Toofaan (2021) Movie Script

'The Storm! The Storm!'
'Aziz Ali, the Champion.'
The Storm
Ajju Bhai! Jaffar has sent a message.
-Look at Shaukat's face.
-What happened?
He looks like a mashed potato
with chilli on top.
Oh, hell! Here, let's go.
Salaam, Maqsood Bhai.
Wow, a new bike!
Business booming? Yeah?
-I've stopped wasting money.
-Is that so?
I'll soon buy a 4-wheeler.
May Allah make you rich.
Then buy yourself an 8-wheeler.
-Tell us if you need anything.
You won't get anything here.
Piss off.
Can I have a butter roll?
This is a cafe, Maqsood.
Respect your customer.
Two rolls, two teas, a cigarette.
Where are they going?
One minute. See this?
What's this?
First you rough up Shaukat...
...then take his picture and send it
to Jaffar Bhai.
Some balls!
You'll be next.
The shutters are coming down.
As you like.
That's my boy!
And he was dreaming of buying
a 4-wheeler.
-Get in line!
-Yeah, yeah!
-Join the queue.
-Who's the doctor?
Drink boiled water only.
-Who's the patient?
-He is, I came with him.
-Why? Is he a toddler?
-I hurt my finger. See?
Out! Get him out!
Aunty D'Souza said I must see
a doctor.
-How did you get hurt?
-Didn't plan to.
Didn't plan to?
I tried talking, but the other guy
kept fighting... I had to fight back. Right?
-Street fight?
-Shop fight.
-Your shop?
-No, his.
-Were you shopping?
-My job is roughing up people.
Protection. People, warehouses, land.
-I protect them all.
Get out!
This is a charity hospital
for the poor and the needy.
-Not for extortionists like you.
-What did you call me?
Why should I get out?
What about my bandage?
Throw him out!
-Come on out.
-Hands off!
Street ruffians had better get
treated in private hospitals.
What's with her? Calling me
an 'exsorsinit' and saying 'Get out!'
-What did you do? Were you flirting?
-Hell, no!
-So why did she throw you out?
-She called us 'exsorsinits'.
-She kept telling us to get out.
-Seema, wait!
Take his number.
Come on, move it!
Sit down.
Aunty, what does 'exsorsinit' mean?
An extortionist means...
'a gangster.'
A thug. A racketeer, a criminal.
Stop! Got it.
You boys are rascals.
And extortionists too.
-Want more details?
-Go. The dying need you.
Why should I go? You go!
Go now. Go.
Came for a bandage,
got a headache instead.
-Are you a doctor?
-Yes, why?
-He was a patient after all.
-I dislike goons like him.
Say 'aah'.
That's the only world he knows.
Why would he question it?
He enjoys that world, Aunty.
-What choice does he have?
-We all have a choice.
'Circumstances have made me a thug.'
You choose your life.
Not everyone has a choice.
You're new here, so...
Everyone has a choice.
Salaam, Jaffar Bhai.
What's up, my boy?
Maqsood towing the line?
His ears were full of wax.
Ajju Bhai melted the wax with one slap.
We're off now.
-You were eyeing this?
Don't sell it. My father gave it to me.
-Salaam, uncle.
-All well?
-Praise be to Allah.
Ajju Bhai! Ajju Bhai is here!
Who's up for Biryani?
Go on, heap it on.
There's tons of Biryani.
Share it.
They were four. I was alone.
I jumped here, I jumped there.
Then I kicked him straight in the balls.
-He fell flat on his face.
-On his face?
Then I threw a handful of pepper
in his eyes.
I spun around and gave him one.
You rascal, stop. Salim!
You took my new shoes.
Hang on! What's wrong?
When I grow up, I'll fix you.
-What's going on?
-He's stealing my things.
My T-shirts, shades, shoes.
So you'll hit a kid in front of me?
Everyone, listen!
You'll live together here peacefully.
If you wanna fight, fight outside.
Who wants a jacket?
Goggles? Shoes?
Watch out!
-Salaam, Ajju Bhai.
Munna Bhai!
Merchant Bhai.
He can't even handle the padding.
If I touch him, he'll tumble over.
I need a tough opponent, sir.
-Merchant sir, may I try?
Put these on.
Hold your hands up like this.
Then he'll punch the gloves.
1, 2, and swing!
-Don't I get to hit?
-No, you don't.
-Not at all.
-So what's the point?
Sorry! You said I should use this hand.
Only this one?
Over his head.
Mistakes happen. It's my first time.
That motherfucker...
-I showed him.
-He's a bull!
Let Ajju Bhai box for real.
No tiptoeing!
"The sun has set...
"...night has fallen.
"Let me go home.
"Gotta go."
-What do you want?
-Take it.
You've got real energy.
That's the difference between
roughing up and boxing.
Tear your opponent apart inside the ring.
Outside it, you're friends.
Boxing is a respectful
and honourable sport.
-Heard of Muhammad Ali?
-You mean the pervert next door?
No! Muhammad Ali, the greatest.
This is boxing.
Can I watch too?
-Piss off!
Hey, Ajju! Wait.
I was just playing around...
Put these on. Or you'll smash
your fingers.
Tighten them.
Muhammad Ali's video has me hooked.
Boxing is an addiction.
Show me.
Ajju, you're strong, you have energy.
But this is a sport. You must learn
the proper technique.
-Training takes time.
-How much time?
Am I the Rajabai Clock Tower?
Asking me the time!
Morning, Merchant sir.
Put your foot forward.
-No, straight.
-It is straight.
Parvez, show him.
Parvez, I didn't mean to really fight you.
Drop it, Ajju Bhai.
Now you've got your gloves on,
it's good.
-You're cool.
-Breathe when you move!
Yup. That's good.
Each bout has three 3-minute rounds.
What if Ajju Bhai knocks him out
in round one?
Shut up!
Go on, hit!
Is it over?
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Nana Prabhu. He's the best
boxing coach in Mumbai.
Nana sir!
Hey, Merchant!
-This is my new boy, Aziz Ali.
-Salaam, sir.
-Is he from Dubai?
-No, from Dongri.
Same thing.
Today is his first friendly bout.
Can he fight one of your boys?
-He's strong.
-He doesn't have to dig up the road.
This is boxing.
His power must be put to good use.
To good use! Get it?
-No, sir.
-You'll know when you're in the ring.
-Bet 500-rupees?
-Let's get started.
-250 to win?
That's right, you've got it!
Come on, sonny.
Keep hitting!
That's right! You got him scared.
What are you doing?
Get down.
Stop. Stop!
-He was saved by the bell.
-No hitting after the bell goes.
He has strength and power
but no technique.
Puncture him.
Sonny, get yourself a beating.
Ajju! Come on.
-Hit his leg!
-Not allowed.
Is losing allowed?
Ajju Bhai, why slog your guts out?
Send him to me!
Knock him out!
What happened?
Get your gloves off!
Taking your gloves off?
Got cold feet?
Blue corner.
Hail Lord Hanuman!
-He's bleeding.
-That's normal.
I don't know how I lost, sir.
You didn't lose to the boxer,
you lost to coach Nana Prabhu.
