Oh, Casey
Welcome to my party
You know each other?
We know each other pretty well
She took away Casey's boyfriend before
It's been a while, you wouldn't mind,
wouldn't you?
Of course, that kind of men
are best left for girls like you
So... I'll head up first
Go on
He was tasteless
We didn't contact each other after your break up
Let me introduce her to you
He is my fiance, Jason
Oh, Jason
You two know each other?
No, is she your friend?
You fiance is famous
Second generation of the rich,
who doesn't know you?
Thank you
I'll head up and have a drink
Have fun!
It was just a game with your ex boyfriend
Hope you're not sensitive about it
Casey, let's go
Since we're here, let's enjoy
take good care of my sisters
Here are some friends
My friend, Angela
Hi, I'm Jeffrey
Let's drink and have fun
No thanks
I'll come back for you
Casey, don't go
What a coincidence, miss me?
Come and have a drink
Your pictures that you drunk... I still keep it
Don't do it
It's past anyway, better leave it behind
You're getting married soon
Are you done playing around?
Marriage is just a ritual
What matters most is where your heart lies at
Why did you choose to get married with her?
I chose her only because of my father
You know that I like you
Why don't I come and visit you everyday
Not even sure if you're just playing nice
Babe, where have you been?
Everyone is waiting
Today is the 99th day of our relationship
These 99 days...
It's past anyway, better leave it behind
Marriage is just a ritual
Silly, I chose her only because of my father
You know that I like you
Stop it!
Now you know his true nature
You shall not be sad
I think you both are perfect match
Simply because you both deserve each other
Get over it!
I've experienced such feelings 3 years ago
Do you feel humiliated?
It's you who didn't choose to trust EIton
What did you say?
Borrow? How?
300 thousand, what would her family think of her
She loves you!
She wouldn't look on with folded arms
At that time, he kept rejecting my help
But his father kneeled down
and asked for his help
There I raised a condition
That he must dump you in front of me
I couldn't believe he honored the promise
And at the end, he even cleared the debt
He told me to keep a secret
Sometimes, I feel sorry for you
"Let the past be past, don't overthink"
"Angela, don't you think that I'm such a loser?"
"No, even Adam likes you,
you shouldn't be sad at all"
"You're not handing Adam over to me, right?"
I'm sorry
Didn't sleep well last night?
Look at the dark eye circles!
I'm in a pretty good mood today,
not going to deal with you
You missed me, right?
Wow, two cups of coffee?
Just so happened I bought an extra, have it then
Hey, was I wrong about you?
Good morning
Thank you
Who's that?
Hi EIton
Wow, I couldn't recognize you at all now
Your friend is a bit touchy
Leave him alone, let's go
I've said it all the time,
it's the image that matters the most
Today, we are honored
to have a professional here
Our image consultant, Adam!
Korean I Greetings
Hi, I'm Adam, nice to meet you all
He's just too handsome to be fashion designer!
You call this handsome? Hah!
Choosing outfit is just like
choosing your partner
When you pick the appropriate one,
you'll end up happy
How did Casey find him?!
Indeed! I just read about
his interview on a magazine!
Yeah, that magazine agency
just bankrupted last week
Alright, let's go to my studio
and establish a new image!
What are you doing?
They've spent so much time, it's my turn now
I'm sorry,
Adam prepared only for female, go away
You changed your outfit
and you thought you're a pro
You're only good at cheering up girls
Actually I'm approaching
male fashion next season
I need a male model anyway
Are you interested for a try out?
Yes, of course!
Please stand on the mark, thank you
The mark with a T over there, thank you
Be professional, model, professional
Of course!
Okay, please look at the camera
It's okay. look at here please
Put your hands in your pocket please
Okay, please look at the camera
Try to show out your thumbs
Thumbs up he said, what's wrong?
Alright, one more time
I'm gonna put on the shades, its too dazzling
Thank you Casey and Adam
Alright, bye
Adam, do you think I'm born to be model?
Don't answer that, he is crazy
It's okay,
I envy the interaction between you two
If only I could be in the same class with you
Of course you would want to
Oh, before you leave,
let's have a gathering!
Sure, where to go?
Yes! We should find Fat Choi
and let him hook up for us!
