Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Movie Script

On March 3, 1969, the US Navy
established a school for its best pilots, which accounted for 1% of the total.
Its purpose is to teach the art of dogfighting, air combat, and... make men and women the best
fighter pilots.
They have succeeded. Today the Navy
calls it Fighter Weapons School.
Aviators say:
Ojave Desert, California
Forbidden Zone
Authorization to Use Deadly Force
what happened?
Ne var?
We got a withdrawal order.
They are closing the program.
They say we're behind
In the deal we made for the Mark 10 .
Two more months until Mark 10.
And these tests are for the Mark 9.
That wasn't good enough.
- Who says?
- Admiral Cane.
Drone fighter.
He wants our budget transferred to his drone
He's coming here to terminate the Program himself .
What can we do?
Does he want Mark 10?
Let's give him the Mark 10.
Let me inform you again.
The deal is for the Mark-10.
Not 10.1, not 10.2.
This keeps the program alive.
I don't like that look, man.
I only have this view.
Control, this is Dark
Star. What are the values?
He can hear the control sound just fine
. And you?
Pretty clear. Let's move on to the departure
I'm ready for ATU, sir.
Rear left engine running.
Rear right engine is running.
Acceleration confirmation?
We are ready to accelerate.
Dark Star's main
engines are ready for takeoff.
Dark Star's engines are active.
It's on track 2.
Its course is 2-1-0-1-0.
Engine temperature
seems fine. Check confirmed.
Dark Star is at 95% power
and pressure looks good.
Check confirmed.
From Dark Star to Tower.
We're ready to take off and we're asking permission.
Dark Star, the runway is yours.
Are you Admiral Chester Cain?
Maverick, Cain has
just entered the base.
It's not too
late to stop, man.
know what will happen to you if you keep going.
I know what will happen
to you if I don't.
Dark Star is ready to take off.
Everyone, prepare to take off.
Let's start with the engines.
- The engines are ready.
- Thermal ready.
- Fuel is ready.
- Mid engine ready.
- Control units are ready.
- Dark Star, you've received clearance.
All right, honey.
One last ride.
Dark Star,
you're allowed to go above 600 feet.
Ascend 3.5 miles.
I'm leaving 600 feet.
I'm climbing 3.5 miles.
- Just in time, sir.
- Your time is up.
Do you have an explanation?
I'm switching to the Seram jet.
- Mav wants Admiral Cain...
- He commands.
He orders... that we take it down.
Alfa... Green...
Forward... value...
And mark... target...
That 's the problem we're having with communication
, sir.
Sometimes parasites can occur.
We are still trying to solve it.
Has anyone offered you coffee?
Currently on Mark-7. It's pushing 8.
- Flight data?
- Receiving. Data is in good condition.
The temperature is rising.
Values are still stable.
We will not have any problems.
Locked to 9.0.
He is the fastest man alive.
Talk to me, Goose.
Mark 9.1.
Mark 9.3.
Mark 9.4.
Approaching high hypersonic
Windshield heat shield.
The surface temperature is rising.
Come on, honey. A little more.
a little more.
- Mark 10!
- Yes!
Take your budget cut!!
Don't do it. Do not do this...
... a little push...
Hassiktir be...
It takes balls to do this.
You have to give your due.
Thank you.
Neredeyim ben?
More than 30 years of service.
War medals. Notifications...
The only man to have shot down 3 enemy
planes in the last 40 years.
Outstanding effort.
But you don't get promoted.
You are not retiring.
And no matter how hard you try
, you refuse to die.
You should at least
be a two-star admiral by now.
Or a senator.
But here you are.
Why is that?
That's one of life's mysteries
, sir.
This is not a joke.
I asked you a question.
I'm where I belong, sir.
The Navy
doesn't see it that way.
Not anymore.
Those planes you're testing
, Captain...
soon there will be no need for pilots at all.
To the pilots who need to sleep, eat, pee.
To the pilots who disobeyed orders.
All you did was buy those guys out there
some time.
But the future is on its way.
And you are not in it.
to send these guys from base.
take to headquarters.
Say goodbye to them while you pack your things .
I want them on their way to Northern Ireland in an hour
To Northern Ireland, sir?
A call came at the perfect time .
Just when I came here
to punish you forever.
I don't feel comfortable saying that.
But I can say that he owes his guardian angel .
You've been recalled to Top Gun.
- Sir?
- You can go, Captain.
Penultimate, none, Maverick.
Your species is doomed to extinction.
It may be so, sir.
But not today.
San Diego, Califomia
Fightertown U.S.A
Pacific Fleet
Naval Air Force
Tom "Iceman" Kazansky
, Commander of the Pacific Fleet
Yzba Pete
"Maverick" Mitchell.
Your fame precedes you.
Thank you, sir.
It wasn't a compliment.
Ben Amiral Beau
Simpson. Hava patronuyum.
Yardmcm Solomon Bates.
Warlock, sir?
I have to say I didn't expect to be called back
These are called "orders"
, Maverick.
You two have something in common.
The "Cyclone" next to me
was best-in-class in 1988.
I actually
finished second, sir.
I just wanted to meet expectations
Let's get to the goal.
An unauthorized uranium
enrichment plant.
It was built in violation of numerous NATO agreements .
The uranium produced there...
... poses a direct threat to our allies in the region .
The Pentagon has given us the task of forming an assault team to destroy it .
before it is fully operational .
The facility is located in an underground bunker behind this mountain .
GPS does not work in the valley and is surrounded by
heat-seeking missiles.
There are also a limited number of 5th generation
fighters in the vicinity.
There are attack helicopters
and vintage aircraft for support purposes.
There are even a few old F-14s.
I guess we were the only ones who couldn't get rid of nostalgia .
