Tony Draws a Horse (1950) Movie Script

I'm Jerry Brown carry yes Rhodri sit
an unexpected pleasure unexpected yes I
don't think I'd see you before the next
committee meeting has something new
turned up dr. Flemming the appointment
of the medical superintendent of a new
child welfare centre will be decided at
the next meeting
yes you are one of the three candidates
reputation well I have come today to
suggest that you withdraw withdraw your
joke no I'm not after what happened
so what happened at your son's birthday
Robert do your son's behavior at my
son's party be precise for name your
Tony called my turtle we don't want to
take any notice of that
neroli only called him a pet yeah what
he called him and probably we know the
existence was such a word it's notable I
expect you heard it somewhere he's no
idea its meaning what I tell a parent
isn't telling what you like if you can
safeguard your own stands moral help how
could you hope to protect the youth of.
England I've already spent and very
sharply - Tony we don't a cat again
I've stopped his pocket money oh do put
that thing down we'll only jag yourself
what he needs is a fishing my wife
disapproves of corporal punishment she
doesn't believe in retarded South
especially your wife
I gave us your cell practices Itzik
artist my wife is a qualified
psychiatrist who's Betty advance fumes
no doubt my wife's news of her own not
necessarily mine well sounds good for
self-expression Mike derive Excel from
her Mac is not good night I'm not sure
no doctor in the National Movement such
as the welfare of our children we have
to be sure we want to young England
clean in mind and body when I think of
your son and you dr. Fleming is Mikiko
superintendent whatever happens I shall
not withdraw my application I should
oppose it what is that noise
my baby Kenny and now if you'll excuse
me I have 15 stomachaches in there.
I-I-i don't know what to say I trust
y'all believe it I hadn't the least idea
that horse was drawn by your Tony wasn't
it I'm afraid it was he has a gift for
joy a gift is that what you call it
kindly allow me to meet us of course I
need hardly tell you how sorry I am.
Anita tell me anything coming
dr. Nice isn't he one of mrs. Fleming
patients though dad
tell me mr. Tim dr. Busy yes Fanny Robin.
Arthur I'm not being a nuisance
yo never a nuisance miss Tim Saucebox
I'm sure madam their Niigata Paddington
beam off to turn you off to school after
me now
hey I can't wait long I dumped a mother
and sister in a shop ah never worked
before a wedding stuff he puts it up
there I won't find in it you belong
together sir I'd like to get one for the
yeah three days 18 hours and 48 minutes
bitte bitte strain a back a nice cup of
oh no don't bother Java scotch I really
ought to wait make up your mind
that wasn't me it was my conscience oh I
don't believe in them things don't you
smashed that now doctor nice to play
with it after surgery
say when why
that's all y'all gonna get thank you sir
I think you'll make a nice father don't
you it's all right are they send him
away to school what a child like that
means its parent hello be a paid pay the
taxi haven't got any change
well bridegroom how's my young sister
coping with the true sir
she's all right I'm the victim all I
have to do is look on well then do a
drink I cannot tell a lie no how's my
mama now she's in great shape how
mothers rise to a wedding like a
warhorse drop your gun you've got
premarital depression Chile mistake more
exercise less alcohol thanks darling.
Cheers you must guard against
apprehension complex you're rather tight
for one you know Oh rats on your L
complexes how long have you been married
cat nine years
you should remember you I have the
answer of course I'm happy marriage is
the ideal state complete logic you get
to feel that way in time you know I
sometimes wonder why I didn't be told
hard to it with you
third is Howard with men sense of.
Security's faithful keep him getting
woman's only hope children are the real
problem Timmy if your first child a boy
for heaven's sake let him be a boy don't
try to turn him into a cow little animal
uh-huh Danny again yes he's been home
for the weekend he's so clever.
Howard doesn't even begin to understand
him I will not have my son put into a
psychological straightjacket
reasoning human being not a performing
seal today to get you down I'll go first
things happen Tony oh my god why didn't
I marry you Tony would have adored you
would be more his mental age once I
ought to be off to be is about Tennant
oh gosh Hoppus five general wonder I am
and your mother have you ever met your
mother in child gym square shoulders if
he goes to go to a marriage with a night
of victory in horizon and how can madam
possibly hit you if you're all angles
and bins sure we should have had go days
what'd I say about Jodi's visit well
there's nothing quite like them it would
be quite wrong with this outfit whole
effect would be you tray in the extreme
I don't agree with you
ago day here on ago days there would
break the monotony not never had that
said about my designs scandalous perhaps
but monotonous never no breakfast
kendall has ever touched my family and
it's not gonna be good no perhaps you
would like to complete the fitting
missus partners if there were more time
I would buy me darling I'm wearing the
dress not you be quiet Joe mommy knows
best this is a country wedding madam I
keep telling you you're doing deed and a
country wedding demands a certain air of
respectability and in my opinion there
is nothing so respectable as go days
couldn't we have just one little go day
once and for all
no well it's the fashion editor of
tittle-tattle writes of bad notice of it
you'll read to blame I must remind you
that it's already past our closing time
oh dear what's the matter darling
pins no it's Tim he hasn't got back Oh
he's probably these Taylor's
bridegroom's have their dress problems
yes but he said he'd be back by half
past five well he's probably at a steer
party dear.
Tagg party darling oh yes yes of course
how fully stop it now we'd like to see
the wedding dress if you please with
them very well.
Marty fetch the wedding dress I've had
one of two ideas about that wedding
dress now I think partners please leave
everything to me after all that's what
I'm here for
well I should have more confidence if
we've seen eye-to-eye over the goodies
darling he's on the last of his national
health now adenoids Howard you've been a
lot of place with the floor for this
rubbish dear why not teeth look out
Claire matters are getting serious have
you seen that thing in the hall
what thing Tony's gone I suppose yes I
saw him off on the 5:10 pity I'd have
liked a word with him why he's drawn a
whole suite think oh how wonderful.
