Tone-Deaf (2019) Movie Script

[out of tune piano playing]
[indistinct whispering]
[piano playing continues]
[crickets chirping]
["Busy Gyal (ft. Rocky Rivera)"
by Perk Pietrek playing]
Clock in
When the mood strikes
I do what a boss likes
Slow pokes they look twice
Cold bitch, I'm a Klondike
Fuck boys get curved tough
When a girl gang
Done roll up
Make a B-line
For the green room
I get money to show up
I'm speaking at grad night
I'm living that rap life
I'm sleeping like a baby
Street sweeping
is every Tuesday.
Why is that so hard for you
to wrap your head around?
Life is too short
to allow yourself
to be consumed by trivialities.
Well, sooner or later,
you're gonna have
to face reality.
The whole man-child thing
is so early 2000s.
-Chops will be ready in 10.
-I'm not hungry.
Well, you can bring it to work.
Saving my appetite
for free lunch Friday.
Fuck this!
This isn't working.
-Tell me about it.
-You need, like, a younger girl
whose interests don't extend
far beyond
eating, drinking, and fucking.
I already found one.
I'm actually kind of relieved.
That strange?
Well, you don't ever have
to talk to me again
and you get to be the good guy.
-Easiest break-up ever.
You mind?
Now, get the fuck out
of my apartment.
And take your parking tickets.
[dance music playing]
Un, deux, trois,
quatre, cinq, six, sept
Uh, Riki, Riki.
[chuckles] Riki.
Oh, bomber jackets.
Yeah, totes on trend
this season, hmm?
Uh, let's get that dialed in.
I'm not done yet.
Cool, cool.
[dance music continues]
Jesus Christ,
he just winked at me.
[Olive] How did Asher
get put in charge
of the entire office?
-What an asshole.
-I know.
Hey, you ladies talking shit
about me?
-What gave it away?
-Uh, I heard asshole.
-at least he owns it.
-Ooh. [imitates cat]
Hey, you ladies know
I was raised by women, right?
For the love of God, dude,
just, like,
spare us the diatribe, okay?
We're over here,
trying to make you money.
Olive, I'd like to see you
in my office, in 10.
You're firing me? Why?
Um, general insubordination.
Are you kidding me?
Well, can you at least let me go
at the end of the week?
Asher, come on,
it's almost free lunch Friday.
I earned that meal.
-I deserve that meal.
-Yeah. You know what?
It's probably best
if you just grab your things,
and go.
You really are a spiteful prick.
Please don't make me
call security.
[Olive sighs]
-So long, friend.
-We'll see you tonight.
It's such a difficult life
Life, life, life
It's such a difficult life
[Lenore] You know
what you need, Olive?
need to get out of the city
for a bit,
-[Blaire] No, yeah,
that's a really good idea.
Last year,
I took pawternity leave
to bond with my fur baby.
I rented a place
through R and R's,
so Ciaobella could run
around the yard.
It was the most therapeutic
we've ever had.
Well, I'm not exactly rollin'
in dough
at the moment, ladies,
on account of, I was just fired.
Oh, it'll be worth it.
It is okay to splurge
every now and again.
Treat yourself.
Consider this your
Eat, Pray, Love moment,
sans you being a selfish cunt.
-Um, I love that book.
Why don't you play something,
for old time's sake?
Thanks, but no, thanks.
That thing is just, like,
a constant reminder
of my dashed hopes
and broken dreams.
Come on, Olive. Play something.
Please, please, please.
-[Blaire] Yeah. [chuckles]
[Olive] Fine.
Just a little bit,
'cause you asked.
-[Lenore] Yay.
-She plays the piano?
I didn't know
she plays the piano.
-[Olive] Alexa, off.
-[phone vibrates]
[piano playing]
-That was amazing.
Incredible, right?
-Good stuff.
You are the real deal.
Well, I have to bail.
-I have a date.
-[Olive] Oh.
-Who's the lucky guy?
someone I am looking
really forward to giving herpes.
[Crystal] Maybe you should get
out of the city for a while.
Worked for me
when your father passed.
Why does everyone
keep saying that?
You know, it's kind of fucked up
that I'm still
holding onto Dad's ashes
just 'cause you can't deal.
In the note your father left,
he insisted his ashes
be scattered in outer space.
