Tormento (1950) Movie Script

There. I'm done.
It'll do for now, but it goes back
to the dressmaker tomorrow.
I told her it was too long,
but she's so mule-headed.
Get me my necklace.
It's locked.
If you'll give me -
Never mind. I'll get it.
Go iron this scarf.
I'm sorry
you're not coming, Anna.
It doesn't matter, Father.
When your mother gets an idea
in her head -
- Don't call her my mother.
- You see?
You're always hostile too.
She may not be your real mother,
but you treat her like a stranger.
You still address her formally
after ten years.
Ten years of hell.
You're right, Father.
Maybe it's my fault.
Anna, is my scarf ready?
Yes, here it is.
Hurry up. And get my gloves.
Over there. Hurry.
Just what is your father doing?
Gaetano, hurry up
or we'll be late.
I'm ready.
You might get a taxi
instead of dawdling.
There are plenty on the corner.
Anyway, what's the big rush?
It's only 8:30.
- Where's my fur?
- Right here.
Make sure all the windows
are locked and all the lights out.
All right.
- Anna?
- Carlo!
When did you get in?
I just got off the train.
How are you?
I need to talk to you right away.
But how?
- At this hour?
- Are they asleep?
No, they went to the theater.
Well, then?
I have to watch the place.
Let's meet tomorrow.
Tomorrow's impossible.
I have to go back tonight.
I have a meeting tomorrow.
I can't put it off.
I don't know.
A week or ten days.
That's why I want to see you.
Can't you come out
for just a minute?
Good girl.
I'll catch a taxi
and be right there.
Anna, finally.
I've been looking forward to seeing you.
You have to go right back?
Yes, to work out
final details in Rome.
The deal's done now.
It's been quite a struggle.
At one point I thought
it would all fall through.
But I convinced them,
and the business is getting underway.
What's wrong, Anna?
Why that look?
You don't look happy.
Sure I am. I'm very happy.
I owe my success to you,
you know.
Whenever I felt discouraged,
I'd just think of you
and my strength and determination
would come back.
I felt you always with me.
Though you weren't there,
your eyes were watching me,
your voice spoke to me,
and I'd remember your words...
and our dreams and plans.
Our dreams and plans...
Sweetheart, what is it?
Tell me what's wrong, darling.
What's happened?
It just all got to me
for a moment.
I don't really know.
It's past now. Let's drop it.
No. Tell me.
I can't take it anymore, Carlo.
I can't go on.
Is your stepmother still
making your life difficult?
I need to feel you near.
I can't go on being alone.
Try to understand.
Of course I understand.
I just didn't think things
had come to this point.
Why doesn't
your father do something?
I feel so sorry for him.
He suffers just seeing me suffer.
But he can't do anything.
He's almost scared of her.
Calm down now.
I've been looking forward
to being with you too.
But it's just a matter of days now.
Hold on a bit longer,
and then we'll get married.
Just our luck!
I get a free box seat
and the tenor falls ill.
I'm left standing here
like an idiot,
and it's your fault!
My fault? Did I make him sick?
- The lights are on.
- Where's Anna?
Your stupid daughter
left the lights on.
How odd.
She's always very careful.
Sure, and I pay
the electricity bill.
I'm sure it wasn't on purpose.
Anyone can forget.
Well, she's going
to hear about this.
Let the poor girl sleep.
She worked hard all day.
Tell her tomorrow.
And she'll say I made it all up!
- What?
- Anna's gone!
- Good-bye, and hurry back.
- Yes, darling.
Go on now.
What's wrong? Won't it open?
I don't understand.
Let me try.
The key turns.
The bolt must be drawn.
The bolt?
How could that be?
No one was home when I left.
Well, it's locked from inside.
Ring the bell.
They'll let you in.
- Heavens no!
- Why not?
Now I understand.
They got home early,
and she bolted the door.
She did it on purpose,
so I'd have to ring
and give her another excuse
to lay into me.
You don't know what she's like.
Then we have to show her.
Let's ring.
No, wait.
You'll have to sooner or later.
Don't worry. I'll talk to her.
Good evening, ma'am.
Welcome back.
Didn't expect us
to be home, did you?
Go on. If you'll allow me.
Forgive me, ma'am,
and you too, Mr. Ferrari.
Anna's not to blame.
I asked her to meet me.
So it was you?
I needed to speak
to her urgently.
She didn't want to,
but I insisted.
Hear that?
I know you love
your daughter very much.
I'm sure we can reason things out.
My name is Carlo Guarneri.
I've known Anna for years,
and I'm a gentleman.
I've waited to introduce myself
until I could say,
"I have this position,
and I earn this much."
Anna and I want to marry.
That's not all you want!
If the door hadn't been locked,
you'd have brought him inside,
like you've probably done
with who knows how many others!
How can you think that I -
What are you waiting for?
Throw him out!
No need for that.
I'll leave on my own.
But I'll be back
to set this poor girl free.
Take her with you -
right now if you want!
But you'd best know one thing:
This is my house,
and everything in it is mine.
She owns nothing,
not even the dress she's wearing,
because my money paid for it.
If you were figuring
on some kind of dowry,
you'd best stop
dreaming right now.
