Toh Baat Pakki! (2010) Movie Script

We're going ahead, and
you're left behind.
You car is slow.
What do you care? lt's our car.
Papa that train crossed
ahead as well.
Son, train always travels
faster than the car.
And cycle? -Well..
That does too.
l can't see your face.
Keep this at the back.
lt will break.
Don't you remember? This
is the glass vase..
..which Mrs. Rai gifted
us on our anniversary.
Since then l've been thinking..
..who can l gift it, so that
l don't get it back.
Hello. -Hello.
Hello. Congratulations.
Oh, you're here too.
Listen, this is sister
And brother Surinder. -Hello.
And Sister, he's.. -l
know. He's Mohan.
Mohan, you're very fortunate
that you got our Sarita.
Otherwise, all the boys
in our neighbourhood.. close to her but
didn't get her.
l mean, she rejected
every boy she met.
Let's get a photograph taken.
You stand beside Sarita.
And l'll stand alongside Mohan.
You won't come in the picture
if you stand here.
Pick him up in your arms.
Just a minute.
You won't come either.
A little to the left. Please.
Okay, ready?
Okay, smile.
Thank you.
Do you remember Mrs. Chawla's
lt's nice.
lsn't this fourth? -No Mama,
this is an ice-cream.
He's very smart. -Actually..
..Rajeshwari, even l can't
control myself over ice-cream.
That's right.
But just see the ice-cream that
they've served vanilla.
Butterscotch, almonds
and raisins.
They're expensive. -Right.
l've heard that they've spent
a lot on the wedding.
Money can't teach
you etiquettes.
You should have taste as well.
Rajeshwari, they've found
a suitable groom.
The truth is, l didn't like
him one bit. -Why?
What's wrong with him?
Listen, there's nothing
wrong in this world.
Everything is good.
lt's about matching
Such a highly educated girl.
And l've heard that the
boy has only a diploma.
He doesn't even have
a degree. -Really?
Both of them will look like..
Mrs. Rai.
Eastman colour.
She has worn every colour on her
person. From sari to purse.
Everyone's laughing.
What are you all joking
about? -About you.
What do you mean?
Your tenant. We were
talking about him.
Haven't you thrown him out yet?
l'll ask him to vacate
the room on the first.
He won't find another
room immediately.
lt will take four to five days.
And then..
l'll have the entire month's
rent for myself.
What gift did you give the
bride and the groom?
Looking at the size..
ls it a flower vase?
lt is. The one you gifted me.
Listen. Please repair the hook
of the wedding necklace.
lt came off thrice at
the wedding too.
lt's come loose.
l've been asking you for so
long to buy me a new one.
lf it has loosened,
so, get it fixed.
Why do you need a new one?
-The fashion has changed.
You've a knack of changing
old things.
Television, fridge, telephone,
wedding necklace..
That's not it.
l still have one old thing
which l'll never change.
What's that?
l'll withdraw the money
from the bank..
..for the wedding necklace
You're so nice.
You always do whatever l say.
But you haven't given the room
upstairs for rent yet.
That job is done as well.
Uncle Gajendra called
from Benares.
His friend's son has got a job.
And he.. -And he wants
that room for free.
Therefore, he remembered
his nephew.
Give the room for
free, and then..
..tea, coffee, breakfast
and lunch everything.
We don't want to do
social service.
Mrs. Rai's pigeon house..has
been rented out for Rs.1000.
And our room is a grand
manor compared to that.
We won't charge anything
less than Rs.1200.
That's it.
You'll get the rent.
Let's do a Laxmi-Ganesh.
Look, it's Laxmi.
That means, concentrate
on the money.
With Rs.1200 as rent..
..we can fulfil many
of our requirements.
The children have grown up,
they need a computer.
And Nisha.
We've to get Nisha
married as well.
You know, these days whenever
l see a nice boy..
..l start thinking whether
he'll suit Nisha or not.
l've dreamt about this
since she was small.
That l'll get her married
very grandly.
She'll have a huge house.
A big car.
And the boy will be a prince.
We'll find a gem of
a boy for her.
And everyone will be
stunned to see him.
l'm..l'm sorry..l'm
really sorry.
Yes, yes.
lt's the grace of
God. -l'm sorry.
Otherwise, you'd almost
killed me.
No, actually, you were walking
in the middle of the road..
Otherwise.. -So what?
Will you kill me? -No,
no. l was just..
Actually, l did some work on
my engine. So, l was just..
Look, it stopped instantly
even at the speed of 80.
You're wonderful. -You
did a good job.
l'm sorry. -lf you like
speeding that much..
..then go for Olympics.
Should l throw it away?
Why do you trouble
the pedestrians?
This is our road.
We pay tax to the government.
And my husband is the cashier
in a government bank.
Look, it isn't all my fault.
Yet l apologise. So, that's it.
Forget it, madam. Let it be.
Forgive him.
Did l ask for advice?
And what's all this?
Are we shooting for a television
reality show?
Don't you've work?
Leave. Come on, leave.
Let's go. Come on, let's go.
And you.
lf l see you speeding your
motorcycle again..
..l'll dismantle all the parts.
Of the engine, and
yours as well.
Likes to show-off the speed.
Leave it.
Listen, the key.
And that's a six.
What is it? -lce-cream,
Shlok, come here.
Show me your hand.
lce-cream. -No ice-cream.
You get a sore throat easily.
lsn't it? Go.
You're just..
He doesn't know what's
best for him.
He wanted to.. -He'll
understand later..
..that we did the right thing.
But if.. -Fine, l understood.
You've a habit of arguing
with everyone.
No, l mean you always
argue with me..
..but you argued with
that boy as well.
Who? That goon.
l'm not going to be afraid
of some goon.
l call a spade a spade.
That's it.
There's a boy here to
meet you. -Which boy?
He's tall and fair.
And he has muscles.
And he's here on a bike.
So, are you here to vandalise?
To use strong-arm tactics.
What did you feel?
lf you come home,
l'll be scared?
Leave quietly.
Otherwise, l'll thrash you so
hard, you'll forget your name.
Rahul Saxena. -What?
That's my name.
lf you hit me before l complete
what l'm here to say..
..then you can remind
me of my name.
Are you here to joke with me?
-No, to return this purse.
You left it on the street
in the morning.
Count it, it must all be there.
No, there was an
important paper.
l was looking for that.
Someone on the streets told me..
..that you live in
our neighbourhood.
So, l asked for your address
and.. -Oh, you live here.
Where? -With Mrs. Rai.
But you're Saxena.
So, how can you be Mrs. Rai's
No, l'm her tenant.
l'm studying in the engineering
college here.
That's why you keep repairing
your motorcycle.
Oh, no. That's my hobby.
By the way, l'm not
doing mechanical..
..but civil engineering.
Whatever. But you're doing
engineering, aren't you?
Yes, final year.
Okay, l'll leave now.
What did you say your name
was? -Rahul Saxena.
We're Saxenas too.
l 'M Rajeshwari. -Really?
And this is Surinder,
my husband. -Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Which village are you
from? -Biruwa.
District Azamgarh.
We're from Jaunpur.
Sir, that's a nice
car. Nice car.
Yes, my grandfather..
He's from Azamgarh.
Final year, engineering.
Rahul..Rahul Saxena.
Nisha and Rahul will look really
nice as a couple, won't they?
He's absolutely suited
for your sister.
Don't always interfere
with your buts.
l'll have to, if you
fly too high.
Rahul is doing engineering.
Do you know the rates of
the boys these days?
lAS officer, from 50
lakh to 1 crore.
Doctor or engineer, 20-25 lakh.
These people charge that
much to get married.
We're.. -Not everyone is
concerned about money.
Some are more concerned
about the girl.
And you didn't ask for
any dowry as well.
l'm neither good looking
nor intelligent.
Otherwise, l would've got
an engineering degree..
..and dowry as well. -no.
But l've decided that Nisha
and Rahul will get married.
Now that you've decided, even
God can't save Rahul.
How are you? Rajesh. -Hello.
Shaukat, how are you?
-Fine, how are you?
Absolutely fine.
Shaukat, make a betel-leaf
for me.'s my job to
make betel-leaves.
First, give the money, and
then take your betel-leaf.
l follow just one rule.
Friends are good,
but credit isn't.