What is your assessment, Captain?
Sir, normally..
... with the F-35s flying in silent mode
, this would be child's play.
But not working GPS
throws it away.
The threat on the surface
appears to be small.
Laser guided attack.
I think it's achievable with an F-18.
Two bombs dropped right on target . Minimum.
4 planes flying in pairs.
's quite a ramp to get out of here.
We'll be in the clear for the missiles at the summit .
Even if we get out of here...
... there is a dogfight until we get home .
You have everything you have learned from experience .
It's not the same task, sir.
There seems to be no going back from this .
Can it be done or not?
How long does it take for the facility
to become fully operational?
three weeks. Maybe less.
It's been a while since I 've driven an F-18
...for the other three pilots,
I'm not sure who I can trust.
But I'm
trying to find a way out.
I think you misunderstood, Captain.
- Sir?
- We're not asking you to fly.
We want a teacher.
To teach, sir?
We recruited the best 12 pilots
from their battalions.
We want you to get your numbers down to 6
In the mission they will fly.
Is there a problem, Captain?
Do you know who he is , sir?
Bradley Bradshaw.
Nicknamed "Rooster". You
've flown with his father before.
What was his nickname?
"Goose" efendim.
- What happened was so tragic.
- There's something wrong with Captain Mitchell...
... it was determined that he did not do it and that his death was
an accident.
What do you say, Captain?
Will you take Goose's son?
With all due respect , I
'm not a teacher, sir.
You were a Top Gun
instructor before.
That was 30 years ago
and it took two months.
That's not my place.
Let me be as clear as possible.
You were not my first choice.
You're not the only one on the list.
You are here at the request of Admiral Kazansky .
Iceman is someone I
respect a lot.
He seems to think you have something left to offer the Navy .
But I can't imagine it.
You don't have to accept this job.
But let me be clear.
This will be your last mission, Captain.
You either fly for Top Gun, or you
never fly again for the Navy.
It didn't go very well.
The child is not ready for this task.
That's why you're here.
You could have warned me.
Would you come then?
You must be kidding.
- What are you doing here?
- I should ask you the same.
It's a long story.
- I doubt it.
- Yes...
- Who did you piss off this time?
- Another Admiral.
It sure is.
- Are you angry with me?
- Oh, Pete...
I can never stay mad at you.
That's the problem.
I never thought I 'd run into you in Northern Ireland .
- How long have you been here?
- It's been 3 years since I bought this place.
3 years?
Shortly after you angered the other Admiral and was driven into the desert
Was this 3 years ago?
You must be in big trouble.
It is not possible for you to come here willingly
You will find a way.
No, I guess..
I think I'm done.
Hadi, Pete.
I know you , you
're saying this since I got to know you.
You said you'd take me for a ride in that F-18
And I saw that you are going to Bosnia.
And Iraq.
Both times.
You got yourself in trouble.
Iceman made a phone call
and you're back here.
Penny, this is different.
Pete, trust me.
Given the current odds...
somehow you'll be in a fighter plane with your tail on fire.
- Penny...
- It's too late.
- What?
- You're about to ask when I'm leaving.
Don't give me that look.
I'm not looking at you.
I swear.
The end is always the same for us, Pete.
Let's not start this time.
you look good.
Thank you very much, mate.
What am I missing?
- If you disrespect a woman or put her phone down...
- Drinks are on you next.
Herkese mi?
Rules are rules, I'm afraid.
You're lucky it's early.
If so!
Who is that here?
Yzba Phoenix.
I thought they only got the specials here , Coyote.
It turns out that
they were inviting anyone who came before them.
- Gentlemen, this is friend Bagman.
- Hangman.
Well, anyway.
You're looking at the only Navy team that has taken down an enemy during active duty .
- Stop.
- Came to mind...
Yours is in a museum,
right? from the Korean War.
- Cold War.
- It was in the same century, after all.
Not in this century.
- Who are your friends?
- Payback. - Fanboy.
- Hey, Coyote.
- Hey.
- Who is this?
- Who is who?
When did you come in?
I was always here already.
- The man is a silent flight pilot.
- Literally.
Weapons systems officer, actually.
With no sense of humor.
- What do they call you?
- Bob.
No, that's your nickname.
Bob Floyd.
Will you sit behind me?
- From LeMoire?
- It seems so.
Masaya gel, Bob.
Vur hadi.
- Penny, dear?
- Yes.
You write four more on the old rifle .
is that you?
Is this how I would find out that you still fly
Yeah, I thought I'd surprise you .
I guess I
surprised you too.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thanks, daddy.
Shall we close the account before they rob me
of it?
Bradshaw? Bloody before me.
hangman? You look good.
yiyim, Rooster.
I am very good. Even...
I'm too good to be true.
Do any of you know the subject of this special gathering ?
Duty is duty.
It's not a problem for me.
What I want to know...
is who will be the team leader.
And which of you
has what it takes.
to follow me.
the only place to go after you is an early grave.
If the one who follows you...
...runs out of fuel...
Do you remember last year
, Rooster?
He wanted so much to show himself in that test .
You were waiting for the right moment.
The one who never came.
I love this.
This hasn't changed.
No. Unchanged.
Look at this.
More pilots.
Harvard, Yale,
Omaha... Fuck it, that's Fritz.
What kind of task is this?
That's not the question we should be asking.
Everyone here is one of the best.
Who will they hire to teach us ?
The map is worth it.
You're kidding.
Hey guys.
Come on like this.
The one on me ...
That's not enough.
I'll be back tomorrow with cash .
Korkarm ki ...
...rules are rules, Pete.
Let's throw it out!
- Let's throw it out!
- Are you serious?
Let's throw it out!
Let's throw it out!
It was good to see you, Pete.
