Torn from Her Arms (2021) Movie Script

2-8-2, then 5-5-5.
- Your documents!
- Don't move, don't move!
Show me your documents!
We are from El Salvador.
Mommy! Mommy!
Please don't hurt us!
Come on, come on, come on!
- Let's go.
- Come on! Come on!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Come on! Come on!
I have some news. Your paperwork
has been accepted.
Hi, my darling.
How are you?
Come here.
Yes, baby. Yes. Hi.
Something smells delicious!
That's a lot of effort.
Verdes, chicken and beef.
Plus, lime cilantro rice.
My favorite.
What are you two up to?
It is your birthday.
Don't remind me.
No matter how many birthdays,
you'll always be 25 to me,
mi amore.
Now, I know you two are up
to something. Come on.
We went to Michael's farm today.
For goat rescue day,
I didn't forget.
And the one I wanted had a kid
and you can't separate them.
So, which one did
you choose instead?
Alejandro, really?
What happened to our agreement?
We have Noah's Ark back there.
What's a couple more?
All right.
I'm all for future farmers
of America,
but I don't want it to interfere
with your school work.
It won't, I promise.
Plus, I can't wait for you
to see their cute little faces.
They are so adorable.
There's no way you could be mad.
Don't bet on it.
Close your eyes.
How about a nice mug
of hot chocolate.
Now, hold onto it
and feel how warm it is.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Can we have hot chocolate at
Tia Mariana's when we get there?
- Yes.
- And chocolate chip cookies?
But only if you eat all
the healthy food, ok?
Now, time to sleep.
Come on.
I'm just saying,
you're too soft on her.
You wouldn't have been able
to resist her either.
"Has initiated a policy
"to take kids away
from their parents."
"It's not right, it's immoral,
it's inhumane."
"And we need to stop that."
"As the sanctuary debate
continues to play out,
"ABC News has learnt
the Trump Administration
"is now considering
separating children"
"picked up crossing the US border
illegally with their families."
Alejandro, please,
turn that off.
"And housing them
at military bases."
Nowadays, watching the news
is the best way to ruin
a good night's sleep.
Glad my snoring
isn't the only culprit.
Good night.
What's your name?
What's yours?
That means pretty.
See? You're making
new friends already.
We need all the children
to come make a line here.
Here! All the kids, now!
Come on!
You heard the man, line up.
What for?
Right here.
That way!
Sir! Where are they going?
Sir? Can't I go too?
With my daughter?
Sir. Sir!
Ma'am, you need to calm down.
Then at least tell me
when you're bringing her back.
Ximena! Sir!
Where are they going?!
She needs to go.
She needs to go.
Ximena! Ximena!
Hey, don't forget about
the party later.
Ulgh! You know, I don't like
doing things on Fridays.
I'm exhausted by the end
of the week.
And who do you have to blame
for that?
Oh, come on, you're doing this
to yourself
by taking too many
pro bono cases.
Don't give me this bologna
that you're going to stop
'cause you've been singing
this tune for 20 years.
I know. I know.
I just want to, you know,
I have to...
Save the world?
No. No, mi amore,
not the world.
Just my little corner of it.
- That's so sweet.
- Mmmhmm.
- I need a new computer.
- Yeah, so do I.
Excuse me, sir,
where are we going?
To another facility.
Get on the bus.
What about my daughter,
her son, her husband?
Ma'am, get on the bus, now.
I need to know where
my daughter is.
You need to get on the bus!
Don't touch me!
I won't leave this place
without my daughter.
This is a transfer facility.
Your daughter
isn't here anymore.
Where did you take her?
I can't tell you that.
It's confidential.
You better go.
Is this Houston?
No, this is Phoenix.
My clients, the Dominguez
are climate refugees,
your honor.
And while climate change has yet
to be recognized or protected
under the US asylum policy,
I ask that you give
this specific case
your consideration.
Mr. Dominguez is from a farming
village in Guatemala
that has been devastated
by El Nio
and the worst draught
in 40 years.
He's unable to farm to feed
his family now,
there's no money, no food.
Just a mere half tortilla
twice a day each.
This isn't poverty, your honor.
This is a famine.
There's nothing there for them
to return to.
What crops do you produce,
Mr. Dominguez?
