Tomorrow You're Gone (2012) Movie Script

My dear Charlie,
When you get' out...
you're going to feel free as a bird.
There is not much more a man
could want.
Fuck all, I mean,
who would disagree?
I bet you'd love a good meal
for all these years you spent
not able to eat some lobster.
You did right...
by letting me right the
wrong that Chester is doing.
He's the one that needs
to be punished.
To me, it can't get more unfair.
He killed your spirit Charlie.
Take heart though,
his time's up...
I'd place money on it',
if I could.
But you have me to
get you started out.
Whatever ever you're think how you feel
in leavin' that cage,
get ready for surprises.
Here it is almost as crazy as there...
Soon you will see yourself, '
but you have me
to get you started out.
The Buddha.
J' Man don't stand a chance.
J' In a one sided romance...
J' Most lovers are tha-a-a-.
J' The rest just lose their minds.
A Whoa!
J' I hear voices...
fiah-suss su su su...
l' whoa-sus sus su...
J' -suss su su 5a...
J' -suss su. - -...
J' I hear the foot' tracks... .1
J' Ha cha ch ch...
J' I found the gas. Whoa...
J' I'm so sad with regret,
J' 'Cause lyin? Been happy yet.
J' And I don't expect to be...
J' Not in the way love treats me.
I Woah.
J' I hear those voices again.
J' Thirty years I tell you
J' I need them.
J' Whoa! J' Wha su su su.
J' Why you can even
J' hear the foot' tracks.
a friend told me I might be able to rent
a room here for a night or two.
Really, he must not be
a very good friend,
cause we're all filled up
There a guy named
Lorne Corral here?
My friend told me Lorne
would be sure to set it up.
What'd you say
your friends name was?
Billy Pettigrew.
The Buddha sent you here?
That's right.
Hey, Troy.
You got a room?
Of course l have a room...
always got a room
for a friend of Buddha's.
Hey, I need a favour,
can you cover here for me.
I reckon I'll be on my way.
muchos gracias charlie!
Listen, entrance for room outside
you got to go through the bar,
out to the left and
around back, okay.
You'll see it.
Okay? Hey listen...
If you need anything,
I mean anything at all.
Don't be scared.
Okay. Thank you.
You want to shut the hell up!
No! Calm down and...
Stop it!
In this hell hole Chuck.
God and the Devil
mimic each other.
It's near impossible to
tell them apart.
A smart man...
only wants
someone he can trust.
I thought I had such a friend
but I was deceived.
He stole my money
and took my freedom...
but that wasn't half as bad
as what he did to my heart.
If you can't trust another soul
you got nothing.
You're dead.
You do know...
why you're here,
don't you Charlie?
I understand.
But' why me.
Consider it a favour.
It' is for you.
Not for me.
You talking about this man?
It's the one you want dead...
the one that climbed into
little Charlie's head
and made it his own.
He's still there.
He's still giving the orders.
I can hear him.
I hear him better than
I hear you.
Good afternoon.
You have good
visit last night?
What do you know about
me having a visitor?
Nothing. I...
"I just figured you" had a long
night with someone.
I mean, it's afternoon.
Why don't you stay out
of my business
and I'll stay out of yours.
Hey, partner.
You want to make a fiver?
What do I have to do for it?
Get a gym bag out of locker 130.
Why don' you get it?
Hey, hey...
Get the bag first, huh.
Who sent you?
Who gave you the fucking
locker number?
No one did!
Looking at $189.50.
So how do you like
my new shoes.
"." You know what they're
saying to me?
They're saying here there's nobody's mark.
A guy with his head on his shoulders
an eye to the future.
Somebody who knows how to
take care of business.
Take care of what?
What kind of boots are those?
You mean my ventilated
gold diggers?
I save those for
special occasions.
How do you know this one isn't?
Which one?
This one.
I never said it wasn't.
I'm Florence.
The way it works now is you
say what you want me to call you.
For Samuel?
For Samson.
Strong guy got
done in by Delilah.
I've never heard that.
You ain't read the Bible?
Mine's the next stop.
Is that Willimette?
Oto, Willimette's a whole
different neighbourhood.
Where you from then?
South a ways.
You ain't giving away
no secrets, are you?
Go ahead.
Ain't that why anybody
talks to strangers?
I figured people got a
lot of reasons to.
Have you got business
in Willimette?
Later I do.
What are you gonna do till then?
Eat something.
There's a pizza joint
right below my place.
They only got take out,
but it's pretty good.
My ex left a few things
when he split.
0h yeah?
I, I got to keep a clear head, so.
For your mysterious business
in Willimette?
You got anybody Samson?
Like how I ain't got nobody...
except an ex?
I had a dog.
