To The North (2022) Movie Script

Ivanov to Sirakov,
Sirakov searching for a free teammate.
Comes from the left, crossing...
To Stoichkov!
He takes the ball, passes...
What a goal, what a match for Bulgaria!
Go home, Bulgaria, go home!
Romania... shit!
Now watch.
- Okay!
- Yes!
- Nice.
- It goes America.
One, two, three!
I get horse.
Georgi, cowboy.
With horse.
I go there
and find ranch.
Like Dallas, in TV.
I go New York.
Horse and stars...
no me.
I make money.
we wait.
They don't see us.
Then you go out first
and I come after you.
Me first.
We go.
We start.
The ship, it moves, feel?
We go.
Two hours.
I come after you.
Both of you,
go to your cabins.
You are the captain?
Are you the captain?
Me, good man.
I go America.
I get horse.
Georgi, cowboy.
Give him some water
and something to chew.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You, out.
Get up!
Stay calm.
- Calm.
- This way.
Go away.
Not... good... here.
Not here.
You hear?
Friend, me friend.
Friend, friend.
If Taiwanese will see you
they will kill you.
The Taiwanese will kill you.
Listen to me!
Listen to me.
Your friend...
I'm sorry.
Taiwanese are bad, very bad.
We good, Filipinos are good.
My friend is dead?
I'm sorry.
Not here!
Where is hiding?
Wait, please!
You wait here.
We were wrong the first time.
Now it's different.
They will say we lied.
There is no evidence.
They will say we
lied and we lose our jobs.
we were too weak.
Listen to them.
- They think they silenced us.
- Bosun, I was there.
- I know what...
- They are mocking us.
What do they think?
That they own us.
And they do.
They don't own us.
He has the Bible on him.
I don't want to know where he is.
In case somebody finds out,
I don't want to know where he is.
This way, I can't say
anything to anyone.
I will be the only one
who will go to him.
Who else knows?
I will need food and water.
So, both of you,
if one of you wants to proceed
differently, you should tell me now.
Because I need to know.
You may go now.
Food and water.
This ship,
Canada, good.
Me, Romanian.
Four days.
Four days.
More or less, four days.
no out.
Understand, friend?
You stay here.
The Bible.
For good luck in America.
From man, I build his house.
In Spain.
You pray!
I must go now.
Thank you, sir.
It's better without the light.
Light, no.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
In the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
"Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ."
"If the eyes and ears
are man's first advisers,
then we are in danger here."
"On the 12th of March..."
And family?
Family good.
Called them from Spain,
my wife good.
The small child with problem, fever.
Small child?
- Two years.
- Two years?
Family important.
Very important.
Each day I wait to go home.
The captain, three children, you know?
Three children and he 34 years old.
Three children and him at sea.
All year.
Family most important.
We, here for them.
The world don't know.
Hard life for sailors.
We here, family there.
Must take care of family.
captain at sea,
not home with children and wife.
Him, here with us.
Do you speak wife about sea?
We, here, what happen at sea.
Me, never.
Never talk about sea.
Not wife, not friends.
Not children.
Home is home,
sea is here.
That way family happy.
Tell wife all well with the small child.
Hello, friend.
I come back.
Thank you.
Easy, it's all yours.
You are brave.
God makes you brave.
Do you understand?
Your Bible, where is it?
Can I?
Your girlfriend?
My woman, yes.
This is our favourite passage,
the sailors.
But since you are here
with us
this becomes your passage as well.
"I will say of the Lord,
"He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."
"You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks
in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys
at midday."
"Because he loves me,"
says the Lord,
"I will rescue him."
"I will protect him,
for he acknowledges
my name."
"He will call on me,
and I will answer him."
"With him in trouble,
I will deliver him
and honour him."
"With long life I will satisfy him
and show him
my salvation."
God will show you the way out.
How old are you?
Two four.
I'm working for my family.
You are a good man, Dumitru.
Thank you.
It's not air here.
You must trust me.
with us.
Filipinos, good?
Filipinos, yes.
be quiet.
If the others will find you,
they will kill you.
Filipinos in trouble
with the Taiwanese.
