Top Gunner: America vs. Russia (2023) Movie Script

Blue team, stay sharp.
Let's give
the Ukrainians a leg up.
MAJORS: Bombs on target.
Return to base.
BLUE THREE: Love to see
that Russian junk burn.
Where the hell
did that thing come from?
-I don't see anything!
-MAJOR: Bandit, breaking 09:00.
MAJORS: Negative radar on
bandit, I'm only painting us.
Man, this guy's a Fantom!
Deploying countermeasures.
[music continues]
THOMAS: If Senator Burke is
a definite no vote,
then we're going
to have to get both Gordon
and Hathaway on board.
If not,
we can kiss
the F/A-X jet funding goodbye.
See if you can set up dinner
with either tonight
or breakfast tomorrow
just as soon as possible.
And pull up last week's
defense budget reports.
You know they'll both ask.
Right, let's get this done.
Jesus, Zach.
Emily, call the White House
and let them know
I'll be coming over.
I want a meeting
with the president
as soon as possible.
Tell them
it's national security related.
Have the Secret Service
bring the car around.
Vice President Thomas,
the President will see you
in the library.
-Mr. President.
Excellent timing.
I was gonna call you later.
I'd like to discuss
the shootdown
on the Volunteer Flight
in Ukraine yesterday.
-I'm listening.
-They were lost
under highly unusual
The Russians have no effective
anti-aircraft at the front,
and there were
no enemy radar contacts.
These were superb pilots, sir.
Top aviators
from all over the world.
Their skipper flew
under me in the Navy.
Guy was a legend.
Not an easy kill.
Yet we have no idea what
took him and his pilots down.
But the Pentagon is
looking into it.
Sir, we both know Pentagon intel
moves at a snail's pace.
If the Russians are
developing new capabilities,
then we need to figure out
what they are
and move to counter.
Well, the second
I know something,
so will you,
but we've got
bigger things
in front of us right now.
We're hosting
a peace summit here in DC.
And the Russians want
to negotiate
a peace settlement
in Ukraine.
Well, if that's true, it's
only because they're losing.
They're stalling, sir, trying
to buy time to maneuver in.
-When is this happening?
-Talks begin tomorrow.
President Vasiliev was serious
about getting something done.
And so am I.
What do the Ukrainians say?
Are they on board?
They'll go along
with whatever we decide.
-What makes you so sure?
-Well, they've suffered
terrible losses
and hardships.
They want this conflict over
more than anyone.
At the cost
of their sovereignty?
The very thing
they've been fighting for?
They've held the Russians
back, but only just.
And look at
how many lives it's cost.
Civilian as well as military.
Sir, that's exactly my point.
When a war is focused
as much on civilian
as it is military targets,
it loses all claim
to legitimacy.
As do its perpetrators.
They should not
be negotiated with.
And what happens
when this conflict ends?
Or it expands,
spins out of control
across all of Europe?
How many lives will it cost
to fight a third world war?
I'm asking you.
Sir, now is not the time
to cut a deal.
When the F/A-X
fighter program comes online
in a few months,
we'll be negotiating
from a position
of much greater strength.
We don't have the votes
to keep your wonder-jet funded.
I'm sorry.
Because our party refuses
to prioritize national defense.
Jeremiah, you could help
change minds on that.
But I'm out there all alone.
We don't need
another billion dollar
weapon system, Rick.
We have a real chance here
to broker a lasting peace.
If everybody gets on board,
this can happen. Okay?
I hope I can count on you.
Of course,
Mr. President, of course.
-What're you doing?
-Coding software.
To do what?
Triangulate vector headings
and intercept points.
-Who needs that?
-Oh, you know,
just competent
naval aviators, so, yeah,
I can see how that
wouldn't interest you.
Officer on deck.
At ease.
Today we resume test flights
of the F/A-X
supersonic stealth fighter.
After last week's
successful altitude tests,
today we'll be testing ACM
and 1V1 dogfights.
Now, this exercise has
a hard deck of 10,000 feet
and a hard ceiling
of 40,000 feet.
Maximum speed is sub-Mach one.
Any questions?
Then man up,
and let's get 'em in the air.
CAG: Footloose, Firefly.
You're up first.
-Firefly, you're the aggressor.
-Roger that, sir.
Damn, these things can move.
-Target lock.
-Like hell.
-FIREFLY: Damn it.
Controls are sticking,
I'm still climbing!
CAG: Knock it off.
Footloose, you have exceeded
40,000 feet
and broke the hard ceiling.
Lieutenant, your performance
today is rated cut.
What did you think
you were doing up there?
Trying to perform
the exercises ordered, sir.
Evading target lock.
By exceeding
the designated hard ceiling?
It was an accident, sir.
Rapid ascent is
a common evasive tactic,
-and real fights tend to--
It doesn't matter.
Today's results
have to be scrapped,
and now we're a day behind,
which I have to explain
to my superiors
who aren't gonna forgive me
on account of my famous
ace sibling,
because I don't have
one of those
to keep bailing me out.
You're off F/A-X tests
for the duration.
Sir, please.
Take your licks, Lieutenant.
Consider yourself lucky
to be flying at all.
If I had my druthers,
you'd be grounded permanently.
Now hear this. Now hear this.
Lieutenant Adam Majors,
to the communications room.
Saved by the bell, Lieutenant.
