Toof (2019) Movie Script

Jennifer, stay there!
He's coming!
It might be her.
Layla darlin', thank God.
Come over here, love.
Come on.
That's not your Dad.
Matt, it's me.
You know me, you've
known me your whole life.
Listen to me!
Make a circle with the sugar,
and then you say the prayer.
Do you hear me?
Now go!
Please, take me.
She is just innocent!
I accept.
No, Mom, please no!
Jennifer, you're so brave.
Look at me.
Stay strong.
Tear out thy heart,
but keep safe thy tooth.
Above thy grave and
below thy rooth.
Tear out thy heart, but
keep safe thy tooth.
Above thy grave and
below thy rooth,
tear out my heart but
keep safe my tooth.
Above thy grave and
below thy rooth,
tear out my heart and
keep safe my tooth.
Above thy grave and
below thy rooth,
tear out my heart and
keep safe my tooth.
Your back door was open.
Father, would
you like a drink?
I'm okay.
Thank you.
I saw Joe in town the other day.
He wanted me to tell you
he was thinking of ya.
I look in on Lane
almost every day.
She has a beautiful spot.
The sunshine shines
down on her perfectly.
Have you got
something you want?
'Cause I've got a lot to do.
I'm always here for you, Jen.
If you want to talk.
You want me to talk?
You're not well, Jen.
You need...
I need you to leave my house.
Jen, you can't stay
cooped up in here.
You can't deal
with this alone.
I just need you
to leave my house.
You know where I am.
Ew, Aunt Carla.
It's only horse poo, Corey.
Try just breathing
through your mouth.
Is Nan a farmer?
She used to be.
Can I be a farmer?
Well, you'd have to get used
to the smell, wouldn't you?
Come on then.
Let's go and say hello to Nanny.
You bringing Teddy?
And who's this big fella?
How was your drive?
How was the traffic?
He's a big fellow
now, isn't he?
Why don't you sit over here?
With us.
I'm all right here, thanks.
Do you have it?
Thank you for coming.
You don't know how
much this means to me.
Corey, why don't you get
yourself a little snack
out in the kitchen?
Yeah, go on.
There's chocolate
biscuits in the tin
next to the washing machine.
Right, let's get
this straight, okay.
I am here for Corey's
birth certificate.
Nothing else.
We're not okay, you and me.
I'm not here to
play happy families.
I never wanted it like this.
You sent us away.
I had no choice.
If you just let me explain.
No, you don't get to explain.
You sent us away
and you never even
bothered to tell us why.
I couldn't tell you why.
Because you're an
alcoholic, Mum, that's why.
And me and Lane,
God, we hated you.
We hated you for years.
And then like an idiot
she just comes back here one day
and lets you worm your
way into her stupid head.
Don't you dare talk about
your sister like that!
What about Mom?
Corey, come here.
You're both in danger, Carla.
You's need to listen to me.
Corey is gonna turn
10 in three days time,
and I need you to be
ready for what's to come.
What are you talking about?
Nothing is coming for him.
Above thy grave
and below thy rooth,
tear out thy heart but
keep safe thy tooth.
Stop it, you
will frighten him.
Out there in that
earth under that barn
there's something
our family is tied to
and we need to be ready
for it when it comes.
Have you heard yourself?
I'm dying, Carla.
I'm dying and I don't know
how long I've got left.
And you need to listen to me
'cause I can't bear the thought
of something happening
to you and Corey.
You need to understand
what we're tied to.
Corey, come on.
Let's get your stuff.
Your grandmother
Annabelle died
right in front of my eyes,
and I will be damned if I let
you and Corey walk out here
without you knowing
what's coming for you.
Look, Carla, will
you just listen to me
for goodness sake.
I mean, you're not exactly
the perfect sister, are you?
You slept with your
sister's boyfriend
while she was pregnant.
Oh my God.
Is that what she told you?
You haven't got
a clue, have you?
Look, I don't want
you in Corey's life.
I don't want you to have
anything to do with him.
You sent us away,
and now look, you have
to be all on your own.