Matilde, what are you saying?
Good riddance to both of them!
This house is no place
for a shameless hussy
who brings home
any man who comes along!
Let's go, Anna. Come with me.
I'm taking her with me now.
I won't let this hysterical
old woman insult her anymore!
Go on! Get out of here!
Out of my house!
Throw him out - and her too!
Come on, Anna.
Let's go!
Running off
in the night like that,
like some criminal.
What else could you do?
Go on putting up with her?
Now that I've met that woman,
I understand everything
you've been through.
You'll write to your father
from Rome.
Everything will work out.
Your mail, ma'am.
Dear Father,
I know I upset you.
Please forgive me.
I'm ready to apologize to your wife
and return home
until Carlo and I get married.
I eagerly await your reply.
Write me at Pensione Corelli,
via Palestro 51. Love, Anna.
Why doesn't he write back?
I may have hurt his feelings,
but I apologized.
Why is he treating me like this?
Don't worry.
Who knows what that woman's
telling him about you?
He could at least
write a few words.
I'm his daughter, aren't I?
I'll write him again. Who knows?
Our new life is beginning.
Just you and me.
We don't need
anyone else to be happy.
You'll see.
Your father will come around.
You're so beautiful.
I made a list.
Where did I put that?
A list of everything we need.
Clothes, a place
to live, furniture,
a ring, witnesses,
food, and flowers.
All that will take a lot of money.
Do you have it?
- Not one lira.
- What will we do?
I'll soon have all I need.
I'm meeting with my partner,
and I'll ask for an advance.
- Will he give it to you?
- Of course!
Good heavens! I've got to run.
We're meeting at 5:00.
I wouldn't want him to leave.
I'll come for you around dinnertime.
All right.
- Did you see him?
- No, we spoke on the phone.
He said he'd be here at 5:00.
I know.
But maybe I shouldn't be here.
I prefer to avoid him.
I'll set up a meeting for tomorrow.
He might catch on.
So what if he does?
I've got the upper hand here.
Then why wait?
Better to tell him now.
You're right.
The sooner we're rid of him,
the better.
- Want me to wait?
- No, I'll handle this alone.
Suit yourself.
But let's get one thing straight:
We've got the upper hand here.
Of course! Don't worry.
Look out. Here he comes.
- Hi, Rossi.
- Hi, Carlo.
- Can you wait a minute?
- Yes, sir.
I'll show you around.
- Nice office.
- This is all just temporary.
In fact, I'd like
your advice on furniture.
- All right.
- I'm really happy.
What's going on?
I hear you called a few times.
- That's right.
- Something wrong?
No, everything's fine.
I just need a favor.
I'll do what I can.
Listen, the company's
set up now.
It'll be up and running soon.
Per our agreement,
I'll receive a salary
and a percentage.
You need a little money,
is that it?
Not a little - quite a bit.
I'm getting married,
and I have a lot of expenses.
Those business trips ate up
all I had. I'm nearly broke.
- How much do you need?
- 300,000 lira.
A good sum.
I need it.
Take it out of
my partnership interest.
Your partnership interest?
That hasn't been settled yet.
You're the managing director.
You have full say on that.
Has something changed?
Come on, tell me.
Listen, I'll be very frank.
You have no grounds to claim
a part in this company.
- What?
- Let me finish.
You're an idealist.
For you, everything's simple.
But business is business.
It's my premises,
my organization, and my people.
Your friends put up the capital.
Naples provided the trucks.
What have you contributed?
What have I contributed?
How can you -
I brought it all together.
I found the investors
and put the business together.
You accepted
my conditions from the start.
Now you want to toss me out, eh?
At least be man enough
to tell me to my face!
Don't get excited.
You'll be paid a fee.
Let's talk this over calmly.
I'm not talking over anything.
don't try to weasel out of this.
I trusted you,
but try and cheat me
and I'll break your neck.
- You got that?
- I got it!
your threats don't impress me.
I told you where things stand.
If you don't like it, sue me!
That's what
lawyers are for, right?
To settle matters
between decent people.
Decent people?
You're a rat. A real scoundrel.
With people like you
I settle matters in person.
You're getting on my nerves.
- Get out of here!
- No!
I'll smash your face in first,
you lousy crook!
They're killing each other!
- What do I care?
- Let's see what's going on.
If that guy doesn't kill the boss,
someone else will.
- What?
- I heard a commotion.
I don't need anything. Go away.
All right.
Let's get this over with.
I don't want to discuss this further.
Neither do I.
How much to get you
out of my hair for good?
One million.
500,000. Take it or leave it -
Or kill you,
but I won't dirty my hands.
No, no checks. I want cash.
I don't have it.
Come by tomorrow -
I know you have it.
I tell you - - Right now!
Very well.
As long as you
disappear for good.
Two, three...
and two more make five.
I hope you're happy.
You want a receipt?
This stone is perfect
in both cut and brilliance.
Yes, but it seems
a bit expensive.
Believe me, it's a deal.
You won't find a ring like that
anywhere at this price.
Fine. I'll take it.
Who are you? What do you want?
- Where's Carlo Guarneri?
- He went out.
- Search the other rooms.
- Yes, sir.
