Topside (2020) Movie Script

Let's go!
Let's go!
Four little ducks
went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said,
quack, quack, quack, quack
But only three little ducks
came back
Agent is still
like 120 hours from here.
- 120 what...
- Yeah, in a way.
In a way.
How is it in a way?
Well, I was working at the time
this is before I came...
came down here, like uh...
Mama, I have one star
and I met a ladybug.
And... and I pick her up and...
and I wanted to put it back in.
- Okay.
- Look at it, mama.
- What?
- It got wings.
Is that what your wings
look like?
A little bit, yeah.
We'll hang it up, huh?
We'll put it in a special spot.
Do you see the one
that's got the knot on it?
Right next to that.
You okay?
You wanna go to Lolly's?
How're they gonna get rid
of all this?
Okay, but you're gonna
get stuck with...
'Cause they're
just city workers, okay?
Fine, but you've got
to think what you're gonna do.
You realize that.
We're fine,
don't worry about us.
You have to take this seriously.
They're not gonna...
Why would they kick us out?
They won't, just be careful.
Okay, I don't...
I don't need to have this whole
conversation right now.
I... I'm just asking
about tomorrow, okay?
I will watch her for tomorrow
and I always watch her.
I appreciate...
I appreciate that.
You know that.
Come help me with this.
Bring it closer, baby.
I need it here.
What am I gonna do with you?
How'd you get another
loose tooth, huh?
I don't know.
What were you eatin'?
What were you eatin'
that made it loose?
A cookie.
Who gave you a cookie?
- Who gave you a cookie?
- Lolly.
Little! Hey!
Look at
that little ticklish puppy.
Is that here?
Is that here?
Is it here?
Is it there?
Mama, check my wings.
Are they there yet?
You can feel your wings?
Let me check.
They should be right about here.
Almost, not yet.
I felt them today.
Yeah, come on.
I think
they're gonna be a rainbow,
but with feathers, sparkles,
and... and big, you know?
How big you think
they'll be, huh?
Is that one wing or two wings?
Two wings.
Huh, that's two wings like that?
That's not big at all.
How're you gonna fly around
with wings just that big?
Yeah, I could go
and touch them with you.
- Right, Mama?
- Here, give me your foot now.
It's cold.
I gotta get all this off here.
Quick, quick, quick, turn.
Quick, quick, quick!
Mama, where...
where are we going to...
where are we going to fly to
when I get my wings?
We are gonna go
wherever you wanna go, okay?
Okay. I wanna fly
everywhere. W... w...
They tried to
put a lock on the gate one time
just tryin' to keep us out,
you know?
But it used to be easy.
- It used to be easy.
- Oh, no, I'm not.
I said I'm never going back.
They gotta
reinstate my social first.
Alright, Little,
what do you say?
Thank you, Lolly.
Well, I love you, Baby.
You know, it's gonna be
like months and months.
You know that.
No, they're comin' down,
'cause there's money in it.
Come on, stop it!
Jumpin' on the bed
One fell off
and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor,
and the doctor said
Little, you still awake?
- How you doin'?
- Okay.
You wanna come outside with me?
We're gonna go to bed now.
Just sleep easy.
What they
should do is leave us down here.
That's what they should do.
Leave us down here
until they get housing.
When they get housing,
there should be some...
First, she banged the window.
It went, "Boop, boop."
And then it's going all the way
to the lamp.
Oh, cute.
See, it's like stuck right here.
It stops at the lamp, right?
There were nine in the bed
And the little one said
Roll over
Roll over
Throw that.
No, you cannot have the box.
- Are they hungry?
- Come on, now. Yeah.
They're hungry.
Really? What's wrong?
What are they saying?
Uh, he wants to get out.
They're stubborn
and thick-headed.
They don't know
how good they got it.
You know...
you know, you're stubborn.
Hey, come on.
I don't know what that is.
Come on.
Stay there.
You done?
Go home.
Get out of here, go!
I love you.
I love you.
I want to be your best buddy.
Come on.
Hey! You awake?
You were sleepin' so...
for so long.
I was gonna
find your new tickly spot
to wake you up.
I know where it is.
I'm gonna find it. I am.
Uh-oh, where'd she go, huh?
Where's she hidin'?
You don't wanna sleep anymore?
What do you wanna do tomorrow?
Are you staying here?
Yeah, Baby,
I'm right here, okay?
I'm not goin' anywhere.
You know what I'm tryin'
to do right now?
I'm tryin' to find a place
for me and you up top, okay?
That's what I'm tryin' to do.
