Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus (1960) Movie Script

Toby Tyler!
Where are you?
Toby Tyler.
Stand back, please.
Clear passage for elephants.
Clear passage for elephants.
And watch - it's dangerous.
- Stand back. Stand back, please.
Clear passage for elephants.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Buy canes, whips buy.
Just one penny - and the ball is yours.
Just one penny, copper pennies.
Balls here.
One penny, copper pennies.
- Balls here ...
- Here are your tickets to the show.
My ball.
I want another one.
But the balls - all what you want
all colors ...
Come and enjoy.
Come and enjoy.
Faster, faster, faster.
Are you going?
No, sir.
Come and enjoy the view,
Here, young lady,
and thank you, ma'am, thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen, come here.
Fresh roasted nuts.
Peanuts, popcorn, apples in sugar
Fresh and delicious toffee.
Okay, guys, go here.
Nuts are grown on plantations
and cooked right here.
You just look
or want to buy something?
How much do you think nuts
can be bought for a penny?
In a normal situation
I do not sell for a penny.
- Hmmm ...
- However,
you cute little rooster
with money in hand,
And I would say,
I can give you six peanut nuts
directly from the plantations of Georgia.
More than if you
bought kulechek.
This is a serious statement.
Take it.
Come guys.
All fresh and tasty.
Delicious cold.
Peanut nuts from the plantation.
You change the corrupt?
Spoiled? I do not get
spoiled boy.
Maybe a bit overdone,
but not spoiled.
To you two. And run,
but then you miss the most interesting.
- I do not go there.
- Do not you go?
And, you have no money
on the ticket.
Yes, sir.
I thought your parents are here
with you.
No, sir, I do not have
You're an orphan?
Have you ever thought to act
in a circus, kid?
Imagine, to be part of the magnificent
team under the big top.
Teams of artists,
that travel along
and across the globe.
- How do you like this idea?
- But what can I do?
You could be ...
... Waiter.
I would be able to? ..
- Buff ...
- ... Fetchikom.
The ability to talk the language - very important
case, is not it, kid?
- Yes, sir.
- Free travel,
cozy sleeping place, food,
You could watch a representation at any time,
and enjoy it.
And if you will,
then every Saturday
Yours sincerely, Harry Tupper
will give you ...
... One of these.
What do you say, boy?
I would like this anymore
I would like, eh?
That's when I really needed to Uncle Daniel
and aunt, with whom I live.
Uncle and aunt?
They are very poor, and on my farm
always a lot of work.
I understand.
It does you honor.
I myself have a very loyal person
and I love to see it in others.
- I can ask them.
- Do not worry.
I will find a boy
in another city.
Many would like to have
such a possibility.
Okay, sir.
Anyway, thank you.
Wait a minute.
Come here.
Since we're already friends,
I want to give you a ticket
on today's performance.
- But Mr. ...
- Invite a friend and enjoy.
Thanks sincerely for your kindness
Gary Tupper.
- Mr. Tupper ...
- Good luck. Lemonade with ice.
Pink, cool
and invigorating.
Lemonade with ice.
Pink, invigorating. Lemonade with ice.
Hey, Red.
Ginger, look what I have.
Look, Red.
Do you think that is?
A free ticket to the circus.
- Hurray!
Where were you?
I ask, where were you?
Sorry, Uncle Daniel.
I would immediately return,
but there was a parade.
And by chance he passed
near the circus
and one man gave me
free ticket.
- Look.
- Circus?
Do not you know that wild boars
broke the fence
and break ground on the field with beets
due to the fact that you have not fed them?
Toby, we hoped to sell
our crops.
You know, as we need money.
You're lazy and ungrateful boy.
- Do not abuse it.
When the circus comes to town,
boys to forget everything.
He has no right to behave
like other boys.
He generally has no rights.
- And he knows why.
- Do not tell him this.
I am a poor man, and I took you
just because
that no one else you do not want to take.
- Daniel.
I do not understand why we
You have not sent in a city shelter.
You are not our kin.
You do us no.
Only a stone around his neck.
You're not serious, Daniel.
Go to sleep
and never come out.
At a dinner party for you
no place.
It's cruel.
Go on to dinner, I'm leaving.
Faster, Tupper.
- The cars are already full.
- Pass. Now we'll ship the horses.
- Nothing here stagger.
- Take your rope.
Away from here.
Guys, carries! Here!
Mr. Tapper?
Mr. Tapper?
- It's me, Mr. Tupper.
- Well, what else?
You do not remember, Mr. Tapper?
- You said that I could work for you.
- So what?
- I agree.
- Move, move!
And my aunt and uncle?