See how well that tastes.
Hello, Joe.
Look who's here.
Hey, little man.
Come on, don't be shy.
It's me.
Say hello.
Hi back.
Carla was just leaving.
But you've only just arrived.
I can speak for
myself, thanks.
I just popped in to get
his birth certificate,
but you know what
it's like around here.
Nothing's ever that simple.
But it was nice to
see you anyway, Joe.
Come on.
Haven't seen you for years.
Me and Corey will go and
find the birth certificate,
we'll try our best.
Why don't you guys go
out for a little walk.
Hopefully it will be found
by the time you get back.
I'll be about 10 minutes.
All right, fine.
Go on then.
See you in a bit.
Ah, chickens.
I bet you missed this
place, haven't you?
No, not really.
Craig said he saw
you the other day.
At the garage.
Thought you were seeing things.
Oh my God, Craig.
How the hell is he?
Really, really fat.
You always said
you'd never come back.
Yeah, well, things change.
I'm really sorry, Carla.
About Lane.
How's your Mum?
Don't feel sorry for her, Joe.
I'm not, it's just you know.
I mean you guys
aren't exactly...
What best mates like you
and her are though, eh?
Very cozy.
I've done a few odd
jobs around the house
when Lane got ill.
That doesn't exactly
make us best mates.
Oh my God, what's that?
What is she doing?
I mean this place is rank.
It's just falling
apart, it's horrible.
You okay?
How are you?
Thank you.
Didn't know you were back.
No, well, I'm not.
I'm just popping in.
I'm so sorry to hear about Mora.
My condolences.
Thank you.
Your Mom inside the house?
Yeah, yeah, she's in.
I'm good.
That was awkward.
You think?
He's been coming there
every day and to church
since it happened.
That's strange.
Well, I suppose he hasn't
really got much family, has he?
I'm not trying to
patronize you, Jen.
I just don't think you've
got anything to worry about.
She's locked away.
She won't rise again
as long as we protect
this land, remember?
Jen, it's done.
It's over, it ended
when we were kids.
Look, you are not
listening to me.
There are going to be 10
soon and they are in danger.
I don't have time
for this, okay.
I have got to get going.
What is the point of
running around in the past?
I don't wanna think about this,
let alone talk about it.
Okay, it's done and
it's over like I said.
Like Matt said.
She is not gonna rise again.
Just don't worry
about it, okay.
God, I've forgotten
how pretty it was.
So, still in need of a flat?
Yeah, I'll move out
when I can afford it.
Listen, if you
need more money,
I can always send more.
No, I don't need charity.
It's not charity.
I'm his Dad.
Even though you wouldn't
thinking that looking at him.
I mean, he doesn't
even know who I am.
Obviously he doesn't
look anything like me,
but he doesn't even
remember that I raised him
for the first five
years of his life.
I promised his Mom that
I would support him,
right before she died.
He does know who you are,
he's just shy.
And this whole situation
is really strange for him.
Yeah, well it
doesn't have to be.
I don't have to be a stranger.
Look, we've been through
this so many times.
You can't leave here because
of your Dad's business,
and there's not a hope in hell
of me moving back to this farm.
Well, you're here now.
That's what matters to me.
So, you'll stay?
Just for tonight.
At least let me spend
some time with him.
What the hell?
Looks like your Mom's got
people living off her land.
Excuse me.
You need to leave,
this is private land.
Yeah, man, you need to
get the hell out of here.
Come on, let's go, get out.
You got any sweets?
You've got three seconds
before I remove you myself.
Let's go, come on!
I can't believe
he just spat at me.
You all right?
All right, mate, you
wanna get out of here?
They'll call the cops on me.
You hear me?
You must
look after your teeth.
My teeth are the
last of my worries.
I could help you.
Fucking hell, did you
rob a bank or somethin'?
- A
- tooth for our reward.
What kind of
fetish have you got?
What are you, the tooth fairy?
Give me your tooth.
You want a tooth for money?
- How do we get 'em out?
- Easy.
Sit down.