Are we gonna go to topside now?
No, we're
not goin' anywhere yet, okay?
Everybody else can do
whatever they want,
but you and me gotta wait
until your wings grow, right?
Nobody else down here
even has wings, okay?
So, we don't gotta listen
to them
and they don't understand
what we're talkin' about
when we talk about this, okay?
It's only me and you.
We're gonna do
whatever we need to do
and what we gotta do right now
is we just gotta wait,
'cause that's the only way
it's gonna be safe, okay?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
You'll be okay.
No, I'm asking for me.
The check's done?
No, no, they is gonna watch her.
Uh, Lolly's busy.
It's just gonna be
a couple of hours, okay?
I... I've tried.
I've tried everybody.
No, I'm... I'm... I'm not
gonna be the one holding her
when they come down here.
That's it.
Well, yeah,
she should be in school.
If she's in school, you don't
need me.
I'm asking for a favor, okay?
I'll be back before 7:00, okay?
I mean what do I
look like? Like...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine.
- Come on, Baby, let's go.
- Yeah, fine.
Come on.
If you touch it,
it will um, it will wake
and it come out,
like I press a switch,
his mouth open
and uh, it has a light.
Yo, uh, is...
anything from runner?
And it have like
a little light in it.
Runners are gone, man.
Okay, so somebody needs
to communicate with me,
'cause I didn't know about this.
Nikki, do I work for you?
And I can't just
keep finding out about...
Figure your own shit, all right?
Turtle's not here,
Donnie's been missing
for I don't know how long.
Twinkle, twinkle...
This is different, huh?
You like this one?
Don't get crumbs, Baby,
don't rip it up like that?
Mama, I saw a star out there.
A star?
And a dog.
A... a... and I was up
on the ceiling.
When'd you see this?
Four elephants
went out to play
Stars don't come this far down,
They just stay up top, right?
So they
ain't gonna fall down here.
Most of the time
they're stuck up in the sky.
When they do fall,
they fall really fast.
Like fire across the whole sky.
And then they're dead.
How... how does the star
look like when they fire?
It's like um, a big streak.
It lights up the whole sky.
You'll see it.
You'll see it one day.
I'll show you, okay?
Quack, quack, quack, quack
But only three little ducks
came back
And far away
Mother duck said, quack,
quack, quack, quack
But only four little ducks
came back
Flying kite.
Oh, no, it's stuck in a tree.
It's gotta go find it.
The light is still on.
There's no way.
The lights are still on.
I swear to God,
if anybody finds out about this,
there is no way...
Just chill out.
Hey, do me a favor.
If you're gonna come in,
shut the door please.
Thank you.
You still here, huh?
Where's your mom?
You hungry or something?
I got Smacks or Oh's.
What do you want?
Just hangin' out, huh?
Where your mom at?
She still teaching you stuff?
How old are you now?
You're five now!
You know your twos and twos?
Two and two.
- How much is that?
- Four.
Yes. Yes.
All right,
I got another one for you.
You know what subtract is?
Mm. Mm-mm.
It's like subtract
means take away.
So, if I subtract two
from four...
how much is that?
Yes! Hell yes! All right, so...
Okay, I got one for you.
Seven. You got seven, right?
But you take away two.
You subtract two.
How much is that?
What we get left with?
Seven subtracted by two.
So, you got seven, right?
Hmm. Eight?
Almost. Almost.
What about five minus one?
All right. Well, you...
All right, it's time to go.
I ain't got nothin' else
for you, Baby Girl.
Get out of here.
I gotta do three tonight,
two tomorrow morning.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I need five right now,
'cause I need to wake up.
Are you bullshitting?
I got 30 right here
and I'm gonna get the rest
- You got 30?
- Yes.
I'm gonna get the rest tomorrow
and I'll be right back
down here, I swear to God.
- Am I gonna see you tomorrow?
- Yeah, you... okay, yes.
I've got...
I'm telling you right...
I'm not gonna have
to go lookin' for you?
I'm literally telling you
right now.
I'm gonna give you the rest
Right now, I'm all out, okay?
I'm just tryin'
to figure things out
for me up top.
I don't even have the time
to leave my house to go out
and get it like
a normal fucking junkie, okay?
That's two bags.
That's why I'm here, right?
One... two bags.
John, what are you doing?
You know me.
I've done this before.
You floated me before, right?
- Yeah.
- It's all good.
- It's all good.
- Forget it.
- What?
- I changed my mind.
- Okay. John, okay.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- I'll do two... two bags.
- Just go back.
- Just go back to your kid.