Yes, they do not care.
I do not need them.
They said I was for them -
stone around the neck.
Well, you're adopted.
- Fifty cents a week.
- And you said - a dollar.
If Harry Tupper said the dollar
hence, the dollar.
But do not think to get away from here,
As soon as I'll teach you.
- For me it is very important to the boy.
- I do not run away, sir.
Gentleman's Agreement.
This is very serious, right?
- Yes, sir.
- Stay here and not run up against trouble.
I'll be back.
- Mr. Tapper?
- Yes?
- I'm hungry.
- So what?
I have nothing for dinner.
Nabroste him a warm blanket!
He got a chill!
Take it, my boy.
Golden meals from India.
- Do you have enough till morning.
- Yes, sir.
- Help us.
- Top.
Get down!
- The car is ready for the birds.
- Otodvin ago.
Take some of the things in there!
- We are leaving, folks.
- Raise up.
- Careful, guys. Carefully.
Take it away ...
What are you doing?
Give it back, you thief!
What's happening?
What did you do this chimp?
I? Nothing.
He stole my banana.
Okay, troublemaker.
All right.
And you'd better go home.
- I told you, do not go anywhere.
- He stole my banana.
What's happening?
- I. .. I ... Nothing, Colonel.
Just a little excited chimpanzees.
- Who is that?
- Sir, this is my new assistant.
- You're taking the small ones, yes?
- Well, sir ...
He has no parents, poor guy
and I thought, why should I not take it
under my wing and did not help.
Have reserved their plans, Tupper.
Move the cars.
The boy can go upstairs to Ben.
A thousand devils, Colonel!
Why must I be a nanny
for whining tapperovskih rats?
Set in order his carriage, Ben.
We're leaving.
Ollie, lift these boxes.
- Mr. Tapper?
- I changed my mind.
- Oh, what else, man.
Listen. Do not think about
what he heard. Stop it.
What we say means nothing.
Here, look. Look what
in Mr. Tupper for you there.
Here's a bag of peppermint chewing gum.
You have to suffice until the morning.
Okay, man.
Here is a ladder to the top.
I'll hold. You'll be there
sit like a mouse.
Mr. Cotter will take care of you.
Okay, keep the cats covered,
until their luck!
If Colonel Castle said that you
come with me, then you go.
And watch for yourself, sonny.
Bass, Will, go!
Come on, Gidap.
I want to say directly.
I do not like children.
Especially those who have escaped from the house.
They are weaklings.
The child has a good family.
Suddenly, what had happened - and he ran away.
Then he learns that he is
does not fit.
And wants to go back home.
Go ahead, jump.
Nobody miss you will not.
I bet you was worth getting lost.
Jump. Do not be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
And you too, I am not afraid.
Well, well, sun.
My name is not the sun.
My name is Toby Tyler.
Well, the sun.
We'll call you Toby.
And now, even though it was not my thing
but I think you better
get some sleep.
Here the morning comes early.
- I do not want to sleep.
- As you wish.
# And why am I going, where,
# I do not understand, either now than ever.
# And it's better not to know
I do not care
# And why am I going, where ...
Get up, get up.
# I am not sad
# And reason, as I want
# I do not understand, either now than ever.
# And it's better not to know
I do not care ...
You better get up and get down to business,
until Gary Tupper.
Thank you for having taken care of yesterday
about me, Ben.
- I think I fell asleep
- What is the difference.
I do not like you fell off the wagon
and accused me.
Anyway, thank you.
I will not you dopekat.
Glad to hear it.
Call Mrs. Connor and tell girls
To keep track of this sheet.
For such a big guy weird
tow a small shadow, eh?
- Yes.
- I suppose I should tell him
that ties him trudge from the apron?
I'm not saying anything.
did you see our car?
- Can I wash up there?
- It's the same water, no?
- Yes, sir.
- Well, well.
And now, please be so kind
get out of my eyes.
- Well, what is it?
- Do you have a bad mood, sir.
Suppose you do not care.
You work for Harry Tapper.
- A real nice guy.
- At least he is friendly.
Yeah, exactly.
And by chance
Here Comes Mr Friend,
looking for you.
Why should I run for you?
Good morning, Mr. Tupper.
I just washed.
Somehow, just when I came.
Come on.
Come on.
Move, move.
Come on. Come on.
Listen. We do not want to stagger
throughout the camp,
when there is full of work, right?
Now go, boy.
Id ...
- Put me!
- No, Ben, it's my fault.
Do not go, boy.
You have nothing to do with it.
Take away from me, your dirty
And now, Mr. Tupper.
