Top Gunner: Danger Zone (2022) Movie Script

Cobra 1, heading 3-1-0.
Sentry, contact, bogeys 1-2-5,
50, angels 13.
Sentry, Cobra 1,
request pink apple.
Stand by.
Cobra 2, bandit, MiG-35
0-5-0, 50, angels 15.
Clear for pink apple.
Cobra 2, we got hostiles.
Copy that.
Cobra 2, engaged.
Bogey, bandit northbound.
Sentry, I got Volodrezjkan
MiGs coming in hot.
Initiating Hat Trick
AI targeting system.
Fox 1.
Look out!
He's on my six!
He's got a lock on me.
I got your six.
Hang on, I got him!
Hat Trick isn't locking on.
I can't fire!
You need to eject!
I can't!
I'm locked in,
Hat Trick won't let me move!
I'm locked in.
I can't eject.
Eject! Eject!
Get down, get down.
FBI search warrant!
Cease fire, cease fire.
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- All clear here.
- Clear.
Got a Kalashnikov over here.
Brass crucifixes.
These guys are definitely
Pavdekshem, all right.
All right, pack up everything.
Laptops, tools, phones,
documents, everything,
all right?
IB has four numbers showing up
on multiple intercepts:
I repeat: 2191.
They think it's an address
in the Tri-State Area.
Field office is
all possible targets
with that number.
Turn this dump sideways,
all right, narrow it down.
You come across any
volatile materials,
we call it in.
Hey, this guy's still breathing.
All right, hey,
what's your name?
Where does it hurt?
I... am Roan.
I've been shot.
All right, he's been shot
in the shoulder and
in the arm, all right?
Give me towels, a shirt,
anything that I can
- cover the wound with.
- Let him bleed out.
What you patching him up for?
Look, the other one's dead,
I need him alive
long enough to talk.
Hurts, doesn't it?
That means it's working.
I'm doing you favor.
Now it's your turn.
2191. Talk to me.
Brag about it, all I care.
What's the target?
Where is it?
He's dead.
Hey, you look at me.
It's just you and me.
2191, where is it?
Roan, that's enough
chemicals under there
to blow up this entire block.
- You killed my brother.
- Hey, he's dead
because you failed
to follow instructions.
We did what we had to do.
Now tell me what you're
doing with these chemicals.
What we had to do.
What does that mean?
Where is it?
These are for making an IED,
so where did you put it?
The white zone is...
Good morning, how are you doing?
Welcome, welcome.
Good morning,
welcome to Coastal.
Hello, hello, good morning.
Welcome aboard, can I help you
find your seat?
You are seated in 1B,
first class cabin.
- Through here...
- Excuse me, stewardess
- Yes, how can I help yo...
- I hate the window, okay?
I cannot sit by the window.
I am terrified of heights
and I get claustrophobic
if I can't get up
and move around like
I need to, and I...
Let me see what I can do
about finding you another seat.
- The aisle seat.
- Yes.
- The aisle.
- I hear you.
I-I-I'm... I'm sorry.
- No problem.
- Miss, is 1B on the aisle?
'Cause I don't mind switching.
Oh, you're in first class.
Does it matter?
You would switch seats with me?
- I'm happy to.
- Oh, my God, thank you!
My name is Larry, I'm in 35A!
All right, all right,
enjoy yourself.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Good morning, how are you?
Yes, welcome aboard.
Hello, you are in
2A and B,
just to the right there.
All right, finish turning
this place upside down.
We have two suspects here.
Is that it, or did
two more go out for takeout?
Put eyes on all four corners
of the building.
I want to know about everyone
coming in and out of here
at all times.
We found these.
Aneroid altimeters.
They measure altitude.
So it's on an airplane.
You put it on an airplane,
didn't you, Roan?
And they have
my deepest sympathies.
Even the sinful deserves
some compassion.
It's those who do
no harm to others
in their iniquity
that I pity most.
That's from Dante's Inferno.
What? How do you know?
I wrote my dissertation on it.
All right, you see his face?
He thinks we're too stupid
to figure it out.
But we have an advantage.
You know this book.
Think of any clues that can
help us solve this thing.
Symbols, numbers especially.
Okay, it's on a plane.
2191 isn't an address,
it's a flight number.
Could be originating from
any of the major airports
in the area, find that flight.
Start with JFK,
LaGuardia, Newark.
If the bomb is
How did you get it on
the flight?
How did you get an IED
across the New York City TSA?
How did you pull
that one off, Roan?
You hear from weather central?
Weather center says
they're tracking a system
that'll have us locked down
for three hours
it's got enough
rain and wind in it.
What do you say we
get out of here now?
- Rock and roll?
- I wanna go.
Attention, passengers.
At this time,
the captain has turned on
the fasten seat belt sign.
We have a full flight
ahead of us, so please store
your carry-on items
under the seat in front of you
or in the overhead bin.
Take your seat
and fasten your seat belt.
Can I have your
attention, folks,
for a brief safety
So if you look at this in
the seatback in front of you,
this'll have all the information
you'll need.
There are two exits on this side
of the aircraft...
By the way, thank you
for giving up
your first-class seat
for that passenger.
You did him and I a big favor,
so thank you,
that's very kind of you.
Don't mention it.
When you've flown five hours
in cattle class
on a C-130 bound for Kabul,
nine hours in coach
is a welcome luxury.
- You're military?
- Army. EOD.
Well, retired.
Flying down to Santo Domingo
to walk my daughter
down the aisle.
Yeah, she always wanted
to get married on the beach,
so I'm not going
to disappoint her.
That's wonderful.
Congratulations, Mr. Garrett.
I'll be glad when we finally
land in Santo Domingo.
I just need a few drinks
on the beach,
then we can turn around
and head back to NYC.
- It's been a tough week.
- Sounds like a plan to me.
You set the device
with one of these.
Why would you have
these otherwise?
I've been thinking about it.
