Toothfairy 2 (2020) Movie Script

Tammy, bed time.
Shut the phone off, okay?
Whoa, Corey, don't
have a heart attack!
Christ Edgar, what the
hell are you playing at?
There, that's a
bit dark, isn't it?
I thought you did
illustrations for kids books.
Why do you want to do that?
That was really good.
Look, I'm just busy, mate.
That was just a
doodle, I'm trying
to focus on this
latest commission.
I preferred the other
with the bag of stones.
Those were teeth.
Well, that's twisted.
Anyway, all set for
the big weekend?
To be honest, Edgar,
I've got so much to do.
Don't back out on us, Corey.
Look, everyone else is going,
the whole gang from uni.
When I say the whole gang,
I mean the whole gang.
Jess will be there.
She confirmed?
Yes and...
She asked about you.
She asked about me, so what?
Mate, just come.
For the love of god, just
suck up and get things
going with her.
This is a second chance.
It's now or never.
You can have that
one for free, buddy.
Hey man.
Uh, yeah.
I'm in, okay?
Uh, Jess.
Oh my god, it's been so long!
I know, you just got here.
I got here a while
ago with Hazel and Jo.
Can I help?
Yeah sure, thanks.
How have you been?
Fine, I actually moved
back a few years ago now.
I missed it.
I heard through the grapevine.
You like it?
It's not quite the same
tranquil surroundings as marcom.
International academy though.
I guess.
Hazel and Jo flew
in the other day.
I hear you're still
good friends with Edgar.
For my sins.
Do you still see Paul?
Oh, I never understood that.
You guys knew each
other as young kids.
And you were the only two
English boys in our group.
Guess we weren't obligated
to like each other?
I've missed you.
We had some good
talks back at uni.
And you weren't just
drunk the whole time
like the other guys.
Ed told me you
live in London now.
We should stay in touch
after this weekend, Corey.
I'd like that.
Catch you in a sec.
So you still hate his guts?
No offense dude, but
I just don't get it.
What is it about the
guy you don't like?
I knew him as a kid.
You ever hear of the tooth
murders about 20 years ago?
Rings a bell.
What happened?
Some crazy asshole
killed a load of people.
Ripped out their teeth.
Happened not far from here.
He's obviously some
kind of nutcase,
although some
locals, being quite
a superstitious
area, thought that
it was actually some kind
of demonic tooth fairy.
So, what?
Not human?
Hell knows.
All these people murdered,
including my cousin.
And he, his aunt,
and his stepdad
somehow got away.
Never understood
how they escaped.
There was always something
odd about that to me.
This horrific serial
killer the police couldn't
stop and somehow they escaped.
That's grim.
So, you think he's
somehow involved?
Or his family?
Who knows?
They were reclusive.
Moved away not long after
she ended up in a nuthouse,
and his stepdad
pissed off abroad.
I tried to talk to
Corey a number of times
about it in passing during
freshers week at uni.
He just kept playing dumb.
I don't care,
he'll get what's coming
to him, don't you worry,
I flicked through this, it's
go incantations, rituals.
Tooth fairy's gonna make
a little appearance.
We'll fuck with him a bit,
play it off like a fun game.
But him, I want it to haunt him.
That's a bit much, buddy.
Are you gonna help out what?
I guess.
I'll run you through the plan,
and we go in and play
nice tonight is my idea,
then execute the plan.
There you are!
Here you go.
Thank you.
And something stronger.
Go on.
Hold on.
Guys, look who I've just found.
Oh hi.
You're a star.
Hey, how are you?
Shall we toast
now or wait for the others?
And for you, get that down you.
Have you got a drink here, Jo?
Oh perfect.
Were you away recently?
Yeah I was in
earlier, I was in earlier, yeah.
Get over here.
How was your journey?
Yeah not bad.
Like two hours.
Looking great as always ladies.
Hey man, good to see you man.
Good to see you.
Come here you big lug.
Get a drink.
You doing well?
Uh, good yeah.
I'm great.
So we toasting or what, Edgar?
Well, I'm glad to
see everyone here,
I hope we all last the weekend.
It's been too long, so here's
to marcom international.
Academy, dorm five, alumni 2014.
America's finest and
the brits of course.
You okay, Corey?
Corey, can I come in?
Are you okay?
Dig in, boys and girls.
Soak up the hangover.
Where's Hazel and Corey?
Little the worse
for wear, I think.
Oh my god, that's awful.
What is it?
Five people were murdered
last night down Leon house.
Two little boys
and their family.
That's awful.
I can't believe this
happens around here.
I know.
How about a little
game tonight then guys?
Lighten the mood.
A game?