Tony's drawn the horse on the wall
opposite my consulting-room door well
darling not Harvey after all there's
only one kind of a horse unfortunately
there are two won't take a look at it
And clever too I suppose you must admit
he can draw
oh darling why don't you try to laugh
about things like this he's part of the
fun of being a parent fun fun there are
amusing things in life apart from.
Goldstone such as allowing one son to
scribble things on walls it's a very
clever sketch of a horse which is a pity
you drew it there he did it because I
objected to his language to what he
called mrs. Carey Browns little boy
little boy
oh great toad Tony drew that horse out
of revenge hoping my patience would see
it hoping they'd think that I'd done it
darling for goodness sake don't give way
to persecution mania we'll have it all
cleaned up
it's an indelible tension it's the
child's mind that one is cleaning up
what do you mean did you look at it
properly and I did it's realistic it's
the horse as he sees it as he ought not
to see it I tell you his mind once
cleaning up are you quite sure you don't
mean your own mind my mind yes there
must be something the matter with it to
make such a fuss about a child drawing
and I refuse to part with you Howard
much as I know you'd like to you can't
dismiss the whole thing like this I'm
going to have a box
this mad rush oh don't be absurd making
such a fuss about a child's natural
simple acceptance of the truth as he
sees it that's why I'm simple my four
decided biologically correct he wasn't
thinking of biology I suppose you know
best what he was thinking about this I
only know that if you've gone as you're
doing you'll have him in the juvenile
police court and we shall have probation
offices not our private life mine can
stand it mine certainly can what are you
worrying about then.
Listen let's try the once to discuss.
Tony without getting Scratchy
I'm not Scratchy I don't find your
neurosis in the Beeston pictures
alright alright I give in it's been one
of those days I know it's been one for
me too one of my sketch affiliates is
missing from home and that old
kleptomaniac I've been treating for
years has gone and got three months for
shoplifting I know I know
let's forget it settle down for a nice
quiet evening that's after all I don't
suppose we're the first couple to breed
a jekyll-and-hyde you being Jacqueline
hi mrs. Hoyt thinking thank you I'm
interested in this Jekyll and Hyde Terry
go on huh no I just thought that your
total disregard for the things that
matter which I adore in you should be so
oh when it shows him turning Ted that's
all yeah oh nice to relax I just had a
hectic row and mrs. Carrie Brown I would
look Tony Cole dead son please not again
didn't I get to get it what children
need is psychology center pops review
good boy they'll come back to you they
may find a better doctor but they'll
never find anybody with a more charming
bedside manner thank you
quite right darling Finn you can always
count a bed round with you I built up my
practice on ability not tongue tricks
all right nobody's attacking you
I said ability I'd appreciate some of it
in my own household especially in the
upbringing of my son you have a
heaven-sent genius for variations on a
worn-out theme you should have been a
musician if you must know I'm ashamed of
Tony I don't know what he's gonna do
next drop set my practice why doesn't he
behave like the other children in the
neighborhood well bred out there no son
of mine is going to be bullied into a
standard pet until he's got about as
much individuality as a wooden soldier
I'm sick and tired of your
to turn a sensitive intelligent child
into a football clicking riddle now
burgeoning I'm sick and tired of this
lifelong battle we just know it's an
arena that's how you feel about it
there's an obvious remedy why don't you
take it very well that's what you want I
will zoom in a bit well that's fine
nobody busts know where we are
it's a great relief and what you're not
in your going to do give you grounds for
divorce if you leave me I can't take it
back me back you couldn't drag me back
that's what you say no that's what I
shall continue to say this is the end of
a very long pain in the neck
Mr. bones your work Nick tonight you
just don't know with our mom because
it's getting on Oh fine mom we got all
that that song will be what snow
tomorrow well you will have it ready for
after the honeymoon will Joe we mustn't
disappoint to have their beer Oh she'll
be ready by then or we can't be working
Thursday morning though we are wanted
for the bell ringing at the wedding in
my suite I'm tired of sleeping on the
I've got it I got the 3:30 window to
spark hard to climb each we're eight to
one darling please don't bring your
racehorses in here when I have all these
wedding arrangements because thought
you'd like to know that's all I've no
use for these larded our wedding
something always goes wrong now when I
got married I swiped my girl right under
his father's nose driven away in a host
and a mini fondant in his butchers
garden he was as mad as a hornet tried
to kill me with a shotgun it's a deal
too much fiddle-dee-dee about weddings a
couple of youngsters want to get
together well let him get the better and
don't make it across between African
mouths and Davide oh good gracious the
girls already the pig must be any better
I'm using the front door
bitch and rather spin on this is the
bridesmaids oh thanks for the preview I
suppose your job is to see I don't
escape take you upstairs Olli your
father is lying anymore with her and
what happened to you in London this
afternoon I am I felt a bit in the way
all those fittings and things I wouldn't
had a drink oh that sounds so like my
husband the slightest sign of activity
and he feels thirsty when you excuse me.
Tim I must go see that those killers are
all right you try one this is called
now you taste it taste it the young
ladies have arrived what a bit busy it's
always a lot of fuss before a wedding
women enjoy it well it's in my boy how
are you feeling fine now what you up to.
Tim wanted to drink well give me one yes
all right I'll give it I think you'll
like this shitty outfit yes I think I'd
like to drink - by all means dad you
know where to find the barley water.
Thanks you can join you spend it
although between ourselves I dropped
into the crown for a quick one on the
way up to the station from tired of.
