Top Gear (2022) Movie Script

Most wanted drug dealer Siddharth has
escaped from the custody of Mumbai police.
The police is in search of him.
According to the investigation of the police it has been
noticed that's siddharth is an accused for 20 murder cases.
Siddharth's Sketches have been
released to the media by the police.
We are born in the present era.
When I love according to that
people call me bad why so pandit?
I made a small mistake.
I didn't expect a call from you.
Police have arrested Satan.
I thought the police would come to me. So,
I sent the stock as god's ash vermillion.
Do you know the value
of this packet, pandit?
With one gram, you can
prepare a kilogram drug.
And a kilogram drugs value is 1 crore.
Now this packet is 100 grams.
That means its value is 100 crores.
And that bag is filled with such packets.
Do you know how many crores it is?
Even if we are caught the stock has to
be in good condition so I did like that.
Brahma ji.
I am coming to Hyderabad from there,
I will go to Singapore.
Do whatever, I said, carefully.
Be careful with the police.
You will see me in the
international level, pandit.
We will meet in Hyderabad.
Nobody has come from your side?
My father is not from this generation,
he has casteist.
Her father is from this generation
but he is mad about money.
That is why we don't have anyone.
Sign please.
Moon, moon, you are my moon
God has sent you with love
My dream is fulfilled fully like you
Do I hide you like the eye's retina
Moon, moon, you are my moon
God has sent you with love
Without seeing you my day doesn't start
Without reaching you
my night doesn't go
There isnt a second that
I haven't thought of you
My thoughts about you
don't have leisure.
Like uncountable thirst
it is unsatisfied
Any number of births you kindly join me
My dream is fulfilled fully like you
Do I hide you like the eye's retina
Moon, moon, you are my moon
God has sent you with love
At this moment let love go far away
Shall I always be
like a shadow with you
When darkness comes close permit it.
If any trouble befalls,
I will not allow it to come close
I cannot tell you how much I like you
Will not life moved
with your bright boon.
My dream is fulfilled fully like you
Do I hide you like the eye's retina.
Moon, moon, you are my moon
God has sent you with love
What are you looking at?
Hello... Start service early today.
Ok, I will come.
To Knight
Duty first.
Duty first.
This special chutney is for you only.
Tomorrow is your birthday.
I am thinking of buying a gift.
What is it?
What is it? Can you tell me?
Why surprise?
Gift itself is a surprise,
But, what you are giving, is a secret.
So, you won't tell me?
No... Secret.
Will you not tell me?
Is Shy?
You got my weakness very well.
Uh... I know.
I want to buy a chain.
Ok... have it.
Hey, what happened now.
Why do we need all this?
Oh! no I have never bought you
anything after our marriage.
Even then we are loving each other.
House rent and monthly
expenses are increasing.
It doesn't matter,
I'll work hard a little bit more.
Think about it once.
You promised me about the night.
Hey... time is over. One minute...
Coffee... coffee...
- Please have it.
- Give it.
Thank you.
Slow, It's hot...
Let's go... Ok
Bye take care.
Come soon.
I will come soon.
Take care! Bye.
Siddharth's sketch is released
to the media by police.
The police are enquiring the
contacts that he has in another states.
The police has seized all his
bank accounts and passport.
Sir... sir... sir...
As soon as you enter Hyderabad, message me.
I'm so scared, sir.
If he suspects, he will kill me.
He should not notice tension in your face.
Only give me a massage, it's enough.
Ok... sir got it.
(Clearing throat)
Who's phone?
Personal call.
You stopped at the correct time.
I'll pee and come.
20 years ago, I entered
Mumbai empty handed.
No crime left which I haven't done.
You help me a lot to grow as a drug dealer.
Even today with a lot of risk,
you brought me from Mumbai to Hyderabad.
I can't forget you.
Why are you so tensed?
In two days I'll move away from Hyderabad.
Anyway, you were not tense
when we started from Mumbai.
Whose call was that?
Did they ask you to hand me over
to a nearby police station?
I'm just joking...
Leave me in Hyderabad and go.
Nothing will happen to you.
I'll take care.
A policeman is always a police.
He was searching for a gun.
Exciting murder.
Can't you smile Banerjee.
Good man.
As soon as you enter Hyderabad, message me.
We have the information that
Siddharth is in hyderabd.
