Toolsidas Junior (2022) Movie Script

Welcome to the Calcutta Sports Club
Snooker Championship, 1994.
The semifinals between
K K Burman and Toolsidas.
Everybody's favorite.
Give it up for the man himself
Come on, Toolsidas!
Good luck, Toolsidas!
Come on, Toolsidas!
-What a shot!
The winner is Toolsidas.
And he moves into the final.
My son!
Sonny boy!
Come, Junior.
I'll show you something.
Do you know, Junior, who is going
to pick this trophy for me tomorrow?
Toolsidas! Let's go to the bar!
We got to celebrate this.
Oh, yeah.
Just one drink, Toolsidas.
See you at the bar?
We have to go to the wedding.
We'll be late again.
Please, let's go home.
It's just a matter of one drink.
You guys go home. Get dressed.
I'll be back in ten minutes.
wear the red sari.
You look beautiful in it!
Let's go.
Eighty rupees, please!
What is this?
Are you going to wear this to the wedding?
You can take Midi with you.
I'm going to the Fun Fiesta.
My friends are waiting.
Mom, just give 80 rupees!
Mom, this won't be enough.
Give me 30 more!
Okay, it'll be enough.
I'll adjust.
Goti! Goti, please!
Tell Mom you want
to go to the Fun Fiesta.
You want 30 rupees.
Not 30.
Ask for 50 rupees.
She'll give you 30 rupees.
But what if Mom doesn't let me go?
And we have to go
to the wedding as well, right?
It's not your wedding, is it?
Do you even know whose wedding it is?
It's not my wedding, is it?
I don't even know whose wedding it is?
Please give me 50 rupees, Mom!
She gave me 30!
Shooting! Shooting!
Aim for the balloon. Win a prize.
What are the rules, boss?
You hit three balloons,
you get a juice box.
Yeah, you can give it to your kids.
What are the betting odds?
You can double your money
if you hit three balloons.
You can triple it if you hit three coins.
And if you hit three nails
you get 5x.
Five times!
But you must tell me your
target before you shoot.
Three balloons.
Top Red.
Good shot!
Bottom Blue!
Great shot.
-Goti Goti no!
-Center Yellow!
No worries. It happens.
You need some practice.
What's your target?
You shoot.
Three nails!
Three nails?!
Five times!
If he gets it, you will give us
100 rupees, 15 chocolate bars,
and 25 juice boxes!
First nail.
Nice shot!
Second nail.
Yes! That's my brother!
So, what's your target?
Your head!
You crook! Bloody cheat!
He's cheating! Thrash him!
-You're a good shot!
-Yeah, that was fun.
Mom will be upset if she sees this.
Don't you dare tell her
anything about the gambling.
Mommy! When did you get back
from the wedding?
You didn't go to the wedding!
Dad didn't come back from the Club!
Ma'am, I'm calling from the Club.
Sir has had way too many drinks.
He can barely walk.
We are coming right away.
Hello, please don't give him
any more drinks.
Go to the Club and get your dad.
He'll get angry if he sees me there.
He'll calmly come home with you.
Mom, all my friends
will be at the Club right now.
What if someone sees us?
It would be embarrassing.
I can see
that for the past few years
you've been trying really hard to win.
Only for my son!
He comes to watch all my games!
I only play for my son.
Your son
is here!
My sonny boy
What's up, brother?
You don't talk to me these days.
You've grown up, right?
And what's this?
Half pants!
You've become a man now!
You should wear long pants!
I will get some for you.
Okay, sonny boy?
I will get some for you.
Dad, did you forget?
You had to go to the wedding.
Mom waited for you all evening
in the red sari!
How was your celebration?
Tell me!
Are you done with "ten minutes"?
I am speaking to you!
Answer me!
Don't you shut the door!
This is the limit!
How can you even do this?
-I am tired of listening
to the same thing.
The celebration?
How was the celebration
with your friends?
Mom, calm down!
You're too loud.
And you guys keep quiet!
I'm wearing the red sari.
Come on.
Shall we go to the wedding?
Love you, Junior.
Papa loves Junior.
My Junior!
Has Mom's anger cooled down?
It's hot!
Yes yes!
It's cooling down.
It's cooling down.
Alright, it's cool!
Nice tea!
Son! First-class!
You're looking very cool.
All is good.
Mom's mood is much better as well, right?
Make sure you copy these notes
in good handwriting.
Get a photocopy!
Photocopies cost 20 rupees.
I'll give you ten.
Isn't that good?
The money will stay within the family.
Get ready for the picture, please.
But I won't be able to complete it today.
Dad's gonna play the finals today.
You bloody mad?!
Why are you going?
Do you know who Dad's opponent is?
Jimmy Tandon.
Nobody can beat that man.
Dad loses to him every year.
Why do you think
I never watch the finals?!
This guy always always beats Dad.
Just have a look at the winners' board.
It's only Jimmy Tandon,
Jimmy Tandon, Jimmy Tandon.
Dad's name isn't on the board
and it'll never be there!
The press wants to
ask you a few questions.
-Mr. Jimmy Tandon!
You've been winning
for the past five years.
-What's your strategy for the finals?
-Sir, what--
I'll win!
Does that answer all your questions?
Thank you.
Excuse me!
Wait and watch! Dad will win!
And do you know who's
gonna pick that trophy?
Dad has promised me.
Let's bet on it!
Alright, the loser gets slapped.
One tight, full-on, slap.
No limits!
Look what Dad got for you!
Midi's first-ever full pants!
