To Walk with Lions (1999) Movie Script

Strange how things
Unplanned... By accident.
I'd been hanging around
the coast of east Africa...
Bit of work in Lamu,
a lot of surfing in Malindi...
Until the money ran out,
as it always does.
Mine was an aimless,
And undisciplined life.
I highly recommend it.
I accepted a job
as a safari driver
In the interior
near Garisa.
Steady work, decent pay,
Hot and cold running tourists,
girls I hoped.
But it was not to be.
Thank you, William.
See you next month.
He said... "Terence,
hello. How are you, how's George?"
he said, "No, I'll see the photographs
when we get back to Germany."
William, a bottle
of Red Label, please.
Are you Johnny Maxwell?
I might be.
Well, I am
Tony Fitzjohn.
You got a job for me
driving your next safari.
I've been waiting
all day.
Ah, yes.
I'm afraid the job's gone.
You were supposed
to be here yesterday.
Listen, I said
I was coming.
I told you that, right?
I hire reliable men.
When I say 12:00 noon,
I don't mean the next day.
What the hell
are you talking about, man?
I spent my last 20 shillings
Coming up to
this shithole town
For your asshole job.
Well, that's just the point.
It's not an "asshole job".
But if it were
an asshole job,
You'd fit the bill.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, wait!
- Hey, gimme a lift!
- Jump on!
Don't suppose you're headed
for Mombasa, mate?
Other way.
Thought I had
a job back there, but, um...
By the way,
my name's Terence.
I'm Tony...
Tony Fitzjohn.
Going to
my brother's place.
He might have work.
There's a recent opening.
I've got nothing to lose.
Shifta bandits.
Deserters from
the wars up north.
It's rare to see them
this far south.
I've got a man
to replace Stanley.
His name's Fitzjohn.
George Adamson.
Welcome to Kora.
One more for dinner.
So, um...
What exactly is it
you do out here?
That is what I do.
My lions.
A wild lion.
It's too soon.
too soon.
Bloody lions.
We're eating dinner,
for heaven's sake.
I tell you, on the day when
they finally eat George,
And I take over this place,
We're going to get rid
of every blessed lion.
Then I'll bring in
Mmm, the elephant.
Now there is an animal.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Well done.
You did well.
You fought well.
You were very, very brave.
You know, Terence,
He fought the wild lions
face to face.
That's when we knew that
Elsa was ready to be released.
Elsa? Elsa the lion?
Lioness, actually.
Of course, born free's
George Adamson.
And your wife...
Elsa was the first lion
that we released,
And then we released
all the lions from the film.
Couldn't bear to send them
back to zoos or circuses.
And then people
began to send them to us
From all over the world.
What we do here
is we prepare them
To go back
into the wild.
He was sent to us
a little cub.
Well, I don't know
what use I can be here.
We'll have to
wait and see.
In the meantime,
100 shillings a day,
Plus room and board.
I'm coming.
I've always
tried to be open
To what fate brings along,
And it turned out to be
a pretty good policy.
So I took the job with
the two crazy old brothers,
Stuck out there
in the middle of the bush,
Learning more than
I ever wanted to know
About their daily habits.
Good boy.
George had rehabilitated
more than 30 lions
Born in captivity.
He taught them how to survive
as wild animals...
To live
as they were meant to.
That's a boy.
The kudu tracks.
He found the scent.
Kudu, kudu.
Good boy.
Kudu, kudu.
Look, look.
Tracks here.
It's kudu.
Tracks here.
It's nice, it's juicy.
Two barrels
in the morning
Does it for the day.
You know, cooking,
That sort of thing.
You can swim in the river,
But you want to keep
an eye open.
Yeah, right.
Most mornings,
we haul some meat
Up to certain spots
to feed the lions.
I'll come with you
at the beginning
Until they
get to know you.
Look, George...
Don't count on
me staying.
I mean, I just need
to earn a few bob.
Then I'll be on my way.
Easy now.
You can smell your friend,
can't you?
I strongly suggest
That you move back...
Very slowly.
Do not turn
away from him.
Go back
very slowly.
One step at a time
Towards the rover.
Bad boy!
Come on! Bad boy!
Come on, come on, down!
Down, down!
Jesus christ, George,
get him off!
That was not
a very good idea.
You must never run.
It is better
that you charge a lion
Than to run.
Nine out of ten
will back off.
Right. And what about
the tenth?
Then you end up
like Stanley.
The man you replaced.
What are you saying?
A lion attacked him?
Killed him?
When was this?
Last week.
Jesus christ!
Crazy old bastard.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?!
Stuck up here
in the middle of nowhere,
Using people as lion fodder.
Right. That's it.
I'm leaving.
Betachi will drive you back
first thing in the morning.
