Tokyo Mighty Guy (1960) Movie Script

A Nikkatsu Corporation Production
In glamorous Paris
Screenplay by Tsuyoshi lshigooka
At the Champs-Elyses
I let out curses
With a Ginza touch
Scaring the spirits out
Of a Parisian bastard
What do you want?
I'm an Edokko!
Who cares about the Seine River?
Arc de Triomphe, take this!
Ruriko Asaoka
Akira Kobayashi
I'm... I'm Tokyo's Mighty Guy!
Sanae Nakamura - Arihiro Fujimura
Hiroshi Kondo - Ozawa Shoichi
In Paris, the city of love
Toranosuke Ogawa - Shin Morikawa
Hisae Toake - Masao Mishima
In Montmartre
I sang a chanson
With a Ginza touch
And captured the heart of a Parisian girl
What do you want?
I'm an Edokko!
Brassens who?
Avenue Montaigne, eat this!
I'm the Tokyo Mighty Guy!
Directed by Buichi Saito
Pretty girl.
My son will like her.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You could've waited!
I'm not a student. I've got work.
I've got a terrible problem.
Don't be shocked.
I needed a good thrill.
I'm engaged.
- What?
- Surprised?
Yes, I'm surprised. I can't believe it!
I thought so.
Of course, you're still a kid to me.
You, getting married?
Wow, I see.
That's what you meant by surprised?
They say it's better to marry young.
I don't want an arranged marriage,
I want to marry for love!
- That's only if you have someone.
- I do!
You've got a boyfriend, Hide?
What an awful person!
It doesn't matter to you!
I should just get married, right?
Maybe they've seen me already.
Marriages arranged for you
are more objective.
Not that it has anything to do with me.
Wait! We've got more to discuss!
You finished college in France, right?
Yeah, so what?
Then why work at a restaurant?
Why? My folks started
that Western cuisine restaurant in Ginza.
But you went to study in France
to become a scholar, right?
Yeah, that might have been my folks' intention.
But all I did was eat French food in Paris.
It's like I went to train with a chef.
A frog will only have frogs.
My folks have given up on me.
That's just it.
When you came back from Paris last month,
I thought you'd start
at a research lab right away.
I'm just a daughter of a bathhouse family,
I thought there would be nothing I could do.
But I was so glad to hear
you'd be taking over the restaurant.
Why glad?
Jiro, I'm serious.
I... lov...
- What?
- Jiro!
We're starved!
Jiro, we're starved!
- All right, I'll treat you.
- Yeah!
The government remains unstable.
In this troubled state,
former prime minister Onizaemon's
return to office
would be conceivable.
Mr. lpponyari's famous stubbornness
may be what's needed today.
However, according to the media,
there is no need for an old man
in Japan's current politics,
no matter his past merits.
Old soldiers will fade...
Quiet! lnsolent fool!
Excuse me...
The way it was written
If I analyze it, it was from Ms. Chiyo
My heart is filled with love
I'm here to wash my hair.
I love you
Love letter
I was happy to receive it
A love letter
Right when I received it
You see, you see, I woke up
The way it was written
If I analyze it, it's Ms. Chiyo
A young and beautiful woman
Him and him, they admire her
All of them head-over-heels for her
Me, too
You see, you see, it's sad
- Be careful!
- Oh, I'm sorry.
He's got a great voice.
Makes my heart flutter.
Lousy whine.
Oh, you're behind the times.
It's popular these days, you know.
Jiro, sing another song!
- Oops!
- What are you doing?
How could you?
Who do you think I am?
- Just some middle-aged wife!
- Why, you...
I ain't scared of no cherry blossoms!
Now you've done it!
Stop it!
Let go!
Quick, stop them!
Stop them?
Hurry, please.
- Come!
- If I have to...
- Let go!
- Stop it!
- What are you doing?
- I said stop it!
I said let go!
- Ow, that hurts!
- Stop!
The world flipped upside down.
I was surprised, too.
Nothing should shock us for a while now.
What's wrong, Mom?
A car ran into the shop!
You dodged our cat,
but you wrecked our shop!
What are you gonna do about it?
Jiro, it's such a mess!
He can see it's a mess!
- Hurry up and move it out!
- Yes, sir!
Hey, wait a minute!
If you pull out now, the shop'll collapse.
- Yes, it's dangerous.
- I don't care!
Hurry and pull it out!
Doesn't matter who you are.