- I'll take...
I'll take two bags, okay?
That's all I want.
I'll... I'll just do two bags.
- No, I just... it's done.
- Jesus Christ.
Okay, fine. Here.
Get your money out of my face.
You're a fuckin' asshole,
- Yeah.
- Okay, I paid you.
John, quit following me.
I paid you.
Come on, stop it.
I don't care about that!
Where is she?
Where is she?
She's close, okay?
Stop fucking yelling.
She's a fucking child
and you don't even know
where she is.
It's not your problem, okay?
I can't... no!
- See? She's right here.
- This is the problem!
This is the fuckin' problem.
- I'm not doin' this shit!
- Jesus, hey!
How many fuckin' times
I gotta say it?
All right. Chill out, you know.
What are you still doin' here?
Everyone's gone!
Just take her up!
You're not doin' this
and you gettin' her out of here
Jesus, fuck.
She... she needs to be
in school.
All you need is an address
in the city.
I'm not gonna do that!
- Let me fuckin' finish!
- It doesn't...
It doesn't fuckin' work
like that.
Use a fake address!
It doesn't matter!
It's just a piece of mail!
Any address in the city
and she can go to school!
- I'm not gonna do that.
- That's it!
I'm not gonna
just take her in somewhere.
- I'll do it. Let me do it.
- No, you're not.
If you're not gonna do it,
let me do it!
Who takes her?
Who takes her school?
Who drops her?
- Are you gonna do that?
- Look at your daughter!
I'm not gonna do that!
You can't even look at her!
- Stop it!
- You fucked her up!
You can't even admit
the fact that you fucked her up.
I don't give a shit,
I don't give a shit!
They took the kid right
out of the school.
And said they will still be in
their car and they took her kid.
She had to...-
That's not...
No, that's exactly
what happened.
It takes one phone call.
So, what am I supposed to do
when she comes back to me?
Yeah, we're fine.
We're not trying to intrude.
- Little!
- Or take anything from you.
Yo, get back in here.
No, close the door.
Did they see her?
- My name is Laura Torres.
- Why are they here?
I'm with the Department
of Housing
and Community Resources.
Understand this tunnel
is now being renovated.
You gotta get her up.
She can hide.
She can hide.
You're not thinkin'!
Which is why
you were given notice...
You don't know how long
they gonna keep you.
This is the real deal now.
They're about to clear
this whole shit out.
This is real now.
You're not any...
in any danger.
- Take her up there yourself.
- No.
Yes, go up the trapdoor.
You got the jump on 'em.
No, she can't...
we can't run.
Come on up with us, no fuss.
She... she...
they'll see us.
You can get the trapdoor.
We're gonna get you sorted
with a better place to stay.
If you take her
to the trapdoor, not riverside.
- No, no, I can't. No.
- Baby girl.
Baby, get down.
Get down.
- We know you're in there.
- You got that? Trap door.
- John, you're gonna...
- Trapdoor.
- No, John, John.
- Come on out.
They can't find my shit
that far down.
Again, we just came to help you.
What are you doing?
No, what are you doing?
They just can't keep me
out of here.
Yo, what's up, motherfuckers?
- Yo, got housing for us?
- Sir, my name is Laura Torres.
How's everybody doin' tonight?
- I'm with the DHC...
- Hey, how you doin'?
Hey, hey, what's up, big man?
I'm with the DHCR.
And we're here to help you, Sir.
It's a party, it's a party.
We're tryin' to talk to you.
- It's a party with the police
- Sir.
Hey, yes,
a party with the police
- Stay right there.
- Stay back.
- Calm down, Sir.
- Hey.
So, we gave you notice
14 days ago
to evacuate this place.
Uh-huh. And?
You have to leave.
MTA is tearing this place down.
MTA, yeah, we know all of that.
We see... we seen the shit.
And you're telling me
you're gonna take me somewhere.
I'm just tryin' to figure out
where I'm gonna go.
- Listen...
- You wanna go, take me to...
- Stay back.
- I wa... I want...
I want you to come go with me
to the community, okay?
Why the fuck do I wanna talk
to one of the staff members?
I don't wanna talk to you,
I don't want to talk to you,
and I ain't gonna go nowhere.
- No, hey!
- Am I bein' violent?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Am I bein'... Am I
physically threatenin' you?
Listen, listen,
you cannot stay here anymore.
What the fuck did I do?
Why would I...
I don't wanna go with you.
- You can't guarantee shit.
- You know what?
You just want us
to get out of here.
You don't...
But you can't stay here.
And I need your friend
to come out here, too.