Yeah, yeah.
Too right he will.
I hope you find some other
idiot to be a cat's dinner.
Smart lad.
I want to answer
your question.
What question?
Today, you...
I think
you phrased it...
"What the hell
are you doing here?"
My favorite quote
from the Koran begins:
"There's no kind of beast
on Earth, nor fowl
that flyeth with its wings,
but the same
is like unto you.
and unto the lord
you shall all be gathered...
and anyone who does not
heed these words
is both deaf and dumb."
Lions are
our spiritual brothers.
They are closer to us than most
people are prepared to accept.
My job here is to
try and understand them.
Hello girl.
Thanks, George.
It's been fun.
I've just got
a few things to do.
Good luck.
Welcome, john.
Any lions in camp?
You're safe.
This is Tony Fitzjohn.
Betachi was going to
drop him off in Garisa.
Would you be kind enough to
drop him off when you leave here?
All right.
Well, what can I
do for you, john?
The department
has decided we...
We can't let you shoot
game for your lions anymore.
We only shoot what the
lions would normally kill.
Yes. Well, you'll have to
bring in the meat from outside.
Come, come, you know
I can't afford that.
I'm sorry, George.
I don't know.
The truth is,
There's been a lot of talk
about shutting down your...
Lion release program.
How much of that
comes from you, john?
Ten years ago,
it did little harm.
Things have changed, George.
The local population's
almost trebled.
Putting lions that are
not afraid of humans
Into a wild pride
is dangerous.
My lions
are no more dangerous
Or friendly
than wild lions.
The most dangerous
thing is when people
Grow too familiar
with them.
But that's not the point.
The point really here has
to do with land and poaching.
Oh, for god's sake.
You first asked to come here
To release five lions
from a film.
That was gonna be it.
Now the place
is crawling with them.
It's totally out of hand.
It's gonna stop.
I'm just warning you, George.
Oh, why don't you
take your warning
And stuff it up your ass?
Thank you for
the warning, john.
I'm with him.
Bloody lions.
They're damn dangerous.
Fat lot of good
you are, Terence.
Why are you here
if you feel like that?
I built a road round here
as far as the eye can see.
Still building.
Impudent pup!
What are we
gonna do, George?
More lions.
I was right.
They were here last night.
I'm the pride feeder,
And that must never
be in question.
If a lion senses
a weakness in you,
Then he'll turn on you.
I know...
Did you hear that?
That's them.
Being attacked by a lion is
an occupational hazard here.
But if you stay
in tune with them,
Then the risk is small.
They're not pets.
Even the most docile lion
still has a killer instinct.
Our job
is to encourage that.
Give me
the meat pack.
They're a bit thin.
They're not hunting well yet.
Good girl.
Good boy.
Their territory in
nature is very strong.
That's how they
communicate with each other.
They exchange information,
challenges, insults.
George, I don't wanna
insult any lion.
What have you got me
doing here?
You're just announcing
your presence...
And marking your territory.
Try and save some.
It's a big reserve.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you,
my old friend.
Chief, I want you
to meet my new assistant Tony.
Tony, this is chief
Haji Abu Jibril.
And his son Vussif.
Chief, I have to start buying
camel meat from you
For my lions.
At least two a month.
Okay. I give you
a fair price.
Money is needed,
for next month,
My son goes to
What will you study?
Political science,
engineering, and women.
That's what I did
my degree in.
You're the local
expert on women?
Um... Well, let's say
I've never had any complaints.
What are you doing here?
Discover Africa holiday?
Miss Jackson is a post-graduate
student of anthropology
At Oxford.
I'm actually researching
a book on the Somali people.
Oh, very impressive.
This is
mr. George Adamson.
Yes, the lion man.
I'm so happy to meet you.
Perhaps a man so experienced as yourself
Could, well, tell me
where to go in Nairobi.
What to wear.
After all, I'm just an innocent
nomad from the northern frontier.
Yeah, something tells me
you'll be all right.
George, the season
is long and dry.
Our grass
is almost gone.
Can we bring our cattle across the river
Into Kora to graze
for a week?
Chief, I'm afraid
I have to say no.
Not even for
a week or two?
Chief, I think that the
river should separate us.
In truth,
Lions have come into
our fields.
Only two days ago, a lion charged
at my hunters up the river,
And they shot at it
in self-defense.
I pray it was not
one of your lions.
I do, too.
Now, where did this
take place?
Near Meru.
George, hello.
Hello, Maxie.
How are things?
Bwana Fitzjohn.
You know each other.
Oh yes,
we've met.
Yeah, we're old
sparring partners.
Yes, he threw
the first punch,
But I threw
the last.
Well, I was drunk
at the time.
Yes, I know.
