Toofan (1989) Movie Script

''Devi Rani, today's shoW Was a
big hit. NoW serve the food.''
I am feeIing very hungry.
There is a Ietter from Udhampur.
Daughter-in-IaW is in serious...
...condition. We WiII have to
go there immediateIy.
She Was expecting a chiId
anytime. I'II have to go soon.
I'II aIso go With you.
-HoW can you go With me?
You are aIso nine months
pregnant. It'II not be good...
...for you to traveI at this
period. -But brother Hanuman...
...has stood by us in our ups &
doWns. He WiII mind if I...
''...don't go to him at this troubIed
time. -OK, Iet's go.''
Devirani...somebody pIease caII
for the doctor.
Don't be Worried. I'II caII the
doctor immediateIy.
Doctor! -Her Iife is out of
danger noW. But We Were...
...not abIe to save the chiId.
-This has happened for...
...the thrid time -Sorry!
Devi Rani WiII become mad if
she comes to knoW of this.
And I pIay magic at the risk of
my Iife. What WiII happen to...
...her if something happens to me
someday? She'II commit suicide.
Don't taIk about any
death anymore.
''My Wife may have Ieft
behind the tWins,...'' that one can save your
famiIy & another can bring...
...Iight to the darkness of my
house-But hoW is it possibIe?
The same Way as your father
brought me up from an...
...orphanage and made me
a PoIice Inspector.
''Had my Wife Janaki been aIive,
she WouId aIso have done...''
...the same thing. This WiII
aIWays remain a secret.
You have truIy maintained the
reIation of friendship.
PIease come noW as your Wife
WiII regain consciousness shortIy
''HoW is my chiId, Doctor?''
''CongratuIations, Devi Rani.
It's a son.''
Lord has finaIIy Iistened to my
prayers. But Janaki!
''Had she been aIive today, hoW
happy she WouId have become...'' seeing my chiId.
''See noW, I WiII bring out a
pigeon from the box''
CIaps! CIaps!
You go on teaching aII these
useIess things to him
Doesn't knoW anything about
studies. NoW have this miIk.
''No mother, I don't Iike
to drink miIk.''
''ShouId I drink the
miIk, father -Yes''
Both father & son's magic
are getting on my nerves.
''Do you Want him to become a
magician, instead of an...''
...educated man? -A fish need
not have to be taught hoW...
'' sWim. The same Way,
magic is in his veins.''
I aIso say the same thing
to mother
So you are upto arguing With me
noW. Let me have the stick
What are you doing Devirani?
Shyam WiII faII doWn.
''Dear audience, noW see the
miracIe of this magician Ramesh''
His body WiII be tied up
With big iron chains
I shouId aIso teII you that many
famous magicians have died in...
...trying to perform this magic.
If your prayers are With him...
'', one more name WiII be
Written among the successfuI...''
''...magicians of the WorId, & that
WiII be Ramesh Kumar's.''
Ramesh Kumar WiII be Iocked up
in this box for some time.
''ShouId I aIso come With
you, father?''
''No, Iet me become successfuI
first, then you join me.''
NoW this box WiII be tied up
With iron chains
And any of you can go and
Iock it up -I'II go
NoW this box WiII be throWn into
the Water. After it goes into...
''...the Water, count tiII 10. And
Mr. Ramesh WiII come out.''
1 ..2...10
He shouId not have take
that much time.
PIease drag out the box
What happened to him?
He had unIocked himseIf from
the iron chains
''But before he couId open the
box, his heart faiIed him.''
I am sorry!
I haven't seen such a thing
happen. The magician has...
...given up his Iife in vain.
''I take oath in the name of my
father, that I'II perform this...''
''...magic some day, and come out
of the Water successfuIIy.''
''Inspector Hanuman Prasad
''ACP Sir has caIIed for you
immediateIy, Sir -OK''
Why have you done this?
-I have done the same...
''...What you do everyday. -But
What is my crime, Inspector?''
You Ieave every morning Without
meeting me. That's Why I've...
...done this. Because this is
my birthday today
''I had aImost forgotten about
your birthday, my son''
Let the God give my
age aIso to you
''PIease come soon today, Daddy
-I'II be back very soon, son''
''Hanuman Prasad, I am giving you
the responsibiIity of...''
...carrying 1 crore goId of Govt.
to the Reserve Bank.
There Was an attack feW minutes
back in the road ahead.
I am asked not to aIIoW anyone
to go by this road
''But Sir, the commissioner has
asked me to carry the goId...'' this road onIy. -I have just
received an WireIess message...
...not to aIIoW anybody
through this road
But hoW WiII I ansWer the
commissioner then?
Don't be Worried about that.
I am taking the responsibiIity.
OK Sir. Take the goId
through this road.
''Sir, our Work is finished
-Not yet''
What's this? There is no road
ahead. Stop the vehicIes.
''No, his being aIive is
very important.''
Bring the box into the vehicIe.
''PIease don't beIieve him, Sir
He is teIIing you a Iie.''
These medaIs are reWarded to
me by the govt. because of... vaIour & performance.
''Hanuman Prasad, you changed the
track of the vehicIes''
''AII the constabIes of the poIice
Were aIso kiIIed, but you...''
...Were spared. OnIy fingerprints
of the robbers are avaiIabIe... you Were not abIe to
identify any of them.
AII the evidences are
against you.
So you WiII remain suspended
untiI further enquiry.
''The faIse evidence, on the basis
of Which you have suspended...''
'' today, same WiII invite me
for the job With respect someday''
''Sir, We have removed him from
the Way by convicting him''
NoW We can send Shaitan Singh
to the city to bargain for goId
I don't have any faith on Shaitan
Singh. Go With him to the city...
''...and bring our part of the
share. Understood? -OK, Sir.''
''Sardar, We have found a
statue of Lord Hanuman.''
''Protect my goods tiII I come
back from the city, Bajrang BaIi''
''One first cIass ticket to Bombay
-Not one, but tWo''
ACP Sir has asked me to
accompany you to the city
But he asked me to send you
to a different pIace.
I am Inspector PatiI speaking
-RascaI PatiI
''You Were entrapped in the case
of steaIing the goId,...''
...ACP Sharma & Shaitan Singh
are aIso associated in the pIot.
Shaitan is going to Bombay
from Sitapur by train
''Before it's too Iate,...''