Fuck am I supposed to do?
Do I look like I know somebody
at NASA?
Yeah, I guess
that's a pretty tall order.
Meantime, you're welcome
over here at the commune.
Mom, you know
that I'm not cut out
for the country, the thought
alone gives me anxiety.
You don't deal
with that fear now,
it'll only keep growing.
Says someone
whose fallback coping mechanism
has always been to turn her back
on the modern world.
I'm great at giving advice.
-Just not taking it.
-[knocking on door]
I gotta go.
[York] Everything all right
in there?
-I forgot my stuff.
You okay?
Yeah, just been a long week.
Your last post
paints a different picture.
[York] Okay.
Have a nice life.
Let's go, babe.
[audio book] Acknowledge it,
believe it.
What a gift it is to be alive.
By the end of this audio book,
you'll have learned to reshape
your mind.
You'll see the beauty
in everything,
even pain. This--
[audio book stops playing]
[keyboard clicking]
[notification beeps]
[keyboard clicking]
[notification beeps]
[keyboard clicking]
[notification beeps]
[Harvey] They say
the hardest thing
for a parent is
to outlive their child.
Never did understand that.
I'd gladly trade the last
30 years of this little shit
for five more minutes with you.
Kids today, they're...
They're all about the selfish
pursuit of happiness.
Not self-aware enough
to realize how...
little their lives
really matter.
You wanna make a difference?
You wanna be a conduit
for change?
Here's an idea.
Go drink a gallon of bleach.
Excuse me for being
a touch indelicate.
But when you live
to be my age,
you see the bigger picture
and life's all about hard work
and sacrifice.
So as long as you Millenials
are gonna leave the hard work
to my generation,
the least you can do
is sacrifice yourself.
So, get off your climate change
high horses for a second
and do something
about overpopulation.
I'm just playing with you.
I know you all don't like
to get your hands dirty.
It's never been an issue
with me.
["My Vag" by
Awkwafina playing]
My vag
Like a operatic ballad
Yo vag
Like Grandpa's cabbage
And my vag effortless
Yo vag post ads
On Craig's List
My vag squirt aloe vera
Yo vag look like Tony Danza
My vag like tasting heaven
Yo vag manages a 7-Eleven
Yo my vag make ya girl
Panties creme
Yo vag spreads hepatitis C
And my vag
A chrome Range Rover
Yo vag hatchback, '81 Toyota
Yo my vag Harvard Law School
Yo vag Apex Technical
My vag speak five
Different languages
And told yo vag,
"Bitch, make me a sandwich"
Yo my vag feel
Like winning the lottery
Yo shit got turned down
From eHarmony
My vag won best vag
Yo vag won best
Supporting vag...
-[car door opens]
-[birds chirping]
[Harvey] You're alone.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, my fianc's swamped at work,
so he won't be in
till the evening.
[birds chirping]
Well, I hope you have
a lovely stay.
[keys jingling]
My wife and I
spent the best years
of our lives here.
You can see Edith
had rather eccentric tastes,
I'm a more simple man myself.
She just recently passed away.
But she be happy to know
that her little slice of heaven
is bringing somebody else joy.
Sorry for your loss.
Got my money?
Sixty more.
We agreed on 500.
You'll get it back,
it's just a precaution
in case you make a mess.
Can I just Venmo you?
Never mind.
Well, don't hesitate to call me
if you need anything.
I'm just down the road.
[keys jingling]
-[Agnes] Who are you?
-Uh, I--
I'm renting the house
this weekend.
Yeah, it--
It was super last-minute.
Agnes, friend of the family.
Feel like a fish
out of water in here.
Oh, you'll do just fine.
It's nice to meet you.
Try not to make a mess, dear.
-[neck cracks]
-[knocking on door]
You didn't tell me,
you were expecting a guest.
Poor girl.
Must've frightened her
half to death.
Why were you over there
in the first place?
Plants don't water themselves,
Just exactly
what are you up to?
You're the only real friend
I got left in this world.
Which is why
this is so difficult.
You know, whenever I go
swimming, I have deja vu.
-Swimming? How so?
If I touch water,
it's like I'm there again
-where I was before.
-[phone ringing]
I'm sorry.
Hey, Crystal,
free yourself
from that electronic leash.
Fuck off, Uriah.