Wear it to the match.
Midi, you have an essay test today, right?
"My ambition."
What will you write?
Well, if he knows
the meaning of ambition
I swear on my holy mother,
I will roam the streets naked all week!
Goti! What's wrong with
your language these days?!
Mom, he really doesn't know it.
Ambition means
"What will you do when you grow up?"
What will you do? Tell us?
I'll take care of my parents!
Yes, but you'll have to do
some work to do that, right?
You can be a doctor or engineer.
So, what will you become
when you grow up?
Tell me, what will you do?
Welcome to the 1994 Finals!
Jimmy Tandon versus Toolsidas!
Come on, Toolsidas!
Go for it, Toolsidas!
Jimmy Tandon up 1-0.
Toolsidas to break. Second frame.
Come on, Dad!
The score is 1-1.
Toolsidas leads 2-1.
Fifteen-minute break.
Toolsidas 3-1.
Well done, Toolsidas!
Thank you, sir, thank you.
I'll just use the washroom.
Come on!
What's wrong, Midu?
Silence please!
And the winner for the
sixth time running is
Jimmy Tandon!
I had told you
he'd definitely lose, right?
Always loses!
Jimmy Tandon cheated to defeat Dad!
He made him drink.
Dad couldn't play.
Whatever! Dad lost!
It's time for you to get slapped!
Sorry, Junior!
I lost today
I lost, Junior!
You were wearing full pants, right?
You're a man now!
You're a man, Junior
You're a man!
My Junior!
Do you know, Junior, who is going
to pick this trophy for me tomorrow?
Dad will win!
And do you know who's
gonna pick that trophy?
Dad has promised me.
Just have a look
at that winners' board.
Dad's name isn't on the board
and it'll never be there.
Jimmy Tandon.
Nobody can beat that man.
Marker, I am Mr. Toolsidas's son.
Can I play?
No, you cannot!
Under-16 not allowed.
Didn't you read it?
It's written outside.
Would you like to play
a game of snooker with me?
Where did they go?
Would you?
One game?
What the hell is going on?
What is this?
Rehmat! Come here!
He's a kid. He will rip it apart.
Do you have any idea how
expensive this cloth is?
You won't be able to pay
for it with your life's earnings!
Are you gonna pay
for it if he messes it up?
You moron!
This game is not for kids.
You are going to lose your job
if this happens again!
Yes, sir.
"Yes, sir."
You can get permission.
We need to have a committee member.
I am a committee member!
Tutu Bose!
-Get me a form. Hurry.
-But, sir
Scurry, don't worry!
You can play on Fridays for an hour.
4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Is that okay by you?
What are you doing here?
I've been looking for you.
Goti, please!
You want to play snooker?
Have you lost it?
This game is useless!
Didn't you see how Dad lost?
I'm gonna put Dad's name on that board!
The name doesn't matter anymore.
It is time to start making money.
Tell me, what's more important?
Name or money?
What's more important?
Name or money?
Name or money?
Why have you brought me here?
I'm about to tell you something.
Promise me you won't tell anyone.
I won't.
I swear.
Mom-Dad swear?
Mom-Dad swear!
our family is in a bad situation.
We are going to be poor soon.
Like those people living on the streets.
That poor.
Below poverty line.
Does Dad know about all this?
Dad knows everything.
He cannot help us.
Let him retire and rest.
We'll do whatever needs to be done.
Me and you!
But what can we do?
I have done the analysis, Midi.
We can do it, bloody hell!
Look, you know I have
great business sense, right?
I can make us filthy rich
by doing any business.
But there is something
bigger than business.
And do you know who has the talent?
You do, Midi!
I have observed you all your life!
You do everything you take on
with complete focus.
I'm gonna get the first rank
in my class this time.
Shut up your mouth!
You've been in school
for the past ten years.
Have you ever gotten the third rank?
No, right?
That's not your talent!
Midi, you're a player, a sportsman.
That's where your talent lies.
If you take up one sport seriously,
you will rip your opponents apart.
But what are you gonna do?
I'll manage you.
I'll be your manager.
I'll use my business acumen.
And don't worry,
I'm gonna finance you as well.
Your training, equipment
I'll handle all the expenses.
But which sport?
Cricket, tennis, golf.
These sports can make
us the maximum money.
We'll be bloody rich!
Shall we begin with cricket or tennis?
Let's toss
I'll get a coin.
Give me your underwear.
If it falls on the left cricket.
If it falls on the right tennis.
After all, I'm your brother!
After all, I'm your brother!
Midi! Get in there.
Hit on gap.
What are you doing, Midi?
Are you helping them
practice their fielding?
Is this what I've paid for?
What do you want me to do, Goti?
Step out.
Hit it out of the park.
Brother, we have to be rich!
Play, play, play
Come on!
This isn't working.
He isn't good enough.
1-He's out.
-Fail, fail, fail
Come on. Come on. Get in!
Play, play, play
Try to reach for the ball.
Come on. Watch the ball.
-He can't even reach the ball.
-He will, sir. He'll get there.
Midi, come on!
Come on! On your feet!
He's too short!
His height is a problem.
This game is not for him.
Look at his size!
Thank you.
We can make loads of
money in horse racing.
First, you will win.
We will make money.
Then you will lose.
We will make more money.
I'll fix the races, man.
We'll be rich, rich, rich.
Come on!
Hold the reins well, boy.
Head straight.
Who is this joker?
He's India's number one trainer, boss.
Mr. Balsara.
Two more rounds, please.