Come out of the car, old man!
Insolent fools!
Go home!
- Fools! Go home!
- Sir!
What insolent fools.
I've seen his face before.
- I remember! It's the former prime minister!
- That's right!
Onizaemon lpponyari!
I'm going home!
- Call a cab!
- Yes, sir!
Hold on a minute.
You can't just leave.
What are you going to do about this?
Who are you?
Jiro. I'm the son of the owner.
All right. We'll talk later.
I've a meeting with the ambassador.
You're late! This is a serious accident.
What took so long?
I apologize, we'll talk again tomorrow...
Where's the cab? The ambassador is waiting!
- A cab is here...
- Good!
Hold on.
- I'm very busy.
- You've got to be kidding.
Doesn't matter.
I'm not going to let you off!
My Edokko soul won't be satisfied!
That's right!
You're being rude.
Of course!
I demand you apologize.
You want me to apologize?
What insolence!
I've never even done it in Congress!
But you'll still apologize.
Just say you're sorry.
Just one word!
Insolent fool!
Are you a yakuza?
I'm no yakuza, just an Edokko!
Jiro helps the weak, just like Jirocho!
I'm with you, Jiro!
I'll definitely have him apologize soon.
This way, sir! This way!
Hold on!
Well, he's a national treasure.
Just be glad he wasn't hurt.
It's best if you don't stir things up.
This isn't funny.
Naturally, it's no joke
having your shop destroyed.
That's not what I'm talking about!
I just don't like what that old raccoon said!
You're a gutsy man!
How did this happen?
Yes, Mr. lpponyari truly loves animals,
and he knocked my head, yelling,
"Don't run the cat over!"
Just like he always does.
He's got a tender heart.
So I turned the wheel in desperation.
And crashed?
What happened to the cat?
What a mess!
Heard it was the "One Man" old man.
Who're you?
That's a good one!
You really don't know us?
I don't.
Can't you tell by looking?
If you're visitors,
help us over there, will you?
Stop, Jiro, these guys are no good.
No good?
Don't mind him.
Our son just came back from Paris,
and doesn't really know this area well.
Bro, you just got back from Paris?
Jiro, they're from the Typhoon Club.
They act as protectors for this area.
Bonjour, monsieur.
I'm Senkichi.
Got it. And what does Mr. Senkichi want?
We're dealing with "One Man."
It won't be easy, and so...
We, the Typhoon Club, can settle
the matter on behalf of monsieur.
We'll take care of you.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I don't need gangster help.
Don't get smart with us, kid.
Jiro, stop.
Not being funny, I'm serious.
- You little...
- Wait.
You really don't want our help?
My answer hasn't changed.
I see.
It's such a great opportunity.
- We're leaving.
- You sure? We came all the way here.
Don't worry about it.
I've got another plan.
Adieu, monsieur!
Au revoir.
Will everything be okay, Jiro?
Will they come for revenge?
Don't worry about it.
We'll worry about it when the time comes.
I've gotten used to gangsters in Paris.
- There are gangsters in Paris, too?
- Yeah.
But, Jiro, they're like the city's roaches.
I don't think they'll just let this go.
And he said he's got another plan.
What did he mean?
Let's see...
Maybe, just maybe...
Anyone there?
I'm to ask you what you're here for.
There's something I'd like to say man to man.
As his secretary, all matters go through...
The Typhoon Club's Senkichi
doesn't waste time with women.
Bring the old man!
I understand.
Perhaps you'd prefer to speak to the police.
Lady! You've got a temper.
We just want to talk.
There's no need to talk!
It's nice to meet you.
I'm here at the request
of Jiro from Ginza Kitchen.
About yesterday's accident, we'd like to...
Go home!
Any talk will be with the owner.
I have nothing to say
to gangsters like you!
What are you calling us, Mr. lpponyari?
You're hurting our gentlemanly honor.
We're no gangsters.
What's wrong with calling a spade a spade?
I can tell with one look at your face.
Be gone!
You vermin!
What'd you say, old man?
Say it again! We'll bust his bones!
No wonder Mr. lpponyari thinks us vermin.
We came hereto settle things like gentlemen.
Don't let it get to your head.
But he's making us...
Hey, hey, calm down.
Say. Mr. lpponyari...
These hot-headed youngsters,
I can only hold them back for so long.
What will you do?
Quiet! I know your tricks.
I won't fall for them.
I said be gone!
Hey! You leave me no choice!
