To the Lighthouse (1983) Movie Script

There'll be another day and when you go
must be ugly de NOC Radleys essential
point Charles was it the more we
consider matter the less able we are to
grasp it our analysis is destructive we
go on slicing away at objects in the
separating characteristics describing
it's as though we were condemned to
advance each time half the distance
covered by the preceding step bradley
insists our to pass beyond physical
analysis we need a metaphysical system
it completes the process of perception
and then we arrive James Porter then I'm.
Fraser that boy will have to learn that
we cannot turn our lives around what key
wants to do
oh thank you.
Thank You Esmeralda yes I would love to
come to your party I have just the
dressing room it is all over pink those
my dearest little little shells oh so
much jewelry of you really know give me
a headache sidewalk
So the team must be another subject rule
to defend life get seven back with
James is like a kite there's mrs. Ramsay
holding the other and sistren
Named James back the days are slipping
by yes sir I did hope we might have an
opportunity to discuss my dissertation
soon time we did Joe's time we did yes I
would tell you that Rob oh is this the
last man of whom cricket legends are
I doubt it how much I wasn't ready
oh yes you were yes but you did fall
rather hard I was riding come on James
out is out I'll give him another go
yes I'm all for that James you are out I
don't want this little fish I don't want
a little tea my name's it's a Norton or
theater fest and I won't pass them for
hello cam I was you're sketching miss.
Briscoe I wasn't very pleased of my
efforts today I'm afraid mr. Tousley
such a harsh judge of your own talents
Lily again has never been a major woman
artist really I wish were not so we're
not dealing with the matter it is so or
it is not so we're discussing your
opinions aren't we I think there is such
a thing as objective truth and
undeniable manifested consensus of
thought mr. Ramsay I'm sure would agree
with me I expect you have a fondness for
this best poet second best poets third
best poets no hardly so fat I'll adopt
less you have jolly arguments as to who
is the best undergraduate of his year my
year it was me uh have you seen
shipwrecked yet mr. Tanzi I'm no and
right on I will cover it soon of course
not much to see now you went down that's
all afternoon mother dearest
let's hope it's fine tomorrow like that
parlor the tournament Andrew the
not too slow
Caroline I've had another job damn
laughing we do less and less together
you aren't liking leather surgeries
relative then you're fiddling about your
console you will accompany me and the
children to the tournament no I cannot
you will not make any of your damn
visits today what a nun Livia dying I
have to visit him Karen no let us wants
to go to the beach today with father and
people hurry
here's one found some fun Ben I looked
oh look again oh and pardon sir I
thought as everyone had finished
now surely that's useful day isn't such
a misery Nancy please
we can either change places with me mr.
Pendley a wrestling isn't really my cup
of tea at all but I love going with
mother on her own people is so mean
I'm sorry to keep you waiting mr.
Tempest enjoy
We are going to the village with the car
market you want anything
stamps writing paper tobacco being a
great philosopher we made an unfortunate
planet have you come this way before
is it quicker it's prettier your
previous deaths are like if or what your
I husband invite one of his qoodles down
here most year spy mr. Tanzi you look
no no it's just that I well I forget
what happened everything has we've been
coming down here for several years no
well who lived in that house before a
mining family they went bankrupt over
least was fair
the house stood empty for years because
nobody wanted it Pleasant I have two
houses you disapprove many people in
komal don't even have one you are our
customs apparently
mr. Tanzi what in the dry I do believe
if you stand out here in the Sun for
more than an hour you go so this is.
Ramsay let me carry your basket
Ed you met my daughter Doug
no I grew to Nancy in there these couple
of Roscoe's my
How's that young son of yours doing too
bad he's going to win the belt and bring
you glory
he's got Hawkins to deal with enrich
their lives with the day we meet what
can they do a sport a breakage of the
squad and restaurant
well I don't think it's quite a
dangerous does that matter
last year one man broke your back in a
wheelchair now the most falling
ridiculous tragedy now just the way they
Is someone event yet next start let me
find was it I've got a bed and final
don't tell father
backing off Sam are you I put a bit with
Mildred Paul's coming soon isn't it good
yes we shall see less of you to enjoy
that train journeys importance and
duration the boy should be at the
tournament I need a mirror Walter don't
you be all given with that Tom mrs.