What... what the fuck
you talkin' about?
You were yelling.
What the fuck
are you talkin' about?
I want her to come out here,
- It's just me.
- I'm goin' in.
Watch him, watch him.
What are you talkin' about?
- We're not here to arrest you.
- You got this?
But you need to come out now!
- Open the door.
- Please open the door.
Watch him, watch him!
Give someone
some fuckin' respect!
You talk to me over here!
Please open the door.
I'll tell you
whatever you wanna know!
- Hello?
- Open the door, please.
- Yo.
- We're comin' in.
Please step away from the door,
all right?
We're just here to help.
I'm over here,
talk to me over here!
We're gonna come in, all right?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, yo!
But Mama, I don't have my wings.
Baby, you're fine.
You're fine.
Come on. Go, go. Go, go.
Just gonna go up top
for a little bit, okay?
You're just
gonna stay close to me.
You're gonna stay with me.
You're gonna be
with me the whole time.
You don't need your wings,
'cause you're with me right now,
Put your legs up.
Good girl.
Just keep your eyes closed.
Just keep them closed.
Come on, Baby. Come.
Stop, stop.
Stop. Stop, stop.
Thank you.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's just a train.
Stop, stop. Stop. St...
What's wrong?
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
What's wrong? You okay?
It's okay, I'm right here.
I'm right here, okay?
Come, hey.
Hey, hey, you're okay.
Okay. We're inside, okay?
I gotta put you down, Baby.
Let me put you down.
We gotta just keep going, okay?
We're almost there.
We gotta go clean you up, okay?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Stop it!
Come on.
Okay, okay.
You can't do this, okay?
You gotta be normal.
Can you be normal for me?
We're just gonna walk
a little bit more, okay?
I'm gonna be with you
the whole time.
My eyes hurt.
You keep your hands like that.
Let's get you cleaned up.
No, Mama. No, Mama.
No. No.
See, Baby, stand straight.
Stop it, stop.
You gotta help me right now,
Can you help me?
It's okay. It's okay, Baby.
- Do you have to go potty, again?
- No.
Okay, can you try for me?
You can go right in here, okay?
Look, you just sit right here.
You... you can sit right there
and just go potty right in here,
Stay. Just don't move.
Don't move.
I'm gonna be right back
in two seconds.
It's not a big deal.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm gonna clean you up, okay?
Stay right there.
Here, Baby,
you wanna stand up? Come on.
Let me get all this off you.
Stand up, huh?
There you go.
Yeah. Okay.
Okay, huh?
Come on, come on.
I wanna go home.
Mama, I wanna go home.
Mama, please.
Went out one day
Over the hills and far away
- Mama duck said
- Stop.
Quack, quack, quack, quack
- Mama duck said quack
- Stop!
Quack, quack, quack
But only two little ducks
came back
Two little ducks
went out one day
Stop, Mama.
Over the hills and far away
Come on.
Mama duck said,
quack, quack, quack, quack
But only one little duck
came back
One little duck went out
one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said,
quack, quack, quack, quack
No little duck went out
one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said,
quack, quack, quack, quack
Then the little ducks
came back
One little duck went out
one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said,
quack, quack, quack, quack
Want soap?
Can you try?
You try.
You okay?
No, he's not gonna let me in.
Are you at Manny's right now?
Baby, please.
Just hand the phone to him.
Come, sit up. Okay.
Stop it. Stop.
My phone's goin' out of battery
any second, alright?
Come on, we're going.
It's Nikki.
Get the fuck out of here.
It's better here, huh?
We're gonna warm you up
for a minute.
- Listen.
- What the fuck is this shit?
Listen, listen, she's
not gonna be a problem, okay?
- You brought a kid here?
- Yeah, calm down.
Who's fucking kid is this?
- Les, calm down, okay?
- Who's kid is this?
- She's mine, she's mine.
- You're her mom?
Yeah, what do you fuck
do you think?
I mean I don't think
she looks anything like you.
Why... why does it
even fucking matter?
This is fuckin' hilarious.
Listen, she's not gonna do shit.
We're only gonna be here
for a couple hours, okay?
Oh, you're tryin' to bring her
in here?
- Yeah.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Okay, I'm gonna...
- Are you nuts?
I'm gonna pay.
I'm gonna...
Listen, I'm gonna pay for her,
No. No!
I'm gonna pay for her right now.
No, she ain't comin' in here.
Yeah, you ain't even
comin' in here!
You think
you're my first fuckin' choice?
You think I really
wanna come in here with her?
- What the fuck you doin'?