Call the cops or whatever!
But before they come, old man,
you'll get this!
What are you doing?
Just what you heard!
You've insulted us.
The youngsters are angry.
- Don't be fools!
- We're no fools.
You were called "One Man" for a reason.
If we deal with you,
we'll be famous immediately!
This isn't a bad deal.
Or will you settle the matter
like a gentleman?
What'll it be, Mr. lpponyari?
Which is it?
Don't do anything.
Thought you might pull something like this.
I'm glad I came.
Mr. lpponyari, just so we're straight,
we never asked these guys!
You bastard...
Hey, gangsters,
let's settle the matter.
Step outside!
Damn you!
Prepare to meet your doom!
I'm glad I made it in time.
You can leave the rest to me.
Don't kid around,
I thought you were a pacifist.
To stand firm against invaders,
that is a true pacifist! Now come!
See if you can handle the blade
of this famous "shooting star."
- Watch out!
- Let go!
- Wait!
- Let go! Move!
I owe you one!
It's the cops!
Are you all right?
It's been a long while.
I almost revealed my special move.
You forget your age!
If this man hadn't come,
who knows what may have happened?
- I'm so sorry.
- Fool!
Don't you know my special move?
I know no such thing!
Okay! I'll show you!
A move that's been passed down
the lpponyari family for 300 years,
a "namikiri" move.
You watch!
Well, did you all see?
My special move?
Seems to be coming along.
Will we make the scheduled opening?
Yes, it's a job requested by you.
So I'm making sure they move quickly.
You're not skimping on
quality work, are you?
Of course not! Please take a look.
Not skimping?
You're doing so much for us.
It's going to be better than the old shop!
Of course. I've taken a liking to Jiro.
Besides, no one's ever told me
to apologize to my face before.
The world is wide,
but there's no one else like Jiro.
He's got smarts. I like him!
Also, I hear he went to Paris for school,
and learned to cook, it seems.
Rare spirit for a young man these days.
And so I thought,
"I'll let Jiro use his skills,
"and build him Japan's
best French restaurant."
Thank you so much.
It's all thanks to you crashing your car
into our shop.
If you have any requests, let lmamura know.
This man is now president of
a construction company.
But he built my doghouse long ago.
The result was a house big enough for a cow.
Secrets come out.
Of course!
Where's Jiro, by the way?
He felt bad that you're rebuilding the shop,
so my son's fixing your car.
Hey, young master,
it's pretty far gone.
Might be better to just replace the car.
Can't do that.
He's fixing our shop,
it's only right if I fix his car.
You're both stubborn.
- Get working!
- Yeah.
Hors d'oeuvres ready!
The foreign minister, Fumiyama.
You've spent some time in Paris,
the food here is just as good.
I'm honored to try it.
Please do.
You, show him his table.
- This way.
- Please enjoy.
We've been waiting for you.
Enchant, monsieur.
It's beautiful here.
I'm sure the food will taste wonderful.
I'm honored. I'll make every effort to ensure
that you and the ambassador enjoy it.
Please come this way to your table.
That's impressive.
I'm worried about what other
kinds of customers we'll get.
Why are you here?
You gangster!
Hey, old man.
Bro, congratulations.
Oh, thanks.
Want to eat something?
I'm hungry, but I've got no cash.
It's fine. It's the opening celebration.
- It'll be my treat.
- I can't do that.
Actually, bro, I'm here for a favor.
Will you let me work here?
I've been thinking.
You left the gang? Good for you.
Well, you know, you can do anything
if you put your mind to it.
That day on the beach,
you saved me as this old man
was about to stab me.
It really hit me.
If you didn't stop him, I could have died.
I quit, as if I'm starting new.
Oh, no. It's not, really.
What do you say, bro, cook's apprentice?
I'm an expert when it comes
to handling knives!
I'm suddenly hungry!
- Jiro! We've got a problem!
- What's wrong?
Keep it down, will you? There's customers.
Excuse me, everyone. Come!
Oh, excuse me. Come!
Jiro's got ill fortune
when it comes to women.
Just like me when I was young.
You've got to be kidding.
I can't do that.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
Don't be so stingy,
at least listen to what I have to say.
Okay, I guess.
- Spit it out. I'm busy.
- Thanks. A true Jirocho.
So, actually,
it was about an hour ago.
On the second floor of my shop.
It's a little embarrassing so early in the day,
but I'll tell you.
