Torbaaz (2020) Movie Script

I am ready to do a suicide attack.
My father also lost his life
while performing a suicide attack.
I have a brother, but he is scared.
I am not sad about doing this!
I must press this button,
not the other one.
My last wish
is for my brother to follow the same path.
He must choose jihad.
-Come on!
-Kick it!
-Take it from him!
They ran away!
Let's go.
I will just do it.
-Hey! Don't shoot!
-Don't shoot!
-He's just a kid.
-Go! Leave for now!
Time is a great healer.
Go. Go now.
-Stay away!
-Stay away!
Allah is the greatest.
-This woman is a suicide bomber!
-It's an ambush!
Greetings. May the peace, mercy,
and blessings of Allah be with you.
I am Abdullah Qazar.
I am the commander of the area
from Kunnar to Nooristan.
Be it Russians or Americans,
everyone has been scared of this region.
To destroy this region means
to conquer Afghanistan.
These westerners
are scared of us, Talibans.
We will destroy them here
at their military post
and then defeat them in Kabul too.
All these outsiders
are here to rule us.
The Afghans and other countries
that support these western forces
are also our enemies.
They are our targets.
Good evening, sir.
We have confirmed intel on Qazar.
The Taliban leader is in this village.
The entire area below the entry point
to Khost is a Taliban stronghold.
We should bomb the village.
Sir, our people
Sir, we have our people
residing in that area.
These outsiders are demons,
not human beings.
Every Afghan is their enemy.
Nooristan and Kabul
are the slaughterhouses of Americans.
We will kill them at their own
military bases.
Come on all. Get them!
Get here.
Swear to god!
We will achieve this by making
our children suicide bombers.
Take out the gun.
Shut up or I will kill you.
Yes, I am just looking for him.
Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr. Nasser Khan?
Excuse me, sir.
Are you Mr. Nasser Khan?
Are you all right?
It is the last call for boarding.
Please come for boarding.
I've lost my boarding card.
Hello, my friend! Welcome.
Long time no see.
Thank you for coming.
I know it was difficult for you. Thanks.
Sorry, I didn't reply
to your emails and phone calls.
I know. I can understand.
I was sure you would come.
So, I never gave up hope.
-He's Abdullah.
-Greetings, sir.
He'll drop you off at the guest house.
Sir, do you like shawarma and falafel?
You will not get them here anymore.
the Lebanese restaurant, was destroyed.
Shalimar is gone too.
They made delicious biryani.
Almost 54 died.
The French restaurant,
Le Jardin, was destroyed too.
But only 12 got killed there.
How many died in the Lebanese restaurant?
-Not many. Just five
-Stop the car.
Did you call me?
Five died in the Lebanese restaurant.
-And 12 in Le Jardin.
People keep dying here and there.
It's normal, sir!
Sadiq, what's going on there?
Are reporters here for interviews?
Forget that!
Those three boys
from the Pakistani refugee camp
have a real cricket ball.
The one professionals use.
Really? A real cricket ball from Pakistan!
-Let me see the ball.
-Please show it to me.
Please let me see it.
Please ask him to show it.
We're not going to eat it up.
Show it.
Hey! Show us the ball, Baaz!
Did you steal it?
It's only been two days since you arrived
and you're already stealing things!
You want to play with it,
don't you?
I lost my red ball
near the American compound.
Gulab, they stole it!
What are you saying?
We got it from Pakistan.
Look at it from a distance.
It is a real one.
Afridi has used it.
He took six wickets with it.
How did you get Afridi's ball?
We got it from the match venue.
We used to watch many matches in Pakistan.
We met all the cricket players there.
We met Virat Kohli too.
They are liars!
I swear! We have met all the players.
All the cricket teams visit Pakistan,
but they never come here.
They are scared of bomb blasts.
Who is the leader here?
This ball belongs to me now.
-No, Baaz. Don't!
-No, Baaz!
Son of a bitch! Motherfucker!
-Did you get it?
-You idiot!
What are you looking at me for? Catch him!
Come on, Baaz!
We have won it!
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
I suggest you resolve the matter.
Talk it out.
The ball is ours.
Get a bat if you want to play.
A real bat for a real ball.
What do you say, Baaz?
-Ali Sher.
You get the bat
from your father's factory.
Let's go.
He is the Talib
who came from Pakistan last month.
His mother was a suicide bomber!
Thank you.
What do the children of Afghanistan need?
Fulfilling their dreams
is Tomorrow's Hope's dream.
So join us in giving these people
a ray of hope.
In Dari we say, this is your home.
We have been experiencing this
destruction for the past 30 years.
My father had sent me off to the USA
when the Russians attacked.
While studying there,
I had just one dream.
To come back here and work for my people.
But when I came back,
the situation had worsened.
Right then, I met Meera.
She gave me courage and faith.
Tomorrow's Hope.
It is now home to about
a thousand children and their families.
Meera's husband,
Dr. Nasser Khan is here today.
I would like to call him on the stage.