Come along, ma'am.
Who are you?
His fiance.
Why? What's happened?
What are you looking for?
What do you want?
What's your name?
Anna Ferrari.
Where did your fianc go?
I don't know.
He had an appointment.
Nothing in the other rooms, sir.
- Why all these questions?
- Police.
- What's happened?
- Take her away.
Come along.
- What have I done?
- The chief will tell you.
Just what I needed!
For the love of God,
tell me what's happened to Carlo.
What's happened?
You really want to know?
He killed a man.
Killed a man?
No, that can't be.
That's impossible!
- We got him, sir.
- Good.
He went back to the apartment.
Of course he denies it all.
Take her next door
for further questioning.
Come with me, miss.
It's not true!
I had nothing to do with it!
Get her out of here!
Wait for me at home!
Let him go.
Sit down.
Listen -
So you're Carlo Guarneri...
Finally. Hello, Counselor.
Hello. Did they
question you again?
Yes, yesterday too.
Four hours in a row.
I can't take it anymore.
Always the same questions.
Aren't they convinced by now
that I didn't kill anyone?
Calm down and have a seat.
They questioned the jeweler.
He could testify.
Listen, I'll be frank.
I'm not the judge.
I'm just your attorney,
and you must tell me the truth.
You mean you think I -
There's too much evidence
against you.
Others heard you
shouting threats at him.
They said you had come to blows.
And you left with your pockets
full of cash
that even you admit was his.
- He gave it to me!
- Why?
He was buying me out.
Half a million just like that,
with no receipt? Come on.
Son, I have
your interests at heart.
If you help me, we'll find
some mitigating circumstances:
Provocation, heat of passion,
your clean record.
We'll find some way
to explain the cash too.
But to maintain your innocence
under these circumstances
is too risky.
But I am innocent.
I'm not interested
in mitigating circumstances.
I swear to God I'm innocent!
No judge could convict me.
Calm down.
You want to plead innocent?
Fine, we'll plead innocent.
- Which of you is Anna?
- I am.
Phone call. Hurry up.
Hello? Who's this?
Ah, it's you, Counselor.
They granted permission?
Thank you.
That's not allowed.
Forgive me if I seem choked up.
I didn't think
I'd ever see you again.
Let me look at you.
You look pale and tired.
Poor Anna.
What I've put you through.
No, don't say that.
I'm fine.
I'm perfectly fine.
It's just the shock
of seeing you in here -
Anna, don't cry.
This is a difficult time,
but it will pass.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't kill that man.
You believe me, don't you?
Yes, I believe you.
The court will have
to recognize it too.
They couldn't keep me in here
for a crime I didn't commit.
That would be awful!
That's why you must
have faith, Carlo.
Don't lose heart
or get discouraged.
I have so much faith in you.
You're right:
It's a difficult time,
but it will pass.
And we'll be happy like before.
Yes, just like before.
If you knew how much I think of you
during these endless days
and dreadful nights.
Without the hope
of seeing you again,
I couldn't hold on.
But tell me: What are you up to?
Where do you live?
Has your father gotten in touch?
Not yet, but -
I know. If that woman
hated you before, imagine now.
You mustn't worry about me.
I don't need anything.
I'm working.
Working? Where?
In a printing shop.
It's easy.
I got used to it right away.
But what about you?
I've waited so long
to see you again.
Help us, please.
It's nothing.
It happened once before too.
You mean...
Yes, I think so.
Our child.
Let them in,
but in an orderly fashion,
you hear?
I don't want any racket.
And don't sit on the beds.
Counselor, thanks for coming.
- How are we?
- Fine, thanks.
And the little lady?
All she does is nurse and sleep.
Does Carlo know?
Yes. He's beside himself
with joy.
He kissed and hugged me
as if it was my doing.
May I take
that beautiful little girl?
Come, little one.
I know he'd love to see her.
And he will.
He asked me to arrange things
with the warden.
He wants to marry you,
if you're willing.
Of course I'm willing!
Have you seriously considered
the consequences?
- What consequences?
- You'll be tied to him forever.
That's just what I want.
I thought as much.
Why? What are you thinking?
Tell me.
Young lady,
I must speak to you frankly.
We hope he'll be proven innocent,
but what if he's convicted?
No, that's impossible!
But let's just assume he is.
Have you considered your situation?
You'd be married to a man
locked up in prison
for many years.
We're not talking
about weeks or months.
Either he's acquitted
or he gets a long sentence.
You're young.
You can start over.
Sooner or later
you'd regret being tied to a man
you could never see.
I'll make up some excuse.
I'll say some problem came up.
No, don't say anything.
Don't make anything up.
If he wants to marry me,
I'm ready.
I promised to be his wife,
and I'll keep my promise.
Even the wife
of a condemned man?
Even the wife
of a condemned man.
In fact, all the more reason.
At least he won't have
to suffer alone.
He'll know
there's a woman who loves him
and who's waiting for him.
Carlo Guarneri,
do you take Anna Ferrari
as your lawfully wedded wife
according to the rite
of the Holy Catholic Church?
Anna Ferrari,
do you take Carlo Guarneri
as your lawfully wedded husband
according to the rite
of the Holy Catholic Church?
