Tokyo sonata (2008) Movie Script

[Screenplay by Max MANNlX,
Kiyoshi KUROSAWA, Sachiko TANAKA]
There's a storm brewing.
[Teruyuki KAGAWA]
Hey, take this.
[Kyoko KOlZUMl]
Who's in charge of the body-fat scale?
lt's Shimada-san, isn't it?
Kai lNOWAKl]
We're here from Dalian, China.
My name is Shao Yen.
Pleased to meet you.
Your Japanese is good.
We've been studying night and day.
As soon as the telephone lines
to Dalian are installed,
you can hire three locals like her
for what you pay
one Japanese employee here.
l understand.
That sounds like an excellent plan.
Excuse me, sir.
[Haruka lGAWA
Kanji TSUDA]
We're pushing ahead with relocating
our admin department in Dalian.
l see.
l'm aware of the tremendous job
you've done as director of admin.
So, Sasaki-san...
...what will you do
after you leave administration?
[Directed by
What skills do you have?
l want you to consider
how best you can contribute
to Tanita Corporation's development?
lt's entirely up to you, Sasaki-san.
Either you contribute 100%
of your ability to us here,
or the company will have to let you go.
Boss, it's about that air-conditioning
-Oh, that.
l think we should accept
the bid from Uchida Systems.
What do you think?
Can l have that?
Did you visit the 'Hello Work' agency?
You should call in to 'Hello Work'
before you come here.
Oh, right.
Go before your luck runs out.
Otherwise, you'll be stuck here for life,
just like me.
Your bag's open.
You sure carry a lot around.
lt's too heavy.
l'm home.
lt's you !
When did you get home?
Just now.
Don't scare me like that.
You finished early today?
What are you doing?
l was just making sure
the doors were locked.
l see...
That's all.
Anything wrong with that?
You could use the front door, though.
You're right.
-Thanks for the food.
-l'm off!
-See you later.
Will you be home early again today?
-No, l've got a busy day ahead of me.
-Where's Takashi?
-Not back yet.
He drives me spare.
-See you later.
-Welcome back.
-No, thanks.
l'm off to bed, so please don't vacuum.
So, moving on to the topic
of honorific verbs.
Honorifics are based on the use
of three different types of speech
in order to show respect
to the other person.
We want you to be able to use
respectful language to your elders,
so let's investigate
the meaning of each...
Sasaki! What's that?
Show me.
l've nothing but contempt for anyone
who sneaks this stuff into my classes.
-Stand up.
You've no right to be in my class.
-Stand at the back.
-But it's not mine.
-ls that your excuse?
-lt's true. l was just passing it on.
l said stand at the back! Hurry up!
-What now?
l saw you reading a porn manga
on the train the other day.
l was sitting in front of you.
You were trying hard to hide it,
but l could see the cover,
Eroto Mania Weekly.
-Why are you saying this?
-Because it's true.
Nice one!
-This is hardly the place.
-Yeah, l guess not.
lt's unfair, isn't it?
Back to the lesson.
So, honorific language...
Let's conjugate standard verb forms
into honorifics.
Okay? Start with the verb "to see".
-Sasaki, you were brilliant!
-He looked so scared. What a laugh !
-Let's call him Mr Eroto.
Mr Eroto! Mr Eroto!
What is it?
l'm sorry about before.
l went too far.
l didn't think the other kids
would react like that.
-You came to say that?
All this way?
Let's forget it.
You graduate in less than a year.
lt won't affect how we get along.
But that manga really isn't mine.
That's why l didn't think it was fair
that l was the only one made to stand.
Sasaki, let's me and you stop
poking sticks in each other's wounds.
You can ignore me
and l'll ignore you. All right?
Stop there.
Let's have more emphasis
between crescendo and diminuendo.
again, from here.
Good, good. And continue.
And more forceful here.
What was that other piece in C Major
that you learned to play so well?
Let's see...
We're sorry to keep you waiting.
Ticket holder 86, please proceed
to window number one?
Your hours are midnight
to 9:00 in the morning.
lt's security guard work,
but they've never had a single robbery.
So you don't have to worry.
