Top Dog (2014) Movie Script

Fear is an amazing weapon.
With fear on your side, you can
get people to do anything.
Say anything or believe anything.
That's power. Real power.
Where I come from, you learn
that at a very young age.
But power through fear
comes with a price.
Because there will always be
those who cannot be threatened.
That's the law of the jungle.
In this jungle,
those who decide to try and seize
power had better watch themselves.
You see, real leaders are defined by
their strength in the face of challenge.
No matter where or who it comes from.
And no matter what the consequences.
What's happening? What's up, Bill?
Here, Tubbs, thought you
had a meet sorted with Villa?
No, the old Bill had them all wrapped
up when I got down there, Bill.
Oh, that explains all the uniforms
down the high road, then.
That's sweet. All right, mate.
Biggest firm of the lot, Old Bill.
Yeah, knowing Villa,
soon as they got off the train
they went looking for the plod
to hold their hands anyway.
- Fucking two-bob firm.
- Fucking pricks...
Thank fuck for away days,
that's all I can say. Much more fun.
Ain't that the bloody truth, bruv?
'Ere, PJ, get up there,
give 'em a shout.
- Go on, mate.
- AC! AC! AC!
Listen, Hawk. Talking about away days,
we got a few big ones coming up.
Might be a good idea to get
the chaps together one day.
When you thinking? Thursday?
Yeah, sweet. Listen, not here though.
We need to mix it up a little bit.
- Where?
- Don't know. How about The Saint George?
Your uncle's gaff?
You haven't been there in ages.
You sure Sal ain't
gonna cut your throat?
Guess we'll find out
Thursday, won't we?
'Ere, come on then,
who's got a bugle?
- Have that one.
- Sweet. Ta. Lovely.
Fuckface. Nearly home.
Oh, shit. Sorry, I'm knackered.
What time you got
work in the morning?
I ain't. I got the day off.
Lucky fucker.
I got to be in Brixton by 10:00.
Some geezer wants me to take
a couple of motors of his hands.
Christ. It's tough at the top. Innit!
Will be for him when he finds
out what I'm offering him.
Go on, then. Piss off.
Oh, give the missus
a big kiss from me?
Oh, yeah, she'd love that,
wouldn't she?
- See you later.
- Good night, bruv.
Fucking cunt! Fucking thing.
No, no, mate. Seriously.
It wasn't me, was it. I told you.
You know me fucking better than
that. I wouldn't, would I?
For fucking hell! What the fuck
have you done to this machine?
Jesus. I'm spending all
my bloody money on this.
You still there? Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I'll be round later.
I'll be round later and
talk to you about it, yeah.
Yeah, I'll speak to
you later, mate. Bye-bye.
Where's my crispy duck?
- I'm sorry!
- For fuck's sake!
How fucking difficult is it,
you stupid Chink?
Fucking shithole, this place.
What's your fucking problem,
eh? Dickhead!
See you, sunshine, you need to learn
some fucking manners, don't you?
What? You fucking want some
as well, do ya? Fuck off!
Hey, love. Take the day off tomorrow
and get the window fixed, yeah?
Has this got serviettes in it?
Who are you smirking at?
Trying to figure out how you're
going to pay me for that.
- Oh, yeah?
- You're even sexier egg-flavoured.
Oh, you're disgusting.
Oh, actually babe, listen.
I'm going to see Julie tomorrow so
I might need a little bit of money
'cause I want to take
her out and treat her.
Yeah, sweet. Right.
I'm gonna go check on Alfie
and then have a shower.
Have a shower first, yeah?
You're fucking beautiful,
you know that?
Jesus Christ, you couldn't
given it a lick of paint?
What the bloody hell do you want?
- Billy! Long time no see.
- Hello, Steve.
- So, how's life out in the sticks?
- Barnet's hardly the bloody sticks.
- Still got the garage?
- Yeah. It's doing OK, as it happens.
I'm meeting a few pals
down here in a little bit.
Is it OK to use the upstairs?
You'd better not be
dealing in my pub again!
Behave. That was year's ago, Sal.
Ain't grafted any of that shit in ages.
On my boy's eyes!
- So, how's the cousins, all right?
- Yeah, fine.
- Darren's still boxing, ain't he?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's doing nice.
