Tomb Raider (2018) Movie Script

May 17th, 2009.
Further research on Himiko.
According to legend.
Himiko, the first queen of Japan
was a powerful sorceress who ruled her
empire through dark magic.
Spreading death and destruction,
by the mere touch of her hand.
She was only stopped by
a single twist of fate.
An army of her own
Generals bound...
and dragged Himiko...
to an uninhabitable island
in the middle of the treacherous
Devil's Sea.
There she remains entombed
beneath the mountains.
I found a spec, on an
old map that no one else has.
And she's there.
Waiting to be unleashed.
I have to get there first.
Even if it means doing...
the last thing
I'd ever want to do...
Leaving my Lara behind.
You gotta make decisions, Lara.
You gotta make something to happen.
Counter punching doesn't work for you,
you don't have the skill.
- Thanks, Terry.
- You're welcome.
Come on, Lara!
Stop dancing, start fighting!
Yes girl!
Come on!
Nice one, Lara!
You've got this.
- It's over.
- Isn't.
Then get out of it.
Come on, Lara, tap out!
- Don't say it.
- You got whoops girl, you got whooped.
- Not whooped.
- Okay, not whooped.
She is not a freaking super hero.
The truth is, I let her.
We cool?
Yup, cool.
It was fun, actually.
I'll get you next time.
I'll marmalize you.
You're home early tonight, right?
Catch you later.
Who stole my apple?
Should've known it was you.
Why I wanna do a thing like that?
Cause you can't afford your own.
Just seen you're behind
with your payments.
Terry, look, I'll catch up on the payment.
I promise.
I'll make it up to you.
Get a job, Lara.
Do you think I'm dressed
like this for fun?
I like you, Lara.
I really do, but...
Good Morning Lara...
- Hi, all good?
- Yeah, having a great day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Go to the action.
Invite her to dinner.
Come on!
Anything else?
No, no, no.
- Good bye!
- Good bye!
Why didn't you asked her?
You're stupid.
You got that fox hunt sorted right?
Yeah, more or less.
Got 30 hounds signed up.
Just gotta find the fox now.
Good luck on that.
Need someone quick enough to,
make it interesting?
Yeah, I know, find a thing quick.
But dumb enough to think they can win.
What are you plotting?
We are gonna do a fox hunt.
A what?
It's like a race. Except the fox
gets a head start.
- Leaving a paint trail behind his bike.
- For the baying hounds to follow.
And if they haven't caught by
the time the paint runs out...
he wins all the money.
- How much money?
- 600 quid.
I think you've just found yourself a fox.
Are you being serious?
Not quick or dumb enough for you?
No, I mean, I just...
- You're on.
- Hide fox and all after.
Ooh, Shakespeare?
Hamlet, is it?
Dunno, things just stick in my brain.
You know it's Hamlet.
And I ask you once again...
Why on earth are you bike runner?
You, Bruce.
I wanna be close to you.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Go!
- Careful!
- Excuse me!
- Dammit!
- Come on! Go, go, go.
Where did she go?
I won't be long.
- Oi! Watch where you're going!
- Use your mirrors!
Go, go!
Fancy seeing you here.
You didn't have to come,
I don't need a guardian anymore.
You've been decorating?
Haven't seen you for a long time.
You've never seen me.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for coming.
What was today about?
I needed the money.
No, you don't!
There's an inheritance waiting for you.
- If any you'd...
- I won't!
It's been seven years, Lara.
Tokyo Police stopped
looking for your father...
five years ago.
Private investigators won't even
take our money anymore.
I know it's difficult to accept,
but you really must come in
and sign these papers now.
- That's why you came?
- No, I came for you.
Just think what you can do
for the world...
with your potential,
with your wealth.
His wealth, not mine.
Listen, it's very simple.
If you don't sign the
papers, then everything...
your father worked for
will be sold off.
Not just the company.
The Croft manor, also.
Can you imagine how he would feel
if you lost the house.
Lara, your father's gone.
But, you can pick up
where he left off.
It's in your blood.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not that kind of Croft.