Sir, please don't roam around like this.
These days they are targeting Indians too.
I've survived for five years, Ayesha.
Times have changed.
So did my outlook and feelings.
I know you want to help me
but those children's faces
Ayesha, some things in life
cannot be forgiven.
Nasser, everyone needs a purpose.
It was Meera's purpose in life
to help these people.
Aren't you proud of her?
Please visit the refugee camp
before you leave.
Her dream
has given many people a new life.
Please, Nasser.
I'm leaving the day after.
- Abdullah!
-Yes, sir? What happened?
Where did this come from?
A man had come to meet you.
He left it here.
He wanted to see you.
I said you're sleeping.
-Should I call him now?
Good morning, sir.
Please sit. Let me get you some tea.
Oh, no!
You broke it again!
There is nothing left to break
in this house anymore.
-Give it to me.
-I will break this bat!
Don't vent it out on the bat!
I got it for him. It has the signatures
of all his favorite players.
It has Dhoni's, Malinga's, and Sehwag's.
Do whatever you wish!
Let him destroy
the entire house. I don't care.
I've received the official letter.
I am being posted at the embassy in Kabul.
I have to leave next Sunday.
Nasser, I am missing my work.
Afghanistan has always been on my mind.
I have always wanted
to do something for the children of war!
I will open an NGO there.
I'll serve the crisis-afflicted people.
Tea for you, sir.
Bravo, Baaz!
Come on! Bowl him out.
-Come on! Bowl him out!
-Take his wicket.
Bravo, Baaz!
Catch it.
-Come on. Throw it!
-How sloppy!
-Bravo, Baaz! Dismiss him!
-Good bowling, Baaz!
-Pitch it at a good length.
-Dismiss him!
-Go back a little.
-Well done!
Come on, Baaz!
Nasser, we run classes here.
Two shifts every day for the children.
So everyone can attend
at their convenience.
The tent there is a distribution center.
That one is the medical clinic.
The entire refugee camp
-has been adopted by Tomorrow's Hope.
-We need to talk. It is urgent.
Nasser, I will be back.
Bravo, Baaz! Bravo!
Come on!
Come on!
-Catch it!
-It's in the air!
Hey, throw back the ball!
Hey, give it!
Give the ball back.
Can't you hear me?
Gulab, he is not giving the ball back.
-Go there and ask him.
-All right.
Give back our ball!
It's a dangerous match.
We are all in a bad mood!
Gulab, he is not returning the ball.
Hey, crazy man! Give our ball back.
-Hey, run!
-Get it.
Gulab, he threw our ball!
He is here again!
Why are you back here?
Search him.
Why do you come every day?
-Come out.
-Why did you come?
-Come out.
Get aside.
Why are you here?
This is all I have of him
Let's go there.
Is it here?
Come here quickly. Hurry up!
This is painful!
Take another boy.
He is not breathing.
NATO retaliated against the Taliban attack
by bombing our village.
My family
and my house were destroyed.
I didn't even realize
when somebody poisoned
his innocent mind!
Niaz would often say that Aryan
resembled his younger brother.
He loved him dearly.
A lot.
Please forgive me!
Please forgive my Niaz.
Your son, Niaz, was a good boy.
May Allah bless us
with a kind and patient heart.
Why so much hatred?
Whats wrong with your beings?
Torn from their branches
They are trampled in dirt
Have mercy on these innocent flowers
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord!
Have mercy
-Abdullah, shift it a little.
Shift it.
To the left. Move it.
Keep it straight.
Put it there to the left.
-Make it straight.
Thank God, I thought you left.
How could I?
The office needs to be set up.
People say militants
are scared
of American air and drone attacks.
But no.
You are doing something
that's scaring them!
I am with you.
You're mad!
May I get a job at Tomorrow's Hope?
I am a qualified doctor.
Why don't you play football with them?
I can't kick the ball hard.
But I am good at cricket.
I am a cricket-lover too.
-We will play together one day. Okay?
Yes, Afghanistan
is going to create history
if they can beat
former champions like Sri Lanka,
West Indies, Pakistan, and India.
What do you say?
Bless you. God bless you, kids.
Bless you.
Consider this your own home. Sit down.
What a shot!
-Bravo! What a shot!
Afghanistan cricket team's victory
has kindled hope and happiness
among the locals.
This is a proud moment
for the entire nation.
More problems in the world
should be solved
by playing cricket matches
instead of fighting wars.
Before the match, the Taliban spokesperson
called up the cricket board
and wished good luck to the team
-Hip hip
He's the same guy
who had thrown our ball away!
I know he is eyeing our playground.
He got his team along today.
Mr. Nasser.
Where have you brought us
to play the match?
Playing in the open is more fun.
-Hi, Bill.
-Hi, there.
-Let's go and play. Are you ready?
-Come on.
-Let's go!
Listen, Baaz.
Listen, Baaz.
A lot of Americans and outsiders
have come to our camp.
They are playing cricket at our ground.
Ball, bat, and pad.