Sasaki-san, how about
administrative work?
-l'm much more suited to that.
-Well, then...
-Maybe this is more suitable for you.
-Yes, please.
Manager at a Happy Mart store.
Monday to Friday.
7:00am to 3:00pm, 850 yen an hour.
As l wrote it in the form
you gave me,
l used to be Administrative Director
at Tanita.
There's no easy way to say this,
but it'll be 100% impossible for you
to match your former position.
-Sorry to keep you waiting...
-There you go.
Here's this month's salary.
l think it's time we bought a new one.
l guess it can wait till bonus time.
Where's Takashi?
He left this afternoon
for one of his classes.
l see.
l hope he's not getting into trouble.
Yeah , right...
Your exams are coming up soon, too.
Do your best.
l think l'd like to play piano.
l want to play piano. lt's okay, right?
No way.
Why not?
lt's just a whim.
Maybe you should learn to play
in music class at school.
No means no.
-You're back.
-l saved some food for you.
-Okay, l'll have some.
Show me.
You got your driver's licence.
You'll never use it, though.
lt's just a form of identification.
A very expensive form
of identification.
-Use your insurance card.
-l prefer this.
lt's rice porridge today.
-lt's cold today, isn't it?
-lt certainly is.
Please wait, it won't be long.
-Thanks for your patience.
-Here you are.
-Thanks for your patience.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here you are.
Hey, Kurosu?
l thought it was you, Sasaki.
Long time no see.
-You haven't changed since school.
-Neither have you.
Fine. l'm with a client right now.
l'll talk to the Senior VP
about that myself.
And don't worry about the bid
on the Municipal Hall.
Sure, sure, thanks.
-You dropped this.
-Oh , thanks.
You seem busy.
-You're in construction?
-Something like that.
-And what about you?
-Healthcare equipment.
Oh, sounds great.
Hey, what's that?
l think they hand out food.
You'd be surprised
how many guys line up.
Maybe l'll try some.
lt's a rare chance to taste it.
Are you by any chance unemployed,
You can tell?
You are, too, right?
l got down-sized last week.
l got down-sized three months ago.
What about that last phone call?
lt's just for show.
l do it to calm my nerves.
-l know it's stupid but...
-No, it was brilliant.
Aren't you going to eat that?
-l've already eaten.
-l see...
Tastes bad, though, right?
Yeah... it's bad.
They let you stay here
as long as you want.
l set my phone to ring five times an hour.
l didn't know you could do that.
Yeah . lt's not a very well-known feature
so it fools most people.
Oh, l see.
Have you told your wife yet?
-Still give her house-keeping money?
l see. That means you'll last for a while.
What about your severance pay?
Have they paid it all?
Not yet, no.
Set up a separate bank account for it.
That way, any irregular deposits
won't stand out.
-Unemployment insurance?
-l'm just applying for it now.
Just make sure you submit
all the paperwork on time.
One day late and they'll disqualify you.
You're really something else!
Now Kobayashi's totally lost
all authority over us.
lt's just like a revolution. Revolution!
What's wrong?
You're the one who started it all.
Welcome home.
l'm making donuts.
Why don't you come down?
l'm fine!
Don't you want to eat donuts?
No, thanks!
Thanks for the food.
Hey, Kenji.
Here, your monthly lunch money.
Put it in your satchel.
lt's due tomorrow, right?
Do you want a donut?
Let's look at a breakdown
of China's current energy sources.
Well, China is in fact the largest
producer of coal in the world...
Do you not want a donut? 1 990, they depended on coal
for 76% of their energy,
and on oil for 17%.
But by 2002, their coal dependency
was reduced to 65%,
and their oil dependency
rose to 24%...
You were having a nightmare.
This is for a month of lessons.
Thank you.
Did you come alone?
They said, as l'm in Year 7 now,
l can come by myself.
Okay, we'll start next week.
Do you have a piano at home?
Yes, a small one.
Come over here.
Can you play anything?
Have a try.
Keep going.
l'm home.
Welcome back.
Oh, you're home, Takashi.
That's rare.
-l don't have work today.
-l see.
-Do you want to shower first?
-No, l'll eat now.
