Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween - Destiny (2023) Movie Script

There are so many people that we can't defeat
Run away quickly
What are you running from?
Don't waste my time
What a shame, Team 3
Are you okay? Can you still move?
Don't stop if you can still move.
Dare to wear Dongsheng's coat in front of me
Why don't you bastard?
What's wrong
Is it Baliubaluo?
Really boring
Not allowed to stand up
Tokyo swastika party
I'm going to kill you all
Haha, what the hell?
It seems that Mai Qi and Long Jian are just in vain.
Let's take this old-fashioned jacket
Let's burn them too
The fire is good
Is it lard?
Dongba will not lose
Never lose
Hey wake up
turn off the alarm clock
I am Hanagaki Budo, 27 years old
He keeps escaping from life and is still a virgin doing odd jobs.
The deceased was Ms. Hinata Tachibana, 27 years old
In this useless life of mine
The only girlfriend I ever dated, Hinata, died.
At this moment I was pushed off the platform
I thought I was dead, but I never thought of traveling back to ten years ago
I went back to my high school years and the peak of my life
Logically speaking, this should be the case, but I was beaten up by Qing Jiang.
It's all because of him that I live a life of constant escaping.
Then you have to work hard
And then you will be with me ten years later
But for Hinata, to change her future
This time I am determined to fight
The way to travel through time and space is to shake hands with Hinata's younger brother Naoto
haven't seen you for a long time
Naoto and I found out that the murderer of Hinata was the Tokyo Swastika Society
I went back to my high school days again
Then he was beaten up by the Qing general again
at this time
Feed Qingjiang
That's second in command Long Jian
The little guy next to me is Mikey, the boss
Martial Arts: From today on, you are my brother.
But ten years ago, Dongsheng
It's not a bad organization like it is today
Mikey and Long Jian don't look like people who would kill Hinata.
Kill the beauty lover
Dongba was after Long Jian was killed.
Just changed
After learning the truth, I decided to prevent this from happening.
Long Jian was stabbed
Long Jian
I leave the martial arts to you.
I want to live my life
It's up to you
Just because you can't control my life
So bad, no matter how embarrassing, no matter what
this is me
Hanagaki Martial Arts
I successfully saved Long Jian's life
and returned to the present
You always appear suddenly
Then finally saw Hinata alive again
Hey hey wake up
Wake up
Hey, turn off the alarm clock
Alarm clock
It's so noisy
Turn it off, turn it off
Excuse me about that
Did my revenge succeed?
What's the meaning
That's the one
i changed myself
It has been rewritten now, right? Is it a dream?
How do I know there is something wrong with my brain?
Don't be in a daze and get to work quickly
How many times do you want me to tell you?
I'm so young that I don't even have a girlfriend.
It's always been a scary place
Could it be that you have become a magician?
He doesn't even look at how old he is. Ouch.
Tachibana Hinata looks forward to meeting you today
Look, I've changed now
Okay, work hard or you can be reincarnated wherever you want.
How about this meme?
very good
How many of those do you want?
no no
I want two pieces of sugar
Age is 27 years old
I know we are classmates
That would be too sweet
If you add 27
It is too sweet
what are you two doing
why in my room
Don't you want to go for a drive?
It's not that convenient for those two
You guys have met countless times, right? We even dated in high school.
Naoto, too
I dont go
Enjoy your time together
Which way do you want to go?
Then go right
I think the same goes to the right
It's better to drive to the right
Not on the left
Not at all
Yeah, not at all
Turn right
It's Halloween soon
Oh, yes
It would be nice if we could spend Halloween together this time
this time
Let's dress up and go on a date
But don't dress up as a zombie because you'll be covered in blood
Zombies are not good at all.
Not at all
No, no, no
covered in blood
The right side is really nice
The right side is really nice
Not on the left
Yeah, not even zombies
This park is so nostalgic
Is there anything that happened here that makes you nostalgic?