The guy I left it with
when I was in jail said it got run
over by lumber truck.
How long was you in jail for?
Four years.
You smoke weed?
I just told you about that.
Mm, gotta keep a clear head.
Was it a big dog?
It was medium big.
Looked a lot like a
Border Collie...
some Sheppard in it.
Did you treat her good Samson?
Yeah, till I left it with who
I told you about I did.
You think he didn't die
how he said it did?
I think I trusted a good dog
to a son of a bitch who killed it
for the money I sent him
each week to feed it.
I loved a cat to death for
six years that died.
That's too bad. I'm sorry.
His name was Gold.
On account of his colour.
Do you mind if I smoke Sam?
Your your ex still got a key?
He hasn't used it far as I know.
So no roommate's gonna pop in?
Was us coming here Samson...
was that my idea or yours?
Well, I ain't clear on that either.
You want to watch a movie?
You got one any good?
I got one starring me.
How's that?
As soon as I use the john.
It's over there.
From whom you can hide nothing.
I'm in two minds on this.
Reason I ask Samson is,
I've known people and I don't know
whether or not you're one of them
to get the artist mixed
up with their art.
They get all sorts of ideas regarding
one from the other.
What sort of ones they get?
Sister Chastity.
Conclude for example
that's Florence.
It ain't?
Who is she?
Girl named LouAnn.
I'm sorry father, but I have
nothing to confess.
See, I'm Florence,
I'm the actor.
That's somebody else, get it?
Each night' I'd lay in bed thinking who
she, and she who come in...
Florence is sort of shy really.
She likes to hold hands,
talk, even if it's babble,
do a little blow to cut the ice.
But LouAnn,
wide eyed little LouAnn...
she comes off as all
sweet and innocent at first but,
I 'I just say
she ain't no Florence.
Isn't that right father?
Yes, yes!
Free yourself of those
nasty habits.
On one hand I'm proud of my
But on the other hand
LouAnn is so powerful
that after you see
her bigger than life.
What man's gonna want
to know Florence.
A hand holder
with a cat that died.
I never met a movie person
before, but I don't think I'd mix...
one up for the real person.
Samson, I think you got
layers, that's what I think.
If I put my feet in your lap, will
you rub them good?
You hot yet Samson?
Sure I am.
It's gonna be ten o'clock, I gotta
take care of my business.
I aint in no
hurry if you ain't hon.
Do you want
me to take off my clothes,
would that help you
get aroused, huh?
If we could just find
it Samson, I'd see us...
having something really special
together, you know.
Do you see it that way Samson?
Our potential together?
Do you want to fuck me
in the ass?
No! No more.
Don't fuck...
Get away from me!
Get the fuck away from me!
Samson, I knew you'd recognise the
connection between us.
Mind if I wear these,
my clothes are still drying.
Where'd you find those pants?
Just some drawer,
do you mind or?
What happened to you Samson?
You tangle with that lion again?
What Lion? What are
you talking about?
It's where it hurts you most?
Who says anything
hurts me, alright?
Pain's written all over you.
Come here, let me
rub your back.
Look, I don't want nothing happening
past what's already happened.
You don't want to be with
me in no kind of way.
Why don't I?
I just ain't.
I ain't a guy you'd end up
liking that's all.
You don't mean that Samson.
You wouldn't have come back
if you didn"t like me
and want me to like you.
There's this rich friend
of mine in prison.
We called him the Buddha.
He used to love telling me about all
the fancy dishes he loved to eat.
Shrimp and...
He told me when I get out...
that I should find the best damn
restaurant there is...
and I should try some things.
You got a right to taste what
other people get to taste.
He write you a check for all that?
I got money.
Are you inviting me to
dinner Samson?
Is that what this is?
And I'll buy you some
new clothes too.
And I am gonna give you a good
bare naked rub.
Look, I don't want you to
rub on me. Alright.
It might go better between us
in that area if
if you let me relax you some.
There's no problem with me
in that area, alright?
Everything's working fine
down there.
I ain't worried about it Samson.
I just want you to relax is all.
Just chill.
We have some fun.
I'm gonna buy us a car.
A car?
Yeah, and we're gonna drive
it to the restaurant
where live music is playing.
And all the help, the're gonna
wear those black tuxedos.
Alright, how about you dress in all black
and I dress in all white?
Alright, you wear white and
I'll wear black.
Why? Why? Samson.
Ain't we Looking to make
some noise?
Can we get one with
guts, Samson?
With a stick.
Growin' up in the
Oklahoma foster homes,
the next best thing to fucking
was leaning back jn
some farm boy's rip-roarer.
Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!
Especially if rip roar speeding.
Here's what we could do Samson.
We could use some of your money
to score with huh?
