Tonight or Never (1931) Movie Script

That's quite a voice. I tell
you it's crystal, pure crystal.
Only Conrad, where is the feeling?
She will never be a great Prima Donna.
Oh it's the greatest thrill I've
had in the theater for years.
Her technique is alright,
but no heart and no feeling.
Oh darling don't be absurd.
Of course there was feeling.
Excuse me gentlemen, Madame Vago
will be here in a moment.
Thank you so much.
Allow me to congratulate
you my dear, Splendid.
Silence gentlemen! Silence!
Please Madame, come right over
here. It won't take a second.
Signora and Signori.
You have just been listening to the
broadcast of the opera "La Tosca".
We are now in the dressing
room of our guest star.
The lovely Nella Vago.
From the Royal Opera House in Budapest.
Perhaps she will say a few words to you.
If you would be so kind, Madame.
Good evening everyone. I want to thank
you for my reception in Venice.
It's been lovely. You've made
me so very happy here.
Tomorrow, when I return to Budapest.
I shall carry with me the memory
of this night, and of you.
And your beautiful
city of song and magic.
And eternal romance.
Au revoir.
Thank you Madame.
Bravo, bravo Madame. Just one
moment friends, just one moment.
We also have with us tonight, his
Excellency Count Albert Von Gronac.
One of the directors of
The Royal Opera in Budapest.
And the fiance of the
beautiful Nella Vago.
He will say a few words to you.
Please, your Excellency.
Ladies and gentlemen .. four years ago.
I was seated one beautiful
day in Budapest .. in my office.
And in came a little .. unknown .. girl.
Whose name was Nella Vago.
Of course, it takes a genius to
recognize an uncut diamond.
Thank you your Excellency.
In closing, remember this broadcast
comes to you through the courtesy ..
Compania Assosiasone, Generale
Frazellini and Frantenini.
Whose motto is "My Spaghetti
Is Longer Than My Name".
Thank you, goodnight.
Goodnight gentlemen.
Good evening Madame .. Good
evening Your Excellency.
Good evening Conrad.
Good evening Professor.
Calm her down.
Calm her down.
Calm her down.
Calm her down.
Calm her down.
Calm her down.
Calm her down! Calm me down.
Well, I see Albert .. he asks
me to calm you down.
What's wrong? Am I raving?
Am I in hysterics?
No, you're not even nervous.
Of course I'm not. Why should I be?
By the way, you might congratulate
me .. on my success.
Oh, so sorry. Congratulations.
Was .. anything wrong with my singing?
Malicious little beast! That's what
you are. Always nagging.
I'm your teacher.
Teachers are never satisfied.
Well anyway, I had a success.
You are a success in Venice and
Budapest. That's something of course.
But, when will you sing in America?
When will I sing in America?
When will I sing in America?
That's all I hear from you,
day in and day out.
You must have some pupils there.
Until you are asked to sing at the
Metropolitan Opera House in New York ..
You are not the big success
you think you are.
Your supper Madame.
A chicken sandwich on dried toast.
Oh Conrad.
Yes Madame?
How did you like my singing tonight?
I'm sorry Madame .. but I had to pack.
So I was unable to go to the opera.
There you are! Conrad, your own butler,
who has been with you for years ..
Who pays your bills, watches your
diet, won't even go to hear you sing.
On the day that Conrad
applauds you in the opera ..
I shall take off my hat to Nella Vago.
All alone, Excellency?
I stole away from Madame
Vago for a moment.
Well, come and have a drink with us.
Thanks very much, but I can't stay long.
Women resent it, you know.
Now where would I be today,
if it weren't for Albert?
He's been very kind and generous, quite
aside from putting me in Grand Opera.
I'm very grateful .. to him.
I like him.
I love him .. yes .. I love him.
Oh Madame! Oh Madame .. he's
passing on the terrace again.
Yes, the handsome young gentleman,
he's walking by the window again.
The third time today.
The third time. Then he's
doing it on purpose.
Oh be careful Emma,
don't let him see you.
He's good-looking, isn't he?
I'll tell you in a minute.
Oh .. he's very attractive.
There he walks .. but oh so slowly.
He just has to pass the window.
I wonder he doesn't run cartwheels
or something to attract your attention.
I think it's delightful.
It's romantic.
Oh, pooh.
Yes Madame Vago. It makes my heart beat.
Now he's at the bridge. Oh look,
he wants to turn back.
Oh he's gone .. Oh he
didn't have a carriage.
Maybe I can see him from
the bedroom window?
Come away .. you act like a schoolgirl,
not like a great Prima-Donna.
Oh .. so now I am a great Prima-Donna.
Forgot yourself, didn't you.
I wonder who he is.
I know who he is.
Yes, you would.
Tell me then .. tell me then
about this .. male streetwalker.
I will .. but you won't be pleased.
Oh yes I will.
I sat next to that young man at
the hotel restaurant, yesterday.
He was with a .. a ..
A woman?
Oh .. that's not a crime.
Was she pretty?
The most famous beauty of Europe.
And a very notorious one.
In her day.
Well then, that's different.
The Marchesa St Giovanni,
once a great Prima-Donna.
And the intimate friend of every
crowned head on the continent.
The old girl's enormously rich.
