Too Scared to Scream (1984) Movie Script

Come on, Cynthia, last chance.
Let's go over to the playpad.
Barry, I told you, I'm not in the mood.
You weren't in the mood last night
and I was able to change your mind.
Barry, I'm not in the mood.
Okay, now what's your excuse?
You're not gonna tell me you got herpes.
It's a joke!
Hey, hey, hey.
It's a joke.
It's a joke going around.
You know what I mean, a joke.
Herpes, herpes, going around?
Cynthia, what's happened
to your sense of humor?
Barry, I really do have a headache
and I'd just rather not.
Oh, one of those not
tonight routines, huh?
Well, the cure for that, my darling,
is put your mind elsewhere.
Barry, stop it, please.
Now, don't tell me
your old boyfriend's back in town?
I'll tell you what, we'll
have a menage a trois.
How about that, the three of us, huh?
What do you think?
Barry, please, you're
hurting me, stop it!
Stop it, you're hurting me!
Headache, my ass.
Pull up 50 feet then come back and watch
the place and see if she comes out again.
Good evening, miss oberman.
Vincent, you startled me!
I beg your pardon, I didn't mean to.
Your lift, miss oberman.
Thank you, Vincent.
Goodnight, miss.
Yes, Mrs. hornaday.
I have been ringing forever!
Vincent, do you hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
Please excuse the delay.
Well, it's alright.
I know how busy you get at times.
Um, Vincent,
I, um, I have some lovely
black forest cake that I made.
I'll save you a piece if you like.
Thank you, no, Mrs. hornaday,
I do not care for any.
At 11:30 on pbs there is a repeat
of nureyev doing swan lake.
I thought you would enjoy that.
I'm sorry, Mrs. hornaday,
you know it's impossible.
One day.
I'll save some cake for you
just in case you change your mind.
Goodnight, Vincent.
Ha, ha, ha, yourself.
Some watch bird you are!
What are you gonna do, laugh 'em to death?
You better shut up or I'm gonna
be arrested for molesting a myna.
Hey, Princess, it's Dave.
Listen, I'm staying at the St. Moritz.
I'd like to see you tonight.
Why don't you give me a
holler when you get in?
I'm warning you, I wanna
get some sleep tonight.
Cynthia, it's
Eleanor at the service.
Listen, I just wanted to remind you about
your appointment tomorrow
night with Mr. kline.
He'll be by around midnight.
Have fun, sweetheart.
What's this?
Hi, honey, it's mom.
Ugh, I hate talking into these machines.
I want to thank you for your gift.
We just got the check.
We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving.
Daddy sends you his love.
By the way, would you send me some
more of your modeling pictures?
Estelle says she's gonna put one up
on the wall of the dry cleaning store.
Call when you get a chance.
I love you!
She went up to her apartment.
We can wait around here all
night, but she's not coming out.
Alright, I'll get
my action somewhere else.
Morning, Eddie.
What's the matter with you?
You look like you just
lost your best friend.
Oh, hey, I know what's eating you.
It's 'cause Vincent gets all
the attention, ain't it?
The name is Edward and what's eating me,
mamie, if you must know, is that I
am constantly cleaning
up after someone else.
Uh-huh, don't I know it.
I hear you, brother.
And if the tenants of this building wish
to be charmed by a man
who has a way with words
and ignore those of us who
are willing to roll up
our sleeves and do the
work, then I just give up.
Uh-huh, I hear you, I can dig it.
But what it is, Edward,
my man, is your attitude.
You are a sour-faced, down-in-the-mouth,
low-life motherfucker!
Excuse the expression.
And you can take a tip or two from Vincent.
He is refined and a
gentleman with the ladies.
Even if he is white.
Miss oberman, honey?
It's me, mamie.
Miss oberman, honey?
He ain't here and she ain't here.
I guess it's just me and the mop.
Goodness, goodness!
Oh, lord.
Look at this mess!
You jive Turkey!
If you was my bird I'd
tar your feathered ass!
Oh, the heck with this.
Mm-hmm, frank.