I don't want you to go, daddy.
I won't be long, my love.
You must understand,
we Crofts, we have...
responsibilities, jobs to do.
- But I'll miss you.
- I know, I'll miss you too.
But I may have a
solution to that.
See this?
This was your mother's.
It has special powers.
What do you mean?
Have you wanna feel
close to someone,
just put it in your hand
and you hold it tightly.
And you think of that person
and they will know.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's magic.
And it means that we'll always be together,
where ever I am.
I'll be back, before
you know I've gone.
Courier's 'round the back.
I'm not a courier.
Well, I am.
Right, so 'round the back.
I am here see Ana Miller.
Well, you gotta sign in
like everyone else.
- What's your name?
- Lara.
- Lara...
- Croft.
The pages that require
the signature...
are marked for your convenience.
Lord Richard Croft.
Would you like Mr. Yaffe
to take you through the particulars?
I gather I sign...
and... dad is dead.
I can imagine how...
how difficult this is for you.
I miss him too.
That was dad's?
Yes, Miss Croft, according
to Richard's will...
In the event of his death,
I was to give it to you.
Japanese puzzle.
And technically speaking,
you are meant to
sign the papers first.
I have never understand your father's
obsession with those things.
Wouldn't believe how many of
these were lying around the house.
There was gonna be some purpose with...
The first letter from
my final destination.
But he didn't leave a letter.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Lara...
My final destination.
The first letter.
What the...
- Dad...
What were you up to?
Hello sprout.
I knew I could trust you
to solve my puzzle.
Unfortunately, if you are
watching this tape then...
It means that I must be dead.
It will be obvious to you by now...
that there was more
to my life than just...
board rooms and business deals.
Things that I could not
tell you about before.
When your mother died,
grief nearly destroyed me.
I began searching the
world desperate for a...
the hint of another realm.
The proof that the supernatural is real.
to feel her with me again.
I made caught a
hobby of it, sprout.
I need you to do me a favor.
I need you to burn all my
research on the Himiko project.
Just burn all of it,
the notebooks, the tapes, everything.
It's very important. If it falls
into the wrong hands, then...
it could be catastrophic.
So please, do it straight away.
I know you hate
being told what to do,
but, please promise me that.
I hope you never have
to see this tape,
but if you do...
You found my secret calling.
I hope you find yours.
Dad loves you.
October 5th.
They call Queen Himiko,
the mother of death.
All the stories about her end in
rivers running red with blood.
Bewitching people,
controlling minds.
Spreading death and destruction
with just the touch of her hand.
The bloodshed only ended
when her own Generals...
buried her alive in a tomb.
Sealing her away from the outside world
on an Island no one could reach.
History has erased its existence.
The Lost Island of Yamatai.
I'm certain this is the place.
July 29th, 2011.
I finally found the Captain
willing to take me to the Island.
I must get there
first to ensure...
her powers will never fall
into the wrong hands.
That amulet was given
to my father...
by Emperor Showa of Japan.
Right, right.
- This ain't from Japan.
- You're correct.
Emperor Showa was given
it by the grand son...
of the former empire of Maratha.
You had me laughing, isn't?
And he himself got it from
Thibau, the last King of...
Burma, when he was
exiled in India.
Exiled in India?
What a fascinating tale.
You got all these providence
down on paper, do you?
If I have the providence on paper,
I would be at Christie's
with my, but um...
This is your lucky day.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Alan, what have I told you about
flirting with the customers?
I'm not flirting.
I'm just naturally charismatic.
I was not flirting, I'm sorry.
I'm just a little...
Have a look.
Big smiles, nice and casual.
Right, well.
I'm pleased to say...
we are in a position
to make you an offer.
Just a tad bit more?
That's all I have to
remember my dad by.
Oh, your dad died.
It's a shame, it's a
terrible thing for a young
woman to lose her father.
Alright fair enough, 9,000.
You just said ten?
Well, people come in here, trying
that dead dad shit all the time.
You fall for it all the time.
- Yes, you do.
