To Steal from a Thief (2016) Movie Script

Today's a very tricky day.
Already 60 liters per square metre
have fallen on the city
of Valencia in the last few hours.
This cold front is causing
serious traffic problems
on the main roads,
for example at the junction of
Pinter Sorolla and Coln
with traffic jams involving
hundreds of vehicles.
There are also major problems
on San Vicente,
where we remind you
that the collapse of a wall
has caused the death
of a 75-year-old retired man.
So we recommend that
drivers and pedestrians
avoid travel, if possible...
Antonio, it's Sandra. Listen...
Excuse me,
could you stop that, please?
I need to know what's going on
with the list.
Supposedly nobody knows yet,
but that's not
the talk going around, okay?
Call me when you can.
I'm going crazy with all this.
I need to know what's going on,
so fucking pick up the phone.
What's wrong? Where's Sanz?
He's held up.
I imagine so.
Good morning.
Downtown's still jammed.
- Doesn't he live in Rocafort?
- It rained even more there.
- Where are the alarm people?
- Ask Mejino.
They won't arrive until at least 10.
And with the way it's raining...
I don't care, it all has to be working
today, not tomorrow.
Is that clear?
They promised the inspection
will be done by this afternoon.
What's up with her today?
You don't know?
- They say she's on the list.
- Oh, yeah?
- Fuck her.
- Good morning.
Good morning!
I know, Pablo, I know.
You're telling me.
Everyone's in the same boat.
It's either no work or,
if there is, they don't pay.
It's not the same thing.
You can see it's working out.
If we could increase our credit...
I'd love to say yes, Pablo.
I don't get it,
we've paid up every month,
and now two months later...
We got a letter and we don't know
what the problem is.
Without glasses I can't see a thing.
My dad even less.
Then I'll explain it to you.
Until his pension comes on Monday,
his account's in the red.
- I want to talk to the manager.
- She'll say the same thing, Pablo.
Our hands are tied.
Three months of non-payments,
and the execution process...
- What does that mean?
- They're taking the house, Laura.
It says here "initiate",
- not "execute".
- You see?
You know who stays
and who's out on the street.
So don't give me that ethics shit,
we know each other.
You want to know
if you're on the list?
Of course.
Sure I want to know
if I'm on the list.
You have to tell me, you owe me.
Sorry, Sandra, you're on the list.
Fucking motherfuckers!
On the floor!
Everybody on the floor!
Don't move! Don't move!
Drop it! Drop it! Come on!
No, no, cut that out.
You want to shoot?
Shoot, man.
Look at my little gift for you.
You'll blow all this shit up,
not even your bad breath will be left.
Put it down.
Go on, put it down.
It's not worth it.
Good, I see we're starting
to understand each other.
If anyone else tries to act smart,
like dumbass here,
we're real loaded up here!
Come here, dumbass.
- We're shutting the door.
- Okay. Fuck you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
sorry to bother you,
but this is a robbery.
You coming in or out?
You'd better find another bank.
And I don't mean the robberies that
they do every day here,
in case you don't get it.
So no bullshit.
Everybody relax and cooperate.
You know the shit
I've made people swallow here
- to fulfill your fucking objectives?
- Don't take it like that.
How do you want me to take it?
- Send you a thank-you letter?
- Sandra, please.
Joaquin, please, I had dinner
at your place on Saturday
and you had the balls to tell me
we're one big family.
- You must understand the situation.
- It's not that I don't understand,
I just don't want to, you hear me?
Down! You, bigboy, down!
Hands on your head, fuck you!
There we go.
Did you hit the alarm?
Did you hit the button, you fuck?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm proud to present you with
the employee of the month.
He's ready to risk his life
to suck up to the bosses.
A big hand for the man.
Go on, clap, you fucks. Go on.
You thought they'd thank you?
You'd get a promotion?
Fuck you! Why the hell
did you hit the button?
The camera.
What camera?
The main one,
it connects to the others.
In and out,
it was going to be simple,
but because of dumbass here,
the cops are on the way,
and it's going to be
a long fucking day,
that's if we don't
blow everyone sky high.
No, no! Please! Please!
Calm down, lady.
My son, I have to get him...!
Lady, do me a favor.
- Call your son.
- Really?
Call him.
We're all going to do that right now.
We have exactly
a minute and a half
to call our friends,
lovers, bosses,
whoever the fuck you want.
Then we'll come around with a bag
for all your phones and tablets.
A minute and a half, people.
Where's the photocopier?
We had some renovations,
we put it upstairs.
Okay, this goes.
You, come with me.
- Where are we going?
- With the others.
What the hell are you doing?
Let's get onto this.
She's no bother,
take her away later.
Let's start with this one.
Holy fucking shit.
Put all your belongings here,
everything here.
Line up like little ducks.
We're moving.
Let's go, Fuzzy!
Is that your desk?
Very neat, discreet, functional.
Sit down, please.
Now find the list on the computer
of who owns the deposit boxes.
Did you hear me?
Hello, good morning.
Nice to speak to you.
To whom do I have the pleasure?
Inspector Domingo, National Police.
What's your first name?
Jose Lus.
