Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) Movie Script

(explosions booming, rumbling)
- (two gunshots)
- (groans)
(indistinct chatter in distance)
(indistinct chatter)
Agent Ritter.
Whats the CIA got for us today?
Lieutenant Commander.
Suns going down.
We should get to it.
The hostage is a CIA operative.
We believe he is being held
by Syrian government forces
in a nearby building.
Call sign is "Randy."
We approach from the south.
We should expect eyes on us
here and here.
GREER: How many Syrian troops
are we talking about?
I dont have that information.
Well, that was a good talk.
(light chuckling)
- You a comedian? Is that it?
- WEBB: No, no, no.
Hes just a bit of a smart-ass.
No, thats not right.
Im the smart-ass.
Yeah, hes, uh...
hes more of a badass.
- Oh.
- (whispers): Yeah.
Lets move.
(cattle lowing)
(indistinct chatter)
- (silenced gunshot)
- (man grunts, body thuds)
Three, two, one.
- (two gunshots)
- (man groans, body thuds)
- (women whimpering, gasping)
- (gunfire)
- (indistinct shouting)
- (explosive blast)
- (high-pitched ringing)
- (men groaning)
Hostage identity confirmed.
Its him.
Lets move.
- What the hell is this, Ritter?
- WEBB: I got you, man.
These are ex-Russian military.
You said Syrian army,
not Russians.
I dont see any Russians.
Okay, what are we waiting for?
Lets go.
Lets move.
- Get back!
- Take cover!
(screaming, grunting)
(grunting, panting)
(Greer coughing in distance)
(pained grunt)
(Greer coughing in distance)
(gasping, groaning)
We got a man down.
We need an extraction.
Priority is
securing the hostage.
We rendezvous at the exfil.
Lets move!
Hang on!
- (gunfire)
- (gasping)
(soldiers shouting in Russian)
Team member Russell is dead!
Move him to the exfil!
(soldiers shouting in Russian)
Smoke-out! (grunts)
(smoke bomb whooshing)
- (gunfire)
- (soldiers shouting in Russian)
- (groans)
- (gunfire continues)
PMCs, Russian transpo.
Ritter lied.
This isnt a safe house.
Its a Russian arms depot.
Yeah, no shit.
Fire in the hole.
(men shouting)
On me.
Got your back.
- (groans)
- (shouting in Russian)
(grunting and groaning)
(grunting, panting)
Ritter, explain the Russians!
They werent just contractors.
They were Russian military.
But you knew that, didnt you?
MAN (over radio):
Confirm target.
Eagle Six.
Yes, target is confirmed.
Need an air strike at grid
November Papa six seven
five two niner zero.
I shouldve been fully briefed.
The Russians killed
one of my men.
Well, thats the job,
- Yeah, bullshit.
- (Ritter muttering)
Stand down.
Do it, Senior Chief.
- Now.
- RITTER: What are you doing?
(missile whooshing)
("My God, My Freedom, My Home"
by Martha Bass playing)
You want to hear
something romantic?
Yeah? Whats that?
This isnt your baby.
Oh, you cold-blooded.
Listen, you gonna park your butt
right over here on this couch.
- (laughing)
- You crazy.
- (talks quietly)
- Uh, no, its all good.
Ill go get something for you.
(groans) Okay.
Want some water?
Uh, I want some wine.
Okay, Ill take an iced tea.
Okay, thats better.
With some sugar.
I got you.
Yeah, they need that,
but we also got to figure out
why they acting out so much.
We got to, like,
help these teachers out
- in the public schools.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Oh, babe, I was just about
- to bring it to you.
- No, no, thats okay.
Sister Easton was
talking my ear off,
so its safer in here.
- (Pastor West laughing)
- Yeah, thats facts.
She got you, didnt she?
Pams been telling us
you got yourself
a fancy new job, right?
Well, no, hes been
offered the job.
- He hasnt taken it yet.
- Oh.
Its, uh...
its private security.
Good hours, good pay.
Well, its a big step,
retiring from the military.
- When are you due again?
- Oh.
- Next month, the 17th.
- Oh, next month, the 17th.
Oh, man, I remember
when we had our first.
Oh, my God, you think combat
keeps you up at night,
you just wait till
that little joker gets hungry.
He gonna dropkick you.
Its a girl.
A girl.
Oh, now youre in trouble.
- (both making whooshing sounds)
- (cartoon music plays on TV)
- One of these?
- WOMAN: Finished?
Babe, could you help me
take out the garbage, please?
- Yes.
- Yeah, sure.
(woman talking quietly)
Daddy, you said
youd play Twister!
All right, all right,
just give me a second.
- (kids laughing)
- (vehicle approaching)
(girl screams)
(tires squealing)
(Pam sighs heavily)
You remember this night?
Yeah, I remember
that dress and them shoes.