Anjanette yeah it's not bad taste better
the crown no forbidden fruit ASA and
there's a bit of the red blood in the
mildest office yes I'm afraid there is
and managers have to bring it out sooner
or later did you care to show my death
old habits clean you've taken rather a
long time haven't you greatly daring my
love I called it at the crown on the way
Oh that's why is dear refreshing this
going to God I know but I think it was a
you know else with everybody here knows
that I'm common down to the Girl Guides
and please yourself of course but it's
that make me look rather foolish
especially just before the windy you
could never look foolish you're a marvel
anyway what does it matter what I do
you're the mainspring of the family of
course outfit and if you're going to
take high office in many of you judge
most important you don't know Molly so
what you know dear we know that he's
real time DV f it would be Lord Mayor of
London really I don't find your no
because you're practically one of the
family but you do see don't you but the
slightest breath of suspicion the
slightest hint of anything not quite
nice would be people absolutely fatal
solemn thought it is the solemn thought
that's what I told outfit and that's why
I'm so thankful that our two girls are
safely over the red it's parent into.
Harbor you and Joan Claire and Howard D
are and such a nice practice he's awful
they foster Barnett
something I'd help you think Oh mommy
they're going to have a drop of sherry
and like it
Well well if you insist on my having a
second glass of sherry I'll give you a
John and Tim their future happiness may
their marriage be as perfect as players
and our gracious visitor.
Oh that'll be mr. smidley about the hint
You're looking wonderful you feeling
excited well sort of she's nervous
give me a gin offense darling
I need one this is quite reasonable
sherry large so you got back all right
lost sheep returned how did you know we
lost him I went on to cash for a drink
oh we wondered how you staying the night
dear yes if you don't mind delighted to
have your job everyone is our friend I
hope that's how you like it oh thank you
well your help
hmm I need it there is anything the
matter dear
yes anyway you see I've left hard left
how do you mean lift him yes Claire a
lot of nonsense is this
don't take any notice it's some silly
joke it is it's on me you're not well
dear I I can see that I'm perfectly well
thank you are you look as if you're
running a temperature
there's been a lot of this one day flew
apart we'll get a doctor for you but
doctor that's all I need coming home
dear you go upstairs and talk it over
but to say it all happened over to you
drawing a horse is preposterous boys
will Don walls limit them quite a bit
and darling if you could stop prowling
up and down
I love courses there is something about.
Tony's drawing I've always seen it even
cars he contrived to make more like cars
than nerd well cars we needn't go into
the artistic merits of the matter it's
Howard insufferable attitude that's at
the bottom of all this doctors are like
that they have to be always right or no
I won't have enough face in them to get
will you oughtn't him that well let him
be always right on his own
you had rout about Tony before you could
have gone on having them in your own
place just between yourselves to come
here and inundate the whole family like
a like a burst water main under the time
like this I do think it's inconsiderate
just before the wedding I'm sorry what
about me it's not your wedding darling
not my wedding I'm the bride mother yes
I forgot your crowning triumph the last
of your fledglings safely airborne what
if I'm spoiling all that I'm sorry it
isn't as if Tony was a new bone of
contention it'll be annoying in between
you for years
Molly they're beginning to wonder
downstairs I knew that would happen
we must issue a statement darling you
sound like a politician tell me Claire
how serious is always be broken up for
that's all but why why because it's not
over Tony how little quite frankly
objects to Claire's way of bringing him
up you know I think you're wrong Molly.
Claire's very sensible with him if there
is it is sensitive is upbringing
it comes from Howard please don't let a
trifle like the wreck of my marriage
spoil everything here
I'll go go where she'll go back to.
Howard and apologize and you'll take her
I don't think so
she is Howard found so much to object to
in my son I promise to give him grounds
for a divorce which I shall oh good what
are we going to do a bombshell like this
is a family and is it time like this I
don't think we should interfere
you're not going to interfere you're
going to take her back
You just keep your hooks up it that's
what's all this dust-up between Claire
and Holliday nothing you're told darling
don't you worry about it
well your daddy why shouldn't I worry
about it there's a fine girl and.
Howard's up poop
ha he told me years ago that if I didn't
give up alcohol
I'd think they'd in six months and look
at the answer
he's a poop and if clare's left him I
should go out to town and tell himself
I've just been telling Gracie's a poop
you haven't I have I told how he breezed
my great-grandson but he can't scare
no Claire won't let him gray said it's a
shame the way married couples are
splitting up nowadays didn't your grace
weight exchange he was here a minute ago
she's probably telling cook now it'll be
all over the village oh I don't think
it's too bad of your we should have Jim
going to the altar under powder in
future kindly don't talk to the servants
chilly Oh Molly
but Donny when I left with the
dressmaker's Tommy it's not that I mind
you can you please adjust the baby shit
but pedagogy look darling forget it
there's nothing to make a thing about
now could you please I'm going missing
okay Aunt Emma then you're gonna say I
couldn't very well bust in on you in the
fitting room and you were being all
pinned up John and you want to know that
you can bust in anywhere that I am I
just not do that all times getting short
plasma you hear the clanking of the
chain yeah I love it
that's what you say enough Tim this
thing of Claire's it doesn't worry you
does it
oh yeah course not that's a bit pompous
that song cares just Claire at the band
is crap
we weren't willing not much there you
how's the garden looking or is it too
dark everything in the garden was lovely
I hope every fly on the green house will
burst into bloom on your wedding day
spontaneous combustion.
Good evening mrs. Parsons oh good
evening mr. Smith do cut me won't you
Tim Joan this is mr. Smith it finished
he's come about the hymns we must decide
on that second one the printers are
waiting we must have any suggestion of
stop press mastery I know.
Oh perfect love everybody has that one
that's fine oh I don't know I I wanted
something different
how about fight the good fight
Good morning
what time is it 7:00 sir tanya was awake
I broke the to captain no new quadrant
just be breakfast for the 1-1 yes never
mind Oh
Good morning madam hello angry
good morning I know I've been awake for
too bad the doctor isn't with you he
likes these country mornings why didn't
you bring him know why perfectly well
grace you've been eavesdropping from the
moment I arrived I only heard a word or
two here and there accidental of course
now you should have some advice about
your ears otherwise they'll never live
up to your nose thank you
doctor doctor come along in keep moving
what do you mean I mean I don't have a
no sir Oh conscious they say in a person
with a no more divorces this year now
you wonder to get cold to with you let
walk your coat in there by mrs. Carrie.