Merchant sir, why don't you train him?
I'm a coach in name only.
But if you want to do well
in boxing, ask Nana.
Go! Pay your respects to him.
Got it now?
Put your strength to good use.
It's a noble wound.
It'll heal soon.
You won't get cross-eyed, eh?
They're back again.
Aunty, my God.
Holy Jesus, blood is coming.
-What do I do with you guys?
-Adopt us!
Shut up!
Doctor, please examine him.
Didn't I tell you
this is a charity hospital?
Another brawl? Go to a private hospital.
Aunty, you help me. She stopped
in the middle again like last time.
Shut up! Sit down!
What happened?
It wasn't about 'exsorsinit'.
I was boxing. You know boxing?
-I've just started training.
But don't worry,
my rival was dangling on the ropes.
Ssh! It's going to sting.
I don't know how to box properly.
My opponent had technique.
So I lost.
'Strength must be put to good use.'
-To what?
-To good use.
Can't you be quiet?
-Is the cut deep?
-Yes, see.
-I hope Bhai won't lose an eye.
-Tell me, madam...
-Sit outside, please.
Thank you.
Careful! They steal kidneys here.
Look down.
You need stitches.
They're a sign of toughness.
They add character...
Done. Your eye is saved.
Thank God for that.
- Your watch is ten minutes fast.
- It's an old habit.
Were you boxing with your guard down?
-Wow! You know all about boxing.
-Only the basics.
Doctor, a boxer is just a puppet.
The coach holds the strings.
He says left, you go left.
He says right, you go right.
I thrashed my opponent.
But his coach shouted
'knock him out cold!' And that was that!
Nana sir is a great master.
-Coach Nana Prabhu.
He's a great coach,
but he's a grumpy old man.
He must drink bitter gourd juice
every day. He looks like a Tom Cat.
-Is that a compliment or an insult?
-A compliment.
If he trained me, I'd be famous
like Amitabh Bachchan.
So ask him.
He wouldn't bother with a guy
from Dongri. He is in another league.
While I hang out with street ruffians.
Those kids you were buying shoes
for aren't ruffians, are they?
-How did you know about them?
-I was passing by.
You should've said 'hi'.
They're birds of an orphanage,
like me.
When I'm with those kids,
I feel I'm reliving my childhood.
Done, madam?
Thank you.
Is my face funny?
Tom Cat!
Tom Cat's daughter is a kitten.
-Tom Cat.
You look like some animal too.
Baba, that was mean.
I have good news.
Quitting alcohol today?
That's not good news!
Nana has a great marriage proposal
for you.
He's a doctor.
English, I mean he's an Indian.
He lives in America.
A Maharashtrian and one of us.
He has a big house, big practice.
His father's dead.
He lives with his mother.
No father?
Then why don't you marry his mother?
I'll have a new mother
and a doctor for a brother.
I will come as your dowry.
Baba, come here.
You think I would ever leave you...
...and go to America?
No chance.
If I happen to meet someone,
I happen to meet someone.
Marriage isn't like ordering from a menu.
'One vegetarian boy!'
No carrot halwa without
vanilla ice cream.
Carrot halwa without vanilla ice cream?
-No way!
You know this reminds me of Sumati.
Here... ice cream.
-How is it?
Sumati, I wish you were here.
Father misses you so much.
A boxer came to the hospital today
with an eye injury.
A boy from Dongri.
He was praising you.
He said you were a great coach!
Those raw lemons
are a dime a dozen.
-Was he that bad?
-He's a Muslim.
So how does that matter?
So what if he's from Dongri or Dadar?
Focus on your drink.
You should keep these Muslims
at arm's length.
You're such an old grump.
-That's the last drink.
-The bottle isn't empty.
Come on, out! Out!
You've been living in Dongri for years.
But you don't own it.
Just a minute.
Doctor, hear me out.
-Debt collecting is my job...
-Stop! Don't take another step.
-What is it? Get lost!
-I'm going.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Do you go to the orphanage to make up
for your tough childhood?
Or to turn those kids into gangsters
like you?
This is Ajju, the gangster.
This is Aziz Ali, the boxer.
Who will you be?
-What work do you do?
-I'm a debt collector.
Boxing and roughing up people
are alike, aren't they?
Roughing up!
I know all about your ways,
and what you get up to.
Get out!
Nana sir, give me a chance.
Why do you want to learn boxing?
To beat up people? To evict tenants?
No. I fought against one of your boxers
and lost.
But it made me feel respectable.
Respectable! Have any idea
what that even means?
They bend over backwards
for me in my neighbourhood.
They bow to me.
I know that's not respect.
-Yes, sir?
Come out.
Come here.
-Me, sir?
-Punch him.
The first rule in boxing is not hitting,
but defending... so defend.
-Hit a girl, sir?
-Punch me.
-Punch me.
Hit me!
Your defence is your greatest weapon.
Get into position.
There are only six punches.
Number one... the jab.
Turn your torso. One!
Nandu! Where's Nandu?
Show him number one.
Come here!
Get into the guard position.
Take that watch off.
-Mind your tongue! I'll whack you.
-Save that for later.
-In position.
First a girl, now a runt.
Hands higher. Inside!
Now punch.
Hit straight, don't dig. Punch!
-Are you the coach, or is he?
-I'm the coach now. Hit straight.
Where's Nana sir?
He said to stick to the jab for 6 months
So keep at it.
Go on. Keep punching.
Tie it properly.
Come here and I'll tie you up!
It's your turn.
1, 2 is 4...
4, 2 is one.
He's back in 4 weeks.
Put your gloves on.
Hey, you raw lemon!
No boxing ring for you.
This is Nana's boxing club.
You must ripen first.
Hey, Dongri boy. Centre!
You understand the jab now.
Stop your debt collecting from tomorrow.
No beard or moustache.
Why not?
Not allowed in the boxing ring.
Got it! I'm off.
Crazy boy.
-Wait in line.
It's me. Aziz Ali, the boxer.
No beard, no moustache
in the boxing ring. Nana sir said so.
It's his club.
This is for you.
I'm off.
Good choice.
'When life gives you a chance,
do you go up? Or down?'
"Swing a punch. Flatten him"
"Lure him, punch him"
"Punch him, sitting or lying"
"He dies, send his grave flying"
"Don't spare him. Don't wait"
"Grab his neck, erase his fate"
"Crush the gutter insect today"
"I punch, you dive away"
"No talking! Only blows!"
"The uppercut downs the elephant"
"I'm a prize fighter, you're ignorant"
"I blink, you're saved by the bell"
"One blow, 25 kiss the door to hell"
"Don't take me lightly,
watch your tail bone"
"Here comes a mountain,
no rock, no stone"
"The storm erupts, you're in danger zone"
"Knock him out cold!"
"He takes a dive"
"Out for the count"
"Head-butt, uppercut"
"Swing your torso!"
