Too Late Blues (1961) Movie Script

Hey you little shit, give me that sax!
Can I have my sax back, please?
Where is Nick?
Probably in the can.
Beer Ghost? Yeah, please Red.
You want one? Yes, definitely.
Gentlemen, you all know
our host, Nick Bobolenos
Nick. How are you Nick
If you don't mind, we're
gonna have a bottle of beer.
Hey don't mind.
Mind if we use the tables, Nick?
Hey that's a great vest
you got in there Nick.
Yeah, must be new.
Hey Nick, you still smoking ditches?
We all joined the diners club, Nick.
Have a beer, Nick.
How many times have I told you,
not to fool around that beer?
Who do you think you are, huh?
Who's the boss around
here? I'm the boss!
Bobolinas. Nick Bobolinas, proprietor.
- Have another beer.
- How 'bout a sandwich?
- A sandwich.
- And don't make fun of my accent.
You speak English like Spotik.
- What? What?
- Nothing Nick.
What kind of sandwich do you want?
You know, all baloney, ham,
sardines, you know, you fix it up.
Where are the girls, Nick?
They're gambling, playing
cards at Milly Papadakis place.
You ought to keep your
sisters off the streets, Nick.
Well, I think it's better for them to play
cards, than to hang around bums like you.
Bums? You call us bums?
Ignorant. Ignoramus. Why don't
you go and work for a living?
Look who's talking, man.
I sweep the floors, carry Coca
Cola's, they're like dumbells. I work!
- Nick, that's your business.
- But I work with my hands!
Do you trust me, Nick?
Sure I trust you, Ghost. But what
does that have to do with my business?
You don't want us to
be unhappy, do you Nick?
Look, you're happy doing what you're doing. You
take care of pool hall, you serve some sandwiches.
You talk to dumbells like us.
Imagine, could I own a pool hall, Nick?
Imagine if I worked all my life,
and raised kids, and then...
And then fifty years later, I died.
I'd miss my music, I'd miss
my fun, We'd miss everything.
Most of all, Nick. We'd miss you.
Oh, come on Ghost, Nobody miss nobody.
Hey tough guy, what kind of mustard
do you want in your sandwiches?
Fix them in your own style, Pop. How long does
it take you too learn that we are free thinkers?
Hey Nick, wanna go to a party tonight?
No, I'm gonna go to the movies.
- He's quite undependable.
- He's a regular family man.
That's all you see at your parties,
A lot of cheap dames and beer.
Oh no. No.
What's the matter with beards? All
the old Greeks used to wear 'em out.
Yeah but they were nothing
but laughing daddies, you know?
Nine in the corner.
Hey Red, you need a tie. Hey Nick,
can I have a Greek tie for Red please.
Why do you need Greek
ties? Eh? I got ties.
Okay, Red, would you go get on of
those, ties, from the Greek please.
Come here, Red.
Why don't you come to
the party tonight, Nick?
I'm too old for picnics.
Ah, boy, that's pretty.
Listen, pay no attention
to the guys, now.
If the philosophy in this country,
were like the philosophy in my country.
Over there, you find a
woman, you love that woman.
Right? Then you don't need
nobody, you don't need no things.
One woman. She puts her arms
around you, and says: Nico...
You're my man.
That's what...
What's the matter, Nick?
Don't you go out with girls?
No. Right now, I own a business.
Hey, and don't you forget, to pay
for the beer and for the sandwiches.
You hear that?
- Charlie, will you pick up that tab?
- Yeah, will you pick up that tab?
Oh, Charlie. Come on,
come on, where's the dough?
Hey, hey, come on, let's go.
Let me have the loot guys.
- Oh, man.
- Come on, come on.
Milt, Shelley. Ten cents. Twenty cents.
Charlie? Are you kidding?
I should've known better than
ask. How much do we owe you, Nick?
- Two dollars, twenty cents, including the tip.
- Hold out your hand, please.
There's a dollar twenty, on account.
- On account?
- On account, that's all we got.
- Well let me tell you a little Greek history.
- Please.
You know, you guys don't fool
me one little bit, you know?
I write everything upstairs,
down in my little Greek head.
You still owe me one buck,
and including the tip.
- Your shot Pete.
- Thank you.
Oh, yes siree, gentleman!
Hey Ghost, what are we
doing after this wekk?
Something crazy will turn up, Charlie.
Hey listen Ghost, this
thing is getting serious.
All we ever do is festivals.
Festivals in San Diego, festivals in San
Franciso. Playing jazz for deaf-mutes.
For old ladies homes, for the blind.
Man, when are we going to make
it. That's what I want to know.
Never, Charlie.
Not if you're looking for some rainbow.
I mean. I... I think we ought to
get a nighttime spot once in a while.
Ahh, Charlie Griper.
I mean, these daytime
jobs, you play for nobody.
I'm thirty years old man, I want
to make it in this world someday.
I don't want to be a
nothing all my life.
Charlie, we're something.
- I'm happy.
- Man, I'm thirty three years old.
Now for valients, come and get 'em!
Excuse me, gang.
Where you been, you man you?
Hey, what happened?
None of ya' got drinks.
Well, we don't bring out own.
- You buying?
- What are we standing out here for?
Ghost, I wanted to tell you something else man. I
really love what you and your boys are doing, you know?
I do really dig what you're
playing, know what I mean?
The reason why man, is because most of these people here are
nothing but a bunch of what you call hangers-on, you know?
And drifters, and floaters, you
know? And chicks, and smilers.
Man, you know, they're just
terrible. You know what I mean?
Hey, Shelly, I didn't
see you there, now.
What are you doing? Hiding
behind your drumsticks?
I heard you tied the knot. Why didn't
you invite Baby Jack into the party?
Oh man, it was small.
It was small, dig that.
Hey, ch... small, champagne.
Oh oh, waiter!
Oh, we'll get you something in a min...
Oh, there you go. Do you
have champagne in that uh...
- Yes sir.
- And why are you so hostile?
Look man, don't just stand there.
Give these people something to drink.
- Easy, easy.
- There you go.
Easy, this ain't no rush hour.
You have yourself a good time this
evening, and I'll see you later.
- Okay?
- Groovey baby.
- Same party, Charlie.
- Yeah, same party Ghost.
- Same chicks even.
- Same chicks.
The way you say it,
I think you miss this.
Of course I miss it. It's
a top, man. I'm no freak.
Yeah, Charlie.
Ghost, if I want to be here.
It's so easy, I could be here.
Five years ago I was playing
top feature in top spots.
- We play charities now.
- Right.
- Of course I miss it, I ain't no freak.
- Right, Charlie.
- Excuse me.
- Wait a minute, where you going?
- Now sweetie baby, you just rub my beard, you won't be nervous.
- Right
- No, honey I don't want to...
- Come on baby, sing one.
