Tooken (2015) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain.
We will level off at 10,000 meters.
Because of the turbulence we ask you
to keep the belt on for everyone's safety.
There is a substantial thunderstorm
to the right of the plane.
Nature offers fireworks.
For you who are flying for the first time...
- Are you well, sir?
- Do not worry.
- Here.
- Thanks. Do you want anything else?
Two small bottles of vodka to
and one bag.
I do not want to get something on the jacket.
- Hello.
- Who are you?
I'm so horny right now.
This is a secure network.
How did you get my number?
What are you wearing?
I have no time for games.
- Dress by you.
- No.
Otherwise, I take something from you
every ten seconds.
I do not believe you.
Sir, this is strange.
All the small bottles of vodka is gone.
- Do I have your attention?
- It could be a coincidence.
Spypsarna is also gone.
- Do you believe me now?
- There may also be a coincidence.
Now my skirt disappeared.
- Do I have your attention now?
- Yes. And thanks.
- I must speak to the captain.
- Sorry to bother you...
- Where is the crew?
- They are gone.
It was just a dream.
Okay. That was a dream.
It is virtually
I have it in flakes.
Welcome to the puppy Empire.
My name is Sue, can I help you?
- I'm Bryan Miller.
- I've been waiting for you.
- Here she is, your new dog.
- Is it a shit tzu?
- It's pronounced shih tzu.
- What do I owe you?
Well... $ 2,749.12.
- Shit, Sue!
- That's right. Every third is free.
Do you like it?
I need a shih tzu to.
Not this time.
This should certainly be free.
I have you. I've got you.
It was unusual.
I do not like labels.
You are my woman. Okay?
- And anal sex is not really sex.
- I want to love only when we are a couple.
- Drink that.
- Ugh, you like kale?
- I've been hurt before.
- Why do I stop just in half.
You have not changed his relationship status
on Facebook. After that, you get me.
Moneymaker is connected with Lenore.
- In your butt.
- In my bum.
- You can not plunge into my home, Bryan.
- I heard the noises.
You must be exet.
I am moneymaker.
"Money Maker"? I'm Bryan Miller.
- I'm ex-husband and Kim's father.
- Why do you have a dog with you?
- A birthday gift to Kim.
- You know I'm allergic.
Oh my God.
- I'm going to take the dog.
- Do not touch the dog.
- Money?
- Aj as hell!
- Was it good?
- What? I've dealt with worse.
- This is nothing. Do you get it?
- No, slow down.
- The teeth are so sharp!
- Well we had a short break?
- We are divorced, Bryan?
- Are we really there?
- Second chances, then?
- You've got six.
- What happened to seven chances?
- Bryan, you are too intense.
Is it? I am intense?
Okay, I'm a little intense.
Money is tender
and has a big... heart.
Is it the only thing that's great?
Where is Kim?
- Not here.
- You're lying. I saw the boy's shoes in the hall.
The color tells me he plays
basketball Morning View. Cheer Badgers.
The number 23 means that they belong
Jamie Dempsey. A good athlete.
- He might exploit my daughter.
- This is the problem.
You use your CIA skills
home. This is real life.
- You are not an agent, you are the guardian.
- I am a security guard.
I can protect my family
and I intend to do it.
God, what a cute ears you have.
- It tickles. Stop.
- Are you ticklish?
Post by.
- Release her.
- No, Daddy!
Uh... It's busy.
It went well.
- Oh my God, Dad! Get out of here!
- I have bought a puppy for you.
You are at the age when one is not
wish to celebrate her birthday.
Your manhood has
a permanent holiday.
It must not.
We have combined market
two strongest erection pill of Vialis.
Tests have given
a larger, healthier erection.
Users have got tight pants,
unwanted child
- Lawsuits for harassment,
bankrupt, and impaired vision.
Ask the doctor about becoming a test patient.
Give manhood jump starting the Vialis.
- We have a special cell for people like you.
- Remove these two.
If you are a CIA agent that is
losing talent?
Stupid Girls.