(Pam scoffs)
I remember your hair.
- (horns honking)
- (country music playing)
I am on my way.
I just got stuck in a...
Jesus, man, come on!
WOMAN (over phone):
Where are you coming from?
I was at Happys
with some of the boys.
(scoffs) Another boys night
with your Navy SEALs?
Babe, please, dont start.
(horn honks)
What the...?
(over phone):
Baby? Hello?
(country music continues)
What happened?
Hows my girl?
(sighs) Pregnant.
You should try it.
(sighs) - Oh, actually, I was
talking about my other girl.
- Oh. Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
So, what, you doing good, baby?
Daddy cant wait
for you to get here.
We got your room all picked out.
Yeah, wait. What was that?
Oh. She says shes gonna be
a daddys girl.
- Oh, God, I doubt it.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Its two against one.
You know what? I surrender.
I know when Im outnumbered.
(John sighs)
Ugh. (sighs heavily)
Now, you know... much it turns me on
when you wear my socks, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
And you got em on.
- Mm-mm.
- Mm-hmm.
John, no, I really need
to go to sleep tonight.
No, I know, you...
you can go to sleep.
- (laughing): No.
- I just... Its gonna be quick.
- Itll be quick. I promise.
- No.
Mm, stop.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
And dont stay downstairs
all night listening to music.
I promise.
(over headphones):
I go my own way
You go your own way
I hope we can make a way
These kind of things
fade away
I got my own...
(music continues
over headphones)
Wasnt on the menu
but was on the plate
I ate it and I hate it,
I aint like the taste
Nasty, all good moments
up out of last week
Keep on coming back
to harass me
You good lover,
you good lover
You love like
we already blood
They say, why do fools
Always chase the person who
Make them black and blue?
Break my heart,
dont cut me loose
When all...
- (whirs)
- (music stops)
(switch clicking)
(distant door opens)
(door creaks quietly)
(silenced gunshots)
Im ready.
(silenced gunshot)
- (gunfire)
- (man grunts)
(grunting weakly)
(both grunting, panting weakly)
- (gun clicks)
- (sighing)
(pained grunting)
(man grunting with effort)
(door opens)
(strained grunting)
(pained grunting)
(grunting, panting)
No. No.
(exhales slowly)
(muffled chatter)
What we know is
three perps are dead
and Senior Chief Kelly
is in critical condition,
isnt likely to pull through.
Also killed was his wife.
Uh, Kelly is the third member
of the Special Operations unit
to be attacked
in the last 24 hours.
FBI has provided the remaining
team members and their families
access to security
and protective custody.
We have to be alert
to the fact that
these SEALs get themselves
into all worlds of trouble.
Drugs, arms, information.
And keeping that in mind,
we are taking
every possible scenario
into consideration.
- Yes.
- Thats all that matters. - GREER: Ritter!
What the hell was that
"every possible scenario"
bullshit in there?
My men were not dirty,
and you know it.
What is the whole story?
And dont bullshit me, Ritter.
Today is not the day for it.
Were looking into it.
How come both times
my world has gone to shit,
youre standing
in the middle of it?
Just good luck, I guess.
(air pumping steadily)
(wind whistling)
(rapid beeping)
I need a doctor!
Code blue!
- Check his pulse.
- BPs dropping.
- Start chest compressions.
- I got you.
(grunts softly)
(monitor beeping steadily)
The baby.
(monitor beeping faster)
(takes deep, gasping breath)
Know whos behind it?
I dont know.
They were pros.
(John groans softly)
The guy they found
in my bedroom...
I didnt kill him.
He was already dead
when I got there.
(John grunts)
One got away.
All I need... a name.
Give me a name.
Even if I knew... know I cant do that.
(takes gruff, gasping breath)
(door opens)
Which part of "please knock"
wasnt clear?
Excuse me, Mr. Secretary.
My apologies, sir.
No need.
I wouldve been disappointed
with anything less.
Special assignment to the DoD.
Its impressive.
You even got a window.
I did some work with your uncle.
Jim Greer is
one hell of an operative.
If you say so, sir.
He speaks very highly of you
and your judgment.
Which is why I would like
to talk to you about John Kelly.
Lieutenant Commander,
in your opinion,
how far can Kelly be trusted?
You know the drill.
Chest press to 15.
Lets go.
Lieutenant Commander, come in.
Uh... (clears throat)
Mr. Secretary, all due respect,
the director made it clear
I was to brief you and you only.
Take a seat.
I asked the CIA to brief me
on the situation
relating to your men.
I thought youd like
to be present.
Thank you, sir.
Yuri Zelin.
Son of Nikolay Zelin,
head of the FSB.
This is Yuri in Aleppo
an hour before our assault.
Lieutenant Commanders team
killed him on the second floor.
Now, what he was doing there,
we dont know,
but Webb, Rowdy and Kelly
all seem to have been payback.