Today is the day Mr. Kaneda usually comes.
You've filled out nicely,
looking at you from behind.
Especially around the chest.
Oh, no, they say it's better to be thin.
What? Who would say such a thing?
You know, all women want to be thin.
It's all right.
I prefer volume.
What is this? You're getting dressed?
I should have plenty of time left.
I need to get the shop ready.
- Mr. Hamakawa is here.
- No...
- I called, but...
- Can't you do something...
I'm coming up.
- I'll just...
- It's not about you!
Hey! You have to hide!
- Why do I have to hide?
- It's the IRS!
What? The IRS?
I can't have them see me like this!
This way!
- Is there an escape route?
- Here!
Here? Me? How rude of... Ow!
Hey, you...
That really hurt.
- Wait, please...
- Oh, it's fine!
- What's wrong?
- Oh, nothing.
Did you need anything?
If I'm here, it's for one thing.
- Let's talk downstairs.
- What are you talking about?
I know today's not a scheduled date,
but I really wanted to see you.
- Forgive me.
- But...
Sayaka, here's the usual.
What are you doing? Open up!
It's hot, isn't it? Why don't you take this off?
- Are you mocking me?
- Hey, is someone here?
Oh, it must be a mouse!
A mouse? Say that again!
I'm not going to forgive this!
I can't stand it! I don't care if you're IRS!
To touch a woman like that?
- You think that'll be forgiven?
- What are you talking about?
I'm not IRS. I'm a lawyer.
- What?
- A lawyer.
What's a lawyer doing here?
Me? What about you? Look at you.
Why are you here?
Criminal offense. Section one and two.
Exposing certain bodily parts
in a public space...
You're exposing them.
He's exposing, too.
Who are you? Why're you here?
Who are you people?
This is my room.
Well, technically Lila-ko's and mine.
Right? I came and did
top-notch renovation work.
Say, madam, I'm in the neighborhood for
Jiro's grand opening celebration.
I knew it wasn't our scheduled day,
but I had a bad feeling.
And now that I did, look at this!
An exhibitionist.
What's going on here?
You've got two other guys?
Answer him!
This would fall under fraud...
It's a complete mockery!
If I've been found out, what can I do?
Don't you all act like you're my only man.
The three of you together
finally add up to one man.
Whatever you say, I've invested
10 million yen in this place.
You, too? 10 million for me, too.
This renovation took 10 million as well.
Let's have you return it.
Don't talk nonsense.
It's true each of you gave 10 million yen.
But it wasn't for free, oh, no.
I've serviced each of you!
Wait, wait a second.
10 million yen, let's say 13 times...
So it was 77,350 yen each time!
- Did you include today?
- Today? Then it's just under 70,000 yen.
That doesn't matter.
I invested in you, you should be just mine.
I'll think about more money.
Hey, exhibitionist, stop selling yourself.
Thanks for the offer,
but I'm going to use this opportunity
to go clean. I'm sorry.
You've got balls. I knew I had good taste.
Excuse me, Mr. Exhibitionist, what days
of the week do you usually come?
Mondays and Thursdays.
I'm Tuesdays and Fridays.
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
So Sunday's open.
There must be a Sunday guy!
- The last day of the week.
-"Sunday Man."
When will you take me?
How about Sunday?
- Are you the Sunday man?
- What are you doing?
Not just Sunday, I come every day.
Every day?
Don't try to be funny, you bastard.
- I've got only two days of the week.
- No fighting, please.
- This man is my lover.
- It's true.
Then who is it?
She's giving the best day of the week,
no doubt it's the man she loves most.
That's right, I love them most.
So there really was one!
And so I told them it was you.
What? Are you stupid?
Be quiet till I've finished.
How can I stay quiet?
That's huge! And I'm still single.
That's the important part.
When my three patrons found out it was Jiro,
they said, "That's the woman I fell for.
"You chose quite a man."
And praised me for it.
All three said if I'm getting together with you,
they won't mind cutting ties with me.
Aren't they such good people?
What are you talking about?
Listen, this is the important part.
Sorry, but I decline, I don't plan on getting
together with you, madam.
It's unfortunate, but I was expecting that.
Oh, excuse me.
So I have a favor to ask.
All three said they'll give up if they
see a passionate love scene between us.
That's the compromise we've reached!
Compromise? Don't talk nonsense.
Please, tonight at 11:00 when
my shop closes, come upstairs to my room.
- What?