Ramsey is a word to say Tom you know
where I live don't you
I told your mother that if she needs me
urgently at any time just to send you to
fetch me it was used the back door if
it's in the night.
You predicted well mr. Evaro
Bad luck them come Naruto lose like a
gentleman fix back the car dad nobody
Because your speech ready father well
Andrew what do you think Sam have a fare
back on now I really don't know father
tell me the rules well you should this
is an important sport to the people here
the least we can do is try to understand
it tomorrow what says Jasper and I
playing chess in the garden for hours on
end hasn't taken any interest in that
do you think that's comparable I'm
giving my point of view father then
you're a fool suppose he knows the rules
of course he does Andrew you have sat
down with the local experts the first
summer he came here and found out all
about it I wish only the same that I am
honored that you have asked me to
present the prizes today we Ramsey's are
only swallows you know here for the
indeed ideal it is presumptuous that
someone like I should stand here in the
place of honor when there are doubtless
others whose roots are deep down in this
countryside that I love so much others
far more fitting than I thank you Bret.
Horton I'm sure you find taste most do
it do you like to be getting on and
hurried out to the moon
my mother says I can't keep still for
five minutes
have you been home six into many that's
always been happening though one does
feel sometimes on the outside that you
haven't had all the time you like with
Michael I hope you've been writing
regularly to your mother and father when
I can I shouldn't pry into other
people's lives advice I have is what
you've been doing this afternoon advice
or a virtue little boy tom was rather
hostile that's fierce pride on the
oldest son in my family I can't afford
to visit much during term my younger
sister mayor's around the break in here
I am the money to pay for her schooling
I earn the money to pay for my own
schooling and all my studies at the.
come in
I brought my dissertation you said I
showed it at dinner put it on the desk
you got to hit through the CD mini
don't worry Charles hope you go
that won't be a trouble to you sir of
course you know travel I'm a teacher
am I not I must help my students.
I like you I was when I was 25 but I was
better than you are Charles my boy
you have reached H I was as far as Oh
Dear dear dear
I do feel the lack of any real education
on these occasions arithmetic for
instance did you enjoy your walk with
the atheist I wish you wouldn't call him
that man see the Church of England has a
vested interest in with a Pesci waitin
but property only ruin plots no God
where his fault with stonker bishop you
really must show me respect a father has
a very high opinion young mr. tanley
very he does say he's very able me a
second Aristotle for I can he's a ball
the Freak I wish she wasn't here Nixon
don't you think we can come down here
and just be in Rome do that just family
your boiled students or crusty old
family friends no injured birds mother
I don't know who you mean by injured
birds Nancy should do that enough if you
wouldn't mind many I wish to talk your
mother you'll strain your eyes Caroline
yes I must stop soon who are you meeting
for noon then so less Sun the light.
Hospital Stanford I've been trying to
work it Marie's evening of that's why
the children are so noisy whether
they're noisy or not is beside the point
I am unable to work my brain has become
an unwitting beast it's been a tiring
day for you Michael Easton and Sariah.
Sam didn't win your absence is a subject
of comment
the light is gone and you bothered dad
They love it well together don't you
think mr. Carmichael always arguing
nothing they're both so serious
mr. Tanzi should be a politician he
would change the world for the better.
Lily their source of strength
she would have this to do
and he is studying
you're not listening mr. Carmichael
do you like to understand me
and we have certain problems in Romani
it's not my type what is your type
I don't know baby come on
people say anything too serious
the world isn't a funny place is it it's
strange your mother believes the world
is filled with tragedy which allows all
day long if the Carmichael fish is
extraordinary beautiful uni I don't know
what that means
I do
she could weigh the one my perspective
choose to be someone other than I'm
surrounded I'd like to be very a long
way from home I'd love to
no Ramsay don't allowed to have secrets
when endlessly inspected so much love I
am below when we had a restful foot she
read it up in her room she cried for
hours when she can.