Thank you, Father.
May God protect you, my son.
May I? This is their present.
They all voluntarily
gave up a day's wages.
Thank you.
Carlo, be strong.
Thank you, Counselor.
I'm counting on you.
I'll be back soon.
Let's go.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks.
Will they render their verdict today?
Yes. After my closing remarks,
if the prosecution
has no response,
the court will most likely
render a verdict.
What do you think?
Don't worry.
The prosecution
and witnesses made me out
to be a common criminal.
They were all against me.
That doesn't matter.
The judges need only have
some doubt as to your guilt.
Let's hope.
I felt confident at first.
No, it can't happen.
I have faith.
- Of course. Don't worry.
- Where's Anna?
In church, praying for you.
Is Carlo's trial over?
Yes, it's over.
Then tell me:
Did they acquit him?
Are they letting him out?
Where is he?
I did everything I could
to save him.
He was convicted?
How long?
Twenty years.
Just one minute. That's my wife.
- All right, sir?
- Yes.
- Good-bye, Anna.
- We'll meet again, Carlo.
You should go to bed.
At least you'd get some rest.
It's no use.
I'd never get to sleep anyway.
As you wish.
Who could that be at this hour?
Never mind. I'll get it.
- Gaetano Ferrari?
- That's me.
Hold on.
What is it? What's wrong?
What's that letter?
Who wrote you?
A lawyer in Rome,
on Anna's behalf.
Has she hired
a lawyer to sue us?
She got married.
She married that man.
Wonderful news!
You should be proud.
She has a daughter too.
Even better. A model family.
You knew nothing about this, right?
Me? No! How would I?
Evil woman!
Anna's written many times,
but you never told me.
You hid her letters.
You're a monster!
A monster!
Calm down. Stop shouting.
You'd have hidden
this telegram too
if I hadn't gotten it first,
and I'd still be in the dark.
Read it.
Anna almost killed herself.
This lawyer's reminding me
of my responsibility as a father.
You understand?
Like I was
some unfeeling monster!
It's true! I destroyed her letters
so you'd never find out.
I make no apologies.
I obeyed my conscience.
Don't forget
how she left this house.
She doesn't deserve
your love or pity.
If what I did was wrong,
I take full responsibility.
Now that you know,
you can do as you like.
You have every right
to bring her back here.
I'll leave right now if you want!
Do that! Get out!
You've been a curse on my life!
Get out!
This is the end.
Matilde, I beg of you...
send for Anna.
I must see her.
I already sent a wire.
She could be here tomorrow.
I won't last that long.
I beg you, Matilde...
tell her the truth.
I don't want her to think
I was that cruel.
All right, Gaetano.
I'll tell her.
And the little girl...
That poor, innocent child
isn't to blame.
Don't turn your back on her.
Promise you'll help them.
Swear it.
I swear.
Get that crucifix.
Hurry. Get that crucifix.
You believe in the Lord.
You wouldn't break an oath
uttered before him.
that you'll keep your promise.
Swear it.
I swear.
Come in.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I must fulfill a promise I made
to your father before he died.
He didn't wash his hands
of you when you left.
He did everything
he could to find you.
But I wrote him so many letters,
and he never answered.
Your letters didn't reach him.
He was very ill,
and the doctor forbade
any sort of excitement.
So it was you!
I should have known.
Poor Father.
Think what you will.
I did my duty.
Wait. I haven't finished.
You married that man,
and you have a little girl.
He's in prison.
You're all alone in the world.
What will you do?
What I've done up to now:
I'll work.
What kind of work?
What are you implying?
I don't understand.
A young woman,
alone and in need,
can always find someone to pay.
What gives you
the right to insult me?
I didn't mean to insult you,
but life is as it is.
If you haven't done it yet,
sooner or later you will.
Don't tell me you'll be faithful
to a man locked up for 20 years.
What do you care anyway?
You're right.
I don't care what you do.
You alone are responsible
for your life,
and you deserve no pity.
But I made another promise
to your father,
and I mean to keep it.
He made me promise to look out
for that little girl's welfare
and not abandon her to her fate.
I will therefore welcome
your daughter into my home.
What? You'd concern yourself
with my daughter's welfare?
Yes, but only hers.
You are never to see her again.
Never see my daughter again?
No, that's impossible!
You can't ask me
to say good-bye to her,
the only treasure in my life!
Do as you wish.
I consider my oath fulfilled.
I wish to know nothing more
of you or her.
I have nothing more to say.
I have nothing for you, my child.
You need references!
- I have them.
- And a husband in prison!
- Nine hundred.
- Couldn't you make it more?
All right. One thousand.
This is the only job
I could find.
It's very hard work.
If you're interested -
Oh, yes!
Hurry up.
We open in five minutes.
You too. Hurry up.
Anna, you look so run down.
No, I'm perfectly fine.
It was probably just the trip.
Tell me: How's Ninuccia?
But why did you write me
not to bring her?
I don't want her to see me
behind these bars.
She's getting bigger now.
I don't want her to understand.
But how are you?
How are you getting by?
In your letters
you talk so little about yourself.
I tell you everything, Carlo.
Sure. That you're fine
and need nothing, right?
