Toro (2016) Movie Script

I see your hotel.
And 20,000 more Chinese restaurants.
And French.
You're famous all over
the world, Rafael.
The cards love you.
My money is costing me.
There's a little health issue
that could give you a headache.
- Are you smoking a lot?
- No, I quit.
This could really be a problem.
I don't like it.
And as you can see, your card
is still the King of Diamonds.
What else?
What else do you want?
You haven't mentioned this one.
Who is it?
Someone who sees you
like a father.
And what happens with him?
What's up, Gins?
Here, a little present.
Are you going with
your brother Antonio?
What's that?
Saint Lucia.
She refused to marry a pagan.
The pagan reported her
and they gouged her eyes out.
What's wrong, Toro?
What is it, kid?
I'm leaving.
This is my last job.
Haven't I treated you well?
Better than anyone.
Stay with me, Toro.
You gave me this.
Because you needed it.
I don't need it anymore.
Or this.
You've been like a father to me.
I want you to know that.
Leave that there.
Put the cornets on again.
And leave me at the first
phone booth you find.
What's up, Toro?
Look who joined us tonight.
Hey, wait!
What's Jose doing here?
He got kicked out of the bar.
- Hurry up!
- Look at him.
- What a bastard.
- Does he have a gala tonight?
What's the rush?
What's up, homo?
The Chinese restaurant
isn't selling our shrimp.
Damn! French. The bastard
sure takes care of himself.
I heard you're leaving.
Leaving where?
You're quitting?
- No shit.
- You heard right.
Are you fucking stupid?
Don't like money anymore?
Oh, it's dirty money
you don't like.
Get a clue, damn it.
All money is dirty.
It's made that way. Dirty.
In some shitty money factory.
That's the truth, Toro.
No shit.
You're the first of us to quit.
That takes balls.
- Come with me.
- I wish.
- Gotta take care of this guy.
- You mean me?
No, my fucking mom!
Sons of bitches.
You're both sons of bitches.
Don't insult Mom.
I'm starting to doubt
we have the same mother.
- You definitely don't.
- You're both jealous.
Because I'm the best looking
of the 3 brothers.
Yeah, my ass!
Hey, hey, stop!
Antonio, Toro.
Van Gogh.
- Yes or no?
- What a bastard.
There he is, the artist
in the family.
All pretty things are poisonous.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Jose, where are you going?
There's cash here,
I can smell it.
- One minute, man.
- Go on, I'll catch up.
Where are you going
with those shrimp?
They're for Tita.
She hardly eats.
Damn it!
The fucking cops!
Jose, the cops!
- Jose, we have to go!
- Leave it, let's go.
Stop, police!
Come on!
Let's go, hurry up!
Duck your head.
Those bastards.
We have to go back
for Lpez.
- Hell no.
- He's our brother.
He always fucks everything up!
Watch out!
No fucking way!
I, Rafael Romano Garca,
as an elder brother
of the illustrious, real
and fervent
of our Lady of Silence,
swear to uphold the rules
of our Brotherhood
and comply humbly with the obligations
of lives under my charge
as well as those conferred to me
by the authority of the Church.
Thank you for giving so much
to our community.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
How can you bring her
dressed like that?
She looks like a boy
with that hair.
Oh, she's a girl?
Did you know about this?
You have no idea how
to raise your daughter.
I hope her mother
comes back some day.
Last August Andalusia was visited
by 1 .2 million
tourists from around the world,
the highest number ever recorded
in the star month
of the tourist calendar.
The figure is 5.1%more
than the previous year
and almost 7.2 million...
Calling 003.
Service to airport.
Pick up Mr. and Mrs. Chilton
at the Parador.
- 003, copy that?
- I'm on my way.
Copy that, 003.
When the time comes.
To him.
Thank you.
Thank you for the shrimp.
What happened?
Have you got a moment,
Don Rafael?
Have a seat.
- What's up?
- The Japanese.
They're settling
this season's accounts
and their buses stopped
less in my restaurant this year.
- How much less?
- Half.
Lpez took them
to the neighbor.
Is the neighbor ours?
- How much did we lose?
- 50,000 euros.
And 20,000 with the cruises
he took to the Chocolata.
Which isn't ours either.
You think this is the right day
to talk to me about this?
You can go.
I want the rest tomorrow.
JUSTICE DEPARTMEN Start taking notes.
Silence, please.
Come on, we're almost finished.
We're adding 5 to each number.
Start with the number below.
It's the hardest,
so concentrate.
I already did it!
Okay, um...
Keep filling in the missing
numbers up to 300.
And no talking.
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
In 2 months you'll have
to put up with me every night.