They have everything.
And the one you wear
inside your underwear for protection.
They have a real leather ball.
I love it.
I love their bat more.
If I get it,
I can become a great batsman!
-Come on, Bill!
Such awful players!
We play without shoes and gear,
and we are still better than them.
Throw the ball!
Catch it.
-Throw it!
-Out! Yes!
-Well done!
Gulab, ask them if we can play.
Come on!
This side
Ask him. Go.
Why didn't you?
-You should have asked.
-Go, ask him.
Come on.
It's your face! He didn't even hear you.
-Pitch the ball.
-Bravo! Very good!
-A six!
-Come on.
It was a good game!
It was fun!
Will they play every day, Gulab?
-Will they let us play today?
-God knows.
Should we ask?
It was a high one.
Let Abdullah bowl.
Sir, take us on the team.
It is our ground.
It's public ground. Anyone can play here.
Go sit over there.
Go on.
Dear God! He hits a six every time!
Hey, motherfucker!
Hey, motherfucker!
He called you.
Hey, kid! Don't say that.
Come here.
-Do you all want to play?
-Do you?
Go there.
-Go on.
Come on.
What's your name?
-Will you bowl?
-Come on, pal!
Come, if you want to play.
We don't want to play with you guys!
Sir, let me bowl as well!
-Do you want to?
Give him the ball.
Come on, let's go. This is rubbish!
Let's go.
He is bowling really well.
Come on, Fareed, hit it.
Let's play, Baaz.
No, we won't. Come.
Hey, you!
Come hurry up!
We trained them in Pakistan.
You have to find these boys for us.
Our camp was attacked
by the American forces,
the families of these boys took
this chance and brought them here.
We know
they are hiding in the refugee camps here.
They are our soldiers.
Our own people should help us!
It is your duty
towards your country,
your faith, and your people.
Allah does not approve of your ways.
These are children.
You are misusing the name jihad,
the holy fight against evil.
Jihad is sanctified
to protect the innocent and weak.
I cannot commit such a sin.
The holy command is only for those
who carry faith to follow through!
Allah, please,
I said it for your sake.
I said kind words.
Today, you don't have
to target the blocks.
Shoot here.
Shoot on the head!
Shut up!
Some special kahwah for you.
Afghani kahwah.
Afghani kahwah and Afghani cricket team
are both incomparable.
India, Pakistan and all other teams
are nothing in front of Afghanistan!
I mean, the Indian team is good.
But no one else can do that.
A six!
I have seen courage in their hearts
and dreams in their eyes.
They are looking for a chance.
I want to start a cricket training camp
for children of the refugee camp.
They will be trained
and readied for selection.
Good players will be admitted
to the Kabul Cricket Club.
With God's grace,
they may even get to play
in the national team someday.
They are orphans,
and have lost everything!
Nobody helped them. So what?
The dreams are ours,
the efforts should also be ours.
Despite such odds,
you are standing tall.
I've also lost my dear ones here.
Let's make a new beginning together.
So, tell me
Who is a good batsman?
-It's me!
-I can!
Gulab is the best batsman!
But Ali Sher bowled him out.
He is a great spinner.
Dear, God!
They are already fighting.
You handle them now.
Baaz or I will be the captain.
Come here, Baaz.
Hey, are you crazy?
He is talking nonsense!
There is no better player
than Gulab in this refugee camp.
There is. Baaz is better.
This Talib doesn't have
the courage to fight me.
He is a Talib!
A Taliban supporter!
He says Taliban
want progress for our country.
If you kill the infidel,
you'll go to heaven.
The Americans make our own
Afghan army fight against the Taliban.
They make Afghans fight each other.
Son of a bitch!
What are you telling him? Talk to me!
You're the son of a Talibani.
Your entire family was Talibani!
Your father, uncle
And your father!
He was a coward. A traitor.
He was a policeman.
The Taliban killed him.
I'll grow up to be an army captain
and kill Talibanis like you.
I will grow up to be a Taliban.
And kill cowards and traitors like you.
His mother was also a Taliban
supporter. She was a murderer.
A holy warrior
not a murderer.
She is a martyr!
Come on.
Hey, stop! Where are you going?
We are ready to fight!
A holy warrior is not afraid of anybody!
I have my parents' permission.
I will cut the enemy's throat.
Allah is with us.
My blood is raging.
I will tear the enemy apart
with a bomb
and with this knife!
I have my parent's blessings!
I will cut their throats,
will attack every enemy,
and destroy them.
Do you want a ride?
Want a ride?
Stop. Baaz, stop.
You do not like me.
Outsiders are not to be trusted!
Go back to where you came from.
I am from India.
I've heard you are a terrific player.
A fast-bowler and a superb batsman.
I've heard you used to be in the army.
Yes, I was.
I was a doctor.
I helped people and saved their lives.
The world has its eyes fixed
on the Afghan team.
Their victory has left everyone awestruck.
I need a player like you.
There is no better player
than Baaz in this camp.