Can l say something, Shaukat?
-Yes, go on.
There is no charge for talking.
Might not be in other places.
But in your place, we've
to pay for everything.
What are you saying?
What if l prove that you charge
pay for talking here?
Then l'll do anything you say.
Fine, tell me one thing.
Everyone uses a cell-phone
to talk. -Yes.
You refill the balance in
the cell-phone. -Yes.
And you even charge
money for it. -Yes.
That means you charge for
talking as well. -Yes.
Come on, keep your promise
now. -What?
Refill my mobile balance today
without charging anything..
..on credit. -l'll pay the
money tomorrow. For sure.
l'll be right back.
He's coming.
Sister. Sister.
Oh, you. -Rahul Saxena.
Yes, l recognised you. -l see.
How are you, Rahul?
-Absolutely fine.
Come, l'll drop you. My
bike is right there.
You won't listen if l refuse.
But we'll walk.
Have you finished smoking,
or do you need to go back?
Oh, no. l don't smoke.
Then you must be eating
betel-leaf. -No, not even that.
l came here to refill
my cell-phone.
Sometimes in the evening,
my friends gather here.
We talk about different things,
it changes the mood.
That's absolutely right.
You can't spend the entire day
in college or with Mrs. Rai.
So, tell me, how is Mrs. Rai.
-She's fine.
Do you know, that tomorrow..
..that is on the first..
..she'll ask you to vacate
the room? -No.
Do you know where
you'll go? -No.
You do know that you won't find
a room instantly. -Yes.
Then she'll say, Fine, you can
stay here a few more days.
And charge you the entire
month's rent.
l didn't know that.
-You should know.
The world is very selfish,
Anyway, you do know the address
of our house, don't you?
Yes, l do. -Look,
you're a Saxena.
You belong to our community.
So, whenever Rai tells you
to vacate the room.. can take your stuff
and come to my house.
To your house. -Yes.
Consider that there's
a room vacant..
..especially for you
in our house.
And don't tell Mrs. Rai
about this.
lt's a very nice room.
Come in. -Yes.
You can see the rising sun
from here in the morning.
And you wake up to the
chirping of the birds.
And if you look out the window,
you'll see greenery.
You'll be able to concentrate
on your studies..
..and top your class.
Sister, how much rent
will l've to pay?
Look, l like everything..
..but not when kin
discuss money.
You're no stranger. -No.
You're a kin.
So, l'm sister, but.. -Let
it be. Let it be.
Sister, l'm not a stranger.
l'm a kin. -Okay.
Keep this down.
Sister, all that is fine, but..
Still, l..
What is it?
Today l gave you a room to
stay you're asking for the rent.
Then you'll ask for the price
of the blanket and pillow.
Tomorrow, if we serve you food..'ll ask for its
price as well.
And then the day after that,
if l get you married..
..then you'll ask for my fee.
No, Sister. Don't worry
about my marriage.
Why? Are you married?
So, are you having
a love affair?
Oh, no, Sister.
l just don't want
to get married..
..until l finish my engineering
and find a job.
You can study and look for
jobs all your life.
But that doesn't mean that
you shouldn't get married.
No, Sister. The house
can't be proper..
..until the foundation
isn't strong.
But l'm sure.
No matter how many
times you refuse..
..your family must be looking
for a girl for you.
l don't have a family, Sister.
All l'd was a mother, she
passed away last year.
Now there is just an uncle..
..and he's mired in many
problems himself.
Uncle Rajbali.
This is called 'Sashtang
Come on. Now, apologise
to everyone. -Everyone?
But we flirted with just one.
Why did you.. -Apologise
to everyone.
Forgive us.
l'll beat you.
Uncle. -Nephew.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Son. Son. Son.
Uncle, what are you doing
in my college?
Those boys were flirting
with the girls.
So, l taught them a lesson.
-Yes, but why did you come here?
l've selected a girl for you.
You remember Mr. Kedarnath?
His daughter Janvi.
ls he your uncle? -No,
l'm his nephew.
She's as virtuous as her name.
lt's a very nice family.
They're the followers of Gandhi.
He's a true Vaishnava
(caste) who..
Uncle, you know l don't want
to get married now.
They were saying the
same thing. -Who?
Shyam Sunder Kedarnath.
Shyam Sunder Kedarnath, who?
Uncle, who are you..
-Janvi's father.
Janvi's father.
ls he your uncle? -No,
l'm his nephew.
l went there to make
..for the village council
So, l made a bad impression
on him.
He thought l was a goon.
He said, l won't get my
daughter married..
..into a family of ruffians.
My blood boiled.
l hope you didn't do anything.
-What didn't l do?
l've made all the arrangements.
We'll abduct the girl tomorrow.
And get you two married. -That's
what l came here to tell you.
Uncle, what are you going to do?
He's your uncle, isn't he?
Yes, he's. Everyone has one.
Uncle, you know l don't want
to get married right now.
And you want to abduct
the girl..
..and invite her
family's wrath..
That's the problem with
you educated people.
You think so much that
you can't do anything.
Now, l'll have to leave.
l'll have to cancel
the arrangements..
..l made for the kidnapping,
Shall l send some clarified
butter from the village?
l'll have it sent. -Fine.
Get the car. -Yes.
Come, sir.
He's your uncle?
Everyone travelling to
Jaunpur alight here.
We've reached Jaunpur.
Everyone travelling to
Jaunpur alight here.
lf you'd informed..
..l would've sent someone
to the bus-stand.
Oh, Mother..l would've
called Kashiram..
..then he would've informed
you when he'd time.
l would've have arrived by then.
But this time around, l'll
give you a cell-phone.
So that we can talk whenever
we want. That's it.
And l've told him to
buy an inverter.
He'll send it next week. -You
look after us so well.
Me and Nisha.
You're my son, and not daughter.
No, Mother. l'm your daughter.
But daughters take more care.
lf people understand that
then lndia will reform.
Nisha talks like that. -Really?
But where is she?
She's gone for her classes.
To educate the wives
of the farmers.
l've selected a boy
for her, Mother.
He stays in our room upstairs.
He's studying engineering.
He's handsome, and has enough
property and wealth.. the village.
So, if you feel it right..
What can l say?
lf you like it, then it's fine.
Okay then.
l'll take Nisha with
me tomorrow.
And fix the alliance.
There's a boy staying
upstairs, Rahul..
He must he studying. Give
it to him as well.
Come in.
You're.. -Aarti (veneration
Aarti. Nice name.
l'm Rahul. -l know. Sister
just told me.
Oh, you're sister Rajeshwari's
sister. -Yes.
She arrived last night.
She's beautiful..l mean,
she sings beautifully.
She doesn't just sing,
she cooks well..
..takes care of the house..
..teaches the children
in the village.
And she's doing B.A. -Okay.
And she's a topper in
her studies as well.
Hindi, History, Geography, she's
a topper in everything.
But her English is slightly..
English has unnecessarily been
given such importance.
Otherwise, English isn't
that important.
That's fine.
But here, English is important
to pass B.A.
lf you don't have any problem..
..can you teach English
to my sister? -l..
Oh, no. l'm not forcing you.
You shouldn't feel that just
because we aren't..
..charging you rent, you've to
teach her. -Oh, no, Sister.
l'll surely teach her. l..
Mama. -Coming.
l'll be right back. -Yes.
But l hope it won't be
any problem to you.
Oh, no. l'll teach you
when l'm not studying,
No, l mean..
l mean.. -l get it.
lt's okay.
There definitely is something.
Does he like Nisha?
Our sister isn't a vegetable..
..that he'll select
her at one look.
lt'll take some time.
Time? -Yes.
Days or months? -What difference
does it make?
A loss of 1200 every month.
Two months mean 2400.
And three months mean.. -3600.
l too know the tables of 12.
Pass me that pen. -Move.
Let me do a Laxmi-Ganesh
and clear everything.
Lord Ganesh.
Which means? -That means think
less about wealth..
..everything is going well.
Before l start teaching you..
..l should know how much l know.
Sister, give it to me. l..
Did that hurt? -Yes.
Where should l.. Sorry.
Sit down.
Start. -Yes.
We should know how much
English you know.
So, what is your name? -Nisha.
l did tell you.
What are your subjects?