Let's throw it out!
Thanks for the beers. Come
back whenever you want.
rtifa 8.000.
I'm falling fast
I can't reach the launch arm.
Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!
Goose! Dayan!
He loved flying with you
, Maverick.
Welcome to your special education continent.
This is Air Commander Admiral Bates.
You're all Top Gun graduates.
You are elite pilots.
You are the best of the best.
These are yesterday.
The enemy's new 5th generation fighter
jet has leveled the playing field.
Details are few, but
now its technological advantage...
you can rest assured that we don't have it.
Success is now more
than ever...
... attached to a woman or a man inside a box .
Half of you
will pass the elimination.
One of you will be designated as the mission leader
The remaining half
will remain as reinforcements.
Your instructor is also a
Top Gun graduate.
He has real-world experience in every mission you are expected to master .
Their achievements are legendary.
He is widely regarded as one of the best pilots this program has produced .
oh my god.
What they teach you can make
the difference between your death and your life.
Introducing Captain
Pete Mitchell.
Lakab, Maverick.
FAT guides.
It contains everything they want you to know about the program .
I assume you know the contents of this book .
- That's right!
- Yes, we know.
Your enemy knows too.
Here we go.
But what the enemy doesn't know...
... your limits.
I intend to find them.
I want to test and force.
Just what you know today..
... we'll start with your chests.
Show me what
you can do.
Temen Bradshaw?
Yes, sir.
Let's leave this formality
Are you going to kick me out of the team?
It's up to you, not me.
can i go
Good morning, Airmen.
Your captain is speaking.
Welcome to basic flight maneuvers.
As reported, our
exercise today is dogfighting.
Guns only. No missiles.
We will not go below the 5,000 feet limit
You have to work as a team and
shoot me or else...
Or what, sir?
Or I will shoot you.
If I shoot one of you,
you both lose.
This guy's ego
We'll handle it.
Let's make the game a little better,
shall we?
- What's on your mind?
- Whoever gets hit first should do 200 push-ups.
I don't like doing push-ups.
They don't call it exercise
for nothing, sir.
Agreed then, gentlemen.
The fight has begun. Let's go to work.
Fanboy, do you see it?
There's nothing ahead on the radar.
It must be somewhere behind us.
- It's bad!
- Whoa!
No more!
Ar ol, Maverick.
Let's not get fired from day one.
Charlie, down! Down!
Maverick is coming!
- Let's break up!
- Let's break up!
Hangman, where's your fireman?
- Rooster, where are you?
- I've got your back, man.
I'm coming. Hold on, hold on!
Acele and, dostum! And Acele!
We have to leave!
do you see it?
Rooster just
saw the light, fellas.
And it cost him dearly.
Not this time, old man.
You cannot escape like this.
damn it.
Rooster, you're way down.
You're under the limit!
Woe to your mother.
That's how it is. 190...
We should have been there.
But we are not.
And now you know something about the Rooster .
We'll get another one when we get back
, okay?
OK, pose.
- You're dead.
- Damn!
- You were shot.
- Wow!
Everything feels fun until you get hit
Phoenix, how about you tell everyone what Bob stands
- No need to hide.
- I'm in.
Don't get hooked, Bob.
Wanna know why we call him Hangman
Wait, wait, I found it.
"Baby Sitting Here."
Hassiktir lan!
Good morning, Airmen.
The fight has begun.
All right, Phoenix.
Let's get this guy down.
Arkan kolla, Phoenix.
- Right wing!
- I'm breaking to the right!
- Where is this going?
- That's why we call him Hangman.
It always leaves you in the middle.
It means leaving your burning man .
A tactic I haven't seen in a long time .
He called you a man, Phoenix.
Will you accept this?
Unless he calls you a man.
- Where's Maverick, Bob?
- God, his nose almost went in.
Get him after me, Hangman!
To the attention of our viewers at home.
That's how fossils are buried.
All right, Hangman. It's time to teach you
a lesson.
- You're dead, Phoenix.
- Son of a bitch!
Let's go, Mav!
Let's see what you got!
Come on!
You'll be done soon.
Hangman is coming.
Yes, we will see it.
It's sensitive. Phoenix can't see it.
How close am I?
- Phoenix?
- I'm dead, dickhead.
See you in the afterlife, Bagman.
Where is this? Where?
Yere! 80!
All right, who's next?
- I shot you, Omaha.
- Damn!
Vuruldun, Coyote.
This must be a joke.
Yere! 71!
Yere! 72!
Rooster, can I ask you a personal
If I say you can't ask,
won't you ask?
What's your story with Maverick?
It seems like it got you a little nervous
- It's none of your business.
- Where is this man?
I was always here.
Hassiktir be...
Do you see now?
Come on, let's finish this thing.
The fight has begun!
What's wrong with these two?
Well, you got us here.
How will you remove yourself?
You can quit whenever you want!
- How long do you want to continue, Rooster?
- I can do as much as you, sir.
And that's enough for me.
The past is past
. for both of us.
You want to believe that
, right?
You go below the limit.
Your space is running low!
If you want to see us both on the ground
, so be it.
altitude! Altitude!
altitude! Altitude!
Rise, rise!
Rise, rise!
That's how it is. Don't think, just do.
Come on, Rooster. You're on your back!
Get down and take your shot!
I'm so low!
It's too late now. You missed your chance.
Yere in.
damn it!
It's the same Rooster.
Go see Harlow for your push-ups .
OK, that's enough.
Rooster, that's enough, man.
Going below the limit
? Disobedience?
- Trying to get fired?
- Don't worry about it.
I'm going on this mission.
But if you get fired, you
leave us to fly Hangman.
Talk to me! What was it?
He took out my papers.
Ne? Kim?