- I fall for it twice.
Yeah, twice...
It's the truth.
Fine, I'm happy to
keep negotiating...
because now the price is eight.
OK, you win.
- Finally.
- Thank you. Really.
- Thank you!
- Oi!
For just such occasions!
- For just such occasions.
- She burnt me taters.
- Seriously, sort it out!
- What? That is hot coffee.
Excuse me, do you speak English?
No, no.
Thank you.
Sorry... Excuse me.
- Yeah?
- Do you know Lu Ren? Lu Ren?
Not even a tiny bit?
- Do you speak English?
- Lady.
You need help?
Yes, I do.
I'm looking for this
guy called Lu Ren.
- Um, he's supposed to...
- Lu Ren's boat.
- Yes.
- Endurance, over there.
Which one?
- Come on.
- Stay back!
Give me the bag.
You just lost your tip.
You just lose your tongue!
Lu! Lu Ren!
Run! He's drunk again!
Thank you.
I said what are you
doing on my boat?
I am not with them. I'm looking
for a man named Lu Ren.
Congratulations, you found me.
Now get lost!
Please. Wait.
Just listen. I mean...
Okay, let's go.
- I am not here to make any troubles.
- Keep walking!
Could you please put that
gun down and just...
For God's sake!
My father, Richard Croft, tried
to buy a boat from you.
No, not me. He didn't.
Yes, he did.
Your name is Lu Ren.
This is from you.
Yes, I know my name, thanks.
This is same as my fathers,
and he wrote that, not me.
Well then I need to talk to him.
You and a hundred other people
he owed money...
Where is he?
I don't know! OK?
One day he just left on his boat and
I never saw him again, alright?
Was this 7 years ago?
I think I know where
they went. Our dads.
To the bottom of the sea?
They were headed to
an uninhabited island.
Somewhere off
the coast of Japan.
Used to be called Yamatai.
I'm gonna go there and find out
what happened to them.
Good luck.
There are at least 6,000 Islands...
off the coast of Japan.
Hardly any of them are populated.
Well... I have a map.
Now, all I need to do is to
figure out what these are.
I think these are coordinates,
for location.
They're clock hands.
They're not clock hands.
Certainly not clock hands then.
They are clock hands!
It's the one!
That's right in the middle
of the Devil's Sea.
You might as well tie a stone to yourself
and jump off the boat now.
It will be an adventure!
Death is not an adventure.
Don't you even want to know
what happened to them?
I just don't care anymore OK?
Look, I'm a busy guy, I got stuff to do.
How much did you lose last night?
What makes you think I lost?
Well it looked like you were drowning
your sorrows,
not celebrating.
Yours if you help
me get to Yamatai.
What will I spend it on?
Then I'll go get myself two
rust buckets like this for that.
Even if you have a boat, or two...
You'd sink them before you
even left the harbor.
What you need is an experienced Captain.
So what's in the other shoe?
June 23rd, I may have found
the next piece to the puzzle.
Ancient drawings hint
to the location...
of the tomb and an elaborate
door to keep her contained.
I found a way to
decipher the codes.
I'm sure I can get to her.
The ancient Nihon Chronicles
state that within the tomb
one must face the ordeals of Himiko.
Cross the Chasm of Souls,
pray to survive the
faces of Himiko,
behold her army
of a thousand hand maidens...
descend upon Himiko's final resting place,
unleashing her scourge.
July 6th,
I'm convinced that my
progress is being monitored.
I know them by name now,
The Order of Trinity.
An ancient militant
organization that...
seeks control over the
to rule the fate of mankind.
What if Himiko
is the weapon that Trinity's been seeking?
You can't sleep?
Enjoy it while you can.
We're headed into the
most dangerous stretch of water...
between Hong Kong and California.
Your dad sure knew how to pick a holiday.
He had a knack for the unexpected,
I am starting to wonder
if he'd gone mad though.
He didn't seem to know what was real,
and what wasn't.
Obsessing over some ancient
Japanese death queen.
Hey, some men like dangerous women.
Some men are foolish.