Me and the person I like
Been here together
I still can't forget him
After all, a lot of things must have happened after ten years.
They are all adults and I understand.
That's a really important place
He told me here that he wanted to break up
That's it
Would anyone actually want to break up with you?
Why do you want to break up with me?
I don't know now either
tell me
martial arts
wait a minute
Wait for me then
give me some more time
I'm going to the toilet
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute
Hey Martial Arts, calm down first
No, I was the one who got dumped when I was in high school, right?
By the way, am I running away?
Why did I dump Hinata?
What I still can't forget is
No, no, that's not possible.
Do you want to continue running away?
This is not good for martial arts
Be sure to express your feelings seriously
Can't escape
Where are the people?
I've obviously mustered up the courage
It's boring. You weren't in the car.
I was still thinking of doing it all at once.
Hello Hinata Hinata
Wait for me to rescue you now
martial arts
It's too late
what did you say
I have no feeling in my legs
Hinata Hinata
martial arts
It's dangerous if you leave quickly.
I love you
no matter in the future
Or has it always been in the past?
love you forever
But you go quickly
No, I want to be with you
martial arts
what do you want
let me go
Why are the results the same?
I will definitely save you
No matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you try again
Until we come to the future where Hinata is alive
I will never give up
I want to be the boss of Dongsheng
The funeral of the old friend Tachibana Hinata
What's the meaning
I want to go back to the past
are you an idiot
Stop doing this
No matter what you do, it's useless. Fate cannot be changed.
That's it
martial arts
The person who crashed my sister's car was Sendo Atsushi
No matter what you did back in the past
Eventually my sister will be killed
Will not
It can definitely change
There must be a different present
There must be a present where Hinata is still alive.
Saving Long Jian didn't change the present moment
So we must solve the problem from the root
To become the boss of Dongsheng
are you an idiot
I was serious
I'll investigate
Why is Ryuugongji Ken still alive?
The situation in Dongba has deteriorated sharply like this
I said this is a detention center, right?
What are you doing in a place like this?
I reorganized the situation in my own way
First of all, the biggest difference is
There is no such person as Ryuguji Ken in the current Dongba.
Isn't Long Jian here?
But there is no record of his death.
Can't find anyone
Ryuguji Temple is now firmly established
is a death row prisoner
long time no see
martial arts
Long Jian
Just be fine
You became a death row prisoner
So what's going on now?
Dongba is an anti-social organization
When we first met, I am Naoto Tachibana
A team built by like-minded partners
Now it has become an organization that even the police cannot control.
What happened in the East in the past ten years?
Dongba became what it is now
It was my fault
I couldn't stop that guy
That rascal
Dongsheng was
it was once a
Everyone can lay down their life for everyone else
I don't regret what I did
If life could be repeated
I want to kill Kisaki
Rare Saki
Ryugung-ji Temple Ryungung-ji Temple
The visit is over
You are also Kisakis target, right?
I advise you to leave Tokyo
why me
Rare Saki
To take away everything important from Mikey
where is kisaki
You'll never get out of prison for the rest of your life.
Things are done
Thanks for your hard work, Long Jian
Since Tetsuta Kisaki
Started to fully control Mikey, that is, Sano Manjiro
Something is wrong with Dongsheng.
Long Jian is trying to stop Xisaki
But there are also internal connections between Kisaki and the police.
The murder of a commercial building was sentenced to death. The cadres of a violent group were arrested and had killed five companions.
Why did Qisaki join Dongba? What did he do to Dongba?
have no idea
But it must be Kisaki's fault that people keep trying to kill her sister.
Kisaki and I have never met each other once, and we have no clues.
It's better for me to be the boss of Dongsheng
are you an idiot
I have no choice
Become the boss
It can prevent Kisaki from getting close to Mikey and protect Hinata.
This is the only way to save Hinata now
this is my mission
Too messy
I trust you
martial arts
What's wrong
Thank you, old man
When do you want to stay, get out quickly?