Even in Pakistan, he was the best.
Shut up!
Listen, come for the practice.
You will go far.
At least come and watch, okay?
Hey, Baaz, it's 2 p.m. okay?
It was a close save!
He doesn't know how to hold a bat!
What's all this? They are worthless!
We are the good players.
Yes, Coach. Let us play.
Don't waste our time!
Shut up!
Go, practice.
Practice catching! Go!
-Come on!
-They can't play!
-Hit a six.
The boy from the Pakistani refugee camp
will be a good player.
These kids can't do it.
I've told you repeatedly! Bat and pad.
Keep the bat and pad aligned.
There shouldn't be any gap.
Don't you get it? How will you play?
-Play well, okay?
-Sure, Coach.
He is dying to play.
But such ego
They are Pashtuns.
Win their heart
and they'll sacrifice their life for you.
I don't want their life.
I want to form a team.
Very good!
Gulab will be
our opening batsman.
Khosh Bakht!
Give the ball back!
Let's see
if he will pick up the ball.
Why did you throw away the ball?
How dare you do that to Gulab?
Hey, Talib!
Looks like your time is over!
Should I send you to hell
to be with your mother and father?
Come here, you son of a bitch!
I'll parade you naked.
-Let me go.
Calm down!
Focus on the game!
Today is the last day for selection.
Tomorrow, children from outside
will come and play with you.
They are great players.
Go practice!
He's Wahid and he's Imlal.
Very dangerous bowler!
Lovely high-arm action.
He is gifted with pace and aggression.
Mind your head while playing!
-What's this, Coach?
They're Hazaras. We're Pathans. Pashtun.
We can't play with them.
Why not?
They're players too.
Gulab, you go and bat first!
-Are you scared?
You're an outsider,
you don't understand our culture.
The Pashtuns and Hazaras are archenemies.
We will not play with them.
-Right, Khoda Baksh?
I will not play either.
-What do you say, Gulab?
-Ali Sher?
-Yes. You're right.
Coach, I told you,
they will not play with us.
Bloody cowards! Shame on you!
Hey, dimwit!
Who are you calling a coward?
Go, bowl!
-Sadiq, come on!
Let's teach him a lesson.
Coach! Go sit there.
Yes, sir.
Hit it, Gulab!
Aim for his face.
-Come on, Gulab!
-Good job, Gulab!
Do well, Imlal! Bravo!
What a delivery!
Good bowling.
Come on, Gulab.
-Gulab, hit his face.
What happened, Hazara?
You forgot how to bowl?
Are you all right?
Hey! What did you do?
Come on, Gulab. Get up!
Hit his face, Gulab!
Come on, Gulab!
-He's dismissed!
Get lost now.
Any other Pathan wants to play?
Talib is here.
He picked up the bat!
Gulab, he lost the ball again!
Stupid! He hit a sixer!
-Come here, Gulab and Baaz.
Shake hands.
Fuck you.
Hey. No need for such words, kid.
Leave it.
Leave it!
Get lost now!
It's okay. Don't be sad!
Baaz hit the shot, and the fielder missed.
The ball crosses the rope!
The next delivery. Baaz hits it again.
What a shot!
Can we talk?
I will not join your team.
He's my son, Aryan.
He also loved cricket.
He would be about your age now.
Where's he? In India?
Up there.
With his mother.
God is quick to call
the good ones up there.
I haven't seen destruction like you.
But I can understand
the pain of losing loved ones.
This talent and this life
that you have now,
it's a gift from God.
Don't throw it away!
You are a good player.
-Hey, here.
-Come on!
He's here.
-Keep quiet!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-We are strong.
-We are strong.
I speak Pashto too.
What's this, Coach?
It's an oxygen mask. Here.
I believe we can make a formidable team.
And for that, we need
some more formidable players.
People shouldn't say that
boys from refugee camps can't play.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir?
-Yes, sir.
-Imlal and Wahid.
Imlal and Wahid.
Come on.
Wahid and Imlal will play for our team.
Playing against them is fine.
But we can't play on the same team.
Their stature is lower than us Pathans!
-Coach I told you, they are vile!
-Mind your tongue!
-Calm down! Stop it!
What nonsense is this?
I want a good team. That's all!
Your job is to train us!
Don't meddle in our affairs
-He's right. They can't play.
So I am just a coach!
Why should I waste my time on you then?
-Let's go, Abdullah.
Gulab, let's practice by ourselves.
Coach is upset.
I don't think he will come.
You always talk crap, Sadiq!
Why did you say
such rude things in front of him?
Why? You also didn't want
to play with the Hazaras.
-Let us in.
-Let us in.
-Let us in.
-Let us.
-What's this noise? No!
-We want to meet the coach.
-There's no coach here.
-Stop them! Go away!
-Stop them!
-Go away!
What are you doing here?
Forgive us, Coach.
Fellow Afghans are brothers.
Go away!
You idiot! Shut up!
-Pashtuns and Hazaras are brothers!
-We are all like brothers.
