Toilet - Ek Prem Katha (2017) Movie Script

The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi
wasn't just the first 'Satyagrahi'...
but, also the first
cleanliness activist too.
Even though it's been 100
years since Chaparan Satyagraha...
...we still couldn't get
rid of the filth in our country.
But now, under the leadership
of Prime Minister Narendra Modi...
...Gandhiji's dream of clean
India will become a reality...
...on his 150 birth anniversary,
that is 2nd October, 2019.
This is our small
contribution to his campaign.
Our heartfelt homage to Gandhiji.
Once she starts insisting,
there's no way to turn her down.
You just can't say no to her.
So why don't
you go for a third one?
I am not Farah Khan.
She's already had triplets.
But here, keep continue...
And if you're so fascinated by the idea
then why don't you try for another one?
Forget it...
I've my hands full
with one Ninja Hattori.
By the way, Chulni,
how is your mother-in-law's knee?
It's as good as new.
No wonder she's been racking
her brains a lot recently.
My mother-in-law
has lost her marbles.
She makes me slog over the
sewing machine all day. - I see...
Well, speaking of machines, I've heard
Neelam goes on and on like a machine.
What have you been feeding
your husband these days?
Tell us too.
She can't stop smiling.
Tell us too.
- Spill it out.
Our husbands
fall flat on the bed... if they were
moving mountains all day.
Tell us...
Where did you
find this magical herb?
Tell us.
Tell us.
Oh, my...where
did you get that done?
Well, last month he took
me to Delhi...for sight-seeing.
We must get one soon too.
Normally, men get us pregnant
and then forget all about us.
Listen to my mother-in-law?
But why?
She just needs a reason...
You'll get a stomach-ache...
Who is he?
Oh, mY---
That rascal intentionally
flashed his light on us.
You are right.
- Rascal.
N", YlIl-I g0, I can't come?
Sonu has made a mess at home.
Hey madam, won't you let me pass?
If I flash my dipper now,
you'll get furious.
Keep flashing
your dipper now. Rascal.
- You taught him a good lesson.
- Bye.
"There are many
beautiful girls.."
"But all eyes staring at you.."
Oh my, God! Oh my, God!
"But what do I say about me..
Even the moon praises me.."
Is someone going to lower
the volume of the television?
It's pointless...
"Oh my baby doll of gold.."
"Oh my baby doll of gold.."
"Oh my baby doll of gold.."
"Oh my baby doll of gold.." won't see more that way.
Actually, son, I can see more.
My number has increased.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Kakka, let me take a look.
- No.
Just once...on | y once...
- I said...
I hope you can
see all big and clear.
Vidya, you just broke
our concentration.
Scenes like these...makes
it a good morning.
Jagdish, my son...why
did you change the channel?
Why did you change the channel?
- Yes, why did you?
If he can watch it in
front of his daughter-in-law...
..then you can also watch
it in front of your young daughter.
She watches it on her mobile,
he on the computer.
And I watch it on the tv...
...Instead we should
all watch it together
Why not? Let's forget all shame.
Listen Sunny...
- Huh?
I mean... what's her name?
- Vidya?
Listen Vidya,
I may have a dirty mind.
But I have a clean heart. of the most religious"
..and cultured country in the world
has one of the largest population.
Kakka i had.. no contribution in it.
I only have one daughter.
And for a fact,
she's so pampered...
...that she's still studying
when she should've settled down.
Haven't you seen kakka's
Japanese degrees?
It's only natural for some of his
talents to rub off on his granddaughter.
I wonder what good are these
Japanese degrees in agriculture.
No one even knows
what's written on them.
And you know.
- You're spoiling our daughter.
- Stop all this right now!
Don't you have any shame?
"Fair boys... fair boys..."
Sunny, again?
Not you"
"I sway my hips and dance.
I wear my earrings and dance."
Is it her birthday today?
You're going to look stunning
in your wedding dress.
Even you'll look quite
appealing in your suit.
Keshav, why do you keep playing
with my thumb all the time?
Can't help it, baby.
That's as far as I am destined to get.
Never imagined we'll he
getting married on the same day...
...hut to different people.
Naru's calling. Here.
Yeah, go on.
- Radhe-Radhe, brother.
Only five more minutes before
the Auspicious time to start.
Are you planning on starting a war?
The bride's family is waiting.
Be make it sound
like I am marrying Mallika Sherawat.
Doesn't matter... at least
she has the same name.
You see... the wedding
cards have been distributed...
...guests have arrived and
the procession is ready to leave.
So...where are you?
- Yes.
Is that Keshav?
Tell him,
if we miss this auspicious day...
...the next auspicious date
comes only after 36 years.
Tell him.
I'm sure you heard everything.
Tell him...I'm going
through a break-up.
This will take time.
So...what are your plans
for your wedding night?
What about you?
Don't forget to take
the glass of milk on time.
Forget it...
Your beloved wife will bring
an entire milk dairy with her.
Well, then I'll send you
all the cottage-cheese you want.
My God, cottage cheese
makes you blush.
I wonder what you'll
do if I say cream?
Well, that's the
end of this love-story.
Now go marry your groom.
Iwish you had mustered some
courage to talk to your father...
...then you would he
getting married to me.
And not with that Mallika.
Doesn't matter...we both
had our share of fun.
We had some really
good time together, right.
Listen... we'll keep meeting
even after the wedding, won't we?
After the wedding... never!
I have a strict policy...
Never fiddle around with
someone's television or wife...
You'll get the shock of your life.
Oh my boy of principles.
Are you going to post your
wedding photos on Facehook?
Iwill, sis...
Get lost. Go marry that milk-maid.
Radhe-Radhe, brother.
Brother, father is very furious.
Then ask father to sit
at the dais in my place.
Guess you're in a had mood today.
But this is amazing...
You give those girls
driving lessons, but...
...they switch partners when
they need a permanent driver.
You know what,
the day I find my kind of girl...
...I swear I will rattle
Panditji's world.
You can say anything
you like out here.
Because you can't say
a word in front of father.
Come, brother. Time to suit up.
Sister-in-law Mallika beckons you.
"Mallika is all grown up..."
" a dairy of milk."
[Chanting prayer]
Come, Sister-in-law.
He's Manglik.
Plus, the planets and stars
in his birth-chart are unfavorable.
Only this Buffalo
can save his life now.
Finally, there's some
hope for Keshav to get married.
Only when we find someone
with two thumbs on her left hand...
...can he get married?
- Yes...
Bless you.
Bless you two.
That's called moving up in life.
From Mallika the Buffalo
to Mallika the sister-in-law.
Congratulations, brother Keshav.
- Yes.
Where are you, you numhskull?
- Coming, father.
Have you got ants in your pant...
...that you're running
around like this. Huh!
The shipment hasn't arrived yet.
Well, father, we've already
placed an order for cycle chains.
Brother and I will catch a train
and go buy those tubes for the cycles.
The accounts are in a mess.
It's hard to believe
there's a discrepancy...
...on brother
Keshav's watch, father.
Really? Where is your brother?
Enjoying his honeymoon?
Tell him.
- Yes, father.
This week I will sit in the shop...
...Chandu will take an off,
and you two will do the cooking.
Okay father...
But father...
Radhe-Radhe, brother.
- Radhe-Radhe.
Cooking bread, are you?
You know what,
I can't see you in this predicament.
Should Icall
sister-in-law instead?
She will cook bread for you.
You're pulling my leg, aren't you?
You see...your
sister-in-law has solved...
...half the problems in my birth-chart.
- Yes.
I've 50% chances
of getting married now.
Nowjust wait and watch when I bring
a beautiful and smart wife, like me.
I'll even cook bread for her.
And you'll he fuming with jealousy.
Let's not get so
far ahead of ourselves.
Did you forget about
father's second condition?
Where will you find
someone with two thumbs?
Will she descend from the sky?
Take my advice, brother.
Forsake all hopes
of getting married.
And you should mourn instead.
Even the children of your
friends are now going to school.
And you couldn't even find one.
It's not your cup of tea.
You're going to die a bachelor...
That's the limit.
Can't we brothers talk in private?
Why does sister-in-law keep
getting offended all the time?
Uncle, move aside.
- Yes, dear.
Everyone's standing in the way.
I'll just make a quick
visit to the toilet.
I'm coming too.
- What happened?
At least let
me pee in peace, madam.
Disgusting peoplemwhy
can't they lock the door?
Men think why
should we lock the door?
Real maturity is about
peeing with the doors open.
No shame at all.
- Right...
They knew the door was open...
...hut thought it was against
their pride to knock.
Wouldn't you call
that impolite, Naru?
This isn't your house's
main door that we need to knock?
Of course not, it's a garden...
...where you
can take a stroll freely
Hey brother, talk to me.
Get it?
What are you staring at?
I am talking to you.
Hey, brother...
Call me rude,
but don't call me brother.
Look at your age.
Are you going to teach
this to your children too?
How can I have kids?
I am still a bachelor.
I see... no wonder.
No wonder he looks so desperate
I said move.
You didn't even wash your hands.
She just publicly humiliated you.
Doesn't matter, Naru.
It's my fault,
so I must pay the price.
What a big heart?
I washed my hands.
Are you crazy?
He just splashed water in my eye.
Crazy man.
"May no one throw stones,
at my lover.."
Come, the station has arrived.
Let's go.'re here.
Here you go, Uncle.
- Get down.
Your cycle has arrived.
- Okay.
On-time delivery.
Did the blunder. What is this?
What happened, uncle?