The girls are just as stupid as you want them.
Nice, attractively ugly, full, slutty,
tired and tattooed girls.
Girls who think they are smart.
Order now so you get our
double trouble double pack. Not free.
They married young and now wants to have fun.
As your ex-wife, Bryan.
Or, Jeff and Steve.
Whatever you called
, we have your ex-wife on tape.
- Beautiful. Magical.
- Mysterious. So mysterious.
So neat. So beautiful.
- Are you tired of the silly jacket?
- It's not silly.
Well, that's it.
Someone needs some glasses.
Night 42 on the job as a security guard.
The night shift.
Leaving the office was difficult.
I so want to use
my specific skills.
Oops. You missed again.
Try again. You suck.
Good evening. Sorry I scared.
I usually break necks, shooting
broken knees and let the salvage cars.
You're lucky, I'm preoccupied tonight.
- Disintegrant? What are you doing?
- Go to hell, watchmen.
- Otherwise, you get a parking warning.
- Oh no. A warning.
- We are so afraid of you.
- We make fun of you, you're a wimp.
- I'm no wimp.
- With a wimpy dialect. Where are you from?
- Philadelphia.
- Really? You sound Irish.
- Sure it's an Irish accent?
- Yes, definitely.
People talk so in Philadelphia. I know.
I'm from Philadelphia.
Last chance.
Give up, it will not damaged.
Otherwise damages DWI.
Viva Albania!
- Is This Puppy Empire?
- How did you get it?
I'll find out for yourself.
- Who are you?
- Bryan Miller. Mall security guards.
Tonight at 1:56
brought your men into sprngmedel-
-at Puppy Empire's loading dock.
- Beware, the coffee is very hot.
- Good. This is how I want it.
Listen carefully.
I put an end to your verksamhet-
If I do not get to talk to the boss.
I'm the boss.
How is it, Bryan?
Yes. I love hot things.
We are having.
Not many take the heat
of a spkchili.
An elephant at the zoo Albania
ate once a spkchili.
Two hours later it was dead.
- It sounds delicious.
- Take what you need.
Perhaps you can tell us what your men
did tonight with explosives.
- And why they shot at me.
- We have permission for them.
Nothing illegal going on. The business owner
has a heart of gold.
He has formed
many animal rights organizations.
Explosives you talk about
is just fyrverkerier-
-to Puppy Empire's first anniversary.
Fireworks ? Really?
I apologize.
- You just do your job.
- Do you pay the parking lot?
- Yes. What beautiful skin you have.
- Thanks.
He can give problems.
Take care of him.
- Next.
- Bryan Miller.
- What will you have?
- A game Vialis.
Vialis? Did you Vialis?
Sorry, I'm new here.
Phil ! There is a guy
who have a prescription for Vialis!
Did you Vialis?
There's a pill for white guys
with erection problems.
So this Bryan Miller
with the very outdated jackan-
-have Problems maintaining solstice?
- How are your balls?
- Pitt is in full attention.
- Is it true? What a pain.
- Bryan Miller Vialis stand at the front.
- Lenore?
- Bryan? What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for an alarm clock.
- I thought I heard your name.
- It was not me. What are you doing here?
- I just buy painkillers.
Lenore, I have wanted to say something
but have not known how.
It's the wrong time, Bryan.
I love you and I do
Moneymaker is wrong for you.
- It does not concern you.
- Well, after everything we've been through.
- We, then?
- I love you, but you are too intense.
In everyday life, you are an asshole.
You are good in crises and you love us.
- In everyday count the small stuff.
- All taken away from me. I had to.
Lenore pill can be picked up!
- Another Lenore.
- Lenore Miller? She's standing right there.
Green eyes.
Sexy, slender body. Yes you.
Your pill ready at the counter.
Pill? Are they for you or Kim?
- It's not the time.
- I demand to know.
- Why, B-Dog! Location?
- My name is Bryan.
- Perfect timing, Bryan.
- How so?
Stay in them. Take the glasses.
Oops. No, I'll take this one.