I've got a book on
local myths and legends.
It's full of incantations,
spells and stuff.
Let's summon the tooth fairy.
Oooh, the tooth fairy!
Don't be stupid, Paul.
It's a silly local
legend, it's bollocks.
Let's just do it for a laugh.
Remember the ouija
board night we had?
Hazel thought we'd
summon a ghost,
turns out we just had
rats in the bloody wall.
Oh my god I remember
the rats, that was so funny.
Shall we?
Could be fun.
Believe me ladies,
after a few beers
it'll be a laugh riot.
I'm game.
Me too.
Yeah, me too.
I'm sure the sleeping beauties
upstairs will be up for it.
Yeah nice nice, okay.
No no don't bring that no.
Oh yeah yeah.
All right, nice,
that's the plan.
Yeah, be ready.
Hello, Corey.
Give thy tooth.
Jesus Christ, Corey.
You terrified us.
Guys, can we have
a moment please?
How many fingers
am I holding up?
Look, I'm fine.
Okay, well I'm
keeping a close eye.
Anything else happens and
I'm calling the ambulance.
I just wanna enjoy the
rest of the weekend.
Get involved a bit more.
I dunno, Paul's got something
odd planned for tonight.
Yeah, we're going to summon
the tooth fairy apparently.
Won't be able to last a weekend.
You guys want anything in town?
We're doing a booze run.
Just booze, lots of booze.
Anyone else?
Booze and chocolate, gotcha.
We'll be a couple of hours.
Let's go.
You guys remember
that easter party
we had back in second year?
Oh god, please don't remind me.
Hazel, tell me something,
when you're deep into a weekend
drinkathon, how come you
always get chocolate cravings?
You literally blitzed
through two chocolate eggs.
Never a good idea after a night
and morning of pounding shots.
After the results
of Hazel's barf,
I haven't been able to look
at a chocolate fountain since.
Yo, Corey.
Get in here and
sit yourself down.
What about
Christmas in second year?
Now that really was a disaster.
Oh stop.
I can't believe we missed
out on ball tickets
and ended up raving at
the community center.
I know.
Ed is still to tell us
whether he went home with that
woman who was double his age.
I can neither confirm nor deny.
I need something
you can collect for me.
Leave him alone.
He is mental.
We have to tell the others.
Forget it.
Don't go spoiling the
rest of the weekend.
We're not going to see
him again after tomorrow.
I promise, after tomorrow,
I'll call Jess up and tell her.
Come on.
Listen, can I ask you something?
You're not on drugs, are you?
I just need to lie
down for an hour.
A man of few words, ray,
but buddy, you can cook.
To ray.
To ray.
So Corey, you're an artist.
Yeah, my nephew reads one
of the books you
did the artwork for.
That's cool.
Pays the bills.
What are you doing
these days, Jess?
I'm a stock analyst.
Raking in the big bucks.
And boring my ass
off in the process.
What about you, Eddie?
I think you're an estate agent.
Any advance on that?
It's something like that
or you're a car salesman.
Yeah I'll say an estate agent.
Dude, tell her what I do.
He's an estate agent.
So me and Hazel, we've opened
up our own boutique
clothing shop.
Why doesn't it surprise me
that you two work together.
Hello, Corey.
Are you okay?
It's me.
I need to lie down.
I'll be fine.
Stay here, enjoy yourself.
Leave me alone.
I'm fine.
Here he is.
You feeling better?
I feel okay.
Right then.
Who's ready to raise a demon?
Come on then.
Over you come then
Corey, over you come.
Do you definitely
want to do this?
Are we all ready?
Hang on.
Right, now I'm ready.
Let's begin.
Everyone hold hands.
Close your eyes.
I've come to collect.
Corey, what is it?
Something's not right.
Was that it?
Yeah, we've unleashed a demon.
What's going on?
I'll get it.
No, I'll go.
What the hell's going on?
No signal, getting no signal.
No signal either.
What the hell's going on?
You stay with the girls,
don't let anyone in.
Me and Corey will
go and help ray.
He's probably still alive.
You with me Corey?
There's a shed with
some bats and some
crowbars, let's arm ourselves.
Where is it?
Wait here.
Weapons, Corey.
Go get the weapons.
What's going on?
What's going on?
I don't know.
Still no signal.
Let's just take one
of the cars and go.
But what about the others?
To hell with them!
Just shut up!
Who are you?
I'm Danielle.
I'm Paul's cousin.
Someone just passed the window.
Ray, what the hell's going on?
You total asshole!
What's going on?
It was a prank.
A prank?
A prank?
I nearly had a heart attack.
Where's Corey and Paul?