I asked for Sunny Leone...
...hut you got
me Sunny Deol instead.
Did he ask for a lady's cycle?
I don't remember. Maybe...
What do you mean
you can't remember?
Check the order again.
- We're checking, again.
Please do.
No need to worry, uncle.
You must have a saw at home.
Just cut off that middle rod.
- That's right.
And it will he a lady's cycle.
- Right.
And uncle, you can use that rod
to drive away the monkeys.
Get on...
That's no way to do business.
- This is how we do it.
Radhe Cycle, this isn't right.
Get lost.
- I will not spare you.
Brother, it's that way.
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Attending to the customer.
Come on...get the saw.
We'll cut off that rod.
What made you change your mind?
You were leaving.
- What's going on here?
Did you buy a new cycle for me?
I thought I'll give you a surprise.
But these guys from Radhe Cycle...
- Yes.
I've found that thief
who's been stealing our clothes.
It's amazing.
Well, it was supposed to he
a lady's cycle...
...hut we mixed up the order...
Why are you going off-track now?
The rude guy from the bathroom.
No, I'm the cycle guy.
Your father ordered
a lady's cycle...
...hut we got
a gents cycle instead.
Doesn't matter.
This one's a gents cycle,
isn't it? I'll keep it.
How can you keep it?
It's our fault, we'll fix it.
- What do you mean?
I like this design,
I'll keep this one.
This isn't a joke.
How are you going to ride this?
There's a rod in the middle.
Hey, Radhe Cycle...
- Keshav.
Whatever your name is?
Try to keep an open mind,
not the hathroom's door.
For your kind information...
...what did women wear when
cycles were invented in 1860?
And the rod in the middle
was removed for their safety.
And what do we wear now?
- Jeans.
So the rod doesn't matter.
Her general knowledge
is better than yours.
Doesn't matter...she's a female.
You spoke really well, madam.
But after 1860,
in 1885 came safety cycles...
...which had a chain
and peddle as well.
Ladies got their freedom
of movement after that.
Yes, but...
- I'm on your side, madam.
Idon't differentiate
between ladies and gents.
That's why I prefer trains.
There are no separate
toilets for ladies and gents.
But you must lock them.
- Of course.
Whether it's a ladies or gents.
Well, that's enough
lesson for one day.
No...please go on, I am loving it.
Jaya, what happened?
What's wrong?
You're still here.
Well, uncle, I was just leaving...
Jaya got me talking.
Shall we go now?
- Yes.
Okay, uncle...
Hold it.
If you ever have a problem,
just give me a call.
My personal mobile number
is written behind this cycle.
Give it to your entire family.
- Yes.
I forgot to shift gears.
- Yes.
See you...
Papa...'s falling...
What are you doing?
Can't you see through those glasses?
What happened?
What happened?
Is that her or
am I imagining things?
That's her alright?
She's a topper.
Don't even think about her.
Do you have the number
of Kanhaiyya, the computer guy?
Yes will get it.
"Since the day we met..."
"...I can't stop smiling."
"I keep telling everyone...I see."
"Stay away from this fantasy
or life will he doomed."
"Quit smiling, silly.."
- Brother, give me tea.
"..or I'll fall in love."
- Madam, tea.
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
Bloody thief.
Hello. How are you, Vasudev?
Where are you?
Madam, what's the time?
- Thank you
"I used to's
too far-fetched for me..."
"...hecause I had no dreams."
"But since we met,
I feel a little unrestrained."
"I feel like
I'm lost in your eyes."
"Like sandalwood gets
dissolved in water."
She has only five fingers.
"The heart's willing
to do anything."
"Quit smiling, silly,
or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling, silly,
or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling, silly,
or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling, silly,
or I'll fall in love."
- Yes.
Isn't that you?
Why that...
Where is he?
Where's that bloody Radhe cycle?
Who do you think you are?
Kuldeep, get a cup of tea for ma'am.
Yes, ma'a m?
With whose permission
did you put that up?
With whose permission
did you take my picture?
You think you're smart?
I'll shut down
Radhe Cycles for good.
Cancel the tea, get a cold drink.
Calm down, madam, calm down.
You're a topper.
I really care about education.
It's just a marketing strategy.
I swear since we put your face on
the hoarding, sales have gone up 8%.
And it's also sending
a message to the girls.
Whatever... I didn't top
my class to increase your sales.
I know...
- Then know this.
If you don't take all
the posters down by tomorrow... will he in big trouble.
Madam, you...forgot your phone.
As well as my mobile number in it.
Yes, Anu.
I did exactly like you said.
But that Jeetu is
terrified of his father.
He says he won't elope with me.
Did he lose a leg?
Why won't he elope with you?
Of course, he will.
Get two tickets for
Gorakhpur Express. Yeah...
Pack your bags and
get to the station tonight.
I'll handle the rest.
But will Jeetu show up?
- Give me my phone.
Give me my phone.
You're such a disgusting man.
You're advising
someone to run away.
Who are you talking to, brother?
- Hold on.
She's my cousin.
Whether I give her my advice, or
anything else why does it matter to you?
- Mad.
Yes, brother.
- From Gorakhpur head straight to Nepal.
Nepal is an amazing place.
Economical, reliable and realistic.
I'll send you money from my mobile.
- But, brother...
Listen, sis, India is a
lot more advanced now.
Radhe-Radhe...take care.
Very good.
The brother inside you suddenly wakes
up and sacrifices your own sister.
How is it right to
run from your problems?
This is the best advice right now.
This thinking...
This thinkingmhas
doomed this country.
If you have the
guts to love someone... should he man enough
to admit it to your family.
Look, madam, their family
only has hatred and anger.
Because it doesn't take time
to hate someone...
...hut, takes time to understand love.
Soon the hatred will resolve until
then, let them enjoy their honeymoon.
Our thinking is so different.
No, it's not.
You're saying talk to the family,
I am saying run away'..
"but we're both
on the side of love
You're crazy.
Madam, listen...
It's quite late,
I'll drop you home.
No need for that.
I swear I won't elope with you.
I can go myself.
Oh God, she's so fluent in English.
Look straight...
Stop ogling.
"Just like one
needs to breathe..."
"Just like one
needs to breathe..."
" stay alive."
"All I need is a sweetheart..."
"...for falling in love."
"All I need is a sweetheart..."
"...for a massage."
Hey, brother,
you're in a colorful mood today.
Guess Holi isn't too far.
By the way, brother,
it's your first Holi post wedding.
What color will you
put on sister-in-law?
Every color's going to suit her.
You're in love, brother.
Don't get emotional
and pull her on your hike.
Just watch, she will definitely
sit on my Honda some day.
My advice is...load her on a truck
and take her to see Agra's, Taj Mahal.
Ican build a Taj Mahal for her.
Oh brother, now that's happy Holi.
Sister-in-law's grown young.
She's become a dairy...
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
You just ruined my mood.
Get lost.
I only said milk...
No, enough.
Wow, dear...
That's a really cheap ringtone?
Who is calling?
Don't ask, mom.
My phone fell in the drain.
- I see...
I want to change your
mother's ringtone as well.
Are you listening?
He wants to throw you down the drain.
Pass me the salad.
Hey, brother, you're brushing
your teeth a lot today.
Just refreshing my breath.
I'm washing my underwear
and you're refreshing your breath.
That's what you're good for.
Brother... goggles, deodorant...
What are you preparing for?
- It's a lover's parade...
Should he grand.
[Folk Song]
[Folk Song]
[Folk Song]
It should he stopped now.
Who heats their husband like this?
They are simply venting
their anger on these poor souls.
Look at their condition.
Fine, then you don't
heat your husband.
Iwill never...
Look, there"
Hold on.. wait.. wait..
thank God we didn't get married.
Look at the size of their sticks.
The men in our country
hate the idea of apologizing.
They certainly deserve this.
Hold on, aunty...
Coming throughmcoming through...
Oh my, God.
- He's flat on the ground.
Hey.. Radhe
- Don't heat him.
Look there... there...
So brother... no. 19.
No. 1.
[Folk Song]
[Folk Song]
I need to talk to
her today at any cost.
[Folk Song]
It's Holi!
She will he here...
She will he here...
She will he here soon...
She will he here... he patient.
She's here...she's here.
"my ho | i..
She is looking this way.
Even her friend's good looking.
When she comes here, you guys leave.
She is still standing there.
She's here...she's here.
Tell her everything today.
Are you done yet?
Chasing me around.
Your friends even teased
you taking my name.
You've been staring
at me all this time.
You must he getting
a kick out of it, don't you?
Are you done ogling at me?
Satisfied now?
You boys think it's
right to ogle at girls?
Look at me, I am talking to you!
All this doesn't suit you.
Look at your age.
Don't you get it?
There can never
he anything between us.
- What?
It's already happened between us.
But you can't see it,
or maybe you're ignoring it.
You're the one ignoring reality...
There's a big
difference between us.
Du Yll get it?
I am just a college pass-out but
my GK's better than anyone out here.
I am a Pandit's (Priest) son,
but I eat eggs after praying.
I maybe over-age but, no kid
in this village can heat me in a race.
From my sunglasses to my t-shirt,
everything is a fake...
...hut I'm still
pretty rustic at heart!
Now you decide whether
you want to tie the knot with..
...some ordinary IAS,
doctor or engineer...
...or are you looking
for some romance in life.
And yes...
Let me tell you one thing honestly.
Since the day I saw you...
...I decided that I'll stand
up against the whole world for you!
And about following you around...
Here you go...