Oh Andrew quick Oh Kirsten Rodney Martha
right too many letters mother mother but
we will go soon Gemma due to the
Oh I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
drill wanted to come with it but I
thought it best she said
he things are growing chilly the things
Over here you like it when I come down
in mid-july
and that's been the summit er in the
year in stuffy lucky let me tell you my
mind is in a pilot stage they do say
don't they you can improve an old clock
by putting a piece of cloth in the back
with a trace of oil and this is my piece
of oily cloth
I'm sure you could have persuaded him
there grip so why should I miss Russ he
didn't come here to go through
invigorating law came home the
well matters for him I'm glad you two
seem to be getting on better than you
used we're going to the standing stone
up there I'm having a rest baked em can
our children safe
there Michael has his expedition
hello mr. Riley am I disturbing you Oh
mr. Ellie we artists they're a solitary
not quite marvelous up here miss Briscoe
I think if I had any ability whatever
with a brush this is where I'd come
I have no ability to help but I do
persist and very stubborn
so perhaps you couldn't not paint even
if you wanted to abandon it
you know much about paintings - really I
get of exhibitions when I can I'm sure
you would find my taste very old hat I
bought a painting last year as a matter
of fact it's pretty straightforward a
view of Richmond
that's us met miss Ramsey in Richmond we
went for a walk in the park who watched
the deer
the paintings and aid and my this
good day
I'm stuck the record of men able to
transfer nature to exert it
I suppose that's why nail artist
betrayer convincingly they are fired by
that pride of possession there will the
moon lamentable then that they think of
landscapers feminine jasper tells me his
fetus or you stiffness at a cracking
pace michael inappropriate Footwear
caroline the idiot boy only had canvas
yesterday you must get him a decent pair
of walking boots support the foot
leather uppers caroline and a broad
fitting you'll have outgrown them in a
year Michael how do you find Paul rainy
same as ever I suppose steady but down
why I think he has come down to propose
to our proof oh I see what would her
answer be duty knowing proof she'll be
guided by what we think would she be
happy I think they're very much in love
perhaps I should raise the matter with
him isn't that preponderance oh I'm sure
he will propose if that is what you
would have him do Caroline then I'm sure
he will in this house your wishes
command us all
another day gone by nothing achieved you
are with your family Michael consolation
I'm sorry I know what your reputation is
and the people you invite here they
speak so highly of you
Many many does it better it's alright I
know it's not a burglar James another
new go back to better are you good boy
When you hear I've told you so many
times closed doors but open windows I'm
sorry I've used up all my warmth clearly
feel my face is ash
had you been out you know what is the
very worst thing the most awful event I
can imagine that my gosh to die before
me mr. Ramsey will live to be honored
this is a lonely little room and I get I
feel them that is why we do not really
understand one another I don't live
alone I have a home my father and my
painting I cannot be much to share with
your oppa passionately and English.
I am actually afraid to be I had some
times the other day I was sitting by the
French windows and evening you know how
I like to sit there with James but I was
alone the children were all upstairs
their rooms you were off with a duster
somewhere Michael was in some corner
with Tansley throwing away and so I sat
there because it was so quiet there's
nothing to distract me I began to hear
the waves I'm not sure know how it is
when you begin to hear something like
that and it begins to get louder and
louder and really becomes quite
insistent you wonder how it is that you
don't hear it all the time so I listened
to the rhythm of the waves falling going
back falling again
it's filled its little but I always have
put words to rhythms like I can't help
Ticking of the clock wheels were trained
to the lighthouse fell away before is it
true that I found myself saying the lord
have mercy on us Tigra the way before
and the Lord.