Look there, sir!
Height 4'7. Weight 30.
We don't feed him
even if he begs for food.
One day, he'll be
India's number one jockey, sir.
I am his manager.
Look there, sir!
Do you even know who he was?
India's number one trainer.
And he has agreed to train you.
We start tomorrow!
Look at this.
His horses always win.
That's a check worth five lakh rupees.
The jockey gets it.
Look at them! Hot chicks.
The jockey gets them as well.
Our future is bloody set, Midi.
We start tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.
But it's Friday tomorrow.
So what?
I'll pick you up after school!
You'll make us bloody rich, Midi!
Five lakhs!
After all, I'm your brother!
After all, I'm your brother!
Ma'am! May I?
Thank you.
God bless you, my son!
Midi, what the hell are you doing?
Can you leave me
at Calcutta Sports Club?
Sure! Hop in, my child.
Midi, what are you doing?
Midi, you can't be serious!
-Do you know him?
-No, ma'am!
Will you please move back?
Driver, let's go!
Hello, Dada, wake up!
Calcutta Sports Club. I'm in a hurry.
I'll give you ten rupees.
Alright, I'll give you 20!
Okay, I'll pay you 40!
Come on.
Hey, take me with you!
Hurry! Go!
Hey, rickshaw!
Not allowed!
Thank you, ma'am!
Midi, stop!
Stop messing around.
Hey, what's going on?
What are you doing?
He's my brother!
I can do whatever I want!
-What the hell!
We will never get this opportunity again.
What's all this, you hooligans?!
President sir, he's wearing slippers.
Slippers not allowed inside the Club.
Please, sir! Please!
No "please".
Now try this!
Pick up the stick.
And shoot it into the pocket!
Now I will show you a trick shot!
A perfect player will
never miss this shot.
Like a flash!
Stupid player I am!
No, no, Tutu Uncle.
You're a very good player.
Son, this is no game.
Real players are made at YMC!
The YMC players can pocket these shots
with their eyes closed.
They eat, sleep, and drink snooker!
Goti, I'll make you rich!
There's loads of betting
in billiards, snooker, and pool.
The bets at Park Street Pool Parlor
go up to 10,000 rupees.
We can make a lot of money.
Just help me get into YMC.
Goti, you can use this.
I've told you not to come here, right?
Get lost. Scram!
There are two YMCs in Calcutta.
One's in Wellington
and the other is in Chowringhee.
Where do you want to go?
If it falls on the left Wellington.
If it falls on the right Chowringhee.
You do it.
Excuse me, sir.
Silence, please.
Excuse me, sir!
-Hello, this is my little brother--
-No talking! Go and sit there!
How much does the club charge?
Who are all these boys?
Silence in the snooker room, please!
Midi, let's go.
Is this a bloody snooker room
or a library?
Let's try the other YMC.
What's happening, boys?
No talking!
Wellesley! Next stop, Wellesley!
Have you ever traveled by tram?
Wellington! Crown Cinema!
Tickets worth 20, buy for 30!
-Excuse me!
-Tickets worth 20, buy for 30!
Brother, where is YMC Wellington?
You want a ticket?
No? Get lost!
Tickets worth 20, buy for 30!
What are you doing?
Let him go.
Let's go! Stay with me, man!
Excuse me
Where is YMC Wellington?
-Midi, we should leave!
-No, no, please!
Yo, baby boy! What's up?
Come on. Say something!
Don't move, alright?
What's the membership fee?
The membership fee is 500 rupees.
And you pay ten rupees per hour.
And what's the bet?
The winner gets an egg
and two slices of bread!
Do you even know what's the bet?
An egg and two slices of bread!
And look at their behavior!
But the players are solid.
Even better than Calcutta Club.
But they are all like this.
Come on, let's go.
That gentleman's YMC is a better option.
No, I want to play here.
No! Goti, please!
No! Goti, please!
Have you lost it?
Did you see those people?
Bloody dangerous shit!
You think you can come here by yourself?
-Yes, I will!
-What if Mom finds out?
She won't!
What if something goes wrong?
What will you do?
You're the manager, right?
Manage it!
Whose bike is this?
Midi, dig into the right
pocket of my trousers.
That's your YMC form.
Can I start playing today?
Now dig into the
left pocket of my trousers.
That's your table money
and travel expense for the day.
Brother, I need your help
with one more thing.
I had asked the Club marker
to fix Dad's broken cue.
We need to pay him 100 rupees.
Come, kid.
You think you can take the kid for a ride?
Do you think your life
is worth 100 rupees?
Keep this! This is all you'll get.
What an impudent brother you have!
I will complain to the management.
Wellesley! Next stop, Wellesley!
Get ready to alight the moment you
see the theater with the naughty poster.
Dada, he's going to Wellington.
Please guide him.
Wellington! Crown Cinema!
He has won an egg
and two slices of bread!
Brother, we wanna play as well!
You know that the senior players
play in the evening, right?
Come here in the morning.
It's empty.
They've asked me to come
in the morning.
The club's empty.
Yeah, go in the morning.
I have school in the morning!
You can bunk off school.
How does one bunk off school?
Fall sick.
How does one fall sick?
Come here.
What's wrong, Midi?
Are you okay?
What's wrong? Is he alright?
I don't know! Midu!
He is looking sick.
I'll just call Dr. Bagchi.
Where have you written his number?
Here! Get lost!
Not now! It's booked.
The entire club is booked.
Sit and wait.
Do you know Salaam bhai?