I could be flying.
This is a beauty huh?
Remember that rich
friend I told you about?
He made Charlie Rankin see he
born to be something special.
As to keep me in the
nothing that he was.
Who's that?
Who's who? Charlie Rankin.
Just an old con I used to know.
Follow me.
I saw it Samson.
You like that one?
It's way more than like Samson.
This is the nuts!
Woo! Hey!
What? Where you going?
I'm gonna go buy it.
I'm gonna buy it.
That's the one you want right?
You put down your name and
license number too.
It's all hers, it's a gift.
Can't you go any faster?
Come on, seriously!
I'm already going 70.
Don't you want to see what
this baby's got?
Wooo! That's it Samson.
Woo ho ho!
There's a zoo up ahead
we can go to.
You don't like animals?
Mm. Not when they're
locked up in cages.
I don't like that either.
But I still like seeing them.
We can go on a picnic.
We can go into the No we ain't goin'
countryside. On no picnic.
We're going to a full blown dinner.
I know we are, but it's still
too early for dinner.
We got the scratch at the
surface anytime we want.
It's the way it works.
Alright! Keep on the expressway
it'll take us to the place where all
the fancy eating places are.
What time is it? I mean I ought
to be starved last I ate!
You ain't hungry?
I got a right' to be.
All the shit I ate last four years!
Damn it, what the hell is
goin' on with me?
That's okay Samson.
So we'll just gonna cruise for a while.
Let our appetites build.
I'll be alright.
You ever heard that belief
that when you die,
you come back...
come back as something else,
like a rat?
You ever heard that?
I wrote a poem about it.
I Remember You
from the Tree Tops.
You figure it happens
that way then, huh?
My poem's the
only place I can't lie.
Everything I feel
believes in him.
Do you believe in it?
Like to but...
just afraid it's all bullshit.
What if it is,
Still doesn't hurt for you
to believe.
It sure would if I killed myself
to turn into something better.
Instead found myself
in eternal hell it would.
That's the saddest through ever.
What are you doing?
I'm changing.
What into?
I don't know, not sure,
something cool.
What happened?
I got bit.
What happened to you?
What, here?
Can't you see it?
Well that's too bad.
You see that Samson?
You see that?
You want to go inside
and see it?
Why you don't like churches?
Well, you go.
I can tell what it is here
and you talk, huh?
No. That ain't the same Samson.
Come on, I don't want
to go alone.
Do you believe you
have a soul Samson?
I don't know if I do.
You do.
You do. And it's a good one.
It just ain't old like mine.
What proof you got of him?
I feel him.
Just like I feel you're
a good soul.
Yeah, what's that feel like?
Let him put
some of it into you.
Talk to him.
About what?
Tell him how you
got no appetite,
your stomach hurts,
and ask him to make it
stop hurtin'
All my life I...
from what I can remember of it,
I'd be dreaming,
about hurting and killing
the people that hurt me.
When I was younger
that made me feel better until
I'd wake up
and they were all still alive.
Those dreams were my secret.
I told the Buddha about them.
Tell God it ain't your dreams
making your belly sick.
Could have come across
Tell him you don't know how you
holding the
money that you are...
and the cuts on
your arms and face.
What do you know about me?
Just that your soul is in
so much pain Samson.
No, I asked him.
I asked im for help when I
needed him when I was younger.
He gave me nothing.
He don't always answer you Samson,
how and when you think he will.
I ain't going in anymore
fucking churches.
It's you driving us.
I'm just waiting for
you to feel better
so you pan take
me to dinner Samson.
And to make love to me
just a little bit longer
than you did earlier.
The scars on your back.
Are they're your dream too?
I gotta see someone in there.
You know him?
You spend time in
that shit hole?
Back when I was young.
Hasn't everyone had a
"Mos" phase growing up, huh?
I hope not.
It's a wonder to me you
lived this long...
reckless way you go about it.
I'd certainly not live at all
than live like you do Samson.
Not trusting a soul.
Not even the one inside you.
You know a guy named
Lorne Corral?
Did he get you into this
business of last night?
Can't say.
I'll be back.
Don't be gone long.
You lose something?
You want to tell me...
what went wrong last night?
Who told you that?
You did.
You know what they say?
Eyes are the windows
to the soul.
You gotta learn
how to draw your curtains.
There was someone else there.
There was a woman there.
His wife?
No, some blonde.
And I tied her up.
She wasn't going nowhere.
She didn't see me, alright,
I was wearing a mask.
It's fine.
There are other ways
to tell who you are.
What do you want me to do now?
Kill that voice.
Just do it.
Hey there Samson.
Everything okay?
Yeah, let's go.
Bridge is clear.
Take a left up here.