I see him in the trades.
Right. So how long has
that been going on?
Oh, come on, don't treat
me like an idiot, Auntie Sal.
You know what it's like round here.
It's a legitimate business expense.
- How much?
- 250 a week.
For that, we get to keep the windows.
- So who are they?
- We only ever deal with them two.
- They work for Mickey James.
- Mickey James?
- Thought he was still inside.
- No, he got out. Six, seven months ago.
He got a toe in all the
pubs around here now?
Seems like it. I know he's got a few
in Camden and a couple in Kilburn.
Surprised the Paddys
ain't put a block on that.
Different times, ain't it?
Coming, love.
What do you want?
You don't have to take it, Sal.
Just say the word and I'll put
the AC mark on this place.
- Then what?
- He won't come near you again.
It's a nice idea, Billy,
but this isn't a game.
People like that don't piss about.
What, you think I do?
Just say the word, Sal.
It's good to see you, Billy.
But you're still a little shit.
I think that's about everything, yes?
This'll be simple.
- You know what you're doing?
- Yeah, I know what. Yeah, yeah.
Oh, so that's it, then.
- Yeah.
- Everyone's sorted?
- Sweet.
- Done.
- Are you all right, boss?
- You all right, Bill? You're a bit quiet.
I got some business.
It ain't strictly football, but it
does concern the AC and this place.
This place? Mate,
this place is a shithole.
Yeah, but it's my aunt and uncle's shithole.
Someone's putting the squeeze on it.
So what are you saying?
What I'm saying, is that this
place is our new official home.
- You make all the decisions now, eh?
- Yeah. Anyone got a problem with that?
The first thing we got to do is sort
out this little firm draining the till.
I want some faces here
next Thursday. Lots of them.
You don't change do you?
Mix it up a bit.
Do you know I can't remember the last
time I had my nails done, you know?
It's so nice to be a bit girlie.
Thanks, honey. I really needed that.
Shush. And by the way, you look...
Don't say glowing, for God's sake.
Because Graham says it all the bloody time.
Well, if you let me finish, I was
actually going to say you look gorgeous.
Well, thank you,
but I look like a house.
No you don't, you just look like
you're pregnant. Do you remember me?
I was massive with Alfie. Massive.
Ankles the size of a rhino's.
It was ridiculous.
So how's Graham then?
Oh, he's all right.
A little bit stressed since he lost his job,
but what can you do, you know?
What? Why didn't you say anything?
Something'd come up.
Always does, doesn't it?
Babe, just hear me out here.
Look, I know you and Billy
don't see eye-to-eye,
but do you want me to
have a word with him?
'Cause, babe, I'm sure we
can sort something out.
No, 'cause he don't
want Billy to know.
Besides, it's bad enough them watching
football all the bloody time.
Can you imagine them
working together and all?
Besides, that even
might have to go soon.
Well, babe, don't tell
me things are that bad.
No, not at the moment. Ooh!
Bloody little bugger! I swear to God, if
this peanut kicks me one more time today,
I'm gonna do my nut!
Do you know what
he wants to call him?
- Oh, God, what? Go on.
- Glenn. After Glenn Hoddle.
- What? Oh, God, that's horrible.
- I know.
What are you going
to do if it's a girl?
Well, he said it can be called Glenn
too, because Glenn's also a girl's name.
Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction.
I mean, what a blood idiot.
What's he thinking?
I mean, talk about bunny-boiler.
Ooh, there it goes again.
Bill? Lift off.
What's so important?
Come through to upstairs.
Hello, Mickey. Long time no see.
Billy Evans.
This is all a bit Lock, Stock, innit?
What the fuck's all this about?
This place. It's ours now.
What do you mean, "Ours"?
- The AC's.
- Acton Casuals.
Fucking hell. Has no one told you all that
football bollocks died out years ago?
It's a fucking joke now, fella.
We ain't laughing.
You step on my toes,
and that's disrespectful.
And the thing is, I've got
a reputation to consider.
So have I. Ours.
Then you've got a problem, ain't you?
Not me, you.
And how'd you work that out?
Have you ever seen a football
mob trash a pub, Mickey?
Takes about two minutes.
You come near this place again
and we'll blitz two of your gaffs.