Kenji, it's dinner time ! Come on !
Takashi, your book.
l think l'll have a beer. l'll get it.
Tastes good.
Let's eat.
lt's no good.
l'm starting to get home
earlier these days.
Yeah? you think she knows?
-Knows what?
-Has my wife figured it out?
Just because you get home
a little early? No way.
She stares at me
with eyes full of mistrust.
l'm telling you, it's not good.
l have to find a way
to make her trust me.
Sasaki, let me treat you to dinner.
-Why, all of a sudden?
-Please, come to my house.
-lt's me.
-Welcome home.
This is my daughter, Mika.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Are you at high school?
-l'm in Year 9.
Really? You're so tall.
Hey, didn't you order sushi?
But you said a home-cooked meal
was fine.
Oh, l guess l did.
lt's a delicious meal.
Oh, no, a work-related call
at this hour.
Do you put in overtime every day, too,
Mr Sasaki?
Well, yes.
ls the company doing that well?
All of us employees are working hard.
My husband refuses
to discuss it with me.
The company's doing fine.
You've nothing to worry about.
ls that so?
Mr Sasaki...
Please look after my husband.
l will.
That was the managing director,
calling about that estimate.
You're the one that wrote it up,
right, Sasaki?
You need to be more diligent.
l covered for you this time
as best l could , but watch it, okay?
l will.
-Please, use this.
-Oh , thank you.
lt's tough for you, too, isn't it?
l'm home.
Welcome home.
l just got back.
Haven't you eaten dinner?
l thought l'd make tempura for a change.
You'll have some, won't you?
No, l've already eaten.
My boss invited me out
after our meeting.
l'm exhausted.
l'm off to bed.
l think l'll come up, too.
Pull me up.
Somebody, please pull me up.
Mr Ryuhei Sasaki, please.
-You're 46 years old?
What can you do?
l'm willing to do anything.
"Anything" is too vague.
We want to know your specific skills.
We want you to show us
what you excel at.
Right here?
Yes, right now.
You mean like singing karaoke?
What skills can you contribute
to this company?
-That's what we want to see.
-But right here, now?
Then how are we expected
to judge your merits?
l've worked in administration so
l'm confident of my interpersonal skills.
What else?
What else...?
Did you really do nothing to prepare,
figuring you might just get lucky?
All right, karaoke will have to do.
Please sing for us.
Please, start singing.
What's wrong?
You're good at karaoke, right?
Use that pen instead of a microphone
and sing.
When you think about it,
we're like a slowly sinking ship.
The lifeboats are long gone...
...the water's up to our mouths.
We know it's hopeless,
but we're still looking for an exit.
But we don't have the courage
to dive underwater, either.
Tell me, Kurosu , why is it?
l'm prepared to accept anything.
But why aren't they prepared
to accept us?
The lifeboats are gone.
They loaded them up with women,
children and young people.
They're gone.
lt folds up like this,
making a perfect space for bicycles.
Your whole family could go camping.
lt's really great.
Get away with just the family.
That's exactly what this car
is perfect for.
This model is all the rage now.
But most people find it more attractive
as a second car than as the family car.
A very handy feature.
The roof disappears?
Please take one.
l can't get rid of any.
All gone.
When's that massive earthquake
The one that'll turn everything
upside down
and beat up all those
arrogant bastards
and make me Prime Minister,
so l can pass a No Helmet Law.
Yes, l understand.
l'll notify my lawyer.
Goodbye, then.
l won't contact you,
so please don't call me, either.
Yes. Goodbye.
Sorry about that.
Let's finish there for today.
Thank you.
Don't worry about me.
-Are you're concerned?
l guess you are.
l've just got divorced.
Our marriage has been over for ages,
so it doesn't really change anything.
He was a stranger once,
and now we're back
to being strangers again.
You're not going to see him again?
No... never again.
That's what marriage is like.
l understand.
You do?
What do you understand?
l know how you feel, Miss Kaneko.
Recently, l feel better
being on my own, too.
When l'm with someone,
l always end up saying the wrong thing.
And we both get hurt.
lt's time for you to go home and study.
See you.