Cynthia, please talk to me.
I have to see you just once more.
Look, I'll be home all night.
Is that who I think it is?
Damn, Alex!
You want me to take care of it?
No, Jack was
my partner, I'll do it.
And I know just where to find him.
Hey, listen, I found
this in her coat pocket.
Check it out, see if there's a connection.
Hey look, I might be a
little late tomorrow.
All in the line of duty, of course.
Then take this bird to the
pound, I'll be downstairs.
All visitors must
be announced to the tenants.
It's the policy of the building.
Are they on duty 24 hours?
Yes, sir, there's
someone on all the time.
Day and night.
What do you do when you
have to take a leak?
Excuse me?
Take a leak?
Well, we lock the door and put up a sign.
What, that you're going to take a leak?
No, sir, that we'll be right back.
Who has keys to the building?
All the tenants have keys.
They can let themselves in through
the front or the rear entrance.
Who was on duty last night?
Vincent, sir.
Vincent hardwick.
Where can I find this Vincent guy?
814 clairmont Avenue.
But you would be wasting
your time with him.
Oh, why is that?
Because Vincent is a gentleman.
Everyone in this building loves Vincent.
I like this.
- Yes, sir.
Edward, tell me, just between you and me.
What kind of people live in this building?
Well, we have quite a variety here.
But a superficial lot at best.
How's that?
We have these artists
and professional people.
Professionals, huh?
Like Cynthia oberman, that
kind of professional?
Exactly and worse.
Hi Jack.
Alex, my buddy!
Sit down!
Sit down.
My god.
Jack, where were you last night?
Nursing a friend.
Did you go out?
I was blind out of my mind.
I don't remember anything.
When was the last time you saw Cynthia?
Not for months.
Since I was bounced from the job
she didn't want to have
anything to do with me.
I couldn't get her the things she wanted.
I didn't have the extra money,
couldn't get any drugs.
What good is a man if he can't get
a woman the things that she needs?
You gave her all you had, Jack.
And then some that wasn't yours to give.
Oh, Alex.
How I love her.
Cynthia's dead, Jack, she
was murdered last night.
Oh, my god, no.
Come on.
Take it easy buddy, come on.
I know how much she meant to you.
Jack, I'm gonna find the guy that did it.
That's a promise.
Other women cloy the appetites they feed.
But she makes hungry where
most she satisfies.
Age cannot wither her.
Nor custom stale her infinite variety.
How beautiful you were as Cleopatra.
Close your eyes, mother.
Happy birthday, mother!
Happy birthday to you.
There's no need to thank me.
The fun is in the doing.
Aren't you gonna blow your candles out?
At least make a wish.
Now your wish will come true.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
I was only joking.
It looks good, doesn't it?
Doesn't it look delicious, shall we?
Should we cut it and have a piece?
Here's for you.
And here's for me.
Is there any little toast you'd
like to propose, mother?
Let me, let me.
Something apropos, hmm?
Oh, well.
Excellent Bordeaux, excellent indeed.
Unexpected guest, huh?
I invited no one else.
Mr. hardwick?
Lieutenant dinardo, police.
Is there something wrong?
I'd like to ask
you a few questions.
You mind?
- No, no, my time is yours.
This way.
Mother and I were just
celebrating her birthday.
Oh, mother, this is lieutenant
dinardo, he's a policeman.
How do you do, ma'am?
Won't you have a seat, lieutenant?
We were just about to have some cake.
No, thanks.
Mr. hardwick, could we?
Oh, of course.
And, um, please call me Vincent.
Mother had an unfortunate
accident many years ago.
I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be, lieutenant.
As Shakespeare wrote, affliction
may one day smile again.
Until then, simply down sorrow.
Did he now?
You work the late shift at
the royal arms, Vincent?
As the sun rises I take my leave.
Do you know Cynthia oberman?
Did you see her last night?
Yes, I believe I did,
just before midnight.
Was she alone?
A limousine dropped her
off but she came in alone.
Did you speak to her?
Well, yes, but just to say goodnight.