The numbers 3, 9, and 10
are the most prevalent
throughout Inferno.
The poem is in three parts.
There are nine circles of Hell.
The poem is 145 components.
Add those up, you get 10.
All right, so what did you
come up with?
None of the math adds up.
No matter how I think it over.
But what if I'm overthinking it?
Then it hit me.
Canto I, The Divine Comedy.
The poem begins on March 24.
Are you kidding?
Today's date?
March 24, the year 1300.
All right, contact TSA JFK.
Have them run all
the fake IDs we found
through their facial
I want to find out if our perps
were there today.
Copy that.
Flight attendants,
arm doors, cross check.
Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf
of Captain Wayne Curtis
and the entire crew,
welcome aboard
Coastal Air Flight 2191
with nonstop service
from New York to Santo Domingo.
This is Special Agent Rico Dietz
with the FBI New York City
field office.
Put me through to Frank Wolfe.
This is an emergency.
Yeah, mm-hmm.
So have them write
the report again.
Let me get back to you.
This is Frank Wolfe.
Mr. Wolfe, this is
Special Agent Rico Dietz
at the JTTF New York office.
We have credible evidence
that there's an airliner
with an IED outbound
of New York today.
What are you talking about?
This morning, my team
conducted a raid on
a suspected terror cell
out of Queens.
What we found were bomb-making
materials and equipment.
FBI intel branch intercepted
multiple communications
with the numbers 2191.
At first, we thought
it was an address.
But now we believe
it's a flight number.
It's a Coastal Air flight
outbound JFK,
Flight 2191 to Santo Domingo.
Departure time 8:05 a.m.
That flight takes off
from JFK in three minutes.
Contact JFK Tower.
They must ground
that flight immediately.
Tower, this is
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
Request taxi.
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1,
runway 3-1-left,
taxi left, Bravo Juliet.
Copy, Tower.
Bravo and Juliet.
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1,
you're cleared for takeoff.
Better get outta here.
Probably be the last plane
to make it up
before the storm
shuts down the Tri-State.
Music to my ears, Tower.
Flight attendants,
prepare for takeoff.
JFK Tower, go ahead.
It's Frank Wolfe
at Eastern Regional,
with me on the line is
Special Agent Rico Dietz
of the FBI,
listen very carefully:
I need you to execute
an immediate takeoff abort
to Coastal Air Flight 2191.
That's 2-1-Niner-1.
There's an explosive device
on board the plane.
We're heading to JFK now.
This is Dietz, be advised
the device on that plane
is not yet armed.
But once it reaches 1,300 feet,
- we're gonna miss the abort.
- How do you know that?
This group has a thing
for numerology,
the 1,300 holds
significance for them.
Plus it fits the pattern
for this kind of attack.
But once it passes 1,300 feet,
we will miss the abort.
Now hurry.
Who has eyes on Coastal 2191?
I do.
I just gave 2191 the all-clear
on runway 3-1-left.
- Coastal approach V1.
- 2191 has reached
decision speed,
it's too late to abort.
That is 137 tons of aircraft
moving at V1 speed.
You can't just
hit the brakes on that.
No, the pilots have to continue
takeoff at this point.
If they don't, they're going
to overshoot the runway,
jeopardize the airplane
and the passengers.
Alert 2191,
tell them what's happening.
They can turn around
and circle the airport
until they maintain
landing speed.
What's going on?
Coastal 2191, this is JFK Tower.
A little bit of a situation.
FBI has alerted us that there
may be an explosive device
on your aircraft.
Now just remain
at a safety altitude
of under 1,300 feet.
Tower, do you have
a location on the device?
Coastal 2191, negative.
You are to maintain
altitude below 1,300 feet.
Did she just say 1,300?
Tower, please repeat altitude.
Coastal 2191, I repeat,
maintain below 1,300.
The device isn't active
until it reaches 1,300,
at which point,
it will be armed.
Our current speed is 230 knots.
We'll reach 1,300 in 20 seconds.
Level off climb angle.
Copy that, Tower. 2-5-0.
What've they got,
shorter buildings
in Long Island?
Tower, reducing thrust
for heading.
Already at 800 feet.
Coastal exiting traffic pattern.
1,000 feet, reduce thrust.
Tower, request immediate
alternate vector
for return to JFK.
We've reached 1,200,
reduce thrust.
We're moving
as fast as possible.
Leveling to maintain below 13.
Maintaining 13.
Obstacle approaching.
Radio broadcast tower!
Tower, Coastal increasing lift
along 250.
We have no choice or we crash.
Oh, we're not gonna die!
We are not gonna die!
2191 surpassed 1,300.
Coastal 2191,
maintain until
further instructions.
Get Coastal some new heading,
turn them around and bring them
back over that storm system
as best as you can.
Get Air Traffic on the line,
they need to know
what's going on.
Sir, they've reached 1,300.
Damn it!
This plan was set in
motion long ago.
You cannot stop us.
Why not?
What is it you want
with this plane?
To simply destroy evil.
Look to scripture.
It's all there if you
read the passages.
21, the number of sin.
The disobedience of God.
From Psalms 91.
Protection of prayer.
Don't be fooled.
For the Devil quotes
from Psalm 91
in the Book of Matthew.
2, 1, 9, 1.
The wicked must be punished.
Don't get in our way.
Dietz, I'm on with TSA.
Coastal runs out of
Terminal Four.
They just put in brand-new
credential authorization units.
The system verifies
every passenger.
It'll spot a fake on content.
But so far, every passenger
is verified.
They're still working
on the facial rec.
All right, tell them
to forward it to me here.
This will happen.
You will see.
We've armed the damn thing.
we all right?
Flight crew, 7-700.
Hey, is something
wrong with the plane?
Everything's okay
with the plane.
It was just an air pocket.
What's an air pocket?
D-Do the pilots
know what that is?
Have they flown
through one before?
- Do they know what that is?
- Of course.
Captain Curtis has
over 7,000 logged hours
and First Officer Misch
was a lieutenant
in the Air Force
and is now a training pilot.