Nice to meet you, Jose Lus.
You don't mind
if I call you Jose Lus?
Look, Jose Lus,
it's all chilled out here,
you don't have to worry.
Everyone's cooperating,
but one thing they know for sure:
If they fuck up
they'll be blown sky high, right?
Yes, listen to me...
No, you listen and listen good.
I've done all that jail shit,
and I'm not going back,
is that clear?
I'd rather blow myself up
with everybody else here, right?
So we'd better make a deal
so that everybody can get on
with their lives.
I want a minibus.
A minibus?
Or a big one,
I honestly don't care,
I'm just trying to cut your costs.
We want to leave
with the hostages
and go straight to the airport.
A plane will be waiting for us
and, unfortunately, Jose Luis,
that's going to cost you
because we need a big one
that can fly 7000 km.
without refueling.
In any case, you...
In any case?
You must understand that
I can't decide all this by myself.
No, of course not,
you're an underling.
I imagine you'll have to contact
the important people
who make the decisions, right?
Of course,
but it'll take time.
Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry.
Something my grandma used to say.
Take your time, Jose Luis.
We'll be waiting right here.
There's a problem.
Holy shit, there's a lot of water.
Just go on top of the tunnel.
We've still got the waterproof bags.
It's not just the water,
it's the current.
Water all along the platform
puts pressure on the tunnel,
that's why it's rising.
How much time have we got?
Half an hour.
Three quarters at most.
Jesus fucking Christ.
It wasn't the right day, I told you.
Fuck that. How did we know
it was gonna rain like this?
Not even the weather man knew.
Two months digging that fucking hole.
Were we going to go in tomorrow
or next week, with the alarms on?
It was today.
Do your best, we've no choice.
We have to tell Varela.
Tell Varela.
We've got half an hour,
break open what they can.
It was a good plan.
In the door and out underneath
while the cops wait outside.
If it wasn't for the rain...
Shut the fuck up.
How many can you get open
in half an hour? Think about it.
50? 60 at most?
All that effort for nothing.
Come on.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Not for everyone.
One of you can get away rich.
What the hell are you going on about?
You were right, we should've waited.
You could've found another way
to cut the alarms.
It's not fair for you
to leave here empty-handed.
If you've got something to say,
fucking say it.
Do we have a deal or not?
Shooting a hostage
is a serious matter..
If it goes bad
and you can't get out of that hole.
Listen to me, please.
You can think, assess things,
not like that other guy.
Trouble is, he's your boss, right?
Boss of what?
Boss of who?
You're not dumb enough
to do something like that.
You can't imagine
how dumb I can be.
Please, please, please.
Count to three.
- One...
- Listen to me.
Those fuckers that ruined the bank
are putting me out on the street.
I can't tell you
what I know for nothing.
I'm sorry, I've been fucked over
enough for today.
What the fuck do you want?
The same as you.
To get out of here
with something worthwhile.
Hurry! Let's go!
Marta? It's me.
Don't worry, eh?
I'm at the bank,
some people burst in...
and we're not allowed out yet.
Just after 9:30 this morning
some thirty people received a call
alerting them
to what was happening in Valencia.
The bank robbers,
surprised by the police,
decided to hole up inside the bank
and let the customers
and staff call home.
After being alerted,
police immediately set up a unit...
around the bank,
which is now completely isolated.
- Hello, Julio, it's Marina.
- Marina, it's been ages!
- Yes, it's been a while.
- How's Gonzalo? Any change?
No, it's all the same for now.
Hey, I was watching TV ...
Did you find out about Valencia?
- No, I haven't seen a thing.
- It had to be that bank!
- Marina, relax.
- If they find the box...
- Slowly, okay?
- They can't find it.
- What's up in Valencia?
- Gonzalo had a safety deposit box there.
- Right, I get it.
- I didn't know if I should call.
Yes, it's good you called me.
Don't worry about a thing.
I'll make some calls and we'll talk.
Thanks, see you.
President's Office, hello?
- Charo, it's Julio. Get me Ferrn.
- He's not here today.
Find him and put me through
to his cellphone.
- Right away.
- Yes.
Thank you very much friends.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's over, we're out in 2 minutes.
Clear the corridor.
It's an opening,
it's full of journalists.
They'll ask about Brussels,
she won't answer,
and we'll look like shit.
What do I do, call the cops?
Work it out,
but not one fucking question.
We're changing the exit route.
Julio, you caught me...
Soriano had a box in the bank
in Valencia that's being robbed.
- What the hell are you saying?
- You heard.
We're screwed.
- Who'd you talk to?
- His wife.
She doesn't know what's inside,
but it looks bad.
- No, it doesn't look good.
- This is the worst timing!
Take it easy.
Call Manolo and Ernesto.
We'll get the Dept. of the Interior
to send us the details.
Stop it.
There he is. See?
Gonzalo Soriano,
he was all over the TV,
a huge scandal.
He's a politician.
He was charged over some tapes.
Someone working for him
at a detective agency spilled it all.
Politicians, bankers, everything.
But he was in jail.
Not any more.
There was a problem with evidence
and it was squashed.
And it's all kept in here.