-Listen ...
l need to ask you a favour.
This is the Japanese version.
You're signing up
for the American military?
Yeah . There's a new policy,
you don't have to be an American.
You saw it on TV, right?
lt's news to me.
Thing is...
-... l've already passed the written test.
-Wait a minute...
l only have to pass the physical
and the psych exam and l'm in.
So, if you're in the military,
you go to war, right?
Well, it depends.
But you should have consulted us
before now.
Have you told your father?
l see.
The thing is, l'm still a minor,
so l need a parent to sign.
Here and here.
Sign it for me?
lf you won't, it's okay.
There are organisations that'll
sponsor me instead of my parents.
Don't ask some strange organisation
to sign for you.
Do it, then.
Mr Kurosu passed away. With his wife.
The day before yesterday.
From gas poisoning.
A double suicide,
but he forced her into it.
-Welcome home.
Just listen to him, dear,
and try not to get angry.
What is it?
l want you to sign these papers for me.
l absolutely forbid it.
l raised you so you could
lead a happy life.
This couldn't be farther from that goal.
But in the military,
you can work for peace.
That's just rationalising it.
But it's true. Why should l alone
have a happy life?
lt's better to make
the whole world happy.
The whole world?
What nonsense!
Who cares about that?
l'm not worried about the world,
l'm worried about you.
That's why Japan's so hopeless.
The American military
protects Japan's peace.
So what?
Just think about it.
The reason l want to join
the American military
is to protect you and mum and Kenji.
-That's how it works.
-Don't be a smartarse.
ln this house, l protect you.
That's how it works.
You can't just do whatever you want.
You're the one that needs
to think about it.
l don't want your protection .
Get out, then.
Get out.
Get out!
Forget it.
l'll ask someone else.
Takashi, wait!
Can't you figure out
a better way to talk to him?
Takashi, if you want to leave home,
but not for America.
Stay in Japan and do
what you can here, understand?
What am l supposed to do?
You say you're protecting us, Dad...
... but what do you do every day?
You can't even answer me.
l have to get ready.
Just listen to what l have to say.
You're talented.
Extraordinarily so.
Are there any musicians
in your family?
l see. You were just born with it.
Once in a while,
there are children like you.
ls that so?
l think you should go
to a school specialising in music.
Of course
you'll have to take an exam.
But this is an important discussion
l need to have with your parents.
My father is against me learning piano.
l didn't realise...
And there's stuff going on at home.
l don't know what'll happen
if l mention piano lessons...
l can explain it to them.
l'll tell them myself.
Please, just give me a little time.
lt's a cleaning job at a shopping centre.
ls that okay?
-Any preference for working hours?
-l'll leave it up to you.
Okay. When can you start?
This is for plastics,
this is for wood, this is for veneer.
But only use this one for painted veneer.
And this is multi-purpose.
Use it for anything , got that?
Can't l just clean everything
with that one?
-Why not...?
-lt's not professional.
-Why do we carry it around?
-lt's for just in case.
Excuse me,
we need to clean the restroom.
Stay in touch, okay?
Swear to me, you won't get into trouble.
-l won't.
-You swear?
Listen ...
Why don't you divorce him, Mum?
Just get a divorce.
You're still totally fine.
What are you talking about?
That's the one thing that worries me.
Who else will play mother in the family?
What difference does it make?
lt's not as easy as that.
Being in the role of a mother
isn't all bad, you know.
l just don't get it.
l'll be off, then.
No question about it.
He owes three months' lunch money.
l give it to him every month
without fail.
Also, he's excused himself early
from classes...
...countless times.
Do you know the reasons why?
No, l don't.
ls he being bullied?
lf anything, he does the bullying .
Which child?
l'm an adult so it hardly bothers me,
but your son is definitely
out of place here.
lt's something you should discuss
within the family.
l will.
Hey! You can't just barge in here!
What's that?
lt's nothing ! Get out!
What did you do with your lunch money?
You haven't paid for three months.
l was so embarrassed
when your teacher told me.
What did you spend
that 1 5,000 yen on? This?
No, l found it on the street!
Then what did you spend it on?
And tell me the truth.