- Oh my God.
- We've only been together for 2.5 weeks.
You're right, girl.
I take on myself and think of you.
It is the first time.
Do you want to make me the happiest
and marry me?
- No...
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes!
- Hell, yeah!
- Big Chocolates herpes medicine is ready.
It is available at the counter. "Chocolate, Big."
- Grandfather, I'm glad your new hip.
- I'm with, now I can go back.
Grandpa, how did it go?
- Mother.
- Where have you been? What if I died.
Yes, mother. The job is a nightmare.
- I miss Agency.
- You can go back to the Middle East.
Mom, I've been fired.
What a shame.
I thought enlist again myself.
- You did well in retirement 40 years ago?
- You do not think I can handle it?
- Who is my little bitch?
- Mom, release. It hurts.
- Say it. Who's my bitch? Higher!
- I'm your bitch!
- "I'm your bitch," what?
- I'm your bitch, mom.
That's right.
- I'm rusty.
- How is Lenore?
- Not good. She should remarry.
- Is she married?
- Did you check him out?
- Yes. He seems OK.
He called Moneymaker.
"Big Chocolate." A porn star.
He was called the "Great anaconda"
because of his huge shaft.
- Her motorway receive a new lane.
- I feel sick.
Okay. Grip both
and put them in an institution.
Humiliate him so much
confronted her that they were never seen again.
- Buckling this moneymaker.
- No. Lenore has suffered enough.
Take him to a farm and drive up
a corncob in his ass.
Heat it to 70 degrees
and corn kernels popped.
Poppa his ass full.
No, Lenore is very sensitive right now.
Okay. Need a place
to shine drown in, let me know.
Thanks, Mom.
Day One at Vialis test.
25 minutes. Nothing. Zero.
Training to increase blood flow.
50 minutes. Still nothing.
The African lion is romantic.
She gets only his vibrant,
magical sword.
He really knows how he
'll show her who's the boss.
See how relaxed he moves his hips.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift.
Check it out here.
Oh my God! It is burning!
We broadcast live from the Village Square
where an enormous fire be fought.
- We have to get out! Now!
- No!
We are waiting for details on how the fire started
. We interview him.
- Backa. Backa.
- I'm a hero!
Excuse me, how the fire started?
Did you see anything?
- What were you doing when the fire broke out?
- I do not really know.
The plan failed.
We'll get him next time, I promise.
I will not disappoint you.
Kim, your favorite, vanilla.
Lenore, they had unfortunately not chocolate.
Why did you want to be seen?
Dad, there's a party over the weekend.
My friends go, I want too.
- Your daughter wants to go out.
- If the parents are there?
- No, it's a college party.
- Absolutely not. I know how guys think.
This party is so cruel.
College Girls are so stylish.
We're looking up virgins there
and fuck them.
Okay, you may not
accompany us out anymore.
He does not even kidding. Go to hell.
Bryan. Your daughter is searching for contact.
Are you going to eat or to have it
around the mouth like a whore?
- Any thought that.
- You're ruining my life.
I just took a bite.
I thought you had changed.
You can not live in fear forever.
You've lost me. Do not lose her.
Let Kim go to the party.
What do you want?
Kim, I've thought about it.
You get to go to the party.
On one condition. They follow you.
- No.
- Okay. In one condition.
That I bug you and monitor you
from a van outside.
- No.
- In one condition.
That you have this chastity belt
you. It is a good chastity belt.
I did it in a camp to escape
become sodomiserad. Do you know what it is?
- I try to compromise.
- How about this?
- You will drive me to the party.
- Sure.
- So, we eat birthday dinner together.
- Yes! Thanks, Dad!
Thank you, Bryan.
Is it a college party? It looks for quiet
out to be a celebration. Are you honest?
Yes, Dad. Thank you.
- Kim, honey. Have you tear gas?
- Yes, father.
- If you have electrical gun?
- Yes.
- Call me at midnight.
- Dad!
- Honey, why does it take time?
- I put on something more comfortable.