Through him a lot of drug
stock is coming into Hyderabad.
If we catch the person we can control
the maximum amount of drug flow.
We will definitely catch him.
The drug dealer Siddharth who is a prime accused in the murder
of the police officer which took place at the city outskirts.
ACP Vikram Rathore has assured
that Siddharth will definitely be nabbed.
ACP Vikram has allotted the police
to arrest drug dealer Siddharth.
Every no can corner of the
city is being investigated.
As a result many drug dealers have been taken
into police custody and are being enquired.
Is family not at home?
They went to Village, sir.
I know that you work for Sidharth.
I'm not able to understand
what you are talking about, sir.
Our expectation is correct sir.
We found drugs.
Murderer who is in the cell is
not opening his mouth it seems.
Ask them to take him to vikarabad forest
and enter the entire magazine into him.
Fact can come in another way too.
I'll tell sir.
Tell me... where Sidharth is?
I don't know, sir.
You are not telling the truth.
Sir I'll receive drugs
which belong to Sidharth.
From me Sidharth 's people will collect
and supply in the city.
I have an Ash business,
So nobody will get suspicious
that's why he sends drugs to me.
Will they come today.
Don't know, sir.
I want information about Sidharth.
Drug peddling is illegal so, if you receive
them from Sidharth you must inform me.
I will manage no case for you.
Alright sir.
Hey, I'm on the way to home.
I'll bring cake.
It can be taken in the
morning too isn't it?
Ok... you said something about night?
So can you wear my favorite saree?
Hey, one minute, some booking has come.
Hey, you said you are coming home?
It's on the way, so,
why should I come alone?
Shall I ask you something?
Why do you like that saree so much?
Shall I tell you?
Shall I tell you?
Tell me.
It's very easy to undress it.
No, shame.
Hey, one minute passenger is calling me.
I'll call you later.
Where are you?
I'm at the location, sir.
Wait we are coming.
Ok sir.
So, what will you have rice or chapati?
I'll have chapati.
Afternoon's curry is there.
Is it enough or you want
me to prepare something?
Hey, that curry is enough.
Are you adjusting because,
I said I'll wear your favorite saree?
Hey passengers have come.
I'll call you later.
Ok bye...
Sir, OTP... 6384
At begumpet we have 5 minutes
work go in that route.
I'll pay the waiting charges.
Ok, sir.
Is that message from massage center Ambika?
Marry her and shell care for you.
So, everyone is trying to console her.
You said you want to call someone.
Please do.
Mumbai and Hyderabad police
are searching for you.
Can you come to Singapore with drugs?
Trust sidharth.
I'll come tomorrow
morning on a Cargo flight.
Everything is ready.
The value of the drugs which I'm bringing would
be some crores in the international market.
For now the entire business
will be from Singapore.
I have confidence on you.
Bramhaji called me.
I asked him to come carefully.
Ok... see you soon.
We will meet up tomorrow.
Bye... bye...
Sidharth is staying in a five star hotel at
shamshabad. I have confirm information, sir.
- Lets go to Shamshabad.
- Ok.. sir.
- Hey
- Umm!
Look at hat building.
Do you remember Shankar?
Who is he?
Two years ago he came to us for a job.
We refused him.
Now he is the owner of this
building and four other sites too.
Again started.
All top floors he lent for rent.
In the evening he'll do the
business in the cellar happily.
Our business?
We are alright, aren't we?
Is it okay if we think that we are alright?
Then what?
For how many days this commission lives.
Greed is not good.
You think like that always...
Tell me.
Hey, Till where have you come?
There's a lot of traffic... I'm coming.
I want to tell you some good news.
What is it?
I'll tell you after you come home.
Oh... you can tell me.
I'll tell you after you come home.
So, come fast.
Have you got married?
Yeah sir.
Where do you stay?
At shamshabad, sir.
It's own house?
No sir,
But every one who studied with
me is building their own house.
What is your qualification?
Degree, sir.
Being a graduate, why
do you work as a driver?
I want to take my wife in the car.
With this graduation, I
can't even pay the bike EMI.
That's why I'm the cab
owner and driver too.
I can take my wife in the car sir isn't it?
You are a clever boy.
See him and learn.
He will not prosper.
- See how long the checking will take?
- Ok sir...
Two guys have come.