I've deleted my number.
From your phone and mine as well.
Goodbye. Let's go.
Bro, you were great today.
Bro, you were amazing today.
"Feels like these days, I've
been capriciously riding the waves."
"And never leave without watching
my reflection in your eyes."
"How do I stay away from your thoughts
you're the only one I think about."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
Take these tires,
when the customers...
Hey, Radhe Cycle.
Your nameplate's fallen off.
Put it hack.
If something's wrong with
my cycle where am I going to call?
If you can take it off,
then you can put it hack too.
You didn't have to come
all the way here for that.
I may have studied BCA but,
my GK isn't better than yours.
I'm a Joshi's girl,
but I ride gents cycle.
From head to toe,
I am completely rustic"
"but my thinking's
completely modern.
Now you decide...
...whether you want to tie the knot
with some ordinary, homely girl or... you want
some romance in life?
Sudhir...put the radium
nameplate on madam's cycle... that my number
glitters even in the dark.
And see to it that
she has no more trouble.
And take this one down.
I'll do a photoshoot for you.
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love.
- Huh.
Will you come to topper,
with the marriage proposal?
In fact, my advice is that you
shouldn't either. Just WhatsApp her.
Aren't you my brother?
- No.
But if you still insist on going...
...then he honest with them
and tell them about the two thumbs.
They are educated people, you fool.
Let me make an impression on them first.
Otherwise, they will
show me the way out.
Will you come along?
Take me to Syria instead.
I am not coming with you.
How could I say no to brother,
isn't it, aunty?
So I had to come down to talk.
And uncle,
I knew this since the day...
...hrother put up huge
hoardings of sister-in-law.
Can I ask you a question, son?
- Yes.
I hope you won't mind.
- Not at all.
Guys your age
normally have two kids.
So why...
- There's Mallika.
I mean he will treat
sister-in-law like a queen.
- You see...he's also past that age.
But he has many desires.
You see, aunty,
I never got the time.
In fact, I never came
across anyone like Jaya.
That's true.
Have some tea, son.
- No...
I'll get you some cola.
- Get some cola for him, aunty.
But make sure it's sugar-free.
You see, brother likes
to maintain himself.
- Right?
- I'll go get it for you.
No need for that.
- Let's get to the point.
Do you put the holy thread
over your ear while peeing?
No...not at all, uncle.
No formality in an emergency.
No...not at all.
Mahatma Gandhi has said...
"Be the change you
wish to see in the world."
Because the world...
International knowledge.
Ijust love wise men.
Sunny Leone or Mallika Sherawat?
- Huh?
Tell him to stop"
Sunny Leone or Mallika Sherawat?
- He's at it again.
Sunny Leone.
Give me five.
Radhe Cycle.
- Yes.
Take a seat.
Well...I completely
trust my daughter Jaya.
Ida too.
If she's chosen you, then
there must he something about you.
- All I have to say is...
"just keep her happy.
Uncle, I can shut shop
and take up a governmentjoh.
- Just say it...
By the way,
son, who else is there in your family?
There's me,
Naru and Panditji, my father.
All men.
Yes... mother passed
away when I was a kid.
And our grandma lives in Gorakhpur.
- Okay, okay.
And anyway,
aunty, once he gets married..
"they will carry
forward the lineage.
So let's take this one step ahead.
When is Keshav introducing
us to Panditji?
Don't ask him, sister-in-law.
Father will give him special time.
Isn't that right, brother?
Let's go see father.
He seems to he in a good mood.
I'll go first.
Guess who, father?
Now what trouble is this?
Rascals, never let
me do anything in peace.
Don'tjust stand there and stare,
say something.
Father, I was saying...
You want to go to Mumhai
to become a hero at this age.
Is business running in a loss?
Then what else is it?
speak LIP-
Father, I... he...
- I want to get married.
Get me married.
I can see that.
- What, father?
The volcano erupting inside you.
What? - You've got some
of father's pee on your cheek.
You numhskulls...I've
told you a thousand times.
Your wife must have
two thumbs on her hand.
We already have a buffalo
tied in our courtyard with two horns.
Let's stop ranting
about two-thumbs.
You fool...that was just to get rid
of his 'Manglik' (inauspicious) phase.
What about the faults
still left in his birth-chart?
And why do you think...
...I am insisting on getting
him a wife with two thumbs?
According to the scriptures...
...Water, Earth, Sky, Wind,
and Fire. The thumh...represents fire.
Only double fire can absolve the
final faults in his birth-chart. must marry someone...
...who has double
fire on her left hand.
This is really terrible, brother.
I wonder what I did
to deserve this imbecile?
Can I say something, brother?
I think you should shift in
the barn with sister-in-law Mallika.
I've another idea.
Should I ask Hrithik?
Maybe he knows someone.
You know what...
...why don't you put
up posters for this too.
With two thumbs."
I'm in a real tight spot,
and you think it's funny.
Look...on a serious note...
Why don't you
tell father everything?
Hang me upside down father.
You're 36 years old...
and still scared of your father.
Not at all,
I'm not scared of my father.
- I am scared of myself...
If I lose my mind, I swear,
I will make father's life hell.
Of course.
Don't you have a solution
on your computer.
For this? No...
Only some quick-fixer
can find a solution to this.
You're right...why move mountains
when we can find a quick-fix for it.
Absolutely right, mister.
It's a question of our image now.
two cups of tea...with ginger.
Make it good.
- Yes.
Brother, no ginger in mine.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Can you knit?
- Yes, why?
- Radhe-Radhe.
Consider it done.
0 benevolent Lord, get me married.
"There isn't a moment of peace without it."
- Keshav.
Are you dead?
- "Always keeps you on your toes."
"Spins around like
the wheel of a cycle."
"Anyone in this predicament
is always happy."
"The path of love isn't easy."
"There's nothing more
complicated than love."
"There's nothing more
complicated than love."
"I got cheated by my own heart..."
"...and started believing you."
"I got cheated by my own heart..."
"...and started believing you."
"Finally my
heart took the bait..."
"...and sacrificed
all its dreams for you."
"Small issue, lots of pain."
"There's nothing more
complicated than love."
"There's nothing more
complicated than love."
Just remember three things.
Don't try to scratch with it...
or the nail will come off.
Keep it away from fire,
or it will melt.
And don't use it for legal purposes
it doesn't have a fingerprint.
Not at all. Never.
Congratulations on your wedding, brother.
- Get lost.
Just like Hritika Roshan.
Where did you find her?
Father, last night Goddess
Laxmi came in my dreams.
And in the morning when
I went to the riverside...
...this fell on me from the roof.
When she came looking for this,
I did the smart thing and hid myself.
Iswear father,
there was fire emitting from her.
She was double fire, take a look.
See, this" See, father.
Father, get me married.
Come, Come"
Hey stop please.
Who is it?
Bless you.
- Careful.
Come here.
[Chanting Prayer]
Hurry up. Hurry "P-
[Chanting Prayer]
Bless you, two.
Bless you.
Fathermdouhle fire.
- Yes.
Everything's going
to he just delightful now.
Not just delightful, now brother's
going to tango every night.
Am I right, Sister-in-law?
Brother Keshav, come please.
Congratulation Brother Keshav.
Well done"
You are great!
Come dance with me.
Very good.
Brother Keshav, do the serpent dance.
Well done Father"
Hail to Brother keshav!
Dance with me also.
Come sister-in-law.
Come brother.
Aunty, your daughter-in-law's here.
Right foot,
sister-in-law...right foot.
Come, sister-in-law.
Welcome, sister-in-law.
This is our courtyard.
Let me introduce you to his first.
You're the second wife,
not the first. She's his first.
Her name is Mallika you
must meet and greet her first.
You can meet her later.
Come here first.
- This isn't right.
Listen to me...
You're in a lot of hurry today.
Do you always have to interfere?
Get lost.
I am not going anywhere.
I'm going to sleep in the middle.
What is that?
Sande Ka Tel.
- Shameless. mistress
sent this for you. Drink it.
You can't even
take a joke nowadays.
Even you kept me in the dark.
I want a divorce, that's it.
Let's get on with
the wedding night...
...and I'll divorce your
entire family in the morning.
Will you come quietly...or jump?
- Jump!
Sister Mallika...
Sister Mallika, help!
Curse those two.
Get up.
Get up.
You already woke me
up three times last night.
I am a man, not a machine.
Sister-in-law, recognize me?
I am Sana. We met at your wedding.
Yes, Sana, but...
It's already 4:15.
Everyone's eagerly waiting
to welcome you to our LOTA party.
Sana, is it going to take long?
Get the new daughter-in-law quickly.
It's getting urgent.
You go, Sana.
I'll meet everyone later.
It will he dawn soon.
You go, I am coming.
Hurry up then.
We've along way to go.
Wake up. Keshav, wake up.
Wake up! - My dear, are you going
to wake me up like this every day?
Why didn't you tell me?
But Naru did
tell you about Mallika?
Stop joking-
Why were these
women calling me out?
Don't you have
a toilet in your home?
No toiletmwhere?
There's one in my home.
Why didn't you tell
me before our marriage?
Tell you what?
That you don't have
a toilet in your home.
Why are you making a scene for it?
Where should I go then?
Same place everyone else is going.
Socialize with everyone, get
to know everyone in the LOTA party.
Be their leader...
Be their leader!
Listen to me.
Such anger for a toilet?
If I had known,
I would've never married you.
Didn't anyone in the
village build a toilet, Sana?
No, sister-in-law,
there isn't one here.