Brown it's called the child and its
doctors and I find it No thank you I can
manage please leave me alone.
Smitty aren't you gonna eat anything I'm
not hungry
won't you have to give it to the bear
well as I said about the tourney
oh why don't you bring madam out where
the battlements of course we do her last
remarks are leaving here did not suggest
that she was going home quite the
reverse infection.
I don't care what you do darling but you
must do something
I intend to what give Howard cause for
divorce I thought I'd made that clear
you can't do that right in the middle of.
Joan's wedding and what about your
the City of London is not going to
deprive it some of his next Lord Mayor
but free for anything I may do I do wish
you wouldn't be so practical thought
that was a good thing we must have
become more inhibited than we are my
sweet Howard we'll take Tony you realize
that you wouldn't have him as a gift
it's because of Tony I intend to go
through with this I must have a free
hand with him but Tony is Howard's child
too we've got dozens more in his clinic
Maritime that's padeen it's not from the
mrs. Tony's head master dr. Becky will
be calling at 10:30 I hope you won't
discuss the incipient of poliomyelitis
in the infant groups
I'm just other day oh this should be
word from madam sir we're prepared to
receive messages even a ring now sir no
time not the present I don't see why I
oh we both know is for you to go back to
Howard yes
you mean you're going I mean that's all
we want now you could drive to town with.
how have you ever make hard if you just
walked in on him and said Howard darling
I'm so sorry
it would be such a nice gesture it would
be a very nice gesture you could get a
taxi a jelly cross
hello hello Howard how are you dear
speak up Howard there's a buzzy I see
what do you mess with me guys something
to fuss about it no no dear buzzing ban
zing Buse Oh buzzy
oh that round hello-hello-hello hard yes
I can hear you now yes yes she's here
yeah we're all at breakfast we were just
discussing her coming up with Alfred he
could put her into a taxi at Charing.
Cross headache Clare just here she wants
to apologize in j'tia
hello Howard I think it's about time we
stop this nonsense and you came home
what I'm I mean the situation needs
serious thought no quite sure you're
capable of it oh yes thank you quite
capable surprising out to some of your
recent remarks well if you recall our
conversation you'll find you said as
much as I did with the possible
difference that my observations were
made within the bounds of common sense
whereas you completely overstep the mark
oh well never mind about that I just
want you to know that I I meant what I
said but so did I mean every word of it
very well you better come back and
discuss it no thank you
if there's anything to discuss it can be
done through our solicitors no don't
worry I should enjoy every moment of it
yes so do I just beginning hello
Who started tena drying anyway nobody
started him he's always done it he's
drawn since he was two how couldn't it
be guy didn't does have other channel
couldn't you be made to see things in
the way other people see them that's
hard argument it's fatal Tony must see
things for himself and make his own
decisions then he'll become somebody I
think that is a fairly dangerous
argument why what about Picasso and
Augustus John how did they start not on
walls I'm quite sure we don't know make
him draw the right kind of things
flowers and vegetables fish new life
he doesn't like still life he likes
animals and people I thought it'd be
quite easy for you to make him see that
the whole anatomy of animals and people
it's meant to go into drawing otherwise
what there's a conscious don't let's
argue about Tony very well but you've
met your Waterloo in that child hmm
I meant it in Howard okay you're
fighting the Battle of Waterloo darling
you don't mind my not coming up with
there's a dead deer
after all it's only fittings again it's
name only fittings
it's her final fitting for her wedding
dress what exactly knows I'm not
supposed to see it until the day the
seams very little point you mind coming
up besides I've got to ring the officer
never overdo your excuses my boy once
officially good one.
Oh daddy you might get Jim find out
these things for themselves be scratchy
pet familiar symptoms eve of execution I
think the atmosphere here is just
charming Claire away from my husband and
stopping at marriage and everything it
means darling you're not going to the
guillotine if we were you'll be there
with your knitting where are those
children what about your trained ear and
you off to see Howard I've decided not
to interfere I feel certain Claire can
look after herself there's a lot of
dangerous propaganda floating about this
household and I suspect somebody has
been studying their karl marx brothers
doctrine where are those girls coming.
Mountain Joe.
Oh God in the morning I felt like one so
I'm having one very good in all the 28
years of our married life you've never
done such that's why it's very good and
your dream catch the next huh the City
of London won't collapse if I'm an hour
it's been a lifelong rule of yours of
yours my dear is so bad for all of your
good stuff but very good for mine
you said yourself there was a spirit of
revolution in the family I can see
you're not I never felt better my dear
I've been thinking of what Claire said
on the subject of self-expression and I
agree with that and if I could draw like.
Tony I draw you in all your feathers
like a bird on her nest sitting pretty
is Raven who whatever the journey has
been brought into this house he's got it
what's he talking about all I can say is
thank goodness my thing come along chick
you'll never get through the day
Please sir that's two minutes fast don't
you know that you should not attempt to
correct your elders.
Kisa my mummy says when I say a thing is
wrong - put it try to not be afraid of
no she does does she yes and that dog is
wrong sir my watch is never wrong please
it must be my watch is right by the BBC.
Paddington Station and Tim Tim whatever
next your miserable little scribe wine
okay good morning daddy
hello Tony I I didn't expect to see you
again so soon could we be alone yes of
run along Tony go and find mrs. Smith I
shall want to see you later.
Oh keep it okie-doke as you see I
brought it back I can do no more yeah
no you're not serious dr. Blakeley and
not merely serious dr. Fleming but
desperate in extremis admittedly your
son is a problem child but he'd be my
problem no longer this is a very sudden
decision doctor I have toys on Yingli
with the idea for many weeks doctor
yesterday's disaster merely brought
matters to a head master disaster
it occurred about hour after his return
from his half term holiday at 7:15
precisely after his cocoa on the art
mistresses study dog what about her
study door he drew on it - on it
that is what I said he has a diabolical
habit of placing on Victoria record
everything which attracts his attention
that's not a door not a war at the
school which is escaped him surely
you're exaggerating doctor I pick up out.