I paid
your bar bill.
That must've cost ya.
George, I was hoping to see
you. We found a wounded lion.
We've been looking for one.
Over at the camp
at Meru.
Will you take us?
It's old dubers.
I released him
three years ago...
With a bullet
in his back.
I wouldn't get
too close.
This must be the lion that the
tribesman said charged them.
It's the first time in history
that a lion ever charged backwards.
That is why the tribesmen must
not be allowed to cross the river.
Any time the herdsmen
see a lion, they shoot it,
Or they lay down
poisoned meat.
He looks
pretty bad, George.
Can you save him?
I'm certainly
going to try.
Is he any
better, George?
Call me if
you need me, okay?
Come on, old boy.
Come on.
Remember all the lions
you challenged...
And then defeated.
And all the lionesses
you bedded,
And all the fine kills
you made.
That's what keeps
us going.
Come on.
Go on.
Go on.
Oh, yes.
Who is lord of the land?
I am.
I am!
You're going to be fine.
Great heaven!
This fellow has brought in another one.
I'm not
the boy's father.
However, it's good to have
a youthful spirit in the camp
For a change.
So you think
I am past my prime?
What a beauty!
Yes. What a beauty.
George, he's beautiful.
Where'd you get him?
At the zoo.
He's an orphan.
He's yours.
Your own charge.
Bloody lions again.
And naked pups...
Yeah, that's good.
That's enough, enough.
The blue one.
No, wait, wait.
Uh, the white.
No, wait! Um...
The blue.
What's going on?
Mrs. Joy Adamson is coming
for christmas dinner.
The blue
or the white?
Blue, of course. You'll spill
food on the white, won't you?
I've never seen you like this, George.
He's nervous.
This is his one chance
in the year to get laid.
Oh, yes, yes. Yes, the blue
will make all the difference.
Will you get the stuff?
Hello, George, my dear.
Merry christmas.
Merry christmas, joy.
It's wonderful
to see you.
You look extraordinary.
You look
rather nice yourself.
Hello, Terence.
Same to you.
And who is this boy?
This is my new assistant,
Tony Fitzjohn.
Pleased to meet you.
The scenery around here
is improving.
Oh, George,
do you remember
Before the war,
that September
We climbed mt. Kenya.
Just after
the rains.
The flowers
were brilliant.
Quite extraordinary.
And the next year,
We crossed
the sahara together.
Remember those nights
in Algiers?
Born free,
as free as the wind blows
As free as
the grass grows
Born free...
Oh, shut up, Terence!
You silly old lunatic.
Wasn't it in Algiers
You shacked up with that
botanist while George was in rome?
No, no. The botanist
was cairo.
It was your publisher
in Algiers.
Get out! Out!
Not a moment longer
will I stay here with you.
You old virgin!
It is my dear George
I have come
to see.
You can camp
someplace else.
I've been dismissed, George.
You can stay.
You sent him away.
Oh, yeah.
You know something?
I'm an orphan, too.
Oh, yes, I am.
Ready for dinner?
Yeah? Come on then.
Come on.
Good boy.
I decided to call
the cub Barnardo
In honor of dr. Barnardo,
The man who
looked after orphans.
For the first time
in my life,
I felt responsible
for someone else.
It felt good.
Come on, old boy.
You know, Barnardo,
Your life
is so simple.
You hunt, eat, sleep.
You're lucky.
I wish I could
join you.
Look at you...
Sitting here in this bush with
your lions and your whiskey...
Wasting your life
Come with me to Elsamere,
And we'll start
a new life.
Why don't you bugger off
and leave poor George alone?
If it wasn't for you,
he could've married
Victoria Anrecelli
and been happy.
George, did you hear
what Terence said to me?
Victoria Anrecelli?
Tell him
he's a liar.
Throw him out!
Farewell, George.
You are
the great love of my life.
But if you were
the last woman on this Earth...
I could not
live with you again.
All right.
But remember something.
People are not going to let
a crazy old man
And a bunch of lions
sit on this land forever.
One way or another,
they are going to take it away!
Well done, George.
Oh, shut up, Terence.
Kwa heri, Hamsi.
Kwa heri, mama joy.
Joy, here...And now, I...
I'm in a place
that I want to be.
Have a safe trip back.
What do you see, Barnardo?
Haven't seen you
for a long time.
They didn't look like that,
did they?
Get off, Shimon!
George, am I going to die?
You probably are, but let's
have a look at you first.
It was not your fault.
It could have happened
to anyone.
It could happen to me.
We found Shimon,
and he had been poisoned...
So he went a little crazy.
Is there anything you want?
Is there anything
that I can do for you?
Most extraordinary.
I stayed with George at Kora
for months
That turned into years.