Long Jian
Hey Mikey
it hurts
It really hurts when I kick it there.
What do you two want from me today?
Go to the appointment ceremony of the captain of the third division
Okay, let's go, Martial Arts Road
Hello Hanagaki, long time no see.
Why are you dressed like this?
What is the appointment ceremony like?
Isnt the captain of the third division Apa?
Idiot Appa stabbed Baliubaluo
Still in juvenile detention center
juvenile detention center
What to do if there are no tigers in the mountains?
Huayuan, you saved Long Jian and maybe I made you the captain.
It's possible
You kid can do it
is it possible
do i have a chance
Thanks for your hard work
Thanks for your hard work
The appointment ceremony of the captain of Tokyo's third swastika team officially begins
Because of Appa's incident, we will fight with Baliubaluo from now on.
Baliubaluo is a big group that even the beauty lovers dont take seriously.
In order to defeat them we need to expand our team
The captain of the third division came out
Kisaki Tetsuta
Yes, how could it be me?
Rare Saki
He is Kisaki
I want to kill Kisaki
You turn out to be people who love beauty and the Lord, right?
It's so noisy, hey
It's Mikey's decision. Anyone with an opinion please speak up.
Kisaki formally apologized
Joined us with the team members who originally loved beauty and the Lord.
Thank you, boss
Don't let Qisaki join Dongsheng
This concludes the appointment ceremony for the captain of the third division.
If this continues, Hinata will
martial arts
martial arts
why you
what are you doing
stop hey
Martial arts, what do you want to do?
No, everyone, listen to me.
What's going on? Things are getting interesting.
Who are you? You are so unfamiliar.
You just have a new face
Who do you think you are talking to
Venue Brother Venue Brother
This guy turns out to be a lover of beauty and master. Today he joins the third team.
I do not know how
I told you that you are not allowed to attend the rally because you did not participate in the decisive battle with Love the Beauty and Love the Lord.
I don't care
Don't block my way
venue stop
Let me go Sangu, be careful I'll kill you
Are you the captain of the first team?
Mikey, do you want him to be the captain of the third division?
What are you doing here?
So annoying
Do I need your permission for anything I do?
I'm going to Bali Balo
We don't need problem children here, right?
Mikey, I quit.
Keisuke Ada, captain of my first team
From today on, I am the enemy of Dongsheng
Don't mess around
Are you awake?
I see
martial arts
I have something to tell you
I have a little girl
He used to often pick fights with me and I would beat him up every time.
That guy is such a fool
He is the captain of the first team, Keisuke Chiba.
Why did that random guy hit me?
I didn't know he was like this before.
When you feel sleepy, beat up the passers-by.
When you're hungry, you pour gasoline on the car and light it on fire.
Far beyond what ordinary people can understand
That guy is the veteran of Dongsheng
Its me and Jianjian Sangu Apa
plus venue
Are there five of you?
We founded it together
martial arts
Help me bring the venue back from Balibarana
Although that guy is a bit weird, I really like him
Excuse me
What's wrong
Can I also ask you a favor?
If I can help you bring him back
Can you let Kisaki leave Tosuga?
Kisaki will definitely bring down Tosaki
I can't explain to you the reason, but
I know Qisaki is not a good person
But he is really strong
If you want me to drive him away, bring me the venue.
Prove to me that you are more useful than Kisaki
Since you dare to impose conditions on me, if you fail, I will take your life.
By the way, Martial Arts
From today on, you are an official member of Dongsheng
I am a member of Dongsheng
Strange this photo
Why are there 6 people?
Who is this person?
What to do? What to do? What to do
By the way, the air in this era is really good.
What should I do
I want to bring the venue back to the east
Speaking of which, why did the venue leave Dongsheng?
What is that Baliubaluo?
Hey, this is the only way to drive away Kisaki. There is no other way.
Hey, its hard to deal with this uncle. Its so difficult to deal with.