Watch the image closely.
He's carrying a hard disk.
Just one box and all this
will have been worth it.
The camera connects the bank
to the police in case of an alarm.
What are those vests?
- Explosives.
- Fucking hell.
The device blocking
the safety deposit boxes
has been cut for days
due to an inspection.
The whole system was
meant to come back on today.
Soriano opened a safety deposit box
at this branch 5 years ago.
- Why Valencia?
- He didn't want to arouse suspicion.
He went there to mediate
between two developers,
rented the box and secured the item.
The fucker's got dossiers on everyone.
We knew that Soriano
had some jobs done on them,
but when it all hit the press...
So the Soriano thing,
the boat accident...
No, no.
No one here was involved.
It was a real accident.
Yes, and the robbery
could be by chance,
they might not know about the box.
They may not even know
who the hell Soriano is.
We can't take any risks,
we have to get them out
before they can open it.
Take it or leave it.
This is not what we discussed.
I should've busted your face
when you started this shit.
Take it or leave it.
It's 314.
Fucking goddamn it.
Uru, it's moving out there,
it's heating up.
Let's go, let's go!
Here, here.
Two. Two here.
Quick, one behind there.
I told you it wouldn't be easy
to get what you wanted.
Not everything,
but I think we'll get very close.
You do mean that?
Really, Jose Luis?
I see the 7th Cavalry outside.
I don't know
if you're really in charge.
Am I wasting my breath?
Nothing's changed for us,
it's all the same.
If you'd rather talk
to someone else...
No, let's keep it the way it is.
There's a deal, there's trust.
But these toy soldiers outside...
My people are worried, really.
- You got me?
- Right.
It's the truth,
there won't be a problem.
Why don't you send us in
some food and water?
Sure, count on it.
But no sleeping pills, poison
or any of that shit in it.
We'll be testing it on people first.
Relax, we won't try anything strange.
In half an hour
you'll have food at the door.
Okay. Thanks.
That was good, the food thing.
Now they'll think we're going to be
stuck here for hours.
They'll be eating the sandwiches,
while we're eating paella on the beach.
I'll charge you later for the lesson.
My old man told me a lot about you.
That's the word.
You're refined,
you've got a lot of class.
- Get to it.
- Yeah.
It's all under control.
Time is ticking,
we've got to go now.
Yeah, one second.
No, now. It's still rising.
Let's go!
Let's go.
Everyone with me, hurry.
No fuss!
Let's go.
Hurry, go, go!
What's wrong? Go!
Hurry. Here, come here.
You too. I want you here.
That's it.
Go, go, go.
- Go on, inside.
- Inside.
- What's going on?
- Inside.
- Grab a vest.
- One each.
Hurry, come on.
But be careful, eh?
Here, on your knees.
Three of you, you and you.
Here. Do it up. That's it.
Good, that's it.
Hold on, good.
Keep fucking still.
Very good.
That's it.
Good, cooperating.
Here you are, sir.
Here, they're fake.
Now keep still.
See this little light?
It means the detonator's connected.
I push this button...
...and the mercury is released.
Unless you want to shit fire,
don't move.
If the mercury hits both poles
at the same time...
you're fucked.
You, these dumbasses
and the whole building blow up, got it?
- Yes, stay still.
- We won't move.
I love it when people understand.
Alpha team in position.
Two of them have weapons.
Thermal vision on.
I've got three bank robbers.
I repeat, three bank robbers.
- Robbers or hostages?
- 3 robbers.
Where are the other three?
The cameras only show the first wall.
They must be with them
in an office at the back
or in the safe.
Doing what?
Why aren't they answering?
What the hell are you doing?
Is that the Soriano box?
What did you say?
That's 314, Soriano's box,
that politician's box.
What do you know about it?
And what the hell do you know?
What the fuck's going on here?
You knew about the box
before we came in.
So did you.
Are you fucking me over?
Am I fucking you over?
Who contacted you?
Are they paying you to watch me?
You think I don't have a code?
What's wrong with you?
So you already sold it.
Don't insult my intelligence.
- You sold it.
- Don't play dumb with me.
Where were you?
My old man said you were crap.
It's flooded!
What are we gonna do?
Don't give me shit like your dad,
just grab the bags.
Who told you?
Did you talk to Juan?
Who was it?
Who the fuck is Juan?
Who told you, you fuck?
The manager.
She told you, just like that.
She said: "Hey, handsome,
do you want to know something?"
Leave the soap opera
for when we're outside!
Let's get the fuck down there.
Take this, go, go.
- Down.
- Go for it.
Jesus fucking Christ!
Come on, move it!
Fucking move it!
- All ready?
- Yeah, yeah.
Hurry the fuck up!
Hurry! Close that up.
There could be casualties. It's a risk.
Are we set?
Go ahead.
What's going on? Hurry!
- Gimme a second.
- Let's move.
One second!
There's too much pressure,
we can't!
The current's too strong.
- No, let me.
- You can't, you asshole!
No, no, no.
Roger that.
We've got a green light to go in.
Go in?
There are hostages inside.
Everyone in position.
We're going in.
Those fuckers made a hole
in that office.