Sometimes days went by
Without a word
spoken between us.
But he taught me
much about the land
And the animals
that surrounded us.
We lived on almost nothing.
At Kora,
we needed almost nothing.
Corned beef and whiskey.
Camel meat for the lions
And the petrol
for the land rover.
A friend lent us
a small airplane
Which I learned to fly.
On a few occasions,
I spoke to George
about fundraising
For Kora,
but he would say
That he would not
take any charity,
And that was the end of it.
So over the years,
our little eden didn't change.
But the world around us did.
Herders, poachers,
political opportunists
And bandits wanted us out.
More and more often,
The herders crossed the river
into Kora.
You're in a protected
game area.
You have to leave.
He says the grass
belongs to no man.
Nor to cattle.
You tell him.
They've turned the
country into a desert,
And they're trying to
do the same thing here.
Hi, professor.
I didn't expect to see
you around here again.
There are Shifta bandits
all along this river.
It's not safe for
a woman out here alone.
I'm not alone.
Look at all this.
There's been a drought
in the north.
You have plenty of rich grass
here. Why can't they stay?
You do not speak for us, miss Jackson.
This is
our concern.
By what right do you deny
my people the grass?
Vussif, this is
a protected reserve.
George, what
do you say?
Is there a compromise?
I say that wild animals
have to be protected...
And there cannot be
any compromise.
You tell him that.
Vussif was a proud man.
To him, we were saying
that our animals
Were more important
than his people.
We made an enemy of Vussif
that day.
What's the matter?
Baby joy...
She is gone.
She was murdered.
One of her servants.
I'm so sorry, George.
I should've gone
with her.
Maybe I could've saved her
if I'd have gone with her.
You were much happier apart.
You said so yourself.
I wish we'd
had children.
I always wanted
to have children.
You have.
Hello, dr. Fitzjohn.
Well, hello.
Writing up your
postgraduate thesis on women?
Another fundraising letter.
What are you
doing here?
I came to see George,
And the thrilling
and impressive work you do here.
Oh. Well, George is over
in Meru today.
What a shame.
I'll be going on my rounds
in a minute.
You can come if you want.
How could I resist?
We got word there was a small
herd of ellies passing through.
Elephants. Should be
around here somewhere.
So what did you do
before this?
Had a milk route
in north London.
Milk route?
Then I went to Africa
where I drove a truck.
I was an outward bound
instructor in Tanzania,
And then I went
up to Zimbabwe... Hurare...
Where I was a bouncer
in, uh, a "cock door",
Which is sort of a...
It's a brothel.
Now that I can believe.
Jack of all trades.
Look. There they are.
Terence has already
found them.
Hello, precious.
He'll be in
heaven now.
Probably stay up
with them all night.
You know, when George and
Terence first came to Kora,
There were hundreds
of elephant here.
Now there are only
about 20.
Price of ivory's gone up,
same with rhino and boar.
We just don't
have the manpower
To keep the poachers out.
And even if we did,
Rangers are paid
800 shillings a month,
And the poachers
will pay them 10,000
To turn their heads
for one night.
So you got
a boyfriend?
Going to?
Not today.
You know it's the lioness who
determines when she has sex.
The hypothalamic
center in her brain
Is linked to her
pituitary gland,
Which secretes hormones
irresistible to the male.
I read a book.
She lies on her back
and teases him
Until he's, uh...
You know, ready.
Ever seen a lion's penis?
It swivels for 180 degrees.
She teases him
for a while,
And plays hard to get and
eventually she lets herself be taken.
They mate once every
15, 20 minutes
For the next
two or three days.
Pretty similar to
humans in my experience.
What's that?
Over there?
Oh, god.
Because it makes
a beautiful dagger handle.
And because there are
some sad little men
In the orient who actually
believe that powdered rhino horn
Will help them get it up.
See? Let the bloody
herdsmen in,
The poachers
come in with them.
Lucy, you all right?
You're crazy.
You almost got us
both killed.
Let me see that.
You're insane!
He can't start
shooting at people.
It's wrong, it's dangerous,
it's stupid, and it hurts.
Yes, I know.
I'm sorry about that.
But who else is gonna
stop them?
The authorities...
rangers, police, the army...
They weren't there;
I was.
That's ridiculous.
You're at one end of Maslow's
spectrum of self-actualization;
These people are at
the other end.
Basic survival.
Maslow's what?
You, as white men here,
Are able to pursue
unlimited goals.
They don't
have that choice.
They're starving.
That gives them the right
to destroy
What we're
trying to preserve, does it?
You just don't speak
the same language.
Well, it's a pretty
universal language.
Lucy's right.
Bullets do hurt.
But don't you think
that they hurt animals as well?
What I am concerned about...