What's the matter?
Is there a problem?
Don't you think it's a
defecate out in the open.
But this is important.
How can we do without it?
No walls or doors.
What if someone sees you?
- Now I get it.
I guess there's been
an incident with you.
Is everyone waiting
for an incident to happen?
Until then,
let things continue the way they are.
Isn't it?
Are you two going to chatter alone?
We're here too.
You're really beautiful.
Also, you had a love-marriage.
Yes, of course, that's what
girls do when they get educated.
Yes...that's what they
teach us in college.
She's got a sharp tongue, sister.
He was always so predictable.
We always knew, Keshav will
marry some English-speaking girl.
How much further?
- Just a little more, sister-in-law.
What if we have
to go during the day.
Control it.
Hurry up, daughter-in-law,
it will he dawn soon.
Will you just stand there
and stare at us, daughter-in-law?
Aren't your in-laws feeding you?
She feels embarrassed.
Forsake all your inhibitions
and get down to business.
I'm not used to it.
Did your parents
build a palace for you?
You are right.
Yes...there was
a toilet in my home.
I can't do this.
- Daughter-in-law.
You'll get in trouble later.
Just watching television.
Come... Father's not at home.
You're still angry with me.
Say something.
Why are you making such a scene?
Ican't defecate
out in the open, Keshav.
Do somethingmor I'm leaving.
..we delivered Gokul's
consignment yesterday.
Some minor things to do.
I've called a handyman.
The roof was leaking.
And build a small
toilet in the room.
What did you say?
- The spare parts will arrive from Agra...
- What did you say?
Spare parts...
Before that.
The roof was leaking.
- After that?
Build a small toilet...
What happened, father?
I can't swallow a single morsel...
...if anyone mentions
a toilet while eating.
And now our... topper daughter-in-law
wants a loo in our home.
No respect for our culture or
knowledge of our tradition and rituals.
Over-education makes
you a failure in life.
Give me some bread.
- Yes, me too...
What is this?
Father's share of bread...
Go give this to father.
Come along, father will like that.
Father, please eat...
Stop venting your
anger on food, father.
Daughter-in-law cooked this
food without going to the toilet.
I won't eat this.
By the way, father, if we can
have a living room, a dining room...
...then, we can certainly
build a toilet.
Then why take the
body to the crematorium?
You can burn me right
here in our courtyard.
And then build a toilet.
Come Jaya, it's really late.
Jaya, I am trying.
I've already put in
a request with father.
Darlingmjust a few more days.
Soon we'll find
a solution for this.
What solution?
Build a fake toilet,
like the fake thumb.
Trying to make quick-fixes.
- Jaya..
Look closely who
defecates out in the open.
There should he some difference.'s your uncle calling.
Tell him...what you
thought was a smartphone...
...turned out to he a small pager.
Radhe-Radhe, uncle.
- Everything okay.
Tell can there
he so much peace in Mandgaon.
We sent a storm from here.
Forget the storm, uncle,
I am preparing for World War 3.
Have faith in me.
- I do...
Keep a firm grip
on those cycle-sellers.
Why are you sounding so low?
Is everything alright?
Give it to me.
No, uncle.
Iwas just feeling tired.
Right, I guess you don't
get much sleep these days.
Listen, tell Keshav that
Sunny's new film is releasing.
We'll go watch it together.
- Let me talk properly... everything fine?
- When are you coming home?
- What happened?
There's always a villain
in every love story.
And in my case, it's the toilet.
I must fix this once and for all.
I have an idea.
Take your problem
to the Pradhan.
Get out of here...
the Pradhan.
[Folk song]
[Folk song]
I'm asking you for the fourth time.
Why bring me here at the crack of dawn?
Wait, sweetheart. Be patient.
Everyone must change with time.
I've heard she's well educated.
Are you planning on letting
her take up a job as well?
Oh, no...
It's up to her.
She can do what she wants.
Jaya, go and meet grandma upstairs.
She's bedridden and
can't move or walk. Go on.
Yes, why not.
That's why they had to
build a toilet in grandma's room.
I'll send her.
she will manage herself. Go on.
Don't he hasty.
Haste makes waste.
Right, wifey, right.
- Radhe-Radhe.
What now?
What are you fuming about now?
It's nothing.
What do you want?
What kind of a question is that?
Don't you know what I want?
Ifelt like a thief
just to go to the loo.
You've made my life miserable.
- I can say the same for you.
You've done me a big
favor by marrying me.
And now I must tolerate
your educated tantrums.
You really think
I am throwing tantrums.
Isn't a woman even entitled
to a toilet in her home?
For years women
have been adjusting... the methods practiced
in her in-law's home.
It's nothing new.
Education has got to your head.
Chauhey, check the
tubes before you buy them.
Or else we'll get the
defective stuff again.
did you get the hike serviced?
Father has to leave for Mathura.
Wouldn't I rather
sabotage the brakes?
And don't forget
to wash the lunchbox.
Frankly speaking, brother, God
has put you in a really fine mess.
I'm sure he wrote
my fate in the loo.
Yes...and flushed it too.
You know what,
brother why don't you buy...
her own personal field?
That way, you can have
your cake and eat it too.
Have you lost your mind?
Go mind your own business.
- Don't come asking me for advice again.
Keshav, wake up.
Keshav, wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
- What's wrong? Is it an earthquake?
Take me to the field quickly.
- Field.
No ifs or huts.
This is not the time
for your tantrums. Let's go.
I am sorry.
I was very rude to you yesterday.
I apologize.
- Doesn't matter. Let's go.
By the way,
the fields are very romantic.
We can romance...
- This is no time to he Shahrukh Khan.
I'm right here.
Good luck.
Peel these.
Are you done with
your work in Mathura?
First wash my hands.
- Yes.
What's all the racket about?
Clear your throat for good.
She's just tensed about
what happened today in the field.
You're worried about
what happened to her.
And what about the fact
that I fell in a pile of garbage.
These things happen.
Don't complicate things.
It wasn't so serious.
Daughter-in-law did cover her face.
- I see...
That's a fine example, father.
Then we don't need to cover
our faces anymore in this house!
Brothermare you planning
to jump in front of the train?
I'm thinking of throwing
you in front of the train.
Why didn't you stop
me from getting married?
That doesn't make sense.
Why would I stop you?
First of all, I am not
getting married because of you.
Father was the hurdle in your life.
And you're in mine.
He's been married twice.
But no lane's concerned about me.
My brother,
you don't know how happy you are.
I don't want to he happy.
Even I was overexcited
to get married.
And Idid.
You can see how she's
turned my life into hell.
What are you saying, brother?
Your wife's one in a million.
It's better not to
have one..not like her.
She's got my
life trapped in an urn.
Stop discussing our
family problems outside.
What family problems?
When there's a problem at home a
man's going to vent it out somewhere.
Right, Rastogi.
What happened, brother?
Be a little more specific.
How about I tell you in detail?
Stop provoking brother, you rascal.
- Naru!
Show some respect.
He's 35 years older than you.
It's nothing, Rastogi.
Life's a big mess.
Will you he a little more specific?
Who made a mess and where?
I am stuck.
Actually, your poor sister-in-law
isn't asking for too much.
One toilet.
I am ready to give her open fields,
the jungle, trees and bushes.
But no...
She insists on a 4x8 toi...let.
Bloody hell..
Where do I get her a toilet?
So that's the problem.
It's not a problem, its blasphemy.
And then there's Panditji.
He's like the permanent
problem in my life.
He's like father-in-law from hell.
I pray no one has to
go through this ordeal.
They have made my life hell.
Look, brother Keshav,
my advice to you is...
...take sister-in-law to Gorakhpur,
to see your grandma.
The train halts for
7 minutes in your village.
So...when do I hook your tickets?
I don't want to go anywhere.
- Give it to me.
What did you say?
How long will the train halt?
- 7 minutes.
Will the train halt for 7 minutes?
- Yes.
Remember our first
meeting and climb up.
Go on, you have seven minutes.
"Your love's
slowly growing on me."
"Like ginger blends
with the morning tea."
"Your love's
slowly growing on me."
"Like ginger blends
with the morning tea."
"I eagerly wait for you,
like for the morning rays in winter."
"I'm prepared to ride
all the way to the moon."
"The morning train..."
"Your love's
like the morning train."
"The morning train..."
"Your love's
like the morning train."
"I stay awake all night..."
"Your love's
like the morning train."
"The morning train..."
"Your love's
like the morning train."
It's three...
Oh, God!
- Yes.
- What is this? I don't want to play.
You know what, you go.
Your sister-in-law
and I are going to play.
Where are you taking the game?
Brother's going to play
another games with you now.
How are we going to play now?
Let's vlav-
"We set out before dawn."
"Let the world he envy."
"We set out before dawn."
"Let the world he envy."
"The heart keeps chugging."
"Keeps stopping on the way."
"The heart keeps chugging."
"Keeps stopping on the way."
"And sometimes heats fast
like an express train."
"The morning train..."
"Your love's
like the morning train."
- Yes, father.
Give this to the Pradhan when
you go out for one of your joyrides.
Oh no!
We're late today.
- No, we're not.
I'll just go deliver this
to the Pradhan. Okay.
Come hack soon.
- I'll he hack in a jiffy.
Check the next compartment, dear.
You'll find an empty one.
- Thank you.
Move. Move, mister.
Read it.
Hurry up.
- The train's about to leave.
Radhe-Radhe, Pradhan.
- Radhe-Radhe, son.
What brings you here so
early in the morning, Keshav.