What are you mumbling about?
Are you communicating with space?
You have very few injuries today. Come and take a group photo.
It's a rare opportunity to see you every time I get a headache
I said
Can you listen to what I have to say?
Say it
Then we won't break up, right?
it is as expected
Come and cook the eggplant again
are you crying
Looks like that guy has the flu
what's the situation
You hit my dick
Martial arts, you boy
Get up and drive quickly
Martial arts starts soon
Are you going to let Keisuke Chiba, the captain of the Toga 1st Division, leave Baru Balo?
This is impossible in martial arts
Absolutely impossible, you idiot
Is that organization scary?
They formed a huge organization just to fight against the East.
There are a lot of dangerous guys gathered inside
They are very evil
If you ask them who their boss is, no one can tell.
So they got a nickname
headless angel
Why did you say it? I still want to test him.
Let me say it again
headless angel
You are enough
Headless angel
So do you know anything else about this organization?
The person taking the second spot in Balu Balo is Hanma Shuji
is guilty
He is a man with guilty and punished hands
I have to kill you
Their third child is
Ichitora Hanomiya, also known as the one with ringing ears
What to say
I heard it's here
Why are you looking so weird, kid?
What are you doing here? I'm your senior.
Let go of Cheng
Why are you pulling me, Yamagishi?
This is the third person in Balu Balo, Hatomiya Kazutora-senpai.
Let me ask you, is Hanagawa Martial Arts here?
No, it's not me, it's not me
It's you
See you, see you
You are martial arts
I am
Come and go to Bali Baru with me
don't wait a minute
I'm still learning about Baliubaluo.
What to study? Come and see, dont you know everything?
So follow me
Hey, stop
Why do you want to take martial arts with you?
I'll go with you
No need to go
thank you but i
We must change the future
What are you talking about?
I'll go to Bali Balo with you
Let's go
I am dead
Don't be nervous. I'll take you to meet everyone.
What's going on?
The person who just brought me in is of no use anymore, so Ill kill him.
A good dog doesnt block the road
That Yumiya
Just call me Yihu
Yihu, are you also attending this school?
Why don't I seem to remember you at all?
You should be more famous
I just came out of juvenile detention center
It's all that guy's fault
Which guy
Hey, I havent changed my shoes yet
hurry up
Hurry up
go in
What are you doing?
This is stepping on the painting
Step on the painting
The venue is from Dongba. Baliubaluo must help him position himself.
If you want to change jobs, you should be mentally prepared.
He is now fighting as the deputy captain of the first team
Confidant of the venue
why is it like this
This guy is incredible
How could you be so harsh to a partner you've been with all this time?
Then you can agree to me joining Bali Balo, right?
How do you say half a room?
Don't rush, wait a minute
half room
You weren't in the car
Is Yihu ready?
Of course
He is Hanagaki Martial Arts
He witnessed the entire Dongsheng rally in the ordinary seats.
Are you the one who came to die yesterday?
Not that I am
OK, Hanagaki, come to the front.
Let's go
go ahead
Start hearing now
What news
Keisuke Chiba, captain of the Toshiba First He said he would abandon Dongspan and join Baliubaluo
I beat him up and you still dont believe me?
Maybe you are a spy sent by the East?
Hanagaki Martial Arts
I am here
What did the venue say at the rally in the East?
He said
He said he was going to Baliuba. Luo Dong was an enemy.
What do you think of Yihu?
That's ok
The venue is very capable and worth joining.
No objection to the venue
We want to overthrow Dong
No comment
I'm willing to help Yihu
wait a minute
You are the veteran of the East
How can you betray Dong? Come back with me
Wouldnt the elders betray Dongspan?
Don't be ridiculous. He is also a veteran.
how come
Yihu resents Dongshi very much
That was two years ago
Sorry, I'm completely late.
We are in trouble together
It's all your fault. Why are you suddenly getting angry with some gangsters?
Why is it me?
Could it be me?