All the men Kelly killed
in his house had FSB links.
So you are actually telling me
the massacres of our men
and their families
were foreign attacks
on U.S. soil.
By proxy.
None of them were connected to
Russia in an official capacity.
Did you know Russia
was dealing weapons
out of Aleppo when we went in?
Oh, we had a feeling.
Were a man short.
Kelly said one of
the Russians got away.
Theres three men here.
Wheres the fourth?
Uh, it doesnt matter.
The CIAs position on this
moving forward
is that the matter is closed.
The director considers
the score even.
She feels, uh,
its unnecessary
to poke the bear any further.
(Clay sighs)
If Sarah believes
theres not enough intel
for me to generate a response,
my hands are tied.
For now.
Get your mug.
(drink pouring)
We celebrating something?
Thats an order.
I finally understand
how you felt
on that helicopter in Syria.
About Ritter.
CIA doesnt support
any further investigation
into the attacks
or Pams murder.
Came straight from
the directors office.
Theyre calling it
national security.
They know it was
Russian nationals, and...
(sighs) Jesus.
...its just a file on a
classified server somewhere now.
Probably gonna go
to jail for this.
But hey.
These are your toe tags.
I got em from Secretary Clay.
- Wheres the fourth?
- Your survivors a ghost.
But these three were cleared
by the chief of intel.
Andre Vaseliev, ex-FSB.
Hes the one
who issued their passports.
Hell know
who the fourth man is.
- Anybody talk to him yet?
- Nope.
Hes full-on untouchable.
(crickets chirping)
(sobs loudly)
(pants sharply)
(pants softly)
(exhales sharply)
- MAN: Watch out there. Whoa.
- (horn honks)
What are you doing, man?
Come on.
Hey. You watch out.
- JOHN: Hey, you.
- That your brother?
- JOHN: What? What?
- Blow me.
Hey. Hey.
- You got to get out of here.
- Look, I-I got... I got...
- I got a jacket, too. Look.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I-I just...
- Keep it moving. Keep it moving.
- I just want to show you my jacket.
- No, no, no, no.
- You guys...
- You got to keep it moving.
Can we trade?
Can we trade jackets?
No. Back up. Back up.
I get it. I get it.
I just need to go...
- No. Get back. Take a step...
- Get by. (stammering)
- I got to get through.
- No, you dont. No, you dont.
- You need to go this way.
- I got to go that way.
- No, you dont. You need to step...
- I-I...
- Okay, okay. All right, okay.
- I told you, get back!
Okay, okay.
Okay, I just... (mumbles)
I just need to go...
OPERATOR: 911. Whats the nature
of your emergency?
Hey, Im dropping off somebody
at Dulles Airport,
and I see a car swerving
in and out of the lanes.
I pulled up next to him,
and, um,
I hate to be this guy,
but Im pretty sure
he flashed a gun at me.
Dark SUV.
License plate
Hurry up.
Im-Im really scared.
(police horn honks,
siren whoops)
(police radio chatter)
(indistinct chatter)
Why does it take so much time
to get rid of the police?
Dont worry, Mr. Vaseliev.
Ill get you to the gate.
- (grunting)
- (tires screech)
(groans, pants)
(frantic chatter)
- (grunting)
- (door handle clunking)
- (grunts)
- (door handle clunks)
(lighter clicks)
(screaming, frantic chatter)
(two gunshots)
Yeah, you remember me? Huh?
Who killed my wife? Huh?
Who was the fourth guy
at my house?
- (grunts)
- Give me a name.
- (gun fires)
- (yells in pain)
You give me a name.
Ill give you a name.
John Kelly.
You are the problem, John.
Youre supposed to be dead,
so wherever you go,
death will follow.
- (grunts, yells)
- (gun fires)
Yeah, I punctured your lung.
My wife Pam,
she drowned in her own blood.
Now, you give me a name.
Give me a name,
and Ill make it quick.
- (creaking)
- (sirens approaching)
Viktor Rykov.
- (gun fires)
- Hes exiting the vehicle!
Get down!
Hands where we can see em!
- Let us see your hands!
- Get down!
- Im military!
- Turn around.
- Hands up!
- Dont shoot! Im military!
Get your hands behind your head!
REPORTER: Literally hours
before the Dulles attack,
an anonymous source releases
classified documents
that tie the Russian government
to the attacks
on our Navy SEALs
here in the U.S.,
and youre telling me
thats coincidental?
Im saying Id be wary
about accusing
the Russian state
of assassinating
U.S. service members
on American soil.
(mutes TV)
RITTER: We didnt leak
the Russian thing.
I mean, why would we?
We were the ones
trying to cover it up.
And as a courtesy,
Director Dillard thought
you might want to know
how Kelly got to Vaseliev.
Lieutenant Commander Greer?
Yeah, we cant prove it.