It must connect to a tunnel.
What are you talking about?
It's true,
they were talking about it,
the kid and the other one,
in the bathroom.
Whatever it is, we'd better
stay here and wait.
- There it is.
- Grab it.
You can't, fuck it!
- What do we do now?
- We have to go up.
- Go up...
- We have to!
- The cops are up there.
- Cops?
- You want to drown here?
- Why go up?
Everyone up, damn it!
Listen to me, Varela!
Fucking hell.
Ready? Let's go.
What is it?
I was taking a shit.
You finally answered.
Of course.
How's it coming out there?
Is the machinery in motion?
The plane?
No, not the plane.
So why the hell are you calling?
Am I your girlfriend, asshole?
Call me when you've got
something important to say.
The food,
I'm calling about the food.
We're bringing it to the door.
Is that alright with you?
We're still on. When they appear,
we hit them with everything.
They're here.
Fuck, where'd I put it?
Why aren't you opening up?
It's cool, stay still.
Don't tell me you lost the key.
This wasn't part of the plan.
You're in charge of the keys, fool!
Find them!
Back pocket, there they are.
I never put them there.
Go open up.
Stop, stop.
- What?
- Your pants are wet.
Yeah. So?
If they see you in wet pants
they'll get suspicious.
Swap with one of the hostages.
Your pants are wet too, man.
I'm not going outside.
They won't see me,
they'll see you.
Yeah, I get it.
- Yeah, sure.
- Get changed.
You have to stop it.
Stop the Valencia thing.
Abort. I repeat, abort.
- I need confirmation.
- F8 Tango. Abort.
All this is for us?
That's generous, you cheapskates.
I can leave it inside.
No, you stay there.
You think I'm an asshole?
Stop, the mozzarella will drip!
I'll tip you some other time.
Now what did they tell you?
Any explanation?
They've changed their mind.
That's all.
We hired an ex-Secret Service man
who works freelance
and has done things for us.
The guy inside is ex-Secret Service?
No, he's not inside,
we couldn't risk it,
in case there was a problem.
A shitstorm like this, you mean?
His link to the party
would've come to light,
so this is someone else
who gets orders directly from him
without knowing anything about us
or the contents of the box.
Did any of you know about this?
No fucking idea.
- But who...?
- It was me...
- We wanted...
- You wanted the Soriano box.
Who were you going to
fuck over this time?
- That's enough.
- Enough!
Fucking social climber!
They're not here
and neither are we, got it?
If this slips through our fingers,
we're all fucked.
His name's Jorge Pugliese,
called "the Uruguayan".
Why'd your expert
set up something like this
in downtown Valencia?
What was he thinking?
I don't know,
but he vouches for him.
Fucking great.
Now I'm so relieved.
He's sure the man did this
because he's got an escape plan,
an ace up his sleeve.
Do you realize how much
this discredits the police?
Well, yes,
but leaving the police hanging
is not the main thing now.
Someone reliable has to take charge,
someone who won't make waves.
Yes, someone receptive
and ready to take the fall for this.
Here, lady.
Hand it out.
It's delicious.
I'll leave it here, you eat up.
Are you alright?
Yes, thanks.
Are you sure?
Eat up.
It's delicious.
- Come here, come here.
- What?
See that skinny girl?
- Yeah.
- The brunette.
What is she out of a 10?
- Have you got shit for brains?
- Why?
Don't you see our situation here?
And you talk about chicks?
Just as we came in those fuckers
were about to take
everything from her.
- This is no coincidence.
- Are you listening to yourself?
She's into me.
I feel a vibe, an energy,
like a sign, right?
Signs and vibes...
She's not even looking at you.
Oh, she's not looking at me?
She doesn't want to recognize you
if the police ask her.
She's scared shitless.
You dick, you're jealous.
- Jealous?
- You're jealous.
Concentrate and don't get me mad.
Have you ever in your life
seen anyone get out of shit like this,
no matter how many hostages they've taken?
Now what are you doing?
- Going to Plan B.
- What Plan B?
Fucking Plan B.
Here it is, with this we're out.
Like fuck I understand.
Will someone kindly tell me
what's going on here?
Whose box is that?
It belongs to a politician.
He's a big fucking fish.
With this, we're out of here.
You knew about this politician?
And you too?
The manager told me
about Soriano, some politician.
She said it was his box.
He knew already,
that's why he brought us here.
I had no idea it was Soriano's.
I had to grab the box
and get it out still closed.
I saw Soriano's linked to box 314
and I worked it out.
They fucked us, man.
The Spaniard's right!
We did it all for this shit!
A robbery is a robbery.
So what if I had an extra job?
Who's behind it?
The person who gave me the info
was my only contact.
I had to get the box out,
still shut, no questions asked.
That's why they fixed
the doors for us
and gave us a free hand.
Was it an opportunity or not?
And he knew you'd get
your hands on the box, right?
He wanted more money, Varela!
You gotta understand the play!
They're gonna give you
lots of money out there.
And you told us nothing.
- You told your brothers nothing.
- Brother? You asshole!
You're here out of pity,
as a favor to your old man,
so stop busting my balls,
and ask the Spaniard what he gave
his friend the manager for the info.