You don't know Salaam bhai?
Mohammad Salaam!
You've heard of him?
Salaam bhai.
He's a former National Champion.
India's best.
Mohammad Salaam.
No one plays this game
as well as this man!
He's up
He starts playing at the crack of dawn.
He plays for an hour,
then sleeps for an hour.
Plays for an hour.
Sleeps for an hour.
He plays and sleeps all day.
He plays alone.
Do you know why?
Because only one man can beat
Salaam bhai in this game.
Salaam bhai himself!
That is Mohammad Salaam!
There is a player there.
Salaam bhai!
What a player!
You'll go nuts if you watch him play.
Should I hire him to train you?
I could give him tea
and biscuits every day.
I'll manage it.
Shot, Bhai! Shot!
What an unbelievable shot!
Bhai, share some tips with us as well.
You just waste your time
sleeping on that bench.
You know he doesn't talk to anyone, right?
Couldn't you keep your mouth shut?
You are getting to watch
a great player's game.
It's a big deal!
Can't you observe and learn?
That's how I've learned, dude.
Observe and learn.
Observe and learn!
Observe! Learn!
Observe and learn!
Copy that, copy that, Xerox!
Copy that, copy that, Xerox!
Betel Leaf! Toffee!
Keep it! Wipe it!
Observe! Learn!
Observe and learn!
Ready, steady, go!
You wanna do some line practice, bhai?
Strike it!
Back to the cue!
Strike it!
Back to the cue!
Observe! Learn!
Observe and learn!
Strike it!
Observe and learn!
Observe and learn!
Strike it!
Observe and learn!
Observe and learn!
Strike it!
Will it?
Back to the cue!
You were right, Midi.
This pool parlor is
known for betting.
Goti, please!
My game isn't good enough yet.
Let me just practice
for one more month.
You've practiced enough!
It's time to make some money.
What's this?
That's a lot of money.
This is too much.
I don't want to play.
Just play your game.
Let me worry about winning or losing.
What if I lose?
Come on. You'll surely win!
Why did you play such a stupid shot?
Why were you being overconfident?
This game is not for you.
Bloody fool.
I was going to make you a great jockey.
I won't finance you anymore!
I don't want your finance!
-Let them fight.
-They lost the bet.
-Give me 20 rupees, quick!
-Three. Why do you want it?
-I'll tell you later.
Please give me 20 rupees.
Eight. Tell me why you need the money?
Mom, are you going to give
me the money?
Ten. No.
I've invested a lot of money in you!
How dare you show attitude!
You little dog!
Goti, please don't!
Goti, no!
You want to play snooker?
You won't play a single game!
Please, Goti, don't do this!
Go on! You can walk to Wellington!
Bloody beggar!
Hey, boy!
Will you carry the luggage?
I'll give you ten rupees.
Alright, I'll give you 20.
Come, I'll give you 20 rupees.
Be careful. Take it inside.
Come on.
God bless you, sir!
I will give you whatever you want, son.
But you will never do this again.
I'll get the money right away.
If Mom refuses to give you money,
you can take it from my pocket.
When will he get up?
I want to talk to him.
Why are you wasting your time?
Salaam bhai doesn't spit
his betel leaf for anyone.
Have you forgotten how he
slapped Nandi the other day?
Salaam bhai
Why do you always sleep
before you play?
Why don't you try it?
Mom, give me some milk
and turn on the water heater.
Hey, kid, do you want to play or not?
You've slept enough.
Salaam bhai!
Next stop, Wellington!
Salaam bhai,
will you teach me how to play?
Salaam bhai,
I'll listen to whatever you say.
I'll do whatever you tell me to do.
I will come whenever you want.
I'll leave whenever you want.
You're the only one
who can teach me this game.
I'll be able to do it
only if you teach me.
Please, Salaam bhai!
What are you doing, kid?
You will lose your membership!
That's my cue, brother!
It is my daddy's cue.
Buzz off!
Who the hell is your daddy?
He is a champion.
Oh, really? What has he won?
He hasn't won anything.
But he is a champion.
How is he a champion
if he's never won anything?
He lost because
Jimmy Tandon cheated.
What do you think?
You can learn the game here
and win there?
Have you seen your size?
I'll beat you to a pulp! Buzz off!
Come here at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow
and go to sleep.
We will start training at 11:00 a.m.
Salaam bhai, my game seems
to improve every time I sleep.
How does this happen?
You see this black round thing?
There's a smaller round thing inside it.
It's called a pupil.
It's all about the pupil.
Come here.
Did you notice how dark it is?
When you walk into a dark room
from a brightly-lit area,
it seems to be darker.
Similarly, when you walk
into the light from the darkness,
it'll seem to be a lot brighter.
If you wanna see clearly,
you must befriend the darkness!
There are 15 Cherries
and six colorful balls.
Jaundice, Chocolate, Parrot,
Billoo, Pinky, Blackie.
Take a Cherry and then a color.
A Cherry and then a color.
Fix your bridge.
Elbow straight.
Head down.
If you want to hit the ball softly
use a "Kiss".
If you want to hit it hard
use a "Slap"!
Salaam bhai!
Where exactly should I hit the ball
to get it into the pocket?
What do you call this in English?
Hit it on the bum.
You use a ruler to draw
a line in school, right?
Draw a line with your eyes!
Aim for the pocket
and draw a straight line
from the pocket to the ball.
Take that line through the ball
to the other side.
And that's the ball's bum.
Now hit the bum!
Bum-per shot!
Do you watch movies?