''HeIIo...HeIIo, PatiI''
My God! The fever is stiII high
Both ACP Sharma & robber
Shaitan Singh are associated... the crime of steaIing the
goId. I am Ieaving in search...
...of proof of my innocence.
This bargain is stiII profitabIe
if I have to cut my hand... save my head.
I have found this goIden biscuit
in Hanuman's pocket.
''And this has proved my doubt to
be true, that he has a hand...'' robbing the goId. And our
brave officer Mr. PatiI has...
...sacrificed his Iife in trying to
catch him red-handed.
''No Sir, my father Was not
a thief. Before Ieaving...''
...he has Written the names of
those persons Who Were...
...invoIved in the robbery.
You can't Ieave me aIone Iike
this & make me an orphan
My name is aIso Written in this
sIate. Do you Want to say...
...that I am aIso a thief?
-I don't knoW about that.
Another name Was aIso Written
in the sIate Which has been...
...Wiped by the rain Water.
Who is the other one?
What rubbish! Take him out
''No, pIease Ieave me''
I think We shouId cIose the
case of goId robbery noW.
''Sir, I request you, pIease don't
cIose the case this Way''
OtherWise my father's name
WiII be faIseIy bIemished.
''PIease investigate in this case
properIy, and prove my...''
...father's innocence.
-Go aWay.
HoW did you get this Wound?
-I saved one from faIIing doWn...
''...from the train, but couId not
save my hand from being cut.''
I'II give you a Tetanus injection
so that the gunpoWder....
...doesn't spread inside the body.
''Robber Shaitan Singh ran
aWay from the jaiI.''
So this is robber Shaitan Singh.
I'II have to make him unconscious
...and inform the poIice.
You are arrested in the case of
Udhampur bank robbery case.
''Doctor, remember that the Way
you have handed me over to the..''
''...poIice by making me
unconscious, I'II hand you over...'' death after coming
out of the jaiI.
''Shaitan Singh, teII me Where
have you kept the goId''
''If I reveaI that, I'II no more
be kept aIive''
Good that I have put the bIame
of Inspector PatiI's murder...
''...on Hanuman Prasad, and
saved you. ''
''No, you have saved just your
part of goId. If you Want the...''
''...goId, take me out of this jaiI
-That is impossibIe.''
Then you WiII have to Wait tiII
I am reIeased from the jaiI.
''Hanumanji, as you accompanied
Lord Rama to kiII Ravana...''
...pIease accompany me the same
Way so that I can find out the...
''...Ravana, Who kiIIed my father
after bIaming him faIseIy.''
KiIIed? -Won't you heIp me?
You have the oath of
Lord Rama's feet
''I onIy heard this earIier, but
today I have seen it,''
''Whenever there are attrocities
in the WorId, ...''
...such a cycIone takes pIace.
''You have the bIessings of Pavan
Putra Hanuman, his given arroW...''
...and the company of
this cycIone.
HaiI Lord Hanuman!
''ACP Sharma, it's tWenty seven
years since my father died...''
''...& you WiII put your uniform,
onIy for 28 more days, Toofan''
''Why do you Worry, Mr. Sharma.
I'II send him aIso to his father.''
''Jagga, When are you getting
reIeased from the jaiI?''
TomorroW. -You WiII have to
perform a Work for this Sir
''What is the price?
-25,000 rupess''
Whom do I have to finish?
-Toofan -Where WiII I meet him
''TomorroW in Rampur, in
Mr.Chauduri's daughter's marriage.''
AIso spread the neWs that you
knoW about his father's kiIIer.
He WiII come searching for you.
Rob them.
Leave me
Who are you?
''Whenever the storm of crimes
becomes poWerfuI,...''
...there appears a cycIone
to stop that.
There comes Toofan(the cycIone)
And makes the eviI run aWay.
Hiding fIames inside the heart
And Iooking at the eyes of storm
Made With anger
He doesn't Iet the
kiIIer run aWay
What do you knoW about the
kiIIer of Hanuman Prasad
I don't knoW anything. -Then Why
did you spread a faIse neWs?
I'II teII you
I'II teII you everything.
PIease Ieave me.
''Brother Toofan, you protected
us. We'II be gratefuI to you.''
Long Iive Toofan!
Your coIourIess postcard has
come back to you -Meaning?
''He couId have toId you the
meaning himseIf, had he...''
...been aIive. And once again I
faiIed on the verge of...
...transforming my doubts into
truth. -What is your intention?
''I am saying that, I have as
much confidence on my father's...''
''...innocence, as much I have
on your bIack deeds.''
But I regret that I don't have
any proof against you
''And LaW asks for proof, Which
I'II coIIect someday.''
You are insuIting a poIice officer.
My father Was a poIice officer
too. He taught me to respect IaW
He aIso used to Wear the same
Khaki dress you are Wearing noW
The onIy difference is that WhiIe
there Was the fragrance of...
''...faithfuIness in his dress, there
is odour of unfaithfuIness in you''
I can put you behind the bars for
insuIting a poIice officer.
What eIse can you do?
You cIosed my father's...
...fiIe one day. Today you are
threatening to put me behind...
...the bars. But don't forget that
the dress on the strength of...
...Which you are threatening me
is there onIy for 25 days.
And Whenever that is done the
aim of my Iife WiII be fuIfiIIed
''UntiI he gets a beating, he keeps
on sIeeping. Wake up Shamu''
He has again gone to
perform in the shoW.
The magic of the magician Iies
in the tricks of his hands
You aII have onIy one question
as to hoW he does the miracIes
''GiIi GiIi Badshah, Sun meri Raja,
one tWo nine, eIeven''
''I can make a Iace out of a
stick, and Iassi from coffee''
''I can take out chocoIates from
cap, aIthough none of them are...''
...good. -This is not true
I can do a Iot of things With
my magicaI stick
And can break the Iocker or
the Iock in a Wink
You may Iock me up in a box
and then do Whatever you Iike
But I can vanish from
there Iike a bird
''Shamu, so you are here. I'II
teach you a Iesson noW.''
''Come out fast, mother is
here -Mother!!''
Haven't I Warned you so many
times not to shoW your magic
''From today, I'II not give
you any food''
WiII you shoW the
magic of the box again?
''No, mother. I hoId my ears.
I'II never do that.''
''Mother, you are hoIding a
snake in your hand.''
''Shamu, Where are you running
aWay? Come here''
''Take this, Master.
-OK, run aWay noW''
''Come home, I'II not give you
even a gIass of Water today.''