- Right.
- Come on now, don't be shy.
Come on over and sings us
something. Let me see what...
We used to get together and do a
little vocal. What you gonna sing?
What's your range? From what key to what
key? If you know what's range and vocal and...
...what key to add in, then we wail right on
through, see? And everything will be scrusimanstrosi.
- Alright?
- Okay
Yeah, nice sound. That's tough
there, you got nice pipes there.
You up in moonville there.
No, no. That's just your first note.
Now, when you wheel in to the melody...
Just relax and sing on out. Now you try that
first note and come right into it and continue.
Let's get together and
swing right on through. Okay?
- No hello, huh?
- Hello, Ben.
What you think of her?
Uh huh.
- What did you think Benny?
- Well...
Fellas, what did you folks think?
- Oh, she's marvelous. See? See?
What are you worried about honey?
Come over here baby. Excuse
me a second, will you?
What did I think?
I don't think you made it, sweetie baby.
You know, it's not
enough to look pretty.
I mean let's face it,
honey. You were embarrasing.
They were laughing at ya'.
When someone asks you to sing,
you gotta get up there and sing.
Benny, I didn't even know that number.
Look, I'm not talking about the number.
I'm talking about your need for experience. We
all know you're pretty, we all know you got talent.
But honey, you need more experience
and that just finishes it.
- I thought you were just great.
- Ghost.
I'm talking about criticism,
you know? Constructive criticism.
Uh, Jess.
That's why I'm a good agent, I
never let a client off the hook.
Expect the best, keep them insecure,
that's what you'll get man, the best.
Forget about the girl. How
are ya, ya old son of gun?
I'm pretty good, and you?
Uh, great. Listen, you uh... still
uh... playing in the parks and uh, ugh...
- Old ladies homes, and jazz like that?
- I like parks, and I like old ladies.
Why don't you come on back and
get a little night club pellet.
We're happy doing what we're
doing, Benny. What's wrong with it?
So you cut a record.
Come on you artist, I love you. Let
an old friend help and old friend.
What would an old friend like you,
do with a bunch of screwballs like us?
Make money.
- You turn me up.
You don't wanna work in nightclubs, cut
a couple of records, make a little loot.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing Benny, nothing at all. Provided
you let us play what we want to play.
Of course you can play what you
want to play. What do you think I am?
- Ugly chick.
- I thought she was cute man, what do you mean?
You've got no taste, man. You know that?
- This party is a real drag.
- Bunch of freaks.
- Where's Ghost?
- Busy with an agent somewhere over here.
- Hey let's go over to Nick's place and play some cards.
- No man, I promised my wife...
Excuse me, honey. And
I am gonna go home.
Oh well, where's Red? Hey Red!
- That's what I mean, you can never get out of these places.
Hey waiter, waiter!
Listen, why don't you give me a call sometime?
Maybe I can set up and audition for you boys.
- Great.
- You know, you're a nice kid, I like you.
- I like you, I like the way you talk.
- Geez, thanks a lot mister Frielobe.
- That's alright.
- Nice meeting you, nice meeting you, uh, Mrs. Frielobe.
Come on Red. Come on. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Do you know who
I was just talking to of all?
- A phony.
- Hell, everybodys a phony to you Charlie.
- That's right.
- Go ahead.
That guy's Milt Frielobe,
he owns Roadside.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Who cares, man.
Oh... listen Jess, you look beautiful.
Oh, I want you to meet an
old dear friend of mine:
John "Ghost" Wakefield, Jess Polanski.
- How are ya?
- Come on, lets go down and get a drink. I'm dry. What do you say?
- Yeah, uh, Benny, easy easy.
- I'm surprised to see you here tonight.
I didn't think you made
this party scene very often.
Yeah well, I know, you know, Baby
Jackson a long time and he said uh:
You wanna come to a party so here I am.
I'm handling him now, so I got
him book solid. Right on top.
Is that right?
See, is that where you want to
be Ms. Polanski? On... on top?
I'm an amateur. I don't try
to fool myself or other people.
I... I can see that.
But what I said before,
I wasn't kidding about.
- You are good.
- Uh, bartender, give us three glasses of
- champagne, make sure the
glasses are cold, alright?
- And I'm not putting you on either.
- I hate bartenders.
You know how long it's been since I've seen this
son of a gun? How long has it been anyway, huh?
- A long time Benny.
- Yeah, couple of years at least.
You know I was a musician then.
Yeah, well, no more Tijuanas, Cincinnatis,
Philadelphias, or one night hassles with drunks third rate bars for me. No sir,
woke up one morning and had a hangover...
...and had a fight, hit some guy, broke my fist, he
cut my lip, and I haven't touched a trumpet since.
Have a nice time?
- Hey Benny.
- Hey Baby.
- Hey Benny. I want you to
talk to somebody over here.
- Not now Baby, I'm busy.
- What do you mean 'not now'?
Look, you are my agent... This guy says
he got a contract for me for next summer.
Now, I never sign no contract with him,
and that is exactly what I told him.
Don't worry about it, I know what he
means. You know it's in the talk stage.
Ah, well then maybe you better get over here
and talk man because that is exactly what I...
...give you ten percent for. Now you
don't mind, do you sweetie? Come on Benny.
- Benny, I want to leave.
- Uh, well, be back in a minute honey, this is business.
I want you to tell this
little girl some stories.
He's got wonderful stories, sweetie.
Like Mother Goose and Peter Pan.
- Let's go Benny.
- Later Baby.
You want another drink?
Would you do me a favor?
Where do you wanna go?
Anywhere. I don't care.
Come on.
Exactly what do you mean in a minute?
- I said, in a minute.
- Just listen, who do you think you...
Shut up and let me boy.
Eleven, twelve, thirteen,
five is eighteen, nineteen.
thirty-one, forty-two.
- What do you say, Ghost?
- How are you?
Say hello to the princess.
Princess, uh, meet Reno uh...
Vitelli, Vitelli. Please
to meet you, princess.
That's enough. We'll
be at the back table.
- Sure, go ahead. Enjoy yourselves.
- We will.
- Here good?
- Yeah, this is fine.
- What kind of a place is this?
- You know, regular neighborhood bar.
Where uh... working
people come after hours.
Kill some time.
A lot of lonely people
in the world, you know?
You want something to eat?
No thanks. I don't feel
like eating, anything.
Kitchen's clean. You
can eat off the floor.
I'm not very hungry.
Hey, I love that dress.
It's just cheap.
Well, maybe it's cheap,
but you make it look good.
- I know.
- You know, huh?
- You really are a princess.
- My name is Polanski.
That's my name: Jessica Polanski.
And don't start telling me
how much you can do for me.
Helping my career... Cause
there isn't any career.
And you can't do a
thing for me. Understand?
You wanna dance?
I guess... yeah.