Although, as I recall,
you were quite insistent
that she be briefed
on the matter.
She did seem resourceful.
There is the obvious concern
that this new development
sends the wrong message
to Moscow.
The wrong message?
They hit us at home.
Now theyre paying attention.
And Kelly has
a big target on his back.
Even in prison,
he wont be safe.
Some situations warrant
thinking outside the box.
Has it occurred to you
that John Kelly
perhaps has done
something we cant?
He shook a tree
that needed shaking.
...lets see who else falls out.
Youre pretty messy right now.
In more ways than one.
No, Im not.
I spent half my life
playing that game.
Im the one that went to hell
and did their dirty work.
We served a country
that didnt love us back.
Because we believed
in what it could be.
We fought for what
America could be.
But they crossed a line.
They brought their war
into my house.
They took my wife.
And they took my baby girl
before she got a chance
to take a breath.
That contract is broken.
Theyre gonna play
by my rules now.
Ill show them
what a pawn can do to a king.
The files you got
on those Russians,
Secretary Clay gave it
to you, right?
I need you to get
a message to him.
(lock clicks, buzzes)
Thats impossible, John.
But I found out something.
What do you have?
If he wants to know what I know,
then you got to get me
out of here, and fast.
Why do you think I ended up
in a prison full of Russian mob?
- Think about it.
- (footsteps approaching)
They can get to me in here.
(lock clicks, buzzes)
(thunder crashes)
(footsteps in hall)
(men speaking Russian)
(lock buzzes,
door opens in distance)
(distant door clanking open)
(footsteps in hall)
On your feet.
Turn around and face the wall.
Now, why would I do that?
Im taking you on a little trip.
Nah, Im good right here.
Stand up and face the wall.
If you cant tell me
where Im going,
Im not moving.
(footsteps departing)
(distant door clanks open)
(distant lock buzzes)
(distant door bangs shut)
(distant lock buzzes)
(distant door clanks open)
(inmates shouting excitedly
in distance)
(group of footsteps approaching)
- Go, go, go, go!
- Move, move!
(grunting and groaning)
(grunting, panting)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- JOHN: Close the door,
or Im-a start snapping necks!
(alarm blaring)
Make a hole.
Maam, approaching John now.
Senior Chief Kelly.
Im United States Marshal
Kevin Townsend.
Im gonna slide a phone
through your hatch.
Somebody would like
to talk to you.
Drop it in.
This is John.
John, its me.
Were getting you out of there.
Follow the U.S. Marshal.
You can trust him.
Unless youre not done.
Im done.
(engine starts)
You know you messed up
when they send a motorcade.
Buddy, theyre gonna write songs
about all the shit
you messed up.
This way.
Mr. Secretary.
Senior Chief John Kelly.
Have you met Sarah Dillard?
She runs the CIA.
And Robert Ritter,
also from the C...
I know him.
So, what have you learned?
Make our trip down here
Viktor Rykov.
How do you know that name?
He was the fourth gunman
at my house.
He killed my wife.
Viktor Rykov is dead.
Who the hell is Viktor Rykov?
Hes classified.
Tell the man.
Viktor Anatoly Rykov.
Born in Tyumen.
Parents died early.
Moved to the U.S.
as a young child for a time.
Suspected Russian
special forces.
Counterespionage, FSB, weapons.
His ideology was post-Soviet.
He believed the West
could be brought down
by a series of strategic attacks
on American soil.
He was a planner and a doer.
He had an established set
of embedded agents.
That is, until we, uh...
sanctioned him.
Or thought we sanctioned him.
(tapping table)
Can you reassure us
that Mr. Kelly
wouldnt know Mr. Rykov
if he was standing
in front of him?
Put him in a lineup, please.
Top right.
Yeah, thats him.
If it is him, what do we do?
If Rykov is alive, we need
to find him and bring him in.
We know his M.O.
We have to assume that
this operation is not a one-off.
Think about it.
And, uh,
if I had to guess, hes probably
staged out of Russia.
I need to be on that team.
Thank you, John, sincerely,
but well take it from here.
Lieutenant Commander,
youll head the mission.
Youll be making an extraction.
- I suggest you prepare a list.
- JOHN: No, no.
I think Ive shown
that Im willing to go
further than anyone
to get the job done.
Consider what I did in Dulles
as an audition.
Sir, if this guys
as bad as he says he is,
then you need somebody like me.
And theres nobody like me.
GREER: I dont think
that would be optimal, sir.
It is my opinion
that Senior Chief Kelly is not
in the right state of mind
to be in the field right now.
With all due respect,
I think hes perfectly suited.
He goes, too.
But after the mission,
you will return
to the penitentiary as a felon.
JOHN: Never jumped from
a passenger jet before.
Its modified.
Youll jump out
of the cargo door.