She came into the building and
went directly up in the lift.
Do you know who was in the limousine?
No, I don't.
Did miss oberman have any
callers after she came home?
Not to my knowledge.
Did you hear or see
anything out of the ordinary?
No, sir.
Well, I guess that's about all for now.
Thank you.
I trust miss oberman is
not in any trouble, sir?
No, she's not in trouble, Vincent.
She's dead.
Poor thing.
You say it in such short speech.
Well, that's the way
dead is, Vincent; Short.
I'll see myself out.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Good day, lieutenant.
I am shapen from the fount
whence honor Springs.
And therefore doomed to sin.
Yeah, frank?
Got anyone at the playpad?
She did, huh?
Same guy?
You got a name?
Yeah, wait a minute, Barry,
Barry what, moyer?
That's fancy.
Very fancy.
I'll drop by there now and check him out.
Lieutenant dinardo, I
want to see Barry moyer.
Penthouse, sir.
Moyer, anybody home?
Hey, moyer.
You there?
Who is it?
Lieutenant dinardo, I
found you, remember?
Huh, oh.
What happened last night after
you dropped off Cynthia oberman?
Cynthia, that bitch, we had a date.
Cynthia's dead, moyer.
She was murdered.
Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Lyman, the crazy bastard.
Who's lyman?
He's my driver.
He's crazy.
He's crazy, he tried to, he tried to,
he tried to kill me.
Kill you, why?
He's jealous!
He's jealous of me!
Of Cynthia?
Ask him!
Where can I find him?
Portal palaces on Broadway, get him!
Thanks, pal.
Don't catch cold, now.
Yes, Mrs. hornaday?
Honestly, I don't know
where you go at times.
And with what's happening in this building
I need to know that you're close by.
Vincent, my plans have changed.
I'm going to spend the
evening at home, alone.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, and Vincent, I found some
lovely passages from Elizabeth Browning.
I can make some coffee and
we could read them together.
Ah, but then I would be leaving
the lobby unprotected, Mrs. hornaday.
Oh, no, don't do that.
Are you there?
Lyman Nelson, alias, Jay
Nelson, alias lefty Harris.
I love reading the dossier
on these gentlemen.
Two counts for attempted
rape, male prostitution,
child molestation, assault
with a deadly weapon,
and he's out on the streets.
Looks like this moyer picked himself
one loo-loo of a chauffeur.
Yeah, and a chain smoker to boot.
What do you mean?
They were strange bedfellows.
Moyer's butt looked like an ashtray
at a lucky strike convention.
Almost makes you want to
give these things up.
You think lyman knocked
off Cynthia oberman, too?
We won't know that until you find him.
I'm on it, Alex.
I'm on it.
Two drafts, fellas.
Now, would you like to
shake up for it, huh?
Sure, gimme the cup.
Be my guest.
Go ahead, your luck is rotten anyway.
Three fours, I told you
your luck was rotten.
Now fella, you just watch an expert, huh?
Here we go!
Hey, you crazy?
In or out, but close the door!
I told you, rotten!
Now pay up!
What'll it be?
Wine picon.
A what?
Hey look, straight shots
are a buck and a quarter,
or mix the two, huh?
You can't make a wine picon?
Listen pal, this is not park Avenue.
Go ahead and laugh, you guys.
All the nuts are in here today
including the picon man.
You sir, are a vulgar,
feverish little clod.
What did you call me?
You crazy shithead!
Get him off!
Get him off me!
Get outta here!
Get the fuck, get out!
Get him off me!
Get out!
Get that bum outta here!
Get out!
Please, leave me alone.
It's open.
You're beautiful.
Close it.
You can knock off the bowery shuffle, huh?
What'd you find out?
Not much.
He went drinking at mcginty's bar.
What's he doing in a dive like that?
I don't know.
For some reason he was trying to get
into a fight, looking to get himself hurt.
He got thrown out and went home.
Thrown out, for what?
Fighting over you.
He fell at my feet, literally.
So anything new break?
No, nobody saw anything,
nobody heard anything.
You still want me to stay on hardwick?