I have to let stuff unfold.
- What do you do?
- You like it?
I'm a vegan. Look at the tattoos.
Did you think I was kidding?
Have you seen how they treat
chickens? Tilapia get chicken feces.
Therefore, we can not even eat tilapia.
Take your chicken suit.
It is not sexy.
I'm trying to... what was it?
- Is Kim at home already?
- Can you go and check?
- I'll be right.
- I'll wait here. Change to something edible.
A tempeh-roll, a samosa.
Or a potato, damn. Or curry.
Bryan, what the hell are you doing?
There is something wrong with the party.
Kim hiding something.
You're just paranoid. There is no danger,
it is completely innocent.
- They hand them out at school.
- Lubricant.
Yes, to moisturize hands.
- This is mine.
- It's bigger than my forearm.
- P-pills were to Kim!
- Do not overreact. They amuse themselves only.
- Bryan, you make yourself a laughing stock!
- Lenore, you're dressed chicken.
What the hell?
George Washington and Napoleon smoked grass.
- What?
- It is proven.
Can anyone put on Kenny G?
He is lovely. He gave a lock of hair
to an African of crowdfunding.
- Do you think... What's up?
- There, there, buddy. Good luck.
- Did you notice? What the hell?
- Calm.
Hey, girls.
- I like your balls.
- Thanks.
- Jamie?
- Yes?
I want to make love to you tonight.
- Tonight?
- Yes.
It's not that I do not want to,
but your father scares me.
Do not worry about him.
It's just the two of us tonight.
- Hello?
- Kim, hear. Your innocence is in danger.
- Dad!
- Can I talk to your father?
Why did not the condom on you?
I do not know who you are or what you want.
If you intend to make my daughter pregnant
and live on the family so do you wrong.
I have no money, but
a specific set of skills.
Skills who took time to devel-
- That make me a nightmare
of craps you.
Release my daughter, it's over.
Otherwise, I will seek you-
-Find You and kill you.
I hate you!
- Oh my God.
- Your nose is so fine.
I know. The doctor said I
can touch it in two weeks.
My nose !
- Where is my daughter Kim?
- What grade are you in?
- Come on, calm down.
- Do you smoke marijuana?
It's like that behavior
which keeps the country in stupidity.
I'm looking for my daughter Kim.
Where is she?
I do not know.
- Where is she?
- Up there.
Sorry. Pardon!
You must go home. This is bad.
Two holes remain. Check.
It's not safe. Hyscha me.
It has not felt good since...
- Kim?
- Sir, wait!
You deserve it!
You tried to exploit my daughter!
She is so damn cute!
- I won!
- I think he's dead.
- He does not look so bad.
- He's only sensation in the nose.
I thought you had changed.
Do not come near us for a while.
- Not until Kim's birthday.
- I understand.
Sorry, Kim.
- Now you can get your pussy.
- I slaughter you, hang pattering!
- Who hngpattar?
- Go to hell, bitch.
- What? Not now, Bryan.
- I need help, Mom.
- I'm busy.
- I have to get back Lenore.
- We have talked about it.
- I'm not going to kill him.
- Do not be such a coward. Fuck you down.
- What?
I have an idea.
Meet me here at 05:00.
You little bastard!
- This live Money.
- I plant bugs. Guard them.
Let me know when they come back.
- Radio Test.
- Acknowledged.
THE NAKED bazooka
Dick on Wall Street
- You must not pay for everything.
- What have I said? Porn pays.
- Gay porn pays even better.
- You make me so happy.
Now we go home and feed the fish.
I just drank wheat grass.
You will love the taste.
- Money, we must reassure us.
- Yes, suck my cock a little, just.
- What?
- Nothing. We're supposed to get married.
I know, but I need more time.
Okay, okay.
I will call for a car for you.
You. Moneymaker. I have one more.
Hello? Hey. No, she just left.
No, not even a handjob.
We'll see. She gets up to two weeks.
Releasing she did not so she goes out.
Yes, I thought the ring would help.