We're in good hands.
Oh, it's bad.
I know it is.
I know it is.
I'm here.
Why are we code 7-700?
What happened on the takeoff?
Military has informed us
that we do have
an active bomb on board.
We don't know who has it,
we don't know if it's
on one of the passengers,
on their person.
There's only a little bit
of information
available at this time.
Why aren't we landing?
We're not sure how
the bomb operates,
and we think it would be
a bigger danger if we landed
at this time, so we're not gonna
be informing the passengers.
Thank you.
What's up with the 7-700?
Um, we have a situation where
ground control believes that
there is an explosive device
on the plane, and we can't land
or we risk putting
a lot more lives in danger
than just our own, and it's...
- Where is it?
- No idea.
They don't know where it is
or what it looks like.
- Any suspects?
- No, all they know
is that it's armed.
Okay, all right, so we're...
We're looking for
a suspicious item
that could be...
that could be a detonator,
there's 285 people on board.
They all have carry-on,
personal items,
so just... let's just...
They might've used plastic
explosives to get it past TSA.
Um, I'll call the airline
and get a bagg...
Baggage reconciliation report.
Maybe if we can connect
the bag that the bomb is in
to the passenger
that checked it...
Okay, okay, honey,
calm down, all right?
Now before you come
back out there,
take a look around
and see if there's
anything suspicious
in here, okay?
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Take it easy.
That storm is getting stronger.
We need to adjust course
heading to avoid the system.
It's gonna be shaky either way.
That storm is messing up
Rico, we got that footage
you requested.
Wait, play that back.
This is Dietz.
We have a code yellow.
And how do we know this
bomb threat isn't a hoax?
Have they made their demands?
Did the group declare
their reasons
or intentions behind the threat?
Bomb threats and bomb scares
are two very different things.
Most threats are fake,
made to instill fear,
Fewer than 7% of threats
turn up actual live
explosive material.
100% of scares involve
imminent risk from
an actual live explosive device.
And bomb scares come with
little to no warning.
So, has the bomb scare been
reported to the DEN/ATSC?
I want all channels open
on the Domestic Events Network.
ATSC has been notified.
Put airport security and
emergency crews on standby.
And let JFK management
know we're bringing
this bird back down.
Alert TSA explosives teams
to the situation
and have them ready.
I want that plane on
the ground ASAP
with a military escort
to bring them home.
We've got a problem.
One of our perps was
at JFK this morning.
Looks like he hacked
into the TSA's credential
authentication system
using one of those fake IDs
at Terminal Four.
TSA thinks it might've been
some kind of AI attack.
They've been blind all morning
and didn't even realize...
Wait, I don't understand, blind?
- Blind how?
- TSA's still trying
to figure that out.
They're afraid that the hack
reprogrammed their system
in order to let only specific
items go through.
And that's how they
got the device past the TSA.
That's the theory at the moment.
Our suspect initiated tech,
made for sure the plane
took off, and then he left.
Their techs think it
might've been some kind of
military grade AI in order
to commandeer such an advanced
security system so quickly
and accurately.
Unfortunately, our tech
who initiated everything
died of a gunshot wound
less than an hour ago.
Another scan of the place where
we found him turned up nothing,
and the field office is
scouring for leads
and hellbent on red tape.
Hey, can I talk to you, please?
Someplace private, quiet?
In the galley?
Is there an Air Marshal
on board?
I can't disclose
that information.
Okay, then who's the guy
out there doing
random sweeps of
the overhead bins?
- What's he looking for?
- Sir, I-I appreciate your help
with the seat change earlier,
but I'm gonna have
- to ask you to take your seat.
- Is there a specific threat
against this aircraft?
Are we carrying something
on board?
Sir, please take your seat.
You don't know where it is.
That's why he's sweeping
the bins
and I assume you
cleared the galley here.
Is everything all right
back here?
Yes, we're fine.
This passenger just
had some questions.
You can escort him back
to his seat for me?
- Gladly, let's go.
- You must be the Air Marshal.
Sir, please exit the galley.
Look, I can assist with
in-flight threat SOP
for a Code Bravo.
Sweep all the areas
that are normally missed
- by ground security checks...
- Who is this guy?
Army, 71st Ordnance Group.
I have EOD experience,
man, I can help.
Is that so?
I'll show you my VA card
if you want.
That won't be necessary.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Please leave the galley, sir.
Where's he seated, Vanessa?
He was ticketed for first class,
but he switched seats
with another passenger
while boarding.
He had a first-class ticket
and he switched with
another passenger to
come back here in coach?
I'm gonna run a check
on both of them.
See if either raise a red flag.
this is Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
35 miles out over the Atlantic,
initiating emergency
fuel release
per earlier ATC request.
Can you go back
to your seat, sir?
The fasten seat belt sign is on.
Yeah, no problem.
Thank you.
This is Wolfe.
When was this?
Send it to me right now,
I wanna see what they're seeing.
Dietz, it's Frank Wolfe.
TSA just got a passenger
background request on 2191.
Air Marshal up there
called it in.
FBI cross-checked notice,
they're gonna send me over
what they've got.
- They're CC'ing me on it.
- Did they say if there
was a specific disturbance
of any kind?
No, not yet.
Maybe the Air Marshal's
got a couple of people
that are... Hang on.
"Taylor Garrett.
Chief Master Sergeant,
Army, 71st Ordnance Group."
"Larry Durante,
Scranton, Pennsylvania."
No, he's not military.
Okay, send me those, will ya?
No problem.
Where are you?
FBI cast a wide net.
Agents deployed for interviews
with military personnel,
contractors, subcontractors
active duty, retired, enlisted,
and officers all around
the country.
One of our agents got a POI over
at the Air National Guard Base
in West Hampton, New York.
We think he might
be part of this corrupt AI.
Figured I'd do a face to face.
Nothing came back on those
two guys, Garrett and Durante.