You're so forgetful.
Didn't l tell you?
Hindi, History, Geography
and English.
Tell him. -No, l..
Wanted her to speak in
English and know.. much does she know,
so.. -Oh, that way.
She can speak fluently.
You can ask her whatever
you want.
Now, translate whatever
l say. -Okay.
Shakespeare was a great writer.
Shakespeare was a great
writer. -Yes.
Say it.
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
Where there's a will, there's
a way. Say it.
Birds are flying.
Birds are flying.
Clouds are coming.
Clouds are coming.
l'm going.
l'm going.
l'm..going. -Oh, no,
Sister. Please sit.
No, no. l should leave.
Okay, fine.
What is your name? -Nisha.
Hungama. -Cartoon.
Hungama. -Cartoon.
Sana.. -Not on my stomach, not
on my stomach. No.
Sana, Shlok.
Sana, quiet.
Why have you created a racket?
She snatched the remote.
-He hit me.
When did l hit you?
You two are creating
such a racket.
You know Rahul must be studying
at the moment.
He'll get disturbed.
He's studying engineering,
it's no joke.
You two don't seem to get it.
You need to use your brains.
One needs silence for it.
But you two have created
uproar in the house.
You're screaming more
than us, Aunt.
There's no confusion,
it's very simple.
Solar eclipse is
a solar eclipse.
And a lunar eclipse is lunar
eclipse. lsn't it?
When you don't see
the sun, that's..
..called solar eclipse. rt?
And when you don't see the moon?
Go ask brother Rahul
to teach you.
He's tutoring aunt very well.
l.. l.. -Go, go.
Yes, l'm free. l'm free.
You teach the best.
Why don't you teach him?
You talk such nonsense.
Rahul will explain to
him scientifically.
Tell me, what is the centre
of the universe? -Sun.
Very good.
lmagine that l'm the sun, so,
what does the earth do?
The earth rotates around
the sun. -Correct.
Now imagine that your
aunt Nisha..
lmagine it, Nisha.
lmagine that your aunt
Nisha is the earth.
Now, tell her what
she has to do.
Aunt Nisha, rotate
around the sun.
lf you go around, it'll be
easier for Shlok to understand.
So, Shlok, remember..the earth
always rotates this way.
When will the solar eclipse
occur? -Never.
Then what'll l write for
my homework. -Anything.
Oh, yes, homework.
Yes, now, tell me who rotates
around the earth. -Moon.
Correct. -Now, mummy
is the moon.
Now, everyone rotate
around. -Yes.
So, while rotating..
..the moon comes in-between
the earth and the sun.
The earth cannot see the sun.
lt seems like the sun has
strayed far away from earth.
The earth is scared, it's
gripped with darkness.
The time when sun disappears.. called the solar eclipse.
But the sun hasn't disappeared.
lt's waiting for the
moon to move away.. that it can shed his
ray of love on earth.
And earth smiles once
again to see its sun.
l..homework.. -Do your homework.
Let's go, Shlok.
Not from between the
earth and the sun.
Why is my heart making
me restless?
Why is it yearning
for someone?
lt desires those moments
of happiness again.
lt has fallen in love
with someone.
What's wrong with the heart?
lt desires those bangle-adorned
hands again.
Wishes someone to talk
to him for hours.
lt desires those feelings
at night again.
lt wishes to feel those
delicate lips again.
lt desires someone to stay
in the arms all night.
lt desires a sweet encounter
once again.
An encounter.
Why does it have
so many desires?
Why does it mention
only your name?
lt desires someone's
love once again.
lt's expressing desires
once again.
Why is my heart making
me restless?
Why is it yearning
for someone?
lt desires those moments
of happiness again.
lt has fallen in love
with someone.
What's wrong with the heart?
What's wrong with the heart?
Did you fall asleep
while studying?
Or are you studying
while sleeping.
l didn't realise when
l fell asleep.
l was watching a
beautiful dream.
l'll show you what beauty is.
No, Brother. l'll sit with aunt.
No, l want to sit
with aunt Nisha.
You can't sit with her. -No
Today, l'll sit with her.
Shlok, Sana. You'll fall
down. -Sit down.
lsn't she looking gorgeous?
Can any boy refuse to
marry her today?
No boy can ever refuse
to marry Nisha.
We expect the same.
Tell me. -Yes.
When the ration arrives, have
it kept in place. -Okay.
We're taking Nisha to the
doctor. -Doctor? Why?
Nisha was looking fine.
ln fact, she was looking
very nice.
That's why we're taking her.
To talk about her alliance.
Tell me is the MD greater
or MBBS? -MD.
Yes. The boy is studying
for that.
Wear that. -Shlok, you wear it
too. -Like this, isn't it?
Yes. Like that.
What ruse have you plotted
now, madam?
lf you want Rahul to marry her..
..then why did you tell him..
We're fixing her alliance
with a doctor?
At times, you've to use crooked
means for fair end.
And only a person who
handles the kitchen..
..can know that.
There's another truth that.. can never understand
lt would've been so much fun..
..if uncle Rahul had
come along too.
lsn't it, Aunt?
lt'll be much more fun if
Rahul doesn't come along.
What do you mean,
He means, if Rahul doesn't
waste his time around..
..and tops his engineering
..that'll be much
better, isn't it?
Nisha, what do you
think of Rahul?
Just like you do, Sister.
l like him a lot.
So, do you?
The main course hasn't
been served yet.
And the dessert too.
Aunt Nisha..
Carefully, Sana.
You all are back.
You'll were late, isn't it?
Nisha, Sana, Shlok. Go
change your clothes.
lt's so hot.
Sister. -Rahul, has
the ration arrived?
Yes, Sister. lt has been
delivered. -Okay.
You're sweating so much. -No.
Actually, while studying..
What happened, Sister?
lt's just as l'd expected.
That's why we got late.
Get me a glass of water.
l'm feeling thirsty.
Yes, Sister. l..
Sana's book is in your room.
Sister, what did the doctor
say? -Operation successful.
That's what the doctors say..
..when they're successful,
don't they?
So..Nisha's and the doctor's
alliance has been fixed, right?
That means..he has said
yes. -lnstantly.
Just like you did
before we left.
The truth is..l wanted
Nisha to marry you.
But that doctor turned out to
be more sensible than you.
How's that?
He didn't say, First education
and then marriage.
He said Sister..
..if l fail in the examination,
l can reappear.
But if l lose a beautiful
lt's out.
The bangle is loose.
l'll just give Sana and Shlok
their book.. -Sister.
l was thinking. -lf
you were thinking.
Continue to think.
As it's, you've more
brains to think.
Sister, my mother used to..
When you start building bridge
from both sides of the sea.. should make sure that
they meet at a point..
..otherwise, it's useless.
Your mother was an engineer
too? -Yes. No..l mean.. mother would say, lf
you respect your elders..
..always listen to
their advice.
And l respect you
the most, Sister.
So, l'm ready to marry Nisha.
Really? -Absolutely, Sister.
But that doctor.. -Yes, Doctor..
l've a way to get rid
of the doctor.
So, it final? -Final.
The heart wants to rejoice.
Wants to create uproar.
Happiness has returned
to my life.
Run around announcing
your marriage.
The heart wants to rejoice.
Wants to create uproar.
Happiness has returned
to my life.
Run around announcing
my marriage.
Everyone will talk about me.
Everyone will talk about me.
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
Few flowers and a
small garland.
Ward off all the jinxes.
All the guests have arrived.
They've arrived.
lroned traditional shirt,
polished shoes.
l look like a handsome groom.
l've arranged for the horses
and the elephants.
How long do l control myself?
The heart's getting restless.
Everyone will be
present there.
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
She's here, she's there.
Whether it's on land
or in the sky..
l see her face everyone.
l would've brought
her home today.
Crowned her as my queen.
But look for an auspicious
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The heart wants to rejoice.
Wants to create uproar.
Happiness has returned
to my life.
Run around announcing
my marriage.
Everyone will talk about me.
Everyone will talk about me.
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
Yes, Mother.
Yes, we've begun the
Yes. Rahul is preparing as well.
Yes, we've fixed an auspicious
day a few days from now.
Mother, tell Nisha..
..that we've bought her bridal
wear of her choice.
Yes, don't worry.