I have doubt on them, sir.
Keep watching. I'm on the way.
Hemanth let's go.
Yes sir.
To prevent drug dealer Siddharth escape ACP Vikram has
taken all precautions and arranged for a tight security.
Where is the material?
It's inside take it.
ACP also requested the people to cooperate and keep them intimated
if they know about the where about of drug dealer Siddharth.
Police is searching for
Sidharth very seriously.
Do you think he can escape?
Mumbai police couldnt do anything?
What can Hyderabad police do?
Anyway Siddharth is leaving Hyderabad.
Is that so...
Not able to believe.
- You won't believe it?
- Yeah.
Look, his passport and ticket
everything is ready.
Can anyone Stop?
Hello Siddharth.
Where are you?
Tell me.
We came to the spot.
Be careful there is a police watch.
It's ok.
I'll handle it.
We'll come.
You took a photo right?
- Why will I take the photos?
- I saw you taking a photo.
I told you, I haven't taken it.
- Give that phone.
- Brahmaji I have not taken any photos.
Give me that phone.
Get away.
Will you cheat me?
Hey stop.
Hey... you...
I'll kill you.
I'll see your end.
Will you cheat us?
Brahmaji... you...
Drop the gun... drop the gun...
Drop the gun...
Where is the other guy?
He is dead.
We have started with the stock.
He went ahead to cheat us we killed him.
I only trust you Brahma ji.
Anytime Siddharth, we are coming.
Hey, why did you stop the car?
You said you have killed someone?
Go ahead. Police is following us.
What police, sir please get down, sir.
Is he not asking you to go ahead.
Sir, I will land up in trouble please
get down the car and take another cab.
When we tell you politely won't you listen?
Since you are my passengers I'm
also dealing very politely with you.
Who are you get out of my car.
When we tell you politely you don't listen.
Now go after killing one it is not
very difficult to kill the other.
Go... go.
Start it.
What already drink time has started?
I have started it just now, sir.
I don't know before leaving this world, if I
have the luck to drink such expensive one.
Okay, you book it with local
ID which area is yours?
Did you see him anywhere in the hotel?
No, I didn't see him anywhere.
Okay... we have to check the room.
We are clear, sir.
It's okay.
Maybe he checked out from the
same room before you checked in.
We might get some information.
Go and check.
Okay sir.
You said 'we are'
Who else is there with you and the room.
My friend sir.
From where did he come?
Where is he?
He is in the bathroom.
Call him out.
What is it?
Police checking.
Show us his ID card.
I don't know, where it is, sir.
Sir, there is a gun here.
Where is it? where is a gun?
If we don't kill them, we cannot go out.
I have to tell you something.
What is it?
My friend!
Where are you?
Don't come to the hotel,
police have arrived.
Benarji died.
Till I send you a new location,
stop the car to a side and wait.
Okay, hey stop the car and put a side.
Get down.
I have to go home, please get down.
Stay quiet and sit calm.
In this tension what
are all these messages?
Mad fellow.
From quite sometime, I am
trying to tell you something.
There is a man by name called David.
If we give him this stock.
In an hour he will give us 100
crores and settle us in Dubai.
Are you in your senses?
Listen to me this is the best deal look at
Shankar who came after us into this business.
But how he has succeeded.
How long shall we live on commissions.
Because he has cheated in Begumpet he died.
Don't invite the same
situation for yourself.
I don't know all that?
I have to make money that is all.
Listen to me.
You will not get this chance again.
Listen to me.
You people are troubling me get off my car.
Stop fighting, get out of my car first.
Let's go.
Turn off the GPRS.
Let's go to the left street.
Let's go to the left street.
Stop the car.
You thought of escaping from me,
I will just shoot you.
Hemanth CCTV footage.
CCTV footage.
Yes, sir.
CCTV footage.
I want this cab details immediately.
- Go...
- Yes sir.
Send this video to
everybody in the department.
I want those two at any cost.
Okay sir.
Don't answer.
She is my wife.
Don't answer.
Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.
I will kill you. Phone it seems?
Hey, my phone.
Switch off?
Give me that phone.
That's my phone.
What are you doing?
Keep going if you overact...
Brahma ji did not listen to me,
I killed him.
Take me to a hospital urgently.
I think I will die.
Who is this?