Tony's powers of observation are highly
developed he's rather above average
above average he has not the slightest
idea of discipline he seems to be under
the impression that he's a law unto
himself individualist yes sir and sadly
out of place at my school I've tolerated
it too long
yesterday decided the matter that's
drawing drawing drawing of what
oh you mean don't you it was a buffoon
eesh caricature of Mesa and the whole
school was laughing at it I I seem to
remember doing much the same thing
myself at his age
good day dr. Fleming well it's a poor
schoolmaster who can't direct the
natural chalice of one small boy suppose
you have a try dr. Blechley has gone I
don't think we shall need these in any
case you know don't you that y'all never
be able to go back to that school again
oh goody thanks dad
I shouldn't be too pleased if I were you
I was never sent away from my school
when you were young they didn't very
good schools too there they taught the
boys the things that mattered like
geography and history and the riffle
taking your spelling very well for why
of your age they also taught them how to
behave and obey and if they were naughty
do you know what happened they had the
king yes mummy told me he said that's
why all the boys a wink those old
schools were not so stupid
I see what do you expect to be when you
grow up not an artist I'd like to think
you were going to be a doctor or a
lawyer or do the members of those
professions fight you as being too
stupid no dad not stupid only fearfully
don't I think you'd better leave the
room before I forget a promise I once
made to your mother you don't by the way
where is Claire mm I haven't got a
noticed idea
You sorry did it a seven Oh Timmy I'm
worried maybe I was wrong to walk out on.
Howard day what do I do go back and try
again I'll get to blazes out of it all
don't you take a headache powder a night
out I'll get a clear view of mine life I
stand back and take another look from a
distance if only I could put a few miles
between myself and all this hop in
where'd you want again anyone hard-nosed
recommending for all his patients Johnny
good advice.
Hello yes this is the battlements maid
speaking who oh it's you doctor I want
to speak to mrs. Flemming okay mr. Tim
how far are we from London
let's see London New Haven about 60
miles per not far enough where does that
steamer go to across the channel I think
yeah comes back tonight
if you want your manage to go like mine
hey know what's up you want to die of
apron string strangulation like my
father because if you do you drive
straight back I've had it
If you want to get off you might try
jumping it might amuse the peasant it's
gonna be a fine ride about this pushing
off to France together could have gone
back if you wanted to I know you walking
around in your present mode you're not
responsible you must have been a
terrific Boy Scout no kiddin French
please a large one you're stepping out
in a world of shortages once it takes or
drinks certain friend of mine has drawn
a horse
now look here great you tell me that
mrs. Fleming is not at home very well
she may be or she may not be at the
earliest possible moment tell her that I
simply must beat her understand
very good sir doctor again they wanted
her he shouldn't let it go is that all
there is coma you can denied them what's
the good of that I'm starving I've been
out the fresh air
yes so I can smell hmm yes very fresh
indeed down at the crown I don't want
any sauce renew my gown you just cut me
off a nice plate of that Coleman no why
should either never wait for me do they
first come first serve that's what I say
where the spoons aren't bring these feet.
I should have dragged you off the B slip
take deep and regular breaths the
sea-air is worth all the MIT next time
you run hard have arrived try to confine
it to the British Isles then it to turn
into a World War II we're nearly there
if you think we're gonna get off this
boat you're crazy we're staying right
here till she turns round and goes home
oh yes yes
it's a fine caper no pranks victory
can't be good for you I tried the apron
what do you want thank you bula-bula.
You keep out of this you keep your eyes
to yourself
come on man yeah
tell you catch a bunch often bumpy give
you a French wedding as soon as we set
foot in there it will be never bit
earlier they're wonderful extra bitch we
had a few more like them in England why
can't we do this whole thing we oh you
mean people time general please I'll get
them for you know cricket Rudy.
Maria Cebu pay me a compliment a mezzo.
Salome's oh it's goodness young players
Adam don't be enough a loner - way to
accompany in a salty delivery cooker
like it Mariama dogged aftershock apena
you who proposed the wireless audio such
a mother PVC it is for bhavam I am Dino
for once here is someone who will not
shout me down
I wouldn't shout you down my dear friend
I am always shouted down it is like this
I am a speaker yes mister drink of the
warrior a double warrior for this
gentleman please and I have another
large in the Train
you know they'll be sending out a search
party for you I don't understand what
you mean when you say there's no one at
where's mrs. parcels right What nonsense
and you mean to tell me that Claire is
still out with Tim Shields yes I still
refuse to believe it
can I take a message for you can I help
you no no don't bother him I'll come
down to find out for myself well who
does he think he's calling a liar the
pool sweetie yeah telephone the gala I
can tell him to send a car run when I've
changed and packed a bag I'm going down
to chisel field see what all this
nonsense is about doctor you assert your
right to that husband and a father thank
you sir.
Reenter kpop self-contained little
nuclear oh thank goodness that's the
last of the shopping now we'll be able
to have a nice good evening and tomorrow
there'll be nothing to do but prepare
for the wedding now won't you go girls
did you do the time morning everybody so
the shouting at that how should I know
you woke me up first it's a phone and
now it's you I was never gonna go
shut-eye off come back after lunch
darling it's nearly dinnertime good I'm
where's outfit he's late how should I
know I could have mouth like a saint who
don't want to drink well yeah you know
where we keep the barley water I'll go
and change
they always shot me down I speak for the
finest Temperance Society in the world
the water brides what the water the
bride no I call shall pass the live
tonight the night bar there may be
trouble maybe viralize land of free
speech my dear friend surely now who can
tell life is uncertain
I can see it I can see it don't do that
for / no I think I'll ring Howard I'm
worried what about the explanations
perfectly simple.