Once again, dismissed.
What a pleasant surprise.
How are you?
Unpopular as ever
with the law and order types.
Ever considered the military
wasn't the place for you?
No, sir.
They're the ones
with the fighter jets
for me to fly.
How's the plane?
Most maneuverable aircraft
I've ever flown.
Viable to be
our next-generation fighter?
No question, yes.
Good. There may be
a lot riding on it.
Is that why you called?
To check up on the plane?
It's not, I'm afraid.
What's going on?
Zach was killed.
Shot down over Ukraine.
Nobody could shoot
my brother down.
How'd it happen?
Zach and his squad had
successfully carried out
a strike on the Russians'
communication hub
and were returning to base.
Somewhere on the way,
they were intercepted.
The whole Volunteer Flight
was wiped out.
By what?
We aren't sure.
What do you mean,
you "aren't sure"?
There were
no enemy radar contacts
in the area,
and Zach's squad had
taken out the only
Russian ground forces.
Did they report
coming under attack?
Their communications were jammed
just before they went down.
Well, then the Russians had
something else in the area.
You must have some idea what.
We're looking into it.
I wish I had
more information to give you,
but I don't right now.
I just wanted you to hear
the news from me first.
I'm sorry.
If there's anything I can do...
There is.
Find out who
and what killed him.
Hey, Footloose.
What's up? The guys said
you got some official call.
Zach's dead.
I am so sorry.
-Killed in action.
In action? Where?
In Ukraine.
He volunteered.
Is there anything
that I can do?
No-- hey, wait.
I want to... help you.
[door slams]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
- This is Condor.
-What's your favorite opera?
- I much prefer ballet.
You've been out of touch.
Under scrutiny.
I shouldn't be calling now,
but I have news.
We need to meet.
If you're under scrutiny,
that doesn't seem like
a good idea; you should
leave whatever you have
in a dead drop,
and I'll retrieve it from you.
CONDOR: I am not leaving
this evidence at a drop.
It can be traced to me
if found.
I'll give it
directly to you or nobody.
All right.
Fili Park tomorrow at--
Not tomorrow. Today.
This cannot wait.
Thirty minutes from now.
No, I'll pick the time.
My Chief of Station
won't sign off
-on the meeting if I--
- I do not care.
This is not piddling trivia
I have to offer.
If this is so urgent,
then tell me now.
You know as well as I,
there is no such thing
as a secure line
in Moscow.
This must be face to face.
And time is
of the essence.
-Don't be followed.
- Don't be late.
-Been a while.
-It has been hard to get away.
I was promoted.
I have great access now.
But I'm under
increased scrutiny.
I must be more careful.
Reach out
only when it matters.
A coup is being hatched inside
Russian military intelligence.
Elements within the GRU
intend to assassinate
President Vasiliev.
There's not much we can do
to meaningly interfere
in your internal disagreements.
You haven't heard it all yet.
The plan is
to assassinate Vasiliev
on U.S. soil and implicate
your government
-in his death.
-For what purpose?
To spike a wider war
between NATO and Russia.
That's the last thing
that Russian
military intelligence
should want.
Yeah, I understand that
perfectly well.
But the GRU has become
the personal fiefdom
of one Aleksandr Borovsk.
-The Defense Minister?
-An ideologue
of the hard-line
nationalist type.
He coerced Vasiliev
into a rushed secret military
rearmament program.
He believes Russia can defeat
the U.S. and NATO.
He means to seize power
and wield his new military.
You ought to warn Vasiliev,
not me.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is up to you.
I cannot be perceived
as Vasiliev's informant.
-[silenced shot]
This is Artemis calling
for the Chief of Station.
Met with Condor.
A rogue element
in the GRU is trying
to kill Vasiliev
at the summit in Washington.
Chief, do you copy?
We need to let Washington know.
Brought your favorite
from the galley.
-It's a donut.
And if there's anything else
that I can do...
stay here with me.
Copy that.
I'm going to take this.
We don't have to talk.
But if you want to talk...
I'm just...
Scared that somehow
I willed this to happen.
Zach's death?
I always lived in his shadow.
I hoped someday
I wouldn't, but...
I never wanted it
to happen like this.
Adam Majors, you are
not doing this to yourself.
You loved Zach.
I could hear it
every time
you talked about him.
But you're not
feeling anything
that most younger siblings
haven't felt,
and survivors,
they always carry guilt.
You need
to give yourself a break.
And know that you don't live
underneath anybody's shadow.
Everyone in this air group
sees you.
You earned those wings.
You earned your place here.
You've even...
even earned my respect.
I have?
Yeah, well, grudgingly.
I mean, you are the most
gifted pilot
I have ever seen, so...
[scoffs] Yeah, well.
-Tell CAG that.
-Oh, he knows.
Why do you think
he hates you so much?
[both chuckle]
Wait. Wait, wait.
I-I'm sorry, I just...
I can't do this right now.
I get it.
I'm going
to give you some space.
Be here with me.
-Want one?
Nearly 15 years ago,
the former
Russian President Morozov
rose to power
after a violent election
that saw
dozens of Russians killed.
But the skirmishes did
not end after the election,
making an age of heightened
military defense in Russia
and the surrounding countries
not seen since the Cold War.
Many attempts at talks both
from NATO and the United States
were made to President Morozov,
who refused to acknowledge them
especially those
coming from capitalist nations.
