Tom yum goong 2 (2013) Movie Script

What are you doing?! Easy, man.
Put the knife down and
tell me what you want!
I already did!
But you didn't listen.
Sarge, back off!
I won't until you put
that knife away!
It's too late, Sarge.
I got no choice!
Kham! No!
First position, do you
know what this is?
Elephant's tusks!
And what is this called?
Elephant's tusks, it is called
an elephant swing the grasses.
How about this?
An elephant flapping his
ears, five times together.
One, two, three, four, five.
Kham, by teaching
these dancing moves,
what shall we do when
someone punches us?
Mud, come here. You
are always doubtful.
- You don't trust me?
- Yes.
Let's try this.
Which part of Khon is the
strongest and most scary?
The tusks.
The Khodchasarn principles rely on
using the body's strongest part.
Use the elbows to protect
the punch and attack.
Try hitting me.
It will be here.
And then, it will be
the trunk flicking.
Mud, go home now!
How many times have I told you
not to study these crazy moves?
Why don't you go study?
I really want to know if these
Jaturong arts can beat my cane?
How many times have I told you not
to take the elephant to the market?
Do you see what
has been damaged?
If you want to raise an
elephant, go to the jungle!
Mud, go home now, quick!
Khon, come!
I have something to show you!
Come here!
I'll tell the Abbot
about your pranks,
and you'll have to find
a new place to live!
No! Please don't tell him!
The Buddha said not to
believe until there's proof.
So we have to experiment, right?
Wait! Wait! Wait! Kham!
One more thing...
I will kick you.
Let's go.
Dumb ass!
Stay hungry, stay foolish.
I guarantee you sir...
Come with me, sir.
Look, sir, this elephant
has divine features.
It has descended from a long
line of the finest pedigree.
- From an ancient--
- That's enough.
Take the money and bring
him the paper, now!
You touch, I kick.
Don't play hard to get,
just name your price.
Only fools think money
can buy everything.
This guy talks just like the
bitch I banged last night.
"You can't buy me!"
Then what? She was in
the shower when I left.
Boss is really interested.
You don't make fast money
like this every day.
Your elephant will get
to live in a real camp.
You can't even take good care of
yourself around these backwoods!
Pride has its price too.
I'll ask you one last time.
How much?
As much as you'd pay
for your mom and dad.
Dad's got the coconuts for you!
I'm here to do business.
I'm not forcing you to sell it.
Even though I can.
Leave him the phone number.
I can't believe this! You're
dumber than your beast!
You could have made a fortune!
Kham! What happened?
Good that you're here.
Watch Khon for me.
I'll be back.
Back when?
- Rangers have found the carcass...
- Hold this.
of a male elephant, 40 years
old, weighing two tons.
It lay in a crouching
position, face down,
all four legs bent back.
Its face was sliced off
from the eyes to the mouth.
Most conspicuously, the
tusks were cut off...
as well as the tip of the tail.
- There was also a one centimeter wide...
- Again'.!
bullet hole near the mouth. The beast
had been killed for two to three days.
The paper just ran this,
and they've done it again!
The rangers have made an offering
of bananas, flowers and incense...
"One Shot Dead, Elephant Poachers
In Gunfight With Rangers"
to pay respects to the guardian
spirits near the carcass.
Piak, Pond, thanks!
Kham! They took Khon!
, sir.
Is this line secured?
Are you alone?
Go on, sir.
Have you delivered the package?
It's done, sir. But I'm curious.
We have plenty of other elephants.
Why this one?
The better question is,
what will they do with it?
It's good not to know.
Our job is finished.
From now on, we have nothing
to do with each other.
My best advice is you
should disappear.
Sir! Sir!
Where is Suchart?
Second floor.
Uncle! Uncle!
I didn't kill him.
Follow him!
Sergeant Mark!
Are you all right?
Of course not!
- Let me help you.
- Call the ambulance!
Is that him?
I'm not sure. It
happened so fast.
This hurts!
There are no cameras
inside the house.
But the evidence is substantial.
You see this?
Of course, I'm not blind.
The victim was hit by a
hard object at three spots.
Hard object? Like what?
Fists, I think.
Are you saying he was
punched to death?
The killer must be an expert.
A martial artist...
That's why he drew blood from your head!
Lucky that you survived!
But we would like to
thank you anyway.
For tipping us off with
the lead from Interpol.
You also attempted an
arrest of the suspect!
Are you mocking me?
You boys were running
around like halfwits.
I helped you out of mercy!
Take it easy, Sarge, they're
thankful you assisted us.
Come on, LC.
I want to fight with Number Two.
What the hell is this?
Bring 31. I'm going
to fight Number Two.
That's fucking suicide, man.
See if you handle her
first, then we'll talk.
Come on, LC.
Don't tell me she has a
higher rank than me.
Why are you here?
That's exactly my question,
why are you here?
And why were you at
Suchart's house?
I'm just looking for Khon.
Looking for Khon?
You've lost your elephant again?
You're sure it's an
elephant and not a kitten?
Why do you keep losing him?
Listen, Sarge.
Suchart and his men went
to my house to buy Khon.
I refused.
When he left, Khon disappeared.
You mean you went
there to kill him?
You talk as if you
didn't know me.
Because I know you.
I know how you can raise hell!
I also know you're naive, that's
why I still haven't arrested you.
Stop right there!
If you don't want to help
me, don't stand in my way.
For you, Khon may be
just an elephant.
But for me, he's my
younger brother.
Your dad slept with an elephant?
- Sarge!
- Kham!
Hands off!
I don't want this to happen,
but I have something
to tell you.
Tomorrow, the ruler of the Republic
of Katana will visit Thailand.
There's a terrorist plot against
him, that's why I'm here!
And I've found you here, where
I didn't expect you to be!