God knows
how I wish that were true.
I'm afraid you're not
telling me the truth.
It's the truth. I swear.
- But just looking at you -
- I told you.
It was the trip.
I traveled all night.
But how are you?
I'm working.
Otherwise I'd go crazy.
- Have faith, Carlo.
- No.
I no longer
have faith in anything!
Don't say that.
I need faith to keep going too.
Otherwise I'd never make it.
I always say I don't need
anything, and it's true.
But if you talk like this,
then I have nothing!
You're right. Forgive me.
I should be the one
lifting your spirits,
yet here you are...
Time's up.
Write me often.
I think of you always -
both of you.
Good-bye, Anna.
Good morning, Mommy.
How are you?
Little goldfinch,
who are you waiting for tonight?
Can't you see?
I opened your cage.
Reginella's flown off
You do the same.
Take flight Sing and cry no more.
Find yourself
a more faithful mistress.
More worthy of hearing your song.
Our love is no more.
But every once in a while.
You absentmindedly call my name.
- Four martinis.
- May I?
Two cognacs.
It is you!
Don't you remember me?
Enzo. We were
at the conservatory together.
I remember.
Imagine running into you
after all these years!
What's this? I don't understand.
Enzo, they want another song.
I must see you again.
I'll be back.
Tell your friend.
That I can't sleep
and life's gone drab and gray.
That I think of her always.
For she's my whole life
I'd like to tell her so myself.
But I can't find the words.
I love her.
I love her so much.
Please tell her.
That I'll never forget her.
This passion I feel.
Is stronger than chains.
For it torments my soul.
Until I can't go on.
A glistening tear falls
from your eye.
Tell me.
What are you thinking of?
For your sweet eyes.
Look at me but do not speak.
Let's take off these masks.
And tell each other the truth.
I love you.
I love you so much.
You are that chain.
That can never be broken.
O my sweet dream.
My body's fervent desire.
I need you
like the air I breathe.
Without you I can't go on.
That's why I do it.
I have to work to get by.
Couldn't you find
more suitable work?
I looked and looked.
But you think it's easy
in my situation,
with a husband in prison?
When you have to,
you take what you can get.
- And your little girl?
- I leave her with the landlady.
But enough about my troubles.
You're a big success now.
A success...
Remember those concerts
we'd go to?
I wanted to be a composer
or conductor, but here I am...
- But you earn a lot.
- Sure...
and I gave my dreams
a first-class funeral.
Seeing you again
has brought them all back.
You were in my most
beautiful dream, you know.
I was?
That one took the longest to die.
I've always remembered you
as you were then:
Happy, carefree, laughing.
I loved seeing you laugh.
I was happy then.
That was so long ago
that I can tell you now:
I was in love with you.
You probably didn't even notice.
I hid it from you,
afraid you'd just go on laughing.
I get out here.
That's where I live.
Shall I see you to your door?
No need for that.
Who knows what they'd think
seeing me drive up in a carriage?
Anna, is there anything
I can do for you?
No, thank you.
I don't need anything.
How can you say that,
with the life you're living?
You must think of me
as a brother.
You'd accept help from a brother.
Yes, but you're not my brother.
Isn't it the same thing?
No, Enzo...
brothers and sisters have
the same father and mother.
Other relationships always
turn into something else.
But I assure you - - I know.
You've spoken to me
as if to a sister,
and I appreciate it.
Not, not good-bye. See you soon.
You can't refuse me this favor.
But what else can
a kitchen maid do?
Kitchen maid?
She's from a very good family.
We were
at the conservatory together.
And she's beautiful too. Really?
First time I've overlooked one
right under my nose.
I wasn't implying
what you're thinking.
I'm not thinking anything.
And if you're so interested,
I'd never dare -
You better not.
Now, what else do you have for her?
Hatcheck girl.
I'll fire the current one and put
your friend in that low-cut uniform.
But don't forget your promise:
You won't sing
anywhere else next season.
I promise.
Now let's go meet
this wellborn kitchen maid.
No, not now.
I have another favor to ask.
Another one?
She mustn't know
I was behind this.
Send for her as if it was
your own idea -
I understand.
No, you don't,
and you never will.
Just do as I say.
And pay her an extra 10,000 lira
each month. I'll reimburse you.
But my name
must never be mentioned.
Very well.
I cry tears of love
and they fall in a vase.
And water a rose growing there.
A beautiful rose blossoms.
And I send it to her
who causes my tears
I tell the little rose
"Forgive me.
If she thoughtlessly
crushes you underfoot".
There's a saying
that makes my point.
"If you do somebody good,
think no more about it.
But if you harm someone,
give it careful thought".
Yes, give it
very careful thought.
I love you.
Yet all you do.
Is make me suffer.
- Anna, my coat and hat, please.
- Right away.
- So you're leaving town?
- I have to.
I didn't think
you'd be leaving tonight.
I've stayed
an extra day as it is.
- Milano or Torino first?
- Milano.
- How long will you be gone?
- A few months.
- I'm sorry you're going.
- Me too.
I hope to find you
in calmer spirits when I return.
Thank you, Enzo.
If you should need me
for any reason,
at the Albergo Marino
they always know where I am.