Father sent these
documents for attestation.
Take a seat...let's
have a cup of tea. Vimla.
No-no-no...not now.
I'm getting late. Maybe next time.
Take a seat,
it's not like you've to catch a train.
Okay, see you then.
- Okay.
- Radhe-Radhe.
I only want the betterment
of this village.
That's true.
Anything for this village...
Open the door!
Quickly. The train's leaving,
Open the door!
Open the door.
- Yes, we're moving it.
Open the door.
The train's leaving,
Open the door!
Yes, we're moving it.
Get everything aside.
- Yes, we're moving it.
Keep it here...
Come... come"
Jaya, get down.
Jaya, pull the chain.
Pull the chain!
Pull the chain!
Jaya! What are you doing?
Pull the chain.
We're running out of platform.
Pull the chain!
Jaya. Pull the chain!
Shooting" Shooting"
Even if you call 100 times
you'll get the same answer, Keshav.
I am not coming hack.
Think about the rumor
people are going to spread.
Keshav's wife
left him for a toilet.
Will you feel proud if your
wife defecates out in the open?
You're getting it all wrong.
We'll find a way.
You mean another quick-fix.
When in love,
the best solution is to run away.
Fake thumb for marriage and,
using the loo on the train.
Listen carefully, Keshav.
No more quick-fixes.
Find a permanent solution.
You know what, you can take
your demands and sit in your toilet.
Okay. Okay.
she's publicly embarrassed us.
What happened, father?
Read, son. Read.
She's made us Pandit's so proud.
Your grandma called.
- Yes.
She's coming down
from Gorakhpur next week.
Yes, father.
She just made a big joke out of us.
Brothen. look..
Tell him, Naru.
Now he must take
care of the household.
Couldn't even
take care of his wife.
She's not some piece of cloth
which needs to he taken care of.
Come on.
He's only good
for cleaning up dung.
Only animals are allowed
to shit in this courtyard.
Which scoundrel
published this news?
We've been betrayed
by one of our own.
Rastogi from Jagran.
Brother Keshav.
- Bloody traitor...
How dare you!
How dare you humiliate my family!
Now he's got the respect he deserved.
- Brother, please...
Come on.
Whatever I did,
was for your own good.
Shut it down. Shut it down.
Go hack inside.
You bloody...
Speak up!
Tell me.
- Listen to me, brother, please...
I'll tell you
if you stop hitting me.
Speak up. Yes, tell me.
Listen to me...
This news would've
been out soon enough.
My newspaper didn't
expose some hidden scam.
Thanks to your newspaper.
Those who didn't know also know.
Just wait and watch...
...sister-in-law will come
hack home due to this article.
The bride's family never likes
to see such news in the newspaper.
There must he chaos in their house.
All of them must
he completely shaken.
You said...
Can someone please lower the volume so
we can discuss more important issues?
These so called important
issues are what's ruining the country.
"How long are we
going to mourn and cry."
"Pull up the blanket
over your head and sleep."
Please stay quiet.
I can't hear the dialogues, mother.
Did anyone read today's newspapers?
What is everyone's
opinion about it?
This is Kakka's contribution in
'Swacchta Ahhiyan (Clean India Movement).
Today's newspaper was fit
to he used as waste and so I did.
Waste should always go
into the wastepaper basket.
They will die for you?
- Yes.
But I am not like them.
Iam different.
My thumb.
Daughter-in-law's thumb?
What if Rastogi's right, brother?
Maybe sister-in-law will
come hack after reading this news.
She won't.
I wonder how many times I will
still get humiliated... - Useless!
Both of you are useless!
This fake thumb that you made...
It's not for me or religion.
She left it behind for you,
your topper madam.
And now...even the Lord
can't absolve your troubles.
But, father, sister-in-law only...
- Shut up.
Don't you dare mention
her name here again?
Yes, father.
They want show religion the finger.
Stop pretending!
Get up brother.
Field clear.. silence.
Ready, sir.
- Action.
Do I look stupid to you?
I'm sorry.
- What sorry.
You think I can't see.
You were flirting with her,
I saw it with my own eyes.
You don't trust me.
You trust me right?
I love you.
Cut it.
I see... so these oversized
boxes are toilets.
Your sister-in-law will
he really comfortable in this.
Brother, I don't think
your intentions are good.
Careful. Careful.
Pull.. Pull..
How do you feel carrying
a loo on your shoulders, Rastogi?
I feel like Mother India.
- I see...
Brother Keshav, it looks new.
Don't publish
this in your newspaper.
Brother, after that heating,
I'll only print what you tell me to.
Brother, what if they file
a complaint with the police?
Only if they find it.
Where will we hide it?
We'll hide it in our
courtyard for a day or two.
And cover it.
Later, when father leaves
for Agra we'll shift it in my room.
Come on.
Can't live without me?
There's something
I want to tell you.
That's what phones are for.
Not like this.
Let's meet.
What is it this time?
Some quick-fix again.
No quick-fix...this time
I've come up with an idea.
Can we meet?
Then come home.
I won't come home.
Things will just get complicated.
Why? Are you feeling embarrassed?
Fine, let's meet tonight.
Are you embarrassed
to meet me during the day?
Of course, I am.
I don't want people
to think that I gave in.
So where are we going
to meet my beloved wife?
Near the field with the tower.
Thank you.
- Bye.
Are you enjoying, meeting secretly
like this even though we're married.
Yeah... I've been having
fun for 36 years, madam.
I used all the tricks up my sleeve
to get a wife but she left me too.
We should've eloped instead.
This distance
is taking effect on you.
So tell me...why
did you call me here?
Better prepare yourself
to come hack home.
Ijust solved this
problem permanently.
Isee... How?
See for yourself.
Soon I'll take you hack home,
like wedding procession.
You could've said
this over the phone.
I wanted to see you.
But not me.
Why are you on-line
last night at 12:30?
Were you watching
my profile picture?
You must have run your
fingers on my photo, like this.
I see... how do you know?
Were you keeping an eye on me?
I have a drone hovering
over your father's home.
And it keeps telling me.
You know, since the day I left, I've
been sleeping embracing your picture.
So...stop doing it until
- Everyone will think that you gave in.
Your phone's vibrating.
Hold on.
Speak up, bloody jinx.
Now you guys are
stealing toilets as well.
Because of people like you even mugs
have to he chained in train's toilets.
Fine, but I don't want to stand
out in the open like you guys and pee.
Are you listening to his taunts?
You take the necessary action,
He has tainted my religion.
By bringing this sin home?
They have been committing
the sin till now, Inspector.
What did his
daughter-in-law do wrong?
Only animals
defecate out in the open.
I raised him into this
37-year-old man that he is now.
And now you think it's wrong
to defecate out in the open.
You're right.
You raised me to he a man.
That's why I never
thought about women.
Let him stay in jail.
Grandma. Grandma, come in. Please.
Come in. Please.
- I will never cross this threshold!
Ijust came here to say..
..that you've raised your
daughter with some great values.
Keshav stole a loo for her.
And now he's locked up in jail,
for stealing.
And this princess...
She's sitting in her home,
over a loo.
Unbelievable, grandma.
You're saying this
even though you're a woman.
I'm saying this because I am a woman.
We've to compromise all the time.
That's the plight of women.
But she left her home.
That's not the way.
This never happened
in our village before.
Out on yourjoyride again.
The men can do it
right in their backyard.
But we're women.
We've to work
harder for everything.
Isn't it?
We're expected to
make all the compromises.
Because that's what
our culture teaches us.
Control your urges.
Wait for nightfall.
Men can do it during the day,
but you got to do it in the dark.
But stay quiet!
If men look at you with lusty
eyes then just cover your faces..
"but stay quiet!
And when some pervert
flashes his torch at you...
...then cover your faces,
rather than covering your backside!
So that he can go
to his friends and say...
"I caught a glimpse,
but don't know who it was."
Every day they kept flashing
their headlights at you...
...hut it never struck you.
You're happy because LOTA
party has a new agenda to discuss!
This is okay Neelam.
If you're having periods,
stay out of the temple.
If there's a pyre burning
we stay out of the crematorium.
And if we want to relieve
ourselves go outside the village.
Why make these rules?
Why only for us?
It was their fault...hut now,
it's our fault!
What do you want, Jaya?
Do you expect us to
leave our home like you?
We don't have a toilet
even in our parents home.
Idon't know.
Ionly found a
solution to my problem.
But the rest of you don't
even realize that you're in trouble!
Someday... Someday you will
he reduced to ashes in these urns.
Even now you're trapped
in it while you're alive!
Serve water to your
husband in this urn...
...and we'll see...whether
they make a scene, or not.
Come, sir.
- Please.
- Hello, sir.
- Yes, thank you.
This was your
solution to my problem?
Do me a favor, Keshav.
No more quick-fixes for me.
Forgive me.
Don't say that, Jaya.
Strange, you're hailing
out the guy who stole your loo.
No thief in the world
will steal a toilet, Inspector.
Let Keshav go.
- Thank you, sir.
Come, brother.
I guess it's going to rain.
Let it rain, Naru.
Even the Lord's taunting me now.
Guess you're drunk...
you're not in your senses.
I am drunk...and even
more determined now.
- Yes.
Where's my silver-waistband?
If Keshav sees you today
he will take you hack home.
Let him come.
Iwill break
his head with the stick.
He isn't asking for dowry.
Or raised his hand on you?
He loves you, think about it.
End this right
here and go hack home.
You've made things more
complicated than it is.