On piano lessons.
l'll get a job and pay back
the 15,000 yen, all right?
You're kidding? Piano lessons?
You should have told me.
l would've paid for them.
But you said, "No piano."
l did.
But pocketing your lunch money
is worse.
But l don't mind you learning piano.
l think men who play the piano
are attractive.
Don't tell Dad.
You know he'll never let me.
All right, then.
Welcome home.
lt seems Kenji's been taking
piano lessons in secret.
He's been lying to us
all this time, the little sod.
Kenji, get down here ! We need to talk!
Please, don't get too mad at him.
l won't. But he needs to be told
once and for all.
We got a letter from
the Kaneko Music School.
lt recommends that you apply
to a music conservatoire.
Explain what's going on .
Explain !
l just studied a little piano.
-Behind our backs?
-Who cares what l do?
-l thought l told you , "No piano."
-That makes no sense.
lf you don't think l'm making sense,
then just say so !
Going behind our backs,
hoping you won't get caught,
l hate that kind of cowardly attitude
more than anything !
Look at this...
l n the letter from Kaneko,
it says Kenji's piano playing
is extraordinary.
That he's a rare child prodigy.
How can you possibly believe that?
How could our child be a prodigy?
Who the hell is this Kaneko, anyway?
This guy's nothing but bullshit!
My teacher isn't like that!
-And besides...
She's a she, not a guy.
What a idiot!
These music schools praise everyone,
that's how they make a living !
l'll give up playing piano, then!
Just leave me alone !
This is all your fault for not telling us.
You're the liar, Dad.
You're lying when you say
you'll listen if l talk.
No matter how much l talk to you,
you won't change your mind !
Just like Mr Eroto. All you really want
to do is lecture me and act tough !
Stop it!
Are you okay?
Go on upstairs.
Don't hit him.
Why can't he play piano?
Once l've said no, l can't go back on it.
lt affects my authority as a parent.
l was too lenient with Takashi,
so l'm shoving my parental values
down Kenji's throat if l have to.
You have to stand by me.
He needs a clear message
from both parents.
What's that look for?
l saw you the other day.
You were standing
in the free food line at the park.
You're unemployed, right?
-You knew?
-Yes, all along.
Why didn't you say anything?
Because if l had ,
your authority would be screwed.
Screw your authority.
Call an ambulance !
-l was just trying to grab him ...
-Shut up and call !
This is the 11:00 News.
The US announces it is expanding
its war effort in the Middle East
and planning an increase
in military deployment.
According to the US
Department of Defense,
this deployment will include
soldiers of any nationality.
This means it is likely
that the 138 soldiers
recently recruited from Japan
will also be deployed.
A growing number of Japanese youths
are volunteering for the US military.
We interviewed some young people
to assess their views on the subject.
I support it.
We have a lot of trade with America,
so if America has a problem
that means Japan's directly affected.
So I think it's a good thing
to cooperate with the US
to try to help solve their problems.
I think it's really good
if they're serious about it.
I support the troops.
According to the Japanese
it explicitly prohibits
our country from going to war.
So I can't believe it
that our government let them join up.
-How is he?
l detected no brain abnormalities.
He does have concussion
but otherwise he's fine.
Thank goodness.
Thank you so much.
l told you not to do that!
Come on !
Takashi !
l'm back.
l'm exhausted.
You should have told us
you were coming home.
We saw it on the news and
we were so worried about you.
But l'm glad you're home.
l killed so many people.
l killed too many.
Excuse me, l need the number
for the Foreign Ministry.
l'm the mother of one of the new
volunteers for the US military.
l wanted to find out if there's any way
to determine his safety.
Whether he's safe...
Oh, l see.
So it's impossible, then?
lt's not...
lt's not...what you think!
Scream and l'll kill you!
The cash ! Where is it?
You don't have any?
You're lying !
There's no cash in the house.
Why not?
That was close.
She saw me!
Fuck, she saw my face!
What should l do?
Get up!
What are you going to do?
You're my hostage. Come with me.
May l take my jacket and purse?
-Can you drive?
Do it!
Oh, right.
What are you doing?
Put it back!