If I'm getting married? Are you kidding?
I have a girl in every state.
I'm talking about when I put it on her.
I turn on FaceTime over time.
As last time. All right.
I love you dad.
I knew he was a creep.
It's so fun to have the whole family
gathered at Kim's birthday.
Jamie, it's great that you're here.
A spine injury may feel horrible,
but they heal.
Congratulations, Kim.
Hi, honey.
- Money, what fun you came.
- Bryan, that's okay?
- Sure.
- Kim, this is your birthday present.
A book about a beautiful girl like you.
Kim, I had too little time.
I wrote a book about you.
Congratulations, girl.
How about cake?
I asked them to write your name on it.
This was embarrassing.
I also had to make a cake for you.
- Oh my God, it's incredible.
- Congratulations on the birth-day.
Kim, I forgot the most important thing.
You get a card.
Oh, it plays music. Thanks, Dad.
Kim, I could not buy a card,
but a friend will sing for you.
It is Kim's birthday.
I want to eat your cake.
And get glaze in my face.
It tastes so good.
I have a present for you
I know what you like.
Receiving cock
Receive your dick.
Receiving cock.
Receiving cock
Receive your dick.
- Yes. Kid.
- I have to stick to a bar mitzvah.
- Schyst.
- Where's my juice?
Here you have wheatgrass
and this is beetroot.
- Remember, the wheat before the beta.
- Green before sweets.
- Have you left colonic contact?
- Yes, we can run a game together.
Not together, in different rooms.
You are not blacker than I!
- I have to pee.
- I have to help Jamie.
- What?
- Bryan. Go ye.
- It's your fault that he is bandaged.
- Will she take on his...
No. The poor have a catheter.
Feels better if I help him?
Holy shit. Hey, pink hottie.
What very vanilla. Like chocolate?
They have T-bone steak. You can get
a real T-bone steak at your home.
I, you, a green Lamborghini,
a klsmoothie your home.
- Examine your ass. How about it?
- Can you handle this?
Well... Hell, yeah.
- Can I take your plates?
- No, I'm not done yet.
- We take the plates.
- I'm finished.
- Here we go. Rapidly.
- Move it.
- I want to play with it.
- Please, be careful.
- Come on!
- Now, Mom!
What the hell?
Do not let him get away.
Holy shit!
They go the other way!
When I stop, you go on foot. Go
furthest away in the alley and turn right.
Go eight meters, turn left.
There is a patisserie with good struvor.
Cross Grand Street, walk one block.
Take Bueller Street and turn right.
Then you are right across the street
from Jamie and Kim.
Take them home and await instructions.
- Did you talk to me?
- Lenore, I have no time!
Stick, girls.
- What should you do?
- What I do best.
What? Oh well.
- Hello?
- Mom, Grandma and I will be taken.
- Why is it always us?
- Cancel my dessert.
- Okay.
- Write down this number.
Expiration 02-17.
Security 359.
debit the card for the meal.
- Daddy, I'm scared.
- Leave a tip, but not more than 15%.
- Potato came late.
- What do I do next?
Go home to me
and await instructions.
Do not ask questions. Go only.
Are you ready?
Well, Mr Bryan Miller.
You know I'm the boss.
But sometimes in life
have even boss is a boss.
- Who are you and what do you want?
- I'm known as Brown finger.
- Mr Brown Finger?
- Only Brown finger.
- Please, let my family.
- No worries, they will do.
- Do you want something? Ost? Biscuits? Tab-Cola?
- Have you Tab?
- I stocked.
- Thanks for the offer, that's fine.
- Lenore, Mom. Do you want something?
- A Tab would be fantastic.
Two Tab, thanks. They are for the guests!
Well, for one thing. You are here
so I can tell my evil plan.
Later you can try to stop me
from killing you, your family...
-... And the thousands of innocents.
- Yeah.
But first I will tell you my background.
As a little boy I had no money.
My father left us nothing.
I had no playmates.
The worst thing is that I think
mom really wanted a girl.
- "How did I know it" you ask?
