Tokyo Ghoul: 'S' (2019) Movie Script

You're back Mademoiselle
(Mademoiselle: French "Miss" means)
Not changing his shoes came in really sorry
I will not hurt you
See your eyes from that moment onwards
My heart was completely occupied you
Beautiful color pupil
What would it taste
Dry eyes and let the flavor of halving
So this is the most beautiful tears wonderful seasonings
touch pear duck
touch pear duck
touch pear duck
touch pear duck
touch pear duck

Northwest does not get up
Northwest does not get up
Northwest does not get up
Northwest does not get up
Northwest does not get up
Color eye color blending
Did not expect to have such a strong taste

ki curry
ki curry
ki curry
ki curry
ki curry
And so on will be incredible

Tokyo S
Miss Magelite popular models on a murder case
(Death of Miss Magelite Area 13 Is Sun is the kind you)
(Miss Magelite
The firm's official website pictures)
Miss Magelite popular models from the apartment you fall death is homicide)
Determined in accordance with indoor traces of the species as a Sun
Ah this does
But very serious damage to the bodies of the captives eating only eye
This feels incredible
Because human flesh is the only kind of food Sun
Do not eat the rest of
So this kind of eating eye Can be a very rare example of
I think Sun is committed kind is called gourmet ...
Jun Jin Mu get that done there will be off work
it is good
A few days ago the event is also a rabbit
Can kinds of crime implementation of 20 area as a stronghold of very interesting
CCG search bureau said they would intensify patrols in the area 20
Sun seeks to crusade extremely ferocious species
Really boring
Get that done
Thank you, hard
Tough big brother
Real young sister now seems to have very good perk up
Parents killed in front of their own which is so easy to pick ourselves up again
Forced to accept
Can we kind we all more or less similar experiences
Do not immediately apologize
Did not find gourmet
Only to find a few worthless
Forget to make a point when the drinks
Because these fools always do things pigeons will increase
(Pigeons: refers to the kind of search officer Sun)
Press this to find the rhythm is a matter of a foodies
Yes, it is
Then we'll go back
Why do you want to become strong
Because there are people who want to do guard
There is
But mainly because it did not want to hurt anyone
Can the human species Ye Hao
follow me
too slow
Power is not enough
It did not have Baofan
It resorted to sub-bar
Afraid of it
You're not the ordinary human
You're kind of half Sun
This resilience like a monster, right
This is the only transplant species have the ability to Sun Lee visceral world
Can only eat the kinds of people who can live
That you called the Little Britain or what friends do and from the
Because if you were found to be kind of Sun
I will kill him
What I do not want to lose
How the golden wood frown
It's nothing
I know
Miss Magelite let you die very shocked right
I know how you feel
I also super shock
But you're not more like the kind of pure ignorant type it
Said a Nah
That is, you change the taste?
I do not have
grown up?
- become a mature man? - Eat your line right
I know
But do you drink coffee today
You will lean into the ribs will starve to death
Dong Xiang you do not eat it for lunch
Ah do not eat
Excessive weight loss but harmful Oh
Eat this mouth to mouth
no need
Ah how the
You do not pay other friends
What are you talking about, you're my friend ah
Says it will do oh we can say well
Mr. Bai
Hey You're going to go back?
Well what you say
I called flutter
Year after long time
So that
ditty teacher
You've seen the golden wood of the bar
Ah gave him a mask
I also want to meet him
I think ah
I'll show lotus please bring him over it
Great good looking
So play any bet
Sausage made from meat twins
So in the end to use the sin and angle formula
You can list a trigonometric function of
You do not have to go to school
Really fragrant ah
Here you can really make people calm
Came a Nansi Hou
Long time no see ah Miss fog Nakajima
what's up
You still so cold
Fog Miss Nakajima
excuse me
Really incredible flavor
You prevent us from work go quickly sickening
You really understand style
What you call wearing goggles
My name is Kim Wood
I will come back gold wood
That person is?