Oh, don't tell me about her.
Tell me about him.
I'm coming to that.
My dear .. according to the doorman ..
The head waiter and the hotel clerk ..
He is her .. she is his ..
Something or other .. I forget what.
I think it was "aunt".
At any rate, for the time being.
I don't believe it.
Why not?
No doubt, he's had dozens of aunts.
So, that good-looking creature
is nothing in the world but a ..
Gigolo ..
And the old Marchesa supports him.
Why do you repeat such gossip to me?
Because you want to hear it.
I don't.
You do. I don't.
You do. I don't.
You do!
I don't!
He's only a simple gondolier.
No training in his voice.
But what a heart!
You just listen.
This gondolier can tell
you more about success ..
Than all the .. teachers in the world.
Goodnight my dear.
Anything else, Madame?
No thank you Emma.
Goodnight Madame.
"Oh darling, I'm so happy."
"You're beautiful .. you're adorable."
"To think that we're in love at last."
"Kiss me."
Hello? Hello.
Hello. Matre d'htel?
This is Miss Vago speaking.
Do you know any reason why I
should be kept awake at this hour?
No, it's in the next room.
Well, of course it's annoying.
I can't sleep.
Huh .. what?
Oh ..
On their honeymoon?
Never mind.
Don't bother them.
"Isn't it wonderful?"
"Why it's marvelous."
"I've never been so
happy in all my life."
"Neither have I."
"To think this love will
go on and on forever."
"I didn't think love
could be like this."
"Oh darling, more, more .."
[ Buzzer ]
Hello? .. Yes? .. My dear, calm
yourself .. you'll hurt your voice.
Eh? .. oh .. oh ..
[ Buzzer ]
Yes, Madame ..
[ Buzzer ]
Hello? .. yes Madame .. yes,
I am coming right away.
Darling, you are not ill?
Is there anything wrong Madame?
What do you wish, Madame?
Oh, questions! Go and get dressed.
I can't stand this climate.
We'll take the train
tonight for Budapest.
But we go to Budapest tomorrow.
We're going to Budapest tonight!
I guess we go to Budapest tonight.
His Excellency's berth is ready.
Hey, what?
Our berth is ready.
Oh, thanks.
My, but I'm sleepy.
You're always sleepy, Albert.
Darling, I'm like Napoleon, I can
sleep at any time and any place.
Goodnight dear.
Goodnight Napoleon.
Tell the waiter to bring me
some water and lots of ice.
Yes, your Excellency .. may I
make up your berth Madame?
Yes, if you like.
Oh Madame, oh Madame!
I am so excited!
He's on the train, he's on
the train .. the gentleman.
Excuse me.
I beg your pardon.
Marchesa San Giovanni.
Didn't I tell you? The Marchesa's
on the train too.
Excuse me .. goodnight, goodnight.
Goodnight Emma.
Goodnight Madame.
You used to say "don't ask questions
my love .. you may get an answer."
Yes, but I want an answer .. after all,
what have you against her?
You can't deny that she has a voice.
I tell you her voice is an organ
of the purest, most supreme ..
And that is just the trouble.
It is nothing .. but an organ.
It is as cold and as passionless as ..
One of these American ice-boxes.
Let me tell you a secret.
No woman can ever be a
great artist without love.
Without passion, without a great
inside flame in her heart.
If she were really an artist ..
She would sing with more than her voice.
She would sing with her heart, and
her soul, and her body .. I did.
Sweet old King Constantine.
He used to say to me: "Bianca darling".
"You are not singing with your voice,
you are singing with your uh ..
Well, never mind what he thought
it was I was singing with ..
I was ..
Oh .. you and your Kings ..
And that was the time
when Kings were .. men.
And that's what your Nella
needs. I don't mean a King.
You know, you're a very
wicked old woman.
And do you know that you're
a very sweet, dear boy.
You flatter me so ..
Come in.
Rudig .. why have I never had a lover?
Answer me.
Don't all great artists have lovers?
My dear, all great artists are lovers.
Men fall in love with me .. don't they?
But do you fall in love with men?
For an artist, it is more important
to love .. than to be loved.
To love ..
Rudig .. why do you think
such things, and not tell me?
I was afraid you might misunderstand.
You see .. I'm a man .. myself.
Oh Rudig!
Who is it?
The waiter with the ice your Excellency.
Come in.
You had better not sing Tosca tomorrow.
Why? Why, why, why .. why?
You haven't been yourself since Venice.
No tone, no life.
Yesterday, you gave a
wretched performance.
You were off-pitch twice.
And I heard one very sour note.
You've never heard me sing
a sour note in your life.
You only want to devil me.
Why, you're angry because I haven't
asked you for the latest gossip.
I never gossip.
Oh .. by the way.
Schmitt-Krupps, the German baritone
and Frieda Isambard, from Berlin ..
Have been engaged for the Metropolitan.
With all they can choose, they pick that
hippopotamus Isambard for New York?
She's got the voice.
But she can't get her
hips into a taxi-cab.
Not that I mean to be unkind.
How did she get the engagement?
A young American manager signed her.
"Fletcher" is his name.
He's traveling about Europe, picking
up new stars for the Metropolitan.
He's in Berlin now.