President Morozov instead
wanted to expand his power.
He first looked to Ukraine
where border disputes
between the two countries
escalated into a brutal war
resulting in thousands
of deaths on both sides.
The United States and NATO
realized they could no longer
stay off the sidelines
and offered help to those
who wanted a better future
for their country.
As Russians tired
of the old regime rose up,
the United States offered
weapons and resources including
state-of-the-art tanks
to battle against those
already in the current
Russian regime's possession.
Soon Morozov and his regime
found themselves
not only fighting Ukrainian
rebels but Russian ones,
led by Russian freedom fighter
Gennady Vasiliev.
After months of fighting,
the war turned mostly away from
Ukraine and became a Russian
civil war between the old regim
and those who demanded peace
for the war-torn country.
But the fighting in Russia
turned extremely violent,
with sometimes whole city block
and small towns
decimated by Morozov's regime.
Vasiliev and his rebels
would not give in to Morozov,
often meeting the regime
in the streets and countryside
to battle,
refusing to give up.
But Morozov
only escalated the attacks
destroying countless
populated areas
in an effort
to show his immense power.
Vasiliev continued to fight bac
as more and more Russians
joined the rebels
against their attacks
and left their homes
and families decimated,
wanting a better future
for their children
and generations
of Russians to come.
With continued help
from the United States,
the old regime was
finally toppled.
With many of their tanks
and other weapons destroyed,
a new era of history
for the storied country began,
one etched
in true democracy for Russia
as elections naming
new leader President Vasiliev
were the most successful
in Russia's history.
Although some cells
of the old regime are
still in hiding,
newly-elected President Vasilie
has assured NATO that
he has made it his top priority
to eradicate them,
to keep this new
Russia era
of democracy alive.
Today, President Stewart
welcomes President Vasiliev
to the White House
where a peace accord will be
signed by the two leaders,
signaling a new era
of peace, friendship,
and understanding
between our two nations.
I implore you, Mr. President,
before it's too late.
It is too late.
Nothing has
been discussed or signed.
Russia can retake Ukraine.
We possess the greatest
stealth fighter ever built.
You can recapture
the strategic initiative.
We cannot fight
a conventional war with NATO.
Sooner or later
we or they start to lose,
and when that happens,
nuclear weapons get employed.
It doesn't matter who wins
if we all die.
We could roll
our tanks over Europe,
cross the Atlantic,
and kick in their front door.
The west would never
initiate nuclear strike.
They lack the will.
I cannot bet
the sovereignty of Russia
on such a whim.
This peace is the one thing
we have left for our nation.
So stand behind it.
Any sign of disunity
will not serve.
[speaking Russian]
Yes, Mr. President.
[speaking Russian]
President Vasiliev,
We'll get the opening press
conference ready shortly
in the press room.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Thank you for this gracious
invitation to your capitol.
It is your openness
to diplomacy
that has made
this day possible.
I wish our security service
to sweep the area.
Ah, it won't be open
to the public,
just credentialed press.
Mr. Borovsk, we're guests
at another home. You know that.
I'm only concerned
for your safety, Mr. President,
you are hope and future
of the Russian federation.
He has a point, Mr. President.
Agent Miller,
anyone interested in inspecting
the press room, let them
to their complete satisfaction.
Right this way.
After you,
Mr. President, please.
Knock yourself out.
Right this way.
All good.
[murmurs] Jesus Christ.
This doesn't make any sense.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Many thanks to my new friend,
President Jeremiah Stewart.
Your kind welcome is
and it bodes well for
a more productive relationship
between our two nations.
[phone rings]
-Hello? Can you hear me?
-Ronnie? Not a good time.
No time.
The GRU is going to assassinate
President Vasiliev
at the summit.
They've recruited a Ukrainian
national named Ihor Melnyk.
Grabbed his wife
on a recent trip
to eastern Europe
to hold as leverage.
Look, they're going
to make the attempt
on Vasiliev's life
at a press event.
-Live press event?
-Melnyk is
a Washington correspondent
for the Kiev Post.
Agent Miller!
We need to stop this!
-Pull the president now!
-[silenced gunshots]
Get us out!
-Are you okay?
We need to leave at once.
[calls out in Russian]
Rick, are you all right?
I am, sir.
Is Vasiliev all right?
-Alive and unhurt.
-Thank God.
Now, how did anybody
get past White House security?
With valid
press credentials, sir.
He was a Ukrainian
journalist forced into it
under threat by
Russian military intelligence.
What are you getting at?
A contact I have in the CIA
called at
the last minute with intel.
You have personal
operatives in the CIA?
Oh, it's not like that, sir.
An old friend reached out.
Mr. President,
the complex is secure.
What's the condition
of the assassin?
Is he able
to answer any questions yet?
The assassin died
of gun wounds, Mr. President.
Sir, you have
my sincerest apologies.
If you'd like, my resignation
will be in your desk--
Knock it off, Mike.
I'm not at leisure
to replace you today.
Your friend of the CIA claims
Russian intelligence
-is behind this.
-That's right.
Then we need to talk
to Vasiliev right away.
Get to the bottom
of this right now.
Vasiliev is gone.
The Russian diplomatic
entourage, they left.
-They left?
-And in a hurry,
at the insistence
of Minister Borovsk.
Son of a bitch.