"No phoney praise on my shiny page"
"Save your limbs for your old age"
"The wild know the jungle rules"
"Save that finger, silly fools"
"I came to win, not to lose"
"Came to hit, not to sit"
"Came to tear, not to sew"
"Came to fight, not to let go"
"Power punches, peace gone"
"Bury you in the fight"
"Enemies fear my might"
"To know God, know yourself"
"Keep them coming, I'll tear them apart"
"Keep hiding, don't act smart"
"Keep peace or take it on the chin"
"One blow will make your head spin"
"Knock him out!"
"Let your hook fly"
"Back to the ropes"
"Fix him in one"
"He takes a dive"
"Out for the count"
"Head-butt, uppercut"
"Knock him out!"
This isn't just a boxing ring, it's home.
It's your home now.
It's night. A window in your house
has just been broken.
You see a thief standing outside.
You know every corner of your home,
he doesn't.
Likewise, you own every corner
of this boxing ring.
Your opponent doesn't.
So how dare he break into your house?
You gave your blood and sweat
to make your home.
So defend it.
"I will not use boxing in any unlawful
or illegal activity."
"I will not use boxing in any unlawful
or illegal activity."
"I shall honour the sport."
"I shall honour the sport."
Here. His boxing licence.
-Don't forget your oath.
-Right, sir.
Now pay your respects
to the One you believe in.
I wanted you to be the first to see it.
"Aziz Ali, boxer!"
It's all because of you.
But I will not thank you.
-Why not?
-Then it'd all be over.
-No party?
-Where shall we go?
-To my favourite place.
-Wherever you say.
Hello, Aunty.
Aziz, whenever I come here,
I make the sun set with my love.
Why is that?
Because the next day
when the sun rises, it belongs to me.
"I know you so very little"
"But I know you're mine"
"I have seen the world"
"There's no one like you"
"I cannot express
what you mean to me"
"Perhaps you are what
I've always longed for"
"Finding you is finding me"
"From the day I met you..."
" feels as though..."
" heart skips a beat..."
"...when I hear your name"
"These restless feelings"
"These impatient feelings"
"Cannot be quietened
as day breaks or night falls"
You played the true gentleman.
Going boating and drinking milk!
Drinking milk!
I had no idea.
She appeared out of the blue.
-Are you setting her up?
-No way!
When love's balloon bursts, careful,
it may burst in your face.
She's a doctor.
We're Jaffar's thugs.
We tear, she mends.
You're right.
Was he coming or going?
Salaam, Jaffar Bhai.
I don't see you around nowadays.
Can I talk to you in private?
-I'm training to box.
-Well done!
It'll add to your personality.
Make you tougher.
-Right, Inspector?
Our world thrives on fear.
Look him in the eye,
so he pisses his pants.
Jaffar Bhai, I want to get
a boxing licence.
I took an oath
not to do anything shady.
Anything shady?
Like what?
He was an infant when I found him
lying in a gutter.
A rat was chewing on him.
I gave the boy my bone marrow
so he could live.
-Jaffar Bhai...
-Get out!
Jaffar Bhai raised me.
I realise now what being an orphan is.
Have you ever lost someone?
My mother.
In a bomb blast.
I was eight. I was in the same bus.
I was so young, Aziz. I didn't know
what losing a mother meant.
I thought no one else was ever sad.
That sadness pushed me
into becoming a doctor.
Your hurt and rage will help you...
...fulfill your dream.
You made me dream.
So make my dream come true.
I can be a tough debt collector too!
Let's order Chinese food.
Sure! We'll call Fayyaaz.
Not Fayyaaz. We'll order it
from Shrirang.
No way.
He even adds spices to his fried rice.
You order from Fayyaaz.
Shrirang is fine by me.
Why do you bring religion into food?
-Do I?
They're creating trouble worldwide.
Making a mountain out of a molehill.
You're uneasy
because a few Hindus have woken up.
The Hindu religion will suffer
because of you lot.
Religion is a different story.
It's a big deal.
-Our religion tells us to be humane.
-Notice something?
Every God of ours has a weapon
in His hands.
Lord Ram has a bow and arrow.
Lord Krishna has a spinning disc.
Lord Hanuman has a mace.
Lord Parashuram holds an axe.
Tell me why.
-You tell me.
-To slay demons.
Demons in ancient times,
terrorists now.
You're just prejudiced.
Yes. I believe you're a real bigot.
Listen to him, Ananya.
Ananya, come here!
He's accusing me of bigotry.
-Me? A bigot?
Remember Aziz Ali?
The boy from Dongri?
-I'm training him, a Muslim boy.
-I know.
-For the State Championship.
There are many Hindus in my club.
But I chose this Muslim boy
over the others.
-But why him?
-He's different.
In what way?
He has a sense of purpose.
He wants his life to mean something.
He wants to be a good boxer.
So that means boxing
is a religion to you.
Boxing is above everything else.
So why are you bothered
about other religions?
And what you're doing...
Ananya! We haven't eaten yet.
You must be full,
chewing each other's brains.
Go to sleep. Good night.
Look what you've done.
Anything to eat at your place?
Full positive?
I mean full!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Boxing lovers!
Welcome to the District Sports Complex!
The State Championship tournament
starts today.
Ready with his gloves
to rewrite history... the new face in boxing,
Aziz Ali!
A street fighter from Dongri
is representing Mumbai!
The elusive Nana Prabhu is here too.
He was known as the guru of boxing.
In the red corner
we have Ritik Tiwari from Akola.
Last year's silver medallist.
The fighters are circling the ring.
Sizing each other up.
No punching yet.
Here we go! Aziz Ali's first jab.
What a left jab!
Surprisingly, Tiwari hasn't hit back.
Here's his answer. Left, right,
left, right, straight to the body.
Ritik Tiwari is back in attack mode.
Aziz needs to hit back with a left jab.
That's a lethal hook!
Ritik Tiwari is on his knees.
-He's not getting up.
-Red K.O.
Aziz Ali has knocked Tiwari out cold.
There's a reason why coach Nana Prabhu
is known as the greatest boxing guru.
-Where did you find this gem?
-He's no gem. He's a storm!
Watch out! This storm will raise hell.
He's unstoppable.
We'll see how many guys
the Dongri storm washes away.
Aziz Ali has won this bout
by knocking out his opponent.
Doctor, guess what Nana sir
called me after the fight?
The Storm.
The Storm.
Nice, eh? Full on danger!
-He shouted it out loud.
-Toofaan Ali!
Not allowed! You can only consult
a team doctor.
-She's a family doctor.
-So what!
Oh hell!
-The Storm? Sounds good?
-It's good.
The Storm! The Storm.
Another boxer down.
He must be seeing stars.
Second match. Second knockout.
He's a real storm!
Toofaan has demolished
yet another boxer.
The third knockout in a row.
He was a nobody.
Though some people knew him
as Aziz Ali.
Now he's famous as the Storm!
What do you feed him?
My cuss words. If I'm in a bad mood,
he gets a few slaps.
-Where did you find him?
-Who cares where my kid's from!
Just watch where he's headed.
Ah! That's the Nana I like.
Can you do your trademark blow
for our viewers?
A guru's wisdom matched
with a student's skill, a sure winner!
The Storm!
Aziz Ali, alias the Storm!