What did you give her?
Go fuck yourself.
That kind of whore
charges for information.
And for giving her one, huh?
Did you give her part of
the brothers' money?
- Bitch.
- What a bitch.
What a fucking bitch.
Stop, Uruguayan,
we're talking here!
We're talking here!
Where's the manager?
She's inside.
The manager?
Where's the manager?
Open the door, fuck you!
Open the fucking door!
I know you're in there!
Open the door, bitch!
You wanna play rough?
Let's play rough, you and me.
You bitch! Get over here!
Where'd you put it?
Where is it?
I don't know what you mean.
You think you can sweet-talk me
like that dumbass?
Start talking
or I start searching orifices.
Leave her alone.
It's not the first time I've been
fucked over by some slut.
Did I mention the 6 years I did
because of that blonde?
He told her everything,
and when she got squeezed...
Forget it, Spaniard, ignore him.
That's his trouble.
His instinct for submission comes out.
He wants to live off some slut
with a pole up her ass.
But I don't give a fuck about
your "strict mistress" routine.
Don't give me this shit!
Well, well, the engineer.
The beast in you comes out.
You gonna hit me, you fag?
What is this shit?
I don't care who
the biggest moron is!
I want to know how
we're getting out of here.
This has got to end.
And it has to end well.
I got you into this
and I'll get you out of it,
but it shits me that this bitch
is ripping us off.
I want him to give back
everything he gave you.
We have a deal.
We didn't need
your shitty information, you fucker.
Are you doing overtime
in a bank robbery?
You're ripping people off even now!
He gave her diamonds
and she swallowed them.
She's got more balls
than all of us, boys.
Let's see what we've got in here.
No, what is this shit?
Son of a bitch!
I've fucked it.
I've really fucked it.
He'd never have used it
against the party.
On the contrary,
he was just worried
it'd fall into the wrong hands.
I'm sure.
But we have to be ahead of
what's going on,
not trailing behind.
One day he was in a foul mood.
We had all the journalists
at the door.
He shut himself in his office
and he was on the phone for hours.
He said he'd decided
to turn on the fan
the shit would fly upwards,
to the very top.
Excuse me, can we talk?
Excuse me.
- They found a hard disk.
- And?
There's nothing,
it was all deleted,
but they say something
could be recovered.
- Tell them to get onto it.
- What about Valencia?
Mellizo is going.
Colonel Mellizo speaking.
So you're in charge now?
I hope it's an improvement,
because we're not at all happy
with the service.
From now on
things will be done differently.
How about we talk face to face?
So you can shoot me down?
No one's shooting anyone,
you have my word of honor.
In 5 minutes at the front door.
Go ahead.
Listen to me closely, Uruguayan.
We're getting you out of there.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I've been waiting to hear that
for hours, sir.
I don't know what you were thinking,
but you've clearly failed,
so you have to do
exactly as I tell you.
What the fuck is this about?
No fucking idea.
It's all sorted.
We leave through the courtyard below,
the shaft with the air-conditioners,
into the building next door and away.
The cops must be occupying
that building by now.
No one will be watching
the courtyard,
we go up to the 4th floor,
the window will be open
and a uniformed cop
will be waiting for us there.
These people know each other,
it won't work.
They don't know each other,
the colonel's setting it up,
swapping back-up all the time,
nobody knows anybody.
Okay, let's go.
- Come on, up.
- Everybody up.
Let's go.
Let's go, hurry up!
You tortoises!
Fucking hell! Go!
Alpha team, abandon position,
return to base.
Roger that.
We'll watch this section,
you can go down.
Where's the Uruguayan?
Inside with Loco.
I took the thing,
got it going,
but that prick fucked us over.
He set us all up.
What are you talking about?
I put the hard disk in the computer
to see what was on it,
and suddenly it...
the fucker fucked us.
One of those things got in...
A Trojan?
A Trojan got in.
It started downloading everything.
Now there's nothing.
It's empty.
I'm telling you the way it is.
I'm sticking it up your ass!
I'm sticking it up your ass,
you fuck!
Did you hear me, you fuck!
I'm sticking it up your ass!
What the fuck is this?
This retard emptied Soriano's disk.
Take it easy, Spaniard.
It wasn't me!
Holy fucking shit, Loco!
It wasn't me,
that fucker conned us!
You fucked up, you idiot!
We gotta go. Let's go.
Get up, dumbass.
- C'mon.
- Fucking retard.
You've got the clothes,
now it's up to you.
I need what was in the box.
Open the door,
get us in a vehicle,
then I'll give you what you want.
Don't look at me like that,
we've got nothing to give him.
Split into two groups.
Uruguayan, you and Varela
take this guy.
Let's go.
- It's full of cops.
- Relax.
Relax? Look at them all.
You need authorization to cross
the street, it'll take a second.
And the lady?
- We found her.
- She was on the 5th floor.
It was cleared hours ago.
I explained to your fellow officer,
I couldn't hear a thing
from up there.
She had no ID,
so we brought her along.
What the fuck are you looking at?
I'll fill your head with lead!
