Tonight and Every Night (1945) Movie Script

Thanks. What's the idea
of the pictures, mister?
Life magazine's doing
a story on the theater.
Why didn't you tell me?
Look at my hair!
What's so special
about this place?
It's news, soldier.
This theater went through the Blitz
and never missed a single performance.
No kidding?
Aye. And one of your
lassies is in on it, too.
She's an American.
Wonderful thing,
I come into
the park each day
To watch the children
as they play
And see they don't go
near the water banks
Although it never
was too hard
To flirt with soldiers
on the guard
I find it simpler still
to meet the Yanks
This little high park bench
Is sometimes like a trench
The Poles, the Czechs,
the Greeks
Auditioning their techniques
First I embrace them
then I place them
On an honor roll
And the Yanks
always rate a spot
On my...
What does an English girI
think of a Yank?
For he's a doll and
Just as solid as it takes
What does an English girI
think of his looks?
And when he says,
"What's cooking?"
Does she know what cooks?
She Just adores
his Southern roar
Can't resist his
"Hi, y'all"
He says, "Evening, ma'am"
She says, "Evening, Sam"
That she's from Alabamy
What does an English girI
think of his Jive?
And when a band
is on the stand
Well, man alive
He knows from nothing
He starts rug-cutting
And throws a hip or two
Do we hip bang?
Of course, we do
Mind if I get some
stuff from here, Sam?
Make yourself at home.
There isn't one of them girls that
couldn't be on the cover of your magazine.
Oh, can't you stay
off my feet?
Hold it.
Girls, we've made history.
Now we're making Life.
Wait till you see it.
A six-page spread glorifying
the Music Box Girls.
Come on, girls.
We're on.
Now, Miss Bruce, Just one
of you. Something informal.
This ought to help
the circulation.
This'll do more for
the blood pressure.
Just one more.
Sorry. I'm on again.
Getting all the pictures
you want?
There's one I'd like to
get right now. The boss.
How about it,
Miss Tolliver?
The only pictures I've
taken now are X-rays.
Fine. We'll use them too.
Anything about the woman
who kept this theater
going through the Blitz
is human interest.
I'd like to get some from
up high with my view camera.
Sam, show him around.
I'll take over.
Come along, young man.
You were here during
the Blitz, weren't you Sam?
That I was.
How was it?
Well, you were gonna
take things as you find them.
How did you
find them?
We didn't have to,
my boy.
They found us. There.
Bombs, eh?
Yes, incendiaries.
Even that didn't
stop the show?
That it didn't.
Actors are used to having
things thrown at them.
I'd like to have had my camera
here when things were popping.
Well, you'd have got
some rare pictures.
And a story to go
with it, I'll bet.
Yes, and a story
to go with it.
Any special story, Sam?
A very special story.
A story that'd make you laugh
if it didn't make you cry.
Would you like to hear it?
That's what I'm here for.
Well, I'll have to go back before
the Blitz. Back before the war.
There was peace on Earth and bad
will among men, as you might say,
but we knew the war
wasn't far off.
It was in rehearsal,
so to speak.
Like our new show.
TOLLIVER: Come on, Roz. Judy,
Angela, Toni, that's your cue.
All right, we'll take it
from the second four.
Judy, darling. How
nice of you to drop in.
And what a lovely hat.
Now that we've all seen it,
you can take it off!
Well, you see, it was
this way, Tolly, I...
When I call rehearsal at
10:00, I don't mean 10:30.
What's that?
It's me, Mrs. Tolliver. I Just
got it back from the pawnbroker's.
I was practicing.
I hired you as an electrician, didn't I?
But, Mrs. Tolliver, you can get
all the electricians you want,
but there's only one
xylophone player like me.
Well, that's encouraging.
That's right. Now, put that thing
away and get back on your Job!
Very well, ma'am.
All right, girls,
we'll try it now.
And I want no
further interruptions.
There I'll give her right.
What do you want?
Mrs. Tolliver?
Yes? I have a letter from Mr. Halliday.
Is Jim Halliday
a friend of yours?
Well, I...
I know Mr. Halliday.
Obviously. What's more important
is has he seen you dance?
Oh, yes.
Yes, several times.
Where did you work?
The Globe.
What sort of thing
did you do there?
I worked at a loom.
But you Just said you danced
at the Globe Theatre.
No, I said I worked
at the Globe.
That's Mr. Halliday's firm.
The Globe Cotton Mills.
But your dancing,
where did you dance?
At the Globe.
TOLLIVER: How can you
dance at the Globe?
The Globe's not a theater,
it's a cotton mill.
Well, you see, when you dance,
you must have a rhythm.
And I worked at a loom.
And there's a rhythm
to the way it works.
And what, may I ask,
is your forte?
My what?
I mean, what sort of
dancing do you do?
Oh, I see. Well, none, really. What?
I dance pretty much
as I feel.
If I feel good, I dance.
If I don't feel so good...
And how do you feel now?
I came up on the milk train
and I've had no breakfast.
I think we should see this
NiJinsky from Manchester.
The name is Lawson.
Tommy Lawson.
Give your music to the
pianist, Mr. Lawson.
Oh, I have no music.
Then tell him what you
want him to play.
Well, I...
I don't rightly know.
I'm sorry we haven't
a loom, Mr. Lawson.
When you're not at the mill,
what do you dance to?
Oh, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach,
Gilbert and Sullivan.
Whatever's coming in
over the radio.