Juanitza .. Schmitt-Krupps .. Isambard.
Anybody but Vago!
Oh well, what do I care?
Yes, Madame?
Would you like to hear me
sing? I'll sing just for you.
I .. I assure you Madame,
it is a very great honor.
But I have some trades-people
waiting for me in the pantry.
So under the circumstances Madame,
I feel sure you realize they're waiting.
Thank you, but they are waiting
Madame. Thank you.
Let's get to the first act.
Alright Rudig dear, you give me
my entrance. Get me in the mood.
What is it now?
Oh Madame, he is passing in front again.
Well close the window, and
don't disturb me every minute.
Yes, Madame.
That's what I'd call
a persistent gigolo.
It must be your jewels .. oh by the way.
Do you know he's living at the
Hotel Regent with the Marchesa?
They occupy the same apartment.
And she's still supposed to be his aunt.
Ha ha.
Oh come on now, I have to sing tomorrow.
But this time .. with
soul, with feeling.
Why, I can't, I can't.
Do you know what that scene means?
It means that my lover is
waiting for me. For me!
It means that we're going
to a villa .. we two all alone.
The moon is out, the stars are shining.
And the whole night smells of flowers.
And we're thrilled to our very souls.
Yes ..
It's an exquisite vision of love.
Yes .. but no-one ever
carries me off to a villa.
No-one ever makes love to me by moonlight
when the whole world smells of flowers.
I'm never in love with anyone. I don't
know of thrills, how can I convey them?
Nothing ever happens to me!
Why, I'm the only woman in the theater
to whom nothing ever happens!
I might just as well be dead as alive.
I think I'll get myself a gigolo ..
You have his Excellency to console you.
If you think ..
That Alfred Von Gronac is any
consolation, you are mistaken.
Do you really believe he's taught me the
depths of passion and the heights of love?
Well, of course I can hardly
be a judge of that.
But his Excellency is a man of the
world. He has seen everything.
That's just it! He's seen too much!
What dress shall I lay out, Madame?
Oh anything.
Something old, black and dreary.
Yes, Madame.
What's the matter?
Oh .. nothing.
What's in that newspaper? Give it to me.
Don't read it dear, don't read it.
Hmm Linden .. Linden goes to Berlin.
Yes, Maida Linden, now mezzo
soprano goes to Berlin.
But how? Why?
She will sing there, she says.
In the hope of being heard by Fletcher,
the American impresario I told you about.
So she can't wait for
Fletcher to come here.
She can't go to Berlin. She's
singing with us next week.
I believe she has been
granted a holiday.
A holiday? Linden? .. What for?
His Excellency .. as a personal favor.
Rudig .. you've tormented me
enough for one afternoon.
You with your silly old gossip.
And now you're going much too far.
Very well, very well, if
you don't want to know.
That Linden is having a
guest to dinner tonight.
One guest .. only one.
How do you know?
My housekeeper and Linden's
maid are cousins.
And hmm, hmm ..
Did your cousin tell you that
Albert was dining with Linden?
I don't want to gossip.
Did she?
It's a lie. I'll be studying tonight.
Later, we'll go to the German Embassy.
His Excellency, Madame ..
Good afternoon, good afternoon.
Good afternoon, good afternoon.
And how is my little songbird today?
And the dear, faithful dog-friend.
How we getting along Fido?
Thanks very much for your
gratifying interest Excellency.
I manage to keep a kennel over my head.
Good, good.
Pity me, dear child. I came to say how
sorry I am I can't take you out tonight.
I have an important engagement
at the government office.
If you'll excuse me, I'll hurry along.
I must get some dog-biscuits.
Excellency .. goodbye.
I think I must be hurrying along, too.
Sit down Albert, I must talk to you.
Has anything happened, darling?
Albert, we've been engaged
for three years.
That's a long time ..
Patience Nella.
A little more patience.
I can assure you I respect you quite as
much as though you were my wife.
You respect me so much, that you're
dining with Maida Linden tonight.
Alone ..
Albert, you're having an
affair with Maida Linden!
No .. now, now, don't be
angry. Don't get angry.
Really, I must laugh
you know .. ha ha ha.
Who told ..?
Who told you this ridiculous gossip?
It was Linden herself.
And she should know.
Linden? .. Impossible.
Are you telling me that I'm lying?
Last night, she came
to my dressing-room.
That's how I found out.
Well, as one of the directors
of the Opera House ..
I must take an interest
in art, mustn't I?
An "interest in art"?
So that's what you call it.
Art? Art? Well, that's merely a word.
Yes, and so is "untrue" a word, and
so is "hypocrisy" and so is "liar"!
Look here dove .. let's talk this thing
over sensibly, as we always do.
We're grown-up people aren't we?
Now darling, I'm not
going to lie to you.
Because that would only put
me in an undignified position.
Now, my dear child, I will confess that
my acquaintance with Linden ..
Has not been .. entirely official.
Now there .. see how frank
I am? How I trust you?
That should prove how fond I am of you.
And you dare to tell me all this!
Oh darling, look here, I
adore you, but three years?
That's a long time.
Yes, it's three long years ..
It's the way of human
nature, that's all.
It's like .. look here darling.