"Look! Brother's photo is in print"
"Commotion erupts in the neighbourhood"
"Our boy is a star now"
"We came to party,
singing and rejoicing"
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
"Wherever he goes,
this boy makes a ruckus"
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
"Wherever he goes,
this boy makes a ruckus"
"Why let any of it bother you?"
"You're a star"
"You're a charmer"
"You're my friend"
"Don't mess up"
"You're a star"
"You're a charmer"
"You're my friend"
"Don't mess up"
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
"Wherever he goes,
this boy makes a ruckus"
"There's a beat in my heart"
"A song in my breath"
"Your win is my win"
"Turning our backs to the world,
you and I meet"
"You and I are one"
"You're a star"
"You're a charmer"
"You're my friend"
"Don't mess up"
"You're a star"
"You're a charmer"
"You're my friend"
"Don't mess up"
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
"Wherever he goes,
this boy makes a ruckus"
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
Even if you hadn't given me a drink
I'd still feel tipsy.
Know why?
It's the moonlight.
It's this world that's making me high.
I want to talk slang like you.
If anyone acts smart with you...
-Stand tall with attitude.
-Like this?
-Hey, smart ass!
-Hey, smart ass!
-Piss off!
-Piss off!
-Take a hike.
-Take a bike.
No! Take a hike!
-Make your getaway.
-Make your getaway.
-Beat it!
-Beat it!
Wanna whack?
A tight slap. Your ears will bleed.
Your ears will bleed...
-Is your slang all about whacking?
-Not really.
There's loads of love talk too.
Love talk?
How's the old grump?
Is he OK?
Don't call him that, Doctor.
He's my coach.
So who first called him Tom Cat?
And an old grump?
When we first met
you were pretty grumpy and mean.
But I am mean.
-That's not what I meant...
-It's OK.
-I am grumpy.
-Now I know you're not.
You're different.
-What am I?
-I'm different?
-Yes, different.
Different means, you know,
very different.
In what way am I different? Tell me.
It means... you're nice.
Very nice.
-Very nice.
Very nice.
Aziz... I want to tell you something.
...not now.
I want to become worthy of you first.
Who's stopping you?
This is Aziz Ali, the Champion!
I'm ready, Doctor.
The final is in five minutes.
Focus. All the best.
-The family doctor again?
-Your ears perk up fast.
-Are you a rabbit?
-I'm young, not stupid.
He'll talk to you later.
Now pray for him.
Nana sir, he gets his strength
from his girlfriend.
I'll give you a hard slap!
-Focus! Focus on your fight.
-I'm focused, sir.
She's announced to all Mumbai
that I'll be the new champ.
Prove her right. Do it for her,
if not for me. But do it. Go!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
The eyes of every boxing fan
are on this Sports Complex today.
The rising star of Indian boxing...
...Aziz Ali has arrived.
He's won four bouts by knocking out
his opponent.
But today is the real test
for the Storm.
12 to 1 odds on Ajju Bhai. 12rs for 1re,
1200 for 100, 12000 for 1000.
Ajju Bhai! Ajju Bhai!
Today is a test of fire for him...
...and for coach Nana Prabhu.
Don't forget. This isn't a boxing ring,
it's your home.
The Storm must beat the Rock!
The Defending National Champion,
Dharmesh Patil...
...will take on the underdog
Aziz Ali alias Toofaan.
Nana sir...
...your blessings.
Dharmesh is making his way to the ring.
Confidence is written all over his face.
Because Dharmesh has not lost
a single bout till now.
And Toofaan hasn't won
a single title till now.
Can Toofaan go down in boxing history
by beating the Rock?
Head up. No holding.
No hitting below the belt.
Listen to the referee count.
Shake hands.
Don't sweat. I won't kill you!
These fighters have won
every bout by knockout.
But today there's only one champ.
Who will it be?
The National Champion Dharmesh Patil?
Or Aziz Ali alias Toofaan?
My money's on Dharmesh Patil.
From the red corner is Dharmesh Patil,
the defending champion.
A gold medallist.
While his opponent has strength,
power and youthful vitality.
But Dharmesh is the champion.
The first blow is followed
by back-to-back punches.
Oh, my God! Toofaan is on his knees.
Dharmesh Patil is taunting Toofaan.
4... 5...
Come on, Aziz!
True fighters take the hit
and bounce back.
Aziz Ali is proving this right.
At last, we see sparks fly
from Toofaan's boxing gloves.
The Storm may not break,
but the wind has changed direction.
Dharmesh is raining punches on Toofaan,
sending him to the ropes.
Dharmesh is technically far superior.
He's a heavy hitter with experience
and knows how to attack.
Toofaan is on the defensive
and being pushed to the ropes.
This is no longer a boxing match.
This is personal!
It's going to get dirty,
it's going to get nasty.
Think before you strike.
Size up his game then attack.
When you're on his left,
attack him on the right.
His right side is weak.
He's an arrogant fighter and
his arrogance is showing today.
It won't be easy for Toofaan.
The audience is waiting for the Storm
to erupt like he has in the past.
The opening round belongs to the
defending champion Dharmesh Patil.
If Toofaan wants to stay in the match,
he must hit back in this round.
Right. Right. Right.
It's the first time
Toofaan has thrown a left hook.
He's attacking Dharmesh's
weaker right side.
It's clearly a strategy
to weaken Dharmesh.
That's known as
'smashing a brick with a rock!'
Don't sit. Stay on your feet.
He's tired. Let him do the sitting.
The man who stands till the end wins.
Don't glare at him. Smile.
Smiling will unnerve him.
He'll wonder what you're planning.
Dharmesh's ego is challenged
by Toofaan's punches.
A left jab lands on
the defending champion's eye.
This is a high intensity match!
In these last 30 seconds,
who'll leave this ring as champion?
Come on, Ajju!
Another blow to Dharmesh's ego.
The tables have turned.
He's going for it.
It's not one-man's fight anymore.
Knock him out!
1, 2...
He's done it. Aziz Ali has done it!
An unknown street fighter from Dongri...
...has become the State Champion.
Who could've guessed
he'd rewrite boxing history?
This is Aziz Ali alias Toofaan!
His coach Narayan Prabhu stands here.
See how happy they are.
This bout will go down in history.
You've given us a new Muhammad Ali.
He's unstoppable. Unstoppable!
He'll bring home an Olympic medal.
You'll see! He'll box for India.
This is what his trainer believes.
See how happy they are.
Aziz's rigorous training has paid off.
-Aziz Ali, cheers!
-Cheers, sir.
Kiddo, easy! Slow down!
Drink with style.
You're the State Champion now.
The Champion of Maharashtra.
Not only of Dongri or Nagpada
but all of Maharashtra.
So, patience!
Your phone.
Where does your girl live?
In your neighbourhood?
No, sir. She works there.
Is it serious?
Or are you just passing time?
Sir, it's very serious.
I mean I could even die for her.
Stop talking of dying.
Why sacrifice your life for her?
If you die, she'll cry for a few days...
...then she'll marry someone else.
She'll be fine.
Don't give her your life,
give her your love.
She must've prayed to your Allah
for your victory.
She's a Hindu, sir.
A Hindu?
She insisted I become a boxer.
I respect her a lot.
What are you doing?
Don't mess up.