There are three types of heroes.
First is
Bachchan saab.
When Bachchan saab punches a villain
his punch goes past the villain.
Full follow-through!
The second hero is Rajinikanth saab.
When Rajinikanth saab
punches the villain
the villain flies away,
but Rajinikanth saab
doesn't move an inch.
Like this!
And the third.
A hero who pulls back after punching.
Mithun da!
Are you getting me?
Wanna play a frame?
You'll play a frame only after you
practice eight to ten hours a day.
For now, just practice.
The holidays are starting next week!
I can play eight
to ten hours every day!
We are going to Darjeeling.
For three weeks.
Three weeks?!
You're the one who's always cribbing!
"Why are we going to Digha
again for a couple of days?
That's not a holiday!"
Let's go to Digha, please!
For a couple of days!
What's wrong?
Goti is really excited as well.
Your dad and I were
gonna go by ourselves.
But Goti came up with the idea
that we should all go.
One, two, three, four, five!
three, four, five!
What are you doing here?
Don't you see?
I'm busy.
Why did you make that plan?
What plan?
The Darjeeling plan.
Mom and Dad were going to Darjeeling.
Why did you ask them to take us along?
Why not? It's an awesome place.
We'll party hard.
I don't want to party.
Please, Goti. Let them go.
We'll stay here.
No way!
Please do it for me, Goti!
I'll be your slave for life.
Well, you already are!
Take a deep breath.
You're a really hot-tempered kid.
Yes, my mind stops working when I lose it.
This is ego.
Anger's elder brother.
It messes up one's mind and focus.
What did you say?
What happens when you get angry?
My mind stops working.
Five minutes to go.
Hurry up!
We are going to Darjeeling!
For three weeks!
Midi, your grades have
never been this bad!
Lahiri sir has asked me
to take extra classes.
They start tomorrow.
I'll ask Dad to cancel the holiday.
Don't cancel it.
You guys should go.
Goti has asked me to cancel it as well.
And Dad will surely cancel the trip
if neither of you is coming.
Goti will come with you, Mom.
He will!
I'll talk to him. Where is he?
He just left for his exam.
Submit this letter to the Club.
What's up, kid?
You don't come to the Club these days?
Mr. Goti has been coming
to the club regularly.
He has been swimming all morning.
He just won't stop!
Goti! Smile!
Oh my God!
How's it going? The examination?
Mom's buying buns for you at the bakery.
I'm going to tell her that
you already have buns!
-Okay, I'm going now.
-Baby, baby, wait, wait, wait.
Don't mess around! You little dog!
What do you want?
I have got permission to stay back.
Mom-Dad will surely cancel the trip
if you don't go.
I have to teach her Accounts at home!
You have to go, boss.
All my plans will get jacked.
Your plans are already jacked.
Because you are going to Darjeeling!
You are the daughter of the uncle
who plays Badminton, right?
Can you give me your postal address?
-I'll post this to him!
Give me the photo, you dog!
Radha, you have to stay
with Midi all the time.
Are you getting me?
Please look after him, alright?
Take care, okay?
I'll "look after you" when I'm back.
My brother
tried very hard to make me a cricketer.
But I would always hit the ball
straight to the fielders.
That's because
you're made for this game.
This table is like a field.
And these six pockets are fielders.
Keep hitting the balls
to the fielders all day.
You will win.
Go for it.
Away he flies! A young new cloud
Braving harsh and stormy weather
The sky he holds
-Within his fists
-Midi, why didn't you eat?
-I'm not hungry.
-When will you return?
After 12 hours!
-Twelve hours?!
-And to the earth, his feet are tethered
From all directions, do they adore!
The winds, they stop, and sing aloud
-A firefly outshone the sun!
-Same time. At night!
Salaam bhai.
Why do we call this game "snooker"?
I don't know!
Snooker means traffic jam.
What will you do?
How will the white ball hit the red?
You take a by-lane
or you overtake!
What bad luck!
I won! You owe me an
egg and two slices of bread!
-Wanna try again?
-It's okay. Keep it!
It's your lucky day.
Come to the table.
Give Jaundice a Rajinikanth slap!
Give the Parrot a Mithun disco kick!
Give Chocolate a kiss from Bachchan!
Give Billoo a punch from Rajinikanth!
Give Pinky a kiss from Mithun!
And give Blackie a tight slap
from Bachchan saab!
There is nothing called
luck in this game.
You need luck in lottery and gambling.
This is a game.
And in this game,
all you need to do is play.
Hey! Pia!
What luck, man! She smiled!
At one of us!
Toolsidas is out of the equation.
She is a foot taller than him.
That leaves the two of us.
Come in queue.
Thanks for keeping my place!
So are you coming
to the carnival dance?
I have an extra pass.
Come if you like.
No. I'm busy.
-What's wrong with you, man?!
-Why you said no?
Are you a twerp?
Uncle, do you have the form
for the snooker tournament?
It will be delivered to
your home when we get it.
Take this away, please.
What's happening?
What's wrong with the pink ball?
I've lost three games
because of the pink ball.
I don't know what's happening here.
Pinky problem!
Well, there is a saying.
They say that if a player
struggles to pocket the pink ball
he has a "ladies" problem.
He is either not able to befriend women
or even if he does,
he is not able to manage them.
That is Pinky problem.
But these problems are not
applicable to kids like you.
They are?
How tall is she?
This much.
This much.
There is something called confidence.
You must dare and speak your heart out.
The day you get this confidence,
you will rise, not just four inches,
you'll go through the roof!