Bravo, Vidya. Bravo.
Do you know what happened
with the kids in Badhai?
Poor kids went out in the evening.
They were raped and
hung from the tree.
And a 17-year-old girl
in Jharkhand, committed suicide.
Why? Because her father
didn't build a toilet.
God forbid if something
like that happens with our child...
...will you still say that
she's complicating things.
You women are
your own worse enemies.
Like they say, Vidya...
Don't wait till it's too late.
It's a good thing that
our child took this step.
When Keshav shows up today...
...hit him hard
on my behalf as well.
Forget it, grandpa.
I am not even going to look at him.
"I crave for your glimpse..."
"...and finally I realized."
"I want to rub the mud under your
feet on my head and sanctify my sins."
"You didn't invite me...hut
I still came down your lane."
"You can punish me
for all unfair treatment."
"You didn't invite me...hut
I still came down your lane."
"You can punish me
for all unfair treatment."
"Don't spare
your beloved today..."
"...hecause he never learns."
"Your beatings feel so sweet."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
"You're the only one I love."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
"As my veil fluttered..."
" colored it with your love."
" colored it with your love."
"When I look into your eyes..."
" eyes were overwhelmed."
"...they were overwhelmed."
"My tear-filled eyes
couldn't sleep all night."
"They are crazy about to you."
"They are crazy about to you."
"When I heard your sweet talks..."
" heart was hooked on."
"My heart was hooked on.."
"I came to you leaving
the world behind."
"I severed all ties
just to he with you."
"Chant Radhe-Radhe-Radhe-Radhe."
"Chant Radhe-Radhe-Radhe-Radhe."
"Chant Radhe-Radhe-Radhe-Radhe."
"I've forsaken everything for you,
now punish me in any way you want."
"We're incomplete
without each other."
"Chant Radhe-Radhe-Radhe-Radhe."
"Chant Radhe-Radhe-Radhe-Radhe."
"Pray to your God for me."
"I've let go of this shield."
"Color me red..."
"...only you can set
things right for me."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
"You're the only one I love."
"Come dear and hit me hard."
This is really humiliating, brother.
Stop acting like some Romeo.
Let's go inside..
It's your in-laws home.
Throw your weight around.
How can I show my face?
I made a big mistake. try talking
to sister-in-law.
I'll wait for you in that corner.
And whoever hurled
that balloon at me...
...I'll show him when
he comes to my village.
I am keeping my mouth shut because
this is my sister-in-law's home.
Otherwise I would've showed you
how we play Holi.
That won't do any good.
Apply some dirt.
Apply some dirt!
Apply some s instead.
You're never going
to move ahead of that.
You claim to have
the best GK...
...hut never use it in real life.
Will dirt cure your wounds?
But it will definitely
cause infection.
You've all made a fine mess
in the name of tradition and customs.
When in trouble, find an easy way out.
Change others, but not yourself.
Since the time I was horn,
I've always used a toilet, Keshav.
Why should I change my habit now?'s really painful,
isn't it?
You're the one who got beaten up.
But I gave you the wounds.
Come hack home.
I swear I'll change everything.
What will you change?
Everyone's opinion?
I won't die without you.
Iam happy-
You didn't go?
You see, brother never leave a
patient in hospital or a lover alone.
What did sister-in-law say?
Is she coming hack?
No, Naru. And she shouldn't either.
Ifinally realized now.
How can she do something
she never did all her life?
This isn't just about a loo...
It's about everyone's view.
Jhoni...tell me everything.
What happened?
What can I say, grandmamthis
is getting uncomfortable?
They're always in the jungle before
us, with their lights and camera.
At first,
we thought its the shooting crew.
But soon we realized
they were after us.
Guess they are from some news channel.
They record us like we're
indulging in foreplay.
It's entirely Keshav
and his wife's fault.
Laxmi...what did she do now?
Your news was published in the
newspaper and we're paying the price.
Jhoni, you claim to
he the leader of LOTA party...
...then why so embarrassed
to come on TV?
What are you saying, Keshav?
Are you drunk?
- Yes, grandma, I am drunk.
This is entirely your fault, Keshav.
Repercussions of getting
an educated wife.
You should he thanking us.
You've become a model at this age,
thanks to us.
Every day you defecate
out in the open.
So how about showing
some skin for TV as well.
It's alright, Panditji.
He doesn't know how to respect women.
The women in this country
can't respect themselves.
Otherwise, they would've never
agreed on defecating out in the open.
He's talking too much.
You don't worry.
To hell with these people.
We'll come up with a solution.
- No, Naru.
We're done with finding
quick solutions.
It's time to do the impossible.
Today's first agenda.
The shooting is taking place on
the border of both the villages.
The shooting crew has been warned...
...that they should
stop wasting water.
The matter is under control now.
The next agenda,
Keshav's wife has left him.
And Keshav has put in a request... build a public
toilet outside the village.
Those who agree can sign or put
their thumb impression on this paper.
Idon't know.
We won't give our thumb impression.
Young man, did you get
this idea from the shooting crew?
People won't forget their values
even if you build loos for them.
And stop defecating in the fields?
Keep this stupidity
restrained to your home.
Stop joking, village-head.
I've already been arrested once.
If you try to burden
us with your problems...
...then, we'll have to face the music.
We got freedom from
the British rule... you want us to
he slave to their culture?
That isn't right, village-head.
There are other women in the village.
And their safety is the
village council's responsibility.
We're happy with our LOTA party.
- Yes.
And what about openly
humiliating yourself.
Keshav, don't talk about respect.
Your wife left you.
Show some respect to others.
That's what he wants.
That we s in our homes.
Or maybe s in our kitchens.
I only want the village council... put in a request with
the government for a toilet.
Don't try to teach
us our responsibility.
This is an ancestral village.
Our ancestors didn't
build a toilet in our homes...
...and we're not Gods either.
If we build a bathroom in our homes,
won't that dirty our homes.
And what about the stink.
You want us to invite
diseases in our homes.
Don't try to teach
the villagers, Keshav.
We don't want a bathroom.
- Of course.
We don't need one,
so let's not bother the government.
Let's go. Come on, let's go.
That's enough social-service for one day.
- Let's go. Come on.
Hey let's go from here.
Son, the Block Committee
is above the Village Council.
Go meet Vasudha Tiwari at her office.
Pradhan, stop misleading the boy.
And you.. Don't try to
challenge our culture, son.
[Sanskrit chant]
Manu has written in the Manu-Smriti.
One must defecate away from home.
Tell me, people, did Ram-Sita
build a bathroom in the jungle?
See this"
Who's going to complete
that 'Shlok' (verse), headman?
Did you overlook the next page?
[Sanskrit chant]
The Shloka also states that... must not defecate
near a river or any water body.
And wash their hands afterward.
Forget about washing your hands.
You even clean your a in the river.
People like you use religion
according to your own convenience.
What did you think?
Just because no one knows Sanskrit... can say anything
you like and get away.
Don't try to teach me the Scriptures,
And remember...
Whether my wife comes hack or not, I
will build a bathroom in this village.
Look, uncle..
- What happened?
Look at our country's plight.
See here.
Keshav doesn't know
who he's going up against.
3000 Cr scam.
There are no records.
All these scams are four years old.
Everyone's involved. Read this.
And all these ministers
are involved in this scam.
Notjust the ministers.
Everyone's involved.
What should I send Keshav?
Look at these scams.
Wonderful, sister-in-law.
Read it carefully.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
If you go to the toilet,
don't forget to lock the door.
Do that later.. Don't he crazy.
- Go.
You're too much.
Give me the file.
- Take it.
Bye, sister-in-law.
- Love you.
Mister, where's DM Mathur's room?
- It's this one.
Hold on...
It's urgent.
- You can't go inside like this.
Keshav from Mandgaon.
I you're Keshav.
Yes, that's me.
- I read in the newspapers.
First of all, all that money
that you swindle from the poor...
...where do you take it out?
- Hold on.
Where are these... 3000 Cr toilets.
Can you show me?
I see...the puhlic's awakening.
Well, finally after all these years...
...someone came asking
for an explanation.
What do you want from me?
Toilets...which the
government promised us.
Actually...I am going to expose you.
See that you don't expose yourselves.
Take a good look, guys.
This is a barber shop, horse-stable...
...and this lane's a tailor shop.
So what does that prove?
All these are public toilets...
...which you guys are using
for your personal benefits.
The government makes toilet schemes...
...hut you guys reject it.
And you guys don't care.
To hell with the funds.
We won't build a toilet in our homes.
Look at this Keshav,
the plan for your home.
Few of the homes in your village...
...were built under the government
rehabilitation scheme.
But the rest are ancestral homes.
So there was never any
facility for toilets in our home.
The government installed
sewage lines in your homes.
But you guys shut it down.
That's not done.
The government made arrangements...
...hut connecting the sewage
with your toilet is your job.
So who's the villain now?
You mean we don't have an option now.
Do you know what's a PIL?
Public Interest Litigation.
Go see a lawyer.
Register a PIL against
the Village Council...
...that you want a
toilet in your village.
Well, finally after all these years... least someone thought
that toilet is a problem.
Actually sir, until the
problem doesn't get personal... lane's prepared to fight...
or find a solution.
Sir, can I come in?
- Come.
Uncle, show me your face.
- Yes.
- Taking my picture. Wait...
Taking my picture. Wait...
- Uncle.
I took this picture at the turn.
This is a barber-shop,
this one is a tailor-shop.
This one is a cowshed,
Isn't this what the lawyer said?
