Toby (2023) Movie Script

Mother Goddess!
Today's ritual went well.
If the fair taking place on the day
after goes well too, we'll be relieved.
The sacrificial sheep
meant for me, has escaped.
No, Mother!
The sacrificial sheep has
been tied to a makeshift tent.
It's right here.
The sheep has escaped.
Go and check.
Brother, the sheep is in the tent.
The caretaker too is with him.
The sheep is in the tent itself, Mother.
The sacrificial
sheep has escaped.
At any cost, the sheep shouldn't
set it's foot back in the village.
If the sheep returns, it
won't be a sheep any more.
It would've turned into
Maari (Goddess of death).
I'm Kushalappa.
Welcome, sir.
It's a small jurisdiction, sir.
Sprawling over 8-9 miles is all.
What kind of cases
are majorly seen here?
Theft cases are high in number.
Areca nut, diesel from boat
are mostly reported stolen.
Murders are common too.
There are a lot of missing cases.
Since it's a small jurisdiction...
Nothing worthy of breaking
our head ever happens.
But people settle it among themselves.
That means this is
a good place to be.
Not really. You can't
make much money out here.
Sorry, sir.
After learning about you,
since it's your first day,
I took the lenience of speaking freely.
It's okay. Please speak freely.
I hope you didn't join the department
after being inspired by Sai Kumar's movies.
What do you mean?
Men who speak of
justice and morals,
claim to do their duty
earnestly at the beginning.
I hope you're not one of them.
I had to shell out 20 (lakhs)
for this posting, Mr. Kushalappa.
So much for justice and morals.
Sir, your tea.
How dare you stone
the police station?!
I'll break your
limbs! Come here!
Screw you!
- Get lost!
Come here! I'll break your skull!
What will you break?
I know what to do.
Jenny! What's your problem?
What do you mean?
How long has it been since I complained?
It's been three days.
Did you find him for me?
Give me time till
evening. Now leave.
If you can't do it, tell me.
I know how to handle this.
Evening, huh?
I'll wait only till evening.
If he returns, I'll vow this
nose ring to Maari.
If not, I'll turn into Maari and
Ananda will be my sacrifice.
Kushalappa, is her father missing?
It's been four days since.
Every time I ask, you
claim that you've no clue.
Leave now. I'll find him for you.
I'll slaughter him!
I joined the station only today.
I'll find him for you.
- I'll wait only till evening, sir.
I'll finish Ananda.
I know what to do.
I know what needs to be done.
Been three days since he came home.
Nobody's doing anything.
I'm telling you, right?
- How long do I look for him?
I'll find him for you.
I know what needs
to be done. You'll see.
I don't know where he's gone.
Jenny! Come here. Sit.
- I know what needs to be done.
Nobody listens to me.
- Jenny! Come back.
She threw a
stone at the station.
Why didn't we do
anything, Kushalappa?
Her family's a wreck.
Everybody is a lunatic.
Better to send her off from the doors.
Else, it'll be a pain to handle.
You saw her, right?
The nose ring the girl was wearing?
Nobody's supposed to wear it.
Yet she walks around wearing it.
Why can't one wear it?
- The Goddess...
Only Goddess
Maari gets to wear it.
Commoners can't wear it.
Just like her, her father
too is a maniac.
How did her father go missing?
He's probably passed
out after getting sloshed.
She'll come around screaming.
Don't get involved in this case.
Why bother?
It's okay.
This will be my first case.
I'll handle it.
You're with me, right?
Who's her father?
He's a maniac, sir.
Why delve into this mess?
What's his name?
Is there a file on him?
Which one among them is his file?
The entire shelf is about him.
Did I make you wait a lot?
- No, Father.
He's our new SI.
Sampath, sir.
- Namaste, Father.
Go on. What about him
did you want to ask me?
You're here for him, right?
Toby, right?
Father, how do you know?
Till date, Khaki-clad policemen
have entered the Church...
Only because of him.
How do you know him?
Whenever I preach...
I always tell people this.
Do good things and
God will do you good.
But now, I've lost trust
on those very words.
All I did was one good thing.
But it brought the
ultimate evil to my life.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
You'd told me there
were 51 children, right?
Yes, Father.
- A gift still remains here?
Well, a boy has been
kept in a separate room.
I'll give it to him father.
Let him out. I'll give it to him.
- Oh! No need.
That kid is very violent
compared to the others.
So, I'll give it to him myself.
What did he do?
- Erm...