-We are brothers.
-We are brothers.
-We are all like brothers.
-Pashtuns and Hazaras are brothers.
Okay. Don't waste your time here.
Go, practice!
-Tomorrow's the test.
-Yes. Let's go.
-Come on.
-Let's go. Yes.
-I'll bat.
-Come on.
This boy doesn't leave my mind.
He was so little
when he saw his mother
make the ultimate sacrifice.
Western powers should not forget
that Afghanistan is the land of Allah.
These children
are like fierce desert storms
that will destroy the enemy.
It's written on their faces
that these falcons will rise again.
In the name of Allah.
-He is the greatest!
-He is the greatest!
In the name of Allah.
-He is the greatest!
-He is the greatest!
In the name of Allah.
-He is the greatest!
-He is the greatest!
I am a black falcon!
So am I!
This machine will throw balls now?
What about bowlers then?
Welcome. I am Shariyar Khan.
-The head coach,
-Kabul Cricket Academy. Have a seat.
-So you are from India, right?
Tell me. What can I do for you?
The children from the refugee camp
They are really talented.
They are good players,
not scared of losing.
They need to learn the techniques.
I've disciplined them to an extent.
I'd be thankful if you could coach them.
Look, Mr. Nasser,
I am a frank person.
These children from the refugee camp,
their mindset is not right.
They grow up hearing
if you do a suicide attack,
you'll be sent to heaven.
You are wasting your time.
Take my advice. Stay away from this mess!
I'm a frank person too.
Let me be straight with you.
I will train these children
and they will make
a great team, you'll see.
Hey. I am sorry.
Don't get upset.
I am just trying to give you good advice.
I can bet, one of these days
one of the boys
will strap a bomb on his body
and kill himself and many innocent people.
Mr. Shariyar,
let's make this bet.
My team will play against your team.
If we defeat your under-16 team,
you'll train them at your academy.
If we lose,
I'll pay you 4,000 dollars.
Challenge accepted, Mr. Nasser!
I'll see you on the field.
Listen up.
-He's Harpal, sir. I call him Billu.
He will coach you from now on.
-Greetings, Coach.
-Are you Pashtun?
A Punjabi Pakhtun! Go run six laps! Go!
-Run! Come on!
Sir, Afghanistan?
It is a dangerous place!
Why are you doing this?
Chill! It's not that bad.
No. I have made arrangements.
What the hell man?
Here, balance your front foot, okay?
Very good, Gulab.
Sit on your toes.
Oh, hey!
Listen, sir.
They need proper gear,
equipment, and a special diet.
Can we arrange for sponsorship?
Obaid, can you do something?
Obaid told me cricket
is popular worldwide.
I also watch it on TV.
Here. This is a photo of our boss!
Use it on your team banner.
I'll also talk to Shariyar
and arrange access to the Kabul academy
to train for a few hours.
Thanks a lot, sir.
Try touching the nose.
Come on! Quick!
Harder. Come on!
Only if you work hard,
you will get selected. Understood?
Last night, a NATO airstrike
targeted a Taliban hideout
in the mountainous region near Kabul.
According to sources,
senior Taliban commander
Mullah Mohammed Qazar
and his associate Habibullah Khan
were present at the hideout
and both were killed
during the airstrike.
I seek refuge in God
From Satan the accursed
Allah, the eternal refuge
He neither begets nor is born
Nor is there to Him any equivalent
Thy Lord is Holy and clear
Of all that is alleged against Him
And He is exalted
May the peace of Allah
Be upon the Messengers
Traitors and westerners are
sitting fearlessly in Kabul.
We will kill them in their stronghold!
May God's mercy and blessings be upon you.
Recently the western forces
made another attack on us.
They are spreading
rumors that I, Abdullah Qazar,
and Commander Habibullah
have died in the attack.
We don't die.
We achieved martyrdom.
Our spirits are high
and resolve is unshaken.
We will hit back hard!
This is a message for those
who are trying to destroy Taliban.
The day Taliban is destroyed,
this country
and the whole world will burn!
People who call us suicide attackers
are ignorant fools.
We are martyrdom seekers, holy warriors!
And it is a matter of pride for us.
We will put restrictions on everything.
Cinema, music.
There will be attacks everywhere.
In Herat, Kunduz,
American military posts.
Kabul will bleed now.
Switch on the TV, sir!
There have been blasts in the city.
There's destruction everywhere.
Today, 20km towards the west
of the Afghan capital,
40 people were killed in an attack.
Sources say it was a suicide attack.
It targeted freshly-graduated policemen.
It was a suicide attack aimed
at police officers.
Come inside.
Baaz, give the ball back!
Light up the lives of these children
with your blessings.
-Greetings, Coach.
-Sit down.
Today I have brought
the video recording of an amazing match.
Where are Baaz, Khosh Bakht, and Bakht?
-They didn't come today.
-Are they?
Why? Go call them.
Coach, they have not been around
since yesterday.
Bakht's uncle and cousin came yesterday
and those three went with them.