- You weren't.
What are you doin'?
You realize I'm out here,
I'm ready to fuck you up!
- You know that shit?
- anybody else, okay?
Now, you got this bullshit?
I got money to pay for her
and that's it.
Yeah, your mother
is a trip, kid.
Don't talk to her, Jesus Christ.
Why can't I speak to her, huh?
Just... just
don't talk to her.
Oh, is she deaf? I got it.
It's all good. I can speak deaf.
Come here, kid.
I can speak to you in that...
in that sign language.
I learned that shit.
What's up man? Five. Five.
Yo, this is hilarious.
You know that you fucked up
my whole shit last week?
The whole system was a mess
- because of you.
- Yeah.
Now you're comin' back,
'cause you want your fix.
You ain't... you ain't
offerin' me no payment,
No apologies, nothin'.
You just...
you come crawlin' back here
and I'm...
I'm gonna help you out,
I'm just stickin' my neck out
for you again,
and again, and again.
You wanna come in,
you gotta work four hours.
I get 70.
- You get 60, if at all.
- 60?
I'm fuckin' paying.
I just wanna fuckin' come here
like a normal fuckin' person...
Get the fuck out of here!
Yo, we could do...
you wanna do 80?
How about that? 80.
You wanna do 80?
80? 90? You wanna do 90?
Four hours. We do 90.
Les, okay, okay.
You show up here with a kid
lookin' for a fuckin' handout?
Okay, fuck, I'll do 80, okay?
That's it.
- Four hours.
- Yes, four fuckin' hours.
Jesus Christ.
Do you want this or not?
I wanna...
I wanna taste that shit.
Come on,
I wanna feel the flavor.
You know what I mean?
Bring it up.
- Jesus fuck Christ.
- Come on.
It was pretty good.
Tastes pretty good, shit's real.
All right, come on, pick it up.
Pick that, too.
You're such a fuckin' idiot.
Pick that one.
Pick that one.
Guys saw you arguin'
like a bunch of hyenas.
I have neighbors.
Happy girls back to business!
Yeah, I'm gonna get you hit,
but you ain't
gettin' all fucked up.
I just want Klonopin, okay?
I don't want anything else.
Big mama.
You just want some Klonopin?
Look at that.
Holy shit...
Les, what are you doing?
Come on, let's go.
Oh, I'm getting some pork
for your kid.
How come I never saw her before?
I just have her for the night.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.
- Just the night.
- Yeah, just the night.
- Just the night, yeah.
- Yeah, just the night.
Yeah, where's she stayin'? Huh?
Where you stayin' at,
Little Girl?
Yo, give me my money.
Oh, I'm a chill guy.
That's Faker.
Yo, Faker, I'm chill, right?
What the fuck you want?
Yeah, you say the word,
we work something out with this,
me and you.
Yo, what the fuck is this, man?
Yo, can you believe this shit?
We got kids here now?
You believe this shit?
She'll fuck you up, man.
It's just me and you,
okay? Don't worry about them.
She'll fuck you up, man.
Yo, you get down on this shit
or what?
No, I don't want it, Les.
Oh, what do you mean?
You just said you wanted some.
I just forgot.
I don't want it.
Why? You just said
you wanted it.
Hey, you can eat this.
You wanna try some? Hmm?
- No!
- Cannabis.
I've told you to fuckin' stop.
Now, really, Les,
why you have this kid here?
Chill out, come on, man.
You give me a goddamn headache.
I don't want it right now.
Listen, you comin' here,
it's fine.
You come here,
you're able to go now.
I'm sleepin'.
I don't know
what the fuck you doin'.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
I just gotta be able
to think right now, okay?
I just gotta think.
I just need my space
for a second, okay?
I ain't gonna stop.
- Yeah.
- You keep fuckin' up.
She's violent, bro.
You hear me, man.
She's violent.
What should I do?
What am I supposed...
Oh, man,
she'd piss me to fuck off.
You're being
fuckin' rude. Move out the way.
You see somebody movin',
you move.
Happy birthday, Dog.
How old is you?
- One.
- One.
Man, you ain't doing so good,
Yo, Nikki, okay, let's go.
Hey, what do you want me...
What do you want me
to do with her?
- What's your name?
- You just watch her.
- Mama.
- Yo, what's your name?
Yo, what's your name?
She could just sit here.
You're gonna be here, right?
Just keep her there.
Just keep her right there,
she's good there.
- Hey, baby.
- Don't move her.
You just gotta stay right here
in this chair, okay?
This guy's gonna watch you,
okay? He's nice.