Three if I'm in a bad mood.
And every time I get a sniff of you
being near here, it'll be the same.
And then I'll start on your clubs.
See what that does to
your poxy reputation.
We'll tear your fucking head off.
Oh, ain't it sweet. Does he
get a treat for doing that?
You mugging little cunt.
All I want is this place
left alone. That's it.
Well, I hope you boys know what
you're getting yourself into.
Not so bad, was it?
Fuck off!
Right, that's them fucked off then.
Bunch of fucking wankers, innit?
You all right, Bill?
I could do with a spliff,
I know that much.
What happens now, Billy?
What happens when they come back
and there's none of your lads here?
Don't worry. They won't
come back here, Steve.
Won't be you they'll be coming for.
Being attacked! All right, you.
You're in trouble now, my child...
Oi. You two, enough now.
Listen, Alfie, bathroom please.
Ain't never beat your dad.
Never beat him.
I said enough. Stop it!
You're late, and so are you.
Come on. Bathroom.
- I've already said it once. Go.
- Trouble.
Got me right in the balls.
Fancy kissing them better?
Baby, did he hurt you?
- He did.
- Oh...
You wish.
- I've got wash to do.
- That's cold.
- Fuck off!
- Mickey, it's me, Charlie.
- I'm busy!
- I need to talk to you.
Jesus Christ, I'm busy!
Can't you fuck off!
We've been over there. We sorted it.
What do you want? A fucking medal?
- Any agg?
- No no, it's sweet.
All right. Well, wake that up.
Send it home.
I'm so fucking angry, Steve.
The guy's a tosser.
You know what he's like.
A thing out of order.
That's what he is.
Sure I can't give you
a lift up the hospital?
No, I'm fine, thanks. Honestly.
I'm fine.
Didn't expect him... Oh!
Just give it a rest, love.
No, I'm not gonna die. Honest.
What did I tell you.
You can't piss about with that lot.
Christ, I must have
been bloody stupid.
No, it was me that was stupid, Sal.
I thought if anything,
Mickey would come after me, not...
Not come back here.
Look, all I can do is
apologise to the both of you.
If you need anything, just...
What I need, Billy, is an easy life.
You got that phantom
kind of love I need
I lose my mind
You pull me closer whispering
those sweet nothings
Two pints, please, mate.
In the morning when you
know that you can sing
- Busy tonight?
- Yeah, some new faces about.
When you kiss me baby
I know it is all right
Stop messing with me
Oi. That is mine.
Fucking wallop!
Mr Evans.
Remember I told you what would happen
if you went near The Saint George again?
Have a little listen to this.
Fucking hell.
Two of yours for one of ours!
Fuck is going on?
Move! Move your ass!
Get the fuck out!
What the fuck is going on?
Oi! Fucking wanker!
What's your fucking game?
You think you can just
fucking turn over my boozers
and think I'm just going to roll over
and let you stick your cock up my arse?
Let me say it to you fella,
your fucking little firm are fuck all.
Now, don't look at
me like that, fella,
'cause I will sink my fucking
teeth into your face.
I will break your fucking back!
You wanna fucking go to war with me?
You wanna fucking go
to war with me, cunt?
I will fucking go to war with you!
Any fucking day of the week you want.
You have just walked straight
into a fucking shit-storm!
Fucking wanker!
Fucks sake!
Fucking hell, Pat.
I didn't know you were here,
nobody tells me anything.
You all right?
How you keeping? You well?
What's going on Mickey?
It's nothing, Pat. It's all right.
It's just...
You know, a little
football hooligan thing.
It's sorted out,
it's under control, it's fine.
This doesn't look like nothing to me.
Oh, no. It's all right.
Just trust me, it's all right.
You're doing a good job here, Mickey.
But you've gotta understand
the sensitivity of our situation.
Look, I'm sorry, Frank, it's just...
You're not our only investment.
So, don't go bringing
problems we don't need.
- Understand?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
Smooth water, Mickey.
Always safest.
What's going on?
Yeah, just thinking, that's all.
Come on, it's me you're talking to.
Honey, it's just... Just work stuff.
OK, well, come on. It's dinner time.
So, what do you think he's gonna do?
Got a load of stock sat
out here, so if I was him...