He took out my application and
sent it back.
It pushed me back four years.
Why would you do this?
The limit is 5000
feet above the ground.
This limit is not just
for the safety of the pilots...
... determined for the safety of aircraft as well .
5000 feet is not an ordinary
rule, it is a law.
It must be obeyed like the law of gravity!
The limit for the mission will be much
lower, sir.
And it cannot be changed without my consent
Especially in the
middle of a workout.
And that cobra maneuver?
He could have killed all three of you.
I never want to see this bullshit again.
What exactly did you
think you were teaching, Captain?
No matter how good they are, they
still have something to learn, sir.
You're talking about the best fighter-plane
pilots on the planet, Captain.
their careers that will end with them.
They will drop bombs from high altitude with little or no
The parameters of this mission
require things for which they were never prepared.
To fight as a team
and to a goal... teach how to attack...
... you have less than three weeks.
And for their safe return home.
They'll be back home safely
, sir.
Every mission has risks.
These pilots accept that.
I don't, sir.
Starting today, you will give us your training plans in writing every morning .
And nothing will be changed without my written consent .
- Including the limit, sir?
- Especially the limit, Captain.
What is this?
Request to lower the limit, sir.
For low altitude bomb drill in mission parameters .
You better learn a few things about timing
, Captain.
Hey, Coyote.
Take a look at this.
The man is a legend. It's over there.
No, no. next to it.
Is it familiar?
What is it here?
It's like a living tomb.
Hey, Theo.
- But you've grown.
- Hey, Mav.
- Emilia?
- I know. I've grown a lot.
If you want a drink, get it yourself.
No, I stopped
by to pay my debt.
- Hey, how's your dad?
- He's in Hawaii with his wife.
Mav says he brought your money.
Never mind.
I insist.
Thank you, Captain.
Say your account is closed.
Captain? still?
A Captain with many medals.
Finish it. We have to get the boat
- I can't come.
- What do you mean you can't come?
There is a test tomorrow. I need to work.
They reported today.
I can't take him alone.
You use the engine.
Why are we taking it for repair?
- To get the engine repaired.
- To get the engine repaired.
I can help.
We don't always stand by like this.
Yapma ya?
According to the wind direction..
- ...we set sail.
- OK.
What does this mean?
And you'll be in my navy!
I'm not driving, Penny.
I'm landing on them.
No more difficult than steering an airplane.
How will I do it?
Pulling the green rope over there.
Yeil halat ...
Yes, pull hard!
Uradaki kola sar!
He will open the mainsail!
- Flip, with all your might!
- OK!
are you ready?
Additional speed.
Now you're from the Navy.
Thanks for helping out on the boat .
'm not sure I'm helping.
Don't give me that look.
Which look?
that's it.
Good night, Pete.
Good night, Penny.
Time is your worst enemy.
Stage 1 of the mission
is to advance at low altitude in two teams.
You will reach your destination through this narrow
The area smells of radar-mounted heat
-seeking missiles.
These missiles are deadly.
But they are designed to protect the sky above
, not the canyon below.
Because the enemy knows that no one
is crazy enough to fly under them.
That's exactly what
I'm going to train you for.
On mission day, your altitude
will be 1000 feet.
If you pass this altitude, the
radar will catch you...
...and you die.
Your speed will be 660 knots.
Arrival time at destination 2.5 minutes.
This is because of the 5th generation warplanes waiting at the nearby airport .
If you encounter these planes in an F-18 ...
... you will die.
before these planes even have a chance to catch you...
... you must enter, hit your target
and disappear.
This makes time your biggest competitor.
Your navigation system
has a simulation of the canyon.
The faster you cross this canyon ...
... the more difficult it will be for you to stay under the radar and stay away from enemy planes .
As the turns get harder , the
force of gravity on your body increases exponentially.
It compresses your lungs...
It forces the blood in your brain to flow...
It affects your decisions and
reaction time.
They asked me not to overload you.
So your altitude is 1,300 feet
and your time to destination is 3 minutes.
Good luck.
We are 1.30 minutes
away from the destination. We're two seconds behind.
We must increase our speed by 80 knots.
Hzlanmalyz, Coyote.
Got it, I'm increasing the speed.
- Why did they die?
- We've crossed the 300-foot limit.
And the missiles took us down.
- No. Why did they die?
- I slowed down and didn't give him a warning.
- It was my fault.
- For not communicating with your team.
- I'm sorry, sir...
- Will their families accept this at their funeral?
No, sir.
Why didn't you anticipate the return?
You were informed in training.
Don't tell me.
Tell his family.
Hangman, be heavy!
The canyon narrows.
No problem,
Payback. Increase your speed.
You're going too fast, man!
It wouldn't hurt to arrive first.
Damn, slow down
I can't stay on course!
There's a wall in front of you!
Attention, attention, attention!
- What happened?
- I flew as fast as I could.
As if my life depended on it.
And he put his team in danger
and your yandere is dead.
They couldn't reach me.
Rooster! We're 20 seconds
behind and it's increasing!
we are fine! Maintain your speed.
We're going 500 nautical miles.
Just keep your speed.
Rooster, we're running late!
We're alive though. We'll make up for it later
Listen to me! Maintain your speed.
Why did you die?
You are the team leader above.
Why did you and your team die
he was the only one to reach the target.
One minute late.
He gave the enemy planes time to land him .
- He's dead.
- You can't know that.
You're not flying fast enough.
We don't have a
second to waste.
- We've reached the goal.
- And superior enemy planes...
... cut you off while you were leaving.
- Then it's a dogfight.
- Against 5th generation warplanes.
Yes, we still have a chance.
- In an F-18.
- It's not on the plane, sir.
- It's on the pilot.
- Exactly!