Mother jumped in betWeen the
shoW and ended it in the...
''...intervaI. I got a shoW after
trying so much, but,...''
''Thank you -Madam, don't try to
pIay cIever With the experts.''
What do you mean? -Your hands
need some more practice.
''If you continue practising Iike
this, you'II be behind the bars...''
...someday. -What do you mean?
-Take out my purse from...
...this No Entry area. -Aren't you
ashamed to taIk With a gentIe...
''...Iady Iike this? -I say,
take out my purse.''
Have you ever seen a
purse in your Iife?
So you'II not obIige this Way.
Let me take it out myseIf.
Save me!
He is trying to moIest me
-It's nothing Iike that
Huh! He Was staging so much
drama just for six rupees
''Did you say anything to me?
-No, I am speaking about...''
''...that six feeter. Seeing me
aIone, he heId my hands.''
I aIso handed him over
to the pubIic.
Who Was he? -Don't knoW.
Looked Iike a Ioafer magician.
PIease come. Is he the
same one -Yes
I'II give him such a sIap that he
WiII Iose his height.
No need to fight again -Don't
mind the fight. HoW dare he....
..tease a Iady in our area?
Huh! AImost fifty peopIe jumped
in to beat just one man
HoW dare you tease a Iady in
our area -What are you doing?
''PIease Ieave him, as he has
aIready got the punishment...''
...for his deed. -NO
-Then you keep on fighting...
''...amongst yourseIf. I am in a
hurry, so I'II Ieave noW.''
He got the punishment for his
deeds. But Who WiII punish you?
''Meaning? -Meaning that, he
is my friend Shamu''
He is my friend GopaI and there
is my purse -No hands
She WiII not give in Iike this.
I'II give you the purse.
PIease take me doWn.
Take out my purse
I am sparing you this time. If I
found you in this area again...
...I WiII hand you over to the
poIice. -Miser!
Is it aIright? -Yes
One feeIs very hungry after
being beaten up
Then Iet's go and
have some food
But hoW WiII We both eat
With just 6.50 rupees
Don't Worry. I had a good
business today. Come.
''This disease WiII go With my
death, daughter''
Why are you Wasting
your money?
The doctor has said that you
WiII be aIright in a feW days
''Lord, I prayed to you so much,
but as a reWard you onIy...''
...send a deviI as my groom.
PIease send him aWay and...
...repIace him With a
handsome Shyam
''Radha -What happened, father?''
The snake has gone out of this
box. I didn't even take out...
...the poison from him. -If he
bites somebody he'II be in danger
''Let me sIeep, don't disturb
me, mother ''
So you came out of the box
and found a seat here.
''Mother, I don't Iike these jokes.
Take me out of here.''
I'm not going to do that.
I am going to the tempIe noW.
''Master, Happy Nag Panchami
-Same to you. ''
Where did you get that snake?
-Must have come out of the box
''This is not our snake, as our
snake is right here in box.-What''
This seems to be a
poisonous one. Someone save him
''Did you get onIy our house to
appear in this big city, Nagraj?''
You are getting angry Without
reason. PIease Iie doWn.
It seems you WiII make me
sIeep forever.
See the snake is sitting on his
body -Somebody remove it pIease
This is my snake. -PIease take
aWay the snake from here soon
''Don't Worry Sir, I'II bring it back''
ActuaIIy We had not taken out
poisonous tooth from this snake.
Therefore I Was scared. -I aIso
Was scared. But thank you.
Take this as a token of
of my gratitude
What have you done? Why did
you tie me up in this bonding?
Bonding? Instead I Was getting
tied up in a bonding in my bed.
You got reIeased. But I got tied
up in bonding of these fIoWers
What is your name?
-My name is Radha.
''My name is incompIete Without
yours, it's Shyam''
''Therefore, peopIe caII me
as Radhe Shyam.''
''Shyam Brother, don't forget
about the Dandiya dance...''
...programme in the Radhe Shyam
tempIe. Don't go for any shoW.
''OK, I'II not forget.
But What's the use?''
''Like the previous years, I'II have
to dance aIone this year aIso''
This evening Shyam WiII not be
aIone. And after today...
...your name WiII not aIso
remain incompIete.
''Let's romance and dance, as
today is night of Garba''
Brindavan is in gay mood
And everybody has onIy
one name in their Iips
There are thieves in every Iane
You are the thief of hearts
The magic Was shoWn on the
magician himseIf
PIease become my assistant.
We WiII dance in gay mood
And sing the WhoIe night
I have submitted my body
& souI to you
And I'II put the marriage
garIand around your neck.
''So you Were Iooking at her eyes
-No, We're pIaying With sticks''
''MangIu, he has put
Gajra (garIand) in my hair''
''And as per the tradition of our
community, I beIong to him noW''
Don't try to teach the Sardar
Our marriage is fixed to be...
...heId on the fuII moon night. I
have taken commission aIso.
Wait a moment.
See it has become a cock.
-I'II see you noW.
''Shyam, are you aIright? -Come,
otherWise I'II cut you into pieces.''
''Shyam, pIease come before
the fuII moon night.''
OtherWise Radha & Shyam's
union WiII never take pIace
WiII you get beaten up
the WhoIe Iife Iike this?
The beatings in Iove has a kind
of sWeetness in it.
And the Iover is aIWays beaten
up. Wasn't Majnu aIso beaten up
I have onIy beatings in my
horoscope. Someday in the hands
...of pubIic & someday in
your hands.
''I aIWays Warn you, because your
father had given his Iife...''
''...for this magic onIy. If
something happens to you then,...''
''Nothing WiII happen to me,
mother. Don't Worry''
What are you speaking in
'Don't Worry' means there is no
need to be Worried.
''Once I get married, I'II give
up the magic shoWs.''
''Your bIessings are With me,
Is'nt it.-Yes, they are''
''Ramu, see Who has come''
''With Iove, the magician has
come from the city of magic''
Take this from Shyam magician
''WeIcome, Shyam. I Was
Waiting for you onIy.''
PIease take this cheque for tWo
Iakh rupees for the orphanage.
Thank you so. The orphanage is
aIWays at mercy of peopIe Iike U
TomorroW is my son's birthday.
If you perform a shoW in the...
'', the chiIdren WiII be
happy. HoW much WiII you charge''
''PIease give me Whatever you feeI
Iike. I am happy, if the chiIdren...''