You sure you haven't bitten
off more than you can chew?
Doesn't matter if I have.
We back down now, and we're fucked.
We've never swerved
a riot yet, have we?
This ain't football,
though, is it Bill?
Billy... It's urgent.
All right, Jesus Christ,
you'd think I work for her,
not the other way around.
So what are you going to do?
I've had an idea for a new business.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
How do you fancy
coming to work for me?
Well, not for. With.
What do you mean?
Look, I know the score, bruv.
I know you ain't working.
How'd you find out?
Julie told Sam the
other day, didn't she?
Look, don't make a fucking
song and dance out of it.
You need a job and I
want you as my partner.
- Partner?
- So what do you reckon?
Sweet, I'll go put her
out of her misery.
- So, go on, what do you think?
- You, working for Billy?
I mean, seriously.
No, not for, with. We'd be partners,
in a new security company.
He's gonna put up the cash
and I'll do the work, that's it.
What would you know about security?
Nothing, I don't need to.
We could just hire people that do.
Honestly, baby, this is a no-brainer.
There's not one company around here that's
offering security for car lots. Not one.
- For crying...
- Billy's already got mates
in the trade that want to take us on.
Look, I know you might
not like the idea, right.
But in case you haven't noticed the offers
ain't exactly flooding in at the minute.
And what, with peanut due...
- Will you promise me one thing?
- What?
- This is legal, 'cause I'm...
- Totally.
I swear, I wouldn't
do it if it wasn't.
You know that, don't you? Don't you?
- Yeah.
- All right.
All right. If you think it'll be OK.
- Yeah, I do.
- Yeah? All right.
I still think Billy's an arsehole.
Come here.
- Hi, beautiful.
- Yeah.
I haven't done anything
for dinner though.
I've been stuck here all bloody day.
That's all right, don't be silly.
I'll put something in the oven.
Want a cup of tea?
Yeah, I'd love one.
Who are those flowers from?
Someone called Mickey.
They're lovely.
There's a card there.
I'll just put the kettle on.
Will you tell him I said thank you?
They're so nice...
Prick. Who does he think he is?
The fucking Godfather?
OK, man.
Sounds like our mutual friend
needs a little reminder.
Yeah, sweet, leave it with me.
Oh, perfect timing.
- There you go.
- Oh, lovely.
Everything OK?
Yeah, that was just Hawk letting me
know he's off collecting in the morning,
so I said I'd see him at the game.
- How's he doing?
- Yeah, really good.
Better than I could
have hoped, to be fair.
It ain't been long, but he's
making us a bloody fortune.
Good. OK, I'm going to go
upstairs and check on Alfie, OK?
All right.
Yeah, I'll be up after I've had this.
So, you want us to go Old
Trafford on Saturday, yeah?
All mobbed up and put on a show?
That's exactly what I want.
Now, with Hawk's missus
due to drop any day,
he ain't gonna be there,
so I've asked PJ to step up.
Everyone sweet with that?
Quiet down, Quiet down.
Now listen up. Listen!
If we're going to do this
we're got to do it properly.
I need as many lads up there as possible,
and I want to make it a fucking nuisance.
Now the main thing is we make a
show to try and get their top faces.
If we can get something sorted
beforehand, all the better.
Old Bill will be all over us.
Fuck 'em!
Look, whatever happens, I don't want us
coming out of here looking like mugs.
So, that means avoiding the
Old Bill for as long as possible.
Right, so who else do we bump into
on the way up there, then, eh?
Well, City are away at Sunderland,
so they're out of the way.
- Rent Boys are at Villa.
- There he goes.
He loves a Rent Boy.
Brum are at home.
Millwall, Leicester.
Other than that, it's all two-bob.
Tell you what, it's all about the fucking
Cockney Reds on the fucking train.
Fucking bones smashing.
OK, lads, let's pull this
thing together properly,
but if anything happens to
let the Mancs claim a result,
I'll be very unhappy.
- All right?
- No worries, Bill!
I hope you fucking know
what you're doing, Bill.
Never called it wrong before.
Right, that's what worries me.
Yeah, one more thing...
Do you remember Dan the scrappie?
Yeah, he's still got the
breakers yard in Islington?
Proper shady fucker he is, as well.