Hey who are you I Am cab drivar
Where are those two people
who got into your cab?
They got down, sir.
Hey, tell me the truth.
A murder took place in Begumpet.
The criminals escaped in
your car, I know that.
Unnecessarily you will get involved.
Sir, I don't know anything?
What is his name?
There is a person called David.
If we give him the stock he will give us 100
crores in an hour and settle us in Dubai.
David, sir.
Who is David?
I don't know, sir.
Pathan, I am Siddharth.
Yes, Siddharth tell me?
There is a man called David in hyderabad does drug business.
With the help of your influence find out about him.
Anybody associated with
you is under scrutiny.
All phones are switched off.
Already an informer had come to me.
I am sorry, I can't do anything.
Has your game come to an end?
Even the garage owner is talking.
I will send you the
location get an ambulance.
Ready sir...
Get the laptop
Have you got the cab details?
I am trying, sir.
Find out be quick.
Hello, sir.
Have you seen David?
Yes, I did sir.
Listen to me carefully...
By morning 4:00 a.m. you must find out,
where David is? And bring
that bag and hand it over to me.
I don't understand what you say, sir?
The people who got into
your car are my people.
Who are you? and what are you saying?
Do you know where I am?
At your house...
You got a video watch it.
Hey, don't trouble her.
News comes that I have
already killed 10 policemen.
One bullet is enough for her.
See that your wife's name
doesn't come in the news.
Hey, hey.
I want that bag.
I am just a cab driver.
You are a youngster can't
you hit four people?
Is your wife not important to you?
If she not important?
She is... right?
Likewise that bag is also important to me.
Necessity makes us do anything.
Bring that bag and save your wife.
If you try to act smart
by informing the police.
I will kill her.
You don't have another option.
I don't have time.
How difficult it was for lord
Vishnu to escape from fate.
Likewise, it is difficult for you also
to escape from my clutches.
Your countdown starts now.
Hey, hey.
XUV car...
Hello Aadhya, Aadhya.
Your wife phone is in my trap.
Do not have mad thoughts.
Sir, I need this cake.
It's 450 rupees.
What should I write?
Happy Birthday Aadhya.
Pack the cake.
Sir, you have to make it a home delivery.
Home delivery at this time?
Please sir.
It's my wife's birthday and it's urgent.
There is a swiggy order I
will request him and send.
Write your address.
You are in danger leave
the home immediately.
Give this to the delivery boy.
Here it is.
Okay you may leave I will send it.
Thank you.
We are using a woman to fight our problem. Have
you observed how dangerous our situation is?
There are more than 10k
Davids in Hyderabad.
If we want the David, If we have to kill,
with whom should we begin with?
I don't think I can advise you but still
there are 'shoot at sight orders on you'.
You are not in a position to shoot.
By the time the stock comes,
what if you are caught?
If we were scared of the
police, would we come so far?
That driver... is running.
If we get to know who David
is, we will go and kill him.
Think over once, brother.
That fellow... Must gone which way?
David have I seen him anywhere?
Cake is very tasty.
I sent one video, view it in your phone.
Happy birthday to you.
I don't know the meanings
of compassion and pity.
You must have only David in your thoughts.
Only then I will not get the
idea of killing your wife.
You must think of only one thing...
how to have him in your custody.
I am a cab driver.
If they want to know about me
they will ask other cab drivers.
David is a drug peddler,
If I have to know about him I must ask someone
who deals with drugs, do I know anyone?
Look at that building,
Do you remember Shankar?
Our business.
Look at that Building, Shankar.
Our business.
Shanker... building.
You must not miss a single detail.
Check thoroughly.
- Sir.
- Yes.
We got the cap details.
Hello sir.
Are you in shamshabad?
Yes sir.... patrolling.
Okay, have you seen the video?
Yes sir.
I will send you the address go and enquire.
Okay sir.
You haven't learnt your
lesson from warning.
Why did you send the police home?
I didn't tell police anything,
listen to what my wife said?
How is Arjun related to you?
He is my husband sir.
Go and check inside.
Okay sir.
Still he didn't come home?
I called him at 8:00 p.m.
He said he would come
but didn't come till now.
His phone is also switched off.
What happened sir.
He is safe I hope.
I will tell you.
Sir, he is not inside and
bag is also not found.
I don't understand anything
Sir please tell me what is happening?