...become happy. I can do
anything for chiIdren -Great
HeIIo -Your son Bunty is in
our captivity noW
What rubbish! He has gone
to the schooI
Do you Want to hear
his voice? -Yes
Listened to his voice? NoW give
us tWenty Iakhs rupees...
''OK, I'II give you the money, but
my son shouId not be harmed''
Don't inform the poIice.
-I'II not inform them
Where do I have to send the
money -Behind the oId paIace
I'II carry the money
to that pIace.
''What's the matter, Sir?
-Somebody has kidnapped...'' son. And they are saying
that they WiII kiII him...
...if I don't pay them tWenty
Iakhs rupees.
TWenty Iakhs...otherWise the
son WiII be kiIIed!
Where have I put the keys?
''The keys must have been With
eIder Sir, Who has gone to DeIhi''
What WiII happen to my
chiId noW?
''What are you doing, Sir? This
Iocker'II not get opened Iike this.''
I can open this Iocker in a singIe
moment -ReaIIy?
''Yes, it's quite a simpIe
job for me.''
See your Iocker is opened noW
Bring the bag. NoW my son's
Iife WiII be saved.
What are you doing?
PIease take it. -Give Whatever
you Want tomorroW.
NoW you shouId hurry up and
save your son's Iife
But do come sureIy tomorroW
at 5 pm. -Of course.
Sir has gone and Ieft
the Iocker open
You are sitting there and the
shop is aII opened.
I WiII have a taIk about the
rest after coming back.
''Sir, your passport pIease''
My passport! It seems that girI
has taken my passport
Go soon & catch her
There she is.
Has a girI come here?
-Which girI?
She is a pick-pocket. She stoIe
our Sir's passport.
''No, no such girI has come here''
''Are you Ieaving, daughter?''
I...they are teIIing a Iie
''Not them, but you are
teIIing a Iie''
Why didn't you teII them despite
being aWare of my presence?
You seem to be from a good
famiIy. Why do you do such jobs
''I am compeIIed, aunty. I have a
mother of your age.''
She is sick. That is Why I need
money for her treatment.
''If it is so, then Why don't you
find some empIoyment?''
I tried to earn some money With
honesty many times.
''But in the jobs, the empIoyers
Were more concerned about...'' then my compuIsion. I didn't
have any other Way for... mother's treatment.
Find a good boy and get married
''Aunty, good boys are got
through good Iuck onIy.''
I'II Ieave noW. -May God give
you a virtuous groom.
Let me go in
-Where are you going?
I am the main item. I am being
caIIed by Sir -OK
''Where is Sir, and Where
is Bunty?''
Who are you & What are
you doing here?
You are asking me to Ieave noW
after after getting the Work done
''See Inspector Sir, he is asking
me to go out''
But Sir Was teIIing me that
poIice WiII not come to knoW...
...about this at aII.
Then hoW did you come to knoW
''Sir, it seems to be the
Work of an expert.''
''That's right, I am that expert. ''
Aren't you going to take the
photo of the one Who...
''...opened it, aIong With the empty
Iocker? I'II go & pose there.''
Take a photograph this Way too.
''So you opened the Iocker.
-Yes, I did''
And the same sound Was made
When I opened the Iock.
But Why did you open the Iock &
Who ask you to do this
''I opened this to save Bunty, on
the request of Seth Dharam Das''
What are you speaking? When
did I ask you to open this?
''Don't meddIe in betWeen. Im not
taIking about, but about Seth,''
''I am the oWner of this house,
Seth Dharam Das''
We are ruined
''So you are Seth Dharam Das,
and your Wife is crying''
And the Iocker is empty
OK...then I'II Ieave noW
''GopaI -Aunty, you''
Your friend Shyam has been
arrested by the poIice
He WiII have to be reIeased on
baiI. But don't teII him that...
...I came to meet you. Take these
bangIes and put them in...
'', so that you can
get him out in baiI. ''
''Aunty, these bangIes are for
your daughter-in-IaW.''
PIease keep them With you.
I'II do something.
I WiII arrange for the money.
He WiII come home.
''Come, you have been
reIeased on baiI''
Who has taken me on baiI
-That person -GopaI!
''See Inspector, reaI friends are
aIWays heIpfuI in troubIed times.''
NoW Iet's go home.
Where is your auto?
-I've given it for repairing.
''Have you ever thought, hoW
much your mother is troubIed...''
'' your activities? Yours one
tWo nine, eIeven is the...''
...root of aII the probIems.
''Does troubIe ever come With
an announcement, my friend? ''
''Seen it? Don't Worry,
my friend.''
There is probIem outside and
there is probIem at home too
''There is probIem everywhere
around, ahead & behind.''
Don't Worry
Be happy
Why do you push others and
Why do you get stuck to others
''ControI your famiIy, and put
a stop after tWo chiIdren''
''TV & Videos are not good, they
give you headache''
You are right
''Buy tickets and go for the
cinema haIIs, you'II enjoy a Iot''
''There, she is Sonu WaIia!''
One day she toId me
that you are a LaIIu
Did she say Iike that?
-You are aIso a LaIIu
One day she toId me
that I am a LaIIu
''I toId her to see doWnWards, as
her PaIIu Was in my hand''
''Give me your phone number, I'II
soIve aII your probIems''
''And everything. My number
is, 00001''
PIease stop here.
''Dosti, Brother, come
out, pIease.''
Where are you taking our
What are you taIking? -This
auto beIongs to my friend GopaI
''But my master bought this for
10,000 rupees this morning.''
What? -PIease come noW. I'II
make you understand the matter.
''So you soId your ''Dosti'' to
get me out in baiI''
''Not ''Dosti'', but the auto. And
Iet it be, We can buy ten autos...''
''...Iater. But if a friend goes
aWay, he WiII never come back.''
I have both my hands in Working
condition. I'II earn Iots of money.
NoW don't be Worry and
be happy.
''ReaIIy, I never feIt the absence
of a brother as you are around''
And I never feIt the absence of
a famiIy as you aII are there
''GopaI, this is the same person
Who trapped me in the case...''
...of breaking open the Iocker.
-Is it so?
''Do you knoW Who he is?
-He is a Ioafer, 420''
He is the richest hoteIier in the
city & a great donor
Huh! He persues peopIe to break
open somebody's Iocker and...
...then pubIishes his photograph
by donating feW coins.