He called the role of the trouble zone of 20 Gassan
Best not something to do with him
Thigh meat pure vegetarian fried steak
Your taste exactly ...
My name is Shan Xi month
Really sorry last time did not introduce themselves embarrassed
- all right - you can delay it a little time
Sit down
That month, Mr. Hill Why are you in this
To see you die
What would you think if I say so
This I really do not know
Do you like to read ah
I also like the printed word
Only to plunge into the sea of books completely forgotten who he is
In difficult times
I get through it is to support a variety of fiction
I understand what you mean
me either
I used to go home cafe boss is also very fond of books
It is convenient or not to go next
I heard that spring will go to Takatsuki
Miss Takatsuki go?
Want a good topic to talk together slowly books!
I wanna go
Because I did not book club
Thank you Kim Wood
That next Sunday we meet in front of the station, right
it is good
That Goodbye friends
Mr. Quartet?
what happened
Someone wants to see you research
Masks with them how
Well I used to go again very carefully
- Really - Yes
That's good
Waiting to
That one
So that
Sorry research
This guy has been bugging me to let you come with me anyway
All right
You do not drink it
I'm a little
- Oh, good drink drink - not ...
Drink drink
Can I first met the one-eyed species
Iraq Birds Enough
Can now only species you do not cover it
It will not be angry
Forgive me tell you a secret, OK
Let you into the secret of this constitution accident
What is the secret that it accident
Do you really think that it is really just a simple accident
That was seen upstairs to the scene of personal video
That is not a coincidence that
Pair is someone to kill Lee Shi
Then Lee Shi's internal organs were transplanted into your body so that you become a kind of Sun
Who did it
- and I can help you investigate - please you
That exchange Can you help me look into it kind of restaurant
- Can kind of restaurant? -Correct
I heard somewhere species can enter a home only Sun's restaurant
But how could not find the location
So you come help me find gold Wood
But how do I check to ...
Do you know Gassan
He does not like to ask you
Since he was known as a gourmet and I think he must have known it
French gourmet let you know Maria - Savarin it
Write "kitchen philosopher" who?
Great actually have read
But this does
Purest text flow
French first edition of the book original
Can I see it
Of course, I was brought to this end
I work for people who understand very interested in food
There I can not taste the flavor moved
Everything is so fresh unimaginable
I have tasted a variety of dishes but still strong interest in food
Road food of far-reaching
But also know that the background is interesting
Pursuit of the ultimate food is also very interesting
By the way I really like this one paragraph on page book to me
what happened
Nothing just cut a hole
- all right - all right
With this wipe it
no need
- put your dirty handkerchief - it does not matter
Blood stopped before clutching it has been so
I'll respectful than from life
By the way do you have any preference for food?
This is the
To be honest I'm not able to eat rice
what the hell
But occasionally there are such people
Having said that gold wood
Since you said could not eat
As apologize that I invite you to my restaurant frequented bars
Let me give you a chef's dishes easy entrance
I wanna go
Then so be it
Blood stopped yet
I went to wash
Gassan slowly learning
Just be patient for a while
This gentle sweetness and rich flavor
This is a new experience
Compared with the discovery of a new star
Discovery of a new dish is more beneficial for human well-being
Monsieur Savarin
(Monsieur: French "Mr." means)
As you said everything
Are you ok
no problem
That go
Yes, there was kind of a restaurant called Sun
Thanks for the info you provide
Even in a place like this
Oh, to be kept confidential
Mr. MM waiting a long time for
He is my guest
That goodbye metal and wood on the inside
If so, please come over here with me
Please shower and then put on the clothes here
- go here - good
Wish you be happy
let me go
let me go
let me go
let me go
let me go
Let me go let me go
Next is my ingredients
Mr. Gassan?
Today, as we bring a new precious ingredients
Here the
But he ...