Keep quiet.
No, no no no no.
I changed my mind.
I changed, no.
will hurt of course.
No, no, no no, no.
No, no.
Two, three.
No no!
No no no, I changed my mind.
No, please.
No, no.
You all right, Mum?
Why haven't you told
me about this, Mum?
It's an eviction notice.
They've just been sending
those things for months.
They won't go anywhere.
We've worked too hard
to keep this land.
It belongs to us.
It's our family's.
Yeah, but it says here, Mum.
You're supposed to
respond in 30 days,
and this is dated
three months ago.
You can't just ignore
stuff like this, Mum.
I've got it under control.
It's not under
control, is it, Mum?
I mean look around you.
This whole farm
is falling apart.
I mean, Joe was telling me
that the drains are screwed,
and have you seen the stables?
They're just, the wood
is completely rotten.
You don't tell me
how to work this farm.
I've been doing it since
before you were born.
Yeah, and you're
coping so well.
Oh, you're just
like your father.
Yeah, you don't get to talk
to me like that anymore, Mum.
You know what I think?
I think if we...
If we fix this bit right there,
we should be able
to get the water
to drain off into here.
Would you reckon?
You know, when I
was about your age,
my Dad used to bring
me up to his workshops.
You know, just to watch the
lads work on the engines.
Loved it.
You know the smell, their
brains really workin'.
Not like sittin' behind
a desk, you know,
your mind going to rot.
This was real work.
Proper graftin'.
What's wrong?
There, that's me,
and Matt and Layla
when it happened.
I was 10 years old
when it came after me.
I'm just concerned it
will go after Corey.
What thing?
Mother called it tooth.
It can be or look like whatever
you think it looks like
or want it to look like.
Well, you're
clearly still mental.
I'm sorry, Mum, I can't do this.
I've gotta go.
Carla, please.
No, Mom, I can't.
What just happened?
Power's out.
But I thought you've
got a separate generator?
Right, I need to
get Corey out of here.
Corey, what happened?
My tooth fell out.
Carla, what's wrong?
The generator's gone.
We fixed the gutter.
Did you?
Look, the lights.
What lights?
There aren't any
lights in sight.
Why is this thing not working?
No, wait, yours as well.
I don't know how a power
cut could affect the phones.
Listen, I'll tell you what.
We'll head over to Matt's,
grab some supplies.
Okay, he'll have a
look at the generator.
The power will be
back on in no time.
Jen, take him inside.
Okay, thanks.
All right, fine.
We'll take my car.
All right, let's go.
Hang on.
There's no electricity,
but the one in the
stable's working.
That's not creepy at all.
Is your Mom havin'
a kid's party?
I don't know.
I guess it must be
that homeless man.
Come on.
Ah, what is wrong
with this thing.
Do you want me to try?
What difference
is that gonna make?
What's wrong?
Well, that's just the thing.
Nothing at all.
Well, what do we do now?
I guess we walk.
It's three miles.
Four at most.
Look, have you seen what
I'm wearing on my feet?
There is no point in
you two traipsing off.
That's far too far to walk.
Joe, you can have the sofa.
You can both stay, okay.
All right, come on.
It's not that bad.
You comfy?
How's your tooth?
Is it now better?
Auntie Carla?
Yes, darlin'?
Why are you angry with Nana?
I'm not angry, I'm just sad.
Is it because of Mum?
I wish you could have
spent more time with her.
You would have loved her.
Why do people die?
All sorts of reasons.
They get sick or sometimes
they get old or tired.
I don't want to
be old, sad or sick.
Well, I don't think you
have to worry about that
for a long, long time.
You should try
harder with Nan.
She's sick.
She isn't well and one
day you might regret it.
Kind Jesus,
hear my prayer.
Hide me within Your wounds
and keep me close to You.
Defend me from the evil enemy
and call me at the
hour of my death.
To the fellowship of Your saints
that I may sing thy praise
with them for all eternity.
Have you done your chores?
Yes, Father.
And you've said
your Hail Mary's?
