Toad Road (2012) Movie Script

I met a guy once,
who told me about a place
that contained the seven gates
that lead to Hell.
I thought that it was the
most beautiful thing
I had ever heard.
What's up, man? You all right?
Cold as shit outside.
You out here camping?
Look like shit.
Look man, if you
ain't gonna talk,
I'll just let you out here.
I'm trying to be nice.
You got any friends
around here or anything?
Get off of me!
He is fucking foul.
- Get up.
- Who the fuck just said that?!
I'm gettin' out.
- Let me lay down for a sec.
- Fuck you.
Hold on! Take my cigarette!
That was James' head.
James, wake up.
I got him.
- I've got to go pee.
- The bathroom is that way!
Killing me!
Oh my god!
Beat him up when he's upstairs!
Oh my god, Nicole
is beating James!
James, I should help you!
Let me stand up! This
bathroom is repulsive!
No, it's OK. The bathroom
downstairs is repulsive.
This one is too.
All right.
You're good.
Oh God!
Oh god!
Ow, my nose!
Please pull your pants up.
All right, all right,
all right. C'mon.
Ride 'em like a surf board!
I have heard something
about you obviously,
over the years.
I know you're not thrilled
about being here,
but I'm sure there's a reason
why you're coming to see me.
Uh, my father will continue
to pay my rent as long as I
come and talk to you for
however long we have to do this,
and that's what
I'm going to do.
I want to try to
figure out exactly
what your conception of
a normal relationship is.
- Be gentle. Be gentle.
- Oh!
- Oh my god.
- Oh your burnt him!
- Shit.
- Oh my god.
See that's one of the problems
that Bob has brought up to me.
He feels that in some
cases your friends,
or the relationships that you
key in to your friends,
um, I guess to put it in
a different way,
are not reaching the heights
he'd like you to reach.
I know how he feels
about my friends.
Is it music that aligns you
with these people?
Is that a common bond?
I'm wondering if music is a key;
An alliance here that builds up?
It's a symptom, rather
than, y'know, the cause.
It's a downward slope too.
It's a gradual progression.
You start out going to shows
and meeting these people.
And then it grows from there.
Their circle of friends becomes
your circle of friends.
And deeper and deeper down
the wild world we go.
You fucking dick!
What's up? What are y'all doing?
This fucking guy - ridiculous.
You take the scissors out.
I'll tell you when.
That looks all right.
Dirty ass.
Just grab the tweezers.
That's gross. I'm not
doing that to you.
Sure you don't want any?
No thanks.
All right.
Hold up. Gay chicken.
We're playing gay chicken!
Gay chicken! Gay chicken!
James! Gay chicken!
Watch out! Watch out!
I fuckin' win!
I win, you fuckin'...
You won't do it.
Gay chicken! You have to!
Gay chicken that bitch!
I'm callin' it right now!
You guys won't do it!
I can't do it, dude.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
What's up?
You guys get them shrooms?
Want some?
Why not?
C'mon. Grow some balls.
Hey, I'm not playing babysitter
while ya'll are trippin'.
So are they all
eating mushrooms?
I guess it's really nice out.
It's a good day for it, right?
Yeah, they're gonna
have a blast.
- You want to do 'em?
- I want to do 'em.
You are fuckin'...
Not havin' that...
Watch this.
What are you doing?
Table toppin'.
I forgot how to do it.
Ow! Ow!
This is called a cradle.
I know that one hurt.
I'll help you up
whenever you're ready.
Na, I don't need your help.
Fuck! Ow!
Hey, can you do this?
Who's the boyfriend now?
You gotta stir it.
There you go.
Our jumbalaya's not
gonna turn our so good.
See, like I'm dropping shit
left and right.
The worst experience I
ever had was, um...
that night that we
all ate acid...
The acid was great when
we went to that show
at Barclay House like...
It went off without a hitch.
Then we got back
and me and Scott,
like everybody were
up in his room,
and rippin' those
three foot bongs.
Like everything I saw
around me was manufactured
by like some greater,
like evil malicious like thing.
Like I thought that I was
like stuck in this like...
Like some how in a past life I
had done some wrong or
something so my entire life
up until that point was like...
Always like my parents were
at war with my friends...
See that's the thing. I
don't have the experiences
I've never done like,
drugs like that.
I mean, I'd like to.