Yes, he has taken leave.
For 15 days.
Yes, Mother. Everything is fine.
l'll hang up now.
Are you Mrs. Saxena? -Yes.
l'm Yuvraaj Saxena.
l've just joined Godrej
as the junior..
Please leave, l don't
want to buy anything.
Oh, no. You're misunderstanding
No, l'm absolutely right.
These big companies dress up
good looking boys and girls..
..and send them as
their salesman.
l'm not a salesman.
l've been appointed as the
Junior Manager in Godrej. -So?
Why have you parked
the car here?
Take it out.
Your husband's uncle
has sent me.
Uncle Gajendra.
Take your car out
quickly. Quickly.
He said that you've a room.
l mean l can rent it out.
There was, l don't
have it anymore.
Actually, the mess' food
doesn't suit me.
l wanted a room for
just two months.
Actually, the factory's
..will be ready in 2 months.
So, l can appoint a cook then.
And your family.. -l'm
still a bachelor.
You're the Junior Manager
in Godrej. -Yes.
Fixed job. -Yes.
And you're going to get a
bungalow after two months. -Yes.
ls that car yours? -Yes.
And you're a Saxena? -Yes.
Come on then.
You'll have to take one sweet.
lt's an offering. -Okay.
So, why are you still
a bachelor?
Mummy is looking for a bride.
When she finds one,
l'll get married.
On that note, have one more.
l just had this. -This one.
That's an offering as well.
l was thinking, uncle Gajendra
has sent you here.., it's our duty to help you.
Sit down, sit down.
So, l suggest
adjust yourself.. the mess for two days.
After that, we'll adjust
you in our house.
Thank you, Sister.
These days, people hesitate to
rent their room to bachelors.
lf it wasn't for you..
-l'm helping you because
you're a bachelor.
What? -l mean, anyone
would've easily..
..helped you'd you been married.
You wouldn't need our
help then, isn't it?
You're right.
Only kin help in times of need.
That's humanity.
Today, we've helped you.
Tomorrow, you might be
of some help to us.
Sister, l need to finalise
from these two cards.
This blue one or..
ls..everything fine, Sister?
You look worried.
You aren't an engineer,
but a doctor.
You've guessed it right.
What's wrong?
l wouldn't mind if just
one person said it.
But the entire neighbourhood
is talking about you.
And l can't endure it.
Sister, tell me clearly..
Mrs. Rai and Mrs. Sharma..
..say that you've become
a live-in son-in-law.
Now, l can't charge you rent
just to prove them wrong.
So, they're right.
They don't see what their
children are doing.
lnstead, they pry on others.
You know Mrs. Rai's daughter..
What do we care about
what they do?
But l couldn't endure
your defamation.
So, l just told them that
you don't stay here.
You did the right thing.
That's the end of the issue.
-That isn't the end.
They're coming here to
see it themselves.
And you know Mrs. Rai.
Mrs. Rai.. -No, Sister,
you..don't worry.
l'll make some other
arrangements for myself.
But Rahul.. -Yes.
Where will you go at
such a short notice?
l'll..go stay with Shaukat.
He's my friend.
You'll stay with a
betel-leaf seller.
That isn't right,
then Mrs. Rai..
Don't worry, l won't tell
anyone anything.
As you wish.
They'll be here by 10 o'clock.
Fine, Sister. l'll
leave by 9:30.
Look, l'm telling you again.
What you're doing isn't right.
And what if Laxmi-Ganesh
say it's right?
Last time, Lord Ganesh gave
the green signal for Rahul.
Yes, so, he was the
right choice then.
Now, let's see what Lord
Ganesh says for Yuvraaj.
l knew it will be Laxmi.
That means wealthy Yuvraaj
will keep our Nisha happy.
Rajeshwari, can l ask
you something?
What if tomorrow..we
find a better..
..and wealthier boy
than Yuvraaj?
Then we'll get Nisha
married to him.
Look, our responsibility
is to see..
..that the boy is nice.
lf he's wealthy, Nisha
will be happier.
And l'll fulfil my
responsibility at any cost.
Don't keep calling me all day?
Otherwise, we'll keep discussing
the same topic.
Good morning, Sister.
Yuvraaj is here, and Rahul
is still upstairs.
What now? -We'll lose both
the boys. What else?
No, no. Don't do that.
You'll have to help me. -Not at
all, l'm going to the office.
You're under my oath. -What?
Yes, you'll have to
help me in this.
l don't know anything.
You're under my oath.
Yuvraaj why did you
come so early?
You arrived so early,
isn't it? -Yes.
You asked me to come.
So, l thought l'll shift before
l leave for office.
You did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
Yuvraaj, this is Surinder.
Uncle Gajendra's nephew. -Hello.
And this is Yuvraaj,
our new tenant.
l'll shift my luggage
quickly. -Why?
Why quickly? Do it slowly.
lf there's something delicate
like glass or porcelain.. might break.
Do it slowly.
Help him in getting the luggage.
l.. -Slowly.
Get up. This isn't
the time to sleep.
Get up. Get up, they're here.
ls that all the luggage you've?
-Yes, that's it.
Slowly, what's the hurry?
Listen, listen. -Not that way,
go out from the rear exit.
Okay, fine.
Hey. -What?
My luggage. My luggage.
No. Stand beneath the window..
..l'll throw it down. -Okay.
Don't forget.
Can l help?
What's the hurry? There must
be expensive stuff inside.
lt might break. Be
careful. Careful.
Brother. Slowly, you might slip.
Car. -Car?
Ancestral car. -Oh.
lt's my car. -Really?
lt runs really nice. -Really?
But.. -Slowly, isn't it?
lt's small but.. -Runs slowly.
Not bad.
l don't even need to send
it to the garage. -Why?
Because it just lies
here. -l see.
Now, you take care, l'm leaving.
Yes. -Go carefully.
Yujraaj, come in.
lt's a very nice room.
You can see the rising sun
from here in the morning.
And you wake up to the
chirping of the birds.
Come here, take a look.
And if you look out the window,
you'll see greenery.
You'll be able to concentrate
on your studies..
l mean you'll be able to
concentrate on your work..
..and reach the top.
We don't have any cockroaches
or lizards.
l don't let them in.
l think they're scared
of you, isn't it?
You're very funny.
We'll enjoy your company,
And listen, have tea, breakfast
and lunch with us.
Feel at home, okay?
Of course. ln fact, uncle
Gajendra said the same thing.
lf you don't mind, can
l ask you something?
lf l don't mind you'll
ask me only one thing.
And how many questions will
you ask if l do mind.
You really are very funny.
But l wanted to're so..
What is it called in English?
Handsome. Good-looking.
You look just like an actor.
Then didn't you think of trying
your luck in films?
Films are all fake.
They're an illusion, a delusion.
We belong to the family
of freedom fighters.
We're the followers of Gandhiji.
Mummy says, Simple living,
high thinking.
What high thinking you've!
-They're Gandhiji's.
What a high family you belong
to? -lt's my ancestors.
What a handsome photograph
Mummy clicked this one.
Actually, she clicked
three photographs..
..but mummy says, This
looks the best.
lt's your face, isn't it? -Yes.
Even the job. -Yes.
You'll be getting the
bungalow. -Yes.
And you'll get married.
-Yes, l'll.
But only with mummy's
Wow, Rajeshwari.
You thought of your uncle
Gajendra after a long time.
We remember you everyday, Uncle.
We just called you today.
Actually we wanted to see
you and Yuvraaj's mother.
Yes. Pick up the phone.
Hello, Mother. -Mother
has called.
How did Yuvraaj's
mother call you?
She's talking on the phone.'re talking
on the phone, son.
Yes, but she.. -Yes,
talk to your nephew.
Just a minute. -Talk to him.
-What will l say? -Talk to him.
l.. -Talk to him.
Hello. -Hello.
l can't hear you clearly. -Okay.
Hello, hello, hello.
-Yes, hello.
Hello. Hello.
Mother, l..Mother..
We wanted to talk about
Nisha's marriage.
Listen, please talk
to him. -With me.
You talk to him.
But you're already married
to Rajeshwari, son.
That's right, Mother. But
now, she wants Yuvraaj.
What? She's gone crazy.
Disconnect it, l'll
call her again.
Come here. -Just a minute.