The previous warden
was a 'different' man.
He tried to make
the boy do something.
The boy bit him.
Well, I hope you understood.
Take me to him.
What's his name?
We don't know his name, Father.
As in, he stabbed
someone in the market.
So he was brought here.
Nobody knows where he came from.
Neither did he tell them anything.
Because he hurt the warden, he was
beaten with a lathi stick on the throat.
His vocal chords are
completely damaged.
Therefore, nobody knows his name.
Neither can he speak
to tell us his name.
What do you call him?
Everybody has different names for him.
Nothing you would be interested in.
Oy Dimwit!
Come here, you mongrel!
Loafer! Move aside!
Can I name him?
From now on, you have a name.
You'll tell everyone this name.
What's he saying?
- He wants you to write your name.
So it was you who named him.
Do you know the meaning, Inspector?
It's a word in the Hebrew language.
'God is good'
God is good.
But will just naming him
that, make him God?
His fights never stopped.
So, he never got out
of the remand room.
From the remand home to jail...
From one jail to another...
Do I have to write
your name everyday?
Is this your father's name?
Finally, his day of release came by.
That was a very
significant day in my life too.
Sorry, Antony.
I can't handover the
school's land to you.
Sorry, Father.
Neither can I let you go
without signing the document.
Antony, the school's
land belongs to the church.
It was my grandmother who donated it.
She donated it as a service to the Lord.
Don't ask me to return it.
I'm drowning in debt, Father.
Will your God come
and pay it back?
No, right?
Just sign the document.
I was very brave back then.
I believed that doing
good would do me good.
I've toiled for God.
I was hoping for God to save me.
I was saved, Inspector.
But it wasn't God.
Just your name or
do you want both?
Sign and save your face, Father.
So you won't sign, huh?
Kill me.
But I won't sign the document.
If that is the only way
to go, I'm ready for that.
Nobody in this town
will dare to save you.
Will anyone here dare to save him?
Make a sound if anyone here can.
Try me!
All our lives, we learn
and seek how to find God.
But I've never witnessed
the shadow of God.
But the Satan...?
I've seen him.
I instantly realised that those
were the eyes of the Satan.
Oy! Who the hell are you?
Do you know how to identify him?
At first, he'll come and save you.
Call for him and he'll
be there before God.
Trust him once and
he'll tightly embrace you.
Until you suffocate and die.
You think you can
hit my car with a stick?
What are you staring at?
I'm the president of this church.
Now the end is upon you.
I will let loose my anger upon you.
I will judge you according to my ways.
I will...
I'm sorry, Emmanuel.
I'll make sure
this doesn't repeat.
Look mister.
This is a church.
You can't smoke beedis here.
Pay up!
Pay for the liquor!
From now on, if he drinks,
you'll pay for it, right?
This will be the last time.
If you give him alcohol again,
I won't pay a single rupee.
I threw him out of the job.
I told him not to
come to the church.
You asked him not
to come to the church?
Wasn't he a Christian?
Does the Devil belong to any religion?
He would still come to the church.
To pray?
To stop the prayer.
My dear friends, I request
you all to identify those who
instil biased and evil thoughts
against the preachings of God.
I beg you all to abandon
and stay afar from them.
Such people, instead of serving our leader
Jesus Christ, serve their ulterior motives...
Did he know how to fish?
Yes, sir. He was
a good fisherman.
I thought him how to fish.
Damodara, is there
no chair to sit on?
No, sir. This is all I have.
Somebody gave me
this to wash the bodies.
Will you have some tea?
I felt like having some. So...
Then I don't mind.
Half litre milk should do.
Go and get it.
Thanks, Kushalappa.
How do you know Toby?
Can you tell me where he is?
I don't know where he is.
But I can tell you
how I know him.
Tell me.
One night, I was fishing, right?
Who is that fishing next to me?
Prabhakar, is that you?
Whoever it is, give me a beedi.
What's your name?
Oh. You can't speak, is it?
What is that?
Is that your name?
Not a nice name.
Look how good my name is.
My name is Damodar.
You'll get it.
But it requires a technique.
The most important thing while
fishing is to not make any noise.
Not like you can make any noise.
You'll be a good fisherman.
You'll become a
good hunter of fishes.
Will you work as my helper?
Guess what work I do.
Sir, he works in the
government hospital...
Kushalappa! You stay
quiet. You tell me, sir.
You tell me.
- I don't know.
Make a guess.
Come on, sir.
A police man should be quick!