Good luck.
I hope we meet again soon.
May I?
Ah, it's you. Come in.
What can I do for you?
Forgive me, sir,
but I just received my paycheck.
I think there may be
some mistake.
Isn't it enough?
Aren't you happy?
Yes, I'm happy.
I just don't understand.
An additional amount
was added with no explanation.
Don't try to figure it out.
Consider it a newcomer's bonus,
a token of management's affection.
You're a very charming
and likeable woman.
It's amazing.
All this time in our employ
and I'd never noticed you.
It's understandable.
You never had reason
to go in the kitchen.
What lovely hands.
Poor things.
How they must have suffered
in that dishwater.
- You get used to anything.
- No, it's not right.
A lovely woman like you
deserves much better.
As I said, I'm very grateful
for this new position.
Yes, but I really could do more...
and I'd like to.
You should be wearing furs,
not taking them off other women.
What are you saying?
With such lovely arms
and shoulders,
and a body like yours -
Why back away?
Do I frighten you?
No. Forgive me. I must go.
Wait. Why rush off?
Let's get to know
each other better.
I know you're all alone.
A lovely young woman on her own
needs someone to look out for her.
Thank you,
but I don't need anything.
Come now. Don't be like that.
If you like,
we could be good friends.
I like you very much.
Let me go, please!
Come on.
I'm not used to begging.
Now I understand.
That's why I got a bonus!
Well, you can have it back!
I want nothing from you!
Go on, you rude thing!
Go back to being a kitchen wench.
That's your calling.
But not here!
You're finally back.
What's wrong?
Let her be. She just fell asleep.
She has a fever.
She wandered into my room
barefoot and burning up
with fever.
I put her back in bed
and stayed with her.
I'm going back to bed.
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry.
How is she? What did you find?
No change. No better, no worse.
Then what now?
I've told you:
Her health is gradually declining.
It's not serious yet,
but if it's not caught in time,
there could be
serious consequences.
This girl needs
a lot of attention.
Continue with the medicine
I gave you.
If she doesn't improve,
she should be put
in a sanatorium.
- A sanatorium?
- That's right, my dear.
This must be treated in time
to avoid dire consequences.
A sanatorium...
A sanatorium...
I'll welcome your daughter
into my home...
I'll welcome your daughter
into my home...
I'm desperate.
I don't know where else to go.
She's sick and has a fever.
I've done everything I could.
Believe me,
I've done everything!
Oh, I believe it.
I'm begging on bended knee:
Save my daughter!
I know you hate me,
but she's done you no wrong.
She's not to blame.
You can't hate her.
Leave us, Rosina.
Get up.
I don't hate you.
It's you who hated me
from the start,
and you turned your father
against me too.
You rebelled against me?
Too bad.
Now look what
you've been reduced to.
Her forehead's damp.
Her temperature
always goes up at night.
Prepare the room
at the end of the hall.
Better put her to bed.
Give her to Rosina.
You're tired.
Mommy, I'm sick.
No, sweetheart.
Come with Rosina.
Thank you!
Listen carefully, Anna.
I'll still welcome
your daughter into my home,
give her an education,
and bring her up
in a decent household.
All I have will be hers.
But on one condition:
You are never to see her again.
You're to know nothing
more of her, nor she of you.
Just as if you were dead.
Have pity on me!
Don't take her from me!
I'll be your servant.
I'll do anything.
But let me stay
with my daughter.
She's all I have.
You don't know
what her kiss means to me.
It's everything to me!
Don't say no.
I never had a mother.
I've always been on my own.
Ninuccia is the light
in my eyes.
Take her away
and you leave me blind.
Have a heart!
I've told you:
Those are my conditions.
She's to know nothing more
of you or her father.
Your husband's
locked up in prison,
and you are to agree
to be locked up
in a home for wayward women.
A home for wayward women?
What am I? A prostitute?
What have I done
to be locked up like that?
Dear Jesus!
I don't know what you've done,
nor do I wish to.
That's a matter for you
and your conscience alone.
Either you accept my terms
or you can take
your daughter and leave.
No, I can't do that!
As you wish.
But what will you do?
One day your daughter
will begin to understand
and ask
why she has to suffer so.
How will you answer her?
Children are merciless judges,
and one day she'll blame you
for bringing her into this world.
All right.
Come in.
Mother Superior called.
She's expecting her.
Tell Anna.
Mommy has to go away
for a few days.
Be a good girl.
No, you have to stay here.
Be good now. Mommy has to go.
But she'll bring back
lots of nice things for you.
I don't want nice things.
I want you!
Come now, Ninuccia. Don't pout.
You'll make Blessed Mary cry.
Don't leave me.
I want to go with you.
All right.
Mommy will leave for just
a minute and come right back.
And later she'll take you
to the puppet show.
You like the puppet show?
Yes, but I don't want
to stay here alone.
But you're not alone.
Rosina's here.
She loves you very much.
She'll tell you
the story of Snow White.
Won't you, Rosina?
what are you waiting for?
Take the child.
Let's go. We're late.
I'm coming.
See you very soon, Ninuccia.
Rosina, take her.
She's made many mistakes
and has suffered much for them.