I'll call you when I figure it out
Hi everyone
It's been a long time
I own the whole building
It doesn't matter if its maze,
football, artificial beach...
or even laser gun war game
I'm the right person you'll have to look for
Since when Fat Choi
becomes the boss of factories?
Pardon my rudeness
Now we ought to call you Boss
Don't do so
Of all the choice, why boxing?
I've no idea, EIton chose it
Exciting activity like this fits best
Girly activities such as shopping...
are just not right for men
It's good, we could work out a little bit
I challenge you
I'm training in the same facility
with Sing Yu Tso
Don't worry
You guys should worry him
EIton, keep up! You can do this
Be careful, it's okay
It's fine
You! come on!
EIton, are you alright?
My neck is stiff
I'm okay
You're so good
Keep UP
How can you be that good
Since the departure from HK,
I went to military service in KR
It's pretty easy to play boxing
If you've served military,
then stay the hell out
Cheating, disqualified!
It's your turn?
Since you're a girl
I'll show mercy, come and hit me for free
I meant, I'll fight you with one hand only
Of course
Mr. Cheung
Show mercy!
Show mercy!
I surrender
Are you ready?
I'm ready
How about you?
Yes, ready, start!
It's been a while
we could group up and have fun
Indeed, it's nice that
we don't need to think anything here
It's fun
I think that you look more charming today
than you are lecturing
Start already, okay?
Fat Choi, do something!
Please be serious! Start fighting!
Okay, I'm hitting
Come on
- Fat Choi, you're too nosy!
- I'm a boss
"Korean fits you"
"Why are you so sure he fits me"
"Don't you think this conversation
had happened once?"
Alright, beauties, have you all downloaded?
What are you doing?
Oh, give me your phone
Just give it to me
Have a piece of cake, EIton bought it for us
He bought it? Then no thanks
Okay, done!
Our social networking app has a great function
If we are connected, once she's online,
She could know my spot
That's pretty interesting
You're looking for clients in my class?
Are you serious?
It's just convenient
Alright, ladies,
it's your last lesson,
have fun, call me maybe
Call me maybe
Casey, is EIton into you?
Yeah, I don't think he came here
simply to do research only
How could I know?
ls Adam also pursuing you?
Oh right, he establishes our image;
I'd choose him
I'd choose Adam too
But EIton is fun too
You guys seem worry
my personal matter more than I do
We do hope to know whom you'd choose at last
Actually, I don't know either
I've always thought that love is like a game
Only with precise methods,
comes the expected outcome
If we prone to our feelings,
most of the time we get hurt
A lot of sisters asked me once, who to choose
A person who love you, or the person you love
If its in the past,
I'd say choose a person who love you
But in this period,
I think I'm wrong
If you did find the true love,
no one else matter
If you are considering others,
you haven't found the one
Or maybe there's no true love in this world
Hey, do you understand?
I think I do
How? It's complicated
So, who's your true love?
EIton? Or Adam?
Let's just stop focusing on me
You're going back to Korea in a few days?
When will you start your class again?
I don't know
It's been exhausting
I want to be in a vacation for sometime
Miss Cha Tze Kei
I offer you a chance
Would you want to go back to Korea with me?
I remember that you said once you like Korea
I think you'll love the life in there
You won't be serious
"Korean: Yes, I am"
You should let go of your burden
Give yourself a chance
give me a chance
What do you think, time is running out
5, 4, 3...
Why are you in a hurry to force me to decide
I heard that you've made your mind,
when will you leave?
Have a seat
You brought me here just to give me a flower?
This is not for you
Then fine
This isn't,
but this is
Why are you being that romantic?
Someone once said
she wants 99 rose on her birthday
I will honor any of your wishes
Then I want 99 rose
but why 99, isn't that 1 suffices?
You're not romantic at all
I've said a lot of things,
do you remember it all?
If it's noteworthy, yes I remember them all
Do you still hate me?
No, to hate someone, it's tiring
Do you want a cup of coffee? I'm gonna make it
Can't believe you really started up a business
You've achieved what you dreamt of
There are lots of things that
turn out differently
I hoped to make games,
but it turned out failed
Just then I found that people
were into socializing,
I didn't know it actually worked out pretty well
Sometimes you just don't get to do
what you wanted
Bring me to Korea
I want to be in Jeju Island,
Busan, Seoul Tower...