Zip-zap and he should know.
Look how fast
policemen are in movies.
I lost everything because of my job.
I got married but
my wife left me.
My children also left with her.
I decided to hire an assistant, so that
I could get away without doing the job.
I tried a lot of people.
But they would all run away.
I assumed he would run away too.
Tell me. What work do you do?
Firstly, the doctor comes to check.
Until then we have nothing to do.
You take this. Put it on
the forehead and wham!
You take this and
slit it down the chest.
It'll open completely.
You can then take out
the parts completely.
I swear I thought he was a lunatic.
While I was explaining
how to slit open a corpse,
he stood there with a smile on his face.
I'd assumed that he
would run helter-skelter.
The doctor will come now.
Want to catch some fish?
Also, don't come here all alone to fish.
This is the Maari's arena for riding.
The nose ring bearing Maari.
Once, on a moonless night...
It was pitch dark all around.
I was a mad fellow and came by to fish.
I came and sit.
Not a single fish was taking the bait.
I gave up on the fishes and
stepped into the water to find crabs.
It was cold. A weird coldness.
I was wondering why
the water was so cold.
The wind was blowing ferociously.
The next moment, as if someone had
pressed a button, the wind stopped blowing.
I was thrown off
and I looked up.
At a height there was...
How do I describe the height now?
It was as high as a
man sitting on a horse.
It was shining incessantly.
I looked very hard but I
couldn't find out what it is.
It was all smoky.
Something round in
shape was sparkling.
You know what I saw?
I saw a nose ring.
The nose ring clad Maari.
I was scared beyond my wits.
Ever since then, I barely
come here by myself.
If it's a moonless night, I don't
give a damn about crabs or fishes.
To hell with them.
What was that sound?
Go and take a look.
There's a baby over there!
By the river.
There's a baby by the river.
There's a baby! By the river!
A baby has been found by the river!
What do we do, man?
Either we inform the police or hand
it over to the Father at the church.
Isn't it better if one of us
who is capable, take it home?
Why would someone capable
not have their own and take this?
Yeah. It's a girl after all.
It's best to inform the cops.
Don't you think so?
If it's decided, shall I get the cops?
Shall we ask the
Father at the church?
He'll make some
arrangements for the child.
Speak up.
That means she's
not his own daughter.
I was married with two kids.
Nobody's with me now.
What is even ours any more?
What remains is our own.
What's gone was never ours.
Ay! Are you a human or a monster?
How could you feed
rice to an infant?
I can give it a name.
But I can't assign
it a religion.
No point of assigning one either.
My mother's name...
What did you say her name was?
- Jenny.
Father's name?
- Toby...
Mother's name?
No mother?
No mother.
Religion - Christian.
Are you a Christian?
Tell me your address.
District Hospital, Mortuary,
Damaskatte, Kumta.
That is the address for real.
Toby, shall I teach you to count?
Come on.
Shankaranna, give us two quarters.
Give one to everyone.
- It's over.
If it's over, how did
you give him one?
If you've money, I've booze.
If it's for free, it's over.
Come on, Shankaranna.
I'll pay back.
Clear your dues first.
Where did you find this?
By the fishing spot?
Somebody immersed the Maari's idol and you found the nose ring.
This isn't made of gold.
It's just gilt.
Nobody will pay a penny for this.
No need to give this to anyone.
It's mine.
Why do you need this?
- I'll wear it once I grow up.
You can't wear that.
Humans can't wear it.
It belongs to Maari.
Once I grow up, I'll become a Maari.
I'll wear it then.
Toby, we have nothing.
Can you tell me if
there's another way out?
Toby, when did you learn
to make your own liquor?
Nothing will happen
if we drink it, right?
We'll give the town later.
Let's get some to drink first.
Why is it making a sound?
You go back a little.
A little more.
Why did they bring a child along?
I tried stopping her.
No matter what I did, she
got on the jeep and came here.
Do you think you're
a big terrorist?
How did the blast happen?
We mistook the turpentine as
water and tried to heat it.
It kind of got out of hand.
You should have drank it.
At least then you would've
died and not pestered me.
Is that her?
You think you can run
a trade in this town?
Did someone tell
this at the station?
I'd told them not
to tell anyone.
Who informed you?
Was it you?
Fine! Don't continue
doing this, okay?
- Okay.
Send them away.
Why don't you come
home any more, Narasimha?
See you around.
What is it?
What's wrong with you?
Were you reminiscing
the girl from the station?
Will you tell me or not?