I'm gonna be right in there,
that side.
Just right...
you see right there?
Right in there, that's all.
- Come on, Nikki, let's go!
- Okay? I'm gonna be back.
Hey. Baby, let me go.
Just stay here.
You're okay. You're fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Oh, Nikki, come on, let's go!
There it is. Showtime. Showtime.
All right, 20 minutes
and shit opens up, all right?
Hey. Hey, Baby.
I love that hair.
Hey, yo, yo,
what the fuck are you doin'?
Get the fuck away from her.
What are you doin'?
- I woke up.
- Don't fucking touch her.
And I saw this little...
What are you doin' here?
- I texted...
- You texted.
Oh, where is your fucking shit?
Here. Yeah, hand me your phone.
Give me this.
I can show you, I'll show you.
Yeah, I don't have that shit
right now.
- Uh, Rex.
- Yeah, you texted Rex?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, bullshit.
He did, motherfucker?
He a liar, yo.
That shit.
That shit, that's mine now.
- That ain't yours.
- No, I need it.
No, no, no, no, you sit back
and have a long nap.
How much? How much?
You owe me 20,
because guess what?
You were talking shit sayin',
"I'm all fucked up, Les.
- "I'm all fucked up please."
- $20?
You don't remember?
You don't fuckin' remember?
Are you stupid?
- You're a sad sight.
- No, don't touch my shit.
No, she touches you, bro.
Feel free.
- Back up.
- What's goin' on, Dog?
Fuckin' junky ass.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Is it mine now?
- Yeah.
No you bet.
There's food right there.
Oh, shit!
I forgot to give you a fork!
My bad.
You need a fork.
You can't be eatin'
with your hands, huh?
There you go.
That's it. That's what you
wanted, right? Huh?
Pay your debts.
Pay your fuckin' debts,
it's not a charity over here.
You like that?
Hey, that's good.
Hey, careful there,
you'll choke.
It's good food, huh?
You was hungry, wasn't you?
I'm like uh,
I'm like a chef in there.
- Look at this, bro.
- She was hungry.
- She starvin', man.
- Oh.
Your fuckin' hands
are dirty, yo.
- Go to sleep.
- Get the fuck outta here.
Yeah, she be fuckin' cryin'
and really tryin' that shit.
Yo, what you lookin' at,
kid? Huh?
[indistinct conversation
in background
What you doin' in there?
What you lookin' at?
What's that?
You see stars?
Those are dead stars.
What do...
what do you mean stars?
You can't see those stars
from here.
What you mean?
Those are dead stars.
The hell
are you talkin' about, huh?
The lights?
Yeah, I know the lights
out there.
You know
why you can't see the stars?
You see them buildings?
All the lights
from the buildings,
they outshine the stars right,
but you know... you know
that they're still there.
They're up there.
How come I never saw you before?
Only mama goes top side.
Why not you?
'Cause I get hurt.
Oh yeah?
'Cause I don't got my wings.
Did your mama have her wings?
Where does she keep her wings?
She keeps them in her back,
Oh, she folds them up.
I got wings. You see my wings?
Check these out.
Look at that.
When you're gonna get your ones?
Hmm. Soon.
Oh yeah?
How come you're here now?
Because there was people
at our house, so we ran.
Oh yeah? What were
they doin' at your house?
Yellin' at you? Yeah, scary?
Hmm, yes.
It's not so bad here, huh?
So, where's your daddy at?
- Les.
- What happened?
- What is this?
- What's up?
Can you please take her out?
She wanted to see her mama.
- Hey, Baby, you okay?
- We got a half hour
and then it's back-to-back
till you're done...
- I got sweat.
- So, we should do this shit now.
I don't know
why the fuck she's in here?
Why... she...
she missed her mama.
You don't wanna see your girl?
I specifically told you
to keep her out of here.
She misses you, you know?
You're okay, Baby, it's okay.
Listen, I was done with you
after that shit you pulled,
but you're too good
for business.
Your mama, she's my best girl.
Long as she keep her mouth shut.
Hey, just lay down, Baby,
just lay down.
Well, you ain't gonna say
There you go.
Just give me a second.
Come on,
that ain't the Nikki I know.
You know, I... I... maybe
I was harsh before, you know?
Maybe uh, I wasn't being fair,
so I don't wanna do this shit.
We're gonna do it right,
we're gonna do a 70-30.
Like I said in the beginning,
I ain't gonna fuck with you
like that, right?
You know, you deserve it,
you've been workin' hard.
You do it proper.
You know what else?
You stay here tonight.