Okay, one more.
Ooh, I like that.
Shall we?
You like to dance?
Does any man like to dance?
Hey, I bet that's the first exercise
you had in a couple of years, Ghost.
Thank you. Thank you very much loudmouth. I'm
having enough problems keeping time with the music.
No, no. You kids look good. Real good.
Appreciate it. He used to be an
instructor for Arthur Murray, you know?
Very funny, very funny.
Hey, hey, you guys thirsty?
Wanna drink?
- Yeah, sure.
- Yes, I will take up on a drink, sir.
So how the boys?
- Pretty good, pretty good.
- They working?
Well, we're gonna have a swinging day at the
park tomorrow, playing for a lot of trees.
What a life. You know, you can have
it. What do you wanna drink, princess?
Hey, wait a minute. Don't say nothing.
She doesn't know I can fix
drinks. Step aside, young man.
- He could've taken over me.
- Step aside.
Let me have some vodka.
- Vodka?
- Yeah.
Some Irish wiskey.
- Evil got to Savannah is at work.
- Yeah, how did you get involved with this cook?
Cognac... Yeah, that's good.
Not too much, I don't want to spoil it.
He's always got some crazy drink.
Well listen, the me drinking is a luxury.
It's as simple as that. Now you can waste it...
...on something ordinary or you
can... you can dream a little.
I don't want any of that.
I've been nothing but nice to you lady. I
don't think I deserve that kind of treatment.
You got some maraschino
cherries, please?
- What do you want? My job?
- No, no, no. A cherry. That's good.
Two. That's gonna make it look pretty,
those cherries. Make it look nice.
Some cream meant for a little coloring.
- Watch this one.
- Hey princess...
Now we mix.
Hey if the whole place explodes
you're gonna pay for it.
Hey's a cook, ain't he princess?
Three chill glasses if you please.
You can have two... thanks
a lot, but no thanks.
- You're a coward. Hey, coward!
- That's right.
Jess honey.
I'm a coward too.
Very well... I'll... drink alone.
Boy oh boy.
A little rough going
town. But it's good.
Try it honey. I wouldn't
let anything hurt you.
Oh, here goes nothing.
- It is good.
- Yeah?
- See, what did I tell you?
- Tastes just like crme de menthe.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, you should try it.
- See that?
- Alright, alright, I'll try anything once.
- Go ahead sport.
- It tastes like crme de menthe.
- Yeah?
- Marvelous.
I have a toast. Hold it. I have a toast.
A toast to all the cowards in the
world who never mix their drinks...
...may they one day wake up, and
find out there's a crazy mix up world.
- Great.
- I made that up myself.
- Hey, hey. I got one. A toast.
- Yeah?
Here's to the girl who lives on the
hill, she won't... what's the matter?
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry princess,
that's not for ladies.
That's right. Let's drink to
a sense of propriety anyway.
Hey, that's a good
one. I'll drink to that.
- More, more nectar for the gods.
I'm gonna get stiff on
that crme de menthe...
It's getting me all sloppy
- Here, here, here.
- Hit me again, too, you know.
- Jess?
Alright, here's to a man I know who plays
music in the city parks for trees and birds.
I wonder who she meant by that.
Hey, hey, hey. Here's to people, and
drinking, and wives who keep their husbands... the streets!
I got one. I drink to a girl,
with a voice like an angel.
Well... here's to this drink anyway,
cause it... it makes men say pretty words.
Alright, alright, alright. Here's to me.
Hey, Reno. This man
wants to pay my bill.
Good luck.
Champagne will cost
you three bucks a split.
Let's get outta here.
- Goodnight, Sheryl.
- Goodnight.
- What a dump.
- Oh, I never come in here.
You never come in here? Hey Shorty, you
listen to me. You better never come... here again! You here me?
How do you like that broad?
She never comes in here.
No, she never comes in here just Mondays,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and...
...and Fridays and Saturdays. She
better never come in here again cause...
...from now on, she barred in this bar!
- She was just embarrased.
- Relax. What kinda hot temper is that?
Well if she don't wanna come in here,
she don't have to come in here, you know?
That's true. Hey, lets drink to
bar tenders and their troubles.
No, no, no, no. Let's drink to dames, they
just wise up that money ain't everything.
- I got no more drink, honey.
- Wait a minute, I'll fix...
No, no, no. You go ahead. I'll do it.
You try to take a turn around
that South American stuff.
I gotta cool off anyway.
- You know how to do that?
I know how to do it, I'm
a bar tender, ain't I?
Forgot, yeah.
I cannot make that.
Sure you can.
It's easy.
You sure move beautifully.
Never mind that.
Come on. Try it. Come on.
- Okay. - It's just one-two,
one-two-three. That's all.
How am I doing, teach?
I never mind about the
music... Just, come here.
But, keep the rhythm, huh?
- Okay?
- Okay.
You won't let me fall.
I wanted you to fall, cause you can
lean on me any old time, Princess.
That's because you're late
all the time. That's why.
Did you know that
(slurred words) Strange?
I didn't know that. But it's a
pleasure to make your aquaintance.
Did I ever tell you about the...
- For what?
- Anyhow, he takes this girl.
And he opens the door.
And he, hands her the key.
And he says... goodnight.
- Goodnight?
- Doesn't go like this.
Don't turn it on.
Your lips are soft.
Come on. Come on.
Come on with me.
Come on.
Come on.
Now just sit right over here. Sit down.
I'll be ready for you in just a minute.
I gotta go make myself look
pretty for you, don't I?
So you just... make
yourself comfortable.
And a... smoke a cigarette or something.
I won't be long.
You won't be sorry.
Cause I'll make you happy.
I like you.
Don't I smell good?
You smell great.
- Oh, what's the matter?
- Just, stay there, will ya?
Just, right there.
I don't appeal to you?
I'm not your type? Huh?
Yeah, you are my type.
Then... don't you want me?
I don't understand.
I didn't even have a chance with you.
I mean, how do you know
you wouldn't like me, huh?
It has nothing to do with
whether I would like you, or not.
Who ever told you that's what you
had to do in order to reach somebody.
Are you kidding?
Just where do I stand
without my body, huh?
Tell me that... I'm the girl with
no mind, or haven't you heard?
What good is talking to somebody
when nobody listens to you, huh?
What good is falling for somebody
when they don't come back?
If I let you go tonight, I'd never
see you again. And you know it.
And you think that the bomb is gonna drop
and everything inside will be out and...
...everything down will be up.
I don't think... it's too painful.
It's too late for this
kind of stuff anyway.
Okay... then tell me what you
want, and I'll make it happen.
Tell me what you want.
Just like magic, it's gonna happen.
To live... just to live, that's all.
Where? Cleveland? New York? Paris?
How about the moon?
I just don't believe in fairy tales.
You will.
I promise you will.