Good night, Lu Ren.
Sweet dreams.
- Not William Tell yet, but you're close.
- William Tell was a myth Dad.
Well, all myths have foundation in reality.
- I have to head off sprout.
- You've only just come back.
- I'll be back before you...
- I even know you're gone.
Ana will keep an eye on you.
I don't need one of your
employees babysitting me.
I can take care of myself.
My girl.
Never forget dad loves you.
I know.
I thought that might wake you.
Your island's found us!
We've lost all control!
We need to abandon ship!
- What?
- We're dead in the water.
It's not gonna hold much longer.
We need to get off this boat now!
Dad's papers!
Forget them! Lara!
Lara, come on!
The lifeboat!
Watch out!
Where am I?
Aah, she's awake.
I was beginning to get worried about you.
A reef.
You hit it.
Thank God I found you.
Most people who try to come here
die in the currents.
Almost impossible to get here.
Even harder to leave.
Where is my...?
Right here.
What are you doing here, Lara?
I have two daughters.
Dark hair, like you.
Pretty like you.
Now forgive me...
I'm rude. I haven't hosted guests
in a very long time.
My name is Mathias Vogel.
You must be hungry.
I used to imagine that...
I might find an ear
in one of these cans eventually.
Isn't that mad?
I guess being on this island for so long
can make you a little crazy.
The only person that I get to talk to
is on the other end of this phone,
and they always say the same thing.
I can't go home until my work
on the island is done.
What kind of work do you do?
Oh a mix of things,
at the mercy of my employer.
You looking for this?
The macanations of fate
never ceases to amaze me.
The door to Himiko.
Richard had the entrance.
All that wasted time.
You have brought me the thing
that I most wanted in this world.
Thank you.
What do you know about my father?
Now I see the likeness.
The intelligence, the face.
The recklessness.
All he had to was cooperate,
Of course, being Richard he refuse
Thought he was saving the world.
Where is he?
Where is he?
To God, now.
I killed him.
I'm sorry if I was too blunt,
I'm out of practice.
It's been seven years.
Seven years.
Come on.
Come on!
Get down there!
Move these platforms.
- Move!
- Move!
Let's go!
Pick it up!
Come on, go!
Tie her up!
OK, break it up!
Back to work!
Lara Croft!
You shouldn't have come here.
But I'm glad that you did.
Pack it up!
We're moving camp!
Alright, let's pack it up!
We're moving camp!
You move!
Move it, move it!
Pick it up, come on let's go!
Who are these people?
Some are shipwrecked fishermen,
And some paid smugglers to take
'em to a better life...
Instead they brought 'em here.
Come on! Back in Line, move!
He said he killed my dad.
He killed mine.
They saw it.
Cold-blooded murder.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I brought you here.
Well, you did take advantage
of a drunken sailor.
Come on! Move!
At least we're not dead yet.
No shit!
I need some CL-20 up here!
Come on let's move!
You okay?
- Get him up and back to work right now!
- Hang on.
- Right now!
- Let him rest. We'll manage.
- Get him back to work right now!
- He's sick man, he needs to rest.
Get back to work!
You heard him! Let's get back to work!
Hey Lara...
Lara, get ready!
Look out!
- Get her!
- Dammit!
She's in the river.
Want us to follow?
I'm sending Rocket to track her.
If she survives, he'll bring her back.
Easy now, easy.
I'm taking you back to camp.
Stop that struggling!
No, no, no!
I'm not mad, I'm not mad.
Just ignore it, it will go away.
It's me.
It's not real. Ignore
it, it will go away.
Always does.
Look at me.
Do you remember this?
We used to...
It's me!
It's Lara!
What in the place is you doing here?
Dad, I'm hurt!
Don't worry.
- This will hurt me more than it hurts you.
- What?
You're alright.
You're alright.
It's done.
Rest now.
Will you stay with me?
I'm not going anywhere.
Vogel, we found it! Yeah!
Yeah! Come on!
We found it.
I found it.
Send a transport.
I thought you'd gone.