Was she nice?
You like her?
Are you the one Toby liked?
Why the tone?
Is it because I sell my body?
'I lake you'
Go and give it to her.
No. Give it to her now.
Fine! I'll give it to her.
- Ay!
What's your name?
Who are you?
- Jenny.
Can you open the back door?
- What for?! Don't you see us talking?
Him and his backdoor.
Get lost!
What do you want from me?
'I lake you'
What is this?
Don't you know how to read?
It says 'like'.
I like you.
Who likes me?
Toby. Toby likes you.
Which Toby?
He was right there.
He ran away.
What is Toby to you?
Toby... is Toby to me.
He likes you.
He keeps giggling like a chimp all night.
Will you marry him?
I need to talk to your Toby.
We elders will talk, you leave.
If I go, he can't talk.
Neither will you
understand what he's saying.
Why won't I?
I'll understand. You leave.
He can't speak.
I'll have to interpret everything.
Tell me. Will you marry our Toby?
I can't marry him.
- Why not?
I can't explain that to you.
You're a kid.
I'll talk to him, he'll get it.
You leave now.
He doesn't even
understand as much as I do.
Now tell me.
I sell my body to make a living.
Sell whatever you want.
How does it matter to us?
I can't marry someone like you.
You won't get
whatever I try to tell you.
Friendship is fine.
Friendship won't do.
Im a humble nobody
Youre my lady luck
Thanks to you, Im now
a fortunate somebody
I'm now lost in this
treasure trove of affection
Keep smiling, O my orchid lass
Your words are a soothing melody
Stay with me, bring me glee
As I bow down to you, hear me out
I offer myself to you
I offer myself to you
I wholeheartedly offer myself to you
Im a humble nobody
Youre my lady luck
Thanks to you, Im now
a fortunate somebody
I'm now lost in this
treasure trove of affection
What's wrong?
Apparently you were with
another man, so he's angry.
Didn't I tell you on that day?
That I sell my body for a living?
I like different men
on different days.
They pay me for that.
If you like me, talk to me.
If you don't, go to hell.
What is it?
Don't you want her?
Then why do you keep
going to her house?
She'll go with whoever she wants to.
Why is that your concern?
Even I have guys who are friends.
Why can't I?
When she's with her
friend, you don't bother her.
When she's not with anyone.
Talk to her as friends.
Talk to her.
I'm telling you.
Talk to her.
I'm talking to you.
Talk to her.
Im the pupil, indeed
Youre my lesson, certainly
Youre the guru who
shed the light of love on me
Radiant and dazzling; your benign smile
Keep unveiling my heart
Why are you shying
away from talking
Asks this strange silence
I offer myself to you
I offer myself to you
I wholeheartedly offer myself to you
Don't leave yet. Kho-kho
practice sessions will happen.
Come here.
Isn't the top button a little tight?
Just a moment, sir.
Let me lock the door.
What will you tighten?
- Jenny! What the hell are you doing?
What will you tighten now?
Tell me.
What do you care
about tightening it?
Don't decide against studying.
You'll end up like me.
Let me. The men who
come to you are much better.
They won't make false promises.
I've decided that I
won't go to school.
Fine. As you wish.
Don't tell Toby about it.
- Okay.
Who wants to tell that madman?
What will you do instead?
Jenny, how's your business doing?
Why do you care?
How long will you
live in the mortuary?
Come by my place someday.
The next time you come by
house, it won't be hot water.
I'll throw piping
hot oil on you.
You nomad!
You're making
your daughter earn,
while you're out cutting up
corpses and getting sloshed.
Build a home first
and then come here.
You want to marry me, right?
I will.
Build a small home first.
Make your daughter live there.
You can die in that home of corpses.
Come back once
you do, I'll marry you.
How much do you need?
What work do you do?
Do you have any property?
I told him to build a
home, for his own good.
More than him, it was for
his daughter, Jenny's good.
So that she could have a
trouble-free home for herself.
But where in this world
can the poor be trouble-free?
With whose help did
he build the home?
When I think of the
path he chose to do it...
I feel I was wrong.
What happened?
If Santosh stuck a 'Missing
persons' notice on the wall,
Within four days, they'd go
missing from Damaskatte.
Why is there a pamphlet
in Anand's name?
Please don't do this, brother.
Where did you get the sheep from?
It's from Kerala.
Sheep meat from Kerala
requires kerosene to cook well.
Brother, please don't.
It'll start to smell. I
won't be able to sell it.
