Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015) Movie Script

That's my boy.
Spike, come here, boy!
- Hey, watch it!
- Hey! What's the deal?
Hey, get back here!
Mama. Mama, look.
That's great, honey.
Hey, I'm sorry. He didn't mean any harm.
It would seem
that Bandit is not a big fan of cats.
Come on, Bandit. It's getting late.
We have to get back to Quest Key
with the supplies.
What are those?
Hold on.
Jeepers, let's get out of here.
Let's go.
Hey, look.
What are they after?
I think they're after us.
- Whoa.
- Wow. Go, cat, go!
Come on, we gotta get
back to the hydrofoil!
Hey, wait up!
- Mama, look.
- Agh!
- Sorry about that.
- Sorry!
Let Mama finish this chapter.
- Agh!
- Whoa!
Boat flares?
They don't know that, Hadji.
I do not think they care.
Well, that didn't work.
- Race.
- Quick, boys, get on!
- You might wanna help your buddy.
- We would stay, but our ride is here.
Who are these animals?
They helped us, Race.
Have you two ever been in a chase before?
Hang on!
Excellent throw, Jonny.
Impossible. Who is that amazing feline?
What did you want to show me, Floyd?
Aw! I give up.
So who's gonna tell the boss
Jonny Quest gave us the slip?
- Not me. I like living.
- Yeah, I like living too. Long healthy life.
Collect a pension. Pension.
Don't tell him. How is he gonna know?
Because I know everything.
I'll bet that Quest cat has coughed up
hair balls more effective than you three.
We can try again.
No, no, no.
You missed your opportunity, no.
I wanted the boys for bait...
...and now it appears you'll have
to go after the big fish himself.
And woe to you
should you fail Dr. Zin again.
Welcome to Quest Labs. Pretty cool?
- Hi, Dad.
- Jonny. Thank goodness you're all right.
Yeah, well, we...
Should never wander off again.
You know, there are a lot of people
who would like to get to me through you.
Which is why you have
to stay close to Race.
He's here to protect us.
We could've handled it with our new team.
Yeah, the five musketeers.
Or should I say, four and a half?
What are your new friends' names?
- Do you know, Hadji?
- Yes, yes, I believe so.
Their names are Jerry and Thomas.
So you must be Jerry...
...and you are Tom.
You're Tom...
...and you're Jerry.
I kind of liked it better my way.
Stand back, everyone.
I'm going to activate the Q Sphere.
According to the Questometer...
...the Q Sphere has enough power
to run a small city indefinitely.
Sure sounds like you solved
the world's energy problems, Dad.
Yes, but if someone evil
were to get their hands on it...
...there is no telling the destruction
they could cause.
You're right, Hadji.
But we mustn't let fear
stand in the way of science.
Or dinner, for that matter.
- Who's hungry?
- I am. I can smell it from here.
That's not dinner.
No, not that pot.
Well, I'm definitely not in the mood
for barbecue.
Wow, Pop, this is delicious.
Don't thank me.
Race did all the cooking.
Any more for you, Hadji?
No, thank you.
I couldn't eat another bite.
Those chicken wings were out of this world.
Yeah. And how about the pasta?
I gotta tell you, Race,
that pasta was incredible.
Where'd you get the recipe?
Just a spicy little dish...
...that another spicy little dish taught me
a long time ago.
- Was she sweet too?
- Yeah, she was...
I mean... I mean, the dish was...
I... Well, you know how women are.
Tiramisu, anyone?
I think we should all... Ahem... turn in.
I owe you one, doc.
That's quite all right, Race.
You've saved me many times.
Well, how about it, team?
Time for some shut-eye?
And Tom and Jerry can bunk with us.
Off to bed, everyone.
Let's go, Tom.
Yeah, how we gonna get inside?
Many lasers. Lasers are very dangerous.
Prone to accidents, burn our tails. Yeah.
We're gonna have to find a way
to shut off the security system.
Just like that.
Thanks for leaving the door open, boys.
- You really shouldn't have.
- Whoa-ho-ho.
Is that chicken paprikash?
Focus, doofus.
We're here to steal that sphere
and grab Dr. Quest.
Stop him! That mouse will ruin everything.
Very fast mouse.