Even if a man has a wonderful
French cook in his house ..
Occasionally, he might like
to dine at a restaurant.
The food of the restaurant
is fine of course.
But he goes for, shall we say: variety.
Yes, especially when he's become
accustomed to cold-cuts at home.
Cold-cuts do very well for people
who have neither taste nor appetite.
If you find yourself in a better mood,
you may call me tomorrow. Good day.
Madame! Madame! That's genuine Delft.
You mean it was ..
Please Madame ..
A black gown? You wouldn't dress
me in black on an evening like this.
Madame .. it's a beautiful dress.
You told me yourself I should bring
it to you. You would wear it.
Oh Emma.
Lay out my new white satin.
And the wrap that goes with it.
But Madame ..
I'll wear my emeralds, my
earrings .. and all my bracelets.
And my new French lingerie.
I must be all .. white, and glistening.
Yes Madame?
I want the car at 9 o'clock.
Very well Madame.
Now wait a minute.
Order a taxi.
Is Madame sure she wants a taxi?
Quite sure.
Yes, Madame.
And call the German Embassy
and present my regrets. I'm ill.
Oh and the florist Conrad ..
order a corsage of lilies.
No, no. That would be too much.
Order gardenias.
Very well Madame.
I've had plenty of chicken
sandwiches on dry toast.
Tonight I will dine in a restaurant.
Madame Vago's man speaking.
How much are gardenias?
I want a dozen, I want two dozen.
I want a very large corsage.
Gardenias are very expensive
Madame. I ordered six.
Here I am, starting for paradise and
you expect me to economize on the trip.
Send six gardenias. Yes,
that's the right number .. six.
Where is that music coming from?
Oh it's that new gypsy orchestra
playing downstairs in the garden.
You naughty boy .. you
haven't sweetened it.
Oh dear.
Delicious .. close the window ..
the music is too exciting for me.
I know the real reason you're not
at the Opera tonight you know.
Oh you do? Clever woman ..
suppose you tell me.
Because Nella Vago is not singing.
Now come, own up, that's true isn't it?
Well, there's no-one else in this
Opera house worth listening to.
I cannot understand you. You! Usually
so un-impressionable, and now ..
What do you see in this woman?
I don't know.
There is something about her
I can't put out of my mind.
She leaves me absolutely unmoved. She's
always asleep, even when she's awake.
Oh yes, but if she'd only wake up.
If something or someone would ..
would only rouse her, shake her.
You'd like to be the alarm clock, eh?
I know.
Oh can't I admire an artist without
an outburst from you?
It's not the artist you're
admiring. It's the woman.
Now don't be jealous.
Jealous? I ..? Ha ha.
I'm never jealous .. no ..
Only every day, over
every new face I see.
Well, you have left me a
great deal alone, lately.
Is that a new melody?
Yes Madame. It's called
"Tell me tonight".
"Tell me tonight".
It's lovely .. beautiful.
Thank you.
The doctor tells me to associate
with young, younger .. people.
"Youthful interests" .. he calls it.
Of course, my common-sense tells
me I can never be sixteen again.
I don't know .. with you,
anything is possible.
Well, don't I get one tiny,
little kiss before I go to bed?
Of course you do.
Sleep well .. and don't dream
about beautiful young women.
I won't .. I'll dream about very,
very handsome young men.
Goodnight dear.
Goodnight darling.
Goodnight dear.
Anything else, sir?
Excuse me, sir. I uh ..
That's all.
I .. I think perhaps there is
something you should know sir.
Oh really .. what is it?
I'm afraid it may be
a little indiscreet sir.
It's about a lady.
Well don't so mysterious. Let's hear it.
If you please, sir ..
This evening, a lady came into
the dining-room all alone.
Well, go on.
What's this got to do with me?
What lady was it that ..
I you please sir .. it was Madame
Nella Vago from the opera.
Yes? Well, get on with it.
She asked me on what floor is the
apartment of Madame Marchesa?
This lady doesn't know the Marchesa.
And she wants to call
on her now, at night?
No sir, it's not the Marchesa
she wishes to see.
It's you sir.
Madame Vago wants to see me?
She wishes to see you alone, sir.
Oh very well. I'll go down at once.
Oh no, sir. She wishes to
come up here to you, sir.
She .. she asked me to tell her when
the Marchesa went to bed, sir.
She told me not to mention
the matter to you sir ..
But I thought perhaps I'd better.
Oh .. yes, yes of course.
Of course, I could say that you've
gone to bed too sir, if you like.
Oh no, don't do that .. no,
merely tell her that I'm alone.
Yes sir.
Oh ..
If you could manage to be
just a little bit surprised ..
Well .. I am surprised.
Oh waiter .. just take the latch
off that outer door, will you.
Yes, sir.
[ door knocks ]
Madame ..
Is Mrs Jackson in?
Mrs Jackson?
They live here.
Oh .. he's been out looking for
the American Consul's wife.
Yes .. this is their
apartment, isn't it?
Well, the Jackson's are on
the floor above, Madame.
Oh I'm so sorry .. I beg your pardon.
The elevator-boy let me off,
I never looked. I just rushed in.
Stupid of him.
Yes, ma'am.
Of course, if he had a great
deal of intelligence ..