Sir, I think she is pregnant.
Inside I found pregnancy test kit.
He has a pregnant wife at home and
outside he is doing such nasty work.
Sir he doesn't know that I am pregnant,
I am waiting to reveal
this as soon as he comes.
Sir, what happened?
Please tell me sir.
If Arjun comes home or contacts you.
Call me immediately.
My number is 9848134045.
What is my number?
Call to this number.
If he comes.
Sir but tell me what happened?
Hope he is safe, sir.
A small enquiry.
Please tell me sir, what happened to him?
Tell me, did you go?
He is not at home sir.
Okay, put two constables there
and you try to trace the cab.
Okay sir.
You both stay here.
Watch carefully.
Okay sir.
Police got to know about you.
They came to your house.
They will definitely catch you.
Without doing my work if you are in their
custody, you will lose two lives now.
Hey! You Sadist.
Sir, the media people are waiting down.
Handover the video to the media and tell them that not just
the two but the driver is also Siddharth's accomplice.
Ok sir.
Breaking news brahmaji and
Rajesh have escaped in a yellow taxi.
The police suspect that Arjun the cab
driver is also drug dealer Siddharth's man.
Who are you?
I want Shankar.
Shankar has booked a cab.
Why will Shankar book the cab?
Police are searching seriously
for the Mumbai drug dealer.
Better we close it soon.
By managing the police only...
We are able to do this business.
Hey Shankar, I feel the same.
We will be calm for two days.
Drugs are like a habit.
If we stop our supply for one day,
They all will go to another supplier.
This is our business and
they are our customers,
That's all.
Tomorrow morning I have a
court warrant to attend.
If not, an arrest warrant will be issued.
You Watch here carefully.
A college student Deepak has
died due to high dose of drugs.
Why are you so tense?
Vanish the body immediately.
His parents should not find his body.
It will become an issue.
Come here.
Dear, where are you?
If you would have called her by six in
the evening, she would be in the house.
Now she is lying at shobha
complex by taking drugs.
Will you come or inform the police...
Save your daughter.
Hey... hey... hey...
Who are you? Fell on my car.
Brother! Rajesh sent me.
Who is that Rajesh?
You know Rajesh...
Maybe you forgot him.
It doesn't matter, brother.
Hey, I have court work tomorrow morning.
I need to go to another village... get off.
I want that David.
He also does drugs business like you.
Who is David?
What is the drug business?
What are you talking about?
Get out.
I have one and only source that's you...
please brother.
Don't irritate me... get out...
Please brother...
Brother... please brother...
Listen to me.
Brother if I can't save my wife, It is a
waste of being alive, brother.
What are you talking about?
I want David...
Get off...
Hey, Get off...
Brother! I want David.
How many times should I tell you
that I don't know any David.
Brother, I don't have any other option.
Brother please listen to me.
- Hemanth,
- Sir.
- Langar House...
- Yes sir.
These night shifts...
Sir... sir...
I have called every driver who works
with him and all the office people too.
Nobody is saying what he did except
they say police are investigating it.
Some small case. You please
go inside and close the door.
Go in and close the door.
She will not listen so easily.
I'm observing from quite some time, There is
an ambulance and the light goes on and off...
Someone is inside.
I'll go and check.
Ok go.
Constables are suspicious I think.
Kill him.
Hey, what happened?
Will you get me?
I don't know any David.
I'm doing my business, that's all.
Your drug supplier may know him.
Nobody saw when I brought you here.
All will think that you have
committed suicide with your gun.
Speak out.
I'll tell you.
Kasim supplies to me.
I'll ask him.
Call him.
Brother! this is stuff
and this is purpose flour.
Nobody can identify.
Let the material stay here
till the police gets calm.
Go and prepare some tea for me.
I'll have it and go home.
Switch on the speaker.
Tell me Shankar.
Kasim, do you know any
David in our business?
Tell me the issue.
I got a big deal, in
that David is involved.
Life will be settled.
Anyway who bought this deal?
One cab driver... he says
the deal happened in his cab.
Then okay.... come home along with him.
I will find out who is David.
Hey, is there anyone whose
name is David in our business?
Can't remember, brother.
The most wanted drug dealer Siddharth, has brutally
killed 10 police people in Novotel hotel and escaped.