So, I do not believe in cheating,
Mr. Tapper,
but I think you're mistreating
with his assistants.
I do not like it.
This boy works for me
and I do with it what I want.
Of course, Mr. Tupper.
Just tell him that you need from him.
And if he does not, you fire him.
And if I look again,
How did you happen to be managed,
I have to do this.
No, Ben, do not!
And you better listen Mr. Tapper.
Work honestly and do it in time.
He's your boss. Respect it.
Yes, sir.
Can start work immediately after
breakfast. The kitchen is over there.
Oh, Mr Tapper
you are all wet.
# And why I'm going where ... #
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
Why do not you sit here?
Oh, thank you.
You're new here, huh?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Who is it?
- I wanted to find out.
You can not sit here.
This table is for artists.
Come on, Ajax.
I called him here.
You heard what I said?
And look at me when I'm talking to you!
- Oh, Ajax, leave me alone on it.
- He should not sit at our table.
Come on. Get out.
Well, well, there you are, my boy.
Col. Castle specifically asked me to
find you.
This season, you take
or will you speak
under his own name?
- I think, under his own.
- Under what?
- Toby Tyler.
- Well, of course. Beautiful name.
I always liked it.
Can I submit to you Mademoiselle
Janet and Monsieur Ajax?
I hope you've heard
of Toby Tyler.
My God, I did not know it was him.
Well, too late to apologize.
You have breakfast with me
and my family?
- Yes, sir.
- Fine. Come here.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Sam Treat, I'm a circus clown.
- Clown!
- At your service.
What are you doing here with the circus,
Mr. Tyler?
I, I ... bu ...
In the words of Papa Schultz
"How can there be a circus without a butler?"
Come on. Kids will be happy
to meet you.
- You have a big family?
- In different ways.
In most cases, I would say,
about four or five people.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
So, kiddies.
God, when you said that you have a family,
I thought that you ...
They are like family to me.
I think, not what
what you're used to.
In truth, I also have no
permanent family.
So I went to the circus.
- Oh!
- You know, I fled.
- I would never have guessed.
- Not because they did not want me to live with them,
but because they are terribly poor,
and I for them was a stone around his neck.
Stone, eh?
That's bad.
Of course, bad.
Have you thought about
to go back?
I think not.
Until such time as I did not earn
enough money to help them
and prove that I'm not the same
as they thought.
You know, Papa Schultz
always said:
"All that thou hast,
revert back to you.
You should invest
into something. "
- And who is the father Schultz?
- Old Clown, with whom I was close.
I have always tried to make people
happy as he is.
- So I ran away and the circus.
- Have you run away?
Dad gave me this purse,
so I saved money.
He said: "The Circus - for elephants
and Papa Schultz.
And the rest must accumulate
money and go home. "
But you have not returned.
Listen, Toby.
Kopi money.
Do not wait until it's too late.
Thank you, Mr. Treat.
I'll collect the money
and a lot of work,
and do all that I shall command
Mr. Tupper, and ...
- Oh!
- What is it?
I forgot.
I was waiting for Mr. Tapper.
Goodbye. Come on.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
Nuts, popcorn, apples in sugar.
Nuts, popcorn, apples in sugar.
So, guys. Right here -
lemonade with ice. Exhilarating.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
you see
two extraordinary young
with its famous trained
Mademoiselle Jeanette
and Monsieur Ajax.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
Nuts ...
Hey boy, can not you sit down?
Thank you, sir.
Lemonade with ice.
Pink, cool and refreshing.
- Great idea, right?
- Yes, sir.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
Lemonade with ice.
Pink, cool and refreshing.
Dollar, thirty,
thirty-five, forty,
sixty, sixty-five ...
And what's this?
You're just a bad beginner.
What, can not distinguish between money
from a piece of metal?
Sorry, Mr. Tupper.
I do not know much about the money.
Do not know?
Okay, I'll teach you.
Lesson number one.
I'm going to replace your
earned five pence a piece of it.
Yes, sir.
And what do I do with these?
- Where did you get them?
- They are superfluous.
When I wanted to give them back
They said: "Let the change itself."
This is a guy, what a circus is called
- Understand?
- No.
There is an old circus rule.
All gratuities belong
chief butler.
And this is me.
- Yes, sir.
But if you tell
their tips,
I share with you equally.
So, dime me
Five - you.
Thank you, sir.
But you must promise me,
that our agreement will remain confidential.
You see, in the circus world to do
pretend that you - a heavy man.
I do not want me thinking
if I slug.
And now let's get business
and take away all there.
You little ...
Mr. Tupper will kill me.
I want you to be sick!
That you got sick and turned green.