He wouldn't be an elevator
boy .. would he?
No Madame ..
And uh .. in a hotel .. all
the floors look the same.
They do, don't they?
Yes, Madame.
Well then, I .. hope you'll
pardon my intrusion.
I suppose I'll have to go
up to the next floor.
I'm on my way to see the Jacksons.
Oh really?
We're very good friends.
Oh indeed?
Then I'm surprised that Madame doesn't
know that the Jacksons have gone away.
Yes, they've been in Paris for a week.
Oh this is dreadful .. I must explain ..
if you'll pardon me for detaining you.
I came here for a little
supper. I often drop in.
I told my chauffeur to call
for me about .. 11:30.
I'm going to a ball that
begins rather late.
It's so lonely in the dining-room.
There isn't a soul there at this hour.
I .. I thought I'd rush up
to see the Jacksons.
We're such good friends.
Yes, so you said.
I can't believe they'd go
away without telling me.
Well .. dear, dear.
I .. beg your pardon and .. goodnight.
Can I have the doorman ring for a taxi?
Thank you, but don't trouble.
I'll .. wait in the hall.
It's rather draughty there.
But I dare say the time will pass.
I dare say.
I hate to bother you again,
but have you a cigarette?
Oh yes, of course.
And a light.
Oh yes, a light.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Oh .. your handkerchief.
Oh .. thank you again.
Not at all.
Shall I ring for the elevator for you?
No thank you. But I want to
apologize once more for ..
Please don't .. you've
already apologized once.
Oh well then, I want to apologize twice.
I'm sure it's been an intrusion.
Not at all.
Goodnight. Allow me.
I'm .. so sorry.
It's quite alright.
Oh .. I beg your pardon. But I'm back.
Oh ..
Did .. did Madame forget something?
Oh no. It's just that I heard voices as
I was walking to the end of the hall.
I recognized one of the voices.
I knew that I'd be asked where I'd been.
And as it's not the Jackson
floor .. what could I say?
And they're not there anyway.
Yes, and they're not there anyway.
I'm really ashamed to mention it, but
this town is notorious for gossip.
I hope you don't misunderstand.
Not at all.
You see how awkward it would be ..
Why of course ..
If I was seen coming out of a strange
gentleman's room in a hotel ..
Why, that would be enough to .. well ..
Oh yes of course, it's quite clear now.
I waited to hear the voices were going
away, but they were coming near.
So I was frightened and I ..
ventured to intrude again.
You do see how it happened, don't you?
I understand perfectly, Madame.
Would you mind closing the door,
just until they've gone.
Oh no, not at all.
Thank you.
Won't you ..?
Be seated.
Thank you.
Just until they've gone.
Oh, I'll only stay a second.
I'm terribly ashamed to
be imposing this way.
It seems a great impertinence
for an utter stranger ..
To keep dropping in
here in such a fashion.
Well, you've said that so often Madame,
it might be rude to contradict you.
I was afraid you were expecting someone.
Not now.
Well the ante-room room door wasn't
even locked. It was unlatched.
You don't want me to believe I hope,
that you .. left it open accidentally.
No, I didn't leave it open accidentally.
Oh .. for someone in particular?
For you, Madame Vago.
Why didn't you say you knew who I was?
I was waiting for you to admit it.
Of course .. I don't know your name.
Well, my friends call me "Jim".
Now we know each other.
That is .. we start to know each other.
Would you mind please,
closing the window?
That music makes me feel lonely,
all of a sudden. Almost unhappy.
I wonder if you know what
I'm thinking at this moment.
No .. but I'd love to.
I was thinking that you'd never
found a man who interested you.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be so
lonely and so unhappy tonight.
And not quite so reckless.
I'm not lonely or unhappy, nor reckless.
If you'll pardon me saying so ..
You don't seem to value
your reputation very highly.
No, nor yourself either.
How dare you!
Well you've forgotten to make the usual
remark "I thought you were a gentleman".
No .. no, I didn't think you were.
Oh, you didn't?
Do you happen to know who I am?
No, I don't want to know.
Well, whether you want to know or not,
I'll explain something about myself.
No, please don't explain, it isn't
necessary, and I couldn't stand it.
You wouldn't tell the truth anyway.
Why wouldn't I?
You wouldn't and I hate lies.
But I only wanted to tell you
something about my profession.
Your profession?
It's a matter of perfect indifference to
me. I don't even want to speak of it.
But why not?
There are some things that cannot be
spoken of. They are unmentionable.
Do you mind telling me
what you think I am?
I'll ask you something .. you
can answer in one word.
But I want the truth.
You shall have it.
Is it true that you are
living here as the ..
"Guest" of the Marchesa?
Oh .. yes, yes. Quite true.
You share this apartment with her?
Well then .. how can you?
How can you do it?
Oh .. I see.
I understand.
Why did you put on all your lovely
jewelery if you were coming to see a ..?
A gigolo.
Oh, I wasn't afraid.
I'm surprised at you.
Are you giving me a lesson in morality?
Oh no.
No, in risks.
Didn't you know that a gigolo could take
all your jewelery away from you?
Your lovely emeralds.
Oh I wouldn't fight for them. They've
never brought me any happiness.
Still ..
Women have been killed for less.