Tim's persuaded cleared to go back to.
Howard no Becky's go Tim and Alfred will
come back together you see they probably
made it hard to have a glass of wine to
celebrate the making up then they'll
catch a later train or they may even now
be at the crown so what men see in
public houses defeats me utterly you
know I think I will wring hard what I
don't do if you must dear but I don't
think they'll thank you for interrupting
them they must have a great deal to talk
over I do Claire I wouldn't take life so
scientifically it comes last I knew they
would off you go.
Where's Claire that's precisely what I
came to find out but Tim you take my
back you in his car well who told you
did you know one dear but I must have
run it through someone please please
didn't you tell me that mr. Tim had
taken mrs. Dr. Fleming back to mr. Dr.
Fleming no madam how did they gone out
together a mr. Tim's car that's all I
quite sufficient to all right race your
car you sir
very serious things occurred Tony has
been sent away from school
oh is that all yeah we'll look plenty of
others near home - there's one called
the London School of Economics that
sounds very nice one could eat - yes
that's not the point
he's been sent away because well thanks
to Claire he's completely out of hand he
can't go through life like this he'll
end up in jail who is our responsibility.
Claire's in mind we've got to face up to
that where the Dickens is Claire she
can't walk out on go to heck with Claire
what I want to know is where's Tim
what if Tim didn't take here back where
the Alfred whatever order of rice
edie large in French and double warrior
no but it is time for me to go goodbye
thank you but I know there will be
violence tonight there will be no more I
am coming with you honey
Three is the enemy of the working man
think of a nation a great nation
swimming in alcohol lovely grab I think
of the money spent in in brings friends
water is free
why don't you join yourself will you
please let me explain how do I wanna
just cover
what did prohibition do yes what did it
I appeal to you as a British sportsman
let me speak faggot in shm you wear it
I do not believe in what this man says
but I defend to the death it's right to
say it a speech in Ava's pitch who does
he think he is
good old Ivor.
I see yes very well no no I realize
that's all you know
no there's nothing more you can do thank
you good night good night he said
everyone left at the usual time I can't
understand it's never happened before
she's you're giving yourself a breather
from that so you might give me a bit
more chicken a wing or do I could go
with the process nose to it nobody else
wants it why don't you eat out Molly
you'll get your deal rattle oh please.
Papa don't go to fairy fingers with that.
Willard supposing we talk over all the
things which could have happened excuse
Perhaps you two would like to take your
pudding into the morning room you could
switch on the radio and listen to
special announcements there might be an.
SOS yes and I didn't want to say too
much in front of the children but I
don't like the look of things at all I'm
very worried hard so man if Alfred we
heard I'd be more what it's too why well
we should know he wasn't with the other
two as it is it's just a chance they may
all three be together not just those two
alone you're not suggesting the player
and Tim oh no Howard surely not well
I'll be frank I've never quite trusted
Tim carry a sort of chap he makes light
of things you don't think he'd make
light of Clara well in our present mood
she may make light of him but this
psychiatric practice of hers is getting
me down and what's more she's now
developing and hypnotic influence over
oh ha how disgraceful and she was so
carefully brought up well has its
curative uses - I once saw a hypnotist
at the old Obon Empire retina need a
ride - a woman's on top please yes.
Kendrick miss chicken now we shall learn
something never a bit of peace curse of
hello what yes oh yes within it I've
given master tone here sucker and put
him to bed poor Dan yeah Chris my man he
asked for you when I said he was birth
the way he said and I often
and it no don't carry on like that he
once told me that he wanted to be an
orphan so that he could wear a uniform
when I get my hands on him you want it
more than ever when you what sir oh
don't say that sir you know you wouldn't
hurt him all right very well look if I'm
not back in the morning
phone dr. Smollett mask him to carry on
and bring Tony down here to me all right
thank you I've made up my mind how to
deal with that young man I don't mind an
apple pie Abed but hung up my pajamas
going just a bit too far never mind my
promise to Claire I'm gonna give him a
done good hiding.
All right thanks well the police say
there no report of any accident but
they're trying to trace the car you know
taking people they are they don't know a
thing until somebody reports it I
shouldn't say that is quite astonishing
what they do now
especially when one hopes they don't all
we need is for this to get its papers
then Alfred will be the talk of London
and he'd never ride in the mayoral coach
well that one breaking heart you don't
know anything about it don't I see not.
Sanders in my day the man maybe the mare
that it is what the where's our harness
I still stick to my theories it's clear
and Tim and Alice would are all together
somewhere why don't they communicate
with us dear perhaps they're locked in
locked in we're stuck in the lift I got
stuck in their lift once Boat Race night
took two copies to get me Devon Street
we don't want to hear about that do it
no I think it might remind you of the
time you gave me six months to live
years ago some linger longer than others
what do you mean linger I feel all right
it's quite possible you do you can't
find anything wrong with me why you
wouldn't know God from chicken pox drink
plenty of Bollywood visas alcohol will
harden your arteries and shorten your
life hang it all they use alcohol to
preserve things don't they
okay look at these I will please don't
mmm what do you mean there's nothing
wrong is there no no no no yeah yeah
what's a man in your condition shouldn't
overreach my condition show me a turn
put it back now
no one
you can what do you think I want to do
see a doctor
yes you have well no no wait yes yeah.
New Haven yes right I will thank you
very much good night
well now we're beginning to learn things
the police have found Tim's car Oh heavy
really oh well left unattended in New.
Haven the other armorer ha ha ha would
you don't suppose what they would
endorse we join hands and jump in
goodnight what an asshole
oh I don't know but Alfred's been so
strange we are talking at it's taught me
away but Tim Tim had everything to live
I agree he was the only one not married
I'm going to New Haven immediately Oh
what do you want I come from mr. Piracy
I come in quickly
my name is Jenny no vice I spell it to
make it clearer shit it's the MH a and.