Now I've heard everything.
Bring me your wireless.
Move back, girls,
and give him room.
Young man,
the stage is yours.
Thank you.
Oh, no, no, no. Leave it
alone. I often dance to him.
Very interesting,
young man.
That trick thing
you did on the stairs.
Will you do it
again, please?
I don't think I can.
TOLLIVER: What do you mean?
Well, I don't
remember the steps.
I Just make them up
as I go along.
You have talent, young man, but
it's a Sunday-driver sort of talent.
I wouldn't know
how to use it.
Half an hour, everybody,
and be back on time.
What is it?
You're crazy if you let
that boy go. He's wonderful.
Give him a chance, Tolly. Think
of what he can do for the show.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Hey, Manchester,
wait a minute.
Don't let Tolly
get you down.
I've been a dancer
all my life,
and I know dancing
when I see it.
Well, I'm glad
you liked it.
Hold on a minute.
I liked it too.
Oh, I meant you too.
But you've got to
set a routine
and do it exactly the
same way every time.
And you must remember it.
It's no good. I'm going back to my loom.
Look, if you go back
home now, you're licked.
You've got something to sell. Sell it.
You're very kind,
both of you.
But this business of dancing the
same way all the time, I can't...
You can do it.
We're going to teach you
everything you know.
Go ahead, Judy.
Now watch me.
Got it?
Got it.
Go ahead, try it.
All right.
Well, I've seen better
and I've seen worse.
Now that's a bit
of all right.
How do you know?
How do I know? I've worked
in the theater 15 years.
What do you know?
What do I know?
Haven't I worked with some of the
biggest managers in this business?
Go on. You cleaned their
theaters, that's what.
Well, they never did nothing
without asking me, "What about it?"
Come off it.
"Mrs. Peabody," they'd say.
"In or out?"
And it was usually out.
Well, what do you
think now, Mrs. Peabody?
Ma'am, you did give me
a nasty turn.
Well, what do you think?
Put that light out.
Don't you know
there's a war on?
Sorry, Mr. Warden.
It was my fault.
I Just wanted to see our
names in lights before...
Pilot to navigator. Pilot to
navigator. Where the devil are we?
Can't get my bearings
in this bottle of ink.
Gentlemen, we seem to have
located an obJective.
Our target
for tonight, sir?
We can try, gentlemen.
We can try.
Changing course, sir.
You excite me
Beyond my power
to explain
Yours is the art
to start my heart
A bubbling
like champagne
You excite me
And there is nothing
I can do
When you appear
I hear a cheer
Like thunder in the blue
When we dispeI we
I fear to stay
and hate to leave
You excite me
You lead me on
and I pursue
The dye is cast
It's too fantastic
Yet it's true
Am I right?
Am I exciting you?
You excite me
You lead me on
and I pursue
The dye is cast
It's too fantastic
Yet it's true
Am I right?
Am I exciting you?
Bert, cut your finale short.
Here they come again.
Well, can I help it
if they're early?
Ladies and gentlemen, there's
a shelter under the stage.
Just pass through the doors at
each side of the theater. Thank you.
This way, gentlemen.
Come on, boys.
We've been invited to stay.
How do you do, Mrs. Good?
Straight ahead.
Right turn down there. Right
on down to the basement, folks.
No, sir. This way, sir.
Right on down, sir.
This way. Right turn, right
on down to the basement.
Move along now, folks.
I wish I had my makeup off
and was home in bed.
Well, wishing
won't get you there.
Nor you either, chum.
I haven't slept a wink for nights.
Oh, neither have I.
I'm exhausted.
Last night, the man next
to me snored for hours.
I'll never sleep
in the underground again.
Alfred, don't make
so much noise.
Sorry, is that yours?
You mean to say you've never heard
of The Great Waldo and his xylophone?
Can't say I have.
That's me.
Twenty years ago.
And this is my xylophone.
We were a great act.
A great act.
Excuse me.
So am I.
Well, that's
not very comforting.
That's like
having a lifeguard say
he's afraid of the water.
Oh, I don't mean this.
I mean you.
You did a little
bombing tonight yourself,
you know.
That dance you did.
In fact, you bombed
from a very low altitude.
It was not only unfair,
it was practically illegal.
Well, I'm sorry.
You should be.
I hope I didn't
hit anything vital.
You knocked out
my whole communicating system,
if that's any concern to you.
I think you should
have supper with me
and sort of help put me
together again, don't you?
You don't?
You haven't any conscience
at all, have you?
I have a perfectly
beautiful conscience
but I also have a date.
Yeah, naturally.
But you could switch it.
I've only got tonight
and tomorrow night.
I'm sorry, but I...
Have you ever been
to the 299 Club?
You'll like it enormously.
I've no doubt
about it, but...
They've got
the hottest band in London,
imported from America.
You are an American,
aren't you?
St. Louis.
Wait till you hear that band
play the St. Louis Blues.
It'll sound like
a letter from home.
For a man whose communicating
system is out of order,
you're doing awfully well.
Am I?
What must you be like
when it's working?
You'll see.
Tolly, that last one got the
Cumberland Theater. A direct hit.
That's the first hit
they've had in 10 years.
All clear!
Goodnight, Tolly.
Good night, girls.
Roz, I've got to make a telephone
call to the sector chief.
You and Judy
go ahead to Philippe's.
Oh, by the way,
You don't really mean that?
I mean Just that.
I wish you
a very good night.