Yeah, anybody that cuts a cake
with a butcher knife interests me.
Dinardo, homicide.
Oh Jesus, yeah I'll be right there!
What is it?
Another one at the royal arms.
This one's in pieces!
You want me to go along?
Not the way you're dressed.
Meet me at the morgue in 30 minutes.
Alex, wait!
My clothes are in your...
Oh, damn it!
Keep up the good work, kid.
Got a real sickie on
our hands this time, frank.
So, what's the game plan?
I want a 24 hour
watch on all entrances.
Alex, you're talking about three men.
That's not even counting
the man on the roof.
The captain is not gonna go for it.
Be forceful, frank, use your charm.
What are you doing?
Come on, fellas, we're
running late, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Hey, that's not a sack
of potatoes, you know.
Time to go to work.
Am I late?
No, you're just in time.
Next of kin?
It's sergeant Kate Bridges,
special detail, doc.
Why didn't you change your clothes?
I was gonna take you to lunch.
You still can if you give
me the key to your locker.
Away we go.
I'd say she was murdered in the evening.
Toes are still supple.
She must have been wearing socks.
Ah-ha, there it is.
Let's see.
The leg goes here, arm goes here.
And the head goes here.
Alex, about lunch...
- I know, forget it.
What's the matter with her?
Doesn't she like a good puzzle?
Look, doc, can you just tell us
what kind of weapon was used?
What do you want me to
do, take this seriously?
I'll make myself depressed.
As far as I can determine it's probably
a scalpel or a razor blade.
And then a large carving
knife or a butcher knife.
Of course, you can't
rule out a meat cleaver.
Oh, lieutenant?
I forgot, call your office,
they got something for you.
Pull up in front.
Come on now, they're here for you today.
Beautiful ladies, beautiful ladies,
here to show you the world!
Hey, come on, mister, beautiful girls,
no clothes, just the way you like 'em!
We got a couple young college
chicks inside, real nasty!
Let's go, the greatest
show in town, let's go!
I see you got my message!
Yeah, I got it.
You behavin'?
Clean, man, clean!
It's the cleanest show in town!
Looks to me like you could stand a toss.
You know what you down here for!
I'm all ears.
We got brunettes and
redheads and bleach blondes!
Look like they just came out the wash!
And the laundry man is close at hand!
Right inside, sir, right inside, sir!
Beautiful ladies, all young, all new!
For how long?
Started a half hour ago!
Show started one half hour
and you right on time!
And here it is the show
you've been waiting for.
It's on the streets.
No covers, no minimum!
Great, just great.
Hold it right there, lyman!
Freeze or I'll blow your ass away!
Not bad.
Couldn't have done better myself.
Did you blow his ass away?
Jesus Christ, kid!
If you're gonna pull that gun
have the guts to use it!
Otherwise, leave the rough stuff to me.
Comfortable, lyman?
Enjoy it while you can.
You're gonna be doing some cold, hard time.
You mind if I have a little coffee?
No, sure, go right ahead.
Tell me, lyman, just out of curiosity,
did you get off killing those two women
and burning holes in that guy?
You know, you're the one
that keeps talking about that,
maybe your pants are wet, huh?
Trouble, Alex?
No trouble, he just
tripped over his mouth.
Lock him up.
Sydney, my dear, it's been too long.
Listen, wait until you
see the new collection.
It will absolutely knock your eyes out.
I need something
sophisticated, rich, trendy.
You know what I mean?
I know exactly what you mean.
I've told you for years you
could make money in my clothes.
Did you see the spread I got
in the times and in ww?
No, I missed it, I'm afraid.
Oh, Sydney, I've told you,
you should do more serious reading.
Excuse me, we'll be starting in a moment.
I'll just go and see what
they're up to in the back.
If you can't get it up in half an hour,
you're gonna have to get out.
Alright, everybody,
alright, final check up.
Rachel, my dear, drinking again, I see.
Louise, I want those eyes
darker, much darker.
And Princess Nadine is here at last.
How good of you to honor
us with your presence.