- I did not ask.
She worked in a rich family
who had a girl my age.
She was so spoiled!
She came home and talked about the girl
as if she were her own.
Will toe bones today?
One day I was playing in the alley
behind our apartment.
I was completely alone. I found
a little dog who was also alone.
He was homeless and became my family.
The dog was just like me. We came
close to each other, we needed each other.
We became best friends.
Dog meant everything to me.
- One day togdes he from me.
- Togs, you mean?
- Togdes.
- That's wrong.
Quiet! My mother took my best friend
and gave a spoiled brat.
If you have not gotten over it yet?
The guy is a jerk.
Look, who do not receive any Tab.
I decided to get revenge.
I saved everything I earned
and started Puppy Empire.
We are selling most puppies in town.
- This makes me happy. Do you know why?
- Why?
Because I have stopped the explosives
in the ass all the dogs I have sold!
- A birthmark.
- You blew my dog.
- You are sick.
- No, I work with my feelings.
I am very angry. It just gets better-
- If I spoiled kids'
best friends. It is for my sake.
You lost a dog, so why
blow your dogs and killing them?
There is someone who listens.
- It's the wrong way to handle it.
- You are not the boss of me.
Say goodbye to our little friend.
No! No! No! No!
Well. A dud.
- There are certain your lucky day.
- Nothing you do is logical.
You are a weird person with
a poo-like birthmark.
You have no reason to take me
and my family. You should let us.
But if you do not release us,
so we hold.
We will find you and kill you.
You are just a guardian,
, you are in deep water.
- I have skills.
- Not according Linkedln.
What is the "Spanish medium-level"?
I can find the toilet,
a police station or a taco-car.
I was just hungry. Just now.
I'm going to make a sandwich.
Think of all that I have said.
Dalmat, take the girls to another room.
When I comes back
-Do I what I want with Bryan.
- Someone may taste corn.
- Mom.
Yes, it was... it was... I...
It was the first time ever.
- There is a bus...
- Whatever. You little prick.
Small? No, but yours was great.
Bigger than mine.
- Dad?
- Listen. Download portfolio on the couch.
I have it.
In it lies a lot of weapons
and a red bag.
- Come here with your bag.
- I do not know where you are.
No, damn it. All right.
Take a grenade from the portfolio.
Go to the window and throw the grenade.
Kim? Kim? Hey Girl. Do you know...
I came back to the restaurant,
but you had gone.
You are 9.3 kilometers
east or west of the...
Puppy Empire. I'm in the mall
in some kind of basement.
Come here with the red bag.
Call when you are here.
- Come on, Jamie! We have to go!
- Kim...
Kim ! Kim!
Yourselves at home, ladies.
Wait. I've been around long enough
to know what men want.
- Edna, what do you do?
- Ignore her.
- How about an orgy?
- What sickening.
Do not pretend like you do not want.
Your friends can also participate.
I pick out his false teeth.
Get silently at her.
Put gag on them.
- Yeah, who is it?
- Dieter.
- What diets?
- It is locked. Are you kind and open?
What the...
Kidding you?
Money? Money,
, you will not believe what happened!
You threw a grenade
and blew away my thumb.
- Sorry.
- Where is the course. Do not worry, I have it.
Help me. My family is taken.
I have to take the bag to my dad.
- Can you drive me?
- If I may take you on the butt.
Wait, Kim! No! Wait! Come on!
What the...
Sorry, wrong room.
I made it.
You, we'll go to the hospital.
I'm getting dizzy.
It can wait. It applies to people's lives.
Come on!
"Come on!"
We have to find my father.
Go that way, I go that way.
Push on!
"Go that way, I go that way."
Go where you want, I'll go this way.
- Dad.
- Did you bring your bag? How well.
- I shit on me.
- You have a bag with underwear?
It is important in my profession. I learn shit
at me several times before it's over.
- Anar you how many I fight?
- Dad, keep some things for yourself.
Courage is not to feel fear,
without the ability to overcome rdslan-
- And do what is needed.