Do you know something? You
are a very, very naughty child.
Why? Why did you not tell Annette?
I would've fixed you...
...a really big celebration.
And you are Just
as bad as she is.
Why keep away from me
those secrets?
What are you talking about, Annette?
Many happy returns
of the day.
A little birthday party
for you.
Hmm. Very nice.
Champagne. Flowers.
How beautiful. And
look, Judy, candy too.
Oh, it's really nothing.
Too bad.
It isn't my birthday.
It isn't? What do you know
about that, Madame Annette?
It's not her birthday.
Oh, I get it. You're the
clever one, mon brave.
Such a pity.
Oh, please stay.
Well, if you decide
it is your birthday, Roz,
I'll meet Tommy
somewhere else.
Oh, no. I'm expecting all of you. Oh?
We might as well, Judy.
If I don't admit it's my
birthday, I shudder to think
what holiday
he might declare.
Intelligent girl.
Oh, no. No, I know when
I'm licked, that's all.
Here we are.
Thank you.
For you.
What are you trying to do,
launch something?
That's an idea.
I christen thee beautiful
friendship, very beautiful.
He's very charming,
your aviator.
Thank you, Annette. Vive
la Francel Free French.
Vive I'amour.
I remember
during the last war.
There was an aviator Just
such a one as you, monsieur.
So watch out!
I been hearing nothing from
you for the past three days,
except that you're
a Blitz grandmother.
Blown clean out of bed,
my daughter was.
And her baby was born
underneath it.
The air raid warden said it must
have been a special kind of a bomb.
Hitler's secret weapon,
I suppose.
What? It ain't everybody that
can have a baby in an air raid.
Well, it could
happen to anyone.
I'd like to
see it happen to me!
Goodnight, Mr. Lawson.
ROSALIND: Come in.
Mmm-hmm. Let me take a look at you.
What you can
do to a dress!
Thank you, Tommy.
You know,
I was Just thinking.
If I saw you somewhere
and didn't know you...
I'm awfully glad
I know you, Roz.
So am I, Tommy.
If only someone from Manchester
could be in Philippe's
to see me
walk in with you.
Oh, I'm sorry, Tommy, but I can't
have supper with you and Judy.
I have a date.
The Air Force again?
Whose birthday
is it tonight?
No, of course not.
What is it this time?
His uncle's silver wedding
or the Chinese New Year?
No, it's old home week.
I'm going to meet a fellow from
his outfit. His name's Chuck Brown.
And he's from St. Louis,
same as me.
Oh, no, Roz.
Sure he is. It's a
small world, isn't it?
I'm disappointed in him.
I thought he'd pull
a better one than that.
Roz, that's the oldest
dodge in the world.
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry.
Perhaps there is
a Chuck Brown.
Of course there is,
or Paul wouldn't say so.
Well, where
are you meeting?
I don't know. Why?
I'll bet
it's his apartment.
It's such a comfortable
place to wait.
In case
Mr. Brown is delayed.
I'll also bet you that
sometime during the evening
there'll be a convenient
message from Mr. Brown...
Thanks, Tommy.
But I think I'm as good a
Judge of people as you are.
Woman's intuition, eh?
That's right.
Woman's intuition is an old
established custom, Tommy.
Good night, Judy.
Good night, Roz.
You two been having a row? Oh, no, no.
Just bustling her off
to meet Prince Charming.
Shows what a uniform can do.
I like your eyes,
even if the army doesn't.
Come on, Tommy. I've
got a date too, you know.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Uh-uh, mustn't smile.
It lights up the street so much
the warden will be running us in.
We're going to have supper
at my apartment.
It's more comfortable there.
Temple Gardens.
Now you can smile.
Good evening.
Beg pardon, sir.
Yes? This letter came for you, sir.
A gentleman from the
Royal Air Force left it.
Thank you.
Here's where I lived
before I Joined up.
It's very nice.
Oh, you've no idea how your
being in it improves it.
Make yourself at home. I'll
find us something to drink.
Aren't you going to
read your note?
Oh, may I?
Of course.
It might be something...
Well, unexpected.
No, I, I rather
expected this.
It's from
a very forgetful man.
I'll be right back.
I suppose you'd like ice?
I want to warn you, this
really isn't a cocktail.
It's a deadly love potion, brewed
from an ancient recipe that...
What's the matter?
I Just did something awful.
I read your letter.
It's awfully bad manners and I never
did anything like that before but I...
I Just had to,
don't you see?
Well, there's no reason why you
shouldn't have read it if you wanted to.
It was Just from...
I know, but...
For goodness' sakes,
give me a drink.
You know, at home, I used
to read books about England.
The hero always lived
in rooms like this.
Fine old building
with lots of tradition.
Cheerful fire,
oak-paneled walls.
Old, worn
leather armchairs.
Solid and substantial.
It's very reassuring.
Of course.
Send him up at once.
Who's that?
My father.
He doesn't look as if
he likes me very much.
Well, if he looks
a bit startled,
you're probably the first actress
he's ever seen in his life.
Excuse me.
Anything more, sir? No, that'll
be all. Thanks. Good night.
Good night, sir.
Good night, Miss.
If we get hungry.
He isn't coming, is he? Who?
Chuck Brown.
Oh darling, you really
wouldn't have liked him at all.
Very rude fellow.
Not your type.
Of course, I didn't find
all these things out until...
Rosalind, please, say
you're glad he isn't coming.
Doesn't matter.