Yeah, missed me.
Hit me, but didn't hurt.
Got a whole new look. Kitty Santa.
Definitely Santa.
Nice, kitty.
Yeah, there it is.
Of course, definitely the Q Sphere.
Robot arm!
Definitely free!
Got it.
Yeah, that's right, mousey.
This ball game's over.
Definitely rolling. Agh!
Got it.
Perhaps we should use the back door.
It's the creeps from the beach.
They're stealing the Q Sphere.
Put it down, nice and easy.
Stand back, doctor. I've got him.
Ooh. I'll take that.
What's all the commotion?
- Dad!
- Stay back, boys!
Hang on, doctor!
Not so fast, bucket head.
Turn this bus around. Hey!
Bye-bye, boys.
Holy smoke! They got Dad and Race.
But why did the security
system not alert us?
I understand why evil people
would take the Q Sphere...
...but why take Dr. Quest?
Because Dad is the only man on the planet
who knows how to work it.
With Race out of the picture,
who will save Dr. Quest?
We can save them.
If we only knew where they went.
Perhaps those robot creatures
left some sort of energy trail.
I doubt it.
But the Q Sphere does.
Good thinking, Hadji.
I find meditation helps clear the mind.
There! Somewhere in the tiny nation
of Moldovistan.
All right, Quesketeers, to the Quest Jet!
But, Jonny, who is going to pilot?
I am, I guess.
All right, buckle up.
Great takeoff, Jonny.
I've seen Race do it a hundred times.
Landing, not so much.
I see that you've secured the prisoners.
Safe and sound.
Yup, we locked them up good.
Yes, but I'm afraid Dr. Quest
still refuses to cooperate.
The fool!
Yeah, I don't think he likes you.
Definitely not a fan.
Not wearing your T-shirt.
Definitely no T-shirt.
Perhaps we can find a way to motivate him.
Yeah, definitely went on too long.
Got to know when to quit.
How close are we, Hadji?
We're just off the coast of Moldovistan.
The signal is coming
from one of the islands.
We have company, Jonny.
Robot drone missiles.
I'll shake them off.
Done it a million times.
You have?
In the Quest simulator.
- Simulator?
- Hold tight!
Hadji, get ready to hit the thrusters.
A little farther.
I am not certain there is any farther left.
- Jonny.
- Warning.
- Warning. Collision imminent.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Impact unavoidable.
- Now!
- Ungh!
Pull up, Jonny! Pull up! Pull up!
Collision avoided.
I don't like the sound of that.
Hang on, guys!
Abandon ship?
Good idea.
Hang on, guys!
Not so tight, Tom.
I can't reach the rip cord.
Race is gonna go through the roof.
Look on the bright side,
now you do not have to land it.
Where are we?
Hey, there's the answer.
Moldovistan. We actually made it.
Let's head for the city.
My, my, my. So it was Jonny Quest
who was flying the jet.
Clever boy.
No doubt he was aided
by that magnificent cat.
Look how he is ready for danger
at every turn.
He ain't so tough.
What was that?
Nothing, boss. Doc. Doctor.
Dr. Zin, sir.
Here, boy.
The tracker says the Q Sphere
is still on the island.
How do we get there? We have no money.
Don't worry.
We have an old friend who lives here.
Yes, Dr. Zin. Understood.
We must bring the boys to Zin alive.
And the animals?
They are expendable.
But be careful of that cat.
He's diabolically clever.
Hey, quit horsing around.
- Which way, Jonny?
- I don't know.
Last time I was here, I was just a kid.
Jonny, look out!
Watch out, Hadji.
- Whoa.
- Whoa!
Ha-ha. The noose tightens.
Come on!
Get off me! Agh!
Wrong way.
I have an idea.
Everybody up.
Time to make like a banana and split.
Stop them!
Follow them!
I am truly sorry for this.
Ungh. It's locked.
Hurry, you fools!
Jonny, we do not have much time.
My, my, looked what the cat dragged in.
- Jezebel Jade?
- Just the person we've been looking for.
But, Jonny, is she not a mercenary
who works for the highest bidder?
Let's debate morality later, boys.
Inside. Now.
Better get downstairs.
You too, Mopsy.