- He was terribly sick, right?
- Well, it's just not very good looking.
It was my fault.
I do not want him to
so very ill.
This guy will eat anything.
Sometimes I think he's ostrich family.
Let's see.
Car keys.
- A piece of rope.
- You frightened me.
Do not worry about this guy.
You can not do anything to him ...
He almost Nehru ...
- You do nothing.
- Do you think you can cure it?
Is what I do.
Reliable old remedy.
Castor oil.
Give him a spoon,
and I also give him a little.
God, I wanted us to him
became friends.
He never for me it is not
Hold tight.
Do not let him bite.
That's it.
Do not let go.
That's right, that's right.
Hold him tight.
I would not want to put him
back into the monkey cage.
Perhaps it would be correct,
so that night he was warm.
There. Wrap it in it.
Perhaps he can now
sleep with me.
It is better to ask Ben.
He is responsible for the monkeys.
Thank you, Mr. Treat.
Good night.
We'll be friends, however,
Why Mr. Stubbs?
He reminds me of the old
Mr. Stubbs.
He manages the store
where I lived.
Yes, sir, we'll be real friends.
We, Mr. Stubbs.
I do not understand
as you dragged me into it.
The Colonel Castle
there is rule number one:
"Animals should ride in the cells
where they belong. "
Do not you see that it is already
better looking?
- In the morning he will feel just as always.
- It would be nice.
Giddap! Let's go!
Toby, get up.
Get up.
- What time is it?
- It's late. Wagon with a rope broke.
Maybe I should
find Mr. Tapper.
- He will be looking for me.
- Sit down.
We'll go to the parade right in Vudveyl.
And then the rope will mend.
- You want to say that I could go on parade?
- Yes.
There. Want to look like a circus performer?
Looks like.
- A hat for Mr. Stubbs?
- Do not even think.
Whatever you do,
watch the chimps.
Do not you think that he is already better
Hey, I almost forgot.
Today is the Fourth of July.
So there will be fireworks.
Yeah. Big cats oh how it
Ha. Let's go.
Bess, Will carefully!
Hold on!
Bess, Will!
Wait, you immedi ...
Jump, Toby, jump!
There is a child under the car.
There's a baby. Beware!
Beware! Beware!
Call an ambulance!
- Toby, are you all right?
- Yes, of course.
Thanks, guys.
- How did it happen?
- Chimpanzees rid of him,
scared and frightened the horses.
- How is he rid of him?
- It's my fault. He was sitting upstairs with me.
You know the rules, Ben.
You're fired.
Come to me after the show.
Ollie, Omaha, catch them before
how they are turned upside down
the entire city.
Mr. Stubbs. He is rid of him.
Keep on moving cars.
Close them.
Mr. Stubbs!
Hey, son, get off.
That chimp pulled my gun 45 caliber.
Mr. Stubbs!
Stay at the bottom.
He was the last cartridge.
Calm down, guys.
This was the last bullet.
- Wait!
- Get away!
I was very hurt, but I have to kill him
until after he had someone to not kill.
- No!
- Hey, come back!
Hello, hello, Mr. Stubbs.
It's me, Toby.
Careful, kid. Do not trust him.
O horror!
We're friends,
Mr. Stubbs, remember?
Be careful with the gun.
Good boy. Quietly.
Quietly, Mr. Stubbs.
Nice guy, Mr. Stubbs.
Give me. Please.
No, Mr. Stubbs, no!
Mr. Stubbs!
Late to apologize.
Come on.
He did not know what he is charged.
This chimpanzee is able to well handle
with weapons.
Yes, maybe you should
to elect him to parliament.
- Where do you go?
- Just go.
Free country.
- Where are you going?
- I'm leaving.
Think buy the stables,
of which you speak?
Then, happily.
Come, come.
Why Ben did not tell him,
it's my fault?
You know why Ben is so big?
Because it is filled with pride.
Okay, Ben, the day passed quietly.
Those who escaped monkey got us
at best a small business for the entire season.
I received a telegram from our
man from Kingsville.
They say they have sold
all the "blues."
And listen.
"The monkeys captured Woodvale.
"The boy disarms
shooting chimps.
"Animals are celebrating Independence Day,
leaving on vacation for freedom. "
He smashed the car was the most
the best thing that could happen.
Where are you razodelsya?
Wanted to scare the animals?
I went for salaries,
- Salary? Where is it?
- You're fired me today.
Oh, do not, Ben.
You know me.
I'm just very angry.
What is the meaning in my position,
If I can not offend people.
Pay me what they should.
Enough rattle of money.
Where is the boy, Tyler?
Toby? On the street.