I wish to help her
find redemption.
I'm doing this
for the salvation of her soul.
Cut off from the world,
in this place of atonement,
home to other unfortunate
souls like herself,
she can demonstrate
the sincerity of her remorse.
Is this what you wish?
You'll live a life
of rigorous discipline.
The unfortunate souls here
must submit
to a life of renunciation,
work, and prayer.
Are you sincerely
ready to do this?
Yes, Mother.
You must renounce
all ties to the past
and have no further contact
with the outside world.
It's a serious commitment.
Are you ready to take it on?
You must decide.
No one's forcing you.
You can say no if you wish.
- Is that how you do your exercise?
- I'll finish it right away.
Look what you've done
to the table.
And look at this mess!
You're a filthy little thing!
Clean her up and put her to bed.
Why hasn't Mommy come back yet?
Be good. She'll be back soon.
Go to bed now and sleep.
How can I
if I haven't said my prayers?
Then say them now.
Dear Jesus,
I promise to always be good.
Please keep Mommy
and Daddy safe...
and Signora Matilde too.
Hurry up, girls.
Don't waste time.
Make your beds. Hurry up now.
Hurry up, Anna. Get dressed.
Leave me alone! Get off my back!
Some manners!
She's always like this
in the morning.
And worse as the day goes on.
What did we do to you?
I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you.
We've all had troubles
as bad as yours or worse.
She's right.
Don't let it get you down.
Do like I do.
I put it all behind me
and never give it another thought.
You can all accept things here,
but not me.
Why should you be the only one?
I have my reasons.
Come on.
The others are already downstairs.
If Mother Celeste
finds us up here -
What do I care about her?
What can she do to me
that they haven't already done?
I wish they'd just kill me.
At least I'd be free!
Stop shouting!
Let's go.
You girls go if you're afraid.
I'm not afraid,
and I'll tell Mother Celeste so
to her face.
She hates me, and I know it.
Well, I hate her too,
because she's wicked, cruel,
and heartless.
- Are you speaking of me?
- Yes.
You heard what I said,
and if not, I'll repeat it:
I hate you!
You think I didn't understand?
Everyone's unhappy here,
straining at the leash,
but they've all learned
to go along.
You're the only one
who never stops fighting,
who'll never repent
for all the evil she's done.
It's true.
I don't repent.
What do I have to repent for?
What am I guilty of?
We forget quickly.
I've forgotten nothing.
I've done nothing,
yet I'm locked up in prison.
- Prison?
- That's right.
Oh, it's not the iron gates
and the bars on the windows.
If I wanted to escape,
I'd crawl like an ant over the wall
or slither under the door
like a worm.
But I can't.
I don't want to escape.
I have to stay and suffer in here,
where no one sees my anguish.
Not even you,
who think you see everything.
That's enough now.
No, let her speak.
She's a wicked,
ungrateful woman.
And why should I be
grateful to you?
Never a kind word,
never a single word
of understanding!
Mother, huh?
They call you " mother."
Holy Mother,
why let someone like her
use that precious name?
That's enough now!
Stop this!
What is it?
- What's going on?
- The usual.
This girl's more rebellious
by the day.
Anna, what have you done?
Would you defy me too?
Yes, I'll defy every one of you!
Let's go, girls.
You too.
You don't know
what you're saying, my dear.
Come now. Don't cry.
I swore before our Lord
I'd be a sister and counselor
to all those girls
tossed about by fate
and separated from God.
He sees all...
and forgives all...
as long as one
sincerely repents.
Forgive me, Virgin Mary...
you who were a mother too.
Good news?
My lawyer.
Always the same thing.
He's continuing his investigation,
but he has no news yet.
Get used to it
and stop tormenting yourself.
In all these months
has she never felt the urge
to write me even once?
It happens to all of us.
They forget us like we were dead.
Besides, you can't expect
a woman to stay tied
to a poor louse in prison.
She's my wife!
She can't have just forgotten me.
Don't fool yourself.
Listen to me.
Forget her right back.
And our little girl?
She's my flesh and blood.
My dear mommy!
Mommy, is it true
what that woman says,
that you don't love
Ninuccia anymore?
I don't believe it.
I want you
to come back right away,
because I'm all alone.
I'm so afraid, and I want
to sleep in your arms.
Come here.
Who took the picture
that was in here?
- I don't know.
- You don't?
- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.
No, that's my mommy!
I told you to forget
about your mother.
She's never coming back
because she was very bad.
You're the bad one. Meanie!
You're a little snake.
Like mother, like daughter.
Come on.
Don't put me in that dark room!
I'm afraid!
The home for wayward women? Why?
It was that woman's idea.
Poor Anna.
Now I see
why I couldn't find her.
And her daughter?
That poor innocent thing!
She cries for her mother
all day long.
- They can't ever see each other?
- Never!
We have to do something.
I know.
But try to talk to that woman.
If she found out they'd seen
each other, she'd turn the child out.
Doesn't she ever go out?
She has dinner at her sister's
every Saturday
and has me watch the girl.
- Then we'll take that opportunity.
- At night?
And how will her mother get out?
For you. Don't let anyone see.