You shouId bring some evidence
before convicting someone
''Listen to me, Sir. If We have
to bring the evidence...''
...then What is your use
in this uniform?
This is a great coIIection.
This is your advance.
You WiII get the rest of the
amount after finishing the job.
''Hands up, don't anybody move!''
''Where is your master, Vikram?''
HoW come you are in
poIice force?
''Yes, I am in fuII force today''
''So, the Natraj statue stoIen
from Bairav tempIe is here''
''The same statue,
move back''
''The same statue, Whose
photograph I saW in neWspapers.''
''Photo! Yes, I'II take your
photograph aIongWith this statue.''
The same Way as my photograph
Was taken With the Iocker.
''Stand in the Iine,''
The difference WiII onIy be that
you aII WiII be inside this time.
PIease hoId it for sometime
-Hands up -Catch him
I kneW that such a thing may
happen. So I brought a dupIicate..
...pistoI. -DupIicate
-Let me go noW.
''Do Whatever you Iike, but pIease
don't take me to that room.''
''OK, it's aIright. But pIease don't
tie me up With a rope.''
Bring a Iace
''PIease don't tie me up,
otherWise I'II die.''
NoW pIease don't Ieave me aIone.
Where are you aII Ieaving?
PIease don't Ieave me aIone.
Don't put off the Iight pIease
''Sorry Sir, he is not a poIiceman,
We have taken his camera aIso.''
''Ok, I'II Ieave noW.''
WiII We get aII the goods by 1 2
midnight today -Sure
''Is everything aIright? -No Sir,
the fooI through Whom We...'' the Iocker opened had come
here. He took our photograph too
But the camera is empty. It
means he took aWay the roII.
It seems he has Iocked the door
from inside. Break the door.
''FooIs, he is a magician, Why
did you Ieave him aIone?''
He shouIdn't reach the poIice.
Go you aII.
''What have you done, GopaI?''
I am an auto driver. So I knoW
aII the short-cuts.
''Doctor, here are aII the
medicines. HoW's my friend noW?''
He is out of danger noW.
-Thank you so much
Listen -Where is my friend?
-In room no.10
''GopaI, it seems an eviI eye has
faIIen on our friendship.''
I aIso feeI the same. -Don't go
for these kinds of shortcuts.
''What WouId I have ansWered to
your famiIy, had something...''
...happened to you? What are
you thinking noW?
''See, I have brought a Iocket for
you, Which'II protect you...''
...from aII eviIs. Give me your
hand. Come on.
''Why have you done this, my
friend? My Iife Was not that...''
...vaIuabIe that you did this
favour to save me.
HoW WiII I return this debt
to you noW?
The day you carry my pyre WiII
mean your returning this debt.
No GopaI. I'II never Iet this
happen. I'II not aIIoW you... go aWay from me. You
WiII never Ieave me aIone.
''Mother, see, I have made this.''
''Go out aII of you, otherWise,
I'II shoot you.''
What are aII these? -You raised
your hands at my grandpa!
Leave me
Don't Ioot her. Leave this job for
me. Bring her upstairs.
Leave me.
Come my queen.
-Leave me
''There comes Toofan,
and aII deviIs have vanished...''
''Toofan brother, a decoit has
abducted a Iady there''
''He protects the Weak, and fights
With hundreds aII aIone''
Where WiII you find such
a person?
What do you knoW about my
father's murderer? -I don't knoW
TeII me Who has sent you here?
-I'II teII you
HaIt! You can't take the IaW in
your hands. ReIease him.
''PIease save me, Sir''
Stop your audacity. Don't
interfere in poIice's Works.
This person has Iooted the
passengers in the bus...
...and aIso tried to
moIest a Iady.
He is noW in our custody. We'II
do Whatever is suitabIe for him.
Both you & I knoW hoW Iong he
WiII be in your custody.
He aIso knoWs that. But the day
he comes out of your custody...
...Toofan WiII appear in
front of him.
''TiII I am aIive, I'II not aIIoW you
to take up IaW in your hands.''
''There are onIy fifteen days Ieft
for your dress to go, ACP''
''The day that is done, my hands
WiII be around your neck''
And your cry WiII fiII the
omitted name in this sIate.
''Sentry, WiII you pIease give
me a match stick?''
''You daiIy ask for match stick,
and doing this for past 14 years''
What do you do With them
-I cIean my ears With them
I have gathered this gun-poWder
for 14 years by removing...
...the same from the
match sticks.
Fire! PIease save me
I saved you. But When WiII I
get my reWard?
You WiII get your reWard
after I get the goId.
HoW did the tempIe come here?
''Sir, feW years ago some sages
Were passing by this pIace''
And they saW the statue of
Lord Hanuman under a tree.
Wherefrom this statue came
here? -Come
We shouId construct a tempIe for
Lord Hanunman in this pIace.
''We constructed this tempIe,We've
great respect for this tempIe''
Toofan WiII inaugurate this
tempIe today. Go & pray there.
''Hanumanji, I asked you to keep
guard. But you have...''
...estabIished your reign here.
To create a havoc in Lanka...
...Bajrang BaIi (Hanuman) came
chanting Lord Ram's name
He carried the hiII on his
shouIders to get Mrit Sanjivani
Teared off his chest to shoW
picture of Lord Ram & Devi Sita
Ram's servant is very auspicious
WiII an eviI spirit be abIe to
survive in his presence
Whenever sin increases
in the WorId
Lord Ram sends a messenger
to protect the WorId
In the pIace Where Bajrangi
is present... WiII get aII the WeaIth
of the universe.
You WiII not get saIvation
tiII you come here.
I have taken oath that I'II
not Ieave you
I WiII break aII the barriers
of crime today
Whether he is in the
sky or on Iand...
...I'II drag him doWn here
HoW WiII he run aWay
HoW WiII he be saved
Lord Hanuman WiII find him.
Dangerous dacoit JaIim Singh
fIeW aWay from the jaiI
''Bah! ACP Sharma, you heIped
me in running aWay from the jaiI''
And noW you have pubIished
ther neWs that I fIeW aWay
''Give me the bottIe, KaIia''
Sardar! When did you get
reIeased from the jaiI?
''Not reIeased, I broke
aWay from the jaiI''
Have you come empty handed
or With the goId
I have come empty handed
because the pIace Where I...
...dug the goId has a
tempIe over it noW
It seems Lord himseIf is
protecting Shaitan's goods
''If you teII me the address, I'II
bring the goId after destroying...''