Your girl, too.
You ain't gotta pay for her.
I mean, with me,
you got all the shit you need,
you know that?
It could be like that.
I'm tryin' to...
What are you...
what are you talking about?
- What do you want?
- I'm... I want nothing.
I'm just saying that you know,
I want you to stay here,
you know?
You came here, 'cause you needed
a place to stay,
so I want you to stay here.
I wanna take care of you,
it's what I do.
And your girl, too, you know?
Your girl, too,
she stays here till you...
Till you figure your shit out.
All right, yo, tie up, come on.
Oh, what the fuck?
No, we... we got a place to stay.
- Oh, why you lyin'?
- We got a place to stay.
No, you're fuckin' lying!
Why you doin' that shit?
Come on.
Don't do...
don't be like that to me.
I'm a good guy right? Right?
We've been havin' a good time.
Right, girlie?
Hey, don't touch her.
- I'ma take care of you.
- Just... right.
- Right? You know that.
- I know.
- I mean like...
- You know that. Yeah.
I'm working for you.
That's it, okay?
- So what?
- Just... you don't...
- I don't want?
- Ne... you don't need...
I don't what?
You don't need
to bring her into this.
Yeah, if you want...
you want to talk about this,
we're talkin' about this
right now.
Look, these guys,
they're gonna take care of her.
They'll barely touch her,
none of that shit.
But this could be
thousands of dollars.
This could be crazy, though,
for you and me, all right?
You know how rare shit is?
A kid like this
that's this fuckin' chill?
You know how much money
they'll pay for that?
You... you just put her in a room
with them for a little bit.
- Stop.
- Huh?
- No.
- Just listen to me.
- No, shut up.
- Just listen to me.
- Shut up.
- No. Gee, no!
You're still workin' for me
for another three fuckin' hours!
So, you shut the fuck up
and listen!
I'll call the fucking cops
right now! Huh?
I can rip this kid right out
of your junky ass hands.
Tell 'em that you've been
keeping her in the tunnels
in the fucking dark
like she don't exist.
And then what? You in prison
and she's in the fuckin' system
the rest of her life?
You want that shit?
Where you goin', huh?
- Where are you goin'?
- Les, I'm gonna fuckin' scream.
I think you need to sit down
and do some of this shit.
- You ain't thinkin' straight.
- I don't need your shit.
- Mama.
- I don't need your dope.
I need you
to get the fuck out of my way.
You need to fuckin' lie down.
Come on, lay down.
What are you doing?
Nikki, come on.
Back down, baby,
just go over there.
Hey, oh. Hey, look here.
None of this is for free,
all right?
I'm tryin' to help you out,
I'm tryin' to get you paid,
I'm tryin'
to get you some fuckin' money,
so you can
get the fuck out of here.
You know,
I have to do this first.
Let's go.
- Come on, where is it?
- You want?
- I want it.
- You wanna do this?
- Yeah, I wanna do it.
- Come on.
- Here.
- Yeah, come here.
Do this shit, let me see.
Come on.
- Yeah, I want it.
- Come here.
- Mmhmm.
- Come here, I got you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Come here.
- Let me... give it to me.
I wanna do it.
See? Now... now...
now you got it right.
Now, you're thinkin'.
This is somethin'...
- Come on, Baby.
- Fuck!
God, you fuckin' bitch!
Okay, let's go, go.
Go, go, go.
Faker, open this fucking door!
Come, sweety, come.
- You okay?
- I'm cold.
Just put your hands
there, okay? It's warm.
Can I go home?
Just gonna stay here
for just a second, okay, baby?
Here, baby.
I'm gonna figure this out
for us, okay?
Don't worry. Here you go.
You're just gonna keep this
all the way like this, okay?
Come on, let's go.
Baby, you gotta be
really quiet in here.
Just stay with me, okay?
You're gonna wait
right here for me, okay?
I just gotta go
look at my phone.
Stay right here.
Little, stop!
Hello? Hello?
Oh, sorry, I...
I left my phone in here earlier.
I just didn't...
I didn't see anybody.
I didn't wanna bother anyone.
We were here earlier,
we just came up for...
No, no, it... it's...
it's okay.
I can... we... oh,
I can check downstairs,
see if someone's turned it in.
I'm missing a phone in here.
What? Wh...
what kind of phone was it?
It's not a big deal.
I'm... I'm sure
I just left it somewhere else.
- I don't know...
- It's fine.
Listen, why don't we uh,
have you right down uh...
Well, we're shuttin' down.
No, it's just a...
it's just an old phone.