The details of the cab driver Arjun, who is Siddharth's
man, his details have been shared with the media.
Hey, call Shankar.
He is calling you,
Speak with him.
Shankar, what is the cab
number in which you are coming.
Ok... come carefully to home.
Maybe Shankar is at risk.
We are not going home.
Three years ago I met Sidharth in Mumbai.
No-one can do drugs business
without Sidharth there.
You have witnessed him
troubling the police.
Do you need this risk?
You want to taste?
Remove your dress.
Watch the news on TV.
The details of the cab driver Arjun
have been handed over to the media.
The police assume, If the cab
driver Arjun is taken into custody,
Where abouts of Siddharth will be known.
But he saw me.
Hey.... remove your dress.
If he is caught by the
police it's dangerous to us.
We may miss a big deal.
Where is Bhanu?
He is on the call outside.
Kill that driver before
the police nabs him.
I'm starting to go home.
I am done with work. I'm coming.
Baby is running a high fever.
She is crying for you.
I work hard for you and baby, isn't it?
He told to kill the cab driver.
Lets go.
Sir, I got the information that
even the other guy also died.
They are shifting the body to
hospital in the ambulance, sir.
Call the control room and ask
them to alert all the checkpost.
I want that driver at any cost.
Ok sir.
Despite having so much network
you are not able to find one cab.
Search all areas.
Tonight we should find
Sidharth at any cost.
- Track Fast.
- Yes, sir.
Cab... go and check the cab.
Come on fast.
How far the work is completed?
I'm on your job.
I know to a spectator, war is just entertainment but for the person who
is fighting the war it is death in front of his eyes every second.
If you want to win the war
you must fight death and win.
For that you need not
have anger but thought.
By seeing your love for your
wife I feel you will win.
Hello... hello...
Cab driver Arjun has
killed two and escaped.
Alert... alert.
Shall I tell you a secret.
Someone like you, will
play with my emotions.
I hate emotions.
Sir... sir...
Two policemen should be here.
Have you seen them?
Hello... hello...
Sir, did you see them going somewhere?
Hello... Adia...
Sir have you seen?
Hello... hello...
Adhya... hello.
Your wife boarded my vehicle unexpectedly.
I want to speak to her once.
I want to speak to her once...
Arjun... Arjun...
Hello.. Hello... Adhya.
Arjun, where are you?
I'm coming, don't worry...
I don't understand anything...
They have tied me up.
Don't get scared, nothing
will happen to you.
I'm there.
Hello Adhay... hello...
You heard it so, your total
focus should be on my work.
Hey... if anything happens to her...
However you die I'll be the response.
Hey... Stop... Stop...
Alert... Alert... Just now that cab
driver Arjun has crossed film Nagar.
Go fast...
Sir, car is seen.
What is this gun?
Get down... get down...
Get down... get down...
After killing two people in the car
and trying to escape with the bag...
Sir... sir... please... sir.
I have not killed them, sir.
Sir, listen to me.
Where is the bag?
Hemanth... check entire car.
Searching sir...
How long Hemanth?
Sir, someone is here.
Sir, he kidnapped me by
saying David and bag.
Who is this guy?
Sir, he knows David.
I don't know any David.
He is lying, sir.
Don't lie...
I'm telling the truth, sir.
Hey... shut up!
If you speak I'll kill you.
Sir, sir... listen to me.
Sir, sir... listen to me.
Hey... sit down...
I and My team,
Do you know how much we have
planned to steal this material.
Tell me where is the bag.
If not I'll kill you.
Tell me where is the bag?
I'm not able to understand
what's happening?
One by one is dying.
Sir... sir...
For my need, I'm making all
the police to run behind sidharth.
Where is the bag?
We have planned so hard...
In spite of that, you will steal
the bag? Where is the bag?
Sir, I'll tell you what happened?
Speak out...
Ill tell you what happened?
Do you think I'm a fool to believe
your cock and bulls stories?
Sir, what I said is true.
A person named David took the bag.
Sir, why are you negotiating with him?
I told you, I'll kill you if you speak.
He is very important to me sir.
Are you okay?
Start the car we'll go to the control room.
Yes sir... yes sir...
That driver is on the
way to Nanak Ram guda.
He knows everything about us.
Kill him.
What about the stock?
He said the truth at point blank.
Bag is with David.