Usually when I see you on this
island, it's you who disappears.
Let me do that.
Come here.
So sprout, where did you end up?
Did you go to Oxford or Cambridge?
Come on which was it?
You know what, dad, I...
I didn't go to University.
Well there's time yet,
you're still only a child.
No, I was a child when you left me.
The hardest day of my life
when I gave up trying to get back to you.
But I realized, she'd
never let me leave.
What are you talking about?
Who is she?
Trinity had sent Vogel
to find her tomb.
So that he could wake her
and get her power.
I had to stop them.
Vogel can't find the
tomb without me,
and, since I'm dead and...
since you've burned the rest
of my research,
he will never find it.
About that...
What part of burn all my papers
did you not understand...
If I burned the papers.
I wouldn't have found you.
I set diversions and false
leads where ever I could.
I watched for years
as they got it wrong,
and now you lead them by the hand.
So a gun toting psychopath
finds some ancient remains?
So what?
If Vogel opens that tomb...
Himiko's curse will
be unleashed on the world.
- Dad, listen...
- You coming here was a mistake.
I came here to find out
what happened to you.
So long as the tomb was safe,
you were safe.
I was trying to keep you safe.
- I underestimated your...
- My what?
- Stupidity?
- No.
Your bravery.
- We have to get off this Island.
- There's no way off, Lara!
Vogel's got a satellite phone.
We can get to it,
we can call for help.
Vogel has an army!
You were the one who
taught me to never give up.
That was a different time.
When I was a different man.
- Lara...
- Well I'm still his daughter.
Come on.
Try another combination.
And another one, and another one.
Come on, come on give me the damn code.
Hey, try the explosives again.
Set another charge.
Yes Boss.
- Get over there.
- Stop fucking!
Get the guns.
I'm gonna get the satphone.
And we'll find a way for all of us
to get out of here.
We need to leave now!
They're running!
Shoot them!
- Get them to safety.
- OK.
I'll be right behind you!
We have to leave.
I have to wait here.
I will not leave Lara.
It's beautiful, isn't it, Richard?
I wish I would have known that you were
alive all these years.
At least I would had
somebody to talk to.
I need your help, Richard.
Get the door open for me.
It's been seven years.
I'm going home to see my family.
If I open that tomb,
you won't have a family!
Open it!
Open it!
Open it!
Have it your way.
With you or without you,
I'm getting inside that tomb.
Put that down!
Put it down!
Oh, you don't think I can pull this trigger
before you hit me with that arrow?
Shoot him Lara, shoot him!
Come on, put your weapon down!
Shoot him Lara, we can't
let him get to Himiko.
You really don't believe
this nonsense do you?
Tell your father to open
the door or he's dead.
You can make him do it, Lara.
Transport's already on it's way.
We can all be off this goddamn island.
Let him shoot me.
Sacrificing one life
is worth saving millions.
It's your decision.
It's your finger
that's pulling this trigger.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I didn't come all this way to see you die.
I'll do it.
I'll open it.
Finally, a Croft with some sense.
Ladies first.
Mark the path.
She's still breathing.
Or is it change in atmospheric pressure.
Keep walking.
Should have seen that look on your...
That wasn't designed
to keep people out.
That was put there
to keep people in.
Chasm of Souls.
You're going next.
Pray to survive the
faces of Himiko.
We're getting closer.
The death queen turns day to night.
She must die to bring back life.
Oh, shit!
- The floor!
- Lara!
There's gotta be a way to stop this.
Look around!
Come on!
Come on!
Vogel, what's going on?
Pray to survive!
It's a keyhole.
We need a key!
The prayer wheels!
- It's not working.
- Check the other prayer wheels!
Try this!
It's a color puzzle.
The death queen turns the day to night.
- Black!
- Black! Here!
- No!
- Here!
It doesn't work!
Last one!
It's not working.
Just try them all, dammit!
The death queen turns day to night.
- She must die, to bring back life.
- Life.
Come on!
The color of life.
We're running out of floor!
You always were the brains
of the family sprout.