Hey guys, are you hungry?
I have a plate of food for you
if you want?
Yeah? Yeah, okay.
That way
we can get it back to you.
Thank you.
Vi, I gotta lock it down,
I gotta head home.
All right, Eric, all right.
- Yeah, okay, go.
- Here you go, Honey.
It's... it's fine.
I probably
just left it somewhere.
Here you go, Honey.
- Hey, enjoy. Stay warm, okay?
- Okay, thank you.
Um, I... I was just wondering
if you had any beds to stay.
For the night.
To sleep?
Yeah, I... just tonight.
You don't have a place to stay?
Uh, no, we do.
We're staying in Staten Island
at the Elizabeth Coalition.
Um, it's just really far
and some of the trains
are shut down now,
so it's gonna be tough
to get over there.
Just thought it would be easier,
because um...
We don't have beds here,
Uh... um...
We... we... we've just been
walkin' around all day.
I just thought
it would just really help us out
if... if...
if that was something that...
Hey, you don't...
you don't have to call anyone.
No, no, no, no, I'm...
it's just a hotline.
No, I... I'm fine. I was j...
They will be able
to help you out here.
No, I was just...
I was just...
- We're at...
- Oh, Sweetie, it's not...
- Ma'am, ma'am!
- Just take a minute. It's...
- Come on.
- Mama.
Mama! Mama!
Yeah, baby,
let me put this on, okay?
You'll feel better.
Okay. Here.
You feel better, huh?
We're gonna go home now,
come on.
Ugh, hey!
Little! Open the door.
I can't...
yo, yo, yo!
Don't move!
Stop the train!
Stop the train!
Stop... just stay there, Baby.
Mama! Mama!
No, please, no, no!
Baby, stay there!
No. No, no, Baby, no, no!
No, Baby! No, Baby!
Open the door!
Open the...
No. No.
Please stop the train.
- This was locked! It's locked.
- Please stop it!
Stop the train.
No! Stop!
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Right, Baby.
Little! Little!
Have you seen a little girl?
I... I...
we were on that platform.
We were on... I was on the train
and the doors closed.
Did you see her, did you...
Wait, hold on,
you lost somebody?
I'm asking
if you saw a little girl.
- You would have seen her!
- What is her name?
You would have seen her
come up here.
Did you see her?
A little girl by herself.
- No, look...
- She would have come up here.
- She's not there. You...
- You need to calm down.
Miss, I'm not gonna talk to you
if you continue to scream at me.
- What's her name, miss?
- Little.
What's she wearin'?
I d... I... I don't know.
She's in a green... I...
I put my green coat on her.
It's my coat with
um, brown boats on...
And like a blue hood.
All right, just calm down.
Calm down.
The number,
I'm tryin' to help you.
Who are you on the phone with?
- Who are you on the phone with?
- Calm down.
Yeah, I'm down here
with someone...
No, no, miss! You okay?
Stay clear, please.
Yo! Man, who's there?
Hey! You taking my shit!
What the fuck are you doin'
in my house?
Where's Little?
What the fuck!
- Yo, Nikki, where's Little?
- Get off me!
What the fuck is goin' on
with you?
What happened?
Where is she?
Talk to me! What's goin' on?
How long ago?
I... I don't know.
Like some hours.
- How long ago?
- Hours!
- Um, she was on...
- Where?
She's on the platform
in the subways.
You gotta let go of me!
You gotta let go.
John, please.
The doors closed and she...
- Help me, please.
- What happened?
- Stop.
- You lost her?
She belongs with me, okay?
I gotta find her!
- Where is she?
- Move out of my way!
I don't know.
Well, she is there.
I know she's there.
Stop it.
Nikki, if it's been hours,
then sh... sh... she.
No, I got it, no.
They've picked her up
already, you know that.
No, they haven't.
- Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.
- I... you don't understand.
- Okay!
- She's hi...
- Listen!
- She's hiding from me. I...
Somebody found her
long time ago.
- She's gone.
- I'm gonna bring her home.
- Don't you fuck me.
- No, no. It doesn't...
- You've lost her, okay?
- Please.
They're not gonna give
her back to you.
Somebody found her already!
- You understand?
- I am her home.
I'm gonna find her
and I'm gonna bring her home...
She doesn't have a fuckin' home!
She never had a home here.
All right?
She has a chance now.
It's over.
Do whatever you want.
There's a child.
I'm sorry, ma'am, what?
There's a child
by herself on the train.
And she's under the seats.
She's under the seat.
Where is she?
Ma'am! Excuse me, ma'am!