Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) Movie Script

A Spanish-Portuguese
Plata Films S.A. ~ Madrid
Interfilme ~ Lisbon
Script by
Amando de Ossorio
Assistant Director:
Paulino Gonzlez
Makeup Artist:
Jos Luis Campos
Camera Operator [2nd unit]:
Flix Mirn
Assistant Designer:
Rafael Ablanque
Assistant Camera:
Luis Alcolea
Assistant Editor:
Concha Pio
Still Photographer:
Julio Wizuete
Assistant Makeup Artist:
Carmen Teran
Assistant Producer:
Ramn Escribano
Deputy Producer:
Jos Snchez
Production Secretary:
ngela Escribano
Special Effects:
Jos Gmez Soria
Abamova (Fernando Moreno)
Archive Effects:
Film and Sound:
Sound Recording:
Jos Mara San Mateo
Sound Effects:
Luis Castro
Music Recording:
Music Editor:
L. Fdez. Soria
Set Design:
Juan Garca
Costume Design:
Costume Designer:
Pablo Espinosa
Vazquez Brothers
Exteriors shot in
Estoril, Setubal, Lisbon (Portugal)
Exteriors shot in
Palmela, Sesimbra (Portugal)
Exteriors shot in
Monastery of Cercon (Madrid)
Legal Deposit: M-29400-1971
Production Managers
Manuel Amigo
Production Managers
Victor Dacosta
Jos Antonio Rojo
Production Designer:
Jaime Duarte De Brito
Director of Cinematography:
Pablo Ripoll
Music by: Antn Garca Abril
Executive Producer:
Salvadore Romero
Director of Production:
Jos Antonio Prez Giner
Amando de Ossorio
I'm going out with a guy,
but it's not serious.
You know,
I wanted to call you.
- Still, I'd only get in the way.
- You could bring a friend with you.
I don't have
any friends.
- But I'll look for one.
- They'll come flying.
No. Men are really
difficult these days.
The secret lies in
pumping enough fuel.
We won't have
any problems...
if the boilers full.
- I see.
You're taking charge,
including checking the
passengers for tickets.
Yes, Father.
Load the coal.
We're leaving.
It's not that.
My friend was coming,
but he canceled at the last minute.
- His loss. Are we off?
- Not me. I just came to tell you.
You could have
phoned the station.
I did, but a very nasty man told me
that they can't relay messages...
to the passengers
once they're on the platform, so...
please forgive me,
and have fun. Bye.
Wait a second.
You're coming with us.
Isn't she, Virginia?
The landscapes beautiful.
It looks like we're
the only ones here.
Not really.
It's a great hotel.
The best air you'll ever breathe.
Speaking of air,
have you got some cream?
I don't need any.
I do. You see, I'm a city girl.
I don't want my nose to peel off.
I think she's upset.
I don't see why.
It's only natural.
I think we've been a bit inconsiderate.
I told you,
there's nothing between us.
And I really like you.
It had to happen
sooner or later.
Not with me.
She's my best friend.
She's my friend, too.
But what can you do?
I'm sorry, Betty.
I don't know what's
wrong with me.
I don't understand
why I reacted that way.
Calm down.
It doesn't matter.
It was childish,
because you're still
the same little girl.
The same girl who'd come
to my room trembling...
who needed my trust,
and answers to
so many questions.
Please, stop.
Don't talk about that.
I'll never
forget you.
And you'll
never forget me.
Remember what
I taught you.
Have fun.
She doesn't know
what she's getting into.
Father, what is it?
Nothing. Put more
coal in the boiler.
Very good.
No signs of Virginia.
She couldn't have stayed.
She probably left
after seeing all this.
Come on, she must
be around somewhere.
What are you
doing, Betty?
That wig doesn't go
with a blue-eyed mannequin.
You're right.
I'm obsessed.
It's all been
so horrible.
Forget your friend.
Focus on your work.
That's easy
for you to say.
If you'd seen her....
It would drive
anyone crazy.
It'd be good for you
to take a trip,
have a change of scenery.
I might as well.
Once I find out
what happened to Virginia.
It's better to leave
things as they are.
You know something
about Berzano, don't you?
I don't want to
talk about it.
Open the door.
That must be Roger.
Will you open it already?
Their stories are
fantastic and incredible.
No one has been able to uncover
their great mysteries.
Do you think the village....
In the 13th century,
Berzano was the seat
of one of their priories.
Do you remember
the voodoo rites?
Faust, and all those who make pacts
with the evil spirit...
do so with blood.
The knights performed
human sacrifices...
consummating the offering
with a virgin's blood.
Theyre spreading fear.
And keeping people
away from the area
where they
commit their crimes.
That's terrible.
This is a nightmare.
Be very careful.
Your workshop is very
close to the morgue.
Listen. Lock the door.
It doesn't matter.
Todays a special day. Do it.
Listen to me.
We're in danger.
I'll explain it
to you later.
Thats it.
Pedro! Pedro!
Pedro! Pedro!
Let that idiot yell.
Something's up.
- Whatever.
- It could be the police.
You've pulled that
trick on me twice.
They'll be after me
sooner or later.
All because of
that cow, Amalia.
Why so difficult?
Tell me you're going
with her, and thats it.
I'll find a guy.
What are you
waiting for?
Do you like
seeing him naked?
I'll be caught one day,
but not by a woman.
At least I'll know where
you spend the night.
I cant. I've got a
job here.
You're right to refuse.
I wouldn't do it
if I were you.
- When are we leaving?
- Right away.
We must spend
the night in Berzano.
The night? You mean
sleep in Berzano?
- Yes. Are you afraid?
- All right. Fine.
If you go,
I'm going with you.
You have to accept
things as they come.
And you're
not bad at all.
- Here. Have some.
- What is it?
Have some more.
Warm up.
Enjoy the party.
They're hiding.
They must be around somewhere
in the abbey.
What do you
think they'll do?
I don't know. Visit it.
You really think so?
You're very strange.
You'd better not try.
- This is a cemetery.
- Quiet.
- No!
- What's the difference?
Let me go! No!