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, Mom.
Uh, you're not gonna believe it,
but I took your advice
and high-tailed it
out of the city for the weekend.
Oh, that's wonderful news,
My little girl roughing it
in nature.
Don't get too excited,
I'm calling you
from a piano bench
in Piru.
By your standards,
this place is bougie as fuck.
Put your phone on speaker
and let me hear you play.
[Olive] Mom,
you missed all of my recitals.
It was a rough time.
-For both of us.
-[Crystal] I'm here now.
-Via telephone.
-Oh, enough.
Just play the goddamn piano.
[piano playing]
[Edith] Harvey, Harvey.
Harvey. Harvey.
Harvey. Harvey!
[piano playing]
[Olive] What'd you think?
Mom? Did I lose you?
No, no, I'm here. I'm here.
That was, um...
That was wonderful.
Listen, I'm gonna text you
the address.
If you call and I don't pick up,
I'm being objectified
and tortured by a hillbilly.
-[phone beeps]
it's your father.
I'm sorry I yelled at you
the other day.
I-- I know you don't like
but since you're not answering
your phone,
you're not leaving me
any other choice.
I hope you're good on money.
I don't understand, Harvey.
What's going on?
This was never part of the plan.
What plan?
What the hell
are you talking about?
My boy thinks
I'm losing my mind.
He thinks I have dementia.
But I'm as fit
as a goddamn fiddle.
He wants to put me
in a nursing home.
He calls it
an assisted living center.
But we both know that
that's just putting lipstick
on a pig.
I've lived a good life.
[sighs] Traveled the world...
contributed to the community,
I've known true love.
I've done it all,
except for one thing.
I don't know how it feels
to kill someone.
That's an itch I never
got around to scratching.
Shh, calm down.
Calm down.
I'm not gonna kill you yet.
The thought of it
breaks my heart.
I'm gonna go get that...
young lady.
I'm gonna take care of her,
and then I'm gonna come back
for you.
You've been such a good friend
to the family over the years.
I'm gonna make sure
this is painless as possible,
I give you my word.
[keys jangling]
[Edith] Harvey, don't you do it.
[high-pitched ringing]
Yeah, no shit.
[crickets chirping]
[knocks on door]
[Crystal] Hmm,
and what do you want?
[Uriah] Can I speak with you?
[Crystal] Okay.
[Uriah] Okay, so...
Crystal, I came here
with an open heart
and an open mind
to express my feelings for you.
You are powerful, confident
and a deeply sexual force,
that has drawn me in.
And I know we have chemistry,
but you continue
to resist my advances.
You are cute.
There's no way around that.
But you're also
kind of a douche.
Uh, if I were to work
on de-douchifying myself,
would you consider me then?
-Oh, my god.
-[Crystal] Oh, yeah.
-I've been wa-- Yeah, I'm ready.
-Come here. Come here.
-There you go.
-[Uriah] Okay.
Atta boy.
-[Uriah] Mm-hmm.
There you go, there you go.
[phone beeps]
[Uriah] How's that?
is that your fuckin' phone?
Shh. It's okay, shh, shh.
-Shh. Shh.
-That's your phone.
-Can we just--
-It's all good, you're good.
[phone vibrates]
[phone keyboard clicks]
[phone beeps]
[phone vibrates]
-[door opens]
-[Harvey sighs]
It didn't go as planned.
I got a case of the jitters.
Can you believe that?
Me? With a case of the jitters.
Who am I kidding?
We both know no one can hear us.
I gotta tell ya,
turning a dream into a reality
is no easy task.
-Especially when it's murder.
-Can you think about Edith?
Imagine what she'd say.
Why dwell in the past?
Good old days are over
and done with.
You ever stop
to think it wasn't so good
for the rest of us?
We both know you had her trapped
in that marriage,
holding custody over her head.
So don't you go
rewriting history,
like it was all peaches
and cream.
She suffered
from clinical depression.
You should've seen her.
She couldn't raise that boy
on her own.
The burden fell on me.
Show some goddamn compassion.
Oh, Harvey, get over yourself.
The only good you ever had
in you was because of her.
Suppose so!
[Agnes screams and groans]
Jesus Christ.
I didn't really think
this through.
[Agnes screams]
You really hurt my feelings,
You really hurt my feelings.