Corey ran off
into the south field
and Paul's gone to get him.
He ran off?
I have to go and find him.
No no wait a little bit.
It's no use, everyone
going to get lost.
I'm going!
Let's give it 10 minutes.
Corey's well up
tight, but once he calms
down he'll be all right.
Nice of him to abandon us all.
Shut the hell up, Hazel.
What do you want, Paul?
Well, you exceeded my
expectations, good work.
Thanks, that was fun.
Uh, money?
Oh yeah.
There's an envelope in
the glovebox of my car
with your money in.
Go grab it, introduce
yourself to the house
and have a few drinks.
Let's go find them.
No, I'll go.
I'll go with you.
No, watch the women.
Watch the women?
You lot can do what you like,
we're going to get more booze.
Come on, haze.
Answer me, Paul.
Answer me!
What do you want?
I'm only here for me.
Don't waste your breath.
You think I'll go to the police?
I don't give a shit.
I just want something from you.
What do you want?
The truth.
Damn, we're running low.
Think there's a box of
unused bottles outside.
Catch you in a sec.
Do you hear that?
Don't sneak up on me like that.
Did you get the booze?
Alcohol is bad for the teeth.
You should go with the others.
I need to check outside again.
What is up with you?
Go with the others.
I'll go get the
alcoholic beverages.
Did you take something?
I will soon.
What's going on, ray?
Why don't you want us looking?
You better tell me, ray, or I'm
going to stick this into
some part of your anatomy.
It was Paul's idea.
Where are they?
The shed.
Wait, what the hell's going on?
It's just part of the
joke, nothing's happening.
I want you to take me back
to a night 20 years ago.
People were killed,
a serial killer,
that couldn't be
stopped until they
burned themselves alive.
Not before killing my cousin.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yes you do.
Of all people, why was it you
and your family that survived?
What made you so special?
Why you?
What are you looking at?
She's not real.
Who's not real?
Maybe you are crazy.
Just let me go, Paul.
You'll see me somewhere.
That's Paul's car isn't it?
Someone's in the front seat.
Yeah, I think it's Paul.
Should we go and look?
We probably should.
After you.
Who are you?
Who are you?
It's in you somewhere.
The truth is in you.
Blood for blood, Corey.
I can't get the scum
who took my cousin,
so you're accountable.
Tell me what happened.
Who is the tooth fairy?
I was just gonna take
out one from the back.
But you know what?
Now I'm taking one
from the front.
I'm the tooth fairy
tonight, Corey.
You act strange.
You always have done.
Maybe you don't
believe you're crazy.
I have a confession
to make, Corey.
I'm worse.
Is that you?
That's not Corey.
Quick, get out of here.
She's dead!
Some woman, I don't even know
who she is.
Danielle, Paul's friend.
Where did you
disappear to, Hazel?
What are you
talking about, I was
in the kitchen, I'm
literally just done.
What is wrong with you?
You just followed me out there.
I didn't go outside.
You were in the kitchen
talking to me, you're crazy.
What on earth is going on?
If I didn't see
you in the kitchen,
then who was it?
Where's everyone else?
Paul's dead.
I don't know what's happening.
It's the tooth fairy,
I've just seen it!
The tooth fairy doesn't exist.
The girl's teeth were
all ripped out, ray.
And Paul's.
His whole jaw and
teeth were ripped out.
Where's Corey?
We haven't found him.
Tooth fairy isn't real.
So what is it then?
Who is it?
Corey ain't here.
Don't be ridiculous.
He probably ran off because
you two idiots terrorized him.
We seen Corey earlier, Jess.
Me and Hazel.
He was acting really weird.
Talking to himself, having
a complete meltdown.
Why didn't you tell
me this before?
Because he's a creep.
He's always been creepy.
He's a nut job.
Do you know anything
about his history?
20 years ago?
What history?
He's involved.
People died,
including Paul's cousin.
He's a freak.
That doesn't make him a killer.
Edgar, you know him
better than anyone,
why aren't you saying anything?
It's nothing.
Maybe it's just...
Spit it out, Edgar.
This is important.
I saw him a couple of days ago.
He'd been sketching something
out, a monster of some kind.
I didn't think much
of it until now
but he'd drawn it
carrying a bag of teeth.
Well that's it, he's flipped.
Wake up, Jess!
He's a psycho.
Whatever is out there, whoever,
we need to get out,
grab the car and go.
Paul's car's dead.
Well we'll take
mine, go to town,
call the police.
How can you explain the fact
Hazel and Jo saw each other
when they weren't even there?
Everyone's running
around scared.
Probably just in shock.
Come on.
Give thy tooth.