I can help you if you trust
me and tell me the truth.
What truth? I told
you I know nothing!
Pixie girls, easy!
Go get his ass!
To Kham - 3 pm at the
shipyard From Mark
Who are you!? Let me go!
Let's move.
Let me go!
This is Mark.
I didn't kill him!
Why do I have to babysit him?!
They told me to get rid of him.
Let me eat first!
Shit! Me again?
This asshole is
ruining my lunch!
I should cut off your
ear as a side dish.
Stop petting him and just
stab the prick in the neck!
Who are you people? Why
did you kill my uncle?
Cool it, pixie girl!
I ask why did you kill him!
You don't look like Interpol.
Get Lieutenant Kong.
He'll be here shortly.
And who's that?
Family of the victim.
Will you let us in?
My face hurts!
As you can see...
He was killed by three extreme
impacts successively at three spots.
First, the cartilage.
The blow forced the
victim to bend forward.
When he did that, the
second blow struck his neck
and ruptured his windpipe.
He reflexively lowered his head as
the murderer landed the final blow
at the top of his head.
The nerve center of the body.
In short,
the person who did
this is a real pro.
I'm sleepy. See you later.
Turn off the light
when you leave.
I'm not your janitor.
Take good care of Khon.
Remember that he's an
auspicious elephant
of the Akaneepong clan.
Promise me...
You'll take care of him as
if it were your own brother.
Don't worry.
I'll protect him with my life.
We finally meet.
I'm a big fan of your work.
Especially what you did
down there in Sydney.
But I'm pretty disappointed
with the last five years.
You've been living like a
country boy, eating sugarcane.
That's not a proper life
for a man of your skills.
So I decided to give you a
job here in my organization.
You'll get a lot of money.
A lot of... kittens.
All the coconut you can eat.
What do you say, Mr. Kham?
Join us.
I'll take that as a no.
I think you need
some persuasion.
Join us, or he dies.
I'll count to three.
Too slow, man!
Martial art's
supposed to be fast!
Hold on!
I'll give you another
chance to play this game.
Here's my next surprise!
Let me go!
Stay hungry, stay foolish!
It hurts!
Your action means the
death of your elephant!
If you defy his order again,
your elephant is dead.
What are you doing?!
Put the knife down!
Listen to me!
Put it down!
Tell me what you want!
I already did.
But you wouldn't listen!
Back off, Sarge!
I won't until you put
that knife away!
It's too late, Sarge.
I got no choice!
Kham! No!
Wait! Won't we talk first?
Tell me what you know!
I will! Don't hurt me!
Boss thinks the police won't
let you get out of here alive.
All right! They wanted me
to make sure you're dead.
That's all I know, okay?
You never planned to return Khon to me!
Where's my elephant?!
What else? Tell me everything!
Tell me!
All right, I'll tell
you everything!
Come out, it's only me here.
Sarge, will you help me?
What happened to you?
Goddamn it, I lost plenty
of men from this shit!
Take it or leave it.
Let's go!
It's been a mess since
I ran into you.
Were we brothers
in our past lives?
I have to keep saving your
ass, time after time!
Wipe the blood off.
Something told me from the
start that you didn't do it.
Why do you want to help
me all of a sudden?
Is your job done?
My job is over.
Along with my career.
Fuck it.
I'll help you find
your elephant.
Maybe I'll feel
worthy of something.
That guy you beat up by the
pool, what did he tell you?
They said the gang would
move Khon to Phuket tonight.
- Phuket.
- Genera! Dutafi...
president of the newly established
country of West Katana
will begin his official
visit in Bangkok tonight.
After ten years of negotiation
between the Katana government
and the separatist insurgency.
The war between the two
sides is now over.
East Katana has asked Thailand to
prepare an Elephant Banquet in Phuket.
An elephant will be presented as a
gift of goodwill to West Katana.
Where have they gone?
That means my job
isn't finished.
The problem is...
You're still wanted
by the police.
Now you can fly.
Step aside.
You've become a pain in my ass
over your fucking elephant.
Who'd suspect that your
poor little elephant
could be turned into a bomb!
Attack fast, up and down...
Shut your blind ass up!
Sarge! They put a bomb on Khon!
There's a bomb! A
bomb on the elephant!
Run, idiots, run!
I don't know anything!
- You don't?
- I don't know anything!
- You planted the bomb!
- I didn't!
But there's a bomb and
we're going to be dead!
- Shut it down!
- I can't now!
If the tusks are dislodged,
the bomb will go off!
Khon, we'll be fine.
Put it back!
What now?
I've seen bomb squad at work
before, but today it's your show!
Relax, Khon.
- Back! Back!
- Khon, go back!
Hold the tusks. I'll
take care of him.
Can you help me?
Both get ready, okay?
Change to Camera E.
Let's look at Camera B.
This scene is really exhausting!
I'm tired!
You're lucky your skirt
didn't fall off on air!
I don't want this to happen, Khon...
I mean Kham.
What's wrong with you?
You got ringworms? I'll buy you
antifungal disinfectant cream.
- I'm okay.
- Don't cry.
Don't let them know
you're in pain.
I'm ready to go.
- Cut, cut cut!
- Okay. Just walk off the scene.
- Put it up!
- Ready.
Okay, ready.
Jaa is launched out now.
Ready, stop.
Pull, pull, pull,
pull, pull, cut!
Take your hand off me!
I'll take you to Dream World...
I can't pull it out!
I don't want this
to happen, Kham.
My high heel broke.
- That's an expensive shoe.
- You want to take it off?
- Take it off if you want to.
- Okay.
Right. Okay, you got it.
Tell me the truth.
I lost focus.
- You lost focus.
- Come on, come on.
Like this?
Are we shooting comedy or what?