All 10 of them, Father.
To bed then.
Good night, child.
The Lord is my defender.
Looks like things
are progressing.
I'm not good at this stuff.
Mora, Mora was always the
one for the affection.
Mora is with you always.
Is Shannon still
having restless night?
I'll check in on my way out.
My child, do you
know why I'm here?
My love.
I miss you so much.
I prayed and I prayed.
Your prayers were heard.
Do you love God, my child?
I do, holy mother.
Do you fear God, my child?
I do, holy mother.
You should.
I want to be
good, holy mother.
God's children
are all born bad.
He sees everything you hide.
Yes, holy mother.
We must tear out
the wickedness.
Holy mother.
Come closer.
Children's tongues are wicked
and the teeth keep
the wickedness warm.
Open your mouth, my child,
and we shall purge you.
You didn't bury
me deep enough.
What the fuck,
there's no signal still?
Oh God.
You scared me.
I was just grabbing some water.
Yeah, well, give me a
shout next time, yeah?
I've missed you.
I was a dick, I know.
I'm sorry.
I lived with Lane because
she was never you.
It's kinda crazy, right?
From when we were teenagers.
I'd come through the backdoor.
You telling me to be quiet.
Yeah, but we're not
kids anymore, are we?
Who says we can't
take it back now?
Joe, you chose Lane.
I always wanted you.
Tell me you don't miss this.
Joe, I'm sorry, but
that meant nothing.
Guys, power's back on.
Don't worry about it.
Leave it, leave it,
it's fine, it's fine.
What happened?
Oh me.
- Don't worry about it.
- What do you do?
Put in some
breakfast, big man?
Come on.
Power's back on then.
Yeah, it's now let's
go check out the generator.
And the fan's working to?
Yeah, they all came
back on at the same time.
What time was that?
We hasn't been
laughing very long,
so I'll say just before five.
So if the phone's
working and the power's on
then surely the
car will be fine.
We're leaving.
Oh, there's no rush.
Come on, let's go.
Can't be a good cup, huh?
Old habits die hard.
Excuse me?
I'm rather partial to a cup
in the middle of the night,
but the kitchen was preoccupied.
What are you
trying to say, Mum?
Well, you're already back
less than five minutes,
and you're all over
him like a rash.
Gosh, I'm surprised that you
didn't through your items
and flog them online.
Oh my God, that is enough.
If you must know, I was
with Joe long before Lane
even knew that he existed.
And when they got together
I was absolutely devastated.
But then she was
here living with you,
and I knew I couldn't do that
so I just left them to it.
I just thought you like
to take what you want
when you want, where you want.
Oh my God!
You just don't get
it, Mum, do you?
You just don't understand!
Did you know when
they first met,
he was so drunk he actually
thought that Lane was me?
But then the damage was done
and we promised we'd
never tell her the truth
because she was pregnant.
And I could not
hurt her like that.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
No, you didn't.
And I suppose it's time we
just stop blaming each other,
you know, and painting
the other one out
to be the bad guy all the time.
Hi, Pauline.
Ah, Jesus God.
Where is he now?
Is that what the
police have told him?
What's happened?
So, okay, right.
So no sign of entry,
no sound, no nothing.
What happened?
Yeah, I understand.
All right, take care.
What's happened, Mum?
Can you go and get
my coat, please Corey,
from the bedroom?
Shannon Robinson is dead.
Matt's little girl?
Somebody crept into her room
in the middle of the night
and took out her teeth.
Oh my God.
She's back.
Tooth is back.
God, not this again.
Hang on, hang on.
What the hell is tooth?
Shannon Robinson is dead.
Her father helped me put away
evil in the ground years ago.
We've obviously failed and
it's come back to punish us.
It's punishing the children
for the parents' sins.
That night, as children,
it was me, Matt and Layla.
We put Tooth away.
Mum, can you hear yourself?
February 1983.
Me, Matt and Layla killed it.
It killed four other people
including Layla's
Dad, your grandmother.
We cornered it in the barn
and burned it to
the ground alive.