Mother..l'll talk to mother,
you talk to uncle. -Yes.
And the network is very weak,
hold it right here. -Yes.
Hello. -Hello, hello.
Hello.. -Hello, Mother.
What am l'm hearing?
You want to marry some
Yuvraaj? -Yes, Mother.
He's a very nice boy.
Exactly like l wanted.
Then..what's wrong
with Surinder?
Mother..this isn't the time
to discuss his drawbacks.
Let him be as he's.
Just send Nisha here
as soon as you can.
And yes, listen..don't
tell her anything.
Why shouldn't l? -She
might not be ready?
l'm not ready for it as well.
Why, Mother?
Because l can't send
the younger sister.. be the other woman in her
elder sister's marriage.
What's wrong with mother?
l never seen mummy
so angry before.
And that too with you?
lt's a new cell-phone.
She must've heard it
wrong. -Really?
That's why, she calmed down..
..only when brother-in-law
l asked her, What was wrong?
She said Nothing, it was
just a misconception.
And said Pack your bags and
go to Rajjo's house.
But what happened, Sister?
Nisha, the children's
bus must've arrived.
l'll go pick them up.
Freshen up until then.
Yes, that's fine.
My hand..
Did you get hurt?
Sorry, l thought it
was Rahul. -What?
Sorry. -What?
Sorry. -Sorry.
What? -You..
Listen. Sorry. -Okay.
Sorry. -What?
l only look at you
whenever we meet.
My heart feels relaxed
when l talk to you.
You dwell in me.
You're the only one for me.
Come fall in love with me.
Come fall in love with me.
l love only you.
Come fall in love with me.
Come fall in love with me.
You're the relief to my heart.
When you're not with me..
Life seems so full of despair.
Darkness grips me in
broad daylight.
My heart says to you..l
belong to you.
Come fall in love with me.
Come fall in love with me.
l love only you.
Come fall in love with me.
Come fall in love with me.
You're the relief to my heart.
People like to gossip.
But when Rahul heard that
the neighbours..
..are calling him a live-in
..he shifted to another
house instantly.
Rahul is like that.
l thought the boy living
upstairs is his friend.
No, no. That's Yuvraaj. Yuvi.
Remember your brother-in-law's
uncle Gajendra?
His friend's son.
He works in Godrej.
He has a fixed job.
And next month, he'll
get a bungalow.
But where did Rahul go?
What happened? -Sister, l can't
get him on the phone.
l don't know why it's showing
as unavailable.
You try it. -Okay,
you can try later.
Uncle Gajendra and Yuvi's
mother are coming over..
..for dinner tonight.
Let's prepare for that. -Okay.
Come on.
What happened?
Did you finish the balance
in your cell-phone..
..talking to sister-in-law?
Not just Nisha, l can't even
talk to sister Rajeshwari.
l can't get through to
this number. -Why?
Have you been cut-off?
l'm not like your betel-leaves
to be cut-off.
lt's because of these
cell-phone companies.
They make such big promises..
and when we try to call someone..
..either the network is missing,
or the.. -l got through.
Wrong number.
Thank God, we don't have to
pay for incoming calls.
Otherwise we would've
been flat broke..
..paying for wrong numbers.
Sit down. -You sit down, sister.
Sit down, Nisha. Come on.
Have some.
Dear, what've you prepared?
Nisha has prepared
everything, Aunt.
Whenever she comes here..
..she doesn't let
us do any work.
But no one could cook as
good as Rajeshwari..
..and no one can.
But it isn't right for a woman.. be engrossed with
cooking and cleaning.
lsn't it? -Yes, Aunt.
Sister Rajeshwari says
the same thing.
That's why l teach
at the village.
The children, as well as elders.
What are your hobbies?
-Learning, teaching..
..and social-service.
Just like you, Aunt.
But no one can serve society
as Rajeshwari, isn't it?
What else do you like?
Going out, watching movies
and fitting bulbs.
Hello. Hello.
l said wrong number.
lt was a wrong number.
But the wrong number was
on that phone, Mummy.
Enough of goodness for a day.
Go. Wash your hands, come on.
Dear, do you want to ask
Yuvraaj anything? -Me?
Dear, would you like to keep
working after marriage, or..
She's.. Nisha is very shy.
No one can be as shy as our..
Really, your sister
is very cultured.
And sweet too.
We like her. -And me too.
So, is that done?
-Absolutely done.
And look, the marriage should
take place quickly.
Yuvi will get a house
in a month.
And our Nisha will bring
the good-fortune.. turn it into a home.
And, there's an auspicious
date after ten days.
A quick wedding and
a quicker marriage.
Just like our Rajeshwari
got married.
Please have some sweets. -Yes.
Sister, you'll make me fat
by feeding me sweets.
What's wrong with my heart?
So, what is it that you don't
like about Yuvraaj?
lt's not about Yuvraaj, Sister.
lt's about Rahul.
You've fixed my alliance
with Rahul.
Wrong? l'd fixed your
marriage with Rahul.
Now, l've fixed it with Yuvraaj.
lf she doesn't like
your decision..
..then she has the
right to say no.
She's naive.
She doesn't know what's
best for her.
And she's angry today.
But she'll understand tomorrow.
lt's such a nice family.
No one thinks about money.
Stay with aunt Nisha, l'll
get the offerings.
Did you find out anything
about Rahul?
Yes, he's close-by. -Where?
Will you give me chocolates?
-A lot of them.
First, tell me where is he.
-Finish the veneration first.
Shlok. -Finish your
circumambulations first.
..just like the earth
does around the sun.
No one was ever so
unhappy to see me.
Shall l leave? -Rahul.
That's more like it.
So, tell me, how are you?
When did you arrive?
Why didn't you inform me?
l know..Sister Rajeshwari
doesn't want us to meet.
Where are you going, Mother?
For the circumambulations.
Why take such a big round?
You can do it right
here. Like this.
And why? -Because the one who
takes the shorter round wins.
Who said that? -Grandma did.
What? -Yes, grandma told me.
Grandma said Lord Ganesh
took smaller rounds..
..around Shiv-Parvati because
of which He won.
Don't go, Mother.
Otherwise, l won't
get chocolates.
How is it connected with
the chocolates?
Aunt Nisha has said, Keep
mother busy here..
..until she doesn't
meet Rahul.
Sister Rajeshwari.
Come on.
Sister, how can you do that?
Why? Do l need your permission
before doing anything?
But Sister, l've made all
arrangement for the marriage.
Just because you've prepared
for engineering.. isn't guaranteed
you'll pass.
But you were after me. -Fine,
l'm not after you now.
You don't follow me as well.
-Sister, you can't do that.
Why? Are you the government.. tell us what we can do?
Sister, that's wrong.
l won't let that happen.
l love Nisha, and she loves me.
And you promised me, Sister.
You fixed this marriage.
So, l didn't sign
any stamp paper.
Will you drag me to the court?
Put us behind bars.
Come on, Nisha.
Let's go.
l'm prepared to do anything
for your marriage.
Yes. Tell me what l've to
do. -Nothing, Uncle.
Son, how will you get married
if l don't do anything?
Son. Are you crying?
-No, Uncle. l..
l can count the feathers
of a flying bird.
Tell me the truth.
Uncle, you reminded
me of mother.
He's missing his mother.
Look, son. Don't worry.
l'll do everything.
The bride's family is
doing everything.
You don't have to
come. l'm there.
Fine, son.
But do go to the
bride's family..
..and surely ask them if
they need anything.
lf they need any help,
they can talk to me.
l'll do whatever needs
to be done, Uncle.
l won't leave them.
Didn't you bring the
police along?
The police arrest those
who commit crimes.
What do you mean? -No, l'
to apologise.
l'm here to tell you that
what l did was wrong.
l don't have the right
to question you.
You're Nisha's elder sister.
You'll know better what's
best for her.
You can fix her alliance
with anyone you want.
You can fix it, and
then break it.
And get rid too..of you.
That's enough, leave.
-No, Sister.
l won't leave until
you forgive me.
And will you leave
if l forgive you?
So, l forgive you. Go now.
Allah, did you really tell
Sister-in-law Rajeshwari..
..that Yuvraaj and Nisha.. -Yes.
But you told uncle Rajibali
that you and Nisha.. -Yes.