Is stopping the mass genocide
of the wildlife.
I'll leave you both
to your argument.
Lucy, you'll
spend the night.
It's too dangerous
to travel in dark here.
Keya will set you up
in the guest hut.
Oh, Lucy, Lucy.
Listen, do you want
anything for bed?
Water? Tea?
You're incredible.
Yeah, I know.
You insult me,
you're rude to me,
You argue with me,
you try to kill me,
And now you think
I'll go to bed with you.
What was it Maslow said?
"unlimited goals".
Yes, but in this
particular case,
You're the one at the
other end of the spectrum.
Might do you some good.
Try as I might,
I can't possibly
imagine how.
I suppose the question
can be boiled down
To one choice
when all is said and done.
People or animals.
Soon you will be able
to take care of yourselves.
And remember,
you are more important
Than our need for you.
I see you're yawning.
Time you went to bed.
It's time I went to bed.
Hello, Tony.
I've just been
to that village
To investigate
that poaching incident.
We found the truck
you reported.
Oh, good. You find the horn?
No. No rifles either.
In fact, they claim
they were driving
On the north side
of the river
When you fired at them
And I did find a bullet
hole in the truck.
Yeah, I hope so. I shot at the bastards.
Yeah, well, they've lodged a complaint.
I had to report
the whole thing to Nairobi.
I did tell them I thought
the men could be lying.
"Could be lying"?
We share a concern
for your security here.
This morning, they've
instructed me to shut down Kora.
You've got to move the lions
out of the area or to zoos,
And they're not going to
renew your lease in September.
You're out.
You're so full of shit.
You've wanted this for years.
It's for your
own good, Tony.
Close down Kora?!
Move my lions out of the area?
Send them to circuses...
To be laughed at?
Without any dignity?
Or to zoos?
To concentration camp
You'll need an army
To move me and my lions out of Kora.
I wouldn't resist
if I was you, George.
Oh, I've stood in the path
of charging buffalos before.
I'm sorry, Tony.
I intend to go above
john bell's head.
The wildlife director,
David M'boya.
He's a friend
and an ally.
He has the authority
to sign the leasehold.
Take him this letter.
Be reasonable.
Tell him about the work
we're doing here.
I've asked him for
One more year for now.
All this will
blow over.
And don't
lose your temper.
No, you don't
I mean, right, have you ever
read any of Maslow's theories?
No. I rest my case.
Shit, I've gotta go. Tony,
Tony, have one more drink.
Jack, take this.
Tony, Tony.
See ya later.
Mr. M'boya, please.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Excuse me, sir. Wait!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's Fitzjohn, isn't it?
Uh, Tony Fitzjohn.
I appreciate you
seeing me, sir.
And, uh...
I won't take up
much of your time.
I work with
George Adamson at Kora,
And he's asked me to...
To give you
this message.
We'd like you to...
He needs you to extend
the lease for Kora.
I'm not sure that's in
George's best interests.
The way things are going,
You need a permanent company
of armed rangers.
Yes. Can you send us some?
I can't do that.
Kora's not a national reserve.
It's a private leasehold.
Okay. You wanna raise
the rent? How much?
It's not a matter of rent.
I don't think you fully grasp
the implications of this matter.
Chief Haji is Somali,
As is armed forces
chief of staff muhammad.
If I extend the lease,
I'll have to explain
Where chief Haji's cattle
are to graze
If not at Kora.
It's not about bloody cows.
It's about ivory.
It's about rhino horn,
And it goes all the way to the
top with government ministers
In the pocket of every bloody
ivory trader in the country.
Start making allegations... why
don't you expose the bastards?!
If you start making allegations
about government ministers,
You're exposing Terence
and George to more danger.
Look, the lease is up
in September.
I can extend it
to the end of the year.
That's not enough.
You've gotta give us
two years at least.
What happens on Kenyan soil
Is a matter
best left for Kenyans.
But George and Terence built Kora.
It's under
my jurisdiction.
It's their territory.
It is not!
Oh, my god!
Eliza, can I have
another tusker, please?
Well, Bwana Fitzjohn
is buying his own drinks.
That's a cause
for celebration.
Johnny Maxwell.
Ha ha ha!
How did it go
with M'boya?
Oh, I really
screwed up this time, Max.
I think he might
kick us out.
What happened?
Ha ha!
Pissed on M'boya's
You seem to have
a real talent for that...
Pissing people off.
Look, tomorrow, I'm flying
down to Meru.
Do you want a ride?
I don't know, man.
Bloody Kora.
Man, I'm just gonna
hang around here for a bit.
Well, I'll tell George.
See you around.
Hey, Max, stay
for a drink, man.
Not this time, Tony.
I'm going home.
So should you.
