Tokyo Project (2017) Movie Script

Hi, it's me.
Oh, man, I wish I could
share this with you.
It's not the same,
you know,
seeing this alone...
without your opinion.
Without the way that
you, uh... you see things.
I really wish you were
having dinner with me tonight.
I wish a lot of things.
But you're not.
You are not having dinner
with me tonight.
And I gotta start
accepting the fact
that you're probably not ever
gonna have dinner with me again.
I'm really tired.
Uh, they say
you're supposed to...
you know, stay up until at
least 9:00 your first night here.
I don't think
I'm gonna make it.
I don't like leaving
messages on machines.
Does anyone even
do that anymore?
I mean, I guess
they must, but...
But is anybody
even listening?
Bowie makes...
very simple...
a high-quality
men's grooming line
manufactured from the finest
organic ingredients available.
Now, every product
in our line
from our shave soap
to our post-shave oil,
to the hair
and mustache wax,
are manufactured entirely
in our warehouse
in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,
in the exact same space
where my grandfather
and his brother
developed their own
men's grooming line
over 75 years ago.
This is our
signature cedar blend.
May I?
It's a brand that
young people in Japan,
fascinated by New York
and Brooklyn specifically,
can get really excited about.
- Brooklyn!
- Brooklyn!
- Brooklyn, New York.
- Williamsburg.
- Brooklyn, New York.
- Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, New York.
- Brooklyn!
- Brooklyn!
Brooklyn, New York!
Brooklyn! Brooklyn!
Brooklyn, New York.
New York.
New York.
New York.
- New York.
- Brooklyn.
- Brooklyn.
- Brooklyn.
New York.
Taxi, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ramen? Ramen.
Ramen! Yes!
Thank you! Arigato!
Oh, thank you so much.
Sorry. Excuse me.
This is not even mine.
I'm a black book thief.
You must have
a lot of Bibles.
Try the Number Two.
It's crazy delicious.
I'll have the Number One.
Can you ask them about
"Killing of a Chinese Bookie?"
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Ah! "Opening Night."
"Opening Night?"
- "Opening Night."
- Yes. Even better.
Yeah, John... yeah.
Ask them if they can, like, work a deal.
I bought, like,
half the store.
Like a discount.
Teeny, teeny...
No. Sorry.
No. No.
Sorry. Rare item.
No, no, no, no.
I get it.
Thank you. Arigato.
We got to sell
a lot more cologne.
Yeah, yeah.
Like a crateful.
Oh. Look.
Oh. I'm so sorry. I...
It's okay.
I totally forgot.
Shu, it's fine.
Okay. We lost ours a different way.
And no scary dwarf.
But we'll leave that here.
It's gotta be the only one
you're not buying
in this store, right?
Are you guys
gonna pull through?
Janet's there,
but you know, she's not.
Not at all.
We haven't touched
in months.
I mean, I tried,
but it's like, any kind
of physical sensation,
you know, or any kind
of pleasure at all...
it hurts her
too deeply.
We're like strangers now.
Maybe being strangers
is a good thing.
You know, gets rid
of the baggage
and allows you
to start again, right?
You know, don't hit me with
the old-school Zen shit there.
Come on.
Well, maybe fucking a stranger
will do the trick.
Finally. You see?
There you go.
It's the first smart thing
that you said to me
since I got here.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you.
Please enjoy.
Thank you.
I know "Food Sake Tokyo"
is an addictive site,
but this is crazy.
My name's Sebastian.
I'm a screenwriter.
I mean that just by way
of introduction.
I thought you were
a book thief.
I'm both.
It's hard to make a living
as a screenwriter.
What about you?
Who are you?
What's your name?
Good night, Sebastian.
Well, that was
a huge success.
That's my name.
You asked last night.
I'm a photographer.
And I'm sorry
I was rude.
I just...
I haven't been myself.
Nice to officially meet you,
Claire, the rude photographer.
Are you working here?
Everywhere here is a picture,
don't you think?
Yeah! Yeah,
it's crazy that way.
Even right now.
So, Sebastian, is it?
Are you... are you writing
something here in Tokyo?
Yeah, I'm thinking about
setting a movie here.
Maybe, um...
a murder mystery.
Maybe a love story.
How 'bout a ghost story?
There are a lot of ghosts
here in Tokyo.
I could be a ghost.
No, you seem
pretty real to me.
I can see that
you're married, Sebastian.
Is your wife here?
I can see that
you're not married.
Not tonight.
Come to Shinjuku with me.
I don't even know you,
Get to know me.
So, you claim to be a ghost?
Sometimes I feel
like a ghost, yeah.
What about now?
You feel like a ghost now?
Not even
in the slightest.
Where do you live?
I don't know.
I have so many stamps
in my passport.
Some of the places
I don't even remember.
Where do you live?
Los Angeles.
I used to live there.
Why'd you leave?
I got a new camera.
So tell me about some
of the movies you've written.
I did one set in Berlin
about an affair between
a young American soldier
and a German government woman
in a deeply unhappy marriage.
There was a giant radioactive
spider on the attack, as well.
Sounds arty...
and pretentious.
I did another one about an
alien invasion in New York City.
Uh, they shot that one
in Bulgaria.
And the aliens looked
exactly like Big Macs.
We were weirdly overlooked
during awards season.
Can I kiss you?
Not yet.
What kind of pictures
do you take?
I don't know.
Things that move me.
Perfect things.
Imperfect things.
You ever spend the night
with a stranger?
What? An entire
night like this?
I mean, I've had
my share of... strangers.
Can I kiss you?
Not yet.
Okay, now.
Are you gonna ask me
why I cried?
Are you gonna ask me
where I got that scar?
Are you gonna ask me
about my wife?
I'm going to go.
Yeah, I know.
I'm leaving Tokyo
this afternoon,
and I'm going
to Kyoto.
Well, I'm here...
just for a few more days,
and then I go back
to Los Angeles.
I'm glad
I met you, Sebastian.
I'm glad
I met you, Claire.
Don't go.
Let it end this way.
I miss you so much.
Let it end this way,
my love.
Let it end as beautifully
as it began.
I didn't think we could
get back to this again.
But we did.
Don't you even
want to try?
We know how
it will turn out.
That's not true.
It's not.
Everything's different now.
Join me.
Join me in Tokyo.
I already bought the tickets.
We don't even have to talk.
We don't have to sit
together on the plane.
We don't need to be
in the same room.
Just come.
Get out of the house.
It's killing you.
The change will be good,
no matter what
happens with us.
The change'll be good.