But backstopping
an unplanned flight
over Germany to Russia
takes time.
The route from Leipzig
to Anchorage is already cleared.
Goes right over the DZ.
- Ill see you guys later.
- Copy that.
So, this Rykovs hiding
in Murmansk?
No bullshit, I thought
this was an exercise.
Were flying civilian?
Given the heightened tension
with Russia,
its the cleanest plan.
And we cannot leave a trace
of U.S. presence behind.
Whats our exfil?
You should read
the mission brief.
Hey, Ritter,
youre not joining us?
Ill see you over there.
Dont do that, John.
Im serious.
Mm. Okay.
(groans) Okay.
Okay, Im sorry.
Im sorry. Im sorry.
Why are you such an asshole?
"I dont think Senior Chief
Kellys fit for the field."
What was that?
You dont trust me no more?
Like I said,
youre pretty messy right now.
Before I put a bullet
in Vaselievs head,
you know what he told me?
That death follows me around.
- He was right.
- John, he was...
No, no, no, no,
just hear me out.
If I hadnt been
on that mission in Aleppo,
if I wouldve pulled out
one tour earlier, my wife... kid, theyd still be here.
My family.
Dont get much more death
around you than that.
- John.
- No, no.
Youre not responsible
for any of that.
But I am.
Its my family.
Im gonna make it right.
After that,
my life doesnt matter.
This isnt a revenge mission.
This is an extraction.
We are going to
bring him to justice.
Tell me thats gonna
be enough for you.
Im done making promises
that I cant keep.
(electronic bell chimes)
PILOT (over speaker):
This is the captain.
30 minutes to HALO jump.
Prepare for drop.
Lets go, boys.
Whatd you dream about?
Check your equipment!
(wind whistling)
Two minutes to drop, fellas.
Stand by. Stand by.
RUSSIAN PILOT (over speaker):
This is Russian Air Force,
armed, S-U-five-seven.
You have been intercepted.
- Acknowledge.
- Abort, abort!
Abort! Abort the jump!
PILOT (over speaker):
This is Transatlantic 104.
We are en route
from Leipzig/Halle
to Anchorage with clearance.
Divert immediately
to Murmansk Airdrome, ULM.
Stay low, stay low,
st-stay low, stay low, stay low!
He got a good look inside.
If you do not, your intentions
will be considered hostile
to Russian Federation.
You will be shot down.
This is Transatlantic 104.
You are garbled and unreadable.
Can you repeat?
Missile launch. Missile launch.
Right, two oclock.
JOHN: Evasive maneuvers!
Evasive maneuvers!
Brace, brace, brace!
(missile whooshes)
Can you put her down?
Were going for a swim.
Get back and take a seat
and brace for hard impact.
Sit down! Sit down!
Strap in! Brace for impact!
(metallic creaking)
(deep, metallic creaking)
Is everybody good?!
- THUNDER: Were good.
- HATCHET: Were good!
- THUNDER: Go! Move! I got it!
- HATCHET: We got to move now!
- Everybody, get out!
- DALLAS: Lets go!
- Evacuate now!
- No, I got to get...
I got to get the gear.
We got to get the rest.
Go! Leave it! Leave it!
- DALLAS: Lets go, boys!
- GREER: Come on!
Theres no mission
without the gear!
- DALLAS: Come on, lets go!
- Theres no mission...
- (metallic creaking)
- HATCHET: Get out. Get out.
I got to get the gear.
- HATCHET: We got to move!
- (deep creaking)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
HATCHET: Where you going?
Where you going?
I got to get the gear.
- (grunting)
- You cant go back there.
I got to get the Zodiac.
(deep creaking)
(metal screeching)
(sound muffles)
(deep, metallic creaking)
(inhaling deeply)
- (breathing deeply)
- (metallic creaking)
(inhales deeply)
(air whooshes)
(inhales deeply)
(muffled grunting)
(air whooshes)
(deep creaking)
GREER (muffled):
John! John!
Get him up to the surface!
- (gasping)
- All right, we got you.
We got you, we got you,
we got you.
- Grab the gear.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Grab the gear.
We got the Zodiac.
Hold on to it.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, you did it.
You did it, homey.
You did it. Come on.
(grunts, coughs)
(strained grunt)
(foghorn drones)
(air hissing)
Hey, theyre pulling us out,
Not until the missions over.
Well, I figured, since we just
exploded in the sky...
Bet everyone thinks were dead.
Well, thats the one thing
we got going for us.
Thats my real name.
If were gonna die together,
may as well drop
the code names, right?
- Seymour.
- (Thunder chuckles)
Hey, dont say shit, all right?
Isnt this nice?
Mm. Still not adding up.
What if us getting shot down
wasnt an accident?
Its really hard to forget about
that last mission
we went on with Ritter.
You were in the briefing.
You heard what they said.
Ritter was the one
who said Rykov was dead.