- It's already all worked outwith the three.
- Jiro, a customer is calling.
- Yeah.
Don't forget! 11:00 p.m.!
Excuse me.
I'm still working on it!
Mother, I've got something to do,
switch with me?
- You're going out?
- Just for a bit.
Where's Jiro?
Oh, it's you, miss. Look.
I've gotten good.
Where's Jiro?
- He went out.
- Where?
He said he was going to the bar nearby.
He's an Edokko, after all.
He can't refuse if someone asks.
It seems he was requested
for something important.
The way it was written...
It'll soon be time.
I can hardly wait.
Oh, it's about to start. Oh, boy.
Young men are quite different from us.
He's got a nice body.
It's too fast, they should calm down.
Hey, what's with the angry face?
Were you and madam here all along?
Yeah, we were.
Then who's upstairs?
Excuse me.
A gift from my heart.
It's real!
Did you talk to my parents?
I'll talk to them soon.
Don't leave me.
Don't be silly.
A mosquito!
This is tough.
He's got more energy.
Shall we call it a night?
The drop that fell into the ocean
With eyes wet with tears, she looks...
She must be upset.
She's been acting strange lately.
- Oh, this one's ready.
- Toshi!
Food's ready!
That person so far away
Please impart
What's in my heart
Mr. Kiyoshi...
Mr. Kiyoshi!
Who are you?
You two look cozy.
You're camping, might as well have fun!
But who gave you permission
to put up a tent?
- What do you mean, who?
- Don't kid around.
Don't you know we're here to protect
the peace of this island?
You get it, right?
There's taxes anywhere you live.
We have to pay tax?
You're a smart one.
What are you doing?
Pretty lively over here.
Who are you?
Are you trying to ruin other people's fun?
A lot of excuses.
Don't let the hooligans get their way!
- Yeah, they'll get cocky!
- That's right!
We stand up against violence like yours.
Get the Camp Club!
That's dangerous!
That's how we like it! It's business.
Just pay your dues.
Here's a clear answer!
This is what happens when you
show off in front of girls.
I'm hungry.
You just ate, Ken.
I guess I'll look around here.
A portable blouse?
Please help!
A gang...
Don't act like this again.
You guys thieves?
Give back what you just took.
Hey, you're Konichi.
Oh, the guys from the Typhoon Club.
Working a camp site?
I'm glad I went clean.
Otherwise I'd have fallen as low as you.
You gonna get in our way, my brother?
You were able to get out
because all of us kept quiet.
You should know what'll happen
if you act too big!
- I know.
- You know, but you're still gonna do it?
I'm making up for my past.
And it's for my new boss.
- Boss?
- That's right.
- Ginza's Jirocho.
- Jirocho?
This is a camp site for everyone.
I don't wanna fight.
Return what you stole and just go home.
Shut up!
Help me!
Kappore Kappore, Tokyo Kappore
Oh, the fire, Kappore
With hair tied back
With tanned skin
Hit the drum
Don, Don!
It burns
Ciao, Ciao, young friends
Let's all dance
In Tokyo
The girl wasn't there
Only neon lights
An ironic town
Hey! Toshi's not awake yet,
what should we do?
What can we do?
Shall we take down the tents?
Lake Yamanaka Campsite
She's still out.
Toshi, we're gonna leave you.
I shouldn't have brought you!
Something's strange...
A will? Oh, no, it's a suicide!
She's right.
Goodbye, everyone.
We promised our futures to each other.
But Kiyoshi left me to marry someone else.
But I don't blame the other girl.
It was all my fault.
Goodbye, life!
Still beating.
We should take her to a hospital!
- Sen, a car!
- Leave it to me!
Sleeping pills?
She's not dead yet. She can be saved.
Don't cry.
You're right.
I'm so glad.
You were saved because
you took the wrong amount of pills.
I always take the wrong amount,
and madam gets angry.
The guy who left you,
is it the customer who's always at the bar?
Where does he live?
I don't know.
You don't know, but he's your boyfriend.
I only know his name is Kiyoshi.
Kiyoshi Nakamura.
Could just be an alias.
From my experience,
a guy's not gonna use his real name
if he's just using a woman.
Sen, you're that type of guy?
That was before he went clean.
Just leave me alone!
I'm not going to do that,
he's an enemy of women.
We're going to find him
and have him marry you.
He's from a rich family.
We wouldn't have worked anyway.
You'll make it work.