- And he's here with me?
- Toby?
Toby Tyler, come here.
Therefore, Toby, I want you and chimpanzees
tomorrow were going to monkey cage.
On you want to see guys
from Kingsville.
Chimpanzees at the top of the seat?
Are you crazy?
Because of this, and started this whole scandal.
When you are responsible for this thing,
I have nothing to fear.
Well, no. No, sir.
I have nothing to buy.
Toby, I want to thank you for being
that you saved the life of this chimpanzee.
This is my pet.
I think I was supportive
violators of the order.
- That's why I like the old Ben.
- Colonel ...
You seem to be well able to cope
with the chimpanzees.
Would you like to care for it?
Do not allow him to play pranks?
- Are you serious, sir?
- It's your duty.
And now you can go.
Thank you, sir.
Listen, Colonel, I think
it does not work.
Why are you standing here?
Disguise costume
and drive cars.
Until Kingsville far.
Welcome home, Ben.
- Where were you?
- I was ...
I do not care that Colonel Castle
indicates that a chimp.
Just be sure that it is not tears
you from working.
I need to leave the case to the city.
- You all remember what I told you that?
- Yes, sir.
Make sure that all the money kept
a green safe,
that there is enough water
and that today is Saturday.
- Saturday?
- Yes, sir. Today, you have to pay me.
I gave you
within two weeks?
I'm saving up to, sir.
This is a piece of metal, Mr. Tupper.
Correctly. Just wanted to check
how do you stand on your feet.
Take it.
And ensure that the chimpanzee and closely
not suited to my safe.
I will not be long,
And I want you to monitor everything
what should be done.
Yes, sir.
Have you ever seen so many
money, Mr. Stubbs?
Three dollars 47 cents.
I'm almost rich.
How surprised Uncle Daniel, when
I bring home all the money.
Come on.
I'm better than you'll tie.
Come on.
I must bind you.
Sit down here.
So, do not move.
That's it.
Come on.
That's it.
Sit down.
I have a fully working, Mr. Stubbs.
I'd better move fast.
Hello. Come on.
Come on.
What do I see? Great seller nuts.
Death defying daredevil
with the lemonade tray.
Come on, Ajax.
We have long since you have not seen.
Well, Mr. Tupper wants
that I succeeded.
Yes, of course.
He has an important job.
- Were evicted from the lemonade flies.
- Do not pay any attention to him, Toby.
And I do not pay. Compared
with Mr. Tapper it more friendly.
- Nice horse.
- Do you love horses?
What could know about horses
Seller nuts?
- Hey, Jeannette, look.
- Oh.
I know something about horses.
It just so happens that I have
was the horse.
- The Truth, Toby?
- He was called Old Red.
Well, actually, he was not old.
Just the name is.
- He is a horse that can move hodoy?
- Move hodoy?
You know what path he loves best?
Probably the one that leads out to pasture.
- There is so much fun clowns.
- Toby, you're kidding.
Hey, Jeanette.
Look at me.
- Fine.
- Do not look at him.
He thinks that when he was in the ring,
everyone in the world should stop and look at it.
Tell me more about the old chestnut.
He can jump?
Hey, Jeanette!
Ajax, you know that the colonel said,
What about training without a belt.
What's the difference?
Just watch.
- Ajax.
- Get away from me.
- Very bad.
- Move it under the canopy. Wear.
Cautiously with his foot.
Under it with both hands.
Easy, easy.
Call a doctor quickly.
Who is responsible?
Who gave him permission to train without a belt?
- And where were you?
- I was ...
I now do not care.
What to do?
Well, just climbed to the top,
all flew down the chimney.
What do we do?
- Colonel?
- What?
- Toby Tyler knows how to ride.
- Who?
- Who?
- It's true.
He rides a horse since childhood.
His house has a horse.
You. Toby.
Excuse me, sir. I'll be back
to the tent with lemonade.
- You can ride a horse?
- I?
Well, sir, I just went to the farm,
and all.
It does not matter. Do you have experience.
I'll take care of the rest.
- But I do not think ...
- That's good. Do not think.
Jeanette, come and stand beside
with Toby.
Let's see what we have.
So-so. They suit each other,
as two pair of boots.
- What do you think, Ben?
- Wait for the Colonel.
Yes, sir, we can settle everything,
Let's approach, if correct this issue.
- Yes, Sam?
- I think it's a great idea, Colonel.
Now listen to me, Toby.
Come to an agreement.
We're from you will do an excellent
It's not easy, but in the near future
this should happen.
But, sir, I'm working
on Mr. Tapper.
We have a gentleman's agreement.