There is more than one way to fly in this mission .
You really don't understand.
In this mission a man
either flies like a Maverick...
...or he can't come back.
There is no resentment to be offended.
But you still
succeed every time.
You better listen to the criticisms a little bit .
That's all. Lieutenant...
We're going to war, son.
The kind that no living pilot
has ever seen.
Onun bile.
Now is not the time to think about the past .
- What does that mean now?
- Rooster.
I can't be the only one who knows that Maverick flew with his father .
- That's enough.
- And while Maverick was flying with his father...
Hey! Hey!
For sure! Enough!
- Son of a bitch!
- Hey, come on!
No hassle. I am fine.
- That's enough.
- He's not fit for the job.
- Enough!
- You know this.
You know him, don't you?
You can all disperse.
We need to meet.
It's not a good time.
I'm not asking.
It's gotten worse.
Nobody knows.
There is nothing else I can do.
It hurts even when talking .
Sarah, I'm so sorry.
Here is my burner.
I want to talk about business.
Please don't worry about me.
what can i do for you
I want to talk about work.
Rooster is
still mad at me for what I did.
I thought you'd understand why .
I hope he forgives me.
There is still time.
Less than three weeks to the task
The child is not ready.
So teach him.
not about what I can give him.
Ice, please.
Don't ask me to send another person to die , please.
Don't ask me to send it.
send me
It's time to quit.
I don't know how.
I'm not a teacher, Ice.
I am a fighter jet pilot.
The Navy wants me to train.
I'm not this.
This is my personality.
How can I teach this?
Even if I could teach,
that's not what Rooster wants.
That's not what the Navy wants.
That's why they came to me last
You 're the only reason I'm here .
If I send him on this mission...
... he may never return home.
And if I don't send him...
... will never forgive me.
Either way, I
will lose him forever.
It's time to quit.
The Navy needs the Maverick.
The boy needs Maverick.
That's why I vouched for you.
That's why you're still here.
Teekkrler, Ice.
for everything.
One last thing.
Which of us was the better
pilot? You or me?
Let's not ruin this beautiful moment.
Come on, here we go!
- Sir?
- What is this?
Dogfight football.
Attack and defense at the same time.
Who is winning?
I guess they stopped keeping score a long
time ago.
The team still has a week of
practice, Captain.
- Every minute counts.
- Yes sir.
So why are we
playing games here?
You told me to form a team
, sir.
Here is your team.
Should I go before Emilia returns?
He's staying with his friend tonight.
You and Emilia are much more... seem close...
compared to the last time I saw it.
Yes. We are.
He wanted more freedom than I thought he was ready for .
Who did he get this from?
That I should trust him...
... I finally realized it.
I have to let him make his own mistakes every now and then.
It's not an easy choice.
Is that what happened with the Rooster?
I pulled out your paperwork from the Naval Academy .
I stole years from your career.
After what happened to Goose, I
couldn't let him fly.
He made me promise before he died.
Does Rooster know this?
He will always hate me for what I did .
Why would I send it then?
It's not an easy choice.
I was trying to be the father he lost .
I wish I had done it differently.
The truth is...
I didn't think you were ready.
Is it ready now?
Mom, I'm here!
You were supposed to stay in Caron tonight
Caron was
going somewhere with her family!
- I'd better go.
- You better go.
Did you eat?
No, it's okay. I
'll prepare something for you.
I'm getting off right now!
wait! Not from there.
Look, I need to be an example.
I can't be the woman who brings a man home on a first date .
This is not our first date!
You know what I mean.
OK. But I'm getting out of the
window for the last time, just so you know.
- We'll see.
- No.
No, I'm serious.
I will not leave you again.
Shut up!
Come on, get out of here!
Is he still nagging?
Your target is the uranium
enrichment plant...
will start working sooner than expected.
The raw uranium
will be delivered to the plant in 10 days.
As a result, your mission
has been pushed forward a week.
To avoid contaminating the target valley with radiation .
Sir, no one here has successfully completed the low-altitude
Yet you have been ordered to advance.
We have one week to focus on Phase .
The most dangerous part of the mission.
A hard dive that required two miracles in a row, and...
... to leave the package.
Two pairs of F-
18s will advance to the target, maintaining their attack pattern.
In order for the mission to succeed
and for you to survive...
... it is very important that these planes work in coordination and as a team.
As you know, the facility
is between two mountains.
In the last step, you will go straight
into a hard dive.
This gives you the
opportunity to maintain the lowest possible altitude and...
...will recognize a single angle of attack.
Your target is in an area of less than 3 meters .
The first two aircraft will
paint the target with a laser sight.
The first pair is placed in an exposed
... will drop a laser-guided bomb
and hit the reactor.
This will leave an open space for the second couple .
This was the first miracle.
The second team
will deliver the killing blow.
And it will destroy the target.
This is the second miracle.
If either team misses the target...
- I missed!
- Mission fails.
damn it.
You will have to make a hard
ascent to avoid hitting the mountain.
You'd eat at least 8 Gs on that steep ascent at that speed .
9. Minimum.
The fuselage of the F-18s is
designed for 7.5 G.
That's the accepted limit.
You will endure more to survive this mission .
Even if it means twisting your torso .
Your heartbeat will accelerate and
you will feel pressure close to 4 tons.
Your skull will crush your spine.
Your lungs will explode as if an elephant is sitting on your chest .
You will fight with all your might just not to faint.
And right here
you will be the most vulnerable.
This is... the coffin corner.
Assuming you avoid hitting this mountain ...
... you will go straight into enemy radar and you will
lose your privacy.
Within seconds, enemy
missiles will be fired at you.
You've all had
a malfunction in the air before...
...but this will bring you to the point of destroying both you and your plane .