What for?
There's a park, we can
kill some time at.
Till you get your appetite back.
You're as pale as a ghost.
You have to eat
something Samson.
One more.
I gotta go somewhere.
I'll be back.
It was nice knowing you.
I said I'll be back.
I thought you said you
were leaving?
One more.
Use the door.
Time for us to go.
It's "us" now huh?
We can drink somewhere else.
Why don't you cool it man?
Hey, did you hear me?
J' If you ever think about me...
J' If I ever cross your mind.
J' Girl, Girl, If you ever think about me...
J' If I ever cross your mind.
J' Well you know, you know I'm yours.
J' you know I'm yours.
Find I know,
J' I know you're mine.
I never have much liked a woman
before, anybody.
Sure do you like you though,
Tell me something I don't know.
Charlie Rankin...
some old timer I told you about.
Charlie Rankin?
He wasn't shit until the Buddha
took an interest in him.
Buddha got him talking again...
made Charlie who he is.
He saved Charlie's life?
Why would the cops know to come
looking for you in this car?
Unless you done something the cops
might want to talk to you about.
You got it all wrong about what's
gonna happen in this life.
I don't got a crystal ball Samson.
I don't see the future,
all I see is you so
twisted up inside
and me taking a chance on you.
Well I aim to live
as long as I can.
It's good you're back
to wanting to.
What I gotta do to live ain't what
most people gotta do.
You talking a
bout being the finger
at the end of
Buddha's long arm?
Can't take his money
and just walk away.
Is that what you did?
Is that What this ride
and this belly ache is all about?
No peeking.
Fuck Charlie, come on man.
Do I rev you up more this way?
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
What's wrong Samson?
You don't like it?
My God...
you're burning up.
Poison me or something?
What'd you do?
The bad is bottled up
in you Samson,
its poisoned you.
I knew this was coming.
What are you doin?
I keep trying to warn you
stay away from me.
I can feel in your skin
what a beautiful baby you were.
I keep trying to warn you.
About what?
About who I am.
I know who you are.
I wouldn't be here if I didn't
know who you are Samson.
Yeah, you don't.
I'm Charlie.
And I'm Florence.
I'm Florence.
I know who you are.
But I came here to kill
Who did you come here to kill'?
It don't matter who.
It does matter.
It don't fuckin' matter.
It will to whoever you do it to.
It'll make you sicker
and sicker.
I don't feel good.
Come here.
Let me just hold you.
You hold me. Charlie.
My baby.
Who are you?
Keep fucking doing this to me!
Where'd you get this hair, huh?
Where'd you get that, huh?
You tell me who you are.
I'm tired of this shit.
You tell me now!
Are you her? Are you Florence?
Are you?
Who are you?
Are you real?
Get inside me and feel better.
I don't want to
be like this anymore.
Get inside me.
I can tell by watching you sleep
you go to a
scary place Charlie.
Do you know where that is?
You look some better anyway.
And I love you no matter.
You love me?
I don't think I'm made
for that Florence.
Everyone is.
You just get somebody to
teach you.
You think I can forget about what I...
what I dealt with growing up.
Well you're wrong.
You're wrong.
You talking about Chester?
How do you know about him?
Only about the battle you spoke
of in your sleep.
That was the nonsense
of a dream.
The scars on your back...
they your dream too?
I'm gonna go to the next town.
I'm gonna drop you there.
No you won't.
I think I know why you're here
more than you do Charlie.
Are you scared?
Just follow
your instincts Charlie.
They'll take you
to the right place
and make you do
the right thing.
Do you want me to
come with you?
Should I come to the
door with you?
Will that make it easier?
This state ain't got the
death penalty Charlie.
I read that in the newspaper.
I'm going to do your
feet here, alright.
When you're out there,
walking just listen okay?
Just trust.
Just trust what you hear.
I think I might just dream it.
No don't dream.
Dreams don't matter.
This matters.
Right here.
Right now.
Put your hands
behind your back.
Lean forward.
Was me who wanted to
come with you,
Why would I leave you?
Don't be scared Florence.
Don't you be Charlie.
Are you the police?
Did you see him?
He killed him in front of me.
I tried to stop him.
He was too strong.
I'll be right back.
Some water.
Some Aspirin for your pain.
You're a doctor?
I could call one?
I don't feel good.
Those scars?
How did you get the scars?
What scars?
On your hand.
That's all long time ago.
I was just a kid.
There were scars...
You got the courage?
Compassion paves the way
to the gas chamber Charlie.
I aint gonna do it.
Then get out of my way.
What happened?
I found somethin'.
In there?
In... inside.
You believe me?
So quiet.
It's quiet.
Cry for me.
I love you somethin' Charlie.