You won't be able to sell it, Ananda.
If you buy mutton from anybody
else but me in Damaskatte,
you won't be able to sell it,
neither will you be allowed to.
Next time, remember
Kerala is far away.
I'll be here close to you.
What if Santhosh finds out?
How will he find out?
Not a big deal, Rathnakaranna.
The mutton shop owner's missing.
If you find him, tell us.
All we can do now,
is to leave town.
There's another way.
You'll have to trust me.
What is that?
Tell him Krishna.
Shall we finish him?
You want to finish Santhosh?!
Have you lost your mind?
Every time he comes by, I've
seen you guys shiver and go pale.
You think you can finish him.
Let's get somebody
else to finish him.
Who will finish him?
Will you do it?
Or is it going to be you?
Can you kill Santhosh?
You've been meaning
to build a home, right?
We'll build it for you.
We need a favour from you.
You need a home, right?
Fine. A home for you.
Three truck loads?
My commission?
Three thousand?
For three loads?
He was a thick-headed, sir.
He really was dumb.
But he was a genius
when it came to one thing.
Damaskatte had never seen
so many sheep together.
Why did he ask us to come here?
I don't know.
Your Toby can be trusted, right?
Unload them.
Who got them here?
The sheep's bleating was so loud that even
a deaf wolf had to come running for them.
How many sheep did he get?
- Over 100-150.
Start the car.
Who asked you to come here?
Leave from here.
Check the address.
It's of this shop.
I don't have the money, man.
You leave from here!
Give me the money, I'll leave.
- I beg you to leave.
Pay me for the transportation.
I didn't order this.
Why should I pay you?
Just leave now.
Brother Santhosh!
I didn't order these.
This wasn't our doing.
Brother, please believe me.
Lakshmana, where's the
sword and the machete?
I've no idea.
Looks like we'll
breathe our last today.
Tell him that I didn't order these.
Please believe me, brother.
It's the same address.
I'll stop this business, brother!
Please don't do anything to us.
Please, don't do this.
If it wasn't you, which
mongrel got them here?
Did they build him this mansion
just for murdering someone?
Sir, this isn't Toby's.
This is Anand's home.
Do you want to go?
Ay! Jenny!
Is anyone home?
Oy! Who's it?
Who are you looking for?
Isn't Jenny home?
- No one's home.
Come and have some lemonade.
It's sweltering hot to be out here.
- You're right.
The child?
- It's Jenny's.
She went out in the noon.
How long has it been
since they moved here?
It's been over 8-9 years.
Could be more.
Why did Anandanna build a home like this?
There's a bad wolf in the forest.
It's troubling everyone.
All the good wolves
plan to kill the bad one.
They kill it.
They kill it together.
Tell me what happens next?
The good wolves
will rule the kingdom.
You seem to be educated.
Am I right, sir?
As soon as the good wolf gains
authority, it turns into a bad one too.
Even the good ones
end up becoming corrupt.
Thanks to authority.
By any chance, does it belong to you?
It doesn't look like it's yours.
But this is a massive raid.
Gold and silver biscuits.
Unfortunately, it's massive
loss for the one who loses it.
There are three more boats he owns.
To do this dirty job.
It sails from Dubai to Mumbai.
From Mumbai, it comes here.
From here, it's transported
to rest of Karnataka.
Why am I telling
you all of this?
You're the leader
of this town, right?
I wanted you to be aware of it.
Does your back hurt in general?
Back ache?
Do you?
The back suspension of our
Customs' vehicle is a bit weak.
I'll get it fixed before
taking you in it. Okay?
See you, sir.
There he is.
What are you doing
here, you mongrel?!
What are you doing here?
Drunk and causing a ruckus
in front of someone's home!
Get back home! Now!
Get back home right now!
Disgusting! Leave!
What are you doing here, you mutt?!
Go home! Leave from here!
You've ruined him!
Why did she ditch him?
For the very reason she
was selling her body for.
To make a living.
- Yeah?
Shall we buy some
clams on the way back?
Clams? Aren't they
difficult to cook?
Who says so?
It'll only take five minutes.
If you get up, I'll break your limbs.
Toby! You never showed up
after getting out of the prison?
How's your home?
What are you doing here?
Don't you have
anything better to do?
If you need anything, come home.
There's lots for you to do.
I'll slipper him, if he
takes you again.
You keep out of this!
He won't come
anywhere. You guys leave.
If you need anything...
You might need something.
Come to me.
You have to vacate
your home within a week.