I'll see you tomorrow afternoon,
about uh... two o'clock.
Don't do nothing with the day here.
- You leaving?
Two o'clock.
Oh man, this is for the birds.
Come on Charlie, stop
talking to the customers.
Man, you reach for a high
one, and for what? For nobody.
I like to Charlie.
Yeah maybe we'd all like it Charlie,
if you tried playing it a while.
Why don't you stop
complaining Charlie, huh?
Yeah, sure. Why complain. Fresh air, sunshine.
Exactly what we had in mind when we joined the union.
It's for the birds. The charity bits,
fine. At least we get an audience. But this?
- We're getting paid man.
- Scale. They pay more to playground supervisors.
Then learn how to play basketball.
We usually play much better.
What is it with you guys anyway?
- Just tired.
- Tired of playing the trees, that's all.
Now if I play the tuba and Shelly a
bass drum, we'd have a crowd in no time.
Tube and a bass drum...
You deserve each other.
Came on the perfect day, sweetheart.
You know, I never saw anybody look
so good in the sunlight before.
I never got in the sunlight before.
No, I mean it.
Come on Pete, give a
hand here. Will you?
Take your time guys.
Goodbye park. You're
strictly for the birds.
- Goodbye park.
- So long squirrels.
Hey you guys, what's the score.
Hey you guys, come on
over and play some ball.
Brind the blonde over, she can umpire.
- Hey, you wanna play some ball?
- With them?
What are you
- what are you crazy? We're too old for that kind of nonsense.
You wanna have a hear
attack or something?
Hey, these kids are pretty good.
- We only have five guys.
- What are you out of your head or what?
That's enough. Come on man, lets go.
- Alright, we'll play you. Come on let's play.
- They wanna play, we'll play.
You feel athletic?
- No, but you go ahead.
- Sure?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Come on guys, let's go.
- I got third base.
- Toss me a glove will ya?
Hey Red, you run like a gazelle.
Let me see the ball Red.
Over here.
I got it. I got it.
Oh, I had it. Alright here.
This fly in your eyeball.
Come on, you can't even
get it up in the plate.
- What's that?
- You can't even get it up here.
I'll put it right in your earlobe.
I'm safe.
I'm safe too.
That's good, isn't it?
Yeah, very good.
- Come on Ghost. Come on, come on.
- Come on Ghost. I've gone!
I'll take care of this
one, over the fence.
Come on Ghost, come on. Bring
me home baby. Watch that pitch.
Alright, one out you
guys. Now let's tighten up.
Next time.
Hey honey, come on. You play.
- Come on, you can't do worse than I did.
- She don't want to play man...
...Just let me take a bat once.
Wait a minute, old time, beauty
before trumpet players. Come on.
- Ghost, how can you let a girl bat before me.
- Come on honey.
Hey Ghost!
She's batting next. Hey she's playing!
- She's playing for you. What a bunch of sissies.
- Bunch of sissies, she'll bat it out of the park.
Here sweetheart, hit it.
Come on Princess, let's go. Come on.
Alright, come on Princess.
Come on baby, check it in
there. Check it in there.
- Knock it out of the park, honey.
- Oh, beautiful.
- Run, run, run, run.
- Foul ball, foul ball.
Keep going, keep going.
- Here we go!
- Look out.
What's he getting so excited
for man, it was a foul ball.
So what, it's only a game.
Come on, let's go home.
- Did you see it?
- Sure.
I had the bat... and I hit and...
and I never hit a ball before.
Come her slugger.
What's the matter?
Wait a minute.
Well uh...
- Hello Benny.
- Hi listen...
- Honey, it's Benny.
- I'm sorry. I uh...
I was looking for you Ghost, wanted to tell
you you got an audition tomorrow for the group.
Goldstar Records. Four o'clock.
I'm sorry, this is kind of embarrasing.
You're a funny little guy, anyhow.
Yeah, well, uh... Hello Jess, I didn't
mean to scare you, just looking for Ghost.
You wanna drink Benny? We can
fix him a drink can't we, baby?
Oh, by the way Jess, I... gee I'd like to
do something about getting you some work.
I know you're probably short on
cash and need money for the rent.
I'd like to get you something somewhere,
but, well when you walked out on me...
...last night I was about to introduce
you to some people, at that party.
Uh, Benny, you don't have
to worry about Jess anymore.
My baby is gonna sing with the group.
Let's not lose our heads, I mean.
I know Jess needs money, but uh...
Well your group's instrumental.
She's just starting out.
You don't have to worry
about Jess anymore Benny.
Okay. Whatever you say I guess.
Well, see you tomorrow. Four o'clock.
Do you know where the place is?
I'll find it.
- Okay. Goodnight.
- Goodnight Benny.
Hope I didn't embarras you.
He's a fun little guy, isn't he honey?
Yeah, he's funny.
He's a scream.
I know something's wrong. What is it?
What do you mean 'something's wrong?
You know what's bothering me.
I've been around Ghost. Even with Benny.
- Oh.
- Oh? Yeah.
It does make a difference, doesn't it?
Not to me, it doesn't.
I don't know if I could be in love with you
cause I don't know if I know what love is.
Then don't worry about what it is.
And don't worry about Benny, and don't
worry about rent, or recording, or..., or tomorrow, or nothing.
Alright, kill it.
Alright, kill it. Come on, knock it off.
What a bunch of bananas.
I don't like the number Mr. Wakefield.
Well mister, you paid for what
we like to play. That's our deal.
That's not my deal, kid.
- Is not?
- I don't like it.
Hey agent, is he telling the truth?
Let me take care of it Ghost.
Look, maybe the best thing
is to forget the whole thing.
- No, no, no.
- Maybe some other time.
No, no. You just push him.
You'll get what you want.
Hey Benny...
- Man, you dig this?
- Another perfect day.
- It was all my fault.
- No, don't be stupid honey. You were great.
Hey listen, why don't
we play something else?
Sax raise its ugly head.
It's just as good a number.
- Same tune. I'm a' ram my fist up his mouth.
- Oh man, oh blew it.
Whatever that means.
Ghost, you wait outside. Do you mind?
Don't you tell me what to do Benny.
Benny when you tell me something
I gotta take it for a fact.
Now you told me this man wouldn't
tell me how to play my music.
He'd just, listen to it.
He's an idealist, Milt.
But that's the world, kid. That's the
way it goes. I hate commercialism too.
Don't blame the poor sound engineer.
Blame the world, blame the people.
Turn up that level, will you Georgie.
See? It's beginning to sound good.
Now that's good. That's good.
I like that. Who wrote that?
I did.
It's the same number you heard a
minute ago... that you didn't like.
But I think I like it now.
That girl's good.
I like that uh... what are you laughing
at? I like that uh no singing singing.
What do you think, Georgie?
I told you before. It's a lousy room.