Phyllis, I want you to
wear the red matte Jersey.
Nadine can wear the blue cocktail dress.
Every single pound shows in that outfit.
Alright, ladies, I've got half
a million dollars in
heavy action out there,
so let's not fuck it up.
She's in rare form today.
Louise wears a shimmering waterfall
of silver beads and pearls
on a white crepe deco gown.
Graceful wings of silver bugle beads adorn
this 1920s white silk summer's
dress worn by Rachel.
This would be perfect for
your theater, Mr. Mark.
Phyllis is wearing a backless
red matte Jersey evening gown.
The waist cinched and trimmed
in a deco bugle beaded motif.
Now, here's Nadine in a blue crepe,
spaghetti strapped cocktail dress,
provocatively slit up the left hip.
Graziella, I'd like to see Nadine.
I'd like a closer look.
Oh, Nadine.
Alice sports a dolman sleeved
deco cocktail dress.
Liz is in a silver bugle beaded dress.
You've been avoiding me.
Why, Mr. blume.
Yes, you have.
Are you busy later?
I give you girls nice presents.
I always give you nice presents.
Yes, I know, Sydney.
You write with a big pencil.
You better believe it.
Do we have a date?
I'll be by.
Bye bye.
Pity about Mrs.
Hornaday, isn't it?
I just put her mail
over there on the side.
You liked her, didn't you, Vincent?
She was a cultured lady.
Well, I'm off to the theater.
Too bad you don't get
to the theater anymore.
Eddie, don't you get enough of this place?
I have to take Rose to the park.
I'm expecting a friend, a miss pepper.
Have her make herself comfortable.
Thanks, kid.
Well, I'm off, I have
people waiting for me.
Keep the change.
Good evening, miss pepper.
Hiya, Vincent, how's it hangin'?
Any new stiffs tonight?
I beg your pardon, miss?
Sorry, Mr. blume is expecting me.
Mr. blume had to step out for a moment,
but he left his key and said for you
to make yourself at home.
I always do.
There you are, miss.
If I'm not in the apartment
tell him I'll be in the sauna.
Oh, yes, miss pepper.
You've been busy, have you?
I've been in and out of so many clothes
you know what I mean?
No, I guess you don't, do you, honey?
Death, that has taken her
hence to make me wail,
ties up my tongue and
will not let me speak.
You sure know how to turn a girl's head.
Sydney, you dumb jerk!
You almost broke my back, oh!
You're lucky I didn't break your neck!
What are you doing sneaking
up on me like that?
Hey, it was just a joke.
I don't see you laughing!
My ex-wife used to throw
me out of the house,
but no one's ever thrown
me out of my slippers.
Go get some heat on your back
and I'll give you a real
throw when you come out.
Please, no more surprises, huh?
Not even Louise?
Oh, Louise!
- She's coming over tonight
and she's in a mood.
Go, hurry, get ready!
We'll start without you!
Go you sexy devil, go!
Hey, sweet Jesus, Christmas in October!
Sydney, baby, for a man
in the clothing business
you are one hell of a slob.
Well, what are you gonna
be tonight, Sydney?
A judge?
A cop?
A slave.
Oh, god.
Nadine, is that you, honey?
Hey, come on, don't fool around.
Just a minute, Louise, I'm coming!
Just a minute, Louise, I'm coming!
Hold your horses!
Hold your horses!
Alright, already.
Help me, please!
For god's sake, help me!
Oh, come on.
Don't stop now!
Come on!
Come on!
Aren't you kind of old for that, honey?
Curious, isn't it, Vincent?
Four murders and they all
happened on your shift.
Night breeds mischief, lieutenant.
Shakespeare again?
No, hardwick.
Tell me, hardwick, you live
in that big, fancy house.
You and your mother seem
to have plenty of money.
Why do you work as a doorman?
Well, like you, lieutenant,
I wish to be a servant to the people.
Life may bring disappointments,
but work is a consolation, proust.
Cut out the cryptic bullshit, hardwick,
and give me some straight answers!
Now what were you doing
up on the ninth floor?