Corn, your honor.
My ancestors left Ireland
for this great country
during the potato famine
of 1845.
One more thing, your honor.
Through family already living
in the US,
Mr. Dominguez has secured
farming work
in Washington State.
Your honor, may I approach
the bench?
Which one of the children
is Mario Dominguez?
Your honor, if you're missing
documents I have copies.
That won't be necessary.
I'll be approving all of
the Dominguez family members
for immigration...
with the exception
of Mario Dominguez.
Due to the courts unsealing
of a felony on his record
for a crime committed in
Washington State in 2016.
Which permanently prevents him
from migrating to this country.
The court orders the immediate
removal of Mario Dominguez
from the United States.
Si, I'm on my way.
No, no. I know, I know.
Thank you.
I sure as hell don't feel like
celebrating now.
In the US you'll speak English.
So we better practice, right?
What about my friends
in my school?
They'll always be your friends.
But you'll have new ones
at your new school.
You want to see?
That looks nice, no?
- Yes.
- Yes.
And this is where Tia Mariana
and your cousin live.
Where we'll stay in Houston.
Look at the tall buildings.
Pretty, right?
Can I bring my dolls?
Baby... it's going to be
a long trip,
so we won't be able to take
most of our things.
But, you can pick one.
- Frida.
- Frida.
And when we get there,
we can buy new things.
Dolls and toys aren't
as important
as us being together, right?
Oh, I'm... I'm just thinking.
You can't win 'em all.
Yeah. This one hurts, Diane.
I know.
I have seen so many sources
chicken out over the years
when the consequences
could put them in danger.
It's the worst.
But it's a risk we take.
I'm just exhausted.
You've been working non-stop.
You'll be in the Bahamas
in a few days with Tony.
Taking a break will be good
for you.
Mmmhmm. I can't wait.
Before you know it,
you'll get another story.
A better one.
I know. You're right.
Just think about the Bahamas.
What's the difference between a
good lawyer and a great lawyer?
Good lawyer knows the law,
great lawyer knows a judge.
Only lawyers are allowed
to make lawyer jokes.
Hey, I've been married to one
for, like, 20 plus years,
so that's gotta count
for something?
Oh, yes, love. You've earned
an honorary degree.
Yes, I have.
No, I don't buy that.
No way.
Oh, baby, did you make it?
- I'm five years old.
- You are five years old.
Come in now!
We have to save the paper,
Thank you, my loves, thank you.
It's beautiful.
Another? What an embarrassment
of riches.
It's from me, hermana.
What is this, Miguelito?
Mom, he got you a car.
Right, Tio?
Well, you better check
your driveway and find out.
Are you serious?
Um, I'm sorry, Miguelito,
I can't accept this.
Thelma, why not?
That's crazy.
It's a lovely thought,
but it's too much.
Come on, hermana.
Why didn't you take
the damn car?
What's wrong with my car?
It runs.
You don't get to choose what
present someone gives you.
Besides, you offended
your brother.
I'm the one who was offended.
That wasn't a gift,
that was charity.
Maybe so.
You know we can't afford
a new car.
This would have been
a great help.
Instead, you let your pride
get in the way.
I'm the eldest.
When my parents went to work,
I took care of my siblings.
I fed them, helped them
with their school work,
bathed them, read them stories
at night.
That's the way
it's supposed to be.
Not the other way around.
Lights out.
You transferred
from another facility?
Nope, first day.
Used to be active duty, army.
But I took maternity leave
to have my daughter,
and as a single mom
couldn't demonstrate my family
care plan, so...
General discharge?
My kid and I need the benefits,
you know?
Keep your eye on that
and you'll get through it.
Plus, we're not gonna
send you overseas.
Is that?
The kids.
- Don't they get baths?
- Where?
Last couple weeks we've seen
a huge increase in kids
sent from out of state.
Why here to Phoenix?
This new separation policy is
filling up all our facilities.
Thank god they're hiring
new personnel at least.
Hey, meal time, let's go.
Prisoners in America
wear the same thing.
Not much different here. We
just have shorter sentences.
- Speak English?
- Yes.
- I'm Udo.
- I'm Yolanda.
Nice to meet you.
Are we allowed to make
phone calls?
Calls to lawyers are free.