I'll take care of him.
Can I smoke?
Even Arjun smokes isn't it?
Don't be afraid.
That coffin is for me.
I lost valuable stock.
If your husband gets it for me,
Then I and the stock will go in a cargo
flight to Singapore in this coffin.
The bad luck is that my passport is also
with the stock in the bag.
You will not understand all these things.
If my work is done that's enough for me.
You want your husband, is that correct?
Is that correct?
Which is Kasim's house?
That brown and white gate.
Sir, that's a travel's car.
Take the details.
Yes sir.
Did you find him?
I saw him.
Kill him.
Alert... Alert...
Vehicle #1117, yellow cab
heading towards Attapur, over.
Move fast.
That cab driver has come to our dhaba.
Hey, nothing will happen to you.
Why is Shankar trying to fix
us in Sidharth's issue, ask him?
That Shankar is at his last breath.
Sir, do you have 'First Aid box ' with you?
Yeah I have it.
It's urgent, sir.
That driver doesn't know about us.
First kill Shankar.
Hey, please save me.
Give it fast.
Give it to me.
He is already dead.
Sir, he was alive till now.
Who has the need to kill Shankar?
Why did they kill him?
Who killed him?
Tell me.
I'll tell you.
Kasim supplies to me.
I'll ask him.
What is the cab number?
Sir, he doesn't know that I'm pregnant.
I want to tell him this
good news as he comes home.
I'm waiting for him.
Arjun they tied me up.
Don't get scared nothing
will happen to you.
I'm there.
Hey, wait.
I want David.
Why are you dragging me
into sidharths issue?
Hey, I don't know who Sidharth is?
I want David.
One minute... One minute.
I know a broker called Raju,
Ill find out from him.
Call him, be quick.
One minute, one minute.
Come that side.
Hey wait, wait...
Hey, Wait.
Don't move.
If you move, I'll shoot you.
You have got involved in a big drug deal.
I know everything, surrender yourself.
I don't know what you know, sir.
But if I surrender, I cannot save my wife.
I went to your home, your wife is safe,
are you trying to act smart?
I am telling you surrender yourself.
You cannot escape.
Sir, kindly give me lift it's urgent.
Thank you, sir.
Hey! Who are you? why
do you want to kill me?
Damn it...
Near durgam cheru and accident took place.
Please send an ambulance urgently.
Police bar.
Sir, we found the
travel's car GPS location.
Let's go...
Get down, get down.
Sir! Sir!
Come here, stand here.
Where is the bag?
Where is the bag?
Sir, sir...
We don't know.
Where is David?
We gave the back to someone.
Where is the bag?
Tell me.
He has taken it, sir.
Who was that?
Come on, get into the car.
Sir, sir, sir whom do you want to meet?
Hey, I want that bag.
You are after all a driver and
you come and ask me for the bag?
I should have killed you there itself.
You are dead... where is my gun?
David, David, where is the bag?
David has brought a bag here,
do you know where he kept it?
Actually who is David?
This one.
His name is not David, sir...
He is Raju.
Is he not daivid?
Yes sir.
I don't know whether he is David or Raju
but he has brought a bag and I want that?
My wife is in a great danger.
He came all alone and
brought nothing with him.
Please think once.
Sir, I am telling you what I have seen.
I am telling you the truth, sir.
He did not come with a bag.
Where did he go?
Where which side.
Here, sir!
He took the bag here and went that way.
Is it this side or that side?
- Tell me.
- This side sir.
Which way?
Sir that...
Which way you don't
know which side he went?
This side.
Hey move let's go.
Now you will lose two lives.
There is no time either I have to die
or kill the one whom I don't know.
Raju people who came with you have surrendered
to police they are searching for me in my area.
Bag is with me.
What do you want me to do?
That Subba Rao's phone is switched off.
Raju is in a meeting.
Ask Raju, what should I do be quick.
He asked you to get the bag to the bar.
I got your back just now come
to 'My place' bar and collect it.
Get the bag to me take
your wife and go home.
The police is searching for me, if I am found
with bag the story will be back to square one.
Even from my house you have to escape
with bag so come here and escape.
What is this? All the
chairs fell down like this?
Crazy fellows they drink and fight.
Chammak Chandra is it you spoke over phone.
Where is the bag?
What are you doing? why
will I give it to you?