You won't need these petty things.
-Watch out
-Here comes the dude
-Watch out
-Here comes the dude
-Every step he takes
-Is all swag
-He is here
-To rule our hearts!
Hi, Maheshwari!
Boss, forget about dancing with Pia today.
There she is!
She doesn't want to dance with anyone.
She said me no.
Even she said me no!
Where is Bhavna?
I don't want to dance.
Even I don't want to dance!
A special song for those,
whose hearts beat together. Here it goes.
Do you like me?
Forget about everyone else!
Just look at me!
Baby it's just me
When I walk through the door
There might be hundreds of suitors
At this party
But for your heart
I'm the only superstar
-Pinky problem's solved!
-Pinky problem's solved!
Give it to me.
Get this one.
-I can't do it.
-You can!
I can't.
How many hands has the
Almighty given you?
Put the stick in your other hand.
Play left-handed!
You don't use your left hand
just to clean your behind!
It has a lot more uses, alright?
Midi, why are you leaving so early?
My parents are returning
from Darjeeling
I'll see you tomorrow.
I don't have loose change!
-But I need it!
-How am I supposed to get it now?
-I have it. May I help?
-Yes, please.
-My cue!
-Let me go! My cue!
Midu, my baby!
-Are you're okay?
-Hey, my Junior!
Let's go inside.
I've got something for you.
Do you know what you have done
by sending me to Darjeeling?
You have changed my life, my boy!
They conduct pony races in Darjeeling!
People place big bets on small ponies.
You have no idea
how lady luck has smiled on me!
What's wrong?
Why are you making a sad puppy face?
My cue
I broke it.
I'll get you a new one.
Don't worry, man.
Just wait and watch!
I'm gonna double this dough!
What are you looking at?
Get my bags.
Go and submit this form
to the Club office.
I'm busy.
It's the form for the snooker tournament.
Today's the last day to submit it.
Goti, what is this?
What are you hiding?
-Nothing, Mom.
-Oh, God! Where did you get this?
Mom, I found it somewhere
Where did you find it, Goti?
-I I'll return it.
-Whose money is it?
Somewhere-- Someone gave it to me.
I took it. I mean
Who gave you this money?
Answer me.
-I'll return it, Mom.
-Give it to me!
So, that night was amazing.
Dad's form.
-I want one for myself.
-Go upstairs to the snooker room.
I am so happy about this.
What are your feelings?
I'm in a hurry.
Daddy's form has been sent to him.
-I want one for myself.
Why don't you get it?
Under-16 not allowed! You cannot play!
Give me the form
or I'll break your damn face.
Have I seen you before?
You were the one
who gave me permission.
Is it?!
Mr. President! Burman sir!
This boy wants to take part
in snooker competition.
He needs your permission.
Sir, he's a kid.
He'll rip the cloth apart.
Tandon sir has instructed
me to not allow kids.
This boy won't even reach the table.
Son, the standard is very high here.
He plays regularly.
You know the Club rules.
He has to be 16 to play.
That's a rule.
And we have to follow it.
Good shot, President!
Sorry, son.
Where were you?
Do you realize what time it is?!
You three men will drive me crazy.
No one's bothered about me.
One guy is always missing.
The other one doesn't come home.
And you?
Children your age should sit at home
and finish their homework.
Yes, we are coming.
No. Please don't give him
any more drinks.
We're just coming.
We need just one more player, President.
Your son wants to play.
Where is Mazumdar?
-He's traveling.
There's place for one.
President saab, if there is a place
for one, let my son play.
He will lose in the first round.
But at least it'll make him happy.
Yeah, the Toolsidas family
is always happy to lose.
What's your problem, Tandon?
I have no problem!
Over-16 couldn't do a thing.
What will an under-16 do?
What do you mean?
Don't touch me!
Dad, let's go home.
Two thousand rupees.
Yeah, I'm on.
Dad, let's go home.
Here! Keep the money!
Let's go, guys. Wanna have a drink?
Dad, you just gave up 2000 rupees!
-Let it be
-You didn't finish the game!
It's okay!
Hey! Children not allowed after 8:00 p.m.
Screw that guy! I'm telling you.
That's him.
Hey, blue shirt!
The game is not over.
Get your daddy.
I'll play with him.
He is resting.
He will play.
Driver, get the car,
I'll be there in five minutes.
Okay, sir.
Show him what you got.
Come on!
If you want to hit the ball softly,
use a "Kiss".
If you want to hit it hard,
use a "Slap".
The kid's slaughtering him!
Give Billoo a punch from Rajinikanth.
Give Pinky a kiss from Mithun.
And give Blackie
a kiss from Bachchan saab.
-You lost to a kid!
All the best, kiddo!
Which Toolsidas is he?
The one at the bottom.
What should I write before Toolsidas?
Not before Toolsidas.
After Toolsidas
write "Junior".
-Junior means little Toolsidas!
Your new cue stick.
I'm going to Wellington tomorrow.
I'll give it to the YMC marker
to get the tip fixed.
What a player you have become!
You're doing this for Dad, right?
It's the right thing.
I am going out.
I'll be late today.
I'm going and I'll be late as well.
Me too!
Where do you think you're going?
You're not going anywhere!
God knows where you go these days.
-Mom, please let me go!
-You're not going.
Shut up and stay in your room!
Mom, please let me go.
I'll be back in an hour.
It's really important!
Mom, please let me go!
Mom, please let me go!
Please, Mom, let me go!
Mom, please.