It's all the fault of the other party
I have to teach him a lesson
come here quickly
Why did you call us here?
Don't ask, come here quickly
Wow, I really have you in the special attack server
Which one is mine
Awesome, Mitani
You have to take good care of it, especially Apa.
I stayed up three nights to make it
Put it on quickly and go out for a ride.
Hey, why are you still confused? Isnt the name already decided?
Anyway, the abbreviation is Dongwan.
If that doesnt work, Tokyo will be cooler.
Good to go
Run somewhere farther away. Farther away.
seaside seaside
Look at the sea Look at the sea
Wow so cool
The sea breeze is so comfortable
Keep accelerating
So hot
So hot
That's great
I'm so happy to ride with you all. You are my best partners.
Long live the East
It's the wind blowing from the sea
I want to become the wind too
What's wrong
You are too slow. We are all waiting.
You are the chief, so its time to change to another motorcycle.
I just want to ride my bob
This Takamaru is my favorite car
Its time to stop cooking
Why don't you fill up your car with oil?
Too bad
The president's car is out of gas
Shouldn't it be the most important thing in the East?
Is this your problem alone?
Who goes to the gas station rock paper scissors
It's your venue
Are you kidding? It's so boring.
Damn idiot Mikey
How did I encounter such bad luck?
Feed the brat
I see you are wearing a special attack suit
Who gave you permission to drive around here?
Tokyo swastika meeting
Where did this shabby organization come from?
Didn't you hear me?
Are you deaf?
Don't get too carried away
I scrapped this old car
I'll punish you by walking back to your hometown
This is Mikey's car
Do you dare to touch it?
I'll kill you
I don't care if I have to smash this shitty eDonkey
Get out of the way quickly
What's wrong, you brat wants to fight?
Why did you bastards hurt something important to me?
It's obviously you
How are you
But Takamaru
Sorry, I asked you to protect that kind of thing
Can you stand up in the venue?
Get them all down
Okay, I'll fuck you to death
Wait, wait, wait
Feed the venue munchie
Beat them to death
Its really easy for you guys to fall for it.
What are your backgrounds?
We are Tokyo swastika
why am i here
Where are you looking?
Hurry up and take pictures
Looking for death, right?
I shoot
Shibuya 109
we are coming
Your hands are shaking
Come to eggplant
It's right here
Parking is OK
Come on, the venue
What's the matter, Yihu?
Isnt it Mikeys birthday soon?
Let's give him a car
Why don't we have the money to buy a car?
You dont have to be rich, just have a car, right?
Come here quickly
what are you talking about
Let's steal that car
He won't be happy if we steal the car and give it to him.
Just don't tell him
He has always wanted a motorcycle, right?
You want to make him happy too
Yihu is stealing this
I know that no matter what you say, you are still willing to accompany me
It hurts so much, why did you hit me?
Don't use your fists, don't use your fists
It's too late for Yihu to turn back now
What did you say? We went in.
that's it
Imagine Mikey riding him
Must be super handsome
Take it off
I'll open the door
Don't light a fire before going out
Who is the thief?
You are very brave. Do you know whose store this is? How dare you come and steal it?
Don't even think about running away, bastard
Is it Keisuke?
Shinichiro, why are you here?
This is my shop
Stop it
Fast running venue
What are you doing, Yihu?
Once you've been seen, there's nothing you can do about it.
No, that's not the point.
He's Mikey's brother
What did you say
Mikey's brother, what did you say?
What should I do? Shinichiro is not breathing.
No way
this is not true
this is not true this is not true
How can this be
There's no way I didn't kill someone
A tiger
I do it for him
I did this for Mikey
A tiger
I didn't kill anyone
It's his fault
It's all his fault
I have to kill Mikey
Yihu calls an ambulance. Call an ambulance and run away.
Why should I run?
It's all his fault, isn't it?
I did this for Mikey's sake. It's all Mikey's fault.