Sir, can this task be
The answer to this question is...
Depends on the pilot in the box.
- Talk to me, Bob.
- We're 12 seconds late to the destination.
- We have to speed up. We must speed up.
- Fuck it.
Got it.
Try to stay with me .
Who is this?
Blue Team, your place has been determined.
- Fuck it, it's Maverick.
- What is he doing here?
I am an enemy plane coming to intercept you.
Blue Team, what will you do?
20 km. away, in the direction of 10.
It's not too close.
You have the word. What would you like to do?
We continue. We're close.
Hedefte kal
turned north
- Prepare for ascension.
- Stand by at the laser, Bob.
Got it, I'm waiting.
Blue Team, the enemy
is still approaching.
I'm rising now!
Congratulations, Bob! Maverick down?
10 km. away, coming fast!
In the target field of view.
Where's my laser, Bob?
Does not lock, does not lock!
It doesn't work. Sorry, I can't
lock it!
So I'm shooting blind!
Damn, I missed!
- I shot you.
- Leave me alone, brothers.
It's silly, we're dead.
Blue Team, you failed.
Balance your wings, Coyote.
Coyote, balance your wings!
Coyote, answer!
Coyote, balance your wings!
He's sick, he's unconscious.
I'm chasing after you!
Hadi, his ver bana! Its worms!
Get rid of it, Coyote.
Until, Coyote. Until, until!
Cevap ver, Coyote!
Coyote! Coyote!
Coyote, are you okay?
Beautiful, beautiful.
Enough for today.
This was close.
He was too close.
flock of birds! Herd of birds
A flock of birds?
Phoenix, right engine on fire!
I'm speeding.
I turn off the fuel on the right engine.
I'm putting out the fire.
- Right engine stalled.
- It's still spinning.
I'm trying to reboot.
Your tail is on fire!
Make a sharp turn!
damn it.
We are burning. We're on fire!
- Damn it!
- Fire in the engine.
I'm extinguishing both engines!
Phoenix, Bob! Jump, jump!
There are malfunctions everywhere!
All values are dropping!
- System malfunction.
- I can't control it.
We're falling, Phoenix? We're falling!
You have no other chance!
Throw it! Throw it!
Throw it! Throw it!
They will watch them for a while longer.
But they will be fine.
I almost lost my burner too.
For making it to the last round.
There will be others.
It's easy for you to say.
You don't have a wife...
You have no children...
There's no one to mourn when you crash
Evine git.
Let's get some sleep.
Why did you take out my papers at the academy ?
Why did you get in my way?!
You were not ready.
What was I not ready for?
- To fly like you?
- No.
Don't forget the book.
To trust your instincts.
Not thinking, just doing.
If you start thinking above, you
will die.
Believe me.
My father believed in you too.
I will not make the same mistake.
Ready, aim, fire!
Ready, aim, fire!
Ready, aim, fire!
Ready, aim, fire!
It's impossible for me to understand what you're feeling right now .
Take some time off.
whatever you need.
Thank you sir
, but there is no time. Task...
I'm taking over the authority here.
- We both know you don't want this job.
- Sir, they're not ready.
It was your job to prepare them.
They must believe that this mission can succeed .
But you failed to do so.
- Sir...
- You're grounded, Captain.
- Sir...
- That's it.
What will you do?
Ice is no more.
What other choice do I have?
You have to find a way back yourself
That's it from me.
This is over.
Pete, even if
you lost your firefight in mid-air...
You keep fighting.
You just don't give up.
They are your pilots.
If anything happens to them...
... you can never forgive yourself.
I don't know what to do.
But you will find a way.
I know you.
Captain Mitchell
is no longer your instructor.
Your new mission parameters as of today .
time is now 4 minutes.
You will enter the valley level by
Reducing your speed.
You shall not exceed 420 nautical miles .
Sir, don't we give their planes
time to spot us?
You have a chance
to get off the plane, Lieutenant.
What are your chances of surviving hitting the mountain vertically ?
You will be attacking the target from higher altitude.
It's on the north wall.
Keeping your laser on target
will be more difficult...
...but you will avoid the steep climb .
And then the missiles
will turn us to dust.
Who is this?
From Maverick to Field Control.
I'm entering the Alpha Point.
I want green zone approval.
Maverick, this is Field Control...
Green zone confirmed but...
I don't see your name on the program
, sir.
It's not too late though.
Arrival time at new destination
2 minutes 15 seconds.
2.15 mi? This is impossible.
I'm getting close to the first point.
Maverick is on its way.
Trmanyorum. 3, 2, 1.
Bombs are on their way.
Tam 12'den! Hassiktir!
Woe to your mother.
You put me in a difficult position
, Captain.
On the one hand, you showed that this mission can be
Maybe the
only way to get out alive.
On the other hand... smuggling a multimillion-dollar military
property and never again...
you did it by using it in a way that it can't take off.
Iceman is no longer
here to protect you.
It's up to me to take you to
court-martial and...
... have everything needed to get kicked out of the army .
What do you think I should do?
Should I risk the lives of my pilots, and perhaps the
chances of success of this mission...
...or else...
... as the leader of the faculty...
...and risk my career
- Sir...
- I think the Admiral didn't want an answer to his question.
Talk to me, Goose.
Komutan Mitchell.
You are where you belong.
make us proud.
It was an honor to fly with you.
Each of you
represents the best of the best.
This is a very special mission.
My choices are only
reflections of that.
First Foxtrot team members.
Payback ve Fanboy.
Phoenix ve Bob.
And your fire.
The rest of you are
in support roles on board...
... you will continue to stay.
Your target is a threat that needs immediate attention .
It's a secret
uranium enrichment plant out of surveillance.
In an underground bunker.