I received a call that a young,
partially clothed woman was
causing a disturbance.
You're talking about Nadine pepper?
Yes, but she'd already
gone when I got there.
And what about this guy, blume?
He was lying in the hallway,
also partially clothed.
What do you know about him?
Just that he has many acquaintances.
The live-in kind?
Who, uh...
Who called in with the complaint?
Mrs. Tolbert, ninth floor,
she'll verify what I told you.
She a friend of yours?
I have no friends, lieutenant.
I take my solace in my books.
You do, do you?
Now you listen to me, hardwick.
If I tie you to any of this,
and I'm about one knot away,
you'll be checking your next
book out of a prison library!
Now, see if you can get
any solace from that!
Yes, sir.
Yes, I'll tell him.
Excuse me.
Frank, what the hell happened?
That was helms on the phone.
You really roughed lyman up.
He's screaming whiplash and helms
is screaming for your ass.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
But what happened?
I thought you had men on all the entrances.
Helms said two men was
all he could spare.
Besides, we already had lyman in custody.
That means we gave that asshole an alibi.
What about the doorman,
you wanna hold him?
On what?
See that he gets home.
She always beat me at
hopscotch, Marian Johnson.
She was just one of those girls.
Her feet never bounced out of the line.
She never fell over.
I still can't do it.
Alex, you're not listening to me.
I know, I know, sorry.
I don't suppose you wanna tell me
what you're thinking about?
It's not hopscotch.
I didn't think so.
I'm not gonna be able to
crack this from the outside.
I just can't wait around for
another body to show up.
Know what I mean?
I know what you mean.
When you were a kid, Alex,
what'd you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a cop.
Why, what'd you wanna be?
I wanted to be one of
those girls in the circus
that swings from a rope
and wears red sequins.
They're just there to distract
the audience while the
animal act gets set up,
but I always thought they were important.
You are important, Kate.
You want me to go in,
don't you, decoy for you?
I didn't say that.
You can't say it, Alex.
They wouldn't like it uptown.
That's what you want, isn't it?
You know why I wanted to be a cop?
'Cause I was scared of a lot of things
and I knew cops were never scared.
Shows you how much I knew.
I'll do it, Alex.
You don't have to.
I'll do it.
You sure?
I'm gonna move you into Cynthia oberman's
apartment as her cousin.
You've come to live there
to take care of things.
I'll have Mike and frank down the hall
in a stakeout apartment.
You'll be well covered, but
you've got to be careful.
You're a target, you're vulnerable.
You've gotta stay on top of everything.
What, what's so funny?
For somebody who was afraid to ask
you sure are well prepared.
Another woman has been murdered
in the building, mother.
It's here, here in the paper.
I was talking to miss pepper only recently.
She thought I was amusing, imagine that?
Where lies her laughter now, eh?
Well, the descent to Hades
is the same from everyplace.
Don't shoot, it's me!
Jesus, Mike!
I almost blew your brains
all over my clean sheets.
I was just trying to
show you around the job.
Where's frank?
Upstairs, down the hall from you.
Wait a sec, Kate.
Let's check this.
Okay, it's safe, go on up.
Sleep tight.
Forgive me.
I took the Liberty.
You must be miss Brady, yes?
Welcome to the royal arms.
I'm Vincent, the doorman.
Thank you, Vincent.
They're lovely.
So too, is the morning mist
and the sweet breath of babes.
I'm so sorry about your cousin.
Goodnight, miss.
So too, is the morning mist
and the sweet breath of babes.
By the way, frank, Vincent gave me flowers.
I never get flowers from you guys.
How's Kate doing?
Vincent gave her flowers.
Hope they weren't daisies.
You've got a morbid sense of humor.
Your shoes are scruffy.
They need a Polish.
Aren't you needed at home?
Good morning.
I was wondering...
Allow me, miss.
The night man is off duty.
Could you store that for me?
Well, of course, we can store it for you.
Can't we, Vincent?
You could have rung.
I would have come gladly.
That's alright, Vincent.
You're up early, miss.
