Tonight Is Not a Good Night for Dying (2011) Movie Script

Tonight is not a night for dying
Eh... Sir!
Hey! Don't move him.
Why is he naked?
Sir, bring something to cover him up.
What's happened?
I don't know,
I was just passing and suddenly...
Don't look at him, lady he is naked,
it's not right.
Hello... Someone has thrown
himself off a building.
I don't know whether he's alive or not.
Jomhoori Street.
Tell them to come immediately.
Please hurry,
he's in a really bad state.
You know where did he fall from?
From the top.
Oh my God, look at him.
Don't go near him.
Hey sir, don't you see he's naked?
Bring something to cover him up.
- Did you see where he fell from?
- No, maybe he's drugged.