A Hindu girl?
You respect her, don't you?
So bury the idea.
Stop seeing her
or else you will be in trouble.
But, sir... it's serious.
I love her.
-What does she do?
-She's a doctor, sir.
A medical doctor?
That's right, sir.
Damn! How did a fellow like you
end up with a doctor?
There's an SV Hospital in our area.
She works there.
You see... I had a head injury
so I went there for treatment.
She got mad at me and told me to get out.
We became friends later, sir.
We love each other.
We want to get married.
What's her name?
Ananya Prabhu?
Yes, sir. Do you know her?
Ananya Prabhu!
You motherfucker!
How dare you come near my family?
You conned my daughter.
Get out of here!
Sir, I didn't know...
You lowlife, out!
"You conned my daughter.
Get out!"
"You lowlife, out!"
Aziz Ali. I mean, the Champion!
I told the whole city about your win.
-Why didn't you tell me?
You're Nana sir's daughter.
What did Baba do?
He called me a lowlife.
He said I was a cheat.
He said I conned you. Tell me, did I?
Calm down. I wanted to tell you, Aziz.
-If I had, it would've ruined everything.
-It's ruined now.
-Aziz, please.
-Damn Aziz.
Aziz, please.
Baba, I saw Aziz.
You must apologise.
Are you crazy?
On TV you keep saying,
"He's my son... my boy..."
I must have lost my mind
trusting the likes of him.
He showed his true colours.
Trying to con my daughter!
He didn't con me. I love him.
Have you lost your mind?
Love! It's called 'Love Jihaad'.
Today he will marry you.
Then brings home three more wives.
Will you keep washing
his dirty clothes then?
Aziz isn't like that.
These people killed your mother
in the bomb blast.
And you'll marry him?
I prefer you eat crap.
What are you saying?
Aziz didn't plant the bomb.
Aziz or Akram.
They are all rotten to the core.
Your are just a bloody bigot.
I've made my decision.
So go. Get out!
"Be careful."
Squeeze lemon on it,
it'll taste even better.
Anwar made it with his own hands,
especially for you.
Munna. Ajju Bhai. Salaam.
You're a star now.
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
-Want some beer?
-No, thanks.
Keep him tied up!
Have some.
-Too spicy?
I'll order another. The fool's added
too many chillies.
Didn't I say no chillies?
We are your neighbours.
Is Ajju in?
No. He'll be back soon.
Can I help?
-Salaam, Uncle.
-Wa-alaikum salaam.
What's wrong, Aunty?
Why the procession?
Everyone's complaining.
You didn't invite anyone to your wedding.
We aren't married yet.
I get it.
But how to explain it to the others?
Explain what?
We'll invite you if there's a wedding.
Apply your henna then.
Why pester us
first thing in the morning?
Child, what's your name?
Ananya. Ananya Prabhu.
We'll rename you Amina or Amna.
-Do you like the name Amina?
Look, Ajju! If you live here,
you'll have to respect our customs.
How will she marry
according to Muslim tradition?
She must convert to Islam
and take the name Amina.
No! And no new name either.
Get the hell out!
Decent folk live here.
Go find another home.
Come this way, sir.
This is a first-class building.
The flat is on the third floor.
Please come.
Rent's 18,000-rupees a month.
50,000 deposit.
Look around.
It's fine.
The agreement must be in madam's name.
Another thing, please don't tell anyone
your name.
Why not?
Just say he's Arjun Prabhu.
What's the difference?
He's not changing his name.
This building is for Hindus.
Muslims are not allowed.
We don't want the flat.
Let's go, Aziz.
Madam, madam. Wait!
Found a house?
Stop harassing them.
Give them time.
You can keep a pet giraffe here.
No one will bother you.
-What's the deal?
-Munna said...
-Aslam, what's the deal?
Munna said Jaffar wanted me
to keep the flat for you.
800,000 deposit.
Monthly rent: 80,000.
It's a reasonable price.
I can't accept money from you.
Just enjoy!
Let's go. Thank you.
What's wrong?
Not like this.
Have tea before you go.
If you weren't so virtuous...
...I'd turn Dongri upside down
and get you the rent money...
...and throw it at his face.
Damn it!
Ajju Bhai!
That's your gifted hand.
She left everything for me.
Why the sad Tom Cat face?
Just focus on the Nationals.
My extortionist!
This is a girls' hostel.
I'm safe here.
Now go.
Go on!
Ajju, meet Mr Mallick.
I watched your last match, wow!
You're the favourite.
Thank you, sir.
If you win, you'll get a brass cup.
I won't earn much either.
The odds are in your favour.
No one gets rich.
But you can make big money
if you lose.
Lose and you'll be rolling in bank notes.
1.2 million. Half now, half later.
-He gets it.
What a brutal hit!
He got attacked hard there by Chaudhary.
He's staggering.
This is not the same Ali
that we saw in the last fight.
Wow! This is the most injured
we've ever seen Ali.
Fight. Go on!
Saved by the bell, Ashish.
He has the heart of a champion
and the will of a tiger.
But you know what? Chaudhary right now
has control of this fight.
"800,000 deposit.
Monthly rent: 80,000."
"She left everything for me."
Huge shot!
Sagar Chaudhary has landed a brutal shot.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this does not look good.
Toofaan is losing.
This is not the same man
who fought in the last match.
A three-punch combo and Toofaan is down.
What an uppercut landed by Chaudhary!
-Oh, my God, it's over.
The favourite Aziz Ali
has been knocked out.
The illegal betting allegations
against Ali have been proven right.
The Boxing Federation's decision
is right.
Aziz Ali has been banned for five years.
We pinned our hopes on the Storm
who has broken his fans' hearts.
Viewing the CCTV footage,
the Boxing Federation...
...has decided to ban him for five years.
The boxing ring is worshipped
and he has betrayed it.
Dishonouring the sport
is totally unacceptable.
When we heard of the ban, we tried
to speak to his coach Narayan Prabhu.
But he refused to talk.
Rotten to the core.
Where's Ananya?
I don't know.
Don't do this to me, Aunty.
So should I praise you?
You betrayed the sport that gave you...
...a good name and respectability.
You misused...
I had no choice, Aunty.
You deserve a hard slap.
No choice!
Please listen to me. Listen.
I don't want to listen to you
or see your face again.
But we needed the money, Ananya.
The money? I could've slept with
someone rich for money.
What nonsense!
That hurts, right?
I was furious too.
"Life makes you smile"
"Life makes you cry"
"Life sings you a lullaby"
"Life keeps you awake"
"It brings darkness"
"It brings light"
"It wounds you"
"And it heals you"
"Every moment brings a new moment"
"A new world, a new sky"
"Sometimes a soft breeze blows"
"Sometimes a storm rages"
"A storm rages"
"A fierce wind is blowing"
"Covering the day with night"
"A fierce wind is blowing"
"Flowers and leaves scatter"
"Astounded, people wonder..."
"...what will befall them next"
The match-fixing was my idea.
I told Ajju to go back to his old job.
Couldn't think of another solution.
He kept saying no.
Ajju is very honest. I made him agree
to the match-fixing.
He planned to win.