Where does this door lead?
I think to there.
Eyes this way, boys.
Nice place, Miss Jade.
Yes, very artistic.
It ain't Carnegie Hall, but it's paid for.
We sure are glad to see you, Miss Jade.
Cut to the chase, kiddo.
We really need your help.
Race and my Dad have been captured
and we're here to rescue them.
Well, I hope you like foster care, kid,
because Dr. Zin has them.
Dr. Zin? How...? How do you know?
You forget, information is my business.
Dr. Zin has been after my dad's research.
You have got to help us.
Sure, make me an offer.
I don't see any collateral,
so I'll settle for cash.
But this could endanger the world.
Jezebel Jade sticks her
neck out for no one.
Even Race?
Especially Race.
I thought you liked him.
Um, we had a little something once.
But apparently once was enough for him.
Now, if you'll excuse me, boys,
I've got a show to do.
Too bad, Miss Jade.
Could've been a pretty sweet deal for you.
Right, Hadji?
Yes. Very sweet. Like honey.
Deal? What deal?
Dad was working on a top-secret project
for the government.
I bet they'd pay plenty to get it back.
But if you'd rather pass
on a fat reward...
On second thought, boys,
you may have touched my heart after all.
Jezebel Jade is open for business.
There's a skimmer down in the garage.
That should get you to the island.
- Thanks, Miss Jade.
- Whoa, hold your horses.
This isn't free. Sign here.
I expect your father or the government
to pay me for the rental of my equipment... case of your demise.
You drive a hard bargain, Miss Jade.
But Race always said
you were the smartest lady he knew.
He called me a lady?
Five minutes, Miss Jade. Break a leg.
You can leave from downstairs.
Just don't make a racket.
Come on.
There it is.
I will open the door.
- There they are!
- We gotta move.
Don't let them get away!
- They're getting away!
- Grab ahold.
Look out!
In the heart of the city
Dwells the lady who's known as Jade
Powerful, bold and pretty
She's a girl who's got it made
I don't need no man
Independent and full of pride
I'm a gal with a plan
It don't include being
Some man's bride
I'm all business, no pleasure
And I know what men desire
For they seek pomp and treasure
The highest bidder
Is the buyer
I don't heed, heed no man
I don't need, need no man
But, man, man, man, man
Man, man Do I need you
Do I need you
Mercenary species
But my heart is not for sale
Hardened, broken in pieces
Thank a tall, tan action male
In the heart of the city
Dwells the lady who's known as Jade
Lonely, loveless, a pity
I'm the girl that love betrayed
Man, man, man
Do I need you
Man, man, man
Do I need you
- Great show.
- Wonderful.
Wonderful. Bravo!
Marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.
Add the damage to their tab.
Yes, Miss Jade.
Dr. Zin's island is dead ahead.
Shake a leg, guys.
Come on, Quesketeers.
There's no time to fool around.
Okay, boy, down you go. You okay?
I think he likes it.
We'll fly halfway up the volcano
to get a better look at the island.
Okay, let's go.
So you think Zin noticed?
Highly likely.
Dinner is served.
Fish sticks again?
This is the third time this week.
I hate fish sticks!
Aw, Dr. Quest.
I told you, Zin...
...I'll never help you access the power
of the Q Sphere.
Trust me. Heh-heh.
I have ways to convince you.
- Dad!
- Dr. Quest.
Jonny. Hadji. How did you get here?
Aw. Such an affectionate display
of family devotion.
Boy, it would warm my heart...
...if I had one.
What do you want, Zin?
All you have to do, Dr. Quest... to wire the sphere
to the island's energy system.
Now, once that is completed,
I'll return the boys to you safe and sound.
But try any trickery,
and I'll deliver them to you...
...a little bit on the crispy side.
Don't do it, Dad.
I have no choice, Jonny.
I can't let any harm come to you and Hadji.
Take the boys to their cell.
And make sure you find that cat.
Nothing is safe around here
until that devious feline is dispatched.
I want him shot on sight. Bang.
I have to admit,
I'm amazed you boys got this far.
But I wish you hadn't.
Titanium steel.
Believe me, I've tried to bend it.
I just hope this floor does not crack.
So much for digging a tunnel.