Because if l tell him the truth,
it'll be chaos here.
You mean..Sister-in-law and
Yuvraaj are really..
Do you think l'll
let that happen?
That means you and sister-in-law
Nisha.. -Absolutely.
l'm just paving a way.. that Nisha and
l unite forever.
That's why you told
sister-in-law Nisha this fact.
l didn't tell her.
The green betel leaf
isn't right.
Nisha is very innocent.
lf she finds out the truth..
..then she won't be able to keep
it from sister Rajeshwari.
And my plans will be foiled.
So, it's better that only
l know about the truth.
Do you know what the truth is?
Shaukat, the truth
is l love Nisha.
And only l'll marry her.
Sister. Why are you carrying
these things?
Let me carry them. -No,
no, l'll carry them.
Sister, you know l won't listen
even if you refuse.
Why are you unnecessarily..
Don't be stubborn.
Let go of this bag, and l'll
stop being stubborn.
And how are you? -Everything
is fine.
How are Surinder, Shlok and
Sana? -They're fine.
How are the preparations
for the marriage going?
Everything is fine.
Cards, musicians, catering..
Have you arranged
for everything?
No, l mean..l was in contact
with these people.
l discussed with them about
the discount too.
l was getting a very
reasonable rate.
After all, l was
getting married.
Here, Sister.
Keep this with you.
Take a look at it.
No. -Keep it, Sister.
Fine, l'll keep it in this.
You're my sister. l can
do this much for you.
l'll drop you, its close-by.
-No, no l've reached.
We've almost reached home.
Okay, fine, Sister.
l dropped it, Sister?
l'm picking it up.
l've kept it.
7000 for the cards.
Band.. 2000 for the band.
Tent, catering, car.
A savings of 18,200 including
Rahul can bargain very well.
This is for you.. Sorry.
This is mine.. Sorry.
You asked for orange, isn't it?
Yes. l was saying, Decorator..
Please can you charge
a 1000 rupees less?
And in your case, l feel you're
charging 500 more.
And you.. lf you can charge
100, that'll be best.
And if we bargain, then we can
reduce a few thousands more.
Yes, we might get it for free.
Why will they do it for free?
They aren't related to us.
But we'll save 20,000.
l've already spent Rs.20,000.
How much more do you want? -30.
Think about that poor boy.
He was doing all this
for his own marriage.
lnstead, you're making him
do all this for you.
To save your 20,000
his heart doesn't..
..shatter into 2 million pieces.
So, have you splurged
your wealth?
What if the plan doesn't work?
Look. -Laxmi?
Pick up the phone
and save wealth.
No, l've hit the target.
Bull's eye at that.
Yes, sister Rajjo.
So. ls the deal fixed?
-Yes, fixed.
Don't change it later.
-We might.
We'll reduce it.
We can reduce the rate
if Rahul says so.
lsn't it? -Please lower
the rate if you can.
How much will you
reduce it, son?
Let them spend some
money as well.
After all, it's their
family wedding.
Yes, we've fixed the deal
and that's final.
l'll pay advance to
all of you. -Yes.
We've already received
the advance.
What do you mean?
Rahul, Rahul. -He means to say..
..Rahul's words are enough.
You just make the final
payment. -Okay.
So, on that note, can
we've tea and sweets?
Oh, yes, of course.
-Yes. -Until then.
l'll show them around the
house for the decoration.
Come. Please, come. -Come on.
l'll show you this part
later, and.. -Rahul.
Are you going to get
a big fat dowry?
Please take the measurement.
And make him stand at
the door, outside.
We've received the advance.
Why did you've to
open your mouth?
Come here.
This pillar.. -Yes.
Decorate that. -We'll decorate
this as well.
Go ahead, make me bankrupt.
Nisha. Nisha.
What are you doing? -Nisha.
l expected you to come
here, talk to sister..
..explain to her,
create a ruckus.
Otherwise, elope with me.
Will you elope with me
if l tell you to?
By tarnishing the honour
of your sister..
..who has done so much for you..
l knew that you wouldn't
be able to do it.
That's why you're arranging
for my marriage, isn't it?
How could you imagine that..
..l'll marry anyone else
other that you?
How can l forget you?
Can you forget me?
Nisha, don't cry.
Believe me.
l'm doing the right thing.
Sister Rajeshwari only wants
the best for you.
You won't find a better
boy than Yuvraaj.
You'll be really happy
if you marry him.
You should forget me, and
think about Yuvraaj.
You're absolutely right, l
should think about Yuvraaj.
A person who can't
defend his love..
..l don't want to
think about him.
l shouldn't shed tears
for someone..
..who can't think about me.
What's wrong with my heart?
Yes, Prakash. Have you
arranged for it?
The Saxenas are getting
married, no compromise.
Please. -Rahul.
Yes, Sister.
Oh, Sister, sorry.
Prakash, l'll call you later.
No, you can finish talking
to him. -Yes..
No, Sister.. l'll
call you later.
You really are a very nice man.
l misunderstood you.
l would've really got you
and Nisha married..
..if l hadn't found Yuvraaj.
lts okay, Sister.
lf l can't get married..'ll have to allow me to
help you in the marriage.
Okay, allowed. -Fine.
Now, l'll make this marriage
truly memorable..
..the kind no one has ever
seen or heard of.
These are the wedding cards.
Fresh from the printers
Enjoy before they get
old and stable.
This is Rahul. He's
a very nice boy.
Sit down, Rahul. -No,
Sister. l'm fine.
He's like our family member.
-Distant relative.
But we're very close.
You're very interesting.
What do you do?
At the moment, l'm only
interested in your marriage.
Once l get that done, l'll
think about the future.
He knows how to talk. -l've
learnt it from you, Sister.
l just remembered, you
haven't talked about..
..what you came here
for. -Oh, yes.
l was saying, you're living
in this guest house..
..though we've our own house.
That isn't right. -No.
We'll stay here.
Otherwise people will say..
..that Yuvi has become
a live-in son-in-law.
lf he doesn't get married..
..he can't be a live-in
What do you mean? -No.
l mean, they'll call you
live-in son-in-law..
..only after you get married.
You aren't married yet, for
anyone to talk about that.
lsn't it, Sister? -Absolutely.
And anyway, Yuvi is quite
settled there.
So, the shopping, marriage,
and the preparations..
..will go smooth. -Fine.
Let Yuvraaj stay there,
l'll stay here.
And for the shopping..
-At your service.
l'll help you in the shopping..
..and pickup and drop aunt
on the motorcycle.
You were absolutely right.
He's a very nice boy.
How is this one?
Bride kidnapped from
the marriage dais.
Show me..the fourth one.
Bride eloped, but sister-in-law
gets married.
What's going on in Palanpur?
Yuvraaj. -Mother.
Have a lineage of
freedom fighters.
You all follow the principles
of Gandhiji.
You fight against social evils.
l know a girl who belongs
to a similar family.
Janvi. Principled.
She'd be a perfect match
for Yuvraaj, but..
For Yuvraaj?
But son, Yuvraaj is getting
married to Nisha.
Show me that second sari?
ls this for Sister
Rajeshwari? -Yes.
Rahul. -Mrs. Rai, how are you?
l'm fine. -Are you
here to buy saris?
Come, sit down.
You're buying many saris.
For Nisha? -Yes.
He's helping us with
the shopping.
l'm Mrs. Saxena and this
is my son Yuvi. -Hello.
l'm Mrs. Rai, Rajeshwari's
neighbour. -l see.
Then you'll have to attend
our marriage.
Me and Nisha. -Really?
But Nisha.. -You're right.
She's getting married
to Yuvraaj.
We lovingly call him Yuvi..
..that's why you were confused.
Show me that sari. -But..
As far as l know, the
person Nisha likes..
She'll like the red sari.
Show me the red sari.
You've given me the green sari.
Green again, then brown.
What are you doing?
-Brown again.
Come, Aunt. We'll look at the
other counter. -Let's go.
He isn't showing it properly?
-But you did like the sari here.
Green, brown, nonsense.
l'm stuck, someone get
me out of here.
Where did they go?
Mrs. Rai, where are you going?
To tell Yuvraaj about
me and Nisha.
Yes, there's nothing wrong
in speaking the truth.