I went to find some company I remember
as I noted in the kitchen and I started
talking about the next day's meals I
can't imagine what you thought a Gooden
in my situation so different from yours
of course
hi because you have children and I do
not because you have a man always to
share your bed I have known oh but not
really do you share mrs. Ranley you
don't cease to be one person into him
you don't become half a person
do you two minds open like nerves and a
kiss I don't believe they do love can't
claim so much
I'm not poor Lily you must not say that
why must you always insist that the
light had missed and shivering outside
the gates to bliss just because we are
not married just because we do not have
a man or was to come / and serve
I do not serve here I'm a not permitted
to be happy as I am on my own Lily I do
assure you I do not serve here this is
my household and I am in control when it
comes down to it you know Michael is
that one member who don't understand
suppose he rejected you it's a very
different then if he pushed you out the
front door and loved it what then you
would starve
you don't understand.
I've had enough of your damn
philanthropy we do this list again if
you aren't writing letters to bereaved
relatives and you're fiddling about with
your account books for the poor and
greedy as you're making your visit
Caroline do you understand we have
children who want you to themselves and
there is misery all around I know damn
it I knew water land Livie and I know
his family is destitute but I also know
I cannot care for the whole world can
can you love our patients and would like
to rest we took thousands per tomorrow
couldn't remover would you like that
mother yes.
I do not agree that it has to be them
I'm sorry but I cannot afford it this
house is a luxury Caroline we are here
for eight weeks in the year but for the
remainder it is a drain on my purse
now I love these summer's more than
anyone but let me say this if you
continue to give the nod to such
unnecessary expenditure I shall sell I
will place the house on the market this
very autumn what do you want me to do
till I instruct a boiler to take all the
materials back I have no wish to discuss
this trivial matter any further
do as you think fit
did you find out says he cannot afford
it ridiculous of course he can afford
not easily but it won't produce us to
the workhouse Paulo worries have about
money towards a more relation prove this
house is a luxury luxuries are immoral
yeah but nothing was spent on
you know child as I get older I find I
returned more and more to the central
conundrum of philosophy or rather it
returns to me the relationship between
mind and body Here I am up to 40 years
of reflection I feel that somehow we are
all fundamentally wrong I cannot find a
concept that fits the physical facts
minds are brain after all brings a
flesh-and-blood mind is meat child do
not perceive our minds as mixer ah
but maybe we should dear boy that is my
point I go to the beach for a babe the
sea sets my skin tingling but the sea
also sets my brain tingling to get my
point the sea may affect how I think how
is this child assist me I'm not sure I
follow you mr. Ramsay cherub Josh Jo Jo
good gracious boy what's the matter.
I cannot enjoy being the subject of
amusement admire your ability mr. Ramsey
enormous Lee you know that I felt that
was such a privilege to be asked down
here to work with you I left my family
and I came down I thought to spend so
many weeks to be able to discuss my
dissertation I thought I must not miss
such a chance now it is nearly over what
are you trying to say I feel
disappointed deeply disappointed do you
I don't understand you all this
gardening and sitting about and playing
cricket and playing on the beach now it
matters did it what about your work
isn't that what matters where it's still
family that matters is all your reading
and writing and all that discussions in
the basis that all the game but my work
in the hobby to me it's real it's
absolute and my political view they're
real proof I can't play games do I have
to be a good sport to be acceptable to
you mr. Tanzi mr. Hensley I have
something more to say to you mr. Tanzi.
Miller mr. Ramsay wants to know where I
am from I bought the village
I thought mother
well Standish urban how missus finish it
said awfully awfully polygon word all
through the valley of death rode the six.
yes cam what is it panting he gave me a
message for you what was the message
so we mama Internet
our focus is for Jaws
I'm not sure I can see it the outside
tells me nothing it should be sliced
through like a beehive against laughs
passages revealed storage areas the.