Drop that! Drop it!
- What the hell are you doing?
- Reacting!
These fuckers know!
You drop that too, fuck you!
Drop it, motherfucker!
The fuckers were gonna kill us!
They know!
Drop them!
Kill that one!
I'll blow your head off!
Am I speaking Chinese?
I'm fucking mad!
Fucking hell, drop them!
Loco, listen to me.
Let's head back, back...
- No, you're crazy!
- Shut your fucking mouth!
- We have to go that way!
- Back!
Shut your fucking mouth,
we're going back.
Varela, back!
Everyone behind me!
One shot and his head's gone!
Take it easy.
Is that clear?
Loco, this way.
Back, back!
Go, up, up.
Get back, fuck you.
They got the woman.
She's hit! You got her!
Don't shoot!
Take her away.
Stay there! No one comes up
or I finish her off. You hear?
No one comes up
or I finish her off!
Slowly, take it easy.
- I'm going to die.
- No, you're not.
You're not going to die.
The bullet passed through, alright?
Your boyfriend made you
a nice tourniquet. You'll be fine.
Listen to me.
You don't want me to get caught
and tell them about the diamond diet?
Do me one last favor.
Stall them as long as you can.
You're done here.
The manager is out of danger.
The bullet went
clean through her arm.
Keep the bullet, it's yours.
They almost killed that bank manager,
and knowing her,
get ready for a huge lawsuit.
This is the end, Uruguayan.
It's over.
Careful with the names,
I can mention some too.
We need a little sanity from you now.
What sort of sanity?
Let's not kid ourselves.
All you can do is come out
and face the music.
You win some, you lose some.
There's no need to make it worse.
"You win some, you lose some"?
- Listen...
- No, you listen, Colonel Sanders.
If a bus isn't here in half an hour
I'll kill one hostage,
then another every 15 minutes.
What now?
They won't do anything.
Sounds like he's made up his mind.
They're professionals,
they never had blood on their hands.
They won't complicate a heist
with murder.
In half an hour they'll come out.
They know they have no choice.
One important thing:
I want the bank robbers
isolated when they come out.
I just wanted to know
why they set up this whole mess
and why they let us out.
I wanted to check
the information.
How was I to know that
that bastard was going to fuck us.
I know I fucked up.
But I did good too.
I had to read that situation,
and I did, I was on top of it.
My old man would be proud of me.
You want a prize, dumbass?
A medal? Congratulations?
You screwed up the information,
and everything.
- You're alive.
- I don't want to hear any more.
- What are you doing?
- Get outta here.
Want me to blow your head off?
You can't talk to anybody here.
You're all off your heads.
I don't want to hear any more.
Get the fuck outta here.
I hired this box when
I started planning all this,
to celebrate its success,
but seeing how things have gone...
Fuck, it's warm.
Sorry about what happened.
The Rosario thing.
Well, now we're even.
It was my fault.
I felt like it'd be
an opportunity for everyone,
but to be honest,
I made up that story
to get you all here
and I couldn't see the mountain
of shit waiting for us.
I didn't ask you either.
I believed your story
because I wanted to believe it.
I was glad you looked me up.
And I needed the money.
What about your cut of Rosario?
Did the blonde swipe it all?
She twisted me around
her little finger, the bitch.
What about you?
Your cut?
They let me out,
I got my cut and came to Spain.
I like it here.
I wanted to retire,
live like a normal person for once.
What did I do?
I went into a bank.
The guy welcomes me and says
he's got a special product for me.
A big fish like me deserved...
...a "preferred" account.
You're shittin' me!
- It's not funny.
- It isn't.
It's not funny, Spaniard.
They cleaned me out.
After the Argentine collapse,
they do this to me?
Can you believe
I'm such a dumbass?
Don't laugh, fuck you.
Oh, fuck off...
No, please.
Stop, stop.
Don't get the wrong idea, eh?
I respect women,
for me women are
way up there: women.
I've got a code.
All this is yours.
Take it.
Hide it in your panties,
or wherever.
You got some short pants on today.
It belongs to some asshole.
He had tons of this in his box.
And if he had all that,
then the fucker's got too much.
You know the saying:
"Whoever steals from a thief..."
Later you come to the bank,
and bam, pay off your mortgage.
Nobody can take away
what's yours.
Thank you.
At least you've got contacts.
They're friends of yours outside,
You see how they helped me out.
Give me a minute, I'll call.
When we were in the can
nobody remembered me, but you...
Just tell him the truth.
The truth?
Yes, the truth.
Soriano conned everyone,
including us.
When the Russians took Berlin
at the end of World War II,
two soldiers entered the bunker
and found the ashes
of Hitler and Eva Braun's bones.
What are you talking about?
Are you wasted?
The soldiers were sent back to Moscow
and all their bones were broken.
They wanted to be sure
the soldiers didn't invent
the suicide story.
Then, just in case,
they sent them to Siberia.
They never believed
there were only ashes left.
Sometimes the truth's a bitch.
I'm like those Russians,
the people outside will think... accomplice at the bank
is hiding it for you.
It's the ace up your sleeve.
Anything's better
than saying there's nothing.