SC h ym o FF my friends call me Yvonne
I'm sure they do but what about mr.
Parsons we're all in a state of great
anxiety mr. Parson gave me a message for
his father-in-law well that's me
what you gonna do now Hey he said for me
to see you alone what I am this is
possible his wife how do you do
I'm most charmed everywhere I go I meet
charming people
shaking off my friends call me Yvonne
what is this message we're very
trousers you see he can't very well home
without them he might be arrested again
again what's she done with these
hello they were torn off he was the back
oh I can't bear it
who gets a man in a scrimmage
I was speaking he was in the crowd
I will shout it down cry to the crowd I
do not believe in what this man says but
I will defend to the death his right to
say it
whatever madam I've been arrested in all
countries of Europe no wonder I come to.
England I meet a man who says he will
defend to the death my right to speak
great man he and Voltaire and now he is
the Tonica police station I think the
charge against this disturbance of the
peace Howard I'm sure he was drugged you
must go to the police station and
certify that he wasn't well if he was
it's too late the police shocking we'll
have seen him where he was gonna shoot
the evidence of the police surgeon after
all it's only his word against yours if
they've already got his evidence how can
I refute it nothing you can say you
represent another school of thought you
say yourself they're always 2 or 3 or 4
why even you and Claire have one what
about the trousers PAH go and get a pair
of Alfred's trousers quickly subdued one
better have a drink oh thank you round
Rama's divine of the warrior mr. Ivan I
think I'll join.
I couldn't rest mummy wrist I forgotten
the meaning of the word public Gannicus
he's come about your father why what's
happened to Daddy you know I'd like to
go with you it'll be a sight for sore
eyes to see Alfred in a Cell well I I
think you'd better stand over the women
they need a man about the house if a
message comes from me from clear phone
me at the apakah Street police station
yes of course
okay hold up with you right I'll get
movin he doesn't believe in his right to
speak but says you defend him to the
death now what do you make of it it I
don't know I can only see the Lord.
Mayor's coach empty
I wonder news of Tripoli they better new
hit the battle with the coffee
what is the boot it's gone on their
cases Sibley - its holy cool or it's
gone ages ago you see the story go
through the window oh well ask him when
there's not matter
didn't matter that's it now what are we
going to do this was a lovely idea of
yours coming here sorry but the idea was
yours wasn't
oh is it well you saw the boat at New.
Haven first when you made a dash point
we didn't have to come do you know what.
Englishman would stand by and see a
woman make a fool of herself on our own
it's ridiculous chivalry has got more.
Englishman into trouble anyway I'm glad
you came
fun oh good glad you're amused nah my
sweet the next moves yours you're gonna
turn hard don't be ridiculous
you fast asleep wish I could die and the
thought of your mother every time I
think she's gone I'm the third time up
she pops again you must furnish me think
we've had a special we haven't no but
she doesn't know that ring her I fell
girl there's good girl now listen this
is my first binge for nine years and
it's probably your last very much longer
than that so let's be glad they coincide
and don't be so miserable but hang it
I'm getting married tomorrow right don't
worry you'll be there in time
think of your mother I don't want to
well think of me think of Joan you must
turn Gaza.
Madonn the telephone er longer dare you
be sucked in mine it'll feel if de Pape
she's in field 54 I'll write it down
cheese Littlefield 54 to think okay how
do I do I do I do it all
I just realized being a wife and a
mother is an image possible combination
oh right didn't get morning we've gotta
get out of this sweetie your mother
convinced hard I hope you hope she does
yes just a showing
I guess that was what you were up to
showing hard that's the real reason
behind this little trip isn't it I
needed a clearer perspective you're
still need one
hello inland wait no no no hello I know
what tell them where we are
say that we missed the boat and they'll
be back in the morning and the job Benny
very sorry very very sorry
hello can I speak to mrs. OH
and we're staying the night with Tim
He doesn't
oh it's you again
I'm dr. Flemming I brought mr. Parsons
classes oh yes sir I expect to be quite
pleased to see you he's in there yes I
think it there's no charge against mr.
Parsons oh no no no so we just had to
keep him under cover I'm sorry you for
finding me in these circumstances never
mind about that okay slip into these
we've got to get home my wife must never
know about this oh yeah quite yeah we've
no time for explanations now too much
going on what is going on up there yeah
what time telephone telephone is there
such a thing only clear
hello hello yes out here painted well
what about it well she's still out we
just heard from Claire stay in France
with Tim yeah they've hopped it done a
bunk both up sounded like a machine gun
better I don't know who did who you know
why regular revolution from the side the
things I thought you'd like to know
yes yes in France but we're in France
yes yes that right there nice little
place dear parent I could never work
wait yes I want you to help me if you
will yes sir I want to charter a play
for the episode as possible bad news sir
yes I think my wife may have been
abducted to France by a dangerous
possibly murdered sergeant always
But its title we should return it once
if you have not French money how can I
possibly book your seats for England
what are you getting married tomorrow
damn I am powerless I could do nothing
even if you were getting divorced I have
to wait hours for that boat journal
never standpoint that case it may all be
for the best a fine pearl you are hello
wait wait captain
oh he's helping oh gentle sweet me aware
oh you may be coming in from the police
we think we have your criminal detained
in my office
oh good let me go you plot reason
welcome honey
you know see lost yourself Zi long here
come the Marines
thank heavens you're alive what are you
doing here what are you imagine I see
just your imagination not to let you
down well I hope you don't think I'll
going to get away with this listen hard
the hell thing is as innocent you must
be I'm a lunatic in spite of that it's
not a bit what you think Oh we'll
discuss that on the other side of the
channel so will this usable man it is
you know this healthy business has gone
a bit too far yes Daddy I know it was
necessary thank you very much
all I hear it thanks John Hey
Rory Monsieur Morel leave them alone
be blissful hours have gone by and no
news nothing since Howard phoned to say
they could fly to France
well the paper about it I just hope not
indeed there's always somebody should do
somebody else do frogs crimes of passion
they call him please Madame the dishes
have arrived for tomorrow takes them to
the morning-room days yes Madame send
them back I'm not going to marry him I
mean I'm going back for Susan and I'm to
stay down timid but you can't do a thing
like that giant on the eve of the
wedding think of the guest and the
prince think of me I have thought of
everything day including you
I'll see books my daughter's married if
it's the last thing I ever do Oh what
they can hear you're going to be paid to
the wedding tomorrow that'll be fun
won't it what's the pace you have to
carry the Train oh goody I love.