Oh you can't frighten me,
I should get out.
Yes I could!
See how simple it is? .. I lock
the door and pocket the key.
Then I pick up a knife or anything ..
I get hold of your hand,
you can't even move.
You ..
Why you're trembling .. you do
realize what you've done.
Are you scared?
Please .. I think I'll go now.
You'll go when I tell you
to, and not before.
Please let go of me! Take your hands
off me. Let me go .. get away.
Please let me .. please let me go home.
You did everything to get in here.
Well, you are in. Why can't you get out?
Sit down .. sit down.
You knew very well that I'd been
going everywhere I could see you.
The concerts, the opera, your street.
You knew that I was in love with you.
Dead in love. Didn't you?
Oh love .. there is no
such thing .. for a man.
Alright, put it the other way then.
Say I .. wanted you?
That's more like it.
That's all men think of.
It would be a lot better for women
if they all knew it and accepted it.
It would save tears.
Yes, but I only wanted you.
One at a time, of course.
Oh no, I wanted you, only you.
I couldn't wait to get into my seat at
the opera. I couldn't bear to leave it.
When you first came in here tonight I
hoped for a moment that you had ..
Felt something too, that perhaps
you had caught the spark.
A lot of other men can't take
their eyes off me at the opera.
It doesn't mean anything.
Oh they don't count.
You're a public favorite.
It's their vanity, not love.
Women come after me in droves
but I don't flatter myself that ..
They come after you in droves? Ha. Ha.
Women .. come .. after you .. in droves?
Yes, women come after me in droves.
If you let me tell you why.
I think you're shameless, and brazen.
Just a minute, I will tell you.
No you won't, I won't listen.
I don't want to hear any more
"women come at you in droves".
But I don't want to hear another word.
Not another word, I won't listen to you.
And while I was wondering
how to meet you ..
You came in here and spoiled it all.
Oh I'm .. I'm sorry.
In another minute, I'm going
to take you in my arms.
No, you're not!
Yet I could kill you for coming here.
I want to hunt my women, not
have them come after me.
Oh ..
Oh Nella.
Nella, why did you come here?
Because I was lonely ..
something happened today.
I made up my mind I wanted
to live .. really live.
I wanted to meet someone who ..
who uh .. I thought of you.
So, you came here for no better reason
than curiosity, or to find a lover.
And you thought you'd choose me, huh?
A gigolo .. the Marchesa's gigolo.
Oh, what a thing to do.
Well .. perhaps I wanted a gigolo.
Oh, you did, did you?
Alright then, young lady, you
shan't leave here disappointed.
Oh Jim .. how could you?
Oh, so it's not a gigolo you want?
No, you know I don't.
You were, you were horrible.
The way you grabbed me .. look.
I'll be all marked up, I know I will.
I'll be black and blue and I'm singing
Tosca on Thursday .. half naked.
What a woman.
She's counting the spots.
You like that better?
And this one too.
If you want me to be good,
why don't you help?
No, no .. I'm afraid of you.
I've changed my mind.
I don't want to love a man,
that is I do but ..
You'd get a hold on me and I
shouldn't be able to break it.
Why, I've only known you an hour.
You see what's happened already?
No, you're a man to stay away
from .. now let me get up.
Jim, I really don't
want to get up but ..
I don't want a man who will make me
think as he thinks and do as he does.
And sit by while he lives.
No, I want someone who'll be kind
and sympathetic. A real friend.
No lover was ever a real friend,
that's impossible.
A man who will share my life with me
and have some common interests.
Hmm .. what you want is a piano-player.
No, no, no. I've got one
now, and he's enough.
Really, I'm serious .. I'm in earnest.
Love means .. it means everything to me.
There is no inspiration in my
life. That's what I miss.
But I'm afraid of you. Loving you might
become another kind of slavery.
I'll think it over. Yes, I'd better.
I'll let you know tomorrow.
Oh no.
It's tonight .. or never.
There's the key to the door.
It is three minutes to ten. I'll give
three minutes to make up your mind.
Three minutes to decide something
as important as this? Well, I couldn't.
In three minutes, can send for a taxi.
I'll escort you downstairs, put you in
the car, and you'll never see me again.
But I can't make up my mind in three
minutes .. how impetuous you are!
Please give me a little longer.
If you're here three minutes from now,
you will have to take the consequences.
And what would the consequences be?
You'd be held tight in my arms
and you'd never get out.
Perhaps you had better send for a taxi.
Oh just a minute .. how quick you are?
If I should stay, after all ..
of course I'm not going to.
If you should, it would
mean forever to us.
Because I'd never let you go from
me to another man. Think of that.
You do like to bully a woman. You take
an awful lot for granted don't you?
Not unless I'm forced to.
And you're so possessive.
I'm very possessive.
And I adore you.
You don't.
Shall I show you whether I do or not?
No .. no.
Then ..
I'll call a taxi.
Before I go.
Please kiss me .. just once.
Sweetly, tenderly.
As if we really belonged to each other.
Please call a taxi.
It's too late.
Well .. she showed us
today that she can sing!
Yes, I'm glad .. but Professor ..
Remarkable! That's all I can
say .. remarkable .. strange.
Yes, I can't understand it at all.