The one was with the 71st,
or he used to be.
Used to be.
What's that mean?
He's retired, but according
to his record,
he had a long and distinguished
military career.
So he's actually able to help.
Oh, look,
I made it to round two.
You're not the same two feds
I spoke to earlier?
I'm Special Agent Rico Dietz,
this is...
What makes you so special?
You know, those two guys
I talked to earlier?
They were special.
Bet your partner here
is special.
Tell you something, Rico.
If everybody's special,
then nobody is.
Little early for a drink, no?
So you know why we're here?
Well, the guys earlier
wanted to talk to me
about a classified project.
What can you tell us
about your work
with artificial intelligence?
That it's classified.
"Project Hat Trick."
"October 31, 2021."
"Military Artificial
Intelligence Program."
Hat Trick.
Are you a hockey fan?
I don't name the projects.
And I prefer football.
Go Steelers.
Hey, I'm from Pittsburgh.
Is that where you're from?
Good for you.
All right, so why did they
name it Hat Trick?
I haven't worked on
this project in 10 months.
I am not the person
you're looking for.
Look, I know, and you know,
you're probably not our guy.
But we came all the way
out here.
Gotta make it worth
the taxpayers' money.
Just answer three questions
and we'll be on our way.
Okay, you wanna know why
it's called Hat Trick?
The three most difficult points
of functionality in AI:
computing power, trust deficit,
and human level performance.
The primary program objective
was to optimize
those three points
for air combat,
build a faster,
smarter-thinking aircraft
while still remaining
subservient to the pilot.
So how did it go?
How did it go?
Goddamn Volos shot down
a great pilot
and a very good friend of mine.
Have you ever called
a friend's mother,
gave her the single most
horrific piece of news
that she will ever hear?
Volos? You mean
the Volodrezjkans?
About 10 months ago,
Demarcus and I
were on a sortie providing
air support
to rebel fighters on the ground
trying to overthrow
that son of a bitch
they got in charge over there.
Their so-called president,
The man is a sadist, a butcher.
We call him
the Volodrezjkan Viper.
Our planes had
the Hat Trick tech installed.
When it was initiated,
Demon's plane
essentially froze up.
There was a glitch,
and he was shot down
by the Volodrezjkan Air Force.
Because my AI failed.
Hang on, I got him!
I told them it wasn't
quite ready yet.
I told them
it needed more testing.
You think the Pentagon
gave a damn?
And now I've been butting heads
with their frickin'
advisory board
for the last year trying
to get them to keep
searching for the wreckage
of Demon's plane.
At least figure out if
the tech burnt up,
or if it was intercepted
somewhere on
the coastal mountain range.
And you know
what the Pentagon says?
"Oh, Project Hat Trick
remains top priority."
Yeah, it's such a top priority,
they can't even find it.
Bastards are fumbling
around in the dark
without guys like me and Demon.
This morning,
Coastal Air Flight 2191
was targeted by a group
of right-wing radicals.
They go by the name Pavdekshem.
They were able to get
an IED aboard this flight.
It's in the air right now.
These radicals
that we're up against,
they were exiled from
their home country.
And we have very credible proof
that they're hiding out
in Volodrezjka.
They're hiding in Volodrezjka?
How they actually got and hacked
the TSA security clearance
was through military grade
artificial intelligence.
Major, is that tech yours?
God, I hope not.
Miss, please, we need your help.
Hundreds of lives
hang in the balance.
Mr. Garrett.
Okay, you got me.
Come with me.
So what is this,
you gonna arrest me now?
Mr. Garrett, Tony Wilkes,
Air Marshal.
So he's not arresting me.
Look, you need to
understand my position.
We've been notified that there's
an item on board.
It's my duty
to protect everyone,
and everyone is a suspect.
Especially someone who's willing
to help without being asked
and has demonstrated
an awareness of
internal airline protocols
in situations such as this.
Look, when you put it that way,
it does sound suspicious.
Well, with all that aside,
was I right?
Your experience and expertise
in this type of situation
would help a lot right now.
Let's find this thing.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Nothing, I'll just feel better
once we find this IED.
Rough turbulence can
sometimes set it off
if it's sensitive enough.
Okay, look,
if you locate the IED,
don't move it, don't touch it.
Just leave it be.
What's an IED?
It's a device made up
of otherwise harmless items,
but expertly combined to inflict
as much damage as possible.
Let's go.
I wanna check back here.
Wow, Major Banning.
Captain, we have a situation.
This is the FBI.
Special Agent Dietz,
Agent Smith.
- What's going on?
- They've just informed me
that there's an active bomb
threat on a commercial airliner.
And the terror group responsible
used military grade AI
to get past TSA.
You're serious?
There's more.
This group has ties to Volo.
Where did this happen?
JFK Airport.
TSA reports that the breach
was swift and accurate.
So this AI,
it's designed to go in jets?
- Like to fly them?
- Pilots fly.
The AI must remain subordinate
to the pilot.
If you remove pilots
from the equation,
you're no longer creating a
superior fighting force of men.
You're building heavily armed
war machines running on software
too unpredictable to be
relied upon for combat yet.
Why is it so unpredictable?
The AI algorithms work
in simulated combat scenarios.
We have yet to fully develop
what would happen
in real world combat scenarios.
So the computer brain acts more
like a wingman than a pilot.
And don't let anybody
tell you otherwise.
A commercial airliner
has live ordnance on it.
So I assume the SOP is
to bring it back to JFK?
That's correct.
Fuel dumping over the Atlantic.
We can't risk it going to
a lower elevation airport
and endangering other lives.
SOP would also dictate
it requires a military escort
to return it to origin.
Are you commandeering orders
that have yet to be assigned?
Just call it thinking ahead.
NORAD is bound to issue
the order any minute.
Our location makes us
the most likely to get it.
We might as well accept
in advance.
This is Banshee and Smoke,
we're in the air.
Stay alert for enemy bogeys.