No need to give up.
Right, Jiro? Sen?
You feel responsible as men, right?
Yeah, too much.
My man!
This is a good chance for compensation.
Idiot, we're not yakuza.
I know.
But at times like this,
the way of the yakuza is quicker.
It's your neck if you keep talking like that.
I heard you're gonna have a baby.
If you're gonna have a relationship,
you should've learned from me.
You're such a silly girl.
You poor girl!
Don't say that.
Toshi really loved the man, right?
That's true, you're right.
Otherwise it wouldn't make sense.
Damn it!
I can't keep quiet now.
I clearly remember his face.
I'll find him no matter where he is in Tokyo.
Yes! Just what I've been waiting for!
I'll help, too.
Leave it to us! Right, bro?
Bro! Wait for me!
Hey, bro! What about him?
Sen! Long time no see.
- Have you come to pay your tab?
- I'm in a rush!
- Bro! Bro!
- Sen!
- How rude!
- Excuse me.
Guess I was wrong.
Oh, the Giants game...
Hey, let's go!
I'll take your order...
Nice one!
You! Come with me!
What are you doing?
I'm not going to let you say
you're not responsible!
But I'm...
You promised to marry her, right?
That was my mistake.
Mistake? Don't think that'll get you off!
We're going to talk at your place
and settle the matter.
- Why my place?
- Where else?
Toshi and I had a hard time finding you.
I understand,
but you're going to be disappointed.
I'm disappointed in you already as a man!
I'm not changing my mind,
no matter what you say. Now, come!
- This is your place?
- Yes.
I thought your family was rich.
I'm sorry.
Sorry? You...
Can't be helped.
As long as you marry Toshi.
- It's impossible.
- Why?
Show me in.
Why ring the bell? It's no mansion.
It's a habit.
Can I come in? I'm going to open the door.
My wife and kids.
- Daddy!
- Quiet! Keep it down!
I'm home.
We've got a guest. Why don't you get up?
You can go ahead and host.
I'm tired of life.
I said quiet!
That went well. Thanks as always.
I'm sorry, my husband hasn't found work yet.
Will you add a little more?
Thank you so much!
Perhaps the young master
should stop with these shenanigans.
What are you talking about? It helps us out.
- That's true, but...
- Until the next time.
Oh, of course.
Hey, taxi!
Someone else?
Did your husband go out again?
Yes, he's such a troublemaker.
He's never home.
I've thought things over.
But I can't just leave it like this.
I was going to have him marry her.
But that's not possible with you and the kids.
Financial compensation
doesn't look possible.
But thinking of the child about to be born...
There's a child?
Girls are too easy.
It's your husband's fault!
Toshi even tried to commit suicide.
In any case, nothing I say will help,
but I'd like your husband to apologize!
And promise to never deceive women again
in front of Toshi.
As a fellow male,
I can't just stand by and watch.
Oh, what are you doing?
- Come out like a man!
- Stop! Please stop!
Come out!
- Don't come out!
- I'm sorry! It's my fault!
Please forgive me. I won't ever do this again.
I used to be the driver
for the young master's father.
I couldn't refuse his request.
I've injured my leg and am out of work.
I knew it was wrong, but...
Please forgive me! Please!
I see.
I was the idiot, it seems.
It's terrible.
You know, I didn't like it either,
but he's getting married soon,
and says he has to take care
of the loose ends he's made everywhere.
And we've got debts...
What is Nakamura's address?
Oh, Nakamura is us.
His name is Ryuzo Asai.
The third son of a big company.
So it was an alias.
Thank you for your help.
And this isn't much, but please take it.
Oh, no, we couldn't.
Oh, so much. Thank you!
You thank him, too!
We won't be getting any more
from the young master!
Good night.
Oh, hold on.
We can't take this much
and give nothing in return.
We'll tell you about the girl he's marrying.
No, that doesn't matter.
It seems she's the daughter from
the big bathhouse in Ginza.
What did you say?
There's a reason for it.
It seems his father, the business man,
is eyeing the property in Ginza.
So he wants to marry his son
to the daughter there.
He's scheming to turn it
into a big Turkish bath.
I'm sure it won't go well.
Will you lend me 100 yen?
For the train home.
What's wrong? You said it's an emergency.
I've got important news.
- Sen, coffee, please.
- Oui monsieur!
Why'd you ask me to bring the picture
from my marriage arrangement?
I've got a complaint against the arrangement.