All right...
Let's have some fun with
our mate Mr James, then.
Can I get you anything
before I come to bed?
Yeah, just get this
little peanut outta me.
I feel totally useless. Poor thing.
- Yeah, well you are.
- Oh, thanks.
Christ, I've got another
week of this shit.
So, Little Glenn,
you better turn up tomorrow.
I'm missing United
away because of you.
We are not calling this baby
Glenn, I'm telling you now.
What's wrong with Glenn?
Well, 'cause I quite like Charlie.
- Or George or Ian.
- Oh, very funny.
You been reading up on
Arsenal have you? Yeah, yeah?
Never in a million years.
Can I say something?
Yeah, of course you can.
Well, you know I'm not
Billy's biggest fan...
That's an understatement, isn't it?
Yeah, well, since you've been working
for him, things have been good.
That's all...
What I'm trying to say...
No, no.
You ain't gotta say, I know.
You're gorgeous. You know that?
- Shut up.
- No, you are.
Shut up, I look like a whale.
It just means more of
you to cuddle, that's all.
Oh, I love it.
Oh, I could cuddle
you all night, babe.
Tell Dan I said sweet.
Come on!
Fuck you!
Just fucking hang on.
Mum. Oh...
Oh, you all right, love?
No, my back's killing me.
Why don't I make you a cup of tea
and then I'll run you a
nice hot bath. Yeah?
You like the same tea?
Right. You all right, now?
Do you feel all right to
get in the bath now? Yeah?
Come on then, up you get. All right.
All right.
Fuck! Mum!
Oh, you're joking.
Right, coming, right now.
I'm gonna be a dad!
Contractions? No, no,
I think the baby's on its way.
Yeah, yeah. OK,
I'll leave the door open.
- All right.
- Fuck!
There, the ambulance
is on its way, darling.
All right, I'm going to go
downstairs and open the door.
All right? Won't be long.
Won't be long.
Oh, where the hell is Graham?
Hello, we're here!
Yeah, hello, we're up here.
Paramedics are here, darling.
They're here, they're here.
- They're coming again!
- Just breathe. Breathe.
- Right, is this her first?
- Yeah, yeah.
It is. Right,
well she's certainly keen.
You're doing really well.
Julie, I want you to
take some big breaths.
In and out... Well done.
- Really slowly, all right.
- Where's Graham?
- Here we go, my love.
- It's about time.
Well done, there you go.
Go, go, go...
No, still no answer.
Where is he?
- Mum, ring Sam.
- OK.
Here, it's ringing.
Sam, have you heard from Graham?
It's all right,
that might be him now.
Yeah, thankfully.
Sam, she's beautiful.
Listen, I don't care
what you told my friend,
somebody has to come down here now...
That's enough!
What? My mate's in there!
Well, you're not helping him by
kicking off out here are you?
- What's his name?
- Hawkins.
How is he?
They're just moving
him to intensive care.
Intensive care?
I'm sure it's just so they
can monitor him properly.
Now, the best thing
you can do is go home.
No! I wanna see my mate!
His wife's with him. I'm sure
she'll let you know how he is.
- What's your name anyway?
- What?
I know... Hello babe. No, sorry.
I'm just with the boys.
Oh, oh, she has.
Right. Right, yeah, yeah,
I'll talk to you later.
I'm so sorry.
How is he?
He's got a fractured skull.
Some broken bones. He's...
They think he might have
some kidney damage.
I just... I just want him
to wake up, that's all.
I knew something like
this would happen.
I knew it.
Your bloody husband.
Hang on, this hasn't got
anything to do with Billy.
Oh, come on Sam. Really?
Nothing like this would
ever have happened before.
Hang on, if anything,
they're as bad as each other.
So, what does that mean?
Well, it's all this AC shit.
I mean they're idiots fighting
at football like kids.
Nuh-uh. I meant before he
started working for Billy.
So what you saying?
'Cause my Graham
don't fight at football.
Er, you being serious?
So what you trying to say, Sam?
Do you know what?
This is not the time.
Right, no, this is exactly
the time. I wanna know...
- I'm telling you, it is not the time.
- Sam, I wanna know everything.
Fucking help me out here, please.
What are you saying?
What you're saying is he fucking...