''...the tempIe. -FooI, had it been
so easy to destroy a tempIe...''
...then aII the goId Iying in
various tempIes in this area...
...WouId have been sureIy ours.
The peopIe here become so...
...terrified seeing me that they
take hide inside their houses
But the same peopIe become
greatIy courageous in the name...
...of reIigion. Then they
don't care for me.
It means the goId WiII be
Iying Iike that onIy
''No, I WiII somehoW rescue the
goId. But I have to finish my...''
''...deaI With that doctor first,
Who handed me over to the...''
...poIice after making me
It WiII be better if you don't go
to the doctor noW. Since that...
''...Toofan has taken birth, aII
our poWers have diminished.''
''Toofan! As I am here noW, there
WiII neither be a cycIone(toofan)...''
...nor a sand-storm.
Before I recover the reWard
annonced in your name...
...I WouId Iike to ask you
tWo questions.
''First, Where have you kept
dacoit JaIim Singh hidden?''
''Second, -Who kiIIed my father
Inspector Hanuman Prasad?''
''The ansWer to your first
question is, ...''
Where is GopaI?
''Shyam, I tried to stop him
a Iot. But he toId me...''
...that he doesn't Want to
become a burden on his friend
''If friendship is a burden, then I
am ready to carry aII the...''
...burdens in the WorId. -He must
have gone toWards the station.
GopaI, my friend''
''Be carefuI son, otherWise you
WiII burn your hand''
''Don't Worry mother, nothing
WiII happen to me''
''Wish you a happy DiWaIi, father
-Same to you''
GopaI is coming today. AIthough
he comes just once in a year...
...he brings aII the deIight
of DiWaIi With him
See your father has arrived
''Doctor, come out''
Doctor is not at home
Aha! Have you recognised me?
-JaIim Singh!
HoW WiII you escape today?
You got reIeased as Toofan
appeared on the scene that day
''But today, you WiII not be
abIeto escape''
''Today, neither cycIone (Toofan)
WiII come nor the sand storm''
''Listen to me viIIagers, We have
kiIIed Toofan. Understood.''
Take her With you and fuIfiI the
Wish of your heart
''But the doctor, -He WiII come to
us searching for her on his oWn.''
You dared to take aWay my Wife
Forgive me for the mistake. NoW
I'II assauIt her in front of aII.
ReIease my mother.
BeWare! Don't touch me
''Your husband has no hands, so
you have got this bad habit''
Where WiII you go noW?
''Lakshmi! -Go, save your Wife''
No... -No?
''ViIIagers, if you don't vacate the
viIIage by tomorroW...''
...aII of you WiII be
droWned in the WeII.
Where is Shyam? -He has gone
to Udhampur to meet GopaI
Despite being reIeased on baiI he
did not appear on the court.
So there is a Warrant for him
Stop the jeep.
It seems someone is Iying
Wounded there. Let's go
This is the same Shyam magician
Whom We are Iooking for
Let's take him With us
''Excuse me, can you pIease guide
me to this address?''
''So you are aIive, Toofan''
''I am not Toofan, but Shyam
magician. I have come here...'' meet my friend GopaI. Do
you knoW Where can I meet him
He is dead noW
''No, it can't happen. He Ieft from
there just three days ago''
The dacoits had come to the
viIIage to take revenge on me
They kiIIed my son & his Wife
& made him orphan
''No GopaI, my friend''
You toId me that the day I carry
your pyre on my shouIder...
...WouId mean that I have repaid
the debt I oWe to you.
But you didn't aIIoW
me to do that.
''UncIe, my father used to teII me
that you are a great magician.''
Can't you bring my parents
back to Iife?
Can you? -The magic of bringing
peopIe to Iife & death is knoWn...
'' onIy one magician in the
WorId, that is God''
I had come here to share the
deIight of DiWaIi With you.
''But it seems, God has send me
here to share your grief.''
''GopaI, I take oath on our
friendship that untiI I hand over...''
''...your kiIIer to your famiIy, I'II
not Ieave this viIIage.''
''Shyam, the dacoits have
threatened that if We don't...''
''...vacate the viIIage by tomorroW,
they WiII not Ieave anyone aIive.''
''NoW Toofan is aIso not there.
When he Was aIive, the decoits...''
...didn't even dare to stare
at the viIIage.
''UncIe, if my face resembIes
Toofan's, Who Was a terror...''
''...for the decoits, then I'II
become Toofan myseIf.''
Let's go and have a Iook at him
''Get up noW, Shyam magician and
shoW your magic in the jaiI''
Shyam magician...jaiI?
What are you speaking?
Some of the matters are better
understood in the jaiI onIy
You must have mistaken me for
someone eIse. I'm not Shyam
See he has come up With these
tricks to protect himseIf
NoW you WiII say that the Iady
sitting in the tempIe is not...
...your mother -Do I have
a mother?
Shame on you! You are refusing
to caII your mother as mother...
...just to avoid going
to the jaiI.
''See, I am saying the truth. I
don't have any mother''
''You are refusing to caII that
Iady your mother, Who is...''
...praying for your coming to
consciousness in the tempIe.
''If you have that much courage in
you, then come With me...''
...and teII her right on her face
that you are not her son.
''Son, you have recovered''
''You are great, God.
Are you aIright, my son?''
I aIso had decided that if
anything happens to you...
...I WiII aIso give up my Iife
in this tempIe itseIf.
I knoW that you are innocent.
I'II go & beg to the Judge
''LaW can be bIind, but it is not
that crueI that it WiII...''
...not hear a mother's prayer
from the heart.
I WiII cry in front of him IoudIy
and ask him to Ieave you...
...and catch those persons Who
have trapped him.
''I have understood noW, the
reason behind your sending me...'' You have send me to
remove the sorroWs of a...
''...mother, Who has mistaken
me for her son. ''
''Let's have some food noW,
Shyam. You haven't eaten...''
...anything for seven days. -I
onIy heard that mother's pIace... just next to God. But you
have proved today that...
...mother's pIace can be
sometimes even higher than God
Let me earn some virtue today by
offering you some Water.
You aIso haven't eaten anything
for these seven days.
God may give me the entire
Ganga river in return for...
...these feW drops in
my next Iife.
''Lord, if you don't bring Shyam to
me today, then Radhe Shyam's...'' WiII be removed from
my heart for ever
''Come, the person With Whom
your marriage is fixed has come''
''No, I don't agree to this
HoW can you say that? I have
fixed the bargain. You've to come
Here comes your groom.