Nobody has seen them ever since.
Tell them not to miss practice sessions.
The final match is close. Okay?
Coach, there are boys
from another camp who can play.
Should I call them?
Should I replace you?
No, Coach.
Allah is great!
Those with determination
and an unshakable faith
will never be deterred from their path.
You disappointed me, Baaz.
Your mother used to say
one life should be for action!
Mere thoughts are not enough.
This life you are so proud of
is dirt!
A falcon
doesn't get deterred in the storm.
What will you say
when Allah questions you
on the judgment day?
You will be ashamed.
Your father and mother will be ashamed.
I always aspired
to make the ultimate sacrifice.
But someone told me,
you take away lives.
Your questions are valid, Baaz.
And difficult too.
But I will answer
all your questions.
Hail Allah.
Hail Allah.
Some of you are already trained.
The two must always be together.
The house is empty.
I will talk to others.
Don't worry. We'll find the boys.
Okay? Let's go there.
Why this destruction everywhere?
Where has the peace gone?
Who planted explosives in your garden?
Who has cursed this fate on mankind?
Why painful screams
Of the innocent fill the air?
Why are they suffering?
Where will this injustice end?
Torn from their branches
They are trampled in dirt
Have mercy on these young flowers
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord! Have mercy
Greetings. Mr. Nasser, how are you?
Greetings, Ms. Ayesha. How are you?
He's Mr. Nasser. A close friend.
He is doing a good work in our country.
How are you?
Many come here promising to hold our hand.
All of them leave.
He's a friend too.
I'm thinking of appealing
to the Afghan government
to close down all detention centers,
and youth remand homes
and open cricket clubs instead.
Children living in refugee camps
are not terrorists.
In fact, they are
the first victims of terrorism.
Put bats in their hands and see the magic.
Terrorists don't want progress.
They don't want these children
to choose the path of progress.
Here, try this.
Afghanistan's special Kebab.
I need your help.
Tell me.
I want to meet Qazar.
It's extremely dangerous.
Let me see what I can do.
Nasser, he's Ali. He will help us.
I want to meet Qazar.
I want to talk to him
about these kids.
I will kill you today!
You want the boys.
You want those children?
They are my lions.
My soldiers.
They belong to me!
Stop it.
-Leave him.
Such madness!
What's your intention?
I like cricket.
But these children are our soldiers.
They have been trained
for a bigger purpose.
I've heard a lot about you.
The people of Afghanistan dread you.
The common man and the army.
But I am not scared of you.
These innocent children deserve
the small joys of childhood.
Their innocence died the day
they saw their homes
and families destroyed.
These western powers
have given us such pain.
They have destroyed our generations!
Even Allah says,
"don't snatch someone's dreams."
These children need
hope and faith.
In hope of a better life
and to serve justice,
we've sacrificed everything.
We are hiding here and fighting!
What's your motive?
To make them play cricket?
Or do you intend to do something else?
You pray five times
to seek fulfillment of your purpose.
And I pray five times
for the happiness of these children.
Let's see whose prayer is granted.
You are a different kind of crazy!
But I can't accept your request.
Every country, every man, wants you dead.
I'm not here to defeat you.
I want to win you over.
These children deserve a chance.
They have worked so hard for this match.
The Taliban also play cricket.
We like it.
I like bowling.
You are a kind person,
fearless, and courageous.
My heart says
I should forgive you.
Their life is dedicated
to a higher purpose.
Don't misguide them.
Go back to your country
and let these children serve their faith!
If their faith is real,
they will remain true to it.
But if it's shaken, it wasn't their faith
but your indoctrination!
Just one match.
This match can become an example!
Just one.
The world will be watching it.
The media will cover these refugee kids
as they take on a professional team.
Entire Afghanistan will watch them.
Just one match, Qazar.
Calm down. Let go!
Just one.
Okay. But make it quick.
Hold the match this Friday.
Don't forget your purpose.
Catch it.
Baaz, where were you?
Practice catching.
Come on, Gulab!
What's wrong with him?
-What happened to the Talib?
-I don't know!
I want to talk to you.
The coach has called me,
Baaz, and Khosh Bakht
to the mosque to offer prayers.
Sit here.
Go, but remember this.
Our fight is our highest purpose.
Ours is a different world.
Tell your coach not to act smart.
We are keeping an eye on him.
Do you understand?
We want to tell the whole world.
That NATO and the Americans
have forcefully attacked
and occupied
our country.
And unfortunately,
our own Afghan army
is against our mission to destroy them.
We have an idea about those refugee boys.
Okay, we know they probably met
with Qazar and his men.
And they're probably meeting
with militant groups right now.
NATO and the Afghan army are against us!
They hate our holy warriors!
Their opposition has made
our youth's resolve stronger.
That's why our educated youth is also
joining this fight against non-believers.
And this Nasser, he's completely crazy!
Okay, this whole cricket match,
I'm thinking, was a bad idea.
We have created an army against the enemy,
that is eager to die for the cause.