Between these two mountains.
There are 5th class warplanes at a nearby airport in the region .
After you take off and cross the border ...
...from the USS Ladygulf to the enemy
's airfield here...
... synchronized Tomahawk
missiles will be fired.
This will put their tracks
out of play.
But you'll have to deal with
planes that have already taken off.
As soon as those missiles land
at the airport, they'll know you've arrived.
Your arrival time at the destination
will be 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
If it takes longer than that, you'll be on the radar of hijacked planes by the Tomahawks .
You were trained for this.
Good luck back home.
Show your days.
- I meant...
- All personnel take their seats.
All personnel take
their places for departure.
Hey, Bradley? Bradley!
You can do this.
Hey, are you with me?
Don't throw that look, man.
I only have this look.
Thank you.
If we don't see each other again...
Thank you.
It was my honor, Captain.
Dagger-1. Ready for takeoff
and standby.
Dagger-Reinforcement pending.
Dagger-4 is ready to take off.
Dagger-3 is ready to take off.
Dagger-2 is ready to take off.
Reinforcement drone in the air.
The assault team is ready.
We are waiting for orders.
Dagger-2 in the air.
Dagger-3 in the air.
Dagger-4 in the air.
Komanchi, Dagger-1.
Standard control.
Komanchi, Dagger-1.
Komanchi 1-1, done.
The image is clean. I recommend Dagger
go ahead.
Got it. We're going under the radar
Dagger is under the radar right now.
I switch to snapshot.
Here we are. forward
enemy territory.
60 seconds to the limit.
Komanchi, Dagger-1. Image?
Komanchi, the image is
clear. The decision is yours.
Dagger, attack.
Tomahawks took off.
There is no turning back anymore.
Daggers, let's move on to offensive formation .
The Daggers have been replaced.
We are moving towards the goal^
It starts at 2 minutes 30 seconds.
3, 2, 1... started.
- 2 okay.
- 3 OK.
4 ok.
There are heat-seeking missiles ahead.
They don't work under the radar
, Mav.
Let's tie our rope to the solid
More missiles on the hill.
We have 2 minutes left to the target.
Got it. Time
is running out, Rooster.
30 seconds for Tomahawks to land on the enemy airfield .
Dagger, Komanchi. We're getting two
enemy signals.
It's right in front of us. Two contacts.
Where did these come from?
Field patrol?
Komanchi, which way are they going?
Rotalar 0-9-0-5.
- They're headed southwest.
- They're moving away from us.
They don't know we are here.
As those Tomahawks land at the airport,
enemy planes will go to cover the target.
We must be there before they arrive
I increase the speed.
We take care of you,
Mav. Do not wait for me.
Sir, Dagger
3 and 4 can't keep up.
Arrival time at destination,
1 minute 20 seconds.
3, 2...
The enemy airbase was destroyed.
They're all coming now.
change direction towards the target.
Rooster, where are you
Come on, Rooster! We
have to make up for the time while we can!
You heard the man.
Affedersin, Phoenix.
Sir, the enemies
are 2 minutes from the target.
1 minute away from target.
Come on, Rooster. We will lose.
Guys, we're lagging behind!
We really need to speed up!
If we don't accelerate now
, those enemy planes...
... it will be close when we reach the destination !
Talk to me, dad.
Come on kid,
you can do it. Thinking!
Sadece yap!
Looks like Rooster
has decided to join us.
That's it, son. That's it!
All right, we're leaving.
Rooster, be slow!
Sir, Dagger-2 is
catching up.
Hit your target and go home.
30 seconds to target.
Prepare your laser.
1-6-8-8 confirmation code,
laser scanning completed.
The lasers are ready!
Watch out for the heads.
Hassiktir be!
- Payback, are you with me?
- I'm right behind you.
Phoenix, prepare to climb.
Dagger-3 took its position.
Trmanmaya 3, 2, 1...
Aim the laser, Bob.
- Stand by!
- Come on Bob, come on!
Thank you! Send!
Target detected. Bombs are on their way.
We hit him, Mav!
fuck it! Fuck!
The first miracle happened.
Dagger-2, status report.
I'm about to arrive, Mav. I came!
Fanboy, where's my laser?
Rooster, I can't
lock the laser!
Siktir! From, from, from!
Come on, guys!
We're running out of time!
I got it! I caught!
- Come on, Fanboy. Get it done!
- No time. I'm going to shoot blind.
- Rooster, I'm on it. Wait!
- There's no time left.
Bombs are on the way! bombs on the way
It's 12! It's 12!
Second miracle.
The corner of the coffin remained.
We're not done yet.
Here it begins.
Missiles took off!
Phohenix, right behind you!
Got it, I'm back!
Another one is coming!
Dagger-1, on the defensive!
Rooster, status report?
oh my god.
Missiles took off!
Missiles took off!
Right wing, Payback! Right wing!
oh my god! Coming!
How do we get rid of them?!
I'm taking countermeasures!
Themes were.
Dagger-1 is descending.
- Talk, Bob!
- Turn, Phoenix! Frost!
in the direction of 9! 9!
Rooster, there are two more behind you!
Dagger-2 on the defensive!
Payback, put your nose down!
Dagger-4 to 3,
use your deflectors!
- Talk, Bob!
- It's bad!
- It's coming again!
- We're busy here!
Dagger-2 on the defensive!
Fuck, I'm out of deflectors!
Rooster, Sallan! Sallan!
I can't escape!
They're after me, they're after me!
No! No!
Dagger-1 has been hit!
I repeat, Dagger-1 has been hit!
Maverick crashed.
Dagger-1, status
report? Status report?
Has anyone seen him?
Has anyone seen him?
- Dagger-1, answer!
- I didn't see a parachute.