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1,
be advised you'll be joined by
military escort to bring you in.
ETA 10 minutes due to weather.
Tower, this is Coastal.
Copy that.
Storm is messing everything up.
Both cabins have been
swept for the IED.
We haven't checked
the passengers' carry-ons,
We've got about 10 minutes left
on this fuel dump
before we reach
the approved landing weight.
Then we'll get the passengers
ready for descent.
They're asking
a lot of questions already.
They can wait 10 more minutes
until we check
the baggage compartment
down below.
The Air Marshal
and one of the passengers
has agreed to go look for it.
What, are you kidding?
We can't allow a passenger
to go down there.
His name is Taylor Garrett.
He's a retired army sergeant
who used to work on
these type of IEDs.
So he has the skills
and the training
to build something like this.
Which means he has a training
and he knows how to disarm
something like this.
Look, Air Marshal Wilkes
has checked with TSA.
He's clean, and...
he's the best and only expert
we have right now.
Captain, it's your decision.
But if we can find this thing
before we land,
we can give TSA a head start
on dealing with it.
All right, but I want those
passengers back in their seats
by initial descent.
We've only got 10 minutes.
- What's the verdict?
- You can both go
down to baggage and sweep
the area together, but hurry.
We only have about nine minutes.
I'll have you hold onto this.
Follow me.
Excuse me, I'm trying
to get to the restroom.
I'm trying to get
to the restroom...
If I don't use it,
I'ma use it on myself, okay?
Get off of me.
Down the hatch.
Hey, we'll find it.
Uh, $60 extra and
I can't use the bathroom?
I'm sorry, this one's
out of order.
The toilet not
flushing properly...
That's fine, I... look...
Coastal Air, this is Cobra 1.
We're here to help bring you
down safe and sound.
Cobra 1, this is Coastal.
You don't know how happy I am
to hear that.
Hey, excuse me,
flight attendant.
Yes, sir?
Uh, is there problem?
Pilots have not said anything.
And maybe you could tell us
what's happening.
Uh, I have no other information.
I only know what
you know at this time.
- Oh, come on!
- Please, please...
I'm sorry, look, I'll go
ask the flight deck
for an update
as soon as possible.
I want to know as badly as you.
Please. Please.
Cobra 2, I've got a pair
of bogeys on approach
coming in 0-8-0, westbound.
Affirmative. Due west.
19 miles out.
Those are fighter jets!
What's going on?
It's freezing down here.
Yeah, well, if we're gonna be
moving these bags around,
we'll break out in a sweat.
They must have made a killing
overweight bag fees today.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is that?
What'd you just pick up?
You smell that?
It's acetone.
I smell it now.
Do not drop that bag.
All right, we're gonna
set this down real easy, okay?
Nice and easy.
Very gentle.
That's triacetone triperoxide
in the detonator.
TATP? That's the same shit
that the shoe bomber used.
Yeah, except there's
a lot more of it in here.
Hey, this bag didn't
go through security.
There's no baggage
check tag on here.
That's a clue.
All right.
I don't see any wires or pins.
I think it's safe to open.
I need something sharp,
I'm gonna cut through this bag.
The zippers could be rigged.
Never leave home without 'em.
Thatta boy, always be prepared.
We got a barometric IED.
It's a live weapon.
we need to pile up
these suitcases and bags.
Form a kind of barricade
to, you know,
absorb some... if something
goes horribly wrong.
Let's start stacking these up.
Very carefully.
Look, just be careful
going near the IED.
Don't touch anything.
Shouldn't we move this
to an LRBL?
No, not right now,
a sudden movement
could make it detonate.
We'll try moving it to
a least risk bomb location
once I figure out what
we're dealing with.
Let's just hope this
is the only one on board.
Let's just stack
these carefully.
We can't have them collapsing
down on top of the IED.
Otherwise, it's goodnight.
So, Vanessa, we have the IED.
It's in baggage and it's armed.
- Can we disarm it?
- Can you disarm it?
- This is garbage, man.
- Where are we supposed to go?
I'm sorry, please, there's more
lavatories in the back.
This one's out of order
right now, okay?
Stand by.
We're about to find out.
Okay, the IED is armed
with an Aneroid Altimeter.
It's detecting changes
in altitude.
That definitely armed the thing.
Mother of Satan.
It's very sensitive
to impact infriction.
There's enough in here
to tear the plane apart.
But I already moved it.
Well, now that the bag is open,
it's more sensitive to
pressure changes and abrasion.
Just stay there.
All right, there's a signal box.
A signal box?
What kind of signal
is it emitting?
No, it's not emitting.
It's detecting signals.
They set it up as
a trigger for the IED.
If that's the trigger,
where's the signal?
It's reading electrical signals
from LVDT and RVDT sensors.
I saw this all the time in Kabul
on our patrol
in Helmand Province.
Wh-What are the sensors?
They're electromechanical
They convert rectilinear
motion of objects
into electrical signals.
Aircrafts like this
are full of them.
Why? What for?
Well, they make sure that
the flight controls,
all the systems are
operating properly.
So that box, it detects
electrical signals?
Well, if the plane
hasn't blown up,
it hasn't gotten
the right signal, right?
That's correct.
So what signal
is it waiting for?
We're at landing weight.
Vanessa, get them back
to their seats.
We're gonna land.
Taylor, we're getting ready
to begin our descent.
You and Wolfe need
to get back up here, copy?
Now wait a minute.
You said that these sensors
are all over the plane.
- Right?
- Yeah, y...
And they make sure
that the flight controls
and the mechanical structures
are working, right?
Yeah, yoke, foot pedals,
thrust levers, you name it.
What parts of the plane with
these sensors aren't being used?
No, they're all in use.
Since this thing
has become active.
It's the landing gear.
It's gotta be the landing gear.
The landing gear is
a mechanical structure
- and has those sensors?
- Yes.
There's a sensor in
the nose wheel steering column.
The landing gear was retracted
when the IED was armed.