Royal nursery James the six is stormy
call James
there will be no trip to the lighthouse
today today is for the dissertation
anyone seen James there is my focus
all my subjects
cam what was the message he's always
asleep that's because he well he's up
for much of the night writing his poetry
it's quite a well-respected per tumor
does work as a rather out of those now
he was a teacher in India he and father
were undergraduates together who comes
down every year one of the traditions
Well done Jasper I may see mother
come in
check on that later no courses sure
after this
please and Apple eyes do find this
gloomy horribly depressing
how is my household truth is it still
running along without me it's like
sleeping beauty house assess friend.
James and cam haven't had a fight for
three days extra I was poor another son
blender presents don't be evasive
last night I suddenly woke up started
wondering what would have been like when
you're sixty just as he is now grow old
husbands and wives I kept on thinking
how this happened
why this particular man I mean we met
and we're in love people surround them
it doesn't awful thing to say.
I first met Michael at a reception
hundreds of people you know standing
around talking and I saw him standing
there with a plate in one hand glass any
other it was as if he were thin glass
toast sticking out of the wall and all
those other people
he was just bobbing around him like so
much flotsam such a vivid recollection
are you sure very good dress are you
think that no mother yes just much
better but you must go out the land and
mr. Renly every visitor the coin will
doubt back go to agree poo Nancy Yes.
instead of all three of them go
yesterday come and sit down my god this
house is turning into a zoo and rule
remove that bucket what with birds and
cattle living god knows what else we'll
all be poisoned if something isn't done
mrs. Ramsay if you spent a little more
time here which is your responsibility
and a little less time in other people's
houses which is not you might be able to
see that our kitchen staff took some
note of elementary IG near another
middle bread please let me see to this
true needn't concern herself Mildred
will take it in her stride she has used
her father's rages if the rest of us
Nancy I will not have you speak of your
father like that
why do you defend him why you defending
Andrew do as you're told
remove the bucket lava system I think
issue person lighthouse today that
sounds very exciting
I'd like to visit the lighthouse James
I'll see the base is quite small Marva
do you think we can go and ask a third
highlight James James is all successful
here six years old and he's six of us
you're an extraordinary family all of
I'm afraid you've seen as warts-and-all
mr. really that's how it should be
don't talk so it's not suitors should
not see behind the curtains oh come mrs.
Ramsay there sits my small black cat my
brisk she watches all our dramas with an
arrow done blinking hi.
Michael Ramsay has the black moved on
him you young people will not understand
what it is the black moon there is no
I do believe mr. Carmichael is in a
different plane from the rest of us to
listen more than one speaks as a rare
gift I have to deliver electric carted.
University early in the term damn
thing's been on my mind
damn users throw a few crumbs on the
graduates in most part of the appetite
of snails I am quite unable to do that I
know that I have no new ideas Augustus
nothing at all I shall end up breaking
through all my old ideas you know tied
in bundles stacking boxes what's there
that's still bright is the problem you
see what can I sell at them from the
lectern will flash like a javelin
so imagine
if you're going to crawl about in your
slippers so Paul Michael then I can do
about you I said that because your face
is returning I am tired of customs and
weird but I am NOT at the summit perhaps
he doesn't realize and it's all you know
serious Jessica wants to put it in.
Marines bed ask you do not understand
why men devote his life to watching the
biggest question and this human puzzle
questions go into a rage because I'm no
wig vast augustus to hide it for me just
until this evening and get on with my
dissection and show father surely be
impressed I don't want to please him I
don't care about that I just want to
dissect my crab you do want to please
him you always do that it is fat.
I'm sorry I'm late mr. Carmichael
I said come and collect my crap oh yes
I've got something here
and go you may find useful very be
a vacation don't ask me why I carry
these odd things about to be I just like
to have them near me thank you very much
and then toes
she's ready.