He was also the one
who stopped the investigation
into my wifes murder.
Isnt that right?
So now hes the only asshole,
the only one
that wasnt on the plane.
Give me a reason.
What reason would he possibly
have to sack the mission?
Dont know.
But either way,
Im going to get some answers.
You tracking me?
According to
senior Kremlin officials,
the Airbus was not a
Transatlantic Airlines flight...
But a spy aircraft
operated by the American CIA.
One official stated
that the fake manifest...
JOHN: Hey, turn around.
Slowly! Slowly!
Hands up. Hands up.
Ill stitch you up.
- Search it.
- Sit down.
- Sit down. Sit down. Down.
- Search it.
Whats happening here, Greer?
(man grunting)
- Whats the money for, Ritter?
- Listen, why dont we just
put the guns down
and we can talk about
what the hell is going on here!
Why dont you tell us
what our real mission is?
You know what
my mission is, man.
Now, why werent you
on the plane?
How did they know
where to find us?
- Russian airspace...
- Bullshit!
- Same thing happened in Aleppo.
- (groans)
Whats the real mission?
- (groans)
- Talk.
Im trying to get Rykov!
Ask him. Ask him.
He offer us money
to help capture target
in apartment building,
get him to U.S. base in Finland.
We thought you were dead!
We had to finish.
- The threat of more attacks is real.
- THUNDER: Stay down!
We need to get Rykov.
We said no,
we cannot help, okay?
Were advance only.
We have families.
Hes telling the truth!
You want Rykov?
I can get you to him.
- Thats what you want, isnt it?
- (gun fires, bullet ricochets)
Easy! Easy!
Get right here.
You think its a game?!
(Ritter gasping weakly)
I didnt sell you out.
(gasping, coughing)
Youre out of your goddamn mind!
(quiet chatter)
(chatter in Russian)
Home sweet home.
(chatter in Russian)
Target is in the kitchen.
Hes sitting at a table
- GREER: Is he alone?
- OLEKSIY: Two bodyguards.
Im just looking.
(indistinct chatter)
Hold on, hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on.
GREER (whispers):
John, what do you see?
Damn it, John!
Damn it, John, open the door.
Open the door.
- Get the fucking door open.
- Get the crowbar.
- (panting)
- (muffled chatter in Russian)
RYKOV (American accent):
John Kelly.
Good to see you again.
My wifes name was Pam.
And youre gonna say it
before you die.
I didnt kill your wife.
A decision did.
Pawns, John, both of us.
Were just pawns
serving the same king.
Do you know
Im in the CIA, John?
Did they tell you that?
We wanted you here.
You or anyone like you.
(John scoffs softly)
What did they tell you,
that you were here
to prevent an upcoming attack?
There are no other ops, John.
You and me being here...
- is the op.
- (device beeps)
We fancy ourselves
true patriots.
We accept the possibility
of our death.
Both of us.
Our lives offered willingly
for the highest cause.
What cause is that?
America, John.
All we have to do is die.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let-lets just...
lets just talk about things.
Lets just talk for
a little bit longer, okay?
(exhales sharply)
Those behind us in Washington...
are not the only true patriots.
(bystanders shouting)
(frantic chatter in distance)
Everybody all right?
Lets go! Lets get out!
We have to move!
(Greer coughing)
He wanted us here.
He was waiting for us.
- (gunshot)
- (yells) Shit!
- (gunfire)
- (Dallas groaning)
- Hey, Dallas is down!
- GREER: Dallas!
- Whos got eyes on it?
- THUNDER: Dallas is down!
Wheres it coming from?
Dallas, where are you hit?
- Dallas is hit.
- DALLAS: In my stomach.
Dallas, can you move?
I cant.
Talk to me, Dallas.
Youre all right, man.
Were gonna get you
out of there.
- Where is he at?
Kelly, its from your six!
- JOHN: I cant see him!
- (sniper breathing deeply)
Thunder, lay down some fire!
Kelly, its from your six.
Help me.
Hey, hey,
I wont leave you here.
- (groaning continues)
- Its not naptime.
JOHN: Cover me, cover me,
cover me, cover me.
(bullet strikes wall)
Coming back to you.
Crossing, crossing, crossing!
- (groaning, panting)
- (gunfire)
Dallas, hang in there, buddy!
- Third floor, second window!
- Third floor, second window!
- Lay down some cover!
- Im pinned down! Cover fire!
Youre covered! Get him!
Go, go, go!
(groaning continues)
Come on.
Second sniper!
(gunfire continues)
Theres a second sniper!
12 oclock!
(bullets whizzing)
Get him out of there!
(gunfire continues)
(panting, groaning)
Get me out of here!
(groaning, strained grunting)
Goddamn it.
(groaning continues)
Ritter, this in the brief?
- We need an out.
- Thunders down!