You do?
I knew it!
I've been waiting for you to say it, Jiro.
I'm so happy.
Don't jump to conclusions!
What is this about? You're getting me mad.
Sen, I need your help, too.
Of course, I'd planned on it.
I'll be heading out.
Good bye.
You go home, Toshi.
It's better to just get it over with.
Besides, if you don't get rid of it,
it'll get in the way of a new boyfriend.
But I feel like I'm committing murder.
Silly girl, if that were the case,
I'd have too many felonies.
I wish Mr. Akisu would pay his tab.
So that's what happened.
The world is a scary place.
But can Toshi be happy that way?
We won't know till we try.
I think it's better than not trying.
That's right! And it'll be really satisfying!
That's true, and it'll be the least he gets
after deceiving women.
Should we do it, then?
You're a true woman of Ginza.
Thanks for the compliment.
I know he won't go down easy,
which is why
I'm taking emergency measures.
It's for the sake of justice.
That's right.
- And it's for Toshi's happiness.
- That's right!
- And...
- There's more?
- You're going to make me say it?
- What?
Nice view. Makes me envious.
Stupid Sen!
Sen can be pretty thoughtful.
A smug bastard.
Should we dance?
This was brought to you by Global Radio.
There are invitations for three
bon voyage parties.
President Masuda from Toyo Corporation,
Director lnuzuka from Nitto University.
President of the financial...
I'm not going!
There are invitations for seven funerals.
I'm not going to any.
There are invitations to five weddings.
The daughter of the Yazakis
from Pacific Bank.
The third son of President Asai
of the East West Company.
Jirocho, it's good to see you.
- Is this a bad time?
- Not at all.
Actually, sir, I came for a favor.
All right, it's done.
What? But I haven't said anything yet.
I know you.
Your parents are running late.
Are you okay, Ms. Hideko?
I've asked the madam from Bar Alman
to accompany me.
What about your mother?
I feel terrible,
but I gave her some sleeping pills.
It couldn't be helped.
How's Jiro doing?
this affects the rest of your life.
Be strong.
Sen. Start.
Leave it to me!
Madam! Congratulations, everyone.
Everyone, congratulations.
Mr. Groom, the bride is a little...
- Madam...
- Don't worry. It's in the past.
Congratulations, the bride is asking for you.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to ask you one thing.
Say it quickly. If anyone sees us...
Did you really love me?
Why are you asking now?
Tell me the truth. I'll leave you alone then.
My father wouldn't allow it.
I'll make sure he gives you damage fees.
Did you love me?
- Well, I...
- I know you loved Hideko the most.
But what about me?
You were second.
This is a church. I can't lie in front of God.
If I had another chance to marry,
I'd definitely marry you.
Really? That's all I wanted to hear.
I see, you're really understanding.
I'm grateful.
Second, he says.
Did you need something?
It's all right, we'll be
together forever after today.
Are you ready? Everyone's waiting.
See you soon.
We will now begin
the ceremony for the marriage of
Ryuzo Asai and Hideko Matsuda.
Everyone please stand.
I will read from the Bible.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today...
Excuse me.
We're late, we're so sorry.
Mother of the bride, this way.
I will read the Bible.
Oh, you're...
Wait! Please hold the ceremony!
Who are you?
No one!
That bride
is best suited for the groom.
Hey, who are you?
- Hideko!
- I'm sorry, Mother.
- Ms. Hideko.
- It's all right, Toshi.
Who are you?
Oh, Mr. Director of the Typhoon Club.
Don't you know the Jirocho of Ginza?
You set this up! You...
This is a surprise.
I've heard gangsters
and businesses had ties,
but didn't know how close.
What are you saying? How rude.
Let me reveal why
the director of the Typhoon Club
is so supportive of this marriage!
If you don't cut it out,
you won't be able to walk around Ginza.
You've got to be kidding.
Ginza is a public area.
Anyone can walk there.
Mr. Hamakawa,
you planned to get the Matsuda
bathhouse on prime property in Ginza
for the East West Company.
And you get at the very least
1% of kickback, 500 million yen.
If I say this all out loud,
then won't it be you, Mr. Hamakawa,
who won't be able to walk around Ginza?
What are you saying?
Whether I speak the truth or not,
God would know best.
You little...
This isn't the end! Not like this.
- I don't know what you're planning, but...
- Wait!
Something like that isn't going
to take Jirocho by surprise.