[phone beeps]
-God damn it.
-Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm renting the house
for the weekend.
Crazy old man should not be
making decisions like that
without consulting me first.
Forgive me. [chuckles]
I didn't mean to frighten you.
I'm David. I'm Harvey's son.
I'll be gone in a minute.
I just gotta get some prototypes
out of the attic.
I'm sending my latest
and greatest to the Shark Tank.
Hey, you know what?
Since I have you here, would--
Would you mind if I ran through
my pitch?
Please leave.
Right, right, right, of course.
enjoy the rest of your stay.
[crickets chirping]
I'm terribly sorry, Agnes.
You deserve a proper burial.
And I'll see that you get one.
You're a good woman.
A strong woman.
Not like most of you.
Brunchin' bimbos.
Gettin' drunk off
your skinny girl margaritas.
Cavorting around
with your jobless
fedora clad boyfriends.
Sunglasses are for the outside.
Sundays are for the Lord.
[babies crying]
[door opens]
[flies buzzing]
[Harvey whistling]
[phone vibrates]
[engine turns on]
[phone rings]
[music playing]
[Lenore] You went a day
without using your cell phone?
Color me impressed.
Yeah, not even. But thank you.
-[Lenore] So what's up?
-[RnB music playing]
I did it.
I ventured outside the bubble.
Get out!
-Yeah, and it fucking blows.
-[Lenore] That's the spirit.
Wear your coastal elitism
like a badge of honor.
How could you forget?
I'm a real American now.
I'm unemployed.
God, listen to us.
No wonder they hate us.
I hate us.
Um, babe,
I'm kind of in the middle
of something.
-Can I call you back?
-Uh, yeah, for sure.
And remember, no boys.
["Hightail" by
Diamond Rugs playing]
My baby was moving
To the inside
Lookin' like she was
pulling her head
And then when things
started getting real tricky
My baby
straight up and fled...
[Olive] Hey!
-Pleasure to meet you.
Yeah, folks sure do start
early here, huh?
Yeah, nothing else to do
before noon.
What can I get you, doll face?
Um, can I get a rum and Coke?
[bartender] What can I get ya?
Shirley Temple.
Don't hold back on the cherries.
[Kayla] Kayla Wallace,
reporting live,
just outside Big Trail Drive,
where yet another young woman
has gone missing.
Local law enforcement
is asking anyone
with potential leads
to please call in at this time.
World's a messed-up place,
ain't it?
Could never fathom why anyone
would want to take a human life.
-It's beyond me.
-I hear that.
most people look to the news
for an answer.
Rationalizing something
takes the fear out of it,
To be honest,
most of these guys
ain't got no rhyme or reason.
You really think
it's that simple?
Well, most things are.
-You from around here?
-No, I'm, uh, I'm from L.A.
I'm just here on vacation.
What about you?
-Just moved here from Texas.
My uncle's got a ranch
a few miles up the road.
Texas boy, huh?
I, uh-- I spent a night
in Austin a year or so ago,
it's a super fun place.
It's a shit show.
Bunch of carnival barkers.
I mean, look, don't get
me wrong, you know?
I mean, I'm not a backwoods
yokel, just, you know,
not-- Not into the whole down
home country gal thing.
In fact,
you're the prettiest girl
I've met since I walked
into this town, so...
Oh, well, much obliged.
Excuse me, I'm--
I'm just gonna go hit the loo.
I really should not be drinking
this early in the morning.
Oh, hell, alcohol's God's way
of telling us He loves us.
You get that off
a bumper sticker or something?
Actually, yeah.
Tell you what, um,
I'm renting a house here
for the weekend,
do you wanna come over
for dinner?
I'd love some company.
I never could turn down
a free meal.
Well, um, why don't you
put your number
and then, uh, I'll just call you
later tonight.
That's a date.
Hold your horses there, bucko.
It's just dinner.
-Yes ma'am.
-[Olive chuckles]
[Olive] Well, this is
the sketchiest car wash ever.
Um, how much?
Five bucks.
-How you doing?
-I'm-- I'm good. You?
Okay, uh...
pretty good. Looks good.
Uh, yeah, it's good.
Yeah, uh, here, for your--
For your trouble.
Oh. Thanks, girl.
Uh, this is the first time
I've ever washed a car.