Da, da,
fly directly to Moscow
and let them know
that we're safe, we're unharmed.
Yes, and get me the FSB director
Chernigov on line.
What do you require
of Director Chernigov?
An investigation on attempt
on my life, of course.
Whatever proxy
may have been employed,
the United States is
most certainly to blame.
[speaking Russian]
President Stewart...
he staked his political
reputation on this summit.
The culprit,
I'm sorry to say...
must be
somewhere closer to home.
A lot closer.
And that's where
we have to look.
[speaking Russian]
[gun clicks]
[speaking Russian]
I regret to inform you
that President Vasiliev
is dead.
He succumbed
to a bullet wound
inflicted earlier today
by a U.S.-sponsored assassin.
I, Aleksandr
Borosovich Borovsk,
am assuming the presidency.
A vacancy has opened up
in my old office.
Would you like to serve as--
as my Minister of Defense?
Okay, let me know
when you can.
We can't reach Vasiliev.
The Russian presidential
line is open,
but they're giving us
a runaround.
Mr. President.
What is it?
You gotta see this.
While Russia's struggles
is against
all western oppression,
the greatest threat
to our safety
remains the United States.
It is to America that I,
the President of the Russian
Federation, address myself.
Borovsk is president?
You said Vasiliev was fine.
He was the last time
I saw and talked to him.
Vasiliev walked off
under his own power.
He was shaken, but he was fine.
And now, your murder
of our president
while on a diplomatic visit.
Excuse me.
For your armed interference
in our historic
your slander and sabotage
of the Soviet endeavor,
I vow that you,
America, will pay.
Vasiliev is dead.
And I think we're listening
to the guy who did it.
Does this mean
what I think it means?
Looks like it.
That sounded like
a declaration of war.
We need to get in touch
with Borovsk right now.
I don't think
he'll prove a viable partner
for negotiations, sir.
Then we need to get in touch
with somebody who will.
Can you get me the state
department on the phone?
Mr. President...
I've been instructed
to escort you
to a safe location
away from the Vice President.
Agent Miller,
I will not be escorted anywhere.
Mr. President,
protocol dictates--
Protocol dictates that,
as president,
I represent our nation's
talks with foreign countries,
and act as commander in chief
during a war.
This is a war.
I need my people near me
in all times.
Thomas is a decorated veteran
and will be at my side
until I say otherwise.
-Do you understand?
-Yes, sir.
We're gonna call
our top people
who deal with Russia.
Anybody with any connections
to their military
or their political life.
Let's find someone
in the Russian government
- [phone ringing]
- to talk to keep the situation
from spinning
out of control any further.
Are you with me, guys?
Excuse me,
I have to take this.
VACHS: Are you all right?
THOMAS: Yeah, I'm okay.
How about yourself?
What's your situation?
Going to ground
with a GRU agents in pursuit.
They've got the U.S. embassy
too heavily striked
for me to get near it,
and they're jamming
all communications in and out.
That's why I had to break
chain of command like this.
Your number was the only
highly-ranked contact I had.
I'm glad you did.
We've got a job for you.
-POTUS and I.
Reach out to every
Russian government higher-up
-you have connection to.
-About what?
We need allies with influence.
Anyone in
the power structure
who won't welcome
Borovsk's regime.
We need to talk.
Get this situation
under control
before it blows up
into World War III.
Well, I might have a way
to get to Chernigov.
Director of Domestic Security?
-That's a start.
The FSB has its fingers
in everything.
All right,
let me get to work.
I'll be in touch.
[phone ringing]
Send him in.
Mr. President,
Mr. Vice President.
-Secretary Strickland.
An Air Force scout plane
has spotted a Russian carrier
in the North Atlantic,
the Ushakov,
it's moving westbound
at high speed.
Shortly after making the report,
the scout plane
went radio silent
and we lost radar.
All indications suggest
that the plane has been downed.
what do you recommend?
That we intercept
the Ushakov.
Send the JFK.
She's in the North Atlantic
Her air wing and pilots are
cream of the crop.
If the Russians decide
to start something,
they'll meet with our best.
All right,
let's send the JFK.
I'll dispatch orders.
Mr. President,
would you like for me to set up
the communications
equipment in the Oval?
Oh, no, thank you, I prefer
to work here in the study.
Too much of a museum in there,
I can't think.
and, sir...
I recommend raising our defense
condition to DEFCON Three.
What are you doing?
Upgrading the course
calculations program.
And I made some
custom modifications
I wanna have with me
if we get into it up there.
You think we're getting into it?
I think whatever happens,
we're gonna need
all the help we can get.
Is something up?
I just wanted to say...
I'm sorry.
About what?
About the other day,
when we almost...
I didn't mean to,
in any way,
reject or denigrate
the idea that we--
Hey, you were right.
Of course, I don't--
You're the best wingman
I've ever had.
I mean, yeah.
You, too.
And you're my best friend.
I mean--
I am?
Because you are mine, too.
I worry about
a wrench being thrown
into those very delicate works.
A wrench in the works
if us is us, that's--
It's hard enough
to make decisions up there
And if we were to...
you know...
I'd feel like
I need to protect you.
I don't need protecting.
I earned my wings, too.
So, see? You don't even
have to worry about that.
CAG: Firefly, Footloose,
aviator briefing at 1900 hours.
You wanna to protect me?