I made him lose.
He was beaten badly.
I couldn't bear it.
Please forgive him.
It's all my fault.
He'll die without you.
Don't I love you, Aziz?
We said we'd be together.
Yes, we did.
What did I ever ask of you?
What made you do it?
I thought I was your strength.
You made me your weakness.
-I got scared, Ananya.
-Scared! It's me who's scared.
Did I choose the right man?
Ananya, you chose an idiot.
To see me happy and living in comfort... sold yourself.
Why did you do it? Tell me.
I'll be finished if you leave me.
You're an idiot.
See if you like the place.
Or else I can get other tenants.
"O Ananya"
"O Ananya"
"You bring light to the world"
"You make daylight sparkle"
"With you by my side"
"All paths open to me"
"You are peace to me"
"You soothe my troubled heart"
"You bring fragrance to every moment"
"You drape the world in colour"
"You are the story
that dwells in my dreams"
"Unspoken, unheard"
"You, only you. You're all mine"
"With you by my side"
"Every moment is precious"
"What your eyes say..."
"...I can read without
the need for words"
"That's the way it is"
"Slowly I felt my heart awaken..."
"...with boundless love for you"
"Slowly feelings flooded me"
"I lost heart and life to you"
"You, only you. You're all mine"
-How's my Tuk-Tuk?
Nana would be over the moon
to see her.
Myra, you're meeting your grandpa today.
You're meeting him
for the first time!
He's just coming!
He'll open the door for us.
Myra is here!
Baba, it's me.
-My name?
-You should say your full name.
-Didn't you learn that at school?
-Shankar Sayaji Thakur.
Myself, Myra Sumati Aziz Ali.
Tuk-Tuk, who is it?
Shankar Sayaji Thakur.
A letter.
-The National Boxing Federation?
-Please sign here.
Tuk-Tuk, give this to your father.
It looks important. Go!
I'm in the shower.
Abbu, hurry, open the door.
-Give me a minute.
-It's very important.
What is it? Just one minute.
What's so important?
The National Boxing Federation.
What does it say?
It's nothing.
Only a circular.
But Granny said it was very important.
Is there anything more important
than my Tuk-Tuk?
Go, play.
Yes, brother?
Babban, we have a three-day booking
to Mahabaleshwar.
Take car number 2025.
They're a Gujarati family.
So stop at a vegetarian cafe.
Drive carefully.
OK, Brother.
Hello, Aunty.
Hello, Tuk-Tuk.
Mother's waiting for you.
Doctor, here comes a patient
at your service.
Dear Mr. Aziz Ali...
...this is to inform you that
the five-year ban now stands closed.
Please collect your licence from the...
Forget it!
Why do I need a boxing licence?
What do you mean?
-You'll start boxing again.
-That time has passed, Ananya.
No, it hasn't, Aziz.
Boxing is your life.
Not everyone gets a second chance.
You're talking as if the whole world
was waiting for this letter... Aziz Ali would box again.
Look at me, Aziz.
Look at me.
-Look at me.
-Just look at me, Ananya.
I'm older than the other boxers.
Overweight and slow.
How can I box again?
-So boxing is over?
-At least my time is.
What are you scared of?
How can I face everyone?
Why do you say that?
How long will you keep hiding?
Your honour is in your hands, Aziz.
Will you be the Aziz
hiding from the world?
Or will you be the Storm
that'll rise again?
There's also this Aziz...
who'll love you forever.
Time for boxing is over.
What will Aziz Ali do with the licence?
Hang it on the wall?
Sir, he'll start boxing again.
He has shamed the sport.
He has admitted his mistake, sir.
He served his five-year ban.
-Please, sir. Give him another chance.
-Sit outside. We'll see.
Please, sir.
Mrs Ali, you've waited five years...
...wait another ten minutes.
Thank you, sir.
Just a second, sir.
This is not a sales call!
I'm at work.
So am I. Everyone works.
But if you said:
'Darling Dr Ananya...
'I'm boxing right now.' I promise you
I wouldn't disturb you.
Everyone's staring at me.
Let them.
Start boxing again and the world
will stare at you. Me too.
'My sweet victory!'
"The sweet smell of victory
makes us all wanna dance"
Where are you?
At the Boxing Federation, Mr Aziz Ali.
I'll have your licence
in five minutes.
You're too much, Ananya.
"You're too much, Ananya."
Forget it.
"Forget it."
-Okay, we will talk in the evening.
-"Okay, we will talk in the evening."
'Sweet victory!'
Run! The bridge is falling down.
'A tragic accident has destroyed
Mumbai's Matunga-Dadar footbridge.'
Sir, sir! Inspector Deshmukh...
-Your name?
-Aziz Ali.
Follow me.
Who'd ever think of writing
a number on her forehead?
"Without you by my side"
"Life has nothing to offer me"
"My tears have frozen"
"My eyes have glazed over"
"My faltering breath leaves me..."
"...quietly whispering..."
"'ll always be in my heart"
"I burn in the flames
of the funeral pyre"
"Losing you is losing all of me"
"My life is without meaning now"
My child, go to sleep.
May you know eternal peace.
My child, go to sleep.
Does Ma come to you
in your dreams?
She comes in mine.
Ma said I must look after you.
Is that what she said?
Go to sleep.
You sleep too.
'Will you be the Aziz Ali
hiding from the world?
'Or will you be the Storm
that'll rise again?'
You know how stubborn she was.
If she decided something -
that was it.
I told her I was done with boxing.
But she insisted on getting my licence.
Aziz, come inside.
Nana, join us.
Will you return to the ring?
I have no choice, Bala uncle.
Ananya asked me how long would I
keep hiding.
She said my honour was in my hands.
She was right.
Nana sir, how can I do it alone?
I've given up boxing.
Nana, listen to me.
Give me time.
"Hail the Lord.
Hail the auspicious Lord"
"Our wishes come true
as we behold You"
"Hail the Lord!"
"Hail the Lord.
Hail the auspicious Lord"
"Our wishes come true
as we behold You"
"Hail the Lord!"
May I? A teeka? Bend down.
Aziz Ali!
Hey, Fatso!
Get down, son.
Sir, give me a chance.
You sold us out.
What would you do in my shoes?
Ban me forever.
But the Federation gave me
another chance.
-Step down.
-Mr Sarwarkar.
Aziz, the State Championship
is 3 months away.
How will you do it?
You're out of shape.
I'll do it, sir.
Then do it.
"Memories like lava
rush through my veins"
"Are they happy? Are they sad?"
"Who knows"
"To make the impossible possible"
"That's my aim"
"This is the test of a lifetime"
"That heartache hidden
in your heart"
"Make it your greatest strength"
"Walls will block you,
troubles will plague you"
"Make them vanish with one blow"
"Toofaan! Smash the mountain"
"Toofaan! Turn the tide"
"Corner the sun!"
"With lightning in your hands"
"A hurricane at your command"
"Where are you heading?"
"Your passion will carry you"
"I'll make my promise come true"
"The promise you promised yourself"
"Ignore the world and the sky
if they turn against you"
"Show them your true strength"
"Toofaan! Smash the mountain!"