Theres a sniper
covering the entry point!
We need to find another way!
You still in the fight, Thunder?
Still in the game, maam.
I got our six.
All right.
Im screening the situation.
Hatchet, Kelly, cover me.
- Got you.
- Moving. - Moving.
Covering fire!
We got to frag that sniper.
- (siren approaching)
- (gunfire)
Cease fire.
- (gunfire stops)
- Cease fire.
(chatter in Russian)
(frantic chatter, screaming)
(shouting in Russian)
(people screaming)
They just killed
two police officers.
Cause it looks like we did it.
The dead Russians in my house.
They wanted us to find em.
They wanted us to find
a dead Russian soldier
on American soil.
And if we die here,
then theyll find a bunch
of dead American soldiers
on Russian soil, too.
And if we kill a couple cops
on the way out of here,
even better.
(distant sirens wailing)
the assassination of the team,
my house, this op...
it was a setup
from the beginning.
Theyre trying to start a war.
Like Rykov said,
now all we got to do is die.
Yeah, were not gonna do that.
All right.
We got to take out
this sniper in the hallway.
I need you to buy us an exit.
- Moving.
- Thunder, pass me your pack.
- GREER: Moving!
- HATCHET: Laying down cover!
(exhales, grunts)
Stay in it. Stay in it, fellas.
All right.
I got him. I got him.
All clear!
(gunfire continues)
JOHN: All right.
Lets move. Lets move.
(sirens approaching)
(tires squealing)
(chatter in Russian)
Hold tight!
Were making a way!
Push, push, push!
(bullet whizzes)
(gun clicking)
(grunting and groaning)
(distant grunting)
(chatter in Russian)
(grunting and groaning
in distance)
(grunting and groaning continue)
(gasping breaths)
- (groans)
- (Greer panting)
(Greer coughing)
My gun jammed.
(baby crying in distance)
All right.
(chatter in Russian)
Time to go!
Time to go,
time to go, time to go!
Get out of here! Go!
- (groaning, panting)
- All right, come here.
- (groaning)
- Almost there.
Last man!
Lobby, lobby, lobby!
- Come on!
- HATCHET: Dallas, lets go.
Yeah, you almost there.
(groaning, panting)
To the right.
Set him down, set him down,
set him down.
Cover the exits!
Watch my six.
All right, man.
All right.
- (panting)
- (officers shouting outside)
Hey, man.
You got kids?
Yeah. Yeah.
HATCHET: Anything you want me
to tell em?
Tell em, um,
I love them.
Tell em...
Tell em...
(officers chattering in Russian)
(John sighs)
I got a plan.
Im gonna get up to the roof
and clear a path for you guys.
Were not leaving you behind.
We cant leave anybody behind.
If we leave a trace,
theyre going to get their war.
You got to get the team
out of here.
To them, Im not a soldier.
Im a felon.
I can die here.
(grunting, panting)
(chatter in Russian)
(gunfire continues)
(gunfire continues)
(engine starts)
- (panting)
- (gunfire continues)
(tires squeal)
- (gunfire continues)
- (bullets ricocheting)
(gunfire continues)
(officers shouting in Russian)
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Come on, Kelly.
(footsteps approaching)
(grunting and groaning)
(choking intensifies)
- (John grunts)
- (choking stops)
(officers speaking Russian
in distance)
(officers shouting in distance)
(smoke hissing)
(grunting and groaning)
(gruff panting)
(shouting in Russian)
(coughing, gasping)
- (bullet hits)
- (groans)
(officers shouting in Russian)
- (groans)
- (officers shouting)
(officers groaning)
(grunts, pants)
(officers shouting nearby)
(gunfire continues)
Come on, baby.
(officers shouting)
- (slow, heavy breaths)
- (frantic chatter in distance)
(distant screaming,
groaning and coughing)
(John grunting)
(men coughing)
(muffled chatter in Russian)
(man groaning)
(frantic chatter in distance)
(sirens blaring)
(muffled chatter, screaming)
(siren whooping)
(gasping, coughing)
- (frantic chatter)
- (sirens blaring)
(engine shuts off)
(door opens)
- Come on.
- (groaning, panting)
Can you walk? Can you walk?
The others went ahead.
(seabirds calling)
(John grunting)
(pained grunting)
You guys heard
what Rykov said, right?
He said it started in D.C.
I thought I was
a pawn hunting a king.
Rykov wasnt a king.
He was just me
on the other side.
Pawns could never kill a king.
All Ive got
to go back to is jail.
Theres a duffel bag of money
below deck.
Its yours.
But you never made it out alive.
You died in Murmansk.
With you as a ghost,
maybe we can find out
whos behind this.
I was wrong about you.
(horns honking)
...minister has accused the U.S.
of an attack on a civilian
building in Murmansk
which resulted
in multiple casualties.
The White House denies
any connection.