Then let me tell you about
another truth. -What?
Your daughter and the driver are
having an affair. -l see.
What nonsense!
You should keep track of what's
going in your house too.
lf you again try to tell anyone
about me and Nisha..
..then you'll see your
daughter and..
..driver's poster on every wall.
Put up posters everywhere.
l bought a lot of things,
it was fun.
Yes, l would've enjoyed too. -lf
Mrs. Rai hadn't arrived there..
..and spoiled all the fun.
What was she saying?
You can never expect such woman
to think well of anyone.
They only know how
to defame people.
She was saying Only
sari won't do..
Nisha is a very fashionable
She'll need matching handbags,
sandals, makeup everything.
So, l said, What's
wrong with that?
These days every girl likes
to stay decked up.
But Yuvi, Mrs. Rai wasn't
satisfied at that.
She was saying Nisha
likes jewellery.
Diamond ring, gold necklace,
she'll want everything.
l said What's wrong with that?
Her in-laws are wealthy.
She'll be their only
Who else will they make
the jewellery for?
Yes, you're right.
Yes. Come, Aunt.
She's a very evil woman.
There's no limit to the extent
she can go to defame someone.
She was saying Nisha gets
fits at night. -What?
l asked Have you entered her
bedroom at night and seen it?
lf you haven't gone
in her bedroom..
..then have you heard
her screaming?
l did the right thing, isn't it?
You did the right thing.
Now, the real fun begins.
Aunt Nisha screamed,
and from our room..
Mummy. -Yes.
You run a social service
centre, don't you? -Yes.
lf someone gets fits, does
she scream like this?
Does she? -Yes, just like this.
That means what we
heard was right.
But Rajeshwari didn't
tell us anything.
She won't say anything
now either, Mummy.
She'll come and say that it
was a cockroach or lizard.
Sister, what happened? -Nothing,
it was a rat.
Please go and rest. -No,
we'll leave now.
Then please drop them.
-Yes, let's go.
Oh, no. Rahul is there.
-Yes, l'm there.
Okay. -Okay, see you.
Aunt Nisha was scared of a rat.
Aunt Nisha was scared of a rat.
The children are
trained as well.
Were you scared at
night? -Slightly.
Better get used to it now.
Now, you'll be slightly
scared while sleeping.
Why? Because l'm
getting married?
No. Because you're getting
married to Nisha.
God knows when she might
start screaming.
By the way, l salute
your courage.
You didn't refuse to marry..
..though you knew
the truth. Wow.
What can l do?
What if Nisha had developed this
ailment after marriage?
Wow. What a thought!
-Not mine, Mother's.
l see.
l'll have to think of something
else. -What for?
Marriage. About your marriage.
You think so much.
l care about you more
than myself.
l talk about you all the time.
l care about you more
than myself.
l talk about you all the time.
My darling, my sweetheart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's in a dilemma.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's in a dilemma.
Come steal my heart.
No matter how hard you try..
You can't get me.
Why are you after me?
My love is the blessings
of God.
lt's invaluable.
l've come across
many like you.
You might have many
lovers like me.
But l'm different
from all of them.
Why don't you believe that?
My darling, my sweetheart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's in a dilemma.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
Shake your feet, lock
eyes with me.
Come dance with me.
Shake your feet, lock
eyes with me.
Come dance with me.
My heart's shattered.
lt's not my heart's fault.
My suit's colourful. Your
eyes are so beautiful.
l'm your true lover, my
heart's crazy for you.
l can't take my eyes off you.
l shower my blessings on you.
l wish..
May your life always be
filled with happiness.
May your beloved always
stay close to you.
May you never be sad.
l won't let you face a
dearth of anything.
l'll take all your sorrows.
My darling, my sweetheart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's in a dilemma.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's filled
with your love.
Come steal my heart.
My heart's in a dilemma.
Come steal my heart.
Yes, come in. Come.
Mind the head.
Come in, come in.
Bring the refrigerator inside.
lt's a heavy refrigerator.
Carefully. Yes.
Don't let it fall.
Come on.
Refrigerator, washing machine,
air conditioner..
..microwave oven, keep
all of it carefully.
To the left. Keep it down,
down. Carefully.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
And..and this diamond ring.
Diamond ring. This one.
This.. You keep it.
Bravo. Such an lot of dowry.
The families of all grooms
are like that.
First, they say We
don't want dowry.
And later they handover a
list of their demands.
Take a look.
They've clearly said that
they don't want anything.
Then this television,
fridge..diamond ring.
Look, we don't have the stature
to give all this.
So, don't.
Look, everyone was stunned to
see that you're giving all this.
Especially, Mrs. Rai.
Aunt doesn't want dowry.
When she refuses, we'll.. -We'll
return these things.
Correct. l've already discussed
it with the shop-owners.
Wow. You're so smart, Rahul.
So, Sister, l wasn't your first
choice without reason!
lt's a nice plan.
But don't end it here.
You're still my first choice.
We wanted to gift a double-door
fridge to Nisha. -Wow.
But it wasn't in the showroom.
Those who take dowry
always say..
We don't want anything. Give
it to your daughter.
People will think you're
one of them.
We made a big mistake.
Have you seen everything?
They're the best brands.
We don't want dowry. -But..
Look. We only want our
Please return all these things.
As you wish, Aunt.
Plan two has failed too.
Aunt was insulted yesterday.
She must be hurt.
What did you do? -l feel like
breaking this alliance.
But mummy won't agree.
Because it's mummy's duty..
,,to think about the betterment
of others.
What is your duty? -To
think about mummy.
l was telling you.
You're getting married
in the wrong family.
The best girl for you is..that
principled girl. -l know.
She's the right girl for me.
But there's no way to
break this alliance..
..and yet maintain
mummy's dignity.
There's one way.
Get yourself kidnapped. -Kidnap?
Yes. lf the groom is kidnapped
on the day of the marriage..
..then the marriage
will be cancelled.
And it's neither the groom
nor his mother's fault.
l'll arrange for you
to get kidnapped.
But what about poor Nisha?
-Don't worry about her.
l'm there. -What?
l mean, l'm there, l'll
handle everything.
You'll handle everything,
won't you? -Yes.
l'll even lay down
my life if needed.
l'll marry that girl
if required.
Thanks, friend. Thanks.
l'll arrange for an
expert kidnapper.
l don't want any violence
or bloodshed.
Everything should
be done nicely.
Yuvi is a good boy, he..
-Rahul, you don't worry.
And what about the
money? -Nothing.
lt'll be your wedding
gift from me.
Don't consider it a wedding
gift, madam.
lt's a real diamond ring.
Speak slowly, everyone
is listening.
What are you saying?
We won't accept a diamond
ring from you as gift.
l'm not going to give a gift.
lt's worth 100,000. -That's all.
lt looks so beautiful, it seems
like its worth 200,000,
Madam, l don't want 200,000.
l want only Rs.100,000
of mine. That's all.
Yes, and l was coming to you.. pay your Rs.100,000.
You do your work. -Yes.
But my husband had to go
somewhere urgently.
And the groom's mother..
She refused to accept the ring.
So, now, l'll have to return
the ring to you.
So, do it. Give it. -Why
are you screaming?
l'm telling you, l've
kept it somewhere.
l can't seem to find it.
l'll return it as soon as l
find it in a day or two.
l want my ring, or Rs.100,000.
And before the marriage
Otherwise, l'll tell everyone.
Then whether you get slandered..
..or the marriage is broken..
What happened, madam? -Mind
your business, go.
You mean to say, l'm a goon..
..that's why Rahul didn't invite
me to his marriage.
l'm asking you something,
so, answer me.
Sir, what can l say?
Go see it for yourself.
Why didn't you say that before?
Sit down. -Yes.
Let's go.
All set? -Absolutely,
smooth like a cake.
Bhikulal will be here any
moment to kidnap you.
Which one is Bhikulal? -Yes.
Amongst them? -Yes.
ls he amongst them or not?
l don't know.
l've never seen him before.
Bhikulal. -Wrong number.
Bhikulal, you're Bhikulal.
Then why are you inquiring
about Bhikulal?
Don't you see l'm in disguise?
Let it be.
l'm just checking whether anyone
recognises me or not.
Okay. -We'll find him.
Are you Bhikulal? -Are you mad?