"Turn the tide"
"Corner the sun"
"With lightning in your hands"
"A hurricane at your command"
"Where are you heading?"
"A fire is burning in my heart
once again"
"The blood rushes through my veins
once again"
"This obsession drives me
once again"
"The storm that was lulled..."
" raging once again"
"Smash the mountain!"
"Turn the tide"
"Corner the sun"
"With lightning in your hands"
"A hurricane at your command"
"Where are you heading?"
How's my Tuk-Tuk?
The Nationals will take place in Delhi.
Ananya would've been so happy.
Abbu, why do you want to box?
Without boxing,
I would not have met your mama.
Without your mama,
there would be no you!
Then it's good!
Tomorrow your father goes to Delhi. OK?
To become the champion?
Mummy will make you a champion!
Welcome India to the 69th Elite Men's
National Boxing Championship, 2020.
This year is the year...
...when we will find a new champion.
Get ready for the first match!
Defending Champion Prithvi Singh
will fight Delhi's Dharampal Tokas.
Prithvi is on dream form.
Tokas is in blue
and Prithvi in red.
The boxers are trying
to size up one another.
A flurry of punches rain down.
Tokas still seems to be
on the back foot.
Great defending! He hits back,
punch after punch.
Dharampal is knocked out
in the first round.
Looks like Tokas is out cold.
He isn't moving.
Prithvi is a tough boxer.
He always wins.
He also believes in demolishing
his opponent.
Light heavyweight boxers like you
have tough rivals in your category.
Prithvi is a sharp player.
He has won medals at the Commonwealth
and Asian Games.
He's knocked out every rival
in the last 40 bouts.
'This is Aziz Ali alias Toofaan!'
I hear Dharampal Tokas is in a coma.
What's wrong? No 'teeka' for me
this time?
Does this place look like a temple?
Wow! I think you need a dessert.
Do they have vanilla ice cream
and carrot halwa?
Vanilla ice cream without
carrot halwa is not allowed.
-Carrot halwa without vanilla ice cream?
-Not allowed.
Not a chance.
Are you a Tom Cat?
Want ice cream?
With carrot halwa?
-Do you have his phone number?
-Whose number?
You know? The match-fixer
who earns us money.
The odds are low in amateur boxing.
I don't have his number.
Let me know if you find it.
I'm broke.
I want to buy a flat in Delhi.
'This isn't just a boxing ring.
'Your home now.
'It's your home from now on.'
"Darkness falls. The roads are deserted"
"Silence has spread its arms out wide"
"As the moments pass, the heart sinks"
"As I seek the journey's end"
"As the moments pass,
the heart sinks"
"Fleeting is this world"
"The Storm is coming!"
"The arrow is set to fly
from the bow"
"The Storm is coming!"
"Fleeting is this world"
"The Storm is coming!"
"The arrow is set to fly
from the bow"
"The Storm is coming!"
Tom Cat?
His name is Nana.
You must always say your full name.
Nana Prabhu.
Myself, Myra Sumati Aziz Ali.
Come in.
-Why did you bring her here?
-It's her home too.
Do you paint?
-Do you paint?
-No, no. My daughter used to.
Where is she?
Come, sit here.
-Abbu's match is about to start.
-Oh, yes! Aziz's semi-finals.
No, don't touch the remote.
The match is on!
-Get ready for the semi-finals!
-So you did plan to watch!
Today's winner will challenge
Prithvi Singh in the Finals.
Haryana's Jagdish Thakur
is in the red corner.
And Maharashtra's Aziz Ali
is in the blue corner.
Aziz Ali alias Toofaan made a splash
six years ago.
We thought he might create a storm
at the Nationals.
But he was banned for five years.
The semi-finals have started!
Both boxers have done brilliantly
in the tournament.
Great defending! He's on the ropes.
He knows how to keep those
left hooks flying
Now that's a punch!
Cornered on the ropes.
The referee is separating them.
Aziz Ali is on the back foot. We know
he hasn't boxed for some years.
But I'm sure he'll make
a terrific comeback.
Aziz delivers a flurry
of punches.
He looks more confident
than he did in the first round.
Jagdish is defending well.
That's below the belt!
Jagdish has Aziz in a clinch.
No holding.
He's holding onto me.
The referee has given Aziz Ali
a warning.
-Was that fair?
-You won't understand.
-That's boxing for you.
That's a strange call!
It was Jagdish's fault.
There goes the bell. Round two.
Ali seems annoyed with the referee.
What do you think?
The referee's decisions
are most surprising.
Aziz Ali keeps protesting but the match
isn't being stopped.
Most important of all,
despite the unfair decisions...
...Aziz Ali's confidence seems sky high.
Punch after punch.
There's a hook!
There's no stopping Aziz.
Jagdish Thakur has had it now.
Stop! Below the belt.
-That's a body shot.
-Another shocking decision!
That was a low blow.
Hitting below the belt
is not allowed.
It's Jagdish who's been delivering shots
below the belt.
That's too low.
He's hitting way below the belt.
Why isn't the referee warning him?
It's shocking. The referee
and the judge are not objecting.
-Well done, Aziz.
-The end of round three.
We must wait for the judges' decision.
Who will they decide is the winner
of this match?
According to me...
...Toofaan's moves were terrific
in rounds two and three.
Based on points, Aziz Ali
is bound to win the game.
He looks very confident.
Now for the decision.
A shocking decision! Dharmesh
has raised the red flag.
Aziz Ali's comeback ends here.
This decision is astounding.
Why was it made?
Aziz Ali alias Toofaan's dream of
winning the National Championship...
...and restoring his honour
and name ends here.
Was it a bad decision?
Or just Aziz Ali's bad luck?
But his journey ends here.
When will Abbu become
the champion?
He will, he will, child.
Can I come in?
Nana sir?
What a pleasant surprise!
Please come.
I heard about the Finals.
I had to come and see you.
Prithvi vs Thakur!
100%, sir. Can't get any better.
That calls for a Scotch!
-You have a big place here.
-Government accommodation.
You haven't been around
the circuit much.
It's been a long time.
Your Aziz Ali fought well.
But boxing is boxing.
I came here to thank you
because he lost.
-No need, sir.
-No, really!
Thakur is a better boxer.
You know that.
Aziz Ali came to see me.
He asked me to train him.
Came to see you?
Despite what happened?
He's a Muslim. He has no shame.
A stain on our sport.
He is the one who tarnished
your reputation.
That lowlife is just a fixer.
I didn't intend to spare him.
Thakur was afraid of him.
But I set the referee up.
Turned the match around.
The referee played along?
Remember how Aziz fought?
He tried to attack,
but the referee stopped him.
When Thakur got tired,
the referee gave him a break.
Thakur kept scoring points.
Aziz was inside the ring
and I scored outside.
Then your final blow!
He was whimpering like a dog.
Thakur's punches in the last ten seconds
were just terrific.
The Finals will be top class this year.
He tried to attack,
but the referee stopped him.
When Thakur got tired,
the referee gave him a break.
Thakur kept scoring points.
Aziz was inside the ring
while I scored outside.
Mr. Dharmesh Patil, disciplinary action
will be taken against you.