I'm out in 2 months.
No more Cinderella.
You love champagne.
- Want some?
- I can't.
- Just a sip.
- I can't.
- If I get caught...
- You won't.
I can't.
I prefer brandy with orange.
I still can't believe it.
Can't believe what?
That I'm getting out and we can
sleep together every night.
You know what?
I want to have a kid.
But first you have to be
my boyfriend.
- I already am.
- No, I mean for real.
We haven't really spent
much time together.
I still don't want to share you
with anyone else yet.
We'll wait two years.
Two years?
Thank you, God!
- I'll tuck you in.
- Coming with me?
- I'll tuck you in.
- Coming back to jail with me?
Can you sneak me inside
in a suitcase?
So I can sleep with you there
all night. Please.
I wish.
- Nine...
- You have beautiful eyes.
- Six already?
- Five...
Can you tell the house
to stop moving?
Stop moving.
See you tomorrow, my love.
See you tomorrow.
What's up?
Good night, Toro.
Is Gins with your daughter?
Get out.
Lpez is stealing from me.
Here, buy your wife
some pajamas.
Always calling me Lpez.
Can't you call me Dad
like a normal girl?
Go to your room.
Hey, it's the Good, the Bad
and the Ugly.
Nice pajamas.
What do you want?
The money from
the Japanese.
What are you going to do
with that?
- Trim a bonsai?
- A bonsai, yeah.
I don't have the money.
Give me two days, Gins.
Grab him.
Act like a man.
Bring him to the table.
Get the ax.
Okay, okay, Gins.
Okay, okay.
- Where is it?
- I don't have it, I swear.
I don't have it.
Arista, please.
Tell me where it is, Lpez.
We're going to chop off
your hand.
Arista, no!
I'll get it.
I'll get it...
Okay, that's it.
You're not a good father.
You have 3 hours.
Check in there.
Get off me, damn it!
Get off me!
Where did you get
such balls?
Hold still!
Where are you going?
Leave me alone!
Put me down! Put me down!
Leave me alone!
Put me down!
It's Lpez.
Let me in.
- Please.
- Go away.
Toro, come on.
I'm in trouble.
Look at my hand. Open up.
- Good morning.
- Please. Good morning.
- Washing clothes, huh?
- Yes.
- Morning, Carmela.
- Morning.
Where's my hug?
How long has it been?
5 years?
What did I tell you?
I told you in jail
to leave me alone
- and you come to my home?
- Listen to me.
You know I'm out
in 2 months?
- Do you?
- Yes.
Toro, listen to me.
I'm in big trouble.
I wouldn't have come.
I owe a lot of money.
Get out.
Listen to me.
- Want me to kick you out?
- Listen to me, please.
They took the girl.
They took Diana.
What do you mean?
She's all grown up.
You wouldn't recognize her.
They took her.
If I don't pay them back...
How much?
A lot.
Who do you owe it to?
Who do you think?
Goddamn it, Jose.
They'll listen to you, Toro.
Please, do it for her.
Send them up.
Go ahead.
What happened, Rafael?
Lpez didn't tell you?
How's your hand?
My good hand
is the other one.
Where's the girl?
Your brother owes me
a lot of money.
He doesn't have it.
I don't care about that.
I'm the one asking you.
The debt is his.
Yeah, but he's my brother.
That's Spain, a country
of bad brothers.
The girl... or him?
You decide.
- She's a little girl, Rafael.
- So?
You would have done
the same thing.
Or have you forgotten
the things you did 5 years ago?
Of course, how could you
Bad memory.
Also typical of this damn country.
I want to see her.
You look good.
I sleep well.
How's your job?
- Come on.
- Let me go.
Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Come on.
Hold still.
You're hurting her.
It's your move.
They leave, I stay.
I won't let them leave, Toro.
Not both of them.
Why are you getting involved
in this?
Go on, shoot.
You know you can't.
If you walk out that door,
I won't owe you anymore
and I'll have to kill you too.
Come on, damn it!
Get away from the door!
Toro, Toro!
Take this exit!
Get down!
The car's totally wrecked.
What fucking shitty luck
I have.
Toro, sorry I got you
into this mess.
But I need you to take me
to the windmill.
To Tita's house.
We'll hide there.
I know it's your work car,
but we need to get rid of it.
And I know where.
Toro, Romano is after me.
What will the girl do
without me?
Take us to Almera,
you'll be back tonight.
One day, and you disappear
from my life.
Like I was dead.
Sell them all.
- Reward?
- 2,000 euros or your balls.
It's for Romano.
Pass these out.
The reward is 1,500 euros.
Bring in the kids.
A job for Romano.