You get one a week.
Only problem is, you can't make
calls after lights out.
There's always a long line.
I've been trying for days.
Yeah, we try to separate kids
by age.
Um, that's the snack room.
Apples and cookies in there,
They get fed two meals a day.
They get one hour
of outside time.
All on different shifts.
You know the drill.
Go stand in line.
I can take her to this bathroom.
No, that one's for us.
There we go.
Thank you.
Good English!
Hey. It's ok.
Accidents like this happen
all the time,
and this was not your fault.
You want to go play
with the other kids?
How about I read you a story?
Come on.
Why no eating?
I'm not hungry.
She's upset about her daughter.
How can they do that?
I don't understand.
God will take care of her,
don't worry.
Kids are more resilient
than adults.
They'll be fine.
We need to make sure we are
of sound mind and body
so we can take care
of them properly
when we are together again.
You're right.
Well then? That food
would not eat itself.
Well then? That food
would not eat itself.
Have you ever taste anything
so bland?
First thing I'm going to do
when I'm out of this place...
Besides hug my son
and never let him go.
Is to teach this country
the importance of the spices.
That's the law.
Mostly ok.
The food is no good
and the guards are rough
with us sometimes.
No. With...
Not nice, sometimes.
How old is Ximena?
I just need to know she's ok.
Can you help?
Who're the suits?
They are from the consulates.
I heard they were coming
by today.
Hopefully they're here to fix
this nightmare.
We have an orchestra here, huh?
I have a number, 28-25-555-016.
A lawyer's coming tomorrow
to prep me for my CF.
I've waited many months.
What is CF?
It's a Credible Fear interview.
You'll have one too,
at some point.
The government will want to hear
that you have a good reason
to immigrate here.
What would you tell them?
The truth.
My life is in danger back home
in Somalia.
Why danger?
The military government
massacred many of us
fighting for women's rights,
education, social change.
Now, I have a target on my back.
They have made threats.
They broke into my place,
they even tried to kidnap me.
So I have to flee with my son.
They must let you come here.
My lawyer says I have a strong
case for political asylum.
If they send me back,
they will have blood
on their hands.
If I help every lawyer trying
to get information
on their clients' children,
I'm never gonna get my job done.
I don't represent Cindy.
I'm just trying to help a woman
who's desperate to know
that her child is ok.
- You're a mother.
- Don't go there.
These people come to this
country to be helped.
Instead, we put them
in inhumane situations
and if that doesn't send
the message,
we torture them by keeping them
in the dark
as to where their children are.
There are laws.
Asylum seekers attempting
to cross the US border
at any place other than
an official port of entry
are criminally prosecuted and
detained as per the new policy.
Janet, please.
This is me you're talking to.
You can parrot government
rhetoric all you want,
but you and I both know
this isn't right.
So, are you gonna help me
or not?
It's going to be difficult.
Ximena was taken to
a children's facility.
That's a start.
Which one?
That's where it gets real
complicated, Thelma.
We are the Department
of Homeland Security.
Migrants, when they leave here
are processed through.
Refugee resettlement,
health and human services
or customs and border patrol.
Now, you take your pick.
And, none of our systems
communicate with each other.
And how the hell
is the government
planning on reuniting
all these families?
That's a very good question.
- Happy anniversary.
- Happy anniversary, honey.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
It's ok.
I was leaving the office
and I got this call from,
do you remember
Jennifer Harbury,
you met her last year
at Dan's 40th?
Right, human rights lawyer.
Yeah, she said she has
a whistleblower story
and it couldn't wait because
she has a plane to catch.
Whistleblower? Now, is it
government or corporate?
I don't know. I have no idea.
I haven't even heard it yet.
It's, uh, it's just a recording.
So, all she said is
it has something to do
with new laws put in place at
children's detention centers.
Well, you do realize this
automatically falls under
the I won't be mad if you want
to listen to it now category?
Yeah, I know.
No, nope.
Tonight, I don't want
to miss our reservation.
It's about us.
It's about us.
Eighteen years,
can you believe it?
- We've surpassed most marriages.
- Insane.
I know. And I still get to call
you my handsome boyfriend.
It's great.
Alright. Just give me a minute
to change.
You're just gonna casually
let that blue thing
burn a hole in the table?
Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
I'm good.
What are you doing?
Come on, babe.
You're not fooling anyone.
Let's do this.
- Really?
- Come on.
Ok. Thank you.
Let's see what Jennifer has.
Here we go.
Can I call, 282-5...
Hello, this is Ginger Thompson.
I'm a journalist
with ProPublica.
I'd like to ask a few questions
about the immigration detention
centers in Texas.
I'm sorry, we don't
give out that information freely.
Well, I understand that
it's public knowledge
that the detention
centers exist?
What was your name again?
It's Ginger Thompson.
I'm a journalist
with ProPublica.
well I made note of that
and I'll pass it along to my
Have a nice day.
Thelma Garcia, law office.
Hey Thelma, it's Janet. Hi.
I'm sorry, I didn't get back
to you yesterday,
things were too hectic.
No, no, no worries.
You have an update?
It's not good.
Ximena is nowhere to be found
in any of the Texas facilities.
I don't understand.
How did your prep go?
Very well.
I'm feeling good.
I'm ready to get out
of this place.
Me too.
- Hey, honey.
- Hey.
I just verified the authenticity
of the tape.
Oh? Wow.
That's huge.
The audio of the kids
is unedited.
And the source?
I, I'm waiting to hear.
Children are initially held
in warehouses that have been
converted into border patrol
detention facilities.
A distraught, but determined
six-year-old Salvadorian girl
pleads repeatedly for someone
to call her aunt.
How many hours did you get?
Four, maybe.
I don't know.
I filed it though.
Of course you did.
That's my girl.
- So, you or me first?
- Me.
I guess I'll go make
coffee then.
- Extra strong.
- Yes, please.
- You are king of men.
- Yes, I am.
Ok. Ok.
desperation that brought them here.
This morning behind
the barbed-wire fences
a first aerial look at a tent
city in the desert
just outside El Paso
in Tornillo, Texas
where children play soccer
on a dusty field
and march in single file.
Some here, among
the more than the 2,300,
recently separated
from their parents.
And this morning,
those haunting cries reportedly
from young children
taken from their fathers and
mothers just hours earlier...
Are you sure that was
the right number.
Ok. Let's try again,
maybe I punched it in wrong.
- Can I start over?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, my god.
Are you ok?
Where are you?
In a big building.
Do you know where?
With your mommy?
No. I don't know
where she is.
My god.
But I like the first line,
I just think you should focus
on the kid immediately.
That's what's gonna grab
the audience.
I mean, that's the interest
of the story.
The human...
Ginger, phone's been ringing
off the hook all morning.
Everyone's picking it up.
Well, I need to do a lot of
follow-ups and keep pressing.
I need to be there
on the ground.
We'll determine next steps
at the staff meeting.
Morning Edition wants you
on tomorrow.
I'm not the story.
I know, but you can talk about
the story.
Start there.
Yes, hello, my name is
Ginger Thompson.
I'm a journalist
with ProPublica.
I'm wondering if you might
answer a couple of questions
for a story I'm working on.
Sure, I guess.
Thank you.
I'm looking for information
about a little girl
in a migrant detention facility
in Phoenix, Arizona.
Are you aware of anyone who
might fit that description?
Don't think so, no.
Ok, thanks for your help.
Yes, hello, my name
is Ginger Thompson.
I'm a journalist
with ProPublica.
I'm calling to ask a couple
of questions
about a story I'm working on
about a little girl
in a migrant detention facility
in Arizona.
Oh, my god.
My niece?
You have a niece who just
recently crossed the border?
From El Salvador, yes.
She came with my sister,
her mom.
She called me yesterday.
Rae, have you seen Udo?
She didn't pass her interview.
She was deported.
What about her son?
Who knows.
Maybe he was adopted
by a nice American family.
That's great news, Janet.
Where is she?
Phoenix. And that's not all
I found.
Have you seen the news
this morning?
News Report: released by
ProPublica's Ginger Thompson
who obtained the audio
In Phoenix?
In another state?
At least we know where she is.
And I think you'll recognize
this voice.
I can't solicit clients.
You have to ask directly.
- Will you be my lawyer?
- Of course.
How much for your cost?
My daughter's name is Anglica.
She is my world.