You're right, it makes sense.
What sense?
I kept my trap shut
about Soriano with the cops.
Why would they be suspicious of me?
Who wouldn't be suspicious of you?
Fucking hell.
Maybe that's the thing.
Getting sent to Siberia?
Keeping our traps shut.
Maybe it's time to start talking.
What are you going to do?
We want to talk to
someone in the government.
What's the point of
dragging this out?
It's no good jerking our chain.
No, but I might pull the rug out
from under you.
Apart from us there are
30 other people.
If in two hours some representative
of the government isn't here,
one who can negotiate in its name,
we won't kill or rape these people,
but we might scare them
with an enlightening chat
about what was in Mr. Soriano's box.
Very well.
If that's how you want it,
I'll send a message.
Do it.
I'll be right back.
- Hello?
- What's up, Fernando?
It's been ages! What is it?
- I'm downtown with the robbery thing.
- I see...
I think you might be interested
in what I have to say.
What, is it getting complicated?
The Secret Service are here,
to give you an idea.
Remember the Soriano thing
a few years ago?
Yes, the dossiers.
Okay, it's about that.
The main thing now is that
someone in Valencia leaked it.
If this makes the TV,
it'll get tricky.
Listen to me.
I heard a conversation
and Soriano was mentioned.
They know the bank job
is connected, but that's all.
We'll talk later.
We need a strategy
to cover all the flanks.
There could be anything in that box.
Talk to everyone.
Find out what they know
or what they suspect.
This is already on the move.
I want a list of anyone
who might be involved in there.
If we screw up
and it hits the media,
I want everyone to have answers,
no improvisation.
I don't want anyone
talking crap to a camera.
- So you're...
- The man you asked for.
I can close a deal with you
here and now.
Go ahead.
There's only one way out,
through the front door.
With TV cameras
and police putting on handcuffs.
I think we got the wrong van.
If we get the Soriano item back
and you keep quiet,
you can put a date
when you get out of jail.
It'll be a short stay, we can fix it.
Do you know the story
of the patient and the dentist?
The patient goes into the office,
sits down,
grabs the dentist by the balls
and says:
"We're going to
treat each other real nice,
isn't that right?"
You want something we have
and we want to get out
of the fucking country.
Our balls might hurt bad,
but yours will hurt even more.
Look, no offense,
but let's get this straight.
This isn't the first time
we've made an offer like this.
We've been here before.
Is that what you'll tell your boss
when she asks you
what happens now?
What could happen?
The hostages say
they heard a recording
of people exchanging something?
How long is it?
What about the videos?
It seems your friend likes movies,
he's got it all recorded.
Very well put together,
with a star rating
like in the newspapers.
And guess who appears
in the 5-star video?
And how she appears.
Do you want to know who?
Your boss.
I want to see it, show it to me.
Relax, we'll show it to you.
But this is like at the movies,
you go to the box office first.
So look sharp
and get a bus here in half an hour
unless you want the hostages
to take away a souvenir
recorded on their mobiles.
Back a bit.
That's him.
- You sure?
- Yes. He came to relieve me.
I'm sure.
Can you get a better image?
It's at the limit,
but we can tweak it a little.
When you've got it, put it out.
Maybe he hasn't left Valencia yet.
We need a contingency plan.
We could confiscate the mobiles
of the hostages when they're out.
That's no good, they're right.
It's a video, not a lost call,
with a payment list and code names.
We need to know what they've got.
I'm on it.
What about the hard disk
we found in Soriano's house?
Nothing yet.
Hurry up.
We can stop this,
but we need to know
what they're talking about.
I already told the police.
Two were clearly the leaders,
the Spaniard and the Uruguayan.
That's what they were called.
Anything you recall could help us
understand who we're dealing with.
They didn't trust each other.
The Spaniard said the other man
had lied to him,
that he'd invented a story
to get them in there.
The Uruguayan hadn't told them
the whole truth about the robbery.
What truth?
What was he hiding?
I don't know.
The line is secure, we can talk.
We've said all we have to say.
So did I, but I need to see the video.
Before I decide, I need to see it.
My throat's dry
from all this talking.
If you want me to help you...
There's some mistake here!
I'm helping you,
you got that, fuckhead?
This is your shit and your boss',
so you'll see it
when I fucking feel like it!
Did you hear that
or do I send you an email?
- The video is a bluff.
- Are you out of your tree?
It's what you do, make things up.
Like that story to get
your friends into the bank,
and now you want to trick me.
I always imagined
top civil servants like you
took the good coke.
Do you just sniff hair gel,
you fuck?
You have nothing, it's a bluff.
No video, no photos,
no movies, it's a bluff.
You think you're clever, huh?
Watch that pride,
it can lead to a fall.
I'm not giving you time
to set up one of your tricks.
If what it takes is your president
slashing her wrists on TV,
then just wait
until the deadline is up.
It's all okay.
They've got nothing,
at least they don't have
what they say.
The fucker's toying with us.
We have to go in
and get them out, now.
We have to wait.
No, we have to end this
as soon as possible.
Get out of there.
Come back to Madrid.
What's happening?
What's this all about?