Let's get going, sprout.
Where's the floor?
Come on, Lara.
I'm going to look for her.
I'm going with you.
Your father gave life to us.
Himiko's army...
of a thousand hand maidens.
They sacrificed themselves
in ritual suicide...
to serve their Queen,
in the afterlife.
Exactly as your notes.
I found her.
Alright this is it, we're finishing this.
It's not too late to change your mind.
There's a very big difference between
myth and reality, Richard.
Something that you could
never understand.
Open it.
You see I told you there was
nothing to be afraid of.
It's just...
an old lady.
Prepare her for transport.
Something doesn't add up.
She's not a monster
in any of these paintings.
It looks like she was taken herself here.
Without being forced.
The death queen turns day to night.
- She must die to bring back life.
- Bring back life.
Spreading death and destruction
with just the touch of her hand.
Come on.
All myths have foundation in reality.
Sacrificing one life is worth
saving millions.
She was sacrificing herself.
She was protecting the world.
Smoke and mirrors.
Alright let's pack her up.
They thought it was magic.
She was the carrier.
And she was immune...
It's a disease.
This is what the Trinity
wants, this gets me out.
If you take this out into the world,
it's genocide.
I just need to take a
very small piece of you.
Go! Ger her!
Get her.
This is it, Richard.
All we have to do
is walk out of here.
You're not going anywhere!
Come on, Richard.
Think of your daughter.
Come on!
- Dad?
- Lara.
Vogel's gone.
- You need to go after him.
- Come on, let's go!
No. Stay back!
- What are you talking?
- Stay back!
I'm done for.
I'm infected.
Don't touch me! Don't touch.
You must stop Vogel
and get the hell out of here!
And I'll bury Himiko once and for all.
- I've only just found you.
- Promise me you'll stop him! Promise me!
There must be another way!
you're a very very bright young woman.
There's no other way.
I need you.
No, you don't.
You are worth ten of me.
You said you don't believe in magic.
What's this, my darling?
All this time here...
I wish I could see you grow up.
- Now I have.
- No.
It's a miracle.
Chin up, sprout.
There's jobs to do.
Go on, go!
There's no time, Lara!
Go on, go!
Dad loves you.
Do you really want to do this, little girl?
Let's just go home.
You're not saving anyone.
Trinity is everywhere.
I made a promise.
No, no, no!
You're not getting out of here!
No, no!
When you see Richard,
send him my regards.
Send them yourself.
You messed with
the wrong family!
We're not dead yet.
No shit.
Vogel, Vogel, this is Patna transport
Bravo 5, over.
Vogel, Vogel, are you reading me? Over.
You're taking us home, yeah?
Officially gone, like magic.
I don't think he has gone.
- I see so much of him in you.
- Thanks, Ana.
You're in charge now, Lara.
This is a list of all our assets.
Thank you.
Now I think you better stay on top
of the day to day things, Ana.
Well, as you wish...
Board rooms and business deals.
I'm just not that kind of Croft.
Neither was dad, as it turns out.
Are all these companies
owned by us?
I know them by name now.
The Order of Trinity.
An ancient militant
organization that...
seeks control of the
in order to rule the fate of mankind.
What kind of work do you do?
Oh a mix of things,
at the mercy of my employer.
Are all these companies
owned by us?
You're not saving anyone.
Trinity is everywhere.
I know it's difficult to accept,
but you really must come in
and sign these papers now.
I think you better stay on top
of the day to day things, Ana.
As you wish...
The only person that I get to talk to...
is on the other end of this phone.
You must understand,
We Crofts, we have
jobs to do.
I came back for the amulet.
Shame, I was hoping you'd forgotten.
It's got a bloody fortune.
- I did tell you it was your lucky day.
- Yes you did.
At it again, are we Alan?
You have no idea.
I don't know if you've noticed or not, but
You can't be too careful these days,
because the world
has gone bloody mad.
Yes, thank you, Alan.
What you got there is a HK USP,
9 mil, extended mag.
It's my personal favorite.
You like that?
I do.
I'll take two.