I discovered something very
interesting tonight. Do you know that?
That woman's intuition
is highly overrated.
I've discovered
something too.
Well, don't you want
to hear what it is?
It's something you
yourself said last night.
I? What?
You excite me
Beyond my power to explain
Yours is the art
to start my heart
A bubbling like champagne
You ex...
I'm glad this is not an
example of British strategy,
or I'd be very worried
about the outcome of the war.
You're home early.
Oh, is it early?
I hadn't noticed.
Didn't you have
a nice time?
Oh, sure, grand.
Well, tell me about it.
Where did you go?
Oh, well, we ended up
at Paul's apartment.
There wasn't any man
from St. Louis.
He didn't show up, he
wasn't meant to show up.
It was Just one of
Paul's little ideas.
It was Just one
of those things.
I thought Paul
was different. But...
Oh, Judy, how I wanted
him to be different.
To be here,
or not to be here,
that is the question,
old man.
No, old boy,
that's the answer.
What's happened to my call to
the Music Box Theatre, London?
I've been waiting
more than...
But she can't refuse
the call, can she?
Oh, she can.
These are for you, sir, they're
marked, "Return to sender. "
Yes, I know. I know.
What shall I do?
Well, have you a mother?
Why, yes, sir.
That's it.
Thank you, sir.
You excite me
Beyond my power
to explain
Yours is the art
to start my heart
A bubbling
like champagne
It's sensational, sir.
Music, dancing, girls.
Everything the men want.
Oh, I don't know. We've got
Shakespeare booked on Sunday.
I'm not saying a word against
Shakespeare, he's very well thought of.
But a thing like this
has its points too, sir.
I mean, in its own way,
it's quite educational.
I'll put in a request
for them.
Thank you very much, sir.
Oh, could you
mark it "urgent," sir,
in case any of the young
ladies has other plans?
Oh, yes. Yes, quite.
I'm sorry.
They really gave it
to us tonight.
The streets are full
of bricks and glass.
We can't even get home.
This is the last straw.
Oh, I can't remember when
I've had a good night's sleep.
Well, aren't
the buses running?
Nothing's running.
Nothing's even walking.
Well, look who's here.
Mary, queen of the war effort.
Where's the colonel?
Waiting for me
at the 299 Club.
My taxi couldn't
get through.
Why didn't he send
a tank for you?
I don't know what my ma
will say, not going home.
So you had to
come back too?
Couldn't take the girls to supper
and we couldn't take them home
so we brought them
back to you.
It's no good, children,
we can't go on like this.
It's going to get worse
instead of better.
You're not gonna close
the Music Box, are you?
What about us?
Ain't we got our rights?
It's easy for you chaps.
You're only in for one show,
we do five a day.
Don't close up.
There aren't many
theaters left open.
I'm on a minesweeper. These
shows are nice to come home to.
You can't do it, Tolly.
They're right.
If they wanna come,
you've got to stay open.
I don't know how
we're going to do it,
but if that's the way
you want it, lads,
we'll have a try at it.
All right, girls, say
goodnight to your friends.
Goodnight, boys.
Well, wake me up for
the first show, somebody.
My poor dogs,
are they barking!
I could sleep
standing up.
Well, it's better than trying to
get home. That's all I can say.
If we've still got a home.
Of course
we've got a home.
What's the matter with staying
right here in the theater?
Live in the theater? But
what about my social life?
No, thanks, I'm not
running any home for actors.
Oh, we won't be
any trouble, Tolly.
All we have to do is put
mattresses in the dressing rooms.
I can imagine you people
together 24 hours a day.
A thing like that
breeds murder.
Oh, we'd behave
like lambs, Tolly.
We could pool
our ration points
and rig up a kitchen
and canteen upstairs.
Come on, Tolly,
it'd be fun.
Very well. If all of you
want to try it, I'll agree.
You've made your beds, now you
can sleep in them. Good night.
Good night!
You feeI you'd
like to drop
But you must never stop
Just go on with the fight
Tonight and every night
When all is said and done
Let's have some fun
Tonight and every night
Everybody up!
Come on, girls.
Eight o'clock. Up you get. Show a leg.
ROSALIND: Oh, have
a heart, Sam.
Can't we even sleep
on Sunday morning?
Not this Sunday,
you can't.
You've got a date with
the Air Force. All of you.
Well, I've seen
better landings.
Sorry, sir. Not bad,
we made it in 55 minutes.
We're in luck, sir.
The show's still on.
Yes. I'm afraid my devotion to the
drama isn't as great as yours, Lundy.
I suppose you want me to take
these reports to Control, sir.
No. Never mind.
The war's taken up quite enough
of your time this evening, Lundy.
Thank you very much, sir.
Before the bugle blows
Lights out
We have some time
to think about
The many chaps that
we have left behind us
There's one
especially I recall
There's one I miss
the most of all
We've placed them
on the wall Just to remind us
And I snapped
my favorite pin up
As he waved goodbye
at the train
He started to cry
I yelled, "Chin up"
One of us has to remain
I'm a lonely girI
I readily admit it
I was merely patriotic
when I signed
And I'm very frank
to say I did it
For the boy I left behind
Some men in uniform
have tried to sway me
They all faiI because
he's always on my mind
And I'm saving most of
what they pay me
For the boy I left behind
Yes he was first
in line to enlist
Shouting V for victory
They looked but found
no pulse in his wrist
So maybe that's why
they took me
If they need me then
I'm glad to be of service
But there's one thing
that I wish they had defined
Oh, they should have
told me, I get nervous
For the boy I left behind
I get aches all over
and it's getting chronic
I take medicines and pills of every kind
But they'll never
substitute our tonic
For the boy I left behind
The other day I got
the sweetest letter
All my love and kisses,
that's the way he signed
So each night
I wear his favorite sweater
For the boy I left behind
He goes down to
the blood bank each day
Shouting V for victory
He takes more blood
than he gives away
So maybe that's why
they took me
I'm supposed to be content
and Just keep dreaming
If they think that I'm
content they must be blind
'Cause I go to sleep
and wake up screaming
For in every dream
I've pined
For the boy I...