What home are you talking about?
The one you're currently living in.
Does your father own the house?
It does belong to the big daddy -
the government.
What government?
The house is ours.
The house is yours. The land
belongs to the government.
Therefore, they've sent
you an eviction notice.
I'll see who'll come and make us leave.
Jenny, the poor
shouldn't get angry.
It won't look good on them.
Daamaskatte has around 300 homes.
The ones with money build
homes on their own land.
The ones who don't, build
it on the government's land.
Nobody else has received a
notice except for one house.
You should know how to talk
to those you need help from.
Else, you should learn
how to deal with them.
Who should I talk to now?
To the President.
Who's your President?
I will not talk to that moron!
You can go and do it yourself!
Who sent the notice
to Toby's home?
Fine! Toby is my guy.
Is it? Tell me how much it'll cost.
I'll pay for it.
Yes. He should get the ownership
documents at the earliest.
I've fixed it, Toby.
Don't worry about
money. I'll pay for you.
I've fixed your problem.
Will you fix my problem?
Put something in it.
Someone needs to go missing.
He'll go missing.
Another information for you.
A new smuggled load has landed.
How does that matter to you?
Anand's goods are here.
The load is three times
bigger than your last raid.
So, you're finally contesting.
Yes. How long will you
shoulder all the responsibilities?
Let me take over from you.
The responsibility bearing
shoulder seems strong.
Bless you.
We humbly request you to cast your
precious votes and help the party win.
This time, your vote is for...
A request to the residents of Daamaskatte.
In the upcoming elections, cast your
precious vote to our party's candidate...
Our election symbol is the Banyan tree.
Cast your valuable vote
the Banyan tree symbol.
Your father won't do anything, right?
What will he do?
If he decides, people
go missing in this town.
No matter who it is.
Nobody in this town
can win against me.
I won't let them win either.
What say?
All I need is for you to stand by me.
What for?
If you're here, I'm here too.
All these promises won't last
once he becomes a minister.
Then, we'll have
to run behind you, right?
Ay! Come here!
Come here!
I'm talking to you
Ananda. Come here.
Come here you scoundrel!
Come here!
Ananda, I'm talking to you.
Come here right away!
Should I come there
or will you come to me?
Come here now.
Come to me.
Let's talk. Come.
Come on.
Come here.
Are you a man enough?
Why do you need Toby?
Can't you do it yourself?!
For that piece-of-shit
house you threw at us,
what more do you
want him to do for you?
You think you can buy
anything for money, right?
Count it yourself!
I've paid you more
than you ever paid him.
Don't ever contact him again.
Is Toby home?
He's sleeping.
- Go and get him.
There's been a case of theft.
Send him now.
Why did they take him?
We're wondering too.
Were you there when they took him?
Who was with him?
His daughter, Jenny.
Ask her to come here.
I'll talk to her.
What do you want?
- I'm here for Anandanna.
Sit over there.
He's working. I'll call you once he's free.
He had some urgent work.
He said he'll come to
talk to you. You leave.
Who is it?
Didn't you want to
get your father out?
Is it too late?
Shall I leave?
KUMTA - 581333
Don't you dare touch it!
Put it down!
Take a rupee from
it and I'll kill you.
Put it down! You mongrel!
You'll do anything
to drink, right?
You'll steal from
anywhere, right?
Will you take all day or will
you tell us who it is, woman?
Today's children don't
think twice and act in haste.
Who's the father of this child?
It's me.
You dog! Quit pulling off another act!
Will you hit me?!
Come here! Try and touch him!
Try to touch him!
Let go of him!
Let go of him!
Try and touch him!
Go on!
Mongrel! Try touching him!
The soul that held my
finger as I took my first steps
How fair is it to abandon
me and move on?
A mother who fondled me
in her lap and protected me
How is it possible
to kill her own child?
This life of mine is withering
away in the scorching heat
You arrived like monsoon
showers and cooled me down
If you move away from me,
wont the melancholy haunt me?
Suffering from the burden of sorrow
The tune of my soul has faded away
The soul that held my
finger as I took my first steps
How fair is it to abandon
me and move on?
The tears are
now unstoppable
Why has the mist burnt away?
The bird that flew away
has now lost its nest
My life is now troublesome
This torso is now
weary and tiresome
The painful laughter
has choked my breath
Every moment I live
feels like a glimpse of hell
Come to me now,
enough with the distance
The melancholy
has long haunted me
End this burden of sorrow
Let me hear a melody
The tumbler?