What kind of car is this?
l don't know. l just stole it.
Who's that?
My neighbour, Okada-san.
-She's not a cop?
-Not at all.
-Go straight on.
The next left.
-You forgot to signal.
-Oh, sorry.
-Not the wipers!
-Oh, sorry
Eyes on the road !
Can you put that thing down?
Do you do this sort of thing a lot?
A lot?
Are you kidding?
Why, then?
l was good at picking locks.
l could pick any lock in a flash.
So l decided to go professional.
-A professional thief?
-Of course not.
A locksmith.
But l quickly failed.
l'm not a good businessman.
No matter how many times,
l always failed.
l just can't get along with people.
And now finally...
... l've even failed at robbery.
l understand.
The hell you do!
l can always crash this damned car!
l need to use the bathroom.
-You'll run off!
-l won't!
Why did you come back?
l promised l would, right?
What are you thinking?
Right, then...
l'll drop you off
at a station somewhere.
l'll go on alone.
You go back home.
l can't go home.
l've come this far...
... l can't go home now.
Hey, Sasaki.
Hey, Taguchi, what's up?
-Running away.
-For real?
l'm sick of it all.
School, crammer school, family hour...
l've had enough !
Oh, thank you.
-How's your piano lessons?
-l quit.
Grown-ups just please themselves.
lt's my dad, shit!
He's following me.
Hey, what's wrong?
lt's an asthma attack.
Are you okay?
-l'll go and buy some juice.
-Don't go.
You'll be fine.
lf my dad finds me, he'll batter me.
l'll be right back.
A dead end.
l don't care what happens anymore.
What about you?
l'll go see what's up ahead.
Do you think l can start all over again?
From this moment on... you think l can start
all over again?
ls that land over there? Or a boat?
l can't see.
l can't see a thing!
How wonderful it would be
if my whole life so far...
...turns out to have been a dream...
...and suddenly l wake up
and l'm someone else entirely.
How can l...
...start all over again?
How can l...
l want to start again.
What am l doing?
l'm nothing more
than one failure after another!
l'm just...a total failure!
Don't hurt yourself, please!
You're the only person who can be you.
That's all we have to hold onto.
Are you...
... really...
Hey, wake up.
What do you think that is
over there?
lt looks like a star,
but it's so low in the sky.
Hey, wake up.
Wake up, wake up!
He was sneaking
into the baggage compartment.
A fare cheater?
Hey, is that true?
He won't say a word.
l understand. l'll take him in.
Name, address, phone number,
school name.
l don't care which, just tell me.
You can't go home if you don't talk.
You won't talk?
You leave me no choice but to book you
as an adult fare cheater.
You okay with that?
This way, straight.
Now that way.
Don't move.
Hey, get up.
They dropped your case.
You're free to go.
l'm home.
-Where's your father?
-He's not home.
l'll cook you something.
You look strange, Dad.
This is the 9:00 News.
The US military has been expanding
its war zone in the Middle East.
The Department of Defense
is expected to announce
yet another development later today.
According to sources,
a pull-back in US troop strength
in the Middle East is anticipated,
with the result that
the 3,000 international volunteers,
including the 1 38 Japanese soldiers,
will be returning
to their native countries.
Sorry I haven't written for ages.
I hope everyone's well.
Recently, I've come to realise that
America isn't the only one that's right.
That's why I've decided
to stay a while in this country
so I can learn to understand
the people better.
I've come to the conclusion
that the best path for me
is to fight alongside these people
in order to find true happiness.
Please don't worry about me.
I'm doing fine.
I'll write again.
He's good, isn't he?
He's next.
l hope Kenji will be okay.
Teruyuki KAGAWA
Kyoko KOlZUMl
Haruka lGAWA
Hirohisa MUKUJU
Screenplay by Max MANNlX,
Kiyoshi KUROSAWA, Sachiko TANAKA
Music by Kazumasa HASHlMOTO
Cinematography by Akiko ASHlZAWA
Lighting by Tokuju lCHlKAWA
Sound Recording
by Masayuki lWAKURA
Editing by Koichi TAKAHASHl
Directed by Kiyoshi KUROSAWA