We're the victims of
a thousand regulations
That's a military strata
Just designed
They can't regulate
a girI's sensations
There's no rule
that they can find
For the boy I left behind
I couldn't wait until
after the show to see you.
You are going to
talk to me, aren't you?
What about?
Rosalind, please.
So I acted like an idiot.
But you can't rule a man out
for trying, can you?
After all, even a dog
is entitled to one bite.
Now, wait a minute.
I don't mean that literally.
I Just mean that...
I know exactly
what you mean.
"We're grown up, we're modern,
we know what it's all about.
"And remember, darling,
there's a war on. "
Routine number three.
That isn't a routine,
it's true.
There is a war on.
And it gives us
so little time.
Don't let's waste it,
Please don't
let's waste it.
Aren't you convinced yet that I'm...
I'm convinced of this,
I've had a very bad time
since you walked out on me.
Too bad about you.
I tried to phone you, I've
apologized a dozen times in letters.
Which I never opened.
Well, there you are.
Is that fair?
I've tried to tell you
how I feel, I...
you've got to listen.
I might not have
another chance.
Why not?
If there is a tomorrow
it's so much velvet, Roz.
Don't talk like that.
Please like me.
At least like me.
This is Miss Bruce, sir.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Sorry, Lundy, but there's
something big on tonight.
For you?
I'm sorry to have to
interrupt this excellent show,
but I have
an announcement to make.
All crews of Squadrons 1082, 1083
and 1084 will assemble at once
in the lecture room
of this building.
The rest of you,
as you were.
Please carry on with
the show. Thank you.
Well, so long.
Come back safely.
Do you want me to?
I want you to.
Come on, Paul.
You'll let me know when...
I'll telephone you tomorrow.
In the meantime, say it over
to yourself 100 times,
"Paul loves me. "
And when I get back,
you'll be used to the idea.
I'm used to it right now.
I catch on awful quick
when I want to.
All right,
stand at ease.
You're from the Music Box,
aren't you?
You'll be late.
Morning, ladies.
Well, that's the first time
I ever saw our Mr. Tommy take a nip.
It's the Blitz.
Everything's topsy-turvy.
My old man
stopped drinking.
The doctor calls it
Quaint, ain't it?
Hi, Judy,
top of the morning.
Hello, Tommy.
Tommy creates the most
original new steps.
ROSALIND: I'm sorry
to keep bothering you.
Yes, I know you're not permitted
to give out any information but...
Well, last night,
Squadron Leader Lundy said...
Well, he said he would
telephone me
and I haven't heard from him.
All I wanna know is,
did he get back?
Can't you tell me
that, please?
And all the time I thought
Tommy was going for you.
Oh, shut up.
I can't keep up with the
love life of this opera house.
Now, when I want a man,
I go after him.
Thanks for the trade secret.
Judy, you're on!
Coming, Sam.
I'm betting on Paul, Roz.
Do you think I'm not?
On with you, Judy.
If you're all used to
The Pathe rooster
Crowing the news
of the world
If you've come to doubt
I'm here all Paramount
for news events
Oh, sorry.
Here's a news reeI made
strictly for smiles
And dedicated
to the British Isles
Hi there, mister
Mean me, sister?
Would you step down here
and also bring the gals?
A word with you, there
I'd like to talk
to you two, there
Would you Join me, please?
And bring along your pals
Say, men, you with the wren
Can't you see your
train's a little late?
I'd like to have you
come down here
For a little tte--tte
Pardon me, I think I see
a friend of mine in the ARP.
Hi there, pal!
Is that you, Al?
Yes, come on down
and bring your gal.
Just a few more
one or two more
And the row's complete
Here stands all...
The guy in the scarf
The boy on the phone
And the man on the street
We would like to ask you
why we're gathered here
The reason
you've been invited
Is to show the world
That we're united
If you've a faith like mine
The stars are about to shine
The skies will all be bright
Tonight and every night
Every night
So keep your spirits high
The clouds will all go by
We've got a goaI to sight
Tonight and every night
Every night
Say, hi there, chum
why so glum?
Things could be much worse Be worse
And how about you lad
Why so sad?
How could we go forward
when you're in reverse?
If you agree with me
Let's have some harmony
So, what if it's not right
Whatever song is played
Will help your worries fade
And make your cares
take flight
Tonight and every night
We're gonna win
Come on, grin
Therein lies our might
We'll go on
and on and on
And every night Tonight,
tonight, and every night
And every night
The skies will all be bright
Tonight and every night
Be bright tonight
And every night
You keep your
spirits high
The clouds will
all go by
We're gonna win
Come on, grin
Because therein
lies our might
Our might
We'll go on
and on and on
We're going to fight
because we're right
And every night
Tonight, and every night
Tonight, and every night
And every night
Hello? Yes, this is
the Music Box.