Of course
Can I know the rough kind of meat is hard to swallow
It is true that all of you agree that the food connoisseur
I noticed
His fragrance
Although Sun kinds of human body exudes a rich aroma
It really is ...
Never heard of taste
Can not endure
I am not really want to know
Can the human species exudes the aroma of what flavor
Mr. Gassan
Mr. Gassan
Smell and taste to give a new stimulus
Please enjoy
This supreme delicious
We are the CCG
I rare
Are you ok
Thank you
Net birds Iraq say impertinent remarks
But golden wood your mobility is also amazing enough
My bad rash action alone the
There are many kinds of Sun
Looked like human blood
In any case
Can kinds of contempt of human life is increasing
You see the cooked fish and meat
They will feel pity you
Will not be difficult to have such a feeling it
There is no way to see them alive
It is difficult to understand devour guilt of life
Can rely on many types of human predation own
So often face fresh life
Sun is not the kind of heart strong enough to calmly walk on corpses
So they will kill their feelings
Can this species survive
Will forget the value of life unknowingly
But then Kim Wood
Can you know kind of all that right
Do not
Do not mess came a man
There is anything we can always find
Thank manager
The manager said is right
Although it is right
But there are good people among species Sun
Among the bad guys have a lot of human
But still more than good
Whether humans
Or species
Dong Xiang
Sorry I suddenly come
Because this time it seems a little strange incense Dong
I was not thinking about what happened
Worried about you
Recently do not come to school
I could do it was only these
I do not eat
But lost time to a full stomach will have spirit
Say do not eat
Sorry to say that you do not eat the
stop looking
Nishio before fellow
That one
I said
You are not too much!
I think
Who are you boy
Kanagi ...
Well what turned out to be with a group of Jin ah
It is also not too
That one
That one
- You ... - sore
Are you OK
I am going to kill you
Pretend to be a good man
Well, so I will kill you ...
Well, well, got home
A Kam
Takashi Not
Are you OK
What happened
A Kam
Are you OK
- seniors - can you stand up
I let go ah
Were injured also how to go out ah
Because hungry very hard to accept
I have no way ah
Now the first rest
I ...
I'm going back
You wait
Can you kind it is
Do not tell people about us
That one
You are a human right
Can you also know that the older generation is kind of right
Your not Miss
Can I ask you a question
It is ...
You do not fear them
If you are not afraid to kill the older generation do
I will certainly be
In the absence of relatives and friends were killed in circumstances
Has been eye, close one eye
Because he needs corpse
If I was born Sun species
I think I'm going to kill
I just happened to be born individual class
Was able to gracefully alive
That one
Maybe there's a way
- What - is ...
I certainly share a little food to West End predecessors
thank you
thank you
Takashi Not?
You finally going to eat ah
Human flesh
Does not,
I want this to senior West End
A to Jin?
You have forgotten almost killed things?
what is this
To: Kanagi
Dinner together tonight
I will bring a beautiful lady who just spoke with you
The three of us together to enjoy this special night of it
PS Do not worry I did not hurt her
not yet
May Shan Xi
No way
Who "beautiful lady" is a
Your not Miss
West End predecessors girlfriend
Why would he find on the Arab-Israeli Kam girlfriend
Your not Miss
Is a human
I must go
and many more
It does not matter to us humans do not control you
Is valuable not Miss
You give me enough is enough
If you know that your true identity humanity there will be more dangerous to do
That's why I ...