Bloody Kora with those
bloody lions
And that bloody
stubborn old man.
If I'd had
any sense at all,
I'd have chucked it
and gone back to Mombasa.
But I did
the only thing I could.
I went home.
You've come back.
All you had to do
was to remain sober enough
To deliver my letter.
Since your visit to David...
They are officially
canceling my lease on Kora.
I'm sorry, George.
Do you want me to go?
I think it's about time
you decided what you wanted.
I think you ought to go
and clean up.
Hello, George.
Thought you were
gone to England.
Oh, yes,
I was supposed to.
But I've got something
I'd like to show you.
You see here and here and
this big one here, Mkomazi...
They were set aside
as reserves in the '60s
But never used.
My friend at
the Tanzanian embassy,
She spoke to
their wildlife department.
They will be
very interested
In having you oversee
a new wildlife reserve.
Would they fund us?
A little to start.
But they suggested
a toft fund.
I'm sure with the Adamson name attached,
Money shouldn't be
a problem.
I bet I know a few
wealthy sponsors
In britain who would
love this sort of thing.
A wild animal fund.
Sounds good, George.
It's what, three times
the size of Kora?
Backing from the Tanzanian government?
We could take
the lions down.
What do
you think?
If you'll both excuse me.
George, can we
talk about this?
I mean, it could be our
chance for a new start.
Kora's my home.
I have lived here,
and I will die here.
Kora's changed. It's not
like it was in the old days.
Maybe there's
somewhere better.
I have given
30 years of my life to Kora.
It was my strong hope
That you would
succeed me here,
But that is a decision you'll
have to make for yourself.
I have some work to do.
I believe that...
I believe there's a young
lady waiting for you out there.
I'm sorry.
You mean you're not even
going to come and see it?
There's no point
if George won't go.
He could
change his mind.
Not George.
Fitzjohn, you're about
to be thrown out of here.
Wake up!
It's George's decision.
You could do it
without George.
You know about
game management.
You could...
without George.
Maybe I don't wanna do it
without George.
And maybe I don't need you
coming here
Telling me what to do.
You come in here with
your bloody maps and charts,
And bullshit theories
of self whatever.
We're just fine.
Just leave us alone!
Fine. I postponed my flight
back to London for this.
I don't even know
why I bothered.
I can't believe
I even thought...
That I might have
fancied you.
You sort out
your own problems.
Or not.
Tony Fitzjohn
to warden Ngetha. Over.
Tony, can you hear me?
What's wrong? Over.
James, we heard some gunshots,
And we're on our way
there now. Over.
Get down!
Shoot at the bastards,
They have to shoot at us
Before you can
shoot back.
They're shooting now.
Open fire!
You okay?
I'm okay.
Hold on, james.
It will not be okay.
You don't know what you
got yourself into, Tony.
You know who you
got killed yesterday?
Abi, my brother.
The ivory hunter,
my cousin Hakim.
Get out.
If you don't,
The old man is dead.
Do you understand?
I'm gonna have to
go away for a while.
Keya and Hamsi
will look after you.
I don't need anyone
to look after me.
Where you going?
The place
Lucy mentioned.
I think she's still
with friends in Nairobi.
You'll be all right then.
Do you think
he'll come back?
Who is lord of the land?
I am.
Speak of the devil.
This is becky.
Hi, becky.
I'll go inside.
What happened to you?
Um, ran into a door.
Some bouncer you are.
Lucy, I think
you were right.
I think I should go see
this place in Tanzania.
I have all the maps and
contacts. I can give them to you.
I was hoping you'd...
You'd come with me.
Come with you?
Somehow I just don't think
I'm your type, Fitzjohn.
I'm sorry for what I said.
Maybe we could
start again.
I just wanna do this
for George really.
Please, will you help me?
After the slaughter
of the elephants,
Terence grew
increasingly distant.
Each morning, he silently
went off to build his roads,
But his heart
was no longer in it.
So it's easy.
You just keep it
level, right?
Yep. That's all you do.
There it is.
Do you think
You could teach me
how to fly?
Yeah, sure.
Here you go.
Shit! Shit!
Pull the stick back.
Pull back
on the stick.
Where you going?
I'm going to land.
I don't know.
I'm looking for
A couple of hundred yards
without any trees or rocks.
There. Over there!
Did you enjoy that?
You don't look like you did.
It's beautiful.
It really is.
It's gonna take
a lot of work.
We're gonna need
roads, water holes.
Outposts, anti-poaching patrols.
Take ten years.
It's wonderful.
It's the beginning
of a dream.
I don't know, Lucy.
Maybe it's
too much.
If George can do it,
you can do it.
You all right?
Oh, shit!
What happened?
Twisted my ankle.
Can you put
weight on it?