You know this is just a front,
we just sell drugs.
But, uh, I enjoyed it.
-It felt good.
-Yeah! Yeah, yes.
-It's good, for your first time.
What do people do for fun
out here?
Huh, okay.
What kinda drugs?
["Lazy Bones" by
Wooden Shjips playing]
Run around the town
Chasing dreams
Where are all the girls?
What do they mean to me?
[music stops]
[knocks on door]
Can I help you?
I didn't mean to be bother.
That's all I seem
to be these days that...
I lost my family,
and there's nobody
at the front desk.
Can I just get a glass of water
and telephone?
It's the dementia.
Can't remember my own damn name.
My wife has sewn her number
into my wallet,
just in case of an emergency.
You got a father?
Just stay right there,
I'll get you some water.
[Harvey grunts]
[James] What the fuck!
-[James groans]
[Harvey panting]
[muffled screaming]
Poor thing.
[Harvey panting]
["Occidental Front" by
Black Lips playing]
Don't ask me
Where I stay, good people
Don't try and track me down
You won't even know
Where to send my heartache
When I'm gone
And when you hear
I'm leaving, good people
Don't bother saying goodbye
[phone keyboard clicking]
[phone beeps]
Dude, seriously?
-[telephone ringing]
-[Olive] Hey, it's Olive.
Was Agnes over here?
Why would you think that?
Uh, all the photos of you
and your wife in the living room
are turned around.
Oh, poor Agnes.
She always was a bit jealous
of Edith.
I just sent her over there
to make sure
you were having
a comfortable stay,
I wouldn't think nothing of it.
Okay, cool.
Uh, sorry to bother you.
Oh, it's no problem at all.
-[Olive] Un-fucking believable.
[Olive] We're both
reading Manifestation.
Oh, bitch.
I have been 40 pages deep
for the last two years.
To be honest,
I've spent more time
finishing the book
-than actually reading it.
-[chuckles] Same.
[knocking on door]
Hey, babe, um,
I can't get hard.
I've tried everything.
Can you not see I'm FaceTiming
with my friend?
I told you
not to do so much blow.
[door closes]
Sorry about that.
Where were we?
-I bought LSD at a car wash.
-[Lenore] Get out.
For real.
They sell drugs
at car washes here.
-Are you gonna do it alone?
-I dunno.
I figure it'll give me
some insight
into my mother's perpetually
psychedelic state of mind.
-And why the fuck not?
-Oh, far out, man.
-I know, it's stupid.
-[Lenore] Please.
I've got a coked-out,
limp dick stranger
pulling on his wiener
in my bathroom.
I am in no position to judge.
-[Ethan] We've got movement!
-I better go.
-Duty calls.
Bye. I love you, I miss you.
I paid for four years of college
for that boy to walk around
and call himself
an entrepreneur.
What the hell's an entrepreneur?
Don't pay
for the god damn bills. I do.
He can't even be bothered
to call me back,
spoiled fuckin' brat.
Whole generation
of spoiled fuckin' brats.
I did my part
to stimulate the economy.
I get less praise
than a YouTube video.
Better wipe that shitty grin
off your face, Agnes,
if you want a proper burial.
I appreciate the company.
And a man can only take so much
before he cracks.
And I'm about
at my breaking point.
[high-pitched ringing]
-[piano playing]
-[indistinct chatter]
[groans] What are you
doing here, Rodrigo?
Don't you wanna know
why we broke up?
I already do.
'Cause you're a cheating asshole
masked under the guise
of a sensitive artist.
Here we go again
with the name calling.
I didn't wanna cheat on you.
-You drove me to it.
-I hope you get syphilis.
Funny you should say that.
I'm actually on antibiotics
right now.
Fuck off.
[wind whooshing]
-You've got to be kidding me.
-Long time no see.
-Not long enough.
-Remember what a pain in the ass
it always was,
deciding on a place to eat?
I'm not saying
that's why we broke up,
but come to think of it,
it was one
of your more annoying qualities.
I have food allergies. Sue me.
Sue you for what?
You don't even have anything.
Well, I'm doing better now.
So, fuck off.
Oh, really?
Well, maybe I will sue you.
Cool, I'll sue you back
for wearing all natural
deodorant that never worked.