A job for Romano!
1,000 euros!
A job for Romano!
- I'll be right back.
- Hurry up.
- Yes?
- Estrella.
Toro, I can't talk.
Class is starting.
Everything okay?
I'm with my brother
and niece. I have to take them
to Tita's.
I'll be away
for a few hours.
Okay, don't worry.
As long as you're back in jail
by 10, there's no problem.
I'm glad you worked things out
with your brother.
Be careful, okay?
Call me when you get back.
I love you, you know.
I love you too.
- Bye.
- Kiss.
They're yours.
I used to read them to you
when you were little.
What was she like?
What was who like?
My mother, you met her.
- We didn't talk much.
- Why not?
- Because I don't like to talk.
- No?
Who did you call before?
Her name is Estrella,
she's your girlfriend.
Lpez told me.
What happened
to your hand?
You look like shit, Nandi.
You used to be handsome.
And you had hair, dickhead.
What about Yolanda?
Doesn't she take care of you?
She has someone else
to take care of now.
What's up, Nandi?
Damn. Your boss
won't be happy.
What kind of car
have you got?
Why do you want to know?
Not in women, but you've always
had good taste in cars.
Be careful, I know you.
Damn, nice wheels, man!
How did you pay for this?
You of all people
should know.
Give me the keys.
Don't fuck with me.
Why not?
Damn, Lpez.
I'm still paying for it.
You owe me.
- Yeah, but this isn't fair.
- What isn't fair?
Do I look like a judge?
You're a bigger asshole
than a judge.
You're right about that.
Give me the keys.
They're inside.
- Stay for lunch.
- No, we're in a hurry.
Come on, I have
an awesome wine.
- Have a glass while I get them.
- You're on.
Grab the Reserve.
It's a special day.
What happened to your face?
Remember that job
we did in Ceuta?
Your brother Antonio started
selling Walkmans to all the kids
in the neighborhood.
It looked like the U.S.
What bastards.
Here, let me see.
Where's your bracelet?
You were always Romano's favorite.
- What's that, Nandi?
- A piece of paper.
Turn it over.
What's that?
- A license plate number.
- For what?
A car.
Go in back.
A car like that one.
How should I know?
It was on the floor,
the girl dropped it.
No, it was on the fridge
by the phone.
- Did you call?
- Answer him.
- Did you? Yes or no?
- The girl wrote it.
- It's a girl's handwriting.
- Don't fuck with me.
- It's not my handwriting.
- He asked you a question.
You're my brother's
best friend, right?
Of course!
We're having a great time.
Who would I call?
Answer him.
I didn't call anyone!
- I can't hear you.
- Quit playing around.
- We're having fun.
- Son of a bitch!
Yes, I called!
I'll rip your head off.
Half an hour ago!
What a bastard.
We have a little girl with us!
Toro, leave him.
We have to go.
Fucking hell, Nandi.
Come on, Diana.
Why did you do it, man?
Because that car is all I have
in the world, Lpez.
And I know you'll never
give it back.
What are you talking about?
I was going to give it back,
you're a friend.
You've never had friends, Lpez.
My fucking hand
is killing me.
I took them from Nandi's house.
Thanks, sweetie.
Never betray a friend.
Remember that.
Nice pajamas.
Where are they?
I don't know.
- Where are they?
- Put down the ax.
Tell me.
That's Toro's car.
Where's yours?
- I don't know.
- Which road did they take?
I don't know, damn it!
He doesn't know.
Tell me, Nandi.
I didn't call you!
I don't know where they went!
Are you mocking me?
We're going to mess you up.
Bring him outside.
No! Not outside!
They're going to Almera!
To the windmill!
To Tita's house!
Last September 15,057
more workers signed up
for unemployment benefits
in Andalusia, making it once again
the region with the highest
Where's the prettiest thing
in the desert?
Tell me you didn't break out
to see me.
I couldn't stand it anymore.
Wow, you have a lot of photos.
That's my way of remembering
the good things.
Here, sweetie.
Got any photos of my mother?
I think so.
You've never seen a photo of her?
Lpez doesn't like photos.
And I can't remember
her face.
Lpez promised to take me
to see her.
He did?
A few days ago.
But he hasn't yet.
Sounds good.
It's about time.
As long as you're here,
take this.
I don't want to keep it
in the house anymore.
You haven't opened it.
What for?
I know what's inside.
Thanks for keeping it for me.
No, no.
I can't.
Don't turn down your
Don't worry,
I won't throw it away.
- Are you spending the night?
- I'm leaving.
I have to go back
to prison.
We'll... stay a few days,
if you don't mind.
After that, maybe Africa.
I'm on vacation.