Let me finish upgrading
the system for the briefing.
-Copy you.
-See you in there.
VACHS: Hello, Yuri.
This is Artemis.
Listen, it doesn't matter.
I need something.
Yuri? Shit.
Hello, Lieutenant Colonel
Yuri Balakin's voicemail,
this is Artemis.
If you don't wanna talk to me,
I'll keep leaving
an incriminating voicemail
on your state-issued phone
about how you've been
selling secrets to the CIA.
And if you want to avoid
dozens more of these messages,
call me back.
[phone ringing]
Yes, I understand.
Look, we need to meet.
No, no,
I'm not after intel.
I have it to share.
Look, hot stuff,
your superiors will be grateful.
Chernigov himself
will be interested.
Gorky Park.
Near the sculpture garden.
Today at 11:00 a.m.
Then make the time.
I don't care.
11:00 a.m., be there.
Don't be followed.
As I'm sure you're all aware,
we're no longer on a test
or a training mission.
A Russian aircraft carrier
is on course
for the eastern seaboard
of the United States.
We've been ordered
to intercept.
Do we know what kind
of air power they're packing?
We don't.
The Ushakov was only
recently put into service,
apparently amid
a great deal of secrecy.
Now, the most common Russian
carrier aircraft is the SU-33,
a plane over which we have
a definite advantage.
But we need to be alert 15
for the duration.
That means you're in your gear
and ready at all times.
If that alarm goes,
I need you inside
the air in 15 minutes,
is that understood?
-Yes, sir.
We'll keep a full squadron
of F/A-18s fueled and ready.
I need you fueled
and ready to fly them.
What about the F/A-Xs?
You have a question,
We've got half a dozen of
the best fighter jets ever built
just sitting down in the hangar.
If we have to go up
against the Russians,
shouldn't we bring our best?
The F/A-X is a wondrous
aircraft, Lieutenant,
but it's classified
as experimental.
It's not permitted
in frontline operations.
What about
in a support role, sir?
Support role?
For example,
a combat air patrol.
That's a support role.
Whereby you could easily
keep a few F/A-Xs ready
and in the air at all times.
You know, I seem to recall
that a certain pilot
rated for the F/A-X
is up on combat air patrol
following this briefing.
I believe
that's correct, sir.
Maybe that pilot ought
to take up an F/A-X.
Just to keep it in practice.
Work the cobwebs out.
It's a good idea, sir.
-Yes, Firefly?
I'd like to volunteer
to fly on that CAP.
That all right with you,
Wouldn't mind the company.
You need to find out the status
of the carrier Ushakov.
Proceeding on course.
Distance to Washington D.C.?
Seventeen hundred kilometers.
Within striking range
of our planes.
Get them in the air!
We must hit the Americans now,
in the next few hours.
Before their shock wears off
and NATO rouses itself.
We'll attack the U.S. capital
with our air fleet
and cut the head of Yankee snake
for all the world to see.
There is U.S. vessel on course
to intercept Ushakov.
An aircraft carrier,
the John F. Kennedy.
Time to intercept?
Two hours, give or take.
More than enough time
to get our planes aloft.
We can't just leave
U.S. carrier there,
poised to attack
our own at any time.
Give order to our air wing
to launch at once.
Destroy the American carrier
and then proceed
at maximum speed
to Washington D.C.
You see something out there?
Not sure what that is.
CAP to Eagle's Perch,
bogeys incoming
from the east at angels ten.
FIREFLY: Eagle's Perch, bogeys
are definitely aircraft.
[siren blaring]
Go! Go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go! Let's get
those planes in the air!
If you're rated for the F/A-X,
I want you onto one!
If we're under attack,
I'm personally
authorizing their use!
CAG to the CAP.
CAP, closing
to intercept bogeys.
Bandits, bandits,
appear to be Russian!
I lost him!
Bandits are impossible
to target.
FIREFLY: We're getting
our asses handed to us.
Stay in the fight.
Think I'm getting an idea of
what it was that took down Zach.
FIREFLY: Enemy bandits are
making a run for the JFK.
Eagle's Perch, do you copy?
Eagle's Perch,
do you copy?
The JFK is under attack.
It's an aerial assault
of about a dozen planes.
-Without a doubt.
They're most likely
sixth generation,
which means they're not
giving off any radar signature.
They're invisible.
What's the status of the JFK?
It's hard to determine while
they're still under attack.
United States hasn't been
under attack like this
in 80 years.
This is war.
Sir, I recommend
raising our Defense Condition
to DEFCON Two.
Can Congress take a vote?
I'd like a formal declaration.
They ought to be able
to agree on that.
If we're gonna send
the United States to war,
I want it done correctly.
In accordance
with the Constitution.
Mr. President,
under the circumstances,
I strongly recommend
moving the Vice President
to a different location.
-I concur.
The American carrier's
flight deck has been destroyed.
I would not advise that yet.
Some American planes
are still in the air
and could pose a threat.
Withdraw, withdraw.
If the carrier is neutralized,
let's not more risk
to lose our force.
Order our planes to disengage
from their attack.
Have them proceed
at top speed
toward their primary target:
the capital
of the United States.
Washington D.C.
Da, sir.
FIREFLY: My bandit broke off
and is bugging out, due west.
FOOTLOOSE: Mine, too.
We need to follow them.
CAG: Our orders
are to defend the boat.