Thank You Jessica pay up by the way so
we've had a bet with you would win that
wrestling's on I paid up more like meat
that salad lose chicken out of the way
prosecutors cook tinsel painting to it
for science doing having Terry shut up
this is new looking for you James that's
nice business you are going to bed no he
is going to be
Documenting other than chaperoned by
abuse sake and run diet with carbonate
how dreadful no to root
I enjoy education continues throughout
the semester at a fairly gentle things
that you can do I think if chaperoning
is a bit silly then to drive everyone
away from fields the the neighboring
fields so that no one there there's no
one will challenge them or disturb their
You're dripping in the da
I see if they're on their way.
Nancy is always a bad thing
Let me take it off for you can he pacing
about I don't know what you mean by
passion about your father's been working
on his card is Lester's all day that I
do not.
Awfully awfully Donwood all through the
valley of death today
does it come forward but like the gays
stretchy bad mostly structure in a
painting as strong as a mold so that I
can put in everything the Sun the summer
house and the earwig and Paul Reddy's
flame along and the miseries of little
James riddle in Briscoe what have I got
so far from a donor and child in the
modern manner
you may be finished in time lava will
let me measure them against you James
pepper mother never see mrs. Solis Inez
will be eight this winter sir
still too short
winning signing the warning if it's
signed by darling if it's fine you go
ideas don't come easily.
Augustus you can't just sit there like
some Frances in heaven perch on his
shoulder a good idea a truly great
perception is like a wildest of animals
it must be hunted in silence with
absolute concentration you'll have done
that much but so long ago those days
when I used to long walks in the
countryside to nowhere in particular
finishing habits I'm in Morada I spent
at a scrub table with no interruptions
then I glimpsed it through so too
but too much ease I lost my way and I
planted the nettles myself why do I
surround myself with people the damnable
domestic round the children augustus
demands demands demands they love their
regularities the rhythms of our life
together so it must be every morning so
a kiss goodnight so every day so every
month so every year years and years and
years we are all issued with our measure
of love you had a great measure much
more than any of us it's for gymnastics.
I will not reach the summit
He should be copying the pictures he
likes cutting annihilation
I see no point in it please Newton
I shall write to Cardiff and decline the
invitation oh you mustn't do that there
are better men younger men I have
nothing to say Kali.
Michel each letter you gave it a great
success mr. Tanzi sister mr. Terribly
who is he
the mentors approval I want will not
give it to me will be done to normal
what the lighthouse it is safe to go to
the lighthouse
why hold on hopes to the boy the window
says in the West and the barometer is
dropping but it could change things
could change
there will be no trip to the lighthouse
Do they need daydreams like roses
Carry on then I will set out but wife
aren't the fishermen how can you be king
the fish cannot make a king husband said
she say no more about it
the gern tribe I will be king yeah
please come the stuff now shall we go up
you can look at the pictures a beaut
Should I be a barrister bonus number my
eye shine shoeshine
oh yes I like this should I wear those
ones should not eat why those ones blue
but what have you chosen for me cam
yeah that's bed I've been imprisoning
you punishment don't wanna be fit to put
a change so I like to hear it
we can't I'm not dead thing
oh shut up into bed please those of you
I can't imagine why I let just to put it
here in the first place
let's imagine cap is this not a place
for secrets over fairies the nest for
birds before they fly away to wonderful
imagine Mountain can imagine pastas the
sound of bells and everything was
wonderful can't think of everything
Thank you
this is a Primus color a little more
mr. Time I think you go Latin tantrum or
yes mr. beiley that's right this is a
French recipe it was my grandmother's
she was drinking though could only be
French English cooking is a disaster.
Tosh Nancy everything foreign is always
better in your eyes have I offended your
patriotism for you Miss rabbit even do
that patriotism I didn't intend to open
our door to an attack on Africa's mr.
Pencil it's just that I think the.
English overcooked their vegetables what
am I doing here with this quaint family
pretending to be at a banquet so we're
doing sitting in a shabby old house
having dinner while the wind outside
seems likely to that a roomful talk
about winning a trip to the lighthouse
more action.