I like living in the desert.
- This is yours, sister-in-law.
- I don't want it.
I know where it came from.
The robbery at the Chinese
I don't want a penny from
the bastard who killed Antonio.
You're a little tipsy,
let's save the wine for later.
He didn't tell you?
No, he didn't.
Why don't you go and read
for a little while?
Tita, what about Antonio?
That night wasn't an accident.
The cop who shot Antonio
worked for Romano.
- What do you mean?
- He says.
And it's true.
The day before I went to Romano's
to read his fortune like every month.
And as you can see, your card
is still the King of Diamonds.
What else?
What else do you want?
You haven't mentioned this one.
Who is it?
Someone who sees you
like a father.
And what happens with him?
Is he going to kill me?
I don't know.
All I see are the eyes
of a virgin.
I swear.
Romano tried to escape
his fate.
That bullet wasn't for him.
It was for you.
Toro, sit down.
Put that down.
- Sit down.
- Listen to your older brother.
My older brother is dead!
Toro, listen to me.
- Toro, listen to me, please.
- Give me the fucking keys!
Just listen...
Okay, okay, here.
Listen, Toro, please.
Where are you going?
You knew!
- So what?
- You knew!
So what?
What the fuck does that change?
- He killed Antonio.
- I know he did.
- He killed Antonio.
- I know he did, damn it.
You think you're the only one
who misses Antonio?
I miss him too.
Every fucking day
of my life.
Toro, don't ruin your life,
damn it.
You're about to get out.
Listen to me, please.
If you kill him, you'll get 20 years
at least.
And that's if you make it
up there
without one of those bastards
killing you on the way.
It's a fortress, you know that.
This bastard has hurt
our family enough.
We need to fuck
this son of a bitch.
Take away everything he has.
That's how you fuck up his life.
And I know how to do it.
Because we know
he's a dumb ass.
He keeps all his money
in one place,
in the safe at his apartment
in Almucar.
Take away his money
and he's fucked.
It's the best way
to avenge Antonio's death.
If you decide to go,
I'll help you.
Either way, if you leave...
say something to Tita
before you go.
This has been rough on her too.
This is delicious, Tita.
Let's have a glass of wine
and we'll go rob that jerk.
That's Bambino, isn't it?
That's Antonio.
He heard us,
he wants us to be okay.
I'm sorry.
Antonio drove us crazy
with this song.
- What's so funny?
- You have no rhythm.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
Tita has rhythm, watch.
You have to go in and out.
You've been there a thousand times,
it should be no problem.
The safe is where it's always been.
In the living room.
At the base of the saint statue.
The combination?
You know it.
Only you and he know it.
He's a man of tradition,
I don't think he's changed it.
The backpack.
Only the money, okay?
What is she doing here?
He was bigger and
they went at him from behind.
They couldn't get near him.
He's a monster.
Bam, bam. Very tough.
What the fuck is he doing?
I'll get it.
Who is it?
You like it?
"You're my hidden treasure.
My cross.
My wet pain.
I am the dog of your lordship."
How pretty.
It's not mine.
It's stolen.
Like you.
Look what I bought.
I'm sorry.
What's up, Gins?
Yes, Antonio's wife.
I know her well.
She has a windmill
at Cabo de Gata.
Wait for me there.
I'll be there in half an hour.
All right? Okay.
Isabel, we're leaving.
I said we're leaving.
What balls, what balls!
Fuck you, asshole!
Is that Africa?
Why don't you come with us?
To Morocco?
I can't, I have to go back.
I have to sleep in prison.
When you get out,
you can bring Estrella
and the 4 of us
can live together.
How much is there?
I lost count at
2 million 800 thousand.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
I think we can officially say
that we're rich.
Mrs. Farmsworth,
your tiara.
You look beautiful.
- May I accompany you to the beach?
- Of course.
What a lovely sunset.
Just over the port.
What will you do with
your share?
The money is yours.
Can I keep it?
The crew sure has changed.
What a lovely sunset.
Now we have to go see Mom.
You owe me.
Before we take the ferry,
I promise.
My car is in the shop.
I got the keys from your house.
Call Isabel and tell her not to worry
so she won't think it was stolen.
That won't be a problem,
will it?
I'll call her later.
They were seen
leaving that house.
I know it.
Wait for me here.
Mari Carmen.
Come in.
Don't shut the door,
it stinks in here.
- Have you had dinner?
- No.
And I'm hungry.
Manteca color!
Esperanza never buys it
for me.
There's fresh bread.
- I'm going to have a glass of wine.
- Serve two.
You don't want any?
I'm okay with wine.
You're still wearing the earrings
I gave you at your wedding.