Oh, yes. Just a moment,
I'll get her.
For you.
Oh, Paul!
Are you all right?
I didn't know
what had happened.
I thought you were...
I was afraid that...
Of course I've been saying it.
Yes, it sounds wonderful.
Where are you?
I'm here, in London,
on my way back to my unit.
I ran into a little trouble,
force landed in Scotland.
I'm going to
see you, aren't I?
You're not going
back right away?
There's an eight o'clock train
tomorrow morning.
I've got to be on it.
That'll give us
10 whole hours, darling.
Begging your pardon, sir, but we
are going somewhere, aren't we?
Oh, yes, yes.
I'm sorry. We...
Where to?
We've never been by
ourselves in our whole life.
Do you realize that?
Do I realize it?
Well, once.
Bu we don't
talk about that, do we?
No, we don't
talk about that.
Besides, you're forgiven.
How about me forgiving you
too, governor, and let's be off.
Oh, yes, yes. Uh...
There must be
somewhere we can go.
There's only one place
we could be by ourselves,
isn't there?
Can't we go there?
My place?
Why not?
I love you.
I love you.
It's all so beautiful
it fair makes me heart bleed.
Can't we
love and trust each other
and still drive
around the park a bit?
No, cabby, my place.
I don't want to
be nosy, governor,
but it would be much easier
if I had your address.
Now, wouldn't it?
Oh, I'm sorry,
Temple Gardens.
DRIVER: Thank you, sir.
Would you like to
take cover, sir?
No, thanks, we'll go on.
ARMY OFFICER: Sorry, sir, would you
mind giving up this cab? It's urgent.
go right ahead.
It's not very far
to my place.
I don't suppose you can make
it though, in those high heels?
I go everywhere
in high heels.
Come on, let's go!
What a climate! The one
night you'd beg for fog,
and look at that silly moon,
absolutely blazing away!
Isn't that your flat?
That was my flat.
Have you ever been asleep
with the girl you love
on the embankment,
in the early morning?
Quite frankly,
I haven't.
Opens up a whole
new line of thought.
I'm going to marry her,
you know.
Does she know
anything about it?
I suppose so.
I haven't actually mentioned
it to her yet, but...
Good heavens! You don't
suppose she wouldn't?
Well, it's happened,
I imagine.
Hey, what's your hurry?
What's my hurry? I'm
going to telephone her.
Oh, no you don't.
The old man
wants to see you.
Don't worry, Roz.
If something had happened to
Paul, you'd have heard by now.
Bad news travels...
Yes, I know.
But it's been
nearly two weeks, Judy,
and they're always back
in six or eight hours, if...
If they're coming back.
Judy, look!
It's Paul's observer.
Yes. That means...
Hello, Leslie.
Oh, Miss Bruce,
Miss Kane.
When did you get back?
Is Paul all right?
I imagine
he's quite all right.
We haven't
seen him, exactly.
You haven't?
No. You see, we've
been on 14-days leave.
Yes, and as you can imagine, we've
been putting it to pretty good use.
Yes. Well, have you all been on leave?
All the squadron,
in fact.
We've sent
the second team in.
Well, I think we've
got to be getting along.
Yes, goodbye.
Goodbye, Miss Bruce.
Oh, and have
a nice time.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Thank you.
Now, wait a minute, Roz.
Perhaps Paul had to help
the second team or something.
You know better than that.
If they're on leave,
he's on leave.
You saw how they acted,
didn't you?
Men are so
beautifully loyal.
Oh, Miss Bruce.
Here's a message for you.
"Oh," what?
Read it.
"Dear, Miss Bruce.
I'm Paul's father.
"I'm in town and shall come
to see the performance tonight.
"I would like very much to have
a few words with you afterwards
"if it is convenient.
"Yours faithfully,
Gerald Lundy. "
What does he want?
It's very simple, darling.
He wants to explain to me that
he's allergic to grocers' daughters
who go on the stage.
Well, I'll give him
that pleasure.
I'll explain to him that I
have a few allergies myself.
And one of them is
weak-kneed squadron leaders!
Third row, center.
It's too bad I have
this costume on.
I'd like to have made his
visit really worthwhile.
Life's up and down
It's smile and frown
It can either be a place
To laugh or weep in
The fact is you're the one
Who makes
the bed you sleep in
Cry and you cry alone
Your smile is gone
And so you're on your own
Remember the
weeping willow, my friend
It's such a lonely tree
Just look and see
All the birds have flown
Laugh, make it
long and loud
That Joke you crack
Will soon attract a crowd
You'll find my logic
well founded
Laugh, you're surrounded
But cry
and you cry all alone
Cry, and you cry alone
Your smile is gone
And so you're on your own
Remember the
weeping willow, my friend
It's such a lonely tree
Just look and see
All the birds have flown
Make it long and loud
That Joke you crack
Will soon attract a crowd
You'll find my logic
well founded
Laugh, you're surrounded
Take care of that one, Fred.
You come with me.
Take it easy. There.
Have off with his cloak.
Sam, you'd better set
the Gypsy number.
It's no good. There's
no room for them to work.
The rigging's stuck.
I can't fly the drop.
We'll have to stop the
show for 15 minutes.
Very well.
Oh, Mrs. Tolliver!
You don't have to stop
the show. Let me go on.
Oh, let me do my act.
I have all me props here.
I've always had them here.