Excuse me, are you Bhikulal?
Oh, yes, my grandfather
was Bhikulal.
Are you here with the
wedding procession?
l've been observing you for a
while. This is the tenth one.
Come on, get out.
lf l leave, the groom will
leave along with me. -Why?
Are you the groom's father? -No.
l'm Bhikulal.
Uncle. Uncle.
Son, son. -Come here.
Uncle. -l missed you so much.
Uncle. -l missed you.
Yuvraaj, Bhikulal.
Bhikulal, the groom. -Groom?
l came here to see
you get married.
But someone else is getting
married here.
Why didn't you tell
me all that before?
Anyway, it isn't too late yet.
l'll kidnap the girl right away.
That's why. That's why
l didn't tell you.
Uncle, Nisha.. -Fine, son.
Not the girl, let's
kidnap the boy.
Uncle, please don't do anything.
l've made all arrangements for
getting him kidnapped. -Please.
You too, son.
Look. After all, it's
in our blood.
Uncle, what are you doing?
Sister Rajeshwari.
Hello. -Hello. didn't give
this platter yet..
That glass-vase has come back..
Fine, l'll give it.
Come here.
Are you calling me? -Just
a minute. Just a minute.
l'll be back soon.
The colour.. Rahul. -Yes.
Please get some ice-cream
for Mrs. Rai.
She should know what real
almonds and raisins taste like.
Madam, he's watching.
That curtain isn't proper.
Give this letter only to
uncle.. Yuvraaj. Who?
l know l'll give this letter
only to uncle Yuvraaj. -Yes.
Now, you may go. Go.
You called me.
Why would l call
you? -Nisha, l..
Sister is right.
l should marry Yuvraaj.
l'll be really happy with him.
Do you want to ask
anything else?
Nisha, l love you.
And l won't let you get
married to Yuvraaj.
Really? -Really.
Yuvraaj will be kidnapped
right now.
And this wedding will stop
without much commotion.
But why didn't you..tell
me that before? -Rahul.
Coming. -Don't worry, everything
will be fine.
Rahul. -Coming.
Shlok must've given the letter..
'Yuvraaj, l love Rahul
and he loves me.'
'l want to marry only Rahul.'
'But l can't go against
my sister.'
'lf you refuse to marry..'
'Please refuse to marry.'
'Even if l've to stay unmarried
my entire life..'
'But l cannot marry anyone
other than Rahul.' Nisha.
Excuse me. Has Yuvraaj left?
What can l say? -You haven't
taken him yet.
Now, we'll leave with
the bride? -Who?
The lover.
You tried to explain to me since
the past so many days..
..who the right girl for me is.
Now, l understood who the
right girl for me is.
Who? -Just watch.
Come on, come on. -You get lost.
The auspicious time
is passing by.
Call the bride quickly.
Priest, start the marriage
rituals quickly.
Enough of your charades.
lt's not right to insult him.
Leave me.
l'm kidnapping you. -Uncle.
Uncle, what are you doing?
Give me this hand.
Uncle, what are you doing?
-Give it to me.
l'll take him away.
l'll take him away.
Uncle, don't..
You'll break his hand.
Leave me. l don't want
to be kidnapped.
And stop this charade. -Charade.
Yes, this is a charade.
And this charade has
been plotted by..
But why would Rahul
plot this charade?
Because he didn't want me
to get married to Nisha.
He tried to get me to
refuse the marriage.
And he hatched a plan to
get me kidnapped today.
There are a lot of charades
in their marriages.
ls it true, Rahul?
Before we call the police..
-Police. Let's get out of here.
Better leave. -Excuse
me, don't threaten..
Uncle, let's go.
Son, our daughter-in-law.
Hey, girl, you can't
get married.
We're kidnapping you. -Why
are you giggling then?
Go ahead.
Pardon us, all this..all that..
This marriage.. -This marriage
will take place.
And Nisha will be the bride.
-Yuvraaj is absolutely right.
You and Nisha aren't at fault
for whatever happened.
This marriage will take place.
Rajjo, go get Nisha.
Listen. -What? -Nisha.. -What
happened to Nisha?
Bhikulal kidnapped her.
Nisha has been kidnapped.
Let's go.
Bhikulal kidnapped her.
Yuvraaj, where are you
going? -Mummy, Nisha..
lnform the police.
Sister, Brother-in-law,
don't worry.
l'll get Nisha back
safe and sound.
Come on.
Hold.. Hold me.
No one will interfere.
Rahul will go alone.
l've a request.
Just like you brought her
here safe and sound..
..please take her back
home similarly.
And if you've any problem,
then l'll take her home.
Come on, Nisha. -l won't go.
What are you saying? -She's
saying that l won't go.
You don't come along, that'll
be better. -Come on, Nisha.
Have you gone crazy?
-She's being crazy..
Sorry. And you're..
Rajeshwari, have patience. -Have
faith, everything will be fine.
Hello, Rajeshwari.
What's the use of
going back now?
The marriage has been cancelled.
lt isn't cancelled, everything
has gone wrong.
l don't understand how Yuvraaj..
What a kick!
ls it because of our
letter? -Letter?
Why did you..
Which letter?
Go on. Go and tell everyone..
..that l stole your
ring worth 100,000.
And also tell them that l don't
have money to repay you.
But Sister, why would
l say that?
Everyone's creating
a scene here.
So, why not you too?
You won't say that? -No.
l've found my ring.
So, l've come here to
return the money.
You found the ring?
The woman who stole the ring..
..came to sell it at my shop.
When l threatened to turn
her over to the police..
But we didn't give this money.
Rahul did. You must
have sent it.
We'll have to go back.
Sister, Brother-in-law
will be worried.
No, l won't go back.
Sister will get me married
to Yuvraaj.. -Nisha.
Till now, we did everything.. sister and brother-in-law's
honour isn't tarnished.
lf we don't go back now..
Then why did he play
this charade?
Maybe he didn't know that it
would aggravate so much.
All he wanted..was for the
alliance to break..
..without our honour
being tarnished.
Otherwise, he could've
eloped with Nisha.
He could've told Yuvraaj and
his mother the truth.
And today, he even left without
saying the truth.
Rahul is such a nice boy.
lt wouldn't have been bad if
Nisha would've married him.
Why didn't you stop me? -l..
Anyway, there's no use of
saying these things.
Yuvraaj is here with the
wedding procession.
Under the pretext of
Laxmi and Ganesh.. did as you pleased.
As you wished.
Now, with the grace of
Laxmi and Ganesh.. what's best for everyone.
Always stay happy.
Bless you.
Okay, do keep writing
to us. -Yes.
Be careful.
And don't eat outside too much.
You might fall ill. -Why
do you worry so much?
Sister, forgive me. -What
are you saying?
Where is Rahul? -Yes.
There's Rahul. He's getting
tea for everyone.
He's such a nice boy. Very nice.
Shall we go?
Here. Your love. sorry.
For everything. -No. Everything
is fair in love and war.
l was in a fit of rage.
But l can't stay angry all
my life. -How true.
Not me, mummy says that.
Why don't you say something?
Go on then.
l let Nisha go once
because of sister.
l won't let her go again.
Vishal Saxena.
Hey, buddy, how are you doing?
l just arrived from America
after finishing my engineering.
Marriage? Oh, no.
Not there, l want to marry
someone from here.
No, no, my house is
being repaired.
So, l'm looking for
a place on rent.
No, Sister, this marriage
is final.
The heart wants to rejoice.
Wants to create uproar.
Happiness has returned
to my life.
Run around announcing
your marriage.
The heart wants to rejoice.
Wants to create uproar.
Happiness has returned
to my life.
Run around announcing
my marriage.
Everyone will talk about me.
Everyone will talk about me.
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
Few flowers and a
small garland.
Ward off all the jinxes.
All the guests have arrived.
They've arrived.
lroned traditional shirt,
polished shoes.
l look like a handsome groom.
l've arranged for the horses
and the elephants.
How long do l control myself?
The heart's getting restless.
Everyone will be
present there.
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
She's here, she's there.
Whether it's on land
or in the sky..
l see her face everywhere.
l would've brought
her home today.
Crowned her as my queen.
But look for an auspicious
The day l..
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.
The day l get married, l
wonder what'll happen.