The boat's a burning wreck!
The Russians have
no radar signature.
They're ghosts,
we lose visual, they're gone.
Somebody needs
to keep eyes on them.
And that somebody is us.
CAG: Footloose, adjust course
and return to the JFK.
Right now, Lieutenant.
Might as well come.
There's no place
to land out there anymore.
Don't want to ditch
in the middle of the ocean.
CAG: God damn it!
Bandits just out of range.
Moving at plus-Mach two
and accelerating.
I'm gonna have to burn.
Best speed.
Passing Mach one!
Having flight control issues.
Passing Mach two!
CAG: External temperature is
3,000 degrees and climbing.
Then we keep pushing!
CAG: Four thousand degrees.
[taser zapping]
We're tracking
three F/A-Xs off the JFK
moving westbound
at Mach three.
-Mach three?
They're headed directly
towards Washington D.C.
If they were headed for land,
they'd head for Newfoundland.
But if they're making
Mach three, then...
-something's going on.
-Like what?
They're in pursuit
of the Russian jets.
I've got negative
radar contact.
No, no, no, the Russians
have achieved invisibility.
We can't depend
on radar contact anymore.
A Russian air attack on
Washington may be imminent.
Order an immediate
evacuation in the city.
Let's get as many people
as we can out of harm's way.
Sir, all due respect,
but we should be focusing
on defense,
not evacuation.
I refuse to be the cause
of unnecessary American deaths.
Evacuate the city.
-Sir, I must...
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
the civilian population.
Get the Metro Police
and fire on it.
But we need
to put up air defense now.
Scramble every fighter
out of Bolling and Andrews.
[knocking on desk]
All right, let's do that.
FIREFLY: We have to make contact
with the Navy or any military.
I've got important information
that we need to pass on.
FOOTLOOSE: What do you got?
FIREFLY: I've run every kind of
scan on the Russian planes
that the F/A-X sensor array
is capable of.
I know how
they're communicating,
-sending and receiving data.
-Your point?
Their system is satellite-based
and therefore super vulnerable.
I need a couple more minutes
of computing time,
but I almost have
their comm satellite's
coordinates triangulated.
Once I have that,
we can take a shot at it.
We need to pass this on.
JFK air group calling
any friendlies, copy?
-Mr. President.
Our air group
is being pursued.
By who, and flying what?
Three American aircraft.
-They're able to keep up?
-They are.
They are maintaining
a stabilized Mach 3.2.
Order one of our planes
to fall back and intercept.
Should we not have
the entire air group intercept?
The risk to a single plane
would be...
There is no risk.
Our SU-57 is
objectively superior.
One plane is more than match
for three Americans.
Keep the rest of our air group
on course and on mission.
Yes, sir.
FOOTLOOSE: Bandit falling back
from 12 o'clock.
CAG: Everybody get set.
FIREFLY: Just need another
minute on these calculations.
he's getting right behind us.
FIREFLY: Almost there.
Pull up, Cag, pull up!
[Cag screaming]
-FIREFLY: Got it!
I have the satellite
All right!
Firefly, you good?
I am.
Mr. President.
Are the American planes
One American plane
was destroyed,
along with our attacking plane.
This is exactly
what I wish to avoid!
The entire air group
should intercept
the remaining two
American planes to ensure--
I will not have our force
further diminished before
they even reach their target.
Let Americans nip at our heels
if they like.
We and our pilots have
a grander destiny to fulfill.
Alexander Chernigov,
director of the FSB
Domestic Security Service.
And you are...
Veronica Alicia Vachs,
CIA case officer operating
under codename Artemis.
I have intelligence to share.
Our countries are at war.
Why would I believe
anything you say?
I have proof of a plot
against the Russian state.
A plot by who?
Aleksandr Borovsk.
Aleksandr Borovsk is
the president.
My commander.
According to my sources,
he was and still is
your hated archrival.
Vasiliev's assassination was
a coup engineered by Borovsk.
I can show you the proof.
Do you know
the sentence in Russia
for possessing
stolen classified material?
I'm an employee
of the U.S. State Department.
I have diplomatic immunity.
Nobody knows you're here.
You have no rights.
Borovsk murdered your president,
took you to war.
He who has taken power,
he holds all the cards.
Borovsk wields
the might of Russian states.
You wield the FSB.
At Borovsk's pleasure.
You have the power
and the resources
to bring him down.
To stand against him in wartime
would be suicide.
Borovsk means
to have you killed.
Why do you say that?
Take a look at your pocket.
Just look at it.
Do you really think Borovsk's
plot stops at Vasiliev?
He wants to secure
absolute power.
He won't let
the state security apparatus
be controlled
by his hated archival.
You may not be his last victim,
but you're certainly his next.
If that's all true...
there is nothing
you can do for me.
The U.S. will support
whoever removes Borovsk.
Support how?
With weapons and money,
diplomatic concessions.
You have no authority
to offer such things.
I can. I do.
I have the ear
of the American vice president.
I answer directly to him.
-To Richard Thomas?
-Yes, that's right.
What if a coup such as
you propose should fail?
What assurances
would be granted?
What assurances are required?
Self-extraction and asylum
were a coup against Borovsk
to launch and not prevail.
That can be arranged.
I give you my word.
If I have so much an inkling
you're bluffing me...
your bones shall be interred
in the Russian soil.