The tumbler?
Give me the tumbler.
What's her name?
I don't know what
they've named her.
We call her as Putti.
He had lost his sanity!
If Jenny wasn't there,
Prashantha wouldn't be alive.
Damodara and others tried
to put some sense into him.
They told him to let them
be as they were married.
Eventually, he calmed down.
What's the use of a damp firewood?
Only when it's on fire...
Will it keep the
affluent's home warm.
Done with the unloading?
Do you need a hand?
Take a call.
Give us a good share
and I'll leave this behind.
No, sir.
I can't share 50% of it.
Okay. Let the
government have all of it.
Fine. I'll share.
You can have it.
Tell us how you got the
information and take what you need.
If I tell you who the rat is, I won't get
my share of 50% from the next consignment.
Don't be over-smart.
- Brother?
Keep an eye on who our men
talk to and who talk to our men.
If someone asks unnecessary questions,
tell them to name different boats.
Everybody should
know different names.
Tell them that a big consignment
is coming down in two days.
I'll see how he'll get away.
Not going into the sea today?
- Nope.
Apparently there's a big
load coming tomorrow.
I have nothing else to
do but repair this net.
Why do you need two cans?
- To transport the load tomorrow.
Is it the 'Jaladurga' boat?
- No. The 'Matsyakanya'.
When's the jackpot coming?
The load? It's coming tonight.
Is it the 'Samudra Taare'?
No. The usual one.
Does the Customs
department also seize potatoes?
Will you need a 50% share in
this or will you take it all home?
He got into the 'Raksha Lakshmi' boat.
Who was informed about that boat?
Prashantha. Toby's son-in-law.
Jenny's husband.
Shall I get him out of our way?
Will Toby cause any trouble?
We'll get him out of our way.
We'll make sure we take him out,
without letting Toby come in our way.
Toby, is this where you live now?
Don't you go home?
After Prashantha
came, he left his home.
Go home, Toby.
Is it because Prashantha is there?
Finish him and go home.
Toby, both you and I have
suffered because of Prashantha.
You know what happened
to your daughter, right?
If not you, I'll kill him.
Instead, you do it.
Finish him for me
I need people to maintain
accounts at the Ice factory.
What did Jenny study?
Did you fill the ice?
Sanjay and I did
it in the morning.
- Sir?
I've called for extra people today.
You can take the day off.
I'll pay you half day's salary.
No problem. I'll be in the boat.
You can pay the same.
I don't like to make
you work like that.
Take the day off.
Come early tomorrow.
Sure, sir.
I'll see you then.
- Okay.
He's heading home.
He's on the way home.
Wait outside the house in your car.
Once the job's done,
get the body to the meat stall.
Toby has left.
I got tired of standing at the ration shop.
You mongrel! What
the hell are you doing?!
What the hell are you up to?
What the heck were you doing now?!
Tell me!
Tell me now!
What the hell did he do to you?
Where are you going?
Stand right there!
You have to tell me the truth!
What did he do to you?
He's your daughter's husband! Dammit!
Am I not your daughter?!
Why's that?
How the hell am I
not your daughter?!
I am your daughter!
Tell me why you said that!
You picked me, a discarded baby
home and brought me up, is it?!
You gave me a life, huh?
You scoundrel! Dingbat!
I've repaid that act of
yours with interest!
You're alive because of my alms.
You're able to walk
around because of...
Stop it, Jenny!
- Let me go, Shalini akka!
Why should I let him go?
Let this moron die!
Just because he wants to
live, why should I shut up?
What do you think?
Keep quiet, Shalini akka!
You think I got pregnant because
I wanted to scratch my itch?!
You scoundrel!
Just because I cared for you, that master
of yours who's petting you like a dog...
We'll get him out.
We'll get Toby out.
Didn't you ask if I was a man enough?
Let's find out.
I don't want anything
for free, Jenny.
I'm paying you for
what you're worth.
Am I man enough, Jenny?
See for yourself.
I am a man enough.
Start counting how
many coins are in there.
There's one coin each
for every single time.
Look Shalini akka!
Where are you going, Toby?
With the machete?
Will you kill those who did this to me?
How many will you kill?
The elder brother?
The younger one?
What about the other guy?
What will you do with the rest of them?
You'll end up in prison.
I need to sleep with
whoever's left to get you out.
You can only decide
who I'll have to sleep with.
There's nothing more you can do.
Nothing more.
Shalini akka!
What is it, Jenny?