You become accustom
to the fucking
culture itself and you surround
yourself with drug people
then by the time you
realize like where you are,
waking up in places
you've never been before,
like it's beyond the point
of no return. You know,
it's like you cannot... Where
do you go? It's all you know.
It's like, it's like fucking...
It's like a walk down Toad
Road for Christ's sake.
Like, you're there. You're
fucked already.
What's Toad Road?
Oh yeah! You're a city girl.
You don't know about Toad Road.
All right. Well, um...
Toad Road is uh, like the local
high school local legend.
It's only in York.
Like, it's this, uh this
road that used to be behind
this mental ward or mental
institution or something,
and uh, you walk down this road
and like you go through
this first gate.
Like right at the
front of this like
big woods, wilderness. It's
just a little, tiny trail.
And then as you go, you
see like your second gate
and your third gate, and
you keep going through
and like things keep getting
more and more fucked up.
Like you start, like...
It's like a bad trip.
Which I know doesn't
mean anything to you,
because, but maybe it will,
if you had it your way.
You go through you first
gate then your second gate
and like you start hearing
things and seeing things
and like people
are following you.
Things that just aren't there
and time changes and...
Well have you ever been there?
Na, of course not.
Because it's a fucking... It's
like the, the man in the mirror.
The fucking Bloody Mary shit.
It'd still be fun to go.
Like will you go with me?
No! It's the opposite of fun.
It's getting drunk and going
down a trail at night,
with a bunch of people who don't
know where they're going...
What if you're tripping?
Then it would be
even fucking worse.
You would never
even make it home.
You'd get lost in the
middle of the woods.
If you really want to, this
weekend, me and like you know,
the gang are going to that
cave up off of like,
in uh, where ever, it's that
little like, landmark cave
and we're going to do
mushrooms in there.
And that'll be scary and spooky.
It'd be better than
Toad Road, though.
And I can eat some mushrooms?
Yeah. I'm not gonna
give you permission.
I don't need your permission,
but if I'm going to
be with you...
Whoah! Wow!
Look at you.
I already made up my mind. -Clearly.
Oh well, that's fine. That's fine.
Do what you gotta
do. I'll be there.
So when is this?
This weekend?
- This weekend.
- All right.
Oh my god. It feels amazing.
Are you ready?
It smells great.
This is fucking amazing.
This is gonna be nice
on mushrooms.
So uh, we have to go through...
You see right there?
- Down there?
- Yeah.
So I guess I'll put my
backpack up here for a second.
Help you up if you want.
And we'll go
straight down there.
Ow, that wasn't good.
I'll let you guys hit
the piles afterwards
so you can help out now
even out a little bit more.
We doing this all together?
That's a big fucking...
It is a big one.
Big bastard.
I'm takin' the big
kahuna right here.
Look at these two.
This big one is gonna hurt.
They're so big and nasty.
You still haven't
eaten all of yours?
Better get 'em down.
Takin' my time.
Fuck you guys.
The only thing I got
to say about it is:
Fucking retarded, dude.
I expected come out
here and you know,
and chill in the fuckin'
cave with y'all
and you gotta always take
shit to the extreme.
Why are you always acting
like you're better than us?
I wouldn't came out here if I
thought I was better than you.
Always act like you're smarter
and the more mature one
because you don't
get fucked up.
Um 'cause I don't
wanna get retarded
and wanna trip in
caves. I'm sorry.
We're just havin' a good time.
If that's your idea
of a good time
then fuckin' more power to you,
but I'm not gonna be helpin' you
out when you're trippin' around,
fuckin' fallin' on
rocks and shit.
I'm not doing that
again so you can...
- Don't do it then.
- I'm not.
You didn't have to come.
Dude, I'll be out then.
That's all you gotta say.
Fuck. Gimme my fuckin'
flash light then.
- See ya.
- Fuck you.
I'm fucking not doing
this shit again.
Are you just gonna go back
and sit in the car?
Fuck both of you.
Can't even make a
smooth fuckin' exit.
Shut the fuck up.
I got your keys too, dick.
You're such an asshole.
No. You can't just
let him leave.
I'm sick of his shit.
Why don't you just stay with us?
- No, I'm...
- He's a big boy.
Maybe eventually he'll get the
hint that no one is after him.
Well, I'm after him 'cause I'm
not gonna let him sit there.
Sit down.
Hey! Sit!
Oh my god.