You're a musician too, aren't you? Get in
there, let's here with the whole outfit, huh?
- We don't make any stops this time.
- Sure kid, anything you say.
You know it.
What you say the leader's name is?
- He calls himself Ghost.
- Ghost, huh?
The Ghost! The Ghosts,
how's that for a group, huh?
The kids will buy it.
It'll attract the kids.
That's the market you
have to sell to nowadays.
- How does it feel, Georgie?
- It's a lousy room! I told you that, didn't I?
- But how's it feel?
- Passible.
Passible, passible.
Princess, you were just wonderful.
If you don't mind Charlie, it's my girl.
Boy, you getting fast.
Honey, you were just beautiful.
Ghost, you're a coup
baby. But I love you.
Come off it, will ya?
You have a great voice, Princess.
I love that style of yours, that
uh... No singing singing, you know?
Kid, I think it's gonna
sell a million copies.
- Pete, you were beautiful. Man that was a...
- I know it.
Thank you Mr. Friedlobe.
Benny come on, let's talk business. You want
in on this? Or you wanna handle it yourself?
Agent, why don't you
take care of it, alright?
He trusts you! He trusts you!
- Hey Mr. Friedlobe, we thank you very much.
- Oh thank you kid. Thank you again.
- Oh darling, you were just beautiful.
- Huh?
- Where are you gonna be later?
- Oh, I don't know, around and about.
Why don't you give us a call at Nick
the Greek's. And if we're not there...
...we'll be at my place. And if we're
not there, you can call us somewhere.
Thanks a lot Mr.
Friedlobe. How's the misses?
- You don't remember me, do you?
- No I uh...
He said you were a great guy but I didn't
believe him. But you're just a great guy.
Hey Nick! Congratulate us, we made it.
Nick, I got some wine man. I'm
gonna buy you a new tie, Nick.
Close up shop, we're gonna celebrate.
What do you mean, 'close up shop' huh?
This is a business
proper, a business place.
We're gonna have a party Nick!
Will you let me down!
- What's the matter with you guys?
- Nick, Nick. Take it...
What did I tell you? This is a
business place. This is a circus.
Hold it, Nick. Hold it, will ya?
I want you to meet somebody.
Princess, say hello to Nick the Greek.
Bobolenos. Nick Bobolenos.
I'm very happy to know you.
Please excuse our off
language. The boys, you know.
Isn't he sweet? Isn't he sweet?
What is your name?
It's Jess... uh, Princess Polanski.
Polanski? That's great you know?
Your name is long just like mine.
Come on, a game of cards. A game of loser
weepers. Let's play the game, come on.
- I'll play some music.
- I get the chips.
- You wanna play?
- No, I'll stay out.
- You don't mind honey?
- She don't.
- Of course not.
- Excuse, oh I'm sorry.
You know, Charlie is a great dancer,
let him teach you the mambo, you know?
No, not on your life. This is
a plot to make me lose the girl.
Don't go away. Charlie
stay right where you are.
Hey you guys... excuse me, go ahead.
I didn't mean to interrupt, but you guys
wanna join the party, you're welcome.
You don't mind if we
finish the game, do you?
No, I don't really care what you
do. But the wine's on the table.
It's up to you.
Charlie cha-cha would you mind
taking a seat at the poker table?
Play a little cards will you?
You can even use my chips.
Would you cut it? Would you get out...
He's a nut, he'll dance with anybody.
- Hi.
- Alright, hold it sweetie babies.
Don't anybody drop the bomb but me.
I just conned Friedlobe into four...
...four singles and possibly an album.
A little vino. If he digs your way out
blues. You can play anything you want.
- When?
- Tomorrow we cut it at four o'clock.
What's the charge?
Scale. You get scale, Ghost gets
scale, and very bad deal for the music.
Hey, that's wonderful.
You finally got a job.
Ghost, you're a genius.
Ghost, could I see you a minute?
Hey Benny, what do you mean
a bad deal for the music?
I'd like to see you
alone, if you don't mind.
- Sure, go on.
- No, honey.
Go on.
Okay, we're alone. What's up?
I'll let you play the blues. I
know how much it meant to you.
- Yeah, great. So?
- Look, I'm just an agent. But I remember...
...years go when we were doing one-nighters,
and playing on little strip-joints.
I know how much sweat you put into it.
But just seemed what we were gonna get...
...just isn't worth the heartache.
But I like the way Jess sings it.
Look, I'm just an agent. My job is to
buy sell, buy sell. You wanna turn in...
...ten years of your life on
some dame. That's your business.
Benny, that's not some dame.
That's the girl I'm gonna marry.
Well, like that saying you
know? That's your business.
I mean, is this thing gonna go on
here? Or are we gonna play cards?
Tommy... look at the girl.
Yeah... she's nutty looking.
Hey Skippy, give me
a glass of wine, huh?
Some wine, please?
What? Oh, oh, sure. Help yourself kid.
Hey Charlie, will you quit watching
the girl? Come on, let's play cards.
Hey, don't forget you're gonna give us
one of those sweet songs, right Nick?
Yeah, but I need a
girl to sing for that.
I'll oblige Mr. Bobalinas.
Alright honey. For you, I sing!
You know, that girl's got class...
Oh... No offense, for, of course.
You guys, come on and play cards.
Where did you get a girl like that, huh?
Where did you get a girl like that, heh?
- Vince?
- I pass.
Uh... that's all sweetie baby.
Listen, I uh... I wanna
apologize about last night.
It's nothing. It's
nobody's fault. Forget it.
What do you want from me, Jess?
Nothing... I want nothing at all.
I thought we were... two unhappy
people that found each other.
I mean, you know with me you never
haev to go through the motions.
Benny, please.
I love you, Jess.
I'm sorry.
Well... you uh... better think about
it. You know I'm the sensitive type.
You hurt my feelings. You got
yourself an enemy for life.
See, I'll go running around
telling people what I just told you.
- I know Benny, but...
- But?
What's the matter?
- Hi.
- Hi.
How much?
What do you got off the record, Ghost?
Off the record, I don't gotta tell you.
I'll make you a side bet...
You can't make no side bet. There
only two of us left in the game.
The loser drinks a large glass
of the China wine, okey-dokey?
What do you got them?
Okey-dokey, I got three kings.
Drink up.
You try, Ghost.
You want something?
I'm just an outsider like you guys.
What do you mean outsider?
There's a party going on over
there... A bunch of... jazz musicians.
I always say live and let live.
- Are you one of them?
- No sir, I work for a living.
Yeah but I mean, you're uh...
you're a friend of theirs, ain't you?
Tell me... anybody famous in that group?
- Nope. It's just a nothing outfit.
- Who's the leader?
Ghost Wakefield.
Ghost Wakefield, Ghost... Oh! Ghost
Wakefield, yeah you heard of him.