- Shalini akka!
Did you see Toby around?
- I did not.
Please take care of the kid.
I'll check where this maniac went!
Ajja, did you see Toby around here?
Didn't you find him anywhere?
Did you see Toby?
Did Toby come by this place?
It's been three days, sir.
She's still looking.
Today, she wore the nose ring and was
running around claiming to be the Maari.
I don't know if she'll return.
You mean Toby too...
He won't return, sir.
He needs to be alive, right?
He will return.
Right when we think he won't come...
He will arrive.
He should return.
He should return.
Toby will come.
If God exists...
Toby will return.
Did both of them return?
Kill them both.
Who is it?
Is it Prashantha?
Is Toby back?
Mister! Where did you disappear?
Yesterday, there was a fight, right?
Toby begged me to
take him to Prashantha.
This man had
turned his phone off.
We had no clue where he'd gone.
I finally contacted his
brother-in-law and tracked him.
Shalini akka, where is she?
Putti is sleeping inside.
Jenny was looking for you.
Couldn't you have informed before leaving?
She got anxious and went to
the police station. What a mess!
Prashantha, Toby's son-in-law is no more.
We shifted the body to the mortuary.
Toby is in a critical condition too.
We're treating him.
We'll be here, doctor?
If he gets better so we
can talk to him, let us know.
How is he?
Father, can you do me a favour?
Tell me.
Jenny's daughter is alone at home.
She kept asking me
to take her to the fair.
Can you go home and take her?
What about the hospital procedures?
- I'll take care of it, sir.
Even if he dies today, the
post-mortem won't be done today.
It'll happen tomorrow.
You carry on. I'll take care.
Sir, go to the fair.
I don't know if you're
in the mood for it.
But it'll be a great experience.
In the end, the Maari appears.
She comes on a horse-like chariot.
It'll be nice to witness.
Do go.
I don't want Toby to survive.
He should die right here.
He should go cold right
where he's sleeping.
Why do you say so, doctor?
He should return for Jenny.
Please save him.
For his daughter?
But why?
She's not here either.
What do you mean?
Exactly what I mean.
I don't know how much
it'll hurt him if he dies.
But if he survives...
He'll writhe more in pain.
Jenny! Where are you taking it?
What happened?
She took the surgical blade.
I won't spare him!
I won't spare him.
Jenny! Come here!
Sit in the car!
Jenny! Give me the blade!
Jenny! Get in the car!
Toby's fine.
What brings the doctor to the shop?
Did you start eating meat?
Now tell me!
Do you want him to wake up?
Else, do you want him
to breathe his last here?
It's better if Toby breathes his last.
But he's come back from the dead.
Woman, I asked you to wrap
your work soon and you took all day.
They're already bursting
crackers over there.
You were busy
working all evening.
I finished the chores at home.
You're the one who delayed.
We're late already.
Stop arguing.
Get down from there!
Let's go.
Hold my hand, son.
Don't run. Let's walk together.
Why did we stop?
Who's that?
Who is it?
Toby, is that you?
What do you want, Toby?
You want me to pierce the nose ring?
Whose nose?
Your nose?
Have you lost it, Toby?
I can't do it now.
I've kept all the
articles inside.
Try to understand.
I don't start my work without watering
the Tulasi plant and offering prayers.
I'll do this only in the morning.
A request to the
residents of Daamaskatte.
Whoever's collecting
the offerings...
How dare you bring a
horse to the Maari's fair?
How will we know that
we can't get a horse?
Don't try to act smart.
Leave from here!
Sir, send them away.
They shouldn't stand around.
I'll talk to them.
- How can they stop us?
You're talking too much.
Leave from here.
Quit arguing and leave!
- I'll sort it out.
Send them away!
- I'll talk to them.
Listen to me.
When the Goddess Maari appeared
in this town, there were three kings.
That's the story.
Those kings would commit
heinous crimes and activities.
To kill them, Maari
came riding on a horse.
It's a belief among people.
Therefore one can't bring a
horse or ride on in this town.
That's about it.
Now don't be upset and leave.
You guys leave.
- Bring the horse.
Prashantha's chapter is over.
Toby won't make it either.
He's in the hospital.
It's time for the ritual.
Get the sacrificial sheep.
Get the sheep.
You can't ride the horse.
Only Maari is supposed
to ride the horse.
Don't you get it?
Rush to the fair right away.
Get the gun.
'Toby, shall I teach you how to count?'
'1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5...'
'6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.'