And then casually farting,
so as to eliminate any semblance
of sexual attractiveness
and then forgetting to lock up
my bike the night
that it was stolen.
See you in court.
Get the fuck out
of my acid dream.
You're cool.
I just wasn't ready
to settle down.
I always appreciated you
for being up front about that.
Though it was annoying
how you used
all the toilet paper
wrapping up your tampons
-before you threw 'em away.
-I did that as a courtesy.
-I'm just sayin'.
-God, you know what,
now I remember why I hate you.
-Fuck you, Olive!
-What's up, sweet pea?
I'm tripping.
-On acid.
-Oh, groovy.
You know, it seems your mother
is really into that stuff.
I was never into psychedelics.
I was just more of a uppers guy.
Yeah well,
after you killed yourself...
Dad, she lost her mind.
She, like, ran away...
and my whole life
she's been living
-in a fantasy world.
-[Michael] Well, you know, baby,
from my vantage point,
looking down,
it seems
that pretty much everyone
is in their own
little fantasy world
to one degree or another.
And it's all
so counterproductive.
Well, so is suicide.
I know it's hard for you
to understand.
But I was hurting...
for many years.
And I just couldn't... beat it.
But I'm happy now.
And I want you to be happy.
Wait, are you--
Are you advocating for me
-to kill myself, too?
-No! No, Jesus. No.
Do yourself a favor,
and get rid of my ashes.
It's not so important
that they be scattered
to the cosmos.
I just did that
to piss your mother off,
because she over scheduled
our last vacation
to Washington D.C.
and did not give me enough time
at the National Air
and Space Museum.
Well, if you're wondering why
I'm not just bursting with joy
it's probably
because you killed yourself.
And Mom's insane and I got
this stack of student loans,
like, a mile high
and I'm basically alone
in the world,
and my ovaries are drying up.
But how about you start
with not settling
for all those bozos?
-It kills me to see--
-Wait, you better not be able
to watch me have sex
from up there.
I always look away.
-Well, forgive me
for not being the best picker.
All right?
I was deprived
of a proper male role model
-growing up.
-Got me there.
Well, I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm sorry
I missed your piano recital.
But I can hear you playing,
from up here.
And you are...
Fantastic stuff.
Thanks, Dad.
-I love you, sweet pea.
-I love you too, Dad.
You keep playing that piano.
I will.
Dad? Dad?
[crickets chirping]
[drums playing]
This land is my land.
This land is my land.
to the New York island.
From the redwood forest...
to the Gulf Stream water.
This land was made for me
and me.
That's right, kids,
Papa made a remix.
You think you're the only ones
that can take something
that works beautifully
and destroy it
for no discernible purpose?
You had to go
and screw it all up.
Now everyone's entitled
to everything.
The hell are you doing out here?
Uh, nothing special.
I just got no place else to go.
You can put your hands down,
I'm not the government.
Just live down the way
and I like to know
who my neighbors are.
Well, I'm just passing through.
I'll be gone in the morning.
Make sure that fire's out
when you go.
It just gets easier and easier.
[phone vibrating]
I made a huge mistake.
Go easy on yourself.
You're fragile.
That's very funny.
I miss you, Olive.
I miss concrete and asphalt
and car horns,
and easy access
to pretty much everything,
so much.
But not you.
It's pronounced asphalt.
Go fuck a landmine.
-[phone beeps]
-Fucking asshole.
[phone vibrates]
[keys jangling]
[switches clicking]
[radio tuning]
["Just Can't Make It Without
You" by Laura Yager playing]
When I'm feeling down
Well maybe
I'll just take a little ride
Into town
And turn the radio
Way up high
So I can't hear me
When I cry, oh baby
[Olive grunts]
I just can't take it
Without you
-[phone keyboard clicking]
-[phone beeps]
-[crickets chirping]
-[phone beeps]
In my head
If you leave a voicemail,
you probably don't know me
that well.
-Get up! Get up, we gotta go.
-[Uriah] Uh, fuck.
-[Crystal] We gotta go, come on.
-[Uriah] What?
-[Uriah] Oh! What?
-[Crystal] Olive.
No time to explain, let's go.
Get your-- Grab your stuff.
-[Uriah] Okay, uh--
-You're driving, grab the keys.
-[Uriah] Yeah, yeah. Not bad.
-[Crystal] The keys.