He deserved it 'cause he's a thug?
I fucked up, all right?
Just leave it, please.
Excuse me, can I help?
Yeah. I'm Graham's brother.
How is he?
He's as well as can be expected.
His wife's here somewhere.
Oh, Julie, you mean.
Is it all right if I just sat with him,
for a bit, until she comes back?
Yeah, of course.
Hello, bruv...
It's only me.
Don't talk. No, no,
no, don't talk, OK?
I just need to know...
Was it... Was it Mickey's boys?
Here. I thought you
could do with this.
Any news?
Sam's at the hospital
with his missus.
She says she'll call if...
Why don't you get back over there?
You're no good here.
Trying to keep out
of his missus's way.
Fair to say she isn't
my greatest fan.
You can't think like that, Billy.
You're really close, aren't you?
Brother you never had?
Brother I always had.
Get off. Mum. Take her.
Take her. All right, darling.
What the fuck are you doing here?
All right. All right.
Harry's here.
Don't you even fucking...
- Julie! Julie!
- No, Mum!
I've wanted to do
that for years, Mum.
He died, you bastard. He's dead!
Fuck you, Billy!
Fuck you! Come on, Mum.
Come here.
Billy, it's Dawn.
Just to let you know,
the police have been here.
They need to talk to you.
I'll speak to you later.
Billy, do you know
something about this?
Of course I don't.
Don't fucking lie to me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I just need to be on my own.
Your best mate is lying on a slab,
and he's not even bloody cold yet.
What you need to do is help the police
find the bastards that did this to him.
Why is that so difficult for you?
You don't understand.
I understand too fucking well,
because I have to deal with it
every time you walk out that door
and go to the fucking football!
This ain't got nothing to do...
- Oh, bollocks!
- With fucking football.
Do you know?
When Graham was lying there dying,
in intensive care, I had to sit down with
Julie and explain all this AC shit to her
because she didn't have
a clue about any of it.
- Not now...
- Do you know what I told her?
That you're like idiot kids,
fighting over fucking football.
It's pathetic.
You're pathetic!
You dragged Graham into this,
and therefore, you owe it to Julie to help
put whoever killed her husband inside.
Do you understand me?
And another thing,
this football bollocks
is over, OK?
I am not wasting one
more minute of my life
waiting for a copper to
come to my door and...
It's me and Alfie, or it's the AC.
You choose.
Do you know what, I knew
this was going to happen.
- What?
- You.
You dragged us into all this bollocks,
now you want to bail out.
Hey, you're fucking out of order.
Shut up, you fucking prick.
That's OK.
You're right, Tubbs. I am bailing.
I've already lost my best mate.
I ain't going to lose
my family as well.
So, this little mob that
did Hawk, we just let it go?
No, they ain't going to get away
with it. The Old Bill will catch up.
What are you, a fucking grass now?
Fuck you!
We're talking about murder!
Yeah, I know, and who's that down to,
eh? That's down to you, mate.
You think I don't know that?
Listen, that little mob, we know who
they are. Me and Tubbs been talking...
All we gotta do is take
a couple of them out...
For fuck's sake, boys,
listen to yourselves!
I've come to tell you about
the funeral arrangements.
All right. Well, come,
let's do this inside.
No, no.
I just wanted you to know that the
funeral is on Monday, at 11:00.
All right. Well, listen,
if there's anything you need...
No, no, nothing. It's all sorted.
There is one thing, though. Billy?
You're not to come.
I mean it, Billy.
You won't be welcome.
No. Please don't do this to me.
He was my best mate.
This is yours, as well.
What's this?
It's the money we had saved
since he started working for him.
That's yours. At least use
it to pay for the funeral.
Use this? What for?
For burying in my garden.
It's protection money, Sam.
It's disgusting.
What are you talking about?
It's nothing like that.
Julie, what...
Is that true, are you running
a bloody protection racket?
Oh, come on, Sam.
How long have you known me?
Too fucking long.
What the fuck do you want?
I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.
Tell that to his missus,
or the baby he never got to see.
Well, thanks anyway
for not talking to the Old Bill,
because that would have been awkward.
- I didn't do it for you.
- No.
You did it for you, Billy.
If the Old Bill comes sniffing around,
you and your little gang are fucked.