Sir, I've brought all the proof.
What should we do next?
This will get the job done.
I'll get a sanction from the government
get a toilet built in Mandgaon
- Yes.
It will take 11 months.
Well, that's almost a year.
It's the government... at its own pace.
All these years you
lived without a toilet.
Another yea r. Right.
I can live without a
toilet but without my wife.
Remember who's the villain,
in this case, Keshav.
You're challenging our culture.
And it's not easy to win over culture.
This is a difficult trial.
In this country, fighting
against culture is not an easy task.
Brother, I have an idea now...
...what this culture is
everyone's ranting about.
Who is it?
Culture is something
no one's seen or heard of...
...yet, everyone's clinging on to it.
Culture is what makes us put donation
boxes in temples and mosques...
...hut makes humans defecate
out in the open like animals.
That's culture.
[Chanting Prayer]
What is he doing?
This is a pandit's home after all.
So veneration is a must
before starting any good deed.
For the sake of your happiness.
What good deed, son?
Laying the foundation stone, grandma.
I'm building a toilet in our home.
Now, change your thinking, father.
And stop peeing out in the gutter.
Okay, son.
You've crossed all limits.
Do as you please.
I won't eat a morsel of food now.
Great, no food, no stress.
What... What's he...
"The world's preparing
to land on Mars..."
"...while the moon's
being sold on earth."
"From black/white to color..."
"...and now everything's in 3D."
"Thousands have
climhed...the Everest..."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"How long are you going
to keep doing it around the hush?"
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
Can Igive you an idea?
- What?
Leave the bathroom uncovered.
Are you going to
bury Anarkali in here?
Go on...hurry up.
Father, your meal..
Please eat your meal.
"Defecating in the
open is humiliating..."
"...that's what culture tells us."
"Cover yourself till your waist..."
"...and sit out in the open."
"Sister-in-law sets
out at crack of dawn..."
"...while the boys are
waiting on the way to ogle."
"Sit hack and watch what happens."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"How long are you going
to keep heating around the hush?"
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"Every lane of the country is stinking,
it's difficult to even breathe."
"India will he clean again
look at the condition of your home."
"If you sit next to the river..."
"...the water will wash it all away."
"And that water will
flow through the taps..."
"...and you'll he
forced to drink that."
"Stop going to defecation in the field."
"Stop other people from going too."
"If defecating in the open is a matter
of pride then stop wearing clothes."
"Not everything is a tradition,
stop hiding behind it."
"Stop hiding behind it."
"Stop hiding behind it."
"Don't blame culture for your faults."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"How long are you going
to keep heating around the hush?"
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
"Mistermhetter build a toilet now."
Keshav, stop. Stop" Keshav.
Leave him Keshav.
What are you doing? Leave me.
Keshav. Leave me.
Get lost...
Get lost...
Get lost...
Get lost...
Don't come in front of me.
What happened, brother?
- Naru, the calamity's been averted.
A Brahmin's home was
saved from getting tainted.
Nothing is ever going to change here.
If you get hurt, apply dirt.
If Y0" get a sprain, apply s
If shitting and toilets
are such a had thing...
...then why did God give us a stomach?
No stomach, no loo.
Headman, open your
scriptures and tell me...
Is it our moral obligation
to make a spectacle out of our wife...
...or does sh out in
the open give us salvation?
Tell me! don't feel
embarrassed having six kids.
But you feel embarrassed
to talk about toilets.
People like them associate
shame with religion.
You people.
You should he ashamed. were so embarrassed... read about your
daughter-in-law in the newspaper.
But no shame in peeing
out in the gutter.
It's quite obvious
that the women are fleeing.
We're stuck in this
blind game of religion.
Pretty one will ever
give you their daughter's hand again.
Everyone will die as bachelors.
Go on...
Go home... celebrate.
Tell stories to your children...
About how we hravehearts
broke Keshav's Taj Mahal!
Go on... tell them!
Grandma... set the plate for your son.
He'll break his fast today.
He just broke the entire house.
He broke everything.
"I feel so unfortunate."
"I don't deserve you"
"Nothing's more..."
"complicated than love."
Yeah, Jaya. I tried everything.
We must wait for 11 months.
No, Keshav.
Don't call me again.
And if you think I am joking,
then don't he mistaken.
I have an idea.
I'll get the Goswami Road fixed.
I'll get it fixed from my quota.
Look what's published
in the newspaper, village-head.
Calamity has hefallen on our village.
Divorce for a toilet.
Our village has been jinxed.
This is a complete disaster.
Our village will he disgraced
in the entire district.
Too much education isn't good either.
This is really had.
Brother Keshav is doomed.
Where can he go?
He can't stay in this village anymore.
There's been no divorce in
our village for the last 1700 years.
This is really terrible, Panditji.
What can I say?
I never imagined I'll
ever hear this word in my life.
She wants a divorce.
Does she think it's a joke?
Sir, isn't he the same
Keshav who came to meet you?
No, he's the same 'Keshav'
who started Mahabharata.
That 'Keshav' matter
is getting a lot of attention.
We're here to interview his wife.
I'll tell you once I get there.
Keep the bathroom in the background.
This story is about
Jaya from Sahrana village...
...who is going to divorce her husband
just 6 months after their wedding.
Reason; toilet.
Jaya, are you actually divorcing
your husband for a toilet?
Don't you think this
reason is good enough?
You've been here since morning.
You came all the way from Delhi.
Did you use the bathroom?
we have a vanity van, which has a...
That's why you think
this is not an actual problem.
I advise you to stay here one night.
Go out with LOTA party.
Sit out in the open amongst snakes,
scorpions and other animals.
And then you'll realize my problem.
See...she's openly describing
her deeds on television.
Keshav, do you think that
the government is responsible?
Honestly, we're to he blamed first.
The scam happened because
we didn't want a toilet.
We love our fields.
And the government distributed
free notebooks to the children...
...hut didn't tell them
what to write in them.
They built toilets,
but didn't teach anyone how to use it.
This is the government's
responsibility as well.
They only carried
out half of their tasks.
But the government has been
promoting this campaign a lot.
And built around 6 million
toilets in the last three years.
They built toilets..
..hut it's high time the government
made certain laws as well.
What laws?
Use toilets for defecating.
Keshav, you built
a toilet in your home.
Who broke that?
The men of our country feel really
proud to do it out in the open.
Some narrow-minded
guy broke my toilet.
- Actually, it was my father.
So you mean to say you'll
never do it out in the open again.
Well, hack in the days
I would stand anywhere.
But now I'll only
stand up for a bathroom.
You must have faced a lot
of humiliation for this divorce.
If I make a mistake,
I'm hound to get insulted.
There must he a toilet in the house.
There must he a toilet
in the house for the women.
So that, men can stop
them from wandering outside.
Wonderful, madam. Such a twisted
question for such a simple answer.
Are you from foreign channel?
Real freedom isn't about
going out to defecate.
It's about going out
on your own free will.
But who will explain to these idiots?
Our fight is againstmthis.
Their views.
Their views.
But if you lose this fight,
you can lose your wife too.
Ican lose her in
the open jungle as well.
I would rather lose her like this.
It's quite simple, madam.
If you want your wife,
you got to have a toilet.
Jaya, who do you think
is responsible for this divorce.
The government or our tradition.
The women...who'll set
out again tomorrow at dawn.
Jaya from Sahrana village is still
steadfast on her decision of a divorce.
Will this affect the
government officials in anyway?
There's going to he a war.
All our past scams
will get exposed, Yadav.
Du Yll get it?
I guess even we'll have
to bathe out in the open now.
I can see stars in daylight, sir.
I told you before...
You should've carried
out a part of the work.
Now the CM's called for a meeting.
This is wrong, Swamiji.
This country will never progress.
What was the result of this movement?
Build toilets! Build toilets!
Calm down!
Our country is going backwards.
Well, there's been some
activity within the government.
From 11 months,
its come down to 10 months.
If the government functions any faster
then it will definitely collapse.
I'm a Brahmin too.
I'll have water as well as tea.
Yes, I'll get it.
Tell me something, Pandit.
Do you watch Sunny Leone's movies?
Is this what you wanted to ask?
You've been living
alone for so many years.
I'm sure you watch it secretly.
This was expected from you.
One can see your values
reflecting in your daughter.
That's true.
We taught her to speak up,
instead of staying quiet.
Your values about entering
this house with the help of a lie.
The values of maligning the family honor
by giving an interview on television.
And complicating a
simple issue like a toilet.
Even you admit it's
an uncomplicated issue.
So build a toilet at home too.
So you want us to build a toilet... the same courtyard
where we Pray to 'Tulsi'.
Unbelievable, Panditji.
You Pray to the Ganga as well.
But don't you wash
your sins in it too?
You won't build a
toilet in your home...
...hut, you've turned the
entire country into a big loo.
You can open your zipper, or untie
your draw-strings wherever you like.
Change with time.
And forget our culture.
People like you have reduced
culture to just Sanskrit.
Joshi...we live for our culture...
...and we Pandits can
even die for our culture.
I know you got Japanese degrees...
...hut, have you ever
read the holy scriptures?
Lord Krishna addressed
a grave problem in Gita.
The world fights with each other but
only the brave fights with himself.
If you can conquer
over yourself, Pandit...
...then, you can save the children's
world from falling apart.
And remember...
If you change nothing,
nothing will chance.
There's nothing more
we can do, Keshav.
We failed to rattle the government
or change father's opinion.
All our plans backfired.