Never heard of him.
Tell me uh... is he uh... alright?
What's he, one of them dope fiends?
Who knows...
Come here... come here.
I noticed that they're all dancing
with that one little girl over there.
What's she? Some kind of mascot?
Who knows...
You know I uh... I wouldn't trust
my wife around these musicians.
I hear they give parties that go on all
day and all night, a lot of drinking...
They gettin' doped and mixing up
at the races. Bad things like that.
You hang around these
musicians, is that true? Huh?
Well, this one don't seem too bad.
You try, Ghost.
No, I don't want any of that Greek slop.
All the way.
Greeks can drink
anybody under the table.
I'm sorry boy.
Fill it up.
You gonna take me on mister?
That's right. I'm gonna take you on. I think
the Irish can out drink the Greeks anything...
And I got ten bucks on me to
prove it. Come on kid, eat it up.
- Hey, he's had two full glasses already.
- It's alright, fill it up, go ahead.
Ten bucks. Come on.
Don't be shy, go ahead.
- My name is Tommy Sheehan.
- Great Irish. Go ahead.
Let's see if this is enough for you.
Or maybe you can stand up with me.
- Hey potato?
- Okay olive oil. We'll see. Now pour.
Go ahead, pour.
Come on, Greek. Drink up.
One more. Come on Nicky.
Another. All the way.
Any Greek cheese?
Never mind that Greek cheese Ed. This is
straight little man, come on back out here.
Come on.
Now come on kid, you pour. Go
ahead. Come on pour. Pour. POUR.
- That's enough.
- Pour?
That's enough.
I want you to meet a pal of mine. This
is Skipper. Skipper, Skipper, come here...
This is a wonderful
guy, he hates musicians.
- I hate musicians too.
- Is that right?
Everybody hates musicians.
Let me ask you something, do
you ever sing in the shower?
- That makes him a musician too, doesn't it?
- Sure does.
Yeah, but I ain't a dope fiend.
And I uh... I don't mix with spades.
I take you, this friend of mine. You know,
he and I are going to sing a duet together.
Hey you know that girl
over there is great.
She's with everybody. Everybody but me.
That's cause she's with me.
Yeah but what's she
doing dancing with him?
Well he have to be my friend.
- Don't I happen to be your friend?
- Nope.
But I'm good enough to drink
with you, I'm your friend.
- Why don't you be a nice guy and go home?
- I ain't doing nothing. I'm just looking.
I think she's cute. You've been dancing
all night. I think she's real cute. I... I
Wanna fight? Come on, get up. Come on.
Hey look man, I uh... I don't want any trouble,
I... all I wanted to do was just... just...
dance with the girl now.
Hello Irish. How do you feel, boy?
- I'm alright.
- Alright, don't you worry, nobody's going to hurt you.
- I'm your friend, right? You remember me.
- Yeah.
Go now, you take Skippy. Go
home. And I tell you what I'll do.
You come in tomorrow night.
You gonna have dinner with me.
We're gonna have our own Greek
dish. And then a long bottle of ouzo.
Okay, you. Come to me. Come here!
Come on jazzman, come on!
Yeah, you're the one I want musician.
Romeo with your pocket full of needles.
How's your arm kid? What
do you do to the girls?
Come on musician. Let me see
if you can feel this punch.
The girl's got more guts.
Let go off me boy. Come
on, try and break away.
Let go.
Come on musician. Come on.
Let go.
Now we dance.
Let 'em go man.
Let 'em go. Let 'em go. LET 'EM GO!
Let 'em go. That's it.
- Come on you.
- Get 'em out. Get 'em out of here.
- You okay Nick?
- Come on, Nick.
Boy... he hit me when I wasn't looking.
- Ghost.
- Give me hand here.
Come on baby. Are you alright?
- Yeah.
- Huh?
- Yeah man, I'm fine.
- Oh man, get him on that chair, will ya?
- I'm fine.
- Sit down man, for a minute.
A good tumble, huh?
He hit like a tank, don't he?
- You wanna smoke?
- No, no, I'm alright.
- Here baby.
- No, I don't want no smoke.
You okay Princess?
I'm fine guys, I'm fine.
Drinking that rechino, man.
Gonna knock you out, huh?
You gotta cut lip, Cliff.
But, you take care of that.
You okay?
I love you.
You leave me alone.
I don't need no mother.
- Ghost.
- Take a walk
She's shaking.
I wanna go home.
Man, you hurt the girl's
feelings she wants to go home.
You got two legs, take her home.
Yeah Charlie, I'm sure.
You'll be okay.
Just how you feel.
You okay now?
Yeah, yeah sure. I'm fine.
Well uh...
I'll see you tomorrow, I guess.
Don't go for a minute, would you?
I'd offer you a drink, but
I don't have anything here.
Gee, that's too bad.
I could use a drink.
Are you married, Charlie?
A guy like you shouldn't
have any trouble
I didn't say I had any trouble. I
said I wasn't married, that's all.
You are Ghost's girl, aren't you?
- No.
- No?
I'm not anybody's girl.
Feet on the ground?
I don't know what I'm
doing half the time.
You are not Ghost's girl?
You said you had nothing to drink?
I know of a place that's open.
Not far.
You wanna wait for me?
Don't go.
Don't leave me Charlie, please.
I don't want to be alone.
What are you doing here?
I came to see if you were alright.
You're okay, aren't you Princess?
I'm fine... nobody hit me.
- Honey.
- Don't you touch me!
I'm not a prize fighter.
That's not what I was looking for.
I didn't want a prize fighter.
Now you just please leave.
Cause I got somebody inside with me.
And he's bigger than you are.
And he's real big.
So he might hurt your feelings.
- Wakefield's late Benny. Where is he?
- He'll be here
He'll be here, he'll be here. Oh
boy, what did I get myself into.
How much a night, Dixie?
- Didn't I tell you about these guys?
- Alright.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it?
Every minute costs me money.
Who's gonna pay the
musicians the overtime, huh?
You gotta be independently wealthy
to survive in this business.
What happened to Princess?
Oh, she got all shook up last night by the
fight. Don't want to be a singer no more.
She quit?
Yeah, she doesn't want to play anymore.
I cut off my arm for us before I quit.
Milt, you don't know anything about
music. You don't know nothing about music.
That other girl had a
foggy voice. Right, Georgie?
- Yeah.
- This girl has a clean voice, right?
- Is that right, Georgie?
- Yeah.
Alright, but she better good. I'm
warning you she better be good.
- Milt, she's wonderful. Would I lie?
- Would I lie, an agent. Would I lie?
Hey uh, who's the bird?
Carol Samuels, got a great voice.
Ugly chick.
- Man, it's about time.
- Told you before they were a bunch of bananas.
What's he gonna do?
Are we ready Mr. Wakefield?