We need to go back.
Komanchi, the enemies are on their way.
They come straight to you. Dagger
is suggested to move south.
Enemies are heading south.
Call them aboard now.
All Daggers advance to ECP
. The ship is waiting for you.
- What about Maverick?
- Tell him there's nothing you can do for Maverick.
- Not in an F-18.
- Dagger-Reinforcement recovery mission requests confirmation.
Negative, Reinforcement.
- Start search and rescue.
- Negative. Not when the enemies are there.
- Sir, Maverick is still there...
- We're not going to lose anyone else today.
Call them home now.
Dagger, don't make contact.
I repeat, do not contact.
Dagger-2, we're going home.
come back. Turn back.
Rooster, those enemies are approaching.
We can't go back.
He died.
Maverick is dead.
Dagger-2 was shot down.
Dagger-2 was shot down.
Dagger-2, come in.
Dagger-2, do you hear?
Dagger-2, answer!
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I am good.
are you okay?
What are you doing?!
What are you doing here?
- What am I doing?
- You shoot that missile too...
... did I eat it to get shot?
You should be on board right now!
- I saved your life!
- I saved your life.
That was the whole point.
What was on your mind?
You're the one who said don't think!
It's good to see you.
Seni of.
So what's the plan?
You cannot be serious.
You're goofing off, aren't you?
An F-14?
I had taken down three enemies on one of those things .
How do we know if that scrap can fly ?
renelim hadi.
- There are men ahead.
- Yes.
- Let's not draw attention.
- OK.
Let's start running. Run, come on!
rooster When he gives you
the signal...
.. when the needle reaches 120
, turn the lever.
When the engine starts, all the
pins and cables are removed.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Collect the ladder when you get up.
Vay be...
It's been a long time, huh Mav?
oh my god...
This thing is very old.
Let's see.
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
Even if the track isn't clean... do we ventilate this museum scrap
Wings from here, Mav.
Mav, it's a taxiway.
It's not the runway. You have a very narrow take-
off area, Mav.
You hold on tight.
Hassiktir be!
Hadi, hadi, hadi!
I know you, come on.
Come on, some more!
- Blue!
- Here we go.
Hassiktir be...
we're picking up signals from Rooster's GPS.
It doesn't look like a malfunction.
- Did you lose him?
- No, sir.
Supersonic right now.
- What is it in?
- Sorry!
Information came from the tower that there was an F-14 heading towards our position .
This is impossible.
They can't.
All right, Rooster.
Contact the ship.
No wireless. There is no radar.
Everything is dead here.
What will I do? Tell me.
Radio first. do something...
UHF-2... circuit breaker.
Onu dene.
Lots of weird circuits
here. Any other details?
I don't know. It was your father
's department.
I solve it.
Mav, enemy aircraft below us.
what to do
OK, listen. act calm.
If they knew who we are , we'd
be dead already.
Here they come.
Plann ne?
Let's put on our masks.
Remember, we're on the same team.
Wave and smile.
Wave and smile.
What is this signal? What is he saying?
I don't know at all. I don't know what
he says.
What about this? Any idea?
No, I've never seen that either.
They're trying to envelop us.
OK, listen.
When I tell you,
keep the rings on your head.
They're the launch rope.
Mav, can we beat these guys
With loads of guns and missiles.
Then there will be a dogfight.
In an F-14? Against 5th
generation warplanes?
It's not on the plane, it's on the pilot.
If it wasn't for me, you'd be after them.
But you are here.
Hadi, Mav.
Sadece yap.
If you see a launch missile, tell me!
- The missile has taken off! The missile took off!
- Hold tight!
Damn it, man! Someone's gone!
Another one is coming!
Rooster, deflectors!
Come on come on come on!
Get ready to cut gas!
- Now it's my turn.
- On target, man! On target!
I'm shooting!
What was that?
It's silly, what was that?
Hold tight! We will descend.
Rough terrain
will confuse the targeting system.
Here it comes.
Speak, Rooster. Where?
It's still after us.
The fire is getting ready to open!
damn it!
Come on, man!
Be a hero!
Hold tight!
On target! I open fire.
damn it!
Missiles are gone. I'm on the gun.
Hadi, Mav. Hadi!
- You can, man!
- Once again.
- One last chance.
- You can do it.
Hadi, Maverick.
Yes! We're done!
Mav, I turned on the radio.
- Great. Communicate with the ship.
- Understood.
oh my god.
Where is this man?
right under our noses.
Damn, we're out of ammo.
The missile took off!
Rooster, deflectors!
This was so close!
We're out of deflectors, Mav.
Shit, he's targeting us!
This has not been good!
- Mitchell, we're gonna get shot!
- No no no!
We can't take it anymore!
We ca n't escape this man . We have to throw it.
- What?
- We need altitude.
Pull the launch handle as soon as I tell you .
- Mav, what...?
- Rooster, you're leaving.
Throw, throw, throw!
Rooster, pull the lever! Throw it!
It doesn't work!
Sorry, kid.
No need to stand up
, ladies and gentlemen.
Your savior is speaking.
Please fasten your seat belts
and follow me home.
And prepare to land.
Hey, Hangman. You look good.
yiyim, Rooster.
I am very good.
See you on board.
Maverick goes against the wind.
It has no front landing gear and no brakes.
Pull the rope for a hard stop.
All personnel on deck!
Come on, walk!
Please don't tell me we lost an engine .
OK, I won't tell you that.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
- You finally landed a plane in battle.
- That's two.
Maverick downloaded five.
That makes it second.
Yzba Mitchell?
Thank you for saving my life .
My father would do the same.
Hey, Mav.
Is Penny around?
They went on a boat trip with Emilia .
Did he say when he'll be back?
No, he didn't.