Dear Charles is clamoring for attention
oh these men do so need our rain it's
sympathy before even their meanest
flowers bloom your father oppressed the.
Boer War duty Charles Lloyd George's man
yeah now bloom sweet brisk his
livelihood was almost destroyed the shop
is very vulnerable to public prejudice
receive listen take that custom
elsewhere yes
scandalous that's why the spread of
suffrage without the spread of education
is such a frightening prospect ruled by
appeal to them I presume they brought
their custom back in due course yes as
with every war the euphoria is followed
by a sense of waste
my father was then rather admired but I
carry the memory of the hatred an aspect
of my childhood I cannot forget I have a
poor memory for unhappiness
poor Charles what chance of you against
that yes he will marry unstoppable dare
blind mother have arranged this dinner
to celebrate betrothal but only the two
of them was supposed to lose happened
mmmm she has arranged it more to iowa's
to celebrate probably happier for a time
what of me Oh who what Oh
We are sitting in the midst tragedy
which will be repeated all around the
world on an ever increasing scale I
shall complete my painting I shall move
the tree capsule seek the cheapest labor
jumping over the boundaries towards the
pantry it's clean here in Cornwall a
whole community of people has been
thousands of honest men have been forced
to lead to emigrate forever there's
poverty here and helplessness personally
I find it hard to ignore I know many.
Cornishmen they are my friends I know of
these things it's time for a toast me to
another summer together to another
Thank You Man safety when to the
sessions of sweet silent thought I
summon up remembrance of things past I
sigh the lack of many a thing I sought
and with old woes new wail my dear times
waste then can I drown an eye unused to
flow the precious friends hid in deaths
dateless night and weep afresh loves
long since cancelled well and moan the
expense of many a vanished sight then
can I grieve at grievances foregone and
heavily from world to world tell or the
sad account of four baloney plane which
I knew pays as it's not paid before but
if the while I think on the dear friend
all losses are restored and sorrows in
and connecting
yes like as the waves make towards the
pebbled Shore so do our minutes hasten
to their end each changing place with
that which goes before in sequent toil
all forwards do contend Nativity once in
the main of light crawls to maturity
wherewith being crowned crooked eclipses
gainst his glory fight and time that
gave death now his gift confound time
doth transfix the flourish set on youth
and delves the parallels in beauty's
brow feeds on the rarities of nature's
truth and nothing stands but for his
size and yet the time was in hope my
verse shall stand praising I were
this light is cruel
let's paint it again
Carol she didn't know I loved
The venom Lily is aware our dreams are
the one person in the temple rival
evidences honestly I'm an old man
becomes rather hard to learn ones to be
condemned to struggle out the last
year's above life bone down by the
worries of a house to maintain you
children to raise I'm alone Sao Paulo
if you were somebody did you see
anything oh you got
Still a damn bad - indeed
yes you're late Nancy I'm sorry father I
had to see never mind never mind and
start your excuses and don't push cam
through the door ahead of you next time
no well what sort of a week here we are
plumber what's this
plumber the tackiness calories order it
kept tripping it's been tripping for
years I couldn't stand it dripping any
longer stupid child
it doesn't balance
it doesn't balance
have you decided whether we're going
down to sometimes the gain father
instead you'd write to mr. Trevorrow to
see I knew you said I shouldn't ask
again but when our Lilly came to tea she
said she thought it would be ever so
fine if we could and rescue the house
and go down again just us like we used
We shall
he's one
Let a gadget to comment letting her my
doctor I don't wear the lips all last
night at first here you can imagine from
the deep water I woke up that incline
she was standing there down in the hall
you know where the barometer used to be
standing there staring with nothing
Oh dragon milk
I'm always reading about your poetry
mystical the trick is to live long
enough for fashion to come from self I
have been out in the cold
living now I am back by the fire
you know Lytle in that new book there's
a poem I wrote when I was 17 the dog's
starve ages I thought you might remember
it at college magazine Oh what was it
you know I don't remember it from
probably one of your best what we
produce in the flash of our youths is
often the best we ever produce then we
sing our melody from then on its
elaborate harmonies and orchestrations
but the melody is already some your
phrases are becoming turtle again like I
am surprised your success has not
brought at the sartorial aspects of your
tastes you would add a patch upon our
student days no it's the same old
suitcase and much the same inside ed.
what did the Coast Guard's have to say
they said the weather won't change for
two or three days excellent good weather.