Just a few days, ok?
stay here.
For praying to God.
The Bible.
the light.
Very dangerous.
There are
we find ourselves in darkness.
A darkness so black
that you are unable to see anything,
even feel your own heart.
But then,
a bright light shines through
this darkness.
And you tell yourself:
"Give me back my darkness".
I come back.
Remember that Filipino priest
from Algeciras?
Father Pedro?
"Dear Father Pedro.
Greetings in the name
of Jesus Christ.
If the eyes and ears
are man's first advisers,
then we are in danger here.
On March 12, our superior officers
threw two clandestine passengers
into the ocean.
We believe that they are dead."
Then, two days ago,
another stowaway disappeared
from the ship.
We think he was most likely killed.
There is another clandestine
passenger aboard, whom we've hidden,
in order to avoid a similar tragedy.
We hereby ask for your help.
We are at a loss.
There is already too much
blood shed on this ship.
We need some kind of proof.
Nobody will believe us.
Proof that things happened
on this ship and we saw them.
This story can end two ways.
when we get close to the port,
we help him get off the ship
and nobody except us knows
anything about this.
they discover him,
and they'll know who helped him.
We can't win them.
They have the money.
Who at that port is going to listen
to what four Filipino sailors have to say?
But I trust Father Pedro.
And they will listen to a man of God.
We will lose our jobs.
We will lose everything.
I remember as a child,
I used to go to the church
with my mother
and there I would always hear:
"God is greater than
all the evil in the world".
I thought
that evil was this huge thing,
like a big fog coming upon us,
covering everything and
turning us away from God.
But I was wrong.
It's just like
a lot of little things that connect
with each other.
There is no huge evil,
but many small
things that make it.
I want to know if
I can trust you on this one.
You can trust me.
I'll talk to the captain,
tell him you need to call home.
When we arrive in Canada,
you and Bernardo will take
the letter to be posted.
Bosun! We have a problem.
You must come to the engine room.
- How do you know he is not lying?
- We get along well.
- How long is this?
- The Taiwanese says one night.
They know about the man.
They just need time to find him,
before we get to Canada.
They're stalling.
Do you think so?
I don't know.
That's not the only problem.
The Chief Engineer changed
my night shift.
Tonight it's the Taiwanese engineer.
He will see you if you go with food.
They know.
It's one of us.
It's one of us that
spoke with the Taiwanese.
The Bosun!
- All good Bosun?
- Yes.
- Work over?
- Over.
And now coffee.
We coffee too, with Allan.
Me and two Filipinos.
Allan, great musician.
He sing at party tomorrow, you know?
Before you come Bosun,
I ask Allan to sing to me.
He don't want.
But I don't leave if Allan don't sing.
You see Bosun?
I ask Allan to give me
tape of music from home.
Music from Manila.
I listen to Allan tape
and I find one song.
Beautiful song. Beautiful, no?
Very, very good song.
Want to hear the beautiful song, Bosun?
What a song!
A little like Beatles, no?
- Great! You are great musician, Allan!
- Chief?
- What, Bosun?
- Sorry to interrupt.
One question.
We stop tomorrow?
Yes, we stop tomorrow in New York.
- At night for few hours.
- Why?
Captain know.
Money, owner, something.
But I was not informed.
Now you are informed.
But if we stop tomorrow
we delay the containers.
Captain know, owner know.
I will do something?
- When, at stop in New York?
- Yes.
No, no, no.
Tomorrow night party.
Allan, music!
We don't do nothing.
You come with him, he sing.
We have good time.
If we declare it in Canada, it's useless.
They will say we're lying.
You must do it during
the New York stop.
That way, at least there is a proof
that we tried to do something.
Where is the letter now?
I'll give it to you.
What about Allan?
You're going alone.
Bernardo, good man?
- Many children?
- Two.
And this problem now...
Smallest child.
Bernardo wants to call home.
Wife was at the doctor today.
My child sailor,
but not like me.
He is too soft.
Soft here.
Too soft.
But not alright to be too soft as sailor.
Sometimes good,
sometimes not good.
Otherwise you lose control.
You lose control of ship,
you lose everything.
Understand, Bosun?