Oh, Fred.
But, Mrs. Tolliver,
20 years ago...
I know.
You knocked them cold.
What do you think, Sam?
Well, what have
we got to lose?
All right, Fred.
I'm on. I'm on!
Don't worry, miss.
He was a bit of
all right in his day.
How do you know?
I cleaned the theater
where he worked 20 years ago.
Of course, it won't be
the same without Lucy.
Oh, she was
the other half of the act.
The better half.
Do you remember
what they did?
Oh, like it was yesterday.
Come with me.
Will you tell Bert
to follow me,
and we'll finish
with Anywhere.
Bert, Fred's going on
to do his act.
Now, follow him and
finish up with Anywhere.
Now, how do you know
it's worse than the Blitz?
Well, who'd you expect,
Bing Crosby?
Are you ready, maestro?
Let's torture the customers.
Wait a minute. Wait.
Save the wood, boys,
it may be a cold winter.
And now I'm going to play
Pop Goes the WeaseI
for you with sound effect.
Pop Goes the WeaseI
with sound effect.
Wait a minute.
I'm gonna let you
pop the bag.
I'm gonna let you
pop the bag.
You take the bag. You
take the bag. Take the bag.
I'll play the music.
When I give you the cue,
you pop the bag.
AUDIENCE: Whoopee!
Thank you, folks,
thank you.
He didn't do it.
Look, give me the bag.
Give me the bag.
You don't get the idea.
Look here.
Give me the bag.
How do you expect to pop
without blowing it up?
Now watch.
AUDIENCE: Whoopee!
Thank you, folks,
thank you.
What's the matter?
Are you too good to pop?
Say, maybe you'd like to hear
Listen to the Mockingbird?
You're going to
get it anyhow.
Oh, listen to the mockingbird.
Ah. Wait a minute.
I'm gonna give you
another chance.
Here. You take
the bird whistle there.
You take the bird whistle.
Take the bird whistle.
In this number, when I say,
"Oh, listen to
the mockingbird... "
"Oh, listen to the mockingbird"
is the cue for the bird whistle.
Do you get it?
AUDIENCE: Whoopee!
Thank you, folks,
thank you.
I forgot to mention,
in this number,
I do a very clever imitation
of the mockingbird in flight.
Do you like it?
Here it is.
Well, what did you want
me to do? Break me leg?
Oh, listen to
the mockingbird
Oh, listen to
the mockingbird
The guy's balmy.
But I'm all right.
Look, the time to pop is over.
Now it's the bird effect.
The bird effect.
Oh, listen to
the mockingbird
Oh, listen to the mocking
Give me the bird.
That is the last straw!
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy now.
Oh, all right,
all right. Whoopee!
AUDIENCE: Whoopee!
Thank you, folks.
Thank you.
Boys, a chord in D.
And now I...
I've lost me dickey.
I have a very beautiful thing
and I'm gonna play for you.
A number from our show
called Anywhere.
When you hear me play this,
you'll wish you were
anywhere but here.
Are you ready, professor?
Let's give them one.
You can believe it or not,
but one night,
I played 108 choruses of this.
Give them another one, boys.
Miss Bruce?
This way, sir.
Come in.
How do you do?
I'm Paul's father.
I know. This is
my friend, Miss Kane.
Her best friend.
And I'm staying.
Oh, I'm sure if Miss Bruce
doesn't obJect, I don't.
I'm very much afraid I've
taken on a difficult task.
You'll be surprised
how easy it's going to be.
Sit down, Mr. Lundy.
Have you heard from my son
in the last two weeks?
Well, I haven't kept track
of the time exactly. I...
You know I haven't,
Mr. Lundy.
Neither have I.
You haven't?
But he's here in London,
isn't he? His friends were...
Oh, no.
No. He was detailed for a
special mission of some sort.
That much I did learn.
Something quite important,
I believe.
Important enough to take him
away from his own squadron.
I received a trunk
with books
and personal belongings
You mean something's
Oh, no. No.
I believe that
during his absence,
his squadron is being moved
to another station, that's all.
Uh, yes.
Among the things
he sent home
was this Bible.
The one I gave him
when he enlisted.
This is precisely
the way it came.
Your photograph,
with a page of
the theater program.
See where he's written?
"This is for her. "
What's he trying to suggest?
Rosalind needs a Bible?
Quiet, Judy.
I didn't disturb a thing.
Here is where
your picture was,
in First Corinthians.
First Corinthian is
one of Paul's epistles.
The Saint Paul.
My Paul was named after him.
Do you think he's trying
to tell me something or...
She means maybe it's a,
you know, a code
or something.
Maybe. Let's see now.
"In concerning
the things whereof,
"defraud ye not
one the other,
"for I would that all men
were even as I was.
"Therefore I say,
tis better to marry... "
What was that last one?
"Tis better to marry... "
Mr. Lundy, look!
The words "This is for her"
come right opposite
"Tis better to marry. "
Do you suppose that...
That's the way
I translated it.
Well, I'll be...
I admit it is an extraordinary
way to propose to a girl.
What do you think?
What do you think?
I hope you're
going to accept.
Oh, dear.
The last time I proposed
was 27 years ago.
I seem to have
lost my technique.
Will you marry us, Rosalind?
Of course, I will.
Tolly, Angela,
Toni, Joan, Tommy!
Apparently your betrothal
is being announced.
It has every sanction
I know.
Goodbye, my dear.