- About Tupper I'll see.
Well, we start right tomorrow morning.
In two weeks we will be
already in Waterford.
By the time the boy should ride.
Now get down to business.
- It is in your hands.
- But, Colonel, just two weeks.
Well, I gotta go.
Prior to the meeting.
- See you soon.
- You heard what the colonel said. It is in our hands.
Of course.
But, Colonel,
this is not fair.
Toby Tyler - the best boy of all,
who I was. You can not have me pick it up.
Enough whining and get out of here.
- Find yourself another boy.
- I do not want another.
His love to buyers.
He brings a tip.
I wanted to say, money.
- Listen, Tupper, if you ...
So, Colonel,
nothing to threaten me.
I know that you are sophisticated people.
On you go to various rumors.
But I never heard you
deceitful and dishonest.
So, nothing to suck.
Well ... I just feel
I'm responsible for that boy.
He could get hurt
among those horses.
Ben will trace him.
You know that.
Yes. I'm just not so easy
agree with this.
What do you think, how much recognition
this fact?
I would not want to transfer all the money.
But, maybe $ 40 a week?
I think your conscience is
- Let there be ten.
- And how about thirty?
- Okay, fifteen.
- Colonel ...
I would like to help you.
I'll tell you what.
No, Mr. Tupper.
I'll tell you what I do.
I'll give you twenty dollars a week.
And if you pronounce a single word ...
This is an honest offer.
I just draw on a piece of paper.
- What?
- Gentleman's Agreement.
If you and I can not trust each other,
what to say about the rest?
- Get out of here!
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- Ben?
- Yes?
- Have you ever cheated?
- Like everything.
But it stopped.
Strongly much trouble.
Any fool can tell a lie.
And then still lies come out,
and will be a lot of trouble.
It is not worth it.
Ben, I lied, too.
- Do not tell anyone.
- I do not know how to ride.
Do not know how.
I know.
- When are you going to leave?
- How did you guess?
In the purse, probably
a whole bunch of coins.
Do not be surprised if you buy a ticket to home
and you still left with enough money,
to give to Uncle Daniel.
You're going to take care of Mr. Stubbs?
He does not know that I am leaving.
- He did not die of hunger.
- Someday I'll come back and redeem it.
Of course. Why do
a little nap?
In addition to Mr. Stubbs' my best friends -
you and Sam.
I would be hard to say goodbye.
Nothing to worry about it.
A few weeks later you'll forget how I look.
I'll never forget you, Ben.
Better get up.
You've come a long day.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Stubbs.
My money. Where are they?
Where is my money?
What do you do with them?
Say, Mr. Stubbs!
What have you done with my money?
Tell me, Mr. Stubbs, tell me!
- What is it?
- Ben, Mr. Stubbs threw my money.
I was searching everywhere.
Thus, chimpanzee-thief.
Why did you do, Mr. Stubbs?
- Easy, Toby.
- Here is what I have left
after we had
became friends.
If I remember correctly, Colonel Castle
said you were for him to answer.
You did it myself took, huh?
Nobody is forced.
- No.
- Then do not blame the chimp.
But, Ben, because all my money
all that I had accumulated was gone.
Do you think you have a problem only
with the money?
Ha! It is too easy.
There. Take what I have accumulated.
You have enough to get home
and still remain.
Come on. Take it and get out of here
has not yet got into anything.
You mean to say that he changed his mind
Do you want to continue to deal
this ungrateful chimp?
You want to get into the ring
and think how to solve all the problems
in which you myself through?
At 11 am I hope to see you
in the ring.
And do not think that this toy.
It's a great trick, but first
Let's learn to stand.
Ago. Ago.
No, no. You must move in one
the direction of the horse.
Keep your foot on each side,
and head in the middle.
Retain the flexibility of the body.
That's it.
Up, up, up.
Stay low.
Now try to feel it
movement with his feet.
Go with him in the leg.
Do not fight.
And now, on his knees.
Stand up. Arise!
- Wait for the horse.
Hold on.
Oh no. You must go to him on horseback,
and not to kiss him.
No, no, no.
Get thee behind his ears.
Stand up.
- Hold on.
- Does not work. I can not.
- This is what I said Ajax.
- Said?
He said that you podozhmesh
the tail and throw everything on the first day.
- Yes? I'll show him.
- And now let go of the rope.
Let go.
That's better.
Not very good, but better.
And now slazit from a horse.
Come on down.
- Get ready to pounce with a fork.
- Now?
Yes, now. And this time
watch for synchronicity.
On your marks ...
Warning ... Go!
I missed it.
Not bad for a beginner.