Please, let me go.
Go, but come back soon, alright?
Wellington. Crown Cinema. Wellington.
Ma'am, please get down!
What's up, bro?
Come. All good, bro.
Have you seen a kid?
New cue?!
I'm gonna finish you today.
Today, I'm going to send
you crying to your mommy.
What are you doing in this place, Midi?
Mom, please!
Do you even know
how dangerous this area is? Move!
You're blocking our path.
You're the one blocking the path.
I agree that this kid shouldn't be
in this neighborhood.
The boys here,
fight and swear all the time.
They smoke, chew tobacco.
But for the past 11 months
this kid comes here for just one thing.
To play the game.
He practices regularly.
He works very hard.
I have not seen such focus
and dedication in my life.
Please let him fly.
He will fly very high.
When's the tournament?
Focus only on line practice today.
Get used to the new cue.
Salaam bhai,
will you come to watch my matches?
My game will really improve if you come.
I'll come for the finals.
Welcome to the Calcutta Sports Club
Snooker Championship, 1995.
First-round match between
Sunny Kochhar and Toolsidas Junior!
And the winner is Toolsidas Junior.
And he enters into the second round
against Arijit Guha.
Toolsidas Junior wins 2-1
and enters into the third round
against Tutu Bose.
Don't mind.
I will beat you.
Come on, Tutu! Destroy him!
Toolsidas Junior is the winner again!
He moves to the quarterfinals.
What have you done?!
I I taught him.
But I didn't teach him all this.
What a game you played!
Toolsidas Junior!
K K Burman! You're done for.
He's too good a player.
Right, Rehmat?
You've got no chance!
He's practicing.
Have a look at his game.
Hey, shorty!
You've finally reached the table?
Mr. President
it's already five minutes to 4:00
and we don't have Mr. Burman come in.
-Try calling Burman.
He's never late like this.
Midi, if Burman doesn't come here
in the next five minutes,
let's get out of here.
You will get a walkover.
It means you will win.
You'll be through to the semis.
It's written in the rule book.
He's the same uncle who kept teasing me.
-He'd say that I won't reach the table!
Shit! He's here!
Now what?
Say, "Hello, Uncle!", go play, and lose.
Vilas, cue box.
-Hello, Uncle.
-It's Burman!
Mr Mr. Burman.
Sorry, Mr. Burman.
You were late.
So, it's a walkover.
Very sorry.
The first quarterfinal winner is
Toolsidas Junior.
Mr. Burman!
Stop! Back up!
Mr. Burman.
You couldn't reach the table this time.
Why didn't you play?!
If you would have played and lost,
I would've accepted it.
But you won without playing.
This is not acceptable!
I had to forgo one meal a day
to afford a game of snooker!
I've starved so that I could play.
And you did not play!
I quit my job
and worked in a club as a marker
so that I could stay
connected to this table.
Just to play one game!
And you
You did not play!
In 1981, I fought my way
into the Snooker Nationals.
The club refused to grant me leave.
I quit the job.
That was a World Cup year.
India's best player was going to
represent the country in London.
I was summoned by the Snooker Board.
They told me that I wasn't good
enough to represent the country.
Because I was poor?
I couldn't speak English?
I pleaded
I told them that I would
get decent clothes.
I'd learn English as well.
Let me play.
In response, they offered me
lots of money and told me
to not come to the finals.
They were sure that I wouldn't play.
But I went there.
I played.
I won.
And I walked out of there,
never to return again.
Because I didn't care about winning.
I just wanted to play.
I just wanted to play.
And you did not play!
There is a thing called
sportsman spirit.
The first principle of
being a sportsman is
that you give your opponent
an equal opportunity to play.
To play with passion.
To play with spirit.
To play with gusto.
But play!
But why am I telling you all this?
You did not play!
Hey, bugger!
Do you know who you're
playing in the semis?
Hey, champion!
First, second, third round,
you won them all!
He beat Tutu.
How have you started playing so well?
Midi, it's time for dinner.
No, Mom, I'm not hungry.
What do you mean?
What did you eat?
Dad, I'm not gonna miss tomorrow's
game for anything in the world.
-Do you know why?
At least one Toolsidas
is definitely gonna win!
You're right!
Let's toss
If it falls on the left Senior.
If it falls on the right Junior.
Dad, go for it.
Up there?
Aren't you ashamed?
You're teaching him to be like you?
-I am of legal age, Mom.
-Goti, go to your room.
-Mom, I am of legal age!
-Go to your room.
Get up!
-This is domestic violence, Mom!
-Get up!
Hey, Junior!
Do you need a handicap
for tomorrow's game?
Forty points?
Okay, 50 points?
I'm just saying.
I want it to be a fair game.
You want to play a fair game?
Come to the game without this.
Play like a man!
I'll show you!
You think you can beat me?
With this?
I will!
Fine. I won't drink for tomorrow's match.
And what if I win?
You won't drink
during the final as well.
You will never drink again!
Mom will not wait for you all night.
I will not come to the Club
to get you home.
You will sleep in your room
with your wife.
I will sleep in my room
with my brother.
Okay, man! Okay.
I will not drink tomorrow.
It's a deal.
Let's shake on it, my friend!
It's the semifinals between
Toolsidas and Toolsidas Junior.
Toolsidas leads 1-0.
Come on, Toolsidas!
Which one?
The score is 1-1.
With the score at 2-2,
it's a 15-minute break.
How are you playing like this?!
Did you see how well you were playing?!
Forget about me, partner.