Our next generations will be told stories
of our valor and sacrifice.
I trust those boys.
They cannot hurt anybody.
Khan, they are trained soldiers!
They're just innocent boys
who are being entrapped.
I hope you are right. I really do.
Even just for a moment of attention,
we must make noise everyday.
My house was beautiful.
We lived atop a mountain.
But the entire family
was wiped off in just a day!
It's nothing but a burial ground now.
Our village was under attack
for many days.
When the fighting subsided,
Mother sent us
to the shop to get some food.
Dodging bullets was an everyday affair.
I thought my brother tripped.
He was lying on the ground.
My uncle told me it was a foreign soldier.
Mother always taught me
to be noble,
to hurt no one.
And one day
People call me Talib.
I was told
being a self-sacrificing soldier
is the ultimate cause.
I lost Aryan and Meera here.
I saw their smiles
for the last time here.
When I sleep,
it all feels like a nightmare.
I talk to them. Play cricket with Aryan.
It feels as if they are alive.
But when I open my eyes
I am as heartbroken about Niaz's death
as Aryan's.
Over 2,000 people are here
to watch the match.
This is a very unique match
because for many
it's a symbol of hope and pride,
especially for the young kids.
We are so excited that from
our beloved and friendly country India,
this guy has come
to guide our Afghani kids
towards peace and harmony.
We would like to extend
our gratitude to him.
He's an ex-army colonel.
He taught these refugee children
to play cricket.
-Come on, boys!
-Good! He is a noble soul.
Kabul Juniors has won the toss.
People from faraway places have come
to see the new Afghanistan.
To watch these children play
in this violence-ridden country,
such moments of joy are indeed rare.
It is your victory, Baaz.
Go! Come on!
It's a cakewalk for us! Bravo!
Bowl well, Imlal.
Imlal is the opening bowler
from team Torbaaz.
His first delivery
A wide ball
Come on! Do better.
Played on the leg-side
towards the boundary.
It's with Ali Sher.
A chance for a run-out. A lost chance!
It's a no-ball.
The batting side gets a free-hit.
Bravo, Imlal!
Another wide.
The next one.
And that's a six!
Torbaaz has conceded
11 runs in just 2 balls.
Listen to me.
Team Torbaaz is concerned.
Captain Gulab looks stressed.
Catch it!
All that discussion was of no use.
-Another no-ball because of overstepping.
-What are you doing?
Team Torbaaz looks nervous.
-Catch it!
-Another boundary!
They are not able to.
Team Kabul Juniors stands at
20 runs without any loss.
Khosh Bakht is the next bowler.
Come on!
This match seems like a one-way street.
You are right, sir.
Catch it.
Today is a bad day!
It is a magnificent sweep-shot.
A boundary. Kabul Juniors
have scored 42 without any loss.
Another boundary.
The score is 53 runs in 5 overs.
I will bowl.
I will.
Let me bowl.
I want to.
A small kid is the next bowler.
A wide ball!
An extra four runs!
Useless drama!
The situation is tense in the city.
Keep an eye on these refugee children.
I have heard
there are many sympathizers in their camp.
Mr. Shariyar, we are doing our job.
Please worry about yours.
Your team could get in trouble.
Sadiq is bowling!
Torbaaz claims their first wicket!
Kabul Juniors 58 at a loss of 1.
Sadiq tricked the batsman!
The batsman could not read it.
Doesn't look like losing a wicket
has affected them.
The vice-captain, Baaz, is an all-rounder.
-He's the bowler. Let's see.
Close one!
The next delivery.
He claims the wicket. Baaz strikes!
Kabul Juniors
is at 103 runs at a loss of 2.
Up next is Imlal.
Let's see what Imlal does now.
The next one.
It is a marvelous catch!
The score is 140 runs at a loss of 3.
A strong appeal.
A dismissal! The fourth one!
What a fightback! Imlal eyes a hat-trick.
He does it! A hat-trick!
Imlal has fought back in style!
Amazing performance by Imlal.
It is high in the air.
A fielder is following it.
A catch! Dismissal!
Torbaaz is on fire!
The score is 149 for 6.
Another dismissal! It's at 156 for 7.
Catch it! Come on!
It's now 164 for 9.
Amazing! That's superb.
At 165, Kabul Juniors have lost all their
wickets and their final score
is 165.
It's a tough task for Team Torbaaz
to chase a score of 166.
-Watch the ball, play the shot. Okay?
Mr. Nasser.
Your team is playing really well.
Thank you.
-I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
Afghanistan has become a graveyard.
People like us have donned the uniform
to try and bring peace.
As I said,
it is going to be a tough match.
Especially since Team Torbaaz
is facing professional players.
A boundary to start with!
They are good players!
-A dismissal!
Torbaaz is one wicket down!
They are now at five for one.
What's happening?
What's happening, umpire?
-What's happening?
-What's this, Nasser?
He's a good batsman but needs a runner.
What's this? This is cricket.
This is not done.