And now it's come
back to punish us
by hurting what
we love the most.
Okay, so hang on.
This thing killed Shannon,
but it didn't hurt Matt.
Oh God, Joe, please,
don't tell me you believe this!
Don't encourage her!
If you wanna hurt someone,
the place to hit
them the hardest
is with their babies.
Mum, nothing is gonna
happen to Corey, okay?
Layla has an 11
year old son, Jacob.
We just need to get
into the car now
and go and warn them, okay?
This is all in your head.
You're creating
these delusions...
Is it a delusion that
Shannon Robinson is dead?
Look, Mum, I know that
you're in a lot of pain, yeah,
and you're trying
to blame someone
for what happened with
Lane and you're angry
and you're trying to make sense
where there just isn't any,
but you're just not well, Mum.
I am not crazy.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I can get you help.
We can get you help.
There's nothing
you can do, okay.
We did this, I did this.
You didn't do anything.
It starts and
ends with me, okay.
This thing is tied
to our family.
She made a deal.
With my great
grandmother, Ivy.
She started this.
We were being run off our land
and the children were starving
and she was desperate,
so she made a pact.
She reached right in
to the pit of the devil
and came to a bargain
with a she witch.
What the land enriches for
the head of a first born.
She never, ever
kept the promised
and give the head
of the first born.
But she kept on
running from the devil,
and because of that it placed
a curse on her bloodline.
So it comes back
every generation.
It got me when I
was 10 years old
and just ripped my life apart.
That's why, that's why
when you were nine,
I'd call your father to
send you and Lane away.
You just, I couldn't risk ya,
I didn't want you to be hurt.
I had no choice, I'm sorry I
just had to have you sent away.
I tried to tell Lane,
then she got sick
and there was no time.
I'm sorry, so sorry.
It's all right, Mum.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
She slept all day.
Do you think I should wake her?
No, I'd leave her.
She must be exhausted.
I spoke with Dr. Randall,
but he's on house calls all day.
He'll drop off over
at some point tonight.
Oh, and Father Ruben too.
Oh, did you hear
about Matt yet?
He hasn't been
charged or anything.
Police are still
questioning him.
I just can't take
any of this in.
Do you believe her?
I believe that
she believes it.
It's just whenever
I used to ring Lane,
she'd just say
that Mom was fine.
I guess we were never that
honest with each other though.
Seems to be a habit with
the women in your family.
Who hasn't heard
of the toothfairy?
When you're a kid it's as
well known as Santa Claus
or the Easter bunny,
and everyone knows the drill.
Your tooth falls out, you
put it under your pillow,
when you wake up in the morning
you're in the money.
But when does she come from?
Well, believe it or not,
her origins are far darker
than the fairytale would
lead you to believe.
It actually begins
in the 17th Century
with a witch named Befana,
who legend tells would
offer up coins to children
exchanged for their teeth.
But get this, a tooth
was actually considered
an invitation to the devil,
and local legend says
that the only way
to keep her at bay
was with sugar.
So you want to keep her at bay
as well as purify the earth,
you better have sugar handy
because you're not gonna get by
by just being sweet.
You need sugar to
keep yourself safe.
At least that's what I've
heard, that's what I've read
is for some reason
sugar will keep you safe
from the toothfairy,
from Befana.
I have no idea why,
but that's what they say.
Oh God, I hate these things.
Can you hear me?
What a stupid question
to ask a machine.
Yeah, okay, I know I don't
look great, all right.
I've been waitin' for a good
hair day for about a week
and I just don't think
it's gonna happen.
Hello Carla.
Look, if you're watching this
then I guess you know,
and also if you're watching
this it means that you're home
and I always said
that I'd get you
home in the end, didn't I?
I hope you and Corey are okay.
Oh God, he must be nine now.
It's crazy how fast
time flies, isn't it?
Look, we have this
habit in our family
of never telling each
other exactly how we feel,
so that's why I'm doin' this.
Firstly, I want you to know
that I love you, Carla.