If you continue playing like this,
you will beat me, Junior.
No way, Senior.
No one can beat you
when you're at the top of your form!
Come on! Let's go, quick.
-Polish the cue.
-Yes, sir!
Bravo, Tandon!
Another win. Another finals.
Thank you, sir.
The winner of Toolsidas Senior
and Junior will face
the champion of champions,
Jimmy Tandon in the finals!
See you in the finals.
Thank you.
Now, Junior needs all four balls
on the table to win.
Now, Toolsidas Junior
only needs the black ball to win!
Toolsidas Senior, now,
needs the black ball to win!
That's a foul!
Foul shot.
And the winner is Toolsidas Junior.
And he moves into the Finals.
You won the game!
Shake hands, my friend.
Why did you do that?
-Do what?
-Mom, please!
You lost on purpose.
You gave up the game for me.
Midi, my son, listen!
Listen to me.
You can ask anyone in there.
I have played my best game today.
And you!
You have matched me shot-to-shot.
You won! And it means that I have won!
Okay, as per our deal,
Mom won't have to wait for me anymore.
You won't have to come
to the Club to get me.
I will sleep in my room with my wife.
You will sleep in your room
with your brother.
your father is gonna
quit drinking right now.
In fact, I'm not gonna
do anything anymore.
I'll just sit back and
watch my sons succeed!
Hey, Tandon!
the kid won.
Salaam bhai.
I'm playing well.
But I don't know why I mess up
when it comes to the black ball!
You'll meet a lot of people in life
who begin very well.
But towards the end, they mess it up.
They don't finish well.
This is called Finishing problem.
Just like you.
You never finish your soda.
You always leave
the last crumbs of your bread!
Start finishing these
small things in life.
Not just Blackie,
you'll be able to pocket
the entire universe.
Wow! He finished
everything on his plate!
Good boy!
Let's go.
In his very first appearance
making it to the finals
of the Club Snooker Championship,
a child prodigy in his own right.
Teenage snooker sensation!
Put your hands together
for Toolsidas Junior!
He would come to watch you every year.
I can't believe that
today you have come to watch him.
This is a very big tournament.
And your opponent Jimmy Tandon
is an all-time great.
Do you have any strategies?
I mean, what is your game plan?
I'll play.
I know you're busy.
Just came to see your match.
All the best.
All the best.
Jimmy Tandon up 1-0.
-Mr. President!
-Hi, kid.
He is my coach.
Your coach?
Salaam bhai
Mohammad Salaam!
-Mohammad Salaam?
-Mohammad Salaam!
Ex-National Champion?
Hello! Security.
We have a special guest
from YMC Wellington.
A one-time India number one.
Ex-National Champion.
The coach of Toolsidas Junior.
Please put your hands together
for Mohammad Salaam!
Please sit here, Salaam bhai.
Thank you, sir!
Thank you very much, sir!
Nice shot, Junior!
Come on, Junior!
Come on, Junior!
Junior wins the second frame.
The score is 1-1.
Do your job!
Toolsidas Junior leads 3-1.
It's a 15-minute break!
Polish it well.
Saab, you were right.
He's a kid.
He will rip it apart.
Goti, will you manage
Salaam bhai, please?
Salaam, Salaam bhai.
What can I get you?
Tea, coffee
I'll just get some water.
Kids are not allowed in the bar.
Let him in.
He's a finalist.
Fine, sir.
Uncle, one lemonade.
It's the same.
Every year, it's the same.
Toolsidas is always in the lead.
But in the end, who wins?
Jimmy Tandon!
Who holds up that trophy?
Jimmy Tandon!
And whose name will be on that board?
Uncle, I think you
should have some lemonade!
I am not an alcoholic
like your bloody father!
Now get lost!
Son of a loser!
What's wrong?
Tell me. What's wrong?
Foul shot.
Excuse me.
Shirt touched the ball.
Foul shot.
-Foot not touching the floor.
-Foul shot.
Four away.
Jimmy Tandon, two.
Junior, three!
It's 3-3.
Down to the final game.
Whoever wins this,
wins the Championship!
What are you doing, Tandon?
The son will get used
to losing just like his father.
Let him break
I'll ensure that he doesn't
reach the table ever again.
He is not feeling well.
-Let's take him home.
What is going on?
Take the kid home and let him sleep.
I have no time for this kind of thing.
Do you know, Junior
who is going to pick
this trophy for me tomorrow?
Just have a look
at that winners' board.
Dad's name isn't on the board.
I'm gonna put Dad's name on that board!
I'm not an alcoholic
like your bloody father.
Son of a loser!
Play with passion.
Play with spirit.
Play with gusto.
Midi what are you doing?
I've repaired your daddy's cue as well.
But it'll only last a frame.
Now, Junior only needs the black ball
and he will go on to create history!
Our new champion is
Toolsidas Junior!
His little fingers had held my hand
As he learned from me to walk on land
Today his hands help me
Walk on by
With the world around him distraught
This brave boy, he valiantly fought!
He taught us all
How to live with our heads held high!
Here he goes!
Courage abound!
Goliaths will young David pound!
Away he flies! A young new cloud!
Braving harsh and stormy weather
The sky he holds, within his fists
And to the earth, his feet are tethered
From all directions, do they adore!
The winds, they stop, and sing aloud
A firefly has outshone the sun
Salaam bhai!
Eggs and bread
for all of Wellington!
My treat!
The winner of the Calcutta Sports Club
Snooker Championship, 1995
is Toolsidas Junior!