It's all his fault
A tiger
I'm going to kill Mikey, kill him.
I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna kill Mikey
I'm going to kill Mikey's venue, right?
I'm going to kill Mikey I'm going to kill Mikey
i didn't do anything wrong
I understand Yihu
No matter what kind of hell is behind it
I will always be with you
The address is 2-2-6 Matsunomiya, Shibuya-ku
please step back
Already controlled two teenagers
What's wrong
Let's give Shinichiro
Feed away
What are you doing? Stop, you guy.
Come here quickly
open the door
Open the door quickly
give up resistance
That day we said goodbye
Because Yihu spoke for me, I didn't go to the juvenile detention center.
I've been waiting for Yihu to come out
Mikey is the enemy
I want to kill Mikey
What an interesting venue
You actually killed Mikey's brother
Then of course we want to welcome you
Starting today, Keisuke Jiro is a member of Balyu Balo.
Tell Mikey
Decisive battle at the abandoned car park on October 31st
I have a brother who is ten years older than me
But he's dead
He is a very reckless person and he obviously cannot defeat others.
He always likes to fight with people who are stronger than him
I want to let Dongsheng
Become a team where everyone can work hard for everyone
The person who killed my brother
It is indeed a tiger and the venue
That motorcycle originally belonged to my brother
He is going to give it to me as a birthday present
Venue and Yihu
Not intentional
I know it's useless to say anything now.
I still can't accept it in my heart
The East has split into two forces.
We are not qualified to say anything
The thing belongs to Mikey
All we have to do is protect Mikey
What does our boss think?
Are you talking about Kisaki?
Rare Saki
I think it was also helpful for Apa to come out early.
I know
I admit it, but
Handed Division 3 to someone other than Appa
Mikey is also worried, right?
Is this the material of Budoka's special attack suit?
I haven't decided which team to go to yet.
So I havent done it yet
I can't fight with Bali Balo and the others.
Mikey doesn't want to fight them either.
Still have to go
But if something like that happened before, would the venue still be willing to come back?
come here
Sorry, I'm leaving first
We were both unlucky yesterday
It's you
The person who was beaten up by the venue
I am Tokyo Swastika Kai
First Team Vice Captain Matsuno Chifuyu
I didn't know it before
you say
Isnt the venue guy handsome?
Sorry, I have absolutely no idea
Hey, stop and don't go
stay with me
sit here
you may not have noticed
Brother Chu beat me because he wanted to join Baliubaluo
Do I need to find out? He said it himself.
He's just trying to make everyone think so, but he actually has other ideas
is that so
What else does he have in mind?
Ordinary people can't understand it
But this is what makes Keisuke the venue unique
Are you saying there is something the venue wants to do?
Then it's up to me to figure it out.
Because I know him
I believe in the venue brother
Anyway, lets go first
Where are you going?
Of course Im going to Bali Balo.
Wait, wait, are you going to Baliubaluo now?
Think again and make more preparations before going.
I see you
He beat up Kisaki during the appointment ceremony.
In order to bring the venue brother back, I went to Baliubaluo
you must
You have your own purpose, right?
I want
Protect Hinata
So I want to be the boss of the East
So stupid
I don't understand you at all
But I'm willing to help you
So you have to help me too
I want to know what the venue guy really thinks
Come with me
Also, I dont use honorifics. You can just use plain language when talking to me.
You dont use honorifics?
What? You should have told me earlier
You changed your tune pretty quickly.
Then why did you keep hearing me say honorifics just now?
What do you mean it hurts, bastard?
Let go quickly
Anyway, I took good care of my partner.
How caring
Keep up with your partner
Come quickly
How dare these two guys come?
What are you here for?
That's why I'm asking you what are you doing?
It was you who came to the door, okay?
Don't block the road
What we are not we are
Chifuyu, why are you here? Do you still want to be beaten?
Venue brother
you listen to me
I said I was the enemy of the East
How come you are doing it for Dong?