Sara. Sara!
You all right?
We're going right now, all right?
We're gonna get you out of here.
When you're introduced to LSD
and unless you've
taken some other drug,
for instance, like marijuana,
you know it's an all
together new thing.
You actually can have a
religious experience.
And it can be even
more important
than reading the bible
like 6 six times,
or becoming a pope, or
something like that.
The one thing that
happens when you
explore psychedelics
is that um,
you have a sense that there
are a lot of other options
and other possibilities,
other forms of consciousness,
dimensions of reality,
and like what we're
living in is not...
I think the function of
awareness can go into the past,
the future, or the
hidden present equally.
Why? Because when you go
into an altered state,
you go beyond the framework
of space and time.
Those locations to which
one makes a pilgrimage,
they are spaces containing
the meeting of worlds
and standing on those
intersections one may be
in both worlds at
the same time.
Hey, are you at school?
No I'm still at home actually.
Oh. Why?
Well, do you wanna roll?
We have some E pills.
Who are you with?
Scott, James,
Jamie, you know...
You have E pills?
That might help my
mood a little bit.
Yeah, definitely. I'll make
sure you have a good time.
All right, yeah. Then
maybe I'll come over.
I'll leave soon.
All right. Awesome.
All right. Bye.
If you can stand it, putting it
up your butt is pretty intense.
You curl up in the fetal
position for like a half hour
and just wanna kill yourself.
And then you take a
shit and it hurts.
But then you're fucked up.
So, it's a Vicks thing but
instead of sniffing it, you
turn it around and
there are little holes
so you put your
mouth over the holes
and you blow the
medicine into his eyes
and rub his head at
the same time
and it pretty much
feels like heaven.
Less talk, more Vicks.
It's gonna be really strong,
the first one. -Good.
Jesus Christ.
I'm fucked up.
I can't see. I can't see!
Oh my god!
You ever had sex on
a roof period?
You ever have-ooh
boy, you don't know
what you're missing, man...
I fucked that girl Leah
on Brent's roof one time
and that shit was just like...
Hey! There's downtown
Baltimore City!
It was the most amazing
fuckin' thing I ever did!
The view is better
than the pussy.
I fuckin'...
You know, I had a week
or two where I just
keep coming up with shit
that I really like.
And then I'll have like 3 months
when there's like nothing there
because it's like I'm not
doing anything right...
This is like too
fucking intense.
I need to go like fucking rub my
face with ice or something.
I'm fucking sweating
and sobbing.
Are we still going to the roof?
No, but yeah.
Oh, since everyone's on
sexstasy, I brought condoms.
Jamie can do his condom trick.
Spermicide burns really bad.
So it's gonna hurt.
Dude, that looks like
ice cream.
That tasted really bad.
Aren't you cold?
No. Are you cold?
- It's raining outside.
- So? It's nice out.
Nice?! Are you serious?
What are you reading?
What are you reading?
- Books.
- Books.
It's just something for school.
I've been sitting out
here all day.
Reading that.
How depressing.
School work and rain.
It's not depressing at all.
- You are cold.
- I'm not cold.
Yes you are.
Come here. Let me hug you.
I'll warm you up.
So like, I wanted to
like talk to you.
I guess tonight would be a
good nice since I'm here.
OK well, you're
still fucking James.
So what am I suppose to do? Just
stop hanging out with James?
Do you have a territory problem?
This is the first time in my
life that I've been able to do
whatever is I want to do and
not feel guilty about it.
And not feel like
someone is judging me.
Like the further this goes,
the more I get feelings and...
So what, are we just supposed
to stop hanging out then?
I don't wanna stop hanging out.
I don't want to cause problems
between you and one of your friends
that you've known for
such a long time... -Fuck James!
Hey, I'm sorry. Don't
give me that look.
Can we do that stuff now?
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
It will take like two minutes.
I really, like I really wish
that I thought that
you could understand.
I don't really know what
to say. I mean...
You know everything that I've
been thinking about going
through I can never turn off.
It's, it's good. It's a good
thing. It's not a bad thing.
There is nothing
scary about this.
I am piecing
everything together.
This is something that
is happening to me.
Holy shit!
This doesn't make any sense.
- It's like you're tripping...
- But you're drunk.
Yeah. Exactly! It's awesome!
Whitleigh is not a back up plan.
Whitleigh is another influence.
I'm not saying that she is.