Did you speak to her?
Did you tell her about
my conversation with those two?
I thought it was relevant.
You thought it was relevant?
I decide what's relevant
to tell her and when!
Everyone follows orders
and mine are to keep her
informed at all times,
without any middle-men.
Including me, her chief of staff.
Please, we don't even know
if they have a video.
What's this?
The hard disk from Soriano's house.
There's all shades of shit here,
not just ours.
Someone's head will roll, of course,
but she's not on the disk.
We only have 40% of it; she'll appear.
She seems very sure that she will.
What else did she say?
What are your orders now?
There'll be a change of strategy,
that's all I can tell you.
Did he take over from
our man in the building?
No doubt about it.
The security camera at the gas station
caught him barely half an hour ago.
Then we've got him.
- If he paid by credit card...
- He's Guardia Civil.
A real one.
- What?
- It can't be anyone else.
Name and surnames.
It all coincides.
It seems he's assigned
to Mellizo's HQ.
Why did they give Mellizo
the hard disk before us?
I don't know,
but we've got something.
It's from years ago,
at the start of her political career,
her first government post
after winning the elections.
Valencia in '95,
on the verge of an absolute majority.
She needed an abstention
to get elected,
and she got it.
Soriano has nothing on her.
I know about this.
Some developers were behind it,
but the party didn't set it up.
The member who changed his mind
felt shortchanged
and threatened to talk.
Years later there was a meeting
and she was there.
Checking the accounts,
we found a payment
signed by Soriano
to a detective agency
with whom he used to work.
There may be videos of the meeting.
And the report?
Nowhere to be found.
Is the agency still active?
Yes, but we haven't worked
with them for some time.
Send some people and find the video,
there must be a copy in the archives.
If they won't cooperate,
squeeze them, do an inspection.
You should listen
and go back to Madrid.
We brought in Mellizo
because he's ruthless,
and if he's got carte blanche now...
Sometimes it's best
to look the other way.
You go. I'll take the next train.
No, Ferran, we both should go.
This mud will stick to you.
If it does, I'm fucked,
but I am anyway,
so given a choice...
No one said you had to choose.
Not this time.
Let's pack our bags!
The minibus is here
and we're taking a trip,
so I want big smiles all around!
They didn't wait for the deadline.
They're scared.
They're desperate.
We're pulling them out in 5 minutes.
Due to the threat to the lives
of the hostages,
the government has decided to
agree to the kidnappers' demands
and get them out of the country.
This is a joke.
Why don't you get on that train
and let us do our fucking job?
The kidnappers won't get away
without life insurance.
They've got 6 hostages,
one for each of them.
It's an unacceptable risk.
Listen, Ferran...
6 of them with explosive vests.
Any error and they'll all
blow sky high, hostages included.
- Have you gone mad?
- Get out of here!
If you were the colonel
and you were in his situation,
would you let us leave alive?
Knowing we could be carrying
copies of the videos?
No way I'd let them leave
the country with all this.
There's no need to leave the country.
With the phones,
we could make 10, 100 copies.
We'd have them by the balls forever.
We could pressure them
whenever we like,
never-ending blackmail.
They're not fucking us over
like they did those Russians.
So what's the move now?
I'm no fool, something's fishy!
- We have to wait.
- For what?
For the Uruguayan.
I'm up to my ass
with waiting on him.
So am I.
Is there a problem?
You tell me.
We shouldn't delay this much longer,
we have half the city paralyzed
clearing the way.
In 20 minutes you'll be
at the airport.
You know if you try any crap
we blow it all to shit, right?
The people, the bus, everything.
Everyone knows what to do.
There'll be no surprises.
Are you ready to go?
Give me 10 minutes and we're out.
We have the report: there is no video.
Turn around! Now!
- It's Ferrn. I need to speak to Mellizo.
- He's busy now.
I know he's on an operation,
but I want him now!
The report says there's no video.
Soriano hired them to sweep for bugs.
He didn't want the turncoat
to record the conversation.
That bus must not explode!
Let's go.
Son of a bitch!
Have you gone mad?
You want to fuck it up?
You want to fuck with me?
It's too late to change plans.
Everyone in position.
Walk slowly.
Move slowly, please.
Get on the bus, one by one.
We're hostages, please don't shoot.
We're hostages! Please!
What the fuck is going on?
It's not them, it's the hostages.
It's emptying out.
Nobody move!
The explosives are fake!
Nobody move!
On the ground!
No, please.
Everybody keep still!
We're hostages!
We're hostages! Please!
You see?
I want officers at
all the Valencia subway exits.
We can't.
I know there are lots them!
Move your ass!
Colonel, all units on the move.
I don't give a shit
where you get the people from.
Robbery in Valencia.
Search for Soriano videos.
New evidence
implicates the Presidency.
Soriano's secrets
implicate the Government.
Secret Service
involved in Valencia heist.
Get out of here.
Everyone out!
What can you tell us about
the information on the networks?
Not now, please.
Have you spoken to
the President yet?
What was in Soriano's box?
What were they afraid of?
No statements.
If I may, please. Thank you.
Ferrn, stop it,
she doesn't want to talk.