Dear God,
please, don't be upset
that I'm only reaching out
to you now
because I'm coming down
from an acid trip
and terrified for my life.
Right, plus also not forget
that you gave my dad
a chemical imbalance
which caused him
to commit suicide.
Okay, so just...
get me out of this alive.
We'll call it even.
Wipe the slate clean. All right?
All right. Deal.
[loud thud]
Might just have
to wash her mouth out with soap.
[Uriah] So, could you maybe, uh,
give me an idea
of where we're going?
My daughter's in trouble, Uriah.
I can sense it.
Plus, she texted me.
Do you think maybe
we should just call the cops?
Uh-uh. This is my chance.
This is my chance
to make everything right.
I'll be damned if anyone's
gonna take that from me.
Well, what if we get there
too late?
And something's already
happened to her,
then it's just-- What can we do,
just speaking from
my perspective,
it just seems like
maybe this is a little selfish?
'Cause you're...
-If you ask me--
-I didn't!
[Olive] Who-- Who's here?
Goodness gracious, it's...
It's me, Harvey.
The power's out all over.
I just came to see if...
you're doin' okay.
Dude, you nearly gave me
a heart attack.
I'm so used to coming
and going,
I-- I didn't really give it
much thought, I'm...
I'm terribly sorry
for your trouble.
Been some vacation.
I'll give you a full refund
in the morning.
It wouldn't be right
any other way.
In the meantime,
you think you could come down
here and...
help me
with the old backup generator?
I mean, I'm not really sure
how much help I'm gonna be.
I managed to lose my glasses,
they must've fallen
between the bed or something.
I'm sure we'll make do.
Okay, all right, uh...
here I come.
[Olive screams]
[tires screech]
Shit! Shit! Shit, shit, shit!
Even the 60's had a dark side.
Yeah, guess every utopian dream
does, huh?
Oh, hey.
-Uh, light. Someone's coming.
[Uriah] Whoa. Hey, hey!
This is, uh...
Whoa, well, watch out this guy.
[Olive grunts]
Was just havin' some fun
with ya.
Those were veneers!
Oh, God! Jeez!
-[David] What happened, guys?
-Oh, we got a flat
and we're really in a big hurry.
I've never changed a tire
before in my life,
and this one's skill sets
don't go far beyond juggling
and playing the bongos.
Could I get a little personal
space here, buddy?
Oh, we-- We don't really
believe in personal space.
It's like a thing where,
you know--
-Sorry. Sorry.
There you go.
I'll get you guys out of here
in no time.
[Harvey panting]
[Olive] Fuck!
You're a little rascal,
aren't ya?
Why are you doing this?
Put down that letter opener.
It's got sentimental value.
Atta girl.
[Olive panting]
Oh, can't thank you enough.
It's nice to know
there's still good people
out there.
That's right, the beauty
is in the moment, isn't it?
-What's his name again?
-[Crystal] Uriah.
Fuck off, Uriah.
I'm good, I'm just gonna,
you know...
living for the-- No, no.
What the fuck, man!
-What is this?
-Used to be my wife's dress.
If this is a sexual thing,
I'm just gonna be straight up
with you. I've got HPV.
Special strain
that melts old man's dicks off.
It's the very dress
she was wearing,
the day she took her own life.
I know what that's like.
My pops killed himself, too.
Small fuckin' world.
My deepest condolences.
So, backtracking,
for just a moment.
Um, what the fuck am I doing
wearing your dead wife's dress
and why the fuck are you
trying to kill me with...
Is that a tomahawk?
Textbook cultural appropriation,
man. Jesus.
It's nothing personal.
It's not you, it's just, it--
It's everything you represent.
Oh, cool, cool.
So I'm essentially
taking this one for the team.
Just my fuckin' luck.
I thought we might have
some fun.
Maybe this would be therapeutic.
You do play, don't you?
Yeah, I...
It's always been my dream.
When I was a kid...
we didn't have dreams.
We just worked hard.
Then what the fuck
are you so nostalgic for?
A time long ago,
when men were men
and women knew it.
And little girls like you
knew to shut
your god damn mouths.
I know... your type.
You like to think
that folks like me
are uncultured swine,
but I'm a great admirer
of the arts.
As of late,
I've been particularly
fascinated by Last Works.