Why not?
Because she should have
been all tired out .. today.
Why should she?
Oh Professor, I'm so glad you came.
I want to ask you something.
It's very important.
Did Madame wear her emerald
necklace at the matine today?
I didn't notice.
A crowd in the wings, a crowd in her
dressing-room. I couldn't get near her.
Seventeen curtain calls ..
I cannot find the emeralds!
Nobody ever sang Tosca so ..
The audience rose at her ..
bravos and tears!
She tore at their hearts .. strange.
That's what it was .. strange.
Something has happened.
Something .. has taught her ..
how to cry .. and overnight.
Yes, sir. Many ladies learn
how to cry .. overnight.
Why? What do you mean?
Madame, she ..
I wonder if I should tell you.
Your mistress has no secrets from me.
Come along now, what is it?
Well then ..
She was out .. all night.
From the German Embassy?
She wasn't there.
Where was she, then?
I don't know.
But she came home at six this
morning. She slept the whole day.
She got up just before the performance.
And Professor ..
She was .. singing .. in the bathtub.
I never heard her do it before.
Stop there.
I don't like that "singing in
the bath" business.
And that's all you know?
And I know that I can't
find the necklace.
Well my girl .. I wouldn't hire you
as a detective. No I would not.
Why, my housekeeper would have
known everything, and more.
I'll see once more in the safe.
Good evening Madame.
Ah .. here you are .. at last!
Seventeen curtain calls.
I'm proud of you.
Aren't you happy?
Of course I'm happy.
It was a wonderful afternoon.
You don't seem at all excited.
When you sang like a lark .. no-one
ever sang Tosca like that before.
Never! Never!
Madame .. may I speak?
Of course Conrad.
Your singing today,
pleased me very much.
Conrad! You .. you were at
the opera this afternoon?
Oh surely you didn't listen to me
through the whole of Tosca?
Not all through?
I did Madame.
I was wandering in, back of the scene ..
When I heard Madame's voice ..
Ring out as I have never heard it.
I sat down on a piece
of scenery, to listen.
And Madame may not believe me ..
But at the end of the act, I went to the
front and bought a seat in the balcony.
I never believed that Madame
had the divine spark.
I .. I'm afraid I forgot myself.
I stood up and shouted with the crowd.
I'd rather hear that from you, than have
the praise of all the Kings of Europe.
Madame, I will never miss another
opera .. in which you sing.
May I be permitted to kiss the
hand of a great artist?
Now the world can come to an end.
It already has Rudig.
I received this this afternoon,
after the performance.
Fletcher .. the impresario
Fletcher .. he's in Budapest.
He was at the opera.
A contract! .. Well, you
have only to sign it.
We're going to America
where Janitza sings.
We're going to America,
America, America ..
We're going to America,
America, America ..
Good evening Madame.
Thank you.
But Madame, your emeralds?
You don't have them on.
Where are they?
Oh, in the safe.
They are not in the safe.
They are gone, gone!
Don't get excited. I may have
put them in some other place.
But you don't put them in other places.
I can't find them anywhere in the house.
I sold them, or I lost them,
or I mislaid them.
I'm telling you I put them away.
But Madame .. But Madam ..
I did!
Yes, Madame.
Where are your emeralds?
Oh, somewhere about.
None of your business anyway.
Look at me .. you were out
all night .. where were you?
Is it possible?
Your emeralds .. they were
stolen by that gigolo.
How dare you! He didn't steal them.
I .. gave them to him.
You gave them to him?
My dear child, how foolish to give
a whole necklace of emeralds ..
When the one on your finger
would have done just as well.
You don't understand. Oh, I
don't want to think about it.
These gigolos .. how do they do it?
They write songs about them.
What's this man's name?
I forgot to ask.
Oh yes .. it's "Jim".
It's an odd name ..
it's a beautiful name.
He isn't like anybody
else .. he's a gentleman.
And he .. isn't .. a gentleman.
He's a gentleman when he takes your hand
and a gigolo when he takes your emeralds!
He knew nothing about the
emeralds when I left them.
No, he didn't.
May ask why?
He was asleep.
This is outrageous! Don't you
know who I am anymore?
Certainly, Your Excellency.
But Madame is resting ..
And Madame does not wish
to be disturbed by .. anyone.
She didn't mean me! You will
announce me immediately!
I'll try Your Excellency.
His Excellency ..
His Excellency?
His Excellency.
His Excellency.
His Excellency.
His Excellency? .. He dares to call?
Rudig ..
You like His Excellency,
don't you Rudig?
Every time His Excellency
pats me on the shoulder ..
And asks me "how is the
friendly dog?" I have a daydream.
I dream I'm a full-back at a football
match and His Excellency is the ball.
Rudig, you shall have your daydream.
I'm through with Albert.
It's all over.
You can tell His Excellency I'm going to
America. I never want to see him again.
As they say in America: "and how!".
His Excellency.
Bravo, bravo! I congratulate you.
Well, well, where is the capricious
and wonderful lady?
Excellency, I have something
to tell you. It will surprise you.
Miss Nella and I, to make it
short: We are going to America.
We never want to see you again.
Have you gone crazy, Fido?
Nella! Nella!
Excellency .. I'm a friendly dog ..