Dong Xiang
Dong Xiang
- the older generation - Ah Kam
Do you know where your not in it
This one
This is really the worst case
Why is it so
My husband Gassan goal is that I will go
I also need to go
This state will not do you still say
- too messy here - this time
How can I lay it at home
I know
let's go together
Dong Xiang
I come back to say it
Do you like Beethoven
Could you go back to it
Not put your
give me back
The women are today dinner seasoning
I hope she ate in her golden wood freshest time
Correct to say
I want to eat when Kim Wood
Eat golden wood
I want to eat like him
Really sick
You say I'm sick
Really accident
Cause of this situation is that you
You have to take this responsibility
Damn you bastard
Nishio before fellow
- high blood scent makes you even more obvious - you stop
Let your body relax job
What would you like next
So how
Ordinary surprise attack
This can be difficult to deal with ah
Dong Xiang
If you died, I would be less rest day of
I will not eat you hit tight body
Do not let the two of us alone
I will not let you eat my
And I will not go back together with your lady
The sound is really wonderful
Awesome Awesome
I want to try to eat
very much
very good
what is this
What is taste
Than expected but also stick
It can not be ...
I just want to pursue a higher level of taste
Do not wish to end the life of metal and wood research
Not work
Now take it with her to entertain you
You disturb this dinner
Dong Xiang
Dong Xiang
To keep you waiting too golden wood
Do not
Do not
Eating people are not happy we were privileged
Why can you be so easily ...
You put human life ...
You put human life ...
As anything
Life is precious
Are you going to say that, like humans, then it
We are all equal pieces
If all the world from the point of view of life
Died in the hands of human life more of it
And they are not the same
We only kill class
what is this
The ugly scars
Takashi Not
Takashi Not
Takashi Not
You're a pest ah
If you shot her I'll kill you
Even if it will die and I will kill you
Dong Xiang
Are you OK
I look like all right
Dong Xiang

As long as eating human flesh
Will return right
Takashi Not
A Kam
A Kam
what happened to you
Go to the hospital
Ah Kam?
Let me eat
Sun Jin Ah you are kind of right
I have to end here yet
You do not run away
You first
To when I accosted
My family killed in accident
Too sad
I thought that would be easier not dead
Because you're near me so I saved
and so
you eat
To live
Do not need
Are you dumb
Because that kind of thing on
You are silly you
Takashi Not
so troublesome
so troublesome
so troublesome
so troublesome
so troublesome
Really really really trouble trouble trouble
Really really trouble trouble
I am going to eat
Do not look
he's mine
There is not any
Belong to you
This time ...
Not too easy to handle ah
no solution anymore
Although this is not my intention
Strategic chew it
Let me bite
Eat your meat, right bastard gourmet
Takashi Not
A brocade get out
You and gold wooden true colors are exposed to it
Can not allow this dangerous woman to live a
Not work
that person
Can not kill
Yoriko her ...
Yoriko her ...
If you find your true colors
You have to go down to her killer yet
Noisy dead
Why do not you understand
In order not to be found is why they must kill her
Dong Xiang
it's beautiful
What ah you these words
Ah Kam?
Are you OK
Takashi Not
A Kam
A Kam
A Kam
A Kam
Where beautiful
thanks for treatment
Thank you, patrons
Messed up
- Precautions - Sorry
Clumsy ah
- you are not fit to stay in the lobby - I'm sorry
- I said metal and wood - in
how to say
you really
Like the good old ah feces
By often been said so
But this
Does not depend Well
People may also be saved you this character
I am leaving
- careful on the road - bon voyage
I'm coming Dong Hong ah careful on the road
Yeah really cute
Nishio before fellow
Really work
- Do you have any advice you ever near - no comment
You can be the uniforms and too unworthy of
This body just right for me now
Not how you say you do not fit antique style
- This place can there be any style - no, no
Why do you want to work in this antique ah
- There are various reasons for it sick - Could
Do you want to chase Dong Xiang?
How could I chase that Huangmaoyatou
- you have just a little shy of it - and it did not
- I was not guessed it - say that not
Dong Hong you come to school too late
I lost
I thought sure to win YUESHAN
But actually winning it is Hong Dong
It is also expected
Gambling as long as the last win on the line
So what is your bet
Please drink a glass of win
To such a thing even kill each other
I'll train you slowly
My lovely