Benny, is there trouble?
I got it Milt, just
stay out a second okay?
- Something wrong kid?
- Yeah, something's wrong.
I don't wanna sell the blues. And we
have to give you something else, okay?
Something else uh. First it's a new girl, now
it's a new number. What am I buying here anyway?
It's too bad, that's the way it is.
Look, we made an agreement. I
want what I want. Nothing else.
I don't think he's happy
with the price, Milt.
Benny and I worked it out. We agree.
Did you work it out for me?
Okay, you got your deal
and it's not changing.
Well that's not enough, right?
What do you mean 'not enough'?
You guys are dependent on Goldstar.
You got one chance, and one chance
only. And it's right here with me now.
Not tomorrow, not playing
in some back rooms.
Come on. Think about
it, let's be honest.
Ghost, look, uh... we got a
chance to record here and uh...
the blues tune you know is great and everything
and, and you're not compromising anything.
Come on Ghost, let's cut it.
There's a reason we came here for.
Hey, Mr. Friedlobe. He's
not interested in the money.
You know how Mr. Friedlobe
says: 'let's be honest' huh?
Well, let's be honest guys.
What do you know...
You don't know nothing
about playing my music, man.
None of ya'.
I own that tune.
You understand me?
I own it cause I wrote it. Cause I
scored it. Cause I know how to play it.
I sweat with it, I laugh with it, I cry...
It's like part of me, you understand?
Hey man, look. You're not the
only one in the group, man.
Look, look, Ghost. We're willing to string along
with you, playing charities, clown around...
What is so important about
money all of a sudden?
Are you kidding man?
Tell me where you guys were gigging
when I picked you up? Tell me that.
I'll tell you: Nowhere.
That's where.
- Nowhere.
- You wait a minute.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You guys are nothing...
Nothing but phonies, man.
Phonies, you dig me?
Phonies! You know why?
Cause you talking about fame all the time,
and you talking about making it big and...
being something, am I right? You
tell that to me Charlie, didn't you?
Well go find your own music, man.
Go write it if you can.
I am tired of carrying this group boy.
- Come on, Ghost...
- Get your hands off of me, man.
Shelley, Pete!
Don't fight me baby. Don't touch him.
Let him drop dead.
Come on Shel.
Let's go Benny.
You mean, I'm still in?
- You're my agent, ain't you?
- You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
- Let's go.
- Hey Ghost, listen...
Listen man, I'm not sorry.
You don't need this.
You're the leader...
If you need a sax, I'm around.
These cats don't
understand tough scenes.
Later baby.
Benny are you through with me?
Yeah, thanks honey. Your check will
be at the union and no fee, okay?
We're still friends?
Friends? NO. Personally, I can't stand your guts. But
you're talented and my job is to service talented people.
So what do you want me to do?
I don't care.
Well I care. I got no time for failures.
Okay... make me a success.
Alright... I know a fairly attractive woman
who spends fortunes sponsoring the careers...
of talented young jazz musicians.
What do I have to do?
Nothing complicated. Just the usual.
Good deal.
I'll make the call right now.
- Vodka and tonic?
- Scotch.
- Straight?
- On the rocks.
If I'd said on the rocks,
you'd have wanted it straight.
Forget it, I'll make my own drink.
How'd it go tonight?
Like usual.
What a bunch of creeps.
Could be me out there and Harry
the Butcher, it's all the same...
You put a label on something and
call it Jazz and they all swallow it.
Glasses tinkering... whispering.
Waiters comping that stupid feet.
Who needs it?
You do.
You kidding me, it could be Art Tatum out there.
They wouldn't about anything but the check.
If you were Art Tatum...
But then, you're not.
If you were talented...
but you're not that either.
Great. All of a sudden
you became a critic.
I've been with a few
good musicians in my day.
I know all about your sex life.
You could get some response if you take
a chance, and some decent accompaniment.
Will you get me my robe.
I'm getting tired of
being pushed around.
I think that's funny.
If I were you by now, why...
I'd uh... I'd be used to it.
I mean I'm getting bored with it.
You're what?
Go ahead, hit me.
- Tired of being pushed?
- That's right.
You're bored with me?
- No.
- Well that's what you said.
I mean I'm bored with pretending that
you're a success, that you're a hero.
You're as insecure as I am.
You're as dissilusioned, and...
Cheap... as I am.
And I'm bored pretending
that it's any other way.
Okay now take a good look in
there and see the one difference.
I don't pay for you, do I?
You like to be here, don't you?
You want to subsidize my music?
Subsidize your what?
My music.
Darling, not since I've known you.
I don't know what it is you're
looking for, but it is not music.
And it's not me either.
Because what you're looking for isn't around,
it's being unscrewed up that you're looking for.
Hurray, for whatever
that's supposed to mean.
That means you're stupid.
That means I want out from you.
You want what?
What do you want, huh?
I'm gonna tell you what you want.
And it ain't out.
Hello, Idealist. How are you?
- Ghost Wakefield, Billy Gray.
- Hello.
Hello Countess.
I'm shocked... I'm honestly and
truly honored and deeply shocked.
- Billy, is that right?
- Billy Grey.
Well how are you? How
are you, Billy Grey?
Do you know that the man you're with is my
agent, and I haven't seen him in a whole year.
I thought you were dead.
Excuse me, Ghost.
I'm showing her the dressing room,
she moves in here on the thirteenth.
A bad luck day.
Well now, luck's what
you make it, right artist?
- If I can have attend to it.
- Alrighty.
Hey Benny, I hear there's a new
club pening in Frisco, is that right?
Yeah, the Blue Room. But it's too
rich for your blood. Right, Countess?
How much?
Well, you haven't got enough. They only
take names. You know, no exceptions.
Benny, I'd like to have a new shower
What do you mean by names, man?
What do I look like, chopped liver?
- Course I'd rather have a tub, right?
- This is the top spot and I get the best...
The best money in Los
Angeles, man you know that.
What more do they want?
No way your credits.
Listen, would you like
a white rug in here...
I'm talking to you, man!
What is it?
That's better.
- Now where do I go after this?
- I don't know right now.
When do you suppose you're
gonna make up your mind?
Well you see I'm not the one who makes the
decision. The owner of the club's do that...
Now it's why it's complicated. Now you
have the Countess call me tomorrow, alright?
Like I say, right now I'm
real state, I'm a rental agent.
- Well, what do you think, honey?
- It's fine.
I wanna talk to you now, and I
want to talk to you alone, Benny.
Well listen, you picked a very bad time. I'm
busy uh... You have the Countess call me tomorrow.
No, I don't wanna have no...
It won't take you out long, why don't
you all let me wait for you outisde.
You're a nice girl... she's a nice
girl, you know how these things are.
They just get busy for a second, you
know? Haven't seen him in a long time.
I gotta talk business, thanks. Thanks.