Anna, I've arranged with the guard
to let you out tonight.
Your little girl needs you.
Meet me at the church
at 10.00. Enzo.
Where are you going?
Trying to escape?
Why not do as you said?
Now's the time
to crawl over the wall
like an ant
or slither under the door
like a worm.
Why are you so cruel to me?
Should I let you
run off to your lover?
No, Mother Celeste.
It's not what you think.
I have a little angel
of a daughter,
and she wants to see me.
She needs me.
I have to go to her.
But why try to explain?
You'd never understand.
You can't know
what it means to be a mother.
But I do understand.
And every time I hear that word,
it's like a knife in my heart,
and I can't bear it anymore.
What is your suffering
next to mine?
Don't you see the life I live?
My flesh is covered with bruises.
Days and nights spent in penitence.
Yet I committed no sin.
I had a daughter too, like you,
and I lost her.
She was all I had.
I see so many people
who live only for evil,
yet my little saint lives no longer.
Mother Celeste, forgive me.
I didn't know.
That's enough now.
Come back inside.
Mother Celeste...
I don't know
your daughter's name,
but she needs no name now.
She's a little angel now,
like so many others,
and I turn
to that little angel now
and call to her.
Beloved little angel,
so close to God in heaven,
look down and see
this mother here on earth
who wishes to see
her daughter but can't
because your mother
won't let her.
Beloved little angel,
speak to her.
Ask her for me.
You live in her heart.
She can't say no to you.
Thank you.
Go see your daughter.
Why doesn't Mommy come?
She'll be here any minute.
Cover up and don't catch cold.
Hold on. Come here.
- Who is it?
- Don't know.
Let's have a look.
She fainted.
Must be one of those
poor women from inside.
What do we do?
Take her back inside.
Help me.
It's getting late.
We must get the child back.
I don't understand.
If that woman gets back first,
there'll be terrible trouble!
Fine. We'll take her home.
Let's go.
Evening, ma'am. Recognize me?
Yes, it's me.
Surprised to see me, aren't you?
Did you escape from prison?
No, I'm a free man.
It took them five years
to realize I was innocent.
Haven't you seen the papers?
They found the real killer.
But don't be afraid.
I only want to know
where my wife and daughter are.
I know nothing about it.
I was told Anna's been
in Naples a while.
What's become of her?
You must know.
I want to know, no matter what.
I don't know!
What do you mean?
Go away, or I'll call for help!
Wait, please.
You needn't call anyone.
Don't be afraid.
But I'm sure you know.
It's been five years of torment.
My only thought has been
to find my wife and daughter.
Even if she's forgotten me
or left me for another.
But my daughter is my flesh and blood,
and I want to find her.
You think she'd be happy
to see a father like you again?
What should she be ashamed of?
That I spent five
hellish years in prison
for a crime I didn't commit?
Ninuccia, give your daddy a hug.
- Daddy!
- My beautiful little girl!
Happy that Daddy's back?
My little girl!
I'll never leave you again.
Are you happy now?
You're so big now,
and so beautiful.
Very well.
It's best you know everything.
I took your daughter in
out of pity,
to save her from misery
and make
a decent woman out of her,
with no father or mother
to be ashamed of!
Why should she be
ashamed of her mother?
What did Anna do?
Where is she?
You really want to know?
I'll tell you.
She's in a home
for wayward women.
Wayward women?
- What did she do?
- I don't know.
Ask her.
Now you see why I tried
to keep the child from her.
Tell him the truth,
or I'll tell him myself.
Your wife is a saint.
This horrible woman
forced her into that home
when the poor woman
came begging for scraps
for that innocent child!
- Hold your tongue!
- No! I must speak!
Your wife went into that home
to save her daughter.
That was the terrible condition
imposed on her,
and she accepted it
like a martyr,
and now she's pining away
in desperation!
With God as my witness!
Enough! Get out!
Yes, now I can go.
Get out!
Not another word!
You've caused
enough harm already!
Thank God I don't want
to go back to prison,
or I'd commit the crime now
I didn't commit then!
But you'll pay for this,
you swine!
Ninuccia, come.
Let's go.
- You'll pay for this.
- Yes, I'll pay you back right now!
Horrid witch!
Our little rose bush
bloomed early.
How wonderful!
St. Rita's roses.
Today is her saint's day.
The little girls in her orphanage
are making
their First Communion today.
I want to see Carlo
and my little girl
one last time.
I'm at my wits' end!
No one will listen to me!
I don't want to die
cursed like this!
My daughter, who among us
hasn't suffered terribly
and called on death
as the only liberation?
Then the hour of peace comes.
That day will come for you too,
Anna, my sister in sorrow.
Your eyes have shed
too many tears.
Hear that choir of angels?
It's your daughter telling you,
"Mommy, don't lose faith."
The day is near
when I'll be with you forever.
Call to her and say,
"My little girl."
Yes, my beautiful little girl.
I see her.
I hear her coming closer.
It's her.
My angel...
your mother's waiting
with open arms!
Mommy, look. It's Daddy.
This must be a dream.
It's no dream.
I'm a free man.
They finally recognized
my innocence.
Poor Anna.
How you must have suffered!
Hold me.
I'm so happy.