I do, I mean you're messy
and you're moody as
hell in the mornings,
but oh my God I love you,
and I know that we had a
really crap, crap childhood.
We really did, and you're
still angry about that
and you've got
every right to be,
but do you know what?
When someone tells
you that you're dying,
you just get this clarity
about what's important
in your life.
I mean, I didn't even
know what sepsis was
until someone told me I had it.
But I need you to do
something for me, okay.
I need you to just move on.
I need you to let
it go and move on,
and, you know, I came back
here and I lived with Mum
when I was pregnant, because,
I mean I was broken
and then I met Joe
and he gave me
everything that I needed,
and then when you came to visit.
Oh God, you're in
such a bad place
and it just brought up
all that stuff for you
and I just want you to
know that I forgive you
for what happened
with Joe, I really do.
But you need to forgive Mom.
Please, if that's all
I can ask you to do,
just forgive her because
she's all you've got.
I mean, I know she's
crap, she's really crap,
but you know you
can't change the past
but you can change your future.
Oh crap, I sound
like a crap boy band.
Look, just please,
just build a future
and know that I'm here
and I'm watching you
and I'm smiling down on you
and I love you, okay.
I do.
I love you!
If your hand is not up my
this screen I'll be fuming.
Jennifer, I need
to talk to you now!
Jennifer, I need to
speak to you now!
Where is she?
Matt, you need to
calm down first, okay.
She's sleeping.
I don't care if
she's sleeping.
Get her down her now!
- Matt!
- Ger her down here now.
Matt, Matt Matt,
it's okay, okay.
It's just Joe.
Do you know what they think?
Do you know what
the police think?
My little girl, they
think I killed her.
They think I smashed
her teeth out.
My little girl!
Matt, I'm so sorry.
You did this.
You and your family,
there's evil here.
Stinks of it.
You will pay for this.
You and your family will
pay for this in this life
or the next.
We had to stop this.
You think you can
keep your grandson safe?
He's dead.
You're all dead.
All right, that's
enough, Matt!
It was all of us.
It was you, me and Layla.
We were children.
It won't stop,
we have to stop it.
Otherwise other children
will suffer Shannon's fate.
You do not mention her name.
You have taken my
family from me.
You do not get to desecrate
her memory as well.
Matt, wait.
Leave him, let him go.
We just need to, I don't know.
We need to get Layla.
Jen, you okay?
Jen, you okay?
What are you
screamin' about now?
This stupid fucking
thing never works,
and when it does work
it works for all of 10 seconds.
Something funny?
He's not done anything to you.
Just leave him alone.
I swear to God, nothing
works in this place.
Just fucking junk everywhere.
Mom, can I play on my tablet.
Not until you've done
what I asked you to do
three hours ago.
I did it.
Jacob, get to your room.
One of Mommy's men
will be around shortly.
Hugh, don't be disgusting.
As if he don't know
where you get your cash.
Your Mum's a cheaper, she is.
Does that look like
it's been taken out?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Yes, and ugly.
What did you just
say, you little shit?
Hugh, lay off him.
I've got a headache.
Oh, I've got a headache.
I can't take the rubbish.
Hell, I can't go to school.
All I hear from this
place is excuses.
Just a bunch of slobs.
Why don't you leave then?
You wish.
Pack it in, okay.
That kid needs to learn,
he needs to learn respect.
For you?
You're the joke.
Why do you treat me like this?
Don't I look after you, don't
I look after both of you?
You do.
You look after us so good.
You look after us so, so good.
You are so, so good to us.
You're my baby.
No one hurts my baby.
What would I do without you?
Hello Jacob.
I like
your drawings.
Shannon, how did you get in?
Hugh let me in.
No, he didn't.
I will never, ever
ever ever leave you.
You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.
What would you give
me for a kiss, Jacob?
I don't have anything else.
Smile for me, Jacob.
You have a lovely smile.
You don't sound like Shannon.
Please, for me.
You've got such
lovely teeth, Jacob.
I want them.
A tooth.
A tooth for a kiss.
Wait, I don't understand.
You will.