You're fucked up and if you
wanna throw that in my face
that's fine, but these
are the obstacles that I
overcome because
I care about us.
James, this past...
Are you going to let
me speak or not?
I'm doing this. I'm doing this
because I feel like I need to.
Can't you just smoke a
bowl and do the dishes
like a normal fucking person?
Why do you have to just...
There is no bigger
picture to drugs...
OK so that's the entire problem:
Is that, that's what you think.
I know what I know.
This isn't about
the bigger picture
because I'm getting fucked up.
You've chased it!
I've found it!
I am this close!
You can come with me or
you can stay behind.
Who has Adderall?
Um, nobody anymore.
There is no more at all?
Well, there's a little bit,
but I'm saving it
for a little while.
I just want like a bump. I'm
going to fucking pass out.
Well, we just did a shit load.
I know. I saw you.
I have one more and I don't want to
share it with 3 people like I just did.
No. No. No.
We can split it.
We can split it.
I just hurt my
fucking arm so bad.
I really did. I just cut it on a
thermometer or something.
You cut your arm
on a thermometer?
You see it?
Sit down. Sit down.
Yeah this is the only people
that need to be here.
Can you snort it?! Give me!
Some times there's distance,
or some times there's
your lover or girlfriend
or whatever the fuck...
Does things you
don't agree with.
But you still try to at least be
there to watch over them,
or make sure they don't
do something stupid,
or get too far in to it.
All of a sudden, your role
has, in this relationship
has become similar
to mine to you.
Listen to yourself. Make sure
what you are saying is true.
Make sure that what you're
saying is you in that you're not
steering yourself and her to
some place you don't want to go.
All right everyone,
here's your answer
to the seven gates of
Hell. Right here.
There's the first gate.
You're gonna wake up
dead one of these days.
So then what are you gonna do?
I'm going to try to stop
being such an asshole.
Long term, I need a
goal, you know...
I need something to
keep me in line.
I was thinking, it seems like
What if I went to school?
I'm failing school right now.
But I mean if you wanna go...
I mean, it gives you a sense of
direction or a purpose, you know.
You might find yourself,
like, you know.
Inspired you to move away from
your family and you ran in to us.
And granted, that
might not have been
the best thing in
the world for you,
but maybe, maybe it's time to
cut the cord and run again,
you know... -So you
would go to York then?
It's an option. I mean...
I'm gonna be wherever you are,
but what if we both
just kind of ran away
and fucking' left Jamie and all
those idiots in our the dust?
And actually did
something with our lives
while they go piss and
puke on themselves.
It's an option
though, you know?
I mean, if you're
serious about it...
Yeah, I kind of am.
Then let's do it while you're
actually feeling motivated.
That's my point. I don't know
how long this is going to last.
I kind of have an opportunity.
I got to seize the moment.
I can probably finally start
putting my life together
and living like
a normal human being.
We could both be and be
a lot better for it if we just
came up with a plan, you know,
and did right by each other.
It's not too late to turn back
if you're getting cold feet.
It's cool.
All right.
So, how much further?
Well, I was hoping we
could go the whole way.
Are you OK with that?
Well, what whole way? I
mean it's the woods Sara,
it doesn't really end anywhere.
I know, but no one has ever
made it past the fifth gate.
So, I'm trying to go.
Because there are no gates.
People just get
lost in the woods.
I know, but you can't see
the gates till it gets dark.
You can't see anything in dark.
We didn't bring any flash
lights or anything.
I know, but the real gates are
gone so now when it gets dark...
We don't need flash lights. What
do we need flash lights for?
All the fucking gates are torn
down and you can't see them,
so when it gets dark
is when shit
apparently really
starts happening.
OK. Like what?
Well, from what I've read,
at the first gate, you
start feeling like things
are watching you.
At the second gate you
start hearing things.
At the third gate you
actually start seeing things.
At the fourth gate,
apparently people pass out.
Good. That's great.
No one passed fifth gate.
Apparently, time starts
to warp and change
and you lose grip on anything
that's happening around you.
And no one knows what the
sixth and seventh gates are
'cause no one has
gotten past the fifth.
But that's what I
want to find out.
We're gonna find 'em?
Is that the idea?
Well, I just kind of
wanted to drop some
acid and see what happened.
I know you think it's stupid.