As soon as you arrived.
- Money drove me.
- Is Moneymaker here?
- We split up. He's here.
- I will fix it. Now you have to help me.
Lenore? What the hell? Where the hell are we?
- Money, what happened to your thumb?
- I lost it for your sake.
- You are so nice.
- It's the wrong time.
How is Edna?
- Can we stand, you idiot?
- She is fine.
- Can we go now?
- No, we are firmly linked.
I'll get something to rid yourself of.
Then I will have your ass?
- What did you think I should do?
- It is the dogs' only salvation.
I do it.
Okay, relax.
Oh my God. There was a.
Yes, damn it. The first attempt.
- Hands up.
- Come on now.
Ouch! You bastard!
- Kim, you had to hold him tight.
- I do after all that!
Kim, listen carefully. Go out and sit
in Moneymaker's car.
Lock the doors, call the police
and tell them to hurry up here.
Money! What happened to your hand?
It is gone, but I got the bastard.
I will take you from here.
Money, you can not.
Find something better. Think.
- Okay! What should I do?
- Find something else.
- I'll get something else.
- Hurry up.
Why do I do it for little white ass?
She lets not even go to.
Fucking Internet.
Fucking fraudsters to mendacious subbor.
I got rid of the thumb and hand.
I would have dated a black girl.
Forgive me, black women!
Okay. Be a man. Find something better.
I find something better.
What the hell is that?
I have to find something. OK OK.
Yes, damn it!
Ouch! No! God damnit!
My fucking clock!
Absolutely incredible! Check my fucking arm!
My fucking arm!
Hello? I make a sandwich,
I told you not to call me.
- A seaweed!
- What happened to your arm?
I do not want to talk about it.
I had a knife in his pocket all the time.
- Why did you say nothing?
- Can we go now, please?
What are you doing? It was my sandwich.
Sorry, boss. I make a new one.
I do not want a new one. I make them
my way. It was perfect.
There was a delicious snack.
What was it crisp?
What crunchy?
- Bryan.
- Lenore. You miss your forearm.
- Yes. Is he always so witty?
- Where is Kim?
- She would wait in Money's car.
- In my car?
Someone is going to get beat.
- Where the hell is my car?
- She may have taken help.
Hey, y'all. I bought the coffee.
- Oh, what is good.
- Grandma, chai tea with almond milk.
Dad, decaffeinated coffee.
Mom, double espresso.
Money, karma-frappuccino
with extra whipped.
Thank you, girl.
- Oh, no.
- Backa, I got it.
It was just as well. He was not
right for you. You need to hear this.
- Day One at Vialis test.
- Not there.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift.
Yes, I have tickled before thighs.
No, I can not get to.
If I'm getting married? Are you kidding?
I have a girl in every state.
- I'm sorry you have to hear it.
- No, it was probably just as well.
- You are sexy as hell, you know?
- Do you like my ass?
It's like a hammock
full of grapefruit. Come here.
- There he told me.
- He said the same thing to me.
- You guys are just jealous.
- Warm Me, Big Chocolate.
- Come, sexbomb.
- Now we take care of your enormous shaft.
That was unexpected.
- The thing.
- Sorry!
- Are not you...
- Death? No. But you ruined my plan.
And you killed my Albanian friend.
Now you will pay. Bring them in.
Good luck.
Kim. Lenore. Listen carefully now.
Its over.
I have no gun. I am old
and look bad. It's over.
You sold, but only when you
have been raped and tortured.
I will be killed by this tokfan.
It's so fucking screwed.
Okay, I...
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- I always wanted to die like this.
- This feels uncomfortable.
And good. Is that weird?
I'm so proud of you.
- This I put up.
- Kim, take no...
- Bryan, is everything okay?
- I had such a strange dream.
- Mother.
- Hello, darling.
What's up, B? Location?
- Oh my God, it was no dream.
- Bryan?
I need to go to the bathroom. Sorry.
- Flight plane! Flights planet!
- Dad!
Hello, Mr Miller.