Everything I do, is to make sure
she has a better life.
So, I understand.
Your case is pro bono.
That means it's free.
In order to get information
about Ximena,
I have to represent her as well.
Is that ok?
Yeah. Yeah, whatever you
need to do.
She's hardly ever been away
from me.
She must be so scared.
What's happening is not right.
But, try to remember,
she's probably a lot stronger
than you think.
Psst. Can I draw with you?
I don't want to color anymore.
I got a new client, Cindy,
from El Salvador.
The one I told you about.
They sent the girl to a facility
in Phoenix.
Why so far?
No! Oh, no, no, no, no!
Damn it!
Alejandro, you've gotta
come pick me up.
Ok. Where are you?
It's a good thing I didn't
return it just yet, huh?
I promise I'll pay you back.
Come on, sis. I've never
paid you back for gifts.
I never gave you anything that
required an insurance policy.
An hour ago, my client signed
closing docs on the sale
of five condo buildings he
inherited from his grandfather.
The proceeds will cover his
family's entire living expenses
for the rest of their lives.
Including college tuitions,
damn fine vacations.
My client didn't lift a finger
and I barely did either,
for my percentage.
All right. All right.
I get it.
You big slacker.
My point is... I help the rich
get richer
while you, you do god's work
at yours.
So, me contributing to you
is my way of keeping it square
with the big guy upstairs.
You feel me?
- Thank you.
- You deserve it.
Now, get in. I'll wait
for the tow truck.
The key?
It's not a key,
it's a sensor fob.
Just push the...
You'll figure it out.
Hi. I need a tow.
"These children
and their parents"
"are treated inhumanely
is not true."
"It completely disrespects the
hard-working men and women..."
I found 'em in a box.
We're gonna literally swim
with the sharks, no euphemism.
"Third, parents
who entered illegally"
"are by definition, criminals.
Illegal entry..."
What are we watching here now?
The administration
blaming congress
for their new zero-tolerance
"Often in dangerous
"Illegal immigrants have put
their children at risk."
"Forth, CBP and ICE Officers
are properly-"
Diane wants me to write
People need to know what's going
on in these detention centers.
Oh, I see you're not packing
a bathing suit for a reason.
I know. I'm sorry, honey.
I know you've been planning
this trip for a long time.
I just... I have to go
to Texas.
Today the work begins.
I filled out a G28.
Which gives me permission
to represent Ximena,
if you would sign there.
I've also submitted a request
for your full immigration file
and an ORR request
for an unauthorized
child's shelter records.
Office of Refugee Resettlement.
Yes. And once all
that's submitted,
they'll call you
for what's called
a Credible Fear interview.
You'll have to prove
a well-founded fear
of persecution in
your own country.
Thelma. They would have
killed us.
Then all you have to do
is tell the truth.
Unfortunately, the judge set
a high bail of $12,000.
If we could find a way
to raise the funds,
you'd be released
while we fight your case.
Don't worry. I'll find a way
to get the funds.
Sign this.
I can take that.
Sign this over here.
Whose car is that outside?
- Mine.
- What?
I traded in the SUV
for a nice sedan.
Good condition, low mileage.
You traded a new car
for a used car?
Usually it's the other
way around.
Don't be mad. I don't need
a new car.
But I do need cash
to help my clients.
Thelma, what are you
talking about?
You know how we have garage
sales to raise donations
for my clients?
Consider this another way
of getting around
America's broken bond system.
Thelma Garcia...
Sometimes you're too smart,
even for your own good.
I love you too.
Gotta go.
- Excuse me.
- Can I help you?
I'm Ginger Thompson, I'm looking
for a Thelma Garcia.
Ms. Thompson?
Yes, I'm a journalist
with ProPublica.
We're investigating
one of the stories
involving one of your clients.
I'm Thelma.
Come. I want to hug you.
Oh, ok.
Thank you.
Thank you for all you've done.
Come, sit.
Do you want any coffee?
Can I get you anything?
- No. No, I'm good.
- Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure, thank you.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
How long have you been involved
in immigration law?
Twenty-eight years.
Never seen anything like
what's going on now.
Yeah, neither have I.
According to my research,
it's 2,300 kids,
across 17 states, have been
separated from their parents
since zero-tolerance policy
has begun.