Hey, what about up there?
That's just a ventilator.
Even if we could reach it,
it's too small to fit through.
Bandit! You're just about the right size.
Hadji, you think you can still do
your levitation trick?
It is no trick, Sahib Race.
Sim Sim Salabim!
Good boy.
Now go find Tom and Jerry.
Is this on? We're live?
You could have said something.
Welcome to the Zin Automated Battle Island.
Hello, hello out there.
Thanks to space age technology...
...this mobile fortress of destruction... powerful enough to bring any country
of your own choosing, heh... its knees. Heh.
And all for a reasonable price.
So it was Jade who got you here?
She helped.
Did, she mention me by any chance?
That bad?
I think she still likes you, Race,
in a scary kind of way.
I can't blame her.
It's what happens, boys...
...when you put business
in front of other people's feelings.
I guess I messed things up big-time.
I know the feeling.
Sorry I got you into this, Hadji.
If I had it to do all over again,
I would still be here.
Thanks, but like my dad says,
sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.
Don't beat yourself up, Jonny.
You too, Hadji.
- I'm proud of you both.
- Yeah?
What other boys would have had
the courage and resourcefulness... travel across continents... track us down
in the middle of a volcano?
Gee, thanks, Race.
As a matter of fact,
when we get back to the Keys... about some flying
lessons in the jet?
Yeah, the jet.
I hope you're not considering
any delaying "tactics," Dr. Quest.
On the contrary, Zin,
the Q Sphere is now fully installed.
At last.
Bring him up.
May I see my son now?
First, we must test the sphere.
Because if it doesn't work,
you'll be seeing your son in the crab pit.
Fish sticks ain't good enough for you?
No, of course not. No, no, no.
You're a big-time doctor.
Yeah. Well, a doctor of what?
Hey, ain't you supposed to be upstairs?
Then you can take this up
to his royal butthead.
And stay out of the catnip.
Can you feel it, Dr. Quest?
It's the power of my intellect
being unleashed.
That's funny, it sounds like my Q Sphere.
Isn't that just like you, Benton?
Denying my brilliance.
Even when we were freshmen
at the university... were jealous of my superior genius.
All you had was a genius for destruction.
Agh! I did not burn down
the chemistry lab!
It was never proven.
What about the explosion
at the super collider?
A little cloud of radiation.
I don't know why they
got so huffy about it.
I was the one who lost his hair!
My long, beautiful, silky hair
with its natural bounciness.
They had to evacuate the city, Zin.
It really is too bad, Dr. Quest.
We could have been quite a team, you and I.
We could have ruled the world!
Instead, that glory will be all mine.
You might have saved us all the trouble
by inventing a decent hair restorer.
Grr. Gweilo.
What's happening, Race?
Looks like Zin's plan
is gonna bring the roof down on us.
I'm more worried about the floor.
Up here, boys.
Always hated crabs.
Not on my watch.
And he brought Tom and Jerry.
Can they get us out of here?
If you're gonna rescue us,
now would be a good time.
- We're waiting.
- Agh!
Well done, guys.
- Tom. Jonny.
- Ungh!
Watch out.
Let's go.
Behold, Dr. Quest, my triumph is at hand.
Race, we're headed for the edge!
Hang on, boys!
I can't stop!
- No! Hadji!
- Agh!
- Race!
- Gotcha.
- And I've got you.
- That was close.
Couldn't forget about you.
Tom. Ungh!
Gotcha. Whoa!
You're... You're slipping.
- Agh!
- No!
Not again.
- Where exactly are you taking us, Zin?
- Ha-ha-ha.
Home, Dr. Quest.
While you were tinkering
with your little sphere...
...I devised a means to
harness its energy... create the greatest,
most glorious warship...
...the world has ever seen.
Watch out. Drone ahead.
I'll need a distraction.
Tom can do it. Well, in that suit,
he'll think you're one of Zin's cats.
Identify yourself.
Your worst shutdown.
Talk about an instant junkyard.
When did we get this communiqu?
Just moments ago, Mr. President.
It went to all the world's leaders.
You're sure it's from Zin?
Yes, sir.
That's his signature smiley face
at the end of the threat.
Can we stop him?
We're trying to locate him now...