We can't land the plane.
Jesus Christ.
Vanessa. Vanessa,
do not land this plane.
Do not land the plane.
We have the IED
but it's set to explode
when you extend
the landing gear.
You cannot land.
Do not land.
Engines are down
to fuel reserves.
this is Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
The IED has been located
in the baggage compartment
of our aircraft.
We are unable to land.
Repeat, we are unable to land.
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1,
you found the device
but you're unable to descend?
They found it.
Why can't they land?
Coastal, copy that.
Be advised
that you are currently
heading into
a pretty nasty weather pattern
and we'll try to swing
you around
- as best we can, but...
- Copy that.
We are unable to descend
because the bomb is somehow
wired to the landing gear.
Okay, stand by for alternate
heading for the storm.
I gotta tell you,
it's a pretty major system.
Tony, don't move.
Oh, no...
What the hell was that?
Taylor? Taylor, is everything
all right down there?
Taylor, what happened?
Remote proximity choice.
What bags did you bastards
put it in?
Taylor, the storm
is coming closer.
Oh, Jesus.
All right.
All right.
Here we go.
any update on that
alternative route?
We're going right for the storm.
It's a negative, Coastal.
You'll lose too much fuel
going around.
You're gonna have
to fly through.
You should probably get back.
What the hell...
this damn turbulence!
Holy shit.
Taylor? Taylor, are you there?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm still here.
How'd it go?
Is it still active?
We're not out of the woods yet.
We're not... Why...
Would you give me that, please?
This is Captain Curtis.
What's going on down there?
Look, whoever did this
expected every move
we were gonna make.
They stuck remote charges
in the other passengers' bags
'cause they knew we would
surround the device with luggage
to soften the blow
in case it went off.
So they knew our procedures
and they're using them
against us?
Yeah, the IED sent
a remote beacon
that armed the charges
in the other bags.
Is that device disabled now?
I mean, we have to land
this plane.
Look, we can't land yet.
Listen, we dumped our fuel.
What we're flying on now
is reserves,
which means we've only got
30 minutes tops.
Captain, you're carrying TATP.
It's acetone peroxide.
It's been taped up tight
in sealed containers,
making it extremely unstable,
sensitive to both
shock and friction,
the two things you're gonna get
when you try to touch down.
The slightest nudge might
detonate them.
We lost Wilkes.
What? What happened?
When the IED sent
the remote beacon to arm
the charges in the other bags,
Tony caught one,
prevented it
from falling on the IED.
Shielded it with his own body.
He saved the plane.
The man went out a hero.
Listen, Taylor, I've been
flying for eight years.
I think I can handle
a smooth landing.
Yeah, and I've been dealing
with this stuff for 12.
This has nothing to do with
your landing abilities.
We're gonna have
to land in the storm.
Even if the weather clears,
it's windy
and the runway is wet.
You'll need to descend faster
than five feet per second
just to stop hydroplaning.
He's right, we'd have to execute
a positive landing
at that rate of speed.
Look, we don't know what
failsafes these terrorists
have installed elsewhere
in the plane,
but until we can do
a scan of the entire aircraft
we have to assume
it's not safe to land.
Sophie, what's AWC saying?
Advisory's still in effect
for the Tri-State area
until 8:30 p.m.
Okay, so what do you
suggest we do?
Look, we don't have the luxury
of a proper disposal.
I have to throw it out of
the plane over the ocean.
But first we're gonna shield it.
Better let JFK know
what's going on.
Yeah, I'll need to
transfer the IED
to one of these
hard shell suitcases.
- Vanessa?
- I'm sorry.
I'm... I'll be all right.
I hate to say it,
but were we wrong
to trust Taylor?
No, he was vetted by ATC
and he put his life at risk
to go down there.
If he wanted to
blow up the plane,
he would've done it already.
Besides, none of us know
how to defuse a bomb.
You're right.
- Do you need a minute?
- No, sorry.
I'm... I'm all right.
Taylor, I can show you
where the designated
LRVL is on the plane.
There is a cabin closet
in the bulkhead divider
at the rear galley.
No, look, we can't
take that risk.
I'll have to pack it up
and toss it out down here.
Tower, this is
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
The explosive device
has been defused.
However, it is too unstable
to land at this time.
We are going to try to dispose
of the device in midair.
Do you copy?
Coastal, what is your
current fuel level?
Did they disable it?
Reroute all your planes
for vertical and horizontal
They found the device
and disabled it,
but they don't know if the bomb
could be reactivated on landing.
So what are they going to do?
They're gonna drop them
from the plane.
Better alert the Coast Guard.
Have them clear all the ships
and vessels from the area.
Yeah, this'll work.
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1, I have
an unidentified aircraft
moving your way extremely fast
along heading 1-2-5.
Cobra 2, I've got
an unidentified aircraft
approaching at 1-2-5.
You seein' this?
I've got that same bogey
coming in real hot
on 1-2-5, 18 miles.
What is it doing here?
Cobra 2, bogey,
bandit moving westbound.
Appears he's on his own.
Copy, Cobra 1.
Proceeding as threat hostile.
Threat hostile!
Cobra 2, arm hot.
Tower, this is
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
Just got a visual
on that bogey from earlier.
Cobra 2.
Fox 1!
Cobra 2, he's on me.
Cobra 2, MiG staying on me.
The guy won't let me out
of the defensive.
Cobra 2, Fox 3!
Yes! Splash one!
Splash one! Whooo!
Cobra 2, return to escort
Copy that.
That was a Volodrezjkan MiG.
Our bogey was buzzing
an American airliner?
We may be over
international waters,
but he's a long way
from the Bahamas.
Coastal Air, this is Cobra 1.
We just encountered
a lone enemy bogey
entering our airspace.
Do you have any further
information as to the nature
of the threat against
your aircraft?
This is Coastal 2-1-Niner-1,
please be advised,
we have been given
no further information about
the threat at this time.