- Unthinkable.
- Yeah.
I've been speaking
with Cindy's sister, Mariana,
and actually, I'm scheduled to
speak with her in about an hour.
Ximena's supposed to call.
I have an idea. Come.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yes, perfectly.
I'm here with Cindy's attorney,
Thelma Garcia.
Nice to meet you, Mariana.
Nice to meet you, too.
Thank you for helping my sister.
I wanted to do more
but my lawyer warned me
about getting involved because
of my own immigration case.
I understand.
It's Ximena, hold on.
Ok, and I'll dial in Cindy.
Ok. We're all here.
Thank you for putting the
situation on the public's radar.
Well, I'd love your help
in keeping it there.
If you're willing to share
any information
about Cindy and Ximena's case
with me.
Then you can write about
the harm this policy has caused
and embarrass the hell
out of the government?
- Count me in.
- Great.
Well, my next big hurdle
is getting Cindy ready
for her Credible Fear interview.
- I'll check in with you later.
- Yeah.
Hey, honey, how's New York?
Hot and humid.
How're you doing?
We just put Cindy and Ximena
on the phone together
for the first time.
Wow, that's amazing.
Did you see the Laura Bush op-ed
in the Washington Post today?
You know, when
a republican first lady
compares the situation
at the border
to Japanese internment camps,
it's bad.
Let me tell you, I think
it's worse than bad.
It says I need to do
a rough shearing
two weeks before the show.
It's ok, I'll help you.
But the show's in less
than a week.
I'm too late.
No, no, it's all right.
Don't worry.
Honey, your dad's been around
livestock his whole life.
You think that book knows better
than him?
Turn that up.
Those are my clients.
Really impressive, Mom.
Hey, why didn't you tell us you
were a TV star, Cindy Madrid.
Fredy Ramirez?
Come on, time to go.
They found his father?
He was deported.
Fredy's going to
a foster program.
Why don't they just let him go
with his dad?
Your guess is as good as mine.
No! He wants to be
with his dad!
Fredy, you're gonna have
a bed to sleep in
and much better food, ok?
Go with Mike, honey, ok?
Look on the bright side, kid.
You're getting out of here.
No, no, no.
No. No.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
They could call you for
the interview any time.
So, I want you to be prepared.
If you pass, I can get
you out on bond.
If you don't,
you will not be granted asylum
in this country.
What would happen to Ximena
in that case?
Honestly, I don't know.
Usually she'd be deported
with you,
but this new policy,
we're all left in the dark.
But let's just focus on giving
you the better chance.
Now, they'll ask you if you were
persecuted in your country,
either by the government
or a group the government
couldn't control.
Tell me why you decided
to leave.
Ximena's father left
before she was born.
But I had her, and that was
all I needed.
Until I met Gilberto
five years later.
He was so sweet.
But, there were rumors
he might be in a gang.
I wasn't sure, or maybe
I didn't want to know.
Because we were happy.
And he was good to us,
to me and to my daughter.
I thought maybe we had
a future together.
I thought maybe we had
a future together.
I knew they wouldn't think twice
about killing me.
So, I kept my mouth shut.
Las maras had infiltrated
the police.
There was no one to help,
so how do I convince
the interviewer?
You just tell your story
like you're telling me now.
I'll be there the whole time.
Hi, how's everybody doing?
So, I hear some of you
like Cuco?
Anybody want to watch it?
Me, me!
Yeah, ok!
So what? You're buying presents
for them now?
Do I have to go over policy
with you again?
'Cause rule number one
is you don't go soft.
Technically we're not even
supposed to be talking to them.
Yeah, which is ridiculous.
You got a problem?
Look, I've... I've tried to be
distant, ok, but it's hard.
Your job is to follow the rules
and my job is to make
sure you do.
Come on, Mike.
If the HHS didn't want them
watching movies
then why is there a DVD player
in there?
These kids are criminals, ok?
And you're not
Santa Claus either.
Why does a moment of kindness
bother you so much?
Oh wait, wait, wait.
Let me guess.
Because the only
way that you can do this job
without going completely insane
is to convince yourself
that those toddlers
and elementary school-aged
kids in there
are gangsters and thugs.
You don't get it.
But you will, soon.
The truth is, no one cares.