Sometimes bad,
for everything on
the ship to be good.
The men must be well.
You, Bosun,
think I am good man?
- Like Bernardo?
- Yes, like Bernardo.
You lie.
You Filipinos, good people.
But you lie.
Captain always know when crew lie.
Now, you lie.
Captain don't have to be good.
Captain must be fair.
Fair and good, not same.
What do you think?
I think if
man wants to do good,
he can do good and be fair.
be fair and still do good to other man.
You Filipinos think
we Taiwanese are bad.
We rich, you poor.
We don't care. Right?
But we Taiwanese
are fair.
Not good,
We care about all crew.
Taiwanese and Filipino.
One example, ok?
Let's say this.
Say that we discover stranger on board.
Captain, two choices.
One, do nothing.
Take stranger to port.
Not take stranger to port and
find different solution.
Not good solution.
Which is best solution?
One, right?
Filipino say one.
Taiwanese say one.
We agree.
But one is not good solution.
Stranger can have gun.
We have only one gun here.
Captain gun.
Stranger can have knife.
Stranger can have bomb.
Stranger can kill everyone.
But maybe stranger a good man.
And then,
we take him to port, right?
We arrive at port
and what happen there?
Police take him.
We get fired for bad security.
We don't go to sea.
Never, maybe.
So captain do not risk crew lives
for one stranger life.
You see, Bosun?
Sometimes good
is not good for everybody.
But fair
is fair for all.
- Bosun!
- Chief.
Party is here.
Yes, five minutes, I go there.
Captain wants you at the party.
Welcome to my party!
Even captain here.
Today I'm so happy, thank you!
I am becoming father!
I have a baby boy!
A baby boy! I'm so happy!
Lets drink to become
the heroes of the town!
- No.
- Who?
You here last night?
Me, last night?
You not here last night?
You're going down.
You're free.
You're going down in New York.
New York? Not Canada?
New York.
"Big Apple".
What the fuck are you saying?
My bag, my bag!
No use for it.
New York!
New York is there.
This is your last chance.
I jump, I die.
No chance.
Canada, remember Joel?
You don't understand.
Four days, remember?
I cannot help you now.
Our lives are in danger,
Filipinos lives are in danger.
- My life is in danger.
- And my life?
You swim!
You swim!
You are a foolish man, Bosun.
Doing this to all of us,
for some stranger.
For someone who has never shared
a piece of bread with you.
He hit me in the head,
I lost him.
We lost him, Bosun.
You found him, you hid him,
you took food to him, but we lost him.
We split and search.
If we find him...
What do we do?
What do we do with him, Bosun?
What happened?
What happened?
You ok, bosun?
You know what happened here?
captain wants you.
We have problem.
Somebody on ship.
A sailor see something today.
On deck.
New man.
Man disappeared.
Sailor don't know where.
Sailor came to officer
and report it.
We take care of this problem.
You, me
and your assistant,
the singer.
You take the containers.
Nobody comes out!
Do something!
Do something!
Fucking do something!
Put that down.
Put down.
The Taiwanese?
Filipino, no?
Filipino, no?
Your friend tried to kill me.
Your friend is not a good man.
This ship,
Canada, when?
We wait here.
Like friends, no?
Joel, Joel, Joel...
You don't know, Joel?
Friend is friend forever.
Never leave.
You always help.
You are not my friend.
But I am man, no?
A person.
Pray for friend.
Pray all the time,
you say that, no?
When I was friend with you.
So pray now.
Pray for Filipino amigo.
A hero has his purpose,
A devil has his purpose.
Between these
hangs my unpurpose.
So vast is my unpurpose!
So pure is its cause!
me and my unpurpose,
God decisive without laws.
You will die here too.
Me, no.
I will not die here.
Today I arrive.
I go down and get out of here.
First thing.
I eat something.
Meat, a hamburger, something.
I'll drink something.
Something strong, real strong,
whiskey or whatever they have there.
Then, I call back home.
I talk with everybody.
My woman,
I tell them that I'm alright.
That I made it.
And then what do I do?
I look for a place to live,
a job.
I make some money.
But I, for one, will not die here.