No dignitaries or important
individuals on board
who may be of interest
to enemy combatants?
Cobra 1, we have
nothing that would be
of interest on the vessel.
No persons of interest.
Maybe... the bomb?
Hey, nobody goes
in there, all right?
It's out of order, you got me?
Look, I need you
to get me the crash axe,
fire gloves, fire blankets,
goggles and duct tape.
Fire gloves, blankets, goggles,
and duct tape are all in
- forward emergency stowage.
- First class.
Mm-hmm, and the crash axe
is in the flight deck,
I'll go get it.
All right.
How's it going out there?
Passengers are getting angry,
they're scared,
and to be honest,
I don't blame them.
You have the controls.
Passengers, this is your
Captain Wayne Curtis.
It is my duty to inform you
that we have
an emergency situation.
There has been a bomb scare
against this aircraft
and we are circling
over the Atlantic
before we return to JFK.
Emergency crews will be
canvassing the aircraft,
at which time we will exit
in an orderly fashion.
You may have noticed the F-16s.
We have been given
a military escort
due to the bomb threat
against this aircraft.
We will return to JFK
and exit the aircraft
in an orderly fashion.
No! No!
No! No! No no no no!
Let me in! Let me in!
Let me in!
Let me in!
Come on! Let me in!
Let me in! Let me in!
Come on, let me in!
Let me in! Come on!
No! Let me in!
Let me in!
Come on, come on!
- They're gonna kill us...
- It's okay, my friend!
Okay, okay, stay calm,
my friend, okay?
I got you, okay?
Okay? Stay calm.
The pilot said to
st... stay calm, okay?
The pilot is gonna kill us!
The pilot is gonna kill us!
The pilot said to stay calm.
The pilot is gonna kill us!
The pilot is gonna kill us!
We gotta stop 'em!
They're gonna kill us!
They're gonna kill us!
They're gonna kill all of us!
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
- Okay, stay calm.
- All right, hold him.
- Hold him, hold him!
- Get off of me!
- It's all right!
- They're gonna kill us!
You're gonna let 'em kill us!
You're gonna let 'em kill us!
They've got him back
from the door.
It's okay. It's okay.
They're gonna kill us all!
Okay, calm down, calm down!
I'm fine, really.
I am, I am, I just...
I just lost... I lost my head
for a second.
But I'm fine now, I am.
I know, I know.
I just want to make sure you
and all the other passengers
feel safe, okay?
You can go ahead
and take your seat, sir.
Fasten your seat belt,
thank you so much for your help.
- Is he going to be all right?
- Yes.
I'ma be fine soon as
he done feeling me up.
Thanks for stepping up
to help me.
I'm Peter.
Just goes to show,
you never know where
the threat is coming from.
you have to untie me.
You can't keep me here.
I'm a paying customer.
I know my rights.
That's mine.
That's mine.
It's clear, nothing here.
Who gave you the right
to just go through my stuff?
He's not our guy.
I wanna see some credentials!
I want to see 'em!
Okay, we'll be waiting
on that email.
Two minutes, right?
Dietz, Wolfe.
Coastal Air is sending over
the passenger manifest for 2191.
Send the manifest
to the field office.
When it arrives,
they'll cross-ref for flags.
Cobra 2, let's deploy left.
Meet 'em halfway.
Go burners.
Captain, that's two more
bogeys on approach.
Jesus, who are they?
What do they want?
Taylor, our military escort
just broke off to engage
more fighters. Whatever
you're doing, do it fast.
What are you doing down here?
It's not safe, go back up.
It's not safe for anyone
on board, so just let me
help you. What are you doing,
why you chopping up suitcases?
It's mine.
It's got Kevlar panels.
It was a gift from
the guys in my unit.
Okay, look, help me quick
and then go back up.
All right, here.
Get the tape.
Tape it around my torso.
This is a makeshift blast suit,
it's not much,
but it's all I got.
- There you go, yep.
- Tight? Okay.
Tower, this is
Coastal 2-1-Niner-1.
F-16s engaging bogeys on
two more aircraft.
I repeat, F-16s engaging bogeys
on two more aircraft.
- Okay, we good?
- Yeah.
- All right, now go back up.
- Okay.
Hey, stay on walkie.
I'll let you know
when I'm at
the compartment door.
And the captain needs to disarm
the outer door.
Okay, he's got us
at a low enough altitude
- for depressurization.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
Cobra 2, bandits heading 3-2-0.
I'm on MiG 1.
Copy 1, I'm on 2.
Cobra 2, bogey bandits breaking.
- Stay on MiG 2.
- I'm on him!
Did you hear from
the field office?
Wolfe, we got a hit, we're
about to get on the chopper.
Patch us through to the plane.
We know we have to keep
the ATC line open.
Try the cell numbers of
the flight crew on the manifest.
Hello, this is Vanessa Jensen.
Miss Jensen, this is
Special Agent Rico Dietz
of the FBI JTTF.
We received a manifest
from Coastal Air.
We had our office cross
reference every name on here.
Peter Guren.
He's part of an international
hacktivist collective
called Peanut Ravioli.
They go after
foreign governments,
religious groups, politicians,
anyone they deem corrupt.
He's on our plane?
Do you have a photo of him?
I'll text it to you now.
Cobra 2, he's on you.
Break away, evade.
I'll come up from behind.
They got us on the defensive!
Cobra 2...
Cobra 2, they're going
for 2-1-Niner-1.
They're firing on us!
MiG 1, splash!
There's nobody in it.
The Hat Trick AI targeting
system didn't burn up.
It was stolen.
That's our tech!
Cobra 1,
bandit 2 targeting Coastal.
Cobra 1, R-33's away,
on approach!
Oh, my God.
It's gonna hit that plane.
There's nothing they can do,
they're just sitting ducks!
Finish this fight.
Cobra 2?
Cobra 2!
Come on, Garrett,
get this thing off the plane!
- No, taken!
- Is that so, Pete?