So, do we have a deal?
THOMAS: Executive Two
calling Footloose.
Executive Two?
Former call sign Defender?
Yes, is this Footloose?
It is.
Good to hear your voice.
What's your situation?
Pursuing a dozen unfriendlies
at plus-Mach three
on direct heading
to Washington, D.C.
Can you describe
the unfriendlies?
These are sixth generation
at least.
They're fast,
radar invisible,
and they move like nothing
I've ever seen born on wings.
I think we found out
exactly what took down Zach.
I have information
that might help.
Who is that?
Call sign Firefly, sir.
Who are you?
Executive One, airman.
-It's an honor, sir.
-Please continue.
The Russians are employing
free-space optical
What is that?
Every Russian plane
receives sensor data
from every other Russian plane,
probably navigational data
as well,
all beamed through laser bursts
from a satellite link.
Our engineers considered
something similar
for the F/A-X program,
but they decided against it
because it had
a glaring vulnerability.
All data runs
through a satellite.
And satellites can be taken out.
I've triangulated the Russian
comm satellite's coordinates
from its laser bursts
to and from the Russian planes.
I'm transmitting
those coordinates to you now.
Destroy that satellite,
you'll take out their comms.
Probably their sensors
and targeting as well.
I mean, it won't take 'em out,
but it'll shake 'em up.
We're standing by
to receive those coordinates.
How's your fuel, Footloose?
Closer to bingo
than I'd like, sir.
We've got about 30 minutes
left in the air,
less if we need to fight,
which is pretty much
guaranteed at this point.
Well, we're putting up
an air defense
so you'll have some
backup when you get here.
Grateful for the help.
We've received
the satellite coordinates, sir.
Missile strikes
on those coordinates, now.
Launch control, arrow on vector
[missile whooshing]
FIREFLY: The Russians blew
right through our air defense.
We have to stop them now.
What's the status of the missile
we launched at the satellite?
Twenty-three seconds to impact.
THOMAS: Did we get it?
Target remains.
Mr. President, I must insist
that we get you underground.
-I'm inclined to agree.
-I am as well.
All right.
Defender and Zuess
are en route.
I cut a deal
with Chernigov.
We have his full cooperation.
I'm going in with an FSB
assault team to get Borovsk.
THOMAS: When are you moving out?
Right now.
Mr. President!
Mr. President!
-Sir, are you okay, sir?
He's alive
but he's unresponsive.
Jeremiah Stewart is
Let's get him up.
Careful, careful.
Keep going.
We're gonna have to get you
sworn in as president.
I'll bear witness.
-Minister Volkov.
Show me how that work.
It's a nuclear briefcase.
Bring it.
Open it up and turn it on.
Of course, Mr. President.
Raise your right hand.
I, Richard Philip Thomas,
do solemnly swear...
I, Richard Philip Thomas,
do solemnly swear... faithfully
execute the office
of the President
of the United States... faithfully
execute the office
of the President
of the United States...
...and will to the best
of my ability...
...and I will
to the best
of my ability...
...protect, preserve,
and defend
the Constitution
of the United States.
...protect, preserve,
and defend the Constitution
of the United States.
So help me God.
So help me God.
Mr. President.
To arm launch control,
the Minister of Defense
and the President,
must both enter
their personal codes.
Please, enter yours.
Mr. President,
is this really necessary?
I want to know that our national
defenses are in readiness.
It's just...
it would be dangerous.
We're at war.
Danger is everywhere.
[dramatic music]
Now, the Minister of Defense
and the President...
must both scan their left hands.
Please, Minister Volkov,
place your hand on scanner.
I will not.
I must firmly insist.
And I steadfastly decline.
Armed and ready.
I've got ten minutes'
worth of fuel
Firefly, how about you?
Running on fumes.
[dramatic music]
Firefly, what are you doing?
Going after the satellite.
That's a terrible idea.
Most satellite
missile defense
is based
on long range attack.
If I can get in close,
I can get a shot through.
These planes aren't designed
to go into space.
Sure they are. Just aren't
designed to come back.
Mr. President, the Russians
have launched a nuclear attack.
Two thousand ballistic missiles
are currently inbound
at supersonic speeds
towards every major city.
Is this confirmed?
Satellites detected
the launch plumes.
NORAD picked up the telemetry
the moment the missiles went up.
It's confirmed.
How long?
Twenty-two minutes before
the first missile detonates,
and counting.
Is there something
we can do to stop it?
Sir, we have
no missile defense in place
that can take them all out.
Maybe we get a few here
and there, but 2,000?
Can the Russians call it back?
Sir, intel says
that the Russians
may have implemented
an experimental policy to where
all of their warheads
contain a self-destruct
as insurance against
poor command and control.
But I doubt
Borovsk walks this back.
So we need to act.
Per the predetermined response
to this scenario
under the Single Integrated
Operational Plan,
I'm issuing orders
for Major Attack Option A...
full retaliatory strike
against every military base
and urban center
in the Russian Federation.
Mr. President,
we're at DEFCON One.
[dramatic music]
THOMAS: Borovsk has
launched a nuclear strike.
I'm being told
it can be recalled from there.
A fairly newly-
implemented Russian policy
where missiles will
self-destruct if a code is sent.
You've got to get
to the launch controls.
GUARD: Intruders!
Mr. President,
enter your Gold Code.