This is my favorite part of the day.
Oh, it's beautiful, isn't it?
I love to watch the city come to life.
It's rather like the
quickening of one's pulse.
Wouldn't you say?
Yes, I suppose so.
Um, Vincent, if you're off now
I'd love to return your kindness
for the flowers and buy
you a cup of coffee.
Beg your pardon, miss?
Coffee, do you have time for a cup?
That would be very nice, but
I have to go straight home.
Mother's alone and not in good health.
I'm sorry.
Well, maybe another time.
Alex, frank, he's coming right at you.
He's all yours.
We're on him.
See you back at the apartment.
Hey Alex, how long are we
gonna have to sit here?
Till he makes a move.
For two days now, he works, goes home,
takes his mother to the park, goes to bed.
You can't keep this from
the captain forever.
Well, that's my problem,
we'll stay on it.
Sure would be nice to get inside there,
take a look around.
Why don't we get a warrant?
Mm, good idea.
I'm sure glad you thought of it.
The judge is a friend of mine.
Come on, we got 15 minutes.
What, you got this guy
on a timer or something?
Kate does.
A day as fine as this,
all of nature wears one universal grin.
Shall we go by our favorite place, mother?
Miss Brady?
Oh, what pleasant surprise.
This is my mother.
We've been enjoying the park this morning.
Pleased to meet you, Mrs. hardwick.
Won't you sit down?
Oh, thank you I will.
I just have to stretch out a little first.
Excuse me.
I heard you weren't feeling well.
It's good to see you out and about.
Mother can't speak, but she
understands what you say.
Well, it certainly is a
beautiful day, isn't it?
Yes, it's beautiful.
Do you visit the park often?
No, not really.
No, I didn't think so.
It's the first time I've seen you here.
And I would have noticed you, to be sure.
Hmm, chateau latour '76.
Bag this for the lab, will you?
These are also good
from a sitting position.
Mother can only move her fingers.
She relies on me to get her about.
But she's quite content
to watch and listen.
Aren't you, mother?
Mother and I have a special
way of communicating.
We understand each other perfectly.
Miss Brady lives at the royal arms, mother.
She's our newest tenant.
Hey Alex, eight and a half
minutes and counting.
May I ask you a question?
Of course.
Why isn't an attractive woman
like yourself married?
Please, don't misunderstand me!
It's just that a woman's
time of opportunity is short
and if she doesn't seize
it, nobody wants her.
Is that so?
I'm afraid it is, miss Brady.
And a woman alone, well...
What about a man, Vincent?
You're an attractive man.
Have you ever been married?
Sorry, go on.
What were you saying about a woman alone?
Just an idle thought.
But I digress and mother's
getting impatient.
We'd best be going.
Thoughts aren't idle with me, Vincent.
I'm often alone.
That's unfortunate.
Good day, miss Brady.
Theatrical makeup.
Yeah, our doorman was an actor.
Hey, Alex, I think
we're wasting our time.
Hey, frank, listen to this.
Two members of the
cumberland repertory group
were injured when their car went
off the road near route 132.
Marion hardwick, who
suffered massive injuries,
expected to live, though she
may be permanently injured.
Her son, Vincent, who was driving,
sustained minor cuts but
is suffering from shock.
Both were appearing in a local production
of the importance of being
earnest at the state theater.
Hey, Alex, it's getting real late.
Back way, let's go!
Oh, poor Vincent.
No wonder he's so screwed up.
Now don't feel too sorry for him.
10 to one poor Vincent's
already killed four people,
that's not counting putting
his old lady in a wheelchair.
Alex, you know, sometimes you are
a real cold son of a bitch.
I'm sorry.
I don't get paid to sympathize
and neither do you, Kate.
It's not sympathy, Alex,
it's called being human.
That kind of talk really pisses me off.
I don't feel sorry for anybody
that's killed four people.
In my book, you kill one
person, you're not human.
And don't give me any
of that insanity crap.
You kill, you pay!
Okay, okay, I give up.
I didn't kill anyone.
Well, you ought to know better.
Funny, I think you ought to know better.