No. I just think... I
don't think it's stupid,
I just think that what's
going to happen is
you're going to drop
acid and then yeah,
you probably won't have any
trouble finding the gates
that make you see and hear
things that aren't there.
James, after the cave, I haven't
even really been talking to
anyone about what's
been going on;
Not even Whitleigh because...
Well, good.
I feel like something
attached itself to me.
It's like pulling me
along some where
but I don't know where
the fuck it's going.
This is just something I
feel like I have to do.
And it's been pushing me.
And I've been letting it.
I don't just take acid like
all your fucking friends do
and hang out and
stare at walls.
You know it's
not like that for me.
This isn't just an
urban legend.
Everyone thinks the
seventh gate is Hell.
I don't think it is.
I think it might be
something better.
Something real.
I think it probably sucks.
I'm not having a
good time any more.
And if we have to wait
for it to get dark...
It'll be dark soon. Don't worry.
I'll be right back. I'm
going to get the...
Need help?
There are seven gates
that lead to Hell.
When you pass through
the first gate,
a feeling washes over you that
you're completely unwanted.
Those things that are pulling at
you will rip you to shreds,
but you can see them. You can
only feel them tugging away.
It's hopeless.
When you pass through
the second gate of Hell,
you start to hear things.
The wind isn't the wind. The
leaves aren't the leaves.
And the ground starts to
spit out little voices.
The voices are your mother or
your father telling you how
you've disappointed them.
As much as it should hurt to
feel that, you already knew it.
So there's no reason to run.
When you pass though
the third gate of Hell,
You start to see things.
The voices start
to become faces.
Start to become shadows.
They move around you.
You close your eyes
and they're still there.
And in the moment of
all this confusion,
for just a second, you
might see someone you know.
Nodding, telling
you to turn back.
As you pass through
the fourth gate of Hell,
everything around
you begins to die.
As you move forward,
the leaves start to fall,
the clouds blacken,
the trees cave in.
It gets cold; So cold.
But even as everything around
you freezes and becomes still,
you feel warm, powerful,
ready to keep marching through.
When you pass through
the fifth gate,
time beings to change.
With every step forward...
memory falls to the wayside.
There is no past, no
present, no future.
And if you're not focussed, if
you don't know exactly where
you want to be, you
can get lost in there.
And that for anyone who fails
to keep moving forward,
is a completely
different level of Hell.
All right dude, well
we got to talk.
People are looking for you.
Cops have been
looking for you like...
Is she OK? Where
the hell is she?
She fuckin' took the bikes.
I have to go to
fucking Whitleigh's
which is fucking humiliating.
Try and find her? Everybody's
been trying to find her.
She fucked up my keys so I can't
get into our fucking apartment.
We don't have an
apartment any more!
Fuck you! We don't have
an apartment any more.
There's no apartment
now thanks to you.
You got thrown out of the
apartment in a day?!
In a day? It's been way fucking
longer than a day, James.
You seriously have been
gone all that time
and you don't know what
the fuck is going on?
What the fuck, Jamie!
You need to find
some where to go.
Your dad thinks you just ran
off and you're a junkie now.
Like you probably
can't stay with him.
Is she OK?
I don't know, Jamie!
I don't know.
I'm like starting to freak
out a little bit, all right.
You can't stay with me.
Fine. I'm not asking.
I don't give a shit, Jamie.
Then where are you going to go?
I... Goddammit. Whatever.
Fine. Take me...
Take you?
Just take me wherever the
fuck you're staying at now.
Where do I live, man?
Like where's my shit?
Where do I sleep?
Dude, like, people
were looking for you.
You need a cigarette?
I... Yeah man.
I know you haven't
already, but like you
can not tell anybody
about me being here.
The cops are fucking
looking for me like I gotta,
I need to like fucking go!
Like I need to hide!
Not long after you left, like
everything fell apart.
Everybody moved home.
Whitleigh got her own place.
Scott moved home.
No one knows where
the fuck Sara's at.
No one knows where
you've been at.
Like everyone who's been
here has moved home.
Like everybody's moved on, dude.
Shit's fallen apart
since you left.
You have no idea.
I've got an uncle who can maybe
let me crash for a little while.
I warned you. I told you the
place was a dump.
- It's fine, man.
- All right.
I ain't gonna lock you in, but
lock it up when you leave.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Yeah, as I said, it's
pretty empty up here.
It's not empty, but it's close.