Am I right or am I wrong?
All I know is
my mate's getting
buried in two days time
'cause your boys killed him.
Well, he did turn over one of my bars.
I mean, some people would say
that's karma.
Yeah, well...
You know what they say
about karma, don't you, Mickey?
It's always coming.
Karma's been,
kicked you up the ass,
and fucked off.
I did warn you not to play with the
big boys, but you didn't listen, did you?
You're taking the piss, right?
I could just take it off you.
It's not like you've got your little
army wrapped around you any more.
I'll make you a good offer.
This ain't over.
It was over the moment you
walked in The Saint George.
I'll be as quick as I can, OK?
Babe, I don't know what else to say.
Say goodbye for me, OK?
Of course I will.
All right, mate?
Another time, mate.
I just want to have
a look at the car.
Oh, yeah, thanks. Thanks a
lot mate, cheers. Nice one.
I'm sorry.
I promise, I'll look after your baby.
I promise you...
What are you doing here?
I miss him.
I had to do the job.
- Oh, you miss him.
- Yes.
Do you know why I'm here, Billy?
I'm here to say goodnight
to my husband.
I've got to go home to my little
baby angel on my own, and...
I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
I'll just go.
Do you know who killed him?
Then why don't you tell the police?
Are you that afraid of
doing the right thing?
Thinking and proving
are two different things.
You could at least
give them the chance.
You know what?
You're a fucking coward, Billy.
Yeah. My Graham,
he was worth ten of you.
How sure are you? That you know.
Sure as I can be.
Well, if you won't tell the police,
you're going to do me a favour
and get me some justice.
I don't care how you do it.
Just do it.
Get the fuck off me.
Hello? Yeah, it's me.
Yeah, I know, it's been a while.
Listen, can we have a meet?
Sorry, Billy, no way.
I just need some numbers
to back me up, that's all.
For Hawk!
Bollocks, it ain't about Hawk.
It's about you and that geezer
waving your dicks at each other.
That's what got us in a
mess in the first place.
You got us involved with some stuff you
should never have got us involved in.
The AC's about football, that's it.
There's something
else you should know.
This Mickey geezer...
Some of the boys are
doing some work for him.
Bit of cash in hand,
that sort of thing.
What? Nah.
- Who?
- Tubby and a couple of the others.
Even after Hawk?
So, what are they doing?
Garages. They're collecting.
What do you mean, "collecting"?
Security thing you had set up for
the garages. Mickey's flipped it.
It's a protection thing now.
Oi, mate! What the fuck
are you doing here?
Sorry about this. I gotta get something
in me otherwise I'm going to be fucked.
Want a bacon sarnie?
It's OK, I'll give
it a swerve, thanks.
What, are you Jewish?
No, mate.
What can I do you for?
I need a motor.
Something fast and anonymous.
I might have something for you.
I'm sorry to hear about Hawk.
I know you were tight.
Shit happens. You know how it is.
True that.
There she is.
What, quid?
Two bags and you got a deal.
This isn't bartering,
I'm just going down.
I need it to vanish after.
All right, well, bring it back
to me and I'll use it again.
- No, I want it gone.
- You want to break it up with me?
Some people prefer that,
it gives them peace of mind.
No, you're all right. I trust you.
Need a driver?
No, I got one.
You fucking cunt!
I'll do you and your fucking family!
- Tubbs. It's upstairs.
- All right. Sweet.
Are you Tubby?
What's this all about, then?
So, tell me about this
Acton Casuals mob.
Sorry, we're closed.
I'm looking for a Mr Evans.
Is he around?
He's not, I'm afraid.
Can I ask what it's regarding?
- If it's about the cars, you'll have to...
- It's not.
Have you any idea when
he's expected back?
But if you leave your number I'll get
him to call you when he gets back.
That's OK.
Thanks for your help.
Old Bill.
That ain't fuckin' Old Bill.
That's trouble.
- Yes, fella?
- Orange juice, please.
That's 1.80, please.
- Keep it.
- Cheers.
Erm, I'm looking for a
Billy Evans. Is he here?
I don't know who he is, mate. Sorry.
I think you probably do.
Look, if I say I don't know who
he is, I don't know who he is.