I tell you we got mixed up with this
wedding party and spent the day on a pub
crawl that's all of us do it do here
perfectly thank you
then why didn't you say something my
vocabulary is too limited I wouldn't
have had it happen for well don't be so
hypocritical you enjoyed it as much as I
did I cannot see what there is to enjoy
in excessive alcoholic indulgence quite
well I've had the time of my life and I
don't mind admitting it
I'm sorry hard if I've caused you any
inconvenience but I feel as if a gale of
fresh air blowing through my soul no
pity it had to be a French gale well by
the way in the midst of our various
activities I emitted to mention one
insignificant item huh
perhaps you might be interested to know
that Tony has been sent away from school.
Oh dare to do a thing like this his head
Mars fan he's afraid for his other
pupils went rest of this yeah how right
you are
Good morning where is master Tony I
don't care what you say Alfred it's a
shame for time to come home but we have
come home Molly dear all of us don't
talk nonsense a fig where else could you
go I know who come into Union because I
know all about last night you know I
never want to speak to you again and I'm
not going to marry you ever thanks pal
thanks for the gala pressure oh you
wicked old man theme Tony playing in the
garden nothing thank you you been good
what I've been away old ah Polly go
through say we will what about your
survey I wish someone would say with
it's awful arm you can say that again
sorry kids have you seen Tony no Dean.
Tony that's all it means to her oh well
perhaps I'm wrong if she's got the right
idea about Mara dr. Hall but darling
can't you believe that the trip to.
Dieppe is just a bit of escapism look I
could be mr. Burt was just bad luck bad
luck for our wedding Tim it's no use now
we'd never make a girl but surely you
don't believe the Claire and I are
attracted to each other
I'm not you've known her longer than you
have me found a bit guilty about
breaking in an old tradition that's
neither generous nor truth well it's the
way I feel
but listen darling I just took care for
drive Tony Tony
he's in bed in bed locked in his room
you've been spanking him haven't you yes
a course of treatment long overdue you
promised you'd never lay a finger on him
that was when he was ours what he's mine
I shall bring him up as I see fit
you haven't got him yet and you won't
please get out of my way I'll leave him
alone or I'll start such a rather
they'll hear about it in my next County
you can't do it in my home I'll do it in
the middle of Trafalgar Square other
than that child shall be spoilt anymore
sit down Thanks hmm you're always
telling others to do darling when did
help fight tell you that I know that you
love me I know we were going to be
married tomorrow
damn I'll never marry you never never
quite sure you won't have a little
something yes quite sure thank you oh
please sir
well away remind me to write out a
prescription for those nerves of yours
it seems we can never agree about Tony
that is a pity
I am determined however that he shall
grow up with a mind of his own and the
willpower to use it I will not have him
beat into a nervous wreck and if you
won't let me keep him I shall divorce
you on grounds of Crotty damn salt upon
our child how will that suit your
practice my Blair
dollie to try not to shake remember that
there are lots of things about you but
show the slightest quiver you're bailing
up okay I remember darling brace
yourself and think of mother may I come
in I don't want to hurry anyone but
times getting on don't agitate alfred
and joan dawley's clear your throat
before you make the responses
remember nobody really cares about how
to get responses let me see
video from behind that's where all the
eyes really are listen I forgot to give
journal mother's pearls yes all that
fast last night well you know how much
mother wanted her to wear them well I'm
set the crown couldn't you forever and
get them I can't there isn't time can't
you send somebody over what if they've
all left the church what about Charles
what a best man for her no he's lost his
collar studies are an awful fair hope
you got to do something I've got an idea
you run across the field to the old
cottage I'll meet you then about two
minutes good I'll be right over
boy you can't go like that
well well look well you might have told
Thank you tell me come here look at my
cottage I can't I must finish my picture
nobody trying to stop me
otherwise I shall suffer from
frustration oh it's your father hears
about this you will make us a
laughingstock of the neighborhood I
handle this.
Teddy stop let him eat it didn't coming
up in his dog and I'm not afraid of
being footed they've always told me not
to be tell me
high-poverty good hello
yes mr. parcels here oh yes Charles I'd
lost him
he went off to meet Claire it's nearly
time if he was married I agree hi time
care yes of course where school Claire
where is she if you don't know why
should I buy my specialty mouth to tell
yourself what is he missing - what are
you going to do I don't know what to
Claire and Tim both Missy surely they
haven't gone off together again I won't
believe it I doctors will go to the
church come what may and Susan quickly
downstairs kills my leave me at once
he'll sit keep Joan here's the last
possible moment with the wedding time is
everything you better take Howard with
you Oh daddy I do think they ought to be
making you stuff oh well plenty of time
down in plenty of time but you were also
going immunity guess it just wants to
get rid of your mother net wants you to
myself for a moment
Right Blaze's get you clean if I have to
scrape you.
There's nothing wrong daddy I know there
is you're a bitch yummy
no no course not why can't we go now the
cars waiting didn't forgot these huh you
simply must wear them oh thank you Dad
beginning to think something you have
them all how I write it go
just eleventy ah I think it's better we
had little man over again.
It's quite perfect
now that's better isn't it.
not hold it thank you so much
Wait till I get my hands on him
you're not going to thank him again you
don't do it hard enough huh let's talk
it over first