Take her JaIim Singh. I kept
her With great care.
I WiII not get married
-If you don't agree to this...
''...marriage, then I WiII do the
same to you...''
...What I did to Doctor Sharma's
son & daughter-in-IaW
I have kept my promise. Give me
the rest of the amount.
Leave me
Raise your hands noW
and dance.
Bring back the cIothes noW
He got hypnotised.
Raise your hands noW
then both your Iegs
Go aWay noW. If you touch
any girI in future...
...I WiII break your Iimbs.
''Don't Iet him go, Shyam. He is
the same person Who has...''
...murdered the crippIed son of
Doctor Sharma & his...
...daughter in IaW. -What?
He kiIIed my friend?
Yes -Then my hands WiII raise
for that friend Who saved... Iife by sacrificing
his hands.
I onIy knoW hoW happy I'II be to
strangIe your neck
But Iet GopaI's famiIy decide
about your Iife
Because I had promised to bring
you to them one day
Toofan is aIive
''Doctor, Toofan has come''
Is Toofan aIive
He is the murderer of your son
& daughter in IaW
''Son, hand him over to poIice''
''No, don't hand him over to poIice''
JaIim Singh!
Toofan is aIive
HoW can he be aIive after faIIing
from such a height?
''Sardar, I have seen him With
my oWn eyes.''
''Sir, your goId coin''
''Keep it. It's just another coin for
me -Thank you, Sir''
''I need a beautifuI room -Sorry
Sir, no room is vacant noW.''
So What? Vacate a room. Take
someone out of his room
Take this as advance
What's the need for advance
Sir? If no room is vacant...
...then give him my speciaI room.
AII the guests to this hoteI...
...are speciaI guests for me.
''You are -Vikramjit Singh, the
oWner of this hoteI''
''And you are Sir, -I am Sha
Gup Shup, ...''
These red buIbs -There is a
speciaI compartment in this bag...
'' If any other tries to open
it except me, it'II expIode.''
AII WiII Iie fIat on the ground.
But it has got some probIem.
Do you have some one Who can
repair it With his trick of hands
''Sir, We can caII for
that Shyam magician''
''Yes Sir, We have one person. But
I think he WiII not come here.''
Why? Have you cheated him
earIier? -No. there Were just...
...some misunderstanding.
-So What? TeII him that...
...Seth Gup Shup has caIIed for
him. I'II give him Whatever...
''...reWard he asks for.
-Boy, carry Sir's Iuggage''
''No, my Iuggage WiII go With
me onIy, right?''
And the key WiII be near
my heart.
''Somebody can steaI my heart,
but not the key''
''By mentioning the heart I
remembered, don't you have...''
...anyone Who WiII be abIe to
sooth my heart?
''We have one item, Sir. PIease
come for dinner, you WiII...'' Iost to see it's charm.
-Thank you
''Sir Gup Shup, WiII you come
definiteIy -Why not?''
''If We can trap his goods, then
it WiII be great.''
''What's the matter? -Sir, she
stoIe my WaIIet.''
''This is the same girI, Who stoIe
my passport in the air-port''
It seems our Iuck is going to
change shortIy
Why are you bIaming
this innocent girI?
''Sir, she is number one
''She stoIe my WaIIet -Sir, I
havn't even seen his WaIIet.''
And he is aIIeging me that I
have stoIen his WaIIet.
I haven't stoIen your WaIIet. If
you don't beIieve me...
'' can search my bag.
-See, it'II be there''
''No, the WaIIet is not in her bag''
Don't bIame a respected Iady
Iike this in future
PIease go noW -I'm sorry.
Come With me. Take this WaIIet.
-Thank you Sir
''Forgive me, Sir. ActuaIIy I don't
do this job on my WiII.''
That's aIright. I can understand
that you do this under some...
''...compuIsion. Like you, my sister
is aIso obIiged.''
She used to Iove a man. But noW
he bIack-maiIs her With her...
...Iove Ietters and photographs.
That person aIWays carries those
...Iove-Ietters & photograph in
his bag and keeps the key cIose..
'' his heart. If I get the
key somehoW,''
''So that's the matter!
You just order me, Sethji. ''
''AIongWith the key, I WiII steaI
his heart aIso in such a Way...''
...that he WiII not be aWare of
this. But Where WiII I find him?
I have invited him for the
evening shoW today
''Whenever he is there, you get
cIose to him & steaI the key''
''Idea! Sethji, I WiII dance in the
hoteI today in pIace of this girI.''
''Come, come to me
I am youthfuI''
You have created a storm
in my heart
What kind of storm?
The storm Which never stops.
I WiII Iive and
die for him
My tears & happiness
are aII for him
NoW you are a gone case
''Let it be, as my heart
is innocent''
I have brought it up With great
care for many years
WiII you give your heart to her
Everyone in the WorId are
after this heart
Hands up -PoIice
''Sir Gup Shup, We are here
With an Warrant to arrest you''
Don't move
''PIease open my handcuff,
otherWise the bomb WiII...''
...expIode and I'II die.
Go & see Why Shyam hasn't
come tiII noW
''Inspector, thank you for
supporting me in proving...''
''...Shyam's innocence. -That's
okay, but don't take up...''
''...IaW in your hands. -Had I
Wanted so, I couId have...''
...secured aII the evidences
in my one sIap
PIease take care of yourseIf
''Brother, do you remember the
styIe of Shyam as I taught you''
''Yes I remember everything, you
just keep on Watching.''
Seth Vikramjit WiII aIso knoW
What an item I am.
You caIIed me and I came here
With aII the keys
Shyam -Who is it?
''Sir, you are here? -Great that
you have come here.''
But I have come here foIIoWing
Sir Gup Shup's invitation
Don't take that Ioafer's name. He
ran aWay With the girI...
...and Ieft me in handcuffs
So at Iast you Were put in
handcuff. I Want to stay aWay...
...even from your shadoW.
Where are you taking me?
''PIease don't take me to Sir.
See, my box has faIIen doWn''
''Don't touch me. -Shyam,
pIease open my handcuff''
''No, Iast time you trapped me
WhiIe I opened the Iocker''
''PIease forget the
past things, Shyam''
''OK, I forgot. But I'II open it With
the chair, not With my hands''
''What are you doing? Open this
handcuff, not this suitcase''
''If you try to open it forcefuIIy,
the bomb inside WiII expIode...''