You have dishonoured the Federation
and the sport itself.
You have brought shame on our Federation.
Where are you going?
No Finals?
You will fight.
They cheated.
They've been suspended.
The Finals are Prithvi Singh
vs. Toofaan.
What are you doing?
I thought I'd settle all my affairs
and join Ananya.
Forgive me.
What did you think?
You could win without me?
Stay close to me today, Ananya.
What a dramatic turn of events!
Here's the moment we've all waited for.
Will Prithvi retain his title?
Or will we have a new champion?
Prithvi Singh has won gold medals
at the Commonwealth and Asian Games.
This is the third time
he's reached the National Finals.
He's India's hope at the Olympics.
Prithvi is the biggest star in boxing.
Prithvi! Prithvi!
Aziz Ali returns to the ring
after five years... be challenged by Prithvi.
Competing in the National Finals
is a dream come true.
But fighting against Prithvi
can shatter that dream.
No one has reached the second round
against this tiger.
40 bouts! 40 knockouts!
They say not only boxers fear Prithvi
but even punching bags do!
Now to witness
another classic Prithvi knockout.
Boxers, keep your heads up.
No back-head blows. No open blows.
Shake hands.
You won't get rich if you lose today.
In the red corner
is Maharashtra's Aziz Ali.
In the blue corner
is Railways' Prithvi Singh.
Round one!
The first round of the Finals.
Prithvi Singh is on the offensive.
Superb attack.
What punches!
Aziz is unsteady on his feet.
Can't make his presence felt.
He's getting totally hammered.
Punch after punch.
It's not easy to duck away
from Prithvi's blows.
Aziz Ali is trying to fight back.
Now they're in a clinch.
No stopping those punches.
The referee has pulled them apart.
Prithvi has wholly dominated
the first round.
It looks like Aziz Ali was saved
by the bell.
Up against Prithvi's speed and power...
...Aziz Ali seems defenceless.
He's managed to make it
to the second round... let's see how long
he'll last.
What are you doing?
Don't play his game.
Stick to your plan.
Second round!
Aziz Ali is the first boxer
who's survived a round against Prithvi.
Prithvi is back on the attack
from the get-go.
The referee has pulled them apart.
Prithvi is raining blows
and scoring points.
Looks like Aziz is fighting back.
Aziz Ali must fight back
if he wants to win this match.
A left hook hits Aziz Ali
smack in the face.
Aziz Ali is down.
-Get up!
A true champ never gives up.
Aziz Ali is back on his feet.
You OK?
He must attack with force.
Dive away from all the blows
flying at him.
If his coach, Narayan Prabhu,
wants Aziz Ali to live...
...he must stop this bout now.
Prithvi is confident,
full of energy with an unstoppable drive.
Aziz Ali knows he's headed for defeat.
He's fighting for the medal.
We're fighting for Ananya.
The final round!
The third and final round!
Aziz Ali has a chance to attack.
His body language has changed.
He looks more confident.
Looks like he's saved up
all his energy for the final round.
What a punch!
The tables have turned.
Now that's a comeback!
For the first time ever,
Prithvi is in defence mode.
Go, Abbu!
Aziz Ali is dancing around the ring,
trying to tire Prithvi.
If Prithvi is known as Mike Tyson,
Aziz Ali reminds us of Muhammad Ali.
Knock him out!
A spectacular comeback!
It's never happened before
nor will it happen again.
Who'd imagine an Asian
and Commonwealth Games gold medallist...
...could ever be defeated?
Aziz Ali wins the title!
His eyes are filled with tears of joy.
These tears celebrate a dream come true.
How long has he dreamt of his comeback?
He's lived in obscurity for 5 years.
Can anyone overcome that?
Aziz Ali has made
the impossible possible.
He's erased a dark time in his life
with a truly noble win.
Perhaps true champions never lose.
He reminds us of Muhammad Ali.
Aziz Ali has endeared himself
to the world.
Now everyone has only one name
on their lips:
Toofaan! Toofaan!
Toofaan! Toofaan!
Toofaan! Toofaan!
Toofaan! Toofaan!
"You went out for fresh air"
"Now look who the wind blew in"
"Made from Mumbai's dirt and dust"
"Made from blood and obsession"
"Made from toil and sweat"
"Made from an aim in life"
"Made from fame and honesty"
"Look what I've got for you"
"Look what I've got for you"
"I brought you a raging storm"
"An unstoppable storm"
"A solid storm"
"A tireless storm"
"Peace gone, rebellion on"
"Who knew, now they do"
"Knowing fake from real"
"Honesty is not for sale"
"The silent streets are alive now"
"Winning and living are easy now"
"I made my name without
an ID card"
"The gentle breeze has turned
into a storm"
"An unstoppable storm"
"A solid storm"
"A tireless storm"
"Here comes the storm!"
"Stay safe in your home"
"If it's hot you'll get burnt"
"The weak lose the game,
blown away like a sand grain"
"Bullies and thugs have gone home"
"Broken bones, mend all ties"
"We ignore the snobs,
we punch the mobs"
"Every day is a fight day"
"I'm a star in the dark night"
"Crossing the seas, breaking shackles"
"We pity those who don't see us"
"Walk on with pride,
leave yesterday behind"
"Find your way to your journey's end"
"An unstoppable storm"
"A solid storm"
"A tireless storm"
"Here comes the storm!"
"The busy streets are silent now"
"Winning and living are easy now"
"Make your name without an ID card"
"The gentle breeze is now a storm"
"When life gives you a chance,
do you go up? Or down?"
"Swing a punch. Flatten him"
"Lure him, punch him"
"Punch him,
sitting or lying"
"He dies, send his grave flying"
"Don't spare him. Don't wait"
"Grab his neck, erase his fate"
"Crush the gutter insect today"
"I punch, you dive away"
"No talking! Only blows!"
"The uppercut downs the elephant"
"I'm a prize fighter,
you're an ignorant"
"I blink, you're saved
by the bell"
"One blow, 25 kiss the door
to hell"
"Don't take me lightly,
watch your tail bone"
"Here comes a mountain,
no rock, no stone"
"The storm erupts,
you're in danger zone"
"Knock him out cold!"
"He takes a dive"
"Out for the count"
"Headbutt, uppercut"
"Swing your torso!"
"No phoney praise on my shiny page"
"Save your limbs for your old age"
"The wild know jungle rules"
"Save that finger, silly fools"
"I came to win, not to lose"
"Came to hit, not to sit"
"Came to tear, not to sew"
"Came to fight, not to let go"
"Power punches, peace gone"
"Bury you in the fight"
"Enemies fear my might"
"To know God, know yourself"
"Keep them coming,
I'll tear them apart"
"Keep hiding,
don't act smart"
"Keep peace or take it
on the chin"
"One blow will make
your head spin"
"Knock him out!"
"He takes a dive"
"Let your hook fly"
"Back to the ropes"
"Fix him in one"
"He takes a dive"
"Out for the count"
"Head-butt, uppercut"
"Out for the count"
"Head-butt, uppercut"
"Knock him out!"
"Out for the count"
"Head-butt, uppercut"
"Swing your torso!"