After dinner, going to play
over the bar.
Ollie Madden.
Madame Tenzin.
For you two.
Greta Nelson.
Toby Tyler.
- Harris Tilford.
- Toby is busy. I tell him.
Frank Vernon.
Harry Birch.
Rufus Rakin.
"Dear Toby,
We are very hard.
I'm afraid that your uncle Daniel
feels bad.
Without your help it is very difficult
cope with the work on the farm.
You really need us, Toby ... "
- Mr. Tupper!
- You dropped something.
- Yes. Thank you. Thank you.
Well, how's the new artist?
Horrible, but Ben said
After lunch return.
My boy, I believe in you.
And to prove that Harry Tupper
not just a talker,
Look what I have for you is.
Best used shoes for the ride
for the price you can afford.
And now answer my question.
Mr. Tupper - your friend or not?
- Well ...
- No need to thank me, boy.
You forgot about all their responsibilities. Run
and met his friend, Mr. Stubbs.
Mr. Tapper?
I do not know how to say
What about you but I changed my opinion.
Yes. You could have this and not speak.
I admit that I am not the most
patient man in the world.
But since a typically behaving when calculating
to someone.
Am I right?
What do you think I should tell you
aunt and uncle that I would ride a horse?
Why not.
Do you think I can go well?
Well, you have not yet Pouni Bill
But before we begin to speak,
thou shalt be a professional -
or I'm not Benjamin Badiah Cotter.
How to write an "uncle"?
Well, it's ... differently.
At one point you write one,
in each other.
In what we now place?
No spelling or letter is important.
It is important how you express it.
You said guys like you for it
- No.
- And you said that you love them?
For them, it is of great importance.
I love you very much.
Cordially ...
Ben, how to write a "heart"?
Why do not you just sign "your friend
Toby Tyler "and more to me not to molest?
You would too afraid if you had
stand in front of all those people.
Well, how are we doing?
He does not sit very well.
So, let's see. Let's see
what we can do.
Wait here a moment.
Let's see.
If we are here for a little lift,
It seems to me that this front ...
Before you could be, uh-m ...
Before ...
Turn around here,
because there is ...
if we pull up sleeves
but it is not very good ...
- It is terrible, right?
- Yes.
I think even the focus will not help.
But there are different tricks, you know?
That focus, when you take a hat
and removing from it a rabbit ...
But not for ...
I came up with.
I use the trick.
Close your eyes.
Strongly closed and not open.
And now, as you
feel in a suit?
So. "Needles and pins
needles and pins.
When you want it,
Focus is coming true.
Open your eyes.
- Surprise.
- Good luck to you, Toby.
Monsieur Toby, after a few minutes you
will debut as a future artist
in the Great American Circus
Col. Castle.
- But I'm ...
- Sh-sh-sh. And we, your friends are artists,
do not want you to fail,
in terms of tailoring ...
- What?
Papa Schultz always said:
"When you get to the stage
never wore these horrible,
scary ... huge pants ...
You should not do that.
- Good luck, Toby.
- Thank you.
But the rest, Toby.
You have three minutes,
to change, Toby.
Mr. Stubbs, you have not seen
my shoes?
Good night. I left them
on the counter with lemonade.
- Where is Toby?
- Probably, still dresses.
Mr. Stubbs, how do you rid of him?
No, Mr. Stubbs!
"Master Toby Tyler"?
They are everything to me.
All of Aunt Olivia.
Mr. Stubbs, they wrote to me!
What the hell are you still here?
- Look, Ben, they wrote to me.
- You do not have time. Hurry.
I poslezhu for chimpanzees.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
we want to introduce you
With your permission,
These charming young riders
Mademoiselle Jeanette
and Monsieur Toby.
Jeanette and Toby.
Candy, cold lemonade with ice.
Pink, cool and refreshing ...
I. ..
Nuts! Svezhezharenye!
Lemonade. There.
Pink, cool, invigorating.
This lemonade ... with ice ...
Made ...
Nuts! Svezhezharenye!
Toby, you have ridden like a champion.
- You were great.
I need to read my letter.
"We both miss you, Toby,
and we wonder why you
We do not answer.
Uncle Daniel feels bad.
He took over your duties,
and the rest of the work,
it is very difficult. "
They want me to come back home
Mr. Stubbs. I need them.
I must run away, until they
did not try to stop me.
You know, Mr. Stubbs, I can not
you take with you.
You do not belong.
They will say that I'll steal.
You understand, right?
Someday I'll be back
and take you with me.
Honestly, take away.
"Dear Ben and Sam
it pains me to write about it
but I'm leaving the circus ... "
That ungrateful little puppy.