What I've learned about
the theater tonight
has made me very humble
and very proud.
It's nice to know that
my daughter is a soldier,
as well as my son.
Tommy, Tommy!
Have you heard...
Why, what's
the matter, Tommy?
I'm wondering what's gonna
happen to the deal we all made
to stick to the Music Box
for the duration.
But I'm not going to
leave the Music Box.
Paul's got his Job
and I've got mine.
Don't make me laugh.
All Mr. Paul has to do
is raise his finger
and you'll come running,
wherever he is.
You're kidding, aren't you?
The only person I've
been kidding is myself.
I had a lot of
funny ideas about you,
only they're
not so funny now.
I never got around
to telling you, Roz, but,
I'm in love with you.
Or thought I was,
or used to be...
I don't know,
you sort it out.
Paul's back, isn't he?
No, Roz,
it's his group captain.
He's waiting
in your dressing room.
Oh, Sam!
Now, now, take it easy.
Is he... Did anything...
Good morning, Miss Bruce.
I'm sorry.
You can tell me.
I only wanted to tell you that
Paul's back in the country
and he'll be here
tomorrow, Miss Bruce.
And to explain that he's
been on a secret mission.
You read about
the conference overseas?
Now, when a personage like
that has to be flown somewhere,
we choose a pretty
good pilot to fly him.
And your Paul's a pretty
good pilot, Miss Bruce.
You must think
I'm awfully silly,
but I saw the car outside,
and I...
I had to be in London
for the day,
so I thought I'd save you
24 hours of worry.
Thank you.
Thank you ever so much.
Roz, Roz.
I'm all right.
I'm not crying, I'm laughing.
Oh, Judy.
Paul's coming back.
As long as you are there
Just start the chase
I'll go where you are, dear
It doesn't matter
how far, dear
I'd take a trip
To a star, dear
For that warm embrace
Just say you care
And I'll go anywhere
And anyplace
Oh, boy, I have
no magic carpet
I'm willing to swear
That kiss of yours
Could take me anywhere
Roz, the Air Ministry
have agreed.
Hello, Tommy. How are
you? So you're back, eh?
A fine welcome too.
That's a nice...
What would you do with a
girl who turns you down?
Turns you down?
Yes, here I am with
something I never counted on.
A real honeymoon.
A long one in Canada.
I'm being sent there.
And she tells me she's going
to stay here in the theater.
But Paul, don't you...
Oh, no, she's not.
She's going to Canada.
There you are. Tommy knows
what he's talking about.
Not always, but I do now.
Good luck, Roz,
and lots of happiness.
Everybody on stage
for the finale.
Places quickly.
And if you're still in town when that
ship sails for Canada, I'll fire you.
Good luck, Roz.
Good luck.
Have you seen Tommy, Fred?
Well, now, come to
think of it, yes. Where?
Heading across the street
to the pub, Judy.
Hello, Judy.
Hello, Tommy.
Thought I'd have a little
celebration on my own. Join me?
Thanks. Sherry, please.
Have you got something
to celebrate, Tommy?
When an old pal gets married it calls for
a private toast from her two best friends.
To Roz.
To Roz.
It's going to be sort of empty
without her, isn't it, Tommy?
Oh, yes. Yes. Sure.
Especially to us.
We started something,
the three of us.
And now?
Well, take one away from three
and you've got two.
A nice comfortable
figure, two.
A very nice figure, two.
You were very sweet
to Roz, Tommy.
I could kiss you for it.
Well, who's stopping you?
That was a close one.
I hope everyone's all right.
What happened?
Any damage, Sam?
Pretty near.
Has anyone seen Tommy?
He should be on the roof
on fire watch. He's not there.
He must be
in his dressing room.
Well, he must be someplace
in the theater.
If he is,
we can't find him.
The pub!
They got the pub!
Stand back there.
Keep under cover.
Tommy wasn't at the party.
No, he wasn't.
I didn't see him.
Where's Judy?
Dear God, please!
Not Judy, not Tommy.
Oh, Paul, I can't stand
it. I've got to go.
Rosalind, you mustn't.
And Tommy.
Overture and beginners.
Better call it off, Sam.
We can't go on.
We can't do that,
Mrs. Tolliver.
That's the way it is.
One falls out,
another steps in.
Soldier or civilian.
Very well, Sam.
We'll have to make some
changes in the running order.
Let me see.
Switch the gold number
next to the opening, and,
we'll have to cut
Tonight and Every Night.
Don't cut Judy's number.
I'll do it.
Okay, Roz.
We'll have it
next to the closing.
the curtain's going up.
Make it
a great performance.
Oh, Paul!
You don't have
to tell me. I know.
You're staying.
You understand?
I understand.
And what we need
is a few more guys
from St. Louis.
Oh, darling.
If you've a faith like mine
The stars are about to shine
The skies will all be bright
Tonight and every night
Every night
So keep your spirits high
The clouds will all go by
We've got a goaI to sight
Tonight and every night
Every night
Say hi there, chum
why so glum?
Things could be much worse
Be worse
And how about you lad
Why so sad?
Tell me how could
we go forward
When you're in reverse?
If you agree with me
Let's have some harmony
So what if it's not right?
So, what?
Whatever song is played
Will help your worries fade
And make your cares
take flight
Tonight and every night
Every night
We're gonna win
Come on, win
Therein lies our might
Our might
We'll go on
and on and on
And every night
Tonight, and every night
Tonight, and every night
And every night