Look, I said have the
Countess call me tomorrow.
I need another job, Benny.
I'm tired of playing the Gigolo bit.
I'll take a cut. I don't have to play here in Swingtown
man, I'll work a downtown club, it don't matter.
Don't be ridiculous.
Benny, I need another gig.
You don't seem to get my point.
Are you kidding man,
they love me out there.
I never played better
in my life, they...
Twenty people came up to me, Benny, tonight, after I
got through playing and they wanted my autograph man.
They wanna talk to me. They just wanted
to invite me to party, are you kidding?
Once maybe, not now.
What do you mean, not now?
I mean a hundred guys can play what you
are playing out there, and ninety-nine...
...of them can play it better.
Who the hell do you
think you're talking to?
It's a matter of opinion, man.
That's just one little man's opinion.
I did some weird things man...
But I never sold my soul.
I sold me, man. But never my soul.
I played what I like
with no compromises.
Name me one guy in this business
who knows anything about music.
Go ahead, one guy.
There's nobody, I don't care who it is,
who knows anything good, from anything bad.
It's all a matter of opinion, Benny. And
nobody, nobody, ever walked out on me.
Well, you had it once when you
used to play with your group.
You guys tried to say
something when you played.
Don't talk to me about music.
Can't talk to about my music, man.
Alright then, let's not talk about
music, let's talk about people.
Cause you're a failure there too, man.
You haven't got a friend left in the world.
You wanna know why?
Cause you're a bum.
When an idealist sells himself out, everybody passes
judgement. The bigger the idealist, the bigger the bum.
You're known all over
town as 'her boy. '
And nobody wants her boy
playing in their band.
Go on, take a look in the mirror. Go
on, take a good look in the mirror, kid.
That's all you got left to
sell. Go on. Take a good look!
As far as I can see, she's the only buyer. Now,
maybe you can get yourself a job someplace else...
I don't know. But if you're looking
for a little respect, forget it!
Now remember, you came and you said 'Benny
make me a success,' well I said to myself...
Here's a guy I can't stand personally, a
guy who talks big and loud about art and...
Freedom of expression and I
think he's a phony. A real phony!
And he wants me to make him a
success. Well alright, phony...
You're a success...
you got what you wanted.
And I found out what I wanted.
Countess, you wanna call
me in the morning? Fine.
If not... well I'll see
you around, sweetie babies.
What do you say, Greek old pal?
You drinking any wine lately?
A long Ghost, what do you know, boy?
I'm living.
You don't come around no
more since you work steady.
All the money goes into
rich people's pocket.
You know what they say:
'money goes to money. '
Mind if I buy myself a beer?
I'll buy the beer.
- Thank you, Ghost.
- Pleasure.
See that?
No, thanks.
Well, good all days is dead.
- The boys do come around, don't they?
- No.
They don't?
Got a deal down in Los Angeles. Small dump,
play for a lotta dumbells. Dancing and girls...
Place stinks... sawdust on the floor.
Where would that be?
They don't wanna see you no more, Ghost.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
What's the name of the place?
The witch's tale.
Oh uh... what do I
owe you for the bruise?
Old time shake.
You need a sax over swangtown?
What say music man?
How's... how's business man?
- Hello, Charlie.
- Great to see you man.
You uh... working with the boys, huh?
Yeah well, I'm... just
taking a hiatus for a while.
What's that they say on the uptown
side of the street... slumping.
Seriously, I'm thinking
of forming my own group.
I heard you got married.
Married! No.
Is that good or is that bad?
That's great.
You're living with her?
Listen man, she was a real stiff man.
I mean, you threw her over... she comes running
to me, comes all like a storm for a month.
Marry me she said.
Me, marry Jess Polanski? I say.
I say what for, I say. I'm a
musician, I don't go steady.
So she said she'd kill herself.
So I said, you up dead.
What happened to her?
Hey Ghost...
A dame like that...
Was nothing for a guy like you.
Where do I find her?
Oh, she used to hang
around... Reno's salon.
Yes or no?
Are you kidding?
Well, what do you want?
I want a rose-covered cottage.
Let's have another drink.
Baby... this is my busy time.
Have another drink.
We got a deal. We gotta make a deal.
Just, what you're asking
has to be thought about.
I mean, okay. It's a deal.
If you want it.
- Right, Sal?
- Why not?
It's late.
Anytime I can drink enough wine.
I give everything I've got.
Hey Ghost, come on! Now come on now, Ghost. Cut
it out. You heard what I said, now cut it out.
Get out.
Hello, Jess.
No more Princess?
No. No more Princess.
Then what you got back for?
I mean...
I don't need you to
come back in here and...
And ruin everything.
It's just too late.
I'm not even high fashion.
I just do what I can do best.
That's all. And now, for
tomorrow not to be there.
I'm just me, Ghost.
But I'm nothing.
Oh, honey...
Are you something.
Go ahead.
How do you know it's here?
I'd take you home.
Hurry up.
You're real crazy Ghost.
You ought to see me in a...
sheet, I'm a panic then.
Hey uh, Reno, how much do I owe you?
Give me a few bucks, we'll call it even.
Jess honey! Let it go!
Let it go!
Cut it out!
Face in the water.
Look I'm telling you I've had it,
Ghost, I want no more troubles!
- There's no trouble.
- Shut up.
Look, you too get out of here!
Come on, come on. Get out of here!
I'm alright.
I probably couldn't
have done that anyway.
- I know.
- I had lots of time.
And I still love you.
Nobody believes anybody
anymore, do they?
I'm good for nothing.
Nothing is the only thing I've
ever given in my whole life.
Nothing ever got better
because I was there.
Nobody ever once said, 'thank
god Jess Polanski was here. '
So... buy me a drink, huh?
Or leave me alone.
Let's get out of here.
Wait, why are you
pushing me in here for.
- Take me home!
- What do you want here pal?
I don't wanna come in here.
Let me go!
You scum!
What, the Countess let her
protege have a night out?
Alright, that's enough Red.
Enough nothing, how's your punch champ?
I'm sorry Pete.
Alright big boy, why don't you just
turn around and get out of here.
Go on Ghost, beat it.
Lose yourself, you heard him.
Red, it doesn't matter
what you say I'm sorry.
There ain't nothing here... nothing.
Not for you.
Now you get yourself lost.
Then you die.
Shelley I, I, uh...
I'm sorry.
Well it's just a little too late to
be crying the blues now, isn't it?
I'll tell you what you do.
You take your little pink cotton candy
dreams and you get them out of here.
And I mean outta here!
And on your way out my friend, you take a look
around you when you take a look at this place.
And you realize when you take your little look that
this is everything that we've got in the world...
This is everything that we've got.
For which we say, many thanks. Now I want
to play number six, I wanna play it now...
Let's go, number six. Play it!