You look older.
I'm a widow.
You look older too.
I'm a widower too.
You've met Esperanza.
Where are they?
- Who?
- I know they came to see you.
It's all I've got.
Put it away.
It'll get dirtier
than it already is.
This is all so ugly.
I'll get another bottle of wine.
Give them to Isabel.
And let's go.
You're tired, get some sleep.
I can't.
Someone has to take care of him.
I'm here, aren't I?
Yeah, but you're leaving.
Come here.
Estrella and I will come
and see you.
- It was closed, right?
- Yeah.
They just closed at 7.
The first one leaves
tomorrow at 8.
We'll sleep here and I'll buy
the tickets in the morning.
She insists on meeting
her mother.
- You know anything about her?
- Yeah.
She's still gorgeous.
She won't stop until
you take her to see her.
You know that, right?
She's stubborn.
Like someone I know.
She wouldn't insist so much
if you'd acted like a father.
Yeah, how the fuck
do you do that?
She's going to get cold.
What's this?
It's an Apache.
Go to sleep, princess.
Get some rest.
I'll get a room.
Hey, are we hungry or what?
I'll grab a snack.
A little grub.
Damn it, Jose.
Francisco Javier Fernndez
highlighted today
that all tourist figures show
that Andalusia
is having by far its best summer
in history
and that this tendency will continue
in the month of October.
The hotel occupancy estimates
in the area
for the coming holiday weekend
confirm that the high season...
I know you said you don't want it,
but here's your share.
You've been going out with
the teacher for 6 years.
Buy her a ring and take her
somewhere fancy for dinner.
- What will you do in Morocco?
- Buy it.
I'll own half of Africa.
- And steal the other half?
- Almost.
Check it out.
Luxury houses,
right on the beach...
These are the pilot units.
The Arabs are buying Marbella,
When did you start building
all of this?
This is just a project...
It's been in my head
for years.
The ferry tickets.
- You knew you were going.
- No.
You bought them
days ago, Jose.
You needed the money
and you knew I'd help you.
- Don't get the wrong idea...
- How many more lies?
I bought them because
I knew they'd catch me.
But I didn't know they'd take Diana,
the robbery was improvised.
It was you and me,
like in the old days.
I saw the chance to...
You're a piece of shit.
The same piece of shit
who hid when they killed
You want to fuck me over?
You want me to fuck you over,
Toro, please...
if she weren't here,
I'd rip your head off.
- Toro, please, don't leave.
- I have to go, Diana.
Hi, it's me.
I'm on my way home and
I wanted to see how you were.
Everything's okay, I hope.
Are you asleep?
This is Romano.
Put your father on.
It's for you.
I gouged out your brother's
girlfriend's eyes
and he's going to come after me.
If you give me back the money now,
I might spare his life.
What is it?
We have to go.
Honey, I'll be right back.
This man has my number.
- If anything weird happens, call me.
- I'm going with you.
- No.
- Why not?
Why not?
Because this way
I know I'll come back.
Don't let them hurt you.
If anything happens to her,
I'll kill them.
What's up?
Wait for him there.
Wait in the lobby,
in case he makes it inside.
You can't leave your car there,
damn it!
Hey, Toro.
You'll never make it upstairs,
Toro's upstairs!
I want to talk to your daughter.
What is it?
Call Gins
and tell him what
you're doing with Romano.
There's nothing to tell.
I just came up 90 stories.
Cut the crap.
Call him and tell him
right now.
- I'm not doing anything.
- Don't bullshit me!
- He'll kill him if I tell him.
- And I will if you don't.
Tell him Romano's been raping you
for months
and you were too scared
to tell him.
Why did you make me do it,
I don't care about the money,
I'll make it again.
But you know all too well
that you can't disrespect me.
Take it, it's yours.
Take it, Toro, please.
I have to take you to a hospital,
you're losing a lot of blood.
Hey, Toro.
You are what you are
thanks to me.
And what am I?
What am I, Rafael?
Without me, nobody.
Can't you see?
But with me,
anybody you want to be.
Take it, Toro.
Please, take it.
You and I are different
from the rest.
We're different, Toro,
and you know it.
We're the same, Toro.
The same...
I'm not like you, Rafael.
I'm not like you.
Look at me.
I loved you like a father,
you son of a bitch.
Are you okay?
This is so fucked up.
So fucked up.
All of it.
I'm sorry, Toro.
I'm a bastard.
I'm a bastard.
You're my brother, Jose.
Take care of him,
like you always have.
Make him keep his promises.
Burn that money, Jose!
Burn it!
Is that Mom?
Want me to go with you?
Everything will be fine.