Come on, put your
foot down, Mom.
You know these roads
better than I do.
And you call
Matt straight away
and tell him to
get to Layla's now.
All right.
Ah, there you go.
Get that down ya.
Have you got anymore?
Layla, what's up
with you lately?
You been sniffin' it
just like it's sherbet.
I'm fine.
Will you go and check on him?
You pissed your pants again?
Go on.
The fuck?
Hugh, what's going on?
Oh my God.
Layla, it's Jen.
Layla, where are you?
I think something's wrong.
Well, the door doesn't
even look locked.
Where is it?
Is it there?
I think we better
go in together, okay?
Yeah, we do.
Show yourself, demon!
Walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil!
a good little boy.
No, that's not
Matt that you want.
It's me, okay.
Anyone else but Matt.
And your spawn.
Why did you let me die?
Look, we need to draw this
thing out into the open.
There's too many
shadows in here.
Do you not love me?
Come on, we need to
pull this thing out!
Will I go to heaven, Joe?
You ain't goin'
anywhere, mate.
Nothing's gonna happen
to you, all right?
Not while I'm around.
I swear I won't let
anything happen to you.
You can call me Dad, you know.
We need anything, we should
bring in anything okay.
What's happened?
Matt's dead.
We weren't strong enough.
We need to call the police.
There is nothing the
police can do, okay.
We need anything
with sugar in it.
The police can't stop this.
Just go and get some
paraffin and rags, okay.
We burnt this bitch
to the ground before,
and we'll do it again
but this time for good.
Got it?
This ends tonight.
What's happening?
Hey, we need all we can get.
Is that everything, yeah?
Okay, we need to fill
these with pop now, okay.
I don't even know
what I'm looking for.
Just find rags,
paraffin, anything to burn.
But there's nothing here.
All that stuff was with our Dad.
She's just got a
load of crap here.
She's living like a tramp.
What is this thing?
I don't know, it's
too hard to explain.
I always knew your family
would be the death of me.
Hey, hey.
You're not alone.
We'll fight this together.
Kinda glad that you're here.
Hide over there.
Quick, go on, darling.
Hide over there.
What the hell are
you doing here?
I've just heard
Matt's messages.
He's talking nonsense, he
said he was coming here.
Matt's dead.
So is Layla Hodgson.
There's something coming
and I think you being here
is not gonna help our chances
of surviving it.
Good God, Layla's dead.
And Jacob.
You need to leave, Father.
This is not your fight.
The church.
We can hold out there
and call the police.
It's got big, heavy
deadbolt doors.
Whatever you're running
from can't get in so easily.
No, I'm not leaving here.
Carla, listen.
Listen to Father.
All right, we're too
exposed out here.
There's too many
points of entry.
This thing could come
up from any side.
We've not always
seen eye to eye,
but if you need my help
I'm offering sanctuary.
All right, fine.
But whatever we do we need
to do it fast, all right.
We need to pack the car now.
Let's go.
God, I can't believe
we're arming ourselves
with bloody drinks.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I know they say sweet,
still, but look at us.
Yeah, I know I know.
What the bloody hell's
wrong with this thing?
Let me get mine
from the house.
Carla, no.
Get behind me!
Get behind me!
Well done, little man.
Oh, hell no.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, wait!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
You must be cold.
Just one last one to go.
What lovely teeth you have.
I think she'll love
those as a gift.
Want me to help you?
Oh my God, what do I
need, what do I need?
What do I need?
Oh my God.
She doesn't like light.
Okay, okay.
Get away from them, you bitch.
You want my sweet tooth, bitch?
Come get it.
Come on, come on!
What are you doing?
Mum, we need to go now!
It's a choice.
What choice?
Tooth is a choice.
I didn't know what she
was gettin' herself into.
Tooth gives you a choice.
You either become her or
you sacrifice your child.
What sort of a mother
sacrifices their child?
And even if you become them,
you have to hunt down
the one you love.
It's a trick.
Tooth is a bad fairy.
I love you.
Joe, get her out of her.
No, no!