Wait a minute, Korea isn't a place for me
Just be with me, okay?
You made it? Why?
You once said that you want to go to Korea
So I made a plan when I was bored
But there's your face on it
It's not mine anymore,
someone else will finish the journey
But if you're happy, I'll be happy for you
EIton, you're irritating
What you're doing is
to make yourself better
I asked myself why do I like you
I don't have the answer
Since the break up, I told myself to move on
But no matter how hard I tried,
you're always in my world
Why are you doing this to me
when I'm about to forget you?
Talk to me!
I'm sorry
I too don't know why
I brought you here in the first place
Maybe I'm really selfish,
In recent years I have been avoiding you
Since I met you, knowing that
you've become someone else
I could not forgive myself
That's why I hope that
you could become the person
you once were
or maybe I did it to make myself better
Perhaps our reunion
is just a mean of redemption
Congratulations, EIton, you've nailed it
I'll leave now
Let me take it for you
Let's go
Wait for me here
I'll go and check in
Thank you
Let's take a picture
1, 2... Can't see you
Go away
No, you're not allowed to frown
"Hope that you like the last gift"
"Hope that you'll never meet scum
and be happy ever after"
If only someone would do a flash mob for me
I'd be thrilled
No problem, I promise you
Really? Let's see
So you don't trust me again
I'm sorry
Don't cry
"Korean: I will wait you in Korea,
if you will, I will always be there"
"Korean: Sorry"
"Why didn't We try it Out"
"Why didn't We try it Out"
"We had a million hours"
"We missed a million hours"
"You got me like a kid born yesterday"
Miss, where are you heading to?
"And I just figured out"
"Why didn't We try it Out"
"Feel the power from my arms baby"
"And not a second will slip from us now"
Are you looking for me?
Why don't you answer the call?
"Out of all there are There you are"
"You're so beautiful"
"I'll say it out loud"
"Woo and louder and louder"
I suddenly recall the gamble we had
Whether the principal is still in service
He shouldn't be in service
I think he still is in service
Alright, let's bet
If I lose, I owe you a favor
How's it
Let's do it, not that I'm afraid of you
Let's go
Attention! Stand still
You don't even know how to stand still,
Who are you?
Good morning, Mr. Wong
Who are you?
We are the alumni of this school
Mr. Wong is too busy to remember who we are
It's okay
Go and do your work
We'll just walk around
You two! Attention!
Who is this guy...
Hey, come and see
That was the place where you...
Ran nakedly
Oh, you're the one who ran without clothes
You're really a man now
Remember that I said we will be the top school
We made it!
wow you really be with this girl
You two should spare more time to visit us
Yes sir
Then we'll leave now
You lost, how's going now?
Fine, what do you want?
Do you think that I made a deal with principal
Does it matter?
Do you dare to place bet one more time?
If you win, I'll let you kiss me one time
One time only?
Then a night it is
Somethings are meant to be yours
But some aren't
I don't know
To love, you've got to dedicate your mind
and your heart
Or else, things that's suppose to be
yours would be gone
But, if you do meet someone
you love wholeheartedly
What I just said may not be applicable
Master, I've got a question
Go on
How did you become an expert when you were...
that pure in the past?
I had a master
A master?
You knew her too
Blue Hawaii Please
Heart broken?
Miss Mak?
Thank you
First love?
Love is as if a game
Only with precise methods,
comes expected outcome
First love? Let it go
No way...
What's wrong with our teachers...
That girl looks like the girl in your class
Eat faster, its expensive!
Me again?
Obviously you've got better appetite than me
Thank you
That guy is Fat Choi
Fat Choi?
A hero he is, impressive
It's enough
I told you it costs
A star!
It's To Siu Kiu!
It's a smell of sandalwood
Did you go to the temple again?
It's really To Siu Kiu!
- must take a picture!
- Sir,
would you mind taking a picture for us?
EIton, it's me
Actually I mind
I don't know you, faster
You shouldn't be in the frame, we should
Get loss
Thank you
Why is she that pretty,
but her boyfriend looks that ugly
Hope everyone could be as happy as
one could everyday
Scum could be cute at times