I'll give it to Subbarao.
Subbarao? who is Subbarao? I got involved
in this problem because of that bag.
But Subbarao planned to steal this bag.
Who is he?
I will tell, I will tell.
Tell me.
One large.
Thinking that Siddharth will
get caught by the mumbai police,
Pandit has couriered drugs
stock worth some crores.
But now Siddharth escaped
from the Mumbai police.
And came here to Hyderabad for that stock.
So if we give Siddharth information to ACP and
steal that stock our life will get settled.
What do you say?
Brahma ji, and Rajesh will
come to me for the stock.
In the meanwhile, if you can call Rajesh
and convince him to sell that to David,
Tell you will settle them in Dubai
after paying them 100 crores.
Who is David?
There is no one call David just to trap Rajesh and
make him believe we are using this pseudonym.
He is greedy after money.
To convince him give him 10 lacs.
If I give them the stock Siddharth
will not be suspicious about me.
After that I will pass on the information
of Siddharth's where abouts.
ACP will be behind Siddharth.
After Rajesh hands over
the stock kill them.
And handover the stock
to this fellow is that.
He is my friend no way
related to drugs business.
So none will know about it.
What is it am I not known to anybody?
I am chammak Chandra.
Chamak chamak Chandra.
Very famous in Facebook.
Yes if he likes the profiles of
girls he puts friend request.
Yes, she accepted.
He looks strange.
That is why, because nobody will get suspicious
about him I asked you to keep the stock with him.
I also spoke to three criminals.
They will book the car and come to you.
If Rajesh and his companion revolt against
you they will help you in finishing them.
Since, I didn't want any of our
people to get involved in this.
I have set a person who
is no way related to this.
Why all this Subbarao the stock
comes to you, why don't you steal it?
If I steal and Siddharth gets to know about it
though, he is in the jail can I live out freely?
After all I am broker.
If I tell that I am making the
deal will Rajesh believe me?
That is why create a false man as David.
Subbarao, Begumpet apartment
he is dead and gone.
Hey what are you talking?
Only after his death this tension started.
I don't believe,
If he is dead how did the plan execute?
How did this Raju die?
His sin killed him, and the two
people who planned they also died.
Look you are no way related to the bag
and I have no time absolutely.
Where is the bag?
So far I haven't killed anybody.
You will not even get the need.
It is in the car.
Hey, where is it?
Tell me.
Got to know Siddharth's information.
He is taking few crores worth of drugs
and is escaping from my place bar.
- Hemanth
- Sir.
Take them to the station.
Adhya, hey wait.
I told you my prediction
that you will achieve this.
Take the bag from him and set it neatly.
I don't have the bag with me.
Arjun, Arjun.
- Aadhya
- Arjun.
The moment you saw the stock
have you become greedy?
Give me the bag take your wife and go.
Really the bag is not with me.
You told me that you found the bag.
Do I look like a fool.
I am telling you the truth, the owner of
this bar took bag. But it is not here now.
Then where is the bag?
Bag is with David.
But you said bag was taken by David.
But his name is not David, he is Raju.
Are you acting smartly?
I understood the situation
let us talk a deal.
He has stolen the most valuable stock
and he is acting.
If you take that stock from him,
I will give both of you some share.
Best deal.
To whom do you want to give the share,
To the one who has stolen it? this David?
Hey, hey,
What are you saying?
Yes the one who has stolen your bag
is other than this ACP he is David.
What are you saying?
Have you gone mad?
Siddharth, I am telling you the truth the
one who has stolen your bag is this ACP.
He is only David.
Don't lie.
Your deal is okay for me.
I wanted to steal your
stock that's the truth.
But I am not David.
He told me that the stock is with David.
Have you heard he wanted your stock
and he stole your stock.
He, he is only David.
Why do you confuse me?
A man with greed is more dangerous
than an animal which is hungry.
ACP is like that, but if this stock of drugs goes
into their hands many lives will get spoilt.
That's why I called you.
When you gave number to
aadhya, I heard it sir.
Maybe he doesn't know that when you leave
this world you carry nothing with you.
I trust you sir here is the stock.
You have to come to station
and give a statement.
Sure sir.
Lawyer sir Siddharth is dead.
The Hyderabad police has stock
of drugs which is worth crores.
Saturn must release
from prison it any cost.