Wanna tell me what you're doing
with a laptop in the lavatory?
- No, no...
- This is Piotr Gurin.
He look familiar to you?
Who sent you this?
- FBI?
- You're a suspect now.
Probably their only suspect.
You think I'm the one
who put bomb on plane?
No, I'm not trying
to blow up plane.
I need plane to get out
of New York.
- It is not safe for me there.
- Why? FBI closing in on you?
I need to get out of city.
Lay low, Dominican Republic.
Well, we are headed
back to JFK now.
I'm going to hold on to this,
and the FBI will deal with it
- when we get there.
- No, please, no, please.
I need that, please.
The plane, it didn't get
to cruising altitude.
No WiFi, I need to use VPN.
I can't do that.
No, he has people.
He has people.
They are hunting us one by one.
What are you talking about?
I am Volodrezjkan.
The Artosk regime
is coming after me,
and he has no problem
blowing up plane
full of Americans to do it.
Especially since your government
got involved with the rebels
who are fighting against him.
Why would he be after you?
I am a good guy.
I can prove it.
I can prove it.
Artosk regime turned
Volodrezjka into
surveillance state,
but we turned it against him.
We are going to bring down
his regime in disgrace.
Look, none of this is
making sense to me.
You can explain it
to the FBI when we land.
No, please, please!
No, please,
I can't let you take it.
I have emails, I have documents,
I have evidence
against him, okay?
Before he kills us!
He will kill us all,
do you understand?
I've had enough unruly
passengers for one flight.
- You're taking your seat, sir!
- Please, please!
Coastal Air, this is Cobra 1.
We lost Cobra 2.
I repeat, Cobra 2
has been shot down.
Be advised,
begin your descent ASAP.
These jets are unmanned.
AI control, Hat Trick.
I don't know what
they're capable of.
I thought that AI was lost?
Well, they found it.
Coastal, there are more
of them coming.
Two more MiGs.
I repeat, begin your descent.
Coastal, you're under attack.
- Incoming MiG!
- We see it.
Give me the flight deck,
I can outmaneuver these guys.
It's all yours, Lieutenant.
Coastal, the MiG
is coming right for you
at heading 0-9-0!
Cobra 1, seeing bandit.
Angels 10.
Coastal, here comes MiG 1.
I'm on him, go evasive.
Cobra 1, enemy MiG attempting
collision with our aircraft.
Vanessa, tell the captain
to open the hatch.
Captain, disarm the baggage
compartment door.
You're good to go.
Fox 1.
Fox 2.
Splash one MiG.
Do you see he's circling?
MiG 2 circling back.
On collision heading...
Sayonara, you son of a bitch.
Oh, God, oh, God!
We have to land the plane.
I don't know how to fly a plane!
Look, I don't either.
We don't have a choice,
unless you wanna get on the PA
and find out if we got
any pilots on board as we go
screaming into the Atlantic.
Come on!
Coastal, do you copy?
This is Ground, come in.
Coastal, do you copy?
Nothing, I'm getting
nothing from the plane.
What? You can't hail 2191
on the radio?
Coastal 2191, do you copy?
Are you there?
Do you read me?
Are you there?
The pilots are dead!
It's them,
they're on the way in!
- Take the phone.
- Hello?
We're bringing it in
for a landing.
We're landing.
What? You're what?
Okay, okay, listen closely,
I'll steer you in.
You're gonna be
coming in on runway 13R...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't know
what any of that means.
Okay, okay, okay.
Pay close attention
and do not deviate.
You're going to be coming in
slowly on runway 13R.
Give me that,
I'll bring them in.
This is Janis,
your ATC supervisor
Listen very carefully
to every word.
Now, the system switched
to autopilot because
of all the rain from the runway
and I'm gonna need
your help steering her in.
I got you, ATC.
My headset isn't working.
Now the water from the rain
is not going to make it easy,
so I don't know how much
autopilot is going to work.
Listen very carefully,
I'm gonna need your help
to steer her in.
Where's the landing gear?
I can't find the switch!
I think the comms are down!
All right, we're going in
without wheels.
The switch for the landing gear
is directly above your head!
I repeat, directly
above your head!
Who is that?
I got the comm to work.
Coastal, flip that switch now!
All right, listen carefully.
Increase speed.
Reach for that throttle
by your side.
They're coming in too fast.
- Are you looking at the screen?
- Reach for that throttle,
increase the speed.
Now thrust it forward
and bring the nose down.
Okay, uh, yeah,
we're getting some
kind of a sound,
a very bad sound,
some kind of alarm going.
You're doing it on purpose.
You're gonna crash the plane!
What did you s...
Give me that phone!
You're under arrest.
No! Let it crash!
Let 'em all crash!
Oh, my God!
I'm not ready for this.
Okay, we can do this
We're gonna land this plane!
We did it.
We did it, we landed the plane.
Oh my... Holy...
We did it, we did it.
It's okay, it's okay.
This is yours.
Thank you.
I've just been debriefed
by Mr. Gurin here.
He's told me why
the aircraft was targeted.
We're going to place him under
federal protected custody
so that way he can meet
with the State Department.
Artosk labeled our group
as enemy of state.
They got the Pavdekshem
to bomb the plane.
For what?
Plausible deniability?
Yes, of course.
Blame us for the crime
in front of the whole world
and then tell Pavdekshem
they are free from exile
if they do dirty work,
like bomb airline carrier.
But when it didn't work
he got his military drones
to attack.
You're all free to go.
We're gonna put him on a flight
to DC within the hour.
Maybe put him
on a train this time.
I feel like I wanna barf.
So, what are your plans
for the night?
What do you have in mind?
Want to go to a wedding?
Are you kidding me?
Go on another flight?
Hey there.
You two need a lift?
I don't think we'll fly
this one.
So what do you think?
Sure, why not?
There's some good flying
you guys did up there.
Well, we had some help.
We're natural born pilots,
I guess.
That's what we do.
Pilots fly.