Just don't do anything stupid
like burn it down.
Try not to break any
more of these
windows that aren't
already broken.
You got fuckin' bugs
and stuff in here?
Plenty of bees.
Just keep killin' 'em.
Eventually, they'll stop.
We'll cover 'em up
some way later.
After like twelve or
one o'clock... Hey.
There's an outhouse
over there you can use.
Or if you just gotta
piss, just go around
the side of the
building of something.
All right?
- OK.
- All right.
Come on, buddy.
You and I we go on one
week, two week,
drink and not remember
a goddamn thing,
but months man,
months have passed.
I don't know where the
fuck your head's at.
Somebody like you or I
go missing, James
nobody turns there
fucking head.
Somebody like Sara;
That's a good, good,
young girl right there.
You know, she doesn't live
the life you and I live.
She's got people
looking for her.
Her parents, probably
her fucking church.
Jesus Christ, man, how do you
expect to not, not expect people
to raise their eyebrows at
you? And go "Huh?"
Even as far as I'm concerned,
man, you're fuckin' up
because you're running.
- Shut up. Shut up.
- No man, it's the truth.
The world's a big place,
man. You can run
as far as the eye can see,
but your problems
don't go away.
You gotta give me
something here, James.
Thanks for the beer.
Thanks for nothing.
Don't fuckin' look at me.
Seriously, they could jump
the shit out of this fence.
They could just fuck
you the hell up.
All you can do is
pretend that you're dead.
Really nothing. You can't
do shit about it.
Even that little one.
Those two are little. They
would still fuck you up.
That little ass horse. He still
will beat the shit out of you.
I missed.
One handed? Get the
fuck out of here.
Don't hit anything on your first
shot. Make me feel stupid.
Oh! Good shot.
Is that the one you
were aiming at?
Did I hit one?
Yes. This one's yours.
This one's mine.
Keep me updated.
you've already talked to one
guy about this thing here.
We checked out your
information from before,
and we're still having
problems coming up
with a right answer. Something
that's gonna tell us where Sara is.
I've talked to your friends.
You know what happened to her.
You were there.
You're the last one to see her.
OK. You are the key to
this whole entire thing.
You're telling' me about
hands reaching' up.
That feeling that hands are
reaching up and pulling you down
while you're going on
this road. OK?
It's a legend.
What are you seeing?!
Tell me what you're seeing?!
She's missing! What
are you seeing?!
Something isn't real, dude,
I... Nothing happened.
Something happened.
There's no phone
calls, but then again,
there's no phone calls
for you either.
So where have you been
during this time frame?
The Jones' are out there
looking for their daughter.
You're the only one who can
tell me that sort of thing. OK?
Six months we've been
going after this.
All right?
They also told me she did a 180
degree change when she met you.
Straight A student.
We found your stuff out there.
That's what started
this thing off.
And you're telling me you
woke up out there.
We didn't find you out there!
I don't know if she's dead
or alive. I don't know!
But you're the last
person who does!
And I can't get that from you.
I can't understand why
you don't want to help.
You're free to go.
But also, remember, this
thing ain't going away.
What you're telling' me and in
essence, is absolutely nothing.
I don't know what happened...
You're a fuckin' piece of shit!
He didn't even hit
you in the face.
Put it out on your,
on his nipple!
Hey, punch me as hard
as you can right here.
He wants to get knocked out.
Right here.
Take ten steps back
and fucking charge.
Put your head down.
Hey, who wants to try to
knock out James?!
I'll try to knock out James!
He's gonna fucking kill me.
Knock him out! He wants
to get knocked out!
He's been trying all night!
He doesn't care.
If he dies it don't
come back on me.
Oh my god!
1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!
James is out!
As you pass through
the sixth gate of Hell,
if begins to take over you.
As you move forward slowly,
it moves upwards, through
your limbs, your stomach.
Your veins boil.
And it penetrates you
from the inside out.
If you don't sacrifice yourself,
it will rip you apart.
You have to let it
take over you.
And leave your old self there
on the ground next to you,
so you can finally
reach the end.
Everybody thinks I'm guilty,
and I never,
I never thought I was
until, until you showed up.
Am I?
When you pass through
the seventh gate of Hell,
you realize that you
are surrounded
by absolute nothingness.
There's no time, no pain.
Just a great, giant, black void.
And you're floating there
in the ultimate solitude.