Don't do anything yet
I take you with me
I just think you are better at beating you, so dont get carried away.
Hey, you're welcome with them.
Chifuyu trusts you very much.
Too bad
It's completely different from what you said. I think he is crazy.
Is it necessary to bring him back? We got a beating for nothing.
Thank you for me
Hello martial arts
What happened? What happened?
I'm missing a big tooth
It's so fucking disgusting.
What's going on with Bali Balo?
headless angel
Isn't their boss half a millionaire?
Half of them are second in command
But they really want to defeat Dong
Although the boss is not here, order is maintained
Is there someone directing them from behind?
It's useless no matter what you think, idiot. Let's go to the next place.
Why are you so stupid?
Who are you calling stupid?
You're an idiot
Lets go to the next place
It hurts
Get up quickly
I said where is this place?
There are also many people in Baliubaluo who used to love beauty and love the Lord.
There are also people who work hard inside.
I'm going to ask the old boss of Shigong
Guest, you haven't paid yet
Wait a moment
Wait a moment
I said 100,000 yuan is a rip-off, right?
Our store has serious prices
Give me the card quickly. Hurry up.
Feed Qingjiang
You're welcome about that
Drink, we have serious prices
That's really scary too
What to say
Sorry, I defeated you last time
What did you say
What does the deputy captain of the First Division want from me?
Your high school buddy joined Bali Baro Bar. Who dragged him in?
We dont play together anymore. I dont know.
Then why did you betray Dongsheng and join Aimei Aizhu?
It was Long Jian who kicked me out
Did you stab Long Jian to avenge that time?
Isn't that the case?
At that time, you were ordered by someone who loved beauty and the Lord, right?
The dragon is really a monster
You can't beat him head-on.
I can only stab him to death when he can't move.
How could a bastard like that come up with the idea of killing people?
So who ordered you?
Come and love the beauty, love the cadres, and become a big horse. You will be promoted to cadres.
who are you
In retrospect, Kisaki pulled me into the love of beauty and love for the Lord
Maybe just to kill Long Jian
Rare Saki
He wanted to kill Long Jian
Hey, there's another person here
Who is the man with Kisaki?
It's half a room
half room half room half room
It's so noisy
In the middle of the night, Luo Xisaki entered the east swastika
I see
The boss of Baliubaro is Tetsuta Kisaki
Hello martial arts
what i saw
I guess you'll be charged
I'm going out
This is the truth that Kirisaki and Hanma are a team
What are you going to do with Bali Balo?
Long Jian doesn't seem to want to start a war
Excuse me
Before the decisive battle, I want to say hello to you.
Are you half of Baliubaluo?
Don't just talk to yourself
If you don't want to fight, we will make you want to.
Is the boss of Baliubaro Kisaki?
Then why did he join Dong?
What does he want to do?
I do not know what that means
I've checked everything I can
But there is absolutely no information about Qisaki
Then look up the conflict ten years ago
The date is October 31st
Didnt I ask you to leave Tokyo?
Excuse me
I have one thing to ask
10 years ago
Balyu Balo, who is said to be absent as the chief executive
Their boss is Tetsuta Kisaki, right?
The boss of Baliubaluo
It's Mikey
How can it be
Mikey is the boss of Dongsika
The decisive battle ten years ago was called Bloody Halloween
that day
Donglost for the first time
How is it possible that we have the invincible Mikey?
It was because of Mai Qidong that we lost.
You've seen it with your own eyes, right?
That day Mikey
Killed a tiger
martial arts
Is this what I see?
martial arts
October 31, 10 years ago
A conflict broke out here
Did Sano Manjiro really kill Hanomiya Kazutora?
Martial arts, where are you going?
martial arts
I don't want to see Mikey look like that
People have already lost their lives
Maybe it's irreversible
Then I will do it too
I would never let Mikey kill anyone.
I will not give up
Hyuga Adun and Mikey
I must save them
martial arts
You must come back safely