If he's handicapped, let him stay home!
-This is unfair.
-How will he run?
Let him stay home. Why make him play?
The batsman has to run himself.
Looks like the umpire
is not in favor of Wahid.
Wahid must run himself.
Captain Gulab is batting magnificently.
Amazing! He's on fire.
Wahid's shot landed
in the fielder's hands.
He's misfielded!
Wahid can't run. Gulab has to go back.
What a throw at the bowler's end.
Out! A wonderful run-out!
Now Torbaaz is at 38 for 2.
Kabul Junior was at 103 for 2.
They are already two down.
Bravo, Baaz!
-The vice-captain is here.
Let's see what he does.
A six off the first delivery!
He's boosted his team's morale.
Come on!
Wahid can't run well.
Hope he doesn't affect Baaz's game.
He's doing it.
Baaz hits another six!
Wahid's lofty shot
Oh, dear! And he's out.
Wahid is out.
Torbaaz is at 58 for 3.
Coach, I must go.
They are in trouble.
-Yes. Ali Sher!
-Come back.
Imlal, you go.
Imlal scores a six!
He's in good form!
He needs to maintain this.
Imlal can't seem to stop! Another six!
Imlal hits another six.
Imlal hits in the air,
there is a fielder below it.
Imlal is out!
Imlal was playing really well.
He's caught.
Team Torbaaz at 98 for 4.
It's disappointing.
Khosh Bakht is the next batsman.
-Do you know the meaning of Khosh Bakht?
-Tell me
His name means good luck.
Good luck.
It means good fortune.
He is living up to his name.
The audience is all pumped-up.
Two adept batsmen on the pitch.
Kabul Juniors are in trouble.
They are both playing well.
Khosh Bakht comes down the pitch
and hits a boundary!
He couldn't read the ball.
Torbaaz is at 138 for 5.
Khosh Bakht your good luck is gone, sir.
Yes, but the next one is Bakht.
Good is gone but luck is still with us.
Just a few balls left.
28 runs left to score.
He takes a single. Now, Baaz is on strike.
Come on.
-Baaz calls a second run. Bakht refuses.
-No, Baaz, go back.
A boundary!
The next one, he's hit!
He seems injured.
Everything's fine.
The next one.
He's out on the last bowl
of the 19th over.
Torbaaz is 145 for 6.
They need 21 runs off the last over.
It's 21 runs off 6 balls.
-Sadiq is on the pitch.
Baaz is on strike.
They will need 21 runs off 6 balls to win.
First ball of the over.
He strikes a boundary!
-It's 17 off 5 balls now.
-Good! Very good, Baaz!
Keep it up.
Next one.
A straight drive and a six-down long-off.
Baaz just wants to finish it off.
Just 11 runs off 4 balls is needed now.
What's this? Pitch it fully.
Target the legs.
A call for a couple.
-Sadiq says no!
I called for a couple. Don't you get it?
It would've been a dismissal.
Ten off three balls
and Sadiq is on strike.
The next one.
Sadiq has hit it and has taken a single.
He left the bat!
Nine runs off two balls.
Baaz is on strike.
The next one.
He hits it.
Bravo! A six!
It was a decisive delivery.
Three runs off one ball needed.
Be with me, Lord.
Come on!
-Hit it!
-A chance for a run-out.
Kabul Juniors has won it!
Not out! What!
-Run, Sadiq!
-Umpire says it's not out!
An overthrow. Sadiq runs for another one.
They are running the third one.
They completed the run
And Torbaaz won!
Kabul Juniors
could have never imagined it!
Congratulations to Team Torbaaz!
What a feat these
refugee children have achieved!
Entire Afghanistan
will remember this match.
Absolutely, sir.
-Have you seen Baaz?
-He must be here, somewhere.
Hey, Baaz.
Come quickly!
Run! Hurry up! Run faster.
Come over here!
Go faster.
Get that boy up.
Go to the other side.
Over here!
Come here as fast as you can.
Don't do it, Baaz.
Everything will be fine. I am here.
Don't do it.
Come as fast as you can.
It will be fine.
Come over here. Take the right side.
In the name of God,
the merciful and compassionate.
In the name of God,
the merciful and compassionate.
Mother would've been proud of me today.
In the name of God,
the merciful and compassionate.
In the name of God,
the merciful and compassionate.
Run faster.
This match was the best moment of my life.
Why should we,
children, sacrifice every time?
Habibullah is ready for the sacrifice.
What are you doing here, Baaz?
What are you doing, Baaz?
Go there.
Your resolve is firm.
Fulfill your objective.
I don't want to go to heaven alone.
Let's go together.
Shameless boy. Let go of me.
I promise
I will not let you down.
Forgive me, Coach.
I couldn't be a part of the team.
But don't be sad.
he'll be the best batsman ever.
And Imlal,
he's a terrific bowler.
But he's short-tempered.
Sadiq is too young,
but he's very brave.
take care of them all.
Subtitle translation by:
Anirudha Bhattacharya