Me Tarzan,
you Jane.
Come on, faster.
What's wrong with you?
How's the ankle?
You don't think I really
twisted it, do you?
Here's a young one.
He'll be hungry.
Come on, baby.
See the one circling us?
This is a good place
for the lions.
Oh, yeah.
It's perfect for lion.
Elephant, rhino.
George would
love it here.
Terence, come look.
Halley's comet.
Remember when we first
saw it in india?
It's halley's comet.
Terence, come.
Come and look.
Look how bright
it is tonight.
You remember the first time we saw it?
1910. How it
filled the sky!
How it reflected
so huge in the pool
In front of the palace
in akbar.
Remember how we tried
to touch it in the water?
Ah! Look how bright
it is tonight.
Come. Terence?
My dear brother.
George, is there
anything I can do for you?
Would you like me to
get in touch with Tony?
You know...
It's a bitter irony.
The harder and harder
it gets...
To lose people
as you get older
Yet the older you get,
The more people...
...The more people you lose.
Until finally...
You lose everyone.
Come on, George.
Hamsi will make us
a nice cup of tea.
Thank you.
Thank you, Maxie.
You know, I think I'll...
I'll go for
a little walkabout.
I'll go up to Meru.
Terence and I used to hunt,
fish when we were young.
I'll take...
I'll take Coretta with me
for company.
Whatever you like, George.
Did you want me
to come with you?
No, no, thank you, Maxie.
Just... Just Coretta and I.
I'm getting
too old for this.
I'm getting old.
You're very
talkative today.
What are you
trying to tell me?
Oh, my god.
The violence continued
In the northern provinces
of Kenya.
Shifta bandits are reported
to have killed
40 villagers
in the Meru district.
You know, Suliman,
You should be the one
up here instead of me.
You can smell, see,
hear intruders
A lot farther than I can.
Radio the flying doctor.
I don't need
a bloody doctor.
How's Suliman?
You only grazed him.
I swear to god,
it wasn't his fault.
He was only playing.
I spooked him;
I should've known better.
Bwana Adamson,
you must live...
Don't worry, Hamsi.
I intend to.
Hi, Tony.
Hi, doc.
How is he?
Well, I stitched him up.
He lost a lot of blood,
but he'll survive it.
He's a tough
old bugger.
Tony, I think you should know
that George is in
The early stages
of osteoporosis,
A degenerative
bone disease.
It'll progress quickly,
And there's very little
that we can do.
He'll be in
a wheelchair
Within a year.
Does he know?
No. I thought you
might want to tell him.
I've given him antibiotics.
Call me if the wounds
go septic.
Here we go.
They're giving you
One day you will have
to find your own dinner.
That's it.
Bwana George.
A special visitor for you.
Good god!
After all these years.
I thought you didn't
recognize me.
It's just
a tiny nuisance.
What the hell
are you doing here?
I've come
to look after you...
Not that you need
looking after.
Damn well right I don't
need looking after.
You are most welcome,
Tony, Tony.
I want you to meet
Victoria Anrecelli.
Tony Fitzjohn.
Hello. I guided her father's safaris...
In the '60s...'60s?
'60s? In the '40s.
In the '40s.
Just after the war.
Do you remember the storm we sailed into
In lake rudolph?
when I had to
drag you ashore?
Yes. I saved his life.
I saved your life.
Yes, you did.
I could never swim
worth a damn.
I saved all your letters.
It's marvelous
of you to come.
Here we are.
I think groll and her cubs...
They must be
around here someplace.
Groll doesn't need
us anymore.
She's wild now.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I just came
to say hello.
Give her a few
little tidbits.
Listen, George...
Can we please
talk about this?
I can't wait any longer.
You know that I love Kora
as much as you do, but...
It's dying.
You've thrown me out, they're
trying to get rid of you.
You've got to make
a decision about the future.
Why don't you just
come and see Mkomazi?
It can be everything
you have here and more.
How many times?
How many times
do I have to tell you
For you to understand?
I will never
leave Kora.
Nobody, nothing,
will drive me out.
Not the poachers...
Not the herdsmen...
Not the Shifta,
and not the government.
They're trying to kill you,
for god's sake.
George, it's not like
the old days.
It's just not practical to release
lions into the wild anymore.
There is no wild left.
At Mkomazi, there are
huge tracts of land
That we could fence in
against the poachers.
George, you know why
Suliman attacked you.
It's because
you're getting old.
I can still hold up
my end of the bargain.
Yes, but for how long?
The lions will challenge you
now, George,
And someday,
they're gonna kill you.
And if they don't,
believe me,
The Shifta will.
You know nothing
about lions.
Haven't I taught you
About lions?
They mark
their territory.
They fight
for their territory.