I really don't want to do this.
It's okay, it's okay.
I can't see anything.
Stay alert ladies, keep an eye.
Keep a look out
while I start her up.
What's that?
It's nothing.
What's taking so long?
I don't know.
What's happening?
I can't believe it.
No no no.
What's happening, ed?
It's been tampered with.
We'd better go
back and tell them.
We'd best get back
to the house too.
So now what?
Can we check the other car?
If he's tampered with one,
he's tampered with them all.
I say we make a run for it.
Don't let him in, ray.
You can't be sure, what
if he needs our help?
He's a murderer.
We don't know that.
Ray, he will kill us.
Please no, ray, he's crazy.
We need to let him in.
Ed, get ready.
When he comes in, get
ready to take him.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Help me, Jess.
Why'd you do that?
I'm not taking no chances.
Calm down you two, help me get
him to the shed.
This is wrong.
Jess, until we know exactly
what's happening or who might
be out there, he's safe here.
Okay here's my suggestion,
we go back to town together,
send the police
to pick up Corey.
If he's innocent their
investigation will
prove he's innocent
and eliminate
him from the murder inquiry.
And if he is then there's
still somebody out there.
Well, I'm going.
I'm staying.
Hell yeah I'm going.
I've had it up to
here with this place.
Let's get out of this hellhole.
I'm staying.
We can lock ourselves in.
If you want my honest opinion,
I'm 100% certain that we've
got this killer locked up.
I mean, it's true, right.
If it looks like a dog and it
smells like a dog,
then it's a damn dog.
I'm staying.
I'm gonna pour myself a drink
and I'm gonna take a shower.
Josephine, Hazel, we're going.
It'll take us an hour if we
cut through the back fields
along the farm, okay?
Cool, let's go.
Stay safe out there.
Yeah, you too.
I'm gonna tidy up.
Leave him alone, Jess.
I'm having a drink.
I need to stop.
When we get as
far away as we can.
Ed please, we need to stop.
Come on, come on.
We're going to make
it, please just stop.
We're gonna head
straight to the cops.
They can lock that psychopath
up and throw away the key.
As soon as we get there we need
to demand to speak to someone
and get them sent
straight to the house.
Can we stop talking about the.
Tooth fairy, then they're
going to think we're all crazy.
No, Corey's behind this,
that's all they need to know.
We don't need to start talking
about this tooth fairy crap.
It was insane, I don't
know what happened.
I can't believe I made him come.
I invited him.
This is not your fault, Edgar.
You weren't to know
what he's really like.
I've known him for so long.
I never thought he'd
be capable of this.
You weren't to know, Edgar.
Strange is one
thing, but a killer.
I feel so guilty.
No please.
We should have said
something earlier,
we seen that he was messed up.
Oh we can...
Gun, Corey.
You want to live?
Give me an
offering or I will take them all.
Can I go now?
Right after I take the rest.
Just let me, just let me go.
Corey, I'm,
I'm sorry.
I'm just sorry okay?
I'll be right down.
I'm just cleaning my teeth,
we can have fun soon.
Yeah, we can be like the others.
Come and play.
Where are the other guys?
They perished.
Ray didn't make it.
Let's take the road up this way.
That's away from the cottage.
You wish to go back?
Edgar, you and I both know that
Corey is innocent.
He's locked up
in that house, we need to
go back and get him now.
I'll catch you later.
You coward!
Corey, no.
Corey, please.
I came back to get you out.
Corey, where did
you get that gun?
I just found it.
Corey, it's me.
It's Jess.
Come to collect.
It's Jess.
What's wrong?
Your time will come, Corey.
Corey, what's wrong?
It's your destiny.
I'm gonna put the gun down.
Just calm yourself, okay?
Yes yes yes yes.
Come on, Corey.
It wasn't me.
I didn't do it.
I know, I know.
I know, I never doubted you.
We have to get this thing, okay?
It's gonna all right.
What are you looking for?
Anything sweet, it
seems to repel her.
How do we kill it?
I don't know.
Paul's book.
The incantation actually worked.
If there's something
to unleash her,
maybe there's
something to stop her.
I know where it is.
There it is.
Okay, it must be here somewhere.
Corey, concentrate.
This is the incantation page,
so here's the summoning.
This is it, the collector.
We have to summon another demon.
The collector: A
demon who collects
escaped demons who have stayed
too long in the mortal realm.
If we bring him here, he'll
bring her back to hell,
it's the only way.
Be careful.
Let's go.
Corey, Corey.
Go, go!
Take the book.
Let me in.
Please, Jess, it's Corey.
It's over.
It's over.
You can collect for me.
This is your destiny.