What is this nonsense?
You, did you come to ruin
my son's wedding?
Your son's the one who ruined it.
That's right. I'm a witness.
Besides, you can't just do what you want
with the girls at my shop.
Well, I don't want to cause trouble.
But we've come this far already.
How about it, everyone?
Shouldn't the two of them get together,
for the sake of the baby?
Excuse me.
And actually, we heard
from the groom earlier
that he loves this bride second.
The first bride for some reason
doesn't want this marriage.
Not for some reason. A clear reason.
What have you done?
What clear reason?
I love Jiro.
I can't lie in front of God.
- The first.
- Wonderful!
- Dear!
- No!
I won't allow it!
I won't allow this marriage.
I don't even know who she is!
Father, it's my fault...
I won't allow it!
I don't care what anyone says,
today's wedding is canceled!
Sorry I'm late!
My apologies.
Mr. lpponyari...
I thought I'd attend since
I was so kindly invited.
It seems I made it just in time.
Where should I sit?
This way.
Oh, a beautiful bride.
Well, actually...
You waited for me to arrive
to start the wedding.
Thank you! Let's begin!
Well, actually...
Oh, you want me to give away the bride?
Of course, of course.
Happy to do it.
Can't wait to see the grandchildren, eh?
Right, Asai?
It will be an honor.
Mr. Asai, what are we going to do?
If I lose my relationship with Mr. lpponyari,
I will certainly be snubbed
by the financial society.
It's not worth one bathhouse.
You'll be fine, but what about me?
If we can't get that property,
all our work was for nothing!
Why do you think I did all this?
It's your own fault for
not being able to take care of one man.
If you're blaming someone, blame Jirocho.
Damn it!
Damn it!
They're gonna give us trouble.
Hold on, if you go, it'll turn into a fight.
I'll go.
Excuse me, we're closing.
Excuse me, but we'll be closing.
There's a law against
being open past business hours,
the cops are strict about that.
We're not scared of the cops.
How's the straight life?
Who do you think it's thanks to?
It's because I let you out.
I didn't want to waste time with someone
who wanted to go clean.
I let you go without a fuss,
but look at you now.
Did you get out
so you can stand against me?
What are you doing?
No need to be surprised.
I wasn't planning on
dealing with you to begin with.
Bring out Jirocho.
Unfortunately, he just left for a trip.
Don't lie!
If you think I'm lying, go look.
I see.
Hey! Come out!
Oh, welcome.
Since I'm here, I'll tell you.
This is what happens if you stand
in the way of my work in Ginza.
We were planning on
giving you your due anyhow.
This Senkichi is going to beat you!
If I analyze it, it's Ms. Chiyo
My love...
What are you doing, Dad?
Sen, did you finish the prep for tomorrow?
We're closed.
Please have everyone leave.
Jirocho, I told you that wasn't the end.
You remember?
Yeah, I remember.
Come and get it!
Jiro, are you all right?
Jiro! Jiro! Jirocho!
Come as guests next time.
Here you go.
We all knew Jiro was a wild one.
This time, make sure to build it
so it won't break!
Got it?
Where's Jiro?
My son is on a "good" today.
NO, it's "date."
I know it's a date, that's why it's "good"!
Why are you so simple?
Wait, what day is today?
It's Sunday.
Nice view.
Hey, what day do you think today is?
Oh, a very nice Sunday.
That's not what I'm asking!
I meant for us.
Oh, we saw a movie, we had tea,
we saw the view of Ginza.
It's an ordinary Sunday.
Oh, I see.
I see, then.
I got it!
Can't see, hear, or talk.
I'll leave you two lovebirds.
Young love. I salute you!
Sen is such a good guy. He has taste.
I don't understand.
You really don't understand?
So you don't know
what I'm thinking right now?
I've no idea.
- Really?
- Really.
- Really, truly?
- Really, truly.
- Unbelievable.
- Unbelievable?
- Totally unbelievable.
- Then I'm going home.
Wait! Jiro!
- You're so mean!
- You said it yourself.
Fine! Then just go home!
- Yes, I will.
- No, don't!
Come catch me.
I'm gonna cry.
In glamorous Paris
At the Champs-Elyses
I let out curses
With a Ginza touch
Scaring the spirits out
Of even the Parisian bastards
What do you want?
I'm an Edokko!
Who cares about the Seine River?
Arc de Triomphe, take this!
I'm the Tokyo Mighty Guy!