They live
in their territory,
And they die
in their territory.
Yes, but I can't
look after you here.
Look after me?!
I need no one
to look after me.
I don't need you
to look after me!
Jesus christ.
You crazy old bastard.
Come on. Come on!
Come on, get up,
get up, get up.
Come on, I'll show you
If I need someone
to look after me.
Come on, get up,
get up!
Go on.
Go to your wonderful Mkomazi.
Go on.
I want you to go.
Go on!
I don't need you
here anymore.
And don't
come back.
You hear me?
Don't come back.
Go on.
That's fine by me, George.
You just do
whatever the hell you want.
You go back to the camp
and start up that generator
And the stove.
How long will it take, daddy?
Just a... couple of minutes.
Caroline, take sarah.
Mr. M'boya, please
just give me one minute.
It's okay.
I apologize for my
behavior on my last visit.
You killed my plant.
Yes, I'm really very sorry
about that.
But please, hear me out.
I'm going to prepare a
camp for George in Tanzania.
It'll only take
another month or two.
Then somehow or other, I'm
going to get him out of Kora,
And you can do
whatever you want with it.
Whilst I'm away, please
send a unit to protect him.
I don't think
I can do that.
Sir, joy Adamson
was murdered in Kenya.
Do you really want another
Adamson murdered here?
All right, then.
I'll order in a unit today.
I'm sorry, mr. Adamson.
The unit has been ordered
out after the bandits.
They burned two villages...
Yes, yes, I know.
Could you possibly just leave
a couple of men?
We will return
in a day or two.
Where's Victoria?
Where the hell is she?
Come, come, come, come.
Betachi will drive you.
Come, come.
I'm not going
Hmm? I'm not going anywhere.
Oh, my dear, just until
this emergency is over.
I mean, I can't be
responsible for...
No, no, no, no. I'm staying
here with you, George.
I stayed through
the mau-mau in '53.
I'm not gonna
turn tail now.
I'm staying here
with you...
For a long time.
Most extraordinary.
Betachi, she's
not going.
Now, we will...
We'll do this
in two shifts.
Maxwell calling Mkomazi.
Hello, Mkomazi.
Hi, Max.
How you doing?
Not so good.
We've had to pull out.
The camp was attacked.
They got Ross and Ali.
Almost got us.
You okay?
Yeah, we're fine.
We're heading down to
arusha to my brother's place
For a while.
Listen, have you seen
George? Is he all right?
That's what
I'm calling about.
The rangers
pulled out yesterday.
George is on his own.
Thanks, Max.
"God made the beasts
of the Earth
after his own kind,
and said it was so."
That's you, my friends.
God was talking
about you.
Who will raise their voice
on your behalf
After mine is carried away?
You have every right
to be on this Earth...
As much right as we have.
For it is we
who have destroyed it.
Where was I?
Oh, yes.
"And god made everything
that creepeth upon the Earth
after his own kind.
And god saw
that it was good."
Are you paying attention?
You're all fueled up, sir.
Here are your papers.
Okay. Thank you
very much.
Good day, mr. Fitzjohn.
Good day.
Is there a problem?
We've just been notified of an
outstanding charge against you in Garisa
For possession of an
unlicensed weapon. What?
This is ridiculous.
We'll have to take you
to the station and investigate.
Hopefully, we can get
this cleared up quickly.
We will call
Oh! Ow!
Oh, I twisted it!
The ankle!
Hey, stop!
Oh, no. Betachi.
Leave me alone!
I have no money!
You two get out.
Jump! Jump, I said!
Jump out!
Oh, Betachi!
Oh, my god.
Go on.
Go on!
You can look after
George had taught them well.
They were ready
for the wild.
They'd be all right
without him.
Go on.
What are you waiting for?
You wanna be in a zoo?
Go on, Barnardo.
Go on.
Freddy, go on!
The old man's gone.
June 14.
Terence found this young
englishman this week.
Tony Fitzjohn...
A headstrong, arrogant
Exactly as I was then.
I wonder what he'll
make of himself.
Now the world seems
instantly smaller and harsher.
Because an important part of it
is gone.
I always found comfort
Knowing there was at least
one clean, sunlit wilderness
Which I called home,
And where a man
walked with lions.
From George, I learned
about Africa
And its wildlife.
It will be my entire life now.
George touched many people's
lives as he did mine,
And now he is gone.
He was 83 years old,
but he died too soon.
Lucy and I are continuing
George's life's work
In Mkomazi reserve
in Tanzania,
And we feel his spirit
guiding and watching over us.
We envision Mkomazi
as George saw Kora...
A safe, peaceful sanctuary
for the animals of Africa.
We can't afford
to let them down.
For some, it may be
their last chance.