Oi. Sloppy bollocks.
What's your fucking problem?
I don't have a problem.
I'm just looking for someone.
Well, Mick, whoever you're
fucking looking for ain't here.
So take your little boyfriend,
and get the...
So, this is the famous AC
I've been hearing about?
You tell Billy Evans
I'll be seeing him.
These fucking bunch of cunts.
- That's all they said?
- Yeah.
Listen, has this got anything to do with
Mickey James? You know he got ironed out.
Yeah, I heard.
Well, when was the
last time you saw him?
Mickey? Don't know.
Bumped into him a while back.
- Why all the questions?
- I did some digging.
Did you know he was connected?
- Connected to who?
- The Irish.
Word is he was running their collecting and
laundering operation up in North London.
- Shit.
- Yeah, fucking right, "shit".
'Cause if this is them looking for you,
you need to be on your toes.
'Cause this mob do not fuck about.
I'm just saying, be careful.
Babe, I'm home.
- Hello, Sam, where are you?
- Hello, Bill?
What the fuck are you
doing with Sam's phone?
Bill, listen, mate. Get yourself
down to The Saint George now.
The Irish fellow has got
your wife and kid now.
I'm telling you, Bill,
get here as soon as you can.
Mr Evans? We need to speak
to you in relation to an assault
that happened on the forecourt
of your garage on the 25th.
A Charles Vernon.
I'm arresting you on suspicion
of GBH. You do not have...
Back door! Careful.
He's got a gun.
Tango 3-1. Urgent. We've got an
armed suspect leaving the scene.
Thirty minutes, you said?
He should be here by now.
I don't know. Something must
have happened, I dunno.
What are you going to do
when he does get here?
Just ask him a few
questions, that's all.
Your husband's finally arrived.
- Now, listen, Sam...
- No.
- What are you doing? Get off of me!
- No, Alfie, Alfie...
- Fucking hell, Bill...
- All right.
- Where are they?
- Bill, will you get out of the...
- Where?
- Upstairs, mate.
Just in case you try anything stupid.
What are you gonna do?
Mr Evans, I presume.
Nice of you to join us.
- Dad.
- It's OK.
Yeah, if we just get the kid
out of here now, all right?
- You gave me your word.
- Just take him out.
Just get 'im out, Bill.
It's all right.
Let's settle this once and
for all. Sit him down.
Cod! Cod!
Wake up! Wake up! We gotta go!
Alpha 4-7. Urgent message.
Look, whatever you want to do,
you don't need her here.
Please, just let her go.
I'm begging you.
It's me you want.
What I want, Mr Evans, is the truth.
So just tell me what I want to hear,
and we can bring all this
unpleasantness to a close.
- I don't know what happened to Mickey...
- Spare me.
What made you think you could
take on a firm as big as us, Billy?
You're not stupid.
You know how big we are.
And why we can't afford to allow
anyone to draw attention to us.
Is it because you took
it personally? Billy?
Is that why you killed Mickey?
I didn't fucking...
Don't lie to me.
Don't you think I don't
already know the truth?
Billy, seriously?
All right, you can come up now.
I know everything, Billy.
Like I said, Billy, we're a big firm.
Big firms employ many people.
Like Daniel here.
OK, that's enough.
It's OK. This is just all a mistake.
I'm very disappointed in you, Billy.
Go on.
I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Julie told him everything.
But she was the one...
Revenge takes many forms, Billy.
Thanks to you, Julie Hawkins,
well, she's a very bitter woman.
Why did you lie to me?
I'm going to give
you one last chance.
- Come on! Humour me.
- Yeah, I fucking did it.
I fucking killed the cunt.
Get the fuck off me.
How difficult was that?
All this trouble you
could have saved us.
You confessed to a crime,
don't you understand?
There has to be justice.
It's in the Bible, Billy.
- Genesis 9:5-6
- No!
"From his fellow man shall
I require a reckoning
"for the life of man."
"For whosoever sheds
the blood of man,
"by man shall his blood be shed."
"For God made man in his own image."
- Shot fired!
- Go! Go! Go!
Some men choose to ignore them.
Some just can't see them coming.
But like karma, they're always there.
Lingering in the background.
Waiting in the shadows.
And so is the desire for revenge.