After all that I had done for him.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Do you have a phone?
Operator, bind me
with the sheriff Bartonsville.
Yes, it is very important.
Says Gary Tupper,
Great American Circus Castle.
I want to follow along with a small
boy, about eleven years.
He calls himself Toby Tyler.
I think he's going in your direction.
He escaped from the circus.
Took with him a very valuable animal,
belonging to Colonel Castle, chimpanzees.
Thank you, sheriff.
If the sheriff,
You will find the boy,
My gratitude will never end.
Do you understand me?
I hope none of you are not going to
for him to hunt.
A hunter, huh?
I think you are good to know how to handle
with this toy.
- A little bit.
- I'll tell you what.
You find the boy, and I'll cry
award of, say, ten dollars.
Sorry, but I do not hunt
after young boys.
I've had enough of hunting on the trot.
Yes. As you wish.
Mr. Stubbs!
What are you doing here?
They just wanted me,
Mr. Stubbs.
You know, I'm glad to see you,
but God!
Well, as the father Schultz
"We are here, we're here
far from the place
where we were
but close to the place
where we are. "
So I'll take you with me,
and we will write to Colonel Castle,
where you are.
Getting your feet wet, Mr. Stubbs.
# And why I'm going where ... #
Quietly, Mr. Stubbs.
We'll go this way.
You smelled something, Jasper?
Mr. Stubbs!
Mr. Stubbs!
Mr. Stubbs!
Mr. Stubbs.
Mr. Stubbs.
Mr. Stubbs,
Please do not leave me.
Do not leave me.
This you have done.
You killed him. Why?
I do not like. I thought it was someone else.
You killed him.
You are a murderer.
Believe me, I'm sorry.
Go away from us.
What is it?
What? Huh?
Oh, Mr. Stubbs.
Do not leave me, Mr. Stubbs.
So, Toby, very bad.
This is very bad.
You see, Toby.
If you had not escaped,
It would not have happened.
You are to blame.
- I blame?
- You see yourself.
Mr. Stubbs would still be alive,
if you had not escaped.
- Come on. Come back.
- I wish Mr Stubbs.
Look, look!
Look, Toby.
Mr. Stubbs dead.
And you have no way you can help.
Come on.
Perhaps the Colonel will give you
another animal.
- No! I did not leave.
- Come on.
The boy is not guilty.
It was my fault.
It is an accident.
The most important thing that we found a guy
alive and unharmed.
Hey! Hey, wait!
Wait a minute.
I tell him! Stop!
Col. Castle, I ran away,
and Mr. Stubbs ran after me.
I did not want it happen.
Honestly, do not like.
Toby .. Toby, here are a few who
wants to see you.
Toby, you forgive me?
You, smelly skunk.
I know what you did with the letters
for Toby.
So, Ben, I ...
I did not want to upset him.
Forgery of letters.
It threatens to jail.
A little fake.
I'll do now is one of those gentlemen
agreements that you do adore.
Okay, okay. Anything you say.
I demand you to stop receiving
part of the money Toby.
Ben, let's talk.
You do not realize that bear.
I want you to lag behind boys.
Yes. Yes.
And I want you to be doing well
and nobly led.
Well. Yes, sir.
And if you do not do what I demand
I'll do it.
Well, Ben, well.
Do not, Ben, do not!
- I'm glad that you came back, Toby.
- Thank you.
Hello. Today the circus is complete.
Try to perform well.
- Of course, I'll try.
- Okay.
You have so many good
Friends, Toby.
I really like you to
met with Mr. Stubbs.
Col. Castle told us about it.
It was his car.
He was my best friend.
Well, I see you all the shows
their children, and Toby?
You will not do me a favor?
Go and tell Sam to Treat to
meet me behind my tent.
Of course.
Come on.
What are you doing here?
Mr. Stubbs!
Oh, Mr. Stubbs.
Is he all right?
Bullet slightly
hurt his back.
Mr. Stubbs.
Mr. Stubbs.
Mr. Stubbs.
candy ... Apples ...
- Nuts?
- Yes, sir.
Nuts, popcorn,
apples in sugar.
And now I want to draw
Your account
for example horsemanship
and balance,
witnessed in this ring.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Monsieur Toby.
Cold lemonade with ice.
Pink, cool and refreshing.
That little boy.
True, he is adorable?
That's our boy.
- Ben.
- Colonel, I apologize.
It's just great.
Why do not you tell me?
- I do not know.
- Congratulations, Ben.
Congratulations. We call it
"Monsieur Stubbs."
Nuts, popcorn, lemonade.
Pink, invigorating ...
And cold.