Oh, here we go again.
At least you didn't accuse me
this time of being a soft-hearted woman.
You'll never let me
live it down, will you?
One time I said it, just once, by accident,
and you'll never forget it.
Just like a woman.
Just like a woman.
For the lady, linguine, white clam sauce.
And for you, senor dinardo,
calamari a la guido.
Bene, bene!
Uh, red pepper, pino.
Sure, senor dinardo, of course.
Everything justo, justo?
Everything's wonderful, pino.
Doesn't that stuff make you sweat?
Oh, me, Mr. macho?
My mother used to put it in my formula.
Thank you, Vincent.
God, it's cold outside.
Yes, miss.
Vincent, anything wrong?
Sometimes the weight of a man's guilt
is too heavy a cross.
I beg your pardon?
Goodnight, ma'am, miss.
I know it's none of my business,
but if you ever need someone to talk to,
I'm willing to listen.
Hi Steve, what do you got for me?
Nothing much at all.
I just finished with the butcher knife.
It's clean, Alex, there
are no traces of blood.
I don't think it's your murder weapon.
- Back to square one.
You might be interested in this, however.
It just came over from
the coroner's office.
Yeah, what's that?
The report on your last two victims.
They found makeup on one of the bodies.
So what?
Nadine pepper was a model,
model's wear makeup.
No, not on her, Alex, on him.
On blume?
- Uh-huh.
The coroner found several smudges of makeup
on his neck, just above the shoulders.
He could have gotten it from
Nadine, though, couldn't he?
They don't match.
Blume was attacked in the sauna.
It may be the killer's makeup brand.
Steve, did you run an analysis?
Yep, I got it right here.
Medicated beige base, in plain
english, theatrical makeup.
Hardwick, son of a bitch!
No answer, damn it!
Hi guys, I'm home!
The linguine was justo, justo!
But I think I gained 10 pounds, yuck.
Better call Mike and tell
him to pick hardwick up.
Steve, keep calling this number.
Tell Mike hardwick's our guy, let's go!
I'm gonna be doing my exercises now
so you won't be hearing
from me for a while.
And don't come in, my dance card is full.
Hey guys, my lights went out.
Ow, for Christ's sake!
Where the hell is the fuse box?
Mike, frank, I got him, I got him!
Mike, frank!
It's stuck on Kate's floor!
- Oh, Alex!
Yeah, make sure you call the coroner
and have backup meet us there, right!
Now you stay and wrap
up things here, frank.
We're going after hardwick.
- Careful!
Mother, quickly, we must leave!
There stands the inspector at thy door.
Like a dog he hunts for boys who
know not two and two are four!
Oh, how I wish the innocence
of youth could return.
But for me, all memory is pain.
And you, you mother, are to blame!
Oh, Shakespeare knew you, how!
How he knew you, how he did!
The expense of spirit and a waste of shame.
His lusts and action until action
always murdered, perjured, bloody!
Full of blame!
Hardwick, police!
Yes, Edward.
I don't understand.
It's all in here, in his diary.
We all acted together on the stage
at the cumberland repertory
theater in england.
Vincent was brilliant.
And beautiful.
His mother tried to break us up.
She was taking him away from me.
And, uh, that's when
the accident happened?
It was no accident.
Vincent was trying to kill himself
because he didn't want to leave me.
But it was his mother
who wound up paralyzed.
That was our chance to be together.
But Vincent was guilt-ridden.
He would never leave his mother after that.
So you followed him to New York?
It took me four years to find him.
And then three months
ago I finally got a job
at the royal arms, just to be near him.
I knew he still loved me.
But he had to be freed.
But even after I killed his
mother he rejected me.
Then, when I brought her back
to life he still rejected me.
How I hated all of them.
All of, uh, all of who?
The women, of course,
and all the tenants,
each trying to take his attention away
from me just like his mother did.
But I fixed them.
And now you.
Oh, my god!
Alex, are you alright?
Yeah, did I get him?
Couldn't have done it better myself.
Gimme a kiss.
Come on, sport.