I don't bite .. I don't even bark.
And I advise you not to bark either.
You're fired!
Nella! Nella! Nella! Bravo,
I congratulate you.
You were marvelous.
I was bursting with pride.
From now on, you're the
greatest singer in Europe.
Never duck.
Yesterday you blamed me because I
wouldn't set a date for our marriage.
Tonight, I've come to
ask you to set the date.
Your Excellency,
it is 24 hours too late.
Today, I received a contract to sing
in America, and I have accepted it.
As for our engagement, you may
consider yourself entirely free.
If you find yourself in a better mood,
you may call me tomorrow.
Excellency .. who is fired now?
After you, Excellency.
After you Excellency, always after you.
If you please, Madame.
The young man .. the walking young man.
Is he walking again?
No .. he is in the house.
What shall we do?
I'm sorry mister .. mister?
I didn't get your name, sir.
No, I'm quite sure you didn't.
I haven't told it to you.
I'm sorry sir, but Madame is resting.
And she never sees .. strangers.
Would you enter, sir?
Madame asks you to wait a
few seconds in the living room.
Thank you.
Are you crazy Conrad?
He's our new Excellency.
Nella ..
Oh .. uh .. hello .. good
evening .. how do you do?
Well, what's the matter?
Is anything the matter?
Well .. haven't you
anything to say to me?
I said "how do you do?".
How do you do?
Oh why did you come?
You knew very well I'd come.
I didn't want to meet you again, ever.
Well, in that case, you shouldn't have
stayed longer than three minutes.
Is this visit going to be long?
Unless you put me out.
I can't see why you came,
there was no reason.
I came to return your call.
Oh ..
That's only polite, isn't it?
Oh yes .. and something else.
Also to return these .. you must
have forgotten them last night.
Oh please, no I ..
I had no intention of
hurting your feelings.
I only thought perhaps, that you might
like to keep them .. as a souvenir.
Oh I see.
Well I .. I'm afraid I cannot
accept your gift.
It's .. it's too trifling.
Trifling? My lovely emeralds?
What do you want from me?
Something more.
I'm not rich.
I haven't much to give.
Oh yes you have.
You can give me something
infinitely more precious.
Give me yourself.
Oh Nella, I know it wasn't love that
sent you to me last night, but today ..
No, no. It's impossible.
I've made my plans
and .. I'm going away.
You are?
I'm going to America.
I shall be glad to leave this place.
And happy to forget .. everything.
You want to forget?
I must.
I shall never hear that song,
that I shan't think of you.
And your room .. your sweet
room .. with its fragrance.
And all the things you said to me.
And your .. your kisses.
Oh I love you terribly, sincerely.
You showed me that I have a heart.
I love you.
You taught me to feel.
I love you.
I love you.
And I must go away.
But Nella, how can you?
Please don't.
Perhaps I shouldn't
have told you all this.
But Nella darling ..
Please go .. go ..
There's nothing else to be said
between us. Just go .. forever.
You mean, you never
want to see me again?
Never ..
Very well ..
Has he gone?
Of course he's gone.
I never want to see him
again .. never, never ..
Why should I bother my
head about this trifle?
I have my work .. I have my career,
I have everything .. I'm happy.
Emma, do you hear me? I'm happy!
I'll be a sensation in America.
I and I alone. The world at my feet.
Nella Vago, Tosca .. Nella Vago, Carmen.
Nella Vago, La Traviata .. Nella Vago ..
Nella Vago in love ..
Yes, we'll take the night train. You can
send for the luggage in half an hour.
Thank you.
Come in.
Will you kindly tell me why you came?
I came to return your call.
Jim, I want to ask you something.
Will you if I ask you .. will you give
up your profession .. for my sake?
I will not .. I like my profession.
It's a very nice profession.
I'm proud of my profession.
Why it's just the same as if I asked you
to give up your profession for my sake.
What would you say?
You've never asked me.
Well I do ask you. Give up your
profession, throw away your success.
Be mine .. only mine.
There, I've asked you.
Well, what's your answer?
Here's a contract .. for America.
Oh my darling.
Oh Jim, Jim I want to ..
Oh congratulations ..
I was at the opera. You were great.
Did you sign her up, Jim?
I did, but she's torn up the contract.
Then .. give her more. Give
her anything she wants.
She will be the greatest
singer in the world.
She doesn't know who I am.
You don't know that this
is Jim Fletcher?
The impresario.
Fl .. Fl .. Fletcher?
I'm sorry I had to go around incognito.
You see, I can't afford to be
chased by ambitious Butterflies ..
And Carmes and Adas.
And Toscas.
And this is my aunt.
The Marchesa San Giovanni.
Then you are his aunt? His real aunt?
His own flesh-and-blood aunt?
Dreadful, isn't it?
Do you know my dear,
she thought that you were ..
I mean that I was ..
oh you know what I mean ..
You and I were ..
You thought that he and I were ..?
Oh .. what a compliment .. what
a compliment. Why you darling ..
You darling.
It's the greatest compliment I've
had since Alexander the tenth.
And you thought that Jim and I were ..?
Darling ..
Jim ..
What a compliment.
Come here .. come here ..
Shall I call taxi?
It's too late ..