I do.
And I don't think I'm alone.
Cindy Madrid.
Sit down.
Ok. So, it appears that your
case has been expedited.
Do you have an attorney?
No answer.
Are you willing to continue
without your attorney present?
Can we do it later?
If you'd like, but there's no
guarantee when that will be.
I've read your file.
What happened after Gilberto
was killed?
Ximena and I tried
to have a normal life.
But it wasn't possible.
My daughter and I were stalked
constantly by gang members
who were best friends with cops.
I tried to make her feel safe,
even though we weren't.
You had a house, you had
a lock on the door,
you had a job?
Yes, but...
Your daughter was safe
in school?
Wherever we went it felt like
we were being followed.
That's where I knew
we had to leave or else.
Ok. That's all we need.
Thank you, Ms. Madrid.
That's it?
We'll contact your attorney.
You can go.
Thank you.
USCIS promised to give me
a heads up.
Well, they did call.
I can't leave my phone on
in court.
They couldn't give me
a little notice?
I mean how can one government
agency be that disorganized.
Do you really have to ask?
I have enough for her bond
if she passed the interview.
I'll have to do damage control
all morning.
But you're coming to
my sheep contest, right?
Mi amore, I'm sorry.
Mi hija, you know your mom's
work schedule's unpredictable.
I'll be there.
She always has to work.
When will I be as important
as one of your clients?
Cindy, hi, it's Thelma.
I have two pieces
of good news for you.
First, you passed and I have
the money for your bond.
You're being released.
I'm on my way.
Ginger, can you meet me
at Port Isabel?
I can get you a face-to-face
with Cindy.
How? I thought only
attorneys were allowed in.
Just meet me Port Isabel
in an hour.
I'm leaving the hotel now.
- Hello, again.
- Hello.
Thank you.
This is Ginger Thompson.
She released the audio
of Ximena to the news.
How can I thank you.
I'd like to ask you a few
questions, later, if that's ok?
Ok, now let's go get
your little girl back.
And I'm working with the office
of refugee resettlement
to make sure that they get
Ximena back to you
as soon as possible.
But they require a DNA match.
So, I got you this.
The instructions are inside.
They took my daughter from me
and now I have to prove
she's mine to get her back?
It's unbelievable.
Once we get the results
we can regroup.
Get some rest, all right?
You're on the 4:00 flight
to Phoenix.
Thank god.
- You ready?
- Yes.
Ximena? Ximena!
Come on.
You're ok.
You're ok, baby.
Why don't I take you
to the bathroom first
and get you cleaned up?
Can you make pigtails?
You bet I can.
- Hello.
- Are you heading to the airport?
- Yes, we are dropping her off
right now.
- Ximena is on her way
to Houston.
I know, I know.
Are you kidding me?
No. I will explain later.
What? Why Houston?
Just an example of one agency
not communicating with another.
Ximena can't wait overnight
in the airport.
Well ladies... looks like we are
going to Houston.
All right. Drive safe.
Don't be sad that you're missing
my turkey meatballs.
I'm sorry.
I'm happy Ximena's going back
with her mom.
Feel like driving for a while?
This is your captain speaking.
We are getting ready to make
our final approach into Houston.
Please ensure that you have
your items safely stowed
in the overhead compartments.
We just want to say thank you
for flying with us.
Hope you enjoy your stay
in Houston.
What if she's mad?
She's only six.
She doesn't understand
why we had to do this.
She'll understand one day.
Mi amore?
Ximena, what is it like to see
your mommy again?
I feel very happy that I get
to be with her all the time now.
And Cindy, how are you
feeling now
that you are reunited
with Ximena?
I am so thankful to you
and to Thelma,
who worked so hard for us
and to the person
who recorded the audio
and snuck it out.
And the lady who did
my pigtails.
She was nice.
The lady who did you pigtails?
Is there anything you would like
to say to others
who are trying to come here?
They must have patience.
Many have been told no,
but things can change.
The laws can change,
at some point.
Why did you want to come
to the United States?
To offer my daughter
the opportunity
to have a better future.
I got an A on my test today,
Good girl.
We can celebrate this weekend
with pizza.
Can I invite some of my friends?
Yes, of course, my love.
But now, time to sleep, come on.
Come on.