When you get to be my age...
you start to develop
a real strong sense
of mortality.
Look, you want me
to play the fucking piano
just say,
"Play the fucking piano."
-Play the fuckin' piano.
[Olive sighs]
[Edith] You don't love me,
[distorted audio]
-[high-pitched ringing]
-[heart thumping]
[Edith] You never loved me.
[distorted audio]
-[high-pitched ringing]
-[heart thumping]
[Edith] You don't even know
what love is.
[piano playing]
I said, stop!
-[Olive screams]
-Stop! Stop!
You're awful.
Just plain awful.
Tell me that was a joke.
You mean, you didn't know?
Fucking Millennials.
[Crystal] Jesus, Uriah,
come on, let's go!
-Oh, Uriah, just stop the car!
-[tires screech]
-Oh, God, let's just go.
Oh, my God.
Doing a service to mankind.
-Bashing your brains in.
-[Olive panting]
Thanks again for coming with me.
-It's been a beautiful journey.
-[Olive panting]
-[Crystal] I can't get it open.
-[Uriah] It doesn't--
It's locked. Let me see.
[Olive panting]
[knocking on door]
[Crystal] Olive!
Baby, are you in there?
-Help! Help me!
-[Crystal] Olive!
-Somebody help me, please!
-[knocking on door]
Oh, that's my baby.
Open the door!
I'm trying to open,
it's-- It's locked.
Honey! Open this.
Get this open now, come on.
Uriah, get this open.
Oh, that's my baby, open it.
Open the door.
This is, like, a deadbolt lock
or something. Look out.
I just need to--
I just gotta focus, okay?
I need some space to focus.
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna!
Oh. Oh!
I am so gonna let you fuck me
when we get home.
-[gun cocks]
You just killed my piece of ass,
There's something
I really need to tell you.
Are you sure
now's the right time?
-This isn't easy for me.
-Just-- Just say it.
-You're a terrible pianist.
-I know.
You know,
I never told you
because I didn't wanna
hurt your feelings.
But I realize now
it was the wrong thing to do.
-Yes, dear?
-You wanna do me a favor?
-Anything. Hmm.
Call me an ambulance.
In case you haven't noticed,
I'm bleeding profusely.
You accidentally shot me.
Pretty much a metaphor
for our entire relationship.
-Yeah. Go figure.
[phone ringing]
[woman] 911.
What is your emergency?
I need an ambulance immediately.
My daughter's been shot.
What's the address, please?
8754 Hillcreek Road.
[woman] Do you know
how she was shot?
By me.
-[woman] You shot her?
-But it was an accident.
-[woman] Help is on the way.
Please stay on the line.
No, no, I won't stay
on the line.
You want me to get cancer?
Just get over here.
God, Mom.
Sorry about your friend.
Eh, boys these days,
they're a dime a dozen.
Who's the hot mess now,
you salty old douchnozzle?
Bankrupt the country, not smart.
Destroy the environment,
not cool.
Try to kill me...
not a chance.
Fuckin' baby boomers.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[car door closes]
-[Olive] Three, two, one.
-[Crystal] Three, two, one.
I feel good about it if you do.
Your father would have
appreciated the effort.
[birds chirping]
-I'm starving.
-Let's eat.
["Young and Cold" by
The Raveonettes playing]
I saw it you and me
In time part
I get a shiver
From broken hearts
I like sun
Where it don't shine
I make it hard on anyone
So many restless souls
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
In the roll
In the spring time dust
I love you way too much
So I wonder where to go
When love lose way too slow
So when hearts stay
Will explode
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
All talk is a waste of time
'Cause in dreams
You're always mine
Why they burn
With such delight
A leave of joy
Awake and rhyme
So many times
I've lost control
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I saw it you and me
In time apart
I get a shiver
From broken hearts
I like the sun
Where it don't shine
I make it hard on anyone
So many restless souls
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
So many restless souls
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
I don't wanna be
Young and cold
["What I Want" by
Swanny playing]
Take it from me
Never ever try to fool me
Take it from me
Never ever try to fool me
I know what I want
I know what I want
And I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
Take it from me
Never ever try to ruin me
Take it from me
Never ever try to ruin me
I know what I want
I know what I want
And I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
I know what I want
And I know what I want
I know what I want
Take it from me
Never ever try to ruin me