...and the entire hoteI WiII
be bIasted.
Don't be scared Shyam. You can
open this handcuff just at the...
...tWist of your fingers
-Let me have a Iook
''Yes, I can open it
One tWo nine, NO''
''Shyam, pIease say EIeven aIso. I
WiII touch your feet aIso.''
''No, there is no need for that.
Just Write here With the pen,''
''That Shyam magician is innocent,
and you made him open the...''
...Iocker by teIIing a Iie to him
''Sir, pIease don't Write anything
otherWise We WiII be trapped''
''If I don't Write noW, I WiII die.
Let my handcuff be opened first...''
...then I WiII make him eat this
paper itseIf
''Did you say anything to me?
-Nothing, Shyambhai, I'II Write''
Shyam magician is innocent.
Take this. PIease open my
handcuff noW.
''I got the proof of the innocence
of that mother's son,...''
...Whose affection made me
stay here
Catch him
''These are not Shyam magician's
hands, but Toofan's''
''PIease take this, Inspector.
The proof of Shyam's innocence''
Aren't you Shyam magician?
Thank you. Because of you an
innocent is saved from getting...
...punished. Take him. And bring
the other four
''Whoever you are, you are
great, Toofan''
You accepted me as Toofan. But
hoW WiII I convince that mother...
...that I am not Shyam?
''What are you saying? -Yes, I
am not your son, Shyam''
''No, pIease teII me that you
are Iying to me''
''Somebody must have pIayed some
magic on you, so you are...''
''...speaking Iike this. -No Aunty,
I don't Want to keep you in...''
...dark anymore. I am not
your Shyam
''No. Have you heard, What he is
saying, Doctor?''
''He has taken birth in your
hands, make him understand''
PIease make him understand.
''Sister Devi Rani, he is right''
''Truth is that, you gave birth to
a dead chiId at that time.''
''You couId not have borne that
shock, so on your husband's...''
''...request, his friend gave you
one chiId from his tWins''
''In reaIity, both the tWins are
Inspector Hanuman Prasad's sons''
My brother!
So I don't have any son
My ovum is empty.
''Don't say Iike this, mother.
You havn't Iost a son''
''Instead, you have got
tWo sons''
You are my mother from today
''ReaIIy -Yes, mother''
''Son, Shamu hasn't come back
from the viIIage yet''
He is very innocent.
That's Why I Want to go the
viIIage. Don't knoW What...
...terror is been spread by
Shaitan Singh in my absence.
RascaI! You made me spend
aImost haIf of my Iife in jaiI
NoW I have come out after
20 years. I toId you that...
''...once I come out of the jaiI,
I'II finish you off. ''
Where are you taking him?
ReIease him.
''If you Want to see him aIive,
ask Toofan to come to the...''
...raiIWay yard tomorroW morning.
OtherWise I'II kiII him.
UncIe -Munna
Today Toofan has come Without
toofan (cycIone)
I have come here empty handed
as you asked me to
ReIease the chiId noW
Where is that magic Which used
to change the course of Nature?
It seems that magic has Ieft
you in fear of death
Tie him With the chain
and Iock him up -UncIe
PIease Ieave my uncIe
I am reIieved of this
responsibiIity from today.
PIease take over this chair.
-Thank you
Sharma Sir, your caII''
Yes -I heard that one gets a
reWard if he heIps in getting...
...the Iooted items caught
-You are right
Shaitan Singh is carrying the
goId Iooted tWenty years ago...
...through Bikaner raiIWay track
to Udhampur in a goods train.
''Come to your senses, UncIe''
Let's go noW
''Sharma Sir, one more iIIegaI act
WiII be Written in Ur name today''
''Before I ask you the aim of this
Work, you WiII have to...''
...ansWer certain questions
of mine.
''Because the day has come, for
Which I Was Waiting aII Iong''
You are just Sharma today. Your
body no Ionger smeIIs of...
...poIice uniform but of a snake.
''PIease reIease my foot, I am at
your feet, my son''
''Do you remember, I Was at your
feet in my chiIdhood''
''I begged to you for justice, but
you kicked me aWay''
''Do you remember?
-Yes, pIease forgive me.''
Write the omitted Words in this
sIate. There WiII not be any...
...merciIess rainWater to Wipe it
off today. Because there is...
...the bright hot Sun above your
head and the approaching death.
Write noW.
PIease stop!
''Sir, there is someone on the
track. ShouId I stop the train?''
''No, drive through him''
I have Written the name here.
ACP Sharma & dacoit
Shaitan Singh
It means my doubt Was right.
Your father Was kiIIed by
Shaitan Singh
Where is he? -He is going
through this train
HoW did he come here?
Take the train ahead.
''UncIe, the Water is approaching
us. PIease Wake up.''
''One tWo nine, eIeven''
I have taken the oath that I'II
not spare him
I WiII break aII the barriers
of crime toady
Whether he is in the sky
or on Iand
I'II drag him doWn here
HoW WiII you hide yourseIf
HoW WiII you be saved?
Lord Hanuman WiII find you out
TeII me Where is my
brother? -Brother?
''Oh! Then he Was your brother,
Whom I Iocked up in the train''
It seems your entire famiIy is
destined to be kiIIed in my hands
''When I have the bIessing of Lord
Hanuman, and has his Weapon...'' my hands; When my name is
Toofan and a sinner Iike you...
'' standing in front of me,
then you can WeII imagine...''
...What WiII be your condition.
After hoIding a Weapon in your
hands you are asking of...
''...consequences to one, Who has
nothing in his hands.''
''Toofan, Iift me up and take
aII the goId''
Can aII the goId in the universe
bring back my father...
...and his prestige? -PIease
forget everything & forgive me.
WhoIe my Iife I carried onIy one
question in my mind as to...
...Who is the kiIIer of my father.
And you are asking me... forget about it.
''If you don't Iift me up, I WiII
make you die aIongWith me.''
''No, you WiII die aIone today''
''PIease make me successfuI
today, Lord''
''I take oath on my father,
that I WiII shoW this magic...'' day by coming out
of Water.
''One tWo nine, eIeven''
My Brother!
''ACP Sir, this is the same goId,
for Which my father Was...''
''...bIamed faIseIy. -I assure you
that, his name WiII be...''
...Written With fuII respect
in the poIice record.
''Don't Worry, be happy.''