...but apparently his airship
has been cloaked from radar.
Perhaps we should bring in
Dr. Benton Quest.
We would if we could find him.
Fifteen minutes, Dr. Quest.
The time it takes to cook a frozen pizza
is all the time your nation has left.
You guys stay back.
I'm gonna get your father.
Hadji, we have to shut down the Q Sphere.
Can you handle the crane?
Yes, I am quite good at lifting things.
Ready when you are, Jonny.
Ready as I'll ever be.
You guys stand guard, okay?
Looking good, Jonny.
You're almost there.
Nothing goes better
with a military bombardment...
...than a hot cup of chai tea.
What? Race Bannon?
And the cat?
Leave Bannon to the drones.
You must protect the sphere
from that hateful cat.
- Knock, knock.
- Yeah. Here we come.
Hey, it's that Quest kid.
You guys get the cat
and I'll take care of the brat.
I am on it.
Boys, I need a little help down here.
You got it. Help is on the way.
Yeah, yeah, help on the way.
We're the help. Ha-ha.
You're going the wrong way.
Where you going, buddy boy?
He really was nothing but a scaredy-cat.
Yeah, a real coward.
Definitely yellow.
Yellow like a dandelion, yeah.
One down, four to go. Ha-ha-ha.
Jerry. Ungh!
Five minutes, Dr. Quest.
I can almost taste the pepperoni
and mushrooms. Yum, yum, yum.
You're one sick, twisted individual, Zin.
There. Just a couple more.
Yeah? Ha-ha.
You think so? Well, how about
we blow your crane down?
Bandit, no.
Aw. Gee, too bad, kid.
Watch out, Hadji!
Well, this is one way to kill two
birds with one stone? Ha-ha-ha.
Jonny, look out!
- Yeah!
- Ha-ha-ha.
Hold on, Jerry.
Nice flying, Tom.
You take the kid...
...I get the dog.
Well, well.
This little reunion will make it easier
to take care of you all in one fell swoop.
Cut them down to size, boys.
Definitely one of the boys,
one of the gang. Yeah.
You should have quit
while you were ahead, kitty cat.
Yeah. Cut it down to size.
Come on, Hadji, now is our chance.
What now?
- Ungh!
- Grr.
You have bested me, feline.
- Dad.
- Dr. Quest.
Jonny. Hadji.
Your magnificent cat
may have won this battle...
...but even without the sphere,
this island has enough energy... reach the coast and crash.
Happy landing, Dr. Quest.
- What?
- Car's full, doc. Try the next one.
Hey! That's my escape pod! Not yours.
Why did I ever make henchmen out of cats?
We've located Zin's airship, Mr. President.
But I'm afraid it's too late.
He's too close.
Aw. Then it's going to take a miracle
to save this city.
Dad, Tom and Jerry know
where the skimmer is.
We can use that to escape.
Good thinking. But we can't take a chance
on this island hitting the capital.
What are you doing?
I knew someday I
might fall into enemy hands.
So I created a fail-safe missile
that homes in on my watch... prevent my work
from being used for evil.
It's activated. Let's get out of here.
And on top of that, the Washington Monument
has 900 steps, a 2-ton capstone...
...30,000 marble blocks... Agh!
...and Titan III rocket boosters.
Shouldn't I have known about that?
- We're cut off.
- Maybe there's a way we can go around.
We don't have time.
I will levitate Jerry to the other side
and he can bring the skimmer to us.
I'm sorry, boys. I'm afraid this is it.
Never send a mouse to do a man's job.
Or a woman's.
Miss Jade. But how?
I followed you.
I had to protect my investment.
We even saved your little ball.
Jump, Race!
Jezebel, you're a sight for sore eyes.
Yes. Yes, I am.
- Can we go now?
- We'd better.
And as we reconstruct
the Washington Monument...
...with the original stones
we retrieved from the ocean...
...we are proud to honor
these brave and ingenious heroes...
...with the Distinguished Medal
for Bravery and Ingenuity.
Bravo. Bravo.
I mean, thanks, Mr. President.
You know, Jonny,
you remind me of myself at your age.
Whoa. Easy, boy.
And we even had a special one
made for you, Mr. Mouse.
I don't remember this in the program.