Even our plans of getting
a divorce failed.
So what?
Tomorrow morning we'll go to the court
and withdraw our divorce petition.
We'll leave our home...
...and build our own little abode.
I cannot break your home, Keshav.
But I can break this marriage.
This isn'tjust my fight alone.
Every daughter,
every woman has her eyes on me.
If I give up now... woman will ever
fight for her right again. you sound like a leader.
I couldn't he your wife.
You became my wife the day you served
father dinner after the entire fiasco...
...and even went out to the fields.
And todaymwhen you're
prepared to leave me... bring a change in this country.
That's more like Keshav's wife.
And as far as our
divorce is concerned...
Give me your phone.
I've deleted your number.
I can even walk the gallows for you.
Divorce is a very small step.
See you tomorrow at the family court.
Come on...I'll drop you home.
I swear I won't elope with you.
Come on.
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
"I used to's too
far-fetched for me..."
"...hecause I have no dreams."
"I am completely lost in your eyes."
"Like sandalwood dissolves in water."
"The heart's willing to do anything."
"Quit smiling,
silly, or I'll fall in love."
These days if there's an
argument the wife quits home.
Even if the husband's Hrithik Roshan.
You're absolutely right.
That Joshi's daughter didn't give up.
She's going to the court...
They might even get divorced.
Honestly speaking, her husband
really loved her. - Yes.
Didn't you see...he
tried his level best.
But to what avail?
Just another charade without a reason.
For such small things who creates
an issue. She only made a scene.
Who runs away from home and demands
divorce for such trivial issues?
I thought her demand was valid.
What did she ask for?
Poor thing wasn't used
to going out in the open...
...what else could she have done?
So now she can sit
in her toilet proudly.
And us?
We'll keep going we do.
You know...what would've happened
if we had made the same demand?
Don't talk to me in Jaya's tone.
What happened?
She only brought
disgrace to our village.
Come on...serve dinner.
- I didn't cook dinner.
What do you mean
you didn't cook dinner?
If we eat, we'll have to go.
No food, no going out.
Have you lost your mind?
Actually, it all makes sense now.
- Who?
Oh, my...
- Mother!
Oh, my...
- Mother!
What happened?
What happened?
- I think I broke a hone.
But how did you fall down?
Someone spilled oil here.
- Oil?
I was going towards the field.
Quickly, take me to the field.
Hurry up... quickly. Pick me up.
Mother... - No.. Idon't think
I can walk all the way to the field.
And I can't control it any longer either.
- Mother..
Quickly...lift me up.
- Mother"
Can Igo in there?
What are you thinking?
Your mother is dying!
Quickly...lift me up.
Mother, no.. No..
Lift me up.
Lift me up. Oh, God! Oh, God!
Quickly, take me. Take me, son.
Take me quickly. Oh, God!
We can't defecate
out in the open!
We can't defecate
out in the open!
if Jaya Joshi gets a divorce...
...then, we'll all get a divorce.
We can't defecate
out in the open!
We'll fight. Take down our request.
This is not the way.
Why don't you understand?
This is not how you get a divorce.
I request you, please go away.
We also want a divorce.
- Just go from here.
We've all heard about
mass marriages...
...hut never about mass
divorce before today.
One reason; toilet.
This is a challenge to the government.
- Yes, sir.
What is this?
Bureaucracy, sir.
From society welfare
committee to the village...
...the files have to
go through seven offices.
And they all have their...
Verma, do one thing today.
Then buy seven locks...
...and lock all the
toilets in those offices.
Sir.. - No one will go
to the toilet for seven days.
Those who want to go will
have to find a solution himself.
But, sir..
Only the wounded knows the pain,
and no one else.
But, sir, how is that possible?
If our Prime Minister can ban notes
for the country's benefit...
...then we can close toilets too.
Yes, sir.
Jaya Joshi left her husband's
home on 15th February.
And today they are meeting
directly in the court.
And the reason for their separation
is the 3000 Cr toilet scam.
We've never had a divorce
in the last 1700 years.
If Lord Krishna returns to Radha...
...will Rukmini divorce Him?
Quarrels should he solved at home.
And not made a public spectacle.
- You're right.
No one's ever said that
we should use a toilet...
...then what is this feud all about?
I wish Keshav had understood
the chapter on Manusmriti...
...then he wouldn't
he facing this problem.
Seems like people are
against building toilets.
They believe it's
against their culture.
You tell me...
What about the Prime Minister's
Cleanliness Drive?
If we build a toilet at home
then how can we keep our homes clean?
So that's their opinion
about the Cleanliness Drive.
A village where toilets
are deemed unhygienic...
...are hound to have such divorces.
Madam, sign on this urgently.
- Hold on.
- What is it?
Will it he easy for your daughter to
live in the village after this divorce?
Is she causing floods or doomsday?
No, I... - Did anyone in your
family ever have a divorce before?
Forget my family,
let's talk about the country.
Did anyone ever have
a divorce for a toilet?
My daughter will set an example.
Come along.
Do you think divorce is
the solution to this problem?
It is the solution to my problems.
One more question...
- That's enough... Come on, move aside. tried your
level best to save your marriage.
But, if this is only
about a toilet then..
..why didn't you
go live with your wife?
Yes, that's a nice idea.
But I don't know how
to run from my problems.
Sir, it's not that sunny...
...yet you're wearing sunglasses.
Are you trying to hide your tears?
Look, madam,
everyone's blinded by fake pride.
And anyway, these are fake Rayhans.
But the world has
a real one on their eyes.
Are you going to challenge
the government after this?
It's yourjoh to blame
the government for everything.
You should take some
responsibilities yourself.
Keshav, are you sad that
your wife's leaving you?
No, I love it.
Now I'll get a new wife for myself.
Come on, that's enough.
- Sir, just one more question.
Sir.. Sir.. Please sir.
- That's enough.
I feel that everything will he fine.
They don't know how to talk.
I mean... - These people
are getting divorced as well.
Idon't know.
- Greetings. Greetings.
We didn't have so many
guests even at our wedding.
I haven't seen our wedding video yet.
But our divorce is being broadcast
live on national television.
Fix your hair, sweetheart.
Quit smiling silly, I'll fall in love.
Time now for a small break.
On the other side of the break we'll
show you Jaya and Keshav's signatures.
Stay with us on Ahhi
Tak Channel, live.
After this divorce, the people
are going to divorce this government.
Because this is their biggest failure.
Judging by the size of this issue, this
was a controversy waiting to happen.
If what Keshav and Jaya are doing...
...ushers in a change
then it's always welcome.
You see, I was the first one
to report this news in my newspaper.
But I never thought it
would escalate to divorce.
It's all due to the narrow-mindedness
of these ignorant.
But brother Keshav tried his best.
Jaya and Keshav.
Do you two still stand
firm on your decision?
No toilet, no marriage.
Sir, this letter has arrived
from the CM's office.
The court rejects Jaya
and Keshav's plea for divorce.
The government has
accepted Keshav's request...
...for building a
toilet in his village.
The construction begins tomorrow morning
on the ground outside the village.
Until then...the villagers
will he facilitated with porta-loo.
Why are you sulking?
- Nothing.
Congratulations, brother.
The file which went nowhere in 12
months got sanctioned in 12 minutes.
And do you know what
the Chief Minister did?
He locked all the toilets
in every government office.
That's when these officers
learned their lesson.
Remember what you said
at Mr. Mathur's office.
"Until the problem
doesn't get personal..."
" lane's willing to fight,
find a solution."
You were absolutely right, brother.
What's wrong now, Keshav.
We found a solution
and did the impossible.
We got the toilet.
Jaya, I promised to give
you your personal toilet.
I couldn't do it.
Maybe not personal,
but at least there's a toilet.
Iam happy.
- I couldn't change father's view either.
I can't take you hack in that house.
You'll always he a numhskull.
You fought against the entire world...
...and now you say
you won't take her home.
Daughter-in-law, let this he.
The fake charades,
fake thumb, fake pride.
Leave all this behind
and then step inside the house.
Is he sick?
- I think so.
I am not sick, son.
In fact, I am better now.
You see...
It's time to take
the blind off our eyes...
...and put it on the toilet.
That's wonderful, father.
That's wonderful.
- Sorry, daughter-in-law. Sorry.
For the first time,
I've done something good.
So only daughter-in-law
will inaugurate my toilet.
My toilet, father?
- Yes.
But brother sold his
hike to pay for this..
"you didn't spend a penny.
- Get lost... shut up.
Just a thought, father.
- Let it he.
This isn't right.
- Quiet.
No.. No.. Come on.
What happened?
- Sister-in-law, look here.
Brother Keshav...
Group photo. Yes. Yes.
Written in scriptures.
Humans should not perform daily action
in front of the sun or moon
Then the use of the toilet
should he made mandatory.
I had already told Keshav.
This sacrifice has to he done in the
interest of cleanliness of the people.
Children get used to going
to the toilet since childhood.
If you defecation in the open,
you will heat.
Getting big pleasure.
My life has changed.
Father did not approve of this.
But said no.
Toilets will he definitely made.
Why do sister-in-law go out to toilet
Or why should any woman go out?
This is wrong.
Congratulations to Keshav and Jaya.
Now the women of the house
do not have to go away in the open.
Keshav is right. If you want
your wife, you got to have a toilet.
The money that the government
gave us to make toilets...
...we returned them.
Do we take money from
the government to buy TVs and freeze?
Then why take money to make toilet
The toilets will he made by
our own money
If you want your wife,
you got to have a toilet.