Sam said he thought you could be
whistling for wind
well whistle we shall and we will find
it will you be ready for an early start
can change
this father yes Father
he's a morbid old man naturally didn't
ask me if I wanted to come here again
please here we are again in this smelly
old house with Gerald Augustus and his
lords and poetry and dear old lily and
her paintings he has what he wanted a
good wallow in the past the past is dead
gone finished
people shouldn't look back they should
only look forward he's got two
photographs of never me talk tour of
your chest at home that's different
didn't change that's different and now
we have a trip to the lighthouse do you
know he's had Nancy rushing around all
evening trying to learn things to pack
as a parcel for the lighthouse men he
even wanted to admit something Polly
Nancy she's so afraid of him
cam why did he want to go to the
lighthouse so much
don't you know who James it's fully in I
saw child can't live during the war did
I ever tell you I think you mentioned it
was rather extraordinary I have a friend
who's very you know active in politics
and feminism zone and she took me to a
meeting it was rather a dreary church
hall in Kensington the speakers were
opposed to conscription it was
incredibly noisy these soldiers was
shouting making awful threats and some
people were singing hymns and suddenly
they're in all this confusion and so it
was Charles up there on the stage giving
a speech
he looked even thinner even more
poverty-stricken I never knew he was a
conscientious objector
well we've completely lost touch needn't
have worried that if the army would have
wanted him anyway Nancy well I suppose
he is very laudable expecting with a
right to offend us I mean that and from
it I often find myself remaining
someone's principles and then despising
him anyway
while the virtue is so ugly and I really
can't blame you for hating the
conscience I mean people who love
for me we must go slowly we here forward.
Augustus was terribly upset you know but
ambien Rosie he was near to death
himself Sandra was a favorite wasn't it
had something in common
Andrew had that same self-sufficiency
he liked the army didn't it how Pauling
that is I remember talking to him it
proves wedding well now you have
penetrated my heart Melanie the wedding
yes I'm an old blunderer.
I think you should go end up I think I
thought were painting things with you
I'm in battles or Gus's say no case
there are things mind you I have a work
to finish
Which is transcript will you present my
compliments to James and Kahneman tell
them to hurry up yes we're going good
morning mister come I come I never
recall you appearing so early for
breakfast mr. Carmichael
oh I grew last silly manse by working at
night the Mules beguiled and the smaller
glad that one out about 65 will you scam
children come out here Paul Michael do
you know that final summer we spent here.
Michael had published a series of
lectures in the spring of that year
when they will receive not quite up to
the standard in his previous work they
said in the learn of Jones Clinton's
I never knew that he had his heart out
all that summer Caroline consoled him
distracted you know the way she always
did always had perhaps
too much
what's the matter
just your usual misery with nothing to
say to your Oh from no crumb pity I will
not arrive with something that looks
like a remnant from the church bazaar I
thought you were gone
this expedition is in memory of my wife
meaning she like to see that the white
husband were careful.
Oh beautiful boots yes SS raisin thing
there's only one man in England who can
make boots as good as these let's see if
you can tie a good knot young lady
double-barrel a
he's happy now he has his exhibition
you've gotta take the teller Master Jay
I'm glad you came now cam he's beautiful
out here
I'm glad you came you and James - what
you reading a nonsense this apparently
is one of the bright young men in my
field more flashes here in their
residence there is many holes is in that
old shrimping that you used to love.
I'll take the tuna now mr. James
which is finished
Official name.