- Sir?
- Not yet.
Sir, SIOP dictates
we have to respond.
You need to enter your codes.
I will not enter
my goddamn codes.
Not now and not ever,
if we can figure something out.
Launching our nukes
will not stop Borovsk.
Sir, enter your Gold Code.
If anybody can hear me, I've got
target lock on the satellite.
I'm taking the shot.
Damn it!
[dramatic music]
VACHS: Drop it!
Tell me the codes.
Tell me now.
Tell me,
or I will kill you right now.
I don't care, because
my name shall be burned
immortal into the fabric
of eternity. How about yours?
Sir, you need
to enter your code.
I will not be responsible
for billions of deaths.
Sir, you swore an oath.
Sir, think about your family.
This could save them.
Enter your code.
Key to launch.
[suspenseful music]
Sir, to launch,
we enter our keys,
turn them to the right
[telephone ringing]
-It's Vachs.
Is the mission a success?
Borovsk launched
a nuclear strike
on the United States.
I need you to give me
- the abort codes.
- I can't just give you
Russian nuclear codes.
You have to, now.
You are CIA.
I'm not going to.
Look, everyone dies
if you don't stop this now.
Give me
the goddamn codes right now.
Do you hear me?
Fine, I'll read you the code.
Hold on.
-Are you ready?
-Yes. Go.
Enter five...
seven... six.
-[line disconnected]
-What? Hello?
It's time to launch
while we're still able.
This is madness.
It's our responsibility.
It's our only course
of action.
Would you see
America's throat cut
and her murderer walk away?
This isn't justice.
It's just vengeful genocide.
Full retaliation has been
established military policy
for decades,
Mr. President.
It's in the oath of office
you just swore.
All right.
All right, enough.
[phone ringing]
Five-five-seven-six what?
Now, 57427.
-Codes entered.
-Hit execute.
-[phone ringing]
-Agent Miller.
Hey, Mr. President, wait!
Don't launch.
All the Russian missiles are
self-destructing over the ocean.
-All of them?
-Yes, all of them.
Come around again.
[phone ringing]
-VACHS: Borovsk is dead.
-You have confirmation?
- I'm in the middle of it.
Chernigov has
the nuclear codes
and is taking control
of the Russian government.
Well, tell them to hurry.
We're still on the air attack
and taking casualties.
-Mr. President.
There's another
Russian missile incoming.
How is that possible?
The Russian arsenal is old,
and their tech is prone
to glitch.
-Where's it headed?
-Right here.
Washington, D.C.
Time to impact?
Three minutes,
maybe less.
I have to call you back.
-Two minutes.
-It's one missile.
Don't we have some kind
of surface-to-air defense?
Not a projectile
moving that fast. No.
[sighs] Are we still
on the line to Footloose?
If he's still in the air.
Executive One to Footloose,
you copy?
-Go for Footloose.
-There's a nuclear warhead
incoming from the north.
Jesus. Of course.
We need you to acquire it,
close on it
at the best possible speed,
and destroy it.
You sure I'm your best shot?
The F/A-X sensor array is
the most advanced
targeting hardware we've got.
It's our only chance.
Copy that.
Mr. President,
he's closing
on the missile's trajectory.
I've got it.
Vectoring to target.
Plus-Mach one
and accelerating!
Russian warhead approaching.
Almost have it.
I've got target lock.
-Damn it!
-Footloose, are you all right?
I'm under attack.
Footloose, talk to me.
FOOTLOOSE: She did it!
They've lost comms!
For Zach, dick.
Footloose, are you all right?
Yes, sir, I am.
Re-acquiring the missile.
All right, he's back
on the pursuit course.
I've got target lock.
Missile in flight
and closing in
- on Russian warhead.
- Come on, Footloose.
Come on, come on, come on.
-I got it!
-Yes! Yes!
[phone ringing]
This is President Chernigov
of the Russian Federation.
President Chernigov, it is
a pleasure to hear your voice.
I offer
an unconditional ceasefire,
effective immediately.
The United States
gladly accepts.
Is President Stewart...
all right?
We're still standing by.
You and he have conducted
more reasoned restraint
than I would have foreseen.
I thank you.
And I hope, despite deeply
unfortunate events of late,
we may continue the work begun
at Washington summit.
That is my hope as well.
Please, tell
President Stewart
that I wish him
swift recovery.
Actually, sir, you may be able
to tell him yourself.
One moment, Mr. President.
I don't know.
You look the part.
I have Russian President
Chernigov on the line.
We have a ceasefire, sir.
President Stewart here.
Yeah, the Vice President
informed me just now.
We thank you, and we accept.
Good. I'll talk to you soon,
Mr. President.
Are you back, sir?
I am.
The doctors have signed off.
I'm told you steered us
through some choppy surf.
Did the best I could, sir.
And how'd you like it?
I'm glad you're back,
Mr. President.
Thank you.
Everything okay?
It is now, I think.
How are you?
I'm just cleaning up.
Headed back to the embassy
to do a debrief soon.
I appreciated having someone
I could trust on the ground.
I'm grateful
I had you to call.
You ever get back to D.C.?
I'm in Langley,
when I'm back in the country.
Should be more,
now that my cover's blown.
Give me a call
when you get back.
Be nice to see your face.
All right.
I'm so glad to see you.
But I, but I thought...
Me too.
[heroic music]