In response,
the U.S. has accused Russia
of trying to shift blame
for the downed commercial flight
over the Barents Sea.
Each country has yet
to prove its claims,
but the fact remains
relations between
the two nations
havent been this strained
since the Cold War.
There are also concerns about
how an escalation in tensions
could affect the economy.
A U.S. trade representative
has stated that...
Mr. Secretary.
(door closes)
Greer told me you were dead.
Im sorry to sneak up
on you like this,
but I had to go ghost.
It was the only way I could
get you that information.
Wh-What information?
About the mission.
We werent supposed to
make it out of there alive.
Sir, this was a CIA op.
They ran it out of D.C.
the entire time.
Theyre trying to heat up
tension with Russia.
Youre not suggesting Dillard?
Ive known Sarah for years.
I dont always agree
with her methods,
but shes nothing
if not a patriot.
I know she doesnt seem
like the type of person
that would put an operative
in an explosive vest,
have him blow himself up.
Well, thats exactly my point.
Thing is, Greer left
that part out of the report.
And when I said that
just now, you...
you didnt seem a bit surprised.
Well, nothing surprises me
anymore, John.
(Clay grunting, panting)
There he goes.
I dont know what you think
youre doing, sailor.
Helpless, huh?
You sent me all over this world,
put my life on the line
because I believed that we were
on the right side of things.
That our way would keep
people like you in check.
Pull over, John.
- Youre confused.
- So youre gonna tell me why.
Why my family?
My wife?
My daughter?
Why kill my team?
Rykov was all in,
so Id like a little bit
of what you sold him.
You are making a mistake.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Know where we driving?
You got a farm
out in West Virginia, right?
Your daughter should be
home from college.
Thats a good school.
Your wife.
- Your son, too.
- (grunting)
- So I suggest you start talking.
- (panting)
Because if you dont,
Im gonna make you watch me kill
your whole damn family.
I never met Rykov in my life.
Im listening.
You know who won World War II?
It wasnt the generals
or the admirals.
It was the economists.
More tanks, planes, ships.
And all that spending lifted
this entire nation
out of poverty.
Freed the world from tyranny.
A big country needs big enemies.
The best enemy we ever had
was the Soviet Union.
Our fear of them
unified our people.
Gave us purpose.
The problem today, John,
is half this country thinks
the other half is its enemy
because they have
no one else to fight.
we gave them a real enemy.
One with the power
to threaten their lives,
their freedoms.
Freedoms you take for granted.
And it works, John.
It works.
You just wouldnt die.
You had no right
to take so much from us.
No, I did. I swore an oath.
Me, too.
To my wife.
Her name was Pam.
And youre gonna say it
before you die.
Uh, what...
- (horns honking)
- (tires squealing)
Youre gonna say her name.
Get me out of here!
Say her name.
Get me out of here!
Say it!
(inhales deeply)
(muffled grunt)
(muffled creaking, thumping)
There is a heaven.
Mm, is this it?
No, baby, its not.
What about you?
Are you in heaven?
Im with you.
Not always.
No, not always.
But now.
Pam, I miss you.
I know.
Its okay.
WEST: "And lead us not
into temptation,
"but deliver us from evil.
"For thine is the kingdom
"and the power and the glory
"forever and ever.
(rifles blast)
(rifles blast)
(rifles blast)
REPORTER (on radio):
Although the precise nature
of the action
remains classified,
it apparently cost the life
of Secretary of Defense
Thomas Clay,
who was found dead
in the Potomac River last week
in an apparent suicide.
Emerging reports suggest
he was involved
in a potentially treason...
Hey. I was listening to that.
Lot less people than I thought.
(starts engine)
(muffled thumping)
CLAY (recorded):
We gave them a real enemy.
One with the power
to threaten their lives,
their freedoms.
Freedoms you take for granted.
And it works, John.
It works.
You just wouldnt die.
I need a favor.
Vaseliev did say that
none of this would be over
until John Kelly was dead.
Heres your new legend,
courtesy of
your little friend Ritter.
"John Clark."
Thats real creative.
Yeah, well, the CIA isnt
exactly known for that.
Thats fair.
What are you gonna do, John?
What we do best: disappear.
And I know
youre dead and all now,
but dont be a stranger.
Yes, maam.
Congratulations on
the promotion, by the way.
Thank you.
Got to say I was surprised
when you, uh, came back to D.C.
Ive been thinking
about what happened.
About how it could happen again.
So I put together some thoughts.
A multinational
counterterrorist team,
made up of U.S., U.K.,
hand-selected NATO personnel,
with the full support of their
national intelligence services.
And whos gonna run
that kind of thing?
I will.
I want to present it
to the president.
Do you, now?
Calling it Rainbow.